Girl Followed (2017) Movie Script

(pleasant music)
(light guitar music)
- [Unknown Driver]
This neighborhood
isn't safe to walk in.
Hop in.
I'll give you a ride.
(panting and screams)
- [Unknown Driver]
Get over here.
- [Tara No, no! (screams)
- [Unknown Driver] Get in there.
(tension music builds)
(engine races)
(mysterious light music)
(phone dings with message)
- [Abby] Okay, ahh.
- [Shale] Ahh.
- [Abby] One more time.
- Ahh.
- Shale, I noticed you have
some sores in your mouth.
Do they hurt?
- A little.
- How long have they been there?
- I guess, like, a couple weeks.
- I need you to be honest with
me so we can give
you the proper care.
Are you sexually active?
- No.
- Have you engaged
in any oral sex?
- I said no.
- I have to ask, okay.
I'll take your pulse.
- Just confirming
Joey's ten o'clock
tomorrow to have a cast removed.
Does that still work?
Can I help you?
- Oh, I'm just
waiting for my mom.
- Oh, you're nurse
Abby's daughter.
- Mhm.
- Now tell me, are
you the one that plays
soccer or wants to be
a fashion designer?
Obviously, right?
I'm Nate.
I just started
about two weeks ago.
- I know.
I think you were at lunch
the last time I came in.
- Well, let me let your
mom know that you're here.
- Oh she knows.
I texted her.
- So.
What else are you
into besides fashion?
- Um, I like dogs.
Even though my parents
won't let me get one.
And I don't know, I watch TV.
- What's your favorite TV show?
- Right now it's that
dating show, Single Swap.
- Mine too.
- How is Shale?
- I found some
lesions in her mouth.
It might be an STD.
- I was really hoping to
get through this month
without having to tell
another family that news.
- I know.
I don't envy you.
- No, I don't either.
- Good luck sweetheart.
- Thank you.
- So do you think Greg
actually hooked up with Linda
or did Paul just kinda
start that to make drama?
- I think it was a complete lie.
What do you think?
- I don't know.
I mean, Linda was into Greg
the minute she
arrived at the house.
- That's true.
- Hi sweetie.
How was school?
- Same as usual.
- I see you met Nate,
- Yeah, we were actually
just talking about our
favorite reality show.
- Guys, guys, that stuff
is going to rot your brain.
- She's so out of touch.
- Honey, why don't you
go to the break room
and do your homework?
'Cause your dad's going to
be here in about a half hour
to pick you up and take
you to the party store.
- Do I have to?
- No, but look, your sister
really wants your help
picking out stuff for her
party so you kinda need to.
Sorry kiddo.
- Abby!
I almost forgot you
actually work here.
- Hey Diane.
Good to see you.
Honey, break room!
- Fine.
- Thank you.
- Is Shale almost done?
My new dining room set's
getting delivered today.
You know how it is,
juggling all the
crazy schedules.
- Dr. Blockman's
actually with her now.
I'll go see how much
longer it'll be.
- Ugh, you are a lifesaver!
- Yeah, no worries.
- [Nate Voiceover]
Regan Lindstrom.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah.
- [Taylor] No way.
(girls laughing)
Oh hey, my Dad's here.
Catch you guys later.
- See ya.
K, bye.
- Hey sweetie.
How was school today?
- Great.
Pop quiz in chemistry,
totally nailed it.
- That's my girl.
Ready to go do some
birthday shopping?
- What do you think?
- Let's do it.
Let's do it!
- [Sabine] Oh my god
you have to see what
Austin just sent me.
- Austin messaged you?
- You're going to like it.
Just sent it.
It's so hot, right?
- So, are you going
to show him, yours?
- If he's lucky.
I'll just use Gem.
The messages disappear,
so no one will ever know.
Oh, my mom has this weird party
charity thing on Friday night
and Shale's throwing a party.
You coming?
- My parents will never let
me if your mom isn't home.
- So?
Austin's coming.
- Hey.
Got a minute?
- Sure.
Hey, I gotta go, I'll
talk to you later, okay?
- Peace out, beatch.
- Hey, so I would've
sent this to you
but I don't have your contact.
Here is all the dirt on Greg.
- Where did you find this?
- The show's website posts these
little articles online but they
only keep it on for
a couple of days.
They do 'em for all the
characters on the show.
- That's so cool.
I can't believe I
didn't know about this.
- Yeah, I can send you the link.
- Oh yeah, here.
I'll give you my e-mail
- Are you on GEM?
'Cause I can text you.
- Oh yeah, here.
Just type in my name and
I'll accept your invite.
- Okay, found you already.
- N-Dog?
- Yeah, it's my nickname.
Sounds pretty thug, right?
- (giggles) You're hilarious.
- So, what are you working on?
- Oh, rational equations.
Super boring.
- Well you know, I used to
be pretty good at those.
If you ever need
any help, call me.
- Okay N-Dog.
- Excuse me.
Um, I not really
feeling that well,
can I see a Doctor please.
- Hi, my love!
- Hey.
- So, what's the good news?
- I'm gonna tell you
tonight at dinner.
- Come on!
You promised you'd tell
me when you got here.
- I know, but this way,
I can let the anxiety
grow for a few more hours.
- Unbelievable, you are.
You always do this to me.
- It's what you love
about me though.
- Very true.
- Yeah.
- [Abby] Okay, Im
gonna go grab Regan.
- Okay.
- Hey I'm Nate.
- Nice to meet you, Jim.
Hey Diane.
- So, are you in the
medical field as well?
- No, no.
I'm actually the Youth
Program Director at the YACC.
- Oh yeah, okay cool.
I know where that is.
So you work with
kids all day too?
Just like your wife?
- Yes.
Yes, we do have that in common.
Plus when one of the kids
gets hurt playing sports
on one of the fields, I can
just send 'em over to her.
There she is.
- Hi Dad.
- Hey, you ready to go?
Taylor's in the car.
- Okay
- Alright sweetie.
- Okay Regan, what
have you been up to?
- So I saw Sabine's
sister coming
out of the doctor's
office today.
- Ugh, you mean Shale?
She's so annoying.
- No she's not!
- Don't defend her just
because she's Sabine's sister.
I mean, all she cares
about is attention.
- That's not true.
Boys just like her.
- Yeah, because she
barely wears any clothes.
Like, I'm pretty sure she
shops in the toddler section.
- Whatever, Taylor.
You're just too
good for everyone.
- That's enough, ladies.
- She started it by
dissing on Shale.
- Well I'm gonna end it.
Alright, we're going to go on to
a new topic of conversation.
- Hi love.
- Hey!
- Okay.
I'm not waiting any more.
- Oh, you wanna hear it now?
Okay, um.
- What's the news?
- Okay, well, okay I can
tell you, sure why not.
Well, the good news is
that you are looking at
the next Senior
Director at the YACC.
- Oh what?
Oh honey!
That's awesome.
- It's good, right?
You know Darren told me today,
he said that all the other
committee members are on board.
So it's a done deal.
- Oh honey, you deserve it.
I'm so happy for you.
- Well, it's gonna
be longer hours.
But, a lot better pay so,
I think I'm gonna
finally be able
to take us on the
cruise at the Bahamas.
- Aww honey!
You worked so hard for this.
- Good, right?
- That's amazing!
Okay, what'd you make?
- I made pasta again, yeah!
- Aww.
So cute!
- You're welcome.
What are you up to?
- There's a party
tomorrow night.
A guy I like is going.
Should I go too?
- Hells yeah.
Why wouldn't you?
- Why wouldn't I?
Because my parents never
let me do anything fun.
No parents home.
I'm not allowed!
- Lie and say you're
going to a movie.
- Ha!
I like the way you think!
(dance music)
- Hi!
- Oh my god, your
sister is so cool.
Can we please trade?
- Oh my god!
Look who's coming over.
- Hey Sabine.
- I can't believe you came.
- I can't say no to you.
Especially after you
sent me that photo today.
- I'm glad you liked it.
I want to show you my room.
- I'd love to see it.
- We'll be back in a bit.
(cellphone buzzes)
- Hello.
- So how was the party?
- Lame.
He went for my
best friend Sabine.
- [Nate] Why?
- Because she sent him
half-naked pictures of herself.
- Well, why don't you do that?
Show Sabine that she's
got some competition.
- I don't know.
I mean, what if he thinks
I look stupid or something?
- Pictures from a
cute girl like you?
I don't think so.
Trust me.
I'm a guy.
(knocking on door)
- Hey, I gotta go.
- [Nate] Fine.
- Bye.
Come in!
- [Abby] Honey, are you up?
- Yup.
- How ya doing?
- I'm good.
- Look, I know
things have been all
about Taylor lately,
but I want you to know
that I'm going to make
it up to you, okay?
- It's okay, mom.
I get it.
- Do you know how
much I love you?
Do you?
- Get up and get dressed, okay.
I'm gonna make you
an amazing breakfast.
- Okay.
I'm getting up.
- I see you.
Get up.
Come on!
(sounds of rummaging)
(Whoosh and camera
shutter sound)
(multiple camera shutter sounds)
- And then Shale totally
hooked up with Bobby,
and then Martin
got super pissed.
- Hey Regan.
- Hey.
- You get my message?
- Oh, ummm, I don't think so.
What was it?
- I said red was a
good color on you.
Don't worry about it gorgeous.
I'll hit you up later.
- Okay.
- What was that about?
- [Regan] That.
- That looks like something
you'd wear under gym clothes.
That is so not sexy.
- Well Austin liked it
and that's all that matters.
- Yeah, well good
luck with that.
He has a different
girl every week.
- Sabine's probably
just jealous.
I mean, let me see the picture.
I'll let you know if it's sexy.
- I don't know if I
should show it to you,
- Okay, whatever.
Just trying to help.
- Okay, but be honest.
- I can see what she's saying.
I mean, you look
super hot in it.
But guys like something
more frilly and sexy.
Austin is right though.
You look super good in red.
- [Abby] Ready sweetheart?
- Okay.
- Bye guys.
- [Both] Bye.
- [Abby] Okay, how bout we
pick out Taylor's gift first
and then look for jeans for you.
- [Regan] Okay
- Maybe I'll look at the purses.
- Yeah, I'll check
out the skirts.
- Is everything okay in there?
Do you need any other sizes?
- Yeah, no, I'm fine.
- Hey honey, you ready?
- Yup.
- You didn't find
anything that you liked?
- No, I didn't see anything.
- Come on.
Since when do you not
want something new?
- I just want to go home.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
Is this your daughter?
- [Abby] Yes.
- She was trying something
on in the dressing room
and I found these empty hangers.
- They were in there
when I got in there.
- Did you let her into
the dressing room or?
- Well, no, but I mean,
she was back there.
- How could you possibly
know that those were hers?
- Well because she was
the only one back there
and I cleaned out the dressing
room not that long ago.
- Yeah, and I know my daughter
and I can assure you she
would never steal anything.
- Okay, I'm going to have
to look in that bag, miss.
- How dare you
accuse my daughter!
You will absolutely not
look in her personal things.
You know what, actually,
I'd like to speak
to your manager.
- I'm, ummm.
- You know what?
Forget it.
We're gonna take our
business elsewhere.
Come on, honey.
I'm so sorry.
It's unbelievable!
(camera shutter sounds)
- Shut up!
I can't believe you sent
this photo to Austin.
Okay, now where did
you get this bra?
It's super cute.
- I stole it.
- Oh my god, no way!
That is so not cool.
- Well, I'm sorry
I wasn't born into
a rich family like you were.
- Oh yeah.
- [Regan] She's lying, Mom!
- I am not!
Kara showed me the
pictures today.
Everyone at school
has seen them!
- Regan, honey be honest.
Did you let a boy
take a picture of you
in your bra and panties?
- What?
- No!
- It was a selfie, Mom!
She took it herself!
- Regan, Is that true?
- No, I didn't do
anything wrong!
- Let me see your phone.
- She ruined my party!
- She didn't ruin your party.
We're going to figure
this out, okay honey.
Mom and I need to talk.
Can we have some privacy please?
- I hate her so much!
- [Abby] Taylor, please!
- Are you kidding me?
Sending half naked
pictures of herself?
She's 14!
- I know.
Honestly, I think it's Sabine.
Between you and I, her sister,
came into the clinic
and she has an STD.
Honey, she's Taylor's age.
- Wow.
- [Abby] Yeah.
- And Regan is obsessed with
everything that Sabine does.
- Exactly.
But, if we try to separate them,
then you know what'll happen.
They'll just sneak around.
I mean, they're best friends.
- I don't even want
to go in there.
I'm so embarrassed.
- Honey, just ignore
anybody who wants to talk
about the pictures.
Okay, I'll talk to
Kara's mom tonight.
It's gonna be fine.
Regan, phone.
- What?
- Yes, I'm going to hold
on to it for the day.
And you get it back tonight
after we sit down and
go over the new rules.
- New rules?
That's not fair!
- Regan.
- I hate you and I hate Dad,
and if you take my
phone, I'll run away
and you'll never see me again.
- Don't ever
threaten to run away.
This was your mistake.
Okay, and your father
and I are going to do
whatever we can to
help you fix it.
We are on your side, but we
are still your parents, okay?
And you are going to live
by our rules, understand?
(frustrated exhale)
It looks like she
erased the pictures.
- What about the texts
that she sent out
with the pictures?
- Yeah, those are gone too.
- Why don't you try
checking the laptop?
Maybe she sent
something from there.
- Okay, will do.
And umm, I'll call the counselor
that Rhonda recommended
as soon as she opens, see if
we can get her in their soon.
- Alright.
Tell me what she says, okay?
- [Abby] Okay, will do.
- Honey, we're gonna
figure this out.
- I hope so.
Okay, bye.
Sexy selfies dot com.
Learn how to take
the best sexy selfie?
Oh Regan.
Oh my god.
Hey, honey.
- Hey, so I just got a
call from the principal.
Regan didn't show
up for school today.
- [Abby] What?
- Excuse me.
Miss, are you okay?
Is everything alright?
- I don't know.
- Is there anything
you need, I can do or?
- Maybe.
Do you have a phone I could
use to make a call with?
- Oh, yeah, sure, okay.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Sure.
- The prescription
should be ready by
the time you get there.
Thank you.
Doctor's office.
This is Nate.
- Nate, it's Regan.
- Hey, now you know
your mom's off today.
- I wasn't calling for her.
I was calling you.
They took my phone but I have
her work number memorized.
- What's going on?
- Everything blew
up with this stupid
picture thing and I ran away.
- Where are you?
- At a park somewhere downtown.
- What's the address?
I'll come pick you up.
- Okay, thanks Diane.
I was just, I was hoping
Regan was with Sabine.
- [Diane] Has Regan
ever run away before?
- No, no.
Never, but, we took
her phone away because
we found these pictures
of her after half-naked
on her phone that she sent
to this boy from school.
- [Diane] You're kidding.
- Has Sabine ever done
anything like that before?
- [Diane] No.
I've talked to my girls
about how doing that
type of thing can ruin
their reputations.
They'd never do
anything like that.
- You sure it wasn't a
problem for you to leave work?
- No, I told Dr. Blockman
I wasn't feeling well.
She got one of the nurses
to cover the phones.
- Okay well, thanks
for picking me up.
I didn't know where else to go.
- Oh yeah.
You can always count on me.
- Oh my gosh!
This is your house?
It's bigger than Sabine's!
- My parents' place.
I live here and I take care
of it while they're gone.
- Where are they?
- I think Spain.
Maybe Italy.
Somewhere over there.
Come on!
- Wow!
This is so cool.
- Hey, what do
you want to drink?
I got juice, water,
soda, beer, wine.
Oh, this is good.
Got some Hard cider.
- What is it?
- It's like apple juice but
with a little alcohol in it.
It's good.
- Yeah.
It is good.
- You know you can't tell
your parents I let you drink?
Or that I brought you here.
Your mom would be pissed,
she'd get me fired.
- I swear I won't say a thing.
Plus, right now, it
feels like you're the
only one I can count on.
- So what do you want to do?
We should do something fun.
- Like what?
- you know how to swim?
- Yeah, but I don't
have a swimsuit.
- It's just the two of us.
Who cares?
What's a matter?
You're not going to come in?
Oh come on.
What am I, scaring you?
- No, of course not!
- Well, then come swim with me!
That wasn't so bad, was it?
- No.
- This is so much
better than work.
- Or school.
- Or school.
- Hey!
- [Det. White] So you
saw her enter the school?hool?
- She must've left right
after I drove away.
I went to the principal's office
as soon as I got the call.
- Hey.
How bad is this?
- I don't mean to alarm you or
suggest that she's
been abducted.
- Abducted?
- We're not going
to take any chances.
I'm going to issue
an Amber alert.
If you hear from her
or she returns home,
you let me know immediately.
- Thanks for the ride.
And for hanging
out with me today.
- Yeah, I was happy to do it.
- Umm, can I say
something weird right now?
- Sure.
- Do you think I'm pretty?
- That's a dumb question.
You're beautiful.
Look, Austin's an idiot
for sending those pictures.
He should've treated you right.
He could've been your boyfriend.
Why'd you ask me that?
- Oh 'cause, I thought
you were going to kiss me
today in the pool
but you didn't.
- I wanted to.
Believe me.
I just wasn't sure if
that's what you wanted.
- Oh.
- Tell you what, next
time, I'll kiss you,
and it'll give us both
something to look forward to.
- Deal.
- Come by the office
tomorrow if you can.
- Okay, I will.
- Where have you been all day?
- I was hanging
out with a friend.
- Who?
- You don't know him, why?
- Well my mom texted me asking
if I knew where you were.
Your mom called her.
- She knows I ditched?
- Uh, yeah, I think I
just saw her coming out of
Principal Roberts' office too.
- Oh God.
- I think you're
in serious trouble.
- Do you understand the
problems you've created?
They issued an
Amber alert for you!
- It's not my fault
you guys over-reacted!
People skip school all the time.
I never do it!
But the one time I ditch,
you guys call in the Marines!
- Um mhm.
This is not our fault.
You need to take responsibility
for what happened today.
- What's going on with you?
This behavior?
Skipping school,
sending half-naked pictures
of yourself to boys?
What is happening here?
I need you to explain it to me.
- There's nothing
to explain, okay!
The pictures were a mistake.
I didn't think
Austin was going to
show them around the school.
I'm never talking
to him again, okay.
I didn't shoplift.
Sabine bought them for me.
Call her up and ask!
- Where were you today?
- Answer your mother, Regan.
- I told you already.
At the park.
By myself.
- Did anyone see you there?
- No!
Some lady with her kids
for a little while.
I don't know her.
What is this?
Law & Order?
- When you lie, we have
trouble believing you.
- I'm not lying!
I was alone all day!
- We're gonna be making some
changes starting tomorrow.
We're gonna put a
computer in the kitchen
and you can do your
homework down here.
You can have your phone back
but at the end of each day,
your father or I will
check your e-mails,
your texts, your pictures.
And if you erase anything,
then you don't get
your phone back.
- Are you kidding me?
That's not fair!
- Well this is how
it's going to be
until we can trust you again.
- What about Taylor?
Is she gonna have to do
homework down here too?
- Taylor didn't skip school.
- This is so unfair!
- Lastly, we made
you an appointment
for you with a counselor.
You'll go there once a week
until she feels like
you're back on track.
- How could you do this to me?
You never get mad at Taylor.
You never treat her like this!
Only me!
I can't do anything right!
- Hey.
- Go away.
- I just want to talk to you.
Why'd you ditch today?
Are people bugging you
about those pictures?
- I just hate everyone.
My life sucks.
- Now why do you say that?
- Sabine gets new
stuff all the time.
Everyone likes her.
She has cool parties,
it's not fair.
And then I finally get something
that she doesn't have, Austin,
and he completely betrays me
by sending my pictures around.
Sabine sent him pics too!
Yeah, but he didn't
show those to anyone.
So now it looks like I'm a
total slut and she did it first.
- Listen, I know
she's your bae but,
she's really isn't
that nice to you.
I've seen her put you
down like althe time.
- Then Mom and Dad
completely flipped out on me.
You skip all the time and
they don't do anything.
- Yeah, but I've only
done it a couple times
and never for the entire day.
What were you thinking?
Is that true though that
you told mom you were
going to run away before
you got out of the car?
I mean, I not judging you,
but I think you played
that wrong, just a little!
- Yeah.
I'm an idiot.
- You're not an idiot.
You're pretty and smart
and you're just making
some bad decisions right now.
So, pump the brakes.
- I'm sorry people are
ditching on your party.
- It's all right.
I mean it's only really two
people who aren't going,
and I never really
liked them anyway!
- Hey Tay?
Why do you think I'm
not popular like you?
- I think you try too
hard to act like Sabine.
You'd be popular if you
just acted like you.
You don't have to
impress people.
Who you are is enough.
- G'night.
- 'Night, sista.
Don't stay up too late.
- Hi.
- Hey you.
I got you something,
- Aww.
Thank you!
- Yeah, it reminded me of you.
- I love it.
- Hey I was thinking,
I'm off on Friday.
Can you ditch and
come over again.
- I can't.
I have to chill on ditching
school for a while.
- That sucks.
- [Regan] Yeah.
- Well, maybe we can
chat online tonight.
- Not a good idea.
My computer is in the kitchen.
Where it can be supervised
at all times now.
- What?
- Yeah.
- [Rhonda] Oh hi Regan.
- Hi.
- How are you.
- I'm good.
- I hear you're seeing a
friend of mine this afternoon.
- [Regan] Mhm.
- Dr. Tocaro is fantastic.
You'll love her.
And I told her to take
really good care of you
because you're one of
my favorite patients.
- Thank you.
- [Rhonda] I'll see you later.
- Who's Dr. Tocaro?
- A psychologist.
My mom's making me go.
- Why?
- She thinks I need
to talk to someone.
- You can just talk to me.
- I know I can.
But she doesn't know that.
- Psychologists are expensive.
- Are they?
My dad has pretty good
insurance through his work,
so I'm pretty sure
that's covering it.
- Ready, sweetie?
- Yeah.
- Have a nice day.
- You too Nate.
- Dr. Patricia Tocaro,
adolescent counseling.
Our Staff.
Hmmm, James Lindstrom.
Youth program director.
Hello James.
- "Pictures are
spreading all over town.
"It's the daughter of your
employee Jim Lindstrom.
- Yes, if you can adjust that
one line item from the budget,
I think we're gonna
be good to go.
Thank you, Marsha.
- Hey Jimmy.
- Darren.
Are you Okay?
- We got a problem.
I just got off the
phone with Paula.
- Paula Quinn?
From the board?
- Yes.
And she received something,
some rather risque
photos of your daughter.
Did you know about these?
- Yeah.
My daughter, in a momentary
lapse of judgement,
sent these photos to
a boy that she liked.
How did Paula get this email?
She's not in the
high school system.
- They were sent to
her e-mail at YACC.
From an e-mail address
we didn't recognize.
- What?
- Well, she's not the only one.
Tom Fisher called
right after she did.
They were sent to him as well.
- Are you kidding me?
Who's doing this?
- I don't know but
both Paula and Tom
expressed some concern
about the publicity
that might follow if you're
named Senior Director.
I'm worried about us being
involved in an investigation.
This could be construed
as child pornography.
- Whoa, whoa, wait a minute,
wait a minute Darren.
Back up.
This is nothing more
than error of judgment
on the part of a
14-year-old child.
That's it.
Abby and I have already
handled this with the school
and the principal and Regan
is not going to do it again.
- I'm sure you have,
but the problem is,
we don't know who
all is seeing this.
- Well, clearly the person
sending this is someone
who knows that I work here.
Maybe it's the parents of
the boy who sent the photos.
They're probably angry that
he got in trouble for it?
I don't know who's doing this.
but I'm going to find out.
- Look, I'm really sorry, Jim.
I'll do as much damage
control as I can.
But make sure Regan is careful.
- I'm sure the attention
you received from Austin
when he liked your photos
made you feel good.
- It did.
And I liked that he wanted me
more than he wanted Sabine.
- Well, that makes sense.
I mean, you finally
had what she didn't.
Regan, let me ask
you a question.
On a scale from one to 10,
One being hideously ugly,
and 10 being
supermodel gorgeous,
where do you think you are?
- A two.
- You think you're a two?
- I mean, a guy that likes
me says I'm beautiful but,
it's a lie.
- Who is this guy?
- A friend.
He's really nice.
He gave me this key chain.
- He goes to your school?
- No.
- How did you meet him?
At Sabine's house.
- Hi honey.
- Hi Dad
- You're home early.
It went really well with Dr.
Tocaro, so that's good news.
- Yeah.
She was really nice.
It was different
than what I expected.
- And I got us tickets
to a fashion show
so that's going to be fun.
- Hey Regan, I need
to talk to your mom
alone for a minute, okay?
- Sure.
- What's up?
- These were sent to
everybody on the board today.
Darren says it could
jeopardize my promotion.
- Who would do this?
- I'm not sure.
But clearly it's someone
who's trying to get me fired.
- They're letting you go?
- Not yet.
But I don't know how it's gonna
pan out and it's not over.
- I don't think we
should tell Regan though.
I think she would feel
terrible if she thought she was
responsible for you not getting
your promotion, you know?
- I agree.
Once it's up online, it
could've ended up anywhere.
I'm going to find out
who's behind this though.
That's for damn sure.
- Allergies, none
Medication, penicillin
Hey there.
Are you Tommy?
- Yup.
- Hi, I'm Abby.
Nice to meet you.
This is going to be
so, so easy, okay?
I promise.
You ready?
You're just going to feel
a little pinch, all right?
You're all done!
You did so good!
Nicely done!
Do you want a sticker?
- Sure.
- Good choice, high five!
You did awesome.
Oh my god!
Dr. Blockman, I need you now!
Okay, the Dr's on her way, Okay?
- Everything okay in here?
- I don't know, it looks
like an allergic reaction!
- Okay Abby, grab me an Epi-pen!
What kind of shot
did she give him?
- Tetanus.
- No, uhh, Penicillin.
- Penicillin?
No, he's allergic to Penicillin!
- Okay.
Nate, call an ambulance.
I want him transported to ER.
- It didn't say
anything about that on.
- We got it.
Thanks, Abby.
Come on kiddo.
There you go!
- What?
- [Jim] The little boy
was fine though, right?
- Yeah, that's not the point.
I mean, this poor kid
could have died today
because of me and I just.
It was literally right
there on the chart.
I just.
I don't know where my head is.
- I know you feel bad but
you're a good nurse, honey.
You made a mistake once.
Don't beat yourself up over it.
- So when are you supposed to
see that head-shrinker again?
- Dr. Tocaro?
- Yeah.
- Wednesday.
And, why do you call
her a head-shrinker?
- That's what people
call psychologists.
'Cause they get into your
head and they screw you up.
- No they don't.
- Just watch.
I bet she's going to tell you
that we shouldn't be friends.
- Why?
- I don't know.
Just be careful what you say.
Anything you tell her,
she'll repeat it to your mom.
- She said she wouldn't do that.
- Okay.
Well, if you wanna
believe that, go ahead.
- You think she lied about that?
- I mean, think about it.
If your mom and
dad are paying her.
You think she'll
really keep a secret?
No way.
I miss you.
- I miss you too.
- Can I come pick you up?
- Right now?
- Yeah, why not?
I'll have you back before
your parents even wake up.
- Not tonight.
- Okay, so you don't
miss me that much, huh?
- Yes I do.
- Well, then let me
come pick you up.
I'll be there in
like 10 minutes.
- Wait.
- I hope you don't
mind if I stare.
I just can't help myself.
You're, beautiful.
- I wish we didn't have
to meet up in secret.
I hate lying to my mom and dad.
- You know I can go
to jail for that,
you can never tell
anyone that we hang out.
- Really?
- Yeah.
I'm 22.
I can't date anyone
under 18, it's illegal.
- That's a stupid law.
- I agree.
But it's worth the risk.
That's how much
I care about you.
You have an eyelash right there.
Close your eyes and make a wish.
- I thought I was
supposed to do that.
- No.
The person who blows
it off is the one
that makes your wish come true.
- What's wrong?
- I don't know.
I'm started to get worried
about this psychologist.
I'm getting a bad
feeling that they're
trying to split us up.
- I told you already.
I'm not going to say anything.
- You just don't get it.
These shrinks like to
get inside your brain
and they make you say things
that you don't want to say.
I used to go to one.
- What should I do?
- You should stop going.
- I have to.
My parents are making me.
- Look, I should've known
this wasn't going to work.
- No, don't say that!
I want to be with you.
- But you want to please
your parents more.
- That's not true.
It's just,
I feel really torn.
- Promise me that you
stop seeing Dr. Tocaro.
Otherwise, I know my
heart will be broken
and we may as well
end things now.
- I promise!
I'll figure something out.
I swear.
- It's getting pretty light out.
I gotta get you home.
- Regan, what the hell are you?
- Shh!
You'll wake mom and dad.
- Did you sneak out?
- Oh my God, please please
please don't tell them.
- Where were you?
- To the park.
- With who?
- I was by myself.
- I don't buy that for a second.
If you don't tell me
who you were with,
I'm gonna go wake up
mom and dad right now.
- Okay.
But you have to promise not
to tell them I was leaving.
- What are you girls doing?
- Nothing.
We were just, getting
a drink of water.
- Okay, go back to bed.
- We will.
Now fess up.
- Fine.
I was a meeting a boy.
- You walked all the way
to the park to meet a boy?
- He drove me there.
In his car.
- His Car?
How old is he?
- He's, 16.
You don't know him.
He goes to Angeles High School.
- Mom and Dad would
freak out if they
knew you were dating
a 16-year-old.
What's his name?
- Milo.
He's super cool and
I really like him.
Plus I'll be 15 in
like five months
so the age difference isn't
really that big of a deal.
Please, please don't tell them.
- Alright.
But, you have to swear,
you have to swear that you will
tell me when you sneak out.
Someone has to
know where you are
and if mom and dad
notice that you're gone,
they won't freak out
and call the cops again.
- Deal.
Thank you, you're like
the best sister ever.
- Go to bed, Regan.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Looks good.
- Honey, do you think with
the promotion in limbo,
and everything, maybe we
should rethink giving Taylor--
- No, no, it's her sweet 16.
I want to do it.
- You're right.
Let's just forget about
what an absolute crappy week
we both had and, just
try and enjoy this day.
Can you believe that we
have a kid that can drive?
I mean, when did that happen?
- 40 is the new 20,
- Oh yeah, oh yeah.
Tell that to my
40-year-old body.
- There ain't nothing wrong
with your 40-year-old body,
- Get a room.
- Honey, can you
go get your sister?
Thanks, Love!
- [Jim] Nice.
- Happy Birthday!
- Thanks, Mom!
- Happy Birthday, Sweetie!
- Thanks, Dad!
- Alright, let's do it!
- [Abby] Here Honey.
This is from me and your dad.
- [Jim] Just a little something!
- No way!
- Way!
- [Jim] Go check the driveway.
- Shut up!
Oh my god!
- Hey.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
- Uh, listen.
I know you're going through some
tough stuff right now,
so, if you ever need a ride,
I'll take you wherever
you want to go.
- Thanks.
- How's your guy?
Milo, right?
- Yeah.
- Have you guys kissed yet?
- No, not yet.
I kinda want to.
- Hmm.
What kind of car does he drive?
- Um, a Mercedes I think.
Yeah, super fancy.
- Mercedes, must be loaded.
- Yeah, his parents are.
I don't even know
why he has a job,
because they're
like millionaires.
- Oh, where does he work?
- Um, at that yogurt
shop in the mall.
- Hmm, cool.
Well, maybe sometime we
can go and visit him.
Just you and me.
- Sure.
- Keep studying!
- Hey love, you're
still up, huh? .
- Yeah.
- Did you have a good birthday?
- The best.
You and Dad are amazing.
- You're amazing, honey.
You deserve it.
- Uh, there's something I've
been meaning to tell you.
- Okay,
- It's about Regan.
She can't know I told you.
- Honey, if there's something
that we should know,
then you should tell us.
- Well,
Regan snuck out last night
to meet a boy she likes.
He's 16.
- So there's nobody
named Milo who works
at that yogurt shop in the mall.
- You think she lied about
his name or the school?
Or both?
- Who knows.
- Well, one of our patient's
kids goes to South.
I left her a message
to see if she knows
anything about this kid.
- Regardless, I think we
need to confront Regan
about it when she
gets home tonight.
- And betray Taylor's trust?
No way.
Yeah, that'll be great!
Then we'll have two kids
that won't tell us anything.
- You're right.
- Oh, the troll's here.
I'm gonna bounce.
- See you in econ.
- Um, are you dating Austin now?
- Made it official
after first period.
- How can you do that
after what he did to me?
He sent my pictures
all over the school
and got me in so much trouble.
- Maybe you shouldn't have sent
those pictures to begin with.
- Wait, are you seriously be
siding with him right now?
- I'm staying out of it.
This between you and him.
- Unbelievable.
You know what?
I don't care what Austin thinks
and I don't care what
you think either.
I have a boyfriend who's
much better than him anyway.
Not a boy, a man.
- No you don't.
That's a lie.
- Yes I do.
He's 22, he drives a Mercedes
and he's in love with me.
So suck it.
- Hey guys, how are you?
If you can, just go ahead
and fill this out for me.
He'll be with you in a second.
- Jim!
- Hey!
Come here!
Come here you son
of a, come here.
Get in the house!
- Go!
I can't believe that
you would do this.
After everything
that we talked about!
Honey, we trusted you!
- Why are you doing this to me?
I love him and want
to be with him!
- Who Regan?
Who do you want to be with?
- His name's Milo and he
goes to Angeles High School.
- No it's not!
There is no Milo that
works at any yogurt shop,
so you are lying to me!
Now stop playing games
and you tell me who he is!
- How do you even
know to ask that?
You told 'em!
You promised me
that you wouldn't!
- Oh God, I should never
have told you anything!
I knew you would do this!
- Taylor!
- I'm so sorry, Regan!
- Taylor, please go
to your room, honey.
Now you're going to
tell me who he is
and you're going to give
me his phone number.
Right now.
- I'm not giving you anything!
- Who is this?
- You know, you can't stop
me from seeing your daughter.
- She is 14 years old.
I'm not going to let
you ever see her again.
- You think so?
I own her and you.
How are things at work?
It would be a shame if more
pictures started showing up.
- You listen to me.
You will stay away
from my daughter.
and you're going to stay
away from my family.
and if you don't.
- Jim.
- Regan, go upstairs.
- What is it?
- He's the one who sent
the pictures to the board.
- What?
- He just admitted to it.
He also told me
that he owns Regan.
- Morning.
- Morning.
- You look tired.
I was about to make some coffee.
You want some?
- Yeah, please, that'd
be great, thanks.
Did any messages come
in for me or anything?
- Yes.
One message
from some lawyers
office regarding the
investigation over the
penicillin incident.
- I actually can't
believe this is happening.
- I know.
We can hopefully find a
way to get through it.
- He actually said he owned her?
- Those were his exact words.
- [Rhonda] Wow!
- I know, I know.
And she won't even
tell us who he is.
I'm just hoping Dr. Tocaro gets
something out of her today.
I just.
- If anyone can, she will.
She's the best in the business.
Man, this guy sounds
like a psycho.
- Who's a psycho?
- Thanks.
- Oh, no one.
Just this guy that Abby met.
Well, if nothing comes
of the session today,
I say you get the
police involved.
- What's going on?
What happened?
- Oh it's nothing I want
to get into, really.
It's a long story.
- Oh, well, okay.
Look, if you need anyone
to talk, I'm here.
- Thanks, Nate.
Appreciate it.
Listen to me, honey.
You can trust Dr. Tocaro, okay.
She's not going to repeat
anything that you say, okay.
Just, it's best thing to be
open and honest with her.
- Okay.
- Okay, I'll pick
you up in an hour.
I love you, kiddo.
- Bye.
- I felt that you
were really open to me
last time we talked, Regan.
But today, it seems you don't
want to talk very much at all.
Did something happen between
last session and today?
- No.
It's just I'm just sick of
people telling me what to do.
I don't even want to be here.
- Why not?
I thought you liked
talking to me.
- You're just trying to
get inside my head and then
shrink it and then tell my
mom and dad everything I say.
- Regan, that is
absolutely untrue.
Who told you that?
- No one.
- So tell me about
this boyfriend.
What's he like?
- I don't want to
talk about him.
- Okay, maybe we
can talk about what
you're looking for
in a boyfriend.
The qualities you're
looking for maybe
in somebody that
you'd like to be with.
- I guess I want someone
who is older than me.
- Really?
How old?
- I don't know.
Out of school.
Yeah, I hate all
the kids at school.
- Okay.
Well, he would probably
then have a job.
What kind of job do
you want him to have?
- Well, a job where he
makes a lot of money
so he can buy me stuff.
Maybe like in a doctor's office.
Anything in the medical field.
- Okay.
What else?
- Maybe drive a nice car.
- You ready, love?
- Mhm.
- Oh, Mrs. Lindstrom,
can I speak with you
for just a moment?
- Of course.
Where are you going?
- The bathroom.
Can I not do that
without a babysitter?
- Hey gorgeous.
- Nate!
- Shh, come on.
Before your mom sees us.
- I can't leave
with you right now.
- Well, why not?
- Because, my parents
would kill me.
They're super pissed
at you right now.
My Dad thinks that
you sent my picture
to everyone he works with.
- Yeah, I did.
- What, why?
- Why?
Because your dad's a jerk.
He thinks he can control
everything that you do.
Besides, look I know that
you hate coming here anyway.
So, if he gets fired, then
he'll lose his insurance
and you'll never have
to come here again.
- I don't want my
dad to lose his job.
- What do you care?
You basically said
that you hated him.
- I know but that's not--
- Alright, come on.
Your mom's gonna be here
in a minute, let's go.
- No.
I'm sick of being
in trouble, okay.
I can't.
- You're being a real
pain in the ass right now.
I left work early to
come you up, now come on.
- Nate, no!
- I said, let's go!
- Thank you for that update.
I think having her come two
times a week is a great idea.
- I'll see you next
Wednesday then.
- Okay.
- Will you excuse me,
I need to meet
somebody right outside.
- Yeah, of course.
- Regan?
Have you seen my
daughter, Regan?
- Mom!
- Regan!
- [Regan] Mom!
- Regan!
- Mom!
- Regan!
- [Regan] Mom!
- Regan!
- Abby!
Abby, please wait for
the police, honey.
Alright, look, I'm on
my way to Detective
White's office right
now to see if they
can trace these N-Dog
calls and texts.
- Okay, and, uh,
I'll, I'll call Sabine
and any of Regan's
friends that may have
some idea who this guy is.
- It's an internet phone number
and all the texts
are through GEM.
We can't trace the number,
but we contacted GEM
and requested any information
associated with this account.
- How long will that take?
- They are not
obligated to respond,
but ever since Tara disappeared,
and we were able to link it
back to texts sent on GEM,
they have been very cooperative.
- Well, did you find Tara?
Is she okay?
- We haven't found her yet,
but the connection to
GEM is very important.
- So this could be the same guy?
- We don't know that
that's the case.
- This is insane!
You have two child abductions,
two girls have been
taken and you don't know
who's done that
and where they are.
I'm gonna need a little
help here Detective White.
This is my daughter.
I have to find her right now.
- Mr Lindstrom, I understand
that you're upset.
You said that Regan had
a psychologist, right?
- Yes, Dr. Tocaro.
I spoke with her, she
said her sessions are
confidential and
she's bound by law.
- This is a child
abduction case.
no longer applies.
Let's call the doctor.
- Where are we going, Nate?
- Someplace safe.
- [Dr. Tocaro] She talked
about a boy who admired her,
he was older, but she
never gave me his name.
- Can you remember anything else
she may have
mentioned about him.
- Let me check my notes.
She said, she wanted
somebody to have a lot
of money that worked
in a doctor's office.
- So she wanted
to marry a doctor?
- No, she didn't say that
she wanted to marry a doctor,
she said very specifically that
she wanted to marry someone
who worked in a doctor's
office or the medical field.
- Right.
Are you telling me
that she may have been
describing her boyfriend?
- It's possible.
- Okay, is that it?
- Yes, my notes stop there.
Wait, wait, there's
one more thing.
She showed me a key chain
that her boyfriend gave her.
It was on her backpack.
- Come on.
Sit down!
- Why are you doing this?
- I can't trust you.
They're brainwashing you!
Trying to control you.
- I'm really scared right now.
- Don't be.
Don't be scared.
By tomorrow we're
gonna be so far away,
so far from all of these people
that are trying
to break us apart.
- We can't just leave, Nate!
I have my family, I have school.
- What we have is so special.
And we have to
fight to keep going,
or they'll try to pull us apart.
- What are you talking about?
They won't keep us apart.
- Yes they will.
My family, your family,
everybody will try
to break us apart.
- No Nate!
They will listen!
- That's a lie, and you know it!
Why are you trying
to protect them?
- I'm not.
- Do you really think
they're just gonna
let us be together?
Of course not.
We have to get out
of here right now,
or very soon, or they're
going to come here
and I'm not going
to have a choice.
- What?
- Don't make a sound.
- I think this is what
she was talking about.
- That's it.
That's the keychain.
Mom has them at her clinic.
They give them away
to the kids sometimes.
- That's a major
coincidence unless that guy
was actually down at the clinic.
We've got to call Dr. Blockman.
Come on.
- Yeah.
- No.
- Don't make a sound.
- Hello.
- This is Det. White.
We have the address on the
credit card associated
with the GEM account.
- Great, will you
please text that to me.
- Mr. Lindstrom, we are gonna
have to follow up this lead.
- Detective, this is my
daughter, every second counts,
we both know that.
- I'm sorry but this
is a police matter
and we cannot officially
send you this address.
I'll keep in touch.
- Hey, it's from Mom.
She says Nate quit today
so he's not in the office.
I'm going to his
house to see if he's
seen or heard from Regan.
- Alright, so lets go
meet her at Nate's house.
Call her for the address.
- Hey it's Abby,
leave a message.
- Voicemail.
I'll call Dr. Blockman's office.
They'll have it.
- Hello?
- Abby!
What a surprise.
- Nate.
Hi, sorry, the door was open,
I tried knocking, but I just.
I didn't know that you
heard me so I just kind of.
- No, no, no, I didn't.
Did you knock?
I, how long have you been there?
- A couple minutes, actually.
I tried calling but I couldn't
get through on your phone so.
- Yeah you know I've
been having a problem
with the phone lately.
I don't even know
what's going on.
Are you here because
I quit today?
I meant to say goodbye to
everyone but you know how it is.
- Ah, not at all, actually.
Look, something really
terrible has happened to Regan
and I just, I need your help.
- Abby, what's going on?
- Regan's been abducted
and I'm talking to everyone
that knows her trying
to find any information
that can help us find her.
- Look, have you
talked to her friends?
- Yes, I have literally talked
to everybody and nothing,
so anything you can tell me.
- I'm happy to help
in anyway I can.
What can I do?
- [Det. White] Unofficially,
1821 Darcy Lane.
- Thank you Detective.
Honey, listen, before
we meet your Mom,
we're gonna stop by
this guys house, okay?
When we get there,
I want you to stay in the car.
Just let me handle it.
Got it?
- Got it.
- [Jim] Yeah?
- Look at this.
The GEM address and Nate's
address are the same,
1821 Darcy Lane.
- Call and text your mother.
- If I hear anything, Abby,
I will definitely call you.
I'm so sorry about Regan.
- Thanks, Nate.
I really.
- [Taylor] Mom don't go to
Nate's, we think he has Regan!
The police are on the way.
- I uh, guess I
should be going so.
- You stay in this car until
the police arrive, okay?
- Okay.
- Lock the doors.
- Nate, sorry to bother you.
- No, no, I wish I
could of been more help.
- You uh, you
going on a trip or?
- Help!
Help me!
- Regan!
- Don't move.
- Mom!
- Regan!
- Mom!
- Are you okay?
Are you okay?
- Yes.
- [Jim] Abby!
- Come on, come on, come on!
Duck down.
Get in the corner.
Let's go, come on.
Not a sound.
- Okay.
- Not a sound, shh, shh, shh!
- Abby!
- Abby!
- [Abby] Hey, it's
Abby, leave a message.
- Abby!
- No Nate!
Please, no!
Nate! No!
- Abby!
- Jim, he's got a gun.
- Abby, where's, where's Regan?
- She's okay, she's inside.
- Neither of you
are gonna be fine.
I'll make sure of that.
Now put the crow bar!
- No, no, no, no, no.
- You're not gonna stop
me from seeing Regan.
- You listen to me.
No one's gotten hurt.
You walk away right now,
you put that gun down.
No harm done.
- He's right.
Nate, listen to me, just.
- I don't know Jim.
- (gunshot)
- Dad!
- That was a really bad idea!
(gunshot rings out)
- Thank you.
Oh my god Dad, are you okay?
- Hey, I'm alright.
It's okay, baby.
- [Det. White]
Sanchez, call it in.
We'll need paramedics.
Barnes, secure the crime scene.
- I can't believe
you're doing all
the same stuff I'm
doing in chemistry.
I mean, we learned this
unit like two weeks ago.
- I love my new school so
much more than my old one.
- Hey.
Look what I just got today.
- Wait, is that, is
that what I think it is?
Is this your first check
as Executive Director?
- Executive Director,
thats right.
- So fancy.
- Bring it in.
Bring it in.
Thank you.
Oh and uh ladies, to celebrate,
we're all going to the Bahamas.
I just booked us a cruise.
- [Taylor] What?
- Oh my God, dad really?
- Can't even believe all
that we've been through, huh?
- I know.
The important thing
is that Tara's safe
and more important
than that, we are safe.
- Yeah, true.
- So, what do you think?
- It's amazing!
- I'm excited!
- You guys got to
share a room though!
- What!
- What do you mean, what!
- Dad, come on!
- We're sharing a room, you
guys gotta share a room.
That's how it works.
- Of course you're
sharing a room.
- We're too old for this.
- It's got a view of the ocean
and a really small window.
You're gonna love it.
- [Taylor] It's a cruise,
of course it's the ocean!
- I know.
But you're gonna love it.
It's gonna be great!