Girl Flu. (2016) Movie Script

I believe in fairy tales
and serendipitous encounters
Catch a tiger by the
tail and make a wish
Drink from the fountain
Oh, oh oh, oh oh
I believe love will prevail
The path is clear for me to
Shooting stars will leave a
For me to fill with joy and
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh
Leave your fear of
love behind
Let you dreaming
be your guide
If you seek then
you shall find
I believe in fairy tales
and serendipitous encounters
I believe in fairy tales
and serendipitous encounters
Rick, you're not supposed
to see me like this.
Well don't just stand
there, hand me a towel.
Sorry Gwyneth although in
this light with absolutely
no clothes on you look...
Rick we barely even know each
[Jenny] Do you know what time
it is?
Um, 10:30 I think.
I wanted to sleep in, ugh.
What are you doing here?
Aren't you supposed to be at
Isn't it a school day?
Not until noon.
End of school picnic.
Really, they still have those?
Those always suck.
Shit, I'll try to be more
I'm getting better at that
though, haven't you noticed?
You're doing great Mom.
Thank you.
Why do you always have to do
I mean, it's still morning.
Much better!
Baby Bird is finishing sixth
That is so wild!
Oh I can't be that old.
Am I really that old?
You know what you should do?
Stay home from school
and watch movies with me.
Watch movies with me all day,
yes, yes!
You can't make me stay home
from school.
God you are a weird kid.
(gentle music)
Thank you Baby Bird.
There's seriously nothing in
There's like pickles and yogurt.
That is not true.
There's like corned beef
hash and french fries
I brought home from work last
I can't keep eating your diner
Stop complaining, it's not
that bad if you nuke it first.
I hate grocery shopping.
Then let me do it.
I keep asking you and
you never let me do it.
- No!
- Why?
Kids do not grocery shop.
It's like, wrong.
But then you wouldn't be
all crabby about doing it
and then we'd have apples
and eggs and stuff.
Okay, I am totally not crabby.
You're totally crabby.
Those are Grandma's.
She's in India.
Besides, she told me I
could wear her stuff.
She didn't tell me that.
[Jenny] They're too big for
I know.
Well you better be
super careful and not get
anything on them otherwise she'll
never stop giving me crap.
I will.
("Find A Little Love" by
Nick D' and the Believers)
Bye Mom.
I know a girl she
once said to me
That what you get
ain't always what you see
There's a shine behind
all the rocks and trees
The way you look
man is poetry
And while you're young
you gotta stamp your feet
Don't be afraid to
ever make a scene
They might see yeah
they might say
Gotta let it rain gotta
let it rain
But if there's a way if
there's a way
Gotta let them know let them
Find a little love before you
Hi Miss Selena.
Oh my goodness.
Robin, you look so extra pretty
Thank you, so do you.
Thank you.
Hey which of the boys do you
think is gonna throw up first
after eating too much cake
and ice cream and soda?
Boys are so gross.
Some can be nice.
You gonna go over?
Um, you know I think
I'll just, think I'll...
[Selena] Here, have some
ginger ale.
[Boy] Ball!
(mellow music)
[Boy] Carlos, ball.
Hey you wanna listen to a
My cousin wrote it.
You gotta put both of them in.
[Dominic] Girl, you're a
No, I'm not.
You were dancing.
That beat was epic, right?
Yo let me see your speaker, man.
Man, never thought I'd see you
White girl like you always so
pretty and pink and perfect.
Leave her alone man, that beat
was epic.
So I heard you used
to live in the Valley.
You're from the Valley?
Yeah, Reseda, mostly.
[Carlos] That's cool.
My uncle Charlie lives in the
It's frigging hot there bro.
So how come you never talk?
I mean unless you have like
the answer in class or
Um, I dunno.
Guess I'm just always
thinking about stuff.
[Richard] Like what?
Like how perfect she is.
It's picnic day and little
miss perfect brought a book.
Little miss perfect from the
always has to do everything all
I'm not trying to be perfect.
Oh yes you are.
I'm not trying to be anything.
Well I know one thing you
didn't do perfect today.
You forgot to wear a tampon!
Look at that!
Didn't anyone ever tell
you to wear a tampon
if you're gonna bleed?
White jeans?
(rock music)
Oh yeah
Now listen
Back open roads
Down the city
Playing the music I love
Somehow I can't get my mind
off of you
[Jenny] Oh my god!
Okay, Arlo, will you turn off
What are you doing here?
I think I'm bleeding
to death or something!
- What?
- What?
Mom look, Arlo, don't.
Oh my god.
You're not bleeding, you
got your first period!
Oh Arlo she got her first
- Mom!
- Honey!
You've got your period!
I think I'm gonna just
step out for a smoke.
Stop laughing!
I don't know what...
Oh my god, those are
Grandma's white jeans.
What am I?
Honey, Baby Bird, this
is a really great moment,
- you got your period!
- Mom, stop it!
Okay, okay.
In an ideal world what would you
want me
to do right now because I can do
I mean Grandma is gonna
flip over those jeans
but let's not talk about that
right now.
But I mean when I got my
first period she did not
handle it well, she was all
like "here's a pamphlet,
"I hope you don't have any
And then slam.
I was at the picnic.
In white jeans.
Okay, everybody saw.
That girl Rachel told everybody!
I don't even know what to do!
Da da da da da
Happy first day of your first
You're not helping.
I am trying to cheer you up.
It's not my fault if you don't
let me.
I'll catch up with you guys.
Dude that's her house.
Okay I see.
That's cool.
You know what they say.
Old enough to bleed, old enough
to breed.
Dude you don't even
know what that means.
Hey man.
She home?
I wouldn't.
I wouldn't do that if I were
Why not?
Can you just give this to her
Which her?
Robin, she's in my class.
Oh you mean Bird.
Alright, will do.
Alright cool.
Oh sorry.
Will you show me?
You know.
The stuff.
The stuff?
It's not really like that.
It better not be.
Okay, you know I can do this.
Yeah I mean that is, nobody
stands when they do it.
Okay so, it, you know, you're
like that,
and then, you know, you open up
a thing
and you're like right up
in there, maybe this way.
And you're like in its spot.
You know mine veers a little to
the left
so you never really know.
You're terrible at this.
I am trying.
I want Lilli.
Find a comfortable position.
That's bullshit.
You're just gonna want to squat
and find something to hold
onto so you don't fall.
I could fall?
Blah blah blah, into
vaginal canal, blah,
I mean seriously, who wrote
Man, you are gonna push this
all the way into your vagina.
You understand about vaginas,
you know how to find it?
I think so.
Okay, good.
So once this is really
in there you're gonna
push this thing up like this,
out that comes, you're
gonna pull this stuff out,
this is the only thing that
stays in here.
You have a little cotton
tail so you can pull it
out again later.
Right, make sure you
don't lose it up there
or forget about it.
Wait, I could lose it?
- It sometimes does.
- It doesn't get lost.
How many times do I have to do
It depends.
- On what?
- On the flow.
And how many days?
- Like about five.
- Like eight.
Okay well there's your
tampon, here's your mirror.
Good luck, let's go.
I should have told her about
all this.
Crap, I totally should have
told her about this right?
It's okay, she's gonna be
I am not ready for this.
She is a baby!
You are gonna be fine.
[Bird] It didn't work.
Go get me a pair of your
Oh my god.
- Make sure it's clean!
- Yeah, yeah.
Okay, so there's another
option, there's um,
oh here we go!
The pad.
As I like to call it, the
Why the diaper you might ask?
Well because.
They're itchy, they're hot,
they make you waddle like a
They have wings.
They have wings, that is
And so...
Just like so.
And you go like that and
you put it up, ba ba ba.
Oh I hate those things, I only
wear 'em
if I have to double down.
[Lilli] Give me one of those.
Hey, you quit.
Not today my friend, not
(lighter clicking)
I've been so worried about this.
About, yeah, well.
(clears throat)
You know I guess I have
to say that you know
I think it's probably
you know it's, I think...
I've got nothing, I don't know.
That's right, you don't
have any sisters do you?
I got a mom.
Bit of a narcissist, workaholic
That's it.
Explains so much.
- (laughing)
- Screw you.
Celeste is not gonna kiss me
for a week
because I've been smoking.
Doesn't this count as an
Yeah, it does for Jenny.
Oh what can you do?
I'll see you soon my friend.
Love you.
[Lilli] Love you too.
[Bird] Sorry I made
you sleep on a maxi pad.
Please don't go.
I actually do have to go.
Stupid band practice.
I bet you were
a sexy nerdy band guy, weren't
You were.
Please don't go, it's my night
But you know Bird probably
needs some...
Some time with you.
But I could maybe sneak in
after she goes to sleep.
Arlo, I'm scared.
I know.
- Hi!
- Mom!
- Popcorn?
- No!
Oh crap.
I hate this banana.
Can we please take it down?
I love that banana!
I painted that, you know?
Yeah, I know.
Oh god I just realized.
I could be a grandma.
Once you get your
period you can have babies
and if you can have babies
then I can be a grandma.
I can't be grandma!
That's disgusting!
I know!
It's totally freaking me out!
Stop talking.
Do we need to talk about sex?
I mean I realize I should've
talked to you
about the whole period thing
but do we need to have the sex
Do I need to buy you a box of
[Bird] Oh my god.
Grandma has the Magic of
Sex around here somewhere
and it has really good pictures.
Mom, you know what?
Stop talking now.
Okay I've just had the
worst day of my life.
Everyone knows!
Carlos knows.
Who's Carlos?
Is he your boyfriend?
Why didn't you tell me?
Oh hey.
Do you like me in this dress?
No, Grandma's gonna kill you!
You're no fun.
- Ugh!
- Ugh!
Please don't tell me
you're smoking in my bed.
Listen honey, you were never
good at this,
any of it Jennifer.
Every transition she's ever
You didn't even like it when
she started to get teeth.
That's not true.
I loved her tiny teeth, they
were like little pearls.
Yeah but you complained
about it for two years.
I am not good at this.
I wanna be good at it.
But I mean when I went on
the rag you totally sucked!
Well life is suffering.
For you.
So how is live on the 'shram?
What can I say?
I'm, you know, I'm
living my fondest dream.
I may never come back.
Don't get any ideas.
So there actually is some bad
Hit me.
The pants that Baby was
wearing today,
they were your white ones.
That's fine, that's fine.
It's just an object.
You just jumped down my
ass for smoking in bed?
That's just an object.
That's because I don't
want to see you immolate
yourself and my granddaughter
in a blaze of selfish idiocy!
Come on.
Same time next week?
Love you both.
Love you Mommy.
There's blood, there's blood
What the hell?
What did you do?
What do you mean what did I
There's blood everywhere,
Mom, I'm bleeding!
Did you wear a pad, did
you wear one of the big ones,
did you do it right?
Yes I did it right!
I put on the pads that Lilli
showed me,
I did it exactly how she told me
God baby girl at night
with gravity and shit
you have to wear one of the big
They were right next to the
wimpy ones, didn't you see?
I thought it would be enough,
So now I'm just someone who
for the rest of my life I'm
gonna bleed.
Just gush out of me, just
this is gonna be all the
time I'm just gonna bleed.
I'm bleeding.
I'm never gonna stop bleeding.
It's never gonna end.
Let's do this.
Baby Bird, go take a shower.
(upbeat music)
I'm not leaving the
house while I'm bleeding.
What if I bleed all over
What if I'm just going
to walk down the street
and then suddenly blood
starts gushing out of me?
[Jenny] You are not gonna
This is a moment.
This is a moment and I
wanna take you to pancakes
so can we go now?
I don't want pancakes!
Or a bubble bath, okay?
Or ice cream, because
that's what would make
you feel better.
[Jenny] Hormonal much?
[Bird] And will you stop
smoking pot all the time?
If you don't like pancakes
anymore, that is...
Well you know what, I
Christ on a shit-sucking,
butt filled cracker don't
wanna have pancakes with you.
Okay Baby Bird, I
will give you that one.
[Bird] Don't call me that
Call you what?
Baby Bird.
- It's your name!
- No it's not!
I am not a baby.
But you looked just like a
baby bird when you were born.
I wanted to call you that
but Mommy wouldn't let me.
She broke me down.
Why are we never in here?
[Jenny] 'Cause this is
Grandma's space.
Isn't it all Grandma's?
[Jenny] Huh.
And it's Bird.
What bird?
That's what everyone calls me.
Like who?
Oh my god is that my shirt?
Everyone calls me that
like Lilli and Arlo.
Since when?
Since we left the Valley!
I know that you didn't want to
come here
but it makes things so much
easier for me!
It was great there, okay?
No one thought I was a dork
I got to live next to my best
and I wasn't bleeding all over
Seriously just Bird like
not Baby or Baby Bird?
You say I'm a woman now
and I'm gonna have sex
with everyone I see and then
oh yeah, I'm gonna turn you
into some sort of creepy
Yeah, blood is pouring
out of me and ya suck.
- (scoffs)
- Come on.
Okay, you are on the
rag and you need to like
eat some chocolate or something.
Then let me go grocery
You can't go grocery shopping!
I'm not a baby.
I don't need baby things,
right, 'cause I'm a woman.
I don't need dolls or toys to
play with.
I can't have any of this
Baby Bird, Bird.
My childhood is over.
You are a kid!
And I'm bleeding!
You know what?
Screw pancakes.
She won't let me.
Hey, is that woo woo lady thing
still happening at Mona's?
Wait what?
I have to make the phone call.
I have to call people?
Oh god thank you.
Is Celeste gonna make
me talk about my vagina?
Is Celeste gonna make
her talk about her vagina?
Oh my god.
Bird, ah!
[Bird] Hi Celeste.
Tell me all about
what's going on with you.
I think Lilli already told
Got my period.
Ah your first period!
How exciting!
So how are you feeling?
Do you have any cramps, any
soreness in the breasts,
bloating, diarrhea, mood swings?
- Mood swings.
- Mood swings.
Mood swings.
Girl, welcome to the sisterhood.
[Jenny] I mean she
does live in the house,
we do share a bathroom.
It's bound to happen.
[Arlo] Maybe we should do
the ribbon on the doorknob
She's a kid.
That's a little
inappropriate to be like hey,
here's a sock on the door.
What is more inappropriate?
What are my options?
I feel like some preemptive
A little bit?
Hey, I got a question.
What's going on here?
What do you mean?
What do I mean?
I mean what's going on with you
and me?
- With you and me?
- Yeah.
Everything's cool.
Everything's cool.
That's your answer.
Well maybe you know what maybe
maybe cool isn't cool enough.
Aren't I supposed to
be the one that's like
where is this going?
Yeah well maybe it should be
Arlo this conversation's
giving me a headache.
Alright I'll put it another
How do you hear it when
you say it in your head?
I blank Arlo.
Fill in the blank.
This is such a waste of break
We could be having sex
in the very big backseat
of your car.
I'm waiting.
Why don't you come back
to my place at midnight?
I'll be there five
minutes after midnight.
I gave her one of the
biggest pads I could find.
I feel so bad.
It was like a freak
horrorshow this morning.
- Really?
- Mm hmm.
I love you!
Did Bird tell you that I
sort of kind of slapped her?
My mom slapped me once and
I never forgave her for that.
Well now you know.
Did you make the phone
calls for tomorrow?
Celeste made the phone calls.
Just a reminder, tomorrow's
about Bird, not about you.
But it's gonna be awesome.
She's gonna have such a good
Now listen.
I'm only coming in with my
if you tell me you love me.
It's raining outside.
Do you love me or not?
- Come on.
- No.
Come on.
No, I'm putting my foot down.
Come on.
[Arlo] Oh wait, do you love
You do, don't you?
You know I think I may
What's that?
- Really?
- Mm hmm.
Doesn't count.
Why not?
- Why not?
- Mm hmm?
Well first of all you're
and secondly you just had a
very high dose of vitamin C
and lastly I am playing
bongos on your butt.
But that's okay, that's alright.
I'll wait for the real thing.
This bother you?
[Jenny] Hey keep going.
Why won't you tell me?
Shut up, you're gonna love it.
Robin, welcome.
It's Bird now.
(holistic music)
Women, virgins, mothers, crones.
May we all welcome the beautiful
who is having her very first
(cheering and clapping)
[Jenny] It's really sticky.
This is really exciting
moment in your life.
It's like having a telephone
right into your body.
You don't remember the story?
I told you on our second date.
So anyway...
So my friends would come
over and we'd look at it
and we'd laugh and then
when the stuff actually
started happening to us we
didn't laugh so much anymore.
We resonate with your tides.
(tambourine shaking)
Oh Mother Moon, bless young
Bird as she flies away.
Descending to the world of
Jennifer, mother of this child.
What do you say on this, her
I can't believe I'm this old.
(upbeat music)
My vagina is impressed.
Baby Bird!
I have to leave for work in an
I'm not chasing after you.
I don't do that.
(gentle music)
That was so dope.
- Yeah that was tight man.
- She was so pissed.
Not again.
[Richard] Dude come on, shut
Just give me a minute okay?
[Richard] Maybe we should
just leave her alone this time.
[Carlos] I just want to talk
to her.
Haven't you seen Carrie?
Girl gets her period, all
the other girls scream
plug it up, plug it up!
That chick burns down
the whole school bro.
The whole thing.
You should like get her
a present or something
like a necklace or flowers.
I dunno, girls like it.
Let's go.
(light music)
You look different today.
Is it your birthday?
No, no my mom made me go to
this party.
There were these people chanting
and I had to pretend like I
was dead in a kiddie pool.
It was totally creepy.
That's wild.
You know with my sisters
my parents just took them
out to dinner.
You have big sisters?
Mm hmm, yeah.
I brought your book back the
other day.
I looked at some of
the pictures as well.
You like to read those big
books, huh?
Do you like to read?
I like comic books.
Have three boxes this long.
My cousin wrote one that's
actually pretty epic.
Is that the same one that did
the song?
No, that's another cousin.
How many cousins do you have?
A lot.
My mom tried to take me to
And you didn't let her?
Who doesn't like pancakes?
(clock chiming)
I better get going.
Hey, what do they call you?
Your people I mean.
Your name's different in school.
What do they call you?
They call me Bird.
See you around Bird.
[Bird] So if I'm
gonna bleed for one week
out of every month that's 25%,
I mean that's a quarter
of my life bleeding.
What's the point of
living a life like that?
There's having children,
that's a beautiful thing.
What's a beautiful thing, you?
- Hi Baby Bird.
- Hey.
But you guys don't have any
We like other people's kids.
I'm never having kids.
I mean I already have my mom.
You brought your guitar.
I'm working on a song.
(strumming guitar)
Don't you wanna fool around?
Living back in Reseda
Where the men are
all dreaming
Chocolate affairs in
the night
And their wives are all
Crying to TVs
And spending their money on
The supper is late
'Cause they can't find the
Sauce is all dusty remorse
And the pallor of papa
Sad like that hotel
they stayed in when things
Were too coarse
And we crossed on a ranting
While our eyes were still
She gave away all that she
And I wanted to hold her
Nothing could have told her
What I was going to do
What I'd do
The supper is late 'cause
they can't find the plates
The sauce is all
dusty remorse
And the pallor of papa
Sad like that hotel they
stayed in when things were
Too coarse
Things were too coarse
Things were too coarse
- Guess we could fool around.
- Can we fool around now?
(car alarm blaring)
It's day four.
Day four of this shit
and it's still not over.
I still have honey in my ear.
Something's happening to me
Something's happening to me
Something's happening to me
I feel myself changing
What I want what I want
what I want what I want
I just stick around
I wanna multiply
And the reason why I won't go
Shake from left to right
Blowin' inside
To the beat you look to crush
So it's time to say goodbye
I was never so anyway
Was a good try good try
But now I feel myself
Mm hmm.
Okay, see you Monday.
Can I help you sweetheart?
Yeah, I wanna get my tubes
Do you know what tube ties is?
Yeah, it can stop you from
ever getting your period
again, right?
No sweetheart, that only
stop you to getting pregnant.
Wait are you sure?
'Cause I thought it did
both and I want both.
I'm pretty sure.
I only work on the front
desk but I don't think so.
Why don't I go and ask
somebody to talk to you?
(phone dialing)
[Mrs. Allen] Hello?
Hey Mrs. Allen.
Is Amy there?
[Mrs. Allen] Who's calling?
It's me.
Robin Styles.
Oh Robin, I'm sorry.
She went to the movies
with a bunch of friends.
You want me to have her call
You know what no, that's okay.
Bye Mrs. Allen.
[Mrs. Allen] Bye!
[Jenny] Oh come on.
Whoa, whoa.
You alright buddy?
Here you go.
You okay?
Thanks man.
Yeah, no problem.
So hey, is that hard to do?
All that, you know, turning
and spinning the board and
Um, no.
No it's not too hard but
not anyone can do it.
But you know it's not too
I make guitars and it's
kind of the same thing.
So can you show me a couple
Not today man.
First you gotta put
on some different shoes.
Oh right.
So you're a guitar player?
What's your name?
And yeah, I am a guitar player.
Nice to meet you Arlo.
That's a cool name.
I'm Carlos.
Also a good name.
So like we have the
same exact name except
my name starts with a
C and ends with an S.
That's right.
That's cool, that's very cool.
So are you Bird's...
Her mom's your lady?
Uh, my lady, yeah.
Yeah well I'm working on it.
Gotta go for these
things in life, you know?
You gotta go for 'em even if...
So um, so show me something.
It's called an alley oop.
- That's an alley oop?
- Yeah.
- I like that.
- Thanks.
I made it up myself.
- You did?
- Yeah.
You mind if I give it a go?
Don't worry about the shoes.
Are you sure?
Don't worry about the shoes.
Being a woman means having to
put up
with a certain amount of shit.
And having your period
is just one of them.
I refuse to believe that.
I want the pill.
The ring, I want the patch,
an IUD, and every single thing
that will stop this from
happening to me again.
So I just did an alley oop.
She keeps rejecting every
attempt I make
to cheer her up like I'm the
bad guy, like I'm the bad guy.
Am I the bad guy?
Jenny you know this isn't
happening to you, right?
Who the hell do you
think it's happening to?
It's happening to Bird.
(muffled screaming)
Arlo, can you do me a really
big favor?
Can you like take Baby
Bird and go for a walk
or have a nice talk with her?
Anything to give me a break
from my daughter's demonic
(muffled screaming)
Is it cool to come in?
I'll take that as a yes.
She wants you to have a
talk with me, doesn't she?
- Yeah.
- I'll take that as a yes.
She might have mentioned
I enjoy talking to you
so it wasn't a big ask.
I think it's pretty cool.
It's grown up, you know?
Sometimes it's tricky but
I think it's pretty cool.
You're doing great.
You think it's cool that
blood is pouring out of me?
That's strange.
I mean not that specifically.
That's cool too though.
The hormones, the mood swings,
you think that's all cool?
Love this bedspread.
[Bird] Can we not talk about
Just pretend like we had a good
and she won't know the
[Arlo] However you wanna play
- Oh no.
- What?
Those kids are gonna be here.
That girl Rachel I bet
she's gonna be here.
Can we go now please, please?
It'll be fine Bird,
it'll be fine, don't worry.
- You can't promise that.
- It'll be fine.
No one can promise that
What are you gonna do?
You gonna avoid parks
for the rest of my life?
You know all the girls in
my class are already like,
you know, active.
You mean they got the painters
They're riding the crimson wave?
No, I mean like, you know,
blow jobs and hand jobs
and balls and tits, it's
Oh look, there's the food
You wanna get some fruit?
Uh okay.
So hmm.
- Balls, really?
- That's her.
Oh, that's okay.
What's up shark week?
Suck shit.
Whoa, Bird!
What did he just call you?
Are you like a little
bird now, a little tiny
bloody baby bird?
I'm not a baby.
And I'll have you know, you
know, this is my boyfriend.
We're just trying to have
some quality time in the park
so do you mind?
He's your boyfriend?
Yeah, so hon why don't I go
grab some pineapple slices,
just like you like 'em,
little bit of chili,
little bit of lemon, okay?
What, no sugar?
Look you prissy little Valley
you don't get to tell me to eat
just because you're dating
some ancient bearded weirdo.
I didn't say eat shit.
I said suck shit.
[Rachel] You little ho bag!
Oh hey, hey.
[Rachel] Hoochie little slut.
Whoa whoa whoa hey hey hey
[Rachel] Get off of me!
Here we go, here we go.
Ladies, enough.
- Hey.
- Don't touch me!
You just wait until next year
when we're
in junior high, bitch.
Your ass is mine.
Okay, and we are out.
Come on sweetheart we mustn't be
for our doubles tennis game.
Here we go.
You are an angry girl.
- Oh hey guys.
- Hey.
Did you have a good talk?
Uh yeah, yeah we had a good
Right Bird?
Well I actually have to get
out so.
What, no sugar?
- Arlo?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I mean thank you that like...
No I get it, don't worry about
Work it out, okay?
You'll wanna put some frozen
peas on that.
- Hey man.
- What's up buddy?
What happened to you?
Oh no.
You must be Bird.
What happened?
That girl Rachel punched me.
You get her back?
A little.
Good for you.
All that girl likes
to do is start fights.
She's been doing it
since the second grade.
Okay well I'll leave you two.
And don't worry about Rachel,
you're way cooler than her.
Are you okay?
Do you need me to get someone?
There isn't anyone.
Look, all of this stuff...
- It doesn't matter.
- How can you say that?
I mean seriously, you're a guy.
Guys don't have to go through
this stuff.
You don't even know.
I've got sisters.
I know.
[Jenny] Bird, Bird!
Well I'm gonna go down the
and practice my skateboarding.
You know you can come say hi to
Come say hi.
Are you ready?
- Oh my god.
- Don't.
Don't pretend like you're
all worried about me now.
You know I am so sick of you.
I'm sick of you, I'm sick
of all of your creepy stuff
lying around here all the time
and I am sick of looking
at this stupid banana!
- (ripping)
- No!
Did you know that boys know?
Like all about the blood.
They don't always know about
Boys know.
Like they know all
about it, they can tell.
Boys know.
[Arlo] I think you
have commitment issues.
Commitment issues?
Of course I have commitment
issues, I have a kid.
And a job, and I am desperately
trying to not destroy
my mother's house while
she's living on a fricking
ashram in India for god sakes!
I am up to my ass in commitment.
Okay Jenny.
Do you want me to step up
to the plate here or not?
Because I can't go halfway.
I'm having a really bad week.
You're having a bad week,
Well your kid's freaking out.
I, my day, yeah it started out
okay, yeah,
then it went (mimics explosion).
I mean haven't you noticed
anything different about me?
You're in a really crappy
I don't know what the
hell I'm doing here.
I mean I'm just, I'm trying
to do the right thing.
I'm always just trying
to do the right thing.
And I'm not?
I think your break's over.
(matches clattering)
I been mistreated
I been abused
You got baby
[Man] Did you smash pumpkins?
Of course, of course.
Why don't we get outta here?
I have to warn you though
I have commitment issues.
So there's that.
Oh jeez.
Well maybe she's home.
Maybe she's just already at the
Come on, let's go home,
let's go to the house.
[Jenny] I can't do this.
[Man] You'll feel better.
[Jenny] No I mean I can't do
you and me,
it's a mistake.
You're bad luck
Your my number one
Lilli, hi!
I got your text.
[Jenny] Oh yeah?
Two hours ago.
Hey Baby Bird.
Hey Mom.
You know what?
My apologies, I just remembered
I got,
my cable guy's coming tomorrow
Just go.
- Go.
- Oh god!
What the hell is wrong with
What the hell does it look
I can't do this anymore.
You know I have held
your hair when you threw up
into a urinal after a
Jaeger bender so don't
get all high and mighty on me,
Bird, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
You wanna come home with me?
You're being a dick.
Take a shower and clean yourself
[Bird] Who was that?
No, who was the guy?
Um, the guy was no one, he was
who bought me a drink.
You were supposed to be
picking me up!
I had a bad day.
Arlo and I had a fight.
What about?
I am not telling you that.
You are a kid.
There are things, things that
grownups don't tell kids.
You are not a grownup.
I'm the grownup!
All the time around here, okay?
I am the grownup.
Okay, you can be the
grownup, see if I care.
Fine, I will!
(door slams)
Oh god.
I want some pot.
I wanna smoke some of your
Absolutely not.
You say it's for cramps,
So I definitely want some pot.
Good god Baby Bird.
Could you be making this any
harder on me?
Just like read or write in
your secret little journal
or whatever, just do something,
I can't this morning.
You're hungover.
[Bird] So that's gross.
Oh you're gross.
Don't wake me up again
unless the house is on fire.
("To Sir With Love" by Lulu)
Those schoolgirl days
Of telling tales and
biting nails are gone
But in my mind
I know they will still
live on and on
But how do you thank someone
Who has taken you
from crayons to perfume
It isn't easy but I'll try
(frantic music)
Oh look what the little
baby bird is buying.
Do you even know what
to do with one of those?
Shut up.
Hey, kid, stop!
Joe stop that kid!
[Officer] So who's the girl?
I'm sorry what?
Who's the girl?
Oh the girl.
She was the one who hit me the
other day.
Why'd you steal a box of
Well the ones at my
house are really weird
and giant, purple, it's just
really weird
so I came here and we ran out of
and I hate the pads,
they just always crinkle
when you walk and you can feel
and then sometimes you
can just end up bleeding
like everywhere.
Have you been drinking
any or eat anything strange?
You been smoking?
Is there something you wanna
tell me?
It's okay, you can talk to me.
What is going on?
My car was still at the diner.
Jenny Styles.
This is your daughter?
Yeah, Bird.
Robin, her real name
is Robin but we call...
What's going on?
Your daughter got caught
this box of tampons.
Bird, come on!
I think she's been
smoking marijuana also.
Come on!
Miss can I speak to you for a
Those are mine, oh
my god those are mine.
Now look the situation is
usually pretty (mumbling).
What concerns me is the pot.
How old is she?
No, 12.
You have sole custody of her?
Of course, she's my
kid, of course I have
sole custody of her.
What happened today?
She got bullied.
She's been in a fight.
The girl was here and she needed
Now this is all something
you should be handling.
She's 12 and you're...
Get your act together.
Keep the marijuana away from
your kid.
I'm assuming it's yours, right?
Keep the marijuana away from the
and get this girl some tampons.
Take care of yourself, okay?
You brought the cops down on
- No, I'm sorry.
- Come on.
You know I am supposed
to be at work right now?
[Arlo] What's going on?
She was caught shoplifting
She got into my pot and
went shoplifting high.
Well that shouldn't be too
Am I gonna go to jail?
No sweetheart.
Getting into your pot.
What's that supposed to mean?
Means it's always out, lying
She's a kid.
Yeah, she's my kid so
it's none of your business.
Where were you last night?
I was home.
After work I went by
to talk to you some more
and you had already left
but you weren't here.
And you haven't been answering
my calls.
He bought her a drink.
Who bought her a drink?
Bird, nobody.
Nobody bought you a drink.
Nobody bought me a drink, I
had a drink
and then I came home, big deal.
How did you get home?
[Bird] Gabriel.
Who's Gabriel?
[Bird] He bought her a drink.
Come on Jen, what is this?
Go in the house Bird.
[Bird] No.
Go in the house!
Really Jenny?
I love you.
You know that.
Bird, I love you too.
So what, I get to be
the bad guy with you too?
Great, just bail.
Oh my god, you are ruining my
Ruining it!
I don't know what makes you
think you can act like that
and it's not gonna cause
problems for me.
What were you thinking?
Narcing me out for having a
I like Arlo!
He's nice to me.
And I'm not?
I don't do nice things for you?
God you used to be such a nice
Yes I used to be such a nice
But now I can't even be a kid
And no, you're not nice to me.
You don't let me do what I wanna
What do you wanna do?
I wanna go grocery
shopping with real money
so I can just buy my
own tampons instead of
having to steal it!
I want to have a mom who
could pick me up for once!
Just once, could you
please pick me up for once?
I want to have friends
again, I wanna go home!
I want a real mom.
I hate you so much.
I wish you never had me.
Get in the car.
Where are we going?
(thunder rumbling)
I'm giving her to you.
Here, take her.
Do whatever you do with them.
Put her up for adoption.
I'm sorry, what's going on
Safe baby drop off.
No questions asked.
She's all yours.
Yeah safe baby drop off, she's
a kid.
I know my rights.
I have until she's 18.
You have to take her.
Is that right?
That can't be right.
Have a nice life.
Okay I'm not sure...
You know what?
Let me get someone, okay?
She left me.
I know kid, I know.
I'm just, I'm not sure...
She left me.
She left me.
Can I get you a bottle
of water or something?
Here you go.
Okay kid, stay here.
I'm gonna go get someone.
Just stay here.
I want to go to the Valley.
I've got cash.
Where is she?
I just walked in here.
We were trying to figure out who
to call.
And you let her leave?
What is wrong with you, she's
just a kid!
[Arlo] Hello?
[Jenny] Arlo, she's gone.
Bird is gone.
What, where did she go, what
Tell me.
I left her.
I left her at the fire station.
The fire...
Wait, was there a fire?
Safe baby drop off.
Safe baby.
I was so angry at her, I
didn't mean it,
but I just dropped her
off and then she left.
God I'm a terrible person, I'm
I know that you are really
mad at me and you have
every right to be.
I have been acting like
a dick and I see that now
I just, I really need you to
help me find Bird, please.
Where do you think she would go?
Lilli's maybe?
Maybe she called her?
She doesn't have a cell phone
[Jenny] No.
Does she have any money?
Do you think she might have
gone home?
I don't know, she is
really angry at me right now.
No I mean home home, like
Reseda home.
Why would she go...
Oh, maybe, maybe, yeah, she
might have.
Call Lilli and go home.
No no no no no, Arlo I can't
go home.
I have to look for her.
If Bird comes home you need to
be there.
You need to be there for her.
You hear what I'm saying?
I'm gonna go to the Valley.
[Taxi Driver] If you
just told me an address.
I can find it.
Okay I lived here for
almost a whole year, okay?
I can find it.
Bird, Bird, is she here?
(gentle twangy music)
[Taxi Driver] Not a street
I don't remember.
[Taxi Driver] What about a
Um... I don't know, I
think it started with a 12.
That's it, right over there.
Are you sure?
Looks like every other apartment
house we've seen tonight.
Yeah, I'm sure.
(doorbell rings)
Hi Mrs. Allen.
Oh my gosh, Robin.
What are you wearing?
Is your mom...
She's over...
Can I come in?
I really want to talk to Amy.
I'm sorry, Amy's not here,
she went to a little party
over at, uh, honey,
what's that girl's name?
[Man] Synthia, with an S.
She's over at Synthia's.
Do you know where that is?
- Jen.
- Please don't.
Not right now.
Just please don't.
I see everything.
I get it, okay?
I finally get it this time.
Not right now.
And thank you.
(upbeat pop music)
Synthia it's me, Robin.
Robin, what are you doing
I need to talk to Amy.
Can I talk to her?
Yeah, but we're all
like kind of in the middle
of something right now.
What are you doing here?
I need to talk to you.
Can I just talk to you for like
a minute?
Go ahead.
It's a totally supervised
- I mean...
- Yeah.
I just thought she'd
rather be there than here.
Sure, sure.
So can you give me the address?
Yeah, it's...
At her friend's house in the
so I'm gonna pick her up, I'm
a couple blocks away.
What are you wearing?
You're like, you're a mess.
Um, I smoked pot.
I almost got arrested and
I got really really pissed
at my mom so now Arlo's gone
and she dropped me off at a fire
And now everything's just
really, really screwed up.
I mean, that's too bad
and stuff, but, um...
We're kind of in the middle of
With Synthia?
With stuck up Synthia?
Do you even remember how
we used to laugh about her?
About how she was never, ever
nice to us?
She treated us like we were
Yeah well...
I dunno.
What are you guys even doing
in there?
We're playing seven minutes in
You know, you get locked in
with a guy for seven minutes.
It's okay.
I got my first period.
Jeez Robin.
Grow up.
That happened for me like months
I only moved away from
here like three months ago.
Yeah well...
It happened in front of
Look, I've had a really, really
bad week.
I guess I just wanted to
come home and see you.
Guess I can't now right.
Yo doll, there you are.
You had me worried girl.
Come on, no calls, no texts.
We were supposed to meet for
cocktails like an hour ago.
Arlo, Bird's boyfriend.
How you doing?
So what do you guys got going
Little party?
You don't wanna hang out at
a lame Valley party, do you?
Not anymore.
So not your style.
Shall we?
You do what you had to do?
I did.
Well kid, you know what
they say about the Valley.
No, what?
The Valley sucks.
You are an LA woman now.
Fuck the Valley.
You okay?
I went home.
[Jenny] Can I come in?
Is Arlo mad at me?
Is Arlo mad at you?
Are you mad at me?
You must wanna kill me.
I would.
If there was a place
I could drop you off
I would've too.
[Jenny] I can't believe I did
You did that.
[Jenny] That was a terrible
thing to do.
Yeah it was.
You are so smart, Bird.
So much smarter than me
and sometimes I just can't
believe that you're my kid.
And then I go and I mess it up.
I just love you so much.
And I know that I am
a mess as a mom and...
You can be a pretty cool mom.
I really screwed this one up
I'm getting better, right?
Calling you the right name.
What was it like back in the
Valley, what did you see?
It was kind of like it
wasn't really there anymore.
Like it wasn't there, huh?
I'm never going back.
You don't ever have to go
back, Bird.
Do you need anything?
Like water, extra blanket,
really big giant purple tampon?
- No, I'm good.
- Okay.
- Hey Mom?
- Yeah.
How come you never
apologize for anything?
I don't know.
I guess 'cause if I don't
then it can always be
someone else's fault.
But I never wanted it to
feel like it was yours,
that's awful.
(phone vibrating)
Um, Grandma messaged and
said that they are singing
a special bjang for you
today at the 'shram.
- Really?
- Mm hmm.
That's pretty cool.
But what's a bjang?
It's a song.
Special just for you.
Which is pretty cool.
Good, good, good.
I love you.
I learned how to take a cab.
Do we wanna talk about that?
I love you.
Mm hmm.
I'm afraid that's not gonna cut
But you are getting warmer.
I love you.
There we go.
(gentle music)
You literally have nothing
in your refrigerator.
[Jenny] That's not
true, there's like yogurt
or something like that.
Just gonna see what I make.
Oh my, really?
There's a french fry
in here, in the yogurt.
Gimme that.
Wow, really?
I've never tried that.
It's not great.
Okay, okay.
What are you guys doing up?
We are making the coffee this
- Hey mom?
- Mm hmm.
[Arlo] What?
I wanna know.
Oh, yeah.
Good work.
Good work.
You, you got this.
[Jenny] Oh I got this, I got
I think.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I just wanted to say
thank you for stopping by
the other day.
It's cool.
Alright well I gotta go do
Have fun skateboarding.
You're getting better.
At skating, since we moved here.
I've been watching you.
A lot better.
You've been watching me?
You know when you
first moved in the house
I thought you were pretty.
Now I think you're really
("Can You Get To That" by
Well I once had a life
or rather life had me
I was one among many,
Or at least I seemed to be
Well I read an old quotation
In a book just yesterday
Said you're gonna reap just
what you sow
The debts you make you
have to pay
Can you get to that
Can you get (I wanna know)
I wanna know if you can
get to that
Can you get (I wanna know)
I wanna know if you
can get to that
Well I recollect with mixed
All the good times we used to
But you were making preparations
for the coming separation
And you blew
everything we had
When you base your life on
And your lovin' days are done
Checks you signed with a love
and kiss'll later come back
Signed insufficient funds
Can you get to that
Can you get (I wanna know)
I wanna know if you can
get to that
Can you get (I wanna know)
I wanna know if you
can get to that
Can you get (I wanna know)
I wanna know if you
can get to that
Can you get (I wanna know)
I wanna know if you
can get to that
When you base your life on
And your lovin' days are done
Checks you signed with a love
and kiss'll later come back
Signed insufficient funds
Can you get to that y'all
Can you get (I wanna know)
I wanna know if you
can get to that
Can you get (I wanna know)
I wanna know if you
can get to that
Can you get (I wanna know)
I wanna know if you
can get to that
I wanna know
(mellow rock music)