Gift (2014) Movie Script

M Cinema - First Work
Kenichi Endo
Matsui Rena
By the way, do you know Yamaki-san?
Yeah I do.
That person who is super touchy.
He came?
He came yesterday and
wouldn't stop touching.
Isn't he totally disgusting?
Where did he touch you?
Around here... isn't he
seriously disgusting?
How should I handle this, Mr. Chairman?
Handle what?
About sending a gift to
Legislator Kakinuma's daughter.
Since this is a wedding
gift, is a clock okay?
This tastes bad.
[Shinozaki Zenzou]
Hey, have you seen my wallet?
Didn't you forget it at home?
I definitely brought it. It's a Louis
Vuitton I got from Itoi-san on my birthday.
No way.
Itoi-san, wasn't he Saori's customer?
My bad Saori for taking him, even
though you have so few already.
I refused at first but Itoi-san insisted.
Want it?
I don't want it.
I've finished cleaning the closest.
Oh, are you done already?
I can't eat this, it's too salty!
And you used flavor enhancers didn't you?
I'm so sorry!
I'll come again on Monday,
so next time I'll...
Then when should I come?
You're fired.
Mr. Chairman, about the
factory in Indonesia.
You too.
You're fired too.
Constantly blabbering about trivial things.
If you want to chat that badly,
call your mother back home.
Send me an order of your
finest sushi immediately.
"Who is this?" Can't you
recognize my voice?
It's Shinozaki Zenzou!
Bring it immediately!
Good grief!
Will he be okay on his own?
Like I care.
There's a reason he has no family
or friends that cares about him.
If he wasn't the Chairman, he'd
be just a stubborn old man.
He was always careful about his health,
but recently he's become even more strict.
I wonder what happened?
Shitty old man. Nobody will be
happy if you live for a long time!
You're too loud!
[Help me]
Don't act big when you only
have this much, you ugly bitch.
Stealing is a bad habit, Saori-chan.
If you need money that badly, change jobs.
There's no need to earn money this slowly,
I'll introduce you to a good store.
Ah yes, the host that deceived you...
was it Shinya?
They seem to have found him.
He's probably fish food by now.
It can't be helped since he
took money from the group.
Scary, isn't it?
But I'm part of a normal financial
institution, so I'm a conscientious person.
What's so funny?
What was his name again... Takahiro was it?
Maybe I should talk to him?
You looked into him?
Stop being so irresponsible then.
(TL: 1 million yen is
about $8,300 or 6,800)
Including interest, give me 1
million yen by the weekend.
Otherwise, I'll make you
work in a soapland.
Ramune flavor.
Please come again.
Sorry for the wait.
Reading a book?
What happens in it?
It's about a lion.
Was the grandma's wallet not enough?
Do you want money that badly?
Call the police if you want.
Can you drive a car?
I'm asking if you have a driver's license.
I do, but what's with you?
You're hired.
What are you saying?
I'll buy 100 hours of your
time for a million yen.
It's much better than stealing right?
100 hours... 1 million yen?
No, I can't do perverted things like that.
Where did you even get that idea from?
I have a bad leg.
I need someone to carry
my bag while I travel.
I'm traveling to Tokyo to give
a present to my daughter.
I want to stop by several
places on the way.
How about it?
If you refuse, we're going
straight to the police.
So damn slow.
Hey, what's inside this thing?
It feels too heavy for just that.
Also money.
I just tried to steal from you and
you're making me carry your money?
The money is only a small amount to me.
But if you do it again, I'll definitely
find you and hand you over to the police.
I'll have no problem finding you.
Just who are you?
Why are you making me do this?
Someone like you is perfect.
Yes. I found someone perfect.
I'll call you again later.
Did you talk about your life
story while renting a car?
Blame him.
I am so sorry for the wait. Are
you traveling with your father?
Of course not.
Have safe trip! Please be careful.
Drive more carefully.
I can't help it since it's been awhile.
Head in the direction of Tokyo for now.
Yes, yes.
Too noisy.
It's too noisy, turn it off.
Do you have hearing problems
you shitty old man.
Watch your mouth.
Your name, what should I call you?
You don't need to know.
Tell me already, or I'll
just call you old man.
It's Shinozaki. And you are?
Hey, you really giving me 1 million yen?
Speak to me respectfully.
Are you really going to
pay me 1 million yen?
I'll give it to you in 4 days,
once we safely arrive in Tokyo.
But if you're rich, can't you have
others like family help you instead?
Why hire someone like me?
And for 1 million yen too.
Don't ask questions.
Just do as you're told.
Once we get to Tokyo,
you'll let me go right?
Yes, do as you wish.
I see.
Where are we going first?
We're almost there.
Excuse me, do you know where she went?
What are you doing?
Waiting here.
You're coming too.
I'll pass, it's too much of a hassle.
You can't refuse. Don't forget you're
my driver and my luggage holder.
For 24 hours a day you'll obey me,
drive the car and carry my luggage.
You're to do exactly as you're
told, like you're a puppet.
That's why you're getting
paid 10,000 an hour. Got it?
What an irritating lecture.
Did you say something?
I didn't.
Give me the bag.
[Ending blessing]
How subtle.
If you get a fortune like ending blessing,
you don't know how to react to it.
Shut up.
Subtle again.
Hey, how many are you going to draw?
Until I win.
Win? You mean getting a great blessing?
Are you stupid?
Go over there.
Tie these up over there.
[Middle blessing]
Excuse me...
You're not supposed to
draw that many fortunes.
I've visited here many
times before in the past.
Thank you for your patronage.
But I've always lost. Is a
winning one even inside?
By a winning one, you mean..?
Great blessing.
It's not about winning or losing.
Fortunes are about understanding
the significance of each one.
I built a company called
Esumaru Fuzu from nothing.
I obtained money, power, and fame.
In other words, my life has
been extremely successful.
So a great blessing should come out for me.
Because otherwise, that means
that this shrine is a fraud.
Fraud? You...
What's with this piece of paper?
It costs 1 to make doesn't it?
But swindling people 100 for it.
Some old man, who reeks of cigarettes, pushes
one button to mass produce this right?
Even knowing that, I continue
giving you my money.
You have a problem with that?
What a troublesome person.
Is a great blessing even inside?
Look, I got great blessing! Wow!
Let's go.
[Small blessing]
[Great blessing]
Great blessing!
Great blessing!
I finally got it. Let's go! Bring my bag.
He's a damn kid.
"If you follow the path of honesty, you will
achieve your goal." So my wish will come true.
Why did you want that so badly?
When did you frequent that shrine?
A long time ago.
So you're revisiting the
places from your past?
Is this a trip of memories?
Why are you doing this?
Shut up.
So hard to talk to.
What's spicy?
Explain it to me, what's spicy?
It's too much of a pain.
Youngsters these days immediately say that.
You're the one that runs your
mouth off when you feel like it.
Just how twisted is your personality?
I told you to speak to me respectfully.
That was dangerous!
Were you surprised?
I'm talking because I'm getting sleepy.
If you value your life, sit in the front.
Because it's hard to talk to you.
So, why are you revisiting
all these places?
I've decided to live in
an island in the south.
By island in the south, you mean Okinawa?
Does it matter?
I'm sick of it. This country
and the people in it.
That's why you're revisiting
these places from your past.
I honestly thought you only
had a few months to live.
But you don't give off that feeling.
Even if that was the case, I wouldn't
struggle against the inevitable.
Everybody dies in the end.
You and I are no exception.
How old is your daughter?
What's the present?
Does it matter?
It doesn't matter, as
long as I get my money.
Do you like money that much?
Is there anyone who doesn't?
I'm tired.
I'll rest for a bit.
[Kotobuki Inn]
What is this place?
Hey, just what is this place?
Weren't we going to eat?
Let me help you.
It's this way.
Huh? What are you doing?
Stop it!
Give the bag back!
You're Shinozaki right? Welcome.
I'm sorry for the sudden request,
even making you clean the room.
I've prepared the room in the back.
And who's this?
Well, it's a long story.
There's something I need you to do.
No, I can't do this.
Come here.
Now, let's go.
I got it, I'll go! I'm going damn it!
This takes me back.
Yes, my mother used to talk a
lot about you, Shinozaki-san.
Your mother helped me a lot back then.
It really is nostalgic.
Do you really remember me?
Of course I do! What was it again?
Are you talking about that game?
Yes, that game!
Was it playing cards...?
Or was it Othello...?
Baseball pinball?
Baseball pinball! That's really nostalgic.
That's right, baseball pinball.
It's so nostalgic.
Who was that person that lived next door?
It's on the tip of my tongue...
Yes, He-chan! We played together.
Even though we had nothing
back then, it was still fun.
Yes, it really was fun.
It's like a time slip.
Yes, a time slip.
After my mother passed away, the boarding house
was closed and used as a warehouse for my store.
What kind store do you have...?
That's right, the money I promised.
Sorry to trouble you for this.
Then please enjoy your stay.
Should I prepare two futons here?
Leave one in the next room.
If you need anything, I'll
be in the main house.
Please ask if you need anything.
This is the room where I used to live.
I heard it was being torn down, so I
wanted to sleep here one last time.
I paid 500,000 for one night.
I need you to do something.
This is your job.
What's this?
Don't come back until you have
all the things on that list.
Canned sardines.
Yakisoba Taro.
Squid delicacy?
What's that?
There are no problems on my end.
I don't have any relatives and
nobody will be troubled by this.
No, I won't regret this.
I'll see this through to the end.
[Help me]
What is this?
What are you going to do
if an incident occurs?
Don't worry.
Did he really live here?
He says he did, so isn't it true?
Although he might be senile.
He only gave you 50,000 for
cleaning and furnishing the place!
Bringing a young woman with
him, who knows what he's doing.
If you're worried that
much, check for yourself!
I'll visit the store tomorrow.
Let's go for sushi.
I had some money come in.
Lecherous old man.
No? What? You want Yakiniku?
I used to dream about
stuffing myself with this.
With this food?
After leaving the
countryside when I was 18,
I rented this room with my friends.
On our payday we celebrated
by eating and drinking.
I come from a family of poor farmers.
I had 8 siblings.
I hated the countryside, so I came here
immediately after graduating high school.
And worked my butt off.
I wanted to be rich no matter what.
Even though I can eat whatever I want now,
I still crave things
like this occasionally.
I see.
What? Aren't you going to eat?
No... I'm done.
I know, try adding this. It's pretty good.
Are you a monkey, using
something like that?
What's that supposed to mean?
Hurry up and clean this up.
Hey, you said you wanted to eat this.
Do you know how many stores
I visited to buy all this?
That's a given, it's your job after all.
You were happily eating it
just a few moments ago too.
Shut up.
I don't know how great
you're supposed to be,
but isn't this why people
only come to you for money?
I don't want to hear that from you, thief.
You had to pay this thief to
even make this trip possible.
That man earlier didn't even remember you.
He was laughing in the back.
He was only playing along for the money,
but you were happily talking
about nostalgia like an idiot.
Just what do you think you know?
You made a living by flattering and flirting
with men didn't you? You stupid woman.
I quit, I quit, I quit!
Like I can work like this.
Running away like you always do?
I wonder what your parents would think.
Sorry to disappoint you,
but they're dead already.
Because I stabbed them.
Did you stop working at the store?
Where are you? It's unfair to
disappear without saying a word.
Nowhere in particular.
You can't run from me.
I'll chase you til the ends of the earth.
I didn't run away. I found an easy target.
I'll return with a lot of money.
Are you telling the truth?
I'll be waiting, Saori-chan.
[If you can imagine it, you can do it]
How stupid.
Shinozaki Zenzou-san?
Who is this?
This is the Hiranuma Police Department.
Does Yamane Saori work for you?
The guy was in the wrong for persistently trying
to pick you up, but that's no excuse to hit him.
It's your fault in the first place for
walking around aimlessly at this time.
Despite what happened in the past, someone has given
you a chance by hiring you. So take it seriously.
Hey, are you listening?
And you, sorry for the trouble.
Why are you addressing me like that?
And what she did was self-defense.
You grabbed the wrong person.
Then isn't it logical to escort her home?
What did you say?
And what's with your arrogant attitude?
Are the police that great?
Even when you're clearly brainless?
If you were my employee, you would be fired in three days.
No, not three days, in half a day!
It's not "you", my name is Shinozaki!
It's okay.
This was my fault.
Let's go.
Who does he think he is?
I'm sorry.
What was with that officer's attitude?
It can't be helped, because I was
in a juvenile detention center.
It doesn't matter where you were.
That's no excuse to treat people like that.
It doesn't matter? It was a
juvenile detention center.
Still, is that a reason to apologize?
Don't apologize when you're not at fault.
It's just funny watching
you lose your temper.
Are you making fun of me?
No, I was trying to compliment you.
Old man.
Do you have a bad sense of direction?
It's this way.
8 Years Ago
You asshole!
You little shit!
I'm sorry!
What the fuck were you thinking,
ripping up a photo of your mother?
What are you doing?
You little shit!
You little shit!
What are you doing!?
Get out the way!
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
You little shit...!
What are you trying to do to your mother?
Mother? How are you a mother?
You've never acted like a mother to us!
If the two of you had never been
born, I would've been much happier!
Are you okay? Mom!
Please don't die!
Are you okay?
Half a Year Later
You have some nerve coming here.
Enough, she got drunk and died after getting
hit by a car. Saori is not at fault.
That's enough.
This is all your fault.
Mom didn't come home because she hated you.
It's your fault that mom died!
[Family: None]
Please come again.
But this place will be torn down soon.
Until we meet again.
Hey, was 500,000 really enough?
Was 500,000 too little?
Huh? This person gave you
500,000 yesterday right?
Of course it's more than enough.
Your husband is treating
Vanessa to sushi today.
You have a bad personality.
What are you talking about?
It looks corny.
Idiot, it's an underrated classic.
The star in this one,
Kakyoin Noriko, was superb.
I think it came out when
I was 22 years old.
And to think they're showing
it in theaters again.
It's a movie you remember fondly.
Let's go inside.
[Private number]
It's Takahiro.
I got a weird phone call
from a guy named Chiba.
What did he say?
To ask you for more information.
I'm living an honest life.
I don't know what you're involved in,
but please don't drag me into it.
I understand that. It's okay.
I won't cause you any trouble.
That's all I wanted to say.
Don't worry, it's okay.
That's no good!
It has to be today.
I'll say this again, but the
last showing was yesterday.
When was it supposed to end?
Why are the posters still up?
What's wrong?
I'm deeply sorry.
They stopped showing it yesterday
because of poor sales.
Can't you show it just one more time?
I can't do anything about it,
it was the manager's decision.
Don't you also work here?
I'm just a part-timer.
So you're just a part-timer huh?
It must be nice to sit there
all day with that stupid face
and get paid to sniff oxygen
for that empty head of yours.
What the hell is your problem!?
Is something wrong?
Manager? Can we watch
"Memory of First Love"?
I'm sorry, we stopped showing that.
Can you come again later?
In the spring we're doing a classic film
festival, so you can watch it then.
Okay, okay, okay? What's
with your attitude?
That's enough, calm down.
Do you know who he is?
He's pretty dangerous,
he's one of those people.
You understand right?
Do you want to see blood spilled here?
Shut up for a second!
I'll buy all the seats with this.
Prepare it immediately.
This is great, no kids
making noise like monkeys,
and no smelly old hags.
Hey, it might not be my place to say this,
but you're really childish aren't you?
Losing your temper quickly
and starting a fight.
It's childish to cause
a commotion like that.
You need to say what you want clearly,
or you won't obtain anything.
Most people fear failure so
they keep their mouth shut.
But later they regret
not taking any action.
Is that so?
Who cares about that.
5 minutes after the movie starts, Noriko will
walking on the other side of the bridge.
Then there will be a sudden gust of
wind, and her skirt will fly up.
The embarrassed face
Noriko makes is very cute.
That scene is the best.
What do you mean we're leaving?
We only watched it for 10 minutes.
The whole place is reserved!
Shut up and drive the car.
Open it.
Thank you for waiting.
Today we're giving you double the
pickles as a special service.
Please help yourself to more rice.
Oh... are you cold?
Should I prepare hot tea for you?
It's chilly in here right?
I'll turn on the heat for you.
Shut up, I don't need it.
Give me that thing of yours.
You know, this.
Not bad.
Why did you leave in the
middle of the movie?
It was different from what I was expecting.
Was it the wrong movie?
No, it was the right movie but it
wasn't the one from my memories.
What do you mean?
It was totally different
from what I originally saw.
Both the picture and story.
Yesterday's dinner was the same.
I thought it would be a lot more delicious.
Nostalgia made me think they were
much better than they actually were.
That actress was indeed pretty ugly though.
It just means my life wasn't nearly
as great as I thought it was.
What do you mean?
I abandoned them a long time ago.
Abandoned what?
My wife and daughter.
To make my life easier.
I married young, had a kid, and
then started to do well at work.
After I became successful,
they turned into a burden.
The nagging wife and the crying kid.
So I threw them away.
Not long after,
my wife committed suicide.
It's been 30 years since then, and I
haven't met my daughter even once.
Then one day, a letter came.
One feels shy after all this time right?
Why do you have this?
It fell out and I picked it up.
I see.
What is it?
A request for a present.
That's what "Help me" means?
What exactly is the present?
That's a pretty box.
It's nothing important.
But I'm relieved.
About what?
That a father who abandoned his
child couldn't find happiness.
Do I look unhappy to you?
Would a happy person want a
great blessing that badly?
That's true.
You should be unhappy.
That's the fate of someone who abandoned
their responsibility of being a parent.
But objects don't have any sin.
So I'll help you deliver the present.
Hurry up and eat.
Who walks you down the aisle
if you don't have a father?
You have to walk alone.
If you don't like it there's
no need to do it at a church.
I'm not talking about that.
Why here?
I brought my daughter here
to play a long time ago.
You'll get wet.
I don't mind.
I pushed her on the swing here.
Although it was only once.
Why do you need money so badly?
The guy I was dating borrowed money
from some bad people and fled.
My name was put in as the guarantor.
How much?
3 million yen.
If I don't pay them back,
they'll go after my brother.
You have a younger brother?
There's no need to pay back that money.
They won't let this go.
It's fine. After this is over I
just need to go back to work.
I'll give the money to you.
When this is over, I'll give
you as much as you want.
In exchange, live properly.
I hope she's happy with your present.
I wonder about that.
I'm positive... probably.
I need to make a call.
Take the umbrella.
I'm fine.
Is that him? The easy target
you were talking about?
How did you know where I was?
Tracking device.
He sure is having fun on the swing.
What's with him? Is he senile? Or stupid?
What do you want?
You know why I'm here.
You're planning to run away right?
No, I said I'm going to give you the
money after getting him to Tokyo.
Instead of wasting time like that,
why not take all the money he has right now
and leave him behind.
Please, I'll definitely deliver the
money to you the day after tomorrow.
Go back.
What's wrong with you?
Is the money inside here?
It's not in there.
Stop it!
We're leaving.
Let go of me!
Then should I go to your brother instead?
Fine, I'll go.
Wait, just leave this behind.
What are you doing?
Present? What the hell is that?
Stop it, just leave it!
Stop being fucking annoying!
What are you doing?
That's my bag.
Give it back!
I said give it back!
You damn bitch!
Hurry it up!
Who was that man?
Debt collector.
What were you doing giving him my bag?
I told you I'll give you
all the money you want.
My mother was a horrible person.
Moving from one man to the next.
And she used to beat my brother.
I didn't understand her at all.
A horrible human being and a liar too.
That's why I stabbed her.
But that didn't kill her.
After I entered a juvenile detention center, she
got drunk and died after getting hit by a car.
She really was the worst.
It's always my fault.
There's just nobody to trust in the end.
Why? Why is that box empty?
Saying you want to give a present
to the daughter you abandoned.
It's so stupid.
Did you give me a vague answer
because I only cared about money?
In the end everyone is the same.
They're full of lies.
You're no different.
Wait a minute.
You're wrong.
It's true I'm trying to
give my daughter a present.
But I didn't know what to buy.
I went to a store.
But I didn't know what to get my
daughter I haven't seen in 30 years.
So I just got a box instead.
Then why the hell are you going there for?
Tell me!
Even paying a thief 1 million yen,
what were you trying to give her?
Tell me the whole truth!
You can't say?
My heart.
What are you saying?
That's what my daughter wants.
My daughter has a kid.
A 15-year-old girl named Rina.
She was born with a heart disease,
and can't live long without a transplant.
There are donors right? But in Japan
the waiting list could take years.
She could try going abroad, but compatibility
is higher with family members.
My daughter wants this.
That's when I received that letter.
[Help me]
I understood the meaning right away.
Rina's disease was progressing
and she didn't have much time.
I don't get it... why does
that mean you have to die?
She was asking for something
like a visit right?
That's normal right?
Do you think she'll write
"Help me" for that?
I'm a coward, so I was
very hesitant at first.
But I decided.
My responsibility of being a parent.
You said it right?
Was this a final trip in
preparation for death?
That's not funny, there's no
way I'll help you with this!
Wa... wait a minute!
Calm down!
I said no!
Calm down!
I said no!
I have something important to say!
A heart transplant must be done
within four hours after brain death.
That's why I need to stay as
close to her as possible.
The emergency workers and doctors
will take care of everything.
But I need someone to watch
over my final moments.
And to make the phone call.
It's impossible.
There's no way they'll allow you to
donate a heart by committing suicide.
It's illegal, but I don't
give a shit about that.
Is there no other way?
There's just no time.
It's the first time my daughter
asked me for something.
I want to give her a
present no matter what.
Will she be happy receiving
something like this?
With presents, the giver is
more happy than the receiver.
That's just your selfish thinking.
I told you right,
how I felt relieved after my mother died.
That was a lie.
I wasn't relieved.
I wanted to see her constantly suffer
and live an unhappier life than me.
But I can't hate her now that she's dead.
Who am I supposed to hate now?
When this job is over, take
all of the money here,
and start over.
You'll definitely be able
to start over again.
So please,
I beg you.
Help me.
Where do we go next?
Let's go where you want to go.
I'll be waiting over there.
[Kawana Rina]
[Great blessing]
Did you see her?
Was she doing well...? I
guess that's not possible.
Actually I'm not doing this.
I'm going home.
I saw her face, but I couldn't
feel anything at all.
She's the child of my daughter
who I haven't seen in 30 years.
She's just a stranger to me.
What the hell was I thinking?
I'm going home.
Your job is over.
I'm tired of the car so I'll fly back.
You can use the car to drive home.
I'll go to the airport by taxi.
Why the sudden change of mind?
It's nothing.
I just had a change of heart.
You tried to stop me too.
That's right, I'll give you your money.
How much do you want?
What's wrong?
How much?
I'm okay with it.
Don't lie to me.
What are you talking about?
I'll help you.
It's lonely to do this by yourself.
It's time.
I'll take this drug now.
In 10 minutes I'll lose consciousness
and brain death will occur.
I've already talked with the paramedics,
they know where to take me.
Call 119 using my cellphone.
don't say your name.
You were never here and
you don't know who I am.
Got it?
Making you do this horrible thing,
I really am sorry.
I'm glad I met you.
It felt like you were my actual father.
I see.
No... I can't do this.
Is there no other way?
You underestimated me, didn't you?
Do you think I'm stupid?
I had two tracking devices.
You know, I really hate pain.
I'll pay for all of her debts
and your medical expenses.
You shut the hell up.
Please, I'll apologize for this later.
You idiot, do you really think
I'm giving you a choice?
Please forgive her!
I told you to shut the hell up!
You bitch...
That hurts.
How dare you.
You fucking bitch!
Not enough.
What are you doing?! You
shitty old man, let go of me!
Go away! If you don't,
I'll kill you right now!
Old man? Old man?
It's fine this way.
What are you saying?
You liked that box didn't you?
I'll give that to you.
Even though it's empty.
I'll deliver it.
I'll definitely deliver your present.
Don't worry.
No! No!!
Stop! Please stop!
Please send an ambulance.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Let me the fuck go!
Be quiet!
1 Year Later
The exams are finally over!
The math problems at the end were tough.
I had no idea how to solve them.
More importantly, I'm starving.
You're hungry?
Their chiffon cake is good but apparently
their Mont Blanc is super delicious too.
Let's go to the one next
to the train station.
Sounds good!
I heard they have 10 types of cakes.
[Great blessing]
I can't give you special treatment
just because you're my sister.
You got this job thanks to me.
I know!
How annoying.
I told you we have no time.
I know.
She received it.
What is that anyways?
The gift I received.