Ghostumentary (2015) Movie Script

Now you see me Now you don't - You need to get closer
up underneath your nose. So I just found out
that Lala's family has a haunted bar in Virginia
City and I told her that I demand that we're gonna
stay the night there and film it and it's going to be awesome. And everybody's excited
about it except for Lala, but you want to do it right Lala? Lala? - No I don't want to sleep there. - [Man] But you're gonna do it? - No, I'm going to just go. - So we're going to to and we're going to go stay the night in this
haunted hotel in Virginia City. This is come to, this
is Superbowl Sunday 2015 and we just came up
with the best idea ever. Mark Sitco. - My name is Bill Doty. I'm a filmmaker, I'm a father, and I'm a professional show-off. I love a lot of things, my kids, all things geeky, and my amazing
girlfriend Emilee Duncan. - I'm Emilee Duncan. - [Bill] And I think she likes me too. I love my life. So many things fascinate me in my life. One of those things are ghosts. But the weird thing is,
I don't believe in them. But when you're a
filmmaker and you're given an opportunity to prove
yourself wrong, you take it. (dog barking fiercely) And when it becomes a ginormous project, you don't do it alone. You volunteer your
awesomatic filmmaker friends. - I'm Sean Small. - I'm Angela Derisio. - I, wait, I am. - I am a student of BSU,
in the film department. We don't have a film
department, I'm just a student. - And I'm with Angela. - [Bill] Just like Emilee and I, they have a super amazing life. And they're also a bit show-offy. - It's time to ghost face in. - This huge ear kit, he
starts to dig around in my-- I'm so nervous, ugh! - [Bill] So I present to
you, our Ghostumentary. - (imitating record scratching) Um. - They always look at
me like are you gonna buy those cookies you just squeezed. I don't ever buy them. - I was creeping out, he
was just sitting in the car. - It's better, it's better notice. Part of our research was watching every ghost documentary that we could. - I don't have ghost experience my self. - I believe in ghosts. - Gullifat. - I believe in ghosts. - True believers. - I absolutely 100% do
not believe in ghosts. So heading into it we knew we
had to do something different. Which meant, no fake footage. Oh beautiful, oh wait a minute
go back and do it again. I wasn't recording. - We knew that we had to talk to as many professionals as possible. - I would have to say we
are not professionals. I don't think there are any professionals in the paranormal field. - We utilized the latest in
ghost hunting technology. - We just had a ghost
over here a second ago. And hours and hours of
the setting footage. I'll just play along,
I'll just play along And I'll just play along,
I'll just play along And when all is said and done, hopefully we all learn something. - Remember kids, don't
drink and ghost hunt. That's this whole lesson
and that's end of the movie. That's the end of the movie. We just got it, there's our end. - [Bill] So now it's
time to load up the car, hit the road and make our first
attempt at finding a ghost. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. What are you guys doing today? - Oh nothing, what are you doing? - [Bill] I don't know,
want to go catch a ghost? - Yeah, let's go catch a ghost. (pages flipping) - [Bill] Tell me about
your super power again. - Um, I can find hair in food super fast, and I can pee at any moment at any time. - [Sean] Um. - [Angela] He's dog man. - [Sean] I'm dog man.
I can attract and love any dog and they will love me back. - [Bill] And you can lick yourself. - [Sean] And I can lick myself. - She compacts easily. - I can grow my hair really
long, that's my superpower. - [Bill] What did you get? - Chili mango ball sack. - [Bill] Yes. (laughing) That's it, they completely
smell like a ball sack. - It's like a really spicy- - [Emilee] Balls. - It's like a hot ball sack. Natural flavors. It's got silicone dioxide
to prevent peaking. - [Bill] Shawn what are you eating? - I think it's a bar of cookie dough. So there's that. - [Bill] Yeah. And I Will always love you - [Bill] We are just a few miles away. - [Angela] On the same road. - [Bill] We're on the same road, that one Zak Bagans has
travelled, twice that we know of. - [Angela] It's called murder avenue. - [Bill] Murder? - [Angela] Yeah didn't they get murdered? Everyone in the town? - [Bill] Did the whole
town get, I don't know. Do you know more history
about to his town than I do? - [Angela] Nope I just have a feeling. (group laughing) Every single person. - [Bill] What if with showed
up now and they were all dead? - Every shot, like Jessica
Lange and American Horror Story. - We got to Virginia City. - Number one, the girls were hungry. - Is this scary? - [Bill] At least you're not
eating any ball sack any more. - Not yet. - This is the funny video that gets made before you go into the haunted location, where everybody gets
murdered in their sleep. Enjoy it. - Number two, we had to meet Dawn. - My first impression of
Dawn, was that she was. - Not that close, not that close. Get the (bleep) off me. - Loud. - She definitely was a character. - But she was goofy and nice. - But I knew it was
going to be interesting. - We just wanted to
show up in Virginia City and find the damn ghost
as soon as we got there. Bill and I were out here
looking at the brewery. And the lights were on upstairs. We were kind of looking
at it as we turned to walk away that door right there, just slammed closed. - [Sean] Oh the scary looking one, - [Angela] Yeah the scary looking one. Just slammed closed. So that was fun. - Angela and I split up
from the rest of the group and we went down to the
world famous Washoe Club. - We were lucky enough to
meet up with Tom and Debbie with Bats In The Belfry
and they gave us a lot of information about the Union Brewery that we weren't able to find anywhere else. - To my understanding,
it's been a saloon or bar for a very, very, long time. - Yeah. - They danced in the downstairs
area and the basement, that was also another bar down there. That's where Tom saw a
full body apparition. - I saw the apparition
peak from behind the wall. Stick it's head and upper body. - So we headed back to the union brewery. Everybody else went
down into the basement, I did not. - [Sean] I don't like this. - [Emilee] Everything all right? (footsteps) What you gonna do? - [Sean] I swear to God somebody's standing in the stairway. - [Bill] Where? - [Sean] Behind me. - [Bill] Take a picture real quick. - Then we went to investigate
the upstairs apartment. - [Sean] What do we have here? - [Emilee] Something really
cute, I like this wall here. - [Sean] I love the brick. Anyway is this HGTV or is this a. - [Emilee] It's really cute. - [Bill] I really love this
wall over here, I'll take it. - [Sean] I feel like the
building is leaning to the side. I feel like I'm gonna fall over. - [Bill] Well it's what 8,000 yours old. - [Sean] Yeah. - [Bill] I like that fan too. - And then we went to the main floor to play with the spirit box. - [Dawn] I can hear you on that so I know you're trying to come through. - Now we never really worked
with a spirit box before. - There's was a lot of
interference with the light and where she would put the spirit box, the noises that were coming out of it. - Can you put that back down
a minute, just so I can look. Put it back down for a
minute so I can look. - [Bill] That's what's
giving interference. - [Dawn] No, please put it back down. - [Bill] See. - [Dawn] We just had voices. Please put it back down. - [Tom] Honey you keep
getting interference. - Please but it back down. - I will say, we were all
very excited about this. I will also say, we didn't know
what the hell we were doing. - It was really interesting,
I sat down next to her for a while. Did you hear it. I heard it. - Dawn kept asking questions, a lot of questions over and over again. There were a couple of
responses that we got. - [Dawn] How many more people? (spirit box crackling) We've already heard you three times. What? - [Angela] Right, right. - Did you say right? - The spirit box was really active. - I thought the spirit
box was interesting. I didn't know how it worked, but we seemed to be getting responses out of it. (Dawn mumbling) - So I listened, and then I realized that people are going to
hear what they want to hear. An example being right here. - Did he say kill you? - [Angela] No. He said sure. - No, I heard kill you. - [Emillee] I heard killer. - [Angela] I heard sure. - Sorry can you say it again? - I heard kill you. - [Sean] I heard jeweler. - [Angela] They just said something. - [Spirit Box] Jeweler,
jeweler, jeweler, jeweler. - We were excited and
we were engaged with it. We were asking questions,
we were getting responses. - [Dawn] Are you annoyed with Nick? (Dawn whispering) - [Angela] It's just the
music from the channels. - [Dawn] It said something. - There was a study
recently that if you play either EVP or statements from the ovilus or the spirit boxes to people randomly. Just grab a bunch of people who don't know anything about this subject and ask them what it says, they'll come
up with different things. And then if you tell them what it says, they will all hear the same thing. The moment you tell somebody
what that pattern says, if the pattern was not
extremely clear to begin with, they will hear something else. They will hear what you tell them to. So there`s that issue as well. All of those things are
a problem with this. Not to mention that
you never know if these things are gimmicked in some way too. - So Bill and I slept in the brewery. - Originally Sean was going
to sleep in the brewery with Emilee and I, but
somebody wimped out. - I was not going to stay the
night in the Union Brewery. And I was also not going to stay the night at the Silver Queen hotel by myself. - I was told I was staying in
the hotel room with Angela. - Although we didn't hear
anything as we were sleeping, the digital recorders actually picked up some things that we
actually couldn't explain. If you actually listen closely enough you'll hear are they still sleeping. And another one that we like to refer to as (bleep) storm. (static crackling) Because you can hear a
piano, thumps and drags. I didn't hear it until
we heard it on the EVP, it's an old building though it
could have been anything so. Slept through the night,
I didn't hear anything except for that little
clangy thing that was going. And what did you hear, I won't film you cause you haven't gotten ready yet. - I had my earplugs in and it sounded like somebody was whispering in
my ear, without earplugs. So I ended up taking my ear plugs out, so I could actually hear things. - And so for the scariest
thing that I have witnessed all night long, is the coffee
place doesn't open until 9am. After breakfast, we took Bill and Emiliee up to show them our room,
they were going to be checking into the hotel that day as well. And while we were doing that, something pretty interesting happened. (stars creaking) - [Brunette Lady] I'm getting
funny noises in here today. - [Sean] What is that sound up there like that woman's cave
that's making all that sound? - [Brunette Lady] It's
the broke water main. - That's why there was no water? - [Brunette Lady] Yes ma'am. - [Angela] That would be
why the water main broke. (whirring noises) - [Bill] What? - Yeah, look it. (laughing heartily) - [Bill] That's awesome. That is awesome. - [Angela] Since we're here, I'm gonna put better eyeliner on. - [Bill] All right. So what happened? - [Angela] It locks automatically. - And when we went to go upstairs, I closed it tight and pushed
and pulled and double checked cause I'm like I'm leaving the camera here blah, blah, blah, the door's
latched, yep we're good. Angela you got the key, she said yes. - [Emilee] Who closed the door? - [Sean] I did. - [Bill] So what just happened? - So we left to go look at your room. - [Bill] I just want to get your hair while you're doing this. - Made sure that we had the key, Sean closed the door,
it locks automatically, came back downstairs,
and our room was open. (Sean coughing) - [Seah] Ah sorry. I got a thing. - [Emilee] And then what
happened last night? - So last night I was standing right here, doors locked, it automatically locks. You close it, it locks on it's own. Standing here reading, all of sudden the door just goes like that and I probably went sat in that
chair over there and cried. - [Bill] Thanks Ghostbama. - [Bill] So how easy is this not to close? (door slamming) see this, so this turns. If it manages to stick and it doesn't. Let's do lunch. - [Emilee] You're in front of the camera. - [Sean] Oh . [Angela] The size of our room and-- [Emilee] Oh yeah. - [Angela] Sorry. - [Bill] Am I too fat to
just wear this t-shirt? - No. - Define fat. We left one camera focused
on the door of our room to see if we could capture anything and we headed back across the
street to the Union Brewery to get our first interview with Nick, the other owner of the brewery. - [Bill] My son Austin's now here. Say hi Austin. - How's it going? - [Bill] Austin's going
to be joining the crew, came in from college
for the weekend to film. - I didn't actually believe in ghosts before I bought it, I was a non-believer. We have a very unusual
collection of stuff, like balls of shadow men
and noises, voices, etc. It never felt like I was alone. I got thrown down the
stairs off my ladder. I was in the basement moving
boxes down to the back room where the old brewery used to be. I saw a shadow. We already had a psychic that said it was a woman living in the attic and three children that have
the run of the building. - [Bill] Are you trying to get the ghosts to be more friendly with you now? - Yeah, I even bought them
a bottle of bourbon with couple of glasses and they
didn't drink it so I had to. I couldn't waste it. It still scares me to
go down the basement. - And on that cue, to the basement. Okay we're recording and heading down. See if the night vision works. Okay not very well, I can't see anything. - [Angela] Good? - [Bill] Yeah. Oh the light vision
wasn't on, there we go. Night vision's on now. We're in the basement. Daytime session. We just did a really quick EVP. - Electronic voice phenomenon, EVP, electronic voice phenomenon
was first popularized during the spiritualist movement
at the turn of the century when audio recording
technology first appeared. EVPs are basically voices of
the dead captured on tape. According to some experts,
spirits use the energy of the recording device to
communicate through white noise. EVPs are classified into three groups depending on their intensity. EVPs are not generally heard
at the time of the recording, but can be identified during playback. Usually an EVP is just one
word or short sentences or phrase ad sometimes it's
just a groan, grunt, or growl. There is not scientific evidence to prove an EVP is actually a
communication from the deceased. - We tried to do an EVP
session but this was about 1:00 in the afternoon and Virginia
City is a party town. - There was just no way
that it wasn't going to be completely contaminated,
so we called that off. Where do you think we should put these little stuffed animals. - Angela brought some target props for the little girl downstairs. A puffin and a teddy bear and
we set those up in the stairs to see what would happen. - Dawn had mentioned to
Lala a few times before our trip that there was a
little girl that resides there. A little girl spirit, she
actually sent a picture of what to me, does
look like a little girl standing on the stairs that
go down into the basement. - It does look like a little girl. it looks like she's balding
but it is a good picture. - We're placing the trigger objects, we've got a puffin and a teddy bear. If you move them then we'll
know that you're here. And as Bill was filming
the trigger objects, these tiny little white
sparkles started to appear on the stairs around the stuffed animals. He saw them first, and then
showed me on his camera. And it was pretty amazing at first. It seemed to be responding to Bill. - [Bill] Who's here can
you tell me your name. Y'all see that? - [Angela] Yeah. - [Bill] Now something just
keeps flying in front of it. Did you see it? (whispering) Awesome you see it? - [Sean] I've seen it once. [Bill] See that sparkle
that keeps happening? Can you walk by or sit by
or be by the animals again? [Angela] Oh yeah. - [Bill] See it, that. The same spot every time. - [Angela] That's cool. - [Emilee] Yeah. - [Bill] Right when I ask you to do it. - After that we went upstairs
and began immediately reviewing the footage. Bill of course being the
skeptic trying to debunk it. Me of course, being the true
believer going but wait, it answered your question, it responded. - [Bill] That's it, does
it right when I say that. - I feel like they would
be moving slower than they would be moving if they
were kicked up with wind. - It was happening when
I asked it to happen and there was that flash
in that spot, that glitter little sparkle but then again it's a camera, a digital camera. - But look the orbs moving. - The orbs was not a glitch. - [Sean] If it's repeatable,
dust doesn't follow a track. - Again I'm not going to say it's a ghost. It could be dust, we mentioned dust. - [Sean] It could be magical,
intelligence, repeating dust. - It could be fairy dust and now we're going to call this fairymentary so it will be interesting
to do it again tonight. Do you want to know the history of orbs? They were (bleep) made for a very long time a big deal about his statements on ABC news that ghosts were everywhere. He was getting orbs in haunted places and his logic was, ghosts are everywhere, orbs are everywhere,
therefore orbs are spirits. That is incredibly illogical
because you know what, chairs were there too, so if
there's a ghost in the house, and there's a chair in the house, then the chair must be the ghost. All right so now during the
1990s something else happened. There was a shift toward
digital photography and there was an increase
in the power of flashes, so reflective surfaces and
when you have the short focal length, we're getting
semi reflective surfaces would cause flashbacks. So just because you're getting orbs doesn't mean you're getting ghosts. You have to have some
independent verification. If that's the only thing
you've got, you've got nothing. - Earlier that day, Lala,
Dawn, Nick, and I took a little bus tour of Virginia City
and one of the things that I thought was really
interesting, was the cemetery. - Okay here we are at the cemetery. Here we are at the cemetery,
she took the tour today. - The most famous prostitute,
she was murdered for her jewelry and furs, and they buried her at the base of the mountain. All the men wanted her
buried in the cemetery with all of their
families type of religion and all the women said no. - Doesn't it seem like the
beginning of a horror movie, like a new one now. Hey guys let's go in the cemetery it's gonna start getting dark. - So they said the prostitute
had like a thousand people at her funeral because
she was very much loved. - As we were walking in
and she was telling us the story, we heard nothing. - Not a sound coming from anywhere. Our footage has the recording of what we can only describe as a cattle drive. (rocks crunching) We knew that there was
another group of people, like three people quietly
walking down the hill from us. - It was nothing but quiet. It was beautiful, we got amazing footage. (cellphone ringing) Hold on. Hey honey we're shooting, we're up on top of the Boato parking garage. - This is why you turn your
phone off when you're filming. - Yeah. - [Bill] If any of us
would have heard that, which appeared to be
some sort of cattle drive going right by us, we would
have said to the camera hey there's a cattle
drive going right by here. - You can actually here yee haw, you hear horses running,
you hear men shouting. (garbled audio) - it could have been
anything but the fact that the five of us did not hear
it, and how clear it was on the camera, it seems a lot. Is that the cult down there? It's a house. - That was the, what
did they say that was? - That was the John Cooper milling camp. - It does sound like a cattle drive. It also sounds like crows. We were also in a giant
valley, that is full of people who might be hurting cattle. - We miss so much by
not allowing the quiet and the stillness of the
now to fully envelop us. And by doing that you
become this incredible listening device, a device that can see and you can experience beyond
anything that I can describe. - All right so scanning on
a different frequency here, I don't know if you know what that means, but it might help us hear you better. Can you say hello? - Okay, well. - All right, ghost we're gonna
go cause you're not here. - What's over there? - So I really wished you
would have talked to us. So we went back to the
union brewery and I wanted to play with the spirit
box a little bit more. So I was just messing around
with it, asking questions, seeing if I could get
any answers out of it. PS37 ITC research device. - [Sean] Do you want to go downstairs or do you want to try again later? - Is there anybody in here right now? Please tell me yes on this spirit box. (static crackling) there's a viking in here. Is there anybody else
here that wants to say hi? - [Spirit Box] Sounds like. - Sounds like what? - I'm just going station by station now. (static crackling)
(garbled Talking) - [Voiceover] Nothing. - [Voiceover] How can
you think about nothing? - [Voiceover] I do it all the time. - We're haunted, we're
haunted by a married couple that has a laugh track. - [Voiceover] Will you tell me the truth? - I mean that's not the
way that it is used. People don't use it by
going one station at a time. I mean that's not-- - Do you see it -- - I mean I have seen it used
where there is no chance of a radio signal being picked up at all. - Okay I'll admit, I could be wrong but I don't believe the
stuff that we're hearing in here is a spirit, I think it's a radio. If you randomly get a
DJ saying certain words, you're going to hear that,
or a commercial or whatever. You're gonna hear what you want to hear. - I'd have to say my least
favorite, unfortunately, and it's very popular
out there is probably going to be the ghost boxes. I've taught classes where
I've actually recorded like a two hour cycle and I
presented it to my students, and I said we're going
to try this experiment and I'm gonna turn this ghost box on and I want you guys to ask questions and see if you get any answers. And sure enough with something
that was pre-recorded, they didn't know that it was pre-recorded, they were still able to pull
out answers out of questions that they were asking live at that moment. Unfortunately in this
field, it's so easy to point at shadows and flickers of lights and strange noises and
say oh that's a ghost. - PSB7 Spirit Box. The spirit box captures
spirit voices in real time. Using a millisecond
adjustable forward and reverse frequency sweep, and using
high frequency white noise, the box scans AM and FM
frequency ranges from 76 mega hertz to 87.9 mega hertz. The first spirit box is said
to date back to Thomas Edison, who is rumored to have
been working on a variation of the box wile inventing the phonograph. Frank Sumption, inventor of
the modern day spirit box, claims spirits helped
him invent the device and white noise creates raw audio that spirits can use to
communicate with the user. The SB7 is a spin-off of
Sumption's invention and was originally created to communicate
with extra terrestrials. There is no scientific proof, that the spirit box
does what it's claimed. - When we were finished with that, Angela and I had the opportunity
to go back to the Washoe and have a private tour
of the second floor. Here we are in the stairway heading upstairs of the
world famous Washoe Club. I was scared, but I was
excited, I was scared excited. I was excited scared. I didn't know what I was. Thomas was gracious
enough to take us upstairs and as we moved through the location, there was a physical change in our bodies. You feel it up there, you just feel it. He took us through all
the hotspots in the areas where things have been captured on film, where things have been reported. Thomas took us into a room that we stood at the entrance, he says. - Go in that room. - [Angela] Okay. No thanks. - When we got inside, Thomas
said tell me if there's an area in this room that feels different. - I always leave it up to the individual. - I walked up, I put my hand on the spot and I said, right here? - [Thomas] Yes, you're exactly right. - He then told us the history of the room. - [Thomas] This spot there was a woman that was in this spot. She was so terrified, she was not killed, but she was so terrified and
it imprinted in that corner. - It wasn't until later,
reviewing the footage as I'm standing there
with my hand on the wall, we have the glowing
white light anomaly come out of my hand and Float up my arm. I can explain the feeling, and
I can't give you the feeling on film of what was
happening in that room. I will say it was intense. It was one of the most
intense paranormal experiences I've ever had. It was emotional and
it was scary and it was exciting and it was draining. - [Bill] What you did however, the guy had you do to go to that
spot, that actually, going back to Gertrude
Schmeidler, she pioneered an experiment you can conduct in the field which is you take a bunch of people who don't know anything about
the ghost story into a house, give them a floor plan and say see if anything feels weird in this house. And you do it in two houses,
one haunted and one not, and see if they mark
the spots that actually match what the witnesses say. And you get these great
responses that people always pick the stuff up,
so back to your question about how we prove it to
a skeptic, explain that. - [Thomas] Have you ever
watched Ghost Adventures? That floor of the Washoe
Club was what really started it all for Ghost
Adventures and every TV series, every ghost
television show has been there at one point or another, so we felt incredibly lucky to be there. - [Thomas] Remember the
first two or three seasons, they showed a noose? - [Sean] Yeah. - [Thomas] There it is. - [Sean] What. - [Thomas] Yep. - [Angela] That's the noose. - [Thomas] Yeah that's the noose. It's old phone cord. (laughing) I don't know maybe Zak and
them did it back in 2004. - [Sean] Okay tell me
what's going on right now? - Oh with went to the Washoe Club, I just got really, really
cold and my head just started killing me and I'm not a headache girl. As a believer, I do think
that spirits and entities can draw your energy out of your body. I don't know, but I do
know is that when I came back downstairs and asked
the bartender for some aspirin, two other people
in the bar with her, both all turned around and said, "That is not uncommon up there." So I don't know if there's
asbestos or something that causes people to have headaches or if the ghosts are just grabbing the back of my neck really hard. That could be it, I don't know. - [Sean] Or aliens. - It could be aliens, that's a possibility. - While Sean and Angela
were at the Washoe Club we stayed at the brewery
to investigate the basement with a San Francisco
based paranormal group. - We asked to just quietly
come along and watch. - I think I would honestly
say, after this weekend you probably will be convinced. - [Ill] That was Dawn
on the stairs tagged. - [Blonde] You saw something Dawn? - [Dawn] Yes. - [blonde Lady] What? - [Dawn] Sorry. - [Blond Lady] Are you by Dawn right now? - [Dawn] Cold chill right through my body. - [Blonde Lady] I felt a
little bit of that too. - So the ovilus starts
spewing out random words. - [Blond Lady] Sultry, are you a woman? - [Dawn] No it's a man. - And apparently there
was a ghost behind her. - [Blonde Lady] If you want
to show us, digging it said. - [Dawn] It's right behind
us, right behind me. - [Blonde Lady] Are you behind her? - [Dawn] I'm stuck here with you. - [Blonde Lady] It said cleansing. - [Dawn] I don't want to cleanse. I don't want to cleanse
you, unless you want me to. Hey Jim can you come and
sit next to me right now? - Jim would you like to cuddle Dawn? - [Dawn] I wouldn't mind a cuddle. At least it didn't say you're horny. - [Blonde Lady] Jim, Jim. - It's like the ghost is Steven Hawking. - [Blonde Lady] We're
now in phonetic mode. - [Dawn] I'm not that unattractive. Come sit with me. Who's down here, Bill are you down here? - [Bill] I'm down here. - [Dawn] Are you believing yet or not? - [Bill] All I'm doing is trying to capture everything I
can, that's my best bet. - [Dawn] That's a narrow yes. - [Bill] That's a I
haven't figured it out yet. When you start hearing worlds like, - [Brunette Man] We're trying to contact-- we know you can use those. Come over here, don't
mind all that screaming. - [Dawn] No, okay so I'm here - [Brunette Man] Automatic. Well that's a very unusual name. More talking, fiddle. Did you play the fiddle. - [Dawn] Are you a crazy fiddle player, or part of a band and a banjo? - You realize this is about
as random as it's gonna get. And we call it a night. - Ovilus voice box. We may as well get this
one as perfect as we can. Ovilus vice box, created by retired electronic
engineer Bill Chappell. The ovilus voice box convert
environment readings, electromagnetic frequencies,
temperatures, etc to real words and phonetic responses. The device contains a database of over 500 stored sounds, words, and syllables. Users combine environmental readings with the word database to receive audible responses which generally
come one word at a time. There is no scientific proof, the validity of the the ovilus. - Dawn comes walking upstairs with her spirit box and starts screaming at it. - Do we have anybody here tonight? (static crackling) I can't hear. Can you hear it? Did that say ugly? I hope you didn't call me
ugly, it's gonna piss me off. You're saying yes three times. - [Bill] Can't figure it out? what is that? - You have to listen to it. That's what you're getting. - That's not right, no way, no way. Party is okay, party is okay. That was a male voice
that just came through. Look I'm old and tired and going to bed early so give me a name. (pacman music) - [Sean] If anybody else wants to tell a story they can crawl in bed. - Okay, so we are not. - I don't want you to smell my feet. - So the story goes like this. - We get settled in for
our delicious pizza and-- - Which was very delicious. - It was so good.
- [Sean] It was good pizza - I was happy with it. - Dawn begins to yell. - First she asked, so do you believe yet? - Do you need to go down
to the basement by herself? - What was it? An hour an a half.
- [Sean] An hour an a half. - I'm not going going to smell your feet. - I can smell them. - Oh, you're a weenie, you're
scared to death, no balls. - So the only reason I was able to go is cause you actually stood up and started pointing at her and talking to her too. And I was like 'cuse me. - That was good. - You guys talk, I'm gonna put
socks on cause my feet smell. - Yes they do. - Our plan for the evening,
wish was going to be an extensive investigation of the brewery is now out the window, but this
does not discount this trip. I did have experiences at the Union Brewery in the basement
and stinky with the donkey. Back up the pack, the
Union Brewery is haunted. - I had fat sticking out. - Bill you know what? - I have to edit that out,
my fat stomach sticking out. - You know what you
should do is you should go back to the brewery and spend a half and hour in the basement by yourself. - I, first of all Dawn would be there. And I would kill myself and
then I would haunt the place. - So it's a win-win. We've got, will you come back
and say I'm Bill, I'm a ghost. - Get on the speaker box
and I'll have a station that'll play all the top 10 ghost hits. Is this Lady Gaga, I heard
your name said on here. Actually I want to get, we're going to do a quick shot of Austin
sitting in the barber chair cause his chair, his jacket matches. He'll be camoed in to the chair. Here we go. Does it turn? Okay that's it, done. After Virginia City, I realized that if you want to see a ghost,
you're gonna see a ghost. - A couple of things
happened to me personally in Virginia City that made
me believe a little bit more. But a lot of things also made
me a little more skeptical than I was going into this. - I actually left Virginia City believing ghosts less than I did before. - On leaving Virginia City
we realized a few things. First of all we realized, we didn't really know what we were doing. - We were barely scratching the surface of what we wanted to do with this film. - But we were interested in
learning more and figuring out how to do this the correct way. - We wanted more. - I think we just needed more experience. - I mean are we really
investigating correctly? - We were sure we even
knew what a ghost was? - [Bill] Okay what's a ghost? - A ghost is a soul, and
your soul wants you die. - I don't know what a ghost it. - Once you're dead you
turn into someone else. - So assuming that you
do believe in ghost. - Yeah. - What exactly is a ghost? - I think a ghost is someone who doesn't realize they're dead. - I don't know it's like someone else in the room but you can barely see it. - Probably a spirit that is stuck here after the person's body is dead. - Most of my knowledge comes from the cartoons like Scooby Doo. - You know that's always usually just a guy though in a mask. - Yep. - The whole time. - Unmasked. - It's like a really angry guy, so. - If it wasn't for those kids we would have gotten away with it. - We'll both stand close to him, that way. How many, yeah it looks
like Sean ate four cameras. - The word ghost is not actually what we typically use in
parapsychology cause in many cultures it has different
flavors, different meanings. But most people in the
United States would take the word ghost to mean
someone who has died or has come back or who stuck
around after their death. We would use the word apparition for that. It's an older term but it
actually is a little bit cleaner than ghost because
it doesn't have the same cultural or cross-cultural
connotations to it. The apparition or ghost in that case, would be someone's consciousness, personality, spirit, mind, soul, whatever you want to call it that survives the death of the body and is still here. Typically has not moved on
to wherever it is they go, but is still here and is
capable of interaction. That's the interaction that's
the most important piece for us, because the other side of the coin is what people still
use the word ghost for. Which is some sort of
repeating pattern, what a lot of ghost hunters call residual
energy or psychic imprint. We like to call place
memory, it's a haunting. Places are haunted, objects are haunted, they seem to have memory
of people and events that were kind of
recorded by living people, not by dead people that
can be seen as ghosts. It can be seen as holograms
or however you want to see it. And those are not interactive,
so on the one hand we have consciousness which is
interactive after death and the other we have pictures, imprints, of us who are potentially
still alive in fact. - So we did a online survey. - 70% of the people said that
they do believe in ghosts. - But only 30% say they've
actually seen a ghost. - What makes you believe
in ghosts, although you have zero personal evidence. - Maybe people want to believe. - I think they believe in them because they've heard other people's stories. - Part of me, when somebody
tells me a ghost story, deep in my head I'm thinking,
all right okay you think you saw something, but then I
don't think anybody's lying when they see it because
reality is, people I love and respect have ghost stories. - Several us of had unexplained
things happen to us. And the one that I can tell you about, happened directly to me. - And I have a ghost story
to go with that story. When I was a teenager
living with my parents. - So my ghost story takes
us back to fifth grade. I was there with my then best friend. - We were staying alone in the house, this is a big four story house
that houses about 80 guys. - We had this old piano in our basement. And it had come across the
United States on a covered wagon. - His parents we're out for the evening so we grabbed his dad's Ouija board. - So we were gonna go relieve
ourselves in the sump pump. And I said as we were doing
this, wouldn't it be weird if the door shut and
the lights turned off. - Black, ivory keys, I mean
it was really worn and old and I would learn how to play piano on it. - Then the thing literally
did start moving. - Right after I said that,
and right after he said that, the door slammed shut
and the light blew out. - I hear a woman singing,
thinking it's my mom and I just kind of snicker and laugh as I'm playing along and
m7y mom and my sister look at each other and they said, "No, we were not singing." - All the cabinet doors
started just banging. The window opened and shut. - So we ran out of the there
like Shaggy and Scooby. - And that's when I ran the
rest of the way up the stairs and I did not go into the
basement for a good month. - We ran and hid in their parents other car until they got home. - [Bill] Ghosts!
- [Sean] Ghosts! - Like what you will hear is an intro. Where I live, what I do, do
you need any of that stuff? - [Bill] I would like your
social security number and mother's maiden name. - Well that's a good reason, let me check my bank card I have it
all written on the back. - [Bill] Give us some history. - It is super haunted. Well actually I do know bit of history. What are you, I'm not doing this. I'm not going to chase you with that. (laughing) - So why are we here today? - Well cause you wanted me to tell, you wanted people to tell ghost stories and I have a ghost story
about this building. I know a lot of people do but I have one. - [Bill] So I go, hey come with
me an then walk off camera. - What is this, MTV Cribs? - Yeah. - Come check it out. I walked off camera and
then you followed me. (laughing loudly) Does it work if you keep? - I'll try it again, okay. Here we go, here we go. I'm not going to say ghost
but ghosts right now. - [Voiceover] I'll wait. - [Bill] It's not porn. - So I got up to the
top floor with my little heat bag thing with my pizza delivery and I got out and came out here. I finished up with the delivery and I got back in the
elevator to go back down and I pushed floor one and
the elevator door closed. The elevator starts to go
down I feel that little lurch in your stomach right, and it goes floor bing five bing
four bing three waiting to get off the elevator and
the elevator doors open. The elevator doors open and I step out and I'm still on the sixth floor. I haven't moved, I mean
I found the staircase and I took the stairs down like five, six at a time and I got back to the pizza place and I told my manager never again. That was the scariest
thing I've ever done. I'm done, that's it. - [Bill] Hence end your
career delivering pizza. - It did, also the place
closed down cause it wasn't very good but mostly ghosts. I'm sort of skeptic myself, I don't know necessarily that I believe, I just know what happened and that
certainly did happen. - [Bill] So around the sixth floor. - Yep top floor of the building that you can go to besides the roof. Okay floor one, and it just
literally every single floor. - [Bill] Well apparently we skipped four. We skipped four. (elevator beeping) And number two. (elevator beeping) okay I felt it, there's no-- - [Matt] There's no ghost hate even- - [Bill] If we woke up
and if we see Brian. Oh. - Congratulations. - [Bill] Are you real? Is this the first floor? - I'm really glad we're on
the first floor right now. Because literally if that happened again, I'd probably have a panic attack. - I just ran into Aaron
from Ghost Adventures. - Hello. - What's the scariest
thing you ever encountered? - The scariest thing I ever
encountered would be my house. I tend to bring things home,
I don't say stay there. I say if you wan to come home
with me, come home with me. I've got part of a social
experiment already. So my house, stuff I bring home. I'm talking spirits. (loud laughing drowning out Nicollete) okay, I took my finger and I
scraped it across the grave of this witch in Jamaica and
I broke a piece of her grave and I said since we did this,
you've got a piece of me, I've got a piece of you
and pretty much after that she followed me home and still live there. (laughing) I probably
shouldn't have done that. No. - I don't think you're
stuck with your body. I think that's the peak of your ego collapse where you have to leave your body behind. You've spent your entire life
being attached to your body and when you die, you have to give it up. - You died and somebody
goes, there was like a ghost travel agent and they said
we'll take you anywhere you want to go and that's
where you're gonna go and you can do anything
forever, what would you do? - I'd hump my wife for
the rest of her life. - So he's gonna go before you. - I guess so. - I feel sorry for the next guy. - I'd go to Hawaii and
hang out on the beach and eat a lot of donuts. - What are my powers? - Ghost powers, standard ghost
powers where would you go? - First I'd go to in and
out and then get some fries. - Floating, going, scaring people. - Ghost are more of
locked to where they died or they had unfinished
business, so that more like-- - So it'd be better to die at Disneyland. - Yeah, yeah. - Than like an insurance seminar. - I don't know I'd probably
go haunt people on the bridge. You know and just like
they're sitting on the bridge and just be like whoo and they're like, oh no did somebody push me? - That so funny, that's not
what they would be thinking. - Yeah. - Ah did somebody push me? - So you'd murder people. - There's a rare, rare cases
where you might find a ghost actually attached to a location. They become so connected to that location for various reasons. Often times it can be a
location of tragedy for example. Extreme violence took place in their transition when they died and often times they can be so connected to a location because of their addiction,
if I can use that, to their previous life. (video game music) - We went to the Cottonwood Cemetery which was started in 1906 so it's in Fort Boise. There have been reports of
horse hooves and babies crying. - We brought our really
good friend and film maker Ron Torres to come with us. - [Ron] I will say that from
a distance is a weird noise. - For no other reason than
he had nothing better to do. Okay this is session
one, Cottonwood Cemetery. Friday night. Did we lose Emilee? I actually do have a story. When I was I guess 19
or 20 and I was up there with a buddy of mine, late at night just sitting on top of the picnic table cover and we heard to this day
probably the scariest most blood curdling scream
I've ever heard in my life. It was to where we literally
jumped to the ground, ran to the car, raced down
the mountain, went to the old 7-11 down on the corner of
Broadway and called the police. - [Bill] It wasn't I would
say I'm an in danger? - It wasn't like an I'm in
danger scream, it was more like - (drums drowning out Bill) - Yeah it was like. - I'll swallow your soul,
I'll swallow your soul. - Pretty much. - [Bill] We've come out
tonight to talk to you. Let you know that we're here. - There's this little red
light at the end of these, if you come and talk into them
we'll be able to hear you. - [Sean] I keep hearing something. It's that way and it's
not Bill and Emilee. - Angela and I had heard a
sound off in the distance and seen a light coming
from the same area. So we walked over to the corner of the cemetery closest
to it to investigate. I see it right now. - [Sean] Yeah. Again it's not coming from the fence. - You see the fourth row of tombstones? - [Emilee] Hmm-mm. - [Sean] Follow it down and just go up. - [Bill] If we find EVP
we go to do it here. - There's a lot of wind
and oh 50 yards away. (flag flapping) Oh there's a flag pole and you can hear the flag whipping in the wind and then the chain hitting the pole. So it's kind of
understandable that somebody might think that they hear horses. - There not by chance ghosts? - This really kind of happened when we reviewed the footage,
we didn't get any thing but this looks great
so we started thinking about other ghost shows. - And the thing that really
bugged me is the presentation. - You know how easy is it
with a little bit of music and night vision to kind
of make this stuff up or make people more anxious. (scary music) - Did you see that? - Reality ghost shows are super cheesy and definitely scripted. - You know I've turned
down shows myself because the producers, directors, they
want me to look the other way if they decide to alter a
story or alter the evidence. - And all of a sudden I got pushed in the small of my back down
and it was only three stairs. On Ghost Adventurers they made it seem like I fell all the way down. - One of my colleagues
Barry Taft was asked, originally he was approached for the show before Jason and Grant
was and the producers, Barry said the producers
actually asked him how he felt how comfortable he feels
about faking things? Flat out. That's why he didn't do the show. - [Bill] I just realized I'm
Scooby Dooing this scenario. Can you do an impression of a ghost? - Ah no. - I think you can, I
think you're hesitant. - Like ooh. - The answer I'm looking for is boo. - Boo. - And then maybe some arm
failing like ah like that. - Maybe. - When a ghost has got the hand thing. Do it make sounds? - I don't think so. - Chains, chains, that
was an acceptable answer if they had chains on. - It's like dangling stuff or
moving, I don't know at all. - You don't want to the
do an impression do you? - No, I don't. - An impression of a ghost. - Well usually they're trapped
in their daily activities. A lot of people don't
understand what a ghost is or a lot of people don't believe in it. And when they do experience
it, it freaks them out to the point where most
people can't recover from it. I am a pultic master. If I could talk to somebody
who was dead and I needed to give them some information
to help them exist better, I would tell them realize
that you have no limitations on what is tangible. What it is that they did
in their regular life, they usually still do it and
you can penetrate thought, you can penetrate mystery,
you can penetrate mass and energy, you can
penetrate time and location, I'm not afraid to die, I'm
actually looking forward to it. What I would understand
if someone was murdered, they're forced to relive
that over and over again. Even if you die in your
sleep, anytime your soul leaves your shell, anytime
the soul leaves it's shell, it's always painful. A regular person who
dies from regular old age or something just walking
around their house they don't really
realized what's going on. They haven't been told or they don't realize that they're dead so they just go about their day lives and when they finally do realize that they're dead, they usually leave as
soon as they realize it. - They go oh what's
that light in the corner they been looking at his whole time and they been walking through. - From what I understand
it's not really a light. It's more like a tunnel. - Maybe we need to go where people have peacefully died in their sleep. - Growing up here, we had
heard stories for years about the old tuberculosis
hospital over in Gooding. - Tuberculosis. - [Sean] Tuberculosis. - Tuberculosis. - They heard footsteps, upstairs in the attic, a little girl singing. Some of the people there said they've been able to look upstairs when they're outside and see someone looking at
them through the windows. - Tuberculosis, say it
one more time, hold on. - [Sean] Tuber. - Tuber. - [Seean] Cu. Cu. - [Sean] Losis. - Tuberculosis. - [Sean] Tuberculosis. - In the early 1920s,
the tuberculosis (bleep). Okay we got it. (traffic flowing) - [Angela] The secret to ghost
hunting is Mexican Candy. - [Sean] Oh. - Hi. - [Angela] Hi friend. - [Sean] What do you want to tell us about the candy that you bought? - [Man In White Hoodie]
You've been eating this? - [Angela] Yeah. - [Man In White Hoodie] It's just powder. - [Emilee] Yeah, it's
like cocaine for children. Go, go, go, go, go. - Oh God. (laughing loudly) - It tried to get sweet but then it just tasted like nasty shoes. - It's like sweet hot leather. - [Angela] Okay, here
are your rusty suckers. - No. - [Angela] I think I have shoes for gold. - [Emilee] Does it have watermelon in it? - [Angela] I have shoes for gold. - That's pretty (bleep)
far from watermelon. Oh there is watermelon, yes
right underneath the ass. - [Angela] You must love ass. - Well once you start you can't stop. - Tricalcium phospate was
added to make it free flowing. That's sad. She just had a seizure. - It taste kind of like those
essential oil bath salts that you put in your
bath, not the bath salts that make you eat people's faces. But I don't think it's that bad really. It taste kind of like soap. - [Sean] Soap? - But I kind of like it. - I'm still not sure why
there's a peanut in that. - [Austin] LinkedIn don't want to eat it. I want to go scrub my tongue off. (loud footsteps) - [Sean] Okay we're getting
radio station nearby. - I want to take the
antenna off completely. - [Sean] It isn't screwed in. - That is an option. - [Sean] All right. - With can make a tiny
unicorn horn for your cat. - I already have an inflatable one. (static crackling)
(garbled voices) - [Bill] All right should we just shut that off for now and then, all right so much for the spirit box. - Okay we're recording,
this is session one. The attic of the University Inn. Up here there's kids. Is there anybody here with us tonight? Can you give us a sign,
can you let us know? - [Sean] Is there anybody
who'd like to say hello? Or would like to communicate with us. - [Bill] It was a hospital in 1947. - [Emilee] And it was a
university before that for quite a long time. - [Bill] So it's close
to, it's got to be pushing a hundred years old if not a hundred. - [Sean] Can you do something
to let us know you're here, like make a sound or move something. Anything you can do to
show us you're here. Do you want us to go? (suspenseful music) (giggling) - That is so creepy, what is that? - [Emilee] We'd sing with you if you want. - [Bill] I saw a flash - [Emilee] Do you have a favorite song? (suspenseful music) (quietly laughing) - [Angela] Get it away, ah get it away. - [Sean] It's Ghost Adventures. - [Emilee] What did it
feel like a spider or like? - [Bill] You know what it felt like? Like a piece of wood fell
from something, a little light fell and touched the top of my head. - [Angela] Why does it have to be a piece of wood, maybe it was a ghost. - [Bill] Cause I'm a
woodist, a materialist. I'm a racist towards other materials. Okay see, (bleep), ah. - [Angela] You're the
only one it's talking to. Check Bill for spiders. - [Bill] Check me for spiders. Is there a spider on me? - [Sean] No there's no spider. - [Bill] Is there anything on me? - [Sean] This is the
first place of everywhere we've been that I feel
I'm losing it and I don't know if it's because I
felt something tapping me. - [Emilee] That'll do it. - When we first got up here, I didn't feel anything and now I've just got this like-- - [Angela] I did, when
we first came up here with the lady that owns the place, I felt like something was
watching us from over here. - [Sean] Something just got
me in the back of the head. - What did it feel like? - [Sean] It felt like somebody tickling me in the back of the head. - [Enilee] Are you playing with the boys? - [Sean] Do you want us to
go or do you want us to stay? (croaking) - [Sean] Can you touch me? I almost pooped my pants right there. (chair falling over) - [Angela] What? - [Sean] Can you do that again? Brushed chills over me and then something touched my shoulder. - [Bill] Um-hmm, that's
exactly what happened to me. - [Emilee] Yeah we got chills too. - [Sean] Did anybody notice that it just got a little cooler in here? It did over here. - [Bill] I've got a pretty steady state of chills going down me. (loud footsteps) Somebody doesn't know how to spell redrum. (laughing) - [Voiceover] Quick you turn left. This is the OR, that's the original sinks. - I feel like the OR is the question. - [Bill] We are in the
basement in the nurses lounge. - [Angela] That's my ankle popping. - It its not a demon coming
from the depths of hell. That is arthritis. - [Bill] Flash. - [Emilee] Let's take this
ball upstairs when we go. - [Sean] All right go for it. (chips crunching) - You want some? (door dragging) - Yeah. (laughing loudly) - [Bill] Ghosts! - Put your hand, why are
you not even touching it? - I am touching it but what do we ask? - I don't know. - Okay so we're going to
ask a couple questions. The first question being, is there anybody with us right now. (loud footsteps) - Okay. - It's broken. (laughing loudly) - We met our friend David
and he told us about a ghost tour in Pioneer Square. - [Bill] Hey everybody it's
our friend, David Mead. Hi David, why are we here today? - Hi, well a while back I
went on one of the tours here in Seattle. It's a great tour showing all
kinds of interesting places around Seattle that could
or could not be haunted. So I actually went cause
I was asked out on a date and she brought me down here
and as our date we went on. - [Bill] And how did the date end? - Spectacularly. - Where is she now? - I don't know. - [Bill] So it went well. All right let's go inside. - Well I'm Ross Ellison,
president and founder of A Ghost, which stands for the Advanced Ghost Hunters of Seattle Tacoma. I'm also the owner of Spooked
in Seattle ghost tours. I've been in the field of paranormal research for over 25 years. I started Spooked in Seattle ghost tours due to the fact that I
was doing ghost tours on all my trips and I'd find
out that they made up a lot of stories and dramatized a
lot of stories on these tours. So when I decided to do my ghost tours, I decided to get the stories real. The first sound you hear is that of Ross, the second is that of the entity. And show evidence that
we had actually collected on our own personal investigations. That fan is too loud. - [Bill] Did you hear
something over there? - And it's become so popular
that we were actually voted as one of the top
four tours in Seattle. Well when I started my ghost hunting group back in 2000 we were one
out of a hundred nationally. And now due to the popularity
of ghost hunting, it's easily that each state could have
over a hundred groups or more. But unfortunately the
problem that we have today is there's a lot of
what we call paradrama, or a lot of these groups
don't know what they're doing. They're territorial and they
will do anything they can to get their 15 minutes of fame. Before I got involved in ghost hunting, there was a few names out there
that of course I followed. You had, you know Lorraine and Ed Warren. Hans Holzer, Loyd Auerbach, those are
the names that I grew up, reading their material
and watching their career. So for me, I've always
respected our roots, where ghost hunting came from. For me, I like where
it's going as to becoming more scientific, more
equipment's coming out there. But I will never forget
our roots and I always have respect for those who have been doing this a lot longer than I have. - So Ross brought up a
name that we kept hearing and it was Professor Loyd Auerbach. - I was lucky enough to be
introduced to a man named Renny, who actually had worked
with this professor before. - So at that point we
knew that if we were ever going to attain Jedi
level, we needed Yoda. - Super nervous, so we're
calling Loyd Auerbach from the Rhine Institute,
the Winbridge Institute, he's the director for the office of paranormal investigations. He's kind of a big deal. What do I go, Professor Aeurbach. - [Sean] You're basically talking to the Brett Favre of paranormal investigations. - I know, ugh. (phone ringing) - [Voiceover] Hi this is Loyd. So yeah, he's excited. We are going to San Francisco to meet with his majesty,
the president of ghosts. That's what he is. (clapping) - I had to stay in Boise, while everyone else went to San Francisco
because I had to adult. Be my girl, can't you take things You love and leave the rest behind I know you think, you're (car revving) - We've decided to scrap Ghostementary and we're going with the
remake of Magnum P.I. - What's Magnum P.I? (laughing) - You're dead to us. You are no superhero's girl You are no superhero's girl You are no superhero's girl You are no superhero's girl You are no, you are no (record scratching) - I want to throw up. - [Bill] Why are you gonna throw up? - I don't know, it was probably
those baby octupus, octopi. - [Bill] Is it octopus, octopussy. - Octopushwa. (speaking foreign language0 Fish? (speaking foreign language) - What? - We finally got to go and
meet Professor Loyd Aeurbach. We drove to Lafayette,
California and went to his office at the HCH Institute where
he was gracious enough to give us pretty much an entire afternoon of his expertise and brilliance. - Okay, I'm Loyd Aeurbach, I'm a professor at John F Kennedy University, Atlantic University, and an
instructor at HCH Institute which is where we are right now. I'm a parapsychologist,
I have a master's degree in parapsychology going way, way back and have been around the
field for over 35 years. Actually a lot longer than that. I've been an investigator,
mostly an educator but I've also been involved
somewhat in research in a number of different places. I'm on the board of director
at the Rhine Research Center. I'm president of the
Forever Family Foundation. I'm an advisor to the Windbridge Institute and the Forever Family Foundation and I'm also a professional
magician and mentalist. So I've got the other side
of things covered as well. Written a whole bunch of books, what else would you like me to talk about. - [Bill] That's it. - I can keep going if you want. - No that's good. He just told us the coolest stuff. I think what led me
into parapsychology was mystery, so I'd watch shows
like the Twilight Zone, and One Step Beyond and
Topper which was probably hugely influential on me. The fact is that neuroscience
is going in one direction to understand consciousness,
other folks are going in a different direction in
the sciences to understand consciousness, physics goes
in a different direction. There is no agreed upon definition. You can't rule it out, until you rule out that consciousness has a
presence outside the body. You have those correlations,
you rarely ever get high magnetic field with ghosts around unless you're like getting the ghost to walk right in front of you. And it's the same with EVP is the phrasing that comes through
has to be very clear otherwise it really shouldn't count. Sheepgoat effect is
actually one of the most repeatable affects of parapsychology outside of ESP experiences. I wouldn't watch a do-it-yourself show and then go out and hang
a shingle as a plumber because plumbers have to be licensed, they go through journeyman training, they do a lot of stuff and I think that certain ghost hunters
that used to be plumbers would be very upset if anybody did that. - He was amazing. - One of the locations that
he brought up in the interview was the Moss Beach Distillery
down along the coast. - I have certainly favorite locations, I have two favorite locations. One is the Moss Beach Distillery, which is a restaurant I've
been working with since 1991. One of the reasons it's my favorite, well the food's great, the view's great. I love going down there to the coast but more importantly
I've had, from the first time I was there, the
ghost was cooperative. - [Bill] Angela where are we? - [Angela] We are at the
Moss Beach Distillery. - [Sean] You've got to talk to the camera. - Where'd you go? (laughing) Apparently it's a pretty hot spot. - [Sean] Car! - [Angela] For ghosts. Game off. - [Sean] Game on. - Thank you. See my mustache? - No you're good. They let us come in, they let us film, they let us do interviews. They were wonderful. - At one point we're were
at dinner and my hand got so freezing cold, now
where I'm sitting to the table, the Sun is jut glaring in on
me and Sean couldn't feel it. And then all of a sudden
he did feel it and it moved around behind him to his
back and had left me. So we went downstairs
and we were able to get an interview and film and we tried to do an EVP session but it's a restaurant obviously with music and
things and that really wasn't going so well, but
we were able to talk to some people and get their
experiences with the blue lady. We were filming the hostess. - And she told stories of electrical happenings in that area
and how things light up. - And both of the boys
cameras just drained. - My battery and his battery
was full when we got here. I barely been filming. When we were setting up,
put a brand new full battery in and in the short time we were inside. - Completely drained batteries. We go upstairs right by the entrance dead. - But I also love the USS Hornet, that's another, the aircraft carrier, I do love going there as well because there's a lot of ghost there. - So now under the
guidance of his majesty, professor Loyd Aeurbach. - We learned some things. - We were going to use this
newly received knowledge to go out and conduct
a proper investigation. - We learned that the last
thing we should be doing, is investigating like every
other ghost show on television. (scary music) (electric screaming) - The ghost shows from
entertainment perspective, if you like that if you
find them entertaining that's what they're supposed to be. They're supposed to be entertaining. If you find them entertaining, great. if you are watching them
to learn your craft, get a life. - Don't film with the lights off. - Because no one in science does an investigation in the dark. That came straight out
of TV, that was because of Sony Nightshot cameras, if it were not nightshot cameras ghost hunters would not be working in the dark guaranteed. - It's important to work with a psychic. - I'd work with a really
good medium or psychic and have them have a
direct conversation than maybe get out of five hours of audio two things that don't do anything for me. - With any type of
paranormal investigation, I totally agree that you
should have if not one psychic, medium, sensitive, or clairvoyant,
you should have multiple. Our current technology is
not advanced to such a degree that we can pick up all of the
different types of energies from these beings, from these ghosts. A psychic is somebody who
can be intuned, question can hear, can feel, can
sense, they come from a sixth sense and often
even as seventh sense. Clairvoyants simply put is clear vision. Clairvoyants have an
ability to see internally within the mind's eye the
third eye it's often called. Sensitive can, oh my,
they can sense the most subtle shifts and change in their bodies with their environments and when you have the interaction of spirits
and ghosts around a sensitive, it is amazing what they can experience. But from my personal
perspective, I believe almost every human is
psychic or has a sixth sense. And often we are blind to it. - [Bill] Angela what's today? - It's my birthday. - [Sean] And where are we? - We are in the tenderloin. - [Sean] Did you witness
anything good last night. - I was talking to a prostitute, saw some drug deals go down, a lady was removed from the building across
the street by an ambulance. She was in a wheelchair
and she was wearing a wedding dress maids costume. Then we're going to go investigate the San Leandro train depot. {both] Yay. - [Sean] And are we going to have a special guest with us today? - We are going to have a special guest, his name is Karl Fisher. - My name is Karl Fisher,
I work on the USS Hornet in Alameada, California
during paranormal tours. - He's one of Loyd Aeurback's students. He's a sensitive, he's
going to join us out there for his spidey sense. - [Sean] I'm so excited. - I'm excited too. - [Sean] And all of your birthday. - So we get to the train
depot, we get to look around and kind of scope things out
ourselves before Karl shows up. Karl gets there and we
start asking him basically how he does what he does
or the things that he feels and prepares for before
going into an investigation. - I definitely feel anxiety. I felt anxiety since I
left the house and then felt pretty good when I
was standing out front talking to you guys but as we talked about coming in and stuff, I definitely have the in my chest and that's a huge sign for me. - That particular depot
in San Leandro, California when you go into that area, I think first and foremost most people
will be aware of the energy of the historical vibes that are coming from that location first and foremost. There are also, if you get
quiet enough in that area, you can hear people talking as if they're still living in a different time and so it makes one wonder about
certain theories of time continuing and that the
early 1920s is still existing at this very moment as we
experience the year 2015. - I would feel that there's definitely a residual imprint here for sure. - So we grab our cameras and now that we are armed with
our trusty sensitive. - [bill] Karl kind of walked around and showed us how things work. What item will give him a feeling or something that somebody
has worked off of. A personally handwritten
note, these are all things that give him feeling. - We head through the
building, go to the back and start doing some EVP work. - The first thing that
happened changed our minds to the point of changing our
minds on a lot of things. - The footsteps. - Te footsteps. - Loud footsteps, that everybody on the crew, Angela, Bill,
myself, and Carl heard. - The camera was focused
on Karl as he was talking. - They're feeding off of your energy. - As we were filming, we
heard somebody walking up. - High spontaneous peaks
of energy, that's like, that's helping them combust and like be able to break through you know. - [Bill] That's really
interesting, I like that. - I'm the first one to
react to the footsteps. I look down the hallway to
see if anybody's coming. I ask if anyone hears that. - Then be able to break through. be able to break through. - [Bill] That's really
interesting, I like that. All what do you want us to do, listen I'm super excited about this partially because we've never done this. - [Angela] We did, what's that. - It was so distinct that I
actually stopped my camera and turned to look to see who was there. - And nobody ended up
being in the hallway. - [Sean] I just went
up front, you heard it? - I heard footsteps too. - [Sean] I heard footsteps
right here in the hallway. - Yeah. - [Sean] She's been sitting
up in the front corner. - Did you hear footsteps? - Yeah I did. - [Sean] They were right here.
I thought she was right here. - [Angela] I thought they were right here. - Are you serious. - [Sean] Yeah. - There was just somebody
walking right there. - [Sean] And I just got
massive chills right there. - Well I just got massive
chills, the thought of, now I have them. - [Angela] Because you heard it right? - I heard somebody walking right there - We went outside onto the boardwalk to try and recreate those footsteps. - [Bill] What are you
going to do right now? - Okay well we all just
heard footsteps clear as day walk right up to us, to
the point where Angela actually stopped and said was that Teresa. I went up front to see if that
was Teresa, Teresa's still sitting in the front corner
of the entrance room. Now I'm going to do outside
and walk the entire length of the patio and see
if it sounds the same. - [Bill] All right, so
there's your problem. This is exactly where we
would have heard the footsteps and there is your motion sensor light. So if there was somebody walking out here, the light would have gone off. I don't know, when we first got here, I didn't feel anything
and now I'm just ooh. - [Karl] It definitely
sounded more like distinct like that for sure. - I heard it to, I thought
somebody was right here. [Sean] So did I. So what are you feeling
right now. You still feeling? - Do we talk about when I heard you talk when you weren't talking? - [Sean] Yeah it uh. - What? - What did you say? - I didn't say anything. - Bill comes up behind
me and I swear to God on my children's life, I hear him talk and say something behind me as if he's trying to whisper
and get my attention. - What did you say? - I didn't say a word. You really did just hear something. - Yeah you just said something. (laughing) - are you serious? - Yeah. - Are you still recording this Joe? I'm holding a recorder,
she's holding a recorder, the camera obviously has a recorder. - [Sean] Yeah. - What did you say? - I'm standing here
listening to you, she just turned around to me and she goes what, what did you say, she swore
I just said something. - You did. Of all three of those recording devices, Bill's was the only one that didn't catch the voice that I heard. - It maybe that a couple
of people starting seeing or having an experience in the house and the disbeliever will actually block their experience psychological. When we talk about
hallucinations, we always think about seeing things
that are not there. That's what people think
about for hallucinations. But the late Harry
Blackstone Jr pointed out there a negative hallucination and that is not seeing things that are in fact there. And he wasn't necessarily even talking about paranormal stuff. You put something down
on the table for a moment and it's gone and your
perception somebody else can see it but you
can't, we are not seeing with our eyes we are
seeing with out brains. That's perception, so just
because your eyes sees it doesn't mean your brain is gonna see it. And you can have the most powerful ghost in the universe appear in front of people, even create an image that's
reflecting light, which is not what's happening, they're
connecting mind to mind. But even if they did that,
the disbeliever could block that image completely and not see it. Because they don't want
to believe it's there. - So apparently something got, you want to turn the camera towards Sean. - [Angela] Oh that's scary though. - [Bill] Sean what just happened. - Is there anything,
honey is there anything. - [Karl] He has some
red marks on his neck. - [Angela] Well he's also injured. - Something just ticked my neck. - Uh-uh you don't have anything. I don't know. - So if there's somebody
here with us right now, sense I've walked in this room, I feel a strong male
presence and obviously he feels something too
so, if there's somebody here can you try and make
yourself apparent to us. You can light his K2 meter up. All you have to do is get near it. We're not here trying to invade your space or bother you or anything like that. We just want to talk to you and we want to know why you're here. Do you feel any different right now? Do you want to try going upstairs and see? - [Sean] Yeah we can go upstairs. - [Karl] Let's go up there. So these people are here
filming a documentary so if you have a story or
any unfinished business now's your time to talk to us. - [Angela] Is that you
that I heard whisper, I thought it was Bill talking
behind me while you whisper. Yeah, thank you. - So do you work here
or did you work here? so are you angry, I've heard people say that they've got EVPs of swearing is that you cursing and swearing? - [Bill] If it wasn't you is there somebody else here that's swearing? Was that a yes or a no? Is there more than one person
here with us right now? - Do you hear that knock too with that? - [Bill] Yeah. I just heard a loud breath. - Whoop. Why are you doing there? All right, allow me to,
you want me to do this now? Okay, the mel meter is an intelligent microprocessor based
instrument specifically designed for paranormal investigations. It was built by paranormal investigators for paranormal investigators. It has a built in EMF radiating detector and a flash light,
basically it's the iPhone of paranormal ghost hunting technologies. It's designed for quick
captures of key readings with the ability to
quickly record and clearly display the correlation
of EMF and temperture change in the surrounding area. It's the only device
capable of doing this. However, there is no
scientific evidence that the Mel Meter detects
any paranormal activity. Are we done now? - [Karl] You want to try
talking with the flashlight? - We were getting
numerous hits off the EMF. When we began the flashlight experiment, that was one of the most
interesting things that we saw. - People are really skeptical about this. I do this on the ship
a lot, it seems to be a very easy way of them
being able to communicate. As with everything it's
just, nobody really knows what's going on. It could be us making psychic impressions and willing things to happen. So if you're here talking with us and you're the person
making the K2 light up, can you try to turn that flashlight off. If that's easier. Okay. - [Angela] I think that it's really funny. He's like, I think he's really funny, can you turn the flashlight off? Yeah I can turn the
flashlight off very easily. Thank you so much. - And this went on for
five or ten minutes. We asked a question, a light will turn on. We ask it to turn on or
off, it would turn off the EMF would go, it was
actually pretty entertaining. - [Angela] Do you want to
try and communicate to us and talk to us, we can't
hear you with our ears and still hear you
possibly on these recorders when we listen to them later. - But then as we moved away from that and we started talking about other things, the light still seemed
to flash periodically and the EMF kept going - [Karl] Around and wanting,
willing these things to happen right now but random surges, it doesn't seem like it's consistent with a situation like this where we're asking questions
and we're getting responses. - [Sean] If this place
is important to you, can you turn the flashlight back off. - Thank you. - That's what I'm talking about. If it was random like
wouldn't it be happening while we just sat here
having conversations too. (laughing) - I told you, I think he's really funny. - Was it just by chance, was it somebody still trying to get our attention? - But the number of
times that it happened, led me to believe that
something was actually going on. Moving right across down
here as I keep walking and hitting the stairway, and came up. I'm nothing, just a big ball of light. Flash or consistent. - I don't get the impression
of an angry person. I get the impression of
an old working class male. - [Sean] That's awesome. You think he'll come back sometime. - Yeah definitely, I think
the more and more people. I don't get the impression that he doesn't want to communicate, I think that sometimes
you go places and you can kind of tell that they're angry
and it's annoying to them. But the impression I get
off of that and the general feelings I get is the guy seems like he would be a friendly
individual and open to people people coming here and trying
to communicate with him. - The one thing that made me
believe that we were actually having a paranormal
experience didn't happen until after the investigation. Angela and I realized
we were so exhausted, so extremely exhausted, it was almost to the point of sickness. - [Bill] So anyway talk
to me for a second. - That was crazy, every bit
of energy is drained out of my body, I feel like I
could fall down right now. And I can't even think right now, I am completely drained,
completely drained like a battery. - Can you unlock the car please so I can? - [Bill] What do you think? - Yeah I just feel super
drained like I just said. - [Bill] The lights, the ghost just made the lights go on on the car behind you. - Oh, I think it was really interesting in the very beginning when we were asking if you're the one who made the footsteps turn the light on, the light went on. Are you the on who touched
Sean, light went on. Are you the one who I heard whisper behind me when I thought it was Bill and I was kind of going on with that question and it waited until I was done with that question and then it turned on,
so that was pretty great. I was just getting really tingly and then just sucked the life out of me. - [Bill] I still have a lot of energy. - Which led us to believe
that Bill is in fact a ghost. - I really do think the footprint thing, the footstep thing is something. The flashlight thing and the, what was it called, the K2 meter. - [Angela] Yeah the mel meter. - [Bill] That thing was just
going off to randomly go off. So, anyway, it could have
just been a ghost trying to talk to us, I did feel very staticky when I ask to take me energy I felt like not hair was actually raising but you know when you walk in a room
and you feel just static. I felt that but the mind
is a pretty powerful thing. So anyway. - [Angela] This mic is making an amazing shadow on you right now. - It is, where? That's it, that's all I have, just not sure that we saw anything. But it was really cool,
well anyway that's it. (happy music) (laughing loudly) - So it's been a few
months, I have been editing like a mofo trying to get this movie done reexamining footage, seeing
things that I can't explain. As you've probably all ready seen cause we put them in this movie. That you know we got
some interesting stuff. - At the beginning I was
nothing but excited and amped and hyped and thrilled to be a part of it. That has not changed. - From when we started until now, honestly I do believe a
little bit more in ghosts. (screaming) - I think I'm more skeptical
of evidence from ghost sightings from our
investigations. (meowing) - But I believe less in
ghost hunting techniques and ghost hunting
equipment that I've seen on ghost shows and ghost documentaries. (restaurant chatter) - Did we get a ghost? I don't know. - [Sean] Oh look, it's me eating again. - The best piece of advice
I can give to somebody going to hunt ghosts is just
to follow your instincts, because really that's
the best thing we have. - I believe in ghosts more
since we started this project. Which is almost impossible
because the amount I believed in ghost when we started this project was I completely believed. Now it's not just a belief, now I know. - I believe in ghost the same, - I wouldn't say that I
believe in ghosts more, and I wouldn't say that
I believe in ghosts less. The one thing I do believe is people's desire to see ghosts
is more than I thought. And if you want to see a ghost,
you're going to see a ghost. And if you want to have your
explanation be paranormal, then that's what it's going to be. I also at the same time
believe that if you're so closed-minded as somebody like me, you might miss that ghost which is right in front of your face. - Let's go. I really think that it comes
down to trusting your senses and your own personal experiences
over all the technology. So a few places that I
would love to investigate, Waverly Sanitarium, it's that scary. - I'd like to work our
way across the country and end up on the east coast
and culminate the holy grail of all haunted places, Europe. - I think out next film should be aliens. - That's an easy one,
I'm coming after bigfoot. - You know I don't think
it's the role of science in general to make people believe, in anything for that matter. It is the role of science
to provide the evidence and let people decided
for themselves to a point. The idea is to come up
with a preponderance of evidence to show that
there really is an effect here and to try to find some
explanation for it. I don't think that there's anything, if a true skeptic, a
doubter, not a disbeliever, because a lot of people call themselves skeptics when in fact they're
total true disbelievers. We're never going to convince
the true disbeliever, never. The true disbelievers
are only going to find out if there's life after
death when they die. - Okay. Now you see me Now you don't Now you se me, now you don't And if you don't believe me. Think I'm a ghost of your imagination Then keep hide and seeking And I'll just stay along I'll just play along I'm not only in my dreams But the way it seems,
that's the way it seems I haunt you in your sleep So you can think you're crazy And seeing things And seeing things Now you see me Now you don't Now you see me Now you don't I'm not only in your dreams But that's the way it
seems, that's the way it seems I haunt you in your sleep So you can think you're crazy And seeing things And seeing things And seeing things And seeing things And seeing things I mess with your mind So you question what you find, yeah If you don't believe me Think I'm a ghost of your imagination And keep hide and seeking And I'll play along I'll jut play along And I'll just play along And I'll just play along And I'll just play along I'll just play along And I'll just play along I'll just play along I'll just play along And I'll just play along