Girl in the Bunker (2018) Movie Script

Parenthesis E, exponents,
and D...
...multiply or divide, A, S,
add or subtract...
Lucy Jennings?
Would you collect your things
Alright, let's settle down
and resume.
What do you suppose that
was about with Lucy?
I dunno. I heard her mom's
pretty weird though.
Apparently the police were over
at her house the other day.
Hey Bobby.
Hi mom.
Yeah, I just got in.
He's fine.
Talkative as ever.
Okay, right, see you in a bit.
Mom says you need to eat something.
Want me to fix you a sandwich?
You trying for Jean Harlow or
Gene Simmons?
Who's Jean Harlow?
Doesn't matter.
Lizzy? Five minutes!
Okay, coming!
Don't worry 'bout cooking for me.
I'll likely be back late.
Hey Callum.
Try to bring back something
worth eating...
Alright, come on. Eat up.
Lizzy, let's go, it's ten to.
We're gonna be late again.
Why's this always take you
so long?
- Sorry.
- Come on. Let's go!
Hey mom, can I stay over at
Amanda's on Saturday night?
- Did you check with her mom?
- Mm-hmm.
Well if it's alright with her
Oh, no. We need to go back.
I forgot my mascara.
Lizzy, I think you can make
it through... day of school without
your mascara.
Alright, come on,
I've got to drop Bobby off.
No, mom, seriously, I need to go
back. It'll take like five minutes.
Liz, you don't need to wear
makeup to go to school.
Well you wear makeup to work.
Lizzy, I am already late...
Okay but mom! It's not fair!
- It's not fair.
- Bobby!
Look I said no. Look,
your bus is almost here.
Okay well can't you take me
home then run me to school?
- Then I'll be late.
- Bobby, shut up!
Hey. Do not talk to your
brother like that.
And I am not arguing with you.
Fine. I'm sick of you anyway.
If that is attitude you're gonna
have then don't bother coming home!
Maybe I won't!
What was that about?
My mom's stupid.
Do you have any mascara
I can borrow?
Rule number one of hunting buddy.
We're not here to talk to the wife.
They're not back 'til Sunday.
It's my ride.
Do me a favor?
Um, what is it?
Folks find this on me again,
I'm grounded.
Just 'til Saturday, okay?
Hey! Do you want a ride
back to your place?
No, I'm okay, I'll walk.
Alright, see you later.
Kershaw County Police,
can I have a word?
It's okay. Just need to speak
to you for a moment.
What is it?
Is this your house?
I'm afraid you're under arrest.
What? What for?
We found a bunch of marijuana
...growing all over your property.
What? Uh, no, that-- there
must be a mistake...
...because we don't have
I got officers there already.
Behind your house. They're
there with your little brother.
You have got Bobby?
I'm afraid you're gonna have to
come with me for some questioning.
What's that?
This is a bomb.
If you try to run away or snatch it
off your neck it's gonna go off.
You understand?
Okay. Let's go.
Where are you taking me?
You want to see your brother,
Keep close.
I thought you said the police
were behind my house?
Keep walking.
Okay but where are they?
I need to see my brother.
I told you, we're going there now.
I told you to stick close.
Hey Bobby. You okay?
I'm hungry.
Just ask Lizzy to make you
She's not back yet.
Alright, well give her
a few minutes...
...and I'll call you back, okay?
What's your name?
Elizabeth. Elizabeth Shoaf.
You got a cell phone, Elizabeth?
How old are you?
I'm fourteen.
You look older.
You a virgin?
Hey Bobby. Is Lizzy there?
Alright, listen, go to the end of
the drive and see if she's there.
Aw mom, I'm in the middle of
a game.
Bobby, just do it, please.
Hi. Who's this?
Hi. Amanda?
This is Madeline, Lizzy's mom.
Do you have any idea
where Lizzy is?
- She's not home?
- No.
I just want to know
what's going on.
Sit down.
Listen, there are no police.
You've just been kidnapped,
that's all.
Now if you try to run away...
...I'll blow your head off
or I'll shoot you.
But you're not going to do that,
are you?
Cause you're a smart girl, right?
Hey, you should'a figured out
what this is all about by now.
Hey Bobby.
Are you looking for Lizzy too?
Um, I'm gonna have to,
I'm gonna have to go.
Watch where you step.
You wait here.
Get in.
Do as I say or you'll regret it.
Quit crying will you?
It's going to be okay.
Come here.
Are you going to kill me?
Oh c'mon Don!
Any sign of her?
No. Amanda said she got off
the bus right here.
She was almost at the top of
your driveway.
Maybe you should call 9-1-1...
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Okay, we'll wait for them
at the house on the way...
- ...we'll keep looking.
- Okay.
Yes hi. I'd like to report
a missing person?
My daughter.
Lizzy? Lizzy?
Come on, come on, come on.
Yes, hello.
This is Madeline Shoaf.
I called about an hour and
a half ago about my daughter?
You said you were sending someone
out, but no one's shown up yet.
What do you mean,
you can't find my house?
It's off Main outside of Lugoff.
Richland County?
No, Kershaw.
Alright, hold on.
What is it? 803-43...
Okay. Okay.
Thank you. Thank you...
Yes, hello.
Kershaw County police?
I like to report my daughter
- Yeah.
- Drive safe.
Twenty minutes.
Where the heck have you been?
You okay? I've been out hunting.
Your phone's been off all day.
- Yeah, I know. What's going on?
- Lizzy's gone missing.
- She's what?
- I called the police...
...but they put me
through to the wrong county.
Hey, slow down.
What do you mean she's missing?
She didn't show up after school.
No one knows where she is.
Okay. I'm sure there's a reason.
Come on, let's go inside.
- Anything?
- Nah.
Even if she was here,
the areas gotten contaminated... folk poking around earlier.
Well, we've looked around the area,
spoken to your neighbors.
Any reason why she might'a
run away?
You folks have any kinda
argument recently?
It's just a stupid thing.
Um, she was upset because she
forgot her makeup...
...before school this morning.
But it was nothing.
Look, I know my daughter.
She wouldn't just disappear.
Well, most parent feels that
way about their own kids.
Having worked a few of these cases,
I have to tell you the most...
...likely explanation is she's
taken off to a friend's house.
- She got a boyfriend?
- No.
I mean, that's not possible.
Alright well, there's nothing
more we can do here tonight.
We'll check back with you
first thing tomorrow.
Sure she'll turn up by then.
Let's put out a bulletin, let
the state departments know...
...we might have an in danger
In danger? Off with her
boyfriend more like.
Where are you headed?
I dunno.
Start up by the main road,
I guess.
Work our way through
the trails from there.
Case Palmerston?
So you got in a car with your
brother and left her to walk?
There wasn't much room in the car.
And she was almost home anyway.
You ever been in any kind
of trouble, Case?
What d'you mean?
Ever done anything illegal?
No sir.
You sure?
You know you could get in
a lot of trouble...
...if there's anything that
you forgotten to mention?
Yes sir.
- He's hiding something.
- Oh yeah.
Do you wanna work the edge of
the woods?
I'm gonna work the bank.
She was always, you know,
pretty much kept to herself.
She's not real outgoing.
What about this boy
Case Palmerston?
What about him?
Well he and Elizabeth,
they dating?
Just a few weeks.
He's like, her first boyfriend.
Is this too much?
No such thing, honey.
I think she makes French boring
on purpose. Just to torture us.
You look great.
I like your eyes.
You need to calm down and start
accepting your situation here.
Ain't no point in thinking of
trying to escape.
All around this bunker outside...
...I got it rigged with
booby-traps and explosives.
And even if you made
it past that...
...I don't have to find you
to hurt you.
I know how you love your brother.
...things ain't as bad as
you're makin' it out.
I got us everything here.
Solar shower for hot water.
Propane gas stove.
Fireplace for when I don't
want to cook using propane.
Compost toilet.
A twelve volt lighting
Even got a TV. See?
All the creature comforts.
You best quit your crying now.
'Cos the more you cry,
the more I'm gonna hurt you.
So, you wanna see if you can
...anything you forgot to
tell us?
Or you want us to remind you?
I don't know what you mean.
Rumor has it you gave Elizabeth
some marijuana to look after.
So now I'm wondering,
is there anything else... forgot to mention?
'Fraid I ain't much of a cook.
Always had my wife do
all the cookin'...
...and before that my mom.
You're married?
What's your name?
Looks like you ain't made
the news yet.
Guess that means nobody's
looking for you.
Hey. I'm being real nice to
you here.
I can't, I can't eat.
If I ask you to eat,
then you need to eat.
There you go.
You don't ever want to
shut me out.
'Cos you do that,
I can be real mean.
So you gonna put an Amber
alert out for her?
Well, not just at the moment.
You see we spoke to her friends
at school today and uh...
...seems her boyfriend
likes to smoke pot...
...and for whatever reason...
...he asked her to carry some
for him...
...on her way home from
school yesterday.
What boyfriend?
You know about this?
His name is Case.
So who is this kid?
He is one of her classmates.
We figure seeing if she has this
pot on her that the most likely...
...thing is that she's run off
to a friend's place.
That doesn't even make sense.
You know. In case you found
it on her.
But she could have just taken
it to her room and hidden it.
Listen to me.
There is no way that she
decided to just take off.
Her lunch money is still in her
room. All her favorite clothes.
Nothing is missing...
The only explanation is that
someone's taken her.
You really think she'd run
out on her folks...
...because of a little bit of pot?
There's not a lot else to go on.
You search the area?
Took out a bloodhound.
Couldn't pick up anything.
Is that it?
You do realize the first 48
hours are the most crucial?
I want a full search party
ready first light tomorrow.
Let's get a chopper, and
as many four-wheelers...
- we can lay our hands on.
- Yes sir.
If she's still alive, we damn
well better find her quickly.
I don't want to be pulling a body
from a ditch this time next week.
Hey... We're looking for
a missing girl here.
You can just keep an eye
out for her?
You know you got me in
a whole heap of trouble.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
I just...
I didn't know what to tell them.
Have you talked to Elizabeth's
parents yet?
Think you should say hello.
Hi. Mr. and Mrs. Shoaf.
I'm Case. I'm a friend of
Yeah, Elizabeth's told me
about you.
We've sort of been seeing
one another.
You're the boyfriend?
I'm surprised you've got the
nerve to show up here.
I'm sorry,
I wanted to help look for her.
Yeah? Well it ever occur to you... might be part of the
reason she's missing?
Don, don't start this.
Mr Shoaf? Madeline?
Ya got a moment?
I want you to meet Sheriff
Sheriff uh, Thompson...
...this is Don and Madeline
Shoaf, Elizabeth's folks.
Please to meet you sir, ma'am.
I know this is a tough time you
folks are going through.
But I want you to know we've
got pretty much...
...every support service in the
state looking for your daughter.
If she's out there, we're gonna
bring her home.
So are you gonna put out
an Amber alert for her now?
Here's the thing, I'm afraid we
can't do that just at the moment.
Why not?
Well, there are strict conditions
have to be met for an Amber alert.
First, we need some kind of
vehicle description, second...
...evidence that she's been
But she's been missing two days!
I know. But for the moment
she's just missing.
And there could be a bunch of
reasons for that.
I don't believe this.
I'm sorry ma'am. It's just
the way the regulations are.
But rest assured, we're gonna
get word out to the media.
And we're gonna do everything
we can to make sure folks know...
...we're looking for your daughter.
Thank you.
It's okay.
We're gonna find her. I know it.
We're gonna find her.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Listen, what are you doing
I dunno, no plans.
Well, my parents are away for
the weekend.
I thought maybe, you know...
I'm late for math.
Eat this.
So, you like the outdoors?
Me too.
Always loved the outdoors.
Guess that's part'a
why I like to dig...
...the smell of the earth,
it's kinda...
Back in the eighties I used
to be in the scouts.
We go camping, we'd spend a whole
week at a time in the woods...
You remember the Rambo movies?
Well, I guess you're a bit young.
Well anyway, we loved
those movies...
...I mean, they were real
big back then.
I mean, between them and the
martial arts, we'd pretty much...
...spend every weekend
in 'game mode'... know, playing
a different mission.
We were like teenage commandos.
That's the thing 'bout growing up.
Just don't get enough time
to play anymore.
- Anything?
- No.
You want to keep working
toward Lakeview?
I dunno.
Maybe we should go look
on Benson's land.
Looks there's a bit of
a trail here.
Want to follow it?
You make a sound,
and I'll kill you.
Go on the west side there...
I'll look over there then.
Go ahead...
They were right there, and
they couldn't even see us.
You ready?
Let's get this done.
A major police hunt has began today
here in the small town of Lugoff...
...where fourteen-year-old
Elizabeth Shoaf...
...has been missing since Tuesday.
According to her friends,
she was walking home...
...from school
when she simply vanished.
Despite a major search of the area,
police have yet to find...
...any evidence to explain
her disappearance...
...and for that reason,
they're currently...
...treating her as an 'at-risk'
runaway. However...
Sounds to me like they've
already given' up.
...she's been abducted.
And earlier today...
...they made an emotional plea
for their daughter's return.
Elizabeth, if you're out there
and listening to this...
...we just want you to know
we love you...
...we're here for
you and we're doing...
...everything we can
to get you back.
And if the person responsible
for taking her...
...please don't hurt her,
...we just want her back.
Over 50 locals...
You need to get it
into your head...
...there ain't nobody ever
gonna find you.
I know she's out there.
I can feel her.
Maybe you should get some rest?
It's nearly 2.
Can I ask you something?
Why did you choose me?
Why, you think you're special?
Is that it?
You're nobody to me.
I was watchin' you and your
friends a while and... were just
right place, right time.
How long have you been
living here?
Long enough its home.
I've never heard of anyone
living underground before.
You think I wanna live like this?
Think I'm some kinda animal
or something?
I'm only doing this 'cos
I don't have a choice.
What do you mean?
Anybody ever hurt you?
Well, it changes you.
Changes the way you see things.
Someone hurt you?
Yeah. Somebody hurt me.
I used to have a real special wife.
Called her Peanut,
'cos she was so cute.
And let me tell you she was
crazy 'bout me, too.
Used to bring me coffee
every morning... know, playing
the little housewife role.
Well anyway... day she just decides
she's gonna hurt me...
...and she ain't got no reason to.
What did she do?
Lying. Spreadin' lies 'bout me.
Sayin' I raped her.
Next thing you know it,
I got police snooping around...
...makin' accusations.
Going to everybody
I know and...
...repeating everything
she said like it's true.
So they only hear her side
of things.
And I'd never hurt anybody,
least of all Peanut.
Well, least I had to.
So is that why you're here?
You had to run away?
The plan was to bring her here
with me.
What for?
I dunno.
Kill her or somethin' I guess.
Never really thought that part
Anyway, the authorities come
and they took her outta state.
So that's when I decided on
finding someone else.
See, you...'re like the bait.
Outside'a here?
All around this bunker?
I got it rigged with bombs.
Inside, too, see.
So one day, when the deputies
come lookin'. Boom!
Hey look...
I didn't want this.
I'm just doing what I gotta
do to make things right.
We're in game mode here...
...and everything's clicking
into place just like clockwork.
We don't have'ta do nothing
'cept wait.
Maybe you should take a break.
You've been out every day.
What are you doing?
I have to go to the bathroom.
Next time, just wake me.
Hey, c'mere.
Got this at the box store.
The aluminum blocks infra red.
Means their heat cameras
can't see us.
You know, the other day
when you said that...
...I was nobody to you,
it kinda made me sad.
I guess...
I guess I'm just getting used to
being with you.
Uh huh.
Can you leave the chain off
for now?
I'm not gonna go anywhere.
Lie down.
- Hey.
- Hi.
No, not yet.
Why not?
- Because.
- Don't you want to?
- Not yet.
- Why not?
Cause I want the first time
to be perfect.
This is perfect. Isn't' it?
Any coffee?
It's in the pot.
- You heading back out to search?
- Yeah.
What time are you gonna get back?
I dunno. When I'm done.
I was hoping you could come
to church.
We're having a vigil.
Oh, good for you. Personally,
I'd rather do something useful.
You heard.
What is with you, huh?
Lord gonna make everything
work out.
Got it.
Has it occurred to you
that having some faith...
...might be a good thing
right now?
Right, you're just going
to magic her back...
...with the power of prayer.
Is that it?
Our father who art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come, thy will be
done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread...
...And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil.
What d'you think?
We just keep working north?
Let's make one last pass over
this area.
If we don't turn anything up,
we might as well call everyone in.
You guys, follow me.
You like guns?
Never been able to afford much
of a collection mind.
What's that one?
This is a Walther Model CP88.
Just a pellet gun.
So it doesn't fire real bullets?
How's it work?
Show you if you like.
Eight shot magazine.
Got a double action trigger.
Uses Co2 compressed air to fire a
cap at about 50 feet per second.
Doesn't use real bullets, but...'ll kill up close.
- See?
- You make it look easy.
Aww, well, I'm pretty good
but it's not that hard.
You wanna try?
Okay. So first you wanna take
the safety off.
- How'd I do that?
- It's on the side here at the back.
Yep, you got it. Now...
...hold it real steady
and squee...
Like I said, you gotta-you gotta
hold it real steady.
Wanna try again?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Be careful.
So here you go.
Aw, see?
You're a natural.
Put your shoes on.
What for?
We're going for a walk.
Don't get any stupid ideas.
Night vision,
just like the military.
I got 'em on sale for a hundred
and fifty-nine dollars.
Stick close to me.
I got devices all around here.
Some'll explode, others'll shoot
you through your feet.
Okay. Let's go get some water.
Ain't particularly clean but
it's okay if you boil it.
Who are you texting?
Texting my girl, lettin her know
where I'm at.
Is she the one leaving the food?
I thought you two didn't get along?
Yeah, well...
...see that's uh...
...that's, it's complicated.
Fact is...
...I kinda feel like you
understand me better n'she does.
- I like being with you.
- Yeah?
It's, it's different.
Well, me too.
Hey, c'mere.
I just want to make you happy,
you know that, right?
Ah shoot...
What is it?
Helicopter searchlight.
C'mon, let's go!
Come on!
Hey. What's going on?
I'm sorry.
What happened to your shoe?
It fell off.
I don't know,
somewhere back there.
Okay. Keep moving.
First time I ever been
scared of the moon.
Get in.
Right now,
we're following up on...
...reports of sightings
in Virginia and Tennessee.
As soon as we have something more
concrete, we'll let you know.
In the meantime, I'm afraid we're
gonna have to wind down the search.
Wind down? Why?
We've covered nearly twenty square
miles, some of it more than once.
Chances are if Elizabeth is alive,
she's a ways from here.
I'm sorry ma'am.
What's going on?
Maybe you guys should go
and get some sleep.
You don't have to stay here
Alright let's call it a night.
Let's start wrapping this out
here people, let's go.
Let's start wrappin' out.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
I wish I could lie here forever.
You know, when you were little,
you were so cute.
I used to wish that you could
stay that way forever.
And then you get a little
older and...
...I thought, no, now you're
even more perfect.
And now I can't believe
you're almost grown up.
So how's that boyfriend of yours?
You still haven't told me his name.
That's nice.
Listen, please don't take
this the wrong way...
...I know you feel like
you're not a child anymore...
...don't go rushing into anything
you're not ready for okay?
I'm sorry about the other day.
You were right...
...we gotta stick together.
I don't want to give up, Don.
We're not going to.
Come on.
Are you almost ready?
What time we gotta be there?
Service starts at six.
Don, come here.
What is it?
Hey mom it's Lizzy I'm in
a hole in the ground near...
...where the big trucks go,
get the police...
...though be careful
he has bombs hidden.
Don, it's her. She's alive.
What d'you mean, maybe?
It's her.
Should we call it?
No. We best contact
the police first.
You do this?
I asked you a question.
What do you mean?
Did you touch my gun?
The trigger's jammed.
Means somebody must've fired it
and it sure as heck wasn't me.
I'm sorry, I don't know.
Are you lyin' to me?
Please. Don't say that.
I would never lie to you.
I'm pretty sure it wasn't jammed
when I put it away.
I don't know but I do know
that I would never lie to you.
Please don't push me away.
When did this come through?
Saw it this afternoon.
Okay. Well, Sheriff Thompson's
on his way... meantime, probably best
we don't get our hopes up.
What d'you mean? She's alive.
Maybe, maybe. But the fact is,
anyone could have sent that.
You think that
it could be a prank?
I'm not saying it is or it isn't.
Just no way to know either way.
Sometimes there are nutcases who
think it's amusing to play a hoax.
It's sick I know, but...
No-no this came from her.
She used her nickname, Lizzy.
No one else would know to do that.
What are you doing?
There's an easy way to find out
who sent the message...
Isn't it risky calling the phone?
What if Lizzy's with someone and
she doesn't want them to know?
Thanks for the tip but
in case you didn't realise...
...but I'm the police officer here.
Dad? I'm right, aren't I?
Fixed the jam. Let's go.
Just a generic voicemail.
Hmm, well Sheriff Thompson's
on his way... best we sit tight
until then.
Do you think that maybe I should
try calling the phone?
I mean, if it is Lizzy, it's me
that she wanted to speak to?
Go ahead.
Just gotta text my girl.
She forgot to leave
any tinned pasta.
Hey, uh, just give it a minute.
Sheriff's here.
So, seems like maybe we got
a lead?
Is that the phone there?
Yeah, I was just about to call
the number.
Best don't do that.
If this really is Elizabeth,
calling could put her in danger.
So what do we do?
We'll run the number and see
what comes back.
Meantime, I suggest you folks
keep quiet about this.
If word gets out to the media,
there's a good chance that...
...whoever's got Elizabeth could
find out we're onto him...
...and that's the last thing
we want right now.
According to the phone company
it's a track phone.
Bought 'bout three weeks ago
by this woman, Katherine Heath.
Just running her details now.
You figure she's the one
who's got Elizabeth?
Well, text came from her phone.
- Okay. Shall we?
- Hold it a second.
I've been here before.
Think I know who our suspect is.
You want to share?
Name's Vinson Filyaw.
Wanted on sex offence charges
a year or so ago.
I remember him,
thought he'd fled state.
We came here a few times,
but he was never around.
Katherine Heath was
his girlfriend.
Sounds like she still is.
You gonna tell me
what this is about?
Have you seen your boyfriend
I ain't got a boyfriend.
Vinson Filyaw?
I dunno.
Maybe a year? We broke up.
So you two aren't still in touch?
Are you accusing me of something,
because this is harassment. Hey!
You better not start messin up
my home.
You might want to come in here
and take a look.
You got a flashlight?
Think we just found out
why Vinson was never home.
Just right through here.
Looks like we got ourselves
a digger.
Guessing you've heard about
the search for Elizabeth Shoaf?
It's been going on pretty much
in your backyard.
Well, yesterday afternoon
Elizabeth's mother received...
...a text message from her
daughter on a cell phone...
...registered to your name.
I'm wondering how that might'a
As far as you can recall... haven't seen Vinson
in about a year, right?
Bout that.
You wanna explain how he could'a
gotten a hold of your cell phone?
'Cos the phone company said you
only bought it three weeks ago.
That is your signature, right?
Ma'am... need to understand that
if he kills this little girl...
...and you've mislead us that
makes you an accomplice to murder.
You wanna think again about
the last time you saw Vinson?
I just put food in the trunk
whenever he texts me.
How long's that been going on?
I dunno, a while.
You sure you don't know
where his bunker is?
So what do you wanna do?
Well, if he's collecting his
food here...
...he's gotta be
in walking distance.
I'm guessing he's somewhere up on
Benson's property.
Well, Marshall Service said
they're gonna have a fix on...
...where that text came from
pretty soon.
Meantime, let's have the chopper
take another comb over the area.
You know...
...maybe I was wrong about
keeping quiet on that text.
What are you thinking?
Seems to me that the press
is gonna find out...
...about this sooner or later.
If Filyaw has Elizabeth
and she's still alive...
...maybe we need to gamble.
Hey. C'mere.
You'd think they'd stop wastin'
gas on that thing.
Nine days since Elizabeth Shoaf's
...police announced that
yesterday afternoon...
...her parents received
a text message they believed... have been sent
by their daughter.
According to the sheriff's
...the message makes it clear
that Elizabeth is being held... some kind of underground
What more, is police now
believe they know...
...the identity of the man most
likely behind her disappearance.
Vinson Filyaw, a resident of
Lugoff, has been on the run...
...from authorities for
almost a year to avoid...
...facing charges
for alleged sex offences.
What have you done? Huh?
You're spreadin' lies
about me too, huh?
I didn't do anything.
You didn't do anything?
You heard the news report, right?
They said the message came
from my phone!
It wasn't me.
Damn! Damn, damn, damn, damn!
You realise they're gonna
come looking for us now?
You understand that, right?
I'm sorry, I just, I don't know,
it wasn't me.
I never touched your phone.
You know what?
I should just kill you right now.
Marshall Services confirmed
the text definitely...
...came from somewhere up
here on Benson's land.
We're not going to get far now,
...if Filyaw's rigged the area
with explosives.
Let's make ready for first
light tomorrow.
What the hell's going on?
You said not to tell anyone
'bout that message...
...and now it's all over
the damn news?
- Mister Shoaf, let me explain...
- What if that Filyaw guy sees this?
What d'you s'pose gonna
happen then?
- Just, just hear me out.
- Why should I listen to you?
- Mr. Shoaf, please!
- Don, give him a chance.
We're out of time here, we
decided to take a calculated risk.
Calculated risk? What the hell
is that supposed to mean?
This is my daughter
we're talking about here.
Look, I know Filyaw, alright?
Filyaw's dangerous
but he's also a coward.
So chances are, if he knows
we're looking for him...
...he's gonna do
what he's been doing...
...this past year, and
he's gonna run.
And that, in my opinion,
is the best chance...
...we have of seeing your
daughter alive again.
I hope for your sake you're right.
Why'd you go an do
a thing like that?
I thought you cared about me.
I swear on my life,
I never touched your phone.
What? That makes no sense.
Please, I don't know
what happened...
...but I would never hurt you.
Check your phone.
There's no text there, right?
Maybe it's the police are just
making it all up.
What? Why?
To try and frighten you...
like they did before.
Please. You need to believe me.
I love you.
I just want us to be together.
What are we gonna do now?
Should we pack up and try to
get outta here? Or...
...maybe it's better
to wait it out.
I don't know...
...but if the police catch us
together, they'll put you in jail.
If we could make it out...
Do you think you'd wanna be
my wife one day?
Sure, I would...
...but you're already
married aren't you?
To the woman that leaves the food?
No. That's my girlfriend, Kat.
I was in love with her daughter,
you know Peanut.
I just called Peanut my wife,
because I wanted to marry her.
What was her real name?
Lucy. Lucy Jennings.
You two went to school
together right?
That's the thing...
...people used to be allowed to get
married when they were 12 right?
So how can it be right
for someone to say...
...two people can't be together
when they love one another?
I don't know.
I don't wanna lose you.
I don't wanna lose you too.
You stay here...
...when all this all blows over,
I'll come and find you.
- I love you.
- I love you too.
Listen, I'm sorry for bawling
you out the other week.
It's been tough, that's all.
Hold it a minute!
Over here!
Over here!
I have been looking everywhere
for you.
I'm here to see Elizabeth Shoaf?
I'm her mom.
She's through there. You can
go in, but you can't touch her.