Girl From Nowhere (2017) Movie Script

(eclectic rock music)
A young girl wrote a
letter to the devil
Sayin' I don't like the way
you playin' with my soul
Now that ain't my kind of game
An old lady wrote a
letter to a man she knew
He took her heart, tore it up in two
Then he ripped her soul
'Cause that's his kind of game
Wow, you soul, wow, you soul
Wow you soul robber
Best you go
Now you can write a
letter to that man above
Still meet Mr. Wrong and
then you fall in love
And then he breaks your hears
'Cause that's his kinda game
I once wrote a letter
to my thievin' man
To teach him a lesson
just because I can
And then he ripped my soul
'Cause that's his kinda game
Wow you soul
Wow you soul
Wow you soul robbers
Best you go
- Can you believe this?
- Give her a ride.
- No.
- Why not?
- It's dangerous.
She might be psycho.
Is she alone?
I mean, who does that?
- Just stop.
(Katherine sighs)
She looks all right to me.
- Great, and you'll be
perving her the whole trip?
No thanks.
- She's just a girl.
She's no match for a woman like you.
- Thanks.
Next time, sweetheart.
What a rip-off.
- Well, you'll survive.
- I need a break, don't I?
- We both do.
- Careful, put those on the floor.
Your turn, Prince Charming.
- Yes, your majesty.
(eclectic rock music)
- That girl.
- Let's stop.
- No.
- That's not very
motherly of you, Kat.
- Okay, stop.
Hi, sweetie, where you going?
- This way, still.
- We can give you a ride
to the next turn-off.
- Of course.
- Come.
I have a delicate package.
I'm Katherine.
And Hugh.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- What's your name, sweetie?
- Liza.
- Okay.
Where you from?
- I'm from an alien planet.
I'm waiting for the rest
of my people to join me.
I'm from nowhere.
- Kat.
- What?
- She's tired, she's been
on the road all morning.
- It's been a blast.
(upbeat rock music)
- Well nowhere girl, we're from Cape Town,
escaping to our weekend hideaway.
- You must be rich.
- This is her car, she is rich.
Aren't you babe.
- Yes, Hugh, some producers do make money.
- A producer.
- I make films.
- Like what?
- Little films, TV commercials.
- Oh.
- And Hugh over here is an actor.
- Love is forever or until
your wife cheats on you,
then dial 0-800-Divorce,
for better, not worse.
- He's done a couple of ads.
But we're working on a movie project.
He's going to be the star.
- I could be an actress.
Everyone said so.
Even my friend Bubi,
he said I could be the best
fucking actress in the world.
- Booby?
What kind of name is Bubi?
- So do you make money, Hugh?
And I've often wondered,
as an actor how does one
know when you're acting
and when you're for real?
- Oh, he's not that good.
- Hey!
- What I mean is, I know him so well.
How old are you?
- How old are you?
- You shouldn't hitchhike, at any age.
- And you shouldn't pick up strangers.
(bright guitar music)
Here comes the sun following
me, following me down
Here comes the black dog
Following me, following me around
When it goes wrong, it all
goes wrong, it all goes wrong
When it goes right, it all goes right
It all goes right
Black dog why do you follow me
Follow me down oh my
- I've seen it a thousand times.
Boy trouble.
- You think?
- Trust me.
- Mm?
- We're at the turn-off.
- Oh, good.
- I can't believe we're dumping you here.
- I'll be fine on my own.
- Grab an apple.
It's in the bag.
- Cool.
(Liza laughs)
- God you're starved,
when last you eat sweetie?
- Kathrine, let's leave her here.
And alone.
- I know what.
Come back to my place for lunch.
It's close by, and then
we can bring her back.
- Or the local caretaker.
- A sweetheart, I believe
he's coming back this way
in a couple of hours.
- I don't need your help.
- Look, I insist.
I have this amazing little
house in the mountains
with a little plunge pool.
Come, see it, eat, cool off.
Look, I don't know what
you're running from,
and I don't care.
It's your business.
Just come have something to eat
and then you can be on your way.
Or I feel like I've failed in
my duty as a future mother.
- Okay.
(eclectic rock music)
- Everyone okay?
- Hanging on?
Gonna get away from this town
- Whoa!
It's killin' me
Gonna get away from the
black dog now, black dog now
(gentle eerie music)
(birds chirping)
- Wimpie?
- Wimpie!
- Christ, I
hope he's emptied the bins.
Says he had to take his mother
to the clinic all the way in Rietvlei.
- I'm sure he'll be back on Monday.
- Yeah, but what about the girl now?
- It's fine, I'll take her back
to the road after lunch.
- Are you sure?
- Yeah, no problem.
- Oh, that's very kind of you.
- Hey, we're here, we made it.
(eerie music)
- We so need this.
- Now where's our crazy guest?
- Liza?
(birds chirping)
(twigs snapping)
What do you think?
- Lovely.
- Surrounded by nothing
except mountains and veld.
- Nice.
- Will you unpack?
I don't want our things baking in the car.
- Sure.
- Thanks, babe.
You like it?
- I do.
- Come.
I'll show you inside.
This little house was once in a magazine.
(eerie guitar music)
I got it at a bargain price.
I want it to be modern, but rustic.
Christ it's dusty.
- Cute.
- Oh sweetie, that's just decoration.
(bells dings)
(mournful guitar music)
(Liza sighs)
Classic, but with a minimal look and feel.
- It must have cost you a lot.
- I've fought my way up.
Done things you couldn't imagine.
But if you sacrifice
enough you can have it all.
A car, a house or two, and--
- A husband like him.
- (laughs) Depending what
sins you've committed,
Hugh's, Hugh!
Careful, babe.
(dramatic music)
(Hugh groans)
Let me help.
(twangy guitar music)
(Liza sighs)
I was going to wait, but since she's here.
Cover your eyes.
(bright music)
Cover your eyes, Hugh.
(paper crinkling)
Okay, you can look.
You like it.
- I love it.
- Liza.
It's by a famous artist,
Fanie du Toit, very expensive.
Don't ask how much.
- That much?
- I don't get it.
- It's Hugh.
Du Toit requires a refined eye.
You have to be open minded, artistic.
I'm gonna see if Wimpie's
cleared out the bins, excuse me.
(both laughing)
- Nothing.
- Hugh.
Just tell me.
- So, how's the pool?
(gentle music)
- I have a spare costume that might fit.
- No worries.
(bright music)
It's (speaking in foreign
language) come on in.
- No, actually--
- Sure.
- Oh lord.
(gentle music)
(water gurgling)
- Come, babe.
(both laughing)
(gentle music)
- It's not that warm.
- It's amazing.
(speaking in foreign language)
Okay, (speaking in foreign language).
(Katherine sighing)
(Liza laughing)
- Hugh?
- Oh!
(all laughing)
(all sighing)
(upbeat country music)
- You're our mystery girl.
- I am.
- Adds to your allure of course.
(Kathrine sighs)
So between you and me,
why were you hitchhiking.
- Because I don't have a motorbike.
- It's tough out there.
It's hard to be alone.
Travel alone I mean.
- Mm.
- Babe?
(Katherine sighs)
You're the best.
Legs please.
Liza, I mean, I understand
if some man was giving you a
hard time and you had to run.
- Do I look like the type to run.
- I'm not judging you for leaving.
I ran away once.
I think I was like you.
- No one's like me.
(gentle guitar music)
- That's enough, thanks babe.
- Sure.
(speaking in foreign language)
- You might not think
the sun effects you now.
But when you're older.
(Hugh yelling)
(Hugh gasping)
How's the meat looking?
- Almost done.
- Christ, the salad has
more dressing than she does.
- Interesting girl.
- Oh yes?
- She's quite a character.
She'd be good in our movie.
- I want her gone.
- She's just a girl.
- From nowhere.
- Exactly.
That's why she needs our help.
We'll give her lunch,
tell her to dress properly
and I, or we can give her
a lift back to the road.
- I'll bet you felt like quite a stud.
- I am.
- Ouch. (laughing)
Oh good.
Our runaway's half decent again.
(gentle music)
- Now isn't this worth
sticking around for?
(speaking in foreign language)
Compliments to the salad queen.
And this time, honey,
I remembered the beers.
- But no bottle opener.
- No problem.
(cap clinking)
- Here's to talent.
- Getting away from it all.
- And, surprises.
- (laughs) Babe, could you get me glass?
(gentle music)
(phone rings)
- Hello?
(gentle music)
- Was that the phone?
- No, no, no the phone
lines are down again.
Thank God, actually, no one
from the office will bother us now.
(gentle music)
- Last bit, anyone?
What on earth is she doing?
- I don't know.
(Liza sighs)
- Why did you leave that meat out there?
- For the animals.
They also need to eat.
- What animals?
- Wild cat.
- I don't think it's a good
idea to leave food out.
- There are jackals.
Mostly at night though.
- You'll attract baboons.
- Maybe a leopard will come.
- There're no leopards
around here, are there?
- They are small leopards.
Oupa Hennie had one on
his farm down the road.
He wanted to poison it for taking sheep.
But I said, (speaking
in foreign language),
don't you dare harm it or
I will fucking kill you.
So he listened, he left
it and it moved away.
- So you are from around here?
- I told you, I'm from nowhere.
This is nowhere, right?
- Since we picked you up,
we've come what, 60, 70Ks.
- I guess so.
- But where you going?
- You don't always need a direction.
Just see what happens.
Like meeting you guys.
- It's nice meeting to you too.
No thank.
So, you ready to leave?
You have everything?
- Everything I need's in my pack.
- That's it?
That's nothing.
You need much more than a satchel
to make it in the world, sweetie.
- What do you think, Hugh?
Think I have enough to make it?
- Yes, Hugh, tell us.
- You've got attitude,
which probably helps.
- And?
- Lunch is over, let's go.
- No rush.
- Listen little girl.
If you think long legs and hot
pants are gonna get you far
in this world, you're very mistaken.
- Everything's been fine so far.
- Yeah, well looks fade.
- I say, use what you've got,
while you've still got it.
- You don't even know how dangerous it is.
Hitching around wearing
practically nothing.
- I said I can take care of myself.
(gun thuds)
- Hey, let go.
- Give it, I've got it.
- Oh, big deal, I want it.
- Is it loaded?
- Huh?
- The gun, is it loaded?
- No.
- So, let me see it.
Uh huh.
- Careful, I hate guns.
- Bang.
- Where'd you get it?
- Oh, Bubi gave it to me for protection.
- Pow.
- Okay, give it back now.
- Hang on.
- Okay, I'll take it.
- It's my gun!
- Bang, bang.
- Kathrine, stop.
- Give it.
- No!
- Give it!
- No!
(gun fires)
(dramatic guitar music)
- Holy shit.
- I didn't pull it, she did.
- She squeezed my finger.
(speaking in foreign language)
- I thought you said it wasn't loaded.
- I forgot.
- I didn't mean to.
It's just, it's got
quite a kick. (laughing)
- It's just a damn gun.
- It's mine.
- You'll get these back
when we get to the road.
- Whatever.
- I think we hit something.
I heard a crack.
- You mean you hit something.
- You see how dangerous guns are?
Somebody could have got killed.
- Someone always dies sooner or later.
- Really?
Well have you shot anyone yet?
- Not on purpose.
- What?
- No, I'm joking.
It was on purpose.
- What's that smell?
- Sulfur.
It's from the gunpowder,
it hangs in the air.
What a minute.
- What?
(dramatic music)
- Well done, ladies.
We need to plug it.
Someone find a plug.
- Like what?
- A plug, anything, hurry!
- Good thing it didn't blow.
Oh shit!
(fire whooshing)
(engine puttering)
- Oh shit, what?
- We're stuck until Sunday
when Wimpie returns.
- Sunday?
Can't you?
- Can't I what?
- Phone someone?
No, the lines are down.
- There's no reception here either.
- No?
- I'm sorry, Liza.
You'll have to stay with us until then.
(Liza sighs)
- Cool, I like it here.
- Great, our weekend
getaway now includes her.
- That's fine.
- Yeah, as long
as she keeps her clothes on.
- It's okay babe, there's
nothing to worry about.
- All things considered, Hugh,
you don't have a great track record.
- Now that's not fair.
- You're right, she's just a young woman
and I invited her (groans).
- Hey, check this.
- Check what?
- It's gone.
Something took it, the food.
(gentle eerie music)
(baboon howling)
(Liza squealing)
(Liza laughing)
(bright music)
(bird chirping)
(gentle eerie music)
(chair creaking)
- What the hell are you doing?
- Characterization techniques.
How to be badass.
Man can have time, money or honey but--
- Where did she go?
- She went up there, I
wouldn't worry about it.
- Hugh?
- Mm.
- Is everything all right?
- Yep.
- You seem distant.
- Just thinking about the project.
- Fine.
- How are the finances, or
shall I sell the painting?
- Don't you dare, that was an investment.
I'm going for a walk.
- Man can have time, money or honey
but never all three at once. (sighs)
(bright guitar music)
This is the thing
We cannot be together
for circumspect reasons
This is the thing
The unrequited longing
for all of my wishing
This is the thing
You know that I love her
and I hold what is dear
'Cause this is the thing
All of my thoughts
are returning to you
Yeah, all of my thoughts are returning
And I, continue to stand
resilient to giving in
And I, like some besieged castle
In the warring of my night
Like some besieged castle
(wind whispering)
- It's stunning.
- Be careful.
- I'm fine.
- I'm not, I'm afraid of heights.
- What's down there?
- Nothing.
A river or something.
- Can I get down?
- I think there's a path.
I must say, it's amazing though.
And here we come, making
a noise, starting fires.
And this world hardly knows it.
- It knows everything.
You know, you were right.
- About what?
- There was a guy.
- Oh yes.
- Mm, Bubi.
I loved him but it became to
much, the fighting and stuff.
So I split.
Took what was mine.
- Mm, we've all been there.
What about your folks,
why not go back to them?
- Oh, they're gone.
- Gone?
- To heaven, or hell (laughs).
- I'm sorry.
- No.
They hated Bubi.
Some people aren't meant
to be together forever.
Doesn't matter if they
love each other or not.
(upbeat guitar music)
(guitar whining)
(upbeat guitar music)
So that's me.
What about you?
What's up with Hugh.
- Every relationship has it's
high tides and it's low tides.
Right now we're in a low tide.
- Mm-hm.
What's his problem?
- He's emotionally illiterate.
Hides his feelings, hides behind
his stupid project. (sighs)
I will try to help him but.
- Some men don't get it.
- (laughs) Anyway, let's get going.
When the wind blows it's crazy.
- I'll come in a minute.
(wind whooshing)
(Kathrine gasps)
- Hey babe, I didn't mean to frighten you.
- Hey babe.
- Are you okay?
- Everything's fine.
You were right, she's a real character.
- I gotta show you something.
This is the thing
You know that I love her
and I hold what is dear
'Cause this is the thing
That all of my thoughts
are returning to you
Yeah, all of my thoughts are returning
Now, continue to stand
resilient to giving in
And I like some besieged castle
In the warring of my night
Like some besieged castle
This is the thing
You know that I love her
and I'll hold what is dear
'Cause this is the thing
All of my thoughts
are returning to you
Yeah, all of my thoughts are returning
- Liza, you have to tell
us, what is going on?
- How dare you.
- Did you steal it?
- No.
You've got a real nerve.
- Are you sure,
where did you get it then?
- None of your fucking business.
- Liza, you have to tell
us, are you in trouble?
- Is anyone looking for you?
- I mean, are you on the run?
- You can stay here, no one will find you.
- No.
- No.
- Okay.
- Hang on, hang on.
I still want to know why you've got that.
- It's all I have left from my parents.
- No.
Parents don't give their
daughters rolls of cash.
- Mine did.
(door bangs)
- What are you gonna do then?
- Nothing.
Wimpie will be back on Sunday.
- Then we're taking her to the police.
- Let's not get involved, okay,
I'll take her back to the road somewhere.
- She's got a gun.
- And I've got the bullets.
What do you think she's gonna do to us?
She's just a little girl.
- Can't you get the phone fixed somehow?
- If the lines are down,
they're down, Kathrine.
I'm not an engineer.
(dramatic guitar music)
(somber music)
Ah, ah
Ah, ah, ah, ah
- Must have drifted off.
I was dreamin'.
- You dream of me?
- No, no.
- Can I tell you secret?
- Yeah, if you want too.
- Only if you promise
not to tell Kathrine,
it will be our secret.
- Okay, I promise.
- I did steal that money.
What do you think of me now?
- Oh, what a long week it's been.
- Shame, have some.
- Hm.
Thank you.
- Kathrine, I think we
should discuss our project.
- That's work,
I don't want to talk about work now.
- I'm sure Liza would
like to hear about it.
- Nope.
- Let's play a board game.
What about poker, come,
you promised to teach me.
- Strip poker, teasing, teasing.
- (laughs) Well what do you suggest?
- I'd love a joint.
- Careful what you wish for.
Ta-da (laughs).
- Fantastics.
- Hugh, no.
- What?
Kathrine doesn't like
it when I smoke weed.
- It's a hashie.
(gentle music)
- You said you'd give it up.
Makes you silly, paranoid.
- You don't smoke?
- I've grown out of it.
All right go on, make us dopey.
- Feel the love mon.
- I say, don't fight it, enjoy it.
- Do you smoke a lot?
- No, I just do it occasionally.
- Yeah, well it's illegal.
- I don't care about stupid laws.
- Society needs laws.
- Society's fucked up.
- I love it when women argue.
- We're not arguing.
- Oh, this is Hugh stoned.
- Woman, they treat us like kids.
- Speak for yourself.
- They think we're idiots.
- Men are idiots.
- Everyone knows, men have two heads
but only enough blood for one.
- You said it sister.
- We can tell spook stories.
Ghost stories.
- From here?
- Yes of course.
They are ghosts here.
- I don't think I want to here this.
- There's this famous one
about this hitchhiker girl.
Gets on a motorbike on
a long lonely night.
- No stop, Liza.
- But when the motorbike
stops, the girl's gone.
(Hugh coughing)
(women laughing)
- Careful, don't die.
- That's my cue.
I'm going.
- Where you going?
- I'm going to have a bath.
- What now?
- I want to bathe in the
discontent of modern life.
(Kathrine laughing)
And spend time thinking about my project.
- Go, go play in the water.
- Oh (laughs) he's funny.
- Mm, not on purpose.
(gentle mystical music)
- What's this?
- Hm?
- That.
- Oh God.
Must have fallen out of one of the books.
- You?
- (laughs) My mother.
- She's pretty.
- Yeah, well don't judge her by her looks.
So depressing.
No warmth, no tenderness.
Drinking when she couldn't handle life.
And now she's gone.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sure she's watching you from heaven.
- (laughs) Unlikely.
She used to make me go to
Sunday School every week.
She was always going on
about the Father, the
Son and the Holy Ghost.
Not that it helped her either.
Oh God.
Where's that joint.
- I believe.
In the Mother, the Daughter
and the Holy Ghostess.
You ever have a blow back?
- No.
(mystical music)
(Kathryn inhaling)
(both giggling)
- No, seriously.
There will never be equality for women
as long as the Almighty is the Father.
It's all men's fault.
I know stuff.
- You do?
- Sometimes I hate men.
- They have their uses.
(both laughing)
- I think you should let go of Hugh.
- What?
- Leave him.
- Why?
We're planning to have a family together.
Do you know that I bought this house
because I thought he'd like it.
- He's wrong for you.
- You don't know me.
Besides, I can take
care of myself and Hugh.
I already saved him from
one terrible relationship.
- And these?
- Oh, those
were here when we moved in.
- I heard a noise.
- What noise?
(Liza growling)
(Kathrine laughing)
- It's the munchies.
Any leftovers?
- Help yourself.
- Sweet, ah.
(gentle music)
(crickets chirping)
(water dripping)
- What?
- Oh, nothing.
- Oh.
(Katherine's throat clearing)
Did you find enough to eat?
- Yes, thanks.
And, this.
- I think that's Wimpie's.
(sultry jazzy music)
(both laughing)
- Come, dance.
- Oh no I can't.
I used to hate you
Now I think I love you
Remembering those sweet things
From everywhere
Who could ever forget
Oh those memories
Dancing by the Cedarwood tree
There were times so long ago
When I wait for men with money
There were times so long ago
Was it a crime
They call me honey
(both laughing)
- Liza, can I ask you something.
- Anything.
- Have you known many men?
- (laughs) I knew this one guy once,
he was married to this crazy bitch.
- And?
- She walked in on us, lost it.
Then lost him (laughs).
And I was only 15.
Forget those memories
Dancin' By the cedarwood tree
There were times so long ago
When I went for men with money
There were times so long ago
Was it a crime they call me honey
Oo who'd ever forget
Those, those memories,
dancin' by the cedarwood tree
- Hey!
I heard music.
Dancin' by the cedarwood
- Is this yours?
Here, catch.
I hope you can swim.
- Give me the duck.
(people laughing)
(bright upbeat music)
(Hugh and Liza laughing)
- I think that's enough.
- Are you gonna save it Hugh?
(water gurgling)
- Put it down.
(Kathrine gasping)
- Shame, poor thing.
- She pushed me!
- I'm sure it was an accident.
- Of course it was, I'm sorry.
- I could have broken my neck.
- Okay, easy ladies,
everything's okay now.
- Shivering.
(Hugh and Liza laughing)
What you think this is funny?
- Let me go inside
and run you a hot bath.
Okay, you'll feel much better.
And I'll make you a brandy, a strong one.
(water splashing)
(door squeaking)
- Babe?
- Yeah.
- Still awake?
Come to Mama.
- I'm not in the mood.
- You're always in the mood. (sighs)
Christ you want a headache tablet.
It's her, isn't it.
- No.
- She's fucking with you, you know that.
She's fucking with both of us.
- What?
- Wake up, Hugh.
All this, I'll show you my
underwear, I'll tan topless.
I'm sorry, Kathrine, it's bullshit.
She's a stupid little girl.
It doesn't help that you encourage her.
- I don't.
- Well you don't discourage her.
I swear if she tries to her
silly little stunt again,
I'll throttle her.
Both of you.
- Who's psycho now.
- Yes, well it takes one to know one.
Where's the key?
- I don't know.
I'm sure there was one.
- Just chill, Kathrine.
- I can't chill.
What is it with you?
Just tell me, please.
- I'm just thinking.
- About?
- It's nothing.
- Oh, fuck's sake. (sighs)
- Honestly.
Do you think I'm a good actor?
- Totally self-absorbed, but yes.
How many times do I have to tell you?
I think you're a phenomenal actor.
- Really?
- You know me, babe.
I've always been there and with
our little project together,
you're going to be amazing.
- You'll make it happen for me?
- I will.
- (sighs) Because I just don't
know when I'm acting anymore.
It's like I've forgotten how
to be truthful with myself.
- What?
You see it is her.
Those were her words in the car.
You're letting her get to you.
And now you're having a
fucking midlife crisis
at 35 because of her.
God, I lock the door
and she still gets in.
- Stop freaking out, Kat.
- She's a criminal, Hugh,
on the run, I'm sure of it.
Look, I can't believe
you're taking her side.
I mean, just how bad
does a girl have to be?
- Really bad.
(gentle music)
(Kathrine sighs)
(dramatic ominous music)
(dog whining)
(water gurgling)
- Kathrine.
Come to my side.
- Who are you?
Who are you really?
- Don't you know?
Sometimes you need a little
darkness to see the light.
(electricity sizzling)
(gun clicking)
(birds chirping)
(dramatic eerie music)
(birds chirping)
- Hey, I heard something.
I thought you were an intruder.
- (laughs) You get many intruders here?
- It's beautiful, isn't it.
(speaking in foreign language)
What are you thinking?
- (groans) Just, thinking
about my man, Bubi.
- What's he like?
- Nothing like you.
- What does that mean?
- (laughs) Nothing, I'm
just messing with you.
Please don't take me too seriously.
I'm a mind fucker.
(eerie music)
(Kathrine sighing)
(bright upbeat music)
- Liza, a girl like you.
- What about me?
- Well have you thought about acting?
I mean, you've got something, character.
- And let me guess, you'd
like to be my acting coach.
So I can also be a faker,
pretending to be what I'm not.
- I don't pretend, I'm a serious actor.
- Ah, I'm sorry Hugh.
Has it been rough?
- Has what?
- You know, breaking in,
getting known, finishing the project.
- It will happen.
- Hm, if you want something too much
it eats you up from inside.
So what about your acting career?
Mm, what about sex scenes?
Won't Katherine get jealous?
She seems like the type.
Or does she love you now matter what?
- Katherine understands.
A kiss between real actors means nothing.
- A kiss means nothing, really?
You're right, I felt nothing. (sighs)
Oh look.
- What the hell is going on here?
- We're just having
such a nice, open talk.
- I was teaching her about acting.
- Yeah, that too.
- And that means kissing him.
That's not how you treat people, Liza.
I brought you here to help you.
I thought you'd at least
be a little grateful.
- You brought me here to show off.
- You little runaway shit.
- You know, you're like
one of those people
who give a big donation at the church
and then make a noise
about it so everyone knows.
- Okay, Liza, stop.
It wasn't a big deal.
- Oh shut up, both of you.
- No, do you really love him
or just that kak picture.
- I want you gone.
- Don't worry, I'm going.
You know, I was trying to help.
- You (laughs) help me.
- Yes.
But now I'm gone.
- Hey, where you gonna go?
We're miles from the road.
- I already told you, I
can look after myself.
- Kathrine, just calm down.
- Fucking actors, fucking bad actors.
- Oh, that's rich, okay, Kathrine, fine.
- You know what?
Man up, Hugh.
You act all strong and calm
but if you weren't so scared of a fight,
if you weren't such wuss we
wouldn't be in this mess.
- This mess?
- Yes, Hugh, us.
- What are you saying?
- I don't think I can do this anymore.
No more us.
And no more movie either.
It was never going to happen.
(dramatic music)
- Honey, you need me.
Okay, I'm gonna go inside
to try to fix the phone
to call someone to sort out the car.
In the meantime, we're all
gonna calm the fuck down.
- Hey!
Hey, psycho bitch!
Where'd it go?
My gun.
- I'm making sure you leave.
- Kathrine, don't mess around.
- Step back Hugh, it's loaded.
- No I've taken out the bullets.
- No, darling, I put more in.
- Kathrine!
- Time to go, devil child.
- Kathrine stop.
- I've had it with her.
Why are you defending her?
- What's gotten into you,
take those bullets out
and give that back to her.
- What, what, you trust her with a gun?
She's the devil, Hugh.
In my dream I saw her.
I saw you too, dead.
- You're really losing it.
- Liza, out of my house, now.
- Coming.
- Hey, put that down!
Hugh, stop her!
Where's she going!
- Put down the gun.
- No!
Back off.
- What the hell's got into you?
(ominous vocalizing)
- Stop!
- Kathrine!
Kathrine, come back now.
You'll fall off and break your neck.
I always eat alone
Another night of stone
Stripped to the bone
No terror in the bay
I can change
God only knows
- Liza.
- I'll throw it, watch me.
- Liza, put the painting down.
Let's sort this out.
You're a good girl.
- SHe's not a good girl.
Liza, tell us where you
really got that money.
- I took it from some people
who didn't need it anymore.
- And why didn't they need it?
- Because they were dead.
Now give me my gun or say goodbye
to your precious painting.
- Put it down or I'll shoot.
- Go on.
Try to shoot me.
(dramatic music)
- You've got five seconds.
- Kathrine.
This isn't a fucking game show.
Put down the gun.
- Four.
- Shoot, stupid bitch.
- Three, two, one.
- Fuck you!
(gun firing)
(both groaning)
- Liza!
(eerie music)
- Is she dead, I don't want to look.
- I don't know.
I can't see her.
- No?
- Well then where the hell is she?
- She's gone.
(mournful country music)
- Liza, where are you?
I can't see her.
(bell tolling)
(guitar whining)
(woman groans)
(upbeat jazzy music)
You're alive.
- I knew the stupid cow would miss.
- But I never missed you, I shot her!
(dramatic music)
- Fuck that.
- Where you going?
There's nothing that way?
- What about the painting, Hugh?
- Fuck the painting.
- It cost me a lot of money.
- You nearly killed her.
- She's the devil, Hugh.
We don't care about the devil, do you?
Now just come and help
me fetch the painting.
Or maybe, maybe I'll
just call you know who.
- Kathrine, that's bullshit.
You've gone completely mad.
(Kathrine groaning)
Liza, come back.
(ominous vocalizing)
- Liza!
(Kathrine whimpering)
I always eat alone
Another night of stone
Stripped to the bone
No terror in the bay
I can change
God only knows
- Hugh!
- Liza.
I've come to tell you
there's nothing out here.
You'll get lost if you go any further.
- Hello, who's there?
It's for you.
I think it's God speaking.
She wants to have a word with you.
- What are you doing with this?
- Everyone needs a souvenir.
Why did you cut the lines yesterday?
- Because I didn't want any
distraction from anywhere.
- Tell me how much you want me.
- More than anything.
- You'll give it all up to have me?
- Yes.
- (laughs) Stupid man.
- Hugh! (whimpering)
(quiet gentle music)
I come stand naked before you at last
I have nothing and everything here
In this place where time begun
- Promise me one thing.
- What.
- Just promise.
- What?
- Promise.
- How can I promise if
you haven't told me,
you're acting like a child. (screaming)
Okay, I promise.
- Good.
You just promised to tell
your wife everything.
- Okay, you don't understand.
Kathrine's not my wife.
My wife's at home.
She called yesterday,
that's why I cut the line.
She thinks I'm here filming.
- Did you not hear what I said?
I said, you just promised to
tell your wife everything.
Oh, Galilee
Oh, Galilee
What do you have for me
Ah, ah
I come, stand naked before you at last
I have nothing and everything here
In this place where time begun
Will you watch, will you
open up your arms to me
Let me lose yourself
in your bedouin desert
Let me swim all your
oceans and your rivers
Let me feel all your history
Oh, Galilee
Yeah, Galilee
Oh, Galilee
What do you have for me
Yeah, Galilee
Oh, Galilee
What do you have for me
- What are you doing?
- I'm done.
- What the hell, I'm not.
(Liza laughs)
- Kathrine was right, you are the devil.
- You want more, do you?
- Yes.
- (laughs) Remember to keep your promise.
- I want to be with you.
Come with me.
Come live with me in Cape Town.
- Where will we live, Hugh, with Kathrine?
Or with your wife?
- I don't know,
I know I just love being
with you. (groaning)
- Then you must spin the wheel of chance.
Take a risk.
- Why, why, what is that?
- Wasn't sex always a risk for women?
Isn't it still such a risk for us?
- Yes.
- So I'm going to spin the barrel.
And help you share that risk.
Three, two, one.
(gun firing)
(Kathrine gasps)
You stupid idiot.
Gambling with your life, fuck.
You and Kathrine fucking
deserve each other.
(dramatic music)
- Oh God.
(wind whooshing)
- Stupid man.
Let yourself be taken
where the wind blows
Read a lot of books about it
Now I'm gonna shout about it
Please don't mind an
explanation for my cold front
It's only preparation
for my brave stunt
I come out with all
the signals flashing
And I crash into the world
(audience applauding)
(upbeat eclectic rock music)
A young girl wrote a
letter to the devil
Saying I don't like
the way your playin'
With my soul that
ain't my kind of game
An old lady wrote a
letter to a man she knew
He took her heart, tore it up in two
And then he ripped her soul
'Cause that's his kind of game
Wow you soul
Wow you soul
Wow you soul robbers
Best you go