Gierek (2022) Movie Script

What took you so long?
Security Service.
- You're coming with us.
- Why are you here?
- Move it, Gierek. You got five minutes.
- Come in, please.
To what do we owe the pleasure?
- What's going on?
- Cut the crap.
- Bitter.
- Get in.
Chop, chop.
Head down or you'll lose it.
DECEMBER 18, 1970
Good to see you.
- Welcome.
- Let's drink.
We need to retake power.
After the coastal incident
Gomka is done.
What are you talking about?
It wouldn't be right.
- Let him resign.
- Maybe I wasn't clear.
You will be the First Secretary.
The game is on.
Gomka ordered to shoot.
He won't be forgiven.
Besides, everything is set.
Here you go.
Thank you.
Who are you aligned with?
Rome itself.
I can tell you this,
I am good here, in Silesia.
I'd prefer to stay put.
You will move up.
You will come home for Sunday dinner.
What if I don't agree?
Otherwise, Moczar will take control.
Bloodshed will follow.
Dear comrades!
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
- There will be time for applause.
- All the best, Comrade First Secretary.
As the commander of the Polish forces,
I will do my part
for safe development of our Motherland.
Peace and order will prevail.
I give you the word of a soldier
who did the combat route to Berlin.
I wish to give you a humble gift.
Straight from the soldier's heart.
I drew it myself, in pencil.
- Beautiful, Comrade General.
- Thank you.
- You are truly gifted.
- Thank you.
Our general is a brown-noser.
Comrade First Secretary, get to work.
We count on your organizational skills
and encouraging party members.
We need you in the political office.
- Is this a request?
- Basically, a command.
From who?
I understand.
Just pick a prime minister.
It's warm today.
I returned from cold Moscow yesterday.
- How is our friendship?
- Unbreakable.
Brezhnev has eyes and ears. Be careful.
- What are you implying?
- Nothing.
Just stay vigilant.
It's a dog-eat-dog world.
A candy?
Would you like to help me?
I've been pondering it for a long time.
Be the Prime Minister.
Edek, it's a serious job. Am I fit for it?
If not you, then who?
- Is it an order?
- A request.
You think we'll move this country?
Filip, I don't think.
I'm certain we're going change it.
We'll introduce a new quality.
Go back with the car.
I want to meet the workers
as a regular person.
- Not as a dignitary.
- What about the bodyguards?
Stay put. We don't need security.
We're meeting our people.
- What are you doing? Come back.
- Stop!
Who are you?
- I'm Edward Gierek.
- The First Secretary.
Since when?
- Yesterday.
- From Central Committee?
On foot? Run out of limos?
- And who are you?
- Prime Minister Filip Rawicki.
It'll be in the news.
Let's not discuss titles.
I'm here to talk. Like man to man.
I'm a worker, just like you.
Stop bullshitting.
It's the truth. He worked in a coal mine.
He has pneumoconiosis.
We lost couple of our buddies.
Your men are secretly burying them
somewhere in the woods.
I understand.
I want to apologize for everything.
Let us in and we will talk.
Like brothers.
we need a place to rest and eat in peace.
We've been waiting for ages
for a decent canteen.
Ania's right.
I promise we'll get it done.
- But first, let's deal with key issues.
- We'll take note of it all, comrade.
- Good morning.
- Hello.
Edward, let's go. Sit by the table.
Believe me when I say that
we are cut from the same cloth.
You have to trust us.
We'll believe you when we see it.
You told us to go back to work once.
Then, you started shooting.
- Those people are gone.
- Yeah, sure!
It was a provocation!
There will be no more shootings!
- That's a lie.
- You have my word!
I won't send the army nor the militia
against my own nation!
Comrades, believe me!
The sole goal we have
is the one we've put forward!
But in order to achieve it,
we need your help.
I share all of your concerns.
You accuse me of lying,
but think about it.
Would I be here
if I didn't care about you?
I am asking you to help me, people!
Together, we can make a difference!
Why don't you get it?
How is it going to be? Will you help?
- We will.
- We will.
We demand no more repressions
against workers on strike.
Naturally. Consider it done.
We will help!
Carefully. These are expensive things.
Take it easy.
- Oh crap.
- Again?
- We can do it. Come on.
- Where is the third mover?
- We got this.
- I can't. My back hurts.
We have to. Hurry up.
You were drinking again? Come on.
Edzio, they can't do it.
- Gentlemen, what's going on?
- Comrade, will you help us?
- I will.
- Lift it up.
Slowly, but surely.
It's all good.
It won't fit through.
It seems impossible until it's done.
- A bit higher.
- Watch out!
Up, once again.
My wife's like a new person.
She cooks as if I were a king.
- Surname? Who are you meeting?
- Malak. The general.
Men and women differ quite a bit.
Just like socialists and capitalists.
- Surname?
- Malak, Wodzimierz.
- To whom?
- To the general.
Comrade Malak.
Please come in.
Tinted glasses.
- The latest achievement of optics.
- Soviet?
- What do you think?
- Soviet glasses would be much better.
- I'm asking about him, not the shades.
- What am I supposed think?
- It's their job.
- Then why did you persuade him?
Because you told me to.
What do your people say in the Committee?
He lives beyond his means.
He craves consumption.
- The West.
- He came from the west.
We need to be vigilant.
My superiors are watching.
- Mine, too.
- We have the same ones.
FEBRUARY 10, 1971
Is anyone else coming today?
Comrade Wygodo from housing construction.
- Wygoda.
- Whatever.
Grobiak from the Department of Culture.
Comrade Kojtel is coming
about the administration reform.
I can't meet all of them today.
I will make time for Wygoda.
Let him in.
Comrade, I am here regarding
the new housing standards.
Comrade Gomka was greatly interested.
Welcome, Comrade Wygoda.
Tell me about those standards.
It's about reducing the square footage.
Per person.
Let's see what we got here.
- This is a bathroom.
- Yes.
- And this is a kitchen.
- Yes.
- The kitchen is dark.
- No, it has windows.
But there's only one per floor.
For five families. Same as the bathroom.
It'll tighten the social integration
and bring neighbors closer.
We utilize Soviet models for this.
I suppose you are all for them.
Comrade Wygoda,
how long have you been doing this?
For ten years, so I have it down.
- It's long enough.
- You got a moment?
We've just finished.
Wygoda, life is short. Don't waste it.
Grab your papers.
Leave them. Someone else will carry it on.
Can you imagine this?
One kitchen and one bathroom
per five flats.
- It's nuts.
- He's a good man.
- There are strikes in d.
- We can handle them.
- Women are on hunger strikes.
- Do we have any reserves?
What kind?
- You tell me.
- We don't.
What should we do?
You'll have to help me.
My Russian is quite poor.
Edward, how's it going?
Comrade First Secretary.
All the best for you,
successes at work
and building communism.
Edward Adamowicz.
Do you want to tell me
how to build communism?
What's going on in Poland?
You're out of your damned minds.
You want to teach a father
how to make children?
Comrade First Secretary,
I want to thank you.
- For what?
- For everything.
All right.
Do you need something?
For what?
The people are hungry,
women are on strike.
You spoiled them.
Not at all, Comrade.
I know how you spoiled them.
With cosmetics.
You have fine cosmetics in Poland.
Send Muscovites mascara and powder.
I will transfer you $100,000
from my Swiss account.
Tomorrow we'll ship a big load.
Ten carts of face powder.
- Thank you very much.
- You will thank me.
You will have an opportunity,
Edward Adamowicz.
Thank you very much,
Comrade First Secretary.
- No, thanks.
- Is this how we're solving things now?
You get more flies
with honey then with vinegar.
- Stasia.
- For God's sake.
I'm exhausted.
As the First Secretary in Katowice,
you used to come home earlier.
Unless something was going on
in the mines.
Is it going to be like this?
Now, I'm responsible
for the entire country.
Not just one voivodeship.
I've been to the store. People like you.
People have hope.
Left corner up.
How do you open it?
- Coca- - Cola. Soon, we'll
be making it in the brewery.
I'll bring you a can opener.
- A can opener?
- Yes.
What is this?
- It's a can of Coke.
- What are all these?
Paintings of you. You can pick and choose.
Your favourite will be hanged
everywhere in the country.
What do you mean?
Just like Gomka's.
In work places, schools,
and in state offices.
Why don't you hang them in churches?
Have you lost your mind?
Quit this megalomania.
I forbid hanging up my portraits!
Take it all away.
- Wasiu, let's go.
- It was your idea.
Comrade First Secretary,
a delegation of youth came spontaneously,
as scheduled.
Ask them in.
Good morning, Comrade Secretary.
- Morning.
- Please, accept our eager support.
We are committed
to rebuilding our country...
Enough of this newspeak.
Tell me about your personal life.
Have a seat.
- Are you studying?
- I am at the Polytechnic.
I am at the Fitness Academy.
I am studying French
at University of Warsaw.
Very nice.
- Wasiak, show the activists around.
- Let's go.
Good bye.
Good bye, Comrade.
- What are you doing, Marzena?
- I will catch up.
- You moron.
- My goodness!
How well do you speak French?
Do you speak French?
Fluently as hell.
- Magnificent.
- I agree.
Please have a seat.
Would you like a painting to go?
For Marzena.
You got it.
This is a vehicle presented
at the Auto Show in Turin.
We can manufacture it - in Bielsko-
- Biaa and Tychy.
We would apply a few changes.
- Nice color.
- Nice shoes, Miss.
Fiat 126.
Edzio, it is a peanut.
Buy something larger.
This way we will motorize Poles.
A larger car costs more.
Poles deserve to have
their own four wheels.
- How many people can fit in here?
- Italians say it's a four person car.
For short distances only.
If you remove the seats.
- And the engine?
- In the back.
What? In the trunk?
I have trust in my people.
Comrades, you will see.
Poles will use them to go on vacation.
It is a four person vehicle,
so what are we waiting for?
Bottoms up.
I'll drink later.
- General, Wodek, sit in the back.
- After you, Comrade First Secretary.
I will be your designated driver.
I see. In that case I'll get in.
It's rather tight in here.
Small, but sweet.
Not too fast!
Professor! It's good to see you.
- Comrade, you are late.
- My apologies.
By the way, I wanted
to give you great news.
I'm greatly proud to tell you
that the Royal Castle in Warsaw
will be rebuilt.
The Warsaw Castle.
Your predecessor avoided the term "Royal".
That is correct.
But we will call it the Royal Castle.
In remembrance
of having kings in the past.
Why don't we call the First Secreatry
the First Foreman as of today?
It is truly an honor.
Come on in. Let's talk.
Edzio, look! You're so handsome.
What this?
I asked them not to hang up my image.
I don't want to scare people.
I'm Gierek, a common man.
Comrade Secretary,
they called from the Episcopal Curia.
Cardinal Wyszyski wants to meet you.
A response?
Set us up as soon as possible.
I really wish to meet with His Eminence.
Of course.
Is there anyone scheduled?
Bank of Loara's emissary,
Pierre Lavale, is waiting.
Ask him in.
Not yet. Miss Marzena, give me a moment.
Of course.
The First Secretary will see you now. Sir.
Pierre Lavale.
Good morning, Mr. Lavale.
I read your article in Le Monde.
I expected someone older.
What can I say? I am young, it's true.
Age is not relevant for well-born souls.
- Molire?
- Corneille.
- Splendid! Take a seat.
- Thank you.
You're a theoretician in credit banking.
An interesting way to put it.
I'd say I am a practitioner.
That's the goal of my stay in Poland.
The basis of theory is practice.
Mao Zedong.
Let the practice begin, then.
Miss Marzena?
Two shots, please.
It's not appropriate.
- Miss Marzena...
- Two teas.
- Is there a problem?
- No.
- Two cognacs, then.
- Two teas.
- Do widzenia!
- The pleasure was mine.
No, it's "do widzenia".
I got it! It means au revoir.
- Do widzenia.
- Beautiful!
- Miss?
- Au revoir.
Please, wait!
May I ask you out for dinner?
Hotel Europe's restaurant
has a good reputation.
Are all Polish women so restrained?
Such a question tells a lot about you.
My life's awful.
Someone needs to set me free.
In the name
of Napoleon's friendship with...
- Madame Walewska.
- Exactly.
You think big of yourself.
I am not Madame Walewska.
You're too tall for Napoleon.
I insist.
You need an escort!
But be careful,
I could follow you to Moscow.
You're impossible.
Are you going to come home
so late on a daily basis?
It was a long day.
What did you do?
What's for dinner?
I had a few meetings with bankers.
For so many hours?
I was at the Austrian Embassy.
Later at a meeting
at the Ministry of Industry.
We have a guest.
My dear boy!
Let me bless you, child.
What are you talking about?
In front of God all men are equal.
Your grandma knew it.
She said you'll be a king one day.
Without God you're nothing.
Kneel down.
Are you for real?
May God bless you.
Do you have crooked walls too?
I thought it's only a Polish thing.
In France, it's the same.
And acoustics are good?
I can hear it all.
Same as in France.
I need to check that out myself.
Mister Lavale,
please, go back to your hotel.
I guarantee it's built well enough.
You need to rest
prior to your flight to Paris.
See you!
Excuse me?
I'll be coming back
on frequent basis.
Miss Marzena!
What are you doing here? Leave my flat.
Calm down. Why did you get rid of him?
Have a seat. You're at home after all.
Take a seat, please.
Who, you ask?
Don't pretend. The French boy.
Don't be such a Miss Priss.
Jeziorak, shut up.
Please excuse his lack of manners.
That's none of your business.
You know what? When you take a shit,
it is your business.
Everything else is our business. Clear?
What do you want?
That's a good question.
We want to know everything
about the First Secretary.
Who he meets and what he talks about.
We need you to keep a journal of sorts.
It goes without saying,
this is for his own good.
What if I don't agree?
You have a really nice place here.
I love the decor. Right?
A beautiful woman like you
deserves a beautiful place.
In fact,
it would be a shame,
if something happened to you.
It would truly be a pity.
I don't need to mention
that this meeting never took place.
Why bother anyone? It's for your good.
Alright, then.
I must say, it was very nice seeing you.
We must get going now. Work's calling.
don't worry.
We'll see each other again.
My respect.
See you.
We will be back.
- Good morning, Your Eminence.
- Mr. Secretary.
Your emissary gave his word
that there won't be any problems.
Please, don't fret.
Let me take you for a walk.
I know it's an unusual place.
We must be discreet for now.
Our conversation's off the record.
We have to put up with inconveniences.
Gierek, I was told...
that you want to build a lot.
Very much so.
We're focusing on building.
It will be by large-scale, panel method.
Around 100,000 flats
are being constructed.
- We want to double that number.
- Great, my child.
We have to aid Polish families
in their needs.
Bigger apartments with bright kitchens.
It allows for a dignified existence.
We also would like to build.
God's houses.
We can work this out.
We will build.
And you will as well.
Take it.
Has it started yet?
- Compote? Anyone?
- No, thanks.
Our anniversary is in a month.
It's actually for my mom.
For me?
Edzik, show it to me.
Oh my...
Have you returned to God?
- A gift from the primate.
- Wyszyski?
You know that I believe
in Darwin's theory.
Humans derived from apes? Nonsense.
- Some people for sure.
- Like who?
May I have some tea?
One moment.
Thank you.
Wodzimierz Malak, for example.
Or perhaps the general.
Wasiak's ancestry hasn't been confirmed.
When are you going to the United States?
- Soon.
- When?
Buy a pair of jeans for Ada.
Party members' kids have American jeans.
He has the Texas ones, too.
Besides, I'm not everyone.
I am the First Secretary.
We must lead by example.
You can wear the Texas ones yourself.
I have nothing against American pants,
but it's inappropriate for my son.
He can't wear pants like a rebel.
Filip's son does.
He drives foreign cars around Warsaw.
They call him the Red Prince.
"Red"? Look at that.
And our son is a scientist.
You can buy jeans yourself.
You're coming with me.
I'm not sure if we'll have enough time.
It's going to be all business for me.
OCTOBER 8, 1974
Today began a six-day long visit
of the First Secretary
of the Polish United Worker's Party,
Edward Gierek.
The Polish leader was hosted
with honors by President Gerald Ford.
During the welcoming ceremony,
Gierek said the following:
"We have broken
and still are breaking new grounds
between the Republic of Poland
and the United States."
Why did he go to the USA?
I had three calls about this from Moscow.
What do you mean, why?
To see a fancy tractor.
- Comrade First Secretary.
- What is it?
I have to tell you something.
Quickly. I am in a hurry to a meeting.
Two men have visited me.
I know you know what I mean by that.
- I am to inform them.
- On whom?
On you, comrade.
Miss Marzena.
- Tell them the truth.
- They were here, as well.
Thank you for telling me. Don't worry.
Good morning, comrades.
Greetings, Wodzio, Filip,
and you, General.
Good morning, comrade Popiow.
You have a nice tie.
It's American.
Why don't offend the etiquette
and wear jeans to a meeting?
I prefer their suits.
You also have a Western style.
Thank you, comrade General.
Tell me about your trip to the West.
- It was quite fruitful.
- In an economic sense.
They have incredible tractors.
Their technology is top-notch.
You liked it there, didn't you?
- I did.
- How much?
Honestly, a lot.
More than the Soviet Union?
Comrade Ambassador.
It's hard to say.
I've never been
in a Soviet tractor factory.
Our agricultural machines are also great.
I'm sure, but I think that...
it's good to broaden your horizons.
That's how we can advance.
You forgot who you are.
You are speaking with a Soviet ambassador.
This country is our subordinate.
Please, correct me if I'm wrong.
Excuse me,
your wig is foreign or domestic?
It's Swiss.
What audacity to talk
to a Soviet like that.
He'll spoil the workers.
It'll be an issue.
They already have sausage.
They'll want democracy next.
I had lots to explain about the sausage
to my Soviet superiors.
We need to find his weakness.
He's closer with the primate.
Wyszyski won't last much longer.
The people will support him.
They won't when I'm done with him.
What's your plan?
Let him borrow.
Take loans.
A credit after a credit after a credit.
We'll discredit him.
We'll be the nation's white knights.
You'll be in the uniform.
- Comrade Prime Minister.
- Miss Marzena, Wasiuk.
- Edzio.
- Good to see you.
I wanted to discuss
the French president's visit.
- Quite fruitful.
- Correct, but look at this.
Food, chemical, mineral,
IT, and electronic industries.
- But what's this?
- Each investment is a light on this map.
A combine, a factory.
Everything we're going to build.
Tell me, why do you need this?
What for?
They won't accuse us
of defrauding the loans.
- Where's the fun industry?
- Filip, please.
We need to celebrate.
It's only 10:00 a.m.
And in Tokyo?
- Miss Marzena.
- Yes?
The latest People's Tribune, please.
With ice?
Cognac with ice? No.
Look how great it is.
Lights on.
IT and chemical industries.
I didn't think it works.
But it does.
Toast to the lights.
Wasiok's here.
- Comrade Wygoda.
- Hello.
Thank you again.
Take a seat, please.
Comrade, I'm here for work.
We would like to open
work centers in two more towns.
Well, comrade Wygoda.
Investments are allotted
regularly and evenly.
Sorry, but you must wait.
I'm asking kindly.
Those towns are small,
people are moving to the city.
A hospital is needed.
People would have work.
They'd have health care.
Fine, comrade Wygoda.
The hospital's yours.
Don't let me down.
Keep me in the loop
concerning the investment.
Let me know of the successes as well.
Primarily about the successes.
Well, it's just that the hospital
will ensure jobs,
so we'll need schools,
kindergartens, nurseries.
- And a health club.
- You're right.
I'm all ears as to how you'll build it.
I have the blueprints already.
Mr. Balmore from Credit Parisien is here.
John Goodman from the Blumenfoud Bank.
Armando Scuro from Banca Mascarpone.
Comrades, in the beginning,
I asked for your help and trust.
I promised you
that I will try to solve
all of your problems.
how many times I have visited you?
- It is the fifth time, Comrade Secretary.
- Right.
did you build the canteen?
Yes, comrade.
Cut the ribbon.
You're the real heroes. Do the honors.
Our good comrade, Edward.
He has the gift of the gab.
He's unique.
Don't look at me like that
or you'll vision will deteriorate.
He has got charisma that you lack.
What are you talking about?
Cut the crap.
You must control people,
not talk with them.
- They'll start dreaming of freedom.
- Ratings are good.
- People are happy.
- Exactly.
You said that it'll go badly,
but it's good.
We don't need to worry in advance.
- Brezhnev's coming soon.
- I know.
- How about some staff changes?
- What?
What staff reshuffle?
Reshuffle of cabinet members?
You can do it in a game of chess.
Big or small ones?
Let's make a call.
To whom, Brezhnev?
No. To someone much more important.
Make the call.
- I'm not doing that.
- Call, now.
No, I won't do it.
So I will.
- From your phone.
- Go ahead.
- Are you kidding?
- Leave it!
You might regret it later.
WARSAW-OKCIE AIRPOR We've been waiting for 15 minutes.
Don't be such a hothead.
It's not your America.
By the way, we might have a problem.
What kind?
There's a man at the military school.
He is a general.
Not my problem.
He's a professor.
The madman is working on the cold fusion.
If the Soviets find out,
it may get dangerous, especially for you.
What's his name?
- Kaliciak.
- He's coming out.
- Edward, come with me.
- Quiet!
Let's take a walk around Warsaw.
It's a Russian car.
- Indeed.
- It's better than any Western one.
Go away.
Get in, Edward.
Comrade Secretary General, bravo!
Switch the bouquet.
Good morning, Comrade.
Good morning.
Good morning.
You're living rich.
In Moscow, at the exhibit
of your cosmetics company,
the police had to intervene.
Comrade General Secretary,
we'll try to increase
the export to the Soviet Union.
However, we have to consider
our domestic market.
What's this?
Do you import from America?
Yes. The American formula.
We make it in Poland.
You don't share with us at all, Edward.
Even today, - I'll send you a Coca-
- Cola cistern.
A cistern?
Comrade General Secretary,
there's a problem with cans.
We lack a modern rolling mill.
We could use a steel mill
where we could make such canisters
from thin tinware.
You'll get your steel mill,
unless I die.
Comrade General Secretary, you look great.
I'm sick.
I think that after I pass away,
the Eastern Bloc
will undergo major changes.
We ate and drank to the full.
It's time for gifts.
One medal is missing from my collection.
Comrade General Secretary,
which order is it?
The Virtuti Militari Order.
I'd be delighted.
Brezhnev's not capable of ruling.
He can barely stand.
Why are you talking about Brezhnev?
Don't you see where we are?
Don't embarrass yourself.
Our distinguished guest,
KGB General Walenty Nomier.
The General was in Hungary in 1956.
- Later, in Czechoslovakia.
- I know.
- Good morning.
- Something's up in Poland, too?
let's not beat around the bushes.
As you probably know,
Brezhnev's days are numbered.
- He's sick.
- Yes.
Due to the state of his health,
the power centers in the Kremlin
have been relocated.
We have to go on the offensive.
A war. I thought it would never come.
The time will come for you to play.
Our path is, I would say,
in the form of
a slowly creeping evolution.
We're taking over the absolute control.
- Who's we?
- The KGB.
Our people are ubiquitous.
The rest are useful idiots.
What should we do?
The script is being written.
Gierek wants a strong Poland. We don't.
His job was to get the tech from the west,
but he became popular.
Poles love him and that must be changed.
- Should I get rid of him?
- His time will come.
We'll make people hate him.
He'll be a mockery.
Your team will be a gossip center.
- What kind of gossip?
- The crucial artillery.
He steals, lives above his means,
and is in debt.
You have talented people in the arts.
Give them work.
Let them spread the gossip all around.
Everything you do must be approved by me.
Yes, sir.
You'll follow my orders precisely.
We talked, so now it's time to drink.
What are you doing?
General doesn't drink.
Bottoms up.
One more, General.
One more time and many more
Ladies and gentleman.
NEW YORK, 1976
A special surprise for Edward.
Stella. Applause!
Let's have fun.
It'll be the largest steel mill in Europe.
Twenty five thousand people
will be employed there.
- Katowice will flourish.
- A great tale.
Focus, please.
Next to the mill,
we'll build modern housing.
A new train station, a hospital,
a school, and some clinics.
We'll show the world that Poles can do it.
You planned it beautifully.
You'll be praised by generations.
Stanisawa has a new hair style.
Straight from Paris.
She flies there regularly.
I hope it doesn't get squandered.
The history won't repeat itself.
We have matters with Husak I Honecker.
- It's enough of politics for today.
- Right.
It'll be midnight soon.
Five, four, three, two, one.
Happy New Year!
All the best.
Lots of luck.
What a beautiful hair style.
Thank you.
My cousin styled it.
Madame Stanisawa.
All the best,
a great health above all else.
- And to you as well.
- Good health is key.
- Come in.
- Thank you.
What you've just seen
is a line for a controlled fusion.
I started working on it in '69.
From the scratch.
We didn't have any expensive equipment.
In a few years, we joined an elite club.
- Who's in that club?
- Only a few.
Total of five countries.
Germany, France,
the Soviet Union, the United States,
- and Japan.
- And us.
We're the sixth one.
Only we use laser diffusion.
It's an innovative method.
We achieve a temperature
equal to that on the Sun.
It's ten million Kelvins.
I wouldn't turn that on.
Do you know
how many hoops I had to jump?
A lot.
Don't fret.
We'll remove all obstacles.
We plan to build
a nuclear plant in arnowiec.
For this we'll use our technology,
not the Soviets'.
What I am working on
has wider applications.
I'll tell you something else.
We're the first to perform
nuclear fusion without an explosion.
It was done with the help of a laser.
We got pressure of 40 million atmospheres
which is a world record.
How can we use this?
A neutron bomb.
Only Americans
are probably working on this.
We can't find out
anything from the Soviets.
This might set us free.
Can we talk freely here?
No eavesdroppers?
Lead walls.
Discuss this matter only with me.
Continue your research.
You can count on my help.
It might aid us in becoming independent.
They can understand only force.
I am glad that we're in agreement.
She has a crystal bathtub
and 24-carat gold-plated toilet bowl
just like the door handles.
The villa that she lives in
turns so that the rooms are always sunlit.
Useful, especially in winter.
In Katowice, he built an orangery.
Glazed with hand-tinted Merano glass.
- Each tile costs 100 dollars.
- We can write 200.
And it'll be his wife's idea.
She flies to Paris to the hairdresser.
She has a white horse on a yacht.
And she goes to the safari on vacation.
It's about the head
of the radio committee.
Onto the economic nonsense.
How about an island
with krill fishing spots?
Where is it located?
Nowhere yet, but it'll be stone-heaped
in the North Sea.
It's 4:00 p.m, the canteen's closing soon.
I can't make it
to the opening of the Gdask refinery.
I am opening
the central train station in Warsaw.
The Northern Port? Yes, I'll be there.
Good bye, comrade.
JUNE 1976
About the change in the constitution.
Intellectuals, scientists, writers
are sending in letters.
- That's their job.
- Open the windows.
We need to increase our support.
Loyalists are not enough.
Relax. We'll finance their movies,
and let them to publish in Paris.
They'll be content.
To be honest,
I'm in favor of controlled opposition.
It depends on who controls it.
He's constantly in your office.
- He's hard to miss.
- Get rid of him.
Send him to Mongolia or Zimbabwe.
They might need him there.
The armaments ministries under him
are growing in power.
Listen to me,
I have a feeling
that he's counting on more.
I feel stupid in front of the heads
of Western countries.
They are talking with the First Secretary.
What about it? The First is the leader.
I should become President.
the record about unbreakable bond
and the supreme role of the party
is there so that you...
Oh, Edek.
I have no practical state function.
You're the Prime Minister. Who am I?
They don't understand my role.
They have a few parties, we don't.
We'll make our own way like Yugoslavia.
They became independent from Moscow.
Tito arranged it quite well.
You know, if you become the president,
the general
will have to become the marshal.
- Once he gets his bone, he'll calm down.
- That's what it's all about.
Good bye, comrade Captain.
I have an urgent matter.
I couldn't prevent it.
He got onto the boat very fast.
Our mics don't have the range.
We need new equipment.
Read it.
Girek for President?
It'll never happen.
- I suggest to increase prices.
- It will lead to more strikes.
- That's what's needed.
- Should I derail him?
Shake him up for now.
- Pick an industrial site.
- Radom.
The central, armament one.
It's starting tomorrow.
Gierek won't go for it.
He only listens to Filip.
These will incriminate his son.
Purchases of expensive,
foreign vehicles,
car accidents,
excesses in hotels.
Where are you going? Come back here, now.
We're not done talking.
Don't you dare leave.
Where are you going?
We weren't done. Damn it.
He's a little squirt.
I saw him take off. American, right?
- Won't you invite me in?
- I wasn't expecting company.
What's up?
New prices, take a look.
Cold cuts' prices
will increase by 69 percent?
Ham, sirloin?
- I prefer brawn.
- I know.
Deli ham increase of 110 percent? Kudos.
Who came up with this? You?
The First has to enact it.
No, this is a political suicide.
Wait a second.
What is this?
An operational photo.
Your dear son.
He likes to party.
We fought so they can live better.
It's a pity...
that he's a road hog. He might get hurt.
We'll give him a funeral at state expense.
What do you want?
Let go of it.
Give it to me.
Photos or prices?
You're a decent guy, you know?
Take it easy.
Relax. Have a drink.
- You can decide on...
- You can go now.
Do you know what this means?
I know. There's no other way out.
What do you mean?
Economy! A monetary overhang.
Stop talking nonsense.
People will go berserk.
We must increase the supply
in relation to its value
and market services.
It's only a correction.
Look who signed it.
Scientists and professors.
- They're young.
- Yes, but more up-to-date.
They travel to the States.
- I was there, too, and what?
- Economics is a concrete science.
There is no buts here.
This must be applied.
We will lower the overhang.
Export will balance this.
Otherwise, it will get much worse.
This is too important
to let economists decide.
They will eat.
We will too.
What about the people?
It's temporary.
When will it be implemented?
On the 25th of June.
Why aren't you sleeping?
Because of the bastard with a Fiat.
Maybe it's Filip's son.
It is scary to cross the street
when he's driving.
Our kids have it too good.
They don't know what is what.
Don't generalize.
We brought up our sons well.
What's wrong?
I wonder what people say about me.
They speak well of you.
They love you.
We'll see about that tomorrow.
When the prices will go up.
I meant well.
You want it to be good.
People see that.
They have work.
You're working too hard.
You should rest.
Comrade First Secretary.
JUNE 25, 1976
Metalworkers didn't start work.
They left the plant and were joined
by employees of two other plants,
shoes and repairs, to be exact.
The entire pack is heading towards
the provincial committee.
- What is going on there?
- The First from Radom is waiting it out.
We promised them a decision
by 2:00 p.m.
There won't be any decision!
We're bringing units
from Lublin, d and Kielce.
- From Warsaw too.
- Why wasn't I informed?
Ursus went out onto the tracks.
Dismantled the traction
and derailed a train.
I knew it.
I was expecting it.
The shit hit the fan.
Who will clean it up?
Cleaning people.
We are getting the Motorized Reserves
of the Citizens' Militia ready.
We will pacify them.
The guilty will be punished.
I forbid it.
No force is to be used
against the workers.
These are troublemakers.
They're plundering the stores,
stealing shit.
I don't believe that.
- Workers wouldn't do that.
- Don't smoke here.
- Not during the strike.
- But they are.
I know the facts.
No force against the workers. Understood?
Only as the last resort.
Then, we'll have to tell them all
how much we despise them.
The more blasphemy
the better for the cause!
Comrade Malak,
give my directives
to the Citizens' Militia.
Yes, Comrade First Secretary.
You heard? It's time to play.
We did it!
I'll drink to that.
Drinking too much? We're just starting.
- In two years he'll be gone.
- I haven't received any orders yet.
The situation in the country
will deteriorate.
People will feel worse on a monthly basis.
- Supply shortages and rationing.
- Rationing?
- Like during the occupation.
- The war.
Start with sugar. Sweet times are over.
There's one more thing.
Kaliciak needs to be dealt with.
Leave the military alone.
The Warsaw Pact
will fall after the fusion.
YEAR 1978
You've got mail.
Good morning, Aleksander.
"Good morning, Marzena".
Wait a second.
- One more thing.
- What is it?
Sign there.
Date as well.
Miss Marzena.
I don't want to go out with you.
- Come with me, please.
- Why so official?
I'm on duty.
The mail came.
It's confidential.
- Only for the First Secretary.
- Financial that I need to see.
- It's addressed to the First Secretary.
- Comrade, don't you trust me?
I know top-secret information
in the country.
It's in English.
From the Credit Fund
regarding Poland's debts.
Please, translate it.
I want to know the content
prior to the First Secretary.
It's linked to the national security.
I can't. It's exclusively
for the First Secretary.
As far as I know,
you're trying to leave the country.
You want to meet Lavale in France.
Don't make it more difficult
than it has to be.
This conversation stays between us.
I absolve you of your sins.
I'll be seeing you.
Good afternoon.
- Hey.
- Have you heard?
- About what?
- There is a vampire around here.
- What?
- I'm so afraid.
It's better to stay in at night.
I'm praying for you.
Thank you, that'll help.
- Buy lots of flour and sugar.
- Why?
I reserved a place for you in a queue.
- Thanks, no need.
- It started.
He is lounging around in his villa.
- He has a crystal bathtub.
- Stop spreading gossip!
Do you understand?
His wife goes to Paris on a weekly basis.
- And I can't.
- Wanda, you can.
You can. I'm sorry.
- How's your kid?
- Right, sorry!
- Comrade First Secretary.
- Yes?
A confidential report
came regarding Poland's debt.
I translated it
and the general is interested in it.
- Did he read it?
- He asked for a copy.
He's blackmailing me.
Thank you for telling me.
If he asks,
we've never had this conversation.
The debt is too substantial
and that's bad.
The economy is overheated
and that's even worse.
And what's worst is that there's
an inflation of social expectations.
We can't live beyond our means
and must tighten our belt.
We suggest savings.
We must turn this situation around.
Those are our recommendations.
I understand.
Something doesn't make sense.
If we cut investments,
what will happen to the economy?
The production will decline.
If the production slows down,
the economy will as well.
The unemployment will grow exponentially.
However, that's good.
It's the best way to manage the society.
Comrades, I am at loss here.
Millions might end up unemployed.
People will lose work.
They won't have money and means to live.
- What are the advantages?
- Less queues.
It's like with medicine.
First, it's bitter, but later, it helps.
This is a shock therapy.
Thank you for explaining.
That's all.
I obtained a confidential report
from an international organization.
It's regarding...
Let's wait for the rest of the comrades.
- My apologies.
- Good morning, comrades.
Thank you for your presence. Take a seat.
I'll repeat for the late comers.
As I mentioned,
I received a confidential report.
It's regarding our national debt.
It's said that we borrow excessively.
We've built many factories.
When I took office I promised
that major cities
will get at least one factory.
I'm doing my best to keep my word.
We have built many plants.
And there are many more to come.
I was looking for opportunities.
As you know that took me abroad.
western firms are proposing...
privatization of some of the plants.
- Thoughts?
- May I?
Go ahead.
We're all communists here.
At least, I am one.
We're loyal to socialist ideals.
We're faithful to the working class.
Why should we listen to capitalists?
Where is the seat
of this international currency fund?
- In New York, comrade.
- Why are we even discussing it?
- In Washington.
- That's even worse.
Trusts, cartels,
homeless on the streets,
blacks with their hairstyles,
and we should listen to them?
When was the last time
you've seen a black person?
Yesterday, on TV.
- National?
- No, a foreign one.
I wish to speak about a formal matter.
Michalina Wisocka's book is out.
A cool lady.
She wrote about matters of intimate life.
Comrades, we should take care of that.
Thank you.
Correct, comrade, it's very important.
We shouldn't have such books in Poland.
You are correct.
I have crucial maneuvers,
please, excuse me.
- The general's right.
- Don't worry.
I appreciate it. Thank you and good bye.
Good bye.
Comrade Malak.
I'm forced to dissolve the meeting.
Thank you all for coming.
- We're done.
- Him, not us.
When things get out of hand,
we'll take over.
- One more thing happened.
- What?
A Pole became the Pope.
Wojtya from Cracow.
- He was always a bad news.
- Moscow will deal with it.
Get rid of Malak.
He knows what we talk about.
Stop your paranoid rambling.
He is a decent guy.
Either you deal with him
or they will do that to you.
Don't tell me later
that I didn't warn you.
Stop you whining. We'll find a way out.
Miss Marzena,
set a meeting with Kaliciak.
As soon as possible.
Tell me what's bothering you.
What do you want me to say?
You won't get it anyway.
It's about the economy.
Have you completely lost it
from all those meetings?
The economy is not magic.
They want you to think that way.
You'll be cutting ribbons
and they'll make key issues.
It's make key decisions.
Don't correct my wording!
They're accusing us of getting in debt!
That we must save
and hold back on investments.
So how much is the debt?
- Almost 20 billion.
- That is suppose to be a lot?
If you were a housewife, you could worry.
I hope you didn't listen to them.
Go. I'll finish this.
Show me that finger.
It'll be alright.
- What's up with Ferguson?
- There's a problem.
- Farmers need tractors right now!
- I'm an idiot.
It's an American tractor, get it?
Documentation is in inches.
They must convert everything
into the metric system.
They have to redesign it.
You were to handle this.
- That's why you went there!
- We went there!
We went together.
You have good vodka and ham here.
Vodka and ham.
Have I said it incorrectly?
You thought that we didn't have anything.
Now, it's only vodka and ham.
Why don't we see them in regular stores?
Not long ago, we still did.
Things are changing.
I saw a report regarding
Poland's national debt.
It appears that crisis is inevitable.
It isn't due to the report.
It's only a negative propaganda.
Poles have an irrational sense of guilt.
A debt!
What is 20 billion dollars?
You're doing amazing.
- What can I bring you?
- I'm good.
Black coffee and a Coke for me.
How is that?
Firstly, 20 billion is not a lot at all.
Secondly, you invest a lot.
It's your capital.
there is an oil crisis.
Europe needs you,
not the other way around.
Europe is eating its own tail.
Without new markets in 15-20 years,
we'll have a crisis.
How to bypass this?
It's easy for now.
We will continue to lend you money.
Twenty billion in loans, Gierek?
We want to lend you a lot more.
But we are still borrowing and...
in the end, we will be left in debt.
Sorry, I think
I don't understand it in Polish.
- ajdak.
- "ajdak."
Sounds nice. What does it mean?
It means scoundrel!
You will appreciate us.
I was under the impression
that these were...
conspiracy theories.
There are no conspiracy theories.
There is one doctrine
of St. Walter from Citibank.
We lend money to countries
as they don't bankrupt.
Business is business!
Follow me, please.
This way.
You have 20 minutes.
Edward, have a seat.
"The U.S.S.R guards the peace"
and the way to socialism,
the happiness of the working masses.
We will not leave brotherly Poland
without help.
Fruitful economic exchange
and close friendship
"are the basis of our mutual cooperation."
Comrade First Secretary,
I would like your advice.
I have a problem.
You have a rebellion.
You must regain control.
Do you understand?
Let's go.
Please, sit down.
Listen up.
Hour "'Z".
The martial law in Poland...
must be administered in winter.
After tightening the bolt
to the entire society.
It is to be a relief
after months of strikes,
anarchy, and catastrophes.
The streets are to be dangerous.
Amnesty is to be announced.
Release psychopaths and criminals.
Vodka is to be omnipresent.
Girek and his team,
and their achievements
are to be mocked.
Gierek is to be made out as a thief,
as well as an American,
French, and German agent.
YEAR 1980
What's this?
Explain it to me.
It's self-explanatory.
You know him.
It's sad to see
that a boy ruined his father's career.
I also have a son.
We tried to prevent it.
The Information about this
spread around Warsaw.
I'm stepping down.
- You think that's the solution?
- Most certainly, I do.
What do you think?
His resignation is the only solution.
Thank you, General.
Stay with these bastards.
What did you say? I beg your pardon.
Who defrauded the money?
How could your son afford
all those things?
Comrade, the world
will learn about you yet.
The fall from power hurts.
Calm down, Comrade General.
Calm down.
We just went through a difficult winter.
We need an export surplus
to pay off all short-termed credits.
The Prime Minister must be responsible.
He should be loyal,
and show humility.
Comrade General, I see
that you're greatly knowledgeable.
Why don't you take up the mantle?
I am a military man.
I manage the army.
I can't accept such a responsibility.
Whom do you suggest?
Tomorrow, we're having a meeting
of all ministers of our camp.
We have to attend it.
I'd like to put my name forward
for this function.
What do you think?
Pardon me for a moment.
- Barks, three letters.
- "Dog."
Nope. Oh, it works vertically.
What are you working on?
Paperwork for kids of alcoholics.
I'm doing a crossword in the meantime.
- Marzena's better at this than I am.
- Come with me.
You will be the Prime Minister.
- Thank you! But I am not fit for it.
- Come.
You are.
I would like to suggest Wasiak
for the Prime Minister.
He works with people.
He knows the problems of the citizens.
He'll cooperate fully.
What's our next step?
A busy bee.
He's young and still learning.
Comrade General, do your part.
We need a pretext.
An spark.
Tell your spies.
- Make the supplies even worse.
- On it.
Warehouses are bursting at the seams.
Production is at full speed.
What else should we do?
- Export it.
- Where?
- Export it to the Soviet Union.
- Bread as well?
Leave the bread to the general.
He'll need it for the circuses.
I am coming.
- Cow tongue, please.
- Alright.
We have new prices.
I haven't changed them yet.
That was to be expected.
So it started.
Dumplings, please.
We're ordering only dumplings today.
Dumplings, please.
I'm sorry to interrupt your holiday,
but the situation is tense.
It started in Lublin and Gdask,
breaks during shifts
happen also in other cities and plants.
Since when do we call them breaks?
We called them strikes before.
We don't want to agitate the society.
People are already angry.
What transpired in Lublin?
- They welded a locomotive to the rails.
- A common sign of workers' rebellion.
The transport was of washers
and food to the Soviets.
- That is worse.
- That's not all.
They blocked the railway junction
which is essential for the supply
of the Red Army
in Legnica and in the GDR.
The Soviet ambassador
intervened four times.
What's wrong? Are you out of breath?
The weather's nice today, isn't it?
We had good weather on vacation as well.
Poland's in ruin yet you're thriving.
You came in the Prime Minister's car.
Things change.
Good morning.
Comrade, you don't look so good.
He needs some rest.
That's interesting.
I've just returned from vacation.
We are talking about a longer rest.
- Where is Miss Marzena?
- Who are you talking about?
I'm sorry, who?
Miss Marzena Pazik, my secretary.
She resigned.
Do you like the coverage?
I'm watching sports not the gestures.
The Soviet Ambassador
demands an apology for this.
- I don't care.
- Comrade First Secretary.
Enough of sports.
- Right?
- I agree.
The shipyard in Gdask stopped.
We have contracts for ships.
We will not receive currencies
for the ones sent to the west.
We'll get a whipping from the Soviets
if we don't deliver.
Here is my best man.
He's aware of the matters
on the coast and elsewhere.
Comrades, here you have
a report about the shipyard.
Strike committee is there.
Who is the leader?
The leader is Lech Wasa.
He is a ship electrician.
They listen to him.
Anti-socialist players are aiding him.
From Warsaw, Kuro and his bunch.
Stay here.
Good morning. May I come in?
Of course.
- I wasn't expecting you.
- Don't worry, I'm here to talk.
I don't have coffee nor cookies...
How did it happen?
They said that I lack a safety training.
You're the only one I trust.
- Thank you.
- You have a guest?
As you can see.
Good morning, Mr. First Secretary.
- I'd like to borrow some salt.
- I don't have any.
- May the Lord bless you.
- Good bye.
I'm leaving. Bye.
- My apologies.
- I need your help.
Do you trust anyone?
I'm glad that you're here.
Dinner is ready. You'll eat.
I made a meatloaf.
You have to leave this place.
Where to?
You'll return to Silesia.
You're not safe here.
Are you coming with me?
I have to stay here.
You will wait the worst out.
You have lost it.
- Listen...
- I won't leave you by yourself!
You hear me? I won't do it!
Forget it. Understand?
Don't touch me! Let me go!
Stasia, calm down!
I beg you.
You will leave soon.
- I beg of you.
- Come and eat the dinner.
Do you want to see the Primate?
A bold move.
Listen, Malak.
You'll set up the location
in the governmental palace in Natolin.
- You can do that, right?
- Naturally.
Thank you, comrade.
God bless.
Good morning and thank you for...
accepting my invitation.
Can't we go in? We'll talk here?
There's an issue with the gate.
But I live nearby, in Klarysewo.
Shall we?
Alright. I will visit you at home.
- I will follow you.
- Thank you.
There's a conspiracy
in your immediate surroundings.
I was told of this,
but I didn't want to believe it.
Do you believe in God?
It's never too late to regain faith.
Your Excellency,
- I am a socialist.
- What does it matter?
I'm sorry.
We did you wrong do many times.
The past is the past.
I forgave my abusers.
I will pray for you.
The Pope prays daily for his country.
He offers it to God.
Let's talk.
If I don't resolve the strikes,
they'll do it for me.
- Do you know what it entails?
- You want our support?
If you'll entrust in God,
then I, Lord's humble servant,
will back you up.
Come with me.
God bless.
Thank you, Your Excellency.
Go to battle, son.
You must be strong. Let's go.
AUGUST 26, 1980
Reborn Poland
has rebuilt Warsaw and Gdask,
Wrocaw and many other cities.
It took patience and hard work.
But it didn't happen right away.
Our homeland suffered immensely.
We need to do so much more.
Even though a person
has the right to state their opinion,
at least, by refraining from work,
we know that this an expensive decision.
That is why work, not lack of it,
is a person's ally in their personal life,
family well-being,
and the nation's prosperity.
The more faithfully we work,
the less we borrow.
The demands may be correct,
and usually they are.
They can't be
fulfilled right away.
They must be done in stages.
Conversation is necessary.
We must deal with the Church.
Bring in a car.
You know what to do.
Wait for me.
Hello. Do you recognize me?
Of course.
- Put her on, please.
- I'll ask for Marzena.
- Are you ready?
- Absolutely, Mr. Edward.
Do not state my name nor my surname.
You'll go to Lot and buy two tickets
to Gdask for tomorrow.
I have to meet him in person.
- With Wasa? - - -
What did I tell you?
See you tomorrow at the National Airport.
- I gotta make a call.
- I have to go.
- I need to make a call.
- Go ahead.
Is everything alright?
Yes. He's going to d.
To have a new shirt made.
I'm to help him.
He doesn't want to hang by himself.
Maybe we'll find a new suit, too.
- Thank you.
- Don't mention it.
- I'll be back
- Okay.
Thank you.
New strikes have broken out in Biaystok.
The Citizens' Militia had to intervene.
Chemical plants stopped in Owicim
and Polifarb in Cieszyn.
- The post office in Bielsko-
- Biaa stopped.
Also farms in Podbeskidzie.
The signed agreement
in Gdask didn't help.
- What do you think?
- What do I think?
The agreements in Silesia still hold.
Every production plant
wants to have their own Solidarity.
If you're to travel like Jagielski,
you may lose all your strength.
Do you know what is being said?
That you have a crystal bathtub
and a golden toilet.
You stopped stuttering all of a sudden?
Sometimes it goes away.
They say that you have a yacht
and an Arabian horse.
That was Szczepaski from TV.
Your wife flies to Paris
on a weekly basis
- for an appointment with a hairdresser.
- How dare you? This is nonsense.
I'm repeating what's on everyone's lips.
They say that comrade is a thief.
Even if this is untrue,
parties' leaders listen to the people.
Do your job and I'll do mine.
It's what the nation is saying.
We're going to the cardiology institute
in Anin to rule out a heart attack.
You need to let me go.
Acetyl salicylic acid, two ampules.
What are you giving me? Let me go.
Please calm down. We will be there soon.
I prohibit this.
I still have some authority here.
Strip him of party membership,
all titles, awards, and decorations,
as well as honorary titles.
He is no more First Secretary Gierek
but a meaningless man.
No funeral at the country's expense,
not even flowers.
It would suit you.
Even I will drink to that.
It's the General.
Are you sure?
- It's a damned joke.
- What is it?
He made it.
- I'd like... - - - What
would you like, Gierek?
- You don't work here anymore. Get it? - -
- Malak?
I made you.
- And I will break you.
- What do you want?
All kids will mock you
to the end of all days.
You'll remain a pariah and a thief.
- I didn't steal a thing. - - - Just stop.
No one will ask about it.
Besides you were only a pawn.
The plants you built will go to hell.
Without people you won't win.
In a few decades,
this nation will not exist.
You built a highway,
use it on your way out.
The owner of the premises wants you out.
Right away, of course.
Move it.
You have five minutes to pack. Got it?
Bonjour, Gierek.
Five minutes.
OCTOBER 18, 1981
A right man in his rightful place.
- All the best, comrade General.
- Thank you.
I will guard the alliance
between Poland and the Soviet Union.
Hurry up.
- Congratulations.
- I will guard the alliance.
Rightly so.
You're dreams came true.
Excuse us.
I wanted to thank you, personally.
Thanks to you, Soviet comrades trusted us.
I appreciate it.
A traitorous pig.
What took you so long?
Security Service.
- You're coming with us.
- Why are you here?
Move it, Gierek. You got five minutes.
Come in, please.
To what do we owe the pleasure?
- What's going on?
- I don't know.
Cut the crap.
What is going on?
Can I talk with my wife for a second?
We don't have time for this.
What do you want from my husband?
Haven't he gone through enough hell?
Stasia, calm down.
They're following an order.
- Take this.
- What is it?
Just take it.
Enough of it. The nation's watching.
Excuse me. Coat.
Gierek, we don't have time. Hurry up.
- Oh my...
- It's alright.
It's alright now.
- Put it on.
- How long will it take?
Let's go. Come on.
I said move it.
Where are you taking my husband?
- On vacation.
- I'll let you know as soon as possible.
Take the suitcase.
Come on.
Get into the car.
Head down or you'll lose it.
Where are we flying?
The Soviets are back?
They never left.
What the hell's going on?
The General made an order.
Moscow actively assisted.
Quiet, no talking.
Get out! Quickly!
What is going on, Lieutenant?
No questions allowed.
It smells like Russia.
It's the Soviet cold. I can feel it.
Shut up! The command is easy on you.
- I'd have you shot immediately.
- Where are we?
Shut it!
Our homeland is standing at the precipice.
The achievement of many generations,
the Polish house raised from ashes
is falling to pieces.
The structures of the country
are not working.
- The economy is receiving new blows.
- Surname.
- You don't recognize me?
- Give me your surname.
- First Name.
- Edward.
- Father's name.
- Adam.
- Marital status.
- Stop it, Lieutenant.
- I'm a Major.
- Room 202.
- Surname.
- Olak.
- What is it?
- Olak.
- Stanisaw.
- Father's name.
Look at us.
We're heading up.
I'm relieved that we're in Poland.
Back to the roots.
I'm staying until Wednesday.
Is he going to stand here all the time?
At least we have a stash of penicillin.
That's inconceivable. Gbokie.
I signed documents myself
to close down this training ground.
Twenty kilometers to the closest village.
You are the disgrace of the Polish nation.
Social outcasts.
But your homeland, like a good mother,
is not throwing you out.
In this facility
you'll mull over your mistakes,
and perversions.
After stealing from the nation
and feeding on it like parasites.
Bad comparison.
You'll get one hot meal a day
and a 15-minute walk.
For all of your banditry,
you'll stand
in front of the state tribunal.
For this you may be killed.
I don't see any questions, so turn left.
Pick him up.
March to the facility.
As they say, due to today's celebration.
As they say, on Christmas Eve...
Happy Holidays.
Tomorrow, we meet at the same time.
Help yourselves.
Raise your hand, oh, child of God
Bless your beloved motherland
In good advice, in being well
Support her strength with yours.
Our house and its possessions
With all of the villages and cities
The word became the body of Christ
And it lived between us.
My warmest welcome, General.
Your Polish is quite good.
- My wife's from here, so...
- I know. We know everything.
Our congrats for your new function.
We are proposing full cooperation.
I'm at your disposal.
Despite the Western sanctions
we can offer you billions in credit.
How should this be done?
You have imposed restrictions, embargo.
Reagan prohibited the import of feed.
Leave it in our hands.
No French, nor American money.
It will come from tax havens,
the Bahamas and Panama.
You don't need to worry about anything.
Just cash.
No licenses, technology, nor plants.
I'm done with working class.
He understands.
Money must be available
before the holidays.
The nation demands fruit.
There won't be any problems.
You have my word for it.
If you ever wish to change the system,
we'll send you a Harvard professor.
- He's an expert.
- Sounds great.
It's a pleasure doing business with you.
YEAR 1982
I'm glad you came, son.
Your whole family's waiting.
I'll take that.
Gierek's history is a universal story
of an attempt at introducing a change
in a country which was leveled
in World War II
and lost almost half
of its national fortune
and one-fifth of its population.
Gierek built over 600
state-of-the-art manufacturing plants
for the most prospective business areas:
automotive, electronic or raw material.
I wonder...
if someone will ever say
that I was a good person,
a Pole,
a host,
and a patriot.
That I really loved this country.
It was an civilizational leap
comparable to the industrial revolution
or South Korea reaching the list
of the top ten richest countries
after WWII.
Poland reached the peak in a few years,
until it was stopped by a coup d'tat.