Gippi (2013) Movie Script

Oh Gippi!!!
Yes, Mummy! What is it?
- Anchal's on the phone!
You never listen to me! Here!
Hello Anchal? Hold on for a second.
Mummy! Hang up the phone!
Booboo! Stop listening
to my calls! Hang up!
Ok now, what's up?
Gippi, l think they're
getting bigger!
Oh no! Yours were already so big!
l know, but they're poking out
of my school uniform. What do l do?
How would l know?.
Mine are still like little samosas.
Can't you think of something?
Make two braids and leave them
hanging in front. They'll get hidden.
Oh, good idea!
Ok, have to go get ready now.
See you at school. Bye!
Good morning boys and girls!
Good morning, Sister!
Welcome back to school.
l hope you had a splendid summer...
Because now, it's time for classes,
tests and homework!
l hate the first day of school.
l know,
it sucks to wake up so early.
Not Just that, l hate how
everyone is always so excited.
Like they were dying to be back.
And they act like they
missed each other soooo much!
Hey Tina!!! How are you?!!
And they suck up to the teachers as if
their cheesy smiles can wipe out...
...everything that
happened last year.
Good morning, Mrs. Batra!
- Good morning.
ugh! These girls.
9th grade, huh? Ready?
l guess...
Oh my God, Mini! Did you check out
the History book? Nehru was so cute!
- And the Biology book?!
What's so great about new textbooks?
Yeah... but that chapter on the
reproductive system is pretty awesome.
lt'll be so weird when they teach
it in class! Can you imagine...
Hi Gurpreet! Hi Anchal.
- Hi...
How was your summer?
lsn't it great to be back?
Oh. Yeah, l know. 9th grade
is going to be tough, right?
uh... what else is up?
How are your Mummy and Dad?
Listen, Ashish...
- OH. MY. GOD. Who is that?!
Hi guys, meet my new friend, Kabir.
Who cares?
Hi guys! lsn't he so cute?
His name is Kabir and his
family Just moved next to Shamira.
lsn't she so lucky?
- l know, right?!
Titli's right.
Some people have all the luck.
Please! What's so lucky
about being anorexic?
You're right, Gurpreet.
Women should look like you.
Full-full, you know?.
Go back to your seat, Ashish.
l shall not tolerate sloppiness,
lt is now time for us
to read the New Testament.
Trigonometry and Calculus are highly
advanced forms of Mathematics!
lmpoliteness... lnattentiveness...
We shall learn about
reproduction in this class.
And any kind of disorderliness.
This year, you guys get
to do your own experiments.
One word in English,
and you're out of the class!
ls that clear?
Are you Ok?
- l'm good, thanks.
You sure?
- Yeah, see? All good. Thanks.
Well, as l said,
Chemistry is a dangerous subJect!
Awww! Does your ass hurt, Gurpreet?
No, but thanks for your concern.
What are you doing?
Just looking for cracks where
you fell. Oh look, there's one!
Don't look too closely,
you might fall into it.
Why don't you go home
and put some balm on your ass?
You'll definitely need
more than one bottle!
Hi didi!
- Hi.
Eww, Booboo. You stink!
Please! l smell amazing!
You're the stinky one.
No, you're the stinky one.
- Whatever, you shower with shit.
You shower with snot.
You shower with pee.
- You shower with vomit.
So go take a shower.
Look who's come!
Hi Mummy.
How was school?
- Fine.
Mummy! 7th grade is so hard!
And our teacher stinks!
And she didn't let
me sit next to Rocky.
Now l have to sit
next to some stupid girl.
Great, she can be your girlfriend!
Booboo is not interested in girls.
Yeah, he's too young, poor thing.
That's not what l meant.
ls that your daughter, Pappi?
- She's all grown up!
Yeah, she's even taller
than her mother now.
Say hello, Gippi.
- Hello.
She's even got hair on her arms now!
Why don't you get them waxed?
Actually, l keep telling
her but she doesn't listen.
At least get your eyebrows
done today, Gippi.
l don't want to do anything.
l'm going home.
ls this a new shade, Mummy?
Yes, dear.
Some people are so tacky!
l know! Orange shoes!
- With red shoes! Disaster!
Oh, hi didi.
- Hello again.
You won't believe
what this lady was...
Orange shoes and red polish.
l heard.
Do you always have
to be this grumpy?
Hello? Oh, hi Papa!
l'm good, what's up?
Booboo, let me talk!
Papa, Booboo has become a balloon!
Didi's become a buffalo!
- Shut up.
How are you, Papa?
Oh... so soon?
What happened?
- No, no, l'm very excited.
Yeah, l'll tell everyone.
Love you, bye.
What's all the mystery about?
What did Papa say?
He's getting engaged next weekend.
We're all invited to the party.
Party? Awesome! But l have
nothing to wear! Let me go check.
You should definitely go.
l can't close the parlour
on weekends or l would've come too.
Are you Ok? Papa suddenly...
Of course l'm Ok!
l haven't seen him in 2 years.
Marry, have kids, grandkids.
What do l care?
Should l make raJma
for dinner today?
Yeah! l'm starving! Need any help?
- No, go finish your homework.
Why aren't you in bed?
l didn't have icecream after
dinner tonight, so l couldn't sleep.
lsn't it a bit late for icecream?
Not at all.
You want some? Just a little bit?
lsn't it yummy?
You know... l'm really not interested
in Papa's stupid party. l'm not going.
No, Gippi. You must go.
But why?
l want everyone there
to look at you two and say,
''Look how well Pappi
is bringing them up.''
''They have everything they need.''
l'll feel proud.
You're right, Mummy.
We're not missing out on anything.
Actually, we're lucky that we
Just have to deal with one parent.
lf l had two,
l would've run away by now.
Run away then. Who's stopping you?
Let me finish my icecream first.
- No, go right now.
No, no please.
Ok run away tomorrow then.
Finish your icecream.
Jennifer isn't so bad.
l think Papa will be happy with her.
So what's the problem?
- Mummy!
l don't think she's still in love
with Papa, but she must feel Jealous.
He's really cute, isn't he?
Ew, he looks like a boy band singer!
- Yeah, and he's a bit snobbish too.
No wonder he gets
along with Shamira.
They're both the same.
Can you believe
we're going to have...
...Head Girl and Head Boy
elections this year?!
How exciting.
Should we stand in the elections?
Might be fun!
Don't we need to get votes
from the whole school for that?
Yeah, who's going to vote for us?
lsn't that perfect
for my Head Girl posters?
Shamira's going to win, dude.
She's been planning it for years.
Oh! She's throwing
a welcome party for Kabir.
l'm sure they'll
start dating after that.
Perfect couple, right?
You know, Titli, you should
really stop gossiping so much.
Am l right? Right?
Oops, sorry!
Are you Ok, Gippi?
l'm fine, Ashish.
You're so strong, Gippi.
How's your head, Gurpreet?
First class.
And you, Anchal? You were sitting out
because you had your period, right?
All the boys know! Anyway, bye!
You have your period again?!
Didn't l tell you
they come every month?
Doesn't it feel weird?
No, it's not that bad.
Put a pad in the morning,
and you don't even remember.
Shamira is not going
to let you forget.
l know. l hate her.
All the boys are going
to laugh at me now.
So what?
They were laughing at me too.
l made an ass of myself again!
Everyone falls in P.T. class.
And what about that
day in Chemistry class?
But then Sir came to save you!
l was soJealous.
l think he's hot.
Just like Ranbir Kapoor!
Guys this is the fun part.
Mixing things, burning things...
Or perhaps, even blowing up things!
You guys are going to get partners
to work with for the rest of the term.
Ok, hold on, hold on.
Here in this Jar are the names
of the pretty girls in the class
And the boys need to
come ahead and pick up a chit
And let's see...
...what kind of new chemistry
you form with your new partner!
uhh... May l?
Do you... do you like Chemistry?
So, what do you like?
Just curious...
Let me do the rest of the experiment!
- Chill, l'll do it.
Why? Do you think
l'm too stupid to do it?
No, no.
Guys don't forget to put
the acetic acid right at the end.
l won't recommend that.
- Why?
lt's Ok.
This chemical isn't harmful...
Shut up! You knew this
was going to happen, didn't you?
You're such aJerk, Kabir!
Leave me alone!
But Mummy's calling you downstairs.
Hi didi!
Don't eat too much,
there are no toilets on the way!
Booboo, did you poop in the morning?
Mummy! People can hear you!
- Shush! Did you poop, dear?
Yes, Mummy. l did!
- Good boy.
Listen... Behave yourself there, Ok?
- Yes, Mummy.
Bye. Don't fight!
Take care of yourselves!
Are those Mr. Grewal's kids?
They're so grown up!
Awww so cute!!!
You're Gippi, right? Good Lord!
You look Just like your mother!
Same to same!
Yeah but look fatter than last time.
Why don't you Join a gym?
Hello my little darlings!
How are you?
Let's go,
your Dad's waiting for you.
Do you like my saree?
lsn't it gorgeous?
- Yeah, it's nice.
Ooh it's lovely!
Makes you look like a princess!
And you know,
l've been taking Hindi lessons too.
''l'm getting engaged
tonight'', right?
- Papa!
Hey Gippo! My darling!
Hey Booboo, my little dumpling!
Did you forget your old Papa?
Of course not!
- We missed you so much!
Really? Then let me...
Sir, can we take a family photo?
- Why not? Sure! Come come come!
One second.
- What's wrong, Gippi?
l should call Mummy.
Tell her that we've reached.
Sorry, Papa. l should get ready too.
Just take our picture then.
Smile please!
Hey Gippi!
Come here for a minute please.
This is Mrs. Khanna.
Her son goes to your school.
Oh really? That's nice.
St. Mary's High School, Simla?
Oh no, l'm not in high school yet.
That's a completely separate wing.
So what? Go talk to him.
Please, dear.
He's all alone on the terrace.
He could use some company.
Poor thing. You know, he hates
these kind of social gatherings.
Hey, why are you not going up?
- Yeah.
umm... l...
- uhh... Mummy...
- Yeah... Your Mummy sent me...
Ah! She must think l'm bored.
And she's right.
Who are you?
l'm Gurpreet.
But everyone calls me Gippi.
Gippi! How cute.
l'm ArJun.
Good. l don't like girls who smoke.
You know, we go to the same school.
Really? St. Mary's?
But you don't look like
you're in high school yet.
How old are you?
- Fourteen.
But, you know,
l'm really mature for my age.
So, what brings you here?
- l told you... Your mom sent me...
No, l mean, here.
ln Delhi. At this party.
Oh. lt's my Papa's engagement.
Second marriage or third?
And your mom?
She's still single.
Lucky you.
Mine's with her fourth husband.
And your dad?
New York.
Married to some blonde.
- We have so much in common!
l guess we do.
You wanna dance?
Do you like this song?
- What?
This song? Do you like it?
lt's not bad.
- lt's...
Are you Ok?
You wanna get outta here?
Do you have a girlfriend?
You got a boyfriend?
- Oh no, not at all.
l find boys my age really immature.
Boys these days, Just want to talk
about videogames and cricket all day.
What do they know about life?
Yeah. Totally.
Wanna hear a secret?
Sometimes, l wish l could disappear.
Go somewhere far far away...
Kung Fu Panda! Shrek 2!!
Where are you?
Where have you been?!
lt's time for the ring ceremony!
There they are, my sweethearts!
Here goes!
Love you.
- Love you too.
Hi! l got so bored here
without you two! How was it?!
lt was awesome! What music! What
food! Chicken tikka! Chicken kebab!
ls everything Ok, Gippi?
- l'm fine, Mummy. Just let me sleep.
Oh, Hi.
Listen, if you want to
change partners, l understand...
Oh, you want to partner with
your girlfriend? Sure, whatever.
l don't have a girlfriend!
l meant because of...
Look, l really don't care, OK?
Good afternoon,
my lovely ladies and gentlemen!
Good afternoon, Sir.
Hi ArJun!
Hey, Gips! What are you doing here?
No, l Just... wanted to say Hi.
Jai. Veer. Gippi.
uhh... So...
We're going to Sunset Point later.
You wanna tag along?
- Yeah? Meet me here in half an hour.
l'll go get the car.
- Bye!
Sweet girl!
- Totally!
Silence, silence! Good.
We are going to have our school
elections this year, as usual.
Whoever wants to enter the elections,
can submit their names in my office.
The elections will be
held on the 15th of December...
... and the results will be
announced at the Christmas Party.
Now you may go.
My campaign posters are ready!
- No way!
Yeah, and they're awesome!
Like, l can't even tell you!
l've been planning them for months!
lf she becomes Head Girl,
l'll kill myself.
l know, lets ditch
the Christmas Party.
We'll never find dates, anyway.
What is it?
l might have a date...
No way.
No way!
No way!
- Just listen!
What are you two whispering about?
Are you asking Anchal out?
Why don't you guys
admit that you're lovers?
Actually, l was telling
her about my boyfriend.
- uh huh. Boyfriend.
Where did you find a boyfriend?
- Jealous, Shamira?
Of what, your imaginary boyfriend?
l'm dying ofJealousy!
You will when you see him.
He's in high school.
And he's very, very, very hot.
Why don't you bring him to my party,
if he's so hot?
What's wrong? Can't you
get your boyfriend to a party?
No, he'll come.
Of course, he'll come.
- Great.
Hi ArJun! Hi Veer! Hi Jai!
umm, l wanted to talk to you.
- Ok.
Guys, hold on a second.
So...There's this party on Friday.
You wanna go?
- Party?
it's at this girl Shamira's house.
l mean, l hate her,
but she throws the coolest parties.
Why not? Don't have
anything else going on.
- ArJun!
So, l'll pick you up.
- umm, Pine Cottage, Violet Hill.
- uhh... the address...
Yeah, yeah. l'll pick you up.
How are you, Mummy?
What do you want?
This one's tight too, Mummy...
Didn't l ask for a big size?
- This lS big, Madam.
So give me a bigger one!
Look properly!
Yeah, this looks fine.
Try this. Do you need help?
lt's nice, right? lt's pretty nice.
ls it nice?
- Very good, Madam. Very good!
Yeah, it's nice.
Now we Just need one more thing.
lt's 40 here, and 36 here.
What size?
Try 36, Madam.
- Ok let's try that.
Can't you knock?
Aww, you look so nice, didi. Smile!
Wow, look at my little princess!
So beautiful!
Thank you.
Now you're all grown up.
Bras, boyfriends, parties.
Once you get your period,
you'll be a full woman!
Shh! Booboo's going to hear us.
- He doesn't know anything!
Listen, Just be careful.
These boys can't be trusted.
Mom, please.
When is your boyfriend
getting here, didi?
Mummy, he's so awesome
you'll love him!
Really? My my, are you blushing?
He's here!
- Hey.
- Hello.
Aren't you a little old?
- Mummy!
No no, it's Ok!
Her father was also much
older than me. No problem at all!
Let's go, ArJun.
- Nice meeting you!
Are they coming with us?
Yeah. ls that a problem?
No, no. Not at all.
Cool, let's go.
He's so hot!
- l know, right?
Gurpreet! l knew it.
Anchal's your date, isn't she?
Actually l'm here with ArJun.
Meet Shamira. This is her party.
- Sup?
Let's go get a coke, ArJun.
The guy had them
lined up on his shelf.
Let's go!
- Cheers!
She looks like she escaped a zoo!
l think she's great.
l wish l was like her.
This is my house,
not some sleazy club!
Start the music!
- Yeah!!!
No! And who the hell are you?
He's with me.
How many boyfriends do you have?
Jealous, Shamira?
He probably couldn't
find someone his own age... he thought he'll get
it from a fat little schoolgirl!
- What? Do you want to add to this?
No, l Just...
l don't care what any of you think!
ArJun doesn't think l'm fat or ugly.
He likes me Just the way l am!
Right, ArJun?
ArJun? You like me, don't you?
Look, there's been
a misunderstanding.
You're a nice girl but, you and l...
But you said l was cute!
And that you like to talking to me!
And you came to this party with me!
Can we talk about this later?
- No!
l want to talk right now! Why
did you come to this party with me?
Tell me!
We came for the free booze.
- And food!
And to hook up with hot schoolgirls!
- High five, bro!
l'm glad that's been clarified.
l was wondering how a girl
like you found a boyfriend.
You suck at studies and sports.
You have no talent.
You're Just a fat, ugly loser!
You're nothing.
She's not nothing!
- Yeah, she's a great girl!
Just shut up!
What do you guys know?.
You're even bigger losers than l am.
And you! You think you're cool?
Because you're skinny, hot and rich?
Everyone hates you, Shamira.
Everyone loves me, honey.
You'll see when they all vote
for me in the Head Girl elections.
Oh please! Anyone could
beat you in that stupid election.
Oh really? Can you?
Of course.
Great. Elections are in 3 months.
See you then.
Leave my house now. Out!
Let her be.
The human heart is
a very delicate organ.
What do you want?
- What's wrong, didi? You can tell me.
What can you do?
- l can help you!
Get lost.
- Did ArJun dump you, didi?
l said, get lost!
Don't worry, there are lots of
other boys. You'll find another one.
Of course. You would know!
You're looking for a boyfriend
yourself, aren't you?
Poor little Booboo wishes
he had boobies, doesn't he?
No wonder he dumped you.
Who would want to
date someone like you?
l told you to knock...
- Shut up! What did you say to Booboo?
The truth.
You can't slap me like this!
l'm not a kid anymore!
lf you don't learn to behave
yourself, l'll slap you everyday!
Fine! Slap me, hit me!
l don't care! l hate my life!
l hate everything! l wanna die!
ln front of everybody, Mummy.
Fat, ugly, loser.
She said l was nothing.
She puts others down to feel
better about herself, doesn't she?
Yeah, that's exactly what she does!
And weren't you doing the
same thing with Booboo right now?.
Forget about being fat or ugly.
lf you're kind to everyone,
they won't care what you look like.
Booboo! Sorry sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry sorry...
...sorry sorry sorry
sorry sorry sorry sorry!
ArJun... Shamira... and worst
of all, even Anchal hates me now.
No big deal!
Just give her a big hug tomorrow...
...and don't let go till
she forgives you. Good idea, right?
That's all fine,
but what about this election?
l Just said that in
the heat of the moment.
They must've forgotten by now.
Have you registered for the
election yet?
Registration is open.
So what does 'Horny' mean?
Oh my God, are you serious?
Ewww! Yuck!
So only men can he horny, right?
- No. no. Women also!
No way!
l read it in Mummy's
Jackie Collins novel!
Listen, l'm sorry about what l said.
You're not a bigger loser than l am.
Yeah, we're both equal.
No, l'm the bigger loser.
That's true...
- What?
l have a boyfriend now.
That makes me cooler.
Oooh, Ashish!
- Stop it, he's sweet.
Ooooh sweet?!
- Shut up!
Anchal and Ashish
sitting on a tree...
- l'm going to kill you!
l see that you've dumped
Ashish for your true love, Anchal.
What do you want now?.
l Just registered for the election.
Your turn. unless you're scared...
Oh please! l'll do it right away.
Let's go, Anchal.
- Awesome.
And four.
Great, l have four votes.
That's not so bad.
Just be positive, Gippi. That's
how l got Anchal! Right, Anchal?
l think we need a plan.
Let's make a list of things
Shamira has that you don't.
Then we'll give those
things to you. Simple.
Wow! How are you so good at this?
Gossip girl!
Ok, name one thing
she has that you don't.
A waist? l have a wastebin.
Hot body. What else?
She has like 300 friends.
Ooh! Popularity.
And she gets 90% every year.
Good marks.
And she has a boyfriend.
- Kabir's not her boyfriend!
lf everyone thinks they're together
then it's the same thing.
Boyfriend. Ok next?
What next? How am l supposed
to get these things?
We'll help you, Gippi.
Yeah, let's start right away.
Yeah, come on!
Hot body, remember?
Hey, Gips.
Didi? Didi, wait...
Mummy's here! Maybe she'll
have a plan! Let's go!
Come on! Hurry!
What's this?
Your father's wedding card.
But he hasn't even called yet!
He did.
l guess l forgot to tell you.
What do you mean you forgot?
How does it matter?
You know now, don't you?
What about the rest
of the ceremonies?
Like when they put henna and that
yellow stuff all over? When are those?
Do you still love Papa, Mummy?
No, sweetheart. lt's not that.
You can talk to me, Mummy.
Really? Have you grown up so much?
Do you know why your father
and l got divorced?
Because you fought all the time.
And do you know why we fought?
Because your father was
ashamed to have me as his wife.
He wanted a beautiful,
smart, classy wife.
Not a small-town,
unsophisticated woman like me.
- He used to be after me everyday.
'Dress properly! Learn how to talk!
Stop embarrassing me!'
One day,
l got tired of this humiliation.
l told him to divorce
me if he hated me so much.
And he actually did it?
lt seemed like he had
been waiting for that day.
l never thought Papa
could be like that.
lt's very difficult to find a man...
...who knows all your flaws,
and still loves you.
When he called that day,
l got scared.
You'll have a new mother now.
young, must be stylish too...
So that's what it is!
Do you think that Jennifer
is better than you?
She's nothing compared to you!
She's really dumb and boring!
And l think she's
losing her hair too!
She'll be bald in no time!
We can't stand her!
So, l have nothing to fear then?
Not at all.
As you all know, the new Head Boy
and Girl elections are very near.
So let's meet the candidates.
Ladies first.
Thank you guys, thank you so much.
As you already know,
l'm Shamira Chauhan...
...and l want to become
your next Head Girl.
l hate talking about
myself like this...
... but it's important to
know your candidates right?
Well, l've been class
prefect for 3 years.
l'm president of the sports club,
and captain of the basketball team.
l've won 2 medals for mathematics,
4 for history and 7 for science.
And, of course,
l represented our school.. the Bourn vita
Quiz Contest on Zee TV.
l'm sure you want a Head Girl
who excels in every sphere...
...and who will bring
glory to our school.
Thank you and
l'll see you at the elections.
Come, my child.
Hi everyone...
My name is Gurpreet Kaur.
Everyone calls me Gippi.
You can call me Gippi too.
l think l should become the
next Head Girl because l'm fun...
And funny...
And l suck at speeches so
l've prepared something for you.
lf everybody could
clear the stage please?
Gurpreet Kaur, ladies and gentlemen.
Oops, sorry. ''Gippi''.
She was right,
she really is very funny.
And the funniest thing is that she
thinks she can win this election.
Wow, hilarious!
Why do we even try?
l'm done. l was stupid
to think l could beat her.
What are you doing here?
- l...
lf you're here to make fun of me,
then please go away.
Why do you always
think that about me?
You're always with
that Shamira, so...
l know.
But l don't want to be with
her anymore. l want to be with you.
What are you talking about?
l like you, Gippi.
l want you to win this election.
But... why?
Remember when you fell off your
chair on the first day of class?
Do you know what
l told Shamira that day?
That girl is such a loser?
No! l told her that l used to do
that in my old school all the time.
Were you a loser in your old school?
No, l was Just... a regular guy.
l guess boys' schools are different.
Here they make such a
big deal out of everything.
l wish l were a boy.
- No, l like that you're a girl.
Anyway, don't give up now, Gippi.
You can win this election.
Excuse me, Sister.
- Yes?
May l?
- Sure!
Hi everyone.
l Just wanted to finish
my introduction properly.
l'm Gippi.
l don't have any
medals or certificates.
l suck at studies
and l can't play any sport.
l can only do one thing well,
and that's dance!
But you saw that for yourself,
didn't you?
And, let's admit it.
Most of you are like me.
We're not great at studies,
we hate sports.
We think we're fat or ugly or stupid
and that everyone is better than us.
But trust me, it's not like that.
We're all the same.
So, if you want your Head
Girl to be some great achiever,
then vote for Shamira.
But if you want your Head Girl
to be like you, then vote for Gippi!
The male reproductive
organ is called the penis.
lt is supported by
a pair of testicles.
Silence class, silence!
The testicles are...
- Excuse me, Ma'am.
Ma'am today is my birthday.
l came to give you toffees.
Oh, so sweet. Please come in.
Happy birthday to you.
Class please wish
her happy birthday.
Happy Birthday!
So where were we?
Ah! Testicles.
Why aren't you eating
anything, Booboo?
l've been waiting for
the chicken tikka forever!
What's wrong?
- He's here!
- ArJun!
So what?
Let's leave, Mummy.
l don't want to meet him!
l'm sitting at my ex-husband's
wedding and you want to leave?
Shut up and sit tight.
How are you, Pappi?
- Good, thanks.
l've had enough!
Of what?
- Don't move!
- Hi love, have you eaten yet?
We're not here to eat, Papa!
Don't you think you
should go talk to Mummy?
lt wasn't easy for her to come here.
We need to talk.
Whenever l run into you,
or think of you, l feel like shit.
No, it's not your fault.
l mean, you were kind of aJerk...
... but l also acted
like a silly girl.
So, l Just wanted to say
that l'm over it. We're cool now.
You're different. l like it.
l know, l like it too.
So, now that we're friends,
do you wanna hang out some time?
Why don't you try finding
girls your own age?
Here's my Gippo!
Where did you run off to?
l thought l'd give
you guys a moment alone.
l see.
She looks Just like you, Pappi.
Just this round little
nose is like mine.
Go call our little dumpling.
lt's time for a family photograph!
Smile everyone!
What a beautiful family!
The voting will start
immediately after this assembly.
The counting will
be done tomorrow...
... and the results will be
announced at the Christmas Party!
So let's meet the nominees
for the last time.
Rit Saraswat.
Siddhanth Nair.
Shamira Chauhan.
And... Gurpreet Kaur!
Hi Gippi!
- What's up?
l really love your hair, Gippi.
lt's so...
Soft! And your skin? Wow!
So listen, Gippi.
We've decided to help you.
But the voting's over.
l don't need any help now!
Now is when you need us the most.
Like... what are you going
to wear to the Christmas Party?
l don't know, l was going
to go shopping with Anchal.
Are you kidding? You can't become
Head Girl wearing some tacky outfit!
This isn't aJoke. Do you know how
important a Head Girl's image is?
You desperately need our advice.
We'll take you shopping today..
..and pick out the perfect
Head Girl dress for you.
Yeah, the more you hang out with us,
the more you'll learn.
Ew, let's go.
- See you later, Gips.
What did these two want?
l don't know... they wanted to
take me shopping, give me advice...
Huh? Maybe Shamira's
planning something.
lsn't it too late for a plan?
Oh my God!
lt could mean Just one thing then!
Even they think that
you're going to win. Shit!
Are you really going to
become the Head Girl, Gippi?
You know, they're right.
You should go shopping with them.
Lets not take any chances right now.
But l promised you
we would go together.
Just go. Don't worry about me.
l'll always be around.
Hi Gippi, we knew you'd come.
- Let's go.
Guys! lsn't this cool?
Absolutely no milkshakes.
Only green tea.
Oh my God, me?!
l can't believe this!
This is like a dream come true!
Thank you! Thank you!
l would Just like to thank...
- GlPPPllll!
Yeah, Mummy?
Wow, you look like a movie star!
- Thank you.
Yeah, didi. You look hot!
l better look hot.
l haven't eaten in days.
Stop dieting now.
l've made your
favorite samosas today.
But why?
You know l still have to lose 5 kgs.
Don't worry, Mummy.
l'll eat them all.
Bye! All the best!
Good luck! l'll pray for you!
l got you a gift.
Junglee Hits?
Thank you!
l thought our first
dance together...
...should be to your
favorite Shammi Kapoor's song.
Choose one.
Didn't you like the gift?
No, l love it.
But... Kabir...
l shouldn't do these
stupid dances anymore.
Doesn't suit a Head Girl.
- Seriously?
No, but l love all these songs!
Tumne muJhe dekhaaa...
Are you going to
be like this next year?
What do you mean?
- You're already changed so much...
And you haven't even
won the election yet.
Do you want me to always
be a laughingstock?
Gippi, they were laughing with you,
not at you.
That's why they voted for you.
Look at yourself.
These shoes, this dress.
What have you done to your hair?
Do you know who you remind me of?
So, what's wrong
with looking like her?
Well, congratulations.
Mission accomplished.
What's wrong, Shamira?
What do you think?
You're going to win tonight.
You know it.
l know it. Everyone knows it.
And you also know that you
have done nothing to deserve it.
And what have you done?
Besides humiliating
everyone around you?
Oh really?
You think that's all l've done?
Do you know that l
wake up at 5am everyday?
l take morning classes
to keep my grades up!
And then at school,
while you sit around gossiping...
... l manage clubs,
practice sports, hold conferences...
l don't get a single moment off.
My hair has to be perfect.
My skin has to be perfect.
Even my goddamn socks
need to be perfect.
Do you know,
l haven't had icecream in 3 years?
And you're going
to become Head Girl now?.
Without doing any of this?
Do you even know what
being a Head Girl means?
Hi Gippi!
- Where were you?
Gorgeous dress!
Have you guys seen Anchal?
Oh my God! She's wearing the
most ridiculous dress! Come, come!
Wow, Gippi.
You look so beautiful tonight.
Wish we could say the same for you!
A Head Girl can't be
seen with someone like that!
ls that your grandma's dress?
lsn't it hideous?
Guys, l think she looks great!
- She obviously needs help.
Tell her to go change, Gippi.
Maybe she'll listen to you.
Gippi... Say something...
Children, children, children!
lt gives me great Joy to see you
all looking so beautiful and happy.
Merry Christmas, all of you!
- Merry Christmas!
lt's time for election results!
May the current Head Girl
and Boy come on stage please.
Ladies first.
The new Head Girl of St.
Mary's Convent is...
Gurpreet Kaur!
Gurpreet, my child, please come
up on stage and take your badge.
- Thank you, Ma'am.
Oh shit. l actually won.
Actually, l wasn't interested
in this election at all.
l signed up for it only because
Shamira challenged me to.
l Just wanted to show her that a
girl like me can also win something.
l want to thank everyone
who helped me win this election.
My mother,
who has always inspired me.
My brother,
who supports me in everything l do.
And my best friend Anchal, who...
Has always been there for me,
And who l was going to insult
publicly, before this announcement.
l'm so sorry, Anchal.
How could l be such an ass?
l can never become Shamira.
And you know what?
l don't even want to!
l don't want to stand
here and give a speech.
l want to sit in the corner
with Anchal and crack stupid Jokes.
l want to take this uncomfortable
dress off and put paJamas on.
l don't want green tea!
l want my Mummy's samosas!
l want to do silly Shammi
Kapoor dances with Kabir.
l'm really sorry guys,
if l'm letting you down.
lf you ever need a friend,
l'm always here.
But for now... Sister, may l
please step back from the election?
There. Go.
Are you serious?
- Yeah, dude! Go!
But, on one condition.
Promise me that
you'll never be mean to me again.
l can't promise anything,
but l'll try.
- Great.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen!
You wanna go to the after party?
This party is so over.