Gintama (2017) Movie Script

The Land of Samurai
It has been quite a while since our country has been called that.
20 years ago, in Edos peace time,
aliens from outer space came here suddenly.
We call them "Amanto"
Amanto have transformed Edo city one-by-one.
The shogunate gave in to Amanto
and gradually became their puppets.
Once ago, the Amanto tried to exterminate everything in the Joui War.
There, many of the famous 'Jouishishi' showed up.
Jouishishi = Samurai who participated in the Joui War
There were many sacrificed and defeated.
And because of that, the Amanto afraid of
the reappearances of samurai,
promulgated the Sword Prohibition order,
leading to a decline in the samurais way.
I told you, its wrong!
Even chimpanzee and amoeba are better than you
in operating the cash register.
lm sorry. lm really not that good at anything but sword fighting -
In the present Edo, sword fighting is useless.
Not to mention samurai, theyre just shit,
Without a sword nor status,
samurai has thrown away all of their dignity
Oi Old Man, forget about the cash register and bring me milk.
Yes, gladly!
Oi ora, hurry up and bring milk to Satoru-sama.
Oi oi, this lad cant use the cash register and serve customer?
lm really sorry!
My precious clothes are now stained with milk.
Clothes and rags that are stained with milk
will stink, you know.
lm sorry. lm sorry.
Dont wipe my clothes with that dirty rag!
Apologize! Just apologize for now!
It is not just the samurai
the people that live in this country must be all -
Who the fuck are you?
Lake Toya
What have you done? You are violating
the Sword Prohibition order!
this is just a wooden sword,
Nyaa nyaa nyaa, so noisy.
Are you guys in heat?
Look at this
because your nyaan nyaan are so noisy,
my chocolate parfait...
fell to the ground!
Asshole, dont you know who we are -
You know what..
my doctor said that I eat too many sweets,
so I can only have one of those a week.
This guy was far too rowdy to be called a samurai
but in his eyes is far too dignified
to be called a common thug.
About your parfait
It tasted good.
But there were too much of corn flake that I have keep on
chewing and chewing, chewing, chewing.
Please increase the ratio
of cream and ice cream
Megane = Glasses/Four-eyes.
Good luck!
This man, Sakata Gintoki,
Shiroyasha = White Demon
once known as Shiroyasha,
in the Joui War,
was feared by the Amanto
Amanto has occupied this city
In this Edo city, alone
Like a stray dog.
Sometimes I bares my fang,
fighting with passion.
What is with this opening VTR?
Why does it only feature you?
Because lm the main character
and I look cool.
No, no. the quality is really bad.
The low quality is low
because its karaoke video-aru.
That's because I created it
with my pc at home~~
Dont use your low quality video
made at home on the big screen!
And how many times your name
must be shown until you are satisfied?
Its because lm the main character.
The last one was hard to read-aru.
The last one is in Arabic, the first one was Hangul.
I didn't ask you to explain.
Enough with the explanation. The singing was
so bad, I bet you sang it by yourself.
Whos bad at singing, fucker?
The first scene at the restaurant
was totally unnecessary-aru.
Kagura-chan, there are viewers
that are not familiar with the original content.
Thats right, Kagura. The original fans are picky,
But we should not forget about the common viewers.
That's right.
So, let me introduce you.
After our meeting at the restaurant
I went to Gin-san to be his
assistant in the Yorozuya
My name is Shimura Shinpachi
I used to open a dojo in sword fighting,
but due the lack of students, it has to closed
and it really is troubling~~~
You dont have to tell me.
I'm the heroine of Gintama.
Dont say it ~lazily~ like that!
Kagura-chan is actually from
a Yato Clan, an Amanto.
She is a powerful fighter and an alien.
But lm also kawaii-aru!
Because of a certain circumstance,
were now working at Yorozuya.
Here is once-a-year miracle photo
of a cute Kagura-chan.
Ohh! I've seen that somewhere!
I already told you not to say it
~lazily~ like that.
So, to the first and last
Gintama Live-Action movie,
to those who dares to leave during the movie is playing,
we wont give you the x tickets, right?
Dont tell about those stuff.
Countdown starts!
This will definitely irritate TBS-aru.
Let's go hunt Kabuto beetle!
Sugar Content
Let's go Kabuto beetle hunt!
Everyone catches beetles
during their childhood.
I want a new Kabuto beetle-aru
My McCartney the 28th, loss
and stolen at noon-aru.
So, with that in mind
I propose a Kabuto hunting. How about it?
How about it? Just hunt by yourself.
My megane are flying!
Hai, hai, youre so noisy.
This time lm going to catch a giant Kabuto
And defeat those bastards-aru.
By the way, Kagura-chan, your McCartney the 28th,
is not a Kabuto beetle,
its actually a dung beetle.
It's flying again.
Today, were going to interview the adult
who found the rare Kabuto beetle, Sakamoto-san.
Look here, Kagura-san.
We are already grown up.
We cant hunt the Kabuto beetle
with a pure heart anymore.
Then, reclaimed back those pure heart.
A man with a young heart
is popular, you know.
its okay if lm not popular.
This Kabuto-beetle, was found in the forest yesterday.
Maybe, its worth as much as a brand new car.
Eeeeehhhh, this Kabuto is that expensive?
Ne, ne, ne, ne, ne, ne, ne, ne, ne,
please help me-aru,
I didnt think there was a treasure in the forest nearby.
lm very lucky. Its like a diamond in a forest.
Kabuto! Kabuto! Kabuto! Kabuto! Kabuto! Kabuto!
Kagura-chan, you should just stop being so persistent -
Oi, you two.
Were going to grab and grab those beetles
and sell it, sell it with a good price!
ummm, I just want a replacement
for my McCartney the 28th.
You guys.
Dont think you can go back
until we got a giant Kabuto beetle!
This is strictly business,
Kagura-chan, it seems that Gin-san's eyes are clouded with money.
Anyway, it's good to catch a Kabuto.
All right-aru
But the forest is magical.
You will never know what will happen.
Be careful.
I didn't think it would
be so hard to find-aru
Isnt there an easy way to catch it-aru?
Just covered your whole body with honey
and you will catch some in no time.
Are you stupid? Someone like that
is going to attract only perverts.
Commander of Shinsengumi
A stalker of Shinpachis sister
What is that?
What are you doing, Gorilla-san?
As you can see, lm a tree.
Its futile to talk to me.
As I can see, you are not a tree,
so lm talking to you.
Youre wearing too much honey-aru.
As the Edos Police, the chief of Shinsengumi,
are you fine doing something like this?
The tree is not talking-aru.
Kondou-san, youre beautiful~!
It feels disgusting, so lll pretend
that I never saw any of this.
Kondou-san, youre beautiful~!
We saw something strange right of the bat.
I thought that was a fairy at first,
that is a tree sap fairy.
Hes a gorilla-aru.
Then, it must be a gorilla fairy.
that's how it protects all the gorillas
Protecting gorilla, what is that supposed to mean?
Demonic Vice-Commander
Life is not perfect without mayonnaise
Do Kabuto even like mayonnaise-aru?
Why are you forcing your favorite food
on the Kabuto beetles?
At first glance, I thought
hes going to lick it himself
Its really disgusting-aru.
lll pretend that I never saw any of this.
My eyes feels like deteriorating-aru.
However, what is with this forest?
It could be a nicotine poisoning-aru.
That's a nicotine monster.
There it is!
It is big! It is so big!
Kagura! Go!
Leave it to me-aru
It is invincible-aru. lll be invincible in Kabuto match-aru!
Oi, oi. Its big enough to even buy a house.
Leave me alone, boss.
Shinsengumi's 1st Division Captain
What are you doing?
Isnt it obvious?
No, the only thing thats obvious
is that youre an idiot.
Pull me up, please.
I cant stand on my own.
So lame.
My plan to camouflage myself as one of its comrades to make contact with the have gone up in flames.
Oi, you guys!
What are you doing in this forest?
That's our line
If youre doing anything suspicious,
lll arrest you!
You are 500 million times more suspicious
What are you doing, all of you?
I dont need to explain to you lot.
Were hunting Kabuto-beetle.
You just said it.
We will not tell you anymore.
The shoguns pet,
Rurimaru has escaped.
He just said it all.
We WILL not tell you anymore.
Rurimaru is shining with -
KONDOU-SAN! No more!
What a bunch of thrash!
The robber who collect taxes
are hunting Kabuto in broad daylight.
It just flew over, right?
If you catch the shoguns pet,
how much the reward will be, oi?
You fiend with your fiendish plan!
After it!
Not on my watch!
If the shoguns pet is taken by the common people,
itll be the end of Shinsengumi!
Dont let it escape no matter what!
Shinpachi's Older sister
Kondou-san! That is not the way!
What do you want?
My farts shine as a golden honey!
Look at my butt, please!
Dont get ahead of.
Elizabeth, a samurai
must not be blinded by money.
A friend of Gintoki
The leader of a moderate Joui Faction
Diet emphasizes simplicity...
mysterious alien creature, Katsura's pet?
Zura, move!
It's not Zura! It's Katsura!
Are you being followed, Gintoki?
Let me lend a hand.
Bastard! Die!
Don't worry, I used the back of the sword
Oh, didnt expect to meet you here.
Leader of a Joui Faction,
Katsura Kotarou-dono.
Elizabeth, book it,
I can't spare you every time.
Don't run!
Trash like you arent allowed
to touch the shoguns pet.
So fast! Gin-sans greed is increasing his speed six fold!
Twice as fast-aru?
Not on my watch!
No way...
Why do I have to be taken for questioning?
Stupid feds.
But, having a beetle as pet is a disgusting hobby.
Gintoki is referencing the similar design of Elizabeth and the character from Obake no Q-Tarou
Its not Q-Tarou, its Elizabeth!
Anyway, there's nothing to worry about now.
Sorry to have make you worried.
As a comrade, seeing you go all out
with the Shinsengumi, of course made me worried.
Its not like we have done anything
to be hunted by them.
Speaking of the beetles...
we used to catch some long ago.
Shoka Sonjuku
You all will meet all kinds of difficulties
and challenges in your future,
It's up to you to decide what to do.
Its just...
I want you to remember one thing
Do you want to back to that time, Gintoki?
No, not at all.
Yoshida Shoyo
A Bakufu heretical, violating the shogunate and the Amantos Code.
As an insurrection,
punishable by imprisonment.
Even if I go back, it's just sad.
Is it Bakufu or the time is in the wrong?
Look, Katsura! Go around.
Takasugi! Are you fine alone?
Leave it to me
Do not die!
We all have a reason to live.
You're the Shiroyasha!
For what reason
do you all gamble your own life?
Isn't it obvious?
To retrieve back our sensei.
From now on, please dont do anything rash.
Anymore it will create more trouble
for Shinpachi-kun and Kagura-chan.
But, Kagura said she wants to hunt Kabuto~~~~
And also, youre picking your nose too much.
It always come out~
Dont flick it and
Don't wipe it!
Alright, alright~~
Thanks for the advice, by the way.
A samurai who want to test his new katana's effectiveness
by attacking a human opponent
Because Zura, from behind you look like a girl.
It's not Zura, it's Katsura!
And, lm not the one who will be done in by the tsujigiri.
Alright, alright~~
See you next time~~~
Excuse me
Katsura Kotarou-dono, I presume?
You're mistaken.
There is no need to worry, I'm not a Bakufu's dog or anything.
Yet you're still a dog, and
one who thirsts for blood.
I heard there were random
tsujugiri around here.
I advise you to choose the target you want to bite.
My partner and I crave the blood
of a skilled swordsman like yourself.
Won't you humor.. for a bit?
You-! That katana!
My, my. Is this the best you can do?
Next one is a recent tsujigiri
that was rumored
It appeared last night in Edo,
- standby on the scene, Ketsuno Ana?
A played on the word Ketsu no Ana.
Literally means Asshole
In the scene, Ketsuno Ana?
Yes, It's Ketsuno
on the scene
Please address yourself as Ketsuno Ana.
Yes, I'm Ketsuno Ana, on the scene.
The presumption of murder
occurred last night in Edo.
based on the victim's injury.
The killer is a tsujigiri who's
been spotted in the alley lately.
Ketsuno Ana, have you identified
the identity of the victim?
Not yet. It is still not confirmed yet...
Please don't forget to introduce yourself!
Yes, I'm Ketsuno Ana.
The identity of the victim
has not yet been confirmed.
How many people including this time?
All of the victims was ronin
With this, I can't go play outside tonight
Q- Taro, what do you want?
You're always silent.
You're wrong Gin-chan, it's Elizabeth.
It's strange.. in manga and anime and
but in live-action it's a man inside it, right?
Hey, you can't deny it is a costume.
The live-action version has
become a scary type-aru.
Here, a cup of coffee.
There is no reaction.
What should we do?
Has the person inside
faint because it is so hot-aru.
You can't talk about the person inside.
It's really is Obake-Q, right?
It feels like it can eat 50 bowls of rice.
It's totally scared of dogs.
The real version starred is a ghost
and started it?
Well, that's bad!
It's more fun than that!
Douron must be around here, right?
Where is it? Douron out!
This is supposed to be the
true Elizabeth
But, he didn't say anything.
Looks like it's planning something big.
Yes! Yorozuya Gin-chan speaking.
Shinpachi! Looks like we need to use
our final trick. Bring that out!
No, that's Gin-san's, he'll get mad...
It's okay, he's not a kid anymore.
If you drink that stuff all the time,
you're going to get diabetes.
Indeed, it is our duty
to manage his health.
Okay, I'll be heading there now.
I'm going out.
Your face is calm, but you're bleeding nonstop.
Where are you going-aru?
Alrighty, let's get to work
Liar! You just want to get out of this by yourself!
I'll give it to you later.
Shinpachi, now it's a good chance.
Please, have some strawberry au lait.
Elizabeth, listen up.
A warrior should eat simple meals.
Strawberry milk, parfaits, and whatnot...'s not only your body, but your heart shall become weak as well
He's crying.
Good job-aru, Shinpachi!
Why do you cry when you
see strawberry au lait?
Excuse me, I'm from the Yorozuya.
Excuse me, I'm from the Yorozuya.
Um, excuse me, I'm from Yorozuya!
What's that?!
I'm from Yorozuya.
I came over after receiving your call!
We didn't sign up for dinner.
I'm not a delivery man!
Oh! I'm not having an affair!
I'm not a weekly publisher!
Can't you hear me?
Fool! Fool! Fool! Fool!
So very sorry about that!
We were sweating profusely due to our work,
and it just happened to slip from my hand!
My deepest apologies!
Don't worry about it.
Let us introduce ourselves!
We're siblings who work together as swordsmiths!
I'm the elder brother, being called as Murata Tetsuya
And this is..
You should at least introduce yourself, Tetsuko!
If you doesn't know your name,
Sakata-san won't know what to call to you.
Sir, you've already said it loud enough for me to hear.
I know her name is Tetsuko-san.
Sorry about that, Sakata-san!
She's so damn shy!
I don't mind!
Speaking of which, now that the 'Sword Prohibition Act' is in force, isn't it tough being swordsmiths?!
Anyhow, about the job we'd like you to do for us!
Are you even listening? Can you hear me?
In fact, the masterpiece of our predecessor
- in other words, our father -
who created the Benizakura, has been stolen!
Ho-ho?! What exactly is the Benizakura?
We ask that you recover it for us!
Oh, what? Still can't hear me?
Benizakura is...
is the katana crafted by our father, Edo's best swordsmith!
That katana is easily his best piece of work from his entire life!
It's said to be sharp enough to slice through solid rocks!
Under the moonlight, it gives off a pale crimson sheen!
The blade is sultry and beautiful
like cherry blossoms at night!
It is truly a famous sword in a class of its own!
Really?! That's amazing! So, do you
have any clue who the culprit might be?!
However! Benizakura is not something any human can handle!
ONII-SAN! Listen when someone is speaking!
Why, you ask?!
Our father abruptly passed away
about one month after finishing Benizakura.
Thereafter, anyone who came into contact with
Benizakura encountered fatal mishaps.
That thing is...'s a demonic sword that consumes men's souls!
Wait! Please, just give me a break!
Doesn't that mean something
might happen to me too?!
Before Benizakura causes a catastrophe, please stop it!
When talking to anii-jaa, you have to get closer to his ear and project your voice from your diaphragm.
Oh, is that so?
You should've told me earlier!
Raise your voice a little higher.
More, like a pig.
Come on, you bastards.
Blood? Isn't that Katsura's belonging?
Here this morning?
Elizabeth, you should know this best.
Katsura-san isn't someone who would lose
to a typical tsujigiri!
But looking at this, it's obvious something happened.
Things could be troublesome
if we don't find him fast.
If you lose faith, who's left to believe in Katsura-san?!
What should you be doing tight now?
What can you do for Katsura-san's sake?
Let's hear it! Tell me! Tell me now!
That hurts!
Let go, or I'll cut you into mincemeat.
Forgive me!
Shinpachi, I'm gonna go look for him with Sadaharu
to find clues about Zura.
You and Eli go look for that tsujigiri!
Earth Defense Base
Pawn Shop
I thought it would've been pawned off by now.
Looks like they aren't after money.
In that case...
Looking for something?
It's for a job.
It's none of your business, so go away.
The shogun's Rurimaru was eaten
- and the shogun is now depressed
We don't have a good day.
It's none of my business.
Congratulations, your business is booming.
But be careful.
Lately, there have been a number of tsujigiri incidents in this area.
Well, everyone who runs into him happens to die, but it looks like someone has seen him from a distance.
This guy's katana...
Rather than call it a sword, it's more
like a living organism.
Under the moonlight, it gives off a pale crimson sheen!
That guy...
What are you investigating on?
Nothing really..
Liar! Your face is clearly lying.
Defeat the tsujigiri
Sir, Elizabeth-senpai, I've got the meat bun.
Don't talk about this Kansai talent.
Where's the convience store?
Please eat the usual meat bun first.
How's it going? Did the tsujigiri appear?
But... this is reckless, no matter how you look at it.
We're trying to ask the tsujigiri where Katsura-san is...
even though we haven't confirmed that he's the real culprit.
Hide behind my back
Don't stand behind me
You told me to stand there.
No one can even tell the front
of your body from the back!
All right, I'll go ahead.
What are you guys doing here?
Official Business
looks suspicious to me.
It's an night officer. Please don't scare me like that.
I'm relieved.
No, don't be relieved!
I'm doubting you! You're so suspicious!
Haven't you heard yet? Lately, this area... dangerous because of the tsujigiri.
Next, is this nii-chan...
Tsujigiri, you know...
don't choose their target!
Hey, what are you doing to my guest?
You are... Assassin Nizou!
Oh, dear.
I guess I'm a celebrity now too.
It seems like that.
Your wanted posters are everywhere.
you're responsible for all those tsujigiri incidents?!
But... Gin-san, why are you here?
Our goals have become the same,
right here right now
I must be blessed for both of you to go
out of your ways to come find me.
I heard this demonic katana that brings misfortunes,
but it seems to attract skilled opponents.
Especially you.
It's bringing me those I wish to see most.
Looks like this sword brings me luck instead.
Katsura-san?! What have you done to Katsura-san?!
Dear me, you knew him?
Now I feel bad.
I was a bit too excited about my new sword
and accidentally killed him.
Zura would never lose to a simple murderer like you.
Calm down, now. I apologized, didn't I?
Ah, that's right.
I'll return a memento of him to you.
I cut it off as a trophy...
but I'm sure he'd be much happier if you guys held on to it.
But are you sure Katsura's actually a man?
Such smooth, silky hair...
...just like a woman's
Don't make me repeat myself.
Zura would never lose to a scumbag like you.
True, I'm no match for him...
but I wasn't the one who cut him down.
All I did was let it borrow my body for a bit.
Right, Benizakura?
Sadaharu.. It's already dark-aru...
We should go back so Gin-chan
and the others don't worry ab-
I guess they wouldn't.
They wouldn't..
I'm sure Zura's fine-aru.
He's wouldn't just die like that.
Maybe I should just call it a day and start over tomorrow...
Sadaharu? Did you find Zura's scent here-aru?
What's that ship?
It's big!
Oi, how was it? Did you find him?
No luck here. Looks like Okada-san is sick with "that" again.
That man is dangerous
He was going around saying he killed Katsura the other day.
He would do something like that...
This is all because you guys didn't keep eye on him.
If his existence is exposed
it would be a disastrous thing.
Sadaharu, go back to Yorozuya and
bring Gin-chan and the others here.
Even if you run into a cute girl, don't take any detours!
No humping her, either.
Okay, let's go.
I feeled it, so it can't be helped-aru
You can't work with a hungry stomach.
Oi! Bald old man, three bowls of ramen please!
I'm not bald
That's weird, oi.
Are you really the legendary
Jouishishi, Shiroyasha?
That's weird, oi.
Hey, let me ask you,
is that really just a sword?
"Rather than call it a sword, it's more
like a living organism. "
Stop joking! That thing is not a creature
- more like...
...a freaking monster!
Fighting... involves more than just sword play.
This isn't just a fight.
It's a fight to the death.
Oi, oi. This doesn't look too goo-
No way
There's no way, Gin-san
Did peaceful Edo, have rusted your skill?
White Demon and Katsura
Where are the legends of the Joi war?
That man must be very disappointed.
All of his past comrades have turned out to be such failures.
This country has decayed thanks to you weak samurai.
If it had been me by his side instead of you,
this country wouldn't have fallen to such a pitiful state!
Bushido? Integrity?
Samurai do not need such useless things!
A samurai needs only his swords.
With your swords broken, you guys are no longer samurai!
Cowardly samurai need to just disappear from this country.
Even if that sword was broken,
I still have another swords hidden away.
My other special sword!
My, my... you chopped off my arm.
That was a cruiel thing for you to do, little boy.
Move again and I'm taking your left arm!
It's Okita from Shinsengumi.
You're Okada Nizou, right?
Looks like some annaoying people have shown up.
We'll decide the victor another time.
Follow him!
Boss, I knew you're here.
Keep it together! Gin-san!
Damn, I should have come earlier.
I knew you could do it if you tried...
Let's lift him together.
Special Police Shinsengumi
The rumor seems to be real.
Takasugi has returned back to Edo.
What did you say?
The most powerful and dangerous man
in the Joui war.
Takasugi Shinsuke.
I heard that he's ally himself with the Assassin Nizou.
That Assassin Nizou?
I just saw him fighting with Yorozuya.
There is no mistaking that man
is the Assassin Nizou.
It's not just Okada Nizou,
The Red Bullet user, Kijima Matako,
Together with the weird strategist,
Takechi Henpeita.
It is said that Takasugi recruited them,
ready to resurrect the Kiheitai.
From the Joui war, Takasugi huh?
As its name suggests
it's also as strong as a demon.
After all this time, what is the point
in resurrecting that?
His aim is probably to organize
armed groups to trigger a coup'de etat
that guy's dangerous.
That Okata Nizou was strong on his own,
its a bother.
And even, the Yorozuya's Boss
can't beat him.
The Joui warriors mess might be okay
to clean up but,
But the coup'de eta is a different story.
Toshi, all of their information
must be collected at all cost!
Roger that.
Anyways, Kondo-san.
Are you really need to be naked while practicing?
Oi, I'm asking you.
Are you one of this ship's crew?
Care to show me around?
If you don't want your brains blown out, that is.
Oi, you listening?
Looks like the moon's very big tonight...
Princess Kaguya is from Japanese's folklore, The Tale of the Bammboo Cutter, which tells of a bamboo cutter who discovered a baby in a bamboo and raised her as a child with his wife. In the end, the girl whose name is Kaguya must return to her real home, the moon
but some barbaric princess showed up instead.
This is bad, this guy smells dangerous.
Bastard! Who are you?
I won't forgive anyone who tries to harm Shinsuke-sama!
Drop your gun!
You think you can beat Kijima Matako in a quick draw?
Matako, I can see it again.
Your filthy panties are showing.
How naive, you think you can distract me?
That can't be true because I change them every day!
No-no. There's something on it,
How disgusting!
Matako's crotch is encrusted with filth!
Wearing dirty panties, Matako-san.
Damn you!
I'm not gonna let you humiliate me
like this in front of Shinsuke-sama!
Shinsuke-sama, please
don't believe in this kid!
Hey-hey, look at this!
Your panties are filthy.
Damn it!
Don't dig your nostrils in front of him!
Even though I obviously change it every day, where is it?
You silly kid!
Everybody, we mustn't kill her.
Killing women and children sullies the reputation of samurai.
Take her alive!
There needs to be a limit to your lolicon tendencies!
She's already infiltrated us,
how can you be so laid back?!
I'm not a lolicon, I'm a feminist.
Though she may be the enemy, it's the
feminist way to treat women with care
Zura! Where are you-aru?
You're here, right?
If you're here, say something-aru!
Now's our chance! Hold her down!
What's wrong with this brat?
Zura! Wait for me!
I'm coming!
Oh, no, she's heading to the factory.
What... is this place?
Now that you've seen this, we
can't let you leave this place alive.
You wield your sword only to protect yourself.
Leave it behind
Junior Bushido
It is not for protecting one's self
It is for protecting one's soul and
something that is precious to you.
Can you hear that?
Those voices..
I can hear it clearly..
Even now, within me...
...there's a dark beast clamoring.
All I want is destruction...
Until the monster ceases to wail.
It hurts! It hurts! It hurts!
You're finally up!
That goodness.
You wouldn't move an inch, so I thought
that maybe you were dying.
How are you doing?
Have you regained consciousness?
Do you know who I am?
A woman who cooks terrible..
Why are you here?
Shin-chan asked me.
He wants me to nurse you.
Why does a caregiver need to carry a naginata?
Shin-chan requested this too.
He said to make sure you rest, and
to stop you if you try to leave.
Stop what?
My ability to breath?
That's funny.
You can even joke around now right? I'm glad.
Is that a joke?
All right, I'll read you some Dragonball.
Too much sound effects.
What a resolve.
Huh? Is it over?
It scared me!
I'm not going to lose!
Frieza, stop! Frieza, stop!
Huh? Where's Shinpachi and Kagura?
Let's see... they're out on errands.
Don't worry, patients should just go back to sleep.
Those guys are looking for Zura!
I told you not to move!
What will we do if your wounds happen
to open back up, you bastard?
Just kidding! Teehee~
You're not kidding, right?
You were serious a moment ago, right?
You're not laughing.
Stop it with that face please.
If I only saved her earlier,
things wouldn't happen like that.
Maybe it's not that bad,
even I will be killed.
Elizabeth was cut in half and disappeared.
Will extraterrestrial life die out?
You won't even know the answer.
What is with this big ship?
Right here? Katsura-san's scent?
That means, Kagura-chan already inside?
This is bad, I have to save her.
But, how am I supposed to sneak in?
There's a lot of ronin, and all
of them have a scary face
Oi, kid and big dog! What are you
doing here?
I was thinking that big ships are cool!
Right? It's cool!
I wish to ride it!
Since I really like Kodai Susumu's battleship
Wait, really?
- Yes
I like Shima Daisuke!
- That one!
Ohh, that's great, I really
want to ride it!
"Alright, Kodai! Only you
can control the wave cannon. "
"That's right, Shima! Lead the way!"
"Yes, this way. "
Wait, who's gonna let you ride it?
- Oh, a tsukkomi.
"Who's gonna let you ride it?!"
- "let you ride it"
Inversion is important.
- I'm not going to let you ride.
You have a really strong tsukkomi.
Shut up, Megane!
You're not qualified to
comment on my tsukkomi skill.
Get the hell out!
Get lost!
Their security is high.
If I don't hurry up,
Kagura is going to be in trouble...
Saying that, it is not like
I cant tell Gin-san about this.
Time to pay the rent.
Please lift me up.
No way.
I'm injured, you know?
There's a saying,
"Always help the wounded. "
Never heard of it.
Forget it.. sweet words won't work on you.
Yes, alright
I'm coming!
Oh, it's not Otose-san.
How may we help you?
Excuse me...
If you're looking for Gin-san, now isn't the -
I'm right here.
Yo, come in.
I knew you'd come.
Looks like you've been beaten up pretty bad.
You take Benizakura out on your own,
and come crawling back looking like that.
I hope...'re metally prepared to commit harakiri, Okada-san.
Despitr losing an arm, I still brought it back.
I think I deserved some credit here.
I think this was a good experience for it.
Your recent bouts of insubordination
is getting really frustrating.
What if the Shogun's dogs knew
about the existence of red cherry?
When you were sparring with Sakata,
that guy from Shinsengumi was there, right?
You are being a hinder to Shinsuke-sama!
First, Katsura, and now Sakata
Those guys are too much problem for
What the hell are you thinking?
Don't tell me you think you've become strong?
THe only reason you beat Sakata and Katsura,
is all thanks o Benizakura-
Oh my dear
Please don't blame me for this.
It's not me.
It's the Benizakura's doing.
You see, the assimilation has been accelerating as of late.
It seems to see my body as its own.
You're better off watching yourself around me.
You came to me to tell the truth, right?
Now that things have come to this, I won't buy
those tales about demonic power anymore.
What was that?
Who made that monstrosity?
Okada-san, you..
They're nothing but hindraces.
We're the ones he gathered... help cure this rotten country.
In other words...
it's our turn to become legends.
But that bunch just continue to shine behind our backs.
They're an eyesore.
They're blocking our way.
It's time for the old legend to wther away
and become the foundation for the next generation!
They're no longer the ones standing beside him,
it's us!
This Benizakura...
was just modeled after
the Benizakura my father had originally created.
It's an anti-warship, mechanized mobile weapon.
Using the Al called Electronic Soul,
it invades and controls the user's body.
By digitizing its fighting experience, it learns
and raises its own capabilities.
It's as if the sword itself is alive.
What's that? A parasite?
That sword can talk?
Gin-san is referencing the main character from the manga and anime "Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu" where a parasite invades the mc right hand and making the his righ hand sentient.
There's only one man in Edo whos's able to make something like this...
I'm begging you, please, stop my anii-jaa.
Takasugi will use Benizakura to turn Edo into a sea of fire.
It's such lunacy,
to be making a katana in this age of guns and cannons...
Using that to boast about overthrowing the Bakufu... lunacy as well!
Those who turn their boasts into reality are called heroes.
I don't make empty boasts.
I want to show this world...
...that they're not yet rid of samurai and swords.
I have no interests in your plans and schemes.
A swordsmith's job is to make a katana that can cut!
All I'm gonna say is this:
There is nothing...
it can't cut!
I don't know about the situation...
...but your brother is involved in a very bad group.
Then it looks like your big brother used me.
He asked me to look for this demonic sword
so that it could taste my blood, right?
Or, was it a request from Nizou, who
already bears a grudge against me?
No, it's probably a mixture of both.
Anyways, this is too much.
You knew all about it?
You knew all your brother's plans
and stay silent all this time?
And now you're begging
me to stop your brother?
Is your face thicker than a phone book?
Please stop putting it that way, please?
I'm sorry, I don't even know what to say.
You're right, I knew all about it.
But, if this gets exposed, my brother's involvement
won't let him off so easily!
That's why I haven't told anyone yet.
What a considerate younger sister.
Your older brother's an accomplice to murder,
and you're turning a blind eye?
Katana are ultimately just a tool used to kill people.
No matter how much effort you pour
into it, you cannot chooses its user.
Our late father used to say that.
Those words are etched deep in our minds.
Anii-jaa is an idiot who can only think about making katana.
In order to surpass our father, he continues
to hammer away with all his might.
He's still have a long way
from master Jintetsu.
Well, he can't compare to his father.
Maybe his son won't make it..
In order to make it even stronger, he's begun
to research mechanical add-ons.
It was around this time that he began to deal with suspicious men,
I'm aware that those people are not good.
But I did not stop him.
I figured we only needed to focus on making
swords without asking questions.
Because that's what our job entails.
I know that it's just a blade to kill people with.
I know that it's just a tool for murder.
Yet... I can't help but feel this frustration pent up inside me!
Seeing how this sword Anii-jaa
worked so hard on is being used is just depressing.
But it's already too late.
things have now progressed to a stage where
I am no longer capable of stopping him myself.
I don't know what to do
I'm the one who doesn't know what to do.
I'm already badly injured. My friends were beaten too.
Inside my brain is a mess.
I don't need this medical fee.
I don't want anymore troubles.
Damn that Okada for getting so arrogant.
More! Bring here more!
Give me another more bowl-aru!
What is this girl doing?
Another bowl-aru!
What are you doing?!
Well, a girl of this age
eating like that, creates a beautiful scene.
It's a pity for her to eat alone.
So I arranged it.
Kagura-chan is finished, and now she is eating again!
Give me another bowl!
If this goes on, all of the food in our
ship will be eaten!
Just kill her already!
How can you kill her without
extracting information from her?
Another bowl-aru!
Uh-um, Kagura-chan, please sto- lol
You still want seconds?
Kagura is eating more!
Here it comes!
Then, shall I kill you first senpai?
Calm down, girls of this age
This girl should peak in about two or three years.
Please keep your lolicon habits in check, senpai.
I'm not lolicon, I'm a feminist.
just end this TV championship already!
Please take a look.
In just one night, the wounds you've inflicted
on her have already healed.
In addition, that ridiculous strength..
and her pale skin...
Tender and translucent skin!
Senpai, please just cut it out.
Like I said, you're mistaken! I'm a feminist!
... that loves kids.
Isn't that what you'd call a lolicon?!
Enough. An idiot like you wouldn't understand.
You're the idiot.
The point I was trying to make...
is that these features are consistent with those of the Yato tribe.
Please die.
- You die
When you say Yato, are you talking about the Yato mercenary army?
So she's a professional assassin
hired to kill Shinsuke-sama?
Who do you work for?
No matter what we ask her, all she says is "Wig".
Zura = Wig
Maybe it was Kuma-san.
Senpai, she's belittling you.
Watch carefully how I deal with brats like this.
Oi, you -
What a stupid face!
She really looks stupid, right Kagura-chan?
Bastard! I'll kill you!
Stop it! This girl is going to be
amazing in another two or three years!
Senpai = User to address someone older than you
Hentai = Used to adress a pervert.
That's senpai! I'm not a pervert!
I'm relieved
I thought you'd go regardless of your injuries.
If you had gone with your body like this, you'd probably die, right?
Suppose so.
You've let that girl down, but it couldn't be helped, right?
Suppose so.
Please don't be so reckless anymore.
If you were to disappear, Shin-chan and
Kagura-chan wouldn't know what to do.
Suppose so.
You were pretty mischievous in the past,
but you're far too old for that now, right?
Stop nagging me, dammit! i already said I'm not going anywhere.
So, buy me some JUMP!
Buy some candies as well at the grocery.
Yes, yes. Understood.
Wait for me at the smithy
Forgive me...
I'd rather not be mischievous at my age, but -
This is my favorite umbrella.
Please give it back to me
What an unadorable woman.
Such a foolish man.
I've heard all of it.
Why are you saying it with such a cool face?
You're the police, right?
What you are doing is wrong, right?
I'm doing this, Otae-san...
Just for you.
What I'm saying, this is cleary a crime!
Stop with the face!
Please leave everthing to us, Shinsengumi.
Nope, you're not even cool, Gorilla!
Leave~ it to us~ Shinsengumi~!
Stop doing that kabuki! Just go already!
Hey, kid.
I haven't seen your face yet.
Oh? Ah, it's me!
Oh it's you, sorry sorry!
Who are you?
You're not from here right?
It is me.
Ahhh, its's you, I'm sorry!
Really, you're kidding me!
That unexpectedly worked,old people can
easily be fooled.
Hello there~
That's unusual, what brings you here Ginnoji?
Can I say something to you straight?
Please say it.
Now, I'm gonna face this machine
It is a scary machine with artificial
In samurai movies, in terms
you just get injured right?
Something like push-a-button-for-easy-win.
To be honest, I don't have a chance of winning.
I see, so you want to
rely on my machine, right?
Honestly, my injuries still hurts.
I hope you have a tool for easy victory,
You want for an easy win?
In samurai movies, protagonist 100% must not say those line, right?
Yes, I said it, I want to win easily
I want to live a little longer
More than Nobunaga, I want to live!
You are saying words that are not befitting for a hero.
But unfortunately speaking,
all I have now is..
Is that a Zaku? XD lol
This one! I want this!
With this I can win!
Not that one!
I just fixed that recently, and
someone will pick that up.
Hello there!
And here we got our cameo from, an older Char Aznable
You just come, it's done.
It's perfect!, thank you..
Umm, can I borrow this?
I'll let you see it,
- Yes! I already seen it by the way
Okay, please ask the money for the repairs from the 'Principality of Zeon'.
This guy, is it this man?
becuase, it is you, kid.
No-no, you just want to say it, right?
You're the partner right?
You're looking good! I think
you can fight already!
Are you Ardesha?
It's Sakata.
Alright, I will go back to side 7
Uh, wait, can I take a piss,
May I borrow your toilet?
Well, over there
Please don't talk about taking a pee..
I recently changed and it has this sweet smell..
That's just diabetes, right?
So I'll just use three-times speed..
here it goes
That's just a normal speed right?
That is the usual one-third...
Oh!, that's right! Use
this, you can win Ginnoji!
You should have said that in the beginning
and here is a reference to One Piece, Gomu-gomu no Mi
This one?
Your entire body will turned into rubber!
I really don't want to
be a king of pirates~
Rubber Man Gintoki!
Looks nice!
Go for the Grand Line!
What a drag, I'm not really into sea.
That one is a lie! It's fake!
Inside is just a normal melon! That's all!
Yes, right stupid..
As if you'll turn into rubber man!
You've been reading a lot of JUMP~
You've been reading a lot of JUMP~
You won't become a rubber man!
Reading too much JUMP~
That hurts!
It hurts! It hurts! don't hit me..
Your doing good! Your doing good!
You can win!
it hurts!
Hello there.
Hey, little girl!
I'm having bad time here so,
If you don't spill out your true motive
This time I will really kill you!
Please say it
As long as you tell the truth.
We can work two or three years
as your ally if you want.
Spit it out fast!
She vomited!
You should do what we tell you right?
She will vomit again!
How did this happen?
I'm having a child in my belly?
You've just eaten too much, stupid!
You're really a funny girl, Kagura-chan.
We cannot kill this kind of
humorous kid, can we?
Could you shut up, Lolicon-senpai?
All right, time is up!
Please die
Please wait just a second!
I cannot bear to watch a woman kill
that partner of mine.
Shinpachi! You come to save me-aru?
I'm sorry I'm late, Kagura-chan.
Who are you?
Don't make me say it again!
I'm her comrade.
Bastard! How many men are with you?
What's wrong? Hey kid, what's wrong?
Please stop doing that with your mouth.
Don't wiggle your mouth
Wait, are you alone?
I just came here alone.
I didn't thought of it much..
I'm alone here..
Oh? are you fixing your clothes?
I'm sorry, what's that sound just now?
What are you wearing?
Is that a kimono with buttons?
That sound came from those right?
With that state, are you gonna fight?
I'll fight! And have a choice to save her!
Of course I will fight!
I think you don't have?
Can I kill him?
Go ahead.
Please let him go.
That stupid is just a
megane wearing a megane.
Kagura-chan, I'm sorry, I don't
have any interest in men!
What's happening?
It's the Shinsengumi! They're firing on us!
What did you say?!
Dammit! It's Okada's fault!
All of you in battle positions!
Sorry for the wait, Kagura!
Shinpachi! I've been waiting for you!
I am sorry.
Where is Gin-chan? Why hasn't he come?
He will come! Soon he will come.
Sorry to interrupt you at such an inconvenient time,
but your guests have arrived.
You really screwed things up.
Thanks to you
Before we engage the Bakufu, we have to deal with this troublesome bunch.
I heard you killed Katsura,
And you mixed it up with Gintoki.
You even deliberately used Murata.
Have you gathered enough data?
Murata must be delighted.
That man is only interested in making his sword stronger.
And what it is you're after?
Does it sadden you to hear how easily your old comrades fell?
Or maybe...
Oh? you've got a powerful arm right there.
I'm happy that you two are getting along so well.
You two are truly one in both body and soul now?
Deal with this quickly.
If you can deal with all of them, I'll overlook the matter.
Even if we were once comrades, this day was inevitable.
And by the way...
Don't ever refer to us as comrades.
We were never that close.
If it happens again,
I'll chop both Benizakura and you.
I get it! I understand the situation..
But, is Katsura really inside?
Sadaharu said it! I'm sure of it-aru!
Okay! All of you attack!
Eating that before fighting?
If your belly got gutted, it will be not
your blood, but mayonnaise will be spilled.
If I don't eat this, I don't have energy..
Let's go!
Kondou-san, please stay on this boat.
This is life-threatening battle,
a lot of lives will be sacrificed.
If something were to happen to you..
What would Shinsengumi do then?
When I created it, I made a vow
I live or I die, it is going to be with you guys.
That is, the Chief, Kondou Isao, way of life!
Shinsengumi will not die!
You already get it!
Let's go dance with this demons!
Let's go
- Okay
Oi, Oi.
Looks like they started the war..
It might be all over before we even got there!
I'll give you a sword that is on par
with Benizakura's anti-warship weapon.
Is it a wave cannon?
Or is it Kamehameha? How
strong is the power?
I haven't seen those two,
so it doesn't matter.
For now, take this..
What is this?
It's a katana I made.
You can't use wooden sword
to fight Benizakura..
Well, that's okay... but what's this?
This decoration on the tip looks like
This is entirely a big... Poo-
It's not a poop! It's a coiling dragon!
You! I hadn't said it yet,
but you assumed I would say poop, right?
But, how would you reach that high?
You're not listening to me because you are siblings?
Warner Brothers? hey!
I'm sorry about earlier, use this..
That's what I just finished fixing.
The guest promised to borrow it to you first.
Go ahead.
Is this okay? We're not over-stepping on our boundary?
Get on before Ohm gets angry.
I will!
Is that really okay?
It's a smart change.
It's not as good as the only Shaw.
Now! Be on your way, Ginnoji!
Thank you, Nausica.
Can we really use or say it?
It's the Shinsegumi!
You're under arrest, Okada Nizou.
I'm arresting you for all the tsujigiri in Edo City.
You dare come, the Bakufu's dogs.
What the!
That's no longer a sword!
Is this all the Shinsengumi can do?
I've got no choice, Vice-Chief
I leave it to you!
Here! Chop him as you wish!
Hey! Sougo! You shithead!
You're just a police dog.
You can't catch Takasugi Shinsuke.
No way!
This.. is the same as Okada Nizou's katana!
There are so many...
Oh my, oh my...
This is not where you kids should be.
You are! Takasugi Shinsuke!
Why are you targeting Gin-san?
Your old comrade once upon a time, Gin-san!
Gin-chan? What happened to him?
Comrade, eh?
You kids are just playing with Gintoki.
What did you do to Gin-chan-aru!
Depending on your answer,
we'll claim your life!
Then, that playing nice with Gin-chan, I hope you
live happily in heaven!
- Elizabeth!
- Eli!
Elizabeth! You're alive! I'm glad!
But, he's strong, Eli!
Oi, oi. When did this become a costume party?
I told you this is not a place for kids.
I am not a child, I am Katsura!
- What a weird hair!
Oh, this is indeed a surprising guest we have here.
I didn't expect to see the dead here.
I still had some attachments to this world,
so I decided to return from hell.
There was no way I'd rest in peace, knowing
I was killed by a former comrade.
Isn't that right, Takasugi?
All this time, all of this comrade thing.
I'm not even happy about it.
You still carry that thing around?
We're both hopeless idiots.
In other words, that protected you from Benizakura.
You should always hold your memories dear.
Whether it's your instructions
or the guy's doing, it doesn't even matter
But, I can't just quietly overlook what you're trying to do.
You two, I'm sorry
To get you two involved in a such dispute.
I'm going to handle this
personal problem on my own.
Being found dead, it was
easy for me to move around.
Obviously, it's more obvious.
Sorry, Zura.
I'm sorry to make you run a special trip.
But my ambition will not end here.
Wait! Takasugi! Let us talk!
Leave this to us-aru!
You're going to have a long
conversation with Takasugi-san!
You two?
If we go back you should treat us food!
If anything were to happens to you two,
I wouldn't be able to face Gintoki!
Stop it. Just go!
You've gotten us fooled, if we
managed get back, it's full book.
And, sokumbu one year supply!
Thank you!
You're doing really well...
If I knew, I should have killed you first.
Don't underestimate the Demon
Vice-Chief of Shinsengumi!
My apologies. Although I'm a feminist,
I also have a demonic side to me
Having my well-calculated plans thrown aside pisses me off.
And that is feminism.
Being feminist, doesn't have to do with it
But, I don't understand.
You two are the only ones completely unrelated to all of this.
You are neither Joui rebels nor Shinsengumi's officer.
You're most definitely not on our side either.
What the hell are you guys?
What're you after? Who do you work for?
The stupidest samurai in the whole universe, you bastard!
How are you doing?
He's my guest.
If you're not going to catch
Takasugi, he'll escape!
But, with that kind injuries...
You're also the same!
The police are going to
do what the police do.
Don't die!
My eyes can't really see.. but,
I can only feel the light
You are really sparking bright, aren't you?
In a silver color!
But why it is so...
That light that you emit
I don't like it!
What are you doing here?
With that body, what can you do?
Are you out of your mind?
You're in bad shape also, aren't you?
Do you have an upset stomach?
You're the one with upset stomach!
Hey, what's wrong? You're bleeding.
Hey, what's wrong? You're bleeding.
Look at that, Gintoki is here.
He's still the same old idiot.
That's like fighting a warship with your bare hands.
He doesn't move like a human anymore.
Unable to keep up with Benizakura's continuous commands,
His body is crying out in pain.
The man will die.
You should have known
the consequences of using Benizakura?
Aren't you comrades?
You didn't have any reservations?
That's what he wished for.
That was his wish, even if it meant death.
His wish?
That's right!
That man's sole wish was to become a sword himself!
To become a katana that protects the flame known as Takasugi!
Rather than fall into darkness once more,
he would rather fly into the flames to help it burn!
Blinded by the blazing light,
he can no longer see anything else.
Such a pitiful and foolish man!
But therein lies beauty that surpasses all good and evil!
With each swing of the sword, therein lies beauty!
Where is the beauty in that thing?
Is that thing what you wanted to create?
Please stop this.
I don't wish to see anyone else fall to your katana!
In that case!
Why did you brought that man up here?
Aren't you sending him to his death?
You think your blunt sword
will win against my Benizakura?
He's a match against Benizakura!
He's unleashing a power greater than that of Benizakura?!
How can this be...!
Though Nizou's body has been weakened by Benizakura's invasion,
Benizakura itself should have assimilate all
that data and increased its capabilities!
Don't tell me...!
That man's...
abilities are growing faster than Benizakura's?
No, that's...!
He pushed his limits during battle,
and the lust for battle inside his body has been awakened?!
Is that...?
That is...
It won't go away...!
that annoying light just simply...
No matter how much I try,
refuses to disappear.
It looks like you've been training in dojos for some time,
but this is your first actual fight, right?
Your hands are shaking!
This is so that it appears there are many swords.
Yes, I used to play pencils like that.
It is a mystery, right?
Yes, so mysterious.
I see, there are many swords!
You want to distract me?
wtf lol
What a terrible swords play...
I win by the head.
This guy's too weak, I can win easily.
I'm interested in this kind of pain.
yup, a total hentai
I did it!
You're a hunderd years too young to beat me, you bitch!
- Gin-chan!
What is this?
Oh well, I really wanted to see
Kagura-chan three years from now..
He has his priorities straight,
even when dying
Nizou! Have you lost your mind?
His consciousness.. Has Benizakura taken over?
Damn, my premonition has come true!
Looks like he has been comnpletely consumed by Benizakura!
Having lost his consciousness, Nizou's body is now fused with the sword!
Not even Shiroyasha can stop him now!
That's Benizakura's complete manifestation!
That is the ultimate sword!
Only those who adamantly pursue their ideals, discarding all superfluos thoughts, can achieve this sort of power!
It's not something attainable to people like you, tainted by wordly thoughts!
It won't disappear...
These annoying lights... won't GO AWAY!
I'll save you now!
I won't let him die! I refuse to let him die!
I don't want anyone else falling to this sword!
Get your hands off from that messy head of his!
Why?! Tetsuko, why can't you understand?
Up until now, I have given up everything for Benizakura!
I've abandoned my own conscience and integrity!
That is everything to me!
If I lose that, I have nothing left!
Anii-jaa! Anii-jaa!
Anii-jaa, hang in there!
So this is what he meant.
I wanted to abandon everything,
that is irelevant for my swords.
I intended to forgo my humanity... become a swordsmith,
Dedicating myself to swords.
But in the end... looks like I couldn't abandon you.
With this half-assed determination... can I produce the ultimate sword?
They're not irrelevant.
How can anything be irrelevant?
Abandon everything in order to live for your swords?
Is that what it means to be a professional?
Don't go glorifying things like that.
You were just sick and tired of
your responsibilities, weren't you?
Faltering under your burdens,
you're nothing but a coward who
ran because he couldn't face his life.
Don't pretend like you're a professional!
Watch closely...
See how much strength lies in these things you consider irrelevant,
the sharpness of this sword that your
sister put her soul into crafting.
Burn this deep into your memory!
Gin-san, it's impossible! Fighting face-to-face against Benizakura!
What kind of sword do you want to make?
A sword that protects.
What? Your voice is too soft!
A sword that protects people.
A sword that protects, huh?
That's just like you, Tetsuko...
Looks like the sword I made... still lacking.
You've become... excellent swordsmith.
I can't hear you!
If you don't use your usual
loud voice, I can't hear you
I hate you.. I've always hated you in the past, and I still do.
But I've always considered you a comrade.
In the past, and still now.
When did our paths begin to diverge?
What are you talking about?
It's true we shared the same starting point,
but even then, we already had our sights set on different futures.
Each of us did our own thing,
we led our lives in completely different directions.
I haven't changed from that time.
Right now, you have no desire to sheath your sword.
You're but a crazed monster, hell-bent
on tearing this world to shreds.
If you're dissatisfied with this country,
then go ahead and destroy it.
But, if you plan on taking all the live in Edo whilr you're at it,
I will not stand by and watch you.
What I'm looking at
hasn't changed ever since then.
Takasugi, how dare you!
Katsura's head can be sell for a high price!
Takasugi! Have you allied yourself with the Amanto?
I'm sorry.
I failed protecting him.
Shinsengumi, can I have a bit of your time?
You're alright.
I feel like this ship is going to be in danger.
Can you help me take them back?
But, boss.. with that body...
That's right, Gin-san!
That's right, Gin-chan!
You're going to die.
No need for worries, that guy's my friend.
Believe in me.
I really want to talk to him.
I beg of you.
I got it!
Oi, oi, have you retrieved Benizakura?
You're working with Amanto?
Takasugi, how much have you fallen?
With that body, you managed to beat him?
Aren't we fighting to defeat those guys before?
for me, when I hear you guys were drawing your swords for your country and your companions,
I couldn't have cared less.
Just think about it..
Who taught us to use swords?
Our bushido, our way of life.
Who taught us all this?
The one who set the foundations for the world we currently live is in undoubtedly...
It was Shouyou-sensei..
The same world took him from our side.
Thus, we must fight against this world.
Our only option is to destroy this world
that took him away from us.
Say, Gintoki...
What do you see in this world that lets you cope?
In this world that took sensei away from us.
How do you live in such a carefree manner?
The parfait here is delicious.
I don't think there's anything
need to be destroyed in this world.
I have a lot of things needed to protected!
Get the hell out! Do you want to die?
Get ready to lose!
Let's go Shinsuke-dono!
Go away..
I'm aware that one day I need to fight him.
Don't butt in!
Come on.
Don't you want to kill me?
You're still nave.
Maybe I consumed too much sugar.
Gintoki, that's the bomb I
set up in the factory.
The blast will blow the ship to pieces.
Just go on first.
You're pretty well prepared.
Are you Lupin III?
I haven't evaded the Shinsengumi this far by luck alone.
I didn'r expect him to still be carrying this.
At the beginning, we were all the same.
We've grown so far apart.
Gintoki, do you still remember,
Yeah, I spilled ramen on it and threw it away.
Welcome back!
Welcome back!
Amanto occupy this city
Alone in Edo.
Still looking for tonight
Where I live
My spirit in this empty crowd..
As if a stray dog
Sometimes release your fangs!
fighting passion..
We can't end it with this song!
The stupidest samurai in the whole universe, you bastard!
Hello there?