Girl in a Cage (2009) Movie Script

What isthat?
It's the label for Goro's Entertainment.
It's good, eh?
That feels a little hasty.
The company hasn't been founded yet.
It's OK because we'll start it sooner or later.
Right, Mr. President?
Hey, should we make this LOGO a little bigger?
There you go!
It's almost complete...
the perfect network support model game.
Wow, it'll definitely be a big hit.
If so, we have to found the company for real.
You sure talk big, Mr. Goro.
You idiot. I mean what I say.
I'm not exaggerating.
I truly believed that this scene would last forever.
At least, until things started going downhill.
The result of the examination has been released.
It's chronic malignant leukemia.
Goro has...?
Your brother, Yuichi,
is in the chronic phase now.
But the acute phase will begin in a few years.
After that, he will have six months to live.
If he receives a hematopoietic stem cell transplant
during the chronic phase,
the rate of recovery will increase.
But if a donor isn't found,
we will have no choice
but to use anti-cancer drugs
to treat the symptoms.
In any case, I will take samples of your blood
to see whether or not
they match your brother's type.
If there isn't a match,
I'll contact a bone marrow bank
to see if they have a suitable donor.
Thank you very much.
What's the matter with you.
What! Yuichi...
Yes, he has gone to see the doctor.
So, are you ok? What about the cost?
Worse than that is Yuichi.
Even though there was so many things
he still wanted to do...
I'll get a job.
Like at a transporting agency...
What about your dreams, Goro?
What about the software company?
I don't want you
to give up on your hopes for me...
If you give up, I'll regret it forever.
Ah, nothing.
I'll make this application a hit
and put our name on the list of billionaires!
Yeah. We have to.
Sis', you got fiired from your company.
I got a call from someone at the company.
A bill collector has contacted them about you.
It's okay.
I'll fiind a new job soon.
You tell me...
When will you repay the money to me.
Mr. Murata!
Hey, who are you?
None of your business.
Come on.
You are a good cook.
It's a pity that...
Why don't you talk to me outside?
Well, okay.
You don't need
to worry about me so much, okay?
Hey, Yuichi.
What? Your sister?
Alright, I'll be there as soon as possible.
Just take it easy.
Come on.
Get away!
You should be okay
because I can extend
the repayment period for you.
Even if you help me out a little bit,
you won't face a penalty.
Also, I'll show you a good bar,
so you should be able to
repay the loan in six months.
Please stop!
Don't take that tone with me!
I was just trying to be nice.
Mr. Goro...
Oh, here comes lover boy.
This is a lawful debt collection.
You asshole...
Come on.
I'm late.
I told you not to come to the table
after me under any circumstances.
I apologize.
It would be good
ifyou'd get that through your head.
Sit down.
What about Yuichi?
He left and said that he would be back soon.
There's also that thing about his body.
He shouldn't be going out much...
I'll tell him that.
Well, shall we eat?
Hey... I was waiting for you!
For a really long time!
But the internet environment
probably changed a whole lot
while I was inside.
You know well, don't you.
Can I be of any use to you for something?
I rent an apartment close to my company.
Please use it.
You'll regain those fiive years you lost soon.
Let's work hard.
Oh, that's right.
Aface you miss wants to see you.
Aface I miss?
Come in.
Welcome back.
What about your body?
I see.
I got a letter from your sister while I was in jail.
She married a rich industrialist
who's more than 20 years her senior...
Actually, I've been holding
a message from her.
Thank you very much.
Sorry for what I have done to you.
I am now very happy.
And I wish you happy, too.
From Yukiko
You are good.
It hurt...
Hurt more!
Satisfy me!
It hurt...
Is it good, Yukiko
In that house, my sister is the same as a puppet
whofollows her husband's every order.
But she puts up with it
to pay for my treatment expenses.
I'm sorry. If I had more assets...
Do you still love my sister?
When I received her letter,
honestly, I gave up on her.
If she's happy, it would be better
to just give up...
Mr. Goro?
Yuichi still isn't home?
He just went to meet his old friend,
so maybe he will be home soon.
He's not healthy.
Aren't you being a little hard on him?
Thank you very much.
You are mine.
Yeah. Call her Aya.
I delivered your message to Mr. Goro.
It's really good you guys didn't meet.
We defiinitely can't meet anymore...
After all, you're walking down different paths.
Master, someday, instead of your wife,
I could be your...
Hey, sister
What? What's the matter?
I asked Yuichi to let me meet you.
You're worn out, aren't you?
You're one to talk.
This shirt...
Goro's Entertainment
I'm going fiirst!
From Yuichi, I heard the aftermath of the incident.
You said you were working in a cabaret club
in order to repay your debt?
You never wrote down the story in your letter.
I didn't want you to worry about me.
I couldn't do anything because
I was in jail for fiive years....
I have no choice
but to apologize to you about that time.
I think you heard,
but he still hasn't found a donor.
But it still costs money.
That's why you married....
My husband is very nice to us.
Yukiko, are you happy now?
Of course.
Well, it's good....
It may be just my opinion,
but...we should be better
not to meet anymore.
Five years ago...
Yukiko, how was it?
Please, don't waste my time.
I'm satisfiied with my life.
What is that?
It's the label for Goro's Entertainment.
It's good, eh?
That feels a little hasty.
The company hasn't been founded yet.
It's OK because we'll start it sooner or later.
Right, Mr. President?
Hey, should we make this LOGO a little bigger?
There you go!
It's almost complete...
the perfect network support model game.
Wow, it'll defiinitely be a big hit.
If so, we have to found the company for real.
I was told that
we shouldn't meet anymore.
Do you think that comes from the heart?
My sister still loves you.
Did Yukiko lie down with another man...?
Ifyou're just guessing,
I won't forgive you
for making me imagine that.
Just take a look at this article.
Man Kills Yakuza Member to Protect Lover
It was defiinitely this guy.
The woman "K', this guy's lover,
was your wife at the time.
K is Kitahara.
She was sneaking around with her ex-boyfriend
while she was married to you.
If I were your wife,
I would never betray you....
Mr. Masashi...
You were meeting Goro Yazaki?!
It was...
It was what!?
You were sneaking around!
But, it was really nothing...
Don't make excuses!
Who picked you up, eh!?
Thanks to whom
are you and your brother able to be living?!
I'm so sorry.
Who's looking after
your burdensome little brother?
I promised him that
I would try not to meet you again.
No wonder!
I was careless.
you belong to me.
I never let you leave.
Never! You belong to me!
I'm home.
Yuichi, you're a sick person,
so you shouldn't go outside much.
No no, I'm just worried about your body.
I'll take care of myself...
Poor master...
Don't say that.
It's just my opinion,
but I think you'll be betrayed
by your wife someday.
Let's work until we strike it rich.
You've fiinally found motivation.
I need money, now.
For Yukiko?
I have to be able to take care of
Yukiko and Yuichi.
Mr. Masashi,
I'm sorry for yesterday.
It was all my fault.
In any case,
I'm not going to let you
leave the house for a while.
As you wish.
I'll make Ayame go to the hospital for Yuichi,
so don't set foot outside the gate.
Good. Come here and lick my body.
It's a morning service.
You can't listen to my order?
Can't you do any better than that?
You are so lazy!
I'm very sorry.
Your love is not enough for me!
No, it's not...
Goro, you have a guest
A guest?
Who are you?
I'm Masashi Hasegawa, Yukiko's husband.
You're "Goro Yano", right?
Can we talk?
I'm going to go outside for a bit.
Yukiko is MY wife.
I want you to leave her alone.
I think you should be able to understand.
What ifyou were in my position?
This is consolation money.
It's a small sum, but take it, please.
What's wrong with you?
Nothing, really.
Should I check your temperature?
It's okay. Leave me alone.
This is from the doctor, I put the medicine here.
By the way,
I want you to show something good.
Something good...?
I'll bring it to my husband's house
tonight at 2AM.
Look closely.
Answer me.
Please forgive me.
Yes, that face.
Show me more of that worrisome face.
It's your turn to be watched now.
Ow... no!
Don't resist me.
What about this?
Master, you can see this slut's pussy.
It's about time. Lick it.
Madam, are you feeling it?
It hurt...
Good face, Yukiko...
I love to torment you
when your face is like this.
You are my toy...
please me more...more and more.
It hurt...
Sorry I'm late.
I couldn't get away from work.
Mr. Goro, please help my sister.
I can't stand anymore.
Yuichi, what on earth happened?
She is their toy...
He's settled down now,
but he should be in hospital, the doctor said.
His white cells are quite unstable.
How did it come to this...?
He didn't want to be responsible for you.
I heard about your situation from Yuichi.
You should leave that house.
I can't.
I'll take care ofYuichi.
So please come with me...
I'm happy now. Really happy.
Is the arm of the happy person?
Do happy people have
green bruises in these places?
My goal, the development
of new software, is in sight.
I can take care of you guys now.
but I can't forget about
how Mr. Masashi looked after of us.
As for the money, it's okay
if you pay him back little by little.
You don't need to take his abuse anymore...
Let's go.
Mr. Masashi, ow...
This is the end ofyour violence.
What I do with my wife is my business.
You're one to talk!
I'll take care ofYuichi.
This has absolutely nothing to do with you!
Come with me.
I told you not to meet your ex-boyfriend,
but you broke our promise!
If I even think you'll meet that guy again,
I'll kill him!
Listen. Don't let her out until I'll come back!
Do you understand?
As you wish.
You fainted.
You should take better care ofyourself.
It's okay...
It's my fault, my sister was abused...
Don't worry. I'll take care of both you guys.
Mr. Goro...
It's a somewhat violent way of doing this,
but I'll drag her out of the house.
On the fiirst floor...the innermost room.
Be careful. Masashi is a little crazy.
I'll be fiine,
so you don't need to worry about anything.
Never let Yukiko outside of the room.
Yes, sir.
Take care.
I'll stop her.
Hey, please stop!
I'll get yelled at by my boss.
Wait a minute.
I'll call the police!
I'll save you.
Let's get out of here.
Goro, why...?
Goro's entertainment can't exist without you.
but... I can't confuse you anymore.
That's silly. How are you confusing me?
I came back to get something I forgot...
What are you doing here!? You!
Master, he broke into your house.
A cat burglar
who approaches another man's wife...
Wait a minute.
I have nothing to do with this person.
Yukiko is mine.
I will never allow anyone to approach her!
Stop it!
Get away!
What the heck are you doing!
Everything will be fiine as soon as you leave!
Everything will be fiine...
Mr. Goro!
I won't give you my sister!
Shut up!
Yuichi, are you alright?
I guess his time has come.
I'm glad, though.
What are you saying!
Because I won't have to trouble you anymore...
What do you mean, trouble!
I want you to be with the person you really love.
I'll stay with you forever.
I wanted Yuichi to be happy...
Yuichi felt the same way.
He said he wanted you to be a happy.
You have to be happy. For Yuichi.
I'll make you happy.
Vengeance for my brother!
Watch out!
Life isn't supposed to go so well.
Why did you say that?
We have to start our lives over again, don't we?
Just as I thought,
our twisted fortune will follow us everywhere.