Girl in Woods (2016) Movie Script

I'm comin', baby.
I'm comin'.
It's all right.
Everything is fine.
Jim just went for a walk.
He's coming right back.
Everything's fine.
Hey, hey, we're here.
You okay?
All right. Hey.
Yes? Yes.
Hey, hey, it's okay.
Hey, it was just a dream.
It was just a dream.
Hey, hey, slow breath.
Slow down.
So you're good now.
I'm right here.
I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
It was just a bad dream.
I just feel like
such a freak sometimes.
Stop it. Don't.
Look, everybody has bad dreams.
Was it your dad?
It's okay. I'm right here.
I just... I don't think
anyone could get over
seeing something like that.
How could you?
Kids aren't built to see
their parents kill themselves.
It's just I don't think
about it for months,
and then it just
creeps up on me.
I'm sorry. I feel
really stupid right now.
Stop. Don't.
You just need to relax, okay?
Are you sure you want
to marry me, still?
I'm very sure.
Hey, don't forget a light jacket
or something, okay?
-Bugs. I wouldn't want you
gettin' eaten alive.
Bugs. Great. Gotcha.
Hey, honey?
Think we'll be back by dinner?
No reason.
Just checking.
You ready?
It's gonna be great.
When are you gonna
tell me what it is?
It's gonna be a day
you'll never forget.
So, you found a spa with a full
body massage and a hot tub?
Thank you.
What could be better than that?
Come on.
That's for the honeymoon.
You can Facebook your friends
when you get back.
You're mine
right now, all right?
I think that's fair.
Okay, but I should at least
be able to call my friends.
Does the cabin have a phone?
We're gonna be back
in two days.
You can tell them then.
Where are we going?
There should be
a waterfall up here, I think.
if I read the map right...
Jim, if we're gonna go look
at a waterfall,
then why do you need a gun?
-To be safe.
-Safe from what?
Jim, you're not serious.
Don't worry.
Don't worry
about the bears.
That sounds easy.
What about snakes.
Are there snakes, too?
Don't worry!
I hate snakes.
Just like the brochure.
Hey, you remember
when we first met?
Yeah, why?
I was just thinking that
we were a mess?
Now look at us.
I guess this must mean we...
We must be pretty good
for each other?
You know,
you've changed my life
in a lot of ways.
Hey, are you okay?
You want to get back
to the cabin?
I'm... I'm fine.
Look, you don't have to
pretend with me, okay?
I love you.
Thank you.
You know what? I'm...
I'm gonna actually...
I'm gonna go back and find
an easier way
for us to get back, all right?
Just sit right there.
I'll come back and get you
whenever I find it, all right?
You know, I...
I used to think
I'd have a bunch of land
like this someday.
A little house
with a bunch of land.
What would I want with horses?
'Cause I love horses.
Well, then,
the lady shall have horses!
-She wants horses?
-We'll get her horses!
I'm gonna have to
get a better
Jim. Jim.
My god.
I'm gonna get help.
Okay? I'm gonna get help.
Somebody help me!
Something's gotta look familiar.
My god.
My god.
My god.
Please work.
Hey, you're gonna have to wait.
I doubt you're gonna get
a signal out here. I told ya:
Out here, it's just you, me,
and the woods!
My god. You gotta be
fucking kidding me.
I'm comin'. I'm comin'.
It's all right.
Daddy's here.
Sorry, honey.
Daddy was a weak man.
It's okay, honey.
Momma's here.
It's just the heat.
It's just the heat.
That's all. That's all.
What the...?
You've changed my life
in a lot of ways.
No, daddy.
I was just rocking you to sleep.
I've missed you.
Momma, Jim killed himself.
I know.
But he wasn't very good for us.
I love him.
Well, we know what that does
to people, don't we?
Look at daddy.
-Daddy didn't...
-no, baby.
He loved us.
Baby, daddy tried.
Tried, tried.
Sorry I couldn't do any better.
Who's there?!
Who's there?!
What is it, baby?
There's something
in the closet.
I saw it.
In the closet.
There's nothing
in the closet, baby.
There's... look, look, baby.
There's nothing there.
There was something in there!
Baby, I-i know that you think
there's something...
no, there was something
in the closet.
I saw it!
I know, baby.
-No, I know.
I-it's in your imagination.
No, there was something
in the closet!
There's nothing there. Look!
There's nothing there, baby.
I saw it.
-It's not there.
-I want mommy.
No, baby, I don't want
to talk about mo...
-I want mommy!
-I don't want to talk abou...
she believes me!
You never believe me!
-Give me a hug, baby.
-No. I want mommy.
You want mommy?
What is it, honey?
What happened?
There was something
in the closet
and daddy didn't believe me.
He never believes me.
Well, sometimes daddies
don't always understand.
Do you believe me?
Well, of course I do.
That's what mommies are for,
to believe little girls, right?
Does daddy love you?
He did.
A long time ago.
What happened?
Honey, that's not
for little girls to worry about.
You need to get some rest.
Let me hold you.
Good girl.
Will you sing to me, momma?
Sure, baby.
Damn it, Jim.
You remember to pack water,
but no protein bars?
Guess I missed lunch today,
didn't I?
It's too bad, because I was
gonna have a big, fat burger.
I know.
Fuck my figure, right?
Why couldn't you be
like a normal guy
and just propose to me at like
a football game or a restaurant?
I mean, the woods, Jim?
I saw you. I saw you!
I saw you!
I saw you!
Come back!
Where have you been?
I thought you died.
I know.
What are you doing here?
Came to get you.
Get me? Take me where?
I want to take you back
with me.
It's okay.
You can come.
I don't think I should.
I know what you're thinking.
It's a good plan.
It'll work.
We made it here from the cabin
in one morning.
That means I'm one morning away.
All I have to do
is mark where I go.
Just leave markers, you know?
And if I haven't reached
the cabin by afternoon,
I'll follow my trail back.
And if I keep doing that,
I'll find it.
Damn it!
I don't fucking need you!
I'll find something to eat!
Sure, baby.
Just keep lookin'.
I have full confidence in you.
I mean, after all,
you've done so well, so far.
Go away!
I'll find something!
Get it off! Get it off!
You don't have to eat that.
You have the gun.
What is it, baby?
I heard something.
I'm sure it's just the house.
Come on.
Let's get some dinner, okay?
Hey, hey, baby, what...
What are you listening to?
Just a tape
mommy made for me.
Look at me, Gracie.
It's... it's okay, baby.
You made her mad.
What's wrong, momma?
Nothing's wrong, honey.
Mommy's okay.
Why'd you walk away?
Is it because of daddy?
he's kind of trying
to take you away from me.
-We... we don't need to talk
about that right now, though.
I just want you to know,
no matter what,
mommy loves you so much.
I love you, too, momma.
come help me, will you?
My god.
No, come on.
No, no, no.
Just 10 more minutes.
Come on!
Son of a bitch!
Just die,
like everyone else!
Fine! I don't need you!
I saw the map,
and it said straight that way!
-Think about this.
-What do you want?!
If you go tramping
through the woods,
you're gonna mess up.
You have to start thinking.
I am thinking!
I saw the fucking map,
and it said straight that way!
Straight that way,
if you go a little to the left,
is gonna turn into
way the hell over there.
Then what?
You're running out of chances.
What do you mean?
Where's the water bottles
and the rifle?
You got so excited about
that little dot on the map,
you didn't even think
about them.
Luckily, you still have
the lighter.
I couldn't shoot shit
with that rifle, anyway, and
I'll find water. I will!
I don't fucking need this!
Stupid cunt.
Let me see.
Leave me alone.
Let me see.
That's bad.
You need to set that finger.
Fuck off!
What are you doing?
I'm wrapping my fucking hand!
What does it look
like I'm doing?!
No, you need to clean it,
If you don't,
it's gonna get infected.
Shut. Up.
Would you please
just listen to me?
What's the point?
We're all gonna die
out here, anyway.
We're not gonna die.
If she would just listen to me.
My god.
Do you ever shut up?!
You really should set that,
though, because, if you don't,
it's gonna hurt like a bitch.
I don't know how.
Don't be such a fucking baby.
If I know, then you know.
Just like in the movies, hon.
Just do it.
I can't.
Just do it, hon.
It's gonna hurt,
but it has to be done, okay?
Hey, baby.
Hey, granddad.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to see you.
How's your hand?
It hurts.
Come here, baby.
You remember
when you were little,
and we'd dance
in my living room?
It was my favorite thing to do.
Grandma used to watch
from the couch
and you would just laugh.
You would smile so much.
God, I missed those days.
Why do people have to die?
'Cause that's the way
we have to live.
I don't understand.
It's all part
of the same game.
Remember when dad died?
Why did he do it?
I don't know, hon.
I don't know.
But enough of that now.
I want my dance.
You know, you're gonna
have to talk to someone
about it someday.
If she ever gets
out of these woods.
You can't keep pretending
it didn't happen.
Why not?
I think you know.
Pretending it didn't happen
is not gonna make it go away.
It's not that easy.
No one said it's
supposed to be easy.
It's infected.
I can see that!
Just cut the fucker off
and forget about it.
I need to build a fire.
You do that and,
while you're at it,
can we order a pizza?
'Cause this starving shit's
for the birds.
If you weren't such a dumb cunt,
you wouldn't have thrown
the gun away
and maybe we could kill
that thing that's after us
and have a good,
old-fashioned barbecue.
I got it wet.
Save it.
You don't need the fire.
It might have one more light.
Save it.
Come see momma.
No, I don't want to.
I don't want to see this again.
But, Gracie,
we always had so much fun.
Momma, why?!
He made me do it.
He made me do it!
No, that's not true!
Yes! Yes, grace!
-It's all his fault.
He made me do it, grace.
He made made me do it!
There's daddy's
little girl.
-Daddy, pl...
-maybe your granddaddy's right.
You need help, honey.
Please, help.
Mommy's hurt really bad.
And Gracie, you know I don't
like you to talk about mommy.
I don't want
to talk about mommy!
Please, help me.
This is your fault.
Your fault.
You did this, baby.
He doesn't believe us.
He never believes us.
Whiny bitch.
Shut him up.
Daddy, please.
It's really bad.
I need your help, please.
I tried to help you.
I tried.
Look what you did, baby.
Did he really think
that he could separate us?
He did.
Well, he got what he deserved.
He should have just
let us be.
That's momma's girl.
Do it.
Do it!
Is that the one you wanted?
Dad said that money
was tight this year.
I know.
I don't understand.
Well, I got it for you.
You deserve it.
Are you sure it's
the one you wanted?
Thank you!
This is the best
Christmas ever.
I tell you what,
come, go with me.
You can't.
But I want to go.
I want to be done with this.
You can't.
We need you.
It's up to you.
It's your choice.
Just cut it off.
To hell with it.
No, I can't.
Down here!
Down here!
Down here!
We should have followed it.
I think it's afraid of us.
-I don't think so.
-Me, either,
but we need to find out
what it is.
-Because what if it's...
-are you crazy?
We need to kill it.
Kill it?
We can't kill it.
We have to fucking kill it.
Shut up!
I told you to cut it off.
I can't.
"I can't."
Just look at it.
If you don't
cut it off, it's gonna fall off.
I need it.
Cut me off!
You need to get up.
We've been here
for almost three days.
Seriously, get up!
Do you want to die out here?
Give it up.
She's gone.
You need to go away.
I'll leave
when she tells me to.
Both of you, just leave.
You need me.
You heard the girl.
Come on.
Let's go.
Your grandpa's right.
We have to get you help, baby.
Your momma is dead.
She's been dead
a long time, baby.
She's not dead.
You just don't like her.
She is dead.
You haven't seen her.
That's your imagination.
He made me do it!
No! No! No! No! No!
I know who did it.
It was that thing.
It dug up his body
so it could eat it.
We need to do something
about it.
But what?
We need to kill it.
We'll think of something.
The two of us.
just what we'll do.
We'll follow
the creek downstream.
I bet they've been
using it as a water hole.
That's where they live.
Those things.
Those demons.
How do you know?
You can smell them
in the air.
Be careful.
There might be a lot of them.
Is that them?
Yeah, I'm up here
at granddad's shack.
That deer stand's still up here.
Presley still up?
Yeah, let me talk
to him real quick.
Hey, son,
how are you doing?
Well, I got some good news.
Granddad's deer stand's
still up here, so,
probably about time for
somebody's first hunting trip.
I'm looking forward
to it, too, son.
You're sure
you're ready now?
All right.
Yeah, I love you, too, son.
All right, say your prayers.
Let me talk to your mom
real quick.
Yeah, he sounds
pretty excited, doesn't he?
I'll give you
a call tomorrow, babe.
All right.
Yeah, I love you, too.
Ma'am, are...
Are you okay?
You're that... that girl
that's been missing.
Are you grace Walker?
Your grandfather's right.
We have to get you help.
Hey, are you okay?
We need to get back
to the cabin?
She's dead, baby!
She's been dead...
-she's not dead!
-She's dead.
You haven't seen her.
That's your imagination.
He's gonna try
and take you away from me.
You're gonna have to talk
to someone about it someday.
You can't keep pretending
it didn't happen.
We need to kill it.
He's gonna kill us...
Unless we kill him first.
Do it!
Come see.
Go see daddy.
Go see daddy, grace.
Go see daddy.
He's gonna kill us
unless we kill him first.
Do it.
Do it, grace.
What are you doing?
I love you, daddy.
Did we do it, momma?
Yes, baby.
And now we
can be together forever.
In other news,
another body
was found on the outskirts
of sevier county this morning.
Early reports say the man
was found in much the same shape
as Lisa Jordan a week ago.
This marks the third victim in
this bizarre string of murders.
The first appeared to be
Jim Datsun,
who was shot in the head
and then cut into small pieces.
He was on a weekend trip
with his missing girlfriend,
grace Walker,
who has yet to be found.
Police have not rules
Ms. Walker out as a suspect.
As reported last week,
Ms. Walker has suffered
from severe mental illness
since her childhood,
and the search
for Ms. Walker continues.
Momma, I'm tired.
Come here.
I'm tired.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I'm so sorry, daddy.
I forgot.
It's okay.
Everything is okay.