Girl in the Palms (2023) Movie Script

I'm sorry I didn't
mean to wake you up.
That's fine.
I mean I kind of did.
I'm bored.
I've picked up a few people
that could just, like,
sleep through anything
if I'm listening to the
radio or I'm on my phone
to sleep right through it.
That's not something I can do.
But I've met people who could.
But if you want, I can
just keep this off so you
can get more shut eye.
It's good.
This drive is so boring!
Give me a Stuckies in Tennessee
or a Sheetz in Pennsylvania and
I would be a much happier girl.
Have you never been
to a Sheetz? Okay.
So Sheetz is like this
next level kind of
convenience store, right?
So everything's automated.
Let's say you want
a hot dog. Okay.
So what do you want
on your hot dog?
Onions. Do you want chili?
Do you want fried pickles?
It's all automated. So...
you just, like, press
it on the screen,
which is great, because
that means you don't
have to talk to people.
You just bub, bub, bub,
bub, bub, bub, like
press all the buttons,
be like, oh, I want this
on that, I want that on
and I want this and like...
Boom! What?
Where are we.
We are...
Two hours outside of Tampa.
Tampa's east?
I thought we were
going to go south?
Excuse me?
Earlier you said south.
What am I, your
fucking Uber driver?
I don't answer to anyone, dude.
What are you, my mom?
You just said South earlier.
Well, if you must know,
I've been doing this bid.
on this Taxidermy piece.
It's a baby black
bear, which is great,
because I can actually fit it
in the back of the van.
I've been bidding on it and
bidding on it and bidding on it
and finally,
the seller's accepted my offer.
So now we're going to Tampa.
We're going to Tampa.
Look, if you can drop
me off right here, that
would be perfectly fine.
You going to jump out
of a moving vehicle?
What're you scared?
You're scared.
You look terrified right
now. What d'ya think?
Like, I want to bring you
to Tampa, and I'm just gonna
chop you up into little pieces.
And eat you like cole slaw?
Yum yum yum, num num num.
You look really fucking
scared right now.
Oh, my God. I got to take
a picture of this so you
can see what you look like.
Oh shii...
Look at yourself.
You look so scared.
Here's fine.
Oh, my God.
I'm not trying to offend you.
I just got to get out
of the car right now.
No good deed goes unpunished.
Listen, can you at least
put your seatbelt on
so I don't have to deal with
this incessant fucking beeping?
That would be fucking wonderful.
I've got an idea.
There's this place.
Somewhere up here.
On the right.
Full of a bunch of
freaks and weirdos.
And I think. you
will fare just fine.
Oh, hey,
You know, they tell you not
to hitchhike for a reason.
You might get yourself killed.
Worship the earth and the sun.
As our mother and
father. Worship the tree,
the grass, the rivers and stone,
the elements they speak
to you, trust them.
There are angels at your side.
It is written, even in the
Bible, that we too have
access to these realms.
Experience your own
divinity in whatever way
the Great Spirit calls.
I needed to hear that.
Thank you.
Follow yourself
to find yourself.
Hello? Are you all right?
Nuuu... Uhhh... ezus
I gotta get home.
I gotta get hooooooommmmeeee.
Where is your home?
Uh hmm.
Can you be a bit more specific?
Your van is over there?
Come on.
I'll take you.
Mm hmm. I'll take
you home, come on.
Got you.
Yeah. Yeah.
Don't fall.
You. Hmm.
Hmm hmm. Hmm, hmm. Hmm, hmm hmm.
Okay, over there?
Turtle. Over there? Turtle.
Okay, we're going.
Open sesame.
I's home.
Hi Tiki.
Tiki boy.
Tiki's my boy.
I think it's pretty obvious
you can't drive.
Hey, hey. Good morning to you.
Some coffee?
I've only got the one mug,
but it's almost cached.
No, it's fine.
You okay?
I've seen better days.
You were really out
of it last night.
Those damn nudists.
Yeah, they know how
to get on it eh.
I wandered down to the
beach last night, and
oh, my God, they're playing
these crazy ass drinking games.
So, I assume you helped
me back to mi casa.
Well, I couldn't
leave you there.
Yeah, I appreciate it.
I really don't usually
get that trashed eh, but
I lost my job and
I was drowning a bit of sorrow.
I'm sorry.
Why did you get fired?
Well, I breathe fire
and sometimes a little
too much on my own
schedule than the boss
appreciates pretty fire.
Breath fire?
Yeah. Fire!
Oh, fire.
I do everything.
Leatherwork, carpentry,
deckhand, modeling...
whatever keeps the old
wolf from the van doors,
you know what I mean
About that?
What is eezusvan?
You kept saying that last night.
Jesus, Van.
She's my Jesus van.
First Bible Baptist
Church of Baton Rouge
holy rolling van.
And then I got a hold of
her, and I've built her out.
And now she's my magic
carpet to everywhere.
Hey, want some breakfast.
I've got some
oatmeal brewing here.
All right.
You feel adventurous?
Alright, so the trick of it is
I use apple juice
instead of water.
I like it. Yeah. Mad go.
Yeah, mad cool.
It has a sweetness like
this intense flavor.
Where'd you come
up with the idea?
Originally, it's done
with rice in prison.
Don't freak out.
I did a stupid thing,
and I've learned from it.
The thing about prison
is, it's kind of like
that story about Narnia.
Once you find your
way there, once,
it's really easy to get
your way back there again.
So I've seen you around here.
Where are you going
to and headed from?
Well, I come from the north
and I'm heading down south.
Say no more. I dig it.
I try and stay in the
most tropical climate as
I possibly can as well.
Home is where I say it is.
Ain't that right, Tiki Boy? Oi!
I like that name.
Like Tiki torch.
Yeah, that's my boy.
Well, I lived over in
Australia for about
ten years and I traveled
around the Polynesian
Islands for a while.
Over there Tiki is like Adam.
He's their first man.
And Tiki boy's my first man.
What time you got?
It's about 730.
Right. Okay.
So, I told you I lost my
fire breathing gig right.
Well, that was going
to pay for my next leg,
But I also do some
cleaning for Airbnbs.
I've got this
awesome chick, Iris.
She has me come in and do
her potential properties...
...I'm not really
feeling like it today.
I'm afraid if I open up
that pine-sol bottle,
I'm just going to blllaaa
spew all over the place.
I'm sorry.
So my idea is if you
can come and help me,
I can't pay in cash, but I can
pay you to really
choice adventure after
we're finished with it.
What's the adventure?
I can tell you would be
a whole lot cooler if we
just let it be a surprise.
Surprise it is?
Yeah. You'll do it.
That's awesome. You're
going to love this place.
Seriously? It really
doesn't need all that much.
And I think Iris kind
of fancies me a bit.
I'm up for something surprising.
Beautiful name.
Let's get cracking.
Thank you.
Let's get cracking.
I need to wash off
last night's grime.
What are you doing?
Far out.
Come on Tug.
There's water.
Oh, oh Lord.
Are you serious?
We're done.
The towels are in the dryer.
Oh, boy that's cold.
That was great.
You want to get in?
No suit.
I think she's got bathing
suits in the guest house.
How well do you
know these people?
Oh, well, we all hang
in the same circles.
Oh, Iris is a priestess.
And she used to be married
to Lorenzo, who's a Satyr.
He has these dreads that
he twists up into horns.
I think I met him.
He's really cool.
Yeah. He's an amazing
fire dancer as well.
And really good friends
with a mermaid who I used
to date a long time ago.
Does she think she's a real one.
Well, as real as
you want her to be.
All of my friends actually
are dragons and elves.
Are you a magical creature?
I'm just a pirate.
Speaking of which,
I need to make a phone
call real quick and see
if I can get a start
on that adventure.
Well, everything's
done. Ey ey Captain.
Oh, darling, it was so awesome.
Thank you so much.
You're amazing.
Keep the wind at
your back, darlin.
I will.
All right.
Blessings hun.
Hey sweetheart. How you doin'?
What can I get ya?
A beer?
A beer?
We've got loads of beer.
Surprise me?
How 'bout something from
our neck of the woods?
That'll work.
There we go.
And we got the two dollar
burger special on today.
And they're really
good. Fantastic.
I don't eat meat.
No meat.
We got the vegan burger.
Now we're talking.
So good.
Good stuff.
Hey, you mind if I sit here?
I am...
Yeah, I know.
I get that all the time.
So you're named
after Forrest Gump?
No, Nathan Bedford
Forest actually.
But I tell you, I wish I
was named after Forest Gump.
You know, Nathan
Bedford Forrest?
He is the guy that
started the KKK.
Oh, no.
Yeah. That guy.
Was your momma a
racist or something?
I don't think so. She you know,
she's from Tennessee and
so he's a hero over there.
Well, maybe you should
just tell people you're
named after Forrest Gump
Yeah, maybe.
Oh, did you know
that Forrest Gump
was actually a book first
before it was a movie?
Oh, yeah.
It's not like the movie at all.
Except for he's still a retard.
He has a low IQ, all right?
I'm not real P.C., so
you got to give me a
little break there now.
Well, I have to read the book.
I love the movie.
Uh, don't bother. Let's see.
As a summary.
Forest, he's an astronaut,
and he goes to space.
He meets Sue the Ape,
and they actually start
a shrimp farm together.
Are you kidding?
No, it''s God awful.
So in the end, Jenny
dies of AIDS, right?
I mean, it doesn't say it,
but that's why, right?
Oh, I guess.
There we go sweetheart.
Hey man, let her eat her burger.
Okay, yeah, If you can eat that,
enjoy it and go on and get it.
It's so good.
Good stuff.
Hey, umm
I feel some pretty
good vibes here.
Pretty... pretty good.
What do you say you
and I get out of here,
go somewhere special, spend
a little time together?
Are we not spending
time together right now?
Did you know Forest was
a wizard in the saddle?
Oh, yeah.
Are you married?
What's that got to
do with anything?
Are you married?
You're a child.
Excuse me?
Do you know how uncool it is to
be trying to have sex with me?
I mean have you
looked at yourself.
You look like the type person
that'd be cool with
just about anything.
So you think I dress
like this to make myself
interesting to you?
Okay, I get where this is going.
My bad.
Forrest, you're so lucky.
And how is that?
Because you're not
that great of a guy.
And yet someone out there
still committed to be with
you for their whole life.
That makes you very lucky.
And instead of being
with her, you're out here
trying to scam some cheap
thrill off of me.
I've got needs, and
I have a right to get
those needs met, alright.
As much as we women love to
be thought of as a receptacle
for your insecurities,
sex is the most irrelevant
part of a relationship.
Trust me.
When the person you love is
gone, you won't be thinking
about how many times
you've had sex with them.
You'll think about all
the things they did.
And the way being with
them made you feel.
You'll pray to be with
them for one last minute.
To just look at them
and hear their voice.
You're not getting
this, are you?
You just looked at
my boobs. Again.
Alright, here we go.
Just go home.
Cherish what you have
while you still have it.
Looks like I dodged a
crazy bullet over here now.
You know what?
I'm really not as
bad as you think.
Her tab's on me.
Just take care of yourself.
Hey sweetheart.
It's on me.
Sounds like you've got
enough man problems as it is.
Good afternoon.
How are you?
I'd like to welcome you to
the Village of Casa Dega.
We are a village of
mediums and psychics.
We have about a
hundred mediums here.
Spirit's going to guide you
to who you need to be with,
and they're going to
match you perfectly.
So whenever you get that
thought in your head,
go with that person
and you will not
be disappointed.
What you planned for changed.
Totally changed in
your whole life.
And you thought you
had everything set
And it was dramatic for you,
heart wrenching for you.
And it's like, how
do I start again?
How do I keep on going?
When you lose somebody in
tragedy, it's not planned.
It's unexpected.
But when I see this person.
It was fast.
And when you get
that feeling inside.
That is not right
and it doesn't feel right.
It absolutely is not.
Fuck that.
I have to be out of
here within the hour.
No, no.
You're telling me that there is
nobody that you can dispatch?
No. Unacceptable. Try again.
Fuck my life right?
It's the little fob thing.
Well, that's how they
make fucking cars now.
Get with the times,
for Christ's sake.
Okay, well, then you are
going to come pick me up
and you're going to take me
to my appointment, and you're
going to tow that goddamn car
to the fucking dealership.
Jesus wept.
Piss flaps!
Pieces of shit!
Are you looking for these?
Yes! My keys.
You are saving my
life right now.
Where did you find them?
They were hiding in the oranges.
Oh, the oranges.
I woulda never found them in the
oranges, like hey lost my keys
lemme check the fucking
citrus fruit right?
They were chirping.
They were chirping.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
You know that little find it
thingy that works sometimes?
Well, you know, once I left my
keys in the bar and they showed
this little map, and the map
showed it was like behind them.
Wait, no.
In a safe behind the bar
and in the fucking oranges.
No dice.
Well, I'm glad I could help.
Hey. Hey.
Hey. I would love to
take you to lunch.
I have this meeting,
but you know what?
It's not going to
take very long.
And then you can just come
with me, and then we'll
have lunch afterwards.
I don't have a car. That's okay.
That's okay.
I can drive you.
You know what? It's... it's...
it's like it's close ish.
It's like six miles out of here,
and I can just bring you back.
I'm heading down
south that could work.
Oh, that's awesome.
It's not too weird for
me to say that, right?
Like, you know, the
whole stranger danger
thing and all, but.
But I am a perfectly
normal human being.
It's just when I have all
of these balls flying in
the air that things fall
through the cracks.
Do you ever feel that way?
Yeah, I get it.
Oh, okay, okay.
So I'm going to go
cancel this tow truck.
You finish up here and
I'll pick you up front.
Okay, cool.
And thank you for finding
these little bastards.
You're welcome.
Hello, this is Jerry Marsh.
I'm just calling to confirm my
appointment for Friday at noon.
I am looking forward to
meeting you face to face
finally. If anything
changes, let me know.
Have a lovely day.
Disgusting, right?
It's a new client and we
haven't done business yet.
So I have to talk like
Susie cream cheese.
What do you do?
I'm a bloodstock agent.
It's like being a seaman broker
for thoroughbred race horses.
It is.
But nobody's ever
said so before.
Oh. How was the meeting?
Do you have a job?
No, not right now.
I just have some savings.
Well, you're a natural.
I had an unusual childhood.
Pets were out of the
question. We lived everywhere.
I love animals.
I've always wanted
to be around them.
But I guess I stopped
wanting it because I
knew I couldn't have it.
Well, I can probably
get you a job here.
Beautiful, isn't he?
This whole place
is kind of magical.
So you're staying?
No, I can't.
Just the timing.
Are you running away from
the cops or something?
No. If you knew me
you'd think that was funny.
I'm the most boring homebody.
No, I'm not on the lamb.
It's just that you have this
running away thing about you.
It's time to hit the road.
Only if you let me pay for gas.
Not a chance.
You got to let me pay.
Your job is going to
be to keep me awake.
Because 98 is so long and
so straight that you barely
have to touch the wheel.
It makes for a really dangerous
moving map.
Okay, I got it.
Darling, you're going to
have to earn your keep,
because once you actually get
sleepy driving, it's too late.
So you are going to have to
keep me and her change on.
Don't drive us off the
road to meet Jesus.
I mean, you can eat, but
filling up on gas station
hot dogs is not advisable.
One time I picked a
fight with my friend.
I was so tired.
So I started an argument.
And then we fought and screamed
all the way from
Paducah to Evansville.
Is that far?
About 200 miles.
Oh, well, hopefully that
doesn't happen to us.
Oh, fuck no.
Making you cry would be
like kicking a puppy.
Well, let Miss voice
mail pick that up.
My friends and I would
always debate, which one
is better, to stay awake
being the person listening
or the one talking.
She'd get mad at me because
I just ask questions
and not talk much.
you don't talk much
in general, anyway.
Yeah, not much.
Me, I've never had
a problem talking.
That's probably why I'm
in the sales business.
But you.
You are.
Or should I say very careful
when answering questions.
The more people know about you,
the more they hold against you.
Holy shit.
Now, that's cynical.
I guess.
I don't mean to be.
It's just my headspace.
If you need to answer
that, I don't mind.
No, it's my son.
He hasn't done what he said
he was going to do,
because if he had, he
wouldn't be calling me.
It's just this little game
we play until he complies.
I would call that
explanation a little evasive.
It's just more complicated
than people like to talk about.
You know, by the 11th grade,
I felt like my life
was on this track
and it was fixed, and so was I.
I just felt like I was in
this little car, you know,
getting in a roller coaster.
I had a boyfriend.
We went to prom.
I lost my virginity.
I graduated, went to college,
got an apartment,
got pregnant, got
married, bought a house.
You know, all the standard
American dream things, right?
What they don't tell
you about the American
dream is that it sucks.
That it's a ten
pound bag of turds,
but they try to convince you
that it's a bag of apples.
But in the end, all
you have is a shit pie.
That's how they keep us
consuming, you know, consuming.
Buying plastic junk,
charging up massive debt
that we know we
can never pay back.
Oh, so I dropped out.
I left my husband
and I left my kid.
And I know that it was
selfish and destructive,
but it was better than
the alternatives that
I was thinking about.
And I made up my own checklist.
A list of things that are
gonna make me happy in my life.
What's on the checklist?
Oh. Make enough money
to pay the bills,
but not enough to be stupid.
Enough time to change my mind.
A good fucking
piece of apple pie.
And I'm not too booked that
I can't pull over somewhere, you
know, just to have a good time.
And I keep in touch with
the people who make me feel
good and everybody else
I just let them do
their own thing man.
Those are good things.
Well, people think you're
weird if you don't share
the same values as they do.
I'm the kind of person
that if somebody says something,
I have to say the opposite.
Oh, you're one of those.
I think about all the things
that are bigger than me.
Like if you zoomed out
from, like, the little
things that I didn't
know were inside me
or living on my skin.
To me, to all the people
to like an airplane
view of the city.
How it just looks
like a circuit board.
And then look at the planet
and people aren't even visible.
Just some land and
ocean and Las Vegas.
And you zoom out to the
point Earth is just a speck
in the sky of some planet.
Full of people
that think they're the only
thing alive in
all this universe.
It makes me feel
very insignificant.
But also maybe significant too.
Like I'm still part of it all.
Does that make sense?
I think it's time to get a room.
We have both lost
our fucking minds.
Or carbon monoxide is leaking
in this cabin or something.
You know, Luna, I like you.
You're okay in my book, kiddo.
So this one time, right?
I'm staying at this place,
and I hear music.
I'm, like, fucking
bored out of my mind.
So I don't care I'm by myself.
I'm going to go dance.
So I go into this bar
and I'm already wasted, right?
So I start dancing and I'm
like, dancin' and dancin'.
And nobody's dancing.
So I just start pulling
everybody up and now I got
the whole place dancing.
So I go back because I want to
check on my pocketbook, right?
And there's shots like there's
couple two three shots.
The bartender said the
owner's here and really
appreciates that you're getting
everybody goin', you're
lighting the place up,
so they're on the house.
Well, it's time to leave.
I have to have a complete
stranger fucking walk me home
because my legs stopped working,
From my waist down, nothing.
Every couple of feet.
I'm fucking falling on the
ground and of course laughing
right and these two kids
go by like, is she okay?
You know, people drink and drink
and drink and then they claim
they have no memory.
I can drink and drink and drink.
And I remember
fucking everything.
You did? So you
didn't black out?
No. So that humiliation lives
with me for fucking ever.
That was so bad.
One day I got really drunk
and I knew I wasn't
supposed to drink too much.
And it was like a little
private area, like, you
know, nice pretty wine.
And it was with a
group of people,
but they kept bringing
champagne, wine and vodka
and they mixed everything.
And I knew in the back of
my head I shouldn't have.
So I fell asleep in the bathroom
and I started YouTubing
how to like get better
like how to cure a hangover
because I promise I literally
felt like I was going to die.
But they were like, you're
not going to the hospital
because this is what you get.
I will never again
drink that much.
I mean, at least that's
what we all say, right?
Never meant to drink. Ever.
It was so bad. I don't know
why we keep drinking, right?
We know what is going to
do and we still do it.
Cheers to that baby.
Listen, I can use all
the help I can get.
You know, one time I was
in this meeting right?
Everybody was so
intently looking at me,
I'm like, I am fucking
slaying this shit, right?
And then.
And then I'm like, I go
out to my car and I adjust
my rear view mirror.
And fuckin' I got a black spot
all the way across my face.
No way.
And you thought you probably
looked real good you're like
why's everybody looking at me?
Yeah, I was like the best.
I used to do my makeup so bad.
I would tan and I would
wear like this really
nude nude lip, right?
But it was like so nude.
It was like crusting
my lip and like, it was
like foundation nude.
I don't know why in the
world I would do that and I
would never do my eyebrows.
Well, when you're like, around
your age and like anything,
a lot of people ask
me like, what do I do?
And I'm like, just focus
on skin, like for anything.
Then like add a little blush,
gives you a little bit of color.
Look, I like this color on you.
You look good.
All right,
Look at that.
So is there anything you
want to learn about makeup?
I have no idea what
I can fucking do.
Like, I go into the store
and I'm like, just fix me.
Like, just give it to me.
Give it all, huh?
That's why like, what do you
think of this? No, I like it.
No, I like it.
Look, I'm going to give
you, like, a little
bit of color in there.
I would just like to
have it in there, though.
Boom. You don't even
need much, girl.
It's the alcohol.
I think we need more.
I think so.
I can't with you.
I don't know if you're like.
Like the good or the
bad, and you're giving
me all this alcohol
but I'm having the best fun.
Thank you.
You have taken
this face to places
it has never seen before.
You're crazy and beautiful.
I'm getting really tired.
You know, being on the road.
I miss all this.
Hot showers, being on the
bed, hanging out with people.
So why do you do it then?
Well, I can't afford
it every night
Like just take a damn bus.
Well, that defeats the purpose.
What's the purpose?
I don't know, to see if the
universe can keep me afloat?
That is a bullshit
answer. I'm sorry.
From somebody who's young.
Well, I believe if...
you think of good
things and positive
things, the negative
energy stays away.
But it's dangerous.
I spend so much time in hotels
and I watch all these stupid
unsolved crime mysteries
because that's the only
channel that comes in.
And the stories usually start
by someone getting
in a stranger's car.
Well, I guess I'm
very lucky then.
Well, I don't mean to
sound like your mom,
but it makes me worry for you.
Believe me,
you're nothing like her.
what's the plan?
Well, you know,
I started in New York.
And you made it all
the way down here. Oh,
Something bad
happened last year.
You know, I didn't know what
depression was until now.
I didn't want to
get in the shower.
I didn't want to eat
or get out of my bed.
And now I take all this
medication and the side
effects are really scary.
And then the cold came.
And I'm looking out the window
and the leaves are falling
and everything was gray.
You know, I never
felt like me, like
I'm this tiny person
and a large thing
and I'm on the
road but not behind the wheel.
Well, that just sounds awful.
I felt that way
when I was pregnant.
So then I thought, what
is exactly the opposite?
The opposite of snow,
the opposite of alone,
the opposite of north,?
So I've never been to the Keys
and the warmth
and the colors and the ocean.
I'm sorry that happened to, you
I'm very lucky.
How is that?
Because there's people
out there who are stuck
and they're trapped and
they never
never get a chance
to change their life.
Well, that sounds optimistic.
So I guess I'll believe you.
You know, Luna,
I'm really glad we met.
You know, Jerry.
Me, too.
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, why can't you?
I'm not there.
So if you could just
take this information
I'm trying to give you.
No reason.
I'll be there this afternoon.
I's alright.
I have to go.
I have to drive to Atlanta in...
One, two, three, four, five, six
basically now.
It's my son.
He needs me.
He's a real adventurous type.
He used to be.
He got injured.
A fucking cliff to
jump in a swim hole.
And then and then the doctor
prescribes him pain pills.
We all thought that
he needed them.
And, you know, oh,
just like that.
He's addicted and now comes
to find out heroin is cheaper
so now he is on that.
He gets clean,
he falls off the wagon.
It's a vicious fucking cycle.
It's so fucking cliche.
It's ugly you know,
it's just so ugly.
But he's my kid.
And I brought him
into this world.
So there's never going to
be a point that I don't
feel fucking responsible.
All can fucking do,
you know, is be there.
And not run away again.
you're good. Mom.
I don't feel like a good mom
that's for fucking sure.
You know I'm glad I found you.
You've been good to me.
Okay, listen...
I want you to take this okay?
And I want you to let me know
when you get to
where you're going.
And you can stay in this
room as long as you want.
No, you've been too kind.
They can just put it on my card.
I gotta go anyway.
Listen, none of us have this
fucking shit figured out.
I think you're on
the right path kiddo.
You are gonna be fine.
Got it.
Oh, wow. Are you a mirage?
Wow, this car is gorgeous.
Oh, thank you so much.
This is one of 64
cars that I've made.
So you're an artist?
I am. Everyone loves art
but hates the artist.
What can I give you? What?
What can I say to you
that will change your life?
Listen, you and I are
complete strangers.
You don't owe me anything.
I don't owe you anything.
Okay? I got something. Yeah.
How do you love yourself?
How do I love myself?
What a question.
My God.
Art is like love.
Allow others to love you.
Give them your open heart
and never guard yourself
against pain or betrayal.
Do things that grow
from and into love
and don't waste a single minute
producing despair.
Love is the answer.
Holy shit.
Surprise you. Wow.
Well, yeah.
Wow, uh, come in, come in.
Um, I...
I love your hair.
It's a wig.
It's a great wig, I
need to borrow that.
Okay. Honey
I am getting ready for a party.
I have to get finished
getting ready.
It's a super fancy
shindig in Star Island.
You know, I lived in Florida
for 20 years, and I have
never been to Star Island.
My God, anybody could be there.
Angelina, George,
Wolfgang could be there.
Maybe even.
Maybe even Oprah, maybe.
But who knows?
Anybody could be there.
Definitely. Gloria.
Hey, what do you think
about the silver?
I like it.
I wasn't sure at first,
but I was kind of,
you know, just
hating everything.
And then I went,
Fuck it, just love it.
Just be wonderful. Be fabulous.
You always look good
with lighter hair.
Oh, thank you, baby.
Oh, my stomach is just in knots.
I haven't eaten
anything all day.
Third date.
So, you know.
He's this industrialist
scrap metal.
He's cute,
you know, he's well mannered.
Rich, of course,
we're going to this super
elite Christmas party
where he's Santa Claus
and I am, of course,
sexy Mrs. Claus.
Sounds festive.
You know,
I like Pyush well enough,
but I am so keeping my
options open tonight.
Oh, would you hand me those?
Just gotta see.
Then we just go
with the antlers.
Oh, fuck, you're here. Um.
Hang out.
I have.
I have food in the fridge and
I have a $4 bottle of wine.
I've got really great
cable channels, but
the remote doesn't work
so you have to use the
little doohickey on the
side for the volume too.
Oh God, baby, you look
like a little lost puppy.
I'm going to be back
early in the morning.
I promise.
I'll make you pancakes.
We'll have pancakes
and we'll catch up.
Am I'm just terrible
for leaving you.
Oh, good.
I will be back and we will
have our pancakes and a
chit chat and catch up.
And we will do this thing.
Wish me luck.
I am ready. So
So good to see you.
You look so handsome.
Oh, my God. I love the ears!
Are we taking the Ferrari?
Of course!
I can't.
Sucks for me, but hey, it's
like bad mother 101 right.
Are you sure.
But I can't have you sitting
here thinking how terrible I am
and how you maybe
should've stayed gone
for another four years.
It's a really big sacrifice
to miss that party.
Oh. I'd just be wondering
about you the whole time.
Free drinks would help,
But I've been wondering
about you for so long,
imagining what you might be
doing, making up scenarios.
We have a great
relationship in my head.
You never called.
Neither did you.
I thought about it.
Sure you did.
Sometimes it's...
it's hard to call
when so much time has gone
by 'cause you feel like
you'd just be apologizing
for how much time has gone by
and I hate when you call someone
and all they do is rag on you
for not calling and you're like,
bitch, I'm calling you now.
Need it.
Let's go get you one
'cause I know how you are.
I have some P.J.s if
you want to get comfy.
Oh, not these, these
are for, well, you know.
So my Christmas get up...
that was from a commercial
I did last year.
Wardrobe gal went home early.
I took it home.
Oh still got hang ups I see.
Off to the bathroom you go.
You must get that from
your father's side.
We didn't have hang ups
about skin in my family.
My mother would walk
around naked everywhere
full bush and everything.
That woman was hairy.
She'd even just walk
into a room when we had
company and say, close your
eyes I'm coming through.
She couldn't get me to
wear any clothes til
I was in kindergarten.
I'd just scream and yell and
itch and rip everything off
that she tried to put on me.
Just cotton panties
and flip flops.
You're still just a
little thing, aren't you?
I guess
Those came
from my 12th film,
Deadly Desires.
Or was it 10th?
It was the 12th.
I remember, because they
used that hotel pool
where we stayed for that
scene with that long hair
guy playing that pool boy.
Yes. Rock. Yes. Yes.
Oh, my God.
Have you seen him lately?
No, of course you haven't.
He must have gotten into drugs.
He went way downhill.
Oh, wow.
He looks like a grandpa.
He does doesn't he?
Oh, my God.
This business will chew
you up and spit you out.
I mean, I could be a
grandma. I'm not am I?
You're way too young.
It's just impossible to
have any sort of a career
when you've got a kid.
I mean, you were an old soul,
so you did great left
to your own devices.
I never knew living in at a
hotel was weird until
I wasn't anymore.
I was a terrible housekeeper.
Our first place.
I knew nothing about
toilets or making beds.
You know, if I had the money,
I would live in a hotel
Lobby bar,
fresh towels, valet.
Breakfast buffet.
Yeah. You always liked those.
I was never really
much of a big eater,
You know, I just, food.
I'd really just rather
taste it, you know, chew
it and, then spit it out.
I mean, why swallow?
That's an eating disorder mom.
it's one that makes sense.
I don't do it,
but I can, you know,
see the appeal.
So what's up?
You show up tonight.
Any particular reason
to suddenly miss me?
Not right now mom.
I'm tired.
Well, you're staying
in here with me.
At least. 23. I'm a runaway.
What do you think I'ma runaway?
That's certainly a possibility.
You know I wasn't worried.
I knew that if you needed
me, if something bad happened
that I hear from you.
When I didn't hear from you
well, I know that you were okay.
My baby.
Night mom.
Baby, I was going to do that.
It's the one damn thing
I can do in the kitchen.
Oh. I think that in
another life, I must have
been a Southern belle.
And my mammy did
everything for me.
Or maybe I was
Cleopatra with servants.
Either way, I do
enjoy being waited on.
That is one of the lovely things
about having a man around,
you know, taking out the trash
yourself just makes a girl
feel lonely as hell.
Thank you.
Technically, I didn't
need anything yesterday.
I think the milk or the
eggs must have been spoiled.
I didn't use any
of that, I'm vegan.
Well, I'm not.
How do you eat this crap?
Well, usually I
have substitutions
that I just may do.
Oh babe, let's call this an
experiment that didn't work.
It was really not that good.
Well, at least we
can eat the syrup.
Don't worry about. It baby.
I always overreact
in the morning.
The coffee is excellent.
So I was thinking.
Oh. Oh, it's Barb.
Hey, Babs, congratulations.
I am so happy for you.
Hey, guess who turned up?
No idea who?
The prodigal daughter.
Oh, my gosh hi.
Look how cute you are.
Well, maybe she'll
stick around long enough
and you can get to
meet her this time.
How long is she in town for?
Oh, I have to tell you,
I got recognized the other day.
Oh, really? I was at Swizzles
having a cocktail. Yeah.
And some guy sends over a drink,
so I wave things, and then
he comes over and he's all.
I just wanted to buy
a drink for the woman
who kept my sheets wet
all through high school.
He said that? Yes, he said that.
Oh, well, you know, a
fan is a fan, right?
I got another call bye.
Oh, okay. Bye sweetie.
Okay. Love you.
Love ya.
That guy was really
out of line Mom.
It's. It's fine, but...
yeah, you know what?
It is annoying when people
reduce my 30 year career
down to just being erotic.
Like, okay, yeah, I was
naked for 20 minutes
of a 90 minute film.
Could I please get a
little credit for 70
minutes that I was dressed
and acting my ass off?
Oh, I was in a dingy
motel in New Mexico.
The TV was on because
I could hear everything
through the walls.
And so in the
middle of the night,
I wake up and I hear you.
There you were.
And for a second I
thought you were there.
But then I saw you on TV.
You were on this
commercial for a music CD?
Yeah, I did an infomercial for a
country music compilation on CD.
So there you were.
In the middle of the Desert.
And I thought, dang
she is so cool.
Oh, baby, that's so sweet.
So I want to go to Key West.
Why? When?
Today. Because I have to?
Are you dying?
Is this some sort of
miracle wish kid thing?
Just sort of like bucket list,
goodbye, cruel World.
No, I'm not dying, Mom.
Well, are you coming back?
Well, I was thinking if
you'd like to come with me?
Oh, yes.
That would be wonderful.
Oh, we'll make a
whole day of it.
I'm going to get us
a convertible. Isn't
that big. Of a deal?
Mom, it's not that
big of a deal.
Oh, yes, I'm definitely
getting a convertible.
We're going to make a
whole girls day of it.
Go in my closet, get
some great outfits for
us and big floppy hats.
Think From Here to Eternity.
I'm going to have
to shake my legs.
And everywhere we go,
we try the key lime pie.
Any place we see it...
I don't think I can eat that.
Oh, yes, you can. Yes you can.
It's key West and you've
got to eat the key lime pie.
It's like it's like having
the fried chicken in Kentucky.
It's a must do.
Honey, you can feast on kale
and Seitan the rest of the year.
we are pie eating bitches.
Come on.
So after we came from the horse
farm, we went to this hotel,
and then she has some
family emergency.
You'd have really liked her.
I'm sure.
No, this one's good...
but I heard about a
chocolate covered one on
a stick that's frozen.
that's even better.
Seriously, now what?
You always liked other
women more than me.
No, I didn't.
I thought I was the cool mom.
I thought I was the cool mom.
All of your friends did too.
But you just liked
their moms better.
Everybody loved me.
But not you. It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm used to it by now.
Should we hit the road?
Hang on.
I didn't know you felt that way.
I'm way past it now.
Really are you?
I've learned that
when you expect
other people to
feel a certain way,
you usually end up
But if you can
take people as they are,
you often end up
pleasantly surprised.
I blamed you
for not having a
normal childhood.
Luna baby.
We're having one of
those Lifetime movie
Mother-Daughter conversations.
Well, seriously, I thought
you were better at everything.
You were prettier,
you're smarter, you're funnier.
Look at how awesome
you turned out.
You are all the
best parts of me.
You are confident.
You are independent,
capable, brave.
I envy you.
I really want to try that
chocolate covered key lime pie.
Of course you do.
You're my daughter.
And to the end.
To the farthest south we can go.
Well, technically,
the southernmost tip
is it's a metal buoy
that says 90 miles to Cuba.
The real one,
it's just a beach.
Let's do it.
And then we will eat pie.
It's going to taste so
good after a long swim.
Every time I come to the
beach, I wonder why I don't
come to the beach more.
Oh, I guess we just take
things for granted, huh?
I think people take a lot
of things for granted.
Proximity breeds contempt.
Familiarity breeds contempt.
Oh, put this on,
you're getting pink.
I don't want you to
beat yourself up over
it or worry about it.
I am so glad that
you came to see me.
I would love to spend
more time hanging out like this
All the time.
If you came to tell me.
To tell me that you're gay.
I know.
I've always known.
it's irrelevant.
And that is not to
say that I don't care.
I do care.
I care that you're happy.
That you are doing what
feels right for you.
Was it that obvious.
It's not obvious to anyone
who's not your mother.
You don't have to worry.
About what me or anybody
thinks about you.
You are...
always my baby girl.
I loved you so much.