Ginger and Fred (1986) Movie Script

Here, the white ones are mine.
Those ones too.
Should I bring you to the taxi, madam?
No, there should be someone waiting for me.
In fact there is, see? There's the lady.
Good morning.
One hour late.
Are you Ginger?
yes, it's my nickname.
My real name is Amelia Bonetti.
- where will we go now?
- to the hotel.
- Is Fred already there?
- I don't know.
Let's hope that one is a real porter!
It's Christmas and...
who's waiting for you at the station?
Cavaliere Fulvio Lombardoni's "zampone"!
Come here, people! Zampone and lentils
for everyone and it's free!
Come here! Come here!
Miss, miss!
One moment, wait!
paper napkins, paper handkerchief,
1000 lire!
No, I'll keep this one for me,
There are all the wigs.
- Good morning madam.
- Good morning.
All right, you may load the other two.
Can't go every evening on the roof...
- I have to give a tip.
- We'll take care of this.
Madam, sit down here,
we are already a bit late.
Lucio Dalla's double!
Good morning.
Compliments, you're really identical.
Do you also sing like him?
Centro Spaziale Televisivo,
can you hear me? Stefania speaking.
We're leaving the station now
driving to Cristoforo
Colombo, Via Tor Marancia,
to fetch admiral Aulenti.
I'm closing now.
Do you know who you are talking to, miss?
Damn, well organized!
Then, won't you answer to the question?
The boss is going to fire me.
Amelia Bonetti, nickname Ginger.
Are you married?
Please speak here.
I'm a grand mother
two wonderful nephews.
Luisetta and Paolino, both always watching TV!
The dancing grand mother, compliments!
You and your partner Albert Lay
used to imitate the famous dancers...
Be careful, you should know that
Albert Lay is not his real name.
His real name was...
It's Pippo Botticella.
But you used to imitate the dancers
Fred Astaire e Ginger Rogers.
Sure, it was the best part
of our show.
Since this imitation
was much appreciated,
our manager decided we should
be called Ginger and Fred.
Wen did you stop, madam?
Twenty five?
Come on, the more you confess, the more
your coming back will be a big news!
You don't have to convince me!
We were so popular.
Even today in Santa Margherita,
where I live,
sometimes people stop me
because they remember about us.
Why did you accept? Aren't you afraid
to disappoint your old fans?
To tell the truth, I don't know
why I did accept.
Maybe to make my nephews happy,
they insisted, my friends...
and then there's this television myth
calling us all!
Anyway, I'm here.
I've always loved risking. I'm not
the kind who retreats.
Pippo says the real artist
is like the wolf:
when he feels the call of the wild...
Do you want to kill me?
In Rome you can't survive!
Already arrived?
No, we're waiting for
the heroic admiral.
An admiral?
Why? what did he do?
What did he do?
Admiral Athos Aulenti.
He got a gold medal.
At the risk of his own life
he went down to the engine room,
abandoned by sailors
while fire was spreading.
he saved the ship and the whole crew
from the explosion
that would have caused ruins and victims
to the city of Taranto,
the ship was in the harbour there.
Should be flowers
it's a nice gift, thank you.
I will gladly accept them.
- are you from the tv station?
- Yes.
Do you need a Santa Claus?
No, we don't.
It's us, sit down.
Good morning.
Good morning,
Good morning to everyone.
Good morning to you.
Are you comfortable here?
No, I guess?
Mister admiral, are you feeling cold?
do you want a blanket?
No, thanks.
I really don't need anything.
It's a wonderful day, isn't it?
Well, it's Rome!
Maybe not so good today.
Centro Spaziale Televisivo,
the admiral is on board.
Mister admiral, just one question.
Could you imagine you'd become a hero?
In case you change your mind, I'm here!
Mister admiral, these ladies
and these men are all artists.
I know, I love artists.
They're humanity's benefactors.
Yes, I love you.
Now forgive me,
I have to rest for a while.
My God, aren't you feeling well?
Be careful, it's wet.
- Lean on me.
- Where's my yogurth?
you have to take the drops before.
I want an answer.
- I want my yogurth.
- It's in my bag, I'll get it now.
what will you do in our show?
- He'll be with you.
- With us? We'll be dancing!
but, is that a player too?
Here's red riding hood!
and what about these ones?
Salvatore, here's two more.
Here we are.
The admiral and Ginger.
Let him sit here.
You'll see, tonight
they're not so bitter.
A glass of water, plese.
It's not them, They'll come later.
- Please, not frozen.
- We're in Hotel Manager.
I'll close your nose.
Come on, or the lady's going to be upset.
Upset with me!
So many questions!
I signed everything. Maybe Fiorenzo
will bring someone else.
- Hi, Salvatore.
- Miss...
- Are you Adelina Pollini?
- Yes, it's me.
- What should I do?
- Whatever you want.
You can go to your room,
That one is the dining room.
Don't worry,
Fiorenzo will take care of it.
- Who's Fiorenzo?
- The director's assistant.
Mister Botticella, where is he?
Is he here?
Room 306.
- Has Mister Botticella arrived?
- Has Botticella arrived?
- You're suffering, yes?
- I'm dying!
No, he's not here yet.
Then, as soon as he arrives,
tell him to call me at 306.
I'm Mrs Bonetti.
It's urgent, don't forget about it.
- Well. The lady's baggages.
- Let him go out!
Those are my baggages.
The white one is the beauty-case.
Please take the hats box too.
Did they score? There's a God!
Can I come in?
- Bette Davis.
- What?
Bette Davis' double!
No, you're wrong.
I'm not someone's double!
Excuse me.
- I'm Clark Gable's double.
- Where did you put your shoes?
- Do you know who he is?
- No.
Proust, Marcel Proust!
important french writer.
- What the fuck did you write!
- The shoes?
- They're in the suitcase.
- Excuse me.
Madam, one moment.
Naked, I'm like a bronze statue.
Then go back to the museum.
That's where you should stay. Good evening.
- Madam, the light can be adjusted.
- I see, thank you.
I'll go now, my heart is breaking!
Madam, there are no more players in Italy!
- These ones just want money!
- Here it is.
I reordered everything.
Everything is in order, baggages...
It's all right, you can go.
- Damn...
- Now let me close.
Dear Enrico, your Amelia
is always a little bit crazy !
Santa Margherita Ligure,
- Number?
- 54131 73.
- Wait.
- Thanks.
The old age doens't exist anymore.
Lesson 22.
We were making exercises for the mouth,
Open your mouth...
More more!
Open, more!
Now another exercise
that I suggest you to do once a day.
Move your lips as if you were kissing.
Move to the left...
Your face skin will stay fresh as mine.
Now raise your eyebrow...
- Santa Margherita on line.
- Yes, thanks.
It's me!
Hello, Anna.
Are you all dining?
Who prepared the dinner?
Was Luisetta good at it?
You'll ship everything tomorrow,
put everything in the warehouse.
You didn't have the courage to say
that I came to Rome to dance tap on tv,
They should have seen me 20, 25 years ago!
They say tomorrow's show will be exceptional.
There are even admirals.
One admiral.
What? You don't know what an admiral is?
They called them, so they
must have something to do with the show!
All extraordinary people,
very important!
Me, us, admirals...
Oh well you'll see, Anna!
Fred ? No, he's not here yet.
But there's a train coming every hour.
He'll arrive later.
I've got to go now, because
the director's assistant is waiting for me.
I'll call you to say goodnight.
Why did I have to do it!
The restaurant closes at 10 PM.
Mister Botticella should be here by now.
- No, he's not here yet.
- How come?
It's still early, the train will arrive at 11 PM.
All right.
- That man is waiting for you.
- Who is he?
Dr. Fiorenzo, the director's assistant.
Even the sceptre!
Will we have it as a gift, later?
You're Dr. Fiorenzo,
the director's assistant?.
- No, it's him.
- Good evening. Amelia Bonetti.
The pictures.
- The boot and the red uniform.
- Only the horse is missing.
That's it, look. Those...
They took them during
Christmas festivities
at the Teatro Margherita, Milan.
What a good audience, in Milan!
They cheer...
There are 24 grenadiers.
I am the queen of England.
Frankly I don't find
you look like her so much.
Are you kidding?
Watch me with the crown on my head.
What's up?
It's the third time that
there's a black out today.
- Salvatore, the torches!
- Immediately, director.
Sirs, I apologize.
We don't know if it's because...
- Excuse me, madam.
- Please.
Massimiliano, go and fetch the candles!
Give some light.
Well, time passes for everyone.
No, that one's from another act.
"Pas double", double step.
Fred was overwhelming
while doing his gipsy-kossak pot-pourri.
Acrobatic, languishing,
tender, wild!
Wait, look.
I still have the poster here.
- Here it is.
- Forgive me, but I have to...
Sorry, he's choosing the photographs.
We were well known for tap dancing,
but our repertory was quite wide.
And then, as you know,
flamenco and tap have
a lot in common.
Same basics. Excuse me.
Just a second, I'll show you.
No, not here.
Not on the fitted carpet.
And where's your partner?
I'm waiting for him too,
they say there are frequent arrivals.
- Didn't you come together?
- No.
But aren't you married?
Excuse me. Roberto!
No. I am married,
but not with him.
After all these years,
this gipsy life,
always traveling,
without a real home, a family...
So when I met poor Enrico...
It's a pity, if you two were married
it would have been better.
But... I don't understand why.
It works better. The audience always like love stories.
- Partners in art and life.
- It's true, but it didn't happen.
See you tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow morning? And when are we going to do the rehearsal?
We didn't dance together for years!
How can we do our show again without a rehearsal?
- Which one is the admiral's room?
- 36, third floor.
Mister director's assistant,
we have a dignity to defend.
I want my photos back!
Will the ladies please sit down...
The first report is ready.
You're from the CST, right?
- Thank you.
- The table on the left.
Do you want soup, pasta?
I would just like some ham, to begin.
I was saying,
the magistrate told me...
He may have told you whatever.
I'm only the lawyer who paid
the ransom to the kidnappers.
I can't answer your questions!
It's the industrieller, the one
they kept in a well...
Ask it to him!
He's locked in his room and
he doens't answer to anyone!
20 billions, uh?
And they did cut one of his finger too.
What's so funny?
You're really a good dancer.
I'm sorry, I've never seen you dancing,
but I still wasn't born.
I understand you.
- May I talk with you?
- Yes, please.
I feel so sad, so alone, Mrs. Ginger.
People don't understand me
this is the only reason why
I accepted all this.
My trial will be a scandal.
- Which trial ?
- You don't know anything.
And instead people should know.
My trial will be next month in Bologna.
Do you know how they will call me ?
I won't say the word
because you are a real lady.
- Do you want some wine?
- Thanks, just a little bit.
You too, Mrs. Ginger?
- Yes, me too.
- Immediately.
I always feel this pain!
Who'll care about those poor boys?
Is that right, that
nobody will care abobut them?
I'm sorry, I guess you take care
of abandoned children.
Enjoy your dinner, madam.
Good evening.
Hear this rock music, I like it so much!
It makes me feel something!
Me too.
This is my problem. All those
youg healthy, strong, handsome men
locked in a prison for many years,
cold and dark and with no love,
how can they live?
Mine was a call,
a vocation.
Vocations do exist, right?
Well, sure.
One night in dreams
I saw a nice dark-haired man,
watching me from the prison.
Moving his lips like this.
Help, help...
Someone you already knew?
I still have goose flesh.
I never saw him before, I swear.
Please listen to the rest, Mrs. Ginger.
One day I was with a friend,
who's brother is in prison.
And here's the miracle.
- I was there and, who do I see?
- Who did you see, him?
That one, handsome, black haired.
The one of my dream.
- Isn't this a vocation?
- Maybe it is, I can't tell.
Then he introduced me to a mate,
then others...
And now I'm on trial because of
what I was bringing to those poor men!
- Excuse me but, what did you bring to them?
- What?
His bottom!
That's the guy's vocation!
You can tease me, my friend.
But in America, and this is the truth,
they're experimenting
fetus transplant
to allow men's pregnancy. Finally!
So, if God wants,
we'll have children too
our children, inside us and
fed with our body's blood.
Those americans are geniuses!
One of my friends lives in Baltimora
and he earns a lot of money.
He's going to try. Maybe one day
I'll be able to try too, what do you think?
Guys, you're all invited to the night club.
Are you coming too, madam?
- I have to say no.
- We'll have fun.
I can't leave the hotel,
I'm waiting for a phone call.
Thanks for inviting me.
I wish you have fun.
It's a pity, madam.
I'm in the right mood tonight.
Kafka, Proust,
You're all my guest.
I want to be the baby's godfather!
Come here, Rita Hayworth !
Come close to me, let me hug you.
Keep your hands away!
Put them in your pocket.
What do you think?
Come here, lazy people. This must be
a night to rememeber.
There's just one thing I can't stand
and it's moustache!
Madam, we all are begging you to come.
I have already told you.
I'm waiting for someone.
This is the way to dance!
This is John Travolta style!
This mad man arouses me.
I swear it never happened in my life
I may try to get arrested, so he'll
come to see me in jail!
Good idea!
Come here, dissolute!
Will you give me 100 lire?
- 100 lire?
- Yes, give them to me.
Me too I'll be on TV tomorrow.
- oh yes? And why?
- Give me 100 lire.
Yes, I'm searching, my dear.
Be patient, just one moment.
- Give them to me, I need them.
- Yes, there.
Miss, did he arrive?
Is he here too?
I don't know, there are so many.
Come out, criminals.
- Take me in your arms.
- Slowly.
I'm hungry!
Pleased to meet you, madam.
But who are you?
What a nice Christmas tree.
Look how big it is!
My girlfriend!
Don't bite my ears.
Why don't you build the hotel
near the station?
I don't want to have a bath,
I want the crme caramel!
No, I will give you a bath tonight.
I could start crying for anger.
Because it's disgusting, madhouse,
a circus.
the dwarfs, the transvestites...
And then what's this admiral?
I didn't understand.
They say he'll be acting with us.
Us, who?
Pippo did not come.
I'm crazy for pizza.
He's not here yet!
Who will I dance with, then?
He's not a fool!
I shouldn't let you persuade me.
I shouldn't have come.
I might have run away tonight,
you know.
Think about it.
I'll go home.
I leave everything and
they'll have to go on without me!
They'll make the admiral dancing.
In 30 seconds!
The bell is going to ring!
No sedative! Who wants to calm!
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
Now I'll watch tv for a while
and then I'll sleep.
All right, say bye from me.
Yes, yes, bye.
cavalier Fulvio Lombardoni's pasta!
Put your hand on the tap.
Now the sauce, well done.
And now taste it, think about it, reflect.
Come on, only 27 seconds are missing!
Who's your favourite?
- Carmela!
- Mine is that girl.
The one who's sensitive to the cold.
3 hectograms corn flour.
3 hectograms butter
It's this one, it's this one!
Here's our winner.
Miss Carmela.
- How could you guess?
- I did dream about my poor mother.
- Bravo.
- She said I was going to win a lot of money.
It's a lot, yes!
20 milions. Say hello to the mayor.
Hurry, Time is finishing.
Come on, come on!
Now we're saying bye
using our password:
and life becomes a "paciugo".
- Goodbye...
- Fuck...!
- Who is it?
- Someone who wants to sleep!
Eh, no!
Who is it?
Sir, I can't sleep!
It's like being at the airport!
It's all right,
but I have to sleep too.
Is that you?
When did you arrive?
I told them to call me.
And now let's go to sleep.
- Yes, sure.
- Tomorrow morning.
What's up?
I didn't recognize you!
Nothing, nothing! Goodnight.
The bus will leave in 10 minutes.
- The two Dalla.
- The bathroom.
Brigitte Bardot.
Marlene Dietrich.
Is there a porter, please?
- Reagan.
- Here I am.
- You're not dressed like a cow-boy?
- Where should I get the clothes?
It's all right, we'll give them to you.
Good morning. The director's assistant,
Mr. Fiorenzo, where is he?
- Laurentina?
- What?
- This lady!
- Which lady? Ohhh!
- What do you want?
- I didn't get a bathroom.
No more rooms with bathroom left.
- So how will I have a bath?
- You won't. Woody Allen withouth bath.
- Where should I bring the costumes?
- To the studio!
And our act,
When will we do the rehearsal?
Miss, this is our tune,
where are they playing it?
You don't know anything about tap,
little child.
When were you born?
When great Fred was dancing tap
you were still pissing in your bed.
You'll say that now I'm the one
who pisses in his bed. So what?
Yes... actually
sometimes it happens.
The prostate!
Amelia, we're among amateurs here!
Will you tell us who you are?
Who are you?
I'm Pippo Botticella, nickname Fred.
- I can imitate anything.
- Bravissimo.
The train.
The typewriter.
The machine gun.
Classical and modern style.
Slow rhythms, moderate, fast,
romantic, comic, comic-romantic.
black painted shoe...
creates a feeling!
Now I'm a little breathless.
If you're breathless
and you piss in your bed... then shut up!
Do you know the maestro is?
Esilarantissimo 82
and Supersganascio 84.
Who fucking cares?
Dear friends, let's have some fun.
We're all nice people!
Was that note a "C" ?
"rounded butts, happy the cock"
We're always at the same point!
Yesterday evening I got one
that wasn't bad.
I've got the score!
You're the maestro of "Ed ecco a voi".
(We are proud to present)
I am Amelia Bonetti, Ginger.
Please to meet you.
"a woman with no ass...
is like an alpine soldier with no mule".
This is the pot-pourri
of famous american tunes
arranged just for us by Maestro Fortini.
One moment, look.
You'll have to repeat this segment two
or three times.
I must have the time to go out and change my clothes.
I'll show you.
Hesitation... one, two, three...
- Corner, to the corner, please.
- What's up?
One, two, three, four... and I go.
I come back and... together...
- Do you remember?
- No.
How come!
I knew it! You've always done
this thing wrong!
I don't mean the steps...
but the expression of your face.
You smile, but it should be the opposite!
I explained a thousand times!
It's more faded.
Here the melody ends,
like in a dream. Understood?
Who asked you to do this speeching?
The maestro only wanted to know...
Maestro, aren't we rehearsing anymore?
- I guess you'll remember the steps?
- A few years have passed!
We need rehearsing!
They are really mindless!
Do you have cramps already?
You didn't even get up!
- Did they give you the money?
- Money?
Pippo Botticella! Amelia Bonetti!
- Are you Fred ?
- Ginger!
- I'm here.
- Let's go, the bus is waiting.
- Did you notice she looks like you?
- Who?
The orange dwarf, she's identical!
I come back after 30 years
and I receive such a compliment!
Wear that shoe!
You can get that too,
I only have two arms!
Where's your frac?
It's well folded,
this way it won't crease! Instead!
Instead what?
Kojak, are you Sitting bull?
- Did you start drinking again?
- Don't be blaspheme.
Everybody else on the big bus!
I'll talk with him!
When something falls on the floor
before I get it,
I have to think about it for a moment.
Is it the same for you?
In fact it's better not to do
some of the steps. Like when you raise me.
I don't want to risk to fall on the floor.
but always in my arms.
I don't find you in such a disorder,
maybe your hair...
You're drinking a little less, are you?
Yesterday evening you were really "out"!
No, I was sleepy. I travelled with
a little child in my arms.
Do you have a son?
A woman asked me to keep her baby
while she was going to the toilet
She spent three hours there!
And the baby's weight was 20 kg!
the deputy will introduce me and I, as mayor,
will speak.
It's not needed,
you only have to bow.
It's advertising, for your hotel!
"We are proud to present"
is watched by 25 million people!
We're not interested in advertising!
You were allowed to come in
with the bus, not with the cow!
It's getting all dirty!
Such a mess!
Even a cow!
I don't know if I'll stay!
What kind of show is this? Are we
going to stay in a zoo?
I signed for 800,000 lire.
You may not need it,
but I don't have your income.
- Which income, Pippo!
- Look!
A delight! Compliments!
You're like the sun...
There's enough for everyone!
- Hey, She's my bride!
- Compliments.
"big breasted woman... cock feeding-bottle!"
It doens't satisfy me, it could be better.
Listen, Will you milk it?
- I mean, the cow.
- Stop it!
They're calling us, the bus.
Do you still have your dancing school?
- I sold it to that man from Saragoza.
- And then, what did you do?
Some theatre,
and quite succesfully too.
- Now?
- I'm selling encyclopedias door to door.
We only have two minutes! There's no time
to milk it during the show!
I can't see a single good decoration...
Pippo, leave him alone!
- I was being serious!
- Are you always like this?
I wanted to ask you why you came alone.
Why didn't your wife come with you?
She didn't.
Isn't it better?
So you really didn't recognize me
yesterday evening?
You're always a little girl!
All these years passed too soon.
Not for me. I got married,
I became a widow...
I'll stay near the window.
- Tears of joy.
- Are they?
Something happened
something that can't be understood.
How could they?
One of the voices, this time,
was recorded even without a microphone.
My mother tapes voices of dead people.
At least we believe they are
it happened for years.
How? Please explain it better.
Using a tape recorder.
We leave it in recording mode
with a microphone connected to it.
Later we listen to the recording
and we hear those voices
recorded with an incredible precision.
This time they were recorded without
the microphone! Do you understand?
Not this one!
I sad the blue bus!
But this one is the secretary,
the fat man.
Yes, wait!
- Did you hear?
- What?
He said "pip".
It's a voice we know,
it did speak other times.
Always calls "Pippo",
Who knows why.
- Who could be?
- His name's Pippo !
I didn't hear anything,
only a hiss.
Precisely, just like you said,
a hiss.
It's a frequency jump,
from a dimension to another.
From their dimension to ours.
They need a lot of energy, to do it.
- "they" who?
- The deads!
Even though they try not to let us understand
poor them!
They're always so happy, joyful!
They laugh, they laugh so much!
It's obvious
that everything has been examined.
Technicians, witnesses.
everything controlled, there is no
possibility of cheating. Listen.
Did you hear? It was so clear
this time. "Pippo"!
That's kind from them,
they want to welcome me.
What's up?
I hope you didn't get impressed.
Consider that there are millions of "Pippos"
in this world!
Why just you?
It's like feeling that soon...
It's difficult to explain this sensation.
It's as if things...
were looking at me in a strange way.
Who's looking at you in a strange way?
As if they wanted to say bye to me.
"Goodbye, Pippo.
bye, bye, bye, Pippo!"
Doens't it comfort you?
They love you!
Merry Christmas to all
our dear viewers.
Exacty at 16,30 we'll have
a special Christmas broadcast
of "We are proud to present".
He came earlier than us!
Look, so many!
Sergeant, this way we'll get scared!
During the show you won't have handcuffs,
you'll better behave well.
- Hello.
- I even prepared a short song!
Only tanks are missing!
- What does he want?
- Who is he?
I'm a fool,
I didn't bring telephoto lens!
I know that one, I've seen pictures
on the magazines, it's that man...
He's Catanzaro, a member of the Camorra,
a mafioso.
a racketeer!
he's in house arrest,
sentenced to 30 years.
and he's going to be on tv?
In his own way, he's interesting!
We had a special authorisation
from the Ministry of Justice.
He'll be in our show.
Could you tell us who's that
man with handcuffs?
Have you seen?
We made a bet.
- He doesn't want to tell us.
- We don't care!
Give me your hand.
At least, this one is light!
Mrs. Ginger, I've seen you here, and also there
The pass!
May I have a picture together
with the Carabinieri?
Leave your bags here
and pass this way.
We're all "recorded" now !
Go, go, very "intelligent".
What are you saying? Who are you talking about?
The "muchacho"...
Follow me, We'll pass this way.
- Lardiani told me...
- Miss, your bag here.
I am disarmed!
I left everything at home!
I stopped smoking.
What a nice boy!
Did you hear? drug, train robbery,
kidnapping, a great criminal!
- So young!
- That's great!
- He probably killed too!
- That's great!
You, my dear, with your doll head
making money exploiting other people...
What are you saying?
One moment! That boy is a rebel!
I'm on his side because
it's a righteus battle
Against this society's injustices!
And let's stop talking about this!
this is senile dementia!
And you are histerical. So I'm part
of a bad society?
You own a firm with people working for you,
don't you?
I wake up at 6 and go to bed at midnight
for that little firm,
and I'd be a slavist?
Amelia, we have to rebel.
I'm with the rebels.
We have to rebel against this!
I get angry!
When I see unjustice,
I get angry!
Get angry then!
- You have to pass this way.
- With pleasure.
Viviana! Viviana!
Sir, please, come here.
Please, come here.
- Don't put your hands on me.
- I have to search.
- Don't put your hands on me.
- Angelo!
- Don't move.
- I won't let you touch me.
- What's up?
- I don't want to be touched.
The metal detector beeped,
he must have something on. Search him.
What do you have here?
A horseshoe!
Do you always bring it with you?
He's supersticious!
- Yes, so what?
- You can keep it.
All right? Is everybody satisfied?
- You have to find the ventriloquist!
- I call him everyday on the phone!
- Is there a bar here?
- That way.
- What will you say at the show?
- The truth.
- That everything is fake.
- Sure!
- This one is disagreeable!
- He already signed the contract!
Did he really get arrested,
or he's an actor?
- What do you do when you're in love?
- Like this.
me too I'd like to have an autographed
copy of the book, where is it?
Dear listeners, I'm speaking
from CSD studios' bar,
to disclose something about
today's "We are proud to present" show.
We'll have engineer Bitossi,
he set a new kidnapping record
the lasting of his kidnapping
and the amount of money paid.
11 billions
and they cut his little finger
mailed to his beautiful wife.
Then we'll have Mrs Parenti
she left husband and sons
becasue she fell in love with an alien.
Please tell us at least from which planet.
I can tell it
he's from Sirio.
From Sirio?
Where do you meet him? You said
you meet him every week!
I'm sorry but this is
just my business!
What's the difference between him
and human beings?
- Do you understand...
- This is fundamental!
- Do we have to wait here?
- Yes, there's the self service here.
- I'm not hungry.
- Steak, salad and mineral water.
- Amilcare, did you order bucatini?
- They don't have!
They don't?
Amelia, I'm here!
a cappuccino with no froth.
I understood!
- Are you the one with the dog?
- Which dog?
The one that started whining
when the pope died.
- I'm not!
- You don't want to tell it to me, uh?
Barbara, let me bite your bottom!
Dear girl, what else do you want?
I blessed you, now go.
Miss, he is Gerolamo di Trivento, vero ?
Yes. He saved my mother,
she was going to die.
I brought him a picture of her.
He touched it and she recovered.
They say that when he's praying
he raises himself from the floor
and he reaches the crucifix
near the ceiling.
The one who's with him is a scientist,
a parapsychologist.
Is this one ok?
No, the pink one.
I apologize for my incredulity but,
is it true that that monk can fly?
It may happen. It's called levitation
and it's rare in western countries.
- Did you actually see him?
- No.
- Here she is!
- Bravo! That one, give it to me.
Dear viewers,
Merry Christmas.
Today's "We are proud to present" show
will be aired in three hours
and it will not just have
extraordinary people.
We will have the orchestra...
That one got on very quickly,
she's a friend of the general manager!
this band is composed by the
seven oldest italian horns.
Here they are, entering in our studio.
A total of 620 years!
We might call it the hundred-year-old band!
Immediately after them
we'll have...
the ex don... I don't know if I
can call him an "ex don" (ex priest).
I'm not an ex don, I'm still a don!
What is she saying?
...that threw away his priest clothes
to make his love dream come true.
Then we will interview the man who's
most loved by beautiful women
who want to become
even more beautiful.
famous professor
Carl Rudolph Nordt.
great aestethical surgeon.
- What does he say?
- My german...
The operation lasted 8 hours
and I did once each 4 months.
But watch how much I changed!
It was worth!
I'll take off my bandage during the show
and when you will know my age
you'll say it's a miracle!
and it's thanks to this man!
Maestro, my name's Esmeralda,
will you give me an autograph?
Me too I was kidnapped,
but I didn't have a finger cut...
- The cappuccino.
- I said with no froth!
- This is how I got it!
- What happened?
The manager didn't pay the hotel bill,
so we spent 10 days locked
in a hotel room! Do you remember, Amelia?
Why didn't you ask for help to anyone,
after you were released?
I walked all night in the country...
Why do you always have to tell lies?
Did you do something? Did you look for someone?
Where's the dressing room?
I have to iron the dress!
The electrician, does he have the special light?
Otherwise who could see us acting?
I remember everything.
Are you married ?
I'm Barbara from Teleflash.
I'd like to ask a few questions to
Ginger and Fred.
Did you break up in the '40s?
What do you do now? What will you dance?
What do you think of today's dances?
Why did you accept to come to this show?
- Why tap?
- An intelligent question.
It's high time to talk seriously about tap.
Tap isn't just a dance.
It's something more... more...
Me too I think that tap is something...
something... more!
Yes, something more.
Is it clear?
What do you mean?
- Tap wasn't a dance.
- What was it?
The black slaves' morse code,
some kind of wireless telegraph.
Another lie?
In cotton fiels black slaves
were not allowed to talk.
If they were caught talking,
the warden...
would lash them.
what would the black slave do?
He would communicate
with his workmate this way.
"Beware, the warden!"
"I've got a knife"
"Let's kill him."
"I love you."
"I love you too"
Very interesting!
A language of love and death!
Who did you learn it from?
I've always known about it,
I even wanted to write a book about it!
We danced tap for 15 years
and you never told me!
It's a very beautiful thing!
- I'm having goose flesh!
- Those husbands!
- He's not my husband.
- No?
Thanks for the interview,
it was really interesting.
The book was published three months ago,
why are you presenting it today?
- Usual technical problems.
- I see.
- Did you have big problems?
- I wouldn't say big.
Please talk about the relation between
the writer and an important politician.
He was the one who wanted this show
but I will deny what I just said!
- Camilla, what big tits you have!
- They're still the usual ones!
"To Xegna with enthusiasm". Thanks.
But what's the rest?
"Hoping she won't forget about me"
- And this number?
- My phone number.
Nostalgia is always there.
And you?
No, thanks, maestro.
I've read it already.
It's very nice, modern,
it's a pity that the ending...
Were you disappointed?
Well... I don't know.
The beginning is so good,
while the second part instead...
Like this?
Let's not exxagerate, like this.
- How would you want the ending to be?
- This is a great honour.
The story ends on a river, right?
- And you don't like rivers?
- I like them a lot.
- Then? I don't get it.
- It's a life symbol, isn't it?
The river is a symbol, isn't it?
- Yes, a symbol!
- Bravo!
At that point we should have...
- Confess, you're a writer.
- You're flattering me!
I immediately understood that
you're not just a keen reader.
I'm interested, I'm writing notes.
Please suggest a different ending,
maybe in a second edition...
What do you write about?
No, I'm not a writer!
When I'm in the mood,
I write some jokes.
how do they call it...
aphorisms in rhyme.
Rhyme is a litte obsolete.
Yes, but it helps the reader.
Sure! Come on,
Let us hear something.
- No.
- The best things are unconscious.
I try to catch...
some reflections...
between female body and
desires men have for it.
Ah... the specular reflection!
Impromptu isn't the easiest way.
A professor told me it's somewhat
Marziale style.
- Fuck!
- Let us enjoy something.
It's becoming an exam.
but I'm afraid to disappoint you
these are just jokes...
Pippo, we should go.
We still have to do the rehearsal...
I'm talking with writers!
She's right because we still have
to try the tap.
I have to to make a little introduction
Did you see the dwarfs in the morning?
Yes, funny!
- I could not help...
- I'm curious!
- You want to gratify me.
- You are gratifying us.
- Do you know them?
- Yes, some.
- I can't judge.
- Poetry is something difficult for me.
Butt of a dwarf,
this cock is waiting for you
It's him! It's Marziale !
It's him!
- With a little bit of Orazio.
- No, Marziale.
It's understood that
it's waiting for the dwarf to grow up.
To me it sounds a bit like Giovanni Pascoli.
May we go?
The dick says Hello.
You think you're so smart and
you didn't realize they were teasing you?
- What does this have to do with Giovanni Pascoli!
- What does it have to do with you!
Amelia, look!
- Toto!
- Amelia!
Our Toto !
I have no memory, I shit in my trousers,
I've got false teeth, I don't smoke, I don't drink...
- I'm fine.
- Are you telling the truth?
- I'm fine. And you?
- Never!
Seal, Seal, seal makes you smarter,
seal meat.
Willingly we bet our life for a piece
of seal. The seal, The seal!
- Should I go that way too?
- Yes, for the make-up. go.
Did you take the drops?
You'd pay half, in Piazza Re di Roma.
- Does it hurt here?
- It's a delight.
- And here?
- It's a little dangerous there.
- Miss, can I have one too?
- Yes.
- Could I have a picture with you?
- Sure.
My nephew wants to become like them.
- Let me take you in my arms.
- Why not?
Slowly, please!
Amelia, do you like he-men?
Those are ornaments!
I want a picture for my nephew...
like Mae West !
Toto, If the "child" goes on like this,
I don't know what I'll do!
Do you know where I can find some ice?
In the bar. Bring some to me too,
I'm on fire!
She feels better than me!
I can't stand you,
I've had enough of you!
- Meeting you will make him feel better.
- Do you think so?
Amelia, I haven't seen you two
together for 30 years!
He was so bold...
instead... what a defeat!
Poor him, he took it really badly.
- What did he take badly?
- You leaving him.
He had to be hospitalised.
I went to see him, whenever I could.
He didn't recognize me,
the first time.
What happened?
- Amelia !
- Yes, we're coming.
- Didn't you know about it?
- What?
Don't tell anything to him.
My shoes!
Amelia !
- How old is he?
- 7.
My friend, tell me the truth,
what do you think about...
This is the problem, right?
See you!
There's no doubt,
monkeys were our ancestors.
- but not completely.
- What do you mean?
We don't have instinct,
- Do you know what those eyes were saying?
- No.
"Such a sad situation for you"
He was talking about you.
- Honorable, please sit down here.
- Honorable, we still have one hour.
- He didn't eat for 45 days!
- Why?
It's a protest. He says we shouldn't
shoot birds.
- He's right.
- Let us poor people starve!
He's got money and he's starving!
You instead are really poor!
You were lucky to meet Toto.
I'm like a little mouse,
I know every hole here.
I can find a quiet place
for you to do a rehearsal.
Toto, we'll wait here.
Yesterday evening I ate
salad with tuna.
I had to shit.
I spent the night in the toilet!
What's that good for?
It makes me look younger.
We have to apologize,
our broadcast will be resumed
in a few minutes.
- How was it?
- Very good!
What's up?
- This one?
- A silver pen.
- Do you have them all?
- No, not enough space!
Pardon me, I think you're missing
a very important decoration.
Which one?
The great umbilical cord
of the Order of the great ass.
It's evil to tease my decorations
and the man who has been decorated!
Let me pass!
Calm down, please forgive him!
You're asking him just the one he doens't have!
He's got so many! Calm down, you'll see you'll get that one too!
- Let go!
- Come on, stop now!
Nobody will disturb you here.
You can do your rehearsal quietly.
I left your suitcase there.
We still have one hour.
- I'll come to fetch you for the make-up.
- All right.
Guys... Ginger and Fred!
I remember your show started like that:
Ginger comes back to London,
her big love affair is over.
Will they make the... VUUU ?
It's fundamental,
that's where the dance start.
- I know you gave the score to the maestro.
- Fortunately I still had it!
"Goodbye, my loved Fred" Ginger
is crying, leaving on a ship.
That's when you arrive,
you throw away your cigarette...
You're really bold, guys!
You can do your rehearsal quietly,
I'll come back later.
- Should we try the costumes?
- Yes. Better.
- Are you short breathed?
- No.
Did you see Toto then?
No... well, yes. Once.
- Where?
- I can't remember.
I wonder why I feel embarassed.
We layed down so many times in the same bed!
You're so nice!
We're in bad conditions, are we?
Now I try to avoid undressing
in front of a woman, if I can.
- And you?
- Me?
Me what? I don't have these problems.
You're asking such questions...!
I mean it's not like it used to be.
When I was undressing,
the lucky girl was immediately
starting to applaude.
It wasn't so bad, old Pippo... Fred !
In fact I resisted 15 years with the
"sexually nomad", as you used to call yourself.
- How was it with your husband?
- What do you mean?
- Everything.
- Everything was very different.
You and me were so young back then.
How do I look?
- Why not?
- The steps.
- What's wrong with the steps?
- They're non existant.
We must show them who we are.
They have to see who's Fred!
- And me?
- You too.
They think they can put us there
like trained bears?
We came here to introduce an admiral,
a warmonger?
You came here to introduce an admiral.
I'm not so happy about this either
but it's their system.
Not me.
Let me go to the stage.
Let me go to the stage.
Let me go to the stage.
- Yes.
- You'll see what I'll do.
Because tonight I will talk,
I will say everything.
I'll say everything
to 60 millions italians !
But... What are you going to say?
Do you think I came here
because of 800,000 lire?
I don't give a damn!
So you invented television?
you're watching television all the time?
Do you want to hear only the television?
Then you'll hear me, tonight. Me!
Come. I said come here!
Your head. Your leg.
Got it.
Crazy uh? It's time to stop with
this crazy thing.
Damn, so good !
Stop now, Pippo. You might get hurt.
Attention please, actors and guests
should go to the make-up.
They're calling us.
We have to go to the make-up.
- Ladies, this way.
- Who should I give Marlene and Sophia Loren to?
They're all americans.
- Why did they choose you?
- I've been in Philadelfia twice.
Mrs Ginger!
We're here, I need you.
Amelia, that one is the make-up room.
Right in front of you.
Mrs Ginger, do I look better this way...
or this way?
I think it's better this way,
the neck looks nicer.
- I don't know.
- I also think so, makes it thinner.
Madam, sit down.
- What are you doing?
- The wig.
- I've got my wig!
- Are you Paolino the cat?
- No Paolino the cat!
- Who's Paolino the cat?
Who ordered three "grappe"?
They're for me!
- Should we cover your bald?
- No.
- It's better, you look younger.
- All right.
Oh, wake up! wake up!
- You can keep the rest, enjoy!
- 1,000 lire still missing!
I'm so scared!
- You're pulling away my hair, I'll do it!
- Look at this crazy!
I give up, I don't feel like doing it.
Excuse me, I want to go home,
who should I tell it to?
- I'll take care of you.
- You misunderstood. I wanna leave!
I'm sorry madam, I'm deaf.
I'm really deaf.
Oh my God!
Who should I tell it to? I wanna go home.
Who should I tell it to?
If you allow,
we'll start from the make-up room...
Merry Christmas to everyone!
No need to move, you're working...
Mr. president, it's a great honour!
- Who is he?
- The president came to see us.
Please follow me,
I will introduce you to Borgosole's mayor.
The lady's husband has an extraordinary cow,
15 udders.
- No, Fiorenzo!
- They're 18! In stage.
President, today's show is really...
Yes, yes.
- Borgosole ?
- yes, 8.000 people,
farm workers, craftsman making
pipes, tops and bowls.
Bravi. Good evening.
- I'm not the bishop!
- Those are real tramps,
it's for the section
"metropolis' borders".
It's about our town's problems.
- We have to do it. We have to.
- This way.
He's an handsome man too.
I'm sorry about the mess,
but we'll be broadcasting live shortly.
Here's the famous singers!
We finally have the chance
to have them here.
- I'm one of their fans.
- Divine!
The lady will introduce, in an evocative way,
admiral Aulenti.
We will recall that time
by listening to soundtracks taken from some
of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers films.
The lady and her partner used to
imitate those dancers.
The lady might be smaller than the actress,
but she's as nice and pleasant as her.
When I was a boy I used to spend
afternoons in my room
trying to imitate the great
Fred Astaire.
It's just his style!
May I?
Dear viewers, we wish Christmas
brought you
joy, happiness and many gifts.
the Centro Spaziale Televisivo
wants to give you one more gift:
an extraordinary
"We are proud to present" show
It will start in one hour.
Dear friends, the show is about to begin.
I'll enjoy it from my office.
It was a pleasure, madam.
Best wishes and Merry Christmas to everyone.
Mr. president, how "We are proud to present"
will bring culture to the country?
No, I have to do it!
You can't leave your place.
What would everyone say?
It was on the newspaper too!
Come on, Amelia.
Laurentina, Bonetti's age.
Who is she, do you know her?
- That one.
- Mrs. Bonetti, come here.
How old are you?
- What's this good for?
- Good for her.
The audience will see someone your age
dancing tap...
- You do dance tap, do you?
- Sure.
Then you should do it.
The audience will be moved and will applaude.
It will be good for you.
- You're right.
- Come on, how old are you?
Enough to get an applause.
It's really cold.
I'd need a cognac.
Come in, guys. Follow me.
silently, as in a church.
Slow. Slow!
Bernardino, call the director,
Everyone's here.
- May I take pictures here?
- No
Who did let you in?
Come in.
Where are the doubles?
Come here!
Girls, slow. upstairs.
He doens't have a "batocco", just like you.
Pippo, should I wear a wig?
Wait here, 10.
- Madam, What are you doing?
- I have to wear it.
- The make-up's there.
- Thanks.
Come one, come to 8.
The monk! Where's the monk?
- He's here.
- We're here.
- Get ready, I'll call you.
- As you wish.
- Aurelio !
- Don't bother me.
- Fuck off!
- But... You fuck off!
Merry Christmas! These two magic words - let's confess -
make us feel like children again.
Like when we were anxiously waiting
for that night
waiting for someone in the sky
to hear our voice
and fulfil our hopes for a world
full of peace and happiness.
- Nice wig!
- Serioulsy?
- Makes you look like a character.
- I didn't wear it for so long!
That man can make women pregnant
just by watching them,
do you believe it?
- Who?
- That one.
He says he studied black magic in Amazon.
- And he can get you pregnant just by looking at you?
- It may be easy, but you're losing something.
You can stare at me, there is no danger.
Let's welcome, by applauding him,
a men who's really in love.
- How are you?
- Fine, thanks.
- Your fiance?
- Here she is.
She's very beautiful! Your love story
is very moving.
He's a priest who quit because of this woman.
Nothing can stop love.
Pippo, how do I look? All right?
- Tell me the truth, does it look good?
- You're right after Mrs. Silvestri.
- Who is she?
- I have no idea!
You're 6.
Always keep watching the quadrant.
- Iolanda, take this.
- Put it with mine, please.
Shouldn't they kiss?
Come on, don Valentino,
You have to give a little kiss.
Best wishes!
What more do you want from life?
Let's go on with the show.
Do you remember me?
In Torino, during the black out.
Because of me you had a fight
with Augusto's master, he didn't want to pay me.
I'm sorry, no smoking.
Best wishes, guys.
It was a pleasure to see you again.
Arrested several times in italian prisons.
You might say:
"Arrested in a prison?"
Yes, dear friends,
Evelina Pollini used to enter in prisons
not as sentenced
but as benefactress.
She'll explain.
It was 7 PM, October 28, a few years ago.
I was in the kitchen, I heard a voice
How could I explain... mystical.
I don't think I get it.
My fiance says
heart decides on its own.
- The heart stays young.
- Is this her first wedding?
She says she's widow, twice.
You only have two minuts, what will you say?
I'm an edible panties manufacturer
and he's the one who invented such thing.
- Gabriella, please to meet you.
- They've got fruit taste,
Some customers would like tuna and onion taste.
But I don't think it's a good idea.
Two hemispheres, the first tastes like peach,
the other ones tastes like apricot.
The lover can choose... Don't move.
He bites, he chews...
It's all good stuff.
He gets excited, he feels...
We are planning to add some drugs,
vitamins, mineral salts.
What about tuna and onions?
The miracle maker monk.
Together with professor De Nittis and
his monastery warden.
- Fra Gerolamo, thanks.
- You're welcome.
- Sit down.
- No, thanks.
Such humbleness! He doesn't want to sit down.
- Change your place.
- Move to 4.
And you, please, to 2.
This is 2,
then we have to go that way.
Come on.
I don't understand what's happening.
First I ask myself what I'm doing here,
Then I'm pretending it's just a debut
in a bigger and newer theatre,.
And you? Are you all right?
No smoking here. Be quiet.
Pippo, look.
Look. We can see from here
it's the flying monk.
to get closer to the truth,
even evil
may be a way.
In my village too
we have such a saint.
My mother gave me one of his medals.
I always keep it on my chest.
I believe in these things.
Knowing your mighty powers,
I won't beg you,
to move mountains,
- but to...
- No, no, no.
A little miracle that may give
hope in the eternal.
Why not? Maybe we don't desearve it?
Everything in life is a miracle.
We just have to see it
in the things that happen.
But we're not small enough
to understand such great things.
Good luck. Wishes, madam.
We got another message.
Come, mum.
By avoiding eating and drinking,
the honorable will reach
the point of no return.
I will be his spokesman,
because he's so weak
since several weeks,
to say what he's been asking for years.
He is trying to focus the attention
of the country and of the parliament
to the need to forbid hunting and fishing.
No more hunting,
stiring up...
men's aggressivity.
He says he smells
mint everywhere.
That girl is so funny!
I'm scared. Who are they?
- I don't know.
- Strange.
Here's 24 dancers, The tallest one
is 42 cm.
The smallest dancers ever!
Quick, move to the next one.
Wait here, silently.
- Is it better?
- He recovered, He's fine.
It's your turn, in ten minutes.
Please, a little bit of water,
I have to give him the heart medecine.
- The cognac.
- We didn't ask for it.
- Is it for the admiral?
- Are you crazy? Go away.
- It's for me.
- No, Pippo, It's not good for your health.
Heroes always existed.
This housewife is among them
She accepted, for money,
to spend one month without TV.
She signed a contract,
We sent technicians
who locked her TV set
and took away her antenna from the roof
making impossible to see TV
from her house.
You'll say it's impossible,
I couldn't believe it either,
but this woman exists.
Here's to you Pietruzza Silvestri.
Madam, would you do it again?
Never. Never again.
It has been terrible.
They gave us a lot of money, it's true,
but it's cursed money.
Experiments like this should not be allowed,
especially where there are children
and aged people.
Madam, by the sound of your voice
I'd say you studied how to sing.
Never agaiiiiiiin!
Well said, madam. We all agree!
Never again without TV!
Porchetta Lombardoni
For a "more" Christmas!
I hope you were joking
when you said those things.
If you are planning to act like a clown,
I'll quit and you'll dance alone.
A step back in time, dear friends.
Many of you may remember 1940,
war time,
black outs, fear.
It's our turn, they're calling us.
...coming back thanks to a musical tune
Fred Astaire e Ginger Rogers!
Our show found two dancers
That in the '40s
on stage
became famous
using Ginger and Fred as names
the famous american couple.
We are proud to present, Ginger and Fred!
Do you know how old this man
and this woman are ?
Me and Ginger have a pact
I'll tell you their age
only after you've seen them dancing.
Now an extraordinary tap dance,
here's to you Ginger and Fred!
Don't move away from the stage.
Sirs, don't leave your seats.
We're activating emergency power.
Don't move,
don't leave your seats,
you might fall
or step on cables,
it's dangerous.
We have to apologize, dear audience.
We ask you to wait
without leaving your seats.
Come to fetch me,
I can't see anything!
Be careful, you'll fall!
You, call!
If it was all like this,
I might watch this show.
Call 219,
It's the president.
Fred, what happened to you?
Did you fall?
Amelia, What did we came here for?
We must be crazy!
Let's quit now.
while it's still dark
we may go that way.
Stay down.
We're lucky.
You're just a thoughtless.
Amelia, be careful, you'll fall!
Where are you going? Didn't you hear?
It's dangerous.
- I will look for Toto.
- Where? You too might fall.
- This darkness makes my head turn.
- Then sit down for a while.
I'll put my handkerchief.
It's going to crease.
How will I look when
we'll have light again?
We won't have light again.
In the first place, because
this is a shitty organisation.
The famous "giant with clay feet"!
And then this might be
a terroristic act, an attack.
We might suddendly blow up.
Let's leave, then.
Amelia, this would be a wonderful story.
Imagine the title!
"They got separated 30 years before,
they rejoin to die together"
Stories like this are not
moving anymore.
And then I wouldn't like it
I don't feel bad here.
It's like a dream, far away from everything.
a place, you don't know where,
you don't know how you got there.
Toto told you I've been
in a mental hospital, did he?
It's true.
I don't know what happened
when you left me!
Abandon, loneliness.
Ive never known it,
I would have run to see you.
What for? Our story was over
and our work too.
Only these crazy people
could remember that we...
are ghosts coming from the dark
and going back to the dark.
You're so right.
I tell myself that I did it
for my nephews, for my friends,
a crazy idea.
The truth is that I wanted so much
to see you again.
Very romantic.
Then, I want to tell you that
I wanted to see you again too.
It's the retreat sign,
let's go.
We have to be able to understand the signs.
Who knows what could follow this escape.
Be careful, there's a step.
TV addicted!
In your places!
In your places!
We apologize for the short interruction,
it may have made greedier your waiting!
The show will resume from where
it was interrupted!
The ship is goin to sail, it was the last siren sound,
but Ginger is running down the stair.
and now they are hugging and
promising not be separated again.
The music, like a book for Francesca,
surrounds the two partners in work and life
and they're still dancing together.
- I can't remember anything.
- Two steps on the side, then you follow me.
I turn that way, hold me.
- Now?
- Twice.
- Turn slowly.
- A cramp!
Like this, well done.
Did you get hurt?
May we go on?
He wants to go on, let's applaude him,
as encouragement!
Do you feel like doing it?
There's Dud, do you remember
the violin player?
I feel like crying.
Move your arm,
it's on my face.
There's a feather in my nose.
- No, there's nothing.
- I feel like sneezing.
Pippo, we did it!
You were wonderful.
Pippo, Amelia, bravi! Bravi!
You can't stay here,
you won't let people pass!
Brava, it made me cry.
You were divine, everybody say so!
Did you see?
They liked you, but now stand up!
I did not eat, would you like a piece of
zampone with lentils ?
There's no time,
my train leaves in 15 minutes.
but you may go,
you still have one hour.
I've got more, I decided to spend
a few days in Rome.
At Toto's place. I got an idea.
That show host earns a lot of money.
I could do his job better than him!
Sure but, did you tell it to your wife?
Didn't they tell you?
She left me a couple of years ago.
- Are you Ginger?
- Yes. Ginger and Fred.
- Will you sign an autograph for me?
- Sure, what's your name?
We saw you dancing on tv.
I saw you on tv,
will you make a "signa"?
Thanks, my friend.
Will you sign an autograph too?
- Thanks.
- Me too.
Have you seen?
Ginger and Fred !
When will we get the money?
I thought we would get it immediately.
They said two or three weeks.
It would have been better to get it tonight.
I could give it to you,
you'll give it back to me when you can.
- All right.
- Hey, I do want it back!
I don't know how much it is, but... well.
- I want it back!
- Yes.
Amelia, I won't go with you to the train.
I don't like leaving trains.
Then it's a goodbye.
Write me a letter, or come to see me,
it would be a pleasure.
- Really. Whenever you want.
- Yes.
I don't think we will have the chance
to dance together again.
So, dear Pippo... bye.
- Amelia, at least give me a little kiss!
- Yes.
Amelia !