Gie (2005) Movie Script

Indonesia at the end
of 1950s and early 1960s
was a country caught
in the middle of the cold war.
Whether Indonesia, under the leadership
of Soekarno, its president for life,
would choose the path of communism,
was a question on everyone's mind.
The entire population was politicized
and all factions of society,
including Indonesian students,
became part of a larger game
that would determine
the future of Indonesia.
Hey, soldiers, police and people.
Soe Hok Gie was a Chinese-descendant
Indonesian youth
who grew up in the middle of this
upheaval and recorded his life in a diary.
This movie is the producer's
interpretation of Soe Hok Gie's life.
...words can't fix the confused souls.
There's no other choice,
but to tell the weapons to speak
a more powerful language.
Even though the military
is not allowed
to get involved in politics,
they are also not allowed to be swayed
by anything political.
-Make a "V."
-Write it longer.
The left one ran out?
There's only this much paint left?
It's too little.
A bit more. Write some more.
-Make an "O" here.
-Yes, sir.
-Make it thicker!
-Write a "U" here.
Hey! He knocked over the paint!
Hey, you!
Catch them! Hey!
Catch them!
Han! Ali, wait!
Ali, wait!
Where are they?
-Where are they?
-Over there.
Go after them!
I was born on December 17, 1942.
It was during the time
when war broke out in the Pacific.
When I was five years old,
my parents sent me to Xin Hwa School.
Then at Strada Junior High,
from a freshman, I became a sophomore.
Na, na, Nurlela
Syan, we're going now. Na, na, na
Djin, get out of bed.
Let's go, girls.
Write it there!
-Do it nicely.
-Make it thicker.
-Make it thicker.
-Just write it.
How is it?
Go home!
Twenty people suspected
as members of a group
that committed acts of terror
and Cikini bombing
have been secured.
The grenade explosion which was an attempt
to kill President Soekarno
occurred when the president...
This is all you could get?
What a lazy boy!
Come with us.
-Quick! Go get more!
So how is it, Soe?
If you can't write anymore,
what will we eat? Ask Tan for a position at Star Weekly.
You could be handy.
I'll just open a tailoring business
with Mona.
Who is it, Gie?
-I'm fine, Gie.
-Han, go home.
I think your aunt won't be angry
anymore if you go home.
No, you stay here.
You can sleep in my bed.
Gie, didn't you hear what Dien said?
Take Han to his house now.
This is none of your business.
It's none of our business.
If he goes home now,
he'll get his ass kicked.
Do you want that to happen?
-It's okay. I'll just go home.
-Where is that kid?
You're so ungrateful!
-Gie, help me!
-Gie, come here. Stop it!
-Come here.
-Gie, stop it!
Sir, isn't there a difference
between an author and a translator?
In this case, we can say
that he is the author
because the real author isn't known here.
So we can say
that Chairil is the author
of The Return of the Prodigal Son.
We can't do that. We should still say
that he is the translator, not the author.
Besides, the real author,
Andre Gide, is well known here.
You know him.
But how about the others?
Hiam, do you know Andre Gide?
A rickshaw driver
wouldn't know Chairil either.
You're the rickshaw driver!
Yes, I'm like a rickshaw driver
like another human.
Today is a day
when vengeance fills my heart.
I scored eight on my test,
but my teacher reduced
three points out of that.
I'm not happy about that at all.
Gie, why do you always have to fight back?
Your score is actually not that bad.
-Mine is worse.
We wouldn't live free like this
if it wasn't for fighting back.
Soekarno, Hatta, Sjahrir...
They were willing to fight back.
They had the courage to stand up
against injustice.
Anyway, Gie.
Where is the beach?
What? Beach?
Yes, beach.
I really want to see the beach.
The hatred that is kept in the heart
hardened like a rock.
Enough, let go.
Until that day, I never failed any test.
-I'll punch you.
-Stay still.
Go home.
I was jealous that because of that test,
I'm ranked third in the class.
I was sure
I was the smartest in the class.
I can't possibly accept this.
My score was better,
but my average score was
much lower than other students.
Soe, but you still have to apologize
to Mr. Arifin.
Asep got a much higher score
because he's your nephew.
Isn't that right?
No, Mother. I can't accept it.
I'm sure that all my scores were good.
I am much smarter
than every other student.
This must have been
because the teachers hate me.
That's enough, Gie.
You should just repeat the year.
Mr. Tjan said
you can still repeat the year.
-It's okay with your age.
-It's unacceptable, Mother.
Look, do you believe
that I am capable, smart and read a lot?
Do you believe it, Mother?
Father, say something.
I've read a lot of books.
-Give it a rest, Gie.
-It's unacceptable, Mother.
I'm not repeating the year.
Find me another school.
I'll prove it to you.
If my scores are held back
by teachers who can't stand criticisms,
then I will fix everything.
I will never apologize.
That happens
when he's not a smart teacher.
He even forgot about poems.
I guess I'm smarter in literature.
A teacher who can't stand criticisms
belongs in the trash can.
Teachers are not gods.
They are not always right.
And students are not donkeys.
Thank you.
Come here. Here.
-I'm going now.
-All right.
Monday, October 28, 1957.
I'm at school again.
It's boring.
I want to go to a school
in the wild, like Tagore said.
Sunday, January 26, 1958.
I don't know why
I'm infatuated with writing now.
I went to the museum today,
and was disappointed
reading Chairil Anwar's biography.
Sunday, January 26, 1958.
My emotions surge
and are on fire.
I just finished a book about Prince
Jenggala and his Chinese queen...
Tuesday, February 4, 1958.
I've been reading a lot lately.
Last night, I finished reading a book.
It was a good book. I have a bad feeling.
I don't know what's wrong.
Friday, February 14, 1958.
Then women will always be below men.
They are only busy
with clothes and beauty.
And finally, get sent to the kitchen.
Monday, March 24, 1958.
I'm currently reading Romeo and Juliet.
A utopian story indeed.
Nonsensical, boring,
but I keep reading it.
I'm starting to like philosophy. I want to improve myself.
Soe Hok Gie.
-Where are we going?
-The mountain.
I thought we were going to the beach.
I really want to go to the beach.
Some other time, you'll go to the beach.
Over here.
Today, President Soekarno
officially announced
the concept of guided democracy
which he feels
is better suited to Indonesia
than Western-style democracy.
So you think that guided democracy
isn't democracy at all, Soe?
Obviously, sir.
Look at what's happened
to the press recently.
Indonesia Raya or People's Daily.
I'm not a supporter
of the communist party.
But what happened to People's Daily
is an example of a democracy violation.
It's as if we are supporting democracy,
but we cut off the tongues
of those who dare to speak up
against the government.
Those who dare to attack the corrupt
are all arrested.
Look at what happened to Mochtar Lubis.
I think those are signs of dictatorship--
I'm sorry to say,
our time is up for the day.
Thank you all for participating
in this discussion.
We are the new generation
who is responsible to eradicate
the messed up old generation.
We will be the judge to those
who are accused as old corruptors.
We are the generation who
will bring prosperity to Indonesia.
Our current leaders were raised
in the Dutch colonial era.
They are the living independence heroes.
But now, they have betrayed
what was fought for.
And the people continue
to suffer even more.
I am with you, new people. Who will be responsible for this?
Them, the old generation...
All the leaders who must be shot
to death at Banteng Square.
The sewing machine is here.
Sir, can you put it in that corner? Djin, move the table a little.
Djin, ask your father
to help us with this.
...which has lasted for ten years.
However, do not complain.
Our only hope is in the truth,
but the radio keeps spreading lies.
Once again.
The truth is ephemeral
and the world is full of deception.
It is fake.
Here is fine.
-My house is crowded.
High school has just ended.
I reminisce every sweet memory.
And I realized
that everything will and must go on.
There's a lingering feeling
about those memories.
As if I am afraid to look forward
and face the present.
And I can feel
how comfortable is the past.
-Excuse me.
But I am fully aware
that "Let the dead, be dead."
-There's a snake!
Gie! Gie!
Hey, monkeys! Let's go. The others are waiting!
Let's go!
Things are getting worse now.
The struggle
between the military and the PKI
must come to an end.
Whether it's a clash
or just an internal tension,
I don't know.
But we hope that it's only internal.
Prices are skyrocketing.
The capitalists are eating the people.
It is at times like this
that the intellectuals should take action.
To do something.
As scholars,
we must devise a new set of solutions.
They have to be free
amidst all currents
in a disorderly society.
But they can't be separated
from their social function.
Which is to act
on their social responsibility
in urgent situations.
The intellectuals who stayed silent
during urgent situations
have wiped away all humanity.
When Hitler began to show his true side,
a young woman
by the name of Inge Scholl said no.
She and her followers
had the courage to say no.
They were young, but they had
the nerve to oppose the evil leaders.
The Nazi regime.
It didn't matter if they died.
They fulfilled their intellectual duty.
There was no beauty in their punishment.
But what could be more poetic
than talking about the truth?
We have to invoke the courage to speak up.
We need new concepts and ideas.
We must do everything we can
to learn and understand
the current problems.
This lack of understanding
is the problem of all intellectuals.
Whether a nationalist intellectual,
socialist, or communist.
...the first time for all societies
who stand tall on top
of a political manifesto.
-...has become the politics of Indonesia.
Let us keep walking and fighting.
Based on the political manifesto!
-Long live PKI!
-Long live!
Long live PKI!
-Long live PKI!
-Long live!
We'll meet again next Tuesday.
Soe, I'm going to take him home.
-Let's go, sir.
Thank you, sir.
-Bye, Gie.
Gie, I'm Ben from GEMSOS.
If you have some time, I'd like to talk.
During a discussion with an exponent from
the prohibited Indonesian Socialist Party,
I met an activist for a movement
led by a former government official.
That former official's name is Soemitro.
Due to his rebellious spirit,
he was exiled abroad.
I've heard his political manifesto once.
He's a true idealist who was banished.
In principle, I believe we both agree
that the government
is going in the wrong direction.
And I would really like it if you, Gie...
Excuse me, Soe or Gie?
...can help us out on a campaign.
In what form?
Like an underground publication?
We can gather ideas
from young intellectuals like you
to create a periodic collection
of writings.
And the purpose?
Exactly like what you have been doing.
Creating public opinions
regarding the nation's current problems.
Is this a political conspiracy?
Soe, I guarantee this is a pure movement.
There is no involvement from political
parties, or high-level institutions.
But it doesn't mean that
we don't have supporters.
What do you say, Soe?
I'll be staying
at Dien's house starting tomorrow.
She's not used to her baby yet.
I'll be staying there for a while.
Mona, you take care
of the meals for Gie and his father.
Gie, you better eat home more often.
It's cheaper.
Temporary House of Representative's
second general assembly in 1963
assigned President Soekarno
as Indonesia's president for life.
This decision was based on
the initiative from Aceh representative...
Many new developments...
I was asked to meet President Soekarno
as a member of youth delegation
who agreed with the assimilation
and ask for his blessings.
"Ask for his blessings?"
At first, I was reluctant
because I didn't have anything to wear.
But I ended up going
wearing a borrowed suit.
Soe, are you ready?
-I'm Ah Tjong.
-I'm Ah Lin.
Good morning, Your Excellency.
I once talked to my friend.
We used to have different opinions.
According to him,
Soekarno has three kinds of titles.
Just like the old Javanese kings.
The political title,
Kawula Ing Tanah Jawi.
The military title, Senapati Ing Ngalanga.
And the religious title,
Syekh Ngabidin Abdul Rahman.
President Soekarno
was the successor of the Javanese kings.
Therefore his actions
are like the past kings.
Having more than one wife,
building palaces and such.
I am strongly against racialism.
This looks a bit too big.
A bit too big.
I think my friend was right.
The revolution of 1945
is our new religion. And slogans of the political manifesto,
socialism, guided democracy and so on,
are no more than prayers
that are thought to be effective.
I think for us in Indonesia,
it's time to say no to Soekarno.
The movie is heavy. I don't get it.
Where are you going?
Sit here at the front.
Join the discussion.
Okay, Deni.
You can comment first about the movie.
I told you, I didn't understand the movie.
You said it's a war movie.
Where's the shooting sound?
The main idea of this movie
is to capture the aspects of humanity
and the background of people
who only had a few days to live.
It is a tragic story,
but also a heroic tale.
Remember, the Japanese see suicide
as a noble act.
Let's see the first character.
He is personally against
the cruelty of war.
And therefore sides with humanity.
But why was he willing to die?
So the war would end quickly.
And he hoped to open
the hearts of the leaders
about the tragic of the war.
And then the second character.
He was so scared to face death
because he didn't want to leave his lover.
But on the last night,
he calmed down after imagining
his ballerina lover
performing a mystical dance.
And in the end, he also took his own life.
But you sympathize more
towards the first character, right?
Because Soe Hok Gie
doesn't have a girlfriend.
So he doesn't understand
how the second character thinks.
I like the music.
Although it has a Western tune to it,
Japanese music never lost its roots.
I mean, although the music
was composed in a modern way,
but whoever hears it can tell
that it is a Japanese music.
A strong foundation can't never
be defeated by Western culture.
This is a good analogy.
Japan is the land,
the West is the seed.
So even though it's a Western plant,
the tree has Japanese characteristics.
Ira, let's say you're the land,
whose seed do you want?
Are you crazy?
Is Ira home?
Ira, Soe's here.
-I'm leaving, okay?
-All right, ma'am.
Please come in.
Do you feel awkward
being alone with me like this?
If you're alone with me like this,
how do you feel?
I mean...
Do you feel like
you're alone with your brother,
your friend,
or your boyfriend?
What are you talking about?
Come on, let's go.
The others are waiting.
Once it's hard, then it becomes soft.
Then it grows.
The best one is meat growth,
especially in tight places.
Gie, you're a Catholic, aren't you?
The other Catholics and I joined
It's not a big organization,
but it's well maintained.
We have a meeting at my house next week.
We'd be very happy if you can come, Gie.
What for, Jaka?
What for?
Then we announce a new slogan,
namely guided democracy.
Yes. I'm sure, sir.
Then we set up a political manifesto.
And we lay the extortion of political
manifesto, which is U.S.D.E.K.
And we remind the people the need of
one Revolution-Socialism-National Leader,
or Resopim.
-Ira. Sorry.
Why are you walking backwards?
Yes. Why did he change so fast?
Don't think about it too much, Gie.
I already took care
of the auditorium for our event.
It's a really cool name.
It sounds good, Nature Lover Students.
Gie, about last night...
Last night?
Yes, last night.
At my house.
What is it, Ira? Is there anything wrong?
I just wanted to say
that you're really nice.
Nang, Pin. Come and help out.
All right.
MAY 1, 1964
World history is an extortion history.
Would there be no history,
if there was not extortion?
Is without sadness, without betrayal,
history wouldn't be born?
It's like, when studying history,
the only thing we find is betrayal.
Let's go.
It is there, in each and every part of
our life yet we can do nothing about it.
Yes, how tragic.
"Life is a misery," said Buddha.
And mankind can't be free from it.
For me, history awareness
is being aware of life
and the unavailing values.
Indeed, life is not always pleasant.
"Happy is the people without history,"
Dawson says.
And the historian is a person
who must know and experience life's pain.
What do you want?
Enough, stop!
Get them!
-Beat them!
-Get them! Stop.
Go away!
Beat them!
-See you.
-Yes. Thank you.
-Hey, Jaka.
Did you watch the movie too?
I saw you laughing at me
and Ashaf yesterday. I don't care
if you don't agree with my ways.
But if you think you can do something,
you shouldn't be too busy climbing
mountains and watching movies, Gie.
What's your point, Jaka?
You said it yourself.
We need a new concept.
We must do everything we can
to learn and understand
the current problems.
Isn't that right, Gie?
Which side are you on anyway?
Left or right?
Watch what you're saying, Jaka.
You should watch yourself.
What is this about, Jaka?
It's nothing, Herman.
It's me, Han. Tjin Han.
How are you? Sir, here are some clothes.
Goodness, I never
thought I'd see you again.
Yes, Gie.
I haven't had the chance
to go to Kebon Jeruk.
Where do you live now?
In Roxy, Gie.
Still with your aunt?
Whom else?
This is a revolution, Gie.
What revolution, Han?
No one wants to talk about it,
but the situation between the Communist
Party and the army is really tense.
Soekarno and Aidit are too close.
-And all this will blow up--
-Gie. First, you should join an organization.
So you'll know
the direction of this struggle.
The party is growing.
And it's gaining more support.
I'll introduce you to my friends.
They would be happy to meet you.
Think about it.
Why do Soekarno
and PKI support each other?
It's a game of politics, Han.
A game of power.
Gie, listen to me for a second.
You should remember and understand
why I want my life to change.
Why I want to have a decent life.
And like you,
I also have a sense of duty
to make sure poor people
can live decently.
This will happen, Gie.
And you should know that, Gie.
Listen to me.
Get out of the organization.
Trust me.
Political parties are now
influencing campus life.
Large student organization
such as the Indonesian
National Student Movement,
or Islamic Student Association, HMI,
to the smallest ones,
Indonesian Catholic
Students Association, PMKRI,
move and shout for their group.
I have no sympathy for them at all.
If students are making decisions
of political relevance,
no matter how minor,
the decision-making process
should be neutral
and based on strong principles.
They have to be brave to say
what's right is right
and what's wrong is wrong.
And not apply the truth
based on religious belief,
organization, or any group.
To me, politics is the dirtiest commodity.
The dirtiest mud.
But one day,
when we can't avoid it anymore,
then we should dive right in.
Have you seen Herman?
I just feel like we have
to do something, Herman.
It's getting more out of control.
All the candidates
are being used by political parties.
It can ruin the faculty, Herman.
It's not that I want to be a candidate.
I'm not interested to become a leader.
And I don't like this political bullshit.
That's exactly my point!
I think you're the most ideal.
First of all, you're the oldest.
And you have the looks of a leader.
And most importantly, you're not
connected to any political party.
Those are our advantages.
I'm sure the others will agree.
Let's make MAPALA stronger.
You think so?
But you have to help me.
Of course.
Let's put what we like to do
for the senate activities.
Music, movies, mountain hiking.
Of course, we still have
to fight the government once in a while.
I think it's clear enough, Ben.
I think I can submit this now.
My thoughts in this writing
is not too different
from Soemitro's manifesto.
We're very happy
that you're finally joining us.
There he is.
REFORM MOVEMEN Reform Movement Political Manifesto.
After achieving independence,
the reality shows
that we are still far from our goals.
We see with worries
that the leader of this
country and government
has brought the country
to a very alarming situation.
Individual dictatorship
and the ruling class
are not merely potential danger anymore.
But it has become a reality.
Don't let an infidel be your savior
or your leader. Am I right?
You're right! Is it good?
Can I fix it a little, Gie?
State policies and administration not only
contravene the principles
of humanitarianism and consensus,
they also have emasculated
and suppressed them.
Herman Lantang. Herman Lantang.
It's clear to us that
the term "guided democracy"
is a mere mask
used to oppress and destroy
the principles of democracy itself. It's time for Indonesian patriots
to rise and join forces
to save the nation from destruction.
...and his accomplices are revolutionary.
To all Faculty of Literature members who
are against colonialism, a revolutionist,
we invite your active participation
in this Senate.
We hope that this will also be
the expectation of our faculty leaders.
We believe that together,
we can fulfil that expectation.
REFORM MOVEMEN Wait a minute.
This must have something to do with you.
This country is so full of lies.
Gie, I have a project.
-What project?
-Just come with me.
Just relax.
There's a friend of mine
who wants to meet you.
It's been a while.
I prepared some cigarettes,
peanuts, beer.
I'm leaving now. Just relax.
I'm Soe.
Where do you live, Soe?
Kebon Jeruk.
Do you like hiking?
Deni and I love to hike.
Are you studying?
Do you work?
Nirwana Hotel.
Gie, let's try again.
You didn't say she's that kind of girl.
From Nirwana Hotel!
Gie, it wasn't just my idea,
but the others as well.
Gie, you should try to hook up with girls.
-You're crazy.
Gie, don't be too rigid about girls.
What girls?
You haven't done anything with Ira, right?
You have Santi there. You can practice.
I already paid for her. Let's go.
Ira is my best friend
and I respect her.
Don't compare her with that kind of girl.
I've told Deni that
Gie wouldn't do it
and he didn't believe me.
Gie, listen to me.
I'm sorry Gie.
Gie, I'm sorry. Forgive me.
I'm sorry.
-You're crazy.
-You were in it too, weren't you?
You're crazy.
We demand that the initiation
organizing committee to be disbanded!
In fact, the whole student senate
should be disbanded.
It's obvious that there are efforts
to get rid of GMNI from within the Senate.
Ever since the Senate was formed,
we have conveyed our objections.
Tearing GMNI posters
proved that there are counter-
revolutionary elements in the Senate.
Sir, can I say something?
I would like to emphasize
that there is no HMI
nor GMNI in the senate.
There is no faction at all.
The chosen individuals are not
representatives from any organization.
Instead, they are--
Hey, cut it! You talk too much.
What do you want?
What do you want?
What are you still talking about?
Damn it.
Hey, Herman.
You can't sleep?
I'm sorry.
The situation got messed up like this.
You were right.
Politics is bullshit.
Gie, I've been wanting
to ask you something.
What is the purpose of this fight?
This reminds me of my childhood friend.
In Kebon Jeruk.
He asked me this once.
Why do I always have to protest?
Even though my life was better than his.
Here's the thing.
We have a leader.
We have someone whom we admit
is the founding father of this country.
But to me, that does not mean
that he has the absolute power
to determine our lives and our fates.
Especially when we are aware that
there are manipulations and injustice.
If we only wait around,
accepting our fate,
we will never know
what other opportunities
we might have in this life.
Let's just say that
I want to see changes.
For us to have a better life.
The only way is to take down Soekarno.
Speaking of changing our fate,
yesterday Ira gave me the lyrics
to "Donna Donna" by Joan Baez.
I tried to analyze the lyrics.
The point is,
we mustn't accept a bad fate
and consider it
as a predetermined life for us.
Just accepting like that
like it is a curse.
If you want to live free, learn to fly.
Damn you.
Wake up!
I don't want to be a bamboo tree.
I want to be an oak tree
that dares to fight the wind.
OCTOBER 1, 1965
Something happened last night.
Ahmad Yani was kidnapped.
There's a curfew.
Come in, Gie.
I'm Soenarto.
Ben didn't tell you?
Now, I work with you here.
Ben was transferred.
-Hey, Yossy.
-Hey, Gie.
Car keys.
Good evening Mr. Soenarto.
You're with your friends?
Yes, sir.
I brought some friends.
-Let me introduce them.
-Yossy, sir.
-Soe Hok Gie.
-Soe Hok Gie?
In high-level politics,
there are two major political forces.
This is true in the military as well.
The first group is the anti-communist.
And the second group is influenced
by the PKI.
Soekarno leans towards
the second to balance the two.
Because only PKI can
counterbalance the military.
-Good evening.
-Good evening, sir.
Where are you going?
My name is Soe Hok Gie.
I'm a literature student
at the University of Indonesia.
Are you aware of the curfew?
Really, sir?
I'm busy doing my thesis, I didn't
have the chance to listen to the radio.
I asked where you are going.
I'm going home after meeting my lecturer.
Where do you live?
Kebon Jeruk, sir.
You better go home.
If someone suspects you as a communist,
you could be killed.
I don't understand.
I'm sure the party was not involved.
This must be a trap.
Like you said, Gie.
It's a game of politics.
What might happen after this?
Will the party be disbanded?
Come with me now.
Come with me tonight.
Just stay at my friend's house.
I can't. I'm staying here.
My aunt is old, Gie. Stay here tonight.
Every file, evidence
that can connect you with PKI,
hide them.
Burn them if you have to.
Find a place
for your aunt tomorrow morning.
If you can get out,
come to my house in Kebon Jeruk.
Jayakarta Military Commander
as the implementing authority
of Dwikora in Jakarta
has announced that in order
to secure the government in turmoil
regarding the treason
by a movement called September 30
Movement or Revolution Council,
such measures will be taken.
One, control every publishing company.
Two, prohibit any form of publication
without permit from the Chief of Police.
Regarding Berita Yudha publishing... make sure the publishing
activities run smoothly.
In his attempt to tackle
the influence of anti-communism group,
Soekarno's government
raised the food prices.
The objective is clear.
To make people panic
and stop thinking about eradicating PKI,
but to focus on their hunger.
And in this panic situation,
the military will be cornered.
Not taking action
will mean creating chaos.
Taking any action, then the people
will turn against the military.
Student organizations
have merged themselves into KAMl,
the Indonesian Students Acts Union
and will go on a rally with three demands.
And the most important thing, disband PKI!
Meanwhile, I think
that PKI eradication must be identical
with economic improvement.
If the Indonesian people are too poor,
they will naturally move
on their own and there will be chaos.
Destroy everything!
They live in their comfortable houses!
It'd be better
for the students to take action.
Meet Roeli, Yossy.
Roeli from Kris High School,
Manado, right?
-Herman Lantang?
You guys know each other?
He's an old friend.
They will help out in Rawamangun.
Herman is the senate chairman.
He can help you with your IDs.
Let's go.
The people have suffered!
That's right!
-Long live!
-Long live!
-Long live!
-Long live!
-Long live!
-Long live!
Hey, Djin.
-Gie, we'll go first.
I went to Kebon Jeruk
to help remove Mother's stuff.
Well, I've been staying
in Rawamangun more often.
I've read your writings.
They are amazing.
I'm going now.
By the way, I'm holding an afternoon
discussion for the campus radio
about the current issues.
Can I invite you
to come one of these days?
Who eats and forgets
about those who are hungry?
The ministers!
Who likes to dance and play with women?
The ministers!
-We can go in.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
-Let's go now.
DWIKORA CABINE We just need you to sign this.
How about this, sir?
I think you should step outside now
and address the students.
Stop by in Cikampek
-Make way.
Indonesia has many ministers
Too bad every single one is a crook!
Our ministers are all crooks
You're dumb
Remove the dumb minister
-Remove the dumb minister!
-Remove the dumb minister!
-Remove the dumb minister!
-Remove the dumb minister!
-Remove the dumb minister!
-Remove the dumb minister!
-Remove the dumb minister!
-Remove the dumb minister!
-Remove the dumb minister!
-Remove the dumb minister!
You're so dirty.
And you're smelly too.
Sometimes, I wonder
why are you doing all of this.
If you're going out again,
tell Mona to wash your clothes.
That night, I slept
at the Faculty of Psychology.
I was exhausted.
Eid is in two days.
And the year will soon be over.
But the memory of rallies will live on.
It is a stepping stone
of Indonesia's student movement.
A stepping-stone
of the Indonesian revolution.
And a stepping-stone
in Indonesian history.
Because we were fighting
for the truth and honesty.
To you, my country
We serve our lives
For you, my country
Our body and soul
We're thankful to God.
And the people have protected
and lead the country.
Bung Karno had just made a speech
and conveyed his important announcement.
It was disappointing.
PKI was not disbanded.
Communism still exists in the new cabinet.
And there was no reduction in prices.
Several thousand students
went on a rally again.
My fellow countrymen.
I hereby announce
that the president, the commander in
chief, the great leader of the revolution,
the mandate of People's
Consultative Assembly,
with a decree signed on March 11, 1966,
have assigned Lt. Gen. Seoharto,
on behalf of the president,
first, to take any action necessary
to ensure the safety, peace and stability.
To ensure the safety
and dignity of the president,
the commander in chief,
the great leader of revolution,
the mandate of People's
Consultative Assembly.
For the sake of the country.
And to implement the teachings
of our revolutionary leader.
To dominate government implementation
with other military commanders
with the best possible way. The future of Indonesia...
Ladies and gentlemen,
let's welcome our speaker.
Soe Hok Gie.
My name is Soe Hok Gie.
You can call me Soe or Gie,
but don't call me "Sir."
Yes, we can.
There she is.
the appointment of General Soeharto as the
President of the Republic of Indonesia...
Brave. Sharp. of the general court provisions...
-Very good.
-...MPRS, that is taking place right now.
Regarding the time
of inauguration and oath taking,
General Soeharto as president...
-Yes, Gie?
Leave the film there.
I'll take it to Goethe myself.
-Okay, Gie.
-Hey, Ira.
-Did you watch the movie?
I was two rows behind you and Cipta.
I'll try to come.
-Hi, Sinta.
-Hi, Ira.
Hi, Sinta.
Your article was published in Kompas.
My father read it and commented on it.
Let's go.
-Are you done?
-Let's go.
So what did your father say?
He said your article was good.
I really enjoy watching the rain.
Smelling the rain.
How about you, Gie?
You should join us hiking once in a while.
Do you feel awkward
being alone with me like this?
Do you feel awkward
being alone with me like this?
How do you feel?
What did you say?
Here's the mango. Eat up, Gie.
Thanks, Leila.
When was the last time
you saw your mother?
It's been a while.
It was her birthday.
When was that?
About one to two months ago.
Father seems healthier.
I heard you filed for a new name.
-What's your new name?
-Arief Budiman.
-And you, Gie?
Don't you want to change your name?
Are you Soe Hok Gie?
I like reading your articles.
Have you read today's news?
Hey! ...Indonesia Raya Daily
led by an Indonesian senior
journalist, Mochtar Lubis,
today claimed
that they possess
strong evidence of corruption
within Indonesian
Logistical Affairs Agency.
According to the newspaper,
BULOG has performed a scam
by selling rice under the table
which reaches up to 2,000 tons.
The sold rice...
Gie, do you think
Soemitro will be able to retain
his ideals in Soeharto's new government?
This manipulation will cause
a national loss
of 1.8 billion Rupiah.
And this number has not included the loan
from the government for BULOG...
-I don't know.
-...of 1.5 billion per year,
which according to the rules
-We'll see.
-in 1990.
How did you know where I live?
Mr. Soemitro sends his regards.
One day, he would like
to meet you personally.
-Hi, Gie.
Din, Men. Hi, Ira.
Let's go outside.
Why do you look so troubled?
You know, you don't
always have to be thinking.
In 1966, the government
introduced changes in parliament.
Pro-communist and pro-Soekarno
members were replaced.
And now, there are
13 student leaders in the parliament.
As members, they have the same rights
as the other members.
Several student figures who were once poor
suddenly owned nice cars,
going abroad back and forth
and were offered such luxuries
by parties with vested interests.
Some are suspected
to have enriched themselves
by exploiting their position.
Hi, Gie.
Hi, Jaka.
I know exactly what's on your mind.
I don't care about what you think.
I have the right to choose how I fight.
Hey, Jaka.
I understand your goals.
They are probably the same as mine.
Let's just hope that
what you have been fighting for
won't be tainted by your ambition
to keep your position.
Gie, let's go.
I'm off.
Gie. Ira.
Can we talk for a minute?
I don't...
really understand what to do.
I know exactly my feelings towards Gie.
I can't read his mind.
You two are close friends, right?
I'm sorry, Sinta.
I can't help you with anything.
The government
is reviewing the possibilities
to utilize PKI prisoners
with a total number of 75,000 people
to work on construction projects
on Baru Islands.
The government has been
spending additional expenses
of seven to eight billion rupiah
or 30 rupiah per prisoner daily.
Han was taken
in the middle of the night, Gie.
He told me to hide.
And then...
I don't know what happened next.
-No, sir.
-Don't take my aunt, sir.
Come with us.
Shut up.
Communist bastards.
The next day,
the soldiers came again.
They took some people
from the neighborhood.
I was taken too.
They moved me around, even to Semarang. I was locked up for more than two years.
I didn't know why.
But now,
I don't know where Han is.
He's there.
Come in.
...based on your attitude.
At the end of 1965
and the beginning of 1966,
in the beautiful island of Bali,
something terrible happened.
A mass slaughter
that perhaps has no comparison
in the modern era.
When Stalin was in power in Russia,
mass terror ruled.
The same thing happened in Bali.
It was aimed at Indonesian
Communist Party's mass
or those accused as PKI members.
And when those murders happened,
prisoners often begged
to be killed straightway
from fear of torture or such
heinous methods of execution
that no one who is sane
or believes in God could possibly approve.
Just once.
Because he...
Who is it?
The king.
It turned out that the military
wanted to test the waters.
To see who will win
the political struggle in Jakarta.
Communist Nationalist Group or Nasakom?
Or Pancasilaist?
Self-survival was the strongest motive
for their actions.
In order to succeed,
any trace and evidence must be removed.
The leaders who were once
devoted to Nasakom
turned out to be the most tenacious
and demonstrative haters of PKI.
Private armies started to wander around.
They were famous for their black uniforms.
With weapons like swords,
knives, clubs
and firearms.
The mass murder in Bali
took at least 80,000 lives.
Old, young, men, women.
And this is according
to the most conservative thoughts.
The burning of people's homes,
the rape of women accused of being
communists spread everywhere.
All with the blessing
of local political leaders.
Move over! One more!
Halo? This is the Sinar Harapan office.
Aren't you writing for Kompas today?
Gie. I...
What is it, Aristides?
I just want you to think.
Do you know where this might lead you?
Okay, I understand.
Give this to Dulah.
Tell him that it's for tomorrow.
-Yes, sir.
-Make that Monday.
-Yes, sir.
So when is our next trip?
To the mountain?
Do you want to?
It's 3,600 meters.
The highest mountain in Java.
We've climbed Merapi.
We've also climbed Salak.
Semeru is the only one left.
Okay. Gather the others.
We'll make a plan.
All right, Aristides.
I'll get going.
-About Gie's article.
Are you sure about it?
Think about it first.
-Hi, Soe.
What's wrong with you?
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
The media has strongly reacted
to the government's new policy,
requiring all print media,
to obtain a special
government-approved permit
in order to publish.
Indonesia Raya Daily stated
that the agency...
To Herman in Irian.
Herman, thank you for your letter
that never stopped coming.
I really need a friend to talk to lately.
Even writing makes me
feel extremely tired.
Or maybe I'm just fed up
and lack of inspiration?
Time goes by so fast.
More friends are leaving literature.
I really miss the times
when I, you, Ira, Deni
and other friends laughed, fought,
or even discussed with one another.
Ira is still here.
She's an assistant lecturer
in Indonesian history.
But it's still awkward for us to talk.
I'm sure you know the reason.
The faculty has changed a lot.
There are many fellow lecturers
who are not dedicated
and thus making the students equally lazy.
This is just one of the issues
I've tried to raise.
They complained that I'm too stubborn
and making a big deal out of nothing.
I don't care.
I'd rather be alienated
than to give in to hypocrisy.
I will write an article on this.
Herman, I'm planning to climb Semeru.
Maybe at the end of the year.
I really hope you'd be back
by then and join us.
I wish you well with your research.
Sincerely, Soe.
There he is.
Military domination will grow stronger
because they are the new heroes.
They are in power now.
And power will be
the steering wheel again.
I also predict that Islamic
organizations will rise again
and take control.
Meanwhile, the parliament
is full of people with political interest.
So it's impossible...
Who did they take?
Remi, John, Punama, Joko.
But the others have gone to check on them.
-I'll be going there.
I don't think you should go.
Roesli told me.
Your name keeps being mentioned.
To avoid trouble,
you should lay low for now.
You knew everything
about me since the beginning.
What do you know about this?
The only thing I can tell you
is to take good care of yourself.
Be careful.
Watch your words.
You always give harsh criticism.
Clearly, you have enemies.
Soekarno is down.
The fight is over.
And the military is in power now.
Which I helped to bring to pass.
And I have to stay quiet?
And be happy?
Is that it, Soenarto?
I've been wanting to say this to you.
I wanted to write because I know
I am the son of a writer.
That's why I know I can do it.
This notebook.
This is yours.
-Thank you. Bye.
I'm going to buy a book.
Go! Hold it!
That's it.
I don't know why,
but I'm feeling melancholic tonight.
I'm seeing Jakarta's streets and
its colorful lights in a different way.
They seem to have been transformed
into a different kind of face of humanity.
It all felt intimate, but empty.
I felt as if I was detached.
And the shadows on the streets
became very poetic.
I was filled with a very
strong sense of love.
I want to give love to mankind.
Ma'am, is Ira inside? Ira is resting and can't be disturbed.
Finally, it will all come to a normal day.
A once upon a time
that we've known for a long time.
Are you still as gentle as you once were?
Telling me to drink milk and sleep tight
while fixing the collar of my shirt.
Thin fog descends slowly
in the valley of love.
Mandalawangi Valley.
You and I stood tall
watching the forests as they turned dark.
Embracing the wind that turned cold.
Would you still embrace
me affectionately as you did before?
When I hold you, hold me tighter.
Will you still say,
"I hear your heartbeat"?
We are so different in everything.
Except in love.
The day turned into night.
I watch as everything grew darker.
Faces we don't recognize
speak in a language we don't understand.
Like the fog that morning.
Are you crazy?
You left without saying a word.
I had to go with my aunt.
DECEMBER 16, 1969
Gie asked me to give you a letter.
But I'm sorry.
I should have come yesterday.
But I couldn't.
There's some bad news from Semeru.
Some people spend their time
doing the pilgrimage in Mecca.
Others spend their time
gambling at Miraza.
But I want to spend
my time by your side, my love.
Talking about our naughty and cute dogs.
Or about the sweet flowers
of Mandalawangi Valley.
American Soldiers are dying in Da Nang.
There are babies dying of starvation
in Biafra.
But I want to die by your side, my dear.
After we are sick
of this life and wondering
about the purpose of life
which nobody knows.
Come here, my love.
All of you who were once close,
who once cared for me
and gave me sympathy and kindness.
Stand tall to face the sky
and the darkening clouds.
A person who plants no crops,
will never lose a harvest.
Come on!
The best fate is to never be born.
The second best is to be born,
but to die young.
And the worst is to die of old age.
Happy are those who die young.
Little creature,
return from nothing to nothing.
Be happy in your nothingness.
Soe Hok Gie died on top of Mount Semeru
on December 1969, on the lap
of his best friend, Herman Lantang.
His diary was first published in 1983.
The New Order regime
under President Soeharto
lasted for almost 12 years
and was once again toppled by students
in 1998.
Until now, Soe Hok Gie's hopes
for an Indonesian government
free of corruptions and a politic impartial
to groups, race, or religion,
has not come true.