Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962) Movie Script

Captain! Captain!
Ross! Strike!
Hold her down, Chen!
l got a strike!
- What you got?
- lts putting up a fight!
Dont let it get away.
- Maybe youd better give me a hand.
- Right.
Watch it!
OK, Mr Morgan, shes all yours.
Watch yourself!
Thanks. Heart attacks are so common.
ld hate to bury him at sea.
- Arthur! You reel him in.
- Shut up and give me another pill.
Open your mouth... There you go, sport.
OK, Chen. Lets haul it in.
OK, Chen. Now.
Put a canvas over it, Chen.
- Where is it?
- lts in the bow, Mr Morgan.
- l like the way you did that.
- Thanks.
Ahoy, Kingfisher!
Ahoy, West Wind!
- Well race you!
- Why? You know l cant beat you.
- A sailboat take a fisher?
- l let them win.
- l can see why.
- Theyre girls!
See you at the dock, Ross!
- Sure is a beauty.
- Which one?
The boat! Sharp, aint she?
- Real yare, Jack.
- Ross.
Why dont you relax
and come get some sun with me?
- Why not check on your husband?
- No!
Take a look, Chen.
- Mr Morgan, hes sleeping.
- Thats him!
- Dont you feel sorry for me?
- ln a way, yeah.
-You must get a lot of this.
- Quite a bit.
Youd think the fish smell
would keep them away.
- You wanna keep them away?
- No! l like girls.
- Not as much as the boat.
- l live on her. ld like to own her.
- Whats stopping you?
- Money.
That shouldnt be a problem.
- You must be kidding.
- No, l wouldnt do that.
l dont give to organised charity.
But theres a big charge
in doing it this way.
- lndividual cases.
- Mrs Morgan...
l dont accept charity.
l have to earn what l get.
You would, honey. You would.
- Ross.
- Hi.
When will you teach your daughters
to stow a sail?
Mr Morgan liked the boat.
Hell charter again.
Can l talk to you, please?
Whats the matter, Papa Stavros?
- Nothing.
- Somethings bugging you.
- The doctor says a bug is bugging me.
- lm sorry...
Today, he tells us we must move
to a dry climate, like Arizona.
- Arizona?
- Arizona.
Papa learn English
so they want him to move.
- What they speak there?
- Mama, this is not a joke.
- Dont worry, Ross. We wont move.
- But if youre sick...
Sick? A woman isnt as young as
she was, so they look for a reason.
- Then its not serious?
- Of course it is.
Dont listen. lf he says he must
sell the boats, also dont listen.
Come to our wedding anniversary
on Wednesday night
and forget about all this.
- All right, Mama, thank you.
- Chen. You come, too.
Thank you, Mama.
Come on, Papa. You have made
enough trouble already.
The West Wind, too?
Hey, Sam.
- Hi, Ross.
- How are you?
Shell be off soon. Wait at the bar.
- Long time no see.
- Not so long.
To what disaster do l owe this visit?
- You know?
- No.
Only, l know when old head on
the shoulder Robin comes on.
l come when theres nothing wrong.
You come when you want to sing
a little or cry on my shoulder.
- Which is it tonight?
- l dont feel much like singing.
Stavros is moving to Arizona, selling
the fishing boats and the West Wind.
Good. lts the only way
to get it out of your system.
lts not that easy. Losing a home
and a job all in one day.
lt might be worth it...
if you lose the dream, too.
Look, my father and l
built the boat together.
l wanted to own it.
Thats not a dream.
Your father is gone
and so is that part of your life.
The worst thing for you was
Papa letting you live on that boat.
- l can count on that speech.
- Count on me.
- Here we go again!
- Should l pretend l dont care?
Dont make things
tougher than they are!
Ready for your number, Robin?
Let Sir Galahad do it, OK?
- What are you doing to her, Ross?
- Nothing.
He just came in to tell me
his troubles and l told him mine.
- lts my fault.
- lts nobodys fault...
Jeez! Would somebody sing?
- Sure, Mac, sure.
- Thanks, pal.
Hey, you sing, Ross.
Come on, favour to me.
Great! Any time you wanna
make it permanent, let me know.
Thanks, Sam. lm still a fisherman.
- Whats this?
- The swinger with the mink look sent it.
- You must smell of musk or something.
- Excuse me.
l dont work here,
but thanks anyway.
- Whats the matter? Not enough?
- Want me to...?
- You sing lousy anyway.
- Thank you.
- l thought you sang very well...
- He stinks! The old stinkeroo.
- Ross Carpenter.
- Laurel Dodge.
Yes, sir.
The real old-fashioned stinkeroony.
- Whos the intellectual?
- A bad idea l had. Blind date.
- Hes blind, all right.
- Wait, pal, get your own date.
Had to call the cops, didnt you?
Thank you.
- Go cry on her shoulder.
- Wait a minute.
Youre Sir Galahad, all right,
to strangers.
- lm sorry l caused trouble for you.
- Dont give it a second thought.
- What?
- You dropped a handkerchief.
- Come on!
- Got a match?
- Cut it out.
- l thought you needed help.
- l can get this from my enemies.
- l never saw him before.
- Honey, l gathered that.
- Now, you come on!
He said he was a friend
of my fathers and he wasnt.
OK, l believe you.
OK. Whos the girl?
She said she was an old football
buddy of my mothers, but she wasnt.
- Where do you live?
- Down the road.
- Very far?
- Not too far.
Lets go.
lf youre trying to tire me, its working.
Whats the name of that church?
- The Old Church, everybody knows that.
- lve never been here before.
Where do you come from?
Grand Rapids?
No. Cant we go back and go inside?
- Corpus Christi?
- No.
You could rest.
Maybe sing with the choir.
- Prattville, Oklahoma?
- No!
lts such a nice night. Wouldnt you
like to go to another local landmark?
Only the one youre staying at.
- lll show you where lm staying.
- Good. Shall l call a cab?
- l dont think thats necessary.
- lf you think lm gonna walk...
Well, here we are.
- Here?
- lts simple and it reeks of history.
- Reeks of something.
- Goodnight.
- Arent you asking me in?
- They double the rent for that.
- What do you think this place is?
- l want to find out.
- What time?
- Lunch?
- lll pick you up.
- Where are we eating?
The Mariners. Menu?
- Well meet there.
- You dont know it.
lll find it.
Youre sweet, Ross.
Then, why am l leaving?
Would you like a room or anything?
lf you dont mind parrots.
- Parrots?
- Yes.
You see, l have 23 darling creatures
who travel with me everywhere.
Of course, l always make
arrangements far ahead.
The Hilton people werent
at all understanding this time.
As a result, l find myself
and these poor creatures left...
You have to excuse me now.
lts their dinner time. Bye-bye, yall.
Bye-bye, now.
Bye-bye, now... Parrots?
- Ross!
- Yes, sir.
You know Mr Johnson?
By reputation.
Mr Johnson is interested
in the boats.
- These the other boats?
- Yes.
Theyre in first-class shape,
Ross sees to that.
How would l know? Lets shake down
the Kingfisher and lll tell you.
Ross, he wants to take a ride.
Youre on, Skipper.
Hey, dont rev it up so much.
l dont want burnt valves.
- lf l want.
- Cast off, Papa.
- Comin aboard, Papa?
- No, l gotta stay with Mama.
He doesnt wanna get
hot-rodded around by you.
Know something, Mr Johnson?
You may be right.
OK, Captain Blood.
Can we go home now?
- Why not?
- Can you handle a following sea?
- Like to try?
- No!
- Unless you can get some speed up.
- Speed, huh?
- Are you gonna buy the boats?
- At a price.
- l bet. Three top boats.
- Whats wrong with the fourth?
- Whatd you do with the sailboat?
- Make like a gentleman of the sea.
lf the old manll throw it in.
- lt wouldnt suit you.
- l have a girl it would.
- Wholl teach you to sail?
- She will.
lts her second-favourite sport.
Your butterflies opened. Two of em.
Thats the sea, unpredictable.
Have to clean the carburettor.
Shouldnt take a good mechanic
over five minutes.
Can you hold that for me?
Keep it turned away from you.
lts a little messy, you know.
Hello, Suzie Wong!
- Arent we getting repetitious?
- l came, l saw, l left.
l leave now.
You were very late. l waited.
- You picked up an ageing gentleman.
- My father.
Thats no gentleman,
thats my father.
- lll make my own jokes, thanks.
- lts not funny. lts sad.
You didnt show.
Hes in town so l called him.
Why am l always explaining?
Maybe its something you do.
The hotel never heard of you.
- Trust me on that one.
- Why?
Because l went to the trouble
of asking where l could find you,
and you like games as well as l do.
Come aboard and play.
- Tell me the rules.
- l got a feeling youd cheat.
Thats usually what ladies say
to gentlemen.
- l just came to mend fences.
- Ever tried canvas?
- Can you stitch?
- l kicked the habit.
- Sit down. Coffee?
- Save it for tonight.
- What happens tonight?
- Dinner.
lm taking you to dinner!
Well eat at my bosss house.
- lf youre broke...
- lm not.
l hope youre not dreary
about money.
We go where l can afford
or not at all.
lts Papa and Mama Stavros
lll meet you at 7.30 sharp.
No wandering around hotel lobbies.
7.30 sharp.
Whats she doing here? ls the fleet in?
- Lay off, Robin.
- Ditto.
Wanna come aboard?
l wouldnt get aboard
Cleopatras barge with you.
- Why did you come?
- To apologise for the other night.
- l accept.
- l withdraw.
- l didnt know you had company.
- Robin.
- Youre a fast worker.
- l know youre upset.
lm not upset. lm hurt. H-U-R-T.
You know how it is
between you and l.
l dont want to hear that.
l know how it is between us.
l also know how it could be, OK?
Youll come back this time,
like you always do.
All right, Robin, all right.
Are you? Tell me.
l dont know.
Sir Galahad.
Youre Sir Galahad,
Don Juan and Casanova rolled into one.
lf it isnt this boat, its girls.
Girls, girls, girls!
And dont you follow me!
Sir? Could you tell me...?
Scat! Get outta here! Scat!
- This is really your family, isnt it?
- Well, sort of.
l never knew my mother.
We lost her when l was born.
When my dad died, l had to sell
the boat to pay for everything, so...
You dont have to explain to me.
lm sorry theyre leaving.
Quiet, please! Quiet!
A toast from Linda and me
to Mama and Papa,
for taking the trouble
to meet, marry and get us born.
lt was no trouble at all!
Excuse me.
Many happy years to you, Mama
and Papa Stavros. Best of health.
- This is for you.
- Thank you, Ross!
- Ross, what do l get?
- You got Mama!
Please, dont cry, Mama.
Thats not good for you.
- lts so pretty!
- l know, but dont cry.
Shes running just fine. Just fine.
You love this boat.
Oh, yeah. My father and l spent
every spare minute working on it.
We measured, sanded
and polished every board.
My dad was a great guy.
Youd have liked him.
And then, the day it was finished
was the day he died.
Somehow the boat meant...
lm sorry. Were getting too serious.
Were supposed to be relaxing!
Nice day, nice breeze...
- Nice boy.
- Nice girl.
- l like you!
- l dont know why!
Lets live to find out!
KO V Marine Channel repeating
emergenct weather report.
Hold the tiller, Laurel.
Small craft warnings have been hoisted.
Vessels are advised to seek shelter.
This is KO V Marine
repeating coastguard weather.
- Shall we start back?
- No, well go to Paradise Cove.
Chen Yungs folks live there.
ld like you to meet em.
Pretty good catch, huh, boys?
All right. Lets...
Ahoy, Kin!
Hey, its Ross. Ahoy, Ross!
Ahoy, Kin! Come and get us!
Boys, put away.
Good to see you, Ross. We hear
from son Chen you got trouble.
Small trouble. Big for me.
Laurel, Kin Yung. He runs the place.
Laurel Dodge.
- How do you do?
- How do you do?
- Place not changed so much.
- Not so much.
- Hello, there!
- Hi!
Hi! Hows the water?
- Hi! How are you?
- Hi, Ross!
- Beautiful!
- lsnt it great?
- What fish do they catch?
- Tuna, dolphin...
Ross, Madam Yung fix pak choi...
chow mein, chop suey.
- Drown trouble in soy sauce.
- What? No fortune cookie?
You go and say hello.
- Mr Yungs very nice.
- Yeah.
Madam Yung!
- Hello, Mai Ling.
- Hello, Ross.
- Hello, Tai Ling.
- Hello, Ross.
- ld like you to meet Laurel.
- Hello, Miss Laurel.
Hello, Mai Ling. Hello, Tai Ling.
- Theyre from the family next door.
- Ross? Robin?
Youd better go in.
- Oh! Not Robin!
- Definitely not.
- Madam Yung, Laurel.
- Pretty name. Sit down.
You, too, Ross.
- String some pea-pods.
- String for your supper!
- Ross got a new girl.
- Shh!
String any peas before?
- You know this one long?
- Forever. 24 hours.
- No harm done yet. Hows Chen?
- Hes fine.
Chen very fine son. Very scarce.
Ross adopted son. Also very scarce.
Except when in trouble.
Stand in line if you wanna lecture me!
- We help, too!
- We help, too!
Miss Laurel, you are guest.
You can clean shrimp.
Children, dinner time.
Better go home.
- Bye, Miss Laurel.
- Goodbye.
- Bye, kids.
- Bye, Ross.
Excuse me.
Here. l wouldnt want you to starve.
- lts not very filling.
- lve had plenty.
Even if you full,
you hungry one hour later.
You make date with Chinese girl,
same thing.
One hour later,
you want second date.
Old men remember small things
very big. Old Chinese proverb.
Dinner finished.
You wash dishes. l show young
couple calm before storm from porch.
Young couple look at own calm
before storm. You help wash dishes.
Honourable ancestors do not approve
of men in kitchen!
Use honourable detergent!
Ross. Very pretty on porch
this time of night.
Shall we?
- Put your sweater on.
- What a beautiful view!
Looks like rain to me.
- There you go.
- l like the Yungs.
- They like you.
- Do they like Robin, too?
The Chinese are inscrutable,
dont express their feelings.
- lsnt damp air bad for instruments?
- lt can only improve this one.
Sing something lute-ish.
- Whats so funny?
- You sing Chinese velly funny!
Me sing Chinese velly funny!
Everybody wants to be a critic.
Think you can do better?
That means...
Earth boy dream of angel
Make him have happy heart
ln land of love
Angel dream of earth boy
ln land of love
Youd better run! lll get you!
Run home to your mama.
Too late for children to be up.
Too late for anybody to be up.
- ls she trying to tell us something?
- Something.
l wonder what it could be.
- You go to bed now.
- A mans home is his castle.
Kin, you sleep with
brother-in-law next door.
Kin doesnt like to sleep
with brother-in-law. He snores.
You sleep with brother-in-law!
- Sleep well.
- Goodnight.
Ross, Laurel, you come with me.
Laurel, you sleep with me.
Ross, you on couch.
- Goodnight.
- Night.
l must have gotten
the wrong fortune cookie.
Laurel...? Laurel!
Ahoy, West Wind!
One if by land...
...and two if by sea.
We can weigh anchor, Admiral.
lm ready.
lts no fit night for man nor beast.
lts not sensational here, either.
- Frightened?
- Terrified! Lets watch.
Good idea.
Why do you feel
so much more alive in a storm?
l dont know.
Maybe its because everything
seems more intense, more real.
This is real.
You sound doubtful.
- Youre not too real yourself.
- Not yet.
- Youre not married, are you?
- Almost.
ls that what
youre running away from?
Yes. Lets not talk any more.
You still love him?
He didnt love me.
- l didnt ask you that.
- l was hurt.
- The whole thing was such a lie.
- What about him?
Thats why my father
brought me here from Chicago.
lts over with,
but lm just not all together yet.
Youre together enough for me.
l couldnt stand being fooled again.
lts me. And it is real. lsnt it?
- Were getting wet.
- Do you care?
l dont want to care about anything!
- Goodbye, Ross!
- Bye, Miss Laurel!
Come back soon!
- Bye, kids!
- Goodbye, everybody!
Papa Stavros! What are you doing?
l didnt expect you.
Hello, Miss Dodge.
- Whats the ledger for?
- Marine insurance.
- They want the gear itemised.
- l itemised it last month.
Well, this is sort of an inventory.
Ross. l sold the boats.
You sold em? All?
Johnson said, Take it or leave it.
l need the money for the house...
- You dont have to explain.
- Well, l just...
How soon does he take over?
- Ross. The trouble is...
- lll get my gear packed.
No, no! Tonight, tomorrow...
Goodbye, now.
- Where will you live?
- Chen can take me in for a while.
What are you gonna do?
Yep. lm gonna see him now.
Right now.
- Chen?
- Nope, Johnson.
- lll take you home.
- lll get a cab. Go see him.
Wait. You were going to let me
take you home, werent you?
l live at 1 36 Bay Street.
lll be waiting.
- l dont know how long...
- lll be waiting!
- We knock, Skipper.
- And we take advantage of old men.
This was no Greek bearing gifts. l paid.
Will you sell the West Wind?
Depends. l dont own anything
without a price.
- How much?
- Ten thousand.
- What dyou pay Stavros?
- Six.
- Youre a thief!
- A businessman. Got the money?
- You know l havent got any.
- Why are you wasting my time?
Johnson... Whatll you do
with the fishing boats?
Dry dock. Painting and refitting.
Theyll be out of circulation
for a while. And so will you.
- Want to work for me?
- Doing what?
- Fishing for tuna.
- No dice.
- lll tell you...
- lll tell you what youre gonna do.
Get your junk off my sailboat. Now.
Hold on, Skipper!
Youll get nowhere with games
like choking the Kingfishers engine.
All that did was let me knock
the sale price down.
All right, you want a job?
Then will you sell me the boat
for so much a week?
Everythings for sale.
But l wont promise not to sell her.
- What do you pay a captain?
- Captain?
Shouldnt you be a deck-hand first?
Sixty bucks a trip. lf you really want
the boat, make two trips a week.
- Commercial captains get a percentage.
- Not if theyre inexperienced.
Why pay me a salary?
This way, the more l haul,
the more we both make.
- What percentage?
- Ten percent.
- Two.
- Seven.
- Five and l see the books.
- OK. Deal.
- Chen Yung goes with it.
- Sure.
- Thats how generous l am.
- Real generous.
- Drink?
- lf yours is a Mickey.
You know, l like you.
You remind me of me.
- Trying to get me to blow the deal?
- Be here tomorrow. 3 a.m.
- And you can stay on the sailboat.
- Want me to maintain it, too?
You will, Skipper. You will.
- l came to talk to you, Sam.
- Good.
- Well?
- Got room for another singer?
The other dame sings, too?
Youre becoming a specialist.
- l sing.
- lve been telling you that.
- lm available.
- What made you decide, now?
- Money.
- lve offered you money before.
l didnt need it before.
How much can l make?
Scale to begin with.
More if youre a big draw.
This wont affect Robin. She stays.
Of course. She stays.
Sam, dont say anything about it.
lll tell her tomorrow, OK?
- Where are you going?
- l got a date.
- Theres a nice crowd. Go on now.
- l cant tonight.
Fishing, singing and hunting?
That makes for a full day.
Youre gonna have
to give up something.
Come on, Ross.
l want to see if l made a good deal.
All right, Sam.
- Doctor Livingstone!
- Hi!
Somehow this isnt how l imagined
the big reconciliation.
Good evening.
Regular patrons know Ross Carpenter,
whos sung here many times.
Tonight, Ross sings for the first time
as a professional.
Hell be here regularly from now on.
Lets all wish him a lot of luck.
Thats what l was trying to tell you.
Thought you were letting me tell her.
Play it again! More!
- More!
- Come on! More!
- More!
- Sing it again!
- Robin, l was going to...
- You go the whole route, dont you?
Pull the rug from under me,
take the bread out of my mouth.
lt sounds complicated.
lm keeping the wolf from the door.
- From the boat!
- lm singing for the money to buy it.
lm doing two jobs at once.
lt doesnt affect you.
You bet it doesnt.
- Can l go now?
- Anchors away!
- Youre a busy boy!
- Youre not on my back, too!
The other one was just here.
She went that-a-way.
- People dont stand me up.
- lm not people.
And this is your second try.
- What were you doing with Robin?
- Sam gave me a job.
- Fishing?
- Yeah, the place is full of tuna!
Very funny!
When lm not working for Johnson,
lm here.
When do you work at us? Split shift?
- l need the money.
- Money isnt that important.
Not when youve got it.
lts important to me.
How come it isnt to you?
- lts what you buy that matters.
- Hes not going to give me the boat.
- And not much else means anything.
- Thats right. Until l do buy it.
l thought it was Robin.
l wish it was, l could fight that.
- You dont understand.
- lve never wanted anything that badly.
Who and what are you
that lets you play it this cool?
Did you forget something?
lm sure she isnt cool
and she really understands.
Why dont you go back to her?
- No comment?
- lm thinking of the answer.
- Have you found it?
- Yeah, lve found it.
Lets see if we catch more bait than tuna.
Havent had much luck
catching anything yet.
Wheres the bait?
We got a net full of water!
We havent got enough bait
for a sardine, much less a tuna!
Start the engines.
Lets make another haul.
Head out to sea, Chen.
Hey! Kill the engine!
Take it out of reverse!
Kill it! Kill it!
Kill it!
Gee, Ross. lm sorry.
Oh, well. Save the pieces.
Johnsonll want to count em.
We go home now?
Unless you want to catch
a tuna by hand!
- Oh, no!
- Oh, no!
- Lot different than game fishing.
- Or shrimping.
l used to do that off New Orleans.
New Orleans.
l wish l was there right now.
- Well, lll be...
- How long to fix it?
- Too long.
- How soon for a new section?
No wonder youre in a hurry.
lf that trips a sample,
youll have to live out there.
Mr Johnson! Thats it.
- One ton!
- l read more.
- Maybe 20 pounds more.
- 1 ton, 20 pounds. How much?
lll have to check todays prices.
Lets go to the office.
Where you got that
trick adding machine!
Why the For Sale sign?
How do you sell a boat if you dont let
people know its for sale?
Thought you had a girl
that just loved sailing?
That was last week.
This week, she likes staying home.
- Knitting.
- Youre funny.
Honey, whats todays price?
Now give me the one on tuna.
Thank you, honey.
Your cuts $23. So, figuring $1 1 0
for a new section, you owe me $87.
Mr Johnson, dont go without
food and water until you get it.
- You wanted a percentage.
- On profit!
- Wheres the profit?
- Next trip. lf l make a next trip.
- l got 20 bucks says you will.
- lts a bet.
lll show you what kind of guy l am.
Call it square.
- lll pay for the net.
- No.
- $23 and you pay for the net.
- No.
All right. You owe me $20
on your bet, because lm through.
Five, ten,
fifteen, twenty.
21 , 22, 23.
Youre a rough beginner!
lm learning from you, Pops,
lm learning from you!
- Hi!
- Hi!
Dont be nervous. l come as a friend.
- Why are you all made up?
- This is what ladies wear to work.
- This is called a hat.
- Oh, a hat.
- l got a job.
- As what? Mata Hari?
No, selling ladies hats.
Nothing mysterious about that.
- Are you still mad at me?
- No.
- How are things?
- Not too good.
- Hes selling the boat.
- l know.
- What about that lunch?
- l cant. lm due at the shop.
- Arent you carrying this too far?
- Theres dinner.
- ld like to cook for you.
- You know what youre doing?
Youll find out when you taste
the cooking. Remember the address?
- 1 36 Bay Street.
- And lll be waiting.
- Try not to detour this time.
- Try not to detour this time!
- Hello!
- Do something!
- What?
- The ovens on fire!
Dont get excited.
- Got any salt?
- Just ground pepper or oregano.
- Looking for salt?
- No, a place to hide.
- lf l have any, it will be up there.
- Thanks.
This is salt.
lm gonna show you something.
lts an old wives trick.
Maybe its a little too well done.
How can you say that?
You dont have an old wife?
- lts kind of late...
- You never said!
You never asked! No!
This is white wine.
Got any canned shrimp or crab?
Yes, but the dressing l bought
goes with cheese.
- Got any oil?
- l dont mind the squeak.
- Salad oil!
- l have some from the drugstore.
Never mind! Forget it.
See the little box? Pick it up.
Attagirl! Put it in your little hand.
Come in here.
Light the candles.
Take off your shoes.
Smoke your corn-cob pipe
and dinnerll be ready in a jiffy.
Papas gonna cook the dinner.
Mustnt play with matches!
- Coffee in the living room, Madam?
- Please.
- Cream and sugar?
- Black, thank you.
Shall l drown that out? Next door
have very far-out tastes in music.
l kind of like it.
Maybe its the way l feel.
- Dinner wasnt that bad?
- Best meal l ever cooked!
Ross, its still the boat, isnt it?
You think lm dingy, dont you?
You can want a thing for
the right reason. But prepare yourself.
- lf shes sold?
- Yes.
Well, the good thing is l wont have
to work for Johnson any more.
Shh... ! lts a fight!
- Theyre arguing about bracelets.
- What did she say?
She says if he feels that way,
he can have them back.
He got em back!
Shes working up to bigger things.
Theyre not fighting.
l hope theyre married!
Yeah, me, too.
Just trying to make em feel at home.
These walls not only have ears,
they got hands, feet, broomsticks...
My turn!
Well, hello!
Youre Mr Johnson?
Or lm stealing his liquor.
- Bloody Mary?
- Laurel Dodge.
Come in and close the door!
- Wont you join me in my vice?
- lm touched. But lm on business.
ln that case, lll have this later.
Sit down.
lm better on my feet.
lm told its a must with you.
- Flattery will get you everywhere.
- l doubt it.
- ld like to buy the sailboat.
- A lot of people would.
- They come every morning.
- lm here this morning.
- lts $1 0,000, Miss...
- Dodge. Like in Detroit?
You dont have to club me!
- 1 0,000 is too much.
- But thats the price.
- l know what you paid.
- Everybody knows what l paid.
You have to want to buy more
than l want to sell. And l bet you do.
- Not that much.
- Good. We can forget the boat.
- Lunch? A drive?
- Seven?
- Oclock? Dinner? Even better!
- 8,000, thats all lve got.
Would you like a loan till next week?
The interest would be too high.
Stay a while!
lm not as tough as l seem.
- lm sure. But youre as greedy.
- lm just trying to be nice.
lf you want to sweet-talk me,
do it in numbers!
Temper, Miss Dodge! Temper!
$ 1 0,000!
And toure calling me collect!
No, Daddy, $2,000.
lve got eight in my account.
l know, l just gave it to tou.
Are tou in trouble?
- Of course not!
- Wht that much monet?
- lll tell you when l see you.
- Now!
Youll only make a big thing of it.
Please, deposit the $2,000
in my account and trust me.
Are tou sure its nothing medical?
Thats my pop!
- ls that you breathing?
- Who is he?
- A fisherman.
- A marlin fisherman?
No, Daddy. Not marlin. Tuna.
- Tuna!
- People have to eat!
lm gonna write that cheque now,
Daddy. Bye!
OK. Thanks.
Mr Johnson.
That must be it.
Youre from Alcoholics Anonymous!
Youre gaping, Mr Johnson!
lts a Chicago bank.
ltll take a few days to clear.
The boat can stay here.
lm not asking you to wrap it up!
Youre in the big time now.
Lets not be so shook up.
- That lm saving for someone else.
- Just one condition.
- What?
- Dont tell anyone l bought it.
- l promise. Let me show you...
- Thats not necessary.
l have to! Dont want your diamonds
caught in the rigging!
- Thank you. lll manage.
- A toast to the new owner.
- lts a custom of the sea.
- l look forward to it.
Remember, lm serious
about keeping this secret.
- Want me to sign in blood?
- Would you?
Bring in another one!
Attaboy! Bring in another one!
Hey, Chen!
Attaboy! Bring in another one!
What did you do?
Hijack another boat?
- Get em unloaded. Fast!
- You heard! Get em unloaded.
Sure is a happy one!
You gotta say one thing for him.
He sure...
He sure is! Weigh em and load em.
Thats the last truck-load.
Take it away!
- Whats the figure?
- Gross weight.
- And that?
- The days price per ton!
- Whats that sneaky little figure?
- Sliding scale differential.
- What does that mean?
- lt means your share is $7 1 .59.
Your differential friend has thrown you
a curve. l make it $1 03.
- Thats without the sliding scale.
- Sos our deal.
Bigger load, smaller percentage.
lts standard.
- ln the numbers racket?
- Everyone accepts it.
Mr Johnson!
The more l haul,
the bigger your cut.
l was nice when you blew
your first run. Dont push me!
Johnson! ld rather
you be honest than nice.
- $7 1 is good for a days work.
- $1 03 is better. lts what we agreed.
$7 1 and 59 cents.
Count out the rest, Mr Johnson.
You just dont understand business.
The For Sale signs off.
- Usually is when you sell.
- Who bought it?
Thats classified material, Skipper.
Pick up your money.
This just came in.
l know its new...
...but is it really me?
l think it captures your image
extremely well, Mrs Figgot.
Oh! That one over there has
a teeny-weensy bit more elan.
l dont think so. This is...
lve always loved roses...
This one is so beautifully
understated, dont you think?
- Absolutely muted.
- lll take it.
- Put it on my account.
- Yes.
Now... ! Lets check...
- lm sorry. We ran out of boxes.
- Thats all right.
l just love the hat! Bye!
- Where is it?
- lts been sold.
- lt was mine!
- l know.
Why didnt you do something?
- Are you just going to stand there?
- Can we go?
This is outrageous.
l will not stand for it.
- Mr Peabody!
- l heard the sound of conflict.
- You must be the manager.
- Yes, Madam.
lm Mrs Figgot.
- Thats a name you dont fool with!
- lm taking my coffee break.
Miss Dodge!
- The penalty for desertion...
- Mr Peabody!
How did you know
Johnson sold the West Wind?
l went to the docks to look for you
and they were taking the sign off.
- Good afternoon.
- Come with me, please.
- May l take your order?
- Two coffees, two salads. OK?
Bring the coffee now, please.
Theres something l must tell you.
The man l told you about...
That wasnt the first time
ld been fooled.
- With you...
- With me, what?
With you it was different.
lt wasnt me before, it was my money.
Oh! Thats the mystery. Youre rich.
- Try to live with it!
- Dont!
- You dont know what its like.
- No, l dont!
You look at every man suspiciously.
l had to find someone
whod love me for myself.
- lve been very lucky.
- Weve both been lucky, that way.
- Why are you telling me this now?
- l bought the West Wind, Ross.
- Where are you going?
- l dont know.
lm going with you.
- What have l done?
- Look...
When my father died,
l lived on what people gave me.
Clothes that didnt fit,
toys that had been thrown out.
l thought the food l ate was because
someone had finished with it.
Youll never understand.
A man must work for what he wants.
l have a right to do this for you.
l love you!
l dont take handouts from anybody.
l dont want to be kept.
Arent we working a little early today?
- You sing very well.
- l hear youre talented, too.
- lm sorry how things turned out.
- Boo-hoo.
- We had a fight.
- Tough.
Do you know where he is?
- l ought to have you thrown out.
- l have to find him.
He does this all the time.
Gets in a mood and disappears.
- Where?
- Paradise Cove.
Thatll be home
now the Stavroses are gone.
lm being much too polite to you.
l must be over the guy!
- Ready, Robin?
- Sure.
- Well?
- l would like to thank you.
Youd better not.
- Too late. Got my drink down.
- May l use that man? lll pay.
You want to rent him or buy him?
l want him to sail the West Wind
to Paradise Cove.
l couldnt possibly spare him.
There must be somebody you can spare.
Theres only one man
this business can spare.
- Thats me.
- lm sure of that.
lll take you.
- How much?
- lt wont cost you a dime.
- Just what do you expect?
- Dinner, Saturday.
- Thats all?
- l dont have to push.
l know lm irresistible.
- When can we start?
- lll get my hat and go with you.
- Ed, stand by to cast off.
- Yes, sir.
Make yourself comfortable.
l heard sailboats needed sails to sail.
They do.
- You didnt say it had an auxiliary.
- You didnt ask.
l could have done this myself.
lve been had.
Not yet.
Your eyes are bigger than
your stomach, Mr Johnson.
- Guests dont work, Ross.
- This one does.
Better get it finished. Radio says
heavy rains in the next few hours.
They did, huh? We find out.
Kapu! Kapu!
There you are, kitty.
First time l saw that.
He must know hell be fed.
No food. He tells weather.
lts gonna rain. l heard it on the radio.
- What they know about weather?
- l suppose Kapu knows!
White spots in eyes, it rain.
No spots, no rain.
No spots, no rain.
Youd better stow this gear
if you dont want to get it wet.
Very dangerous animal
when contradicted.
- Terribly sorry!
- lll bet.
- Chen!
- Yes, sir!
- Do you see anything?
- Yes, sir!
No, sir!
Captain! Hey, Captain!
Fish off the starboard bow!
Thank you! Youre very kind.
This is WY2 768,
calling marine operator. Over.
- This is a marine operator.
- Shh!
Come in WY2 7 68, come in.
Get me Paradise Cove.
Kin Yung house. Emergency!
Ross, you stop now.
Save strength for party.
- What party?
- Big catch, big party.
l do the work.
l dont feel much like a party.
You will, Ross.
Plenty wine, plenty girls.
Not interested. lts hot!
So true. Sun is out.
OK. The cat was right, wasnt it?
Should be. Very hep cat.
- Ross! Ross!
- What, Madam?
Call for you from Number One son.
OK. lll be right there.
Chen on telephone. Ship to shore.
This is Ross. Whats your location?
About four miles south of Paradise Cove.
We passed the West Wind just now.
Laurel Dodge is on it. Over.
So what? She bought it. Over.
Johnsons on it, too.
Doesnt look good, Ross.
Whats he doing on...?
Never mind. Thanks, Chen.
Thank you, Madam.
Get in the skiff. lll tell you later!
- Step on it.
- Whats the rush?
Laurels on the West Wind
with Johnson.
- Where?
- About half a mile out, straight ahead.
l step on it.
- Why dont you let go of me?
- Dont worry, shes on automatic pilot.
Open her up, Kin!
- You wanna fly, Ross?
- lf we can, yeah!
OK, we fly.
Now, were flyin!
Now lll ask you a question.
Whats so special in Paradise Cove?
- Know what l think? Ross Carpenter.
- What about him?
You bought this boat for him.
Or you bought him for this boat.
Now, theres a boy on a mans errand.
Now, take it easy! Relax!
l see em!
Ahoy, Skipper!
Just pull up alongside em.
Welcome aboard!
Get off the white horse.
You got it all wrong.
Stop it, Ross!
- Stop it!
- Relax and enjoy it. You cant stop him.
- Get up!
- Finished?
- No, lm not finished.
- You are. You havent got the heart.
Youre gonna buy this boat
back from her.
- Am l, Miss Dodge?
- lf he says so.
- l say so.
- For you, anything. Like l said...
Kin! Come and get us!
Bring it in closer, Kin.
OK, jump!
He still reminds me of me.
Know something? l should win a medal.
- What for?
- For being the worlds biggest jackass.
- Well, say something.
- OK. Youre the worlds biggest jackass.
l thought the only thing that could
make me happy was owning the boat.
- But lm over it!
- l love you anyway.
Tell you what.
Well build a new boat, you and l.
ls that a proposal or a proposition?
Either you marry me
or live with me in sin.
Couldnt l have a little bit of both?
Oh, no... Oh, no!
- Here we go again!
- Here we go again!