Gibraltar (2013) Movie Script

Based on a true story
THE INFORMAN Sea area of Britain Gibraltar.
South of Spain
Population: 27,884 inhabitants
Area: 6.5 km.
Military-strategic zone
20 percent of global maritime
3 million tons
90,000 transiting ships
14 km (distance Spain-Morocco)
22 pounds of heroin was seized
245000 kg of drugs
Drugs Consumption explodes
354 dollars in Morocco, 1684 in Spain
4952 arrests
1425 disappearances related trafficking
245 murders
Intercepted only 10 percent
of drug trafficking
October 1987
Hello. Are you happy?
What is that question?
Everything is going well, yeah. Thank you.
Why are you looking at me like that?
I have the impression that I know you start.
- Yes.
It's all right.
I can't pay off the boat.
That doesn't work anymore.
The interest rate is rising rapidly.
I can't get out of the harbor.
- And the bar?
- That is so.
Every week a bankruptcy.
So it's not so bad.
It's okay. I'm a big boy.
Champagne isn't their thing.
There's Daddy.
We just woke up.
- Do you want daddy's arms?
- Give her.
Come to daddy, girl.
The figures don't speak in my favor.
Indeed, we have tax problems.
With this, I can loan providers
pay off and we can continue.
Mr. Duval, ask a loan of 100,000 francs
I no longer go on.
That should the board decide.
Like I said 100,000 impossible.
Marc, I'm expecting a call.
Can you "take him if I'm not there?
- That would be nice.
- Yes.
- Hello
- Mr. Duval
Who is this?
- Redjani Belimane French customs?
Can we meet?
Are you still - Yes
I said customs, tax authorities don't
What does that?
- no idea? You may say
- There's nothing to say
- Good
- Let's see each other
- What?
Our mutual friend said,
you might have interested
What is this about?
At five o'clock in the square
Peunte Mayorga
Can you take the rubbish out?
- What about that phone call?
- A lifebuoy.
Who is Belimani?
What does he want from me?
He is a customs agent.
Type the best boy in the class.
He makes the operations in the Atlantic Ocean.
When you see him?
I'll go with you.
A customs agent?
Can I see your papers?
If you think I believe
everything he says...
A dormant shipping.
A bankruptcy filing.
Bailiffs and banks.
I understand why you went to Gibraltar.
Only are you left with
money that the bank is.
- What do you want?
- There are many people in your bar.
- Then you hear a thing.
- You mean about drug trafficking?
Yes, for example.
- Sorry, but I'm not a snitch.
- We call that an informant.
Why should I?
What I shoot it on?
You will receive no salary, but
a premium for each load.
- What's that?
- 10 percent of everything we catch.
Enough to pay the debts
of the bar and the boat.
That sounds like the casino.
The higher the stakes, the more we win.
That you risk,
if you hope to become rich.
Do you understand?
- Can I think about?
- Until tomorrow.
Then you need to decide.
This is my number.
What did you saddled me?
- That's up to you to decide.
Those boxes are full of cartons of cigarettes.
The boys get them twice a week.
Then they distribute the goods
along the coast.
And what do the cops?
You know where we are.
In Gibraltar or in Spain.
The English and Spanish have
not feel that schooling Irish.
So they close their eyes to smuggling.
I light morning anchor.
Whether you inform the customs.
Or do like those poor wretches.
But never quite pick a side.
Always stay between the two.
Then you avoid being sacrificed.
Shall we?
I may have found a solution.
Oh yeah?
Tell it.
A customs officer has made me an offer.
A customs officer?
A kind customs agent.
I just know...
I give information and
in return I get money.
- Very simple so.
- What kind of information?
- About drug to Gibraltar?
- They are interested in our clients.
How do I see before me? Are you going all?
Traffickers who come tell on here?
What are you planning?
Nothing. It's just an idea that I stack.
Is our life isn't good enough?
Marc, we are now difficult,
but not bad.
We are three of us.
You dreamed about a boat. Who have
and we have this bar.
It's not much but it's ours.
Do you want to take such risks
for a little money?
The bar isn't mine and not the boat.
It's mounting debt I can't repay.
That is our life.
And I am fed up.
Open your eyes, Clara.
This isn't the life that we dreamed
and what we have left everything behind.
You have to know yourself.
I'm asking you to trust me.
Marc Duval
How do we go from here?
If you hear anything, please call.
I just wanted to ask... Hello?
You're in and out.
Three minutes and it's over.
125 pounds.
With this we will enter.
You're in and out
Three minutes and it's over
125 pounds
- And!
- Very good.
If the information is good, I am your
contact. I will give my private number.
You can always reach me
if you have info.
We only call.
Because of the secrecy.
- Is that all?
- Yes.
I don't know. I thought we would talk.
Why? Everything has already been said?
Come on.
Come on, damn it. Fast.
Come on.
Now, come on.
- Hands up.
- Stay there.
Don't move.
- Hands up.
- Stay there. Your hands up.
Don't move.
Your hand. Your hands behind your back.
Morning, the Spanish customs
made a spectacular arrest
They have a large amount of
hashish from Morocco seized.
The main suspects are
now being interrogated by the police.
- Mr. Nichols.
- Belimane.
What can I do for you?
- What are the French in Gibraltar?
I have spoken to the Spanish and
confirmed that the tip of you came.
They shouldn't do this thing.
It was covered by a larger operation...
True for months worked.
The Spaniards have 125 kilos of drugs
caught. Before a small business...
- For me.
- You have an informant in Gibraltar.
His identity is known.
- Yes
- With Marc
- Yes
- Can we meet?
- What is?
- Can it or not?
- Wait.
- Just tell me if you're coming.
- Call me when you get
- Good
- Really?
- Count on me.
National Service for information
and research on customs matters
- Yes?
- Redjani? With Marc.
- I am tomorrow in Paris.
- Tomorrow?
- We have an appointment next week.
- Yes, but can we get together?
- Yes.
- I wanted to ask you...
Concerning my payment.
Is that a week earlier?
- Great. See you tomorrow.
- Yes.
There is someone for you.
Can I help you?
- Are you the boss?
- Yes.
- May I see that table?
Go ahead.
I recently lost something.
- What have you lost?
My wallet.
Nothing. Damn.
Stupid thief.
Like a friend
which is held by customs.
A Spanish friend.
He used to play with you.
You saw him.
We were always here at the table.
No, I would not know. Maybe.
You know, eventually...
I think it wasn't a thief.
What do you think?
I think nothing at all, sir.
I don't interfere with other people's business.
If I find your wallet, I put it away.
- You are, sir?
- Bobby Sims.
Bobby Sims.
I certainly hope that you return.
Did it work?
What would you do without me?
- What is that?
- Nothing.
You're talking about my husband.
- Look what he's doing.
Get your stuff. You're coming with me.
- I can't go with you.
He took my passport and not give it.
Is that an advance?
This isn't the 10 percent that we agreed.
- Wait.
- No. I'm not crazy.
This isn't 10 percent.
I know what was the catch.
- You get what we owe you.
My word. Your work is very much
appreciated by my superiors.
You are officially registered
and informant.
- Now?
- What do you mean?
I don't care whether
I have a number.
You know why I do this.
To solve. My debts
It's dangerous.
A man has threatened me in the bar.
- An English friend of the Spaniard.
What did he want?
He said I had been rumored.
- You get protection.
Absolutely not.
That is suspicious.
- Did that guy have a name?
Yes. Bobby Sims.
No, but...
How are we doing with the money?
So you have noted,
I have a transport for you.
I'm doing no transport. What a load of crap.
- It delivers a million.
Risk Free. You work for us.
This is my boss. Mr. Gallois.
- Good day.
Sit down.
Have you explained to him?
- No, I wish you were there.
We have contact with the largest retailer
in the country. The Catama family.
We will buy 1200 kilos of hashish from them.
The event will take place in Tangier.
Then the true on your
boat and sail to Antibes.
Then we'll make a deal with our customers.
Two Englishmen. One is Patrick Bowen.
A trader from Liverpool.
Once they have the charge...
We get them.
Do you have problems with that?
- Yes.
I found it good to be... informer
I'm not a dealer. I don't.
It's too dangerous. Sorry.
It is less dangerous than
a bank advisor light.
Don't worry. I support you.
- How?
I stay with him on the boat
upon delivery.
Give me my money first,
then we'll talk.
That is 100,000, as promised.
Well, it's settled?
- No. Please.
Can I ask you something?
- I'm listening.
What you just said...
isn't legal.
There is something I don't understand.
Why do you do that?
For publicity. A drug bust
and a number of arrests.
And the people see the value in
I send the tickets to the hotel.
- Is that really a million?
- One million.
- Yes.
Look, the French.
What did you say his name was?
Marc Duval.
Let's go.
Tangier, Morocco
Well, we'll take anything.
Three tons of hashish seized
Yesterday was an impressive catch
Antibes done by French customs.
The seizure was possible
thanks to a tip
The drugs were sent from Morocco
by French customs agents
The file goes to the OM
I have to come to court.
They will appoint a committee of inquiry.
I'll see what I can do.
Keep your head down in the meantime.
What does he get for it?
- One million.
500,000 would have been enough.
How do I sell this to him?
- Say that he is responsible.
He is involved like you.
You think I'm crazy.
You pay only half.
How do I take the plane with all that money?
- My colleagues don't like you.
And the Spaniards also makes it not matter?
- Only the baggage is checked.
If we taping,
get there through it.
- If you know what?
- Taping.
The English Customs wants to see you.
We have messed up their operations.
The Spaniard that you have given us.
- That was my mistake?
- No.
If you want to see them
do yourself and me easier.
- I think.
- Of course.
- Are you ready?
- Almost.
That is discreet.
Mr. Duval.
I'm Nichols of English customs.
Agent Carlyle and I...
Would like to make a suggestion.
Do you recognize this man?
Yes, that is a client.
He had lost his wallet.
He has no luck.
Don't fool us.
Bobby Sims is our snitch.
As you work for the French customs.
- A few days...
Bobby invites you to eat.
And then he'll introduce
you to an Irishman.
John Wexford. He will propose to do
. A drug shipment
You agree.
Why should I?
Because of the money, Mr. Duval.
My finger says that you are
trying to smuggle a half. Million
So what is it?
- Quiet, I'm already nothing to worry about.
- Yes?
- Mr. Duval?
I am.
- There's a ton of that disappeared.
What true?
Sorry, but you will still
that this is a restaurant.
Antibes, Mr. Duval.
Tomorrow, take the ferry to Tangier.
And you'd better come.
It's better than you that we need to get.
If you go, they murder you.
If I don't go, it is worse off.
- What do you mean?
Say what.
Don't worry.
They come to us.
Your daughter is here.
What you do doesn't have a father.
Mr. Duval, we expect an explanation.
He wants to know what his true
could be taken... seized
While you are arrested.
I don't know. Really.
Do you...
Someone came into my bar and asked if I
wanted to transport something. I said yes.
Did not you know that it
was a customs officer?
No, I did not see.
Did you think it was a customs officer
to whom you sold hashish?
What were you doing in Iraq and Syria?
I used to be a truck driver.
I delivered everywhere.
I went to Iraq, Jordan, Syria,
a number of countries.
I think you're lying, and you're scared.
- Would not you be afraid in my situation?
I don't know what you situation is.
- I'm not a liar.
I'm not a liar.
I'm dealing with here. Anything
I have the stuff delivered
I paid and left.
I swear.
If you don't believe me,
you have to ask it to your husband.
He delivered the true, was paid
and left, just like me.
Mr. Duval,
that's very serious what you say.
If you want no problems...
You must tell the truth.
- I do.
I tell the truth. I swear.
Believe me.
- Our representative is paid.
That's right.
Do you know what he said?
That you are left with the customs officer
and the English.
That's not true.
You lie, asshole.
I left without them.
He's lying.
From him we were sure. Yours...
Fortunately, you've come.
Where did the blood come from?
What happened?
It's okay.
- With Redjani. Can we talk?
Will you talk to me? About what?
What is going on?
- Call about 5 minutes back.
If he calls again, not record.
- Yes?
- What spook you out?
Why are you calling?
To ask how it went?
I'll tell you.
I almost killed yesterday.
There was a gun pointed at me.
They were at my house.
I had to Tangier to explain
how fed up with the drug. I was alone.
Why did not you tell me?
- The last time I saw you...
You stuck half a million on my stomach
and you denounced me to the English.
I was at the airport.
I don't trust you.
I don't trust anyone anymore.
I'm sorry. That shouldn't have
happen, but I knew nothing.
Who then if you knew anything about this?
- Who do you think?
- Answer.
- Who else?
Yes, he has that shoddy Antibes
regularly and you betrayed to the English.
Gallois has still a boss?
Who doesn't care about me.
Why do you think the minister...
- What?
Do you think the minister knows this
and that Gallois has his permission?
Good. How do we go from here? The English
talked about Sims and an Irishman.
What do you think you're doing?
I'll keep you posted.
This is tipper.
- That is indeed very tasty.
Mr. Duval.
Bob says you're willing
to deliver on our terms.
Go clean your face.
Bobby Sims has all the qualities
of a dog except loyalty.
If you don't trust him,
why you work with him?
Keep a traitor in your neighborhood,
as a lightning rod put in your garden.
Way to avoid lightning strikes.
As long as he is useful to us,
is what Bobby does for us:
divert lightning.
Listen, for clarity.
I deliver, collect the dough
and don't ask questions.
This thing with Sims doesn't interest me.
- Mr. Duval, relax. Okay?
We're businessmen. It will not happen
and you will be compensated.
You are not traveling with Bobby.
You put your boat just off the
Moroccan coast and wait for the load.
And then take it to Ireland.
- To Ireland?
To my family, my brothers IRA.
Since Gorbachev in power, the IRA
lost a funding source.
Since then everyone is in the drugs.
Even the revolutionaries.
Drugs don't ask questions. We can
exchange for gold, cash, a warrior.
Excuse me, but...
- Who are you?
- I?
I'm nobody.
You're nobody.
Then you have knowledgable.
- I'm curious.
I know you are with your wife
and you have a child here.
And a beautiful boat.
When British police intercepted the cargo,
I'm surprised not because of Bobby.
But if they turn up in Ireland,
is very annoying for you.
You can trust me. Good?
Do Wexford say anything about me?
Liam, you're not far from home?
My friend Bobby.
How are you?
Shane and Brandon,
you know Bobby Sims, right?
Bobby is the most dangerous, vicious
Brit I've ever known.
But compared to our Irish
he is still a small British pussy.
You're bad, Bobby.
Because how else could you
escape from jail?
I think there are only
cops and snitches alive.
And you don't belong?
I go with the Frenchman.
Duval, did you know this?
Wexford wants you, Shane and Brandon
bring this boat directly to Scotland.
Go without the true path?
What is this nonsense?
This isn't according to plan.
What is it, Bobby?
Do you want your share anymore?
Good morning, this is the BBC news
Police is working on a major operation.
There is a huge drug bust done
in the port of Edinburgh
The dogs have found no cocaine.
This operation was bait.
Bobby Sims is gone.
That was the last.
The packets that are received
in Scotland. Do you know what was in it?
No, not really.
The packages that you have supplied
to Ireland were full of cocaine.
You also have everything through.
- You screwed us, you bastard.
Just me and the Italian supplier
knew. What else could I?
If you had told the
we're protected.
As you have protected
Bobby Sims.
Aside from the Scottish catch.
Bobby Sims has escaped us.
The Irish have attempted to murder him
behalf of Wexford.
You dirty bastard.
Who is the smartest?
What do you want?
Go down.
Calm down.
It's okay, Cecile. Your brother
going to give me money.
And right now.
- Bobby, I have no money here.
There is no money.
Bobby, it's in the bank.
- Good.
No. Okay.
Okay, above is safe.
We go together.
Sorry, I can't hear you.
- There is a safe upstairs.
- Come on.
- Good.
- Stay away from them. Understood.
It's all right, Clara.
- I'll be back.
- Come on.
I'll be back.
And calm, huh?
My whole life is in here.
- Nope.
Your life is down.
When my friend.
See so.
Grab it and fuck off.
What is the code doing?
Stupid Irish bastard.
Take it off.
We're leaving.
- He will not come back.
We leave Gibraltar and start again.
With what money?
I have to take.
Has not done enough?
Mr. Duval.
We are introduced to each other by John
He was murdered.
I am tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock
at Sotogrande Beach.
Go. Toe.
Sims has been with you.
Has he been to your family?
I'll take it, if you want.
Wexford had my suspicions underestimated.
don't make the same mistake.
He stole all my money.
I need work.
I understand that.
But we don't know each other again, Marc.
And that job in Ireland then?
- You've proved nothing.
You had no choice.
I don't understand.
Why did I come?
I have a problem.
Maybe you can help me.
I have a load recovered.
The goods must go to Lisbon and Montreal.
The true?
Is it a lot?
- It's an urgent order.
How do I get the Milord sea,
without customs noticing?
We put him on my business,
say he needs to be repaired...
And then you can move him.
But you have a
captain and crew.
I've already arranged.
This is the plan.
You meet the captain of the Milord
in Madrid.
We agree.
I'll take him.
- Hello?
- With Marc.
Can you hear me?
You need to Madrid.
Wait, hang on. I can't.
If you want to know who the cocaine
delivered, come to Madrid.
Who is it?
- No idea. I know his name is Mario.
- I come.
- Goodbye.
Who was that?
My wife.
Clara, since that attack
isn't well with her.
She's scared.
I can send someone if you want.
- don't be.
Listen, you and your family are
under my protection.
You can go quietly.
I'll take it. Okay?
Here's your ticket.
I have seen the captain.
He comes four days to Gibraltar.
- Marc Duval.
- Captain Milord.
But I'll stay here to
take care of something.
See you when you get back.
- Prima.
To Madrid?
That leads no trace it.
Have him call me soon.
I know where Sims is.
He's hiding in a hotel near Nia.
What should I do?
Is he alone?
No, someone else.
- Why am I here?
- Listen.
I have spoken Mario. Is a boat
transportation with Milord prepared.
He wants to deliver cocaine, marijuana and hashish.
He will deliver anywhere.
Spain, Portugal, Canada.
We have to do something.
I don't know. He trust you so?
- I trust I have won.
I proposed to put
Milord on my business.
What makes you to do that?
If that shit is on your
boat, you are responsible.
I am responsible for anything.
I still work for us?
Mario That fact doesn't exist.
- He exists.
He picks me up at the airport tomorrow.
- What time?
- Half twelve.
Cristiano Give me the box.
- That's for you.
- For me?
Turn it around once.
A last resort:
always lie never cheat.
A nice gesture, but it required me
something to, I'd rather give it back.
It's just a gift.
Everything you do,
you do for your family.
That's good. I have respect for.
If you do indeed respect for me...
Give me your real name.
My friends call me Claudio.
Make yourself at home.
I leave you alone.
What is it? What's wrong?
I'm only waiting for you.
Is that a normal life?
Listen, this will not last long.
You are here for your own safety.
We live in a house of a drug dealer.
Make sure you as for your family?
I know. Really.
But you have to trust me.
I have to do one thing,
then we go with the three way.
Look at me. Trust me.
All right. Really.
Yes, everything is going well.
His name is Claudio Pasco Lanfredi. He
direct contact with Pablo Escobar.
Which is a nice bonus.
I say that it is the largest European
drug lord, and you think of money.
I need that money.
- He's dangerous. Do you understand?
Are you sure?
When I start this operation,
I can't stop him.
We can't turn back.
- You make me easier.
- Why?
Do you think you've made it easy for me
I got a knife at my throat.
Or don't you know that?
I don't even know his name.
- His name is Claudio.
Do you know he is a drug dealer?
- Yeah, I know.
But he admits that he is at least honest
is unfair.
You don't.
I'm not accountable to you.
You just met him. This is ridiculous.
- Oh yeah?
And what would be better for me?
- Do I have to tell?
- Shut up.
Road hand.
Are you going to the big brother hang
and lecture me?
There you are too late.
- I wasn't ready for you?
When I needed you, you were not there.
Did you think you were there for me,
because you gave me money?
Look at me.
You were so...
Start now you too?
Go away.
Marc, this is Philippe.
He is also a Frenchman.
Philippe takes care of the true
you about the boat.
From my part capsized boat
and eat sharks you by...
But the charge should anything happen.
Is that clear?
Here, which can come in handy.
- Is that all on board?
- Yes.
What's with Cecile?
I feel comfortable with her.
- You feel comfortable with her.
It's my sister.
You don't live in the same world.
I will not put her in danger.
I promise.
That's not the problem.
It isn't possible.
Listen, you're my friend.
And even though I respect you,
Cecile is a woman.
And we don't need your permission.
I'm going.
Mary, not too many onions in the sauce.
- Where were you?
- In the city.
Okay with your wife?
- Yes, this is paradise.
And your baby? How's that?
- Good. Thank you.
I would also like a child.
I live a ridiculous life.
I would not say that.
- Yes, I know.
I would be just such a family as you wish.
But you have to raise them,
that's hard.
Do you believe?
I think religion is important.
I'm not talking about god.
These are rules.
With Marc.
Mr. Duval, we have a problem.
We're stuck in Lisbon.
What are you doing?
You could go to Montreal.
We were unlucky, but
could fix it.
The first delivery went well, but
want to inspect more than the Portuguese.
If they don't let us go,
I call Mario.
I got this. I'll call you back.
- What is it?
- Nothing.
A moment.
I have to go. Go to sleep.
- Hello?
- Redjani with Marc.
I'm in trouble.
- What's going on?
The Portuguese customs would check it over.
If they find the drugs, I'm the dick.
I don't know what to do.
I need your help.
Well, I'll see what I can do.
Call about fifteen minutes back.
Who decided to talk with the Portuguese?
Well, now you don't
anymore to this game.
Duval say go with Lanfredi away.
English customs office Gibraltar
The office of Lisbon has replied to your
question about info about Marc Duval.
Milord The ship is registered.
The owner is Marc Francois Duval.
A French resident of Gibraltar.
The Milord is heading to Montreal
What is going on? We leave?
- Yes.
I'll take you to a hotel and
get you later.
Where are you going?
- Arrange something.
When you come back?
- As soon as possible.
I don't know.
If you don't see me coming back,
you use it. Good?
I have opened a safe in the bank.
We had a technical problem
in port.
We could fix
but the Portuguese wanted to inspect.
Marc said he would arrange.
I don't know how,
but two hours later it was arranged.
Where are you now?
- In two days sailing from Montreal.
Perfectly so.
See you when you get back.
It seems that you've taken the
family of a friend progress.
Is that right?
Which of these two whores you have it?
If that English bastard
had not stopped me...
I had a hole under the chin.
You don't need to do so predictable.
Would that still make a difference?
What the hell is happening here.
No, I'm done with you.
I leave it to John's friends over.
Please, don't deliver me from
to the fucking Irish. I'm begging you.
I know something you don't know
and it's fucking important.
I listen.
- Say you kill me if I say so.
- Swear?
- Yes.
Our Frenchman Marc Duval
works for the French customs.
He works for them.
What you gonna do?
We had a deal.
Son of a bitch.
We had a deal, Mario.
Lanfredi take the plane to New York.
What are you doing?
I put it a day.
We're leaving Gibraltar.
I'll keep you posted.
Not we going too fast?
What is wrong with you?
You know that very well.
I know that your brother for the
French customs works. He is a snitch.
Are you on his side or mine?
- Answer.
- It's my brother.
Give the gun.
Go. Put everything in the fire.
We were friends?
I trusted you.
I have you and your family protected.
And what do you do?
You play with me.
No one plays with me.
Look at me, because this is the
last thing you see, motherfucker.
What should I do now?
What should I do?
You tell me. What should I do?
You know very well what to do.
Approaching target.
Warning, target in sight about ten minutes.
Hey, down. Forward.
Quick, quick.
This is the Canadian Coast Guard.
Turn the engine off.
Put the engines now.
Come on, hurry up.
- Damn.
- Run.
Don't move. On your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Don't move.
Get out.
I said: Get out.
Hands up.
Hands up, I said.
Don't worry.
They can't touch me.
Do what we have agreed.
Are you Franaise?
Is your husband also French?
- No.
Let me guess.
Tall, dark, smooth look.
I bet he's Italian.
I knew it.
I can fix also recommended his name.
I'm thinking...
Claudio Pasco Lanfredi.
Don't move.
- Claudio Lanfredi, you're under arrest.
Put your hands behind your head.
You have to remain silent. Law
Anything you say can be used against you
Come on.
The Canadian authorities were
not happy with your attempt...
6 tons of cocaine to smuggle their country
They have your requested extradition
and my government has promised.
You will be tried there and it
should serve your sentence.
Please call the French customs.
You're number two of an organization
in drug trafficking.
The French authorities can no longer cover.
If I'm number two,
so there is a number 1.
I'm not talking to you.
I say no more.
His lawyer contacted
recorded by the U.S. government.
He has a deal with the prosecution closed.
Lanfredi, is free to go.
I'm sorry.
One of the major drug dealers
is placed behind bars
Historic catch
for Canadian Customs.
Yesterday they have a boat
caught with 5,400 kg of cocaine
You wanted to go too fast.
You took the initiative and it went wrong.
His arrest was big news in Canada.
They want to set an example.
But I can't.
- We're not asking for your opinion.
You are going to tell him to shut up.
No one must know that he works for us.
How should they know?
We repatriate him and release him.
We are in election time. So we
forget everything and cover our tracks.
I know what you feel.
I think not.
Belimane, don't do stupid things
otherwise you will lose everything.
I'm ready.
Your son is moving much today.
I'm going to get away and
you have to take the bag.
I'll be back soon and then we go.
I'll go.
Gallois has nevertheless also a boss
And who doesn't care about me
Do you think the minister...
- What
Do you think the minister knows this
that Gallois has its permission
What do you want? Do with that?
I want my husband.
Dorchester Penitentiary
New Brunswick Canada
What did you ask?
We have all the money that you missed on
your wife data plus what you have asked.
Now tell her to give me the shots.
- Wait.
How is my sister?
She was arrested with Lanfredi, but
they had nothing so she went to Paris.
Tell me when I get out.
Then you must plead guilty.
Why should I?
- To them you're a big drug dealer.
What is this nonsense?
This is insane, damn.
I worked for the French state and
customs. Have Canadians said that?
Go Lanfredi out of the U.S. and then
we talk further. I'm going crazy here.
He has been working for the U.S.
Customs. He is free.
The Canadians let you go if
you have pleaded guilty.
They want to be sure that you are
getting punishment in France.
I'm not going to pay for everyone.
You forget that tape. That I blame everyone
: you, the customs, the minister.
And yourself.
Wailing French customs but to
from your cell.
I will.
- It will take five years.
You should say that you are guilty.
In two months you in France and
you will be brought to justice.
You get three months,
but then you're free.
Three months?
Three months.
After having pleaded guilty, Marc
will be more than 10 years stuck...
Especially in France.
He is on parole and is
continuing his fight...
For recognition of its status
and services provided.
After receiving the tape, the French
customs Clara Duval never paid off.
Lanfredi continued impunity are
drug trade continues...
Until he was arrested
by the Spanish authorities in June 2010.