Ginger's Tale (2020) Movie Script

But I stayed.
I haven't left.
I'm all yours.
You absolutely cannot
compare me with them.
It's irrational.
It's been ages since
the servants left,
but I'm right here.
My influence, my knowledge,
my talent are at your feet.
Look your majesty.
A boosted lifting,
lowering system.
Pangular differentials
in the launcher
provides unexcelled
running smoothness.
A quick start and a smooth stop.
At your surface, no problem.
And fires, they have stopped
in this castle forever.
Since I created this
versatile fire safety system.
Why would you need
those servants.
I am...
I am the most loyal
of all your servants.
I don't even want to hear
about those runaways.
Don't lose my appetite.
They'll get what's
coming to them.
All of them.
[door banging]
[fire whooshing]
[music playing]
[music playing]
Your majesty, we must leave.
Quickly, hurry, up your majesty!
Hurry up!
Leave me be!
More, more!
You will burn completely.
Where's the flint stone?
Tell me you have
the flint stone.
The flint stone.
[music playing]
No need to run.
We're going to catch you anyway.
There she is.
Come on, get down.
Stop it.
Hey, stop, stop.
What's wrong with you?
You get down to, right now!
Quit Messing around there.
A fire!
Quickly, follow me.
Let's go.
Nice flame.
Maybe somebody is
alive in there.
There's nobody there.
The queen has been
living alone for ages.
Who would ever want to live
with somebody like her?
Remember what happened to her.
She became greedy, cruel.
She turned into a nasty shroom.
All of her servants left.
Not all.
They say someone
stayed with her.
Who would ever want
to be with her?
No, she's got somebody.
Who cares about any.
[music playing]
A kitten, up there.
Oh, dear.
It's done for.
Hey, where are you going?
[music playing]
You'll burn to death.
[music playing]
We need the fire men.
Where are the rescuers?
The ladder, the pump, the hoses.
Come on, Ginger.
Come on, Ginger.
She saved it.
Let me go.
Let me go, I order you.
I won't.
There's my flint stone.
[music playing]
That's it.
I'm done for.
No, your majesty.
You're alive.
I am doomed.
Oh, now that's bravery.
Brave and stupid.
Sweetheart, you
scared me to death.
Do you realize you could have
died because of this kitten?
But it's alive.
Alive indeed.
And I need you alive
and well, Ginger.
Your granddaughter is a hero.
When you're older I'll take
you on a team of rescuers.
A rescuer?
She needs to be at
home, safe and sound.
At home, what?
Not home.
This girl is like fire.
Like her hair, Ginger.
Hey ginger, look.
I'm guessing this little
guy is hungry again.
Because we make
a perfect couple.
Isn't he the most beautiful
thing you've ever seen?
Well, Potter.
Looks like you're destined to
carry her in your arms forever.
Guys, what are you building?
What is this house, then.
It isn't a house, it's a shop.
From head to toe.
What for?
(SINGING) We've got a treat
just for you in this shop.
(SINGING) Where you'll find
anything in no time, trust me.
We got what you need.
(SINGING) You'll been met
with satisfaction, perfection.
Oh, you'll be leaving
here in fashion.
Because we'll make it happen.
(SINGING) All right.
I am Shoe, a well know crafter.
My shoes are inaudible
Come buy yourself
some new shoes, pairs
for your whole family.
Shoelaces, boots and slippers.
Soles made out of leather.
(SINGING) Feel free to
to try them on at once,
and buy yourself
a brand new pair.
Why are you standing there?
Come to our shop!
Fashion Pavilion,
dressed from head to toe.
Oh, we've got every style.
You'll be set to go.
with clothes for every day,
hat, inaudible and cane.
Fashion Pavilion, where we
will meet your every need.
(SINGING) Tell me sir.
What is this rag?
Don't you know your looks
determine your importance.
How bout we make
you into a prince?
So try this pants.
This red corset.
My handmade work.
And that's why they
all call me Pricker.
My clothes are the best.
(SINGING) Stay right there.
It's freezing.
You can't go outside
without a brand new hat,
just for your head.
And I've got one for you too.
Top hat, inaudible helmet.
Top-class master crafter.
(SINGING) We make
everything you see.
Yes, once you enter
you won't believe.
(SINGING) Don't hesitate
come into our shop.
Fashion Pavilion,
dressed from Head to toe.
Oh, we've got every style,
you'll be set to go.
Don't want to burn your taste,
you'll be looking great.
inaudible trousers, suits,
and coats, and buttons.
You bet we've got
everything here!
And a chamber pot.
That's for sure.
His pots always give me a shock.
Well, you are...
Potter, don't take it seriously.
Nice, you guys.
Making fun of someone
who's trying his best.
You hurt Potter's
for no reason at all.
Potter will definitely
show his worth.
He's already shown himself.
He promised to finish the
fountain, and he never did it.
Why would anyone want to
mess with the fountain?
It's fine the ways it is.
He's doing it for everyone
so that it looks nice.
How does he know what nice is?
Judging by his pots, he doesn't.
Just you wait, He'll finish it.
Potter is a craftsman.
When he gets a new pottery
wheel, he'll wrap it up.
Wrap it up?
And where will he get the money?
He owns half the
town, don't you know?
He owes us too, but
we believe in him.
He'll pay it back.
Yes, he will.
His great granddad
built our fountain
when he was the same age as him.
And your pottery
only make a pot!
There's no use in squabbling.
Have we got anything to eat?
Yeah, a good piece of cheese
will set our minds at ease.
You bet.
I always have something to eat.
Did you cook it yourself?
Grandpa did.
I don't really cook much.
Not my thing.
Hey, where are you going?
So we get out?
Maybe we should.
Maybe it will get
out of on it's own.
It's shrieking so loud.
What are you all
standing here for?
We need a help her.
Let's get the firemen.
I'm sure they can get it out.
It will scream itself hoarse
by the time they're here.
[music playing]
Can't you hear it suffering?
[music playing]
[music playing]
We're is it coming from?
From above.
[music playing]
Here's my precious.
Let's go home my
sweet little piggy.
It's always the fountain.
For crying out loud.
Why did you put the
pig in the fountain?
There you go.
Just look at it.
She ruined the founder.
Ginger is just a trouble maker.
Is she going to take
responsibility for it or what?
Is the pig all right?
The pig is, but you are not.
She's ruined half the town.
Just leave her in the well.
[distant chatter]
But it's alive.
Where you running
now, you scalawag?
Stop, stop right now.
Quickly, go after the thing.
This is useless.
Better get back to work.
Everybody must do
their bit of work.
And what do you do?
You only make things worse.
I do my bid.
I rescue.
You don't rescue anybody.
You ruin everything.
How many times have you
tried to ruin the fountain?
How many?
I guess, 15.
How many times have I told you?
You should have given
me a job on your team.
You promised!
Well, promised.
I can't.
You're too young.
Oh, well good thing my
birthday is in three days.
[music playing]
Do you really think the
fountain should be finished?
I think so, yeah.
I kind of like how it is now.
No, look.
There should be a figure
on the very top of it.
Then petals, and even more.
Can't you see?
It's supposed to be much higher.
And the water is supposed to
run from the top over the petals
so that it looks like
a seamless waterfall.
Then the structure
will be more complete.
It is a fountain after all?
And not the chamber pot.
Your great grandfather is
said to have made it out
of red clay.
I guess it is special.
You think so?
I do.
You got this.
It'll have a
beautiful waterfall.
We just need to
find some red clay.
There is no red clay.
Those are just stories
told by your grandpa.
What have you done this time?
I got to go.
Where was it I was going?
I'm losing my marbles.
Oh, Ginger.
Stop right there.
I will lock you at home
with that fat cat of yours.
I swear it.
And I'll never let you out.
Don't take I won't do it!
I can't hear you.
My flap is broken.
That's not my problem.
Have you found a flint stone?
What's stopping you?
Oh, so you're so
strong and smart, yes?
Or have I misjudged you.
I'm unlucky, that's all.
I'm the unlucky.
One because you are an oaf!
Well, I will find it for you.
I just need more time.
More time?
Do you not see me?
I am running out of time.
Arches, of course.
I've been looking
for eight years.
You know your majesty, I
will do everything for you.
The elevator, shower, sewers, I
even coordinated the fire dog,
but it doesn't make money.
Why do I need a fire
that cannot make money?
Did you think of that?
Oh, I know how to
find the flint stone.
I don't have to dive.
I'll devise a new system.
System... [screaming]
Find me the flint stone.
Before somebody else finds it.
[music playing]
Where are you so sad?
You need money again?
That's not a problem.
Don't worry, we'll help.
No, I don't need [laughing]
to borrow money from you.
I'm here to pay you back.
I paid everyone back, everyone!
And now it's your turn.
Here's everything I owe you.
You guys are the best.
Open this door right now.
Never, you are grounded.
It's not fair.
You can't do this to me.
Just watch me do it.
You are my granddaughter.
I am responsible for you and
all your senseless actions.
You never understand me.
I was rescuing a pig.
And I am rescuing the town.
That's it.
Today you are staying at home.
You bet I did.
You found the clay!
It's crazy.
I found red, yellow, green.
I found everything.
No, but seriously,
how did you afford it?
All jokes aside,
I found treasure.
Pirate's treasure.
Did you know that pirates
navigate our river?
What do you mean?
Very slowly, on rafts.
Potter, quit joking.
It's not funny.
Come on, smile.
I'm just kidding around.
If you're not going to
tell me, then don't.
Wait, Ginger.
Oh, well.
You always calculate everything.
But you've miscalculated
my granddaughter.
You messed with her head.
What do you mean?
That's what I mean.
The girl is from
a decent family,
but she runs around
saving everyone
she can lay her eyes
on because you promised
to recruit her as a rescuer.
Well you raised her.
I have no idea how
to raise children.
She should be gentler,
she's a girl after all.
And this Potter fellow...
Potter, never invited him.
I don't need any pots.
Don't you remember?
His great grandfather.
He was a real craftsman.
Look at the fountain he made.
You lose again.
Oh, got you.
You tricked me.
And you distracted me.
I'll never play with you again.
And here we are.
This way.
Your majesty.
System UPS Number 88.
It shows everyone
and everywhere.
Why do you name everything ups?
Is it a disease?
It's an abbreviation.
Ups means universal
periscope system.
This one's model 88.
High precision
mechanism, coded glasses.
I don't see anything.
Maybe your eyesight
has deteriorated.
You can't see those
right under your nose?
Excuse me?
My eyesight is fine.
Do you think somebody has
already found the flint stone,
and we might see smoke
or fire above the town.
These gizmos of
yours aren't working.
You're mistaken, your majesty.
All my gizmos work
perfectly well.
I shouldn't have called
you Ups!, but stupid.
Because that is what
your inventions are.
This is going to
take years to dig up.
This is getting on my...
why do I need play for
when I've got money?
I'll buy a kiln.
And a new pottery wheel.
Ah, now I see.
There are two of you.
Now, now.
Now your majesty.
Ups, do you think
I've got another life?
Because you are of
no use in this one!
The flint stone.
Quickly, go there.
Sulfur dioxide, methane.
The peasants are burning manure?
Ups!, it's the smell of money.
My money.
[music playing]
Universal portable
system, UPS 103.
The latest development
for speed and power.
Innovative suspension.
Tires made of
poly-carbon rubber.
Triple springs,
two for each arm.
Shock absorbers
adjustment system...
Follow the smoke.
To the left!
But the road.
Follow it, I said.
It's a delicate mechanism.
I can't...
The tires have burst!
There's a fracture in
the spring suspension.
Don't touch the catapult.
Why are you never
near when I need...
When I need you.
Your majesty, it's dirty.
You look gorgeous.
Are you mocking me?
It's just silver.
It is not enough.
I need the flint stone.
I found another.
Give it to me.
Are you still here?
I got you some flowers.
Thanks, put them over there.
I want to apologize
for storming out.
And for breaking...
Ginger, wait.
Wait a second.
Finish this first.
Sorry, you're inspired.
I don't want to distract you.
Finish it.
Look at that.
Is that new?
Along with the red clay.
Looking good.
Is it a new pot design?
It's a fountain.
Oh, yeah I see that.
Beautiful, a real
decoration for the town.
A decoration?
Yeah, just like all
the pieces you make.
Of course.
Because everyone loves a pot.
My grandpa always
surprised everyone.
No matter what he made,
people admired it.
I mean, when he finished
the fountain everyone just
stood there the whole
day looking at patterns.
And what am I?
Will never be able to
make anything beautiful.
I believe you, Potter.
I know you can make some...
I am pot craftsman.
inaudible suits.
Shoes' perfect shoes.
Hatter's those amazing hats.
And me?
Is it that you're jealous?
Yes, of course, I am.
Their stupid talent skills.
I've got talented friends.
But their friend is a loser.
I guess we we're
not wanted here.
Doesn't matter.
They'll envy me really soon.
All of them.
Ups!, do you know why
they call you Ups!?
Your majesty.
Because you are an awful,
incompetent, rattle-brained
In other words, an idiot.
But that's not Ups!.
That is Ups!.
That is you.
[thunder rumbling]
Let me try this!
If we appeal to logic, right?
Smoke is proof that somebody
used the silver dog, OK?
One more strike of the flint
stone and there will be fire.
We will absolutely
see the fire for sure.
Nobody stops after
the silver dog.
It is possible after
the copper dog.
However I think...
Be quiet Ups!.
Where are we supposed
to see this fire?
[rumbling] A fire,
quickly follow me.
A fire, come on.
Where's the fire?
Look, something is burning.
Where's the fire?
What is it?
Nothing, mind your own business.
The potters house is of fire.
Potters house?
This is my business.
[music playing]
For Pete's sake, stop it.
What are you Doing
Hoarse, barrel, the fountain!
You're being too nice to her.
We should tie her up.
She needs to stop.
That's it.
Buckets, Hooks, follow me.
Let's go!
What are you doing?
The fire is there!
What are you doing?
I just want to help.
You can't do this.
You left me here, haven't you?
You can't keep me here.
Let me out.
There's no way you
can keep me in here!
[music playing]
That's it.
The house is gone.
Come on, guys.
We better make a start.
Poor Potter.
Neither home not job.
Pots don't burn.
Stop it, already.
Poor guy's in the inaudible.
What's happened here?
Looks like trouble for Potter.
I guess you can say that.
Oh dear, no kidding.
Why don't you come
stay in my place?
Just till you got
something of your own.
Why your place?
Let them stay with me.
I won't hear of it,
he's coming with me.
Let's go.
Just stop it, all of you.
Potter will stay with
all of us in turns.
Come on, let's go.
It's getting colder.
As for the house,
we'll build it.
And you'll start
your business again.
It isn't exactly rocket science.
[music playing]
Where is Potter?
Your Potter is just fine.
He left with his friends,
and you should go too.
We've got good friends.
There are no good people.
Yes there are.
And Potter is the best.
What makes him the best?
Has he got any money,
wealth, glory, power?
He doesn't need any of that.
Everyone does.
Potter and the queen are like.
Not true.
I don't know about
the queen, but Potter
lives for other people.
At least he tries.
He even wants to
finish the fountain.
It is glory that he
wants, and money.
Lots of glory and lots of money.
You've got it all wrong.
He, as well as all of
the people in this town
want the same thing.
They're all hungry
for wealth and power.
But all of our townsfolk
are remarkable.
They are sincere, and generous.
Come to my birthday in 3 days
and see for yourself, huh?
I'll be happy to see you.
What a stupid girl.
Good luck trying to
stay at Ginger's house.
Like Archivist will
even let you in.
I'm sure you'll let you in,
but he won't let you out.
By the way, Ginger's
birthday is coming up.
I'm going to make her hat.
The most beautiful
hat, with a feather.
Well, I'm going to
make her red boots.
Go with your hair.
As for me, I'll make
a fire fighter jacket.
And then the two of us
will dance the polka.
Because of a hat with a feather?
Yeah right.
She'll be dancing
with me, like this.
In the red boots?
How my very own
firefighting jacket.
That would be the winner.
So then I'll have a first dance.
Rescuers tango.
No, Ginger, she's my.
Well, when I'm with her...
On her birthday she
will waltz with me.
Now tell me, you guys got that?
How are you?
Are you all right?
I am.
I'm going to stay at
hatter's place for a while.
How about you?
I'm all right too.
Grandpa, tell me, how do
I arrange a perfect party
for my birthday?
I want to do everything myself.
You want to host a
party all by yourself?
I do.
So that everybody has the
most perfect, best time ever.
Well, it's not too complicated.
Tidy the house.
Decorated it.
Makes cakes.
Invite the guests and musicians.
Housekeeping, It's
on the sixth shelf,
seventh book on the left.
So beautiful.
Grandpa let's decorate it
first, and then clean up?
Knock it off.
Ginger, time for bed.
I'll do it myself, on my own.
I just have to put some oil
here, and light them up.
Why are you lighting them now.
When am I supposed
to light them?
When it's bright?
Yes, Ginger, like fire.
Bright Ginger lights.
You're just in time.
Ginger, can I take the horse?
Of course, I mean, sure.
And now time for cleaning.
Ginger, go to bed.
Many people underestimate the
role of a hat in an outfit.
But they're all wrong.
It's not just a headdress.
Your headdress determines
thoughts in your head.
Just calm down and take a seat.
I'll make a hat for ginger
and she'll look like a hero.
Well, that's what
I'm hoping anyway.
You think so?
The headdress determines
how a person is perceived.
If you wear a bucket hat,
you won't stop drooling.
Shady hat makes
you look romantic.
Don't you agree?
If you wear a top
hat, well, everyone
could see you've got money.
That hat is a fun
one, a masquerade.
To make people laugh.
What was that?
I have no idea, but
I didn't like it.
Ups!, my dear Ups!.
You're so inventive.
An outstanding scientist.
You're practically a genius.
You're the greatest mind
in my whole kingdom.
And yet you can't
steal the flint stone.
I've never learned to steal.
Then go and learn if you
want to stay the castle.
[music playing]
Wait up!
You guys are the best
musicians in town.
And also the only ones.
That's why I need you guys.
Please come to my
birthday party,
as musicians, and as guests.
All right, when is it?
The evening after tomorrow.
Everyone will be there.
We'll have feasts, jokes,
laughter, ginger lights.
And you guys can play, deal?
Okey dokey.
OK, we'll do it.
Just take it down a notch.
You guys don't have to
worry about that anymore.
[music playing]
You sort them out.
They'll be good for the
market tomorrow, yeah?
We'll go to Ginger's
the next day.
Look at the president
I'm making for her.
What do you think?
Are they beautiful?
Yeah, they're just
shoes, I guess.
They're not just shoes.
I mean, they're the most
important part of a person.
Shoes determine whether you
follow the path you've chosen.
What if your boots
don't fit you properly?
You won't reach
your destination.
If they're perfect fit,
the sky is the limit.
I mean, the road.
Do you think she'll like them?
I hope she does.
What are you going to give her?
A pot?
A pot.
A stupid old pot.
I mean, what else can I make?
You guys are so pretentious.
One of you has so many hats.
You've got all these shoes.
Are you OK?
Yes, I'm perfectly fine.
OK, well don't throw the shoes.
Be gentle with them, loving.
What was that?
Let's not be lazy.
You shouldn't just play,
but dazzle everyone
with your talent and virtuosity.
All right, we've got talent.
Well then.
[music playing]
What is that noise?
Miss Ginger again.
What on earth is this?
It's the middle of the night.
inaudible day nor
during the night.
What is that noise?
What's going on out there?
Your majesty, you
have to be careful.
Your majesty.
Where's the flint stone.
It is right here.
Are you knocking an old lady?
I don't find it very amusing.
I will annihilate you, Ups!.
Do you want the whole town to
find out about the flint stone!
Nothing gets by them.
[music playing]
Anybody can find
the flint stone.
If anyone lays
their hands on it.
I must have the
flint stone tomorrow!
Can't you see?
I have no time or money left.
[music playing]
At least you've got
a good ear for music.
No, no, no.
All wrong.
Let's start again.
This time on the count of two.
What does that mean?
Never mind.
Let's just take it from the top.
[music playing]
Are they torturing a cat?
So, where's this dog then?
I haven't got it yet.
No, you crazy?
You can't.
We'll burn alive.
Well, this fire burns through
rock as if it were paper.
You can only turn it
on if the tanks are
connected to the system.
Which system?
Unified revocations system.
I call it UPS 66.
I use the town utility
services to control water, air,
and fire distribution
all over the castle.
And even the town
from my workshop.
For example, look here.
Your majesty, I connect the
tank with compressed air
to the system.
Do this, and now the
townsfolk have no water,
but poof in their taps.
And now the town fountain may...
And what about the tanks?
Of course, they
are full of fire.
But it can't make money.
I can't find another use for it.
I will.
Everyone will be
happy, if they survive.
My friends.
You all know me,
and you love me.
So I'm inviting all of you to
my birthday party tomorrow.
There will be lots
of delicious cakes.
Ginger, your dough seems
to be running away.
The dough is gone.
Clothing is like
our second skin.
I personally would
even say the first.
Nice clothing makes
people beautiful.
And comfortable clothing
makes people so happy.
It's coming out so nicely.
What do you think?
Would ginger like it?
I don't know.
Why are you asking me?
I don't know what she'd like.
All right.
I just thought you'd like it.
Well, why does she have to
like everything you make?
Why not?
Why not?
Just because you're
so good at everything
doesn't mean you can
treat me this way.
Treat you in what way?
You're the one who's acting
all weird, and whiny.
Well, that's only because
you're making me feel that way.
Listen, I need you to
stop yelling at me,
or else one of us is
going to get hurt,
and it absolutely won't be me.
Get hurt, huh?
Well, that definitely won't
be me, I can tell you that.
And yelling, I'll
show you yelling.
Yeah, and how what?
How do you like this?
I lost my temper.
That's OK.
Only because that wasn't
my best piece of work.
[music playing]
I really hope there's good cake.
How zoom in?
Where's the flint stone.
Your majesty.
Do you even realize that
without it I am doomed?
My life is running out.
Look at all that.
That's the girl who
loves stupid Potter.
And now they're on possession
of the flint stone.
And soon the whole town
will know about it.
Rascals, swindlers, scalawags.
They will pass the
flint stone around.
They all used to be my servants.
Pathetic little low-lives.
Oh, how I hate them all.
Go on.
I'll do everything
myself without any help.
I'll be fine now that
I have an invitation.
Well, I'll do everything
myself as well.
[distant chatter]
[music playing]
[music playing]
You're lucky you're ginger.
Everyone loves you.
You're just a cat,
no expectations.
But I'm a genius who's
going to appreciate.
Especially by the queen.
But wait, I'll
prove myself to her.
Where are the pies?
[music playing]
You made it!
I'm so happy here.
Let me introduce
you to everyone.
I don't want to be
introduced to anybody.
Here are our wonderful friends.
This is Shoe.
Here is Hatter, and
this is Pricker.
They're the greatest.
Have you guys seen
Potter around?
We haven't seen him.
He'll come.
He will.
[music playing]
Where are you going?
Granny, let me introduce
you to my grandpa.
I am not a Granny at all, and
I don't need your grandpa.
Where is this Potter then?
He'll be here soon, I'm sure.
These are the
people of our town.
All different, but like
I told you sincere,
and selfless people.
Look at their cute
little happy faces.
Have you seen Potter?
Is your cover not
coming after all?
I'm sure he's on his way.
Potter's so kind, and strong.
He and I...
Ginger, happy birthday.
Thank you.
I just want to wish
you on your birthday
that you always, waltz.
On the count of two, guys.
[music playing]
And, Ginger, look.
This season's attire,
hats with feathers.
Neither rain nor dew
will destroy your hairdo.
And beautiful boots
for beautiful feet,
made of leather to
withstand all weather.
These dresses are the best
from now till the rest.
So crafters, what do you think?
Shoe, why are you so quiet?
Can't you make boots like these?
Your shoes don't even
come close to these.
Just look at the hats.
Look Hatter.
Can you imagine
what thoughts come
to mind when you wear
a hat like that one?
Great ones, not to be
compared with those
that come up under this thing.
And the dresses,
Pricker, look at these.
Velvet, crepe de
chine, silk, brocade,
that's a job well done, but
by someone other than you.
So what do you think?
These were made by
a real craftsman.
And as for you?
You guys are good for nothing?
Who's that?
Don't you recognise him?
Is that Potter?
I didn't recognise him.
Ginger, why don't you
do my eyes a favor
and take off those lousy rags,
and put on some truly beautiful
pieces of work.
What I'm wearing is perfectly
fine, I'll have you know.
And you, you... what's
with this masquerade?
And I don't get it.
Where are my troopers?
These are all dumb mannequins.
Well what?
Where are all my brave
warriors and heroes?
They've turned into morons.
I'll make scarecrows out of you.
Why are you yelling at them?
They walk the runways nicely.
Now they'll run nicely.
And throw nicely.
All right.
Double time!
Time to go.
Potter put on a good show.
Potter has a sense of humor.
Did you see his pots?
What did you just say?
You think this is
all a masquerade?
Well, let's just see what you
say about your final gift then.
Why did he treat us like that?
Something is wrong with Potter.
Yeah, I'm telling you.
When you wear a hat like this...
and just look at what he got.
I know, are you kidding me?
Your shoes don't even
come close to these.
Can you believe that?
Where did he get all that?
I don't know, but
it's ridiculous.
Does he mean by all that?
It's crazy.
This is magic.
Who is that?
A clown maybe.
Potter invited him to
entertain the guests.
(SINGING) It's bursting
thing ancient wisdom.
The kind you won't
find in a bar.
Mysteries and incantations,
with no other explanation.
Power, and love, even torture,
it can give you anything.
It can turn you
inside out and back.
It can make your
brain turn into black.
Magic, oh, it does all.
Magical magic.
White and black.
And even green, in fact.
Magic can do it all.
Magical magic, tempted
with red and blue.
Yellow inaudible flames,
magic can do it all.
Magic can do it all.
Magic can do it all.
How do you think I'm
supposed to sleep?
I'm not a clown.
I am the greatest
magician and spell weaver.
And as for Potter,
he is bewitched.
By who?
It does not matter.
What really matters is if
the curse isn't lifted,
he might die.
That explains a lot.
That explains everything.
How do we break the spell?
It is only I who
can do such a thing.
But you must get into his
house incognito, and hide.
But how do we get in?
Incognito, it means unnoticed.
That's very important.
You must get in, wait
until Potter falls asleep,
and take the flint
stone off his neck.
Flint stone, you
must bring it to me,
and I will break the
spell and free Potter.
And what do you mean by, get in?
Let alone incognito.
[music playing]
UPS 207, universal
perforating system.
It's like magic.
It's science.
What for?
Because it is the best present
anyone has ever given you.
Why did you hurt your friends?
Is it that you wanted
to humiliate them?
They've got nothing
to do with it.
I wanted to show you
that I'm the best.
The best because of
things you can't make you
can buy with money?
And what's wrong with that?
I could buy their shop and
put them out of business,
but I didn't do that?
At least not yet.
Do you see that red lever?
Surely there's an easier
way to get the flint stone
from Potter.
No, there's not.
Now, can you see
the red lever there?
This one?
That's UPS 208, self-sufficient
tunneling operation.
The machine will take
you there on its own.
After you take the flint
stone from Potter, undercover,
that is.
You need to then get back
in, pull the lever down,
and the machine
will automatically
bring you right back here.
That's it, and I'll be here too.
You guys got it?
Got it.
Hey what's this thing do, huh?
I specifically told you
not to touch anything else.
I'd say that he's
a clown after all.
[chicken crowing]
Hey guys.
Are you alive?
Are you there?
Can you hear me?
How embarrassing.
I guess I am a clown,
not a funny one.
Poor guys.
You know what?
Whatever about the shop.
I could buy the whole market.
What's wrong with you?
In fact I'm great.
You've changed.
And what's wrong with that?
On the contrary, it's better.
Now, take the tree.
I don't need your
stupid money tree.
I needed you, but now...
But now what?
Now you're completely different.
Completely different,
what was like before?
A complete and utter loser.
Is that what you want?
Or have you forgotten how
everyone laughed at me?
How they criticized
me for not being
able to finish the fountain
and make a name for myself?
And now I can buy it.
I could buy a fountain that will
immortalized me in this town.
You show off the
things you can buy,
not the things you can create.
You're not proud of
yourself, but of the money
that you haven't even earned.
You should start all over.
Find the red clay
we talked about.
What are you talking about?
Forget that fairy tale.
It doesn't exist.
Don't you get it?
It just does not exist.
I don't even know you anymore.
She's no match for you, Potter.
You gave us such
wonderful presents,
and she couldn't
appreciate them.
Presents like these can only
be appreciated by the queen.
I keep telling her.
Don't tell her, tell the queen.
You're so rich.
Why don't you become a King?
You could do people a lot
of good and make them happy.
A king, you say.
Why not?
You've got money.
Now you can get the power.
You'll be able to help everyone.
But I thought...
Well, you've taught
a lot of things.
That you had friends and a girl.
But why don't you
go to the queen?
That's where true happiness is.
Your own.
[music playing]
I'm a good for nothing inventor.
I am a ballast on the balloon.
I'm a waste of space.
I am useless.
Don't make a mountain
out of a molehill, Ups!
You had bad luck.
Your majesty.
You are beautiful.
I know.
Plus a bride should
be beautiful.
A bride?
Are you getting married?
A woman will do whatever
it takes to find happiness.
And who's the lucky one?
Potter, you know him.
Oh, of course.
He's got the flint stone.
Well then, I'll arrange
a festive celebration.
I don't want any feasts.
Devise me bright, colorful
water so that it glows.
And fill the fountain with it.
I'll have a water
extravaganza at my wedding.
Let the whole town enjoy and
be happy, for the last time.
[music playing]
That is the final straw.
Capture her and lock her up.
Get her.
This can't go on like this.
Come on, let's go.
[interposing voices]
No, we shouldn't go backwards.
Keep going forwards.
This way?
Are we close yet?
We got to stop.
It'll stop.
I'm telling you, turn it around.
It'll stop what it has to.
Shoe, stop wheezing.
Breath like this.
Stop yanking at it.
The clown told us not to
touch anything in here.
I'm not the one
touching anything.
You are!
Sit tight then, and quit
inaudible in my ear.
What are you doing here?
I didn't invite you.
How did you get in here?
What's going on, Potter?
What is going on with you?
You're a crafter.
You must work.
You must finish the fountain.
Oh, they should proud of you.
They will be proud of me.
I'm working.
And you're getting in the way.
But your wheel is clean,
and the kiln is cold.
Don't touch it!
A dog?
A real dog?
Where did you come
from little guy?
It isn't real.
It's a special dog for work.
Didn't you want me to work?
Give it to me.
You're scaring it.
It's trembling.
Why is it wearing a collar?
He can't breathe properly.
What have you done!
I don't want you here.
Why are you always
ruining everything?
Why can't you mind
your own business.
Who said you could
touch my flint stone?
You know what?
That dog was just as
useless as you are.
Get out of here.
I don't need you anymore.
We've had enough of you, Ginger.
Why did you...
[interposing voices]
It's just a joke
to you, isn't it?
[interposing voices]
Have you got any sense or what?
Leave, now one wants you here.
We think it's time
you get out of here.
You destroy everything.
Off you go.
There she is.
Are you the Potter.
Yeah, your majesty.
Drop the formalities.
Call me inaudible.
Potter, there's
something important
I'd like to discuss with you.
I heard he wanted
to become the King.
Yeah, yeah, absolutely.
Yes, it is.
You really are the
worthiest of the worthiest.
The day of our wedding
will be announced later.
I'll see you in the castle.
You all hear that?
The queen and I will be married.
You have destroyed the fountain.
You will never be a rescuer.
Never, ever.
[music playing]
Man, this place stinks.
Some strange animals
come up from nowhere.
Seems like dogs around here
are more like monsters.
Not just monsters, there's a
fire dragon under the town.
They save lives underground and
it's going to eat us all soon.
The safe buildings have
already started collapsing.
We'll have a wonderful day.
Ups!, is everything
ready for the wedding?
What about blazing water
for the celebration?
200 barrels.
Does it shine?
It glows.
Let's discuss the plan
of the ceremony again.
First we go over the
bridge, then into the tower.
Potter will take the crown
and sit on the throne.
And the most important
part, as soon
as you see that Potter has
the crown, it's then up to you
to demolish the bridge,
lock the shutters and doors
in the castle.
Do you have that?
And only after that you,
left your blazing water
into the town.
The feast begins into all pipes,
all of them under the tower,
and into the town fountain.
Why do I have to
demolish the bridge?
[laughing] Because I said so.
I'm going to burn
bridges behind me.
Now, stop asking
stupid questions.
I want to spend time
with my fiancee.
That's how I want it.
That's how I'll have it.
How we escape afterwards,
I'll decide later.
And now no questions.
As you wish, your majesty.
[music playing]
You should eat something.
Go and take a walk.
Or maybe read something.
Maybe you want me to read
to you, like we used to do.
How is she?
What's this then?
No, I read it to her
when she was little.
The tail of the red clay.
You of your fairy tales.
How about a game of chess?
Uh, don't you
remember how to play?
Those, I do.
So I saw Potter.
Apparently he's
marrying the queen.
He's a big shot now.
Soon he'll be the king, I guess.
What's going on up there?
What are you doing my dear girl?
We don't need
these pots anymore.
I suppose we don't.
Nobody needs them.
Now calm down, Ginger.
I am calm.
I'm perfectly calm.
Forget about the pots.
And about that Potter, I think
it's time you've moved on.
I've already
forgotten about him.
[music playing]
A flint...
Flint stone?
Yes, the flint stone.
I saw that Potter had it.
The flint stone is
a temptation itself.
It says here.
What temptation?
First comes the copper dog.
It's a source of
copper coins, it seems.
It reads the master
of its need so long
as he can control himself.
It's the copper dog.
The silver dog will
block the sky with smoke,
and in vile envy
shall be drowned
by the miserable
flint stone's master.
Unless he summons the dog,
setting everything ablaze.
Here it is.
You'll be devoured by his
insatiable greed for gold.
You'll feed on money.
Otherwise he'll die at once.
Oh no, Potter!
Where do you think you're going?
Read it.
The last flint stone secret is...
Another secret?
Fire hounds.
They'll burn everything down.
The secret...
What is it?
That's it.
The inscription is cut.
Listen, this is the flint stone.
I know this story, or
well, I used to know.
My memory is shot.
Trying to remember.
We need to know what
else could happen!
[music playing]
What's the secret?
I can't remember.
I read it when I was only a boy.
Where did you read?
It in the library?
In the square by
the new fountain.
I remember I was
holding the third page.
I recall the sound of
the water, wind splashes,
the page was all wet.
It got destroyed.
But I did manage to read it.
Let's go!
To the fountain.
You'll remember there.
[music playing]
The fire will purify everything.
This town with its
stupid people and back
scratchers who left me alone.
And the flint
stone will be mine.
So, where does this hose go?
Ah, here.
As for the Potter, moron,
lousy, good for nothing loser.
He thinks you can be King.
[laughs] So he gets in the
tower, takes the crown,
and that's what he
faces his death.
A King for only a minute.
His last minute.
That's, it you're done for.
you'll perish in the flame
your majesty, King Potter.
No one will ever hear
anything about that imbecile.
(SINGING) Brighter than the
sun, you can guarantee the show
will be.
Words will turn to
dust instantly for all
of those who betrayed me.
Oh, those who left me alone.
They'll all burn and fall too.
I'll inaudible my
feet, just you wait.
You'll see.
Maybe I'll down in
hot burning flames.
This will all be priceless.
inaudible or with interest,
the fire of my vengeance
will knock on every door.
She did it again.
What a girl.
Of course, it was her.
Where is the water.
She couldn't possibly
drink at all?
I mean, who knows?
We must get rid of her.
I'll say.
Throw her out of here.
Goodbye to her.
Well, Hello my future King.
Hello, your majesty...
I could listen to this forever.
Come in my dearest.
You may go, Ups!.
Ups!, you are no longer needed.
That Ginger is
nothing but trouble.
What else has she done?
What's going on here?
Where is he?
Over there.
Come on, think.
But I can't.
There were splashes.
Well, here's your splashes then.
What are you doing?
I've got it.
Oh wait, lost it.
Allow me to help with that.
Let's straighten
it here, and here.
Oh, my darling.
Thank you, your majesty.
Soon you'll be the majesty too.
And together we
will rule this town.
May she be happy.
And I'll disappear.
I'm not the flint stone.
I'm just Ups!.
Just one ritual left.
An ancient coronation ceremony.
The future king must
take the crown himself.
My darling, go and
take your crown,
and leave the flint stone
here, I keep it for you.
How did you know...
You can't go through
this ritual having
any objects related to fire.
Don't worry, you'll
get it back, my king.
Right after the ritual...
Why do you want to kill him?
Kill him?
Potter, she's luring you
into a trap, a death trap.
This is ridiculous,
blind jealousy.
Let's get out of here.
[interposing voices] taking you to the place
where nobody appreciates you.
Potter, she wants to kill you.
I want everyone to know what
a wonderful person potter is.
He doesn't need to
be a king for that.
The world works in such
a way that only power can
give Potter what he longs for.
It's not true!
Only when you become
the king, can you
get the respect and appreciation
of your shining talents.
Don't believe her!
Do you believe, Potter, or do.
You do the math.
Remember, my darling,
who you used to be.
And imagine you will become.
Potter, that's a lie.
I just want everyone
to admire you.
Ginger, I'm telling you to
get out of here right now.
When I become King then
I'll deal with you.
Didn't I tell you, huh?
Everyone cares for
wealth and power.
It's you.
You don't believe me.
You don't.
[music playing]
[fire whooshing]
I don't understand
what's going on.
[interposing voices]
I told you, I can't remember.
Try to remember.
Look what we have to deal with.
[interposing voices]
What will we do here?
I remember.
I remembered how
to play dominoes.
[interposing voices]
That's it.
We're doomed.
We're doomed!
[music playing]
It's locked.
Billy, why have you done?
What's so special
about that clumsy girl?
Everyone's turned
their backs on her.
The throne is yours.
You wanted it so how much.
You will have
everything, everything!
Just give me the flint stone.
[music playing]
Yes, yes!
Run towards your death.
May you both burn alive, and
let the whole town burn down.
[frantic chattering]
To purify.
To burn one's self from clean.
No... yes.
How very romantic, your majesty.
To get burned with love.
That's it.
The end.
[distant chattering]
We've run out of water.
Get the cart to the river.
[frantic chattering]
Everything is on fire.
What are we going to do?
And the castle is burning.
[music playing]
Ginger, breathe.
Please, breathe.
Wake up.
Wake up, I need you.
Rusty, how did you get here?
I'll help you.
[music playing]
[distant chattering]
We're all going to die!
Come on, get out of here.
Can't breath.
The fire is everywhere.
[distant chattering]
Is that Ginger?
That's her for sure.
Yeah, what is she doing?
Ginger wants to save us.
Oh, Ginger.
Come on Ginger!
Come on.
[music playing]
[music playing]
Ginger is a brave, young soul.
A hero.
I always knew of it.
Ginger was a natural rescuer.
Everyone knew that.
Ginger, our savior.
Way to go!
[distant chattering]
Fire men!
The tower!
[distant chattering]
Come on.
Come on, hurry up.
They saved us.
Poor them.
She was just a young girl.
so brave.
And we...
[distant chattering]
Who are they?
Potters friends.
Don't you recognize them all?
A wedding?
What wedding?
We don't have a tail coats.
Yeah, or our hats.
Or invitations.
I remembered.
I remember the mystery
of the flint stone.
You must resist the
temptation by completely
denying envy and greed.
But only a pure soul is
capable of just that.
Well, what are you waiting for?
Go find your friends.
That's what was written
on the third sheet.
I told you, she's a real hero.
[music playing]
I don't think we
need this anymore.
Now what are you going
to do about your fire?
[music playing]
You are my fire.
[music playing]
(SINGING) We spend so long
searching for ourselves
on this world.
It might led you
down different roads.
We see the light, but what if
it's there for someone else?
And our dreams feel impossible.
You just gotta stop
wasting your precious time,
and keep your dream of life.
Become your own life,
help others get by.
The night enters into day.
inaudible stronger then love.
The fire flint burns bright.
If I can feel this way.
And you know if feels right.
Your love inaudible I know
that you can shine brighter
then the full sky.
And you know it feels right.
Just got to look around you.
Because this love is so true.
And it will light
the way everyday.
[music playing]
(SINGING) Everything is
possible if you try hard enough.
The light inside of
you leads the way.
And if you need a little
help, just look around.
You'll see a friendly
face saving the day.
You just got to
inaudible like the wind
itself, let others
be themselves.
You've got it in you to
be the one who cares.
(SINGING) And life
will turn into day.
You'll see nothing
stronger than love.
The fire is burning bright.
Your can feel the flint.
And you know it feels right.
Your love will I
know inaudible
that you can shine
brighter then the full sky.
And you know it feels right.
Just got to look around you.
Because this love so true.
And it will light
the way everyday.
[music playing]
It will light the way everyday.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Who are you?
And who am I?
Oh, It's a long story, but I'll
tell it to you because we've
got plenty of time.
Lots, in fact.
What is your name?
Ulrich Percival Sistamatus.
Nice name.
But very long.
Yeah, I guess you could
say I love long names.
[music playing]
(SINGING) We've got a treat
just for you in this shop.
(SINGING) Where you'll find
anything in no time, trust me.
We got what you need.
(SINGING) You've been met
with satisfaction, perfection.
Oh, you'll be leaving
here in fashion.
Because we'll make it happen.
(SINGING) All right.
I am Shoe, a well-known crafter.
My shoes inaudible to be paid.
Come buy yourself
some new shoes.
Pairs for your whole family.
Shoelaces, boots and slippers.
Soles made out of leather.
(SINGING) Feel free to
try them on at once,
and buy yourself
a brand new pair.
Why are you standing there?
Come to our shop!
Fashion Pavilion,
dressed from head to toe.
Oh, we've got every style,
you'll be set to go.
Cloths for everyday, hat,
inaudible, and cane.
Fashion Pavilion, where we
will meet your every need.
(SINGING) Tell me
sir, what is this rag?
Don't you know your looks
determine your importance.
How bout we make
you into a prince?
Try this pants.
This red corset.
My handmade work.
And that's why they
all call me Pricker.
My clothes are the best.
(SINGING) Stay right there.
It's freezing.
You can't go outside
without a brand new hat,
just for your head.
And I've got one for you too.
Top hat, inaudible helmet.
Top-class master crafter.
(SINGING) We make
everything you see.
Yes, once you enter
you won't believe.
(SINGING) Don't hesitate,
come into our shop!
Fashion Pavilion,
dressed from head to toe.
Oh, we've got every style,
you'll be set to go.
Don't want to burn your taste,
you'll be looking great.
inaudible trousers, suits,
and coats, and buttons.
You bet we've got
everything here!
[music playing]
Fashion Pavilion!
[music playing]