Giorgino (1994) Movie Script

Giorgio Volli?
Come with me ..
Pardon, my sister ...
It's me, Giorgio Volli.
Excuse me, Lieutenant.
I thought ...
Follow me.
4 years of war, but 4 years
of practical work!
For a doctor,
you could not ask for a better school.
You are afraid of death?
The Death also seems to be
afraid of you.
Your whole division is dead.
Even the captain?
Last month.
Furious Edema.
Believe me:
logically, you're dead.
Unclip it.
Damn, that blows!
Gas crap!
Giorgio Volli ...
Italian parents?
Yes. But I have never met them.
So you your name is "George"!
Did you exercised before?
Finally, no ...
I had just finished my internship.
My adoptive parents
ran the Rouxfoundation.
After their death, I remained
to take care of children.
I wanted to become a pediatrician
but the war ...
The Roux foundation?
For idiots?
For children ...
More sensitive.
There is a reason
so we put them in an institution!
Do you continue whith injections?
Of course.
I always say:
"50% Medicine, 50% of faith ...
and it is a miracle".
"The light, I fell at His feet,
as dead.
"He laid His right hand on me,
and said:
"Fear not!
I am the first and the last,
"and the living. I was dead,
"And behold, I am alive ...
"for eternity!"
Dumoulin... cardiac failure...
during the amputation.
This is ...
his short waiting
on the hallway.
- Since when?
- This morning.
It is not my job!
Take care about this with a good sister.
The fat one.
The one who has big ...
I blew.
It is not possible!
Give me that!
You have to
breathe a couple of times!
Look! Gently!
Hold it!
Put the blindfold!
Looking for someone?
Where are the children?
You worked here?
Where are they?
They were evacuated,
four years ago.
The first bombing.
Who took them?
Ms. Knight?
Wait ...
I'll get the address.
They are better off where they are!
A small orphanage, I think ...
In the mountains.
Us, it is the best
of what could happen to them,
because here ...
You saw what the Germans
have made to the garden?
They had a cannon fit for 50km bombing span!
Ah! Here it is ...
Ms. Knight said
Were you in the war ...
too far to return
in furlough.
It is in the southern part.
It is me who keeps the house.
I am the new cashier
These are from you,
these letters to the children?
I followed
but they all came back.
That does not concern me, but ...
You should keep the uniform.
It appeals to women.
It's pretty, huh?
These children have sent ...
There must be a dog,
at the orphanage.
It is a wolf.
The address ...
I noted above.
You can read?
I do not write very well!
Maybe a wolf ...
Who knows what they have
in the head, these children!
It will still kill!
I can not see it!
And with the sun, it stinks!
Do you feel?
God thank the children are gone.
Do not look ...
I buy it!
He wants to buy the horse.
It's meat!
How much?
600 francs.
It provides you with 600 francs!
How much?
600 francs!
It works!
I'll go see the surroundings!
A barley sugar?
Looks like the war
hurt you.
Excuse me, Madame ...
The orphanage of Dr. Degrce?
Three kilometers after church,
beside the marsh.
Good evening.
am I at Dr. Degrce?
I'm Dr. Volli.
You're a doctor?
Come quickly!
Who is this?
Miss Catherine.
The daughter of Mrs. Degrce.
Why did yoy made me talking
about diphtheria?
She stifled all day ...
- I thought ...
- This woman hanged herself.
Do not tell anyone.
We could not bury her
in the church cemetery!
I understand.
You have it ...
submitted her ribbon around the neck?
You will not tell?
I can look for
Father Clay?
Do what you want.
That does not concern me.
The doctor comes soon?
I do not think ...
He is in St. Lucia ...
to the hospital.
With children?
What children?
Those of the Roux Foundation.
Oh, there has been a long time
since they died.
Miss! Wait!
Miss! Come back!
Come back!
Your husband?
This is my Marcel.
Your what?
My Marcel. My son.
He fights in the war,
in the Balkans.
There is a free room?
Three francs, with the horse.
Apparently Degrce died.
Ask the gentleman,
who comes.
What happened to the children?
Those of the orphanage?
The wolves have eaten them!
What ... all?
The wolves have made
a quite a bite!
Because they were
bad kids!
All of them were!
go to bed,
I will not repeat it!
I said that to scare him.
In truth,
they drowned in the swamp.
Dr. Degrce
gave them an injection.
It burned the hell out of them so
they were thrown into the water.
They were so boiling hot
that the ice melted and the water steamed.
I saw everything with my own eyes!
Say no nonsense, Martha!
You were not there!
It has been told to me.
There was nobody!
Everyone knows
what happened.
That is Catherine
who prevented them from riding up.
She banged their heads
with a log!
You should've seen it ...
This is nonsense.
Nobody really knows.
they were born to die.
They would never have done
into real men.
This is true,
one day, my Raoul
and the great Camille
They threw stones ...
two against twelve!
You should've seen how they scampered
these little cowards ...
No balls!
Wait, I help you.
I'm used to.
What do you want me to do
with all those candy canes?
Okay, Marcel?
Call mom, if things are not going well.
Sleep, Marcel.
Sleep, my little one.
Good night.
It's you ...
Sorry ...
I did not wake up.
It is I who should apologize.
It's early.
Miss Catherine
was so upset yesterday ...
I wanted to take
his new ...
- Can I come in?
- No.
I'm sorry.
Miss ...
She sleeps.
We should not disturb her.
The death of his mother
had a terrible...
Marie!Do you come?
- I have to let you ...
- Wait!
- I need to talk to the doctor.
- He is not here.
- When does he return?
- I do not know.
Maybe never.
Thank you for everything, doctor, but ...
do not return here any more.
What happened to the children?
Leave, or you're going to be killed!
My father?
Is there someone?
Do not touch it!
I glued,
but it could fall ...
It is you, Doctor?
I am Father Clay.
Where does it come from?
The candle.
It was there with the others.
Replace it!
If only they would've learned!
Replace it, quick!
I saw nothing.
Each flame
is a husband or a son
went to war.
Candles protect them.
What you did was very wrong.
Forgive me. I did't know.
Never mind,
I've already forgotten.
My father ...
Can I ask you a question?
Of Course.
If I can answer ...
What happened to the children?
Those of the orphanage Degrce?
That's why you're here.
Here, nobody knows anything.
Nobody is there for nothing.
See the hospital in St Lucia.
The orphanage was taken down.
They have all the folders.
But you know
these children ...
Finally ... barely.
They were apart.
We should not speak of the dead ...
especially when they died wrong!
Don't look at me like that!
What do you want me to tell you?
We never saw them.
Ms. Degrce undertook
their education,
The doctor of their health.
Catherine took them for a walk.
And then ...
one day she came home alone.
Nobody knows more.
twelve children
do not drown at the same time ...
I know ...
I do not believe it.
Yes, it is curious that none of them
was able to hold on to the shore,
but it was bitterly cold ...
and children were weird ...
They were afraid of everything.
You understand!
We talk about injections ...
Yes, the doctor would have vaccinated.
It seems he is in St. Lucia.
Why does he not come home?
Poor man!
He will not see his wife.
There will perhaps never
know she is dead.
Poor woman.
She is seriously ill?
Oh, yes!
The Degrce were
a large family.
Education and heart.
And then there was this drama ...
Ms. Degrce
sank into melancholy,
The little one became enstranged
and the doctor
has completely lost his mind.
No wonder ...
It was he who plunged
into the iced water
when the bodies raised
to the surface three days later.
It was awful.
Children ...
Their small bodies swollen ...
Their bulging eyes ...
Their grey faces...
You would've think they had seen the devil!
What am I saying?
Go! You make me say
Oh, Hen ...
Do not be afraid.
Come on. What is it?
The mail?
It is ...
Should we go any further?
Come on, let's go further!
Excuse me, doctor,
this is his reward.
Ferrauge, the soldier ...
Vannepain, the soldier ...
Corporal Petaud ...
Go Pullet,
back to your mother!
Where are they buried?
I must leave you,
it is the time for the class.
Do not worry ...
they are better where they are.
"Do, re, mi, fa, sol
"All women are crazy
"Except my nanny
Who made ??apple pies. "
Ladies ...
Hey ... This is for you.
Give me that!
Ladies ...
Miss Degrce!
I have known the children.
I know. They were talking about you.
Is watching. Go!
Ask me to pay you,
for my mother.
Ask me to pay you.
Pay me?
Yes! Ask me ...
Pay me.
Pay me!
I can not!
Again, please!
Are you crazy?
I tell you
I have no money!
Leave me alone!
You are disgusting ...
and you kiss like a pig!
My mother is dead,
I owe you nothing!
I will never pay you!
Do not please him,
it is true that he can not
pay you. They have nothing.
But I did not ask,
she is ...
Yes ... Do not worry,
I will pay you.
The Degrce were so generous
with the Church ...
Leave. I want nothing ...
If ... if I make it my business.
Especially since ... I have a small service
to ask you.
In winter, the postal car
did not show up.
I'm halfway there
up of the road to the valley.
It's okay, your stuff, I mean?
You want some?
My faith ...
It must be their effect,
a nice guy like you.
There are currently more men
at Chanteloup?
They are at war,
in the Balkans.
And the old ones?
They were all carried out
by the Spanish flu last year.
Here there are not women
who are sick ...
Who did intern Degrce?
It's just ... he began to break
the tiles of the village ...
screaming that it was because of women
that the children were dead ...
because they did not love them.
It is true that ...
some were frightening to see.
Especially those with funny faces ...
And then, one Sunday
during Mass,
The doctor broke
the window of the chapel ...
It was he who beheaded Christ
with a shovel.
Poor man!
When I picked it up,
he implored women crying:
"I cared for you,
you and your children! "
The Armelle gave him blows
in the belly to make it stop.
He even threatened to burn the inn.
So Ms. Degrce,
we had to take him to the asylum.
Women would have killed him.
Martha would have smashed his skull
against the fountain.
- Have you seen him?
- Never.
I tried, but in St. Lucia
they banned visits.
They said he was too ill.
I've always wondered
if they do not hide our death.
I often prayed for him.
Still ...
Let me, I'll catch
the postal car by there.
Beware of the dark,
the mountain is precarious.
There is a refuge at the halfway.
You could spend the night there.
My father ...
You think Miss Degrce is
responsible for the death of children?
Poor little ...
All she found,
is to blame wolves.
It remained a child.
We do not condemn a child.
One day,
when she was very small,
it was sunny,
the birds were singing,
she said:
"what if it is pain
that makes the birds sing? "
It's beautiful, right?
The children have such ideas!
Omnia Munda mundis, doctor.
"Nothing is unclean
to those who are pure. "
God bless you.
And thank you.
How will you return?
By foot! Chanteloup
is less than one hour away.
For me ... two hours!
You're not afraid of wolves?
What wolves?
Did you not hear?
You are like children ...
There's no wolf!
Since long time ago.
it is the north wind in the valley.
Everyone knows that!
You're not going to lose yourself?
Do not worry,
I have my map.
Sure ...
What I say,is that
this is because of the wolves!
"Mom!" shouts the French soldier,
while he's struck to the heart by the enemy bullet.
Because France is a mother to him.
She has tenderness, authority ...
and holiness.
And it is because she is a mother
the soldier,
although he does not like death,
rescues her,
and died on her bosom
shouting "Vive la France!"
Give! Generously!
give all
for the spoils
our heroes
died far from France
they should be repatriated before they
rot in a foreign land.
Professor Beaumont arrives
in a moment.
Albert ...
come with me.
Kaiser awaits you
to stop the war.
Doctor Volli?
Good morning. I'm Dr. Volli.
Thank you for having me.
This is normal, between colleagues.
- How old is your patient?
- Excuse me ...
This is me, Dr. Volli.
Doctor, do you know
this man?
I'm sorry, but since we
sent the wounded on the front,
this is no longer a hospital,
it's a shambles!
We do not have uniforms
for patiens,
and we are only ten
for all three pavilions.
In fact,
you know, your Degrce?
I've never seen him.
This complicates everything.
We had a sort of ...
"mutiny" in the basement.
As one experienced within the army
last year.
Subversion is like madness,
Is not it?
Of course, we have restored order.
But some insane
took the opportunity to spin,
and other exchanged
their registration numbers,
so we no longer know
who is who
with few exceptions.
If I had known,
I would have all been tattooed!
But it will not happen again.
As you have seen,
I found something
to identify fugitives.
What thing?
"The bruises and injuries
found on the bodies of children
"were caused by falling
when breaking ice,
"by the ice itself,
or roots,
"pieces of wood,
or nails of victims
"clinging together
when drowning. "
I do not see
the connection of this report
with the case of the patient.
Another fad
of my predecessor.
There are also ...
children's drawings.
Who knows why!
Can I?
Ah ... this is the report
of the internment.
"Degrce, Gaston,
Raoul, Sbastien ...
"born ... 14 June 1851.
"Came on May 1 March 1 91 5-1 8 ...
"The medical examination revealed
"many bruises.
"Fever due to pneumonia.
Catatonia, pronounced hydrophobicity ...
"and paranoia,
"triggered, clearly
by the outbreak of war. "
The war?
This is absurd!
This is the death of children
which made ??him sick.
He had children ...
you and I know
that the cause does not matter.
A fool is a fool.
I can ...
Can I keep them?
No, I'm sorry.
Hospital property.
"Mystic delirium:
the patient accuses
"decapitated Christ
with a shovel. "
I do not think
- That these drawings ...
- "Treatment with showers
"and daily immersion
in cold water. "
There is a note.
From 16 of January 1916 ...
I do not know if you are interested.
"The patient continues to call for
his wife and daughter.
"Given the nervous fragility of
these women
"and mental degeneration
of the patient,
"total isolation.
Visits denied. "
Sorry, but this is outrageous!
I must see him.
He's not delirious,
about Christ:
I saw him.
- Who?
- Christ.
I glued his head.
I placed it.
The smell ...
This is hopeless,
what we do
with crazy people,
it is always wrong.
When I arrived, I thought it's best to
detache ... I was wrong!
Now they tap on!
If it was only that ...
but they kill each other!
I pulled four bodies
this week!
These are not really
As you can see,
even light scares them.
They clog the vents
with their shit.
Finally ...
We're going to try anyway.
What is the name?
Degrce. Sebastian.
Go Degrce, show yourself!
Otherwise I'll shower you in the ass!
There is a Degrce here?
You see ...
They even know their names!
I had told you.
Excuse me, but ...
I must find him.
Do not do it,
it is useless!
For heaven's sake, come back!
If you hear me, answer!
Do not be afraid.
My name is Giorgio Volli.
It is about children.
I will do you no harm.
Answer, please!
I knew the children.
For heaven's sake, come back!
I will help you out of here!
If you hear me, answer!
My God ...
One of you is Dr. Degrce?
It is you, doctor?
You found?
No ... There is a corpse at the bottom.
I'm glad I could
help you.
I love the Italians.
Friendly people, who laugh out loud
and speak with their hands.
And then ... Rome,
Florence, Venice ...
Great people.
You plan to stay in the area?
No, I go to Paris.
I have nothing more to do here.
Concerning this unfortunate ...
"disorder" ...
we have experienced ...
I count on your discretion?
This is it
Do you recognize them?
This material comes
from the asylum Sainte-Anne in Paris ...!
Remarkable treatment.
It calms agitated
and it wakes the melancholics.
And as they struggle,
they always end
by messing up everything.
Nothing serious, but it allows
to differentiate ...
Okay, sir?
I'm a little cold.
Here, it will warm you up.
Do you go far away?
I'm going to Mortemont
take the train to Paris.
Come on up.
It should wam you, this coat!
Are you always on
the road to Mortemont?
Have you not been lost?
No, do not worry.
We see that you are not here,
with your little coverage.
After the trees on the left.
Three kilometers
there will be a rib.
My house is down.
So stay for supper.
What is you've got?
We're almost there.
Calm ...
There must be a carrion there!
In your place,
I would bend his eyes.
The horses are
like men ...
They do not like
to watch death in the face.
take this!
You were right!
You are Dr. Degrce ...
Yes ...
And you are?
These drawings are youres ...
What a time of dirty-minded!
Go, Boo!
Wolves ...
The Wolves ...
He is dead!
He has no fear ...
Look how beautiful he is!
This is by chance
the doctor found you...
Put your thumb in your mouth.
It is sewn for the dead
and the dead do not suck their thumbs.
Please, doctor ...
Do not move, I'll pinch you.
We thought you were going to die.
You could barely breathe.
The doctor gave you an injection.
An injection?
Calm down!
But Dr. Degrce
is a little ...
Yes, it is a little ...
But it was a great doctor ...
- What, like sting?
- I do not know.
Please ... doctor.
Suck your thumb.
Who plays the piano?
Miss Catherine is with him?
No. She is lying down.
She took something
to sleep.
They bury Mrs tomorrow.
Try to sleep.
Forgive me ...
I did not dare undress.
Wait ...
Let the light.
Sleep well.
You know, mom,
Now, I can confess:
I was hiding under the stairs ...
and I saw your panties ...
That is why
I asked for your hand ...
your cold little hand ...
Oh, sorry,
I thought I heard ...
No ...
Come on.
With Mary, we come
in your room ...
watch you sleep.
Sometimes ...
before ...
During the night, I was
watching the kids sleeping.
Children who sleep ...
this is so pretty!
They look like dolls.
Yes ...
That is true.
I stole you
two candy canes ...
What were you to do
with all these sweets?
I do not know.
If you want ...
Can I?
We will make
cupcakes of sugar!
Good idea.
The other day ...
I said that you embrace evil.
It was not true.
It was for you to make the effort.
I go back to bed.
It looks like a bird!
You mean, Mary?
He takes you back to bed,
It is very late.
Good night.
I hope you do not mind,
we borrowed the horse.
It is beautiful.
Dr. Degrce is not coming?
No ...
He does not want to see anyone.
And. .. please ...
Do not say to anyone he's back.
It would only make it worse.
Lets recollect ourselves
in front of the corpse
Elizabeth, Frances,
Jeanne-Marie Degrce,
leave your home
for the dead.
Did You return from the war,
eh, Doctor?
You met
Julien Ferrauge?
You were not
in the Balkans, so ...
Because usually,
we notice,o boy!
You see ...
Don't want to take it!
What are you talking about?
If the dead will not go away,
is that it will return!
If the Lord don't want them,
is that they are not dead
by Christians!
What do you know?
Say what you saw.
I saw nothing!
It's not you, perhaps,
who have placed him in the coffin!
it's me!
But I saw nothing.
Come on ...
Speak! Say!
Would you lie to the cross?
Say what you saw!
Under the tape they put it,
it was all black ...
his neck!
the Degrce
she hanged herself!
Not true, Doctor?
Hlo.this is it!
Misfortune is not enough for you?
You're just nasty!
- I'll talk to them ...
- Mind of your own business!
Stop whining!
Catherine, come back!
This is my mother who is dead!
Come back here now!
Pay attention, watch the madness.
So my mother was hanged?
You know very well ...
And it is because of you.
It is you
who have drowned the kids!
And you left your father
pay at your place!
You do not want to bury her?
She broke me a varicose vein!
She blew all the candles!
Open this door!
Opens Yvonne!
In heaven's name, Martha!
I will go through the cemetery!
I'm not feeling bad.
It's over, son.
What did you do?
She blew out the candles!
thank God
that your husbands and children
have not seen it!
It's over ...
You can walk?
I think ...
I want to go with Mary.
Bring her.
Lord, do not abandon Elizabeth
Frances, Jeanne-Marie Degrce.
Remember in your kindness,
of what she did
for these children ...
You remembered of your own,
for reasons
which are certainly good,
but that caused him
so much misfortune.
After what she did,
Catherine can not stay here.
Take her to the St Lucia.
My father ...
You do not know what an asylum means.
But I know these women!
Did you keep your fater's
books in there?
He is probably dead.
Poor man!
I will say a Mass for him.
Why did you come back?
Go away.
I'll explain to women ...
that you have returned to
take Catherine at St. Lucia.
As you like.
Do, re, mi, fa, sol
All women are crazy
Except my nannie
Who made ??apple pies.
My God!
How pale you are!
I'm going to ... sit for a moment.
Raise your sleeve.
All these holes!
What hard to live with it!
Remember the children?
Be quiet ...
Elisabeth is with them now.
She could not stand to hear
your heads banging against the ice.
In the evening breeze,
she heard their sobs ...
in the howling of wolves.
So she left.
The children called Mom!
So did I.
You don't find it ridiculous,
I hope ...
You know, Georgie,
men are children!
Why do you call me Georgie?
Your mother called you so, right?
How is it that noone
has been back on the bank?
They are not here!
And those?
These are just children's drawings!
Oh yeah?
So how do you explain
no child
has been back on the bank?
The cold ...
You are naive!
Give me your hand.
When the marsh gave them back,
it seemed like
twelve small water lilies ...
all purple ...
in their black corolla.
They were so beautiful
the birds singing.
I thought the spring returned!
So ...
I took them out of the water,
one by one.
And I laid them there,
one next to onother.
My God!
How their small bodies
were damaged!
For a moment,
I thought they were still breathing.
More ...
They were already ...
Poor little thing!
She misses her mother.
What does he?
What does that mean?
You gave him?
Come, I'm going to bed.
Five minutes ...
My God, help me ...
You want a candy cane?
Give me two
and I say nothing, for the head.
Okay ...
What does he do?
Get down!
Raoul! You see them?
Yes, i do.
Oh damn!
Come on!
What is it?
There ... under the sun,
at the end ...
They are hundreds!
It's crazy!
They had never come so close.
there was a huge
on the grave of the wretches!
His eyes were
all yellow!
And drooled!
If anything, he pulled out a bone!
You bet!
Go ahead and see if you do not believe me!
Go on yourself!
Go ahead, you ...
You're kidding me!
It is you who have made ??...
There would be many.
I wondered who was
the cemetery at this time!
How is Catherine?
Hello, my father.
You're afraid to see ...
Are you suffering?
I thought ...
I'll take Catherine.
At St Lucia?
I'll go with her.
You will ...
Addopt her?
Marry her.
You lost your head!
This is a child!
I'm going to marry her.
She is in mourning!
Did you think of that?
We'll wait.
And she, what did she say?
I have not spoken to her.
I need to think about.
You did not ... touched her
at least?
When do you leave?
I must reflect ...
Actually, it's a surprise ...
and at the same time, I suspected.
Do you hear?
- What?
- The bells ...
Ringing bells
on the day of the Saint-Ren?
The war is over!
The armistice was signed yesterday!
The war is over!
Do you hear me?
Oh, sir ...
I would not have recognized you!
We were worried ...
for your health.
How beautifulyou are!
Women came.
To make peace.
We got great news:
men go home.
Miss Catherine
has nothing to fear.
Even they have embraced her!
There are parties at the inn tonight.
They invited us.
Do you come with us?
And then ...
for armistice ...
miss ...
Well ... that is ...
she would've wanted
to hug you ...
You understand ...
because of the armistice ...
You are so beautiful!
This is the dress of mom.
I promised Mary, if she dared
ask you to kiss me,
you were to kiss her too.
And me?
Yes! Dad too!
Embrace it!
Embrace it.
Catherine, I must talk to you.
Come on, sir ...
For the armistice ...
I was talking with the parished priest ...
Here, the climate
is not good for me.
So ... I'm leaving.
And. .. Will you marry me?
For real?
Sure ...
And Mary? She may come?
She knows how to make children.
We said no such things!
We could leave tomorrow.
And Dad?
Does he may come?
Like this
he will heal our children
and they will never die.
So ...
Is yes?
Glug and glug and glug
Drink like horses!
But beware matron
If you fall on the buttocks
You will lose your husband!
Stop your junk,
there was a gentleman!
You've seen her dress?
nice color
mourning for his mother!
Stop it!
Why did you cover it?
"A glass singing,
he is a soldier who dies. "
Why bother?
The war is over.
You never know!
This is a day of repentance ...
The priest says
I was mean to you,
so I apologize ...
I get you to drink!
Give glasses, Armelle!
It's nice to be here.
Glug glug ... and and
Drink like horses ...
And now ...
turn to Mary!
Go Mary, your turn!
So doctor, is it true?
You'll take her to St Lucia?
Do not worry, we won't tell her anything.
We treat her like the others.
Father is not there?
He prayed in his church.
He gives thanks to the Lord.
The brave man!
He wept with joy.
He is
which brought new ...
the return of the men.
The mayor of St. Lucia told him
in person!
It will be funny to see them,
after all this time.
My Marcel ...
it must be a true man,
My poor Julien!
Rats ate his ears!
You'll do it again!
It's been a year that I say
we live very well without ears!
Not true, Doctor?
Yes ... It's what's inside
the ear that counts.
And how he will wear
his glasses?
You will have to attach it
with a string ...
Eh, Doctor?
Mary, I'm so happy!
The priest is not well ...
I brought him his wood
and didn't open me!
He doesn't want to see anyone.
He did not look good ...
Provided that we not fall crazy!
Go see a doctor.
It was never like this!
I will.
It should not be a big deal ...
Without gossiping,
he had to pull the plug too!
My father!
I thought, for the wedding ...
A year of mourning, it is too long.
Under the circumstances,
six months will suffice.
So, now ...
will seek her
and go ... Tonight!
- But why?
- Why?
I'll tell you ...
Because she blew the candles!
I know, but ...
And men are back!
Yes, I know ...
And they are all dead!
All dead! You hear?
I learned today.
I lied to women,
I could not tell them ...
They would have killed Catherine.
Then you must go!
Where is she?
At the inn, with women.
Go quickly and look for her
and go as far
as you can!
And you?
What will you do?
With Him ... and women.
Please God
crush us ...
Get out of here!
To the doctor to blind him!
Touch his figure well ...
because after that
he will recognize you!
I must talk to you.
Use it a shot!
But I have to sit down!
Now must find her!
And after?
After ... this is the surprise!
You recognize the Hloise?
So ...
ask her forgiveness!
Me, I asked for forgiveness,
my little heart ...
So ...
apologize to Hloise!
Poor little thing!
She's spread everywhere!
Now we will ask for forgiveness
to Hloise, huh?
Her teats are wet!
You should not drink so much,
darling ...
You'll be sick!
What would you say to Hloise?
I'll wash up
the fountain.
It's me, sir!
It happened a misfortune.
We must go!
That's it!
He recognized me!
Where is she?
It is a terrible thing that happened ...
And you acknowledge it.
I take you to Paris.
What have I done?
You want to take me at
St. Lucia ...
because I'm not
like the others,
and you believe
I killed the children.
I would never do
such a thing!
The whole village knows!
Will you!
What are you doing?
- Leave me alone!
- Come back!
I have not killed ...
It's the wolves!
I believe you.
I believe you.
Come back!
I love you.
Please, come back!
That's it ...
It's over ...
There were thousands of wolves ...
Their eyes glowed yellow ...
They laughed, showing teeth ...
I believe you.
The children ran
in the middle of the swamp ...
and the ice broke.
They shouted in water.
I was so scared!
I hid in a tree.
They all say it's me ...
But it's the wolves!
I swear!
Is that true?
You love me?
I'm cold.
I would be naked against you.
I love you.
I'm cold!
I'm cold, dammit!
Where are you?
Who's there?
Do not go in the swamp!
They are haunted!
Where are you?
You can give me my hat?
I give you back to the...
I need the map
that's inside.
I have to leave and ...
Would you give it to me?
Good ...
Keep it.
Do not cry.
It does not matter.
Do not cry.
Do, re, mi, fa, sol ...
All women are crazy ...
Hey, look!
Near the shaft.
A dead soldier!
Fuck! It's true!
This is not a soldier,
it is the doctor!
I'll snatch the eye,
for my cricket.
You bet on that! You're not even cappable
to pull his tongue!
You bet?
It looks at his quiquette?
Oh, the other ...
Like his father!
Seems that in the trench,
He fondled at the back of the others!
I'll tell, on his return,
and you'll see!
I have an idea:
we'll drag on the road,
and wait for a sleigh
to cut into two ...
like this
we'll see what's in!
Pass the string!
Come and help me!
Cover with snow,
it will not track.
Come on, let's hide!
I'll still
cut his finger ...
Look, there's mother Petaud!
Fuck ...
They have seen!
The baby to his mother ...
which had almost died ...
Poor bunny!
It's over now.
We came back from the war.
What's going on?
Lucien Berrier ...
Dead to France!
Jules Chambois ...
Dead to France!
Gaston Way ...
Roger Lapierre ...
Dead to France!
It's not my Julien, there!
It is not possible!
Open it!
No ...
It is not a pretty sight.
In the Balkans ...
The wolves were mutilated.
"The children of this world
take wives and husbands.
"But those who are considered worthy
by the centuries to come
"and rise from the dead,
do not take women
"or husbands ...
"because they can not die ..."
"Because they will be similar
to angels, the children of God ...
"Now that the dead ...
"For God
"is not God of the dead ...
"but of the living."
"They did not dare
ask him any question. "
All because this bitch
blew out the candles!
Dirty whore!
And the priest has defended
the raven!
Come on!
They do not bury my Fernand
with the mother of this bitch!
You'll see ...
what I will do to his grave!
I go to the bitch!
You can keep it, your god!
You, Dirty, lame bastard!
Do not go there, it's useless.
It is in St. Lucia.
The asylum.
Marie took her.
Isn't it?
It's nothing.
I had to take cold.
How is she?
They are treated well here.
We never had any complaints.
If you'll wait here ...
The treatment is almost finished.
This is where they come.
The nurse will come.
You're sure it's going to work, doctor?
Yes ... It's nothing.
I want to see Professor Beaumont.
It does not get up at this time.
Tell him Dr. Volli is here
and it is very important.
He will remember me.
We met there shortly.
Heard ... doctor.
Why others are out,
and not her?
It should take ten minutes.
She was punished.
She wanted to hang himself.
- Do you work here?
- No, but I'm a doctor.
What is your rank?
You're lucky,
I was reformed because of the feet.
Enough. Turn off the water.
What's going on?
Nothing. Why?
They are what,
4 others out?
I do not know!
You got to carry the electricity!
That's it ...
Always the same!
Thank you very much!
What are you doing here?
I expect the teacher.
Wait him out.
You have nothing to do here.
Okay, enough, turn off the water!
I can not.
Needs to finish its cycle, otherwise ...
i'll be given hell.
She will vanish!
Turn off the water!
I can not.
But good God, I'm Dr. Volli!
I take care of this patient!
Good ...
Give me something dry.
Excuse me, but ...
I need a shock.
I will arrange it with Professor Beaumont.
Volli doctor?
I thought you were in Paris.
Say ... You would not train
to steal a patient?
It has nothing to do here.
She is not sick.
Maurice, help the doctor Volli!
It must be dry.
It will take cold.
Why do you do?
Look what state it is!
I was not me ...
He forced me
to shut off the water!
Here it is I who command
Mr. Volli!
You are crazy.
Handsome uniform!
You got me.
Turn off the water!
No, Maurice ...
Mr. Volli will not fire.
It will give me his gun ...
and we will treat him,
because he is sick.
Turn off the water!
Or I will kill you!
Obey, for God's sake!
Pull her out of the tub!
Drop it ...
Stand back.
Stand back!
The key of this door!
She closes it.
All in bathtubs!
- In the bath?
- Quickly!
Wear it!
Lock the lid!
You will not go away!
In bathtubs!
Close them!
It is cold!
You're screwed!
We will telegraph everywhere!
At all stations!
You do not have a chance!
Help, God!
Someone to come get me out of here!
It's over ...
We are saved.
Look at me ...
Tell me about ...
Tell me!
We will go home?
We will return.
We hide.
No one will ever hurt you.
We will be happy, Catherine,
and we will never die.
I promise you.
Are you there?
It is you, doctor?
They broke everything.
They would burn the house
but I stopped.
They killed our horse.
Wil they come back?
No, sir. It's over.
They go away.
There will be none ...
Now that the men
are buried ...
The mayor came.
He asked if we wanted to leave.
Oh, miss ...
I need to brush up
my hair.
And Dr. Degrce?
He fled into the marshes.
I called him for hours ...
He must be dead.
long ago he was dead ...
Why have you returned?
What can you change?
Go away.
Do not go there!
You can not do anything for her!
you know
there has never been a wolf!
It is she who killed them!
Help me!
Do not die!
Come back!
Come back!
Stop it!
What are you doing here?
I'm going.
It seems that everyone
we give up ...
Do you come with me?
This is nice!
You feel the thaw?
It looks like spring!
One day, long ago ...
there was sun
and the birds were singing ...
and suddenly, Catherine,
when she was very small,
said: "What if it is pain
that makes the birds sing? "
Jesus Mary Joseph!
It shocked me!
That's it!
I found it!
He is dead.
Look ...
He has robbed us!
You want some?
Come, we'll bury him!
It is a good idea.
Give me your coat ...
We'll dress!
It is heavy!
I love you.
I also love you.
I think I'll die.
They returned.
Do not look back.
Kiss Me.
Adaptation: Thomas MURAT