Girl in the Basement (2021) Movie Script

Please, Marie. I need you
to take deep breaths, okay?
Please go faster.
-Please, daddy.
Just follow my breath, okay?
I don't know what just happened.
I don't know what happened.
She... Marie, are you breathing?
You have to go faster.
-I'm going as fast as I can.
-Go! She stopped breathing!
Please keep breathing.
Not a word.
Can we get a little help here?
Wait here, please.
Help her. She's coding.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.
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Honey, this meal was fantastic.
Thank you very much.
you are absolutely welcome.
I know it's your favorite.
Some ice?
Amy, when are you headed back?
Uh, I'm going tomorrow.
Tomorrow? It's spring break.
Why don't you stay for the week?
I, I have stuff
I need to catch up on.
So, yeah, well,
probably tomorrow.
Well, I'm gonna be late.
-For what?
-The party.
Well, mom said I could go,
like, two weeks ago.
This was something you
didn't wanna discuss with me?
I was going to, but I...
I don't see what the big deal
is. It's just a party.
The big deal is your attitude.
Listen to your father.
Are you kidding me?
You said I could go.
-I, I can take her.
-Amy, stay out of it.
You're not going. That's final.
Go to your room.
Who wants dessert?
Heh. There she is.
Let's get out of here.
What, you catch hell?
Yeah, but I threw it right back.
Right on.
Come on, babe.
I know you're mad.
Come on, I just, I just
wanna talk to you. Come on.
There'll be other parties,
I promise. Open the door.
Open up, Sarah.
She just probably wants
some time.
Yeah. She wants everything
special. Everything special.
She's a problem.
We return to where we are
to see what comes out
We return to where we are
We're seeing the star now
It always looks okay
I wrote something.
-About what?
-About you.
Don't have it all mapped out.
-And I don't have all the words.
-Let's go. Play.
-Go, go, go, go.
-Okay, okay, okay.
I remember holding tight
Felt like falling
Looking in your eyes
I can hear it
through the night
Voices calling
Sounds of sunrise
Wherever I may go
wherever I may go now
Wherever I may go
your voice echoes so loud
-I love it.
I love you.
I love you.
-I'll call you later.
-Love you.
-See you later.
Why don't you come in the front
door like a normal person?
I thought I said no.
You can't make up
your own rules.
-We're not done.
-Was that your boyfriend?
-That's not your business.
Oh, oh, did your mother and I
give you permission
to date motorcycle boys?
You know, the day
I turn 18, I'm out of here
and you're never gonna
see me again!
Come here.
When you're in my house,
you follow my rules.
-Get off me.
-Hey, hey. What's going on here?
-He's crazy.
-Really? You had to do that?
-I hope it was worth it.
-It was.
-He told me he loved me.
-Get out.
I thought you were going back
to the dorm.
I wanted to make sure
you were okay first.
You're almost out of here. Just
keep your head down and be cool.
Somebody has to stand up to him.
I mean, he's crazy.
Mom just lets him
walk all over her.
Don't mess with him, okay?
You're only grounded for a week.
Oh, my God.
That is so stupid.
I swear, I'm leaving
as soon as I turn 18.
So you keep saying.
I just hope you have a plan.
-I do.
I'm gonna
travel the world.
-That's not a plan, Sarah. No.
-That's not a plan.
That, it's my plan.
I'm gonna start in Florida.
And I'm gonna get jobs to work
my way across the country.
I'm gonna see everything
I've always wanted to see.
I know I can't stop you.
Go, see the world, be brave.
-Just don't be reckless.
And call me and write me
and visit me.
-Yeah, I promise.
I'm not gonna lose my girls.
Uh, no, I haven't asked him yet.
Uh, I just have to wait
for the right time.
He can be, you know, a little,
uh, iffy sometimes.
Hey, I'm going to the store.
Where's your father?
Uh, I think he's out front.
Ah. Good for him.
I worry about him.
He's in the man cave
so much lately.
What do you think he does
down there all the time?
-You should go look.
He says there's rats. I am
very not interested in rats.
-Wanna come with me?
-Mom, I'm on the phone.
Oh. Is that Chris?
Love you.
I'm sorry.
-Bye, honey.
Yeah. Just...
-Hey. Hang up the phone.
I need your help with something.
I'm sorry, Chris.
I have to call you right back.
-Come on.
-What do you want?
-Pick this up.
Come on. Up.
Yeah. We're going down
the basement.
That's right.
Keep going.
Watch your step.
Uh, can I go hang out
with a friend tonight?
Well, you asked nicely, yes.
What is this place?
Previous owner
built a bomb shelter.
I made some improvements.
Well, put that end over there.
And here we go.
What do you think?
I mean, it kinda sucks.
There is no windows.
You don't like it?
-That's too bad.
What are you doing, dad?
Dad, what are you d...
Let me out!
Oh. Oh.
What is this?
What is my bag doing here?
Hello! Help!
Uh... Wait...
Wait. Oh, oh. Why?
Oh, God, no. Please, God.
No, this isn't happening.
Hello? Mom? Mom?
Mom! Help!
Help! Dad!
Dad, please let me out.
Help! Help!
Dad, please let me out!
Please let me out, dad!
Mom, I'm sure she's fine.
She's probably
just at a friend's house.
What friend? I called all her
friends, nobody's seen her.
-I'm calling the cops.
Let's just go to sleep.
She'll be here when we wake up.
I'm calling the cops.
Amy, call Chris.
Mom! Mom!
Yeah, you can scream
as much as you'd like,
'cause the room is soundproof.
Dad, get off!
Dad, let go! Let go!
You can't do this to me.
Yes, I can.
I can't breathe. There's no air.
As long as there's power,
there's air.
Three failed attempts on
the keypad shuts the power off,
which shuts off
the ventilation system.
I change the code every day.
Why are you doing this?
Life is a series
of interactions.
Action, reaction.
Choices, consequences.
You chose to be disrespectful,
and this is your consequence.
Help! Someone! Ugh.
This vent
is where you get your air
if I say you do.
You eat when I say you do.
You want a blanket, a book,
you can have those things
if I say you can.
Everything that you get now,
every privilege, you will earn.
You understand?
Do you understand?
Ah. Damn.
Huh? Hey! Ow. Ow.
Oh, ow.
Dad. No.
Well, it's not like her.
I mean, she still hasn't called.
She promised that she wouldn't
run off like that again.
She broke a lot of promises.
This is my husband, Don.
-Nice to meet you.
Well, she's run off before,
It was to a party.
This is different.
She came right back.
Well, she's 18, which means she
can come and go as she pleases.
Isn't it likely that she decided
she needed some space
and is staying with friends?
She doesn't have
that many friends.
I've talked to all the ones
that I know.
-Chris hasn't seen her.
And he seems
like a pretty nice guy.
Chris who? You got a number?
Yeah. I'll go get it.
All right. We'll talk to him.
Did you guys notice
anything missing?
Clothes, personal items?
Uh, yes. Some clothes
and a travel bag.
-Did you tell him her plans?
-What plan?
She wants to visit
all 50 states.
Don, it's not really a plan.
She's a dreamer.
And she said
that when she turned 18,
that she was gonna go
from Florida
and work her way
across the country.
But she hasn't had
her birthday yet.
And she wouldn't leave
without saying goodbye to me.
She wouldn't.
We've already filed
a missing person's report.
But without any leads,
that's about all
I can do at this point.
And I've been doing this
for 20 years.
Usually, these situations
resolve themselves.
You'll be sitting at home,
your phone will ring...
And it'll be Sarah.
Well, thank you.
And I'll be sure
to let you know if she calls.
All right. It's good.
What are you thinking about?
Thinking about you.
On the back of my bike. Hot.
Not if I fall off and die.
Ah, you're safer on a bike
than you are in a car.
Oh, really?
Well, uh, probably not.
-But I'm gonna get you a helmet.
And then what?
Then we're gonna hit the road.
Me and you, rockin' your helmet.
Yeah. Me rockin' my pink helmet.
And, uh, where are we gonna go?
Everywhere. Wherever you want.
Sounds of sunrise
Wherever I may go
Wherever I may go
Wherever I may go
Wherever I may go
Wherever I may go
Your voice echoes so loud
Wherever I may go
You must be Chris-with-the-bike.
Nice ride.
Uh, look, is Sarah back?
The cop, cops called me
looking for her.
I-I wanted to come by,
see if you heard anything.
Just wanted to,
I wanted to bring her this.
Um, she didn't tell you?
Tell me what?
She didn't say anything
about Steve?
S-Steve? Steve who?
Sarah and Steve
were best friends
in the old neighborhood
since, like, first grade.
She always said that she was
gonna run away with him one day,
and right after graduation,
she did.
Wait, so you're,
you're, you're trying to tell me
that Sarah ran off
with some guy named Steve?
My wife said they're in Florida.
She was working as a waitress.
Now, you're sure she didn't say
anything about Steve?
I remember she, uh,
she-she mentioned Florida.
Uh, if you want, um, my wife
can mail her the, the gift.
-No, no. It's fine. Thanks.
-Hey, Chris, I'm really sorry.
I mean, you seem like
a good guy. I...
I'll tell her, you know,
when she calls,
uh, that, that you came by.
Yeah, cool.
Who was that? Any news?
Reenie, if I hear anything,
you'll be the first to know.
It's gonna be okay.
We're gonna find her. Okay?
These should last a few days.
And I've got a little surprise
for you.
Happy birthday. You're 18 now.
Make a wish
and blow out your candle.
I don't have to be nice.
And here is a little gift.
What do you say?
What do you say?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Put it on.
Oh. You look very nice.
Hm. Pick something.
-Pick something you want.
-Like what?
I really wanna get out of here,
It's a little early for that.
Pick something else.
Well, a TV?
Mm-hmm, you're gonna
have to earn that.
-A clock?
Time passes really weird
down here.
Yes. I can do that for you.
See, you do something for me,
I do something for you.
Come over here.
-Dad, I--
Call me Don.
Come here.
That's a good girl.
You're learning.
Ah! Oh, ah...
From your first breath,
and every day since,
I have gladly provided.
And in return,
you have given your mother and I
nothing but selfish disrespect.
This is what happens
to ungrateful little girls.
Oh, oh, oh...
It's all right.
What are we gonna call you?
Okay, Marie.
It's the best thing
that can happen to a woman.
Gives you a sense of purpose.
You're welcome.
How about
you put these things away?
So do you get a bigger office?
Of course.
Uh, second biggest.
Wow. I'm so happy for you.
Well, I've been there ten years.
I do deserve it.
What's that?
Mommy, daddy and me
and my new, well,
baby brother or sister.
Hm. Thank you.
It's good.
You know, soon there's gonna be
three of us.
You know,
it's not too late to let us--
Might it be possible
that I be able to come down here
and relax?
Sorry, Don.
Yeah, sure you are.
-Congrats on the promotion, dad.
-Thank you very much, Amy.
So, does this promotion
come with a raise?
I-I was thinking maybe we could
hire a private investigator.
-Why not?
You've already gone to Florida,
you spent $5000,
we're not gonna waste
anymore money on this.
Don't you wonder
what happened to her?
Don't you wonder
if, if she's happy?
Maybe she's dead.
I'm never giving up, Don.
I'm gonna keep searching for her
and I don't care
what kind of money it costs.
We have a daughter right here.
Merry Christmas.
What do you say?
Thank you, Don.
You're welcome.
Oh, my gosh! Ah!
-Ah. It's a television.
-What is a television?
-Oh, man.
Well, this is gonna be
our window to the outside.
Outside? Where daddy goes?
Okay? You wanna watch something?
-We have a television.
Oh. Marie, I'm sorry.
No. No.
None of these are for kids.
I don't know
how much to give her.
Give her half.
What if it makes her worse,
or poisons her?
Her temperature's a 101 degrees!
You and Amy got sick all the
time, your mother handled it.
Yeah, but she needs a doctor.
You're the mother now.
You handle it.
-How you doing, big guy?
Hey! Hey, she needs a doctor!
I'm sorry, sweetie.
Can you tell me a story?
Another one?
-And I want a new story.
-Okay. Um...
Once upon a time
there was a fairy princess.
And she was in love
with a handsome prince.
What was his name?
His name
was Good Prince Christopher.
And he played the lute.
And one day
the princess's evil father
found out
about Prince Christopher
and he was so mad that he
chopped off his daughter's wings
and he locked her
in a cave underground.
And the princess was so lonely.
But, but then one day,
her fairy godmother came
and brought her a little girl
to keep her company.
And they were so happy
that she came back
a couple of years later,
but this time
she brought them a little boy.
What about
Good Prince Christopher?
I think
he's still looking for her.
And sometimes he sings the song
he made for her
hoping that she can hear him.
-Do you know the song?
Wherever I go
Your voice echoes so loud
Yeah, I'm on my way.
Okay. I'll see you soon.
Uh, Amy.
Hey, it's, uh, Chris.
Chris? Ch-Chris. Hey.
So sorry.
I didn't recognize you. You...
-Y-your hair.
-Yeah, well...
Gotta grow up sometime, right?
Uh, how are things?
You, you're living here now?
God, no. Uh...
You know, mom says
I don't visit enough, so, uh,
so I'm here for the weekend.
How's, um, how's Sarah?
Uh, you didn't...
You haven't heard?
What, you still haven't heard
-No. I haven't.
That Steve guy must've
really done a number, huh?
-Well, your dad told me that--
Wait, when, when did you talk
to my dad? Uh...
Song that never ends
-Can you stop it?
-Not right now.
Time for bed.
Can you brush your teeth?
-But I wanna go with Don.
-Well, you can't.
-Why not?
-'Cause that's not up to me.
-Then who is it up to?
I wanna go outside,
to the park, and to the zoo,
and play with real friends,
like on TV.
Okay, well, we're your friends,
you can play with us.
We can come up with our own zoo.
But I wanna go to the real zoo,
Hey. Quiet chair, now!
I knew he was lying.
He was just making stuff up.
I knew it.
But he was really nice about it.
That's my dad.
He fools people. Yeah.
Everyone, except the people
who know him best.
And Sarah,
she saw right through him.
She'd stand up to him.
Well, what do you think
Most of the time
I think she got away
and that she's living
a great life somewhere.
And, you know, well,
at other times, I just...
I, I think
he did something to her.
-Like, what?
-I don't know. Like...
Maybe he hit her
and she fell and...
Gosh, I don't know.
He hit my mom once,
she was in the hospital
for two days.
You don't know the half of it.
God, I miss her.
Maybe we can kind of go outside.
I think I might need
a little bit of an adventure.
-What do you say? Michael.
Come here, come on, quick,
quick, quick, quick, quick!
Get your flashlight on.
Turn it on.
Okay. Ah.
I'm going to be your guide
as we go on a little adventure
through the jungle!
But before we go,
I need to know something.
-Can you be brave?
-Are you gonna be brave?
All right. Let's do this thing.
Follow me.
Come on. Follow me, follow me.
Quick, quick, quick.
Shh, shh, shh!
Quick. Careful of the branches.
Hey, stop! Stop, stop,
stop, stop, stop!
Look, it's quicksand!
Come on, jump!
Could that be
what I think it is?
Oh, my gosh!
It's a waterfall!
Careful, you're gonna get wet!
Come here.
Do you hear that?
It's a wild panther! Run!
We better run!
We gotta hide!
Come on, come on, guys, hide.
We gotta get away.
We gotta get away,
can't let him see us.
Why would you lie? Huh?
What is this story you made up
about our old neighbor Steve?
Why would you lie to Chris?
What difference does it make
what I say to some lowlife
who's sneaking around
with our daughter?
-So you did lie!
-You know something.
Yeah, I know that your sister
has been threatening
to run away
since she was 11 years old!
-I-I wonder why, dad!
-What does that mean?
-Did-did you do something?
-Did I do what?
-Amy, stop. Okay, Don...
-I don't know. Did you, dad?
All I did was provide
for you and your sister!
Both of you stop it, stop it!
I am gonna hire
a private investigator.
What did I say about this?
What you always say.
You know what?
I don't care anymore.
I am gonna find her myself!
You don't have to pay for it,
you don't have to worry
about it, I will get a job
and I will find her myself.
Yeah, is this the part
where you wanna break something?
How about this? Huh?
How about this?
Oh, what the hell, Reenie?
The hell. Reenie...
Ma, are you okay?
Can you, can you go get me
a towel, please?
-Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
You find
what you were looking for?
What do you think,
I hid your sister down here?
you still pushed her away.
That is on you.
That is always on you!
Maybe I'll get lucky
and chase you away, too.
Now get out!
What are we calling this one?
He looks like my father.
A miserable little man.
I was thinking, it could be
a really good idea if...
Well, if you took this one
What kind of a mother are you?
You're just gonna...
abandon one of your children?
And I'm done raising kids.
What about Reenie?
There's not enough room
down here for two kids.
Definitely not three.
And if I didn't spend so much
time taking care of him...
I would have way more time
to take care of you.
Calm down, honey.
Hi, baby.
Dear mom.
I hope you're doing okay.
-What? Sarah?
-I'm sorry I haven't called.
-Or written.
-You're alive.
I have a boyfriend now,
and we're dong okay,
but there's no time or money
for a baby right now.
-Oh, my God.
-This is Thomas.
I hope you'll take
good care of him for me
until I can come for him.
I love you and miss you. Sarah.
Come here, my baby.
Don, Don...
This is Sarah's baby.
She was here.
-Sarah was here.
Oh, come on, baby.
-How'd it go?
Just one little hiccup.
"Mom, I'm being held captive
in the basement.
Call the police."
You haven't learned a thing.
Now put this on.
Once upon a time
there was a little girl
who lived in a dark cave
with her mother,
who was once a fairy princess.
One day a fairy godmother
brought a little boy
for the little girl
to play with.
They loved playing together.
They went
on amazing adventures,
to the rainforest,
the jungle and even the moon,
where they met an alien.
Even though
they argued sometimes,
they were very happy.
Her mother's Prince Charming
was still wandering,
trying to find
his fairy princess.
He sang the special song
he wrote for her,
and never gave up. The little
girl never gave up either.
She knew that one day
she and her mother
and her brother
would be rescued...
...and live
happily ever after.
Thank you. Thank you.
Stop. Stay still.
Let me see. Okay, you're done.
Well, looks cool.
You look like a clown.
-Yeah, says you.
-Hey, what are you doing?
You're not wearing make-up.
Come here.
You are very, very beautiful.
Marie. Marie, come here.
Come here.
Hey! Come here, set the table.
Michael, help your sister.
You don't touch her.
Please leave her alone.
Take this with you.
She doesn't need it.
She's just a kid.
Great. Thanks, mom.
Remember to breathe, honey.
What's goin' on?
Will you talk to me?
I don't know anyone.
I don't have any friends.
What if I never meet anyone?
What if I never meet a nice boy?
You will.
-I'm working on it.
I promise.
You just have to be patient.
How did you meet dad?
I've known your father
almost my whole life.
Well, I think
that when we get out of here,
maybe you should get a divorce.
Hey, grandma.
Hi there, young man. Come.
-Come here.
-What are you doing in here?
-Oh, my God.
-What's that smell?
I think that's rain.
Michael, come help us.
Uh... Well,
will you help me move this?
-This, yes.
I was just missing
your mama like crazy,
and I just wanted to make sure
that, that everything was
perfect for when she comes home.
Oh, my God.
Michael, can you go
get me a spoon?
Grandpa says
she's never coming back. Um...
Oh. How does he know?
Your grandpa
doesn't know everything.
God, the ceiling is wet.
It's soft.
What was she like?
She was magnificent.
I mean, she is magnificent.
You look just like her.
Come here, you crazy kid.
I think I can dig through.
How can I help you?
-How can I help you?
So sorry to wake you.
I was just, um...
There's a light
flashing outside of your house.
I, I didn't know
if you knew or not.
It looked like someone was
trying to signal or something.
Probably just my imagination.
Well, thank you.
I will check it out.
-Have a good night.
-Reenie, go back to bed.
It's nothing.
No. Ah!
Dad, stop!
It's okay.
Well, can you, can you tell me
what to do?
Something's wrong.
-Something's really wrong.
-What do I do?
I don't know.
No, no, no, no...
Hello, kids! Class dismissed!
-Happy birthday!
-Thanks, dad.
You're welcome.
What's for dinner?
What's wrong with you?
Nothing. Everything's fine.
Well, get that look off your
face. You look just like her.
-Your grandmother.
She always had this sour look
on her face.
nothing was ever good enough.
You know, I don't have to come
down here if I don't want.
I'm sorry, Don.
I'm just tired.
Oh, you're tired? What from?
From working so hard?
You don't know
what it's like up there.
They're laying off people
left and right.
I'll be lucky to hang on
to my job by Christmas.
How's Thomas?
Thomas is doing great.
He's eating like a wild animal.
He's getting big,
he's getting strong.
Next year
he wants to play football
in addition to baseball.
I'd like to play someday.
Well, you certainly
will be able to
as soon as your mother
learns to behave herself.
When will that be?
Yeah, when will that be?
A month? A year? Two years?
Well, well, I don't know.
It all depends on mom, right?
Right. He's sorry he asked.
What's wrong with asking, huh?
-Fifteen minutes?
-He would have said no.
How do you know?
He treats you like garbage!
I just do. You don't know him.
-You barely let us speak to him!
-That's true.
Yeah, I'm trying to protect you,
and I'm doing the best
that I can!
This is your fault!
You are the reason
we're down here!
No, he keeps us in here
like animals.
-I just wanna go outside!
-Me, too!
We just wanna go
outside, mom! Do something!
Shut up!
I remember holding tight
Felt like falling
Looking in your eyes
I can hear it
through the night
I love you.
Voices calling
Sounds of sunrise
Wherever I may go
wherever I may go now
Wherever I may go
your voice echoes so loud
We know you're just trying
to protect us.
I'm sorry, too.
About what?
None of this was your fault.
If I would have just shut up
like Amy,
I wouldn't be down here.
We wouldn't be down here.
Who's Amy?
I haven't been honest with you
two, but you're old enough now,
and I think it's time
you know the truth.
Do you remember the story
I used to tell you
about the fairy princess and how
her father cut off her wings?
My favorite story.
That's kind of my story.
I'm the fairy princess.
And who do you think Don is?
That's dad. Your husband.
He lives upstairs
with Aunt Reenie
who helps takes care of Thomas.
I grew up upstairs
with my sister Amy.
I had a mom and dad, too.
But my dad and I
didn't get along.
He was awful.
And I had this boyfriend
who I was so in love with.
-Prince Christopher?
Anyway, we were gonna run away
together after I turned 18,
but my dad must've known,
because he tricked me
and he locked me down here.
So, when did you meet dad?
Aunt Reenie isn't my aunt.
She's my mom.
Don is her husband...
who is also my dad,
and, and is also your dad.
Do you understand
what I'm telling you?
No. No, I don't.
I'm sorry.
She's having an asthma attack.
You have to breathe. It's okay.
-It's okay. Come on.
-What's wrong with us?
Nothing is wrong with you.
I love you both so, so much.
Okay? There's nothing wrong
with you.
It's him. It's always been him.
Come here.
I love you both so much.
You mean everything to me, okay?
I don't wanna hear it.
-There's not much here.
-What did I just say?
-You don't wanna hear it.
-Just heard it.
-It's ration.
-We are already rationing.
Ration more!
Back off.
You got to take better care
of yourself. You look like hell.
Shut up!
Don't talk to her like that!
Or what?
What are you gonna do?
You're not gonna do anything.
You can't do anything.
You know,
Thomas is younger than you,
but he's bigger than you.
He's more man
than you'll ever be.
Michael! Hey!
Calm down.
I remember holding tight
Felt like fallin'
Did you get fired?
No. Don?
I could hear it
through the night
-Where does the money go?
-Don't worry.
-Until I get another job!
-Oh, when is that gonna be?
Of sunrise
Wherever I may go
Wherever I may go now
Wherever I may go
your voice echoes so loud
I've been wandering around
in the darkness
Through the memories
-Hey, slugger.
What are you doing?
I'm just trying to see
how many miles
I can get out of this thing.
Watch out for your fingers.
-You okay?
-I'm fine.
-You sure?
I told you about
choices and consequences, right?
you make a bad choice.
You thought it was a good
choice, but it's a bad choice.
And I'm trying to figure it out.
I'm sure you'll figure it out,
-Mom, what do we do?
-Hold on, sweety.
But we always get past this.
You just have to breathe,
Marie, all right?
...second base. And I scored...
See you.
The cake that I had made,
it says, Go Team.
Just have to keep breathing.
Sorry, I'm... I gotta get
some food, I'm sorry.
-Oh, yes! Yes, please!
My mouth is watering right now.
-There you go.
-Thanks, grandpa.
-Great game today.
-Thank you.
If it weren't for you,
I wouldn't have, uh, been
inspired to show them losers
what was what.
-He's a good kid.
He said he'd come
after the baseball game.
He should be here.
I think we should entertain
more often.
-I'm gonna go get the cake.
-Okay. Excellent.
Where the-the hell is he?
Can you stop it?
That is not helping!
She's getting worse.
Help me, help me
get her on her side. Come on.
Come on, help me.
She's gonna throw up.
What the hell is going on here?
She just had an asthma attack,
and she's barely breathing.
She needs to go
to a doctor, now!
-No, no. I can't risk it.
-She's dying!
What, you hate us that much?
Well, maybe it's for the best.
-Y-you love Thomas, don't you?
-He's a good kid.
Yeah, okay, well,
if you really care about him,
you're gonna just
let his sister die?
She needs to go to the hospital!
She needs a doctor now!
You will tell 'em. I know you.
No, you don't.
I won't say anything.
I swear, I won't say anything!
Dad, please just...
I-I, I just wanna
be with her, please!
Please, daddy.
Come on, please.
Fine. Fine!
We'll go to the hospital.
Pick her up! You're staying.
He'll die down here,
no one will find him.
Go! Go! What the hell.
Just take deep breaths, okay?
Can we get a little help here?
Help her. She's coding.
Come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Got her.
-Hi. I'm Diane.
-Nice to meet you.
-How is she?
Uh, she's in critical condition,
but, unfortunately,
we haven't been able to identify
any of her medical history,
so I was hoping
that you could catch us up.
How often does she have
such severe asthma attacks?
Well, she's home-schooled,
so we've been giving her
home remedies.
And it's all been fine
So she hasn't received
any professional medical care
in the last 18 years?
No vaccinations?
No shots? Nothing?
Everything's been fine
until now.
Okay, well, why don't you just
update your contact information?
And I'll make sure that the
doctor comes down to see you.
-Thank you.
-All right?
Yeah, thank you.
Dr. Percell GP
is on line 4.
Whoever is paging,
Dr. Percell GP is on line 4.
I have to go to the bathroom.
Absolutely not. You'll stay
right there in that seat.
What the hell?
Stay right there.
64 Charlie to Central K.
64 Charlie.
Whoever's looking
for general surgery...
I need help.
Sir? Sir?
-May I have a word with you?
Can we step
to the side, just talk, please?
Hey, it's okay,
it's okay, relax.
Hey, breathe, relax.
Breathe deep breaths in and out.
You're safe.
-You're safe.
-Oh, where are we?
We're at the hospital.
We got out.
Well, where's dad?
The police arrested him.
He's going away
for the rest of his life.
We're safe. We're free.
It's over.
-Marie, come.
-Hey, pass it here.
-I'm open.
-Hey, did you see that?
Come here, come here.
Pass it to me. Pass it to me.
Mom, there's someone here.
-It's nice out here.
What do you have
in that bag?
-It's a surprise.
We talked
about this once.
Do you remember?
House on a lake.
I'm sorry.
I've been sorry for years.
For what?
Just for believing
that BS story.
Not coming to find you.
I thought about you every day
for 20 years.
It's, it's really good
to see you.
Yeah, it's really good
to see you, too.
I, uh, I, uh, I still
wanted to give you this.
I've been holding on to it.
Figured if you ever came back,
you might like it.
-Oh, my gosh.
Uh, 18-year-old me
put a lot of thought in that.
I remember,
I was pretty proud of myself.
-Thank you.
-You're very welcome.
What do you say?
Wanna go for a ride?
I remember holding tight
Looking in your eyes
I could hear it
through the night
Morning calling
Sounds of sunrise
Wherever I may go
Wherever I may go now
Wherever I may go
your voice echoes so loud
I've been wandering around
through the darkness
Through the memories
I've been chasing in the dark
Trying to harness
The ghost within me
Wherever I may go
wherever I may go now
Wherever I may go
your voice echoes so loud