Girl from the Naked Eye, The (2012) Movie Script

When I asked her,
I received no answer
Now she would only smile
Now I understand
I wish you could see the rain
tonight... Sandy.
So you said when you
came here, she was already dead.
How long ago was it?
How long were you in the
apartment before the police called?
I do not remember.
You have no idea where she was,
, and who she was tonight?
I told you I came here,
and took her to the ground.
How long have you known her?
Two and a half months... no.
Do you want to come to the office
, for a short time?
- Only to... talk.
I called the police after I found Sandy.
Now I think I know.
Sandy Wright,
born and raised in Springfield.
See good look.
Her parents gave her as missing three months ago.
So... You had no reason to
... to murder her?
Why would I kill her?
Maybe because you cheated?
She was just a friend you know.
We found six condoms in the pockets of your girlfriend,
, there are six more than we normally find
It is her business.
What is her work exactly?
For a runaway,
is not without money.
She sells candy in the mall, I go now?
"Naked Eye"... my second home
A place where you guys come with money to throw
for strippers and cheap whiskey
These investigators could not prove
ass, so I'm back on the street
I must speak with Simon...
he has information about all the girls
More importantly, Simon
knows where Sandy was last night
Honey! How are you?
Everything okay?
- Yes.
What did I tell you about taking breaks?
- Simon, I'm just here.
You've had it, it's time to get back to work
to go, give it to me, give me that.
Let's go.
- Did you know that Jake is here.
Jake? Seriously?
- Yes.
Store, back to work, come on, let's go!
Ga, ga, ga, ga, ga!
We will pay you not to
goddamn smoke here!
Stupid cunts!
Keep it in your stomach like a damned
What is he doing here?
- Who?
Who the hell do you think? Jake!
I do not know...
- Flicker him fuck off!
I have not seen daylight,
since I started working for Simon
But here I met Sandy
What is gambling?
David told me you to the ground.
Why I stopped drinking.
And why are you here?
You know, I heard you're looking for
a strong person and that you pay a good...
You do not have to break arms,
as long as you, you work it right.
Aside running this club,
, I dance for my private clients.
You... acts as a patron.
You drive them to appointments,
controlling time and ensures that
I get my money at the end of each evening.
I do not do anything.
If you do not come here to drink,
Jake, you have to shit here?
I need to talk to Simon.
It's about that girl, huh?
He's not a very good mood
, tonight, I'll tell you.
Tell Simon that his mood did not improve
is, and mine is even worse.
Do me a favor, take a walk.
Jake, what are you doing here?
It's your day...
You really should take a hobby.
Waves in a beautiful sweater...
A drink... "Animal Crackers"?
What is it?
- What happened to Sandy last night?
The detectives are all
me fucking my ass all day in front, and now you?
She was my girlfriend.
- Oh, now's your boyfriend?
Everyone knew that you and Sandy
more than just friends.
When all was wrong.
Last Sandy was a professional prostitute
, and you should have known better.
You did not know her like I knew her.
Do you think there is something about my
girls, what you know and what I do not know?
Who rode her last night?
None drove her, she told
that they had called a taxi.
- Do not blame me, Jake.
You had to drive her,
what the hell happened?
Who explained it?
Yes, Anne, listen...
What the hell is going on,
Simon? I'll call you all day.
I can not talk now...
Yes, I can not talk now.
So keep your fucking head!
Simon, I'm naked.
- Well, okay honey, I see you tonight.
I've had people put on, Jake.
Where is your book?
I have my book with me, okay?
Probably it is in my jacket at home.
I will give tomorrow.
- Let's go get it now.
It's late, okay?
My child sleeps.
Stitch with your kids! We get your book now!
Look at you...
You are fucking pathetic!
Do you think I give you my book,
so you can fuck with my customers?
Are you insane?
You are emotional, I understand, okay?
But be smart.
Believe me, we caught a dirty bastard.
But we do it my way.
I am simply trying to protect, right?
Currently I'm the only friend you have.
I also feel shitty.
We gave Sandy.
But now you go home and get some rest.
And out of here.
Simon knows more,
but he tells me,
He does not care about these girls.
For him, they were all whores
At one point I thought the same way
But Sandy was different
You need Jake, my driver.
- Oh, yes, sit down.
I'm Sandy.
What are you drinking?
- Ordinary water.
I stopped drinking,
, who brought me into trouble.
If you do not drink, what's the point?
It's fun.
Nice, a puppy in a pet shop.
How old are you, 19?
Old enough.
And you're ready for some easy money?
This is not easy...
No one interested in it,
, what happened to her,
Simply just a girl,
massacred by "street"
But I let them see,
it was not just a girl
I find one,
that killed Sandy
All or nothing so... I live
So I came into this
shit right originally
Yes, I'm an idiot
Now or Never , "baby".
It is rude to me I'm leaving.
What are you, Jake?
What the hell is that?
My brand new "Benz".
Do you think I'm crazy?
So far as I know,
you are the craziest mess here.
Tell me I'm wrong?
No Jake, you're not wrong.
Oh, shit...
Oh, shit!
- Oh, shit!
Oh man, four fucking three?
Fuck you, asshole! Ha, ha!
I lay in my bed at home, relaxing.
When I received a phone call,
that my car was lost.
My beautiful "Benz".
In a poker game stinks!
I'm sorry... I'll pay it back.
I'm sure you will do it.
Watch for Jake, I do
do not think he screwed up my trading.
And after you've sold me,
remove some cigarettes for me.
Simon is on track to Angela
A detour before he
home to his wife is fat
Simon has a building in the center,
that he has turned into a brothel
He gave Angela an opportunity to
In fact, she was the first girl,
I drove,
before Simon made her his concubine
number a doctorate degree
Angela is a nasty bitch
What do you mean by "yes"?
Open the damn door, freezing my balls.
Do you have me to sew?
Are you ready?
- Yes.
Pull my hair.
Save my ass!
Pull my hair! Fuck you!
Seriously, man?
- It has nothing to do with you, Johnny.
You can not do.
Tear my fucking ass off!
Shut up a minute!
- Can not we just fuck in silence?
You know... I speak only Simon.
Yes, I know.
- I only speak.
Okay, okay, but you talk so damn hard!
Can not we just soft and easy to do?
It's cool, I seek
or anyone else, that's cool.
You are looking for a second?
- Yes.
Really? Oh, drop dead!
Val you were dead!
- Val you were dead!
What the hell?
You, get out.
- This is my house.
How the hell are you here?
Hardcover, Simon! I want those names!
Detectiefje hell are you going to play, Jake?
Be realistic damn!
You ungrateful shit.
I gave you a fucking job,
I gave you money, and if you pay me back?
Storms come here as a negro in medicine?
What the hell is wrong with you?
You accept that shit, Simon?
Fuck you, let me settle this.
I'll see you this shit does not regulate,
everything I see you do is shit dicks.
You fucking bastard, you beat a woman?
Yes... so what, Ga... damn!
Fuck you!
- No, you drop dead!
Fuck you!
- Fuck you!
Fuck you!
Hey, stop the fucking shit!
- Not fuck him!
Why do you do it, Jake, huh?
For some kuthoer
half of the world everything is fucked?
Max, stay there, you take the stairs
, and monitor each floor.
Johnny, are you okay?
- Damn Jake, I make him broken.
Easy, killer.
I would also feel like I choked
would be like a little bitch.
Last Chance.
Fuck you!
Try that shit even a bastard,
What are you doing, Johnny?
Put the gun away, it's Jake.
Gently, Johnny, aim the gun at me!
- Fuck you, you!
I will not hurt, right?
Fuck you, try it!
Yes, we beat him up like a
Shut up Shut up, Sammy.
Johnny, put that gun away, let
we hear what Jake has to say.
Listen, I had to talk to Simon,
I'm going to find out what happened to Sandy.
But it's all good now,
ga Simon himself asking.
This is good.
Do not worry.
Put down the gun... put it away.
Fucking, Jake!
No, Jake, do not beat me!
Come on, come on! Move on!
Baby, you're so beautiful!
Thank you, baby, you know how well a
girl must feel.
Jake, are you crazy? What the hell?
I'm in the shit, you do
do not worry, Maddy.
What should I do?
Samantha, have you seen Jake fucking?
No, I do not know what is
the hell is wrong?
Where is Jake?
Where is Jake?
- I do not know.
Maddy, have you seen Jake?
- Oh, honey... I'm busy!
Oh, baby, yeah, oh, oh!
Nicky, fagot fuck on!
Let's go, man!
You, nasty bitch!
- Fuck you!
Oh, baby...
Thank you, darling.
You are Jake, huh?
I'm sorry Sandy.
Thank you.
Are you okay?
Thank you for your help.
Dirty cock!
Cunt, there is
But I can not go back
It's just a matter of time
before this shit gets me behind
Who have you here, Cindy?
- No, a new girl.
And here she comes.
How was it?
- He has not paid me.
What the hell is with you!
What the hell is wrong with you, huh?
If you did not like her, she
you are not satisfied?
Was not she good enough fucked?
- Yeah, they fucked me very well.
Why beflikker your hair then?
See if your hair beflikkert,
beflikker you than me and my boss.
It's a big game where beflikkeren
I do not think you're ready.
What have you here, dammit?
What the hell is this, huh?
A joke, the "Diners Club"?
Who uses it, damn it, huh?
I'm sorry - Shut the fuck head.
Create the hell out of here, here.
Yes, I know five back eh?
Listen, I'll pay you tomorrow.
Damn, what do you think I've done
me jerk off in the sink every night?
I ride the stupid fucking whores around...
Listen, I should go, yeah?
I'm sorry.
Why are you such an asshole?
Am I the asshole, now I just made you
You have no respect for the girls as you drive around.
What? You fuck guys for money?
I do not know you, I do not want to know...
But if you do with your life,
then you're just as fucked up as me.
So what is it? Drugs, sex, or hit you
your father every night when you were a kid?
This is my first night,
How long you do this, Jake?
Sorry, I was getting crazy here, I got
all gone, you know, San...
Let me take you to a nice place
bring anywhere, okay?
Can I take you to a milkshake or something.
She was right...
Who was I to judge her, ?
The most expensive prostitute ever was
paid by the King of Macedonia.
He paid his mistress 250 talents.
What is it?
About the 70 million dollars today.
If you do this to get rich,
you will be disappointed.
I do it because...
I do not know what else to do.
I can understand, but do not hang.
And you... you are stuck?
I bet before.
I lost a lot of money to people
who you want to lose any money.
What is hope?
Hundred Grand.
It's a lot.
You look terrible.
- I also feel terrible.
You're seeing.
- I feel it.
And what happened?
Jake has lost his mind.
He came here, he stole my
booklet, and shot the whole loaf.
Had he booklet?
Then it happened to Jake.
Wait... we will not kill him, huh?
Can not you arrest him or something?
I am a second lieutenant in the police, the last 10 years,
and I am not in jail
because you are weak compared with that guy.
I ask you, but I tell you if
my partner, we need him to murder
I'm not your partner,
let's be clear about this.
You pay me well for the police
of your body to keep.
Personally I would not piss on your
as it was on fire.
But why should we kill him?
The first is a dead girl found in
an apartment that is rented in your name.
Second, there is a cursed
fooling around in the city who are out for revenge.
And thirdly, not to mention that
damn fool now have a booklet
That basically says I'm the dead girl
twice a week was fucked,
the last two months.
Well, how many incriminating facts is that?
A less encouraging prostitution,
a runaway house... oh yeah, something...
I did not kill her.
- Who?
How the hell should I know?
So make sure you realize,
because let me tell you something,
when this book comes out, so
I can not even protect.
Well, listen... I will order my
get back, okay?
Jake We pay some money,
it is a reasonable guy.
Jake, is a wise guy?
Lost we get "finger incident"?
Okay, fine... if you want it
murder... kill him.
This is the best.
What is it?
This is called a role-play, baby.
I do not.
- It's okay, I'll pay you double.
No, I do...!
- Yes? What? What is it, huh?
Get off me!
FBI! Federal inspector pussy!
What do you make me feel good afterwards.
Who the hell you call it!?
You stupid bitch!
- The game is over now, baby.
Go away, get off me!
Well, okay, relax!
Well you can get started, baby.
Hold her down.
- Come.
- Keep her quiet, st... love her!
Spread them!
Stop! Please!
What fl...
Are you a cop? Her boyfriend?
Oh, my finger!
This is my finger now.
Let's go.
Do they hurt you?
I'm okay.
Let's go drink, okay?
Sandy was tough on the road
But she did not belong in this world
I thought you do not drink?
I try,
but it was a tough week, you know?
Thank you for what you did.
Do not worry
on, it was no problem.
I would let anyone harm you do, so...
This is what my father always...
You know, you and I are both the same.
We sell both our body and that sucks.
But I'm not... it's not who I am.
Like I do not know how you are.
It's just work.
But I'm really good at this work, so...
You do not have to worry about that kind of
assholes like you, your work trying to do.
You dance with me?
Come dance with me.
... Come on!
Why are you doing?
Why deal with the "losers" who me?
You can do anything you want.
My mother's friend tried to fuck me.
And when I told my mother
, she believed in me.
So I left.
When I arrived, I had 12
Dollar in your pocket.
And I could not rent
because I was too young and had no work.
And when I met Simon,
he proposed what he called if:
. "The biggest career"
... And I thought, hey, I have no family
more about this world...
I disappoint someone I can ask.
Do not stay in this world.
I do not hang... I promise.
When I'm on my own feet, I
quicker way than you can say chauvinistic.
This is a problem,
because I do not know how chauvinistic
... I must say the way you said it.
Can I sit?
- Of course.
... And how are you?
You look tired.
I'm pretty tired,
I would just go home and go to bed, but...
I really do not like
go home alone, there are so many freaks in this town.
I have no money.
What are you doing?
- I think.
How do I have to solve the problem I have.
Are you a detective or something?
- I'm not.
Maybe I can help you.
I'm really good at mysteries,
I have read all the books of Nancy Drew as a child.
How to solve mysteries?
I do not know what kind of mysticism is
This is a murder mystery, let's say...
That your friend has been murdered.
Is your friend then killed?
- I have not, forget it.
Do not bother.
Wait, maybe I can help you.
This looks like a list of suspects
, right?
Why are you looking for the phone to your friend, and
appearance, who called him the day he died?
But how do I call?
Why do you call him?
a tip of the Nancy Drew fan club
I had to start using my brain,
I have Sandy apartment surveys
Simon gave Sandy half
phone, only for the work,
Shit! XO135, we have a problem here.
Hey, hey! Police came back!
Keep your hands above your head!
I got him.
Edward Baits.
Edward Baits, a computer freak, who has made millions
with a foot fetish porn site
He enjoyed it when Sandy wore her dirty socks
Oh, and lots more! Oh...
Do you know where Edward I, uh...
Oh, yes...
- Yes?
Oh, yes...
Who the hell are you?
- What the hell are you doing, Jake?
- I'll call security.
What do you want? Here, you want money? Take it!
Do you want my laptop? Merry Christmas.
I already knew that he had not done it...
But it was possible that he knew nothing,
Are you sure? Fair.
Who was it?
A call from one of my girls, they got him.
Tell the boys that I come.
Please... get what you came here and go away, here.
Last night received a girl... You know her as Tammy.
I do not know what you're talking about.
You've seen her every Tuesday, the last month.
I know because I was her chauffeur.
What is wrong with her, I had always handled
pure, overthrew her well.
She is dead - Dead?
Oh, my God...
Do you think that I have killed her?
Have you done this?
- Why should I kill her?
I have no reason to murder her.
Jesus Christ!
I am simply a computer technician for God's sake.
Did she say where she went that night?
Why would she tell me something,
I'm just a stranger to her.
Imagine Edward.
- I know nothing!
Okay, okay...
I can remember.
... She went to the bathroom to wash.
And when she came out, she said...
"Yes, yes, Bobby, I see you
club about 15 minutes."
- Bobby...
Bobby who?
I do not know that that
not just Bobby.
Was it Bobby Banks?
- She did not say!
Please, Edward, was Bobby Banks?
I do not know!
I do not know...
I do not know...
Let him fall dead, man.
I had just broken him to do.
I do not know why he was so upset at the stupid whore.
Nasty bitch.
They are only good for hell... fuck.
I killed the bastard.
You do not happen when Jake is gone, do you have?
I do not know... I do not know!
I do not know!
I wish I had
to protect, Sandy
I wish I could bring you back
Have you ever thought about
to go back to school?
down very well have done in school.
It went well.
Yes, and what was your favorite subject?
I've done poetry, the last year.
- Poetry, seriously?
I even looked at the
There is an address in the city
where you can do once a week.
I thought, if you want to study,
you're sure to succeed.
Yes, and what would that prove?
This proves nothing, but you can go to college
and a degree in poetry can get...
Yes, there are a lot of money to be
Come on, it's not about money.
Let me hear one of your poems.
- What?
Getting there is nobody here but us.
Okay, but not laugh.
- Laugh I ever?
No, not really.
Then OK.
- Okay.
I've ever been in love before I was going to die,
clear when my soul and my eyes open.
But he was young and I was right,
if we lived our lives with a loaded gun.
So we knew... We knew it was not able to continue
We could not save ourselves by our own existence.
I looked up at the black sky above,
he looked at me with bloodshot eyes.
It was then that my life was gone,
where time and space and the universe bent.
I liked it - thanks.
Hey, wait a minute guy, you
is not listed.
I have a message for Mr. Banks.
Mr. Banks does not accept messages
, but if you give it to me
I give him.
He is personalized.
Personal... Of course, Bruce Lee,
but give me the damn message.
Bobby Banks,
he supplies weapons used to gangsters
He thinks he's a womanizer
Yes, Sandy told me that he likes to
an artificial penis stinks.
To hell here, boy?
What do you know Jack?
Is Jake.
- Okay...
What do you know Jake?
What, because I gave Sandy her first orgasm?
If you are so good, why are you paying
girls to fuck you?
Hi, I pay no girls to fuck me.
I pay them to leave,
after I've fucked, you know?
Why did you do?
- What have I done damn?
You have killed Sandy.
- Sandy is dead?
I know that she was with you last night.
What is the damn show, huh Sherlock?
Come here all the time
many assholes, but they do not die.
And why does she get?
She asked for a favor...
That I have given her.
What advantage?
- It's between her and me, not you, Jack?
Since Sandy's death,
no more you and her, just you.
I do not fucking killed her!
- I do not believe you.
You stupid dick.
This guy is okay,
he is one of Simon's people.
- Thank you.
Nightclubs, I think here
if the money is.
Do you think Bobby
earn his money with a fucking nightclub?
The guy selling weapons,
Jesus, he's a fucking idiot.
Why I am so worried about you,
every time I drive you to like him.
Jake... you decide this time.
I do not know, I'm just a boring
... a dull Piet Piet.
These columns do
me a bit crazy to think, or something.
They seem so strange.
What do you do?
- The Charleston.
You do not Charleston?
Apparently not.
When I grew up I would
Joan Crawford, or Josephine Baker.
Our "Dancing Daughters," Hallelujah!
Oh my God, oh my God,
my favorite was, uh... Clara Bow.
Oh, I loved her.
Who is she?
A "silent film" star.
Her best film was... "It".
She played a saleswoman who was in love with his beautiful boss.
In another life, he would never have seen that
her... but he does it.
Because she has "it".
"The"... ability that surpasses all others
, with its magnetic force.
Do you think I have it, Jake?
I'll pick him.
She is sixteen years old.
- And?
I do not know how I should feel some time.
- You do not need to feel.
I'll pay you not to feel something...
I pay you to drive.
I can not.
Hear... the child ran away from home
... she had none.
I thought she was doing in
underground in the middle of the night.
I got her the opportunity,
now carries shoes at $ 300.
And I'm the filthy swine?
- The shit makes her pause.
Jake... we both know you need this
job you need money.
So damn drive the car you know?
- It's a good girl, and...
Drive the damn car.
I thought if we could...
- Take the damn car!
I've done my part,
where's my fucking money?
Your Money? I would first like Jake, but once.
- We have just found your man.
A silver Lexus, license plate is correct,
he goes to South Main Street.
Sit on top.
Why I started something with
a girl much younger than me
Perhaps because she had dreams like me
Or maybe .. .
was just...
her smile...
You have time until I, as a cigarette does.
I did not kill her husband... I swear!
Why did you do?
- Damn, man!
You're crazy, Think about it!
If they do not trust me,
why would she come to me, huh?
Why she came to you?
What did she say? What was that?
She wanted a weapon, yes?
A weapon?
- Yes, a gun, motherfucker!
Such a thing firing bullets,
like the stuff you have now fixed!
Come on, man.
What kind of weapon was it?
- Silver, 9 mm Beretta, okay?
Why would Sandy want to have a weapon?
- I do not know!
For you, okay? Well,
they did it for you, Jake!
Drop it, Jake!
I know you.
- Of course you know me.
Jake, Lieutenant Frank O'Malley.
Frank, it's Jake.
You are a policeman.
- Evening.
Evening, Jake, I'm just a friend.
I just want to find out who killed Sandy.
Is not it my job?
No, your work is
Easy, Jake.
I would also like to know who killed Sandy.
Let your gun.
We chat up at my office, okay?
Leave the gun.
Thank you, Frank.
- Anytime.
You do not stop you, Jake?
If you do not sit down somewhere
tear in a "Peep Show"?
I have to kill you when I had the chance.
You can not kill
chicken at a Chinese rooster fight.
What the hell do you have in mind?
Have you just want the town to bitch?
Her fucking on the beach and drink Pina Colada's?
Do you know what the only
some more useless than a whore?
This is a dead whore.
- Are you ready?
No, asshole, I do not...!
You'll never get the money, Jake?
Did you catch that asshole too?
My house is such a mess, he broke my...
Listen, Angela...
I can not talk about it now.
You are a fucking limp dick! He hit me
unconscious, I thought you wanted to arrange...
You're not fucking working on that shit.
- Yes, I'm busy with that shit.
No, you do not!
- I do!
You do not cursed!
- Jesus!
What? What happened?
I ask for reinforcements,
it is a long night.
The last time I saw you... you were so tired of it
What is it?
How old are you?
- 19
What does it matter?
It's certainly a bit,
you fucking 16 years old!
I do not have time, I'm late.
Do you want to come more often if I do it?
Is... I call Simon... I have to go.
No, sit down, come, why so fast?
Come on, that time is past,
I am a busy girl.
But my birthday.
- Come on, I know you is not my birthday.
Do you know?
Come on, you do not...
- Stop it, stop it!
- Hey!
Stop the car.
- What?
Stop the car, I want out!
What is happening?
- You can not do this.
What I am not protected
you, like the other guy.
The others were different, they were sick,
this was just a nice Jewish boy
, a little drunk.
You like him, right?
- What? The work.
This is not like me, you made me
said even if you can not handle...
You're right, I can handle it.
Do you have any idea how clever you are?
You can be anything, but every night
I see you, destroy your life.
This life is good enough for you,
why is it not good enough for me?
Do you think I want to do this?
I have to pay a debt of 100,000,
else they look for me and make me.
Believe me when I have paid off,
I'm here faster than
chauvinistic can say.
Stop this, you eat everything
in on!
The man I love, loves not me.
I have nothing left inside.
One day find a man
... and you will find true love, because I have no doubt.
But I'm not the man
you can get much better.
Do not tell me what love is,
, or whatever it is, I'm not a child.
You're fucking 16 years old!
Let this be clear,
you and I will never be together.
Please do with this at this
to do, I beg you.
You're not my father.
- I love you.
I want a second driver.
- I want a second driver.
Is this really what you want?
You know... I will tell
Simon heard, tomorrow morning.
Why you fell on me, Sandy
Was I the only guy on
World that really gave you
You was the only that held for me
I have my thoughts in a row
get, it's not over yet
Hi, are you still here?
- Oh, no... you again?
Things are pretty bad...
I give the economy the debt.
What are you doing here?
- So I can buy a car.
So I can leave here.
Yes, where are you going?
- I do not know.
Have you found the guy yet,
who killed your friend?
I just make a joke, man.
I loved her.
What happened, Sandy
Who Killed You
Can you come to my apartment tonight?
What is happening?
- I must give you something.
When this life is good enough for you,
why is it not good enough for me
I have to pay a debt of 100,000, or else they look for me
and make me
Why Sandy wants to have a weapon
i For you? Well ok,
they did it for you, Jake
You never get the money, Jake
Who is it?
- He is.
She tried to blackmail... the little bitch.
My business is to inform ..
Our business unless I paid her.
And what have you done?
What do you think I went to the bank,
got money, and paid her.
But I did not kill her...
I want to kill someone for one hundred grand.
Whore But you really given 100 grand?
- You're so damn weak.
You have killed Sandy.
Some people can not understand why
as a businessman, I can not threaten.
How did you know?
Your boys that talk too much.
Where is my money?
Your Money?
Call it hell, but a depreciation.
The cost of doing business.
You know this is not over until
Jake fucking kill you.
Jake? Why would he want to kill me?
He thinks you did.
Stupid fool.
Hi, pulling my clothes off.
Get up, man, stand up... yes?
Hi, boss, you have handcuffs?
What happened?
I need your fucking work, that's what happened.
What do you think?
Your girlfriend, Sandy,
Simon tried to extort money.
So he killed her.
The case is closed, end of story.
You look terrible,
try to sleep.
Nice weapon.
It is a gift from my mother.
Simon is a piece of shit,
but he is not a murderer.
Keep your damn mouth shut.
I have not killed Sandy.
- Jake, I did it.
You said what? What have you done?
- Come here, but as soon as you can.
Why did you do?
Why have you given her money?
Because I'm a stupid idiot.
Ga, fuck Jake, here
damn road.
Thank you.
... Fucking girl.
Girl, you're terrible death.
I've ever been in love before I was going to die,
When my mind is clear and my eyes open
But he was young and I was so much
we lived our lives as a loaded pistol
So we knew... We knew it was not so
could go,
we could not save ourselves by our own existence
I looked up at the black sky above,
he looked at me with bloodshot eyes
It was then that my life was gone
where time and space and the universe bent