Girl on a Chain Gang (1966) Movie Script

- Hey Luke, Luke.
- Huh?
Keep these cold.
Y'all get outta there.
Get out of there.
Quick now!
What are y'all tryin' to do?
Resist arrest?
Let 'em out, Luke, let's
see what they look like.
Welcome to Carson's Landing.
Now we're mighty pleased
you all come to visit
our fair town.
Our fair town.
There's an old sayin'.
Two's company, three's a crowd.
Crowd a carpet, bag and scum.
Integrated scum.
Hey, boy!
You got dirty shoes.
Don't you know how to dress?
Why, just look at them shoes.
You one of them, uh,
beatniks or somethin'?
Now what's the matter, boy?
Cat got your tongue?
You mean you can't talk either?
Now hold on, boy!
Now you talk only when
I ask you a question!
Now you in Carson's Landing now.
Down here we got a
thing called manners.
So you talk, only
when you're spoken to!
Now uh, don't get
yourself all riled up, Luke.
Park from a face show.
It's obvious these people here
ain't educated to the
rules of the road,
and we gotta educate 'em.
And we gotta educate 'em.
Yeah, they're just a little
bit dumb, that's all.
You're educated, ain't ya?
Well now you tell your
bosom buddy there,
that's drivin' this rig,
what the speed limit is
on this here public road.
But I can assure you we weren't
going faster than any other
car on the road.
No else was goin'.
Talkin' about you.
And that's all.
Yeah well, maybe these other
people, they had some place
real important to go.
You ain't in no hurry.
Well what's the matter,
little lady, you tired already?
Now get back there, boy.
Simmer down, everybody!
See what you got in here, now.
Now we wouldn't wanna give
the coroner any extra work.
Now we wouldn't wanna give
the coroner any extra work.
Age 21.
Height five foot six.
Weight 115 pounds.
White female American.
Free, white and 21.
You mighty fine lookin'
woman, Miss Jean Rollins.
You shouldn't be travelin'
these treacherous roads,
There's no tellin' what
might happen to ya.
Now, you listen!
If we did something wrong,
you're gonna have to follow
the correct legal procedure
and have us charged.
If we're innocent, let us go.
Okay, big man, you're
gonna be charged.
Now all three of
you get in that car!
Get in there!
Wait a minute.
You two get in the car.
Little lady will come along
with us, just for safe keepin'.
Now get in there!
Want you to pull out real slow,
and boy you better
turn right, too.
'Cause as of this minute,
you can consider
yourselves under arrest.
And I wouldn't wanna have
to shoot myself any, uh,
escapin' prisoners.
And remember, you people
took to comin' down here,
so you'd better take to
playin' by our rules.
Let's go.
Come on, get in there.
Move, get in there!
What have we here, men?
Reckless drivin'.
Passin' on the inside lane.
Ridin' with worn out treads.
Talkin' back to an officer.
And uh,
disruptin' uh,
the morals of the populace.
That's all?
Well now, we didn't
wanna put everything down.
Lest we make 'em seem like
eh, hardened criminals.
Now let me tell you
a thing or two, huh?
Everybody knows his place.
And nobody's out of line.
There was a time back,
when people got nosy.
They were from the
state highway police.
Now we don't cotton to no
interference in local matters.
But I don't think those
boys made much of a report.
Seems about a year later
somebody found a couple of
belt buckles down in
Possumin swamp.
They get themselves
a real juicy meal.
Speakin' of juicy morsels.
What's a nice-lookin'
girl like you doin'
with black and white
trash like this?
It's a good thing that
this fair community,
got good strong boys like
us here to protect them
from temptation.
An atheist, huh?
People cause us
trouble in the south-
- Now, for the last time,
I'm going to try
to explain to you
that we're not uneducated.
I've got my Masters degree
for social sciences from Yale.
I'm studying for my doctorate.
Mr. Dickson, my associate
is a graduate from Monstro.
State Teachers College.
Miss Rollins is doing
her post-graduate work.
Graduated kindergarten.
Easy, Sonny Lew, easy.
Don't let your temper
get the best of ya!
Luke's right, Sonny Lew.
You remember what
happened the time before.
Sure enough, Sonny
Lew, you can't keep saying you
beat a man to death with your
fists for trying to escape.
It's all right!
Now there'd be an
investigation after a while.
Get away, I'm okay.
Now you watch
yourself, Sheriff.
I know our rights!
I think you're aware of legal
procedure to that extent,
You certainly have no right
to physically abuse us.
Let me get
back to my filing desk,
so I can see how
much you owe me, huh?
I mean, the county.
If you can't pay your fine,
you gotta spend a mighty long
vacation in that back cell.
Well accordin' to the new law
passed by the town legislature,
in the car.
147, plus $3 for the
county fine collecting fee.
What do you know?
Comes to exactly $150.
Now my guess is,
business has been bad.
You people don't have
that kind of money.
Looks like to me, what's
gonna happen to you,
Looks like to me, what's
gonna happen to you,
gotta lock you up.
Let me count.
How are you fixed for cash?
I hope they didn't
take my wallet.
At one time in your life.
Here we are.
Step over in this
direction, folks.
That was a mere formality.
I'd like you all to display
your remaining cash,
'cause if you don't have any,
there's a law in my
town against vagrancy.
You ain't broke that law, huh?
You ain't broke that law, huh?
Now sit.
Gonna give ya some
mighty good information.
Now listen, girl.
Shouldn't act that way.
I'm just gonna give
you a piece of advice.
It's a little crime
called, prostitution.
In other words, I don't
want you asking in my town.
How dare you!
Sit down, boys.
Now I'd hate to
start somethin', no?
There ain't nothin' that me,
or my deputies can stop it.
As for you two gentlemen,
have you ever heard
of the Mann Act?
I'm sure you know what it says.
Oh, education.
You ought to.
Just refresh your memory.
It concerns the sale or
the transporting of a woman
across state lines
for immoral purposes.
How much more of this
do we have to listen to?
Now look here, boy, you
listen as long as I want you to.
I'm gonna let you go now.
But I'm warning ya.
One false move.
And I'll put you in
them cells out back.
And I'll put you in
them cells out back.
Now get outta here.
Pretty fine,
huh, Sonny Lew?
I wouldn't touch
a woman that sinful
if she come runnin'
in here naked, boy.
Can you beat that?
Couple of dumb hick
cops pushing us around.
I don't want you to let
them three out of your sight.
See where they go, what they do.
I want a hell of an example
of the free love society found
to be viewed by an
impressionable southern girl.
Alright, get out back.
That's where they're
pickin' up their car, huh?
That Sheriff is
quite a character.
Smelled like a distillery.
No, don't let that fool you.
They're smart enough
to stay within the law.
We have to be very careful.
If they found out
we were down here
to help in voter registration,
we'd very likely
disappear without a trace.
No good all of "em.
Thinkin' they can come down
here and change everything.
You don't see hone
of us goin' up there
and tryin' to change them.
They ain't got no good
reason for bein' down here.
Just wait.
Claude, boy, let me tell
you about a little old gal
I had last night.
She was what you might
call poor white trash.
Yeah, go on.
Well, buddy.
I never had such a
fight in all my life.
I had to practically rape her
before she'd give me some.
But it was sure worth
the trouble.
Les, the way business
has been these days,
I'd serve an entire
chain gang of black men.
Uh, three scotch
and sodas, please.
That'll be $3.75.
Somethin' wrong?
How much did these
drinks cost you?
Oh, regular price,
forget about it.
Beats making your own.
Remember in chemistry class?
Yeah, we had our
own little still.
100 proof and old
professor Camajan
never suspected a thing.
Here's to our
friendly welcome.
Hey, you know there
ain't no law in this county.
Hey, you know there
ain't no law in this county
against drinkin', so
how we gonna arrest 'em?
Cal, this is the
most perfect thing
- could have happened, boy.
- What do you mean?
Now you listen to this.
But you know, I never did
learn how to pronounce his name.
He was a real funny bird,
the way he dressed and all.
Yeah but he gave me a B+
and that was a big surprise.
Yes, sir.
For you, Les.
Hello, Les?
How are ya, boy?
This is Deputy Luke.
And I'm callin' on
uh, official business.
Now we've got somethin' mighty
important we need you to do.
So how you listen to
me real careful now.
Sure, Luke.
Don't you worry
about a thing, boy,
Yeah, yeah sure.
I'll be right back, Claude.
Just gonna stick my
head out the door
and get me a bit of fresh air.
What's that?
What's that?
Now you just listen to me, boy.
I'm a happily married man!
Claude here runs a
respectable place.
And sell her somewhere else!
Did you ever hear the
likes of that, Claude?
Askin' me, Les Davis, to
be unfaithful of my woman
for a tramp like that!
I'd throw 'em the
hell outta here!
First time anything's
ever happened in here
like that, Les.
I'm real sorry
they offended you.
Some people sure got a
nerve approaching a man
so outspoken like that.
They oughta be
whipped and punished
with a cat of nine
tails, all three of them!
Especially that girl.
Especially that girl.
Cal and me are just stoppin'
by for a routine check,
And I'll be damned over what
I just happened to hear said
from in here.
Is it true what that
white boy asked you, Les?
Well now, Luke.
I wouldn't want to see
anyone get into trouble.
I was, what you might call,
propositioned, I guess.
And it's a damn shame,
a family man like me,
not able to enjoy a social-
- Okay Les, that's enough.
Come on, you three, back we go.
You'll uh, sign a statement
to the effect of what happened.
Don't you forget what
you promised back then.
Now you come along with us now,
and we'll be able to take
care of the statement,
and everything else that's due.
You too, Claude.
Come on.
Now you're sure you didn't
do anything to provoke
this proposition, as you call?
Now you know me better
than that, Sheriff.
You're a real
law-abiding citizen, Les.
And this white fellow over
here called, Ted Branch,
direct as daylight asked
you to accept the favors
of this young woman,
Miss Jean Rollins.
The other boy, Artie Dickson.
Didn't offer any objections,
You expected something like
that when they came in the bar
because the way they
looked around, like,
lookin' for prospects
for their dirty deal?
That's just the way
it happened, Sheriff.
Anyone see these
three being arrested?
Why no, Sonny Lew.
Only other one in the
bar was old Zeke Landers,
and he was stoned
like a mackerel.
Then of course there
was Claude, he was uh,
tendin' bar as usual.
Zeke's a chronic alcoholic.
His word ain't no good in court.
Claude here's okay,
he'll be the witness.
You'll testify,
won't you, Claude?
Yeah, I mean, back up the
legitimacy of the arrest.
I'll testify.
Listen um, about Les,
he's a pretty heavy drinker.
If we put him on the stand,
he's gonna throw every-
- Les has been a
witness before, huh?
Take me take care of this, okay?
Well wouldn't you
just know it, huh?
You ain't gone out of
here more than one hour
and here you are
right back again.
Can't take a fair
word of warnin'.
I thought I explained it
pretty clear to your three.
You should have
kept right on goin',
but you couldn't help
stoppin' off in that bar.
Well that's gonna be the
sorriest stoppin' off you ever did.
Just lookin' for trouble.
Well this time you've bit
off more than you can chew.
The power of lust is
more than you can take,
and you can take.
You're just like
animals, no self control!
Cal, lock these three up.
Oh and Luke!
Put that young lady in
a cell all to herself.
All right, boys, there'll
be a few questions coming up.
I want you to go home now and
do mighty high studyin', huh?
Now listen, Sonny Lew.
I didn't know it was
gonna involve all this.
I just thought it-
You listen to me.
If you do like I say, ain't
goin' back to sharecroppin'
and $2 a day.
I only took you out of there
'cause you're married to a
cousin of mine and I
gotta kind out for my kin.
Could just as easy put
you back out there, Les.
That hot boilin' sun
with your little friends.
That hot boilin' sun
with your little friends.
You wanna go back to that?
I'll take the paper.
Read them all.
Have the boys come round
tomorrow, take off.
You too, Claude.
Everybody's put away, I
got her off by her lonesome.
There ain't gonna be
no trouble tonight.
real peaceful like.
It's gonna be
peaceful like again.
A little rottin' in
jail never hurt no one.
You boys can go now.
Where you headed?
Uh, we're goin' uh, back down
behind the billboard to uh,
patrol for more
of them speeders.
I never known any public
official to go back to the job
when you don't have to.
You couldn't have a little
surprise down there, could ya?
Like a light-skinned
bundle of goodies?
Don't forget to have yourself
a real good time, huh?
You did a real good job, boys.
You deserve some
fancy relaxation.
When your tour of duty is over,
you come back with Nellie, huh?
I have sort of an idea
that might come in handy.
Why sure, Sonny Lew.
I mean, that is if we
happen to run into her.
Leave her alone!
If that's you, use your
key and if it ain't,
Hey, Sonny Lew.
We uh, brung back
Nellie like you asked.
What'd you want her for?
She's kindly puckered out now.
Hey, what happened to you?
You look you've been
in some kind of fight.
That little tramp.
She got me to let
her out of her cell.
Said she wanted to
circulate her cramped legs.
I know I normally don't
do that for a prisoner,
but I got some
respect for womanhood
no matter what she
must have done.
Then she tried to make
a rush for the door.
Out of the black one in
the back before the trial.
It'd make things a lot
easier for them to go on.
What kind
of trial, Sonny Lew?
Well I ain't
told you boys yet,
but we're havin' ourselves a
little trial in the mornin...
We all know you
control the county.
Why are you even botherin'
with a trial at all?
Trials ain't no good,
what if outsiders should
stick their noses in?
It might end up
a debated affair.
And expose certain things and-
- Sometimes you
make a lot of sense.
But somethin' just might
happen to them boys.
They might just pick up on it.
A lot of desperate
men might have
real good reason to escape.
And people have gotten
mighty hurt tryin' to escape.
I wonder if they're just
dumb enough to try that.
But Nellie here gotta get
us a confession first,
it's for insurance, we gotta
have a trial for the record,
just in case anybody comes
pokin' their noses around
afterwards, it's got to
be all legal and proper.
How about it, Nellie?
You ready to do me a favor?
Well Sheriff, you know
I'm always ready to work
with you or your men,
but it's getting onto what
might call overtime now.
I know, Nellie.
And I'm quite ready to
see to it that your maw,
she gets electricity so she
can run her washing machine.
After all, ain't
young without a paw,
must bring somebody a hardship.
Sonny Lew, my ma
ain't never gonna get to see
that power line come to
her shack and you know it.
Now I don't mean no disrespect,
but $5 paid whether or not
I get the confession I
find much more promising.
Plus I get to see you again
when this is all over, huh?
Thank you, Sheriff, now
where you hidin' that nice
colored boy that's
supposed to do the signin'?
Now this is a confession.
He's gotta sign the
line at the bottom.
You boys stay out here.
There's no sense in
startin' any commotion.
There's no sense in
startin' any commotion.
I just wanna make
sure you're around,
to have a nice fair
trial in the morning.
Come here, boy,
you got a visitor.
What do you mean a
trial in the morning?
Oh Ted, be careful.
Now just a minute, Sheriff.
According to you we
committed a federal offense.
So how can you make provisions
for a trial so quickly?
You haven't even
held an arraignment
or made an indictment
against us.
I'm gonna try you myself
and sentence you myself.
You're not empowered to
conduct a federal court!
You're not empowered to
conduct a federal court!
You can't get away with this!
We have friends
who'll investigate
if anything happens to us.
You can't be judge and
jury all by yourself!
I'm the law here.
But don't you worry, boys.
You're gonna get
a real fair trial.
And if you're guilty,
as I guess you are,
then the court will be merciful.
Don't get me wrong,
I like you boys.
All right.
I'm gonna open this cell now
and I want you to come
out real easy like, hm?
Come on, boy!
It ain't polite to
keep visitors waitin'!
Alright Nellie, he's all yours.
Now all I wanna hear is
talkin', you hear?
You better listen to
Nellie there, boy.
She's your current somewhat,
she can save your neck.
I can't believe
you're here to help me.
You can trust me, Artie.
What I have to say to
you could save you.
What have I done
to be saved from?
It makes no difference now
and you should know that.
You'll probably die unless
you sign a confession.
You must be kidding.
Quiet serious, Artie.
There's a lot of good things
around in life to miss
if you die.
There's no sense to die
when you don't have to.
I guess that
man could kill me,
or anyone else without
having to have a reason.
What does that promise mean?
Well, how about that.
A form letter confession.
And all the guilty
party has to do is
fill in the nature of
their crime and sign it.
Tell me, girl,
how many times have you
been under the Sheriff?
Now, what difference
could that make?
Now, what difference
could that make?
The important thing is the
confession will save your life.
Better straighten out
that paper and sign it,
Open this door and
get her out of here!
Do anything you like with me
but remove your
carnal offerings!
What's the matter, flag boy,
you too good for her, huh?
I am, besides that, I don't
play your kind of games.
I heard what you
asked her.
Sure I've had her,
many times over,
but you, you're too
good for her, huh?
You think you're better than me?
Now you look at her.
Now you look at her.
That's a real woman there.
Okay, that's enough!
That's enough, throw him
back in the other cell.
When you threw that
confession away,
I'm gonna leave you alone now,
Don't bother with me.
I'm all right.
Just shook up a bit.
How's Jean? Did they-
- No, I don't think so.
The door!
I pushed it open.
You pushed it open?
You know, Luke,
I lied to them people
when I told 'em that they
used up their last chance, huh?
Used up their last chance, huh?
What happened?
Ted, Artie!
Is anything the matter?
I just put my hand on
the door and it opened.
What do you think, Artie?
I don't know.
It sounds too bad.
What if it's a trap?
So long, boys.
See you in the mornin'.
It's our only chance, Artie.
And that Sheriff,
he doesn't intend to let
us walk out of here alive.
Why would he be bothering
with a kangaroo trial?
Now look,
there's one window on each
side of that front door.
They face the sidewalk.
Now I also noticed there aren't
any bars on those windows.
Now as soon as things
sound quiet out there,
we'll both run through
that first door
and throw ourselves
through those windows.
Now if anyone is
sitting in that office,
they'll be completely surprised.
So, I'll take the right window
and you take the
one on the left.
- Okay?
- Sounds good.
Heck, it might really work.
Don't worry, it'll work.
It has to.
But what about Jean?
We can't leave her here.
What can we do?
They didn't go near her cell.
She'll understand, I'll
explain it to her later.
Oh Ted, Artie, I'm
frightened to death.
But we're pretty
sure that the Sheriff
was as drunk and as
excited as he appeared,
and he just forgot
to lock our cell.
Sure, Jean, it
could be a trap,
but we can't wait
around for a trial.
You know we'd be found
guilty, and then what?
You heard what that
girl Nellie said.
Now, don't worry.
As soon as we get out we'll go
to the state police barracks.
We'll be safe there.
They'll hear our story and
put an end to Sheriff Wymer
and his deputies and
you'll be free again.
I'll be praying for you both.
Please be careful and
don't worry about me.
Get away, you sons of bitches.
But Sonny Lew, you
was supposed to take him down!
You told us to
take the colored boy
and leave the white one to you!
Get the hounds,
get the hounds!
Hold on, Sonny Lew, I
think I found somethin'.
Looks like we don't
need them hounds.
This boy left a trail
for us to follow.
His blood runnin...
Yeah and there's a whole lot
more of it on the ground here
by them bits of broken glass.
It trails off
in this direction.
He's headed for
the woods.
Leg looks somethin' bad.
What's the matter, boy, you
hurt yourself or somethin'?
It's swelling fast.
Oh ain't that a shame.
I plumb forgot my
first aid kit, huh!
Yeah I ain't no doctor,
but I know a leg that
bad gotta be cut off.
Now don't be an
upstart now, boy.
We got ways of
handlin' upstarts, boy.
Ain't we, Sonny Lew?
For sure we do.
Only I ain't too
sure just how in this case.
I, I can hop on one foot.
- That's mighty nice!
- Yeah.
He wants to dance,
boys, want a good dance.
Hey don't nobody move.
Just look at the
size of that bastard.
Yeah just look again.
Gotta save this boy
for his trial, right?
This reptile, boy.
In it is all the evils
of the world, you know?
It's a low thing, huh.
Don't be afraid of
it, boy.
He won't bite you!
Maybe he knows you, huh?
Talk to him, huh?
Come on, boy, talk to it!
Don't bite me.
I'm your friend.
Were speedin'.
I would have been reasoned
with a small fine, doc.
They got in trouble
with that woman,
and I had to pull 'em in again.
Loose women, doc.
That woman the type.
This white boy, he must have
been half out of his mind
in the swamp like that, huh?
Well, he couldn't
have known the area.
That's right, doc.
But you know, if there's
somethin" I don't know about,
The one thing that confuses
me is the fact of him getting.
Well, I can't rightly say.
When me and my deputies came
up on him he was already dead.
Just lyin' there.
Maybe there was a whole
hatch of those things.
Well alright, please
have Luke and Cal sign that
report I left as witnesses
as soon as possible.
How about the other
one over here, doc?
Wanna look at him too?
No, Sonny Lew, that
won't be necessary.
Pretty certain he died
from gunshot wounds.
Must have what they call,
uh, stir-crazy, you know?
He shouldn't have gotten in
trouble in the first place.
I'll send the wagon
over for the bodies
later in the morning.
They're picking up first the
body of that Sheriff Watt
was shot down on Wednesday.
Oh, yeah.
Well that don't concern me
being out of my county and all.
But Doc, I don't
know what's comin'
to law and order in these parts.
I mean everybody's being
shot up and all that.
People dyin' today
who never died before.
That's right.
That's right.
I gotta go home and
get some more sleep.
I'll call you in the mornin'
when the wagon's ready.
- You do that now.
- Bye now, Sonny Lew.
Jenny, get me Luke
like a good girl.
I want you over here right
away, bring Cal along with you.
Then we'll go pick up Les.
Get everything set for
the trial in the morning.
Bring Claude along too to be
the corroborative witness.
Don't matter what it means,
just bring him over, huh?
Now boys, grab a seat and
we'll talk to you, huh?
I've had the Foreman on the
line for the arrangements
of this trial in the mornin.
I'm sorry to get
you boys out of bed,
but I ain't had any
sleep myself yet.
Now I wanna talk to you
about this here trial.
I'm gonna ask you
a few questions,
just like the old DA would.
And I hopin' real bad you
know all your lessons.
I wouldn't wanna see
you fail the test, huh?
Now, Les.
And they stopped you?
Yeah, this one who was
bitten by the snakes.
For $40.
Can you elaborate any further?
Tell us more, Les.
They said I could go
off to Pugin's Motel,
and that she'd be real obliging.
You get an A+ for that.
You Claude, you answered
the call from somebody.
Why don't you say
who it was from now.
It was a call for Les.
They didn't say who it was.
You didn't have any
trouble with them yourself,
did you?
Did you?
He sort of gave me
a dirty funny look.
Normally I wouldn't
serve people like that,
- You run a real fine tavern.
- Thank you.
Say, when does your license
renewal come up, next month?
Yes, Sheriff.
Well, you shouldn't
have any trouble.
That's a real nice
place, Claude.
It's too bad sometime
riff raff stop in and
that ain't no fault.
You won't have
any trouble, Claude.
You don't mind testifying?
No, Sheriff.
No, Sheriff.
Glad to.
I'm gonna have these two
deputies escort you two gentlemen.
Hey Luke, remember what you
promised about Nellie now.
Get your hands off me.
You smell somethin' bad, Les.
Now suppose you testify at
the trial like Sonny Lew
wants you to, then we'll see.
Besides that you know she's
a mighty busy little critter.
Now take off!
I can't be seen talkin' to you.
You're a witness, you know.
You need us for anything more?
No, you boys can go home.
You'll be needin' some rest
for the trial in the mornin'.
I got one more little job
I've been thinkin' of.
- Goodnight, Sonny Lew.
- Goodnight, Luke.
"And thou has polluted
the land with thy whoredom,
"therefore the showers
have been withholden,
"and there hath been no rain.
"And thou hadst a
whore's forehead.
"Thou refusedst to be ashamed.
Mornin', Sonny Lew.
Listen Doc somethin' new has
come up and I need your help.
Listen doc, I hope you'll
do a little job for me.
Yeah? What kind of a job?
Well it concerns this trial
comin' up in the mornin...
Everything's all set
for the trial, doc,
but I'm gonna need a
bit more testimony.
What kind of testimony?
Well, just somethin' to
add a little bit of weight,
you know?
Sonny Lew, I'll
be honest with you.
I don't wanna get
involved in law.
You don't wanna get
You don't wanna get
Like you didn't wanna get
involved those two abortions, huh?
Like you didn't wanna be
involved with old Jake Connors,
peddlin' those goofballs
to innocent kids?
Now that's all over with now.
Ain't nobody knows you
practice with no license.
Now you do like I
say, you hear me?
- I hear ya.
- All right.
I want you to listen
real careful like, doc.
Now I want no slip-ups,
you old phony.
I want you to make
a record report.
You're gonna prove that girl
had immoral relations with
both her traveling companions.
The sun is shinin',
the birds are singin'.
Hey girl, stop your cryin'.
Bein' in jail ain't so bad.
Beats travelin' the highway
lookin' for easy cash.
Maybe she's repentin', doc.
Naw, she ain't repentin',
she's a born sinner.
Naw, she ain't repentin',
she's a born sinner.
It's all right, young lady.
The doc is gonna give
you a little examination.
It's just routine, you
know, before the trial.
She ain't very
friendly, is she, doc?
What's wrong
with her, Sheriff?
Nothin'. Probably
somethin' she ate for supper.
Alright let's get on with
it, doc, I ain't got all day.
Okay. But I need your help.
Go out and boil about
a pint of water.
Okay, doc.
I'll be right back.
Listen, young lady.
You might not know this but
I'm the only friend you've got.
It's a real lucky thing, doc.
I had a little water
boiled for coffee.
Everything goin'
on fine back here?
Everything's fine, Sonny Lew.
I was just startin'.
Doc, I know this is a medical
examination and all that but.
I'm gonna tell you
what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna stand right
outside this cell door
while you look at her.
I know it's a little
out of the usual, doc,
but this is a special situation,
because the trial's coming
up in a few hours and all
and I gotta be able to hear
any testimony that might
blurt out of her pretty
lips while you examine her.
Blurt out of her pretty
lips while you examine her.
That's the way
it's gotta be, doc.
Let's begin then.
Will you step outside, Sheriff?
Please remove
your dress, dear.
Order in the court!
Order in the court.
Well, little lady.
I want you to meet
your defense attorney.
This here is Seth Waters.
Now listen to
me, Miss Rollins.
If you cooperate with
me, I'll make sure you
get only a light sentence.
A light sentence?
I'm innocent!
Sonny Lew says your guilty.
This is his town.
You're a stooge for
him like all the rest.
Now listen, don't argue.
This is the best way.
Leave me alone.
What's the matter, Rocco,
gettin' some legal
ethics in your old age?
Couldn't happen
to a nicer fella.
I just want to get this
over with, quick as possible,
I just want to get this
over with, quick as possible,
but that would be impossible
once you start talkin...
Oh I reckon this might
be a real long trial.
All two hours, think you
can stay sober that long?
Don't you
worry about me.
Court is now in session!
May you read the charges?
Uh, hear ye, hear ye,
Possumin County and the
chair of Carson's Landing
versus Miss Jean
Rollins, Mr. Ted Branch
and Mr. Artie Dickson.
Uh, the latter two is deceased
and won't be able to appear.
Silence in the court!
Now do you swear that
everything you're gonna say
is the truth, so help you god?
Well, Mr. Martin um,
may I call you Claude?
Claude, where were on the
night of Tuesday, July 17th
at about 7:30 in the evening?
Where I am every
night at 7:30.
Tendin' bar at my own place.
Been there every night
for the last eight years.
Except for the time I
caught the tick fever.
Well, we ain't exactly
interested in your medical history,
Claude, but you said that
you were at your tavern.
You also serve food there?
Yeah but business ain't
been so good lately.
I only had two
customers that night
when them three birds come in.
The three named
in the indictment?
That's right, the
white and colored boy
and this woman over there.
Go on, what happened then?
Well, they sat down
at one of them tables.
You know, the one you usually
sit in when you come in.
Nevermind that,
go on, go on, boy.
Well, the white boys
comes up to the bar.
When I tell him the price he
looks at me real dirty like.
And he ain't got no
cause to do that,
he ain't one of the regulars.
What do you know
about a phone call?
Well, the phone ringed and
it was for old Les Davis.
Everybody knows old Les Davis.
Well after talkin',
Les hangs up and he
walks over to the door.
Figured he'd get some air
since the air conditioning went
sour about two weeks ago.
Did he get to the door?
Yeah but on his way back
to the bar he stopped by
the white boy.
Les obliged and stuck down to
listen "'cause the white boy
was tryin' to tell him
somethin' and I don't know
what was said but the way Les
got all red and jumped up,
I figured it was
somethin' real bad.
Then Les tell 'em that uh,
that his wife
could outclass the bitch
they offered him any day.
He was real lucky just then,
the two deputies come in.
No tellin' what Les might
have done to that boy.
That's all, Claude,
you can step down now.
Call the next witness.
Do you swear that everything
you're gonna say is true,
so help you god?
Yeah, I do.
Mr. Davis.
We just heard the testimony
concerned the night of Tuesday.
We just heard the testimony
concerned the night of Tuesday
July the 17th from Mr. Martin.
First off, tell us that
all he said was correct.
Absolutely correct.
Well then, is there
anything that you can add?
Yes, this.
Without being accosted
by some cheap whore,
then something's real wrong.
Now she ain't from these parts,
'cause we got a real
clean town here.
Thanks to the Sheriff
and his two deputies.
But we gotta teach her
and her kind a lesson.
So don't get no fancy
ideas comin" down here
with that poor white trash!
Mind ya now, I ain't had
nothin' against the colored boy.
But he probably had
somethin' on him.
Did they ask you for money?
$20, they did.
Is basing his whole defense on
the claim that she's touched
in the head.
Now uh, I don't know anything
about this psychiatry stuff,
but uh, I did pick up
a little book at the
station in the city.
It's written so as
anybody can understand it.
Now, I've been readin'
up on this nymphomania.
One thing funny
about it, though.
They don't make no mention
of the woman getting money.
Says they always do it
for the sheer pleasure.
No, sir. Don't make
no mention of money.
I guess she's a
real unusual case.
Do you swear everything
you're gonna say is the truth?
Yes, I do.
So help you God.
Dr. Hall, you're also
the county coroner?
Been that for 20 years.
And to put it so as
everybody can understand,
And to put it so as
everybody can understand,
in all your years you've
seen just about everything
a doctor can see.
I'd say that pretty
well sums it up.
I want you to tell us
about a little examination.
Well, that was just one
of them routine examinations
we always do just before a
trial, just double-checkin'
that everything's okay.
Did you make this
examination alone?
Well uh, yes.
You see, my nurse,
Emma Lew Royal,
hadn't been feelin'
too good lately,
she's gettin' on in age.
Then you performed
this examination alone.
I want you to tell us
exactly what you did, doctor.
I think I can better
illustrate that graphically.
you say, doc.
I'll try and describe it in
terms that everybody understand.
The slide is divided
into four sections.
These uh, these uh little,
wiggly worm-like
substances are called sperm
or spermatozoa.
They are the male
reproductive cells
which fertilize the female ovum.
Very small and in fact
invisible to the naked eye.
These samples of course
have been magnified.
These samples of course
have been magnified
several hundred times.
There are also obvious
differences between
and these came from the
colored boy, Artie Dickson.
These other bottom
samples I'll get to later
when I reveal where all
these samples came from.
Deputy Luke, would you put
on the other slide, please?
I'm afraid I've played
a little trick on ya.
This slide I just had Luke
post samples of a spermatozoa
taken from the bodies of the
white boy and the colored boy
taken from the bodies of the
white boy and the colored boy
during autopsy.
As you can see, these
samples match the top
of the previous slide perfectly.
The first samples come from
the body of Miss Jean Rollins.
They were taken during the
intensive examination I conducted
during daybreak.
They are from the
girl's oviduct,
that is the part of the
female organ where the
ovum is fertilized
by the male sperm.
In short she had been
having carnal relations
with both these boys.
In fact, we don't even know
where the other two
samples come from.
Probably some god-forsaken
big-spendin' dudes.
Probably some god-forsaken
big-spendin' dudes.
No tellin' how many
men she done had.
Don't suppose you
wanna cross-examine.
You've heard the
complete evidence
presented by both sides and
now the court is asking you
to base your decision
on that evidence alone.
No matter what your feelings
or prejudices might have,
they must be put aside and
this case judged solely
by the evidence
you people heard.
Now, Mr. Gimimead Albud,
the Foreman of the jury,
will take you out to my chambers
and there you will vote.
Your Honor.
That won't be necessary.
We've already
reached our decision.
All right, Mr. Foreman.
Will you please the court
and give us your decision.
We, the members of this jury,
find in an unanimous verdict,
the defendant,
Miss Jean Rollins,
to be guilty as charged.
Thank you.
You may now be seated.
A jury of citizens of the
township and Possumin County,
A jury of citizens of the
township and Possumin County,
township of Carson's Landing
find you guilty as charged.
You're nothing but a
bunch of pigs and murderers.
You killed both Ted and Artie.
Now it takes a whole town
plus a phony judge and jury
to convict me.
Why bother?
Why not save yourselves all
this trouble and kill me too?
I was already tried,
convicted, and sentenced
before I ever walked
into this place.
Stinking court room.
What I'm going to say won't
make any difference now.
Your enforcers make up the
rules as they go along.
I was brutally raped by
your respected sheriff,
repeatedly mauled and
treated like an animal.
Wake up.
Can't you see you're living
in your own private worlds?
There are things
going on outside
that you're not even aware of.
The world is moving forward
and you're standing still.
You finished?
You can do whatever
you want with me.
Won't make any difference now.
Due to the intervention
of our fine sheriff,
you will not be incarcerated
in the county penal institution
instead your sentence
is commuted to 90 days,
and to be served at
Clyde Fuller's work.
You should find it
very educational there.
Now I don't know
what you niggers think
you're gettin' away with.
I ain't gonna take it no more.
When I say a full day"s
work, I don't mean no 8 hour,
When I say a full day"s
work, I don't mean no 8 hour,
Each one of you's gonna have
to fill up 100 bushels a day.
And if you can't stay awake,
little baby here's gonna bite
into your skin to remind you.
If I hear any of your
talkin' out there,
I'll cut your tongues out.
This ain't no talk
farm, it's a work farm.
Now don't none of you forget it.
All right, move on out of there.
Already cost me 10 minutes
of good workin' time.
But I'm gonna wear
you down woman.
Before long you'll be bendin'
to my way of thinkin'.
You know, I'm watchin'
my little ole chain gang,
and they're gonna do
a lot more sweatin'
before the sun goes down.
Because startin' tomorrow,
you're gonna be chained
to the end of that
string of darkies.
Women we get out here,
got the privilege or
workin' around the property,
around the house doin'
domestic type chores.
But you're a big strong girl
with no appreciative heart,
Alright you little
tramp, then so be it!
We're gettin' out tomorrow.
Think we can make it?
I've planned long enough.
I can't take it any longer.
Maybe we'll make it
and maybe we won't,
but I ain't spendin' the
rest of my life picking crops
16 hours a day.
I'm with you, Tom.
Now there ain't
nothin' gonna go wrong.
Now there ain't
nothin' gonna go wrong.
It's gotta work, I've planned
this thing for the last month.
Now you're in the front
of the chain gang, right?
And I'm on the end,
that's the whole thing.
And the guard's eatin' his grub,
you go and get a
case of sunstroke.
Fall down and
faint like a spell.
All day I'll be usin' this.
Been usin" it a little each
day when I was supposed to be.
The chain's almost gone now,
just need a little more.
When you gonna break it?
When the guard's
sweatin' over you,
you're gonna get real
sick, throw up and all.
Make it look real good.
Quiet in there,
all of ya keep quiet!
Get to sleep so you'll be good
and strong in the mornin'!
When you get back
from the fields tonight,
I got a report last
night you was talkin'
after nine o'clock lights out.
You know the rules, boy.
They're posted in every shack,
real neat and proper like.
And I know you can read.
Maybe you're just plain dumb.
Well I got a real pleasant
day planned for you.
You look at that girl
like that just once more,
Sonny Lew?
Sonny Lew, you've gotta help me!
Please come quick,
there's been an escape!
The big one, Tom, he
got away with the girl.
They slugged my boy Jerry
and hurt him real bad!
The others are locked up.
Tom and girl are
headed for the swamp.
You've gotta come
quick, please hurry.
With him on the loose there's
not tellin' what he might do!
It good to get
us a quick gesture.
Give me that, give me that.
You track them down?
Well how much of a head
start they got, Sheriff?
Not far.
We'll get 'em, Sheriff.
Good, glad to hear it, boy.
Alright men, listen up!
You can all consider
yourself deputized.
Now that means
shoot to kill, huh?
Shut up!
A snake.
You scream like that again,
they'll be on us in no time.
- It came out of that skull.
- Don't worry about him.
Couldn't hurt a thing.
Speaking like a country boy,
You wouldn't be here now.
Mr. Fuller had women
chained to me twice before,
and never more than
one day though.
They all decided to meet
Mr. Fuller's request.
I'm the biggest.
That's why he hates me so.
Not being small and
runny like he is.
Insane man, I'd sooner
take my chances in the swamp
than with him, but
you were wrong.
You would have had to wait
a lot longer than one day.
You would have had to wait
a lot longer than one day.
Honey, I heard all about
how you was travelin'.
I wouldn't mind doing
the same with you myself.
Providing we lose the posse.
We can't stay around here all
day, I think I heard hounds.
I can't hear them
hounds no more.
They must have stopped to rest.
I couldn't sleep,
I'm too nervous.
I'll use it, I swear!
You touch me-
You shouldn't refuse me.
- Scream for the posse.
- We're both in this together.
It'd go a lot worse for you
than for me if we get caught.
I like you a lot.
They're closer than I thought.
We gotta do something
quick, give me that rock.
I didn't hear anything.
I didn't hear anything.
- Give it to me.
- Don't touch me.
Give it to me!
Alright now, we stay
close together now huh?
This place is full
of snakes and gators.
We're gonna get them not
get ourselves killed, right?
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
Hey, Lord.
I'm prayin' for you to give
me the strength to carry on.
To carry on in order
justice to prevail.
I don't have enemies, Lord.
A little prayin' never
hurt anybody, boys.
Especially a time
like this.
They stopped to rest
on this hot ground.
Their footprints still
got water in 'em.
They can't be more
than 200 yards away.
They can't be more
than 200 yards away.
You go on ahead.
Get goin' quick!
Gonna take my stand right here.
He's bitten, ain't he?
What's happened to you, ma'am?
It was horrible, horrible.
Now easy, ma'am.
They killed Ted and Artie.
My friends were
murdered in cold blood.
They molested me and beat me.
They chained me to
a gang of convicts.
They were going to kill me.
Carson's Landing.
Then those guns I heard
came from the swamp.
Well it's true, alright.
This is the evidence we've
wanted for a long time.
We'll be able to put "em
all away for quite a while.
You're the first one
who's gotten out alive.
You're the first one
who's gotten out alive.
Hardly even had him pinned.
But it
went dead so fast.
Do you reckon it's
likely for a man to
get frightened to death?