Gintama: The Final (2021) Movie Script

Gintama Animation 15th
Anniversary Commemorative Work
Gintama Film Production Committee
'The nation of samurai'
Our country is called like this.
It's been a long time ago.
In the old days,
that piece of the Edo blue sky that
once galloped the dream of a samurai.
Now full of aliens' ships.
In the old days,
on the street where
samurai used to speed along,
Now the strangers are
shuttling between here and there.
when Edo was confronted with unprecedented
crisis, a group of people showed up!
They are samurai...
They are Z warriors!
"Silver Ball"
Part 1
The horribly long synopsis
summary until now:
Altana' exists on the
planets of the universe,
It's an energy that is regarded
as the life force of the planet,
known as 'Dragon's vein' on the earth.
The immortal demon born
under the influence of that energy,
in countless cycles of life and death,
suffering from endless pain,
gave birth to countless personalities.
One of them is the teacher
of Gintoki and others.
That is, Shoyo Yoshida who
opened Matsushita Village School.
Utsuro hoped that he can destroy
the world together with himself,
started a war with the
entire universe as the enemy.
The people of Edo desperately
resisted this huge conspiracy.
After a fierce war,
Odd Jobs-R-Us and their
companions worked together.
The devil, Utsuro disappeared
in the vortex of the Dragon's vein.
in order to restrain the dragon's vein, the
god of brow Sadaharu has exhausted his power,
fell into a deep sleep.
After the battle is over,
members of Odd Jobs-R-Us,
had what they should do,
parted ways.
"Two years later"
And two years has passed.
I will do my best!
I want to be...
One Piece!
This is wrong!
Not this two years later!
All because you fooled around with this 'two
years later five years later' gag too much!
So I don't know which is which!
Yes, it should be this one.
Let me see,
Kagura set out to find a
way to restore Sadaharu,
Shinpachi stayed in Edo.
On the other hand,
Gintoki expected Utsuro to resurrect again.
He searched through the places where dragon's
vein emerge, also known as 'Dragon's Den.'
The genes of Utsuro continued to live
in the dragon's vein deep underground.
Two years later, Utsuro rebuilt the body.
Resurrected at the
Dragon's Den on the border.
Gintoki was bringing Utsuro who was growing
extremely fast, and travelled around.
One day,
Shoyo's personality
emerged in Utsuro's body.
However, the 'Seimon Sect' composed of the
remnants of the Tendo. Ushu took Utsuro away.
In order to prevent the Sect
from gaining 'complete immortality',
Utsuro urgently entrusted
his heart to Gintoki.
In order to fully resurrect Utsuro's body,
and then complete his
incomplete immortality.
Altana who intends to plunder the earth.
Gintoki at the Matsushita Village School. Met again
with Takasugi who used the ashes of elder brother Oboro,
and succeeded in becoming
imperfectly immortal.
In order to stop the Seimon Sect's attempt,
Gintoki and Takasugi set off for Edo.
Gintoki returned to Edo, and saw Shinpachi
and Kagura have grown up a great deal.
But he didn't talk to them.
Katsura who assumed the
post as the first prime minister,
used his privileges as well.
"Cabinet Prime Minister Zuramp"
"I was spotted by the assassin today."
Explore the movement of the sect,
Takasugi, in order to elicit the sect,
bombed the terminal.
And tried to assassinate Katsura.
Katsura took this assassination as a blindfold,
abandoning his status as a prime minister.
The apprentices from the Matsushita
Village School came together again.
Shinsengumi who pretended to disband in response
to the emergency situation has returned as well.
At the same time,
Gorilla held a wedding ceremony.
After a quarrel,
Kondo's ship attacked the
main shrine of the Seimon sect.
Mobile Temple Ku You
Make it fall to the top of the terminal.
Kondo also met Shinsengumi,
however, the Sect occupied the terminal.
Even endangered the surrounding cities.
Edo is in crisis again.
At this time Shinpachi, Kagura,
and the residents of Kabuki district, coming
together at the entrance of Odd Jobs-R-Us.
Stand up together,
Gintoki, Takasugi and Katsura,
in order to materialise teacher's wish,
to save the teacher,
Determined to recapture Utsuro.
The place of decisive
battle is the terminal.
Can the Z warriors grab hold the future?
No one understands this kind of summary!
Rouga Fuu Fuu Fists
This part is really long as hell!
And the style of painting has changed too
much. It looks like a summary of other anime!
It's just Dragon Ball's second creation!
Dragon's Bell?
What are you talking about, Asstsura!
Not Asstsura, I'm Katsura!
Animation production team,
finally showed their genuine skills.
Freed from TV animation series,
they can finally devote
all energy to drawing.
This is the real strength of the animators.
Just holding the dragon
ball in left hand and draw!
And why am I Yamcha? This guy is Vegeta?
Made me completely fall into
the position of a bereaved dog!
No time for you!
Although very unwilling,
you imitated it enough.
When did you become so good at
imitating the widow's peak shape?
You really don't understand!
We are released from the
last episode of TV anime,
and the original comic book 'ending
soon ending soon' kind of fraud,
finally got to this point.
Come to this new world, the cinema.
Let the audience sitting
in front of the screen today,
witness our strength!
And the strength of Akira Toriyama!
After going through a bunch
of things. It's finally over.
No matter what other people say,
after going through a bunch
of things. It's finally over.
Totally agree.
The wonderful story of Gintoki and friends.
This is all we have.
In the future, they will also
encounter all kinds of difficulties.
But they can definitely
ride the wind and waves,
there should be no problem.
Because they have seven
silver balls in their hands.
What is Silver Ball?
Galic Cannon
You mean the balls that can
make your dreams come true?
or the hollow brain
hanging around your neck?
If there are such convenient balls,
why did me and you,
need to do this?
But I want to thank you.
So we could reach this point,
using our own feet.
Not relying on other people.
But with our own hands,
grab back the things,
that are lost.
That's us...
Shoyo's apprentices.
Part 2: Fate
Fire them!
Expel them!
All the infidels who are
hindering the sance ceremony,
will receive Severe sanctions...
You guys who are only scrambling
to flock to the immortal auction,
still have face to say?
Although their ship fell,
they still continue to absorb Altana
from the terminal through the hub.
Seirei gate,
Is it still working?
As long as there is the energy,
even the incomplete god who lost his heart,
can also make it resurrect,
isn't it?
It's amazing that there are so many people
in the world who want to live longer.
The sadness and joy of
my life are enough for me.
If I can cross this final
'test' with all of you,
this life,
even if it ends here, I have no regrets.
That encounter,
is it a kind of joy?
or is it sad?
I can't tell.
But only one thing,
I am quite sure.
Hating each other, killing each other,
even so, it cannot be cut off.
This troublesome fate.
The life of being played
around by that kind of idiots,
just for this life is enough.
It hurts me.
But unfortunately,
none of you will die.
I won't let you die.
I understand their thoughts.
Don't want to die yet.
Want to live longer.
The stupid teacher who forced the
apprentices to do so much unnecessary things,
or the idiot who threw me out just now.
I beat them, but not enough.
Just to say,
I still have something to tell teacher.
I also have a lot to say.
It takes a few beats to feel good.
It looks like,
eternal time is still not enough.
Those who are occupying
the terminal, listen up!
You all are completely surrounded!
Don't make senseless resistance!
Surrender now!
Knock them down!
Let me express my gratitude!
Because of your existence,
our country,
could become so powerful.
Those guys...
Let's go!
You guys Amanto,
after landing on the earth for few decades,
we are,
living our lives with
hesitation and worries.
But I dare to say now,
those painful days,
were all meaningful.
During the life of constant loss
we found,
precious things that must be protected.
Elongated shadow,
helps us recognise the
existence of sunshine.
So in the future,
we are fearless!
Can be open and honest to
take the war from directly in front.
Welcome to
the nation of samurai!
Here is the country made up of people,
having the steel heart
made and silver soul.
- Welcome!
- Welcome!
Assistance needed!
Continue to disperse enemy
defenses around the terminal.
I think you don't need
to spend so much time.
Wouldn't it be fine to blow up
the mothership on the top floor?
That ship,
now full of Altana drawn from the terminal.
If you attack it directly,
no one knows what will happen.
Leave it to us over there.
You are so slow!
So slow that I thought you guys...
have slipped away quietly.
Without a sacred sedan
chair, festival is impossible.
Isn't it?
Finally admitted that Odd
Jobs-R-Us is stronger?
What nonsense are you talking about?
Since we are going to make a big show.
Of course if we bring out a big idiot...
will be more interesting!
Then we are not qualified enough.
Let's go!
Find the sacred sedan chair!
Let's make another big great show!
According to the current situation,
prolonged war cannot be avoided.
I think we should retreat temporarily.
Even if Utsuro resurrected,
if you lose the Sect because
of this, it's a waste of time,
the means to create immortality and
the power to restore power will be lost.
Don't worry!
Everything is going smoothly.
As expected, Utsuro can only be
moisturised through the earth's Altana.
Our god is pleased!
The absorbed Altana,
Is it starting to produce a new heart?
God will wake up!
Should be enough.
If we drag on, it will be harder
for us to leave the battlefield.
We are going to prepare to retreat...
Is your body not at your disposal?
Actually me too!
Our Tendoshu took away
Utsuro's blood, lost the body.
But resurrected because of Utsuro's blood.
We are resurrected and used.
Since then,
Is controlled by Utsuro's
genes all over the body.
We are already part of Utsuro,
we must fulfill Utsuro's will.
Give me the heart.
There should be something
else more suitable,
to station inside your chest.
From the moment we have the same teacher,
we are destined to follow this fate.
If everything could restart,
I really want...
to become all of you!
I have my own,
and you have your...
Things to be retrieved.
Move fast!
I don't have any...
Things that must be retrieved.
Because what I have lost,
are all back.
Every single one,
all in my chest.
I really don't want to lose any one!
So I came here,
You stepped on me!
So now it's even!
I don't want to owe you anything!
What a coincidence,
me too...
It's over!
You can't beat me!
Can you see it?
Utsuro in my body,
all of these are decided by Utsuro.
It is absolutely
impossible to break away...
Is it?
What can I do?
I'm not dead yet, standing
here with good grace.
Is this also the result
of Utsuro's guidance?
Don't mess up!
We are not for anyone,
but standing here by our own will.
Go quickly.
This thing should be returned by you.
You are Hitsugi,
One of the three feathers
of Amaterasuin Naraku.
Why are you willing to pay so much price,
to get the heart of the
former leader Utsuro?
Hand over the heart...
Do not worry about me!
You guys go!
Hand over
the heart.
Haven't this Naraku's
collapsed long time ago?
At this critical moment,
would you rather resurrect Utsuro
even this will cast Edo into ashes?
That important man,
the one who can save him,
is only me!
Use me.
It's useless!
With your almost exhausted blood.
Better decay and die.
let's see whether your blood,
or my blood,
dries up faster!
Let's have a fight.
What happened?
Gin... toki...
Extremely stupid!
Can't bear to sacrifice partners,
and let go the chance to knock me down.
Miracle won't happen again.
- Gin-san!
- Gin-chan!
No need to shout so loudly!
I can hear you clearly.
You bastard!
All the time,
you wanted to see Gin-chan too?
Sada... Sadaharu,
You came back... came to us...!
To save us...
To save Gin-chan...
There seemed to be something
in the corner of your mouth.
- Sadaharu is back, but Gin-san...
- Sadaharu, I miss you so much!
- Did you eat whole of him?
- Where did you go?
Swallowed the whole person?
Can't blame him!
Sadaharu just recovered from a
serious illness and needs nutrition.
He is not coming to save us? He
was just hungry and came back?
Don't worry!
He is kind of rubbish.
Can't be digested and
will be pooped out soon.
What kind of reunion is this?
Something wrong?
No no.
Sorry I recognised the wrong person.
It seems a totally
irrelevant guy has come out.
And also retracted.
Sadaharu should have always randomly picked anything
and ate them, so built up lots of parasites.
That has gone beyond parasitic. They have been
staying so long that you should collect rent.
This fart is so cool.
- How's it going?
- Coming out one by one!
- One chess game?
- What, bathhouse?
- What is the worldview inside?
- Not a bad idea!
Excuse me,
is there a white-haired man in there?
White hair?
Do you mean the newcomer?
The little brother said he didn't want
to get dirty, so he took another exit.
Just equally dirty!
I said it before!
If you have found what you want to do,
just quit that half-hearted
work in Odd Jobs-R-Us!
You guys are here.
Does it mean that you are
back in that half-hearted work?
This is because,
what we want to do is here.
We work in Odd Jobs-R-Us not
because we have nothing to do.
Actually no matter what we do,
we can do anything.
As long as we are with
Gin-chan and everyone here,
being together,
therefore we are,
what we called Odd Jobs-R-Us.
When I was away,
you have become such a mature adult!
My back hurts.
Help me!
What are you talking
about? Really pathetic!
Is this still Odd Jobs-R-Us?
Since it's Odd Jobs-R-Us,
it should sell favours too.
Please give me the staff price.
It seems that we did not grow large.
But Gin-chan has become small.
Hello, you really got smaller.
Hey mind your words.
Beware of me using these long legs that are
comparable to Oguri Shun to give you a kick!
Those legs aren't Oguri
Shun, just small as chestnuts.
Why is it?
What happened?
Wouldn't it be digested in Sadaharu's body?
Before I was vomited
out, did anything come out?
There are two grandpas
who just tooked a shower.
What are you doing?
Nostalgic Gin-san.
Harsh Gin-san.
Don't split personality casually!
The three of us together,
It's Silver Three! "Note: Same
pronunciation for Silver Tree and Gin-san."
Should I call you Silver Three?
Hurry back!
Bring back my long legs.
No way!
I will never go back to
be such a smelly foot.
I have always wanted
to say something to you.
How can anyone wear boots
barefoot? Are you joking?
What is that guy doing?
This is already the last film. Hurry back.
Don't do new settings, come on.
If you don't hurry up...
Back to square one again.
In this case,
only in Sadaharu's stomach, let
Sakata Gintoki's body reconstruct!
What is this trick?
Try it and you will know.
Come back now!
Gintoki Sakata
This man,
If you call him samurai,
He seems too rough.
If you call him a rogue.
The man's eyes were too upright.
He hasn't changed at all.
You are...
Finally climbed up there!
Now have to do again?
In a hurry?
If your destination is the final boss,
then I can give you a better price!
Hero... Hero Madao?
Let me return the 'hero' term to you!
I plan to start again!
Board this car.
You rubbish earth people!
- Why get in from here?
- Wait a minute, I want to get in too!
Can't open!
Open the door!
Don't come!
Back off.
Why don't you open the
back door if you are there?
This is something,
you cannot do.
Facing the long-lost teacher.
Ending teacher's life.
to prevent Utsuro's resurrection.
Finally you can call it off.
He can finally...
Since getting this
decayed body that can't die.
I finally understand,
the endless pain.
A small part of his loneliness.
I just hope he can die,
like a human being.
It hurts a lot!
You guys go!
The one who woke me up...
is it you?
I accepted your blood.
What... what is your wish?
Revenge against humanity?
Or end this world.
Whatever it is, I will obey you...
I only have one wish.
It seems that I still have something
to finish beofe I take action.
It's you, right?
Don't show me that sad expression!
I will...
we will protect you!
So that you won't get hurt by anyone.
And so...
Go back,
with us.
Go back...
Matsushita Village School
I have a lot of things,
that I want to tell you...
Serving you by your side,
It's my duty...
I am already...
not the existence that
you can call a teacher.
Can't be Shoyo Yoshida again.
I am sorry!
You are...
someone I really want to protect.
But I,
failed to save anyone.
I am sorry!
You don't need to apologise.
You can't protect anyone.
I already knew about this.
I have been waiting for this moment.
For a long time.
Just like you at that time,
I'm waiting for the moment.
When there appears a flaw in your heart,
inside the body,
of your very important apprentice.
What the...
Two years ago,
I should have told you guys
who rejected me and the ending.
As long as you live, tragedies
will repeat themselves.
I can...
hear the voice of 'him' clearly.
Want to make it all
end here.
I feel the same.
Let it all end?
Just use this.
Are you still going to draw a knife?
even if we have to use this
powerless knife to confront each other,
we still need to get
back what I lost that day.
This oath,
Never regret.
Oath is already out of the question!
Already broken.
Not someone else,
but it is your friend who broke it.
no matter how the guy was
encountered by miserable tragedy,
It's impossible to say 'let this
all end' kind of admirable words.
That guy at this time,
eould definitely say so.
just want to destroy the place.
Where you did what you wanted.
This corrupt world!
in 'here'...
Not just you.
Shoyo, he...
Where is his body?
That kind of thing,
It didn't exist from the beginning.
Lying there is...
It's you, Utsuro.
It seems that I, an unqualified student,
there is still homework to complete.
Go quickly!
Do not worry!
Apprentice of Shoyo Yoshida!
Not just us,
Leave it to them!
You are no longer an immortal monster!
When you get into his
body, all luck will be run out!
I will fulfill you, put all
this to an end, Utsuro!
Whether it's you,
or this stupid tragedy!
Can you swing a knife at me?
Don't you want to save him?
Don't you want to protect him?
I went to this point with
you. I understand thoroughly.
Killing teacher for friends.
Killing friends for teacher.
What is left?
In the end there will be 'emptiness'.
Are you ready to live
with that 'emptiness'?
Will not become 'emptiness'!
The thing I want to protect,
is here!
People are... Hollow.
However, my existence is for them.
It is because of this that we
can live in the hearts of others.
Even if you die, it will not vanish,
will live forever in the soul?
Two hundred forty-six wins,
Two hundred forty-seven lost!
It looks like,
I am also a bit useless.
This last fight.
I actually let someone do it and
even got all the credits taken away.
Your sword killed him.
People who protected Shoyo,
people who protected me,
It's all you.
Nothing is more embarrassing
than a victory because of sympathy.
After all, I...
I can't let you kill teacher again.
Compared to teacher, it
should be easier to kill me.
After all, no one is more punchy
than your accustomed face.
This is how it was since childhood.
Fought every time whenever we met.
I thought I would get
better when I grow up.
no matter how much time has
passed, we are still so childish.
And you didn't even grow taller.
Actually I did!
Maybe you and I are
destined to be like this?
That's not bad.
But Takasugi...
Even just for half of the
times we raised the sword.
I always...
want to have some drinks with you.
Don't talk nonsense.
If there is that kind of time,
I'd rather want to get
some more wins from you.
But... Our talk should end here.
You go!
You are not empty at all!
You are not...
There are many more things
that require that knife to protect.
My blind left eye!
The last sight of that
day is imprinted on it,
before I closed my eyes.
your gloomy face,
I am so fed up with it.
Before I close my right eye,
Don't let me see that kind of coward face.
That day,
the man who stood...
in front of me,
who I always wanted to beat,
who I always chase after.
That man,
shouldn't have...
that kind of expression.
Wash your ass and wait for me in hell!
I won't let you win then run away.
I will definitely win next time.
Amazing idea.
They took too much Altana.
Why helped me?
I am obviously the culprit
of all these disasters.
When you see someone
in difficulty, you can help.
Then blackmail a lot of money.
Gintoki Sakata has always taught us this.
Not to mention...
I always wanted to...
Have a good chat with the person
who gave birth to that person.
In fact,
should be the opposite.
If I didn't meet them...
I will always only be Utsuro.
It's them,
made me a 'human'.
However, my existence is for them,
It's just a shackle.
I am not qualified to
claim myself their master.
Even so,
even if it's really what you said,
because you are here,
we could meet Sakata Gintoki.
I always,
wanted to say to you,
thank you.
I think Gin-san and people
around him must think so too.
Can you hear my voice?
Are you all safe?
We have occupied Ku You!
The enemy also began to flee!
Still can't stop the
runaway of the terminal!
This ship will collapse sooner or later.
Escape quickly now!
Escape then what?
Once the terminal collapses,
Altana's loss of control
will only get worse.
Not just that,
maybe even the earth will be finished.
Is there any other solution?
Can you leave it to me?
Who are you?
I want to use the weapons of this ship!
The huge Altana taken from the earth,
back to the terminal.
Reusing Altana in my body.
However, even if it can
stop the loss of control,
the terminal will not be safe.
Can I ask you help guide
everyone to evacuate?
The most outstanding
students of this school.
You can do it!
All of you stay alive!
Leave this terminal immediately!
Use our ship!
As you heard...
Evacuate from here now!
Teacher Shoyo,
It's ironic.
I originally lamented
that I had eternal time,
now chased by time.
This short period of life,
he helped me carry it on.
The future they weave,
and you guys,
I have to protect it!
Hang in there!
Even if it's only a second.
Just one second isn't enough!
Just condense everyone's life!
Should be enough to let you
briefly meet the stupid apprentices!
You guys...
I am sorry.
Sure enough, we still...
No way to leave like this.
I told you!
I can't stop working
until I received my wage!
If there is the future,
then hold it tightly with these hands,
It is us Odd Jobs-R-Us!
Then let us be together!
I heard that the people in the Sect,
for immortality,
went to various planets and
searched for Altana, right?
Just smash them all down!
Don't say it was a simple meetup!
It's okay to punch the stupid apprentice!
How to smash it all down?
Let me make it clear first!
I only use old fashioned mobile phone.
I really don't understand
how to use the latest model.
You are all robotic and still dare to say?
Let me handle the mobile phone things.
Sometimes they are like human.
Sometimes they are not obedient.
Just do it like this.
You crazy women!
Incredibly rude!
We will not only black list you,
Siri may get angry and swear!
Message will be conveyed.
As it has gathered all our thoughts.
Even if you don't have a mobile phone
or something, still can be conveyed.
It's you...
Stand up now!
Let's go!
Gintoki! Right there.
That guy...
Odd Jobs-R-Us should be there too.
If you still have something to do,
then hurry up!
The best talent of
Matsushita Village School.
Are you entrusted to help everyone escape?
The others have escaped long ago.
Except you guys!
Maybe the teacher didn't know,
At that time,
every time you guys messed around,
there was another kid,
responsible for destroying evidence,
helped clean up the mess.
Am I right? Gintoki?
That guy's...
Last mess.
Before I cleaned up the mess,
I can't leave here for half a step.
Do you have to be
together for death or life?
I have to go back alive
no matter what, Gintoki.
Don't worry!
Even if you fall into the
abyss of hell, I will rescue you.
You can stir up trouble
as much as you want.
Even for that guy's share!
I always...
wanted you to see.
A lot of things happened after that,
but I am...
working in Odd Jobs-R-Us with them now!
Yes, I can see it clearly.
Odd Jobs-R-Us, Gintoki Sakata,
you have grown up a lot.
these people who are here,
to me, they are just like you.
Like that day,
ghost with eternal life.
Met you,
I became a human.
On that day,
a little kid with a pair of sad eyes,
he also become a human.
Data transmission, finished.
Good Morning!
Fu You I
- No.0
Where is this?
This is the mechanical
vault of Master Gengai.
You brokedown because of the war.
Fell into a long sleep.
I'm the one who has been collecting
data on your behalf during this period,
I am sorry.
My circuit...
It's still chaotic...
May I ask...
How long did I sleep?
Part 3
No man with natural
curly hair is a decent man
Is this Edo?
No, it's called Tokyo now.
After the war,
Edo has hugely transformed.
Without everyone's help back
then, there would be no Tokyo today.
It seems that the world has restored peace.
Kabuki district No.1 Street
"Kabuki district No.1 Street"
this doesn't seem to be the world I know.
What happened to everyone after that?
The answer to this
question is in your database.
Miss Tama...
Miss Tama...
Mr. Shinpachi...
You finally woke up after the long sleep.
I wonder when will you...
get this information?
What were we fighting with?
What did you win over?
Did you actually lose?
Although it is still not clear yet.
But we are back,
back to Edo,
back to daily life.
when I saw Gin-san's lonely smile,
I could feel it a little bit.
About how big were the
things we grabbed back.
About how big were the things we lost.
He is back.
I know it's just a wish.
Do you know where are
you sleeping on, Gin-san?
I stepped on your vomit, stinky!
By the way, you ran to drink again
even I have not seen you for so long.
Shut up!
This is my home!
When do I go home, where I
want to vomit, is my freedom!
Don't make it any dirtier...
- Made me want to throw up too.
- How dare you?
Sit on my precious chair!
You still have the face to ask me?
When everyone was not here,
I supported Odd Jobs-R-Us.
Didn't you say that you want to
start over from the lowest position?
Didn't say it!
I mean you should start
over from the glasses' frame!
Didn't say it!
I think you should start
over from your daddy's nuts.
Then you start over from
your dad's glasses case!
Then they are just my dad's glasses!
Go back to bed if you want to sleep...
Please don't break into lady's room!
How many more times I need
to tell until you understand?
This is the room of the second person coming
back to Odd Jobs-R-Us, vice president's room!
Wait, vice president!
You even kicked the
president to outer space!
No matter which company, the president
is just a workplace vase with a mustache.
Most of the real power is
controlled by Miss Gouriki.
At the end of the day, the
one with strongest fists rules.
No, Miss Gouriki. Not really strong.
And it's not the vice president.
Put that useless man into the closet.
Miss Super Gouriki.
The closet seems to have been robbed.
Don't go too far from the line.
Where is my position?
If it is like this, I will
mark it at the edge.
"Odd Jobs-R-Us Gin-chan"
Go to die, bottom-level employees.
Even so we can still stay the same.
It must be because we
three people and a dog.
Came back and unite.
I thought you made a lot of
money, enough to pay the rent.
But look at you,
I'm quite sure that you were
just picking nose every day.
And wasted two years' time.
I decided to hand over the
rent matter to the new president.
Please don't push me all the trouble!
Very good, then leave it to the boss!
I'll dig the right nostril,
Gin-chan digs the left,
The rest is for Shinpachi.
You just know how to pick nose?
I also want to say that Shinpachi
and Kagura have grown a lot.
However after you came back,
they all returned to how they were.
There is a say that,
rotten tangerines will ruin the whole box.
Compared to boxed tangerines,
I prefer the tinned super sweet ones.
I see!
Rotten ones can't be used in a tin.
Can we leave the rotten topic?
Although everyone is not forgiving,
nobody asked why he came back.
You still need to ask?
Then I ask you...
Why should I shuttling
across the universe to see you?
Because you are bald.
It has nothing to do with baldness.
Or because...
You are bald!
Just said it has nothing
to do with baldness!
There is no special reason.
Come and meet family,
does not require reasons.
It's the same reason.
You stay here.
Continue to work in Odd Jobs-R-Us.
Doesn't need any reason.
your idiot brother who
likes to stir up trouble,
may also come here for no reason.
Umibouzu left these words.
His back looks a bit lonely.
And then...
a little bald.
No matter what,
as long as the rent is
paid, I won't complain.
It seems that the world
has entered to new era.
Isn't some other exciting topic?
Everyone, please look over there.
The terminal has been
rebuilt to this height.
No matter how many difficulties
you encountered. Never give up!
We can definitely stand up again!
- So I hope everyone can join me...
- Princess Soyo!
Sorry to interrupt you,
what we want to ask is...
Regarding the assassination of the
former prime minister Mr. Donald Zuramp,
It's rumoured that this case
was planned by you. Is this true?
you think that princess is someone
who will kill those who blocks the way,
This means...
You are prepared to die here, right?
Ms No... Nobume...
Is the killer!
The rumour is true!
The man who revitalised the scenery of Edo,
It's them!
You are wrong!
Those people must be there too!
there is another person!
You idiots!
Such a genius like Zuramp,
how could he defeated
by those little girls?
That man has turned into a brave spirit,
quietly guarding this country.
Don't forget...
When you accidentally go astray,
He will definitely come and
give you God's punishment.
Yes it's me!
Brave Spirit Hero Warrior Z.
In this way, Mr. Katsura is dead,
took the role of narration and
killed people without authorisation.
And not sure if that
was really Mr. Katsura,
although it is 100% sure.
No matter alive or dead, this
kind of guys are usually the same.
Just let him die.
By the way narrator keeps talking non stop.
You did hear all?
This is too embarrassing.
I just want to keep some
records for Miss Tama.
You think you can finish by using
narration because this is the last?
Lengthy and unimportant.
It should be simple and clear.
a lot of things happened after that.
But this time, I must tell you.
Everyone is dead!
Don't think everything
can finish like this!
It doesn't matter.
Anyway, people will die sooner or later.
It is too casual.
Miss Tama must also want to know more.
Shinpachi is right.
What has happened during
the absence of Tama...
And the things I felt,
I want to tell her all.
The grilled omelette is super delicious!
No one wants to know!
Everyone should have seen it.
Human beings are so degenerate and corrupt.
- Forget the ending in a place,
- Who is it?
- where no one sees it.
- It is not me.
This world needs a pair of 'eyes' to
monitor people and the country across eras.
Only Brave Spirit Hero Ghost Z can do this.
We didn't pay attention to him
then he actually sneaked in here.
But this eliminates one person.
Who are we going to deal with next?
Don't force create an
ending that all people die!
This is...
"Snack Otose"
His last complaint in his life.
I'm still alive!
Don't worry.
I will not let others be the narrator.
The Zuramp regime transfers
to the next generation.
Shinsengumi who had lost power,
also restored to its original status.
I also want to say welcome back,
but the place you came back,
is a battlefield.
Are you determined
to die on the battlefield?
Drink to die!
Drink as much as you like!
- Drink it up!
- Drink till the end!
Just drink it!
There is no intermission in their battle.
Even during this time,
there will be frustration.
But no problem,
because they have her by their side.
She has always avoided Mr. Kondo,
but now at work and
privately, they work together.
Although it's a little lonely,
It is just for the sake of my sister.
I may also became an adult too.
Take my adulter's complaint!
It's you?
Made something up in the narration.
Just kidding.
I just saw my future brother-in-law's
face and I couldn't help...
but kick it.
Would you do it in front of that person?
Sister I want to know
Why do you want to cooperate
with the fake narration?
I did nothing!
I just...
didn't I say if you dare to
come I will charge you 3 times?
Why are you saying such
terrible things under the narration?
My wallet...
The Government treasury,
all belong to you!
Please accept this.
This is B'z's concert ticket.
Bozz Gorilla!
You're so bad!
Can't compare to you Master Tae.
This is just bribery!
Should be covered by some narration?
- I think it can't be covered.
- Wasted so much time.
Everyone is still as stupid as before.
What do you want?
But this is not bad,
I don't need any fake narration.
As long as you can live your daily life.
Seems to have come back to normal.
Finish this within 1 minute!
"Special Police Shinsengumi"
Daily life is back again,
for Shinsengumi,
it is the beginning of another battle.
Special Report An Account
of Shinsengumi Sword Storm
It's not ending at all. Even
the new trailer is starting,
Shinsengumi's new battle.
Who is their new enemy this time?
Not new enemy at all.
That guy showed up just now.
What is Shinsengumi's new weapon?
"Sagaru Yamazaki split into 108 personalities
during awakening" Jimmy, what happened to you?
Being the deputy chief,
it turned out to be such a hard thing!
I swear I will support Shinsengumi!
Even for your share!
Mr. Hijikata...
Even you are making up the ending,
running away from work,
what are you doing here?
It's against the spirit of samura.
Everyone must cut their belly!
Mr. Hijikata!
This is the last movie,
you can't get the wage
even if you work hard.
Look at Yamazaki over there!
- He has already started playing Mekabaddi!
- The war police...
- Playing the Mekabaddi game.
- The war police...
So I ask you!
What the hell is a Mekabaddi?
What the hell is war police Zaki?
Deputy Chief!
Everyone is very clear. You
are not capable of finishing!
Anyway, you take this first!
Come, pose!
Okay, just don't move!
Look at him!
He is really wearing it...
Finish now!
Why do I have to pose?
They are like this.
What is 'this'?
What kind of ending is this?
Mr. Hijikata!
Don't be so irritated.
It's the end already,
so you can take it slow.
There is no 'the end' in police's job.
It turned out to be making troubles
in the club was the job of the police.
Then I will also perform
the work I should do.
Very nice timing!
Just let me see,
what your job is...
This is your fruit platter.
This is the job of a hostess.
I invited her to come to the club and play.
She said she wanted to help.
I thought of a way to serve
men without being close to them.
It's not a dream to become No.1.
Why let someone use a real knife to
maintain private space to serve people?
This is one of the strategies.
In Yoshihara, there is a practice to brush
the sleeves and leave the guests first.
So to capture the hearts of guests,
it's all solved here.
This is not brushing, the sleeves
are cut off and become sleeveless.
Don't do it!
I don't know what this guy is doing.
You told me to come here for fun.
Why don't you even have one ugly girl?
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Tsukki, Kyu-chan,
are you doing good?
Every one is here!
We are all here!
My god, such a bunch of materialistic guys!
These people showed
up only towards the end.
But this can also be
finished with narration.
What to say to finish?
Saying everyone got along and drunk?
That's not bad.
This ending.
Best for us!
We haven't changed at all.
Perhaps this is the most suitable...
words to represent us.
Please cheer up!
What, Am I not cheered up?
I can recite all the villains
in Dragon Ball to you!
What you have said means
you are not cheered up at all!
Dr. Gero...
Please give me this in 10 people's portion!
That's it!
We are now a poor
organisation without support.
But the food on the
earth is really delicious!
There is always a say,
you have to eat before fighting.
Fighting in a war?
We have no money for that kind of thing.
Okay, then...
I will take the fun part first.
I will definitely get the
earth back next time.
I really don't care.
Bragged again!
Even if you have no money,
you have to dream big.
You bastard!
Unexpectedly... it's discovered by you.
"Not bad"
Odd Jobs-R-Us Gin-chan
Haven't contacted you for a long time.
How are you doing recently?
I'm the same as before.
Flying around in the universe,
the universe is really good.
do you want to circle the
universe together next time?
I am writing to you this time,
because I want to tell you something.
On that day,
although I promised to save you,
when I saw the terminal collapsed,
I really thought,
we must die, LOL.
This is not to comfort you.
But the one who saved you,
should be that person.
So you don't need to feel lonely.
Your teacher,
must be in every corner of the earth.
To protect you forever.
My beloved friend.
Chin Manfuku
The last time I saw Zura, he said...
The remnants of the Demon
Soldier Army have some weird moves.
Dragon's Den?
Who are you imitating?
She cannot forgive herself.
Can't forgive the helpless self.
She thank you so much.
Let her see the smile of that person
who was entangled in death again.
She also said...
This time it's her turn.
He is absolutely impossible
to be resurrected like Utsuro.
That is because,
it is born by Altana so that
the miracle can be triggered.
Even so it doesn't matter.
Because this is...
the atonement of our Demon Soldier Army.
Even you,
are not paying attention to me?
I always think...
There is no miracle in this world.
How could it appear in this place?
It's Lord Dragon God.
Lord Dragon God is the cause.
The teacher protects apprentice,
not considered as miracle.
That is...
A matter of course.
Ken Shimura
Oh, you have come?
It's been a long time since we
two came to see Dad together.
Do you have anything to report?
Not really.
Dad at that time,
looking at the sky of Edo and sighed.
This unchanged sky,
now it looks different.
We all understand,
under this sky,
everyone is here.
Even if sometimes it is
covered by dark clouds.
In our heart,
under my sky,
no matter when,
everyone is here.
So, Miss Tama,
even if you are under an unknown sky now,
please don't cry.
Because we are in your heart,
be with you anytime.
As long as you are willing to believe us,
we will...
Come to you and wipe away your tears.
Odd Jobs-R-Us Gin-chan
Snack Otose
Let's go!
After that,
the two of them,
started living in this era.
This era happens to be
the heyday of machines.
The master of the world has
changed from human to machine.
They got happiness as robots.
As for humans,
all unemployed.
Everyone is unemployed.
As long as everyone is unemployed,
unemployed is no longer unemployed.
Unemployed becomes colourless.
can live a happy life.
Everyone can...
Become happy.
Mr Hasegawa...
Why have you become happy in this era?
do you want me to tell
you what is real ending?
Edo in the future...
I'm afraid there's a serious
mistake in the information I sent you.
Serious mistake
Even if you are making up narration?
Bastard, why did you insert
rubbish ending to Tama's brain?
- Don't push the time forward, ok?
- No I didn't!
I'm just not a hero, just
because I couldn't get a job.
Really sorry.
The world we see now,
it's the wrong world which Mr Hasegawa's
information was planted by mistake.
The real world should be...
Good morning!
You look like you haven't woken up yet.
It's OK.
We are going to deal with an urgent job!
Let's meet next time!
Your tears,
I think we don't need to wipe it for you.
The unknown guy who cried somewhere,
should be done with laughing.
I can finally see some sun.
Time to go!
Where are we going?
What is the urgent job?
Yeah, what is it?
It's obviously urgent, you still forgot?
What is it, boss?
What is it actually?
It's okay.
Anything will do!
After all, we are...
Odd Jobs-R-Us!
Gintama the Very Final
It is fine even if tomorrow has nothing
It is fine even if the
topics are too boring
It is fine even if it is meaningless
It will be fine as we are there now
Unexplainable quarrels
The setting sun disappearing into the city
If you close the eyes
They are all treasures
Our different ruts
Will become one
Our wasted days
Will become boundless territory
Even shedding tears and suffering
Even separated Do not forget
No matter when it is No matter where it is
You are not alone
It is fine even if our
steps are not synchronous
It is fine even if the path
does not look like a path
Do not have to care too much
It will be fine as we
will take it seriously
Felt hollow no matter with whom
The young man with sad eyes
Now he is a bit
Being missed
Our different ruts
Will become one
Our wasted days
Will become boundless territory
Even shedding tears and suffering
Even separated Do not forget
No matter when it is No matter where it is
You are not alone
Even if the head wind wiped the footprints
Nothing can be seen
It will not vanish Deeply
engraved into the heart
We have reached here Oh
Our different ruts
Will become one
Our wasted days
Will become boundless territory
Even shedding tears and suffering
Even separated Do not forget
No matter when it is No matter where it is
You are not alone
"Class 3Z Teacher Ginpachi THE FINAL"
Class 3Z
Mr. Ginpachi
Stand up!
Sit down!
Please pay attention...
The original manga and
the film are finally over.
That means...
those who always
repeat will finally graduate.
And then...
He is a transfer student, Hideaki Sorachi.
If you have any questions, please take advantage
of it now. He seems to answer everything.
Sir, how can we ask?
How to talk to a Gorilla?
What is he talking about?
I only hear uho uho,
don't understand anything!
Me also?
A high school with two gorillas is
not a high school. It should be a zoo!
Can I go home?
Ok, I understand.
Kondo, Sorachi, Tae, go back to the cage!
If sir you don't mind.
I can help translate.
You should be the teacher, Shoyo!
I keep repeating endlessly.
Definitely understand
the language of gorilla.
Keep repeating endlessly. It
means you are just an idiot, Shoyo!
The question Kondo wants to ask is...
Gintama can be described as one of
the best tragedies in the history of JUMP,
The two 'ending soon' frauds,
postponing finale casually. Why is it?
Sir, I didn't ask that kind of question.
That guy is really an idiot.
I see, it really happened.
Sir, it turns out you
don't need an interpreter!
He said that this is a tricky question. You
have to wrap a banana peel first to answer it.
Sir, please use cling wrap!
"I am busy playing SEKIRO."
I think it should be like this.
Sir, the banana peel is useless.
The SEKIRO wording came out.
That's not banana peel!
It's the hole punched by Isshin on
Genichiro's back. Then it became very serious!
Stop talking about SEKIRO.
Be careful on the Internet!
Who else has any questions?
Sir, everyone is too scared to ask.
Sir, I want to ask...
At the end, Sakata Gintoki's birth is
still a mystery, actually what happed?
Because of the silver hair, some fans have suggested
that Gintoki is a mixed-blood amanto alien.
So purple-haired Sacchan has half of
Osaka's mid-age women's blood in his body?
You are so rude!
Half of Osaka mid-age's blood.
What kind of mixed blood is it?
Don't worry, Sarutobi.
You are not Osaka's mid-age
woman. Because it is just half way,
"Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka"
so you are Nagoya mid-age woman.
Still mid-age woman!
In other words, men with silver hair,
should posses half
Sugamo's old men's blood.
- You are all wrong!
- Uho uho!
The reason for the silver
hair cannot be leaked.
If it is said by wrapping banana peel...
"Because it's a comic."
Sir, it's too explicit.
Banana peels please be effective.
Anyone else want to ask?
Sir please stop, the more
you talk, the more flimsy it gets!
I have a question!
Let me turn everything
into nothingness now,
by this devastating question!
Sir, it's very bad now!
Shoyo's other personality, standard
deviation value Utsuro came out!
- He will ask rubbish questions.
- Sorachi, let me ask you...
Is your...
Banana a snack?
Shoyo is out!
Don't be fuzzy, Shoyo!
What I want to ask is, are
bananas considered your royalties?
No, bananas are snack.
Both of them have similar
rubbish level questions.
Bananas are royalties!
Bananas are snack!
- Bananas are royalties.
- Someone please stop the two...
- Bananas are snack.
- To be accurate, just one idiot.
- Bananas are royalties.
- Does anyone still want to ask questions?
Sir. So what the hell is Ghost Warrior Z?
You are so annoying!
In the end, am I dead or alive?
What is it actually?
It's Takasugi.
It was Takasugi who was taken lightly
in the main story about his life and death.
Regarding this point, it is to give everyone
hope then I deliberately avoided it.
Are you ready to receive some brutal truth?
"Then I'll be direct. I don't want to
waste pages in the comic to draw those."
Isn't it too direct?
"Compared to Takasugi or something,"
"I would rather add more gags. It is like that."
Wrap him in banana peel!
If you want to be serious, just vote to
decide whether Takasugi is alive or dead.
Don't use democracy to determine
the life and death of others!
"Takasugi's butt, Don't know what ass it is,"
That bare butt baby is the resurrected Takasugi.
"Would rather play SEKIRO"
Or stranded baby.
Choose a butt!
Sir, you have voted twice!
Then I vote for SEKIRO!
- Me too.
- I agree.
I vote for 'Everyone is dead'.
"The End"
Sir, please answer my question!
"Hideaki Sorachi plays Hideaki Sorachi"