Gidget (1959) Movie Script

She acts sort of teenage
Just in-between age
Looks about 4 foot 3
Although she's just
Small fry
Just about so-high
Gidget is the one for me
A regular tomboy
But dressed for a prom
Boy, how cute
Can one gal be?
Although she's not king size
Her finger is ring size
Gidget is the one for me
If she says she loves you
You can bet your boots
She loves you
If she says she hates you
That can also mean
She loves you
It very well may be
She's just a baby
Speaking romantically
If that's a bad feature
I'll be the teacher
That's the way
It's going to be
Gidget is the one for me
This summer was
the turning point in my life.
For 16 years, I'd gone
blindly along enjoying myself
like a fool who never guesses
what's in store for her.
Oh, Patti, please...
Now, hear this,
Francie Lawrence.
The day, the hour,
and the moment has arrived.
Not for me, it hasn't.
Aw, gee, Patti, last year
and the year before,
didn't we all have a ball?
I mean, why can't we go on
being like that always?
Why do we have to spoil it all?
Keep your shirts on.
She's coming!
Oh, be realistic, Francie.
Now, ask yourself
one vital question.
To date, what has your
life added up to?
Okay, so you're an "A"
student. That's parent stuff.
Do you know anybody else
it impresses?
No, I guess not.
And as for this
king-size fiddle...
It's probably a symptom
of your whole problem.
Well, I'll go get my gear.
About her problem,
exactly what
would you say it is?
Well, she's more fish than dish.
To put it bluntly, the kid's studied
up on about everything but sex,
and let's face it, like most
of us, she's pushing 17.
Oh, not till next month.
Oh, listen, B.L.,
you don't have to go.
You've got social security
just by wearing
Buck's fraternity pin,
but take it from me,
Francie has got to make it
this summer,
or she'll be a social outcast.
Oh! Oh, hi, Mrs. Lawrence.
Oh, hello, girls.
So long, Mom.
Bye-bye, dear.
Have a good time.
Betty-Louise, do you think
Francie didn't want to go?
Oh, she's just a bit skittish.
After all,
this is her first manhunt.
Her first what?
Count them, girls.
Six gorgeous hunks of male,
almost enough
for second helpings.
Well, what's holding us up?
Well, hey!
We're, we're not just
gonna barge in on them.
Please, a maneuver like
this takes technique.
Hey, check this
swing, Lover Boy.
That looks like your style.
Peel, girl.
Make like you can't
see them for sand.
We'll have them drooling.
Hey, hotshot, check this one.
Hubba, hubba, hubba.
Hey, Red! Hello, Red!
Oh, hey, look at this...
Did you get the look
that doll gave me?
I swear it scorched
my bathing suit half off.
What are you trying to
do, spoil the picture?
Come on, get with it.
This is supposed
to co-op venture.
My aching back.
I wonder what's
taking them so long.
You know, something's screwy.
Well, they're not even looking
this way.
Maybe they didn't notice us.
Hey, remember?
Okay, Babe Ruth, knock it off.
Look, set her
straight, will you,
before she has us signed up
with the major leagues.
Hey, Moondoggie,
you're not going for that
jailbait caper, are you?
Hey, kid.
Do you see those girls
over there?
Tell them the man said to take
the toy back the nursery.
All right?
The man said for me to take
the toy back to the nursery.
Aw, come off it, kids.
Those guys
just aren't interested.
So who needs them?
Honey, maybe you need
a few hormone shots.
Well, if this is a manhunt,
I'll take swimming.
I'm going to get my gear.
Well, let's call today
a dry run.
I tell you, why don't
we go to Santa Monica,
but this time
without the papoose in tow.
Yeah, Patti, all she does
is curb our operation.
Francie... you've always
been a part of a foursome.
You can't quit now.
You'll be fringed,
out in the cold.
Now, you know
you don't want that.
Well, it... it's already
happened, hasn't it, Patti?
I guess I just don't
belong anymore.
Letting eligible men see you
in an outfit like that.
Haven't you any pride?
I guess I'll have to look up the
definition of the word again.
so the word's around...
I'm for the birds.
Help! Help!
Help! Help! Somebody, help!
Help! Help! Somebody, help!
This is it. Now, hold
on for your life.
We're gonna shoot the curl.
You feel okay?
I... I guess.
Hey, Mr. Lifeguard Hero, sir!
Nice fishing, Moondoggie,
but, uh, what is it?
Hey, some pull-out, huh?
Yeah, wasn't it?
Hey, can we do it again?
For your information,
you almost drowned.
Yeah, you better listen
to Moondoggie here, miss.
See, this beach
is for surfers only.
It's too dangerous for dames.
Oh, no, I'm no dame.
Oh, well,
what do you know?
It has all the earmarks
of a dame.
You better get your
monocle, Lord Byron.
Those are not ears.
It's a dame all right, only
kind of a pint-sized version.
Maybe she had amnesia?
If I just took her up to the...
Okay, okay, you guys,
knock it off.
Win a few, lose a few.
Be smart, kid. Why don't you
go back to your playmates.
Oh, but I haven't even thanked
you for saving my life...
Okay, so now you have.
Go on back to Mama...
and run, don't walk.
Hey, what are you, robbing
the cradle, Moondoggie?
Hey, she's a trifle
young, don't you think?
My hero, sir. I'm so
glad you saved me!
Artificial respiration, please.
Guess I'm getting kicked out...
Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!
You gonna be sick?
Are you Stinky? Yeah.
Gee, if... if I had
one of those boards,
I could be a surfer too. I
could come down here and surf
anytime I wanted to,
just like the guys.
You kidding? You
couldn't even lift one.
Okay, okay. All right!
That's not the only catch.
They cost about 75 clams apiece.
Even an old used one is $25.
All I've got left out of
my allowance is 4.50.
Hey, but my credit's good!
What do you think we're running
here, a finance company?
But I just got to have one of
those boards, I've just got to.
What's the matter?
Won't the little girls play
dollies with you anymore?
Oh, them, all they
care about is...
Forget it.
Gee, all I wanted to do
is surf. That's all.
25 is rock bottom, huh?
Yeah, rock bottom.
Okay, I'll bring it.
Yeah? When?
A manhunt?
Francie? Our little girl?
Our teenage daughter, Russ.
I don't care what she is,
Dorothy, I won't have it.
It's a biological fact, Russ.
The female matures
earlier than the male.
A manhunt...
My daughter's out
traipsing around luring...
well, who knows what hoodlums.
Dorothy, why did she have to go?
Oh, I don't think
Francie was eager to.
Well, in the name of heavens
will you tell me what is this,
a place that you escape from?
That's a manhunter?
Well, who did you
expect, Kim Novak?
Hi, Mom and Pop. I'm home.
I'm going to give that young
lady a good talking to.
Russ, don't you dare light
into that poor child.
I'm not going to light into her,
I'm only going to give her
a talking to.
Growing up is a very slow and
painful process for a girl.
Darling, do you have a headache?
Yes, I do. I think
it's the glasses.
Oh, come here.
Lie down.
Oh, Russ, can't you see?
She went because she had to.
A girl needs love.
Well, I love her.
She's my little girl,
my little baby.
I'd do anything for her, and...
I have it!
Pop, can I get you
your slippers?
How about a pipe?
No, no, no, no, no.
How would you like
to do your old dad
a big, big favor, though?
Mow the lawn?
No, no. You're all off.
Sit down.
Uh, Dorothy, you remember
Jeffrey Matthews?
No, I don't, dear.
I introduced you to him
at the convention.
He smokes a pipe. Oh, yes.
Yeah, well, his son is
out here for the summer.
He's a wonderful boy... er, man.
He's a college man.
A-a-a real serious student
and accomplished musician.
Now, naturally,
Jeffrey would like to think
that his boy was dating
the right kind of girl.
Daddy, how could you?
Francie! How could you?
How could I what?
Oh, gosh, Mom, you know
how I feel about dates.
But I thought you
enjoyed yourself.
Oh, that hot-wet-hand-set.
Oh, it's so icky!
I... I mean, breathing down
a person's neck.
Well, now, take Dizzy
Maynard, for instance.
Now, there's a perfectly
swell guy
when he's helping me dissect
snails in a biology class.
On a date, ugh,
he gets all unglued.
Well, he probably was nervous.
He was only a mess.
Oh, Daddy, I mean,
I... I don't mean to be edgy
or rude to you, but...
Oh, gee, I've got
a real serious problem.
Darling, why didn't you tell us?
Oh, what is it, Francie?
I've got to raise a mint
in a hurry.
Well, how much is a mint?
Well, including what I have
on hand, an extra...
21.50 would do it.
21.50 is too much.
Oh, Pop, please.
Oh, Pop, it could
mean sheer heaven
or months and months
of stark solitude.
Do you know what
she's talking about?
No, I don't.
Well, you see, what I
need the money for is...
a surfboard.
A surfboard? A surfboard?
A surfboard! I mean, I'm a
perfectly good swimmer,
and, gee, I'd be
extra-super careful.
Oh, please!
Now, honest, surfing
is out of this world!
You just can't imagine the
thrill of shooting the curl!
Well, it positively surpasses
every living emotion
I've ever had!
You must admit, dear,
she does make it
sound attractive.
Well, I don't mind learning
my daughter enjoys the pleasures
of an outdoor sport...
Oh, but, Daddy,
surfing is very outdoorish!
Oh, please?
But it's too much money.
Oh, Daddy, I'd work
like a slave for it.
The sound you now hear
is your little baby girl,
the one you'd do anything for.
I would do anything
for her, but...
Russ, it is Francie's
birthday next month.
Oh, for my birthday!
Would that ever be cool!
He's going to do it!
Oh, he's going to do it!
Oh, you doll, you!
Oh, Daddy,
you've made me so happy!
Honest to goodness, Mama,
this surfboard
is a gilt-edge guarantee
for a summer of sheer happiness.
Oh, I'm not so sure, darling,
that there are such guarantees.
Uh, remember me?
My name is Francie.
Aw, Kahuna...
Hi, Francie.
Don't mind him.
He's a quiet one.
Oh, it's just what Moondoggie
fished out yesterday.
I was looking for Stinky.
I... I got the money
for my board.
Gosh, I can hardly wait
to try it out.
You done much surfing?
Uh, no, not too much.
Yesterday was my first.
Boy, was it ever exciting!
It was like nothing
I ever felt before!
Whoop! We're on an elevator
headed for the sky.
And then, zoom! Speeding across
the ocean, on top of the world!
It was the ultimate!
The big kick, huh?
Sounds like you're a goner, kid.
And what a way to go.
Coming out, Kahuna?
Naw, I got to brew up
my morning java first.
Oh, let me do it. I'm a
wizard in the kitchen,
and, well, besides, I have
to wait for Stinky, anyway.
All right, wizard,
the job's yours.
Hey, gee, this is neat.
Why, somebody
could almost live here.
Hello, Mary.
We do. Flyboy and me.
When I get you back to Peru,
I'm going to dump you with the
rest of your feathered relatives.
You're going to Peru?
And I mean it.
You're going to Peru?
Yeah, either there or Hawaii.
You know, got to follow the sun.
You can't mean...
I'm a surf bum.
You know, ride the waves,
eat, sleep,
not a care in the world.
You hear that?
The sea left its whisper
in there.
That's the secret
to the whole thing.
Well... well, how do...
Excuse me,
I... I don't mean to be nosy.
Who's nosy?
What do you want to know,
angel? My life's an open book.
Well, it... it may be
awfully naive of me,
but when do you work?
Oh, yeah, well,
I tried that once,
but there were too many hours
and rules and regulations.
Nobody ever consulted me about
what flight I was in the mood for.
You mean, the Air Force?
When that Korean bit was over, I knew there
was one thing I didn't want in life...
And the others?
They're all bums too?
No, they just like to surf.
For them, it's a summer romance.
For me,
it's a full-time passion.
What'll happen to your future?
I mean, doesn't everybody have
to have a goal or something?
Who said?
There's your answer, little one.
"Who said."
The swells are getting pretty big.
I'll see you later.
Come on.
Hi! How's the water?
Gee, you look neat.
Hello, Francie.
How's it going?
I say, there's nothing like
this in England, you know.
There'll always be
a Santa Monica.
Hey, now. Hey, what's up?
How about that tunnel back there.
Did you see it, huh?
It was a beauty,
a great piece of chop.
have you met the whole crew yet?
Waikiki. Aloha.
You know Stinky, of course...
fastest parking attendant
West of the Rockies.
When he works. Very funny.
Yeah, who works
when the surf's good.
That's Lord Byron. The beard
means he digs existentialism.
Hot Shot, big fraternity man,
and Lover Boy.
He'll tell you all about himself.
He sure will.
Oh, hey, hey, hey!
Oh, oh, oh! Watch it!
And Moondoggie,
your heroic lifesaver.
Oh, we're all friends.
Please, no tourists, Kahuna.
Hey, Francie's no tourist.
She's got a real yen
to pick up on surfing.
That gidget?
A gidget.
Hey, wait a minute, fellows.
Let me in on the gag too, huh?
You see, it's arrived
at through osmosis.
Girl and midget... a gidget.
All right, let's have
a little respect
for a cash customer, huh?
Cash customer?
You bring the moolah?
Pounds? Pounds? Money?
Oh, you nice wahine.
Money gidget bringer.
What a bundle.
Ah, beautiful.
Yeah, and warm.
Crazy, crazy.
Hey, fellows,
we're eating again.
Aren't we? Aren't we,
Stinky, eating? Huh?
Yeah, I guess.
You guess. You sure do.
Hey, maybe we
could let the Gidget
run delivery service
from the hot dog stand.
Boolee! Boolee.
Oh, I'd be glad to!
Gee, fellows, this is
the way I like it,
the way I always like it.
How's that, angel?
Oh, you know, just kids horsing
around, having picnics.
Easygoing stuff.
None of that
technique business for me.
I'll be right back.
Yeah, get me a hot dog
with the works, honey!
Hey, get me a taco!
I'll have a hamburger
with chips.
Any kind of taco fine for me.
Get me one of each, and get
something for yourself...
Hey, Kahuna,
what are we starting,
a baby farm here?
Relax, man.
It's like this, man...
if you're really
serious about making it
as a full-time
surf bum like me...
Oh, you know I am.
Well, then you got to learn
to take what you can get.
Here, I found
these on the floor.
I guess they fell
out of your pocket.
As long as it was
nothing important.
Let's not kid, huh? You know
it was my allowance check.
Okay, so maybe you think I
shouldn't have torn it up.
Look, kid, you've got
no obligations to me.
I admit it's been getting a
little hungry around here,
but you know the code...
Live and let live.
Well, you know
I buy that, Kahuna.
It's not that.
It's my old man.
He started out on a shoestring
and worked his way up
to be a big wheel.
I mean, how is a guy
to measure up
to someone like him?
I just got to walk out. Quit.
Only, you see,
it's got to be a clean break.
It just wouldn't smell right
if I kept taking handouts.
Hey, chow!
Those hogs. Somebody must
have taken seconds. Here.
Thanks, I'm not hungry.
Oh, but you've got to.
It's delicious.
Come on. Cut it out, will you?
I'm no cruddy sponger.
Well, I should hope not.
Oh, look, I didn't pay
for the eats,
just for the board, remember?
I... I guess Stinky did it.
Come on, try it.
And anyway, what if I had?
Gosh, I owe you my life.
Forget it, will you?
The way we see it around
here, the Kahuna and me,
nobody owes anybody anything.
Not if they play it smart.
Not if they don't let
themselves get involved.
Why don't you
run along home, kid?
Boy, are you a grouch.
Hey, kid.
It's kind of waterlogged.
Yeah, but courtesy of the house,
we throw in a free lesson.
Come on, doll,
follow your coach.
Hey, this is
the ultimate!
There you go.
There you are, honey.
Flat as a pancake, huh?
Well, almost, anyway.
Well, now, let me see,
can I... can I make you
a little more comfortable?
No, this is fine.
Fine? Fine? Oh, all right. Yeah.
Let me see, it's very simple.
All you do is dig in,
push yourself forward...
Just keep yourself in the
middle of the board. That's it.
That's it,
keep pushing forward, huh.
Hey, come on,
you're tickling me.
He'll coach her.
Just a minute
till I hop on here.
There we go.
Cozy, huh?
Do you like it?
Yeah, it's all right,
but what do I do now?
No hurry, just got to
get used to the feel.
Huh. It's pretty good
for the first time, huh?
Now I'll take her in
a little deeper.
She's in deep enough already.
You've had it, coach. Dissolve.
We'll, get him.
Come on, Gidge. Let's go out
and have little fun, huh?
Oh, no. Thanks all the same.
So who needs it.
Come on, Gidget.
Oh, brother, that guy's glands
must be working overtime.
Listen, Gidge,
the kind of lessons you'll pick
up around here aren't for you.
So if you know what's good for
you, you'll take your board
and run along like
a good little girl, huh?
Shut off that infernal racket.
Infernal racket...
No wonder they call them
the Lost Generation.
Glad you had such a
good time at the beach.
Oh, yeah, it was creamy.
Tell me about it.
I'd like to hear.
What are these boys like?
Oh gosh, they're all nice boys.
You know, the Kahuna,
he's promised to coach me.
Kahuna, that's a boy's name?
Yeah, well, he's an older boy.
In Hawaiian,
it means, "Big chief".
and is he the one you like best?
Well, yeah, I guess so.
I mean, they're all nice guys.
Well, that's good.
All except one.
Mom? Hmm?
There's something
I have to ask you.
Well, do you find that there's
anything weird about me?
Mom, I mean, gee, I'm serious.
Here I am, almost 17,
the same age as Nan
and the rest of them.
Why don't I like dates?
Darling, you like boys,
don't you?
Well, sure.
I mean, well,
boys are the most fun, but...
I mean, I just can't stand
when they start smooching
and pawing and...
Well, level with me, Mom,
doesn't that kind of stuff
make your skin crawl?
Well, it would depend on who.
Oh, there it is then,
it proves it.
I am different.
Oh, sweetheart,
please believe me,
the only difference between
you and your friends
is you're not a... a manhunter.
You're too genuine to pretend
anything you don't feel yet.
Someday, darling, you will.
It'll all be different then because
you'll feel something magic,
like little bells
ringing in your heart.
Oh, gee, you make it sound
real nice,
but are you sure
that's gonna happen to me?
I'm positive.
Huh. Well, that's a relief.
You know, I almost saw myself
pickled in a jar at Harvard.
Oh, well, stop worrying.
Yeah, but when, and I mean,
how am I going to know what...
what boy, or...
When it's the real thing,
you'll know it,
as surely as if you'd been hit
on the head with a sledgehammer.
Good night, dear.
Good night.
Thank you.
It probably won't happen to me
before I'm middle-aged.
Oh, no. Back again?
Any objections?
You want me to reel off
the whole list?
Go ahead. Then I might start.
Better step on it, Moondoggie,
before it bites you.
I invited the Gidge to stay.
We can use a mascot around here.
Oh, well, in that case, fellows,
maybe we ought to initiate her.
Go ahead, initiate me.
Whoa, she's asking for it.
Hey, fellows! Let go! Hey! Hey!
Go on down and cut some kelp.
Hey, you still want
to be a member?
Sure! Sure...
Okay. Keep cutting.
G-gee, fellows,
this is g-great fun.
I'm glad you like it.
What happened?
You got tangled in some kelp.
Now, take it easy, you hear.
You're still on the blue side.
Hey, I... I made it, didn't I?
I'm a real member now, huh?
You crazy tomboy.
Yeah, I guess
you're a member now.
Are you okay?
Sure. I never felt better
in my life.
If... If I had to,
I'd... I'd do it all over again.
Yeah, I bet you would.
It very well may be
She's just a baby
Speaking romantically
If that's your bad feature
I'll be the teacher
That's the way it's gonna be
Gidget is the one for me...
Hey, you know...
I kind of like
being called that now.
What's that, Gidget?
Although she's just
small fry Just about so-high
Gidget is the one for me
A regular tomboy
But dressed for a prom
Boy, how cute
Can one girl be?
Although she's not king size
Her finger is ring size
Gidget is the one for me
If she says she loves you
You can bet your boots
She loves you
If she says she hates you
That can also mean
She loves you
It very well may be
She's just a baby
Speaking romantically
If that's a bad feature
I'll be the teacher
That's the way it's gonna be
Gidget is the one for me
Hey, you don't look very good.
I'd better see if I can get one
of the guys to drive you home.
G-gee, I don't want to be
a drag to you,
but I was thinking...
maybe you could take me home?
Well, uh, I'm...
How's our mascot?
Oh, she'll live. What
time is it, Kahuna?
A little after 5:00.
After 5:00?
Oh, brother, I got to go.
I'll see you later.
What jet-propelled him
all of a sudden?
Oh, you know men.
After sunset, they get
a little restless.
Rumor has it Moondoggie's
got a big date tonight.
Hey, don't tell me
that Gidget's jealous.
Who, me?
I never heard anything
so ridiculous...
Oh, just a passing impression.
Hey, baby, you really are sick.
No, I just feel like
I've been hit on the back of
the head with a sledgehammer.
There, there, dear.
It's just the fever.
Doctor said it was
too much sun and water.
Just a touch of tonsillitis,
but you'll be all right.
No, Mommy, no, it...
it's something else.
Darling, what is it?
You kept saying Moondoggie.
Well, that's it. He's the one.
Oh, Mom. It's all true,
just like you said about...
about a person knowing
when it happens.
Mom, but what does
a person do about it?
Darling, according to Dr. West,
you won't be doing anything
away from this room
for at least a couple of weeks.
Oh, a couple of weeks.
Besides, one of the advantages
of being a young lady is
is it's not up to you.
It's up to the young man.
There, now, try
and get some sleep, huh?
Don't worry.
Yeah, but what if the young man
doesn't know you're alive?
The young lady be darned.
I've got to figure out
a plan of attack.
I mean, it's...
it's perfectly obvious
that you get a man
through his own interests.
Put one foot a few
inches ahead of the other,
near the center of the board.
Stop forward or back to meet the
changing pitch of the wave.
Oh, boy, when I think of
all the hours I spent
cramming on math and biology...
No, I'm to blame.
That time I congratulated you
for getting straight A's?
What a friend.
You know, I... I should've
belted you one, right then.
No, no, no, it's my fault.
I should have worked at being
an "A" student in both,
but don't worry,
I've never flunked out
on a subject yet,
and by the time I shake
this crummy tonsillitis,
I'm going to be the best
female surfer in California!
Oh! What's happening?
She just got thrown under
by a 30-foot wave!
Hi. Not bad for a beginner.
Were you really sick, or did you go
hire yourself a coach somewhere?
No, not a coach,
just some books.
Some books?
Oh, I boned up on a few
basic principles...
You can learn anything
from books, you know.
Now make a wish
and blow.
A wish, uh...
Oh, I did it!
Oh, golly, it's beautiful.
Uh, where's...
where's all your friends
from the beach,
and... and where's B.L.?
Oh, well, B.L.
would've broken her date,
and, well, as for the crew...
I... I guess I'll get
them here sometime.
I mean, you know what Saturday
night means to most fellows.
Well, uh...
I know what it means
in the Lawrence house.
Duet time, eh, Francie-girl?
Moondoggie! Hey, wait...
Put her down, boys.
Set her right down.
Hey! Hip, hip, hooray!
Hip, hip, hooray!
My turn.
That's great!
Oh, Moondoggie!
Hey, Joanne!
This is the kid
I was telling you about.
She's only been surfing
a little over a month.
It must be wonderful, if you
like that sort of thing.
Of course,
Moondoggie can tell you
I'm not the outdoor type.
Then you better get out of
the sun before you melt.
Oh, ho, ho.
Yeah, that's right. Come on.
See you at the luau, huh?
What luau? Oh, no.
You aren't gonna scare
our Gidget there. Uh-uh.
Honest, fellows,
I'd love a luau.
When is it?
Not for a couple of weeks.
But don't give it
another thought, baby.
But why?
Because it's not
a coming-out party.
And it's not a weenie-roast.
As a matter of fact, honey,
this luau is not a luau...
It's an orgy. Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. Ha, ha.
Will you fellows stop
treating me like an infant?
Forget it. You're not the type.
So long, Gidge.
One, two, one, two,
one, two, one, two,
one, two, one, two,
one, two, one, two, one, two,
one, two, one, two...
Oh, I'm exhausted.
Oh, come on. Don't
give up so easily.
What's the use?
Well, let's see how much
progress we've made.
Oh, it'll take forever
to add even an inch,
and the luau's
only 10 days away.
If I want to be the type
of girl to get invited,
I have to think
of something faster.
Francie, I've told you,
there's only one way.
Oh, I just couldn't.
I mean, I'd feel like
a man with a toupee.
Oh, no.
Gee, all my life,
I've found the answer
to all my problems
in these books,
but who wants to
solve their love life
with poison or a dagger?
Gee, if I could only
make Moondoggie jealous.
Jealous of who?
Well, gee, not any of the
high school creeps I know.
Man, would I give
a tidy sum to be...
I've got it!
How to get to the luau
and make him jealous!
20 bucks?
Just to take you to a luau?
No, I told you,
not just to take me.
You've got pretend like
you're real gone over me.
You know, give me the mad rush.
Hey, who is this guy
you're out to turn green?
Oh... no.
Well, I don't know. It just
sounds like easy money, but...
I kind of had some plans
of my own at that luau.
Just till midnight.
Just till midnight, huh?
Okay, it's a deal.
Oh, great.
But picking you up first,
that's extra for gas.
Oh, that's the last
of my allowance again.
Hey, couldn't we compromise,
you know, meet somewhere?
Well, you know the espresso
cafe on Wilshire, Portofino?
Uh-huh. Yeah, there.
A week from Saturday night.
Yeah, but you got to square
it with the Kahuna first.
Oh, don't worry, I will.
Kahuna, I want
to come to that luau.
Baby-doll, what is it with you?
Don't you ever give up?
Well, not when I want something.
Well, it's like anything,
you want it bad enough,
you work for it,
and right now what I want more than
anything else in the whole wide world
is to go to that luau!
Well, Kahuna, you know yourself,
it's the bang-up finish
to the whole summer!
Why, it's like graduation day.
I mean, it's the ultimate!
Oh, Gidget, Gidget, Gidget...
Besides, what's it
to the great Kahuna
whether I'm the type or not.
You said it yourself,
the code is,
"Live and let live."
Oh, it's no skin off
my nose what you do,
but the rest of the crew
might not like it.
Oh, Kahuna, they won't care,
not if you say it's all right,
and besides, I've already
got an escort, and...
oh, I'll bring piles of food...
piles and piles of food.
We've got more stuff
in our freezer
that's practically
forgotten, and...
and if you ever tasted
my mom's cheesecake...
All right.
A man's got to look after
his own stomach.
You got any steaks
in that freezer?
I'll do my best.
Gee, Kahuna, I can't
thank you enough.
You just don't know
what it means to me to...
Gee, I'm sorry, Kahuna.
I know Flyboy was all you had.
please don't feel too bad.
What? The bird?
Hell, when I get down to Peru,
I'll get me a bird that treats
me with a little respect.
Respect. That... That's terribly
important to you, isn't it?
I mean, all the fellows
around here respect you.
Well, because, you...
you're a person who knows
what he wants to do
and goes ahead and does it.
You're so self-sufficient.
You don't need anybody.
Well, n-now, take me.
I... I couldn't live that way
because, well, gee,
I'd get too lonely.
Of course, if I were
to lose my only family,
or... or at the end
of every summer,
just when I'd get settled,
I had to move on and leave
all my new friends...
Gosh, if I had a whole
lifetime of that,
and well, I'd about die.
Oh, but of course,
you're different.
Oh, you are.
I mean, you'd have to be
to be able to turn your back
on the way everybody else lives.
Well, I mean,
everybody in life is...
is working for some
sort of a goal, or...
well, I mean, I mean,
you don't have a goal or...
Oh, Kahuna, I'm sorry.
What's there to be sorry about?
I told you myself,
I'm a surf bum.
There's nothing
to be sorry about.
No, of course not.
Kahuna... could I ask you
just one crazy question?
I mean, I understand
how you said in the war
you got sick of all
the rules and regulations,
and, well, about
this dream you had
that when you got loose
there'd be no more chains,
nothing but a free life.
Is that right?
That's right.
That's what you said then?
That's right. That's
what the man said, he...
Only what if you could go back
to that time in your life,
if... if something happened,
and you could choose
all over again?
If I could what?
If you could choose
all over again.
Well, I said it was
a crazy question.
Cheer up, angel.
Don't you know that frowning is
bad for the face, beautiful?
Besides, you're going
to the luau.
Oh, yeah, the luau.
Gee, Kahuna, thanks.
Thanks a lot. Thanks loads.
Hey, man.
Oh, boy, can't you
just feel it in the air?
Feel what?
The end of summer.
Gee, with the guys off
signing up for fall semester,
the beach is half deserted
Oh, I tell you,
I can hardly wait
till we hop that freighter.
How soon...
Hey, what's the matter?
Who said anything
was the matter?
Well, not me.
No, sir.
It's just like
I wrote my old man,
I'm not going back to school.
Right now is the whole
turning point of my life.
Here, you want to read it?
Well, why should you.
It's my problem.
That's right.
It's your problem.
Look, it's okay.
I... I got it handled.
You don't need to worry.
Look, all I'm thinking about is getting
on our way to places we'll see.
Yeah, the Island of Kauai...
see the very place
where the natives presented
this to the great Kahuna.
Presented it?
I bought it in Acapulco
for 20 cruddy pesos.
You better start
learning, Moondoggie,
there's a price tag
on everything.
Well, so what. You bought it.
Look, I can take a gag.
You weren't worried?
I mean, you don't have to worry
anything's gonna change
my mind about going now.
I'm going, all right.
Yes, sir, I'm going.
Boy, will my father be surprised
to see he's not the only one.
The only what?
Oh, I told you, a wheel.
Now, wait till he finds out
about me...
carving out a life for myself,
moving around
this whole cockeyed hemisphere
with guys around me
treating me like a king,
like you, Kahuna.
Boy, there's a funny bit.
You know, about the only thing
my father's afraid of is water.
Hey, where are you going?
Tell Waikiki I borrowed
his car to go into town.
What's she doing upstairs?
I don't know, dear.
Francie, Saturday night,
concert time!
What's all this?
Francie, you didn't tell us.
Tonight must be special.
Well, uh, so long, Fran.
I'll see you later.
So long, B.L.,
and thanks for everything.
Well, I... I guess I
should have told you,
but I can't make it tonight.
You see, the fellows
down at the beach
are giving a big... a big party.
Isn't that wonderful, Russell?
Well, what time
is the lucky young man
going to pick up
his glamorous date?
Oh, uh, I'm not being picked up.
You see,
he's meeting me somewhere.
Hold it.
Daddy, I'm really very late.
Obviously, there's some mistake.
A gentleman, Francie, always
picks up the young lady...
Well, this gentleman
is different.
Well, let him get
undifferent fast.
Either you call him up and tell
him to come here and pick you up,
or forget about the whole thing.
Forget it? Yes, forget it.
Mother, are you going to let Daddy
stand there and ruin the whole thing?
Francie, a boy only thinks
more of you if you...
I worked like a dog to get
even invited to this brawl!
Am I to understand that a daughter
of mine would even think of going
to a place
that she was unwelcome?
Go ahead! Go ahead and say all
the horrible things you like,
but I'm not changing my mind!
Oh, Francie,
your father just
loves you too much
to let anyone
treat you shabbily.
the last thing in
the world I want to do
is make my little girl unhappy.
Yes. There...
You look prettier without tears.
Oh, Pop, Mama, I'm sorry.
I don't mean to yell,
or... or be fresh, or...
All right...
It's all over now.
After all, all I ask
is to make sure
that the boys my little girl
goes out with are worthy of her.
Take a boy like
Jeffrey Matthews' son...
Oh, I am not interested
in Jeffrey Matthews' son
or his nephew or his dog!
I just want to go,
and I'm going!
In the name of heavens,
what is this?
Well, if you must
know, it's a bribe.
That's how anxious
all the fellows are
to take out your
darling daughter.
Dorothy... Dorothy.
Francie, really.
Oh, that's only the half of it.
To get this date tonight,
I had to fork over cold cash.
What kind of insanity has
taken hold of this family?
Cold cash, legs of lamb.
Do you think this is what the
young man of today wants?
You're so right.
The man I'm after sure
does want something else,
and I'll see he gets it!
Dorothy, I tell you,
unless you take that
daughter of yours in hand,
I'm going to...
Russ, she's driving away!
She's what?
Ooh, ooh!
She can't. She can't.
I won't let her.
I'm going lock her in her room.
Hey, Gidge...
Gee, you look dressed to kill.
Who are you out to slaughter?
I said, you look like you're
out to hook some guy.
Oh, no, I'm just
waiting for my date.
Okay if I wait with you?
Suit yourself.
Where's Joanne?
I had to stand her up tonight.
I'm working.
You're not coming to the luau?
Oh, sure, I'll be there.
That's where my job takes me.
You guessed it.
Old Hot Shot got tied up
till midnight,
so I've taken over the...
You have?
Oh... Oh, but... but you can't.
Well, for crying out...
Do you know who that stoop Hot
Shot had lined up for the job?
Lover Boy!
A lady wrestler wouldn't be
safe with that octopus,
let alone a babe
in arms like you.
Oh, well, thank you very much,
but I can take care of myself.
Besides, what's it to you?
To me? Nothing.
Why should it be?
Just a good paying job,
and besides, with the plans
I've got lined up...
I could use some easy cash.
I see.
Relax. Listen, I can play Romeo
as well as Hot Shot any time.
You trust old Moondoggie, baby.
I'll fake it fine.
But, I...
Look, it's okay. Hot Shot
briefed me on the setup.
You want to get a certain
guy jealous, right?
You don't have to tell me who
it is till after we get there.
Come on.
Got a cute little girl
And I call her Cinderella
I'm so in love with her
I'm the lucky guy
That she calls her fellow
And she always will I'm sure
We can dance all night
At the record-hop
Dance all night Up to 12:00
We can spend the night
But my head would be
If I didn't get her home
On time
I'd lose my love sublime
And maybe this head of mine
I'm her own Prince Charming
And her beauty's so alarming
When I pick her up at 8
Cinderella's so fine
And she's always mine
For a regular weekend date
She's real clean
When she climbs aboard
Her royal coach
My hopped-up Ford
Then away we fly
Cinderella and I
To our favorite
Drive-in show
And at 12:00 It's home we go
But we drive home very slow
Listening to the radio
In the book it says
That the clock struck 12:00
And the magic of her beauty
Was gone
Well, the girls compare
But it stops right there
'Cause my Cinderella's magic
Goes on
I may have to lose her
At 12:00
But my Cinderella's beauty
Won't ever stop
If you want to see
She's the one with me
She's the one
That makes my life complete
She's pretty and soft
And sweet
How can anyone be so neat?
Mm-hmm, mm, mm, mm...
It looks like every surfer from
here to San Onofre turned up.
Hundred to one, they never
set foot in the ocean.
Hey, Gidget, where's that steak?
Oh, that's all right, honey.
Go have a ball.
All right, do you
want to spill it now?
Who's the poor innocent joker
you're out to hook?
Do you have ask?
Well, let's say
I can make a guess,
but anyway, I've got a part
to play, haven't I?
Well, boy, I just hope
you're a better actor
than student of human nature.
Practically any fool
could have seen,
the whole summer long,
the one I'm gone on.
Kahuna, of course.
Well, who else?
Why, you must be kidding.
He's twice your age.
Oh, I know,
Oedipus and all that.
It's called a father complex.
Only, the way I feel
about Kahuna...
well, it's just not daughterly.
You sure could've fooled me.
Nobody can help you
make him jealous.
Take it from me.
I know the Kahuna.
Look, you weren't hired
for advice.
Now, do you want the job, or do
I have to find someone else?
What'll the boss lady
have first?
Well, I-I-I guess we could
begin by holding hands.
All right, what next?
Well, all we need to do
for a while,
till Kahuna takes notice,
is pretend like we're mad
for each other.
On the surface only, of course.
Oh, yeah, on the surface
only, of course.
The Gidget stuck
on the great Kahuna...
Well, I'm no different
from any of them...
except for one thing.
Understatement of the year.
Look, when I make up my mind
to get something, I get it.
I mean it. I'd do
anything to get Kahuna.
Now, Gidge, you listen to me.
I mean, as... as a friend, I've
got to straighten you out.
Kahuna's okay, I suppose,
but for a kid like you...
Well, uh, don't you find the
Kahuna on the lazy side?
Love makes room for faults.
Anyway, I have hopes
for the Kahuna.
He could make something
of his life.
Oh, boy, now, that is hilarious.
And what makes you such
an authority on Kahuna?
Because he and I
are two of a kind.
Aw, Gidge...
Look, what I said, it's...
it's nothing personal.
I mean, a girl like you...
you're a real responsibility.
You take a guy who believes
in no strings attached,
a guy like me, even...
I mean, if I...
if I were ever to,
uh, to let myself go...
Well, say, for example,
right now, right this minute...
I mean, if this... if this
weren't just a job for pay...
Um, could you put them back?
I mean, only because
I think Kahuna's looking,
and we could make it look
real, couldn't we?
Is he looking now?
Mm, I'm sure of it.
There's no such thing As the
next best thing to love
No substitute
Or facsimile thereof
Just try and do without it
Go see how far you get
Why don't we face it?
What can replace it?
They've thought of yet
There's no such thing
With the very same appeal
And nothing like When you
fall in love for real
Whether it be the real thing
This much I'm certain of
There's no such thing As the
next best thing to love
There's no such thing as
The next best thing to love
No substitute
Or facsimile thereof
How can we disregard it?
How can we not take heed?
Just like the inner
Craves for the dinner
Love is a human need
There's no such thing As the
next best thing to love
Necessity gave
A cold, cold hand a glove
Likewise someone to cling to
When there's a moon above
There's no such thing as
The next best thing to love
Oi! Hey, hey! Hey, Moondoggie, baby.
Break it up.
Come on, it's five after 12:00.
You're off duty.
Uh, I hope Moondoggie here
gave you your money's worth.
Oh, don't worry, he...
he gave a great performance.
Hey, hey, hey.
What is it, little one?
What, did you... did
you lose Moondoggie?
Yeah, I lost him, all right.
It's about the best thing
that ever happened to me.
Oh, well, I think
I'll cut out too.
Uh, will you give me a lift?
Sure. Where to?
A friend of mine, uh, has
a shack down the beach.
I figured I wouldn't get
any sleep here tonight,
so I borrowed it.
You sure you want
to leave so soon?
Yeah, I'm sure.
I'll wait for you in the car.
Hey, Gidge, listen, Gidge,
about that money...
Forget it. Wait a minute!
I'm sorry, but
the Kahuna's waiting.
We just happen to be on our way
to a certain beach shack.
Beach shack? Who else is going?
Just Kahuna and me.
Don't underestimate your
performance back there, Barrymore.
It sold the Kahuna 100 percent,
and you earned
every penny of it.
Listen, maybe the Kahuna's
gone off his rocker,
but you, on one of his
little private parties?
Gidge, you don't know
what you're getting into.
Well, a girl has to
get started sometime,
and the Kahuna has always
been a great coach.
You've been awful quiet, angel.
What is it? Moondoggie?
Moondoggie? Oh...
No, I've forgotten
all about him.
Okay. Good night, angel.
Uh, I suppose, uh, well,
you and he talk a lot
about your dates
and things, huh?
Yeah, we're pretty close. Why?
Anything I can do?
Is there!
Oh, well, no, not
about Moondoggie.
I... I mean, golly, who
cares about him, but...
Well, look, I was wondering...
Well, would it be all right
if I came inside for a while?
Oh, well, uh,
it's a little late,
and I had planned on getting
to bed pretty soon.
Um, all right, angel.
If it's that important, come on.
Gee... I guess
you could call this
ones of the major
steps in my life.
Make yourself at home, Gidge.
I'll, um...
see if I can scare up
some coffee or something.
Come on.
Oh, young man,
could you help us?
We're looking for our
daughter, Francie Lawrence.
Francie... No, I'm sorry...
I believe the boys
call her Gidget.
Oh, Gidge, yeah.
Do you know where she is?
I don't know.
But Moondoggie helped himself
to my car to follow her.
Follow her where?
Well, he said she went
with Kahuna to Joe's place.
Joe's place?
What is that, a restaurant?
Could you tell us
how to get there?
I don't know where it is,
but it's no restaurant.
It's just some beach shack.
Beach shack!
Gee, this is a real
den of iniquity, isn't it?
You sure you wouldn't
rather have coffee?
Well, how about it?
How about what?
How about one of your little
private parties?
How about one of my little...
private parties?
Are you, um...
are you sure
that's want you want?
Well, well, uh,
I mean... well, sure.
That's what I came here for.
In that case, we need
the right atmosphere, hmm?
Nice, huh?
Ah, the language of love.
Oh, um... maybe you'd like to...
slip into something
more comfortable, hmm?
Oh, well... Well, no,
I don't think so, no.
I've got just the thing.
You'd be surprised what the past,
uh, tenants have left here.
Yeah, there we are.
Just right.
We'll keep it right there...
for whenever you want it.
Outside, the ocean.
Inside, you and me,
and nothing else matters, hmm?
Who was it that said,
"Suspended in time and space,"
"your lips on mine,
the soft contours of... "
I don't know.
I did.
I just made it up.
You inspire me.
Hey, you... really are sweet.
Oh, no, I'm just...
just a little...
and sweet...
and lovely,
and cute...
What is it?
It's time for you to go
home, that's what it is...
before I forget
it's just a game.
All right, now, get out.
Come on, beat it.
Oh, it's Moondoggie!
I could just die.
I suppose you'll tell him
how you dusted me off.
Oh, that'll slay him.
It'll really slay him.
The two of you
can fall down laughing.
Come on, open up!
Come on, I know she's in there!
Come on, open up!
Hey, look, pal,
I'm a little busy in here.
Get lost, huh.
Not a chance.
This is something I would've
never pegged you for.
Bringing a broad to a place
like this, that's one thing,
but the Gidget...
What's wrong with the Gidge?
Personally, I find her
delightful company, and...
a very good sport.
Hey, you had enough?
I'll tell you what
I've had enough of...
That's the place. Right over there.
Right down there.
All right, lady, stand back.
We'll take care of it.
I told Walter
the minute we saw
that girl go in...
I got an eye for
things like this.
I can spot trouble through
a crack in the blind,
and when that other one
went banging on the door,
I told Walter,
"Call the police."
No, just a friendly
little tousle, officer.
There won't be any more trouble.
I can promise you that.
All right, Matthews,
we'll hold you to it.
Thank you.
All right, where's the Gidget?
She's not here.
You may as well know, she's scarcely
the charmer I made her out to be.
I guess you heard her
squawking for help, huh?
Why you...
The party's over, now blow.
I'll blow when I'm ready.
Get ready.
Underneath it all,
I always did think
you were a little bit
of a square.
Yeah, well, listen, if
cutting corners like you...
Bury it.
Either a man's got a talent
for a certain way of
life, or he hasn't.
You never really did belong.
You just lost a customer.
Oh, gee, thanks for stopping.
You see, I got a flat.
Isn't it kind of late
for you, young lady?
May I see your
driver's license please?
Oh, my purse...
well, you see I left home
in such a hurry that...
Where have you been?
Oh, just on the road
at a friend's house,
down the highway.
Well, honest. I mean, I don't
remember the exact address,
but I can prove it.
It was the little white house
with a long boardwalk.
Can't you get on the radio
and notify the prowl cars
to be on the lookout
for my daughter?
You have radios
in the cars, don't you?
Yes, sir. Sir, if you
just calm down a little,
we might be able to help you.
I'm sorry, sergeant.
What's the girl's name?
She's about this tall, blond,
and she was wearing a little...
Orange dress with some white
strings on the front?
Francie! Oh, Mama...
Where have you been?
We found her on the road.
She's obviously
been to the shack
where they'd been drinking
beer, had a fistfight...
Oh, no!
If you ever dare
to go out again without...
I'm afraid the place
you daughter was,
it looked like a real brawl.
Just a tip, sir.
Kids need some supervision,
a little parental interest...
Thank you. Thank you, officer.
I assure you, nothing like
this will ever happen again.
Frances Lawrence,
now, listen to me.
If I have to lock you
in your room,
you will never again go
near those beach hoodlums.
Don't worry. I never again want
to lay eyes on them again.
Hey, Francie, come here!
Listen, girl, and
please don't get sore
because it's been so long,
because everything's fixed now.
And we've made some real
conquests down at State beach.
Yes, and there's
this one extra guy
who says he even
prefers tomboys.
I'm sorry, girls, but I guess
I'm just not interested...
and even if I was, last night,
my dad was on a real rampage,
and he says he's
running my social life
from here on in.
Thanks anyway.
Oh, poor Francie.
I don't know how
she's going to face
going back to senior year.
With nothing to show
for the whole summer!
Hurry up, Francie,
you'll be late.
Darling, what is it?
Aw, Mom, the other girls,
they don't seem to have
any trouble,
but me, I'm hopeless.
I can tell you right now,
I'll probably die an old maid
and never have made the step.
The step?
Aw, Mom, I could perish,
I could perish with shame.
Last night, after all those
hours of concentrated effort,
I come home as pure
as the driven snow.
Darling... you're right.
A girl does have
to become a woman,
but you've got it a
little mixed up, Francie.
Come here.
Grandma's old sampler, remember?
Read it.
"To be a real woman is to
bring out the best in a man."
Sweet, but tell it
to the boys today.
Oh, anyway, it's too late.
I just don't care anymore.
Oh, Francie!
Francie, girl!
You have a visitor.
Jeffrey Matthews is here!
Oh, Mom, do I have to go?
Oh, darling,
your father's so anxious
for you to find new interests,
so why don't you go, hmm?
Come on.
I'll be down in a minute.
I know
that you and Francie
will have a lot in common.
She's an accomplished musician.
She plays the...
this is Jeffrey Matthews.
My daughter, Francie.
Uh, Francie...
this is Jeffrey.
My daughter, Francie, Jeffrey.
How do you do?
Uh, sit down, Jeffrey.
Francie, won't you... sit down?
Well, the weather
certainly has been...
Oh, this is my wife,
Mrs. Lawrence.
This is Jeffrey's son, Jeff.
Hello, Jeff. Mrs. Lawrence.
Won't you sit down, dear?
I fixed some iced coffee
for you, if you'd like.
Uh, Mother, I feel
a headache coming on.
I think I'll go and lie down.
Say, I've uh...
my friend let me have his
convertible tonight, and...
Well, you know what they say
about fresh air for a headache.
Good idea.
I've got the top down
and everything.
Uh, may, I, uh,
call you Francie?
Why not... Jeffrey?
Go right ahead.
Darling, try to be gracious.
Bye. Have a good time.
Now, look, what kind
of a gag is this?
Wasn't last night enough?
Do you have to come back
for more laughs?
Hey, look, this wasn't my idea.
I came as a favor to my dad.
How was I to guess some drip cello
student would turn out to be you?
Hey, wait a minute,
wait a minute.
Now, figure it this way...
it's better than trying
to keep up a farce
in front of your parents.
Anyway, right now, there's
one thing I've got to do,
and you're coming with me.
Come on, get in.
What's the idea?
Just want to take
a last look, is all.
There's nothing more to say.
I'm only here to be gracious.
Kahuna, what are you doing?
Closing up shop.
You know, call of the sea,
follow the sun,
and all of that jazz.
But last night, you
never mentioned it.
You didn't even
say goodbye or...
Well, isn't it usual
for friends to...
He wouldn't dig the word.
What's with you two?
What's happened?
Nothing, except
the guy he pictured
to be above the whole crowd,
he now figures for the gutter.
Kahuna, listen...
Get off my back, will you?
Look, last night,
I guess we both said a lot
of things we didn't mean.
- Who didn't mean them?
- Jeff...
Like I said,
either a guy's got a talent for a
certain way of life, or he hasn't.
He's taken a job.
All that bilge
about the free soul,
it's fake.
It doesn't mean anything if a
guy doesn't really mean it.
It's a fake and a phony
if it's not
what you really want...
and you don't.
But you do. That's right, I do.
You don't need anybody.
Not a soul.
No, just a free life, no chains.
Not a one, not a one and a...
so you know.
I can't kid anybody.
You start a guy like me
thinking, it's fatal.
So long, Gidget.
And you...
Just remember, she
might be pint-sized,
but she's quite a woman.
What did he, uh...
what did he mean,
"Quite a woman"?
Oh, it's just something
between the two of us...
and my mom and my grandmother.
Gee, I...
I never figured he'd change.
Well, he's not the
only one who's changed.
I wired my dad
this morning, and...
and I'm headed back home for
college tomorrow, and, uh...
Well, I just hope
we could part friends.
After all, we did have
a lot of laughs this summer.
Yeah, I guess we did.
Hey, what is this?
I've never had any trouble
talking with girls
before in my life,
but with you, it's different.
Look, you're the one that's been
telling me all about this, uh...
crazy feeling one person can
get about another person.
Oh, what's the use.
Forget it.
Come on, Francie,
I'll take you home.
Oh, brother, the bigger the
are, the dopier they come.
Oh, gee, would, uh...
would you, uh, sort of wear
this till I come back?
Oh, boy, would I!
Oh, just wait...
wait till the girls
get a load of this.
Honest to goodness,
it's the absolute ultimate!