Girl in the Box (2016) Movie Script

CAMERON: I'm gonna
need a hand here.
JANICE: I can't
do this, Cam.
You what?
Hey, you're a part
of this too.
Now, come on.
[Body thuds to ground]
[Cameron breathing heavily]
CAMERON: Oh... Damn.
[Shovel drops]
CAMERON: Come on,
move it.
CAMERON: Shovel?
CAMERON: Keep an eye out.
This is gonna take a while.
[Trunk closes]
[Door closes]
[Cameron exhales]
CAMERON: You can quit
worrying now.
It's done.
JANICE: I don't--
I don't understand, Cam.
Oh, come on.
It was an accident.
What else was
I gonna do, huh?
I told her not to scream.
You heard me, right?
[Engine sputtering]
[Engine sputtering]
[Engine starts]
[Car approaching]
where you headed?
COLLEEN: Westwood.
CAMERON: Sure, no problem.
We're, uh, heading that way.
COLLEEN: Really?
CAMERON: Uh-huh.
Hop in.
COLLEEN: Thanks.
[Car door closes]
[Car speeds off]
JANICE: So, you come far?
COLLEEN: Eugene.
Did you hitch
the whole way?
Wow, good for you.
CAMERON: So what's
your name?
COLLEEN: Colleen.
CAMERON: Colleen...
Hi, Colleen.
COLLEEN: What about
you guys?
JANICE: We're just out
for a drive.
What brings you
to Westwood?
COLLEEN: Oh, it's
my friend's birthday,
her 21st.
CAMERON: And what time
is she expecting you?
She isn't.
It's a surprise.
Well, you gotta
love surprises.
[Trunk closes]
[Birds calling]
[Distant cars passing]
[Car door slams]
[Cameron exhales]
Uh... apparently there's
some ice caves up ahead
on the main highway.
We were thinking
we might, uh, stop by
and check 'em out.
Oh, where about
are they?
CAMERON: Oh, they're
real close by.
Okay, it's just
I was hoping
to make it there
before dark.
JANICE: Don't worry,
we won't be long.
You'll have
plenty of time.
[Sound of engine]
[Cameron exhales]
Where are the caves?
We normally get out
and walk from here.
COLLEEN: I didn't realize
you had been before.
I'll catch up with you.
I'm just gonna grab my camera.
JANICE: If I remember right,
they're just around the bend.
[Colleen gasps]
CAMERON: Put your hands
above your head.
[Muffled cries]
You gonna do what I say?
CAMERON: Put your hands
above your head.
[Colleen gasping]
[Colleen whimpering]
[Colleen whimpering]
Put your head down.
[Muffled whimpering]
Hey, let's go.
[Car doors closing]
Want some fries?
Be dark
in another hour.
[Car starts]
[Colleen gasping]
You gonna do
what I say?
COLLEEN: Uh-huh.
CAMERON: Nice and easy...
Follow my voice.
[Colleen whimpering]
Step up.
COLLEEN: Please, why
are you doing this?
Please stop,
please stop, please.
CAMERON: Shut up,
shut up.
Just try to relax.
It'll be over quicker.
COLLEEN: No, no...
Stop, please stop!
[Whip cracks]
[Colleen screams]
[Janice moans]
CAMERON: Get your head down.
Go get the box.
COLLEEN: No, no, no...
No, no!
[Screaming and crying]
[Colleen sobbing]
[Muffled] Why is this
happening to me?
Please, why is
this happening to me?
Why is this
happening to me?
[Birds chirping]
CAMERON: Look, we discussed
this already, okay?
I don't know,
maybe a few days.
JANICE: And then what?
Then we'll take her
a ways from here.
Drop her off
near Mineral somewhere.
JANICE: What if she
goes to the police?
CAMERON: She doesn't know who
we are or where she is.
Besides, we've hardly
done anything.
Where are you going?
Same place I always go.
When will you be back?
[Door closes]
[Muffled crying]
[Muffled crying]
[Muffled crying]
[Crying and thumping noises]
[Crying and thumping noises]
[Crying and thumping noises]
[Colleen crying]
[Colleen crying]
[Colleen crying]
JANICE: What is it?
What do you want?
COLLEEN: I'm cold...
I just want to go home.
What would you do
if I let you go?
Nothing, nothing!
I promise I won't
say anything.
I just want to
go home, please...
Do you know where
you are?
COLLEEN: Somewhere
near Red Bluff.
I won't tell anybody.
Please, just...
I want to go home.
[Clanging noises]
[Dog barking]
[Car door slams]
[Music playing]
So in love with you
Tell me baby
[Door closes]
That you love me too
Couldn't make it
through the day
If you go away
I'm so in love with you
Oh, yeah
We'll make it one more day
Never go away
I'm so in love with you
[Colleen whimpering]
[Colleen whimpering]
CAMERON: In a moment,
I'm gonna remove your gag.
If you scream, I'll cut
your vocal chords.
[Gasping for air]
Why are you
doing this to me?
[Scraping noise]
Piss in this.
I can't if you watch.
I'll turn my back.
[Music playing on headphones]
[Trickling noises]
Eat this.
I'm not hungry.
CAMERON: I said eat it.
CAMERON: Because I can.
I'm doing this...
because I can.
[Music playing on headphones]
[Distant whipping noises]
[Distant crying]
JANICE [singing]:
Tell me baby...
That you love me too...
[Whipping and crying]
[Whipping and crying]
[Cameron sighs]
JANICE: I'm scared, Cam.
I went into the basement
while you were at work.
What d'you do that for?
She wouldn't quit moaning.
I spoke to her, Cam.
She's gonna talk
if we let her go.
I know she will.
She-- she'll go to
the police.
Then we'll
have to keep her.
What-- what
do you mean?
Keep her where?
CAMERON: In the basement.
For how long?
I dunno, I mean,
till, you know...
Till we figure things out.
That's not-- that's not
what we talked about, Cam.
That wasn't--
CAMERON: Hey, hey, hey.
Don't start that now.
The situation changed, right?
Look at me.
Look at me.
You knew when we
were married,
you knew how it is.
And you took a vow
before God.
Love, honor and obey,
I mean, it's not like
I've changed.
It's you.
You're the one who says that
you can't take it anymore.
I mean... what am I
supposed to do, huh?
JANICE: I'm sorry.
You scare me sometimes.
CAMERON: Come here.
Come on...
Come here.
Don't say that.
Look at it this way.
You want to start
a family, right?
Well, this could be
the perfect time.
As long as she's here,
I won't have to hang you up.
None of that stuff,
you see?
You mean that?
If she stays...
Promise me you won't
have sex with her.
Promise me, Cam.
Just bondage, okay?
[Chain jingling]
CAMERON: Stand up.
Step up.
COLLEEN: When can I go home?
[Colleen crying]
Let me out!
[Colleen screaming]
[Colleen screaming]
COLLEEN: No, no...
No, no, no...
[Pounding on box]
No, no, no,
I'm not here.
I'm not here, I'm not here,
I'm not here...
[Birds singing]
[Distant laughter]
JACK: Whereabouts does
this new friend live?
That it?
Big place, California.
Why don't I just
give you bus fare?
Oh, no, Dad,
it's okay.
JACK: Nope, no,
it's no problem.
Dad, please.
People hitch all the time
these days.
It's fine, I promise.
JACK: Alright, have it
your way.
CAMERON: Hi, Colleen.
COLLEEN [V.O.]: Jump out
the window...
Run and don't come back...
CAMERON: You gonna
do what I say?
[Whipping noise]
[Colleen screaming]
JACK: Big place, California...
[Voice echoing]
[Telephone rings]
TELEVISION: Hello, America...
[Telephone rings]
Oh, hi.
[TV noise in background]
Oh, hold on.
Hey, it's Tim.
He wants to know
if we've seen Colleen.
Apparently her rent's due.
She isn't there?
JACK [to Tim]: When was the
last time you talked to her?
Well, no, she didn't say
where she was headed, exactly.
JACK: Nineteen.
RUTH: She's twenty.
She's twenty.
Twenty, right.
[Officer sighs]
JACK: So are you guys
gonna put out
a search for her, or...?
Legally, she's an adult.
Unless there's evidence
a crime's been committed,
she's free to do
whatever she wants.
[Machine noise]
[Machine noise]
[Machine noise]
CAMERON: What you doing here?
I-- I just left
the doctor's office...
CAMERON: Oh, yeah?
You okay?
Cam, I'm--
I'm pregnant.
Aren't you... happy?
Yeah, sure.
You think it's a boy?
I don't know,
I guess it could be.
Look, Cam, I--
I've been thinking.
Um, I think it's time
we got rid of, you know...
CAMERON: Hold on,
what do you mean?
If there's gonna be
a kid in the house, I...
Hey, hey, hey.
We have an agreement.
We-- we agreed a little while.
It's been six months.
Jan, we can't
get rid of her now.
You only just got pregnant.
What if she goes to
the police?
You really wanna
risk all that?
Well, what are
we gonna do?
[Car turns off]
Hey, happy new year.
Heh, thanks.
You too.
You okay there?
Have an accident?
Nah, she's fine.
she's had it a while,
and we finally
got her fixed up.
LANDLORD: Oh, yeah?
Good for you.
Listen, I need to come by
and get the furnace
in your basement
serviced sometime soon.
You wanna let me know
when's convenient?
No problem.
LANDLORD: Oh, and uh...
If you could drop the rent by,
that'd be good.
JANICE: You should
see the scar.
Looks like someone went after
my knee with a hammer.
Want you to
type this up.
What's this?
Not every box
needs a lock.
Read this.
What is it?
CAMERON: Just read it.
Out loud.
COLLEEN: The new S&M rage
has created a demand
beyond common prostitution,
and has given rise
to a new,
more depraved trade.
Even in the United States,
an underground brotherhood
of slave traders
as large as the Mafia
not only controls the trade
in young flesh,
but also the
hunting down
and punishment
of runaways.
CAMERON: Look at me.
They know that
you're here.
Who does?
The Company.
In the article.
They found out
about you.
I don't understand.
[Cameron sighing]
Here's the thing.
I've been with
the Company awhile now,
and they provide security.
So if a slave of mine
tries to escape,
they track them down for me.
And there's nothing they won't
do to catch a runaway slave.
They'll even punish
their family.
CAMERON: Colleen and Bonnie,
September 1976.
She looks nice.
I guess she lives
with your folks
over on Glenforest Road?
the point is,
you don't wanna
mess with the Company.
I bet you're wondering
what happened to her.
She used to be a slave too,
and her previous master
was a pretty brutal guy,
so she tried to escape.
The Company found her.
They hung her up, twisted her
legs up really bad.
They were gonna kill her,
until I came in,
I took pity on her,
and I bought her.
A few years later
I made her my wife.
That's the third
operation she's had
to try and fix her up.
Anyways, now they
know I have you,
I have to formally
register you.
It's gonna cost me
fifteen hundred dollars.
And if I don't do that,
they're gonna take you away.
And I can't tell
what will happen to you
if I let them do that.
What is this?
Company contract.
It formalizes your
status as my slave.
Look, I don't want
to rush you or anything,
but there's a guy from
the Company upstairs right now,
and I wouldn't
keep him waiting.
What if I don't sign it?
If you don't sign it,
I'll just sign it for you,
but I will make you very sorry
that you didn't.
[Colleen sniffs]
You made a good choice.
[Colleen sobs]
[Birds chirping]
Put this on.
Now you're
formally registered.
You need to wear this.
Your company identification
collar stays on at all times.
CAMERON: Okay...
Let's make a few
things clear.
From now on, there is
no more Colleen Stan.
Instead, you will
answer to "K."
And that's not the name Kay,
it's the letter K.
You'll address me as "master"
or "sir,"
and my wife as "ma'am".
You're to treat us
with absolute respect:
You're going to speak
only when spoken to,
and you submit to everything
we tell you.
"Yes, master."
Yes, master.
Another thing:
whenever I shout "attention",
you stop whatever you're doing
and you immediately run
to that arch over there.
You remove your gown and you
stand with your head bowed
and your fingers reaching
for the ceiling.
Got that?
Yes, master.
[Door opening]
What are you doing?
I'm training the slave.
Make her get dressed.
Ma'am doesn't like
seeing you naked.
Make sure it doesn't
happen again.
Now put on your gown
and go scrub the floor.
[TV noise in background]
[TV noise in background]
JANICE: What are you doing?
Don't touch my things.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I didn't know
it was yours.
Are you a Christian?
That's none of
your business.
Stand up.
You listen to me.
Just 'cause you wormed
your way into our household,
don't think you have
any value to us.
'Cause you don't.
You're only here
to take the pain.
[Bucket crashes]
Clean that up.
[TV noise in background]
[Car door closes]
new truck?
Gonna work the woodland
up near Lassen this winter.
I noticed you got the windows
all covered up these days.
Everything okay?
Helps keep the house cool.
Well, listen...
Any chance I could swing by
later this week?
I still need to get
your furnace checked over.
Ah, well... we're just
a little busy right now.
I'll get back to you.
LANDLORD: Yeah, well, it's just
I need the new certificate
for the insurance.
CAMERON: Yeah, okay.
I just said,
I'll get back to you.
[Music playing on headphones]
When you're done,
put these away and fix dinner.
[Music playing on headphones]
[Music stops]
What'd you do that for?
We need to move.
[Janice screaming]
CAMERON: You're doing good.
[Janice groaning]
CAMERON: Push, push, push.
[Janice screaming]
[Janice screaming]
CAMERON: I can see it.
Keep going, push.
[Janice screaming]
[Baby crying]
Hey, you can come out.
CAMERON: It's a girl.
[Baby gurgling]
Can I hold her?
CAMERON: K, meet Amber.
Amber, K.
She's beautiful.
CAMERON: You got
that right.
CAMERON: Okay...
[Baby gurgling]
Get back in.
[TV noise]
[Baby gurgling]
Do you have to
have that so loud?
I'm trying to
get her to sleep.
[TV noise]
[Baby gurgling]
[TV noise]
[TV noise]
[TV noise]
COLLEEN: Your dinner
is ready, master.
You comin'?
She's really tired.
Well, she's not
the only one.
JANICE: K didn't set
a fork for me.
Why didn't you
lay a fork for my wife?
I did, master.
Mm... then how come
she doesn't have one?
I don't know, master.
Are you calling
my wife a liar?
COLLEEN: No, master.
JANICE: She's a liar,
and she's lazy.
You know, it took her an hour
to clean the kitchen today.
It takes me 45 minutes.
Why does it
take you so long?
I don't know, ma'am.
"I don't know, ma'am."
What's the point in
letting her stay
if she's gonna be lazy?
We should just call the Company
and have them take her away.
CAMERON: Seems to me
you need to be reminded
of your place here.
[Whipping noise]
[Colleen crying]
[Whipping and crying]
[Distant screaming]
I reckon you spend
more time talking to him
than you do me.
JANICE: This isn't
easy for me, you know.
Look, K's
only a problem
if you turn
her into a problem.
What if she tries
to escape?
CAMERON: She's not
going anywhere.
So you need to quit
with the jealousy, Jan.
You're only
hurting yourself.
You know, I was at a Company
party a few weeks back.
I heard this story about
one Company slave.
She lived not far
from here.
Apparently her master
treated her so bad,
even though she
knew the risks,
she figured she
was gonna run away.
So she makes it into town,
she finds a police officer
to ask for help...
But you know what?
Turns out the cop's
a part of the Company too.
So to teach her a lesson,
they had a surgeon cut off
her legs and her arms.
And they cut out
her tongue,
used a soldering gun to take out
her eyes and her ears.
The way I heard it,
they braided her hair
so they could hang her
next to her master's bed.
Fed her through a tube.
Took almost a year
before she finally died.
You're sure lucky you got me,
you know that?
JANICE: What's going on?
K's coming with me.
supposed to help me
with the grocery shopping.
CAMERON: Yeah, well...
I need a hand.
Don't forget,
I'm working tonight.
[Door closes]
There's some fallen lumber
up on the ridge.
If we can get it out,
we can sell it.
You see that guy?
He's a slave-owner.
Don't call me "master"
in front of him
or else he might want
to borrow you.
[Car doors closing]
[Birds chirping]
[Birds chirping]
[Colleen sighs]
COLLEEN: You seem
different up here.
[Cameron sighs]
I like it.
Space to think.
What's up?
You think maybe
I could go home one day?
as far as I know,
no slave's ever been
allowed to go home.
I don't know if the Company
would ever trust a slave enough
to let them go home.
You can trust me.
I'll tell you what...
I'll let you write
a letter home.
Now, don't stop
COLLEEN: You know,
my Dad does tree work.
Bet you two'd get along.
[Cameron chuckling]
Gimme a hand,
will you?
I can't move here!
C'mon, will you?
COLLEEN: Let's see.
[Cameron grunting]
COLLEEN: Okay...
This is gonna hurt.
[Cameron yells]
CAMERON: Never done
that before.
First time
for everything.
JANICE: You didn't
clean it properly.
I'll do it.
Just go fix dinner.
Yes, ma'am.
Hey, not now.
Do you still
love me, Cam?
[Cameron exhales]
I just said
I'm tired here.
Sometimes I think
you care more about K
than you do about me.
I saw you
the other day,
while you were
whipping her.
I know what
you're thinking.
You want her,
don't you?
She's my slave...
But she's your slave too.
We could share her.
[Cameron sighs]
CAMERON: What's your
JANICE: Bastard!
What did I do?
JANICE: Bastard!
CAMERON: What did I do?
What is your problem, huh?
Where the hell do you
think you're going?
JANICE: Oh, get off me!
CAMERON: What the heck
is wrong with you?
You promised me!
You promised me, Cam!
You promised!
Oh, come on!
It was your idea!
My idea?
We had an agreement!
Come on, look, what is
the big difference, anyways?
JANICE: I'm your wife!
Doesn't that mean
anything to you?
Everything I do
for this marriage,
and you do nothing!
CAMERON: Okay, okay, okay.
What do you want?
Put that bitch
in her box,
and you never
touch her again!
[Punching wall]
[Cicadas and crickets singing]
[Cicadas and crickets singing]
[TV noise]
CAMERON: Do you wanna
deal with K?
There's some leftovers
by the sink.
[TV noise]
[TV noise]
CAMERON: I was thinking we might
take a few days' vacation
up by Lake Tahoe next week.
You fancy that?
JANICE: Yeah, that'd be nice.
JANICE: Get out.
[TV noise in background]
[TV noise in background]
[TV noise in background]
[Water running]
[TV noise in background]
That's enough.
Your dinner's
over there.
Thank you, ma'am.
AMBER: Mama?
JANICE: Hey, sweetie.
CAMERON: Hey, princess.
You okay?
AMBER: Yeah.
CAMERON: Okay, come on.
That's Amber?
She's supposed to be
But she's grown up.
How long have
I been in here?
Think that's it.
JANICE: You wanna
bring your jacket?
Forecast is good
all week.
[Car door closes]
[Cicadas singing]
[Cicadas singing]
[Colleen humming]
[Colleen humming]
[Bashing noises]
Why is this
happening to me?
Pain and suffering
are inevitable in this life.
But all things
work together for good,
for those who love God.
[Indistinct whispering]
[Indistinct whispering]
[Indistinct whispering]
BONNIE [V.O. whisper]:
Don't let her be hurt...
Don't let her be hurt...
COLLEEN: I heard you
praying for me.
BONNIE: What else am I
going to do?
COLLEEN: I'm sorry, Bonnie,
but I need to figure out
why God wants this
to happen to me.
There has to be
a reason, right?
JANICE: You're only here
to take the pain.
[Breathing frantically]
[Water flowing]
[Water rushing]
[Colleen gasps]
ANGEL: I am here
to protect you.
[Kicking box]
[Kicking box]
[Car door closes]
CAMERON: Wanna put her down
and then make something
for me to eat?
JANICE: Give me a minute.
Ah, heck.
I was thirsty.
Did you find
any answers?
COLLEEN: I'm just trying
to understand.
God says there's a
reason for everything.
CAMERON: Well...
Go figure.
Get in.
[TV noise in background]
[TV noise in background]
"Slaves, obey
your earthly masters
with fear and trembling."
TELEVISION: And now a word
from our sponsors...
JANICE: What have you
been doing?
CAMERON: What's it to you?
CAMERON: Come here.
I don't know what your
problem is these days,
but if you're not gonna let me
do bondage any more,
I'm gonna have
to let K out the box.
Are you gonna
sleep with her again?
Let's face it.
You've been kinda
rough on her.
I mean, it's been a
couple of years, right?
And anyway, the Bible
is quite clear.
A man is entitled to
more than one wife.
So don't you think it's time
you just accept the situation
and start helping
make things work here?
God knows what
we've done, Cam.
He's gonna punish us.
CAMERON: K is not a prisoner.
She's chosen to be here.
It's what she wants,
and it's what I want too.
So if you have problems
with her,
the best thing to do
is try and find and ways
to work them out.
And you want things
to work out, right?
[TV noise]
[TV noise]
CAMERON: Hey, Amber.
Look who's back.
Hi, K.
Hi, Amber.
How are you?
Thank you, ma'am.
[TV noise in background]
[TV noise in background]
[Distant whipping noises]
[Distant whipping noises]
[Colleen screaming]
[Car passing in distance]
[Car door slams]
[Engine starts]
[Motor fading away]
Come on out.
Here, take this.
COLLEEN: What's this?
I thought we could read
the Bible together.
Cameron says a woman's head
should be covered
in reverence to God.
COLLEEN: "So Sarah
said to Abraham,
'See now, the Lord has
restrained me
from bearing children.
Please, go in
to my maid;
perhaps I shall obtain
children by her.'
Then Sarah, Abraham's wife,
took Hagar, her maid,
and gave her
to her husband."
JANICE: Cameron says
you and I are a bit like
Sarah and Hagar.
Hagar was Abraham's slave,
but, uh...
Sarah had to learn to share
Hagar with her husband.
Except you're a slave too.
With the Company.
Cameron says we have to learn
to get along better.
So that's what
we're gonna do.
Yes, ma'am.
Don't call me that
anymore, please.
Just call me Jan.
[TV noise in background]
[TV noise in background]
Put her to sleep,
then go take a shower
and wait in
the bedroom.
COLLEEN: Hey, sweetie.
CAMERON: Night-night.
[TV noise in background]
[TV noise in background]
[TV noise in background]
CAMERON: You remember
that time you told me
that everything happens
for a reason?
I think you were right.
I think God
sent you here
because he wants us
to be together.
I think maybe one day
you could even be my slave wife.
Maybe we could even
have a baby together.
Are you asking me,
or are you telling me?
I'm asking you.
COLLEEN: Well, then,
if you're asking me,
then... I don't know if I want
to have a baby with you.
Why not?
I try to be
a good slave,
but sometimes I feel like
you still don't trust me.
That's not true.
I trust you.
I trust you.
Then let me see
my family.
[Cameron sighs]
I already explained
to you,
I'm trying to
get it approved,
but the Company has never let
a slave to go home before.
Not ever.
Can I ask you something?
When did all this
start for you?
What do you mean?
The thing for
bondage, torture.
When I was five,
six years old...
I started drawing pictures
of women tied up.
Then I met Jan,
she was the first one
who would let me
try things out on her.
But the problem is that
she's never been able
to handle it really well.
Not like you.
What would you do if someone
did this to your daughter?
I'd kill them.
Then how do you think
my Dad feels?
Get in the box.
How's that?
JANICE: It's nice.
Never had anyone
do my hair before.
Thank you.
AMBER: Pretty.
COLLEEN: And you are too,
little one.
PRIEST: Jesus said,
"If you were blind,
you would not be
guilty of sin.
But now that you
claim you can see,
still your guilt remains."
We cannot pull the wool
over the eyes of the Lord.
You're looking better.
What are you planting?
Uh, when I'm working...
does... does Cameron
spend time with you?
I only do what
Master tells me.
[Birds chirping]
I gotta get ready
for work.
[Door closes]
AMBER: [Inaudible]...
JANICE: [Chuckles]
It's like a rainbow now.
[Janice giggling]
Go fix dinner.
She-- she'll be there
in a minute.
We're just
finishing up a game.
Uh, K will be there
in a second.
We're just playing
with Amber.
Get in the bedroom.
JANICE: It's okay, sweetie.
Why don't you play with K
for a minute?
COLLEEN: Mommy will be
right back.
AMBER: Okay.
[Hitting noises]
[Janice crying]
[Janice crying]
Why is mama crying?
It's okay,
Let's go play a game of
Hide and Seek, okay?
[Janice crying in background]
CAMERON: It's like
a miracle.
The Company said that
you can visit home.
I know, right?
Do you realize you're
the first slave
who's been allowed
to visit home?
How did you
convince them?
CAMERON: It wasn't easy,
believe me.
COLLEEN: How soon
can I go?
Real soon,
real soon.
But listen.
Here's the thing.
My reputation with the Company
is on the line here,
so they insisted that you
pass some obedience tests
to make sure that
they can trust you.
What do I have to do?
Point this towards you,
and put the barrel
in your mouth.
Now, pull the trigger.
[Breathing nervously]
[Breathing nervously]
[Trigger clicks]
[Colleen gasps]
Let's write your folks.
[Music playing on radio]
[Music pl
[Music playing on radio]
[Music playing on radio]
[Music playing on radio]
You know, I really
stuck my neck out for you
to make this trip.
All the extra security
almost cost me
fifteen hundred bucks.
How did you afford it?
I used to transport slaves
for the Company.
I'm calling in credit.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
[Music playing on radio]
Baby, let's take
the world on tonight
It's just up here
on the left.
Yeah, I know.
CAMERON: Remember, the
whole time you're here,
the Company's gonna be
watching the house
and listening in.
So you'd best
not screw up,
or someone's likely
to get hurt.
I won't.
I won't screw up.
[Knocking on door]
BONNIE: Oh my God!
Hi, Dad!
Come here, you!
Oh boy,
you lost weight!
COLLEEN: Sorry, this is Mike.
JACK: Hey Mike,
how are ya?
CAMERON: Uh, listen,
I've gotta get going,
but I'll see all you
folks later.
RUTH: Here, let me
take your jacket...
[Car door closes]
[Engine starts]
BONNIE: I know, can you
believe it? Yeah!
JACK: Don't listen to her,
don't listen to her!
BONNIE: No, I'm certain
I saw you that morning!
JACK: You say this every time!
Don't listen to her.
RUTH: Smile!
[Shutter clicks]
RUTH: Nice.
BONNIE: So you remember
Don and Carrie?
Yeah, of course.
They just had
another baby.
COLLEEN: Oh, wow,
is that two?
No, that's six.
Don loves his wife,
what can you say?
RUTH: I think he just eats
too much red meat,
if you ask me.
So, you gonna tell us
about this new guy?
What's his name, again?
JACK: It's a shame
he couldn't stick around.
Would have liked to
meet him.
Oh, well, I'm sure
you'll meet him
at some point
or another.
He had to go to
a work conference.
RUTH: What does he do?
COLLEEN: Something
with computers.
Um... I don't know
You never asked?
He doesn't like to talk
about his work so much.
Excuse me.
Are we really just gonna
talk around this all day?
It's obvious that
something's not right.
JACK: Just let her be.
Come on!
She's wearing handmade chinos,
for heaven's sake.
That's not Colleen.
JACK: Hey...
BONNIE: And her hair, Dad!
We talked about this.
Don't push her with a bunch of
questions, alright?
If she's involved in
a cult or something,
the last thing
we want to be doing
is frightening her off.
The main thing is
she's here.
I mean it, Bonnie.
[Colleen clears throat]
RUTH: Who's for apple pie?
BONNIE: You looked
so cute there!
COLLEEN: Oh, man...
BONNIE: Nice dress.
COLLEEN: You look so sweet.
BONNIE: Aw, yeah...
JACK: Okay, well, I'm gonna
turn in for the night.
It's been a long day.
COLLEEN: Goodnight, Dad.
I love you.
JACK: I love you too.
You're here for a
couple of days, yeah?
COLLEEN: Till Monday.
JACK: Alright, we'll see you
in the morning.
BONNIE: Goodnight.
COLLEEN: Where were we?
That was your
cousin's wedding.
Susan got married?
BONNIE: Mm-hm.
BONNIE: You know, it
would have been nice
if you'd been there.
I wish I'd
been there too.
BONNIE: So why weren't you?
I mean, we didn't hear
from you in so long...
For all we knew,
you might have been dead.
Bonnie, don't say that.
BONNIE: No, but it's true.
You used to write
every week,
and then all of a sudden,
What was I
supposed to think?
Bonnie, I...
I've been busy.
Oh, come on, Colleen.
Too busy to write?
Too busy to, like,
pick up a phone?
Bonnie, please,
I love you...
But I just, I can't talk
about this right now.
I'm really tired.
I should get to bed.
JACK: I should take you
and show you the shop
later on or something.
JACK: Go have a look at that.
Yeah, yeah.
Things have changed,
things have changed.
BONNIE: Colleen, you wanna
give me a hand?
You all done?
JACK: You bet,
Hey, listen, Colleen.
Last night, I...
Bonnie, can we just
enjoy our time together?
Well, are we gonna be
seeing more of you?
COLLEEN: I hope so.
BONNIE: You hope so?
You're not sure?
Colleen, I can tell
something's up.
You know you can
tell me anything, right?
JACK: Colleen?
You wanna tell me
what's really going on?
JACK: Colleen?
You got a visitor.
I thought you weren't
coming until tomorrow.
Yeah, conference, uh,
finished early.
You wanna grab
your stuff?
Been at a work seminar
up in Portland,
and we figured
it was a great chance
to come and visit
you folks.
I know, uh, Colleen's
been keen to see you.
JACK: Yeah, well, it's...
it's been a while.
RUTH: It has.
Oh, I'm sorry,
this is my wife, Ruth.
And this is Colleen's
sister, Bonnie.
Nice to meet you, ma'am.
RUTH: Nice to meet you.
JACK: Well, how long you guys
known each other?
CAMERON: Oh, just
a few months.
Uh, I don't know if she said,
but we're, uh...
We're actually planning
on getting married pretty soon.
RUTH: [Laughing]
JACK: No, she did not.
She kept those cards
pretty close to her chest.
Wow, that's
good for you.
That's... great.
You never said you were
getting married.
Oh, I...
It's just we hadn't decided
to make it official.
Sorry, I figured now
was as good a time as any
to give them the news.
RUTH: Well, I think
it's wonderful.
I'm gonna get
the camera.
JACK: Yeah, well, have you got
a date picked out?
CAMERON: No, no.
Hopefully we'll
fix something up soon.
JACK: Alright, well, you
be sure and let us know.
So where you guys
living now?
I thought you said that
you were here in Oregon?
We're just moving to
Klamath Falls right now.
JACK: Alright, well,
you got a number?
Well, like
Colleen said,
we're kind of in
the process of moving.
But we'll be sure to get
you guys all the contact details
just as soon
as we're settled.
JACK: Yeah, alright.
RUTH: Let's get a picture
of the happy couple, okay?
CAMERON: Oh, sure, sure.
RUTH: Get together.
[Cameron chuckles]
RUTH: Nice, okay.
One more.
RUTH: Oh, yay, got it.
Well, we'd better
get going.
You know, we've got quite
a long drive ahead of us.
It was good to
meet you, Mike.
RUTH: Bye, sweetie...
JACK: You take good care
of her.
Don't worry.
I will.
CAMERON: Before I met you,
your life was going
the wrong way.
Now you're at
a crossroads.
One path leads
to righteousness,
the other leads to hell.
And now it's time
for you to choose
which way you want to go.
CAMERON: I think it's time
you and I got married.
COLLEEN: What about Ma'am?
CAMERON: She'll learn to
accept it eventually.
I was thinking we
could fix you up
with your own
place here.
COLLEEN: Really?
I'd like that.
So... you ready to start
a family with me?
[Door slams]
CAMERON: Ah, damn.
You're home early.
What's up?
JANICE: Nothing.
I'm tired.
[Horn honking]
COLLEEN: What are you doing?
JANICE: Leaving.
COLLEEN: Leaving?
What do you mean?
Where are you going?
JANICE: I don't know.
To my parents'.
But what happened?
JANICE: What happened...?
Somehow, there's one too many
people in my marriage.
But you can't--
you can't leave.
Cameron needs us both.
But he only wants you.
Come on, honey,
Grandpa's waiting outside.
AMBER: Bye, K.
CAMERON: What's going on?
You wanna tell me
what this is all about?
JANICE: I'm sorry, Cam,
I can't do this anymore.
You, K, all of it.
CAMERON: Come on, Jan.
Get back inside the house.
JANICE: I'm serious, if you
won't end it, I will.
CAMERON: What's that
supposed to mean, huh?
What are you gonna do?
You gonna go to the police?
Maybe I'll tell
them everything.
Sure, go ahead.
If you do that, you can
kiss Amber goodbye.
Well, at least I won't be
burning in hell.
you know what?
Don't try and pin
everything on me here.
You got exactly
what you wanted.
JANICE: Oh, you think
this is what I wanted?
[Car starts]
[Rain falling outside]
[Rain falling outside]
COLLEEN: Can I get you
[Thunder rolling]
What the hell do you
think you're doing, huh?
I'm sorry...
I don't understand.
Who do you
think you are?
You think you can just wear
whatever you want now?
Is that it?
[Colleen breathing nervously]
Answer me when
I speak to you.
I said,
"Is that it?"
"No, master"!
What happened to
showing some respect?
[Smashes bottle]
CAMERON: Come with me.
[Colleen gasps]
Get in.
Told you I'd
get you your own place.
Don't worry, you
won't be on your own.
There's room
for plenty more.
[Rain pouring]
[Rain pouring]
[Car driving off]
[Thunder rolling]
[Thunder rolling]
[Janice crying]
[Thunder rolling]
JANICE: We should get going
before Cameron gets back.
COLLEEN: I thought
you'd left.
JANICE: You're the one
who needs to leave.
What are you
talking about?
Cameron's just angry right now,
it'll be okay.
[Scraping noises]
[Digging noises]
JANICE: There was
another girl...
before you.
What do you mean?
Her name was Marlitz.
We picked her up near Mineral,
about a year before we met you.
Cameron used to drive me
to the woods out there
and hang me up.
She was hitching,
just like you.
He said it would be fine,
that it was just a game.
And then when he
got her home,
she wouldn't
stop screaming.
We buried her...
out near Quincy.
[Water dripping]
JANICE: Every day,
I have prayed to God
that I could
change what happened,
that-- that he would
forgive me.
But, uh, maybe some people
aren't meant to be forgiven.
Maybe some sins
are unforgivable.
[Car approaching]
[Car door closes]
[Car approaching]
Bus will be here
any minute.
Will you be okay?
JANICE: I don't know.
I don't know
anything anymore.
[Bus approaching]
I can stay
if you want.
You need to go home.
But what about the Company?
Won't they track us down?
Cameron was never
in the Company.
[Car door closes]
[Cameron sobbing]
[Cameron sobbing]
[Bus driving off]