Girls for Sale (2016) Movie Script

right, let's see.
Move the light, mate.
- All right now.
- [VOICEOVER] That's
much, much better.
Nataliya, right?
- Yeah.
- [VOICEOVER] Can you
spread a little bit for us?
Just a bit more presentable
for the job, yeah?
- But...
- [VOICEOVER] That's
okay, girl, that's...
It's a fun industry.
Entertainment, entertainment.
- What kind of entertainment?
Something like when you
(mumbles) do the French can-can.
- Oh, that's good.
- [VOICEOVER] Moulin Rouge.
- Jak, can you have a
look for a pair of shoes?
- [Jak] Yes yes yes.
- What's wrong with my shoes?
- [VOICEOVER] They are okay,
but it could be better.
Usually high heels.
- Fuck, shit.
Here, this is one
I found, only one,
but you should put
it on, Cinderella.
That's okay.
Drop the funny stuff,
we are working here.
This is important.
- I've got you,
I've got you now.
- [VOICEOVER] The better
you look, the more
money you get in everything,
this is business.
Welcome to England.
- Yeah.
- [VOICEOVER] Exactly.
- You be (mumbles) maybe
you will enjoy that.
- [VOICEOVER] All right.
Nataliya, Nataliya.
- That's okay.
Nataliya, (mumbles).
(mumbles), London.
This is DRD as well.
From now on...
You are going to
be our top girl.
Can you hold this?
- What is that?
- Hold this, it is just
your ID from now on.
And that is for the employ.
Just look at the camera and let
me take a few pictures of you.
(camera clicks)
Big smile.
Like you want it, all right?
That's it.
(camera clicks)
That's a beautiful picture.
They are gonna love it.
The customers and everything.
It's a new beginning.
- [Jak] Yeah, great, fantastic.
- [VOICEOVER] I think
we have found the girl.
- [Jak] I think
we found the girl.
You're gonna be our
best girl, yeah.
- So where is Elena?
- [VOICEOVER] Oh we are
picking her up tonight.
- [Jak] Elena.
- [VOICEOVER] Everything's okay.
Elena will be next, but...
She's not gonna be
better than you.
You are the girl.
That's it, keep smiling.
More presentable, beautiful.
Nice, cut.
- [VOICEOVER] Whoa, sorry.
- Oh God, where are we?
- We are here now.
Get your stuff.
This is our place, girl.
You can join here, you
can have some rest.
Just come in here.
Everything will be fine.
(door unlocks)
- Who you calling?
- My cousin.
- [VOICEOVER] Don't tell her
too much or she'll get jealous.
- Why jealous?
Why jealous?
- Why jealous?
- Money money money.
- Really?
- That's what you're gonna take.
Not from me.
- Well as I said,
in here my main
ambition is to make
it out of seeing her.
Honestly, I don't see any
better place in London.
- Yes.
Yes, baby, but first we need to
take some pictures of you.
- [VOICEOVER] Let's take
some pictures of me.
- Smile for the camera.
Where's a cameraman
when you need one?
(camera clicks)
From tomorrow, you'll
entertain customers.
- [VOICEOVER] Customers?
- Take your clothes off.
you're joking right?
- I said from tomorrow
you'll entertain customers.
- What customers?
What are you talking about?
- [VOICEOVER] Take your
fucking clothes off!
- I'm not doing this.
My family will never
forgive you if you...
- Your family?
I will tell your
family that you come
to this country to
become a dirty whore!
You want money?
Yes, you want money.
And then my family, my family.
Take your clothes off.
Right now.
- No.
- No?
Take your fucking clothes off!
(loud thump)
- [VOICEOVER] Hello.
- Hi.
- I came to pick up the order.
- Oh yes.
- Thank you.
- Hello, gorgeous.
You having a party or what, huh?
Hey, I bet she works in
the brothel next door.
Don't you reckon, (mumbles)?
- Could be.
You never know.
- Watch this.
I'm gonna get her.
She's mine.
Well what's wrong
with me then, huh?
Come on.
offense, darling.
She just don't wanna
serve you, that's all.
- [VOICEOVER] You still
didn't answer my question.
- [VOICEOVER] You're
drunk, I can't serve you.
- [VOICEOVER] You know what?
You've got an attitude
problem, bitch.
Why don't you just fuck off
back to your own country?
- [VOICEOVER] You don't
talk to me like that!
know what, fuck her.
Fuck all of you!
- [VOICEOVER] Fuck you as well!
- Hello, and how are you?
- All right, darling?
Haven't seen you around.
- I'm just passing by.
- We've got two gorgeous
girls just for you.
You can either have
one at a time or both.
Both girls are beautiful.
Here's one of them.
Would you like to
see the other one?
- You want a cigarette?
- No thanks, darling.
I quit last year.
I used to smoke cigarillos.
Cigars is my poison now.
We just launched a VIP service.
- Well that's ingenious.
I was wondering.
Do you get any...
Weirdos coming in?
- You know, the other
day there was this guy.
I was playing backgammon
on my mobile right here.
He said do you know what
it feels like to die.
I closed my game.
I said excuse me,
am I hearing right?
I lost the game on my mobile.
The cheek, he comes
here, insults me,
and causes me to lose my game.
Lucky I didn't call Alex.
He'd have ripped
his balls apart.
Sorry, that reminds me, I'm
gonna call my sister about it.
- Jesus.
What a shithead.
- Hang on dear, I'll
call you right back.
- Her.
I want her.
- Okay, follow me.
- I just want a massage.
- Okay.
60 pounds.
Thank you.
Make yourself comfortable,
I'll be right back.
He's cute.
- Have a good time, darling.
- You're not taking
your clothes off?
- That's because I like
giving rather than receiving.
- Oh, that sounds interesting.
- Hold on, hold on,
wait a minute please.
Keep it on.
I like you like that.
(gentle acoustic guitar music)
- Who are you, special man?
- Who do you think I am?
- Robert?
- [VOICEOVER] As well.
- As?
- [VOICEOVER] (mumbles),
fossil fuel, art.
(mumbles), music.
- Hey, you want to
come to party tonight?
- Did you hurt yourself?
- No, I fell upstairs.
So you come to party tonight?
- I want to.
Yeah, why not.
Could be fun.
- Hey, Suzanne.
I got something I think
you could be interested in.
I met this woman in a brothel.
Not quite what it sounds like.
She invited me to one of
her parties and I said okay.
Now I'm not so sure.
Public interest?
A world exclusive?
Inside the sex
trafficking trade.
The $32 billion
industry, over 800,000
women enslaved
every year, 100,000
per year, per woman, tax free.
I need working cash.
I'll get you (mumbles).
Hey, I'm your man.
This is gonna be bigger
than the hacking scandal.
I never knew you could
read in the dark.
- What's up?
I don't have much time.
- Sex trafficking.
- Do you got evidence?
You know we need it.
Come on Radu, spill the beans.
- Maybe another day.
- No now, we're gonna get
shit kicked out of us.
Come on, we need a good one.
- I'm tired.
My body aches, this
thing I'm doing, it's...
- What do you got?
- I've seen this pimp.
- And?
- Could be tricky.
He looks like someone that
will make things tricky.
- Is there a story?
You're studying to be a
journalist, a reporter.
- Yes.
I have...
I've got something, but
I just need to go deeper.
- How deep?
- There's this girl and
she seems to like me.
- So?
- She invited me to
one of her parties.
I need money.
- How much does one visit cost?
- Something like 60 to 100.
- So you need more
money, more time.
- Yes, yes I do.
- At least get your
finger out, Radu.
Come on, we gotta work.
Here, take this, it looks like a
regular glasses
case, but it's not.
Don't lose it.
- How long have I got?
- How many minutes
are there in a day?
- Short notice.
- Look Radu, go and
get the evidence.
We need it.
- All right, all right.
- Fuck off, Radu, just fuck off.
- Hey, one thing though.
If I do get this story,
promise me a job as a reporter?
- We'll see.
Don't let me down.
Don't let me down.
(gentle piano music)
- Day one.
Today I met...
A beautiful human soul in the
most unexpected of places.
I'm gonna go and see
her again tomorrow.
The story begins here.
(playful cheering)
- Which part of London
are you from, my friend?
- [Radu] East.
- East, okay.
- Yeah, I love it to bits.
- [VOICEOVER] What's
so special about it?
- I don't know, it's a
rich tapestry, you know?
(idle chatter)
(playful cheering)
- [Gino] Sorry my
friend, members only.
Are you a member?
- I'll give you a phone number.
- [Gino] So who do you know?
- [VOICEOVER] All right, Gino?
- Yeah, it's good.
- I know your man
here, how's it going?
- Who's this?
- He's been to a lot
of bars, that's all.
Listen kid, do you know
who you're talking to?
Take it easy, all right?
Just beat it, get away.
There's a nice peep joint
just down the road, all right?
- Get away, get away.
- You have a talent.
You have a goddamn talent.
You should be somewhere
else, not with these people.
Let me help you get away.
Give me a big kiss.
Come on.
(techno music)
- Dick.
- How you doing?
- How are you?
- Looking good.
- Thanks.
- There.
That is the one, fresh meat.
Good, but novice.
- Well just let them
take advantage, huh?
- True.
Why don't you go
and dance with her?
- You.
You don't tell me how
to wear and what to do!
I do what I want!
- Excellent.
You take care of her later on.
(ominous music)
- All right guys, we're
stopping for a pee break here.
Nataliya needs some fresh air.
Don't you, Nataliya?
(Nataliya whimpering)
- [Nataliya] No!
(sobs) No!
(man grunting)
(Nataliya sobbing and screaming)
(girl coughing)
- Poor girl.
She fainted.
Do you want some
fresh air as well?
(gentle piano music)
- Day one (mumbles).
I'm just going ahead and...
Think I found a way in.
I got (mumbles).
I'm (mumbles) the buses.
There's a girl who wants to run.
(speaking foreign language)
- So...
What's the name of that
girl you raped and tortured?
- What are you talking
about, you old woman?
- [VOICEOVER] Old woman?
Have you heard that, Bianca?
- Do you want Marie to
stick that heel in your ass?
- Oh yes please,
I would love that.
- No, oh not yet.
- Okay.
- (sobs) Don't kill me.
- You enjoy raping
people, do you?
So what's her name again
in case we didn't get it?
- (mumbles) her name is Elena.
- Her name's Elena.
(phone rings)
- Leo!
What can I do for you?
Shall I send Elena?
- Who's she?
- Beautiful girl.
She'll knock your socks
off even if they're smelly.
- Can I play?
Thank you.
- Sure.
(acoustic guitar music)
How long, baby, how long
Has that evening
train been gone
Tell me how long
- Wow.
- Wow.
I'm gonna make a
very important call.
You're gonna be needing
someone very special,
but before that, take
some pictures, you pose.
- Feels right.
- And another one.
Dan, you get in one.
Dan, get in one.
Let's make a call.
One second.
Nell, I'm gonna wanna keep
her 'till the morning.
Don't tell anyone about this.
It'll be our little
secret, okay?
- Okay.
Who's coming to see me?
- Bruce.
- Who's Bruce?
- He's a promoter.
- Oooh.
- Promoter from back home.
- Oh really?
- Yeah.
- When is he coming?
- Should be downstairs in
the basement, in the foyer.
Dan, you wanna see
if Bruce is here?
- Danny, honey bunny's home!
(speaking French)
Leo, huh?
Would you so kindly introduce
me to this heavenly lady?
- Hi, I'm Elena.
- Elena, this is Bruce.
- You look like a
million dollars.
- Thank you.
- Bruce is our man in
the music industry.
He's got over 20 years
experience finding over
30 artists who sold over
100 number one records.
- Wow.
- He's made about $200 million.
- Wow!
- I...
- I like your shoes by the way.
They look great.
- So do yours.
- Why thank you.
- You reckon you
wanna be a singer?
- Sorry?
Well yes.
(door closes)
There's a problem with this.
When can I go, I must get back.
- Don't stop!
Lady, we'll get you back soon.
Okay, try that again.
What's this I gotta
get back thing?
Is she a prisoner or something?
- Yeah, something like that.
- Well we gotta get her
out of that situation.
Her voice is a goldmine.
Went to the station,
I didn't see no train
Down in my heart,
I have an aching pain
Say how long, yeah how long
Just tell me how long
(water running)
- [Elena] Don't come near me!
I hate you!
I'll stab you!
Don't come close.
- You look so
beautiful with a knife.
You want to stab me?
Go ahead, stab me.
Someone is going
to stab me anyway.
I'd rather be stabbed by a
beautiful woman like you.
Pretty face.
What's the matter?
- I want to go home.
Have a family and a baby boy.
- I want to go back.
I want to go home too.
I want a baby.
I want a baby boy.
I'm tired of this.
This is not what I
wanted to be in life.
- Then let me go.
Let me go.
Let me go.
Let me go.
(gentle piano music)
- Day two.
Those girls are treading
much worse than I thought.
Alex was completely on edge.
Feels like something bad
could happen at any moment.
(idle chatter)
- See this?
- Bruce Shirk.
- Yeah, fucking Bruce Shirk.
- Chairman, CEO, Shirk
Concert Promotions.
You want me to follow her.
- Yes, now.
- [Radu] I'll see you later.
- See you later, I'm tired.
- [Alex] Ma!
- Darling, long time no see.
- How are you?
I'm glad you made it.
- I'm sorry I'm late, hun.
I got held up in traffic.
- It's okay, coming
through, coming through.
- Ah yes, let's get
started, shall we?
Take your clothes off, sweetie.
- [Alex] Come here.
- How many girls
like her can you get?
- As many as you need.
Any more offers?
She's yours.
We'll deliver in one week.
what if she runs?
- Three month guarantee.
We replace her if she runs.
- Sorry (mumbles).
Get in there!
Get in there!
(girl screaming and sobbing)
Friends, sorry about that.
More drinks.
Drinks for girls.
- To the girls.
- To the girls.
- To the girls.
(gentle piano music)
- [Nell] Easy with her now.
- Day three.
I got lucky.
I captured a scene from a boat.
It is an auction for the girls.
I've never seen something
like this before.
Henry and Suzanne, they're
gonna be shocked too.
(door opens)
- Have a look at this.
- What is it?
Is it an auction?
- Yeah.
- What's wrong?
- He's looking at her
teeth like she's a...
A horse?
- A horse.
An animal.
- [Phillipa] Suzanne?
Hi, I'm Phillipa,
nice to meet you.
- Hi, thank you for seeing
me on this great matter.
- Sure, no worries.
- A few weeks ago
our NGO managed to
infiltrate a gang
of sex traffickers.
We've managed to amass
some substantial evidence.
- Presumably this is not the
only ring out there obviously.
- Yeah, we're all very much
after the worst of them.
- I presume that they
would have links, so your
undercover man would
be able to go in again.
- Hopefully, yeah.
- You don't think he'd
be in jeopardy now but...
- I think it's a Constance.
- You don't think people
will be after him?
- Day five.
Today I got some footage that
could put Alex behind bars.
You gave me a fright.
How did you get in?
- You didn't know?
I was a locksmith once.
- I know now.
- Straight to the point.
Are you after Elena?
- Yeah.
She's got that great ass.
- Is that all?
- She's seeing Sammy.
- Sammy's okay.
The real problem
is the music guy.
That fucking Bruce.
You know Bruce?
I thought you were watching her.
Are you taking the piss here?
Relax, my friend.
I was just joking.
Respect must be earned.
You know something?
Back home I thought I could
be important member of family.
The economy crashed and I had
the chance to work underground.
Very often I think I should
have been a football player.
- You did well.
You had the image of
being someone important.
That's what counts.
- Yeah.
You're a good guy.
We can work together.
Let's go.
- What the hell is going on?
You look terrible.
- I'm tired, I had a long night.
- I want you to wear this.
- You have cocaine eyes.
Alex is gonna be pissed.
- Oh don't worry, I'll
just put some makeup on.
He's not gonna even notice.
- [VOICEOVER] Sorry,
how long is this
guy gonna be with his,
what you call it, round?
- [Nell] Not long
now dear, not long.
A few minutes, few minutes.
- Yeah.
- [VOICEOVER] Tell me, is
the beautiful Elena's here?
- [Nell] She only works here one
day a week, on Wednesdays.
Why do you wanna see her?
- [VOICEOVER] Just, you know...
- Hey Trix, did you hear about
that girl who got beat up?
Some geezer called...
Trying to take over our patch.
- Well fuck him.
The money's here.
We made 500 last night.
- I know.
- No payments, taking 80%.
- Fuck him.
Hey girl, I think we've
got a live one, look.
You all right, darling?
Looking for business?
- That's it, get the fuck
out of here for good!
- Who are you talking to?
No you fucking
didn't, no you didn't!
- Piss off!
- Fucking didn't,
you piece of shit!
- Come on!
- Fuck you, fucking cunt!
You fucking bastard, yeah!
- Come on, Michelle, Michelle!
- You fucking hit me, I'll
fucking cut you, cunt!
- Michelle!
- Get the fuck out of here, go!
- Leave her alone, you
piece of shit, fuck off!
Fuck off!
- Listen, if I see
you ever again...
- Yeah, go fuck off!
- I'll fucking chop
your heads off!
- Fuck off!
- Go!
- All right!
- (mumbles).
Fucking bitches.
Give me the thing again.
Fucking hell.
They have microphones
I think they're gonna
move in at the house.
(dramatic music)
- I don't believe in God.
Just money.
My boyfriend, he was
pretending to be an angel.
He was giving me drinks,
buying me clothes.
He was the Casanova of Moldova.
(laughs) Like a prince.
He said marry me.
He soon became friends
with my parents,
with my sister, (mumbles).
He said let's go West,
there is money and jobs.
You'll be (mumbles).
Fuck that.
We came back, he
fucking sold me.
Now I'm a slave.
- You didn't have a choice.
- They are all like that.
Telling you sweet
stories at first
and then trapping
you in their cage.
- Girls, girls,
look what I found.
A hotline number,
stop the trafficking.
A way out for us.
- Alex will be so
mad if you won't
pay him back these debts.
- We could just
call this number.
- But how?
- Alex's phone.
- Yeah.
- If you can take it.
- Yeah.
- [Alex] Hey, little snakes.
I believe you plotting
here something.
Where is that card
you talking about?
Where is it?
Where is it?
Is this joke?
Is this joke?
Free phone.
Is this a joke?
Come here.
Come here, you little mouse!
Come here, Elena.
Get in there.
You are lucky that
boss likes you.
Not nice, Elena.
Leave that shit for later!
Get up.
Get up now!
Get up.
Take your shower.
Get ready!
You have client waiting.
Take her.
And you.
Look at me.
You piss me off...
Once again, you're
gonna be next.
And you.
- (sobs) I wanna go home.
- Where the (mumbles)?
More cards?
Where is it?
Where are they?
Get up.
Get up!
Get up, ah.
Aha, where is it?
Between your legs?
Where is it?
- Maybe on the floor.
- No more cards.
No more cards, huh?
I'll be back.
- [Radu] Elena, I'm gonna
take you to see Leo.
He's asked to see you.
- [Elena] I can't
take it anymore.
- [Radu] Just be strong.
(gentle piano music)
Day six.
Alex is getting
increasingly nervous.
I suspect that the police are
investigating the brothel and...
I'm tired.
- [VOICEOVER] Oh yeah.
I'm ready for this.
Damn, I got a cold coming on.
I hope not.
I promise not to give it to you.
A little kiss.
These new shoes are so tight.
Oh yeah.
- Is that good?
- Yeah, really
strong, really strong.
There's a lot going
on, I'm really tense.
(grunts) Easy.
That's it, that's it.
I needed this.
Oh man.
(phone rings)
Anything about Leo?
Get in there and don't come out
until you have some answers!
Sorry, gotta take a piss.
Well this is unexpected.
Can I get you anything?
- [VOICEOVER] Coffee, thanks.
I was just in the
area and I thought
I'd drop by and ask you a few
questions if you don't mind.
- We're out of coffee,
can I get you a tea?
- Hello, what's
your name, princess?
- You're a funny boy!
- [VOICEOVER] I like you.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, of course, I am fine.
Fantastic, that's great.
Thank you.
Hey, baby.
- (mumbles).
- (mumbles).
- Get lost!
(techno music)
- You bitch, you belong to me!
- Let me go.
- You wanna be a star, huh?
- Let me go!
- Alex, what the
fuck is going on?
While in my fucking club?
This is no fucking
with business, man.
Alex, we gotta talk.
- I'm not finished with you.
- Alex, we gotta talk man.
- What, man?
- Alex.
Me and you, we go
back a long time, man.
We have a good relationship.
- Yeah.
- Why let it get
fucked up by a woman?
She ain't good to you anyway.
(speaks foreign language)
Give her to me and I'll pay you.
- She's demoted to
day shift now, Sam.
- Okay, fine, fine.
I'll pay you now.
- Sammy.
- What?
- Now.
And I mean it.
(loud thud)
(gentle piano music)
- Day seven.
I'm seriously on edge now.
I can just feel a storm coming.
- I want that woman.
- It's (mumbles).
- Simple as that,
just go and pick
up a girl, bring her to you.
- How will I know
where to find her?
- [Nell] There she is.
I'll pay for it now.
Don't fucking move, okay?
I'm gonna cut your throat.
Do you hear me?
Okay, I want you
to walk with me.
Down the stairs, at the
comforter hit a right.
Okay, yeah?
Come on.
Get the door.
Get the door.
(gentle piano music)
- [Susan] You took your time.
- Something to do with
filming all this glamour.
Rape, the killings.
Being part of Alex's crew.
I've had some delays.
- [Susan] I need
to get the police
on this, and the report?
- Susan, I know you need
this report tomorrow, but...
- [Susan] Brutal stuff,
but we need more evidence.
- Can you wait until tomorrow?
- [Susan] Okay, tomorrow
morning at the latest.
We don't have many
people on the inside.
You are making history.
If we lose this
battle the traffickers
will win and the rights
of the trafficked
victims to be free
will be lost forever.
(phone rings)
- Alex.
- [Alex] Meet me at
Sam's nightclub at 10.
- Yes, I'll be there.
(phone rings)
- [Alex] Lots of drugs at
club, call Sammy tonight.
It is going to be big.
- Woo!
- [VOICEOVER] I've gotta go.
- You can keep the watch.
- [VOICEOVER] Hey thanks.
- It's your turn.
- Hey Tim, it's Leo.
I'm worried about
Elena, she hasn't
arrived yet and she's
usually here on time.
- [Tim] I think
she's in a nightclub,
but it could be
dangerous, so stay away.
- Okay.
Bet it's Sammy's nightclub.
(gentle piano music)
- We're here.
We're off tonight, baby.
I have a plane waiting for us.
You okay?
- What about Alex?
- Forget about
Alex, Alex is gone.
He's out of your life.
What you do is
you're going to sing
and then we'll be off by one,
I got the tickets,
everything is ready.
- I (mumbles).
- Yes, make it a good one.
But before you sing, I
have something for you.
Just a second.
Something here which I
bought to remind you of home.
- Oh my God, it's so beautiful.
- It's just as beautiful as you.
- It's just like
my grandmother's.
- Hey brother.
Hey man I'm late, sorry.
- I can't let you
in, are you a member?
- What?
- [VOICEOVER] Are you a member?
- No, I'm not a member.
- So...
I'm sorry, you'll have to go.
- I'm gonna have to go?
- Yeah, we're all members here.
- Come on man,
let me in the pub.
- Sorry, I can't help you.
- It's cold, mister.
- I know it's cold, but
listen, it's not up to me.
- It's not up to you.
- It's not up to me.
- Get the manager, man.
- Well I am the manager.
- You're the manager?
- I'm the manager.
- But it's not up to you?
- It's not up to me.
- I see what this is, I'll
make it worth you while, man.
- Well many people
have tried that one.
- Come on.
- Listen man, just go all right?
- 50.
- (laughs) All right, all right.
All right, why don't you
have some warm drinks?
- Thank you, thank you manager.
(gentle piano music)
- [Radu] Yeah, she ran away.
Elena escaped.
My article got published.
Great, it made page five
in a free daily newspaper.
The police didn't
investigate a thing.
That didn't surprise me.
No police force in
the history of the
world has be able to
deal with this issue.
What did I get out of this?
A lousy job as a
junior reporter.
I feel like Macbeth when he
was crowned King of Scotland.
Can't remember the last
time I had an erection.
Fuck the newspapers.
They use this type of story to
titillate and to sell copy.
How many girls choose to become
prostitutes, or sex workers if
I'm going to be
politically correct?
They're duped,
forced, sold into it.
It's happening everywhere.
What the hell have
I done to help?
I could've done
more by attending
a pro-legislation rally.
Nobody can do a damn
thing about this.
Eagle Eyes here could
eliminate the thugs like Alex.
It could get the girls
the medical attention
they need, but
surely they'd still
be treated as commodities.
As Benjamin Franklin
put it, in this
world nothing could be said to
be certain except
death and taxes.
To that I would
add prostitution.
The world's oldest
profession lives on.
(heavy breathing)
- [Elena] I came here to sing.
Do you sing?
(high-pitched buzzing noise)
- [Alex] Everything
all right, my friend.
Sorry about that.
I've got everything
under control.
Just a little bit
of misunderstanding.
Drink to the girls.
- [Radu] You want
me to follow her?
- [Alex] Yes, now.
My head is fucking
exploding here.
- [Radu] All right, all right.
- [Elena] I want to go home.
- [VOICEOVER] Are we (mumbles)?
Why do you think I'm lying here?
(heavy breathing)
(gentle piano music)