Girl (1998) Movie Script

I was with these so-called
"Groupies" never start anything.
That's ridiculous for me,
unreachable stars to cross,
pseudo-religious madmen,
who are willing to
for a single glance,
a single word or a touch
by a stranger totally surrender.
This stranger seems to be the key
to a different world.
I could never say
what fascinates me more,
the groupies themselves or the people
which they adore.
The focus was on the road
signs of life everywhere.
I'm probably going too fast,
to see them. Well.
And then one day I'm
turned into the street groupie.
And I, Andrea Marr,
would become a groupie.
I grew up here. Porter City.
Here, everyone still has hopes.
Here everybody has dreams.
Here, each 'a band.
This is my neighborhood: West Hills.
Here's are not that many bands.
And here I am.
Well, what can I say?
I can not help it.
I'm at 18
Everyone says how beautiful I've become.
What irritates me, however, is
that there are also some who say,
I had become sexy.
The problem is, I think,
I have not changed me at all.
These are my parents.
They wanted to have children.
I think I was just an accident.
Who knows?
In any case, they are too old
for a daughter as a teenager.
Well, we were just in the second Semester
the final year.
For everyone else, a time
of hope and joy.
For me it was sheer torture
Already heard of the Brown?
- Brown? You want to Brown University?
Mr. Jones, I do not know
why should I enroll myself.
The never take me there on.
- Why do you doubt yourself, Andrea?
Again the best work.
- Everything has tits gets, 'ne one.
You have boobs. What have you got?
Darcy was a good friend,
resents everything that one does not.
Cybil said to have dyed her hair again.
- I had got used to the pink.
I got it yesterday. The hairdresser
has not given much trouble.
But it looks cool. Is not that right?
- Yes.
Richard was shy. I tried
to give him some confidence.
Because I knew exactly
how it looks in it.
Hey, Richard, you're in math but
'Ne written one. I find cool.
Oh yeah?
- Clear.
Look, my little-boy fags.
Give me the ball again.
Forget it, you ass!
Oh God.
Madness. That was really funny.
But can stupid sayings do not like.
Stay down.
- His conduct was inexcusable.
The bastard had gone too far.
Someone had to tell him.
And that someone was me.
Parker, why do you let them
not just in peace?
Hey, hello, Andrea.
Our sweet little Andrea.
Did you just say something?
Sound as if you had asked
if you ever on my ...
Shows it to him.
- Hey, guys, okay?
Cybil had the strength,
I would have liked.
She lived her life. And if that one
did not fit, that was his problem.
She was great. I'm never
behind it rose, why did it myself.
Wow, your hair is.
- Yes, I know.
I mean, Sheila was the first time with 14
Sandy was even until 13th
I'm 17 and you are 18th
The national average is 16,
And that's why we should do it at last!
That is why we are so, as we are.
That is why we look, how we look.
What is it?
Am I fat?
I have a feeling that today
the night for us both.
Hey, hey, hey ...
Darcy, are you sure? I mean,
you take over the responsibility for
that we are here virginity?
Responsibility, what do you think?
- I do not know. It's just, Darcy,
We know the guys at all yet.
- I know them, trust me.
You also need to know not one yet,
to make it with him. I mean ...
Are you thinking about who think like that across?
Does not look like it.
When we meet again,
We are both women.
Wish me luck.
- Good luck.
Hey, Scott, do you remember who I am?
- Clear.
- Darcy.
Yes. And you are from Franklin, right?
- Porterville City.
Yes, I remember.
Well, here I first met
a flock of groupies.
Poor Things.
They would give their lives to
that as a bull-necked,
belching idiot smiling at them sometimes.
- Hi. Did you want to dance?
Yes, so much.
Lhr plays probably just a game.
- The little one is perhaps a point.
- What is it called?
Let's be good times.
Your lips are ripe.
Your neck is ripe.
I'm a class above you.
Your head is the most mature.
Wow, suddenly I felt ready,
me of this older, more experienced man
to be led into the land of love.
- Man, in whom everything is ready.
Farewell, unnamed high school chick.
Long live Andrea Marr,
a sexually blossoming young woman.
- I desire you more than anything else.
Mark, we have beer again.
And, you're a wife?
- Not yet.
But Scott said,
that he likes me.
Come now, let's get outta here.
- Only a second.
Ok? Here, you want 'n sip of tequila?
My God, pull yourself together,
you'll soon be a wife.
Oh, such a crap.
Oh my God, what is that shit?
- Very cool. I'm almost finished.
Beat it just!
You disgusting pig!
- Now you 's souvenir.
That's what you want groupies!
Shit, I do not believe this.
- Me neither. It was so disgusting.
I can not believe it,
You gave me Scott stretched.
High school chick, parasite,
Groupie. I swore,
This is the name I would never be anyone.
Had I only known then ...
Is late. But it was not my fault.
Lies das.
Lhr have opened it?
- Lies.
"We are pleased on behalf of the
College of Brown University ... "
There must be some mistake. Would
my record is not there yet small.
Oh yes, since this terrible thing
happens to me is, I mean,
I've become sexy, it falls
my father difficult to touch me.
To Brown, I?
Wow. How was that possible?
What had I done to deserve this?
I mean, has some 20 minutes ago
so 'n guy above me masturbate.
Mom! Can you bring me another soap?
"Why are we the ambition
has been lost "
Andrea Marr. Would a college girl
so what to write?
Poverty, anarchy and self-doubt
Generation Y.
What I know about poverty?
I'm from West Hills.
So 'n shit.
- What did you so 'ne bad mood,
Miss University? If I had known
that they take this year each,
I had also enrolled.
Was kidding.
Is that dirty here.
Not to touch that railing.
Dirt you can find anywhere.
I was tired of my sheltered life.
I had heard
that one under the bridge
at the 12th The narrow ridge road
between homelessness and the Arts
really catches the eye.
I felt myself drawn to.
- Andrea, let's turn.
Oh yes, here I belonged.
- Andrea, what are we doing here?
Look around.
Thanks, I've seen enough.
- Hi.
If 's great days today.
- Andrea, let's get outta here.
Just relax.
This is Derek.
- This is Jonathan.
Hi, I'm Andrea.
- Glad.
This is Darcy.
- Did any of you ne 'butt?
Oh, shit, that are here yet
all homeless bum.
They were only recently
Theme in 'nervous talk show.
That's not a homeless person.
- The front man of "The Color Green" Is.
What is "Color"?
- Green.
Is the coolest band
between East and West Side.
I can not believe it, Todd Sparrow hath
asked for 'Ner cigarette.
Who is Todd Sparrow?
At that moment I realized
that God must be a woman.
For a being as he could not
have been created randomly.
I felt like I had
my whole life
spent in the basement
and the first time come to light.
Andrea, come on now!
Let's go.
- Everything all right?
It does not matter, come on.
I can not think of anything else.
- I'd forgotten him in your place.
You're right. Has already been forgotten.
I can not.
Andrea, I'm your friend.
- Says one: "I'm your friend"
usually followed by something unpleasant.
Sure you're my friend.
- Ok, listen:
You're too nice, too smart, too good
for 'n guy like Todd Sparrow.
But he looks so wonderful?
- Who are you talking about, man?
Todd Sparrow.
- The guy has my life turned upside down.
Blackman, we talk about your work
after the hour.
Mr. Jones, I can at the Brown.
- Congratulations.
On the other hand, your 16-page work
about this Todd Sparrow
has been a disaster, Andrea.
What were you thinking?
Kucki galley boy, galley boy,
our queens-urchin.
Oh, all afraid of the fairies-Beng ...
Never touch me again, you stupid cow.
You look really cool.
- Yes, I know.
Lts see from all
as if you were in 'Ner band.
Rebecca Farnhurst, it was pretty cool,
but never joined a group.
Thus it was for most
somehow invisible. She was the girl
that was always half cut off,
if 's photo was taken.
Even when we were kids.
We are in 'Ner band.
- Yes. Just like everyone else here.
But let's be real. Right, Cybil?
- Sure, Greg.
Which style?
- Rock.
Ok, grunge-rock or post-grunge rock?
Old pop punk or neo?
Old pop or grunge? Old Grunge or Pre?
Old grunge pop psychoanalysis or post?
Or 08/15-Rock? Please do not 08/15-Rock.
I'm so sick of this shit.
Just music.
We have not determined.
Ok, I want to know is yes.
What stinks here because that way?
- I no longer wash.
Someone told him,
Kurt Cobain never washed.
That helps you with your music?
- Hey, this is original, man
So naturally.
When can you hear it?
- We 's unpaid gig
on Friday in the "Oh Hell".
- It's all great. I'm coming anyway.
Andrea, what did you want?
I want to Rebecca Farnhurst
to "Oh Hall" go?
What would the implications for
on my social status?
And above all, what the "Oh Hell" is?
- If a club in the city.
Nothing exciting.
You need not to come.
Supposed to be kidding? Sure I go out.
You wanted to come to the game.
Rebecca said, the game would be stupid
and she would be fully in the cultural trip.
She reads books without pictures
and going to concerts.
Ever had the team sports
anyway just a primitive ritual,
where the men have their
act out repressed homosexuality.
And you should of emancipatory
Reasons not to support.
Then she added:
- Do you think we miss' a party?
How about the one Schnuckelchen?
Todd Sparrow.
- Todd Sparrow.
Crazy guy.
Class, right?
Is better than that
what would you choose your parents.
Again, a saved soul.
- Yes.
For the first time in my life
I felt like an individual.
Oh man, I'm excited.
This is the total shutdown.
Is real hot here.
- Incredibly, yes.
So what I've really never seen before.
That was something I had never experienced before.
The people came out and raced.
And some even fell down.
Wow, is the sweet.
And I'd almost
gone to the stupid game.
Hey, is not 'cool ne Mucke?
- Yes, that is really 'cool ne Mucke.
We "Badhead" are.
- We love you!
Hey, that was the upper hammer!
War sucks, but we are getting better.
And now for you "The Color Green"!
Yes, Andrea, he is here.
And then God created man.
And in that moment I had
only the desire to thank her.
For the snake, the apple.
And that they would allow,
that each order went down the drain.
Because if they had not approved it,
would not hurt my body now
because of the soul,
which revealed itself to me here.
And my head would not go crazy
because of a boy named Todd Sparrow.
I'm your friend.
Oh man, you caught it.
- Can you pinch me again?
The same. How do you like his music?
- Absolutely spiritually.
You have not noticed
there is life after MTV.
I think I feel sick.
- As in length.
God, help me!
Do you know where the toilets are?
Class. What a stupid I would have
can not come up.
Me ... that would be bad.
- What's your name?
Do not panic. Do not panic.
Andrea. I'm Andrea.
- All right, Andrea.
Now you do not in my pants.
I'm Todd.
- Hi.
That is Carla. This is Luke and ...
Well, that's Luke.
- Hi.
Hi, I'm Andrea.
- Hi, Andrea.
Do you want us to come to a party?
- I ought to make unapproachable.
The mystery. He would
Always ask what became of the girl
wanted to go to the bathroom.
Yes it is.
- Cool. Hey, did you 'ne cart?
One of my teachers once said,
we were a lost generation.
And only 10 years in the youth would
back to reason.
What should be different in 10 years?
- She is my girlfriend.
Hey, Carla.
- Hi.
Where is Todd?
- He is on the toilet.
Excuse me, someone like Todd
is not simply to the loo.
Lhr is probably very close to you.
- Yes, even fairly close.
There he is.
- Hey, Andrea.
I'm looking for you everywhere. Your Old
be upset if we do not go back.
Shut up.
- There is Todd, he's coming.
Look shortly forth.
Thank you.
Todd! The party is left full.
- Carla, let's get out here.
I'm tired.
It was nice to meet you.
Yes. I was pleased too.
Maybe we're leaving times ...
to 'n coffee. Or see us' n at film.
- Want to say something to his back?
That 's quite a nice pike.
- Yes, that was pretty bad.
No, the pike. Todd.
- Well, see you tomorrow.
Got it.
Is late. Was not my fault.
We worry
to our little treasure.
Is sweet. I love you.
- We just do not want
anything that makes your plans broken.
- What are your plans?
The university.
- Oh, that. What should make the break?
I could not sleep.
It was so embarrassing,
this terrible demonstration.
- For the first time was quite good.
Believe me, your mom and I know
that you would not do it to us,
Have sex before we're dead.
Is not it, sweetheart?
I appreciate your confidence.
Come on, hurry up.
- Hey, stay cool.
I've got a new song written
and it got my parents played.
Did you like them.
They found him really good.
Well, frankly,
I normally never play them before that.
My dad is not on my music.
If I'm honest, I do not think
that you can have a say there, Darcy.
Until then.
Hello, folks.
- Hey, heavy dress.
Now she has now through the animal kingdom.
Is something wrong?
- Great that you're just cut off.
Good morning, students,
here says the director.
This insolence sprayed at the school building
says more about you than about your goal.
As long as the hack does not answer,
you will all the consequences
this disrespectful behavior
have to bear.
Is everything ok?
- Eventually, I got a coffee bar
and 's billiard table in my studio.
And a system with 64 tracks.
And 'n Jacuzzi.
Hey, this is left full.
Greg, do not exaggerate now.
- I do not exaggerate.
No, honestly, I know
that we can do it.
We are the greatest.
Right, Cybil?
What 's going on, Cybil?
- Mr. Jones.
I am the person responsible
for this disrespectful behavior.
Hey, yeah!
And you, take good.
You got to groupie.
Rubbish, I will not.
Is ridiculous, right?
I was looking for clues
this groupie-madness explain
me in the near
lead by Todd Sparrow.
Shitty idea.
I was cursed to
Virgin of the only colleges to be.
You dance really cool.
I know. I mean, thank you.
How do you know?
- They would have us almost trampled to death.
Do not you remember?
- Oh, the sweet boy. You were das.
Long day.
A long life, I'd say.
- I'm Kevin.
- I know.
Everyone already holds for the successor
by Kurt Cobain. Maybe they are here.
The record companies no longer know
that they should seek.
Anyone who 's what little
can on the guitar, is taken.
Even from 'NEM backwater like here.
It really is ok.
Unfortunately they can not distinguish
between good and bad.
Can not they?
- No. I can. You can do it.
Yes, anyone who enjoys listening to music, it can be.
- What he said
has never interested me.
I liked his voice.
And the way he said it.
I only wish that he continues to talk.
Record bosses hear any music?
- Nonsense, only listening to
if you sound like someone else.
Not if you 'have s own sound.
I listened to him no more. Any words
he was like a ricochet,
the giant swept through his apartment
and shot me directly in the groin.
At that moment I knew
that he would be the first.
What do you think?
I would never have dreamed,
I once in bed
of such a wonderful country lover.
Are you okay?
Still ok?
- And then it happened.
Who is it?
- It's me, Kevin.
The sweet boy.
- No, on the record.
Todd Sparrow, from the Color Green-time.
- Ok, go on.
I heard his voice and knew
He was with me.
In the fall I'm going to
'Ne school of journalism in the Northwest.
This confuses our plans.
But I would like to see you again.
You love me too?
- I made this terrible mistake.
Yes, of course.
- This makes me incredibly happy.
Night, Kevin.
I'll call you immediately,
when I come home.
Hello, I'm not a virgin.
Good night.
- Night, honey.
Oh God.
Thank you, I love you.
- We love you too, little mouse.
Dream a Little Dream.
- Good night.
Good night.
I wondered if she did not
would love it if they knew
what I did today.
I was now a woman.
But I felt guilty. Not
because I had lost my innocence,
but because I had betrayed my heart.
And this heart belonged Todd Sparrow.
You had sex. Shit, did you have sex.
Look at you only.
Come on, tell me, you bitch old.
How was it?
Pretty disappointing.
I think it was' s fault.
Oh, nonsense. Do you still have it all?
The first time you have to forget quickly.
For if now is a really,
then you are not sitting in bed crying:
"I'm not a virgin."
Think of it as a warm-up exercise.
As a warm-up exercise? And for what, please?
- Hi, Andrea.
Hi, Jonathan. Hi, Derek.
You know gays?
Rebecca looked at me as if I did
the answer to many questions.
I knew that look,
because I just looked at Cybil.
The two are good friends of mine.
- This is great and you know it
I can not believe that Beac ..
- Hey, you've seen Todd random?
No, I did not.
- Hey, I've seen his girlfriend.
What's her name again?
- Carla. Shit, that is something of cold.
Yes arctic. She is big on space.
- Thank you, guys.
Then take care.
- Bec, I have to go. Until then.
Got it. Keep your chin up, Andrea.
Hi, C.
He is in the "Strictly Locals".
- Who? I mean, whom You did, ..
He is in 'NEM record store.
And? How are you doing?
- It is not long dominated it.
He will certainly be back.
It interests me, frankly,
not very.
Come here.
We'll see you, Andrea.
- Ok, I'm looking.
Perhaps we can then
at times longer.
She was so cool, so clarified.
This made her so attractive, so unapproachable.
No wonder,
that Todd spent so much time with her.
It was like 'ne revelation for me.
So I would be from now on.
Cool and clarified.
Say something. Say something.
Say something.
The "Where-is-the-toilet"-Andrea.
All vertical?
He always found the right words.
All right, so far. And what are you doing here?
I see through the windows.
Real hyper. You know those guys?
- I wish I would know it.
I wish I'd know them all,
Todd knows that. I wish
I would be so cool and could say "yes".
But that would somehow not me.
Yes, sure.
- Hard to grasp, Good Pig.
The Buzz is Mitchell's label.
He wanted to take us under contract.
But I ... I do not know.
What do you think?
- What do you not know?
He is so 's spoiled toffs
from 'Ner-rich family. No idea
how important it is music.
- Absolute nonsense!
Oh yeah? Why is that?
- Andrea betting everything on one card.
If Buzz uses the assets to
build a record label
he only wants to
his overbearing father rebel
by the money
invests in a risky industry.
Buzz will do so all the success,
not to hear from his father:
"You'll never make it. You are
A bottle. You and your record label. "
Why would he then signed a contract with
to make someone to whom he has not believed?
He has heard your music
and it is good.
Why hang around here any longer,
take 'ne with him on board!
If you hear your music means so much,
you should do everything
all to hear it. Because it determines
every man touched so like me.
My God.
I'm so sorry. I ...
did not you ...
I am so slipped out.
Is ok, Andrea.
Everything is ok.
Your booth is top class.
- You actually heard Carla.
Do you know you long time?
I mean, are you ...
We are very close.
She lets me stay here and ...
That's nice.
I think she is very nice.
This is because my room.
He was not only a musician,
He was an artist.
And his world was
one giant screen.
Sit down.
What I play now is for you.
Is not ready yet, but I thought
you want ...
- You take off?
... Heard it before.
He sang with such passion. He sang
full of pain. He sang about 20 seconds.
That's all. It sucks.
- It's wonderful.
Awakens in me a strange feeling.
In you, I think, 'ne artist.
- Oh God, no. Unfortunately not.
Oh yes, I see.
- And then he said:
When you say your soul, it's so far,
is all that was before, forget it.
Only then you can drop it.
Will you let yourself fall, Andrea?
- Shit, of course!
I knew what would happen now.
And I was ready.
Because in my mind it is
already happened a hundred times.
That was incredible.
Yes, that's it.
Thanks, I've never ...
I gotta go.
Where are you going?
- I ...
I promised the boys,
that we practice a bit.
What practice?
- Well, of course, with the band.
Lhr guys are famous.
You have to get going immediately to practice.
- Well, that 's guy wants to listen to us.
We just have to play sensational,
Do you understand?
Oh no! I was lousy, right?
Andrea, you were fabulous.
Yes, more than fabulous.
Listen, you can stay here as long
as you want.
Just please take nothing with.
Is ok, Andrea.
Everything is ok.
I had to talk to someone.
With someone who listens to me.
With someone who understands
what was happening to me.
The school psychologist
had only recently been there.
Their predecessor was due to some
Suicide cases have been fired.
I told her that I am totally
feel fucked. I told her,
I was confused,
because I'd had sex with Kevin.
And now I had been fucked properly.
There's a difference, okay?
If you were fucked
do you suddenly realize that you're a wife.
There are men and women.
But fuck men only. Yes, fuck!
Did I say something wrong? I'm sorry.
One moment, please, Parker.
You have been fucked.
I do not believe this.
Who did it?
The cute guy from the club?
Oh, nonsense.
So you would not fuck Cute.
Oh no! No, I do not believe it.
Tell me now, please do not
that you have fucked Todd.
Holy shit!
Hi, guys, how are you?
- Why are you crying for?
No idea.
Did you get what you wished for.
Can not believe that you Todd Sparrow
has pushed over the sheets.
This is really cool.
- Todd Sparrow has crossed you?
This is nothing but you, Greg.
- Shut up.
He has not only me crazy.
- This is incredible!
Where are you going?
- No idea.
And finally shower, you stink!
- Yes?
Cybil, please. Stop there.
- You're old enough.
Does not matter what I think.
- Cybil, please!
If you want it,
wilt thou not chase him.
I'll call you.
- Ok.
What about you?
- I got it done.
That's great but. Who was it?
- Sun 'n type. Nobody, you know.
Hey! Come on, tell me how it was.
Actually, I did not wanted
but eventually he was then but,
you know where.
When I asked him to stop,
He has said ...
He said: "If we stop now,
he gets this pain again
in his balls. "
Oh no!
On the other hand, you're a wife.
Poor Darcy. I think
I got a better choice is made.
Is ok, Darcy. Everything is ok.
Listen, I gotta go now.
- May I come with you, Andrea?
You know, I need to "Strictly Locals".
Since you belong to no.
We'll see you in school tomorrow, ok?
I was a bitch. I had her
The really done? My girlfriend?
I wanted to go back, apologize,
immediately wanted to Todd.
Ok, if it really only
a one-night stand was
We could not remain friends.
And we might as friends
not even have sex again?
And what about Carla?
He also had sex with her?
He had sex with any girl in town?
If we had sex again,
that would mean,
I'm his girlfriend? His girlfriend.
Was that even possible?
I was old enough, I was cool enough?
Was I?
That was exactly what I needed right now:
Taking a sip of coffee,
a bit of time for me.
Nothing that reminds me of Todd Sparrow.
And how's it going, how's it going?
- You are from West Hills, right?
- So you have clay and what in the bulb.
I've got nothing in the bulb.
- Oh, even 'a whole lot.
You are also very pretty.
- Thank you.
He has such a girl like you
not at all deserve.
Why do you say that?
- I'm his sister.
Suddenly it all made sense.
Probably their parents
Years ago in an accident
were killed.
And since then, Carla had
protect her little brother.
This explained her sadness.
I wanted to put her hair in order.
But she was so beautiful.
- Surprised?
- Yes.
He is in Seattle. Want the address?
I thought
best deputy I am shy.
Nothing I would rather have.
- Remember, I warned you.
I wanted that Todd Sparrow learns
what everyone else thought.
I was too good for him.
Me that he did not deserve.
I'm not a woman for one night.
I would choose my words so
that she hit him to the core.
Todd loved.
Swollen too.
Dear Mr. Sparrow.
I still have it all? We had sex!
Thank you very much
for sex
with me.
Dear Todd,
a picture is worth a thousand words.
Dear Todd,
I miss you.
With love, Andrea.
I followed my heart.
So I would not lose face.
We are "The Apocalypse".
- What do you mean "Apocalypse"?
Is better than "The Badhead".
Wow, that sound so full of different.
- Yes, I find it. Yes!
Sorry about that. Hey, how are you?
Excuse me, may I?
Hey does it the name of the band?
- The name "The Apocalypse".
- The name "The Apocalypse".
The name "The Apocalypse".
- Ok, Buzz.
Lts of which were so sharp,
I just can not put it into words.
About the Hammer!
Hey, hey, hey.
- Cybil, man!
I'm Buzz. My assistant, Jill.
- Gillian.
God, you klangt great out there.
True Power!
How about 'NEM cup of coffee?
- Pulls off, I'm tired.
I know it comes as a surprise.
I heard Pig Gut Records.
Never heard of it.
- You have heard of it.
Cybil is Todd Sparrow label.
- Regardless of shit.
He offers perhaps
a contract to.
Why do I need a record deal?
- That's what you wanted.
Hey, Andrea.
- Oh God.
Hi, Kevin.
- Hi. Why have you never called back?
Do not know. When did you call?
- Oh man, every day.
Every day. Sounds pretty desperate.
Pity no one told me.
Typically parents, I know only too well.
Please take your time, I'll wait here.
- And, what's new?
Actually, nothing at all.
I slept with Todd Sparrow.
Oh, really nothing at all.
Is something wrong?
- No, everything is fine.
I ...
Is also not worth mentioning.
- What?
It's just a rumor that you
'd slept with Todd Sparrow.
Really? I mean, really?
This is not true, right?
- Todd and I have met.
If one meets Todd,
He drags her into bed.
- Kevin, how can you say such a thing?
You hardly know him. Between Todd
and to me it was something special.
I must go now.
Between you and me
There was something special!
That was incredible.
- That was it.
Hey, I said that he likes you.
Not that he was going to be your friend.
Guys like Todd Sparrow are not suitable
for 'ne relationship. Do you?
No, I do not know.
Rubbish, I knew it.
What I did not know was,
why he had become a part of me.
What was he, that I wanted?
What he had, I needed?
Why I felt incomplete otherwise?
Is this what Todd Sparrow?
- Who the hell is Todd Sparrow?
Oops, Andrea.
- Do you know where Cybil is?
Sorry, no idea.
- You will have to hang in the sample.
And I'm mad at her murder, ok?
If one's got a band,
one should allow the other
not depend on 'Ner sample.
Greg, Cybil is actually the band.
And you know it.
That's not true.
And anyway, shut up.
However, it is. You hold the door.
- Take care, guys.
Cybil is there?
- No.
They stayed away all night.
The I'll kick your ass.
She's been with me.
- Yeah, right.
I'm off now.
I would never be an artist.
My life was too harmonious.
I felt there was something in the air.
It was like a plague.
A disease that affects only teenagers,
because we want to be well-infested.
Stop it with immediately.
I absolutely had to find someone who
confirmed to me,
I still was me.
And that everything will be fine again.
Oh, hi, Marjorie. And, what's new?
- We have tickets for Hanson.
Maybe I'll come to the concert.
- Is sold. For months.
In addition,
why would you want to come with us?
Yes, I also think
because you belong to something, do you?
Ok, I'll see you sometime.
See ya.
I was scared.
I felt so alone.
Everything was different.
I closed my eyes and felt
that my eyes the tears
could not hold back.
I began to cry, to me, to Cybil
by Darcy at all.
Most of all I cried for Todd Sparrow.
For a moment it felt like,
as he would put his arms around me.
And that was nice.
May I come in, dear?
- Yes, Daddy, come clean.
Why are you crying?
- I do not cry.
Do you know
your mom and I are old.
We can not understand many things.
But we want you to know one thing:
We are so incredibly proud of you.
And grateful that you exist.
The day is come tomorrow.
Yes, dear?
Lhr understands everything.
Good night, darling.
"Thank you for your letter, Andrea.
Us feel good.
We have added much new material.
The CD should be out soon.
Take care of yourself.
And thank you for your support. Todd. "
The manager would also be
may have written.
Shit, I suddenly knew,
I had to do.
I'm so sorry.
Oh, no big deal.
I get us' n water.
- He was so understanding.
'Ne good idea.
And I hated it.
Everything ok?
Who would have thought that good looks,
Intelligence, charm and honesty
could be merged in a boy
me and not the so-turns?
But maybe that was my destiny.
Maybe it was my fate,
and I would learn to love him.
And then every night we would ...
I need to get out.
- I'm coming with you.
Exactly what I meant.
You really think our way
for a rising star.
This ladies' man.
This is likely bootlicker here
did not live.
Not to mention his appearances throughout.
This record bosses do not know
what is good and what is bad.
- He was like a verbal percussion drill.
With a constant hum
He drilled into your brain,
until you loved him best out of your head
would blow up.
Do you play music?
Wait a minute.
Hi, Andrea.
Where have you been?
To Mitchell.
- For Mitchell?
He said if I 's place
needed to sleep, I could stay.
I needed him, so I stayed.
That's it.
Everything is ok?
Could you take my school closet
clear up for me? I'll do ne fly.
We have only two months before us.
- Why should I torture myself?
I'm not so 'n Ass like you
- Hey, I'm not an ace, yes?
The knowledge on the Brown University
apparently not.
And what becomes of your degree?
I do not think
I need to at all.
You have 'n record deal, am I right?
My God!
I am so incredibly proud of you.
- My lyrics, my.
Those were always yours.
Do you remember me?
- We need to celebrate somewhere.
I will strike for the first appearance
the Music Hall before.
Sure to come good.
- Hey.
- Are you okay?
Fairly well.
- Where were you, Cybil?
Oh man Kurt Cobain has never
'Ne thrown sample.
The still's not at all know?
- What we do not know?
Buzz Mitchell has talked to me.
And now we make 'a record.
Hey, guys, this is Todd Sparrow label.
Not for long. And you are famous.
I just can not believe it.
I knew it.
I knew it. I've told you.
Shit, I'm soon 'ne system
with 24 tracks. No. By 48
No, with innumerable tracks.
- I can not believe it's still.
I do not believe this.
- Is perhaps better that way.
He just wants me.
- What?
He just wants me.
And then you told him that we
'Are a band and always have. Or?
That we 'ne unit.
We're a unit. We're a band.
Got it?
Buzz says,
you are not mature enough as a musician.
I'm supposed to occur with other types.
I play probably
not even own bass.
Richard. I could not do anything for you.
I've always said you're the band,
I wish you all the best.
You'll make it
Your lyrics, what?
Listen to me. It's never been gone,
as I wanted. Now I have a chance.
And I do not think
I will excuse myself.
Sure. Cybil must never apologize.
That makes everything so much easier.
Not Cybil?
Make business interests
and art together,
is a conflict almost inevitable.
- Wimp, just simply shut up.
I was just
to believe in this whole rock star crap.
What it delivers on stage
is not shit. It's good.
- Yes. Yes, sure.
And what shall I say more?
So, how did you react just as,
that was incredible.
I'd gone crazy full.
Well, if one so much disappointment
and humiliation as has happened to me,
then you learn
to take it with a certain dignity.
So I think you're great.
Hey, you bum. Do you know what I know?
- No idea.
"Color Green" have tonight
her first big appearance.
Guess who breaks forth.
Only, not to return by Todd Sparrow
considered to be? Forget it.
Am in the process.
- Me too.
I like you, man, I know I red
'A whole lot when the day is long.
There is not much time for most,
what to bring myself.
But are you anyway
more of the quiet variety.
How far is it for?
- I do not think
that it can still be very far.
Folks, I swear,
that it must be here somewhere.
Crap, crap. We will miss him.
We will not see him.
We will miss him.
- Sweet, do not get excited. Here.
Take what the calm down.
When we go at last?
- Oh dear.
It obviously has something against someone,
I see Todd.
Screwed up shit.
- It goes forward.
It goes forward.
Ok, all right, come in..
ID cards.
On the poster
was no age restriction.
One can not just believe everything
what one reads.
Hey, we went an extra 200 miles.
- Then you have 's broad back.
Why do not you go in and say
Todd Sparrow, that Andrea Marr's there?
And I did not have a pen here.
Yes, and then tell Todd also
that Suzy's waiting outside.
The small, with the tattoo.
- Where is the tattoo?
It's wherever you want.
- Come on.
And you, a good trip.
And on it goes.
And what now?
- I guess we will go home.
Do you? Is not that bad here.
- I think that's bad is not.
Andrea, please. We can finally go?
- I belong to Todd.
I must see him, absolutely.
It takes a long time now, certainly not.
And as he walked through the light.
He would see and recognize me,
what he had made a mistake.
He would ask me for forgiveness.
Shit, that was the absolute
worst experience of my life.
I agree with that, man
Suddenly I realized
that maybe, just maybe,
I, Andrea Marr, was about
become a groupie.
And my existence would no longer
differ from those
love him too.
And although we love all the same,
I felt different.
I always felt like something special.
Because maybe, just maybe,
his smile was meant for me.
That night I had
a crazy dream.
They were all there. Darcy, Rebecca,
Todd was also there. They were all there.
All except me.
I was somewhere else. I was ...
I had taken drugs? No idea
what is the meaning of this dream.
And so the author tries
the journey of the reader
with the journey of John Marcher,
the title character, equate.
It is a tedious, dreary,
dark long journey.
Damn, like John Marcher self
Does anyone know of a similar figure
like John Marcher?
- Yes, there are some who are cursed.
Or the curse even unintentionally
have even drawn up.
Mr. Jones.
You have not yet all the more.
- I wanted to get you out.
Ok, I'm here.
- I've got a gig "Color Green".
In "La Luna".
- Is' ne murder thing, huh?
Please? That's the thing.
Is my first gig, hey.
What is with Richard and Greg?
- I can not help them.
But you tell me, Andrea. I
not play if you do not come.
Do you think I'll take you from that?
It's really important.
- I'll think about it myself.
Todd is also there.
- Got it changed my mind.
I love you.
I think that's ...
- I'm coming.
- Cybil, you strangle me.
Hi, Mr. Jones.
- Hey.
When I Cybils deep satisfaction
saw up there,
I felt just such a peace
in me. I felt distant.
Hey. Missed you.
- Keep your cool.
And clarified.
Now me and kiss me already spinning,
you sweet idiot.
Ladies and gentlemen, tonight for you:
"The Color Green."
From then on it was uphill.
For in the music scene, it was quiet.
And Todd had nothing else to do but
to kidnap me to romantic places.
He spoiled me from head to toe.
I felt like a princess.
Shit, Todd, now come on, man
And then it happened.
On the I-know-what-how-many-years
Open Air on the farm Bresnick.
It was like a mini-Woodstock.
And we all buried our differences.
And for one afternoon we were able to
to be like that time in the 60s.
They were all there. Even the MTV kids.
Cybil had become a little star.
But of all the stars,
the firmament were the stage,
only shone a particularly bright
Finally, I felt I was somebody.
I was met with respect,
I had the very deserves.
Todd, come on. They want to 'ne added.
- I come, come. I come from.
I just bought yesterday. Shit.
Well, come on.
- Yes, yes.
Come on!
When we were together,
We were not alone.
We were on the whole world,
the whole cosmos.
Hi, Cybil.
I congratulate you. You did it.
Now you belong to the circle of groupies.
That you're been on the stage.
- Are you Todd Sparrow's girlfriend?
I guess so.
- We envy you.
What did Cybil already?
I was not just a groupie
I was a celebrity.
I was Todd Sparrow's girlfriend.
It was me.
What do you mean you go away?
We go on tour.
I could go with you yet.
You could take me.
Then I would be with you.
We'll see you when I get back.
And when are you coming?
No idea.
Is ok, Andrea.
Everything is ok.
And then he was gone.
I would like to make some nice photos.
- Do not play around it.
How about
with a friendly "Cheese"?
Hey. Today is the happiest day of your life.
Are you okay, honey?
- Yes, do not worry.
We organize at home
a small barbecue and invite you.
- For dessert: Homemade ice.
Have you got any plans, Rebecca?
- No concrete.
Some got an idea?
Dad, I'll be right back.
Bec, I'll call you, ok?
- Ok, see you later.
Where are your parents?
They could not come.
They are too busy.
What about Greg?
He is ...
Richard, where's Greg?
He ...
He was my best friend.
Greg's suicide note was brief:
"We're the band."
I had to think long
if I go to a farewell party.
But then I thought that each of us
now needs the other. To talk to.
Together we would cope better
what had happened to our friend.
Hey, Schnuckelchen. Sweet.
I wanted to tell you,
I'm loving you like crazy.
I am glad we are friends.
Yes, I love you, too.
- Shit, I love you.
But this party sucks.
I do 's departure.
I'll call you tomorrow, ok?
- Ok. Got it. Until then.
Forgave you. Leave me alone.
- No, I do not let you alone.
What are you doing?
Want to know not yet.
- Yes it does.
I know that I will not be a good girlfriend
have been. You were always important to me.
I swear it. Do not talk crap.
You need to see a doctor.
Promise me that you go to the doctor.
Yes ok.
Then it is good.
I'm so jealous of you.
Because you simply ... You always have everything.
And because you're so ...
so ''re a whore.
Stand up.
We are now women.
The funny thing was that I
for the first time felt like a.
Here's the guy with the soft-boiled eggs?
- Shut up. Yes, he is.
The need to show me.
- Whom have we here?
Our princess Tues Have you
viewed your dinner again?
Parker, shut up.
Andrea? That can not ...
Were you sick?
The last time you shall
have spent mostly lying down.
Parker, we want to celebrate here.
- I know. I know.
I do not think
I still get times as an opportunity.
So I want to make the most of it.
But I will also give a chance.
Lhr should blow me both one.
That was Greg. Queens-urchin.
Want to dance with me?
But happy.
Words can be the perfection
not describe this moment.
I congratulate you, Andrea Marr.
Can we talk briefly?
That's my fault.
It's my fault that he is dead.
- Cybil.
You can not help it.
You had to decide.
You had no choice.
He was weak.
I knew it
And I've done it anyway.
He was so ...
He was so damn similar.
You had one goal in mind.
And there've been following.
Only through your talent, you've reached it.
How can that be weak?
My first album I dedicate to you.
You were always my inspiration.
You're just
I always wanted to be.
What do you mean?
What am I? I am nothing.
You are my everything.
I knew I was not gay.
Cybil and knew she was there.
But I was glad it had happened.
For what would become of us always,
Cybil and I would one
always have in common: this kiss.
We'll see.
- Yes. We'll see.
That night, I'm not immediately
home. My world was so far back
that I probably
would not find anyway.
I had to think about Rebecca's words.
That she loves me.
And that Darcy is jealous of me.
And to Richard with the chair.
That was awesome.
And I thought of Cybil.
About how strong they always were.
But it was just like all of us.
And then we kiss.
I thought this night would really
not be able freaky.
Hey, Andrea.
I need to talk with you.
- I know.
That night was Todd Sparrow
his soul air.
He spat.
And it struck me right in front of the feet.
He said how sorry he was,
that he had treated me badly.
And how hard it was to
deal with the fame of his age.
He said that deep inside him he would
to hate themselves. And his music.
And that he, not without me
can go on tour.
Was there something else? Oh yes. He said,
he 's had a hard life.
And he had me from the first moment
would have liked. Then he stopped talking.
He looked at me and said:
Tell something about you.
- In the fall I am going to Brown University.
Brown? The elite-Brown?
The only really take as good.
- Yes, indeed.
Wow, a. ..
is' ??ne really good school. You have to
even more to have, as I thought.
Yes. I suppose I did.
Really cool.
That's never happened to me.
Well, I've read about it.
This should happen again.
Want to 's sandwich or something?
- No, no, thank you.
Carla is sure what in the refrigerator.
- Is not really necessary.
I've written a lot again.
Including 's song
I would like to play for you.
I, you mean ..
- Todd.
It's really been 'n bit late.
I still have so many things to do.
You want to leave me.
I must just go home now.
No, I ...
I mean, you're going to leave me.
You go to this university.
And of course there is no place for me.
Shit, I ...
I do not know if I can handle it.
Because I need you, Andrea. Are you listening?
I need you.
You have changed me.
Yes, even my music.
I can not stand being alone anymore.
- And I said:
Is okay, Todd.
Everything is ok.
All wonderful.
Change is something mysterious.
Especially when it takes place.
I was looking forward to
my life to begin.
I could never tell me what
more fascinating: the groupies themselves
or the people they idolize.
Granted, I had moved well.
But when I was back on the road,
I knew that it is not so bad,
to be a groupie.
It just means that anything you
admire in another.
I just never would have thought that someone
could also be something to admire me.
But what the heck! I was now a woman.
Done by (c) dCd / November 2011