Girlfriend Killer (2017) Movie Script

Hey, Mom!
[school bell rings]
Wait. I think--
I think I have to sing,
and then you start,
Oh, okay.
I got you
Through all
the ups and downs
You got me, too
Oh, my mom's here.
I gotta go do
that thing with her,
but I'll see you tonight?
Okay, uh, so my mom and
I will pick you up at 7:00?
Okay. Bye.
Okay, bye.
Have fun.
I'm sorry I'm late, honey.
I had to pick up
this little guy.
Oh, my gosh, Mom.
She's so cute.
Don't get any crazy ideas.
We're not getting one.
If I get all As this semester,
then can we get one?
You always get As.
Besides, I thought
your reward this semester
was gonna be surf camp.
Doesn't mean we can't get
a puppy, too.
I'll think about it.
Put your seatbelt on.
We gotta go.
[dog panting]
What's the color rating
on this?
Man: D class.
Absolutely colorless.
Well... now that's the one.
Man: She'll love it.
Oh, if not,
just buy another. Yeah?
[car alarm chirps]
Testing, 1, 2, 1, 2.
Hi, there.
Table for two?
Yes, we actually have
a reservation,
uh, we're Winstead.
Yes, Mr. Winstead,
we have your table
all ready.
- Great.
- Follow me, please.
Here you are,
our nicest table for you.
Thank you.
Okay, I will
send the waiter right over.
- Thank you.
- Enjoy.
looks so good.
I'm so happy we finally
decided to come here.
I know, right?
You're up, kiddo.
- Excuse me.
- [dog barks]
Is this your puppy?
Oh, she's adorable, sweetie,
but no, she isn't ours.
Is your name
Theresa Burns?
Well, yes, but
how did you know that?
Uh, this note says that
she belongs to you.
Are you serious?
You're gonna hurt
the puppy's feelings
if you say no, so...
Yes. Of course,
I'll marry you.
I cannot
thank you enough.
That was perfect.
And you are quite
the little actor.
- [chuckles]
- Jake: Good job.
Thank you for
your business, Jake.
- Of course.
- It'll be ready
by Wednesday,
and you could just
download the link.
Thank you both again.
You're welcome.
Now, go home to your
beautiful fiance.
I know.
- Thank you.
- Bye.
So what do you think?
You got a taste of what
your mom does for a living.
That was so much fun.
She was so happy.
I hope my husband does
something like that for me
some day.
Are you talking about Todd?
You two seem to be getting
pretty serious.
Mom, we're not even
official yet,
just friends.
Can I help you with
the next one, too?
We should do
the puppy thing again.
Yes, but you're
gonna go camping
with your dad and Zoe.
Can I bail on that
You like camping.
It's fine when it's just
me and dad,
but when he
brings Zoe along,
they're always kissing,
and hugging,
and Zoe's
always trying to be
my best friend.
It-- It's annoying.
Come on,
your dad's been single
for a long time.
You should be
happy for him.
there are worse things
than someone
trying to be nice to you.
Why does he always
have to bring Zoe along?
Why can't it just be
me and him once in a while?
I don't know.
When you have a moment
alone with your father,
why don't you ask him that.
If there is
a moment alone.
You can handle it.
And when you get back,
Todd will still be here.
He's head over heels
for you.
You think?
Yeah, it's obvious.
Come on.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- How'd it go?
- Terrific.
the best one ever.
Oh, wow.
Good to hear.
When do I need to
have it finished?
I told him Wednesday.
You can handle it.
Ayla! Ryan!
Dinner's ready.
Wow, honey, you look
absolutely beautiful.
Why are you
all dressed up?
Mom. I told you,
Todd and I are going to
a movie tonight. Remember?
I had forgotten.
But you can go.
Yay. Thank you, Mom.
We'll eat there.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Be home by 11:00,
and make sure you text me
when the movie's over, okay?
Okay. Love you, bye.
- Bye, Ryan.
- I love you.
Don't do anything
I wouldn't do.
Well, that's not
saying much.
This looks great, hon.
I love it.
- Sushi.
- Yes.
Fish. Wine.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Client's name is
Emerson Banes,
and his girlfriend
is Marissa Stefans.
They've been dating
for two years.
so what's the plan?
Well, Emerson told me
that their first date
was at the
botanical gardens.
So I was thinking we could
do something there.
How are you gonna get
good sound?
We can put a mic
in the vase,
as well as her chair
and his chair.
Okay. Hopefully,
that works.
But what is your plan?
I'm so glad you asked.
Okay, so
since their first date
was at the
botanical gardens,
I was thinking that maybe
we could do it there.
And Emerson told me that
Marissa's favorite holiday
is Christmas,
so I was thinking
we could get
a cute little
Christmas tree,
and one little box
and put it under
the Christmas tree
with a little bow,
and that'll be the ring.
What do you think?
Emerson loved it.
So, Christmas in summer?
- I like it.
- Awesome.
Where are you
gonna get your tree?
From your garage.
That sounds like
a lot of work.
You want some help
on this one?
I would love your help.
Well... what are you
gonna do for me?
Rise and shine,
I made your
favorite breakfast.
Blueberry pancakes.
Are you packed?
Not yet.
Your father's gonna be here
in an hour.
You know how he gets.
What's Ryan doing with
a Christmas tree?
[gasps] Really?
I gotta go help him.
I'll be right back.
Don't forget to pack.
Ah. I love it.
Hey, I found a string of
battery powered lights, too.
And... party time.
That's-- that's awesome.
I love it.
Thank you.
Check this out.
I think you're gonna
knock this one out of
the park.
- Yeah.
- [doorbell rings]
That must be Nick.
Let me go get Ayla.
Take care of
my babies.
Hi, Nick.
Come on in,
the door's open.
Your dad's here.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
- Ayla!
- Hey.
There you are.
- You ready?
- I guess.
Zoe's in the car.
She's got a gift for you.
Let's go.
I love you, honey.
Have fun.
Call me if you
need anything.
Nick: Come on.
[door closes]
Come on, sweetie,
this is gonna be fun.
- Sure, Dad.
- Hi, Ayla.
Good to see you.
Zoe: Good to see you,
Nick: All right.
[engine starts]
- All right.
- Ta-dah.
Your cameras
are all set.
All you gotta do is
press the remote.
Gosh. These lights
look amazing.
I think this is
your best one yet.
I hope so.
How am I ever gonna
come up with something
this good
when I decide to
pop the question?
Just gonna have to
hire you
to come up with
your own proposal.
You can put that ring
in a cereal box,
and I wouldn't mind.
I don't care
what you do.
I got it from here.
- You sure?
- Yes.
I know you have to finish
the puppy love edit,
so I'll just
pack all this up,
put it in my trunk,
and we can take it
out of the car tomorrow.
- All right.
- Okay.
- I will take this.
- And I will see you later.
Will you marry me?
Marissa, I love you.
You love me.
We should be married.
I want to spend
the rest of my life
with you.
[water splashing]
I know we want to
spend the rest of
our lives together.
We should be married.
We should be married.
[engine revving]
Wh-- What is that?
What's the occasion?
Oh, my God,
you made it Christmas.
Oh, this is amazing.
There's a gift for you
on the bench.
- A gift?
- Yeah.
This by itself
is enough.
I love you, too.
It's your favorite
Thank you.
- Cheers, baby.
- Cheers.
Emerson, please stop.
Look, I--
I've rehearsed this
so many times,
it would just be easier
if I could--
I don't want you
to finish.
What's wrong?
I... I can't marry you.
Why not?
I should have--
I didn't know
how to tell you.
Excuse me.
Please, just--
Tell me what?
I, uh--
I've been seeing
someone else.
For the past three
or four months.
I'm so sorry.
At first I thought
it was gonna be nothing,
but it--
it ended up being
more than I expected.
You're cheating on me?
With who?
You don't know him.
I-- I met him at one of
the trade shows,
and we just--
we connected.
I-- I'm really sorry.
You connected with him?
What about this connection?
I should have
told you earlier.
Oh, God, Emerson.
I didn't mean to
hurt you.
You want me to believe that
you love this jackass
more than you love me?
I have something
with him
that I haven't
been able to find with you.
I don't know how else
to explain it.
I am so sorry.
Did you hear all that?
She's in love
with someone else.
It wasn't meant to be.
I know that must have been
really difficult to hear.
But it is better that
you found out now
rather than later.
What is wrong with me?
There's nothing
wrong with you.
Look at you,
you're handsome,
Look at all the trouble
you went through
to propose to her.
You deserve someone
that will be excited
to spend the rest of
their life with you,
just proud to be
by your side.
I know you thought
that was Marissa,
but it wasn't.
The right one
will come along.
So, am I the first client
who has been turned down
during his proposal?
Not every proposal
ends with a yes.
You're not alone.
Well, thank you for
saying that anyway.
Listen, um,
I'm gonna go ahead
and refund your money
back to your card.
You will do no such thing.
First of all,
the money's no object,
but secondly,
you went through
all of this trouble,
which, by the way,
this all looks beautiful.
I just want you to know
that I care,
and that I understand.
Your money's
no good with me.
I appreciate that.
You're a very good person.
So are you.
All right,
so this goes-- Ah.
How about that?
- Perfect.
- It's perfect.
Thank you for
helping me to the car
with all of this stuff.
You're welcome.
It's no problem.
And I'm really sorry that
things didn't turn out
the way you expected
Eh. It's not like I'm
a stranger to rejection.
I find that
hard to believe.
you're probably right.
Thank you.
Well, goodnight.
Ryan: So she confessed to
cheating on him
right then and there?
I felt so bad
for him.
That's brutal.
Well, it's better to
find out now
rather than later,
That's exactly
what I told him.
There's some pizza
in the kitchen
if you want some.
I think I'm gonna
go take a shower.
Can I come with?
What are you
gonna do for me?
I'm here with
Carmen Ruiz.
Carmen, tell me,
how did you manage to find
such an amazing, handsome,
and intelligent boyfriend?
Well, I find that men
tend to respond well
to this.
I could see how
that would work.
Tell me, how did you
meet this guy, Ryan?
I hired him
a year and a half ago
to run post
for my company.
Whew, scandalous.
Sleeping with
an employee?
[clicks tongue]
I made him a partner.
he doesn't mind.
No, he definitely
doesn't mind.
[muffled yelling]
Kill you!
Ayla adores me.
So I really don't think
she's gonna mind
if I move in.
Ryan, I love you.
You know that.
I just don't want to make
the same mistake
that I made with Nick.
We moved way too fast,
and look how it ended.
It was also
18 years ago.
Don't you think
we're wiser?
At our age,
we know what we want.
[phone rings]
It's, uh--
It's my brother.
Let me take this
real quick.
Hey, Jason.
What's goin' on?
She's right there,
isn't she?
Yes, I'm good.
Carmen's good, too.
Yeah, yeah. Bummer.
Did you get the ring yet?
Workin' on it.
Send me a picture of it
as soon as you do.
I feel totally cut off
being out here in
the middle of nowhere.
You will be the first
to see it. I promise.
All right, I gotta go,
A-- uh, Jason.
I-- I'll talk to you later.
First to see what?
Oh, um, I was
planning on landscaping
my backyard.
I'm-- I'm gonna send him
a picture once I do.
So, then, we can put
the conversation
about you moving in
on hold...
since you're gonna be
landscaping your backyard?
- Yeah?
- Of course.
[car alarm chirps]
I know you're here.
I've got a gun!
No way.
Check the bedrooms.
They didn't find
my jewelry.
It doesn't look like
they took anything
from Ayla's bedroom,
We shouldn't touch
anything else.
I'm calling
the police.
I'm gonna need you guys
to make me a list
of all the items
that were stolen.
We can do that.
It doesn't take them long
to rob places,
I mean, ten minutes,
they're in and out.
We couldn't have been gone
more than an hour or two.
But they didn't take
my jewelry. Nothing.
I have a lot of very expensive
family heirlooms up there.
That's interesting.
You want to--
Consider yourself
lucky, then.
Could have been
a lot worse.
I'll let the guys finish
taking prints upstairs,
and then I'll get you
a copy of the police report
for your insurance
as soon as we
have it available.
You should know, though,
that once a house has been
the chances of it
being robbed again
generally goes up.
You know, these idiots,
they talk to each other,
share information.
What do you
suggest we do?
Well, first of all,
I mean, a house this big
and this nice,
you definitely need to get
an alarm system.
But, to be honest,
the best deterrent
that you can get...
a dog.
Be in touch.
Thank you.
Guess we're
getting a dog.
I guess so.
So helpful.
Hey, let's get
these reports done
as soon as possible
for these folks.
Uh, they're
nice people.
- Yeah.
- And let's put
a BOLO out as well.
Copy that.
Good work.
That's got to be
at least 80 grand worth
of equipment gone.
Well, you're insured.
We'll replace it.
Did you get a chance to
upload the puppy proposal?
I backed it up
onto a hard drive,
but they got that, too.
Oh, no.
[sighs] Jake and Theresa
are gonna be devastated.
I think he's right.
We need to up the security.
Well, Ayla's been
asking for a dog anyway.
I still don't like
the idea of the two of you
being here home alone.
I've never been scared
in my own house before.
Maybe you should move in.
- Really?
- Mm-hm.
Okay, first thing
we're gonna do,
we're gonna fix
that back door.
And then we are
going shopping.
We'll start replacing
all that equipment they took.
- Okay?
- Mm-hm.
Marissa: We met at one of
the trade shows and, uh,
we just connected.
I didn't mean to hurt you.
[video rewinding]
I've been seeing
someone else.
For the past
three or four months.
I'm sorry.
I've been seeing
someone else.
For the past
three or four months.
[video rewinding]
I'm sorry.
I've been seeing
someone else.
- [groaning]
- [video rewinding]
I've been seeing
someone else.
[video rewinding]
I've been seeing
someone else.
I've been seeing
someone else.
[video rewinding]
It's a good lock, yeah?
Thank you.
So you lost
all the footage.
I mean everything.
So, Paula,
I was kind of hoping
that maybe you can call
some of your customers
to see if they recorded
some of the footage
on their cell phone.
I really hate
having to tell them
that all of their
footage was lost.
I am so sorry.
You know
what I can do?
I can pull up
the reservations
and call everyone
who was there that day.
We take
their phone number
when they make
a reservation.
Oh. That would be...
It's not a problem,
All right. I'm on it.
I'll talk to you later.
All right. Bye-bye.
[shower running]
A 9-year-old metro girl
has a new lease on life,
thanks to surgery
at the Hospital
for Sick Children.
- Tracy Hooper was--
- [door closes]
...the liver
of a 9-year-old
accident victim--
- [TV off]
- What was that?
Hello, Marissa.
We need to talk.
Paula: Yes,
they recorded it all,
and they said that they
could give you the recording.
That is wonderful news,
Thank you so much.
Okay. Bye-bye.
That was Paula
from The Steakhouse.
She found someone
that recorded
the entire proposal.
She says she was going
to email it to me later.
Gosh, that is great.
- Yes.
- Ahh.
I got it.
Someone sent you roses?
"Carmen, thank you
for your kindness
on such a tough day.
With much appreciation,
Poor guy. I was
just trying to be nice.
He didn't have to send me
flowers for it.
You're a good person.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
Oh, my gosh.
You get it?
How did he know my address?
Ryan: Carmen, tell me, how did you manage to find
such an amazing, handsome, intelligent boyfriend?
Oh, well, I find
that men tend
to respond well to this.
I can see how that would work.
Tell me, how did you meet this guy Ryan?
I hired him a year
and a half ago
to run the post side
of my company.
You deserve
to be with someone
who's excited to spend
the rest of their life
with you.
Where is she?
Marissa: Hey, can't
get to the phone.
You know what to do.
Hey, sis, it's me.
We had plans to run
together this morning.
Did you forget? Call me
when you get this, okay?
You're welcome.
I also have
something else for you.
That is a gift card
to The Steakhouse.
The next time you and Theresa
go there is on me,
and again I'm so sorry
that this happened.
You really didn't have
to do all that
I mean, you created
the most amazing proposal.
It was the best day
of my life, honestly.
And that puppy?
[chuckling] I mean--
I'm just so sorry
your stuff got stolen.
I know, but the police
is looking for it.
they'll recover it,
and if they do, you'll
be the first to know.
Thank you.
And I left a great
review for you online.
If you haven't read it yet,
you should go read it.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- [phone rings]
- Oh.
- I'll let you get that.
- [ring]
- Okay.
- Thanks again.
- Bye.
Carmen, it's Emerson.
Oh, hey, Emerson, hi.
How are you?
I'm better.
Much better.
I just wanted to make sure
you'd received those flowers
that I'd sent.
I did. Thank you.
Had you not been there
when Marissa...
shared her news with me,
I would have, uh...
well, you know.
You were there.
Well, I'm glad I could help.
You'll have to remember me
for your next proposal.
Oh, you--
you can bet on that.
Carmen, I'd like to
take you out for coffee.
Oh. Uh...
I'm about to go on a trip
with my boyfriend,
so maybe we can
touch base after that.
Sure. Yeah. I can call you.
How long will you be gone for?
Two weeks.
Are you going somewhere fun?
You know, it's really important
to take some time for yourself,
so, um, listen,
I have another call coming in.
Can we talk later?
Sure. Yes. I just--
I'll-- I'll call you
when you're back.
Ryan: You just have
to be honest with him,
tell him
you're not interested.
And reject him
a second time?
I couldn't do that.
Just because you refunded
this guy's money
doesn't mean you
have to be besties.
It's bae now.
- I'm serious.
- [giggling]
He caught me off guard.
I didn't know
what to do or say.
Honesty is the best policy.
It bought me two weeks.
When he calls again,
the failed proposal will
be two weeks behind him.
Woman on TV:
...her younger sister Nadia.
Nadia, when did you
first realize--
Turn that up.
No one in the family's heard from her in a few days,
and Marissa's not the type to just disappear.
We're all very worried about her.
Reporter: Marissa's 5'6"...
If you have seen her,
Dade County Police is asking for you to call
the tip line that's listed
on the bottom of your screen.
We'll have more on the story
as the investigation unfolds.
Live from Wellsby Crest,
I'm Sandy Gutierrez.
Oh, my God.
They didn't mention anything
about her boyfriend.
Do you think
Emerson could have--
The timing's
pretty coincidental.
Maybe she just ran off
with the other guy
and didn't tell anyone?
I think you need
to call the police.
And tell them what?
I don't have any proof.
First he gets rejected,
and now I'm going to
turn him in as a suspect?
You're not deciding
who's the suspect.
The police will.
You're just giving them
Maybe if I had the tape,
I could give them a copy.
First the tape disappears,
and then she does.
No way. You don't think
She said that she's
cheating on him,
and then she disappears.
But even if Emerson
did steal the tape,
- why would he do that?
- I don't know.
The tape is motive.
Maybe he didn't want
anyone to see it.
Which would explain why he
didn't take my jewelry.
He didn't need valuables.
Oh, my God.
Who are you calling?
- [line ringing]
- Detective Baker.
Okay. Let me
get this straight.
Uh, your investigative
is that Marissa's
jilted ex Emerson Banes
broke into your house,
stole all of your
editing equipment
to get his hands
on one video of her
to cheating on her.
- Right?
- Yes.
But it wasn't just that.
Didn't you interview him?
Didn't he tell you that she
turned down his proposal?
He said they broke up,
that she was seeing
someone else,
but he never mentioned
anything about a proposal.
We have his fingerprints,
- Mm-hmm.
- We'll check those
against the ones
we found at the scene,
but no promises.
What about a search warrant?
To see if he has our stuff?
That would prove our theory.
We need probable cause
for that.
And did Marissa say anything
about this other guy
she was seeing?
Uh, mention a name
or where he works or--
No. Just that she met him
at a conference or something.
Actually, no. A trade show.
Do you know
what kind of trade show?
I don't know.
All right. Anything else?
This guy Emerson also
bought Carmen flowers.
It wasn't like that.
The flowers were a thank-you
for me being there for him
when Marissa said no.
Look, I gave him
a little pep talk.
It was red roses.
And he asked her out.
For coffee. I said no.
That was quick.
You know, for a jilted ex.
So what do you think?
I don't know.
We'll just wait and see.
I thought you were going
to be out of town.
I'm telling you,
it wouldn't surprise me
if he did kidnap that girl.
The guy's weird.
I hope you're wrong.
[phone rings]
Oh, it's Ayla.
Hi, honey. How are you?
Mom, you need to come get me.
I can't stand being here.
Why? What happened?
All Dad does
is show off for Zoe,
and she's-- [sigh]--
over him all the time.
It's disgusting.
And they're so bad
at camping, Mom.
The first night,
they took a whole hour
to start the campfire,
and someone had to come
and help us.
Ayla, cut your father
some slack.
Not everyone knows how
to light a campfire.
I miss my friends, Mom.
And half the time I don't
even get Todd's texts
because there's no
cell service here.
I've given it a fair shot.
Just-- Just call Dad
and tell him that there's
been an emergency or something
and that he needs
to be home right away.
I am not going
to lie to your father.
Do me a favor
and just tough it out.
I know this is not
your dream vacation,
but maybe there'll
be a surprise
for you at the end.
A surprise? Really?
What is it, a puppy?
I don't know. We'll talk
about it in two weeks.
In the meantime,
just take a deep breath
and try to have
a good time.
Fine. But it better be
a puppy or better, though.
Okay, honey.
I'll talk to you later.
I love you.
I miss you.
Love you, too. Bye.
So I guess we're
getting a guard dog?
I'm gonna tell her
to find one that's
already potty trained.
Oh, I know, I know.
He made you do it.
He made you do it.
He made you lie to me
and say you were
going on vacation
because he was
threatened by me.
I know. I know, baby.
He can't love you
like me.
Oh, no.
[knock on door]
Hi. Any word on Marissa?
No, sadly, no,
but, uh, I had
a couple of questions.
I was hoping I could
come in and talk to you.
Actually, I was just
on my way to the gym.
Any chance this could wait?
Uh, well, hey, I mean,
I wouldn't want
my trying to solve
the disappearance of your ex
to get in the way of your
grueling workout schedule.
I'll be quick.
Well, uh, you mentioned
that Marissa told you that she
was seeing somebody else.
Yeah. That's right.
Yeah, I was just wondering
under what circumstance
this conversation came up.
I mean, were you--
were you at home?
We were at
the botanical gardens,
and I brought up marriage,
and she told me she was
seeing someone else.
So you proposed?
Like, with-- with a ring
and everything?
I don't see what this has to do
with your investigation.
Well, I mean, it's--
it's tough when you
pop the question.
You know?
Put your heart out there.
You must have been
pretty humiliated
when she said no.
I was sad.
I was disappointed.
But I wouldn't say
So if that's everything--
Uh, actually, I just
have one more question
I wanted to ask you.
Where were you
Sunday morning
between 9:30 and about 11?
I-- I was here, in fact.
Well, it's just
that the, uh,
tape of your proposal,
which you paid
a pretty penny for,
uh, was stolen
from Carmen's house.
Someone broke into Carmen's
house? Is she okay?
Oh. Oh, yeah.
She's fine. She's fine.
She wasn't there
when it happened.
Okay. Good.
- So yeah.
- Good.
Listen, if I thought
any part of that proposal
was relevant
to the investigation,
I definitely would have
shared that with you earlier.
So, uh, if I could
just walk to my car--
- Sure.
- Thanks.
Was there anything else
you might have forgotten
to mention?
All right.
I'll be in touch.
I'm sure you will.
[car door opens,
- Hey.
- Hi.
We didn't get enough cable,
so I'm going to head out.
You going to be okay?
Yeah. I have a meeting
in an hour.
All right.
I will see you later.
Mr. Gerner,
your ring is ready.
2.75 pear shaped.
Just an incredible ring.
- It's gorgeous.
- Yeah.
What's your
girlfriend's name?
Carmen. Do you know
how you're going
to propose yet?
Not yet. My, uh,
is helping me plan it out.
Okay. Nice.
So I'm just going to need
you to sign right here,
tell me that you
received the ring,
and you're ready to go.
Remember, she can
bring it in for sizing
- if she needs to.
- Okay.
- All right, sir.
- Thank you very much.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
That's lovely.
Okay. So you want
to do this here?
- Yeah.
- In the conference room?
Yeah. So one of the ladies
in Luke's department
is retiring,
so we're going to pretend
to be throwing her
a retirement party,
but really it's going
to be me proposing.
That's genius.
I love that idea.
So I'd be in there pretending
to record the retirement
when in all actuality I'm
there to record your proposal.
- That's fabulous.
- Yes.
Oh, this is going
to be perfect.
[both laugh]
- Ohh.
- Okay.
So when do you
want to do this?
When do you want
to pop the question?
- [chatter]
- Somebody call 911.
Woman: You okay?
Man: Guy just took off.
Let's go.
- Hey. Stop it.
- Yeah.
- Heads up.
- Hey.
Yo, yo, yo, yo.
Check this out.
- What?
- You see that?
- Hi. Sorry. I'm looking for--
- Ryan: Carmen.
- Carmen.
- Ryan.
- Why?
- Hey.
No, please.
Sit down. Sit down.
What happened?
Some guy came flying
around the corner
like a bat out of hell.
I jumped out of the way.
Are you hurt?
What did the doctor say?
I just banged up
my shoulder.
They did X-rays.
There's nothing broken.
Did you report the car?
I didn't get
a good look at it.
Just a fancy red
sports car.
I mean,
what's wrong with people?
I'm okay.
I really am.
Can we go home now?
Yeah. Let's go.
[groan, chuckle]
On second thought,
I think I need
a hot nurse named Carmen
to take care of me.
[sigh] It's just
so beautiful out here.
Super relaxing.
Love it.
- You got it?
- Mm-hmm.
Really nice.
Oh, my God, babe.
- I think I got something.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- Okay, wait.
- How do I do this?
- Okay, let me help you.
- Oh.
- All right.
Just-- Just reel it in slowly.
- Okay. Like this?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Okay.
- There we go.
You're a natural, baby.
Wait. Let me get it.
What do you think,
Ayla? Dinner?
Ayla, isn't it great?
Put me out of my misery.
This is Detective Price.
Man: Hey. We've got a body.
I think it's your missing girl.
- Text me the info.
- Right.
Aw. That's so cute.
So just say something
congratulatory to them.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Okay. And action.
I just want to say
congratulations to you both,
and I hope you two have
a beautiful life together.
Hey, Tracy.
Hi! [laughing]
- Man: How'd it go?
- [chatter]
[car idling]
[tires screech]
Are you okay?
Yeah. I just need
to make a quick call.
Well, I just got word
that Luke's
on his way down,
so I'm going to
go hide in the bathroom.
[line ringing]
I just saw Emerson.
He was here.
- Are you serious?
- Yes.
And he was driving
a red sports car
that might have been
the car that hit you.
Okay, where are you?
I'm coming there.
He drove off when he
saw me at the window.
I just wanted
to let you know.
Now where are you?
I'm at the Luke
and Jessie proposal.
What if he
drove around the corner
and is waiting for you to leave?
He's not. I'll call
Detective Price
when I'm done, okay?
I love you.
I got to go. Bye.
No. Mm.
[no audible dialogue]
Hmm. Uh, I don't think
this cake is for me.
- Huh?
- Hmm?
I think
this cake is for you.
Man: Guys, come here.
Woman: For Luke.
Man: Yep.
Man: All right, yes.
Will you marry me?
- Whoo!
- Yes.
Here's the rest
of his junk.
All right. Thanks.
you need to see this.
Hi, honey.
What are you doing here?
I was worried about you.
Come on.
Let's load this stuff up.
We'll go to the police
station together.
We don't know for sure
if it's the same car,
Is this the car
he was driving?
It looks like it, yes.
And it looks
a lot like the one
that tried to run me over.
I wouldn't be surprised
if he did want Ryan dead.
We got a search warrant
for his house, and, uh...
we found this.
Oh, my God.
They're all of me.
Where did he
get these pictures?
Some are from my web site,
some are from our
personal footage.
Oh, my God, Ryan.
It looks like he's been
taking pictures of me
through the window.
This guy's insane.
It gets worse.
We recovered a body
two days ago.
Dental records confirm
it was Marissa Stefans.
Oh, my God.
Evidence at the scene
led us to get the warrant.
What evidence?
That looks just
like the ring he used
the day he proposed to her.
I put it in the box
for him.
We also have casts
of tire tracks
that were left
at the location
where Marissa's body
was dumped.
We believe they'll match
the treads on his car.
We just haven't been
able to locate it yet.
So basically there's
a killer out there
stalking Carmen
and waiting to kill me
whenever the opportunity
In short, yes.
Now, we're doing everything
we can to find this guy.
But you may see him
before we do.
I need you to contact
me immediately
if he makes another
appearance, okay?
Of course.
Of course.
Okay. So unlocking
the door with the key
disarms it,
so every time you come in,
you just have to push
this button right here
to rearm it.
Now, if it's armed
and you open any other
doors without a key,
the alarm will go off,
and it'll alert
the response center.
Okay. Seems easy enough.
Okay. So just sign
for me here.
And I just
have to finish up
the master switch,
and I'll be done.
- Perfect.
- All right. Thank you.
Thank you.
1114-- Ayla's birthday.
Do you feel better now?
A little. Yeah.
We'll be good.
Do you miss me?
Like crazy.
I wish you were
going to Elle's party
with me Friday night.
Everyone we know is going.
Elle? As in your ex?
Whoa, she's not my ex.
We hung out for, like,
three weeks.
How are things
with your dad?
[sigh] I feel
like a third wheel.
He wouldn't even notice
if I was gone.
I mean, this morning--
Damn it.
This is so unfair.
[branches snap]
[door opens]
[alarm blares]
[alarm stops]
What happened?
I saw him out there.
He was creeping around.
I swear to God
I'm gonna kill this guy.
- I swear to God--
- No. Wait.
Maybe you shouldn't
touch that.
"You deserve someone
who'd be excited
"to spend their life
with you,
"proud to be by your side.
"That's not him.
It's me."
This guy's
a delusional prick.
It's what I said to him.
The first part. That's
what I said to him
after Marissa
said no to him.
And I've had
enough of this guy.
I'm calling the cops,
and I'm gonna get them
to send someone over
to stake out our house.
Detective, how close
are you to catching him?
Well, we've been
staking out his place
since we issued the warrant.
But he hasn't been back yet.
Because he's been busy
buying her roses.
We're gonna have an officer
in an unmarked car watch
your house from now on.
Oh, that's great.
We really wanna catch
this guy as soon as possible.
- We could use your help.
- In what way?
We might be able to draw him out
if you agree to meet with him.
- But it sounds dangerous.
- It is.
But we'd have a team there
ready to take him out
- as soon as he showed his face.
- Wait.
So you're saying that I have
to meet with him face to face?
Most likely, yes.
Oh, I don't know.
I have a daughter.
All the more reason to make
sure he's behind bars, right?
- Let me think about it.
- Don't take too long.
I think it's a terrible idea.
But if I help them catch him,
then we do not have to worry
about looking over our shoulders
like you've been doing
this entire time.
- I have not.
- You have, and so have I.
Look, they're the police.
It's their job to catch
the bad guys.
What if you do this,
and he pulls a gun
and shoots you
before they can stop him?
What then?
What if we leave
this restaurant
and he shoots one of us
in the parking lot?
I just think it's risky
to try to lure him out.
He's been hanging
around the house.
So, the next time he does,
the cops are gonna be there.
I agree with you.
It's risky.
But Ayla will be home
in a week and a half,
and I rather he be in jail
when she gets home.
So we have no choice.
All right, listen,
Marissa's sister told us
that Emerson's idea of love
can be somewhat obsessive.
All right?
Just keep that in mind.
- Okay.
- You ready?
Dial the number.
You reached Emerson.
I'm unavailable right now.
But leave me a message
and I'll call you back.
Hi, Emerson, it's Carmen.
I just wanted to thank you
for the flowers.
But most importantly,
what you said in the card.
[mouthing words]
I just wanted
to let you know that
I haven't been able to get
you out of my mind
since the day we met.
So I was kind of wondering
if maybe we can meet
for that cup of coffee.
Or maybe dinner.
Let me know.
Hope to hear from you soon.
[toilet flushes]
How you doing?
Hey, would you mind
if I used your cell phone?
Sorry. English no good.
Your mobile?
Mine's dead.
The battery's shot.
I promised my wife I would
text her before I took off.
What do you say?
Thank you.
That's it.
Thanks a lot.
Babe, I just got
a text message from Emerson.
What does he say?
He says, "Carmen, hi.
It's Emerson.
I got your message.
"The police think
I killed Marissa.
"And they're looking for me,
so I had to leave the country.
"I didn't do it.
"I will call you
when all of this blows over.
"In the meantime,
dump the loser."
Let's see where this
phone number's coming from.
Let's call Detective Price.
All right, Ryan, thanks.
I'll talk to you soon.
Zoe and I are gonna hike
up to the waterfall.
- Come with us.
- You totally should.
We can pick up
those matching tank tops
and take some selfies.
Uh, I think I'm just
gonna take a nap.
But you guys have fun,
- Really? Boo.
- I'm exhausted.
Okay. We'll be back soon.
- Get some rest, okay?
- Okay.
Bye. See you soon.
Get me out of this place
and into civilization.
Baker, what do you got.
We found his car
at the airport.
- It's being towed
and processed now.
- Good.
I actually just got off
the phone with
a guy named Rinya.
He said a guy a the airport
gave him 50 bucks
to let him use his phone
to send a text.
Gave a positive I.D.
Of course, he did.
Question is,
did Emerson go to the airport
to take a flight somewhere,
or to make us think
he was leaving town?
Well, I actually have
Howard calling the TSA
to see if anyone's
used Emerson's passport,
as well as the airlines
to see if anybody's booked
a seat in his name.
We should also check
video surveillance.
Good idea.
I'll ask the captain,
see if we can take
a couple people
off the Exley case
to do just that.
[dogs barking]
Oh, my God.
Look at this one.
She's such a cutie-pie.
Hi, there. Hi.
Hello, hello.
I do have one more
to show you.
I can bring them out.
- Sure.
- Okay.
Okay! This is Cody!
He's two years old,
and I know he's not a puppy.
But he's quite amazing.
He knows lots of tricks.
Watch. Down.
Good, Cody.
Leave it.
Leave it.
Leave it.
Get it.
Good boy. And he's
a great guard dog too.
- Hi. Thank you.
- Hi, Cody.
Hello. Hi, there.
I like the idea of
having an older dog.
But do you think Ayla's
gonna be okay with it?
She wanted a puppy.
I think Ayla will be happy
just having a dog.
Huh? How you doing?
Thank you. Yes.
I still don't understand.
Why didn't you answer my text?
I was getting worried.
I'm sorry. My battery died.
I forgot the charger.
I have great news.
I might be able to get
to that party after all.
Seriously? Oh, my God.
That's awesome. I can't wait.
Okay. I gotta go. Bye,
- Hi.
- You must be Ayla. Hi.
- Baker, what's up?
- Well...
I just checked the surveillance
footage from the airport
and it clearly shows Emerson
leaving the terminal
and hopping into a cab.
I sent you the link.
Wait, so he's
still in town?
Looks that way.
I have to go to
the pet store and get a bed,
a leash, food.
And toys.
Definitely some new toys.
I see someone's looking
forward to being a doggy dad.
Yes, I am.
Don't forget to rate your
- Thank you.
- Thanks so much. Bye.
Hey, Mom?
We haven't paid for it yet.
- That's all right.
- I like this.
How many toys do you need?
Oh, that's cute.
Hey, Carmen.
It's Detective Price.
We just found out
that Emerson Banes
is still in town.
I'm sending a officer
back out to watch your house.
[pHi, Nick.s]
Ayla left.
- I can't find her.
- What?
What do you mean
Ayla left?
What's going on?
Zoe and I went
for a quick hike, okay?
When we came back,
we found a note.
It just says...
she's heading home early.
Oh my God, Nick. Really?
Fine. Let me call her,
and I'll call you back.
Hopefully, I can reach her.
Ayla, honey, it's Mom.
Daddy just called me
and he said that you left.
He's worried.
I'm worried.
Can you please call me back
and let us know you're okay?
I love you.
Maybe she took an Uber back.
She could be at the house.
Then why isn't she calling
or answering her phone?
We have a missed call
from Detective Price.
Hey, Carmen,
it's Detective Price.
Listen, Emerson Banes
is still in town.
I'm sending an officer
back out to watch your house.
Oh, my God!
I'm in position.
[muffled grunt]
Hey, listen to me.
I don't want to hurt you.
I just need your mother
to do something for me,
which I'm fairly confident
she's gonna do.
And then I'll let her know
where she can find you.
If you try and run away
or make any noise,
I will hurt you.
So be quiet.
Be good.
You're gonna be home
in a matter of hours.
All right?
Honey, can you check
upstairs, please?
- Yeah.
- Ayla.
Ayla, honey,
are you home?
- Carmen!
- Yeah?
Get up here!
What's going on?
We can't find my daughter.
What is it?
Oh my God, this
is her stuff!
This isn't right,
something happened.
Do something!
- Her bag!
- No, don't touch anything.
The alarm company
should have a record
of when she unlocked
the door.
I've got-- I've got their
number downstairs.
Let's call 'em.
Good girl.
Tell you what:
why don't we call
your mom right now?
I'll let you speak
with her, would you
like that?
All right.
[ phone rings ]
Hi, honey, where are you?
Are you okay?
Ayla, honey,
are you there?
She's here.
With me.
Let me talk to her.
In a minute.
I need you to do
something for me
and Ayla's gonna
be just fine.
You need to hire a
private charter
that is going to
take me to the Bahamas.
Once I am in the Bahamas,
I'll let Ayla go.
If I have any indication
that the police are
waiting for me in Nassau,
if they even
approach the boat,
you are going to find
your daughter
at the bottom
of the Atlantic.
Well, here's your daughter.
Ayla, honey,
we're going to find you.
Find a charter.
You have an hour.
Don't kill your daughter.
Yes, this is
Detective Colby.
I need to know the times
the front door was entered.
He's on with
security right now
so we can find out
when she got home.
I need to talk to you.
Emerson kidnapped her.
I just spoke to him
on her phone.
What, he called you?
He says that if we
involve the police,
he will kill her.
How do you know he
hasn't already?
Because I spoke to her.
He says that as long as we
get a private charter boat
to take her to the Bahamas,
he will release her as
long as we don't involve
the police.
Well, that is insane!
There is no way--
We have an hour.
I just got off the phone
with the alarm company.
They said the door was
unlocked about an hour
and a half ago.
With the key.
And it never re-armed.
The door opened again
less than a minute later.
If it was Emerson,
he followed her in.
Can we put out
an Amber alert?
I'll call it in now.
Kelo 2-4, I need a...
Can we at least try
to get a boat, please?
It'll buy us some time.
No, I say we tell Detective
Price what is going on.
But he said he'd kill her
if we involve the cops.
Look, I don't believe
for a second
that he is going
to let her go.
Oh my God, I just
thought of something.
She has the app on her phone
that if she loses her phone,
we can find it.
How do we access it?
I just have to
log into her account.
Track my phone.
It's password protected.
Any ideas?
Let's try Ayla123.
It's gonna lock you out.
Purple flowers.
She did a poem about
it last semester.
But let me try it
on a different website.
Ah, you got it!
Okay, back to
tracking her phone.
I'm in!
I'm in.
She's near the port.
We've got to
let Price know.
I'm calling.
All right, so that's
where the boat is.
Are you sure
you're up for this?
Absolutely, let's go get them.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Yeah, I think
she'll be okay.
You really are beautiful,
you know that?
You kind of remind me
of your mother.
She's beautiful, too.
Leave me alone.
Well, on the outside.
Inside, dark just
like the rest.
I thought she was different.
Your mother,
I actually thought
Marissa rejecting
the whole proposal
was just because I was
supposed to meet your mom.
'Cause I felt this connection
with her at the garden.
And I know she felt it, too.
But then she
betrayed that
when she called the police.
That's why they were looking
for my car down at the airport.
That was a test, you see.
She failed.
My mom would never go
for a guy like you.
She's in love
with Ryan,
and they're going
to get married.
What if I told you
Ryan was dead?
Yeah, see,
I ran over him
and left him on
the side of the road.
I doubt he lived
to see the ambulance.
No, you didn't.
You're lying.
You're crazy.
Just imagine what
two tons of metal
running over a
human body does.
You end up with
a close-casket funeral.
You're even beautiful
when you get angry,
do you know that?
And so young.
Anyway, why don't
we call your mom?
[ tires squealing ]
[ phone rings ]
It's him.
How's that charter coming?
I was able to find one.
Private residence near
the South Cove Marina.
Fine. That's fine.
What did you tell them?
That you will be there
with your daughter.
I will meet you there
with her passport.
I'll text you
the address.
Emerson, if you hurt Ayla,
I will personally
hunt you down
and I will kill you.
You're not going to have
to hunt us down.
Carmen, you're
coming with us.
[ gasps ]
Hello, Carmen.
Hi, there.
I'm Captain Hal.
You can call me Captain,
or just call me Hal.
Don't call me late for
deep sea fishing, okay?
Huh? In fact, I've got
some poles on board
if you want to cast a line
out after we shove off.
Uh, before we do,
go over a few rules
with you real quick.
If you're under 18,
you'll be required
to wear a life vest
at all times once we get
out past the harbor.
Uh, you folks over 21,
you're fine.
You can just throw a life
vest on in case of an emergency
which I do not
plan on having.
Also, there's plenty of beer
back there in the cooler.
As you can see,
I've already started.
Hey, Jon, you want
a beer, don't you?
It's Emerson. No, I just
want to get going.
Oh, okay, we can
do that, too.
Yo, Hal.
You've seen better days.
I left my ratchet
set on the boat.
You did. It's in the back there.
In the compartment.
What's in the box?
- What's in the box?
- Nothing.
- Open it!
- There's nothing in there.
Open the box, I want
so see what's in it.
Fine. Do what you've
got to do.
I'm just grabbing
her a life vest.
She doesn't need
a life vest.
- Yes, she does.
- Ayla, come back here.
I am not asking you,
I am telling you!
[ gunshot ]
- Get down!
Put the gun down!
I'm not letting her go,
are you kidding me?
Put the gun down, man.
I'm not dropping
the gun, man.
- You don't want to do this.
- You're not gonna shoot me.
Let her go!
- Put the gun down!
- You're not gonna shoot.
[ gunshot ]
Drop the gun,
put it down.
Put your hands where
I can see them.
You have the right
to remain silent.
Anything you say
can and will
be used against you in
a court of law.
[ laughs ]
You're a great actor.
I thought you were
really a captain.
Ha, well, don't tell anybody.
You'll blow my cover, huh?
I won't.
Colby's taken Emerson
to the ER.
Don't you girls worry.
You are never going to be
bothered by that creep again.
Thank you.
What do you say we get you
out of these wet clothes?
That sounds like
a great idea.
Thank you.
I knew it, I knew
you were alive!
He said you were killed!
I am so glad
you're okay.
[ police sirens blaring ]
How I love you
'cause you understand
[ chattering ]
I got you
Your dog likes me.
What's not to like?
She's really gonna
love those shoes.
I hope it's enough.
Of course it is.
Besides, we got her Cody.
All right, let's get
this show on the road.
Happy birthday, Ayla!
Blow 'em out.
All right, yay, yay!
[ laughing, cheering ]
Can I open
my gift now?
Of course.
[ gasping ]
What's the matter?
Did we get you
the wrong shoes?
No, but... but I think
they're the wrong size.
No, I checked them myself.
They're a size 7.
[ gasps ]
Yes! Yes, of course
I'll marry you!
[ applause ]
Congrats, you guys!
All right!
Love you guys!
[ chuckles ]
Did you know
about this?
Are you surprised?
Ayla came up with
the idea of doing it at
her birthday party.
I had no idea.
You should make me
a partner in your company.
Maybe I will.
Make me a partner for life.
Oh, I'd cross
the seven seas
To see you smile
That smile
And I'd climb
the highest peak
To stay awhile
Just a while
How I love you
'cause you understand
Sometimes I could
use a hand
I got you
Through all the
ups and downs
You got me, too
When trouble's around
I got you
Though there's darkness
in the clouds
A light is shining down
When the earth
has fallen through
I got you
Oh, I'm sorry if
you've ever felt
That I
I didn't care
'Cause I've always
known that you
Are like the air
You're always there
Oh, every breath I take
I breathe it with you
I hope you know
that it's so true
'Cause I got you
Through all
the ups and downs
You got me, too
When trouble's around
I got you
Though there's darkness
in the clouds
A light is shining down
When the earth
has fallen through
I got you