Ghoul (2015) Movie Script

We are at the Boryspil Airport
in Kiev,
and this is the first chapter
of our documentary
entitled Cannibals
of the 20th Century.
In 1932 and 1933,
Ukraine suffered
a terrible famine,
which led many people
to resort to cannibalism.
We'll be interviewing
famine survivors,
but we're here mainly
because of Boris Glaskov,
charged with cannibalism,
who decided
to speak about it openly.
It'll be
a cannibal's confession.
You think that's too much?
No, no, no. I think it's good.
I think we need to keep
constantly shocking the viewer.
I mean, if it's too much,
we can edit it out later, right?
Okay, yeah.
How do you do?
How do you do, my friend?
- Hello!
- My friend.
Good to see you.
We have to go because we have
a lot of things to do today.
Dobri den. My name's Ethan.
Hello, my name is Katarina.
Nice to meet you.
- Please, please, let me.
- I'll take these.
I'll take that.
I'll get that one.
You're such a gentleman.
- We should be square.
- Good, good.
t's all good.
How old was she
during the famine?
She was 13.
She heard that after the war,
they made cutlets
out of human flesh,
and they just sold them.
- They sold them?
- Yeah.
So we're in
the Ukrainian National Library,
where we'll be meeting
with Professor Dmitri Antonov,
who studies the causes and
consequences of cannibalism.
Now, how long has Boris Glaskov
worked for you?
Around 15 years,
since he got out of prison.
Boris Glaskov was
accused of murdering
his colleague
from the university,
Tolja Kovalenko,
but they never found
Tolja's body,
and eventually they had
to let Boris go.
But there are dozens
of other people in this area
that disappeared mysteriously.
Do you think there's
any connection with them?
Valeriy says he's just
making an excuse
for not being able to visit.
He just wants more money.
How much more does he want?
Another thousand dollars,
and he wants an advance.
- Can't afford it.
- I know.
Look, I'll figure it out.
I'll make it work, okay?
- We don't have a choice.
- We don't have the money.
We came here because of him,
all right? We need him.
I'll make it work.
Okay, it's turned off.
Katarina, are you okay?
Does Boris agree?
I guess he's giving us
the keys for the house.
- He's hideous.
- Yeah.
- So, Ryan?
- Yeah?
- Boris just gave you the keys?
- Yeah.
Don't you think
that's a little strange?
Actually, he gave the keys
to Katarina,
so you might wanna
look out for her.
You don't want him
to eat your girlfriend.
Aw, that's real cute.
you should go with her.
She looks really upset.
All right, if we got the keys,
let's go.
All right, let's go, yeah.
Um, this is Inna,
and she's local...
Yeah, and she can go with us
to help us.
I'm sorry, and how is a witch
supposed to help us?
People here are a bit different,
and they're afraid of strangers,
and they might not want
to talk to you,
but they will definitely
talk to Inna.
Well, it can't hurt, right?
- Sure.
- Okay.
Ryan, I don't think
this is a good idea.
- We're gonna get stuck.
- It's scratching the car bad.
Whoa. Look at that.
Whoa! Stop.
It looks like something's
blocking the road.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
So the house
is about an hour away
from the sawmill in the village,
in the middle of the woods.
All right, this is the house.
So this is the house
where we'll be interviewing
Boris Glaskov today.
And hopefully find out a bit
more about what happened here.
Boris Glaskov was accused
of murdering his colleague.
Now, they never found the body,
but when Boris is under hypnosis
with Professor Anatov,
he actually confessed
to the murder,
and he claimed that he was
being forced to eat the body.
If that's true, who or what was
forcing him to do that and why?
It's actually
really pretty out here.
- What is this?
- It's so we can see the shot.
- This is good.
- Here we go.
- Hey, Mom.
- Hey!
Hey, Dad.
Never thought I'd do it?
- Thanks for doing this with me.
- You're welcome.
- You're awesome.
- Thanks.
- It's a little bit...
- A little dusty?
It is. I don't know
why it's in the bedroom,
but, here it is.
Dude, there's like a...
an attic or something up there.
Hey, Jenny, give me the camera.
- You see anything up there?
- Naw.
- Fuck!
- What? What?
- Shit.
- What?
Boris must have left his shoes
up here. They freaked me out.
Dude, what,
are you trying to scare me?
There's tons of light
in this room.
What's for dinner?
Some garlic and fly larva.
Garlic and flies
for dinner tonight.
For a family.
This must've been what they ate
during the famine.
Shit. Not very funny?
Sorry. I'm a dick.
- Should work.
- Nice!
Good job, man.
And we also decided to install
some backup cameras,
our reliable 2D backup.
It's like Big Brother.
That's how we roll.
It might be a little high
on the left,
but we'll have to adjust it
when he gets here.
So Valeriy's psychic...
Doesn't seem like she wants
to come in the house.
That's strange. She hasn't even
spoken since we got in the car.
Valeriy kindly asks you
if you can give some money
in advance for three of us
- for tomorrow.
- The three of you?
I mean, I...
We only have money
for you and Valeriy.
Here. I'll give you the advance
for you and Katarina,
and then, um, you know,
after we are done,
completely wrapped with filming,
I'll try to see if I could
work out something for Inna.
We'll just have to see
how much money I have after.
I see.
So it is 8:00,
and Boris has not arrived.
Probably isn't gonna arrive.
So Valeriy's been trying
to call him in the village,
but hasn't been able
to get ahold of anybody.
We've got food, we've got drinks
and enough oil to keep
the generator running,
so we decided to stay here
for the night.
No. You decided to stay.
Not everyone agrees.
I talked to Ryan. We don't have
to stay here for the night.
We could find a hotel.
No. We just trying to arrange
who sleeps where.
He can arrange anything.
Would you like to hunt a deer
with a machine gun?
Or go fishing with a grenade?
What about the Russian
boot dance they do?
Doesn't every Russian do the...
I wanna see that.
Let's see that.
So according to
our guide Valeriy...
There's Valeriy
making a fire for us.
This is the table where
Boris and his colleague
invoked the spirits.
The spirit told him
that somebody killed
and ate a little boy
right here on this table.
So let's clear off the table,
and let's do our own
little invocation?
Inna is going to show us
the ancient technique
of invoking spirits.
- What is that?
- Whoa!
Yeah, that's creepy.
- That's insane.
- That's cool.
I mean, I guess it's convenient.
They didn't have to leave
the table after dinner,
and they just flip over a glass
and invoke some spirits
or something.
They have such normal evenings
in Ukraine, don't they?
Different country,
different habits, I guess. Jeez.
- Ooh!
- Ooh!
Hi. I'm here. I'm a ghost.
No, it say no.
It's yes and no.
And this is also...
Thank God we have
a translator here.
- What's wrong?
- No, it's okay.
Inna says this is not the right
time to do this right now.
Maybe we can do it tomorrow
because today is bad day.
See, I told you every Russian
can do that.
Why don't we interview Tolja,
you know?
Boris never showed up.
We need to interview someone,
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Let's interview him.
Let's find out who ate him.
No, really,
it's a bad day today.
- I would not want to do this.
- Come on!
You don't want
to translate for us?
Hey, put both of them on there
or it doesn't work.
- My God.
- That's the rules.
You are the sexiest
translator ever.
You're the sexiest
ghost translator
I have ever seen in my life.
Put it on, put it on.
All right.
Tolja's on 'cause it'd be
somebody who's been eaten.
I guess he hasn't talked
to anybody in a long time.
Okay, seriously,
seriously this time.
Seriously. Shh!
Our entire documentary depends,
depends on this.
Right, right, so then I've got
the first question.
All right.
Now, when they ate you,
did they eat you raw
or did they deep-fry your ass?
Hey, Ethan.
Dude, wake up.
Hey, hey.
Dude, good job.
So wait a second.
So Inna is saying
that Valeriy is dead?
That is a great way
to start the morning.
She saying that Valeriy
is not going to come back
because he's dead.
He was killed by the spirit
that we awoke last night.
We must recall the spirit,
otherwise no one can
leave this place.
And we definitely cannot
flip over the glass
because one of us will die.
Would you just stop with
the ghost stories already?
I mean, we heard enough
from Valeriy last night, okay?
All right, listen,
everything's gonna be fine.
Let me try calling Valeriy again
and see if I can
get ahold of him, okay?
Valeriy's not picking up.
It's his voice-mail.
You know what?
I'm gonna have some vodka.
- What?
- You can't touch the glass,
and she was saying
that your elder brother
wouldn't be so stupid.
How does she know about
my older brother?
You're fucking crazy.
Fine, I won't touch
the glass, okay?
No touch.
So he's gonna charge us
$800 for a cab? He's nuts.
That's more expensive than
London. That's ridiculous.
Yes, but it's hundred kilometers
from Charkoc,
which is the closest we can get.
And as well, he wants
half of his money in advance,
so he wouldn't come here
Well, of course he does.
He probably thinks it's a joke.
Not many people book cabs
from the middle of the woods.
How do we know he's not just
gonna take the money and run
like Valeriy did?
Maybe I can ask
my friend Sasha from Kiev.
Maybe we will pay him for
the gas, and he will come here.
It's like 400 kilometers.
Yeah. Yeah, that sounds good.
Right, Ryan? That's good.
Sure. Can you call him?
Okay, he can make it today,
but he can be here tomorrow
by the afternoon.
Tomorrow? Shit.
I mean, what else
are we gonna do?
Maybe Boris and Valeriy
will come back by then.
What else are we gonna do?
I don't know.
When we get into the house,
I want you to interview Inna.
- Why?
- I don't know.
We could do something
about, like,
Ukrainian culture
and superstition.
- It might be good.
- That's ridiculous.
She's a complete crazy person.
So here are the marks
from the tires
where Valeriy must have left.
We came here to shoot a pilot
for a documentary series
about cannibals
of the 20th century,
hoping that the funding could
get us all over the world.
As of now, we have shit.
And if it keeps going this way,
it's gonna end up on YouTube
like all my other crap.
So here in Ukraine,
a lot of people
are very superstitious still,
and they believe in psychics.
And we actually have
one of them here, Inna,
who believes
that we are trapped here
by some sort of evil ghost
or spirit, isn't that right?
You think there is
an evil spirit or ghost
in the room with us?
She was saying that you just
continue making your movie,
but you have to listen to her.
And the spirit we invoked
last night is still here,
and we have to get rid of him,
otherwise we will
all be trapped here.
Okay. And now why
should we believe you?
I mean, me, for instance,
I don't believe in ghosts.
I just think that
the dead are dead,
and they can't hurt anyone.
Some of them can hurt you.
What does she mean?
You wouldn't understand
because you think she's crazy.
Well, why don't you
just convince me?
I'm listening.
Inna says that, um...
you are not able
to have children,
and that you don't want to have
anyone to know about this.
Okay, and how do you
know about that?
Is that true?
How did she know that?
I have no idea.
I only found that out last week.
I don't want Ryan to know yet.
I just haven't...
It hasn't been the right time
to tell him, okay?
So can you just, um...
Can you erase that tape, please?
Yeah, sure. Are you okay?
So none of that stuff from Inna
was any good?
No, no, no, it was...
She's just a fake, you know?
It doesn't make any sense.
Maybe we could do it again.
No, I don't think there's
a point doing it again.
I can't tie this.
- Guys, you gotta come in here.
- What's he talking about?
- You gotta watch this!
- Let's go check it out.
Ryan, you weren't shooting in
the attic last night, were you?
- No. Why?
- Look at this.
Well, somebody must have
shot it on the camera.
Look, I know that you're trying
to make things more interesting,
but I'm not buying it.
Jenny, I said it wasn't me,
all right?
I can go with you, if you want.
No, it's fine.
This is weird. Hey, guys,
the jacket and boots are gone.
Be careful.
Boris might get you.
That's not funny if it's true.
Stupid light.
What the...
Are you okay?
Ethan, you've gotta look
at yesterday's footage.
The case is gone.
My God.
What are you doing?
You can't do this.
All you think about is money.
You bastard.
Why don't you just say it?
I suppose you
and your whole family...
I'm done with you.
You done with me?
You will starve,
you and your whole family.
Where are you going?
You cannot leave until
we get rid of the spirit.
You will not go.
I won't let you go.
I'm going to bring Boris.
You bitch. You'll be sorry.
Jesus Christ.
She's really crazy.
And she just curse him.
No, wait.
That doesn't make sense.
I don't remember anything
about that.
Do you guys?
Did they put something
in our drink?
Who could do this?
Well, who was in charge
of the alcohol?
Valeriy was in charge of that.
He bought it.
These are your friends.
What... What's going on?
I don't know. I was with you.
That doesn't say anything.
I mean, so was she.
This isn't making sense, man.
Inna was in the kitchen.
She was cooking.
She was the only one
that wasn't around.
Dude, I don't trust
any of these fucking people.
All right, well, let's just
play the second camera
and see what
we've got over there.
- Get it up.
- Do it yourself.
Look, can you just calm down?
We just met these people,
do you know what I mean?
I apologize for blaming you.
I just don't know
what's going on,
and I'm trying to figure it out.
I was wrong
for accusing you, okay?
Okay, but I'm just also scared
so there is no reason
to shout at me.
All right, all right, I'm sorry.
Not yet. This is it.
Look. Did you see that?
The glass is moving by itself.
No, no, it's gotta be the angle.
It's an optical illusion
or something.
I don't... Maybe.
I mean, it's just... Last night,
something else happened
that both cameras turned off
at the same time.
And that's... I mean,
down to the millisecond.
That's almost impossible.
I'm sorry.
What are you trying to say?
That like a ghost
turned them off or something?
That's ridiculous.
No, I'm saying it's kinda weird.
It's strange.
Between, you know, the curse,
Valeriy missing, and the ghost,
we might have something in here.
Okay, and how long
do you want to wait around
for this imaginary ghost
of yours then?
I don't want to wait.
I wanna give Inna a shot.
Ethan, I want you to set up
the other cameras in the rooms.
Wait, so now we're gonna be
spying on ourselves?
No, not spying. Look, I just...
You gotta just trust me
on this, okay?
Everything's gonna be okay.
- Come here and give me a kiss.
- No, give me a break.
Come on, you guys, you gotta
start looking at the situation
a little differently,
or we are gonna go home
with shit.
This house has a dark history.
After the famine, a little boy
was eaten in this house,
and several years ago,
Boris supposedly killed
and ate his colleague
at the same place.
They were invoking spirits
at the same table
we did last night.
And Boris is the only person
that knows
what really happened afterwards.
He promised to tell us
everything, but never showed up.
We've decided to do the
invocation ourselves,
and see if we can
figure anything out.
It's pretty dark out there
right now.
You guys ready to, do this?
How's it going, man? You almost
set up with the camera?
- Yup.
- Sweet.
You guys ready to go?
All right,
let's invoke some spirits.
Inna says that you, Jennifer,
shouldn't push the glass.
It takes some time for the
spirit to connect with us.
Were you really doing it?
Yeah, I just wanted to see if
you could see it on the camera.
All right, just don't do it
again, okay?
Ethan, Inna says you should
touch my shoulder.
You could've been involved
in the sance,
and the spirit wants all of us.
It says yes.
Who was asking
if the ghost is here?
I did.
I... I was.
Wait, I wanna talk to him.
Can I ask him a question?
He says yes.
- Shit!
- What was that?
- The generator shut down.
- What do you mean?
- Lights out?
- All right, I'll go check.
What is that?
Ethan, get the camera out.
Get the light on the camera on.
- I'm trying, I'm trying.
- Come on!
I'm trying to, dammit!
- Whoa!
- What the fuck was that?
She says "barn dig center."
What barn dig?
What does that mean?
The spirit wants us
to dig for something
in the middle of the barn.
How does she know
what that board...
Because she was moving
the fucking glass!
- Why won't you believe her?
- Everyone just relax.
It's probably just
the gas in the generator.
I'll go out there and fix it.
Wait, you shouldn't
go out there alone.
There could be
someone out there.
Well, then come with me.
You have to take some
open fires with you,
like a candle to protect you.
You know what? If it's Boris
or Valeriy, this will do.
- Come on.
- All right, all right.
Keep the camera on.
Let's go. Give me light.
Give me some light.
This is fucking stupid, dude.
- This is not...
- Is anyone there?
No, no, no, dude,
this is not good.
Ryan. Ryan!
Shut the fuck up.
Just give me some light.
Come on, man,
let's go back inside.
Light in there.
This is not good.
I need some more light.
Come on.
- Shit. What the fuck was that?
- What the fuck, man?
There something...
I just heard something.
Ethan, come on.
Give me some light.
Let's get this fucking
generator on. Let's go!
- Nothing's there.
- Yes.
What the fuck? Shit!
What the fuck!
Are you all right?
- Something's happening.
- Come on, get up.
I'm telling you, man,
someone's out there.
You okay? Fuck, come on!
Get the light
out of my fucking face.
Look, nothing's here, man.
Don't you think
this is a bit drastic?
Inna just says one thing,
and you go digging
in the fucking barn.
Shh, shh, shh.
Did you guys hear that?
Sounds like the same noise
I heard earlier outside.
I don't hear anything.
God, would you stop
trying to scare me?
Okay, I've had enough.
Hey, it's that case
from the attic.
This is a weird game.
Who buried this case
in the barn?
I found some photographs, an old
camera, and some tapes in it.
How's it going, man?
I'm looking for the wire.
All right, so Ethan was able
to get the tapes hooked up.
The first one
appeared to be erased.
There was only
a whispering sound.
But the second one here
we have set up.
He's got quite the screening
for us tonight.
All right, man,
let's get it started.
Is that Boris?
Yeah, in this room.
Why are you filming me?
We have to do
what the spirit wants.
It's the only way
we can get out of here.
That's right before he was
arrested for cannibalism.
Hurry up. Do it.
Do it.
What are you waiting for?
What is he doing?
What the...
Why is he doing that?
My God.
Boris? Boris...
He's killing him!
He's killing him!
My God.
That sounded like
it came from outside.
Was that the same sound
as the video?
I'm sure, man.
That was the same...
Shit! Someone shut us down.
All right, someone's definitely
trying to fuck with us.
Here. I'm gonna need you
to take this here.
I'm gonna go outside
and fix the generator.
The generator's still running.
Please, please, please
don't go out there, okay?
The spirit is very strong.
We can't turn on now.
We need to get
the lights back on.
I'm not gonna sit here in
the fucking dark. I'm going.
Look, if someone's out there,
they want you to go out.
That's why I'm going.
It's gonna be all right.
Ethan, let's go, man.
I need to get the lights on.
- Take this!
- Fine, fine!
The generator's still running.
Why are we going outside?
Because we gotta get it back on.
It's already on!
Shit, dude.
- Are you filming this?
- Yes, I'm filming it!
Someone unplugged it.
Somebody's here,
and they're fucking with us!
All right, it's in.
- Let's go.
- God dammit.
What the...
What the fuck was that?
It came from over there.
Let's go.
No, that wasn't an animal, man.
Ryan, let's just stay here.
Let's go back inside.
Come on, man.
It came from over there.
Let's go.
Fuck, man.
Shine the light over here.
Yeah, it's in here.
Here, let me see it.
Let me see it.
Come on, let me see the camera.
Here, take this.
- Let's go!
- Give me the camera.
No, let's go, let's go!
Ethan, give me the camera.
Please, Ryan,
let's just go back.
Hold this.
God dammit.
No, no!
It's the fucking...
The fire, get it out!
Fuck, man.
Shit, dude, are you all right?
God dammit!
Fuck, Ryan,
I tell you all the time!
You never fucking listen to me!
- Are you all right?
- Fuck!
- Shit.
- Ryan!
Fuck. Go, go, go, go!
- Jenny!
- God dammit!
- We're coming!
- Hang on!
Are you okay? Are you okay?
What happened?
Fucking look!
- What? Fuck!
- What?
What the fuck is it?
What is it?
What the fuck?
- Jenny, turn on the light.
- My God.
- Is that the same cat?
- It looks like it.
That's the same fucking cat
that jumped on me!
- What happened to your hand?
- I'm fine!
A cat jumped out at us out there
and broke the kerosene lamp.
Where was Inna
when this happened?
No, she was just sitting at that
table the whole fucking time.
- Are you sure?
- Yes. No one was in there.
We just heard
the fucking glass break.
Look at the glass.
It came from the outside.
Fuck. God damn.
I wanna know what the fuck
is going on here!
What is going on?
I'm gonna get the fuck out of
here right now. We're leaving!
We're fucking leaving!
I'm fucking leaving!
I think the video's fake,
all right?
Boris probably threw the cat
through the window or something,
or it jumped through the glass
on its own.
Did you see it? I mean,
it was completely torn apart.
There's blood everywhere.
Inna says that blood increases
the power of the spirit
and weakens its victim.
What, is that us?
The demon could possess the cat
to hurt Ethan,
and demons are much stronger
and dangerous.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You don't want to sleep in?
You know, nothing happened
last night.
I don't know
what you're talking about.
More suds.
Cocktail, all we have is
vodka juice and bread.
- She's crazy.
- What's up?
Jenny has this scratch
on her side.
She says I did it
during sex last night,
but we never had sex.
Yes, you did.
I don't know
what she's talking about.
Sweetie, I don't know
what you're talking about.
You know what?
You scratched me too.
- Last night?
- Yes, last night.
There's no way I...
- Why are you acting like this?
- I'm not acting or anything.
Why would I lie?
Nothing happened.
Really? Then who did this?
God. I don't know.
You wanna see something?
There's nothing there.
Someone's making up stories.
It's not fucking funny.
You don't really
have to see this.
- Jesus!
- See? You scratched her.
I don't...
I don't remember that.
Maybe because it was so short.
All right, let's show Ryan
his performance then.
What the fuck is that?
There's no way. Inna must...
She must have given me
Like there's no way
that I would've...
Holy fuck.
- That's not...
- What the fuck is going on?
- You don't remember that?
- No, obviously not.
Erase that.
It might have been spirit
because remember what Inna said,
that it can possess the cat,
so it can possess a human being.
Yeah, and this injury, it just
lets him be closer to us.
Okay, it doesn't matter
'cause we're leaving.
Anyway, what time is
your friend getting here?
Can you call him
and just make sure?
His phone is off.
He out of signal.
Well, I'm packing up my stuff.
There's no guarantee that her
fucking friend's gonna show up,
so I don't wanna stay here any
longer than I fucking have to.
The sawmill is not far.
If we go now, we can fucking
get there before evening.
But Inna said
that we have to be here
until we invoke the spirits.
My God! I know that
Inna is a fucking psychic,
and she can see a bunch of
bullshit that we can't.
But I saw that, okay?
That is enough for me.
- We'll figure something out.
- You said that a hundred times.
"I'll fucking figure it out."
You wanna just shoot this
no matter what the cost,
and I don't, okay?
You know, you're being
so fucking selfish right now.
You know how fucking important
this is for me.
You know that
it's my father's money.
If I don't come home
with something, I'm fucked!
- I'm selfish? I'm selfish?
- Yeah.
You think I don't wanna sit here
and just wait to get hurt
or keep getting fucked around?
What do you think
you're gonna shoot anyway?
- Go with him!
- I know!
No, dude,
something can happen to her.
- Do you want the camera?
- No, I don't want the camera!
This isn't the right time
for that. God dammit.
She says that this picture
connects with spirit.
We have to find out
who's in the picture.
And how are we supposed
to do that?
That's what comes up
when you type in Yablochnoye?
I mean, did you type it right?
Who is this guy?
Yeah. Everything's correct.
This is Chikatilo.
He was a serial killer.
Well, let's see if we can find
any more information.
That was Ryan.
- What the heck does he want?
- I don't know.
- All right, we're coming!
- Come here!
Get your jacket.
Should be close. It's only
half a mile from the house.
My God. That's their car.
We haven't gone inside yet.
The door's locked.
Don't. You don't understand.
There's blood
all over the carpet.
There's no sign of
Valeriy's body anywhere.
Maybe someone pulled him out.
Yeah. Boris, he pulled him out,
and he's probably the one
who's messing with us.
He's the one making the noises.
Yeah, that's Inna.
She curse him!
Now we have to go back
to the house,
otherwise she will curse us too.
She's fucking right.
This whole time Inna's been
blaming some spirit,
but she's been moving the glass.
I told you that!
Katarina, forget about it.
She says we can't leave.
Well, we'll see about that.
We're gonna start walking now.
Shh, shh, shh.
I hear it again.
All right, nobody's there.
Keep going.
Shit. I can't go anymore, okay?
This scratch,
it's hurting me so much.
Mine hurts too.
Fuck, it's bleeding.
What the fuck?
Hurt so much.
All right.
All right, I'm gonna
go ahead to the sawmill.
You guys stay here.
I'll come back.
Don't worry.
My God. Are you okay?
Fuck, not you!
Why the fuck is this happening?
What the fuck
happened to your face, man?
I started bleeding
when I started getting
further away from the house.
We gotta get back there
before it gets dark.
Come on.
Are you okay?
We gotta get back.
- Wait, is she leaving?
- She'll be back.
- Where is she going?
- She'll be back.
She'll be back
and she believes you.
Ryan, you need to come
take a look at this,
some footage that Katarina and I
found on the Internet.
His name was
Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo.
Okay, wait, is he from here?
Well, Katarina says
he was born in the Ukraine
in a village called Yablochnoye,
which is where we saw the cows,
and it's close to the sawmill,
where he interviewed Boris.
And you think that that's him.
I don't know. I hope not.
I mean, this guy...
This guy's sick.
They say he's worse
than Jeffrey Dahmer.
He was brutal.
I mean, he killed
over 50 people:
Women and children,
boys and girls.
I mean, he ripped them apart
with his teeth.
He ate their genitals.
He stabbed them repeatedly.
And he got off on it.
They called him the Ripper
or something like that.
- That was his nickname.
- Named the Rostov Butcher.
He claimed he was
a mistake of nature,
and he was trying
to plead insanity
before they executed him on
the 14th of February, 1994.
And he blamed his insanity on
an experience of his childhood,
when somebody killed
and ate his brother Stepan.
Katarina, how do you write...
Chikatilo's initials
in Ukrainian?
It's RS.
Is this it?
Um, I don't know.
It's RSCH.
Or CH could be before Chikatilo.
What was the name
of his brother?
Andrei Stepan Chikatilo.
Andrei and Stepan Chikatilo.
My God.
Look at this.
That's what he did to them?
Wait, what is that?
Let me see that.
That looks like him.
- What?
- That one.
Katarina, let me see yours.
Fuck, it's the same scratch.
Fuck. This is too much for me.
Looks exactly the same.
Hey. It's gonna be okay,
all right?
We're gonna get out
of here, all right?
Can you trust me?
Okay, we're gonna
get out of here.
So the signal is gone,
and we can't call anybody.
Inna's the only person
who can help us now.
She suspected this,
but she had to be sure.
So in the house,
we are under protection.
Inna's going to apply
the ointment
on Katarina, Jenny, and Ethan.
She says that it should
protect them.
She also says that
Chikatilo used the wounds
in order possess
Jennifer and Ethan.
Ethan was possessed through the
scratch by the cat in the barn.
But how did it get to Jennifer?
Get the fuck off.
Light those candles.
Inna believes that the spirit
of Chikatilo was here
and is seeking revenge
for the death of his brother,
who was killed and eaten
in this house.
We had nothing to do
with his brother's death,
so we're hoping he'll let us
leave like he did with Boris.
All right, Ethan,
take the camera.
- Is the camera okay?
- It looks fine.
Wait a minute.
Where is she?
She went somewhere over there.
She's completely exhausted.
Ryan, help me out!
Get off of her! Get off of her!
- Hold her! Hold her down!
- I'm trying!
Jen, get something
to tie her down!
She's bleeding.
What's she saying?
She's talking to a baby
that was never born.
Says "Nicole."
What baby?
She's fucking possessed!
Holy fuck.
Why can't we just wait
till morning?
It'll be easier in the morning.
Because that's what spirit said,
so we have to go and find it.
Let's just go. If we go, we'll
be able to find it somehow.
It doesn't matter, okay?
He let Boris leave because he
did what he wanted, all right?
And then the spirit,
it forced him
to bury that tape
in the barn, okay?
She's probably right.
If you do what he wants,
he will let us leave,
so let's go.
That's true.
Get up!
Are you still shooting
or is that just the light?
Yes, I'm filming.
We're looking for the cross.
Keep going.
Just ignore it.
Just keep going straight.
Found it?
That's it.
Please, please let's just
get this done. Please.
This is the cross
Inna told us about,
and we're supposed to dig about
five meters in front of it.
We've been digging for an hour,
and this is all we have.
I can't do it.
This grass is too hard.
Why don't you fucking help me?
Just sitting there fucking
filming the goddamn thing.
Why don't you fucking help me?
Get down here and fucking dig!
All right, give me the shovel.
I'll do it for a while.
Help me! Help me! I'm slipping!
- I'm trying!
- I'm slipping! God!
I got you!
Let go of the shovel!
- Fuck!
- Are you okay?
Holy shit! We fucking found it.
Be careful, okay?
Here. Hold it tight.
It looks like it could be
the bones of a child.
My God.
That's Chikatilo's brother
What is that? It looks like
a rosary or something.
They must have just buried him
just like this,
and the spirit wants us
to give him a proper burial.
That's why he brought us here.
He wants his brother
to finally rest in peace.
Yeah, Katarina's right.
We got what it wanted,
and we don't have to give it
back to him till this is over.
We could use this.
How you gonna use it?
What are you talking about?
We have to listen to him.
We will bring it into the house.
We don't have to do shit.
We're the fucking idiots.
We're running around
and doing whatever he says.
No, we will bring it
to the house.
- We will finish it now!
- What is wrong with you?
Jennifer's right!
We have to do what he wants!
Everyone shut the fuck up!
We're not listening to him!
You got it?
- My God!
- Ryan!
Ryan, are you okay?
No! I fucking broke my leg!
Jenny, she just ran
into the woods!
- She ran into the woods!
- Fucking go after her!
Fucking go get her!
Okay. Katarina, you stay here.
Stay with Ryan.
I'll go, okay?
I'm going after her.
Jenny! Jenny!
God, what the fuck!
Jenny! Jenny.
Jenny? Jenny.
Jenny, are you okay?
I don't know.
Jenny, are you okay?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Why did you do that?
I don't...
What are you talking about?
You don't remember?
Remember what? Where?
You pushed Ryan into the hole.
Fuck! Is he okay?
- Where is he?
- He's okay.
It's okay, come on. Come on.
Come on, we gotta go, Jenny.
Come on, get up. Please.
Please. Come on.
We gotta go. Let's go.
Jenny, this way, please.
Come on.
Come on, Jenny.
Where the fuck is the hole?
Where's the hole?
- Where is it?
- Ryan!
- Where's the shovel?
- Ryan!
Where's Ryan?
Help me!
I'm trying.
God. Hold on.
Fuck. Fuck.
Come on.
God dammit.
Come on!
I can't do it, Jenny.
I can't take it.
We gotta go.
We gotta go back, okay?
I don't wanna go.
Come on, Jenny.
Come on.
It's not your fault,
Jenny, okay?
Yes, it is. You don't-
- It's not your fault.
- You don't understand.
- I knew I was lying to him.
- It's not your fault.
I was fucking lying to him,
and I never told him.
And he said he wanted a kid,
and I can't, you know?
I'm sorry.
Look at me, Jenny.
It's not your fault.
It is, okay?
It wasn't Inna that had
the abortion. It was me.
It was fucking years ago,
and now he knows that,
and he's fucking doing this
to punish me.
Calm down, okay?
Okay, what more do you
want from us?
Because if it's me,
fucking take me then!
We have given you everything
you asked for!
You should just die,
you motherfucker!
Wait, where are you?
Just don't... Hang on, okay?
I'm trying to get the night
vision working on the camera.
I can't find...
Hold on.
- Fuck. There somebody...
- What?
God, someone's there.
He just touched the scratch.
- What?
- Fuck, he's right there.
Can you hear him?
He's breathing.
Hang on, okay?
I'm trying to get it...
Fuck. Fuck!
Okay, I got it, I got it.
He's right there. You see him?
Can't you hear him breathing?
He's right there.
There's no one there.
There's no one beside you.
You can hear him.
He's right next to me.
I don't see anything.
Jenny! Come on!
We gotta go back to the house!
Come on!
Keep going!
Right up ahead!
Right up ahead, let's go!
Let's go! Come on!
Keep going!
Okay, it stopped.
We gotta go back to the house.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go, Jenny.
Wait, there's the house.
You see it?
You see the light? There it is.
Come on, Jenny, come on.
My God.
That's Ryan's camera.
He might be here.
Ryan! Ryan!
What the fuck?
- Katarina.
- Ryan!
Inna! Inna!
Inna, wake up.
Inna, wake up, please, please.
Inna, have you see Ryan?
Inna, talk to me.
- Jenny, get away from her.
- Talk to me, Inna.
Jenny, come on.
She can't help you.
She's out of it.
Jenny, let's check the camera.
Katarina, don't.
Katarina, don't come down here.
Katarina, don't. It's not safe.
I'm coming, Katarina!
Shit. What the fuck?
I'm coming!
Shit! Katarina!
What the...
Come here, motherfucker!
He killed him!
And Katarina.
These are the fucking tunnels
that those locals
were talking about.
He eats people there.
What the fuck
does he want from us?
He put the camera here because
he wanted us to watch it!
- That son of a bitch!
- I can't stay here anymore.
- No!
- Come back!
Jenny! We can't leave!
He won't let us go!
Calm down!
Calm down, okay?
He brought the bones
of his brother here.
Keeps revolving around them.
We have to invoke him again
and do what he wants.
We couldn't read the writing
on the table,
so we redone it in our alphabet.
Hopefully it'll still work.
You ready?
Inna? What?
You want us to eat...
- You want us to eat her?
- No.
No, we're not gonna do it.
You hear me?
We're not gonna fucking do it!
Boris may have done it, but
we're not gonna fucking do it!
You hear me, you sick fuck?
Gonna free Ina.
Look at me, you son of a bitch.
Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo!
Get out of her body! Now!
I don't care what you are,
ghost or demon,
you go straight to hell!
Get out of her body!
- My God!
- Chikatilo!
Give me the camera, Jenny!
Come on!
Don't listen to her.
Keep going.
Come on.
Keep going.
Come on!
Wait. Let's stop.
Let me see, let me see.
My God. Okay.
Jenny, come on, we gotta
keep going. I know it hurts.
- What if he...
- Come on, come on, come on.
What's he want?
- It's not that far.
- Far from what?
A village, a road, a something.
We gotta get help. Come on.
Just don't listen.
Come on, keep going.
Come on.
Don't listen to it, Jenny.
Just keep walking.
What was that?
Go! Go, Jenny!
Where is the road?
Jenny, run!
Come on, Jenny, run!
Jenny, run! Come on!
Jenny! Jenny, run!
Ethan! Ethan!
You wanna eat me?
That's what you want, isn't it?
So just take it!
Please, stop.
Help me.
I can't. I can't.
What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
I'm stuck in here!
Jenny, I'm here!
I'm here!
Please don't cut out,
fucking light.
Katarina, what happened?
What did you see?
What can't you do, Katarina?
I cannot.
You're not making any sense.