Girls Guns and Blood (2019) Movie Script

(hard rock music)
(gunshots banging)
- If you kill us all we
can't make the Kaiser
believe they took his money.
(gunshot bangs)
Was it worth it?
(gunshot bangs)
Load up.
Let's do this thing.
- I'm gonna bang 'em,
then I'm gonna kill 'em.
- You ain't banging shit.
- You banging the side of the
road I'll tell you that much.
As we drive by.
- No, one of them ladies
is gonna wander outside,
I'm telling you and then she's gonna get
the full motherfucking Johnson.
- Whoo!
Baby, Berretta where are you?
- Ladies, once you're done
with your current party
you need to say goodbye 'cause
we need to have a meeting.
- [Man] Babe, where'd you go.
- Okay.
- [Man] Fuck you dirty little kitty.
- I'm sorry, but we're gonna
have to cut this short tonight.
- What! Why?
- Don't worry.
- I didn't do my safe word.
- No, we'll come back to it, okay baby.
(gentle music)
(bell ringing)
(military music)
(hard rock music)
- Kaiser, here's the gentleman
that you requested to see.
Will that be all.
- Yes, thank you.
What's up?
Are you the fellow who lost my money?
Don't answer, I already know the answer.
So what are we gonna do about this?
Do I look like a fool to you?
I really do not take
losing money that well.
- Did I hear you say you lost some money?
Because that is not good
news and makes me unhappy.
- Did you hear her?
When she's unhappy, I'm really unhappy.
- I mean, if you don't get that money back
you are not getting any
of this anytime soon.
- Did you hear her?
I like getting up in that.
If you don't find my money,
I won't be getting any
and that makes me really unhappy.
- This money is important.
If you don't get it back,
I'm gonna have to have my mom come visit.
- Did you hear her?
Not only am I not getting any
but her mom is coming over.
And those are two things
that really piss me off.
- She'll probably bring my drunk cousin.
- Did you hear her?
So not only am I not
getting any, I have to deal
with her mom and that
stupid, drunk cousin of hers.
- (laughing) Actually I'm already here.
Woo hoo.
- Fuck!
Did you hear them?
Not only am I not getting
any, but her mom's coming over
and the drunk cousin is already here.
- Babe, I'm hungry.
- Did you hear her?
Now she's hungry.
So now I have to deal
with you losing my money,
her mom coming over, the
drunk ass cousin who's already
here, not getting any
and now she's hungry.
- What are we doing for dinner?
- Do you know what the
fuck we should do for food?
I don't think so.
- Ugh, just the thought
of losing all that money
makes me feel like my period is coming on.
- Her fucking period.
Even though that kinda makes
not getting any alright,
I still have to deal with
her mom, not getting any,
the drunk cousin, having to
get food 'cause she's hungry
and her period.
- Do you think you could
pick up some tampons
when you go get dinner tonight?
- Did you hear her?
Not only do I have to
pick up food and tampons
but now I have to deal with her mom,
her drunk cousin, her
period, her being hungry
and last but not least,
you losing my money.
I swear if she wasn't my hot stepmother
I wouldn't put up with this shit.
Are you done?
- Yeah, I feel like we've taken up
about the right amount of time.
- Now.
What are we gonna do about this money?
Any day now?
- Am I supposed to answer that?
- Yes, what the fuck are you waiting for?
- Yes, I got a team on it.
They'll be here in the
morning with your money.
- A team.
- Yes sir.
- Tell you what, if I
don't have that money
back in my possession by tomorrow morning.
You're gonna go take
me to go see this team.
Got it.
- Yes sir.
- Get the fuck outta here.
- Cannonball.
(intense music)
- We're about 30 clicks out.
Make sure you get your phones,
things may have to change fast.
Keep your phones and answer
'em, they're burners.
- [Bryan] Got it.
- Everybody clear about
what they're doing?
Any questions?
Can't have any fuck ups.
- I'm the drunk, whoohoo.
Piece of cake.
- Good to go.
- I'm gonna fuck some bitches up.
- Just take care of what
you're supposed to do.
I don't want this to get messy.
(bluegrass music)
- Hey what's goin' on.
- I sent the guests home early tonight.
- Yeah, what is goin' on.
- Well, I booked a private party for us.
- Ooh, private party.
I like private party.
- Well it's not just a
normal private party.
It's a high-roller private party.
- Now that's what I'm talking about.
- Wait, who are they?
- Well they were referred by
a good friend of The Ranch.
- But you know who they are right?
- No, but they do have a lot of money.
- Nebraskans?
- Oh my god, who cares. How
much are we talking about?
- Do you remember that hunting lodge.
- Oh yeah, Four Pump Buck.
Man, we backed us some
trophies on that one.
- Triple that.
- Triple!
That's, that's like 11.
- Did you say triple?
- Yes I did.
- I really like private party.
- Wait a second.
You know what they say right?
- DOn't look gift horse in ass.
- No.
If it sounds too good to be true.
- Well, how many of them are there?
- Four of them.
- But there are seven of us.
- There is plenty of pieces to go around.
- Bullshit.
If I'm doing this, I want all the money.
- Fuck off Kitty!
If Monique says we split, then we split.
We're all in this together.
- But what if they just want me?
- There's plenty of it to go around.
- Must be a lot of money.
- In fact, there is eight girls.
- [All] What!
- They made a special request.
- No, no, no.
I do not work with some
skank I do not know.
- Well, first of all, I am
the skank that you know.
Bette's coming out of retirement.
- Are you serious?
- Trust me, it was a lot
of money to agree to.
- Oh wow!
We must be talking some serious cash.
- Well, are you gonna split yours then?
- Yes!
- Yes, but what?
- After this, we can take a
month off and go to Oklahoma.
- All right awesome.
(girls cheering)
- Now hold on girls.
They might be in to some weird
shit and I know they paid,
but you make the rules.
- Like, how weird are we talking.
Weirder than titty bingo?
- Alabama hot pocket?
- Doppelbanger.
- I know, you've seen it all.
- What about Sasquatch and twirlies.
- Flying camel.
- I know, you've seen a lot.
- What about truffle butt.
- Oh my god, are you done yet?
- Oh, let's do old school.
- Rusty nail.
- Steamers.
- Space stalking.
- Clown party.
- No, I don't do clowns.
Clowns scare me.
But, I do love anal.
- Shut the fuck up.
Do you really want to extend this?
I get it.
Are you in?
- Alright I'm in.
- I'm in.
- You say then I'm in.
- Are you good Kitty?
- Yeah, I'm good up until space stalking.
- Well now.
If you're chosen.
Then you know what to do.
But if you're not chosen, then make sure
you help us until we
get back to our rooms.
Now you've done this before.
We have Thumper here to protect us
and you have your training.
You have been training
for countless minutes.
And trust me, you can handle anything.
Now we do not know these gentlemen.
So, if you're not chosen, please take
the necessary precautions
and then you can go.
Now, have fun, because after this
we're gonna go all the way to Oklahoma.
(girls cheering)
Now get ready to fall in at 01900 hours.
(hard rock music)
- Alright, you ready?
(gentle music)
- (sighing) Maybe tonight's the night.
- The night when you meet the one?
- Maybe.
- I think you need to rethink
where you're trying to meet Mr. Right.
- You know I might even make enough money
to be able to get home and
help my momma pay off the farm.
And then there's my brother.
- Oh wait, he's the one that
needs the testicle right?
- And I'm the only match.
- You have such a big heart Trix.
- Or I could just try out my new move.
- What?
- Oh yeah, you take a glass of warm water
and you put a guy's balls
in it and you blow bubbles.
- My god!
That's ridiculous.
- Hell it works.
(hard rock music)
- Ladies, the party has arrived.
- Well welcome gentlemen
to the Dreams Come True Ranch.
- Well howdy ma'am, thank you.
- Well we're happy to have you here.
Now we just need to go
over a few ground rules
before we get started.
First of all, no weapons.
So Thumper here's just gonna pat you down.
Now make sure you take
everything out of your pockets,
socks, groin and ass if
that's what you're into.
- No weapons in there, trust me.
- Alright, now I need you to
hand over all your phones.
- We weren't told that.
- Oh, it's just so you don't take pictures
or video recording of the girls.
And that's for your safety and ours too.
- But I like taking pictures.
- Do you know how easy those
things are to hack into?
- [Jamie] Guys, just give 'em up.
- Well if there's a problem,
we can shut this party down, right now.
- No it's not a problem.
It's just that it's
Brian's bachelor party.
Think he just wanted some
fond memories to look back on
when he's bored out off his mind
now that he's bought the farm and all.
- Well then, we're just
gonna put 'em behind the bar
and then afterwards you can get 'em back
at the end of the night.
Now, the other rules.
- Goddammit.
How many rules are there?
- There are no rules.
Just have fun.
But we gotta set limits between you
and your girl and that's it.
- Limits?
- My girls love high-rollers like you.
If you just let 'em know, I'm
sure they're gonna teach you
a trick or two before
you leave here sugar.
- That sounds good.
- So is that the money?
- Yeah, sure is.
You know, I'm all for
paying in cash and all
but I gotta tell ya, ridin'
around in the boonies
in an unmarked truck isn't
exactly the way I like to roll
with this kind of cash.
It's all there.
- Yeah, I'm sure it is.
'Cause if it's not,
my ladies are known to hunt a bitch down.
- I'm sure they have.
- And hunt with a vengeance.
- Fortunately, it doesn't
have to come to that, alright.
It's all in there, we're just looking
to have a good time, that's it.
- That's a mighty big bag
for that amount of money.
Let me guess?
You guys brought magnums.
- How did you know?
- Oh honey, I deal in
fantasy land all day long.
- Can we get the fuckin' party started.
- Alright gentlemen,
let's meet the ladies.
(hard rock music)
Introduce yourselves.
- Hi, I'm Loni.
- Loni, Loni, Loni, mmh!
- I'm Emily.
- Nope, she looks like she can read.
- Hi, I'm Trix.
- Ooh, Trix is for Bry-Bry.
- Kitty, rrrrrrr.
- I'm Vice.
- You five-O.
- They call me Vice because
that's what it feels like
when your dick's in my pussy.
- What!
- I've heard of that.
- Hi, I'm Berretta.
- And I'm Angel.
Pleasure to meet you.
- And I'm Thumper.
- Thumper, get the fuck out of the line.
- [Thumper] You never know.
- Okay gentlemen.
Choose a lady.
- Paul, you go last.
- [Paul] Why?
- 'Cause you don't need that much time.
- Bryan, you're up.
- Trix, you look like fun.
- Can I get two at once?
- Leave me out of that
party, I don't share.
- Fine, I want the two at the end anyway.
- Okay Paul who'll it be?
- Think you can handle all of me.
- Honey, I can take you blindfolded
with my hands behind my back.
- We'll have to see about that.
- Let's do this.
- And you know who I'm taking.
I just want to see if the
reputation still holds up.
- Well don't worry.
No young buck has ever been disappointed.
A man died, but ah, that's another story.
Loni, go make the drinks.
Emily take care of the phones.
Vice, go make the rounds, then you can go.
- Yes ma'am.
You don't know what
you're missing darling.
- You're right about that.
Next time.
- Next time.
(party rock music)
(Bryan yelling)
- This is so fun.
(girls cheering)
- Fuckin' bitch.
(both grunting)
- Fuckin' dick.
(both grunting)
- Motherfucker.
(party rock music)
- Vice!
Oh come on baby!
Hold on tough guy.
You motherfucker!
You motherfucker!
You killed my girl!
Son of a bitch.
(both grunting)
Come on bitch!
(Thumper yelling)
(Thumper laughing maniacally)
- So?
- I had such a good time tonight.
- Yeah, well it's only
gonna get better later.
- Your reputation--
- The phones are behind the bar and safe.
- Thank you.
- Anything else?
- No, you and Loni can go.
Have Thumper walk you out and let him know
that we're all in our rooms.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Now where were we.
- Here, drink this.
- A water.
- Yeah.
There's something I like
to do special after sex.
- Now what's that honey?
- I really like to get a
golden shower when I'm done.
- (laughs) You want me to do what?
- Yeah, is that a problem?
- As long as it's not happening to me.
I don't give a flying fuck.
Hell, for a few extra bucks
I'll even drop a deuce on you.
- Great!
I don't think my wife's
gonna do this for me.
- Okay then.
Let me get a little bit
more comfortable for you.
- Here, you're gonna need a lot of water.
- Okay.
- It'll be over quick.
- Oh what.
- Don't worry.
I'm not gonna hurt you, that much.
Your hearing, it's the last thing to go.
You're gonna be able to hear
us tearing this place apart.
- So I wanna take you up on your offer.
- [Kitty] What's that baby?
- I wanna blindfold you and tie you up.
You said you can handle that.
- Oh I can handle a lot of things.
Doesn't mean I'll do all of them.
- Not gonna do anything more
than heighten your senses.
- Well, if you get out of
line, Thumper'll get ya.
Plus, I'm really good at knots.
- What's your safe word.
- Money.
- I like that.
Bend over.
- Ooh daddy.
- You like that?
- Can I do it to you now.
- You're gonna love this.
(muffled screaming)
- Did you say money?
(girls giggling)
- So what do you want baby?
- I want you both to blow me.
- Ooh.
(Kevin yelling)
(heads cracking)
(suspenseful music)
- How about a dance baby?
- Okay.
What the fuck!
(piano clangs)
- I know right.
Dart gun.
Oh fuck!
(Monique grunting)
It's only money.
It's not worth it.
- Fuck you.
(Monique gasping)
- Boss.
Where are you?
- [Jamie] I'm in here.
- Keep the case.
- This is the Kaiser's case.
He's gonna think that they set him up
or we're in on it.
Either way, they're gonna
be fighting each other
until we get the fuck out of town.
Here take this.
Throw that bitch on the couch.
(suspenseful music)
(guns banging)
- [Jamie] Fuck!
- [Kevin] Hey, don't get
any blood on the money.
- [Bryan] Shut the fuck up man.
- [Kevin] Fuckin' dumbass.
Going around killing people
just to get his kicks.
- [Bryan] Shut the fuck up.
- [Kevin] Fuck him.
I hope he dies and I get his cut.
- The white lights, I see the white light.
Fuck, even if dead I'm gonna see white.
This is some bullshit.
- [Kevin] Fuck him, he ain't gettin' shit.
- [Bryan] You ain't gettin' shit.
I'm gonna beat your ass before
you get a dime of this money.
- [Kevin] Go fuck yourself.
(girls gasping)
- Oh mein gott.
- Monique, hang in there.
We're gonna get you help.
- I'm sorry.
- Sorry?
- I'm sorry for bringing them here.
They took everything.
- What do you mean everything!
- I pulled everything we
had and put it in the safe.
- You did what.
- For Oklahoma.
- Oh, this is not okay.
- Everything?
- Oh, it was all set.
We only had a couple more days.
- They took it all?
- Seriously, what are
you not getting here?
- Shouldn't we be gettin'
a sheriff or an ambulance?
- No, leave me.
- No, you're gonna make it.
- You girls know what to do.
Go get our money, get those bastards
and do what I taught you.
With a vengeance!
- No!
- What now?
- I don't know about you guys,
but I'm posting this shit.
- You heard her, let's go get
those fuckers and our money
and I mean all of it.
- Where the fuck is Thumper.
- I mean, they must have killed him?
- What about Vice.
- Hopefully, she got away.
- Well let's go get her?
- Well how do we find them?
- Well if everyone did their
job it wouldn't be hard.
- Oh.
Emma put the codes in here.
- Oh I hope this works.
- Oh holy shit.
It works.
- And it says here they're
only seven miles away,
on the road.
- Wait, why are there five blips?
- Oh shoot, one of those is Vice's phone.
- We're going to get them right.
- You're damn straight.
- Wait, they're not moving.
They're just sitting in
the middle of nowhere.
- Let's go ladies.
Get your stuff and be
back in five minutes.
- What the fuck happened back there?
- I don't fuckin' know.
- What do you mean you don't know.
How'd that bitch wake up so quickly?
- All I do know is I gave
that bitch a lot of sedative.
- What does it matter.
I have five bags of money right here.
We made a killing on this.
- Dude shut the fuck up,
I'm about to beat your ass.
- [Kevin] What is your fuckin' problem.
- I'm tired of listening to you man.
We have a guy fuckin' dying back there.
- Guys, he's getting cold.
So we better do something quick.
- I have the money split.
- Fuck the money man, we need
to get the fuck out of here.
- You can fuck your money,
but I'm taking what's mine.
And whoever else's that
doesn't (blows) fucking care.
- That's it man.
You ain't gettin' shit.
(both grunting)
(gunshot bangs)
- Paul, get out here and
help me break this shit up.
- [Paul] Coming.
(gunshots banging)
- Alright here's the deal.
We're gonna hand out the
shares and we're splitting up.
We go on foot.
Here hold this.
- What about Johnson?
- [Jamie] We'll take care
of that in the morning.
- Don't worry about Johnson.
He's dead.
(dramatic rock music)
- You talking to me.
Well I'm the only one here right.
- Now, where the hell did we park?
- Come on guys, let's
go kill these fuckers.
- Whoo hoo!
- Whooooo.
(dramatic rock music)
(gunshots banging)
(intense rock music)
- K-A-I fuck you!
- Kaiser, Kaiser.
Kaiser, where is it?
- Safe won't open.
- Did you use the combination.
No, no, it's left at 22.
(gunshots banging)
- It was empty.
- What?
- There were some women
here earlier weren't there?
- Um, hookers?
- What hookers.
(dramatic music)
- Alright, we are getting close.
Got the guys moving, but Vice
is still in the same place.
- So they're not together.
- Well they're going in
the same general direction,
just not together.
- Well that should make it easier
to get these mother fuckers.
- You know what, Vice is
still in the same place
so we got to go get her.
- Wait, it could be a trap.
- Pull up at this corner.
You and I will approach and
Trix and Angel will cover us.
- [Berretta] Got it.
- (knocking) 200 yards.
- Who the fuck is this?
- [Kitty] I have never seen him before.
- [Berretta] Must be the
one who did the dirty work.
- [Kitty] Looks like
Monique got him though.
She looks like she went down with a fight.
- I found her.
- [Kitty] Where?
- She's here under the tarp.
She's dead.
- Did you guys find her.
- Oh yes, honey.
She's no longer with us.
- She's dead.
Those mother fuckers are gonna get it
and they're gonna get it bad.
- These guys don't know the suffering
they're about to fucking endure.
- I swear I'm gonna
crucify a mother fucker.
(intense music)
(gunshot bangs)
- Oh fuck!
- You know how we do this.
- Damn right.
(gunshot bangs)
(gunshot bangs)
- Hey baby.
Remember us.
- You do know you're in
a world of shit right?
So let's see how you take it,
blindfolded and tied up now.
Angel blindfold him.
- Coming.
- Wow, you're cute.
- Wait a second, hold on.
Let's see what he's got to say.
- I don't know anything.
- Who are you and who sent you!
- I don't know anything.
It's just some guy, I don't know.
- Come on baby, tell me what you know
and I will give it all to you.
- Fuck.
I don't know anything, I
was just hired to do a job.
- Oh wow.
He's getting excited.
I must be better than I thought.
(girls laughing)
- Come on.
His name is Jamie.
He hired me.
I can help you find him.
- Tell us where he is
and where our money is.
And I will give it all to you.
- Oooh.
- This guy doesn't know shit.
- Yeah, I agree.
- Well how do we know for sure.
- Oh yeah.
- Lucky boy.
Here we go.
- Come on, be harder!
- [Beretta] Ride him cowgirl.
(gunshots banging)
- Well.
One down.
- I'm going to go get our bow.
- [Trix] Thanks babe.
- And maybe the money is there. (laughs)
- Told you I'd crucify a motherfucker.
- And that you did.
And in good whore fashion.
- I've always wanted to
see someone fuck to death.
I'm surprised though,
that little Trixie did it.
- What can I say.
- Hey guys, I got a beat on the next one.
He's in an open field
about a half mile up.
- Here's your bow and
here is some of the money,
not all of it.
- It's okay, don't worry about it.
That just means that each one
of them has a little bit of it
and we're not gonna
stop until I get it all.
- What the fuck!
- Sorry.
I mean until we get it all.
I know it's all of us or none of us
'cause we are doing it for
Monique and the girls right.
- When we're finished with this, we should
give some of that money to
the other girl's families.
- That is so nice.
- Guys!
We can discuss this later.
We have to stay focused here.
The guys in an open field.
I say we just go in there,
surround the mother fucker.
He pulls a gun, we just lay him out.
- No, we capture for info.
- Yeah I think that's a better idea.
- No, these guys are fuckin' dickheads
and plus they're getting away.
- Let's go get him.
(intense dramatic music)
- Oh he is a fucking dead man.
Oh fuck.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
- Remember us.
- Sure do.
You two bitches were
about to give me head.
- Until you knocked us out.
- Aw, sorry about that darlin'.
Little girls like you shouldn't
be wandering around by yourselves.
- Oh don't you worry about us now.
- [Katie] Yup, you should
be the one that's worried.
- Seriously, fuck off!
I took two of you out with one blow.
What makes you think I
can't take all four of you.
- No babe, you don't have a shot.
- Yeah, you better be armed
'cause I'm about to fuck you up.
- (laughing) Oh we don't need a gun
to take a little pussy like you.
- What'd you say?
- Are you ready 'cause I'm
about to fist-fuck your face.
(Kevin grunting)
- You know what, I really
like your hair color.
- Oh thanks babe.
- Guys I think we need to help her.
(Kevin yelling)
(Angel yelling)
- No man hits me.
(gunshot bangs)
- Two down, two to go.
- Load up.
The next one's about two miles away.
So, this shows that the guy's right
on the other side of this pond.
- Okay, I have an idea.
- What you got?
- Berretta, you and Angel come with me.
Trix, you come in on the other side.
- Well, and then what?
- Well, we've got to wash all
this blood off us don't we.
- Mmm, I think I got you.
- Got it.
- Trix, you know what to do.
I'll have a towel waiting.
(girls laughing)
- Jugs.
- What?
- Jugs.
- What is she saying.
- Jugs they're all over me.
- She means bugs.
You mean bugs.
- Yes jugs.
- These are jugs.
- [Berretta] God this was a stupid idea.
This water's disgusting.
- Man these girls are smart.
- [Angel] Seriously, I hope
he gets over here quickly.
- Oh I could do this all day.
- [Kitty] Don't worry, I think
he's a three-stroke Johnnie.
- Uh, okay I'm done.
Well, well, well, hello ladies.
What are you all doing here?
Again ladies I said, what
are you all doing here?
- Aren't you one of the guys
that fucked our place up?
- Yes, this is one of those fuckers
that kill our girlfriends
and take our money.
- Oh please, don't do anything to us.
We just came out here to clear our minds.
- Sure you are.
And you're doing a damn
good job of it too.
Get your asses over here and sit down.
- Oh come on, leave us alone.
We don't want anything to do with you.
- What happened to the rest of you?
- We're the only ones left.
You killed everyone.
- I didn't kill nobody.
But if don't tell me what the
fuck you're doing out here
I'm gonna start.
- Can we at least put our clothes on.
- Yeah, go ahead.
- Please don't kill us.
- Then answer my questions.
What are you doing out here?
And what happened to
that other girl, Trix?
- Right here motherfucker.
Now drop it.
- Now you've got some
questions you need to answer.
- I ain't answering shit.
- Who the fuck is Jamie?
Where is he?
And where is our fucking money?
- You can ask all you want doll
but I ain't saying nothing.
(girls laughing)
- Stand him up.
Maybe he'd like to talk in a higher pitch.
(Bryan groaning)
- You know what?
I know what'll get him to talk.
Take his shirt off, I know
what this freak likes.
- What for?
- Well you know, what did
Monique say that they would do
to those fuckers in Iraq to get info.
- Torture him.
- More exactly.
- What, like waterboard.
- Exactly.
(girls laughing)
Now I know what this fucker wants.
Get him to the ground.
(Bryan grunting)
Water's so good for you.
And now, you're gonna get
that shower you so desired.
- Stop! Stop!
Oh God.
What the hell.
(gunshot bangs)
(neck cracking)
(gunshot bangs)
- Fucker shot me!
- You okay.
- What do you think?
I'm fuckin' shot.
At least I got to piss
all over the motherfucker.
How's Angel?
- [Berretta] I'll check on her.
- She's gone.
- What?
Take me to her.
Just let me lie here for a while.
Get me my phone and go
and finish this thing.
- Here, take this and here, here.
Put pressure on the wound.
Hold it there and we'll be right back.
Okay, I promise baby.
- I'll be fine here with Angel.
She always looked out for me.
Just go take care of business.
I bet this gets a lot of likes.
- [Berretta] You know,
she's not gonna be here
when we get back.
- [Kitty] Yeah well, that's
what she would have wanted.
- What are you doing?
- Trying to find someone to help Trix.
- Any luck?
- Nope, not yet.
But looks like this guy's
up at that structure
right up there.
- It's time we break out the big guns.
- Finally.
- Okay, see that board over there.
I'm gonna position myself right over there
and I want you right there.
Once in position, follow my lead,
we're gonna blow the
shit out of this place.
- Looks like that guy's
just sitting there.
Let's light him up.
- Take your position.
I'm gonna go right for the
door and call this fucker out.
- Gotcha.
Oh, hey Berretta.
- Yeah.
- I love you girl.
- I know.
- And we're gonna finish this shit.
- Yeah we are.
Come on motherfucker I
know you're in there.
We already have your friends
and it's time to collect from you.
Come on be a man.
Come out and meet your maker.
You have five seconds.
(gunfire rattling)
(gunshots banging)
- Ah, I think I chipped a nail.
Oh well, besides that, gotta reload.
- Oh look, your girl's waking up.
- You doin' okay baby.
- Yeah.
What the fuck?
- Exactly, what the fuck.
Just a little payback for all the bullshit
you've put me through.
- What the fuck are you talking about?
- Remember whenever I
first started, no matter
who my customers were you
had to take them from me.
Every single one of them.
- What the fuck are you talking about.
- You know exactly what
the fuck I'm talking about.
Oh and Monique and the rest of the girls
just let you get away with it.
Let me introduce you to Jamie.
Jamie and I have been planning
this for six months now.
He's the only one you've never met
and never taken from me.
And it's about to be all mine.
- Just like we planned.
- Fuck you.
We did everything for you.
- The hell you did.
Jamie, we've got all the money.
There's about to be nobody
that can identify us.
Get over here and finish off this bitch.
It was nice knowing ya?
- Sorry about this baby.
(gunshot banging)
- And who do you think sent Jamie to you.
You stupid bitch.
You did it all for us.
You got the combo to the safe.
You set the plan in action.
I just had to come in and clean it all up.
Baby you were so good.
(siren blaring)
(explosion boomd)
(dramatic music)
- Do you know the difference
between a lollipop and a sucker?
Now that is a question.
- It's the same thing.
- No, it's not.
It's not.
You see, a lollipop is candy.
You can lick it.
A sucker, well...
It's just a gullible person.
- Look man, we're gonna
give you the money back.
- Which am I?
- What are you talking about?
- Am I a lollipop or am I a sucker.
Before you answer, there
is one thing to consider.
You see a sucker is soft.
You can put it into your mouth.
A lollipop is just too fucking big.
- You're a lollipop.
(gunshot bangs)
- Shit!
You shot the Kaiser.
- He was going to kill you.
- Look baby, I've always got your back.
You're the only one for me.
- I can't believe this worked.
- Thanks for the texts you sent me
letting me know you were gonna be here.
And sorry I hit you so hard.
- Baby, did you get all the money.
- She brought me the money
you got off the other guys
mine's over there.
- (chuckling) oh my god.
He was right.
- What?
- You are a sucker.
- But we have it all.
- I have it all.
(gunshot bangs)
(ominous music)
(upbeat country music)
- Hey can you get the fuck out of my sun.
Where the fuck did you come from?
- The sequel bitch.
(gun bangs)
(ominous music)