Gintama 2 (2018) Movie Script

(Yorozuya Gin-San)
It's very gratifying.
(Yorozuya Gin-San)
Gintama Live-Action Sales
(Yorozuya Gin-San)
The sequel is coming out
Last year, it was Japan's first live-action movie of the year.
But he did not win at the Japanese Film Awards aru.
Who won the best actor?
- A guy named Suda Masaki aru.
-Eh, Why?
His private clothing tastes strange aru.
He also went to make records and regarded himself as a singer.
His dad wears strange glasses.
No more!
Suda Masaki is a very good actor.
Have you ever thought about Oguri Shun's acting?
They've been out for so long.
Not even once.
Well, goodluck to him.
I want to eat the liver of cattle.
It's pancreas.
"I want to eat the liver of a cow" should be.
It would be a painful documentary eating raw liver.
Enough! If you don't qualify for the Golden Images Award!
We have a lot of audiences and good box office results.
Also right.
The main winners of the Golden Images Award
for Japanese Films are
Especially special will win the prize.
I understand what you're saying.
But your speech was muted.
The audience can't hear it.
That's not important!
The film is about to begin
How difficult it is to invite the audience to see the film well!
The Gintama won the Golden Palm Award in Kancheng.
Don't lie!
- Thieves Family 2
- Don't step on the line!
Please enjoy The Thief's Yorozuya.
We're not the title!
Yorozuya of the Famous Detective
There is always only one truth.
Stop spoofing other blockbuster movies.
Gintama 2: Rules are made to be Broken
Please enjoy.
Give me the Gold Award!
Video recording in cinemas is a crime.
Please watch it with your eyes and take it home with your heart.
(Stop fussing)
Oi! Enough! The propaganda film has just been shown!
(Stop fussing)
Hurry up and get into the film!
"The Land of Samurai"
Our country has been so called before.
Twenty years ago, the peaceful Edo City
Suddenly attacked by a large number of unidentified species.
We call them Amanto.
Amanto actively developed Edo City.
The bakufu succumbed to Amanto and gradually became a puppet.
As a result, the Joui War broke out.
At that time, many brave men of lofty ideals came forward.
But the casualties were heavy and failure was declared.
Amanto fear that the people will rise again
they prohibits the usage of swords,
causing the Samurai to decline.
It's my mother's shit!
Selling kidneys and testicles without money!
(The landlord of Yorozuya)
Collecting rent is like collecting debts, dead old lady!
The last time you quarreled about a hand tour.
Shall I not install it for you?
Can you replace the rent?
How can it be rented?
What's more, I've spent all my money on my crazy lessons!
That's your problem!
What kind of gold does an old woman learn from young people?
Everyone, look at him! He's abusing an old woman!
It's all over.
Just kidding! I'm not yet done!
Quick, payment of rent.
I'm dying...
Really, it's only three months' rent.
Let's get a real job.
You don't understand until I say it a few times.
It's hard to find a decent job these days.
It's just different every time.
It's much worse to wait passively for people to come
to the door than to take the initiative to make money.
And it's been a month since somebody came.
Oi, Shinpachi!
Don't you have a pride as a man?
We only do what people come to ask for.
That's the spirit of Yorozuya.
That's right.
In short, a hungry stomach can not think.
Let's eat first and then have a war conference.
It's delicious. It's delicious.
The smell of roasted saury came from outside.
Can't help but eat a few more bowls of rice aru.
You are...
all finished?
Five cups of rice can be eaten with passion alone.
I'll cook it again! Re-cook right away! aru.
Someone ate up all the rice.
It's you!
Work, we have to work, Gin-san.
I understand, I'll send the men I received yesterday to work in aru.
Your men? Do you have a staff?
Oi, everyone's out to work!
(Urgent: need lovely girls today)
(Happy chat, free drinks)
(Well paid)
Sorry Gin-san, I lied to you.
It was Shin-chan who asked me about a job offering.
Thank you, shopkeeper, for hiring us here.
I'm sorry, but I can only say about it
is thank you for coming to apply.
Simply put, the ace in our store is Tae-chan.
The person she recommended must be, must be,must be
That's not wrong. Probably so.
But a hostess who is dedicated to attract male
and a collective cold.
This store has no professional awareness.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry about that.
What to say, it's some kind of something, something,
something, something
Something, something, something
The concept of villainy.
I can only say it's really bad.
If there's only one lady left,
assessment of the normal operation of the store..
store, store, store
It is difficult to draw conclusions on the aspects of assessment.
That wasn't easy.
The rumor that a fool won't catch a cold is true.
It's a great angle. It's a great angle to cut in.
Super perfect angle
The two noses that connect to the mouth
Proves you're an idiot
I had expected that, so what?
I hope Gin-san can help me.
Gin-san itself has some kind of, of, of, of
Some kind of... A wide range of Representatives
Help introduce one or two lovely girls, ten or so.
Or,or, or, or, or, or 50.
Otherwise! It is...!
Or 100 people, Gin-san. 100 people
You may have 100 friends, but that's not enough.
Anyway, you can ask for help at will.
I guess you can find someone right away.
I want you to introduce a cute girl to me instead.
Here's the cute girl, aru.
Very important visitors from the bakufu are coming tonight.
Oi, did you just ignored me?
This kind of distinguished guest is very rare.
- The income is considerable, too.
- Hello.
Oi, you're rude.
How many more people are needed?
At least three.
So two more are enough.
Who suddenly appeared from the ceiling?!
Great angle, the angle of entry is super beautiful
(Sarutobi Ayame)
(Ninja, Gin-san's stalker)
You came just in time. Follow up and stand up fast.
You're going to be a hostess tonight.
No! Don't touch me.
I wasn't touching you.
Red Cherry in the First Session of the Live Edition Film
I had no chance to appear last time.
I waited until the sequel, but I appeared just to be
a hostess?
The reason why I'm a ninja.
It is...
How exciting!
Hello, you know what I mean, Gin-san.
She doesn't look like a hostess.
But it can be used barely.
There's still one left aru.
Look for two more.
That's too much. I'm going to cry.
Sorry for intrusion.
I saw the advertisement posted outside.
What's going on?
Has anyone done anything about advertising?
Has it been replaced? Was it a prank?
It says to recruit cute girls.
Yes, the content is absolutely right.
How did this man come in?
What's the matter, Katsura-san?
I'm Katsura Kotaro.
Don't look at me like that. I'm cute after wearing makeup.
(No mistake)
So what?
The funds of the Joui is getting short.
I want to go in a cabaret and get some money for it.
That's too much, Katsura-san.
No matter how high you look at it.
Go and wear a make up!
We're done.
Shopkeeper can't think normally because of time pressure
Little one crying over there
You go, too.
Please stand up and get ready.
Shop owner!
I want to follow you all my life!
- Unexpecteds are OK.
- Really unexpected. Really OK.
But Gin-san, listen to me, calm down and think about it.
I'm afraid of two or three of them.
Maybe they'll be asked to be replaced soon.
Especially those two on the right.
They seem to have come out of Gulliver's travels.
So at least two more candidates are needed.
The guests will be here in another 30 minutes.
Where can you find two more people!
I beg you! The guests are very important this time.
That's none of my business!
What's with today? There are so few ladies at the entrance of the shop.
You can rest assured that there are many in the shop.
What are you doing? Come in quickly, too.
You see, it's not all there.
(Matsudaira, Katakuriko)
(Chief of the Tokugawa Shinsengumi)
How?! Could it be you?
It can't be helped, we can't do make up for the last two minutes.
I am Ginko.
I am Pachi.
Oh? There are so many ladies I haven't seen today.
Are you new?
Is it the Shinsengumi?
Not the bakufu!
If they found out, we will not just laughed by them.
It's also possible that we will be caught in the name of fraud.
Gin-san, what should we do?
It can't be true! You really want to cross dress!
Do you think it's acceptable?
Put out your chin. Put it out quickly.
Change the fight and you won't be recognized.
No, we'll be recognized! Kagura-chan, help me!
I'm Gurako, pleased to meet you.
We're done, we're really done here.
Katsura-san, are you sure?
Is the Shinsengumi your old enemy?
You can't show yourself, can you?
He put out his chin!!!
I'm Katsurako.
I'm interested in rap.
It seems that It really can't help.
The effect of fighting is amazing.
You're not quite right about the concept of fighting, are you?
Well well, there's a good one.
Miss, let me put something better in your nostrils.
The beast inside of him were ignited
Don't talk any more!
Children are watching this film too!
Are you good at speaking?
How can he understand!?
Oi Sougo, business matters first
We're not here to have fun.
Don't mention it. Come and drink, too.
No, that's not possible.
They weren't here to drink, thank goodness.
So what are these people doing in here?
Please enjoy and take your time.
We'll be on our guard outside.
(Ue-Sama/shogun: Lord General)
Gin-san, did you just hear "Ue-Sama" right now?
yes, I heard it.
He just said, "Ue-Sama".
How could that be possible?
It's impossible for the shogun to come to such a cabaret.
Well, you've heard "Ue-Sama" too.
This term is often heard.
That's what the receipt says.
- He said "Ue-Sama".
- I heard "Uesigi-San"
(Uesigi-San: Smoked Admirer)
Oi, Pachi
It's impossible for the shogun to come to such a place.
Come on, young man.
But the man called him "Sho-chan".
(Sho-chan: Junior)
That's a cute nickname, Sho-chan.
But what's your real name?
I'm the Shogun, Tokugawa Shigeshige.
Sho-chan is short for Shogun.
I hate it. You're such a joker.
What is your occupation, please?
Being the Shogun.
Haven't heard of such a career aru.
Shogun with a special sense of Justice.
It's real. He's a real Shogun.
Shop owner!!!
It's real!
Second, the third team is going to guard the back door!
I, Kondo Isao, will bet my life
Protect the store!
He made a mistake about who to protect.
It's better to protect the shogun than to shout.
But Dad's enough.
He took the Shogun to know about night life.
I heard that he was devoted to the common people's life in Edo.
There are many other options
Don't go to a restaurant.
If he travels too often, he will be spotted by rebels.
The goal of those people is man and nature.
Amanto are the same as the shogunate
It is also their goal to become the shogunate of the puppet regime.
I see
Wouldn't this guard be too flamboyant?
So I was against it.
So go patrolling nearby when you're upset.
Maybe the man who wanted to take the head of the Shogun was nearby.
Vice Commander, I'll go too.
Yamazaki, you don't have to follow
Zura should be worn now and Zura should be worn now.
(Zura: Wig)
Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy.
I'll take the place of Skywalker for you.
Gin-san, its about to collapse
The Shinsengumi is not there, and he stretches his chin.
Why would Katsura-san want to perform zurap?
(Zurap: Zura + rap)
I can't understand.
This lady can be replaced.
If you want to say the reason, well because
it's just too boring.
Oi! Why? I didn't get it.
Rabbit can't be judged with boredom!
This is a message to the world.
You shouldn't rap in a cabaret at all
Calm down, Pachi
As long as we finish this job, we'll get a lot of money.
Enough to pay the rent ten years later
But the risks are high.
If we screw up, our head may fall to the ground.
So we have to be calm!
You're the one who needs to be calm.
Fortunately, those silly women didn't find out.
Don't mention the Shogun to them.
If it causes panic, it will surely fail.
Hey, that fighter girl
There will be some schools that will soon abandon their schools.
Braided Head Glasses Girls
Come here
Is he calling us?
Anyway, it's all right.
By the way, Gintoki
Your little silver is too obvious.
What a troublesome task
It hurts.
Now what?
Shinsengumi's Vice Commander, Hijikata Toushiro
Look at it.
I said it was too ostentatious.
Don't talk nonsense.
As a samurai, you sided to Amanto
Flattering traitors!
We, the top soldiers of Joui, are going to take the place of Edo!
I'm here to protect the Shogun.
I'm sorry, but I'm not going to stay here tonight.
I'm sorry!
Eh, how did this happened?
What am I doing?
My body wont listen to me.
I'm sorry!
Please spare my life!
I'd like to lick the soles of your shoes!
I can't control my mouth.
Who is this idiot?
That is Hijikata Toushiro
The Devil Vice Commander feared by everyone
Kneel down and beg for mercy
What is happening? It's totally baffling.
Strange as it is, it's a great opportunity.
You have taken care of me before, and I will redouble my offer this time.
Come on.
Lick the sole of my shoes quickly
Quick, lick!
Damn it!
I don't know why this is happening.
But how could I possibly done those cowardly act.
There are 3000 yen in it. Please let me go.
But tsutaya membership card cannot be given
I also need to borrow DVD.
You want to scared us to death!
How can adults take only 3000 yen when they go out so much?
There's no use.
My body's completely out of control.
Shogun-sama's game
Let's start.
The rules are simple, because Sho-chan is a Shogun.
Let's change the King's Game into a Shogun's game.
Matsudaira-san, you're so bad. You're thinking of dirty things again.
No, I'm the host tonight.
I'll let Sho-chan play by himself.
Who will draw the chopsticks with the "Shogun" on it?
Matsudaira-sama, please give this job to me.
You work too hard? Don't you?
That's a great idea.
- Here, Pachi-san
- Yes
Well done, Shinpachi.
Let the Shogun draw the Shogun's lot
Go ahead!
Why? Why is everyone's getting serious?
Quick, action
Whose hand got the Shogun sign?
It says Shogun.
It deserves to be Gin-san's.
To detect the situation, the gun gets the Shogun's signature first.
But what will Shogun Gin-san do?
Those who draw to number four, please take off your clothes except underwear
I see!
He's pleasing the Shogun!
Gin-san is really great!
Shogun kayo!!!
(It's the Shogun!)
This is bad. How did the dumb Shogun get the number four?
He must be angry. That expression is angry.
And you can't die wearing brief like that
Shame on others
The generations of Shogun's Family,
They're all using triangular briefs.
Wow, he heard our conversation about his brief
Get him dressed quickly
Otherwise, we'll have our head cutted.
It's you or me who needs to draw the Shogun's lot
Yey! I got the Shogun's place.
It's not my turn this time again aru.
How can we steal in the second round?
What instructions should I give?
The man who drew number three
Lend your clothes to someone
who has the coldest-looking person here
Big sis! You see everything in our eyes!
To master the situation on the spot, it is worthy of professionalism!
That's my sis!
Shogun kayo!!!
(It's the shogun!)
This is bad. It has been a mosaic since the beginning.
The Chinese version of the second screening will be cut again.
And the Shogun's place is not a Shogun, it's a soldier.
The generations of Shogun's Family
has full of little soldiers.
Oh, no, he heard that.
Now the guillotine is being escorted.
It smells so bad. Can I take it down?
The Shogun was crying with tears in his eyes. he's really going to cry!
Now we have to run away.
Ta-da! I'll be the Shogun for this turn aru.
Drawing lots without authorization!
People who take number two go to convenience stores to buy a brief
That's the woman of the Yorozuya.
Smart enough. Thank you.
I'll be back soon
Yappari Shogun Kayo!
(It's still the Shogun!)
It's no use, I will be done here.
A familiar uniform
Familiar sword technique
You are...
I want to say that the Shinsengumi was attacked by Ronins.
So I just rushed up.
So what are you doing here,
(Shinsengumi Station)
Let's celebrate the return of Itou Kamotarou.
Hey, Itou-Sensei, I'm sorry to be too busy on your return day.
I heard the news a little. Is the Shogun okay?
It's all right. It's just taken out by Matsudaira's father.
It's unbearable.
Those people are above us and don't understand our pain.
Forget about the growing influence of the Jouishi.
Try to go out for pleasure.
Is he out of goodwill?
That kind of person exists in the shogunate
Sooner or later the country will perish
We can't stay in this place all the time.
We must move forward!
Towards a higher goal!
Then it becomes the sword that supports the national center.
Save this country from a severe coma
It is the Samurai's mission at this time.
For this reason, I have to live my life.
It's not enough to lend it to you.
Kondo-San, let's cheer together.
Let's come on together!
But why call him a sensei?
Itou is a rookie who only joined for one year.
He also got a job as a staff officer.
No wonder.
He has a smart head and good working ability.
And he's a master of Hokuto.
The Vice Commander is also smart.
But he's just a tactician.
On the political front, only Itou can eat freely.
Sensei, you're drinking better, too.
Please stop calling Itou as sensei.
What's wrong with calling the person who
teaches what he learns as a sensei?
One thing I want to ask you.
That's too coincidental. So am I.
- you...
- you...
- I hate you.
- I hate you.
As a rookie, I was appreciated by Kondo-san.
Promotion is fast enough to threaten your position
You must think I'm an eyesore.
That's for you.
Itou wants to get ahead early.
But I was stuck in the pit.
You worry too much, Hijikata-kun.
I don't think so.
Great. It seems that the misunderstanding
between us has been cleared up.
What's wrong with your eyes?
Don't be so cute.
I'll kill you sooner or later.
(Samurai Barber Shop)
(Shave, perm, shave, tie hair, dig ears)
The shopkeeper went on a trip.
It's unreasonable to send us to the store.
Exaggerated work is too dangerous
Didn't you learn a lesson in the cabaret yesterday?
Let's save slowly on this ordinary job.
You misunderstood. What I want to say is,
it's strange to give the shop to someone without a barber's license.
But here is the complete collection of Skeleton 17 aru
Why is that so?
He didn't want the customers to feel that the store would be closed.
So we just have to stay.
A fashion Salon just opened opposite.
He said there would never be anyone here.
Since there are no guests, we can close the shop safely.
Strange. Look carefully.
Skeleton 17 is short of Episode 18
Gin-chan, where is Episode 18 aru
How could I know that?
Mixed in other cartoons, you look carefully
Shinpachi, help me find it.
Kagura-chan, we are here to work.
Too bad!
How do you do?
Hello, adults have worked hard this time.
What's with those guys?
What's a good tour of the barber's
I'm returning the 18th episode of Skeleton 17.
Oh dear,
The boss is not here.
Don't tell me...?!
Katakuriko, where is this?
The barber's shop that I often visit.
I wanted you to meet my dead party.
But as a result, he wasn't here.
Too bad.
Or shall we go to the cabaret again?
What is happening?
Which hair bun will be tied up here?
Why do we need to meet them everywhere?
Not really.
Can you help me?
Do you trim hair?
Shogun Kayo!!!
(It's the Shogun!)
Oh dear,
Katakuriko-san went to have fun alone.
Is it okay to leave the Shogun alone in that kind of barber shop?
He said we should.
It will hurt him not to see the real life of ordinary people
Catch the Big Dream
We shine
How can you be addicted to that kind of thing?
How did I suddenly look at this?
It's really nerve-racking.
You've been breaking the rules of the game since yesterday.
Hijikata-san, you set the rules.
As a result, your cell phone rang during the pilgrimage meeting.
Strange animation model for online shopping.
Talking about animation with the Joui in torture
and let them go directly.
Last night, the story spread.
Not surprisingly, that guy can't stop talking.
My personality seems to have changed.
No, that's not someone else's personality.
It's what everyone has in their hearts.
Waste people awakened.
You're talking nonsense. You're useless.
I used to be very useless.
You guys are really not right.
So what are you talking about?
You and Kondo-san had a big fight in the middle of the night
Is that the same reason?
Not exactly...
If only it were.
Are you worried that Itou-sensei will steal the Shinsengumi?
I don't know, but his actions,
I am equal to you and even surpass you.
Tosshi, I think the Shinsengumi needs Itou-sensei.
Kondo-san, you don't know anything.
Organizations can't be led by big talk.
What is the reason?
What must be said.
I was bitten by a monster on patrol yesterday.
Make my neck ache till now.
Let me have a look.
What is this?
Waste insects of new varieties?
The escort assignment is for me. You go back first.
I'll be stared at by Itou with me.
Respect is better than obedience.
Hijikata-san, I have something to ask of you.
Cut the Shogun's hair? But we don't have a license.
Just don't make a slight mistake.
The three of us are ready to land.
He's vomiting!
It's a real thing aru.
Whether he's a Shogun or not, don't he have the same
hair with others?
- Let me handle this!
- Will you be all right?
What style do you want to have today?
Comb high or shave both sides?
She lost!
What are you doing? Do you want to die?
I smelled Shinpachi's vomit and it affected me aru.
What if it sprays into Shogun?
My hair bun...
Can you help me redo it?
By the way, shave the top clean.
Okay, no problem.
Hey, he asked to shave his head.
Shaving aggravates the bun. Who's going to do it?
My hand is shaking so hard that it could not stop.
I voluntarily quit!
- I'm going.
- Really?
- Don't vomit again.
- Trust on me aru
She shaves really well.
Maybe she shaved his dad's before.
It's possible.
Not bad, not bad.
It's not bad.
This is...
Let me see.
Probably that's it.
Idiot! Is it difficult to keep it clean and tidy?
Golden hound stool on the ground!
That's the Shogun's hair bun.
Even if the speed of light destroys the evidence,
it doesn't solve the problem!
That's 100% golden hound shit!
Regardless of color or other conditions.
It's all the shit of golden hounds.
There's no room for explanation!
Where is the golden hound?
Don't worry.
You can rest assured.
It's just a little short and even.
It's still possible to tie up the bun.
So, let me start binding.
The hair is not long enough.
It can't be tied up at all!
As easy as pie.
Just a little like this...
Pull it up.
The Shogun cried!
The Shogun has broken through the limit!
The face is bursting!
Stop it! I Beg you!
Let go of the Shogun!
Gin-san, don't pull any more.
His eyes!
Tied up.
His looks changed.
Super tight skin!
So, satisfied? He is laughing.
He's laughing? It's the skin that's tightened up!
I'm sorry. I'll tie it up right away. It hurt will you a little.
How are you going to rebind?
Pick up the hair bun that just flew away.
Think of a way to stick it on, and go through it first.
Got it!
Where is the bun?
It's missing.
Gin-chan, I found it aru.
Well done, Kagura.
Why does it looks like a mosaic?
Also, what's that? It stinks.
I finally found it aru.
Golden Retriever's stool.
Where are you now, Tosshi? You're running late for the meeting.
The meeting is very important.
Kondo-san, the time is right.
I'd like to raise a question about him.
I think you're all aware about what he's been doing these two days.
He imposed such strict discipline on his team.
Now he have violated several things.
Even now, he's late for the cadre meeting.
If you don't deal with it, it's hard to explain it to the others.
Sensei, please wait a minute!
Tosshi must be doing something important.
More important than this meeting.
I am very aware about his contribution to the Shinsengumi so far.
Without him, there would be no real Shinsengumi.
That's why I can't bear to give advice.
He is the symbol of the Shinsengumi.
He can't be a role model for others.
Once he breaks the precepts,
naturally, the others will follow him.
The disciplined wolves became a mob.
Because it's him, so we need severe punishment!
Kondo-san, please handle it wisely.
Wait a minute, please. Tosshi must be-
Sorry I'm late, Okita-san!
I'm in a small appliance store in the countryside
to find "The Brave Fights the Dragon 11".
Then the latest episode of "The King of the Sea"
was out of stock everywhere.
But the convenience store there happens to have one.
Shit, I got caught.
These guys...
Join hands to frame me!
(Otaku Summit)
(The host, Tahara Naijie)
Nite and Cocoon-dwelling Nationality Phenomena.
(The host, Tahara Naijie)
A large number of dispirited young people have emerged.
(Monastery Gate Passenger Guard)
A large number of dispirited young people have emerged.
Otaku are regarded as highly dangerous groups.
Today we got 100 people.
Young people claiming to be otaku.
Listen to their outlook on life.
Ask them why they don't go out.
Let's discuss it in depth.
I'm done.
(Edo's High Salary Collection)
I began to worry that Shogun would appear in any job.
This is bad, the show has started aru.
What are you doing?
I'm going to record Shinpachi's heroic posture.
Shinpachi said that...
You can't go to work today.
But I'm not in the mood to go.
What about the rent?
Today we are here on the show.
Representatives of Anime Otaku and Idol Otaku.
I hope you can have a warm exchange of views.
Those who want to express their opinions first, please raise your hands.
Speech No. 53 raised his hand as soon as possible.
I think ah...
Regarding the Otaku as a high-risk group of Cocoons or Nites.
This idea needs repairing.
(Captain of Terakado Tsu Club, Shinpachi)
Among us, too.
(Captain of Terakado Tsu Club, Shinpachi)
People who work hard in society.
(Captain of Terakado Tsu Club, Shinpachi)
You're right.
What's that guy doing?
Did you forget?
Shinpachi is the captain of Terakado Tsu-chan club.
I know, but what's he doing?
We just put ourselves in the pursuit of what we like.
(Terakado Tsu Club)
We just put ourselves in the pursuit of what we like.
(Terakado Tsu Club)
There's absolutely no downturn.
Okay, then I'll give you the floor on the 31st-
The program targets the Otaku.
Attempts to stigmatize our behaviour
- That's the problem today.
- Okay, I see.
He's really annoying.
It's bound to be rejected by the audience.
What's the opinion of No. 31 after hearing No. 53-
It's problematic to generalize the Otaku.
He began to turn hot-blooded aru.
He shouldn't rush any more.
I'm going to make a video, move on, you trash.
We are at least refueling for real idols.
Those who fall in love with 2d girls have problems.
(Anime Otaku)
What do you mean by that? Number 53!
Gamers who fall in love with the 2d girls won't get results.
Isn't it just a waste of time?
(Anime Otaku)
What a joke!
(Anime Otaku)
Soraka-chan lives in my heart!
Wait, I want to refuse, can I that?
(Anime Otaku, Tosshi)
No. 53 means
(Anime Otaku, Tosshi)
The 3d house is better than our 2d otakus.
(Anime Otaku, Tosshi)
Can we face reality better?
Can we face reality better?
So I want to ask you...
You think by supporting your idols
Will help you marry her in the future?
No way.
So 3d otakus and 2d otakus
all talking about a fruitless love
On this point, we are all in two minds.
No, no, no, no.
Not the same, they are different!
Indeed, it's hard for fans to marry their idols.
But it's not 100% impossible.
No, it is 100% impossible.
No, it's impossible.
No suspense.
Who says it's impossible? After all, idols exist in reality.
This unrealistic idea
It shows that you ignore reality.
Why do you use that tone of voice while
talking to our captain?
Beat him!
The Idol and Anime otakus are fighting!
The one named Tosshi owes a beat aru!
Give him a good look!
The scuffle among the otaku is ugly.
The result is still not recorded.
This machine is rotten.
You can't put it in anyway!
Where did you find it?
That guy's a little familiar.
Okita-kun, I'm surprised you'll turn to me.
I heard you knew each other before the establishment of the Shinsengumi.
I thought you were totally Hijikata's.
Is there such a faction? First time to hear.
You're smart. What do you want?
Of course, the position of Vice Commander.
Your wish...
I promise to help you achieve it.
Is that all right?
It doesn't matter if he would be the Vice Commander.
But there's no point in getting rid of Hijikata like this.
You think I just wanted the Vice Commander's seat.
Is this a silly power struggle with Hijikata's side?
Can't you even understand me, Shinohara-kun?
Do you know what the greatest misfortune of the samurai is?
It is just can't be understood.
No matter how talented you are.
No matter how hard you try.
If you can't be understood, you can't get the evaluation you deserve.
I've never had a real bosom friend.
Whether in school as a prodigy.
Or learn the true biography of Jukuto Meiji
when appointed Master.
Later, along with the trend of the times, we fought against the expatriates.
But my heart's desire can never be satisfied.
It never occurred to me that thing.
It's a place where you can find intimate friends.
My greatest misfortune is
The person who knows me best is my enemy.
Wait until Hijikata is removed.
After the assassination of Kondo Isao.
The Shinsengumi will be mine.
That guy is a traitor.
I must inform the Vice Commander quickly.
I'm really sorry.
I didn't expect you to be there.
No... It doesn't matter.
As long as this limited edition model is available.
Super Premium Limited Edition Model is okay.
- huh?
- huh?
Excuse me...
Are you really Hijikata-san?
What are you talking about, Sakatashi?
Here, you can have a look.
(Vice Commander of Shinsengumi) (Hijikata Toushiro)
If it's a fake one, change it.
(Vice Commander of Shinsengumi) (Hijikata Toushiro)
It's true that Hijikata Toushiro is the same as the real
Hijikata Toushiro.
Yes, too!
Wow, Kagurashi.
Your dress is Chinese cosplay of papaya girl.
What a high degree of reduction.
May I take some pictures?
Stand here, please.
I'll shoot now.
So cute!
So cute!
What's that guy shy about?
Give me more papaya. Would you like more?
Papaya pose, Papaya pose is noble
Papaya pose is so beautiful, Papaya style!
- Thank you.
- Papaya
Super cute... Pop cute... Cute enough to blow up.
How about a once-in-a-millennium idol pose?
The famous one...
That's it! Great!
Thank you! I've been waiting this for a long time!
Thank you!
Thank you. Thank you so much.
Next time can you cosplay fall in love with punk?
If it comes true, I'll be happy next time.
That's lovely. Thank you.
What's wrong, Shimurashi?
Don't you mind working when you come out in broad daylight?
If it's Shinsengumi,
I've been fired, yeah.
Are you leaving Shinsengumi?
What's going on?
I'm tired of useless relationships.
Work is dangerous.
Looking for ways to survive without working.
I think once you work, you just give up.
It's all the way of thinking of the Nites.
So you look like the Nites.
Who's talking to you, Nite?
Now we are hard-working workers!
By the way, Sakatashi.
You like mangas, too. Right?
Yesterday, I began to draw the same person as Punk in love.
Shall we go to the Summer Show together and earn a lot of money?
Who would buy such a child's graffiti drawing?
Gin-san, what should I do?
Will personality change so much in such a short time?
There's no Devil Vice Commander at all aru.
(Gengai's Work)
I see.
In his neck.
This side of the neck is implanted with a chip.
So what?
It says "Waste House Type".
In order to control the people, Amanto avoid the rebellion again.
Someone is devoted to the research of chips.
What should I say?
This chip weakens the will to fight.
As long as it is embedded in the centrum of the spinal nerve.
Can make a person lose fighting spirit.
You just said "once".
- Now it's gone.
- Why?
What should I say?
Because there are too many.
They say the whole nation has too much share.
Too much talk.
A lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of Everybody's just wow.
Later, it was discussed that only to be a a Jouishi.
Someone said, "Is it faster to kill directly?".
Out of sight is pure.
And then everybody wow, wow, wow.
The sooner, the better. Wow, wow.
And then everybody's just uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh,
uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, Calm down
I understand.
I heard about that research room.
Several chips have been stolen.
Bunshin's friend said.
Bunshin deserves it aru.
So when Lubang was young, he broke into Ostro, King of Carolina.
Stolen Gothic money, was shot and rescued by Chris
Is that the same thing?
This guy's in three?
Very annoying.
Doctor, take that chip apart hurry.
No way.
Doctors of all skill can't do it.
If you want the chip to stick to the spine.
Pulling it out can cause damage to nearby nerves.
No doctor can do it.
- I can.
- He can.
But are you expensive? How much do you charge?
- 200 million yen
- he said 200 million yen
- That's sorry.
- He said sorry.
That's the person who performed forensics in "D-Gray man"?
Is there no other way?
How to cure him?
It seems that we can only use that tactic.
Itou wants to assassinate Kondo-san.
I need to notify the Vice Commander as soon as possible.
Otherwise, the Vice Commander would be in danger.
You are...
No, I can't.
I am an abandoned house.
This guy can't do it. Change driver aru.
Tosshi. Let's get on the road.
The future of mankind is in your hands.
No, I'm scared. I want to run away.
Why me!
I don't think he really can. Call that man aru.
Doctor, don't let him drive. Please change me up.
Tosshi, you really can't do it?
No, no, No. He can do it on purpose.
Don't forget that he used to be called the Devil Vice Commander.
Now it's not a devil.
Tosshi, let me fly for you.
Tosshi, Stop twisting and pinching!
Hurry up and attack!
I don't know how to attack!
I want to run away, I can't!
Tosshi, don't give up!
It's totally rubbish, aru.
It's better to fight than die.
You ruined house!
How can you scold me? I still can't do it.
I'm afraid of fighting.
I want to go home and watch anime.
This chip is too powerful.
This level of stimulation does not work.
Originally the best way to say "abandoned house for redundant workers".
It's absolutely irritating.
Eh, cigarettes?!
Has Hijikata-san's been personality restored?
Excellent! The old man's treatment worked for aru!
No, I know it in my heart.
This is the last cigarette.
Say goodbye to Hijikata Toushiro.
In a few minutes, my personality
will be completely eroded by the chip.
My time is up.
Forget it.
The last cigarette, whether it's straw or driftwood.
Listen carefully.
There's not enough time. I'll just say it once.
This is my first and final request to you.
the Shinsengumi,
Our Shinsengumi.
Protect it for me!
You are the legendary swordsman.
Kawakami Bansai.
"The man who chops off ten thousand people in a second" actually exists.
I am now
Kihetai's Bansai.
You're having an affair with the Kihetai?
Yamazaki-kun, fighting and killing can't change the world.
We should have been able to get along better.
As a partner who satisfies the interests of both sides and keeps balance.
I have to say something about your boss's style.
It's not going to make the Shinsengumi stronger.
And I can get the real Shinsengumi out of shape.
Be stronger and stronger.
And then become my ark to show grace to the world.
Do what you want to do.
I don't know how big you are.
But there is no empty shell of Bushido and benevolence in you.
No one will follow.
I will...
Keep following those people
Until the last moment.
When you die, you want to inform Hijikata.
Is this your samurai way of supervision?
Bansai-dono, I'll give the finishing blow to you.
I'll give you the honor of being killed against the Joui.
Congratulations on carrying out your favorite Bushido.
I will do my duty to inform your supervisors.
Ah, no need.
They'll be with you soon.
There are some problems within the Shinsengumi.
He was implanted with a strange chip.
So he was fired.
Who knows.
Whatever the true group is, it's none of our business.
It's better not to get involved too deeply.
But Hijikata-san came to us for help.
That his pride
Hijikata-san who can't tolerate fire and water.
He's going to put down his body and ask for it. It must be serious.
Sorry, Sakatashi.
There's a sale of the limited version of the Punk model of love today.
Everyone is limited to one.
But I need it personally.
Preservation and Appreciation, and-
For practical use, add up to three.
So I hereby order.
You gentlemen will join me-
I'm telling you that I won't ask for anything.
Where did your shame go?
What's the third practical use?
You big pervert aru.
I don't worry about you until I'm out of my mind!
Vice Commander!
No way, Vice Commander!
Please come back to the headquarters at once!
- What happened?
- Yamazaki-san...
He was killed by an unknown person!
Yamazaki-san was killed?
The murderer has not yet been found.
Anyway, please go back to the headquarters first.
But I was fired.
Now what cares about that! Vice Commander, hurry up.
Go with Yamazaki-san.
Fly up.
It hurts, Sakata-shi!
You're pulling my skin!
I'm like in a steel bullet against Gundam.
My hands and heads are breaking!
Shut your mouth!
What's going on?
Why did the Shinsengumi chase Hijikata-san?
Kagura-shi, how strong are you!
It's a replica of the machine doll Alarey.
You're noisy!
Who's going to shut him up!
What's up?
Team 3, Team 3 Reporting, Answer when you hear it.
Have you found Hijikata?
But he has super cute and super helpers.
We can't beat them. End Aru
Kill him anyway.
If Hijikita will not dead, it's no use assassinating Kondo.
Anyway, before the assassination of Kondo.
Eliminate all elements of insecurity first.
As long as Kondo and Hijikata dies
The Shinsengumi will be loyal to Itou Kamotarou.
Assassination of Kondo-san and Hijikata-san?
Remember that Joui is our friend and also an enemy.
In case this plan is exposed at this stage.
I'm afraid the Shinsengumi will split in two.
Kondo was scheduled to board the train arranged by Itou-san.
What train?
Are you not listening to the meeting?
Katakuriko took the Shogun to Hakone to soak in Hot Springs.
We're going to be his guards.
We're going to be his guards.
Shogun again?
Of course it's not true!
Kondo is too dumb to be tricked into getting into the car.
All the members of the team there were from Itou's.
He's got only one person, and he's bound to get rid of it.
Kondo is doomed to hell.
This car will pass through Bushou.
It's my hometown where I grew up with Sougo and Toshi.
It's my hometown where I grew up with Sougo and Toshi.
We quarreled all day and made a fowl jump.
Think about it carefully and it's no different now.
Sometimes I feel uneasy.
I wonder if I am more mature than I was then.
Did you move forward a little bit?
You are an excellent samurai.
I've never seen anyone more honest than you.
I've never seen anyone more honest than you.
It can also be said that there is no time for purity.
You're like a piece of white cloth.
You can accept anything and dye it in any color.
I think that's what the Shinsengumi is.
Let everybody on that white cloth.
Let everybody on that white cloth.
Wave different colors and paint the banner of ideas.
By contrast, my color is black.
Can't dye any color.
On the contrary, it will dye everything black.
I'm sorry, Kondo-san.
Your flag has been dyed black.
Sensei is really good. It's interesting to talk.
Are we all dyed black?
So, I may be a piece of white cloth.
So, I may be a piece of white cloth.
But I'm at most one.
Fur-covered T-shirts.
Draw the banner of color idea on white cloth?
They're not as naive as you think.
They're not as naive as you think.
I don't know how your men are, at least they aren't.
Their existence is not color.
It's dirt.
Can't wash out, super stubborn dirt.
Can't wash out, super stubborn dirt.
Because you can't wash it off anyway.
Later, it was a bit emotional. It was really nerve-racking.
But sensei,
The dirt is considerable over the years.
The dirt is considerable over the years.
I don't know when I will become a decent banner.
They have neither knowledge nor thought.
Act unreasonably only by feeling.
I can't guess what the bunch of idiots are thinking.
I can't guess what the bunch of idiots are thinking.
You can't control them.
You can't dye them in any color.
Nor will they be polluted by anything.
Okita-kun, what are you doing?
You should keep guarding at the entrance.
What the hell are you doing?
I am asking you, son of a bitch.
Let him go.
Why are you talking to Itou-san like that?
I told you to let him go!
I told you to let him go!
You're on Hijikata's side.
You're the spy in charge of approaching me and spying.
Selling Hijikata is also a trick that I believe in.
Selling Hijikata is also a trick that I believe in.
That's not acting.
I told you.
I only have my eyes in the position of Vice Commander in Shinsengumi.
Whoever dares to stand in my way, I will get rid of him.
After removing Hijikata.
It's your turn, of course, Itou-sensei.
I don't want to stay with you and Hijikata.
My eldest brother has only one person.
My eldest brother has only one person.
Give him to me!
Next to Kondo.
It's my seat!
You are so bad.
Used me to get rid of Hijikata.
After the goal is achieved, even I have to get rid of it?
That chip cost me a lot of money.
It seems that I should ask you for money.
I can cook you as much as I want.
I can cook you as much as I want.
That's good.
My goal is to become the Commander.
Kondo-san is in danger. He'll be killed.
Act right, Hijikata-san!
It's none of my business. Don't look at me.
If you continue acting like this, your most precious people and things,
will be taken away from you!
Gin-chan, what should we do about it aru?
Please, our Shinsengumi...
Protect it.
Kagura, connect the radio to all patrolmen and headquarters.
Hello, can you hear me?
Tax thieves.
Whether you're an Itou's or a Mayonnaise's.
All the tax thieves listen to me.
Now go after Kondo's train right away.
Now go after Kondo's train right away.
Otherwise, your eldest brother's head will be lost.
It's an order. Everyone who resists.
They all commit seppuku for lack of the spirit of Bushido.
Are you kidding? Who are you?
You ask me who I am in that tone, stinky boy?
You ask me who I am in that tone, stinky boy?
I am the Vice Commander of the Shinsengumi.
Hijikata Toushiro! Bastard!
I can't stand his folly anymore.
If the Shinsengumi was wiped out.
You should follow the funeral.
If the Shinsengumi was wiped out.
You should follow the funeral.
I'd love to take you to the cemetery.
I'm not kidding. I'm not going.
Don't try to slap your ass and leave the trouble to others.
Don't try to slap your ass and leave the trouble to others.
Are you the kind of man who will ask for help?
You're going to push the Shinsengumi to somebody else.
And those who die by themselves?
If you really want to die, you have to fight to death
beside your comrades.
That's what Hijikata Toushiro will do!
You know, it hurts.
Your mother died of pain!
It can't be true?
It can't be true?
The explosion point is on fire. It's dangerous to stay any longer.
The train can't stop.
When the car stops, Kondo will run away.
Now there are only those two on the bus.
Now there are only those two on the bus.
It's all our own people.
As long as the train continues, they are like birds in a cage.
I'm sorry. I always understand.
I'm to blame for this.
How can I apologize to you?
How can I say sorry to Tosshi?
Sougo, What are you doing? Open the door quickly!
If the boss's head fell to the ground, he was defeated.
You should avoid it for a while.
You should avoid it for a while.
Stop it! Open the door quickly!
I've said it many times.
Your weakness is that you are too good.
Deeply convinced of the cat and dog.
As a result, a fox was cautious.
As a result, a fox was cautious.
I wasn't surprised to see this happen.
What are you doing! Don't do that. Sougo!
Don't go!
But because of you, we'll be together.
Because you look like this.
We will fight side by side.
Because you look like this.
It's worth my help.
It's worth my help.
If you die, I, I...
Itou-sensei, the front carriage has been separated!
Itou-sensei, the front carriage has been separated!
Start up the power of the rear carriage.
Don't let Kondo escape.
I thought you were smart.
You don't want to balance us all alone, do you?
You send Kondo away and stayed alone in the enemy's territory to kill yourself.
Do you want the feeling of tragic sacrifice?
But I can buy it.
But I can buy it.
Kondo will die according to my plan.
We are not alone in this battlefield.
I'm sorry, Itou-san.
Actually, I'm not alone too.
Who is it?
No way. How could it be him?
No way. How could it be him?
Routine official inspection aru!
Put your hands down and catch this.
How could he be there?
How could he be there?
It hurts! I'm scared!
You idiot!
Wouldn't it be possible to pretend a little?
Let your partner see that
the Vice Commander is still alive. It can he boost his morale.
the Vice Commander is still alive. It can he boost his morale.
Only when they hit me did they come back to life,
and all of a sudden they came back to their original state!
No way out!
It's really not going to work anymore.
Sakata-shi, I'll give it to you!
Yorozuya are coming up.
Yorozuya are coming up.
An army is not enough to destroy them.
It's too late to show up now.
I'm going to get rid of you and Kondo.
I'm going to get rid of you and Kondo.
It's you who will be removed.
I know some faces.
You must have been determined to die for your loyalty
to Itou's.
Section 21 of the Act of Shinsengumi.
"Those who have smuggled with the enemy should be punished."
"Those who have smuggled with the enemy should be punished."
All of you...
It's up to me to clean it up.
Can't you see your situation clearly?
I am the mainstream at this moment.
You are the only rebel.
The laws laid down by Hijikata have long been meaningless.
Your Shinsengumi is going to go to dust.
Get rid of him. I'll go after Kondo.
I'm the captain of the first team in the Shinsengumi,
will teach you one last thing.
will teach you one last thing.
When confronted with competitors with great differences in strength.
In order to bridge the gap, it is better to win by the number of people.
Adjust your breathing.
Luck is in the body.
Wait until the fullest moment.
Attack together!
Submit to it.
It's about time.
The plan went smoothly.
Edo's security portal opened wide.
Itou Kamotaro.
He did well.
This is a great opportunity.
Get rid of the Shogun.
Where is the Commander?
(Oedo Police)
The traitor is coming out and dying!
Would you like to change your mind and go for cabaret tonight?
Is the nightlife in Edo just in a cabaret?
Oi oi, the road is blocked.
So you can't go to the cabaret.
Oi driver, stop right here.
It's strange.
Isn't this "The man who chops off ten thousand
people in a second"?
Get out on the way, or I will arrest you.
Why do you...
Why are you here?
You were fired by me.
But you came for me.
Why are you here?
You bastard!
Kondo-san, are you all right?
Wow, there's a gorilla body lying on the floor.
What the hell are you guys doing?
It's here, it's alive.
I heard you were almost assassinated.
I was almost assassinated by you a few seconds ago!
Why are you with Tosshi?
It's strange that you'll come and help me.
That's his last word.
Last words?
His soul was eroded by a Brain-Eating chip.
Now he's just an abandoned house.
And it can't be restored anymore.
A chip that eats the human brain?
He's in that state. What's the matter with you?
He wants us to protect the Shinsengumi.
Because I'm in trouble, I'll just bring him over and fix it for himself.
That's the end of our work.
There's a lot to be paid.
I have something to ask of you, too.
It can also be regarded as my last words.
Don't you hear about pay?
Take Tosshi and run away from here.
It's my responsibility that things have gone so far.
I don't want to involve a Tosshi who don't want to fight.
Ignoring Tosshi, it remindes me to be careful of Itou.
Even for minor mistakes.
Agree to Itou's dismissal.
Tosshi, he...
I don't know what happened to him.
I don't even know if it's worth it when he becomes like that.
He's still intent on protecting the Shinsengumi.
God knows he's so proud.
How could I bow my head?
I'm entrusting the Shinsengumi into you.
I'm sorry for you, Tosshi.
I'm sorry for you all.
I'm such a jerk.
Please notify all vehicles and leave the battlefield immediately.
Kondo has died in battle.
I don't want my peers to continue to kill each other.
Ah, ah!
Our Commander, Kondo Isao, has been safely rescued.
Victory belongs to us.
Those who humiliate the Commander.
A wrongdoer who revenges.
It's the scum!
Now let me punish you in the name of the moon!
Who said those baffling things?
You ask me who I am?
I am the Shinsengumi's Vice Commander.
Hijikata Toushiro!
We give our lives to you.
So you also have relative obligations.
That is...
You can't die.
Live anyway.
No matter how humiliated you are.
See how many peer sacrifices.
You all have to live.
As long as you exist, the Shinsengumi will not disappear.
You are the soul of the Shinsengumi.
We are protecting your sword.
Can a broken sword protect life?
I spent a lot of money to turn you into a useless brat.
Now that you send it to your door, you might as well make a break.
It was you.
It was you who made me such a virtue.
Draw a sword, if you can pull it out.
Let him see how serious Otakus are!
Pull it out for me, idiot.
It's going dark. Pull it out soon.
Shut up!
I can do it. I can pull it out.
For the sake of the World.
Give me strength!
I heard your shit preaching.
A self-righteous voice goes on and on.
I have a word to tell you.
Thank you!
It's back to Tosshi again.
Is it Tosshi now?
I'm Hijikata Toushiro!
If you want to get Kondo's head, knock it down and I'll say it again.
No one can cross to it.
I won't let anybody.
Defile our souls.
I'm the last one to protect Kondo Isao!
I am the Shinsengumi's Vice Commander,
Hijikata Toushiro!
Come on!
The time has come for a decisive victory or defeat.
You are so bold that you dare to fight me.
I admire your courage.
As soon as I give an order, the Shinsengumi will arrive.
I take the wrong side.
Call Shinsengumi.
I'm in Kabuki with my little boy.
We're surrounded by Kihetai.
Please dispatch staff immediately.
The siren will ring soon.
No sound at all.
Shinsengumi went to Hakone to soak in Hot Springs.
Now I see.
Then I'll have to deal with you personally.
Come on, come on.
A little more in the middle.
It's too serious. Smile.
All right, cheese.
Very good!
Switch to me.
I'm sorry to complicate things.
It's always risky for men to come out and play with fire.
It's no use in escaping.
Well trained.
Full hit.
Oi, oi.
This is not the place where women and children can come.
That's how tired you are.
You don't seem to have many souls and beasts.
I'm unconsciously soft-hearted about people who are my partners.
You go to Hakone Spa to heal the wound.
No need for you.
You want to hit me.
I was surrounded by Kihetai.
Mobilize now!
Gin-san, the Shogun, he...
That's what happened.
Gin-san, Edo and Shogun are in danger.
But do we need to protect the Shogun? Is that reasonable?
Once the Shogun is killed, Takasugi Shinsuke will attack!
But what can I do?
(Long wait)
Katsura Kotaro!
Gintoki, when it comes to Shinsengumi, you don't mind helping.
But we can't let the Kihetai go.
Let me help you.
Takasugi intends to destroy Edo's-
Oh, Elizabeth!
I'm about to say the cool lines!
Elizabeth! Elizabeth!
The battle here is handed over to Shinsengumi and Katsura-san.
Let's go back to Edo soon.
It takes time to go back, and it's very far away from here.
Ginnoji, catch this!
It'll let you wind back to Edo.
Ginnoji! Get on with this!
(Edo City)
Are you sure that's okay?
Don't talk nonsense. It's just a raccoon, you see.
And it's washing apples.
This time it was skillfully avoided and saluted.
Come on, let's go and find Mei-chan!
He said the keyword.
That's not going to work!
Not on the other side!
This is...
My workload is a bit heavy.
Will there be overtime pay?
I heard that a bunch of silly boys wanted to assassinate the Shogun.
In order to draw people out,
I wandered around with my stand-in.
Thank you for throwing yourself into the net.
You're sure you're going to be in Edo City, where there's no Shinsengumi.
Does it make such a big fuss?
I heard the Commander was kidnapped?
They are excellent.
But without the Commander,
see the group without a leader.
Your plan is great and deserves a lot of praise.
My Commander ordered me to assassinate him.
Even if you kill everyone else.
Also to take the Shogun's head back.
That's for "The man who chops off ten thousand
people in a second", Bansai.
Come and have a look.
I didn't expect this to happen inside Edo City.
Buildings directly linked to Amanto.
An incurable puppet regime.
Very good. My last opponent is my old gentleman.
Come on!
You should have no nostalgia for the shogunate who
lost the right to the truth
You can go to hell at ease.
Let go of horses.
I don't know how strong you are.
But your opponent is not an old man.
This set you back.
Isn't this our uniform?
And your people entrusted me with a lot of work.
Please remit the remuneration here. I have to pay the rent.
Let me see.
You can see it clearly.
No, I have old flowers.
Refrain from coming.
I wrote it very big.
Let me see.
When I was young, I had 2.0.
45 Zuo Shi...
Handsome man, you look like the hostess from a cabaret
You mistook the wrong person.
- The big beard of the barber's room-
- You're mistaken!
Let go. I'll take care of him.
Don't look so serious. It's just a stand-in.
Think so too.
If the chief of the police takes the real Shogun to the streets
should be fired immediately.
Look at the Shogun himself.
Connect from Hakone Hot Spring Site
We should have read through our plan books.
Really ran to the box root.
There's a real sense of character.
Is it pretty?
I tried to change the shape.
It was you that day!
Shige Shige's secret tour.
The name of hot spring is "hot spring above palace".
The type is open air.
Sorry, handsome man. Turn it off first.
Come and go to the cabaret.
Thank you.
Going to a cabaret again?
How about going to a bar today?
In this situation, you still go to a cabaret?
Originally, you are from Takasugi's.
The feeling and rhythm are out of order.
I gave up assassinating the Shogun.
But I can't let you go back alive.
Hey, take the headphones off when you talk to people!
What kind of education do you have?
Sakata Gintoki...
No, White Demon.
Why did you appear in the Shinsengumi?
You can hear it at all!
Why send Itou
to master the real power of the Shinsengumi?
He even assassinated the Shogun.
What do you really want?
We are not tolerant of recognizing traitors as partners.
And we know very well those who violate benevolence and righteousness.
No one wants to follow.
Did Itou just introduce the Shinsengumi to Edo?
He's a poor fellow.
It's only now that I realize my weight is too late.
He was destined to sleep with the Shinsengumi.
What are your intentions?
They're not going to be easy on your tricks.
I hope you're right.
The genius is always lonely.
No one understands me.
I'm not going to give in to the men here.
Nobody ever understood me.
Nobody found my true value.
So I had to be myself.
Show the world your abilities.
Take the Shinsengumi for Yourself.
I want to build it and move towards the world.
The Existence of Itou Kamotaro.
Carved in the hearts of the world.
Is it okay to be notorious?
Do you dare to do what is good for you?
I should have been kind to him.
I'd like to stay under incompetent officers.
He should thank me for not being qualified to complain about me.
You look down upon people other than yourself.
Are you upset that those fools don't understand you?
Do you want to show your abilities?
Don't take yourself too seriously.
You're just,
Just one person.
I know what you really want.
Now I see.
I won.
I finally won the against Toushiro.
Did he know you used him as a prop for assassinating Shogun?
Of course, it's not worth it.
His goal is to be an official in the shogunate.
We took advantage of his pride and vanity.
You guys are really bad.
That kind of death suits him well.
Betrayers should
die from betrayal.
I shouldn't have died in this place.
No, I still have a lot to do.
It's not over yet.
Look, I got full marks in school.
Kamotaro, please be quiet.
Don't interfere with your brother's health.
I'm sorry.
I need to work harder.
As long as I work harder, my mother will take care of me.
Don't be too arrogant.
A schoolboy.
We hate you the most.
I have to work harder.
We need to work hard to get everyone's approval.
That is great!
Kamo, you are great!
Knowing the swordsmanship at an early age.
Must have done a lot of hard work.
Kamo, go to Edo.
I'll recommend you to enter the Dojo there.
Why did they leave?
(Letter of recommendation)
Why does his twin brother Kamotaro so healthy?
Why does his twin brother Kamotaro so healthy?
Jiro is in vain no matter how talented he is.
Everything has been robbed by Kamotaro for a long time.
It must be when Kamotaro is my stomach,
he take away everything that Jiro has been doing for a long time.
That kind of child shouldn't have been born at all.
What if you were heard by Kamotaro?
Don't you think it's a little too much.
Why don't everybody look at me more?
Don't leave me alone, who will accompany me?
Who's coming to me soon?
Hold my Hand.
What are you doing?
Do you know where were you are now?
I'm trying to kill you.
The issue of being mutinied is the chief executive's problem.
The incompetent officer killed the soldier.
So it's not a sin to get rid of the governor.
Sorry, I'm not qualified to be in the place above you.
Sorry, sensei.
I want to be your brother-in-arms.
I want to have a drink with you.
Be a good friend.
I still have a lot to ask you for advice.
What I want is...
I did nothing wrong with my efforts.
Please look at me more.
Praise me a lot, please.
I don't want status and reputation.
Nor is it success or ability.
Or be able to understand your bosom friend.
What are you doing?
What I want...
Actually, it's already there.
What I want is..
It's just friendship.
I have something to tell you.
What a coincidence. Me too.
I hate you very much.
I hate you very much.
I'll kill you one day, sooner or later.
You can't die here.
It deserves to be the White Demon.
I can't kill you easily.
Don't get me wrong.
It's not easy to kill the weak.
It's almost time for me to go.
I'm going to get rid of you moth.
Quickly go and find them.
It's too late.
It's hard to say.
Get down!
Sensei! Sensei!
What are you stunned about?
Vice Commander, please give the order quickly.
As you can see, the enemy has no leader.
Take advantage of the present to counter-attack.
Come on, White Demon.
Let me take you to hell by helicopter.
Stop it!
White Demon!
Why on earth did you fight?
Why are you so desperate?
It's an inevitable trend for samurais to go to ruin!
Even if you can't get help.
Sooner or later, the country will perish.
You can't stop fighting alone.
This country has long lost the value of protection.
This country has been engulfed by Amanto and corrupted.
Samurai have a mission to cut down and retrain this country.
This country needs to clear itself from the abdomen.
You want to die... I'm going to die on my own.
Sakata Gintoki.
You're a dead man.
You used to protect the kingdom of Samurai.
They fought side by side with Takasugi and Katsura.
But you can't let go of your persistence and be firmly controlled by it.
You're just a living soul.
The things you want to protect are long gone.
The dead should go back to where they are supposed to be!
Strength is like steel strings.
I advise you not to pull hard, or it will break your hands and feet.
Get your ears out and listen!
I'm the one who..
Later, he did not fight for this third-rate country.
Not once!
Destroy other countries or samurais.
I never care!
From the past till now... What I want to protect.
Later on...
It didn't change!
Destroy it.
There used to be that kind of friendship.
I didn't know that before.
It's always too late to know everything.
It was not easy to find precious friendship.
They were destroyed by their own hands.
Can you give that guy to me?
Come on, he's already-
You helped a lot this time.
But we can only answer this request.
Imagine how many brothers Itou killed.
Traitors must be left to us to deal with.
What are you talking about?
Leave him alone. He's dying.
Just because of this.
That's why... You need to kill him.
Stand up, Itou.
Let's fight it out.
Those guys
don't want him in the end
to die as a traitor.
At least let him
as a warrior
to die in battle as one's companion.
That's the last thing they can do.
Thank you.
The shogunate was unexpectedly tenacious.
Is Itou too vulnerable to a blow, or is it-
Bansai, are you too weak?
I was disturbed by Yamazaki who was killed halfway.
No failure without him.
The most important thing is feeling and prelude.
Nothing can be done without one.
It's my style to stop right away when something's wrong.
Don't you want to listen to my song?
Their song is the cause of my defeat.
I was fascinated by what I heard.
Eh, this is bad...
Everyone thought I was dead.
I changed my mind.
I want to listen to your song again.
You want to live.
I'll expect you to continue singing for me.
This is probably the case.
So no one found me alive.
This is bad.
Sorry, I'm still alive.
I'm in bound to be eradicated if I show up like that.
What should I do?
But I'm really sorry.
In this case, I'll let everyone cry for me.
They fell asleep!
Someone is reading JUMP!
Someone else is talking on their cell phone!
Are you going to extend your suspension?
Well, I have a lot of responsibility for this accident.
But your personality has been restored.
Hijikata-san, if you are still interested in it,
you can come back anytime.
Thank you for your invitation.
Where are you going?
I have to carry it on and move on.
Otherwise those guys will laugh at me in hell.
I forgot to pay him.
What can we do?
I went to the bank this morning and didn't remit a dime.
That's all. How do I pay the rent?
You bastards!
(Pay the rent quickly!)
Will you pay rent or not?
That's it. Run away!
Don't try to escape!
It seems that I have to pretend to be a ghost to frighten everyone.
Butt in.
Vice Commander!
Vice Commander!
Vice Commander!
Sit down...!
- Vice Commander...
- Sit down.
Vice Commander!
- Sit down. Hello...
- Vice Commander...
Pay me the rent!
If you don't pay it, it will triple.
Don't underestimate the strength of the old lady's feet!
Yes, go on, I love slow life.
Yes, go on, I love slow life.
Stir natto until it sticks.
Go out after breakfast
The time of battle has passed.
Now Edo is very peaceful.
Work in the Yorozuya.
To live aimlessly
Just tell you not to do that!
We are not perfect.
Nor can I fall in love with prototypes
Increasingly embarrassing
Cheap and changeable fake
Bite each other and expose each other
Only gradually did we find each other.
Let's not mention the complementary parts.
Come and dance to your heart's content
What do you want to make?
Destroyed by oneself
Above the rubble heap
Desire the same thing
It's good luck to spend the same time.
If the naked eye can see fate, it must be evil.
Language has two sides.
Wolves can't say more than three times when they come.
Stepping Out of Astronomical Numbers
The most gorgeous step
We are not perfect.
Nor can I fall in love with prototypes
Increasingly embarrassing
Cheap and changeable fake
Bite each other and expose each other
Only gradually did we find each other.
Let's not mention the complementary parts.
Come and dance to your heart's content
Who do you want to be?
Mingming never doubted himself in the end
Back-to-back bullets
Dragging, getting on a Thieves'boat, winning a prize
Although I said I would go to hell with you
But don't be true
Pull me down.
We are not perfect.
Nor can I fall in love with prototypes
Increasingly embarrassing
Cheap and changeable fake
Bite each other and expose each other
Only gradually did we find each other.
The complementary part is mentioned.
Come and dance to your heart's content
Please don't be too enthusiastic.
But just call it whatever you like.