Girls vs Gangsters (2018) Movie Script

It's here
You leave me again, you dont finish
You think, we...
Must we do this?
I do not think it necessary
Life and death
Can't escape
I have already decided
I have decided
Thank you very much, both of you can accompany me
You guys really are my good friends
I think I am very happy
thank you all
Girls, are you ready?
we will be together forever
Girlfriends 2
Who is it?
Can I borrow your family for a few days?
I want to calm down
what happened?
Shouldn't you break up with Joey?
it does not matter
How long do you want to stay here, okay?
I never thought about it
Life will have such a day
Listen to yourself
it is good
Don't you cry first, OK?
I go to listen
do not Cry
I once had a very failed marriage
You also have a difference
Just married boyfriend
We have each experienced so much
Only meet each other
It seems that God intentionally opened our joke.
But I really cherish it
A second chance that God gave me
I cherish you very much
Would you like to continue with me?
Walk with me forever
Will you be my wife?
how? How are you?
He wants to marry you?
But I didn't think so much
This ring, he sent me
Do you look good?
Super beautiful
Then you do not like him, why do you take his ring?
I like him so much. I love him so much.
What if he becomes gay?
What if his mother is fierce?
What if we don't?
If he wants to talk to...
What if he is derailed?
I'm so worried, don't you say...
You don't want to think anything now
I and you and the small beauty three
You are the first to get married
So, I want to send you a present
Is the only thing you have to think about right now
What is it?
That is, I want to help you...
The most fun and most crazy
The most exciting...
Single travel
Xiaomei filmed in Vietnam for three months
She must know where it's fun
She said that during the day can go to the Grand Theatre in Ho Chi Minh City
In the evening, it must go at night...
Do you want to take her?
I'm not sure
Sister, where are you going?
Take me with you
let me tell you
Single travel, it is said that...
No matter what we played or where we went
What did you see?
Can't tell you brother Qiao Li
it is good
You will be raped 100 times
I will go and book air tickets now, three
Booked four
Why is it four?
You will not call that 38?
You know that she is the enemy of my childhood
- Shivan, you are going to get married! - Jiahe
I'm really happy for you
Thank you
let me tell you
I just came back from Paris with my boyfriend
I bought a lot of presents for you
There is another package like me.
And you do not always want to eat Michelin Samsung
I booked this evening
We as a life and death
Be sure to celebrate
This evening, you can definitely chat
Yes, introduce you
- -
Joe's sister
- -
Your clothes are so cute.
It's a good match to your hairstyle. Where did you buy it?
Bought online
- Good-looking - Thanks
Not right?
what happened? what happened?
Do you not recognize me?
Is the old man demented?
Do I want to introduce a doctor to see her?
I want to say...
How could I not see you in a few years?
I really can't recognize it
It's all here
Face collagen is gone
Can't do this, take care of it
Thank you for your concern
these years
Did you eat a lot of corn?
The skin is too yellow
She said that when she eats corn, her skin will turn yellow
Is there any common sense?
Didn't she still go to America to study?
Our single journey, decided to go to Vietnam
Because of the little beauty, making a movie there
We can just visit her
-Vietnam? Not right? -correct
Xiwen, there are many places in this world.
Like Greece like Chung Chiaoba
Go to Greece
We can go and see why...
Yeah, Obama is very good
Then you go for yourself
We three went to Vietnam
How can this be?
This single trip
If it's not perfect without me
And you see, I know she is longer than you
I will definitely be her, is it not Chihvin?
It's been a week.
But I told you
Experience is much better than you...
You haven't heard a word
Is it called "heavy quality?"
Where did you go when she lost her love?
At that time I also wanted to be
I wrote a hundred letters to you at that time
- Do you have a shower for her?
- A letter every day!
Single trip...
Don't do it again
Don't just look in the mirror and help out?
This is not your bachelor party
Its also my duel with Jiahes life and death.
There is ah...
You love me a little more
This time you will stand on my side
How can she change skirts if she is overworked?
Drifting is not beautiful? Drifting is not beautiful?
So comfortable
Vietnam is really hot
My back is now cool
Stinky, how do you not change clothes?
A bit stinky
I go first
I told you many times and I dont like her
You see, she is not fair
How can she change her skirt and not tell me?
This is not fair!
This is me at high school
This is me
Xiaomei is also very hard on it
I didn't come to pick you up, you guys made a mistake
Hello, Uncle!
You give me, what do you look at?
This row
See clearly
she was
she was
she was
The plane is too dry...
No eye
Not right?
How did Xiaomei send this car to pick us up?
Small US mobile phone connected
Little beauty!
Did you finally come?
I'm sorry I'm still filming
I can come to you in the evening
I have arranged for you tonight
First trip to Vietnam
Its a party to my movie bosss mansion
Party? I havent been in a long time!
He is the richest man in Vietnam
Remember to dress carefully
This is your last bachelor party, Shivan.
Don't waste your chances
OK, I'm going to start
See you tonight! Thanks
- Come here, get on the bus - go...
- I understand... - Get in the car
- Why? -what happened?
Look at his pectoral muscles...
I am Baoshan
Is an overseas Chinese in Vietnam, single
You must be Xiaomei's best friend.
I thought Xiaomei was beautiful enough
I did not expect her friend to be more beautiful
Let me treat you well
You are so kind, thank you
You are super good
-Are you alright? -thank you
Have you seen?
come in
I will take you to visit
your friend
Look at
These crystal lamps are beautiful
Super beautiful
-is it? -Yes!
look here
Welcome to my house
what is that?
I have prepared many shows tonight
- Be careful - Thanks
It's beautiful here
Originally, I invited a flying knife division out of the accident
So I found my chef to replace him
He is like a sword
Paolo, bow your eyes!
What is he doing?
Too dangerous
She was injured
Do not need to save her?
Don't worry, her chest is fake
bring it on
There is more fun in front of me. I'll take you to
Flowing water...
The boss, who stole your crystal lamp two days ago
I've got it for you
This eyeball helped me into the yellow safe
Yellow safe is fingering
Oh, look at my brain.
Red safe only
Four beauty
This is my number one capable assistant Chen Xia
These are VIPs who have come from far away from China.
We must treat them well
Excuse me, just eat the jam
Don't be afraid, she's kidding
Go to clean up and help me get a shipment
The goods came to inform me
She teased you to play
Lost my life, I went to change clothes
Is it dangerous to me alone?
I also think that we should not go earlier...
Do not worry
My boyfriend often deals with such people
It will be okay to go with me
Are you foolish?
People are just giving your boyfriend a face
It's not for you
Uh...well have a real problem for a while
Who doesn't know who saves?
I think this person actually...
Nor did we imagine it to be so bad
We may think too much
Just not quite good
Dear friends, ladies and gentlemen
We have friends from China today
Let us welcome them with warm applause
I have always wanted someone
In Chinese, chorus with me...
Silent Endings
Who can sing?
It was once said to you that this is a silent ending
As the years faded
I once said that if one day I will leave you
There will be no teardrops on the face
Em i,
Em i lng anh ang chi vi
Tic thng duyn by lu
- Wow - she sings Vietnamese
When will Vietnamese? Bravo!
Which country is this language?
Did Kimmy sing?
The only thing you sing is not singing Vietnamese.
Who told you that I was singing Vietnamese?
I am sing Thai
Say a few words to hear
I haven't called your brother yet.
I'll make a call. It's too noisy here.
- Then I went to get a glass of juice and I was shocked.
-it is good
One or two, start!
Refueling, Kimmy...
She is amazing!
This game
Kimmy wins
Does anyone have to challenge her?
Does anyone have to challenge her?
That's the one
bring it on!
Come here
You can drink just fine
bring it on!
You all follow my rhythm
Jiahe, no courage!
Jiahe, no courage!
Jiahe, no courage!
Jiahe, no courage!
Jiahe, no courage!
The last bachelor party
I'm with you
We have come, we have come
Lets go, come...
Hello, thank you
I am going to be married
This is my last bachelor party
I decided to be crazy with my girlfriends once
They are my girlfriends
There is still time to surrender now
You just tell yourself
You guys are crazy
We play a little warm
We upgrade the game!
Come on, get the most fierce over!
Are you ready yet?
bring it on!
This is the most precious wine
But not everyone can afford it
So, are you ready yet?
We are ready
second round
Let's enjoy the party
Wait a minute!
Eat you, eat it
She is the winner!
I almost drunk
This ring is very important to me
Its original owner
Like you have beautiful hands
I hope tonight
You can wear it...
Come to accompany me to drink
May I?
You have a lover's hand.
Okay... come...
give me
It's really big
Where are the big stars bought?
I also want to buy three or four
where did you buy it? tell me
wait for me
what's up?
The bosss goods arrived
You said you want to personally inspect the goods
I have something to do
Go out first
You are waiting for me
Is it really big, really fake?
What about rings?
where are you?
Kimmy, are you here?
It is dangerous now
I already called Uber
Hurry up, the car is coming
- Go... - Go... Go...
I will take you
Don't stop me
Wait, this is my car
That car is my name, stop!
- Hello! - Stop...
You don't know who my boyfriend is
I called him
I will fire you if you do not open the door
Yes, you open the door and the driver!
She is so curious
Have you finished yet?
Which one of you looked at me like a driver?
A group of drunk mad women go away!
Go away!
She is fierce
- Your service attitude - I will fire him
The one behind me is my name
I saw
Sorry, go!
Go away...
Where is the door?
The door is opposite
Can't close it
(To Cambodia)
what is this?
How could this be?
My hand was picked up!
how come?
me too!
Who am I holding? Who am I holding?
Why am I married with you?
Hey you!
Heavy death
God, so heavy?
what is this?
What's this? What's this?
No sound, not a bomb
What happened yesterday?
Wait, I'm on the phone...
I found, I found my phone
What about... jingjing?
Don't be noisy!
I have lost Jingjing. What do you say?
-it does not matter
- Qiao Li will not forgive me
When did you have a tattoo?
-let me see
- Thorn... Tattoo?
What is a tattoo?
do not know
There are individuals and some letters, not clear
Impossible, so annoying?
How old is it?
So big
It's so big
So big
Qiao Li see how to do? How to do?
- It's okay... Jingjing is no more nervous
- Don't cry...
Jingjing is no longer nervous, right?
- Look for Jingjing - Jingjing is gone...
Go to borrow clothes and look for Jingjing
- Go to Jingjing first - it's okay...
Nothing, first look for Jingjing
But we did not wear clothes
How to borrow clothes?
Is Korean
There will not be one inside
So handsome Korean Obama?
-Hello there! -Hi
anyone there?
The day you met with you for the first time
Do you still remember?
Seeing you stop at the moment
Only the voice of the heart
What are you doing?
Will you have clothes to lend to us?
What happened to you?
We wake up like this when we wake up at the beach.
- It's ridiculous. - I understand this very well.
- The charm of alcohol is hard to resist, right?
Come to my room and see what suits you guys
Thank you
What is Sao?
hurry up
You won so many boxing matches
Yes, do you like to watch boxing?
I am a mixed American and Korean child
I have won many games in the United States and South Korea
are you multi-racial?
Can you speak Korean?
My name is Dragon.
you are cute
Thank you, Dragon brother
My name is Jiahe
- Excuse me, Hello? -Yes
Do you not want to borrow some clothes for us?
Here, you just pick
Dragon brother
Tony, go out
I forgot Tony inside
Do not be afraid
Sorry, I don't know Tony is inside
Tony is my father raised
Since childhood, I thought I was a dog
It's not dangerous, you pick it
Is it funny?
Get dressed quickly.
Why didn't she come?
Ignore her
what happened? what happened?
This is all shorts?
Yes, this is my shorts
Your top is...
No, no shirt
I am the king of the topless
Your hand is over
You go a little better
Ladies, you guys really look good
Can you help us break this chain?
Your arms are so strong
I can not
I used to play too much and I have no hands now
real or fake?
Yes, but I have a friend who is a locksmith
He can help you guys
Thank you
My stomach hurts again
Excuse me, where are the bathrooms?
Turn right here, please
Thank you
you are nice
I am waiting for you here
I will be back soon
Please come back, I love you
What's wrong with you, people don't close the toilet?
-come on in! -I do not want!
- Are you polite?
- I don't even go in
I do not want
- You come in. - I don't want
Are you polite?
Who told you to go inside the toilet
Stinky, how do I stay with you?
I do not want
Large still small?
Then you hurry!
I have been as fast as you can
I have to concentrate on it, okay?
- That's true...
- No, you're big?
Originally, I was originally a trumpet
Do you think I can control it?
where are you going? Your door closed to me!
What are you eating?
The door is too big, someone!
No, I'll help you watch it
You come in, not smelly
- I'm quick - I don't want...
I do not, help! Obama!
Did you send someone to our room to watch it?
No one is in the room
Did you find your friends?
Don't worry, she's fine, come sit.
Drink something
Can you help me open it? I am not strong enough
I know it is a bit exaggerated
But can you help me?
Trouble you
Ok, no problem
Thank you
I have shoes left by many guests
All on the other side
Waiting, you can pick it up
What kind of shoes do you think Jiahe will like?
She usually wears high heels
me too
I mean girls, I like high heels
Girls are more sexy in high heels
You really interesting
What does she like to do?
She likes to watch Korean drama
Do you know "The Sun's Descent"?
She saw it four times
I have seen five times
Five times
Your tattoo is very nice
Do you have a Vietnamese fiance?
Is this a Vietnamese man's name?
It seems that there is a problem?
Although I am not good in Vietnamese
But it looks like it
Are you sure?
Any questions?
- Looks like it is... Vietnamese
I'm just sad
I think I must have done something wrong last night
Do you have beer?
What did you eat?
yesterday, you
What can I eat so stinky?
Omelette, steamed egg, bitter gourd
- Steak, oranges, durian...
- Eat so much?
so what?
Captain Dragon reported to you
Please join me on the train
I took you to my friend
We have looked through the villa and nearby places
But still can't find ruby
The safe has also been opened
There is this reason!
Notifications Chen Xia
Bring those women back yesterday!
Who are they?
Bad or bad bad!
Do you know them?
They must have found that the ruby ring is missing
Break the car window!
You steal people's stuff
How can I steal?
You sit steadily
Follow them, hurry up!
what should we do?
Let's get off!
- Come on, change clothes! -go
How much do these fruits sell?
Go away, walk away...
I want to buy fruit, how much money?
Free, free
Everyone, these fruits are free
Everyone, free
Grab them!
Go away...
Don't be afraid, I'll deal with them
So handsome
Come on!
- Let's go over there - Obama!
He played so many, so handsome!
Started, started!
Obama, we will pick you up
Get on board!
Get on board!
catch him!
- Let me come - Ouba
Go faster!
Chest bigger than me
See your chest, I am angry!
Go to hell you!
Jump over yourself!
Stop! Be careful!
over there
The train station is over there
They will not chase after
Get on the train
The train is a national cycle
How far is it to escape?
how about you?
I stay here
If they catch up...
I will help you for a while
Dragon brother
You are really a brave man
All right
We have to go
I will give you three minutes
When I don't exist
Hey, dear
I almost forgot
Can I have your micro signal?
so tired
one two Three
Heavy death
Love and love
Some people, ah, it's very heavy
Do not know who is more
Joining with Baoshan
Also lost the ruby ring
Otherwise, how can we be people?
Chasing so hard
I am sorry
First, I didn't get together with Baoshan
Second, I told you countless times
This is unexpected
Can't hear you?
It's so easy to have an accident
Do you want to go for insurance?
You ah I tell you, every time you...
Will it be Jingjing?
- Who? - Jingjing?
-Hey? -Hey?
The password for the box is 5240
Handcuffed keys in a box
As long as you guys are within 24 hours
Things in the light box
No one will chase you again
But keep in mind that you can never put this box
To the people who chase you
The consequences are your own
Is the box you gave us?
-who are you? - Are you in charge?
I can help you...
Can ruin your people
What about Jingjing? Is Jingjing on your side?
Jingjing is of course on my side
Very safe
Can we see her?
As long as you guys are within 24 hours
Light box things
Anything can be
Remember, you only have 24 hours
-Hey? -Hey?
Will we get involved?
A great conspiracy?
How to do?
Can't be scared
Rescue Jing Jing is important
Open box...
A lot of gold bars
My boyfriend has so much money
I have not seen so many gold bars
So many gold bars are definitely not a good thing
However, I really want to put you
All brought home
Who wants to give you?
Start now
Save the Jingjing action and start!
We bought a used bar for this used car
so expensive
Not expensive, our current goal
It's going to spend gold bars
I also want to give him a few more
Ho Chi Minh City Grand Theater, I finally saw it!
It's so beautiful here!
There is still a full box
It's better to send it to others
But I'm so hungry now
Can we eat something first?
Come to me...
Come to Vietnam must eat this
I am losing weight too!
Come on, once in a lifetime, once in a lifetime
Do not lose weight, I think you just point
Eat the third bowl
I am full, can pay
Buy orders
Pay it?
keep the change
Is gold
it is true
It is true, a lot of money
No money, no
I'm getting married...
He wants your earrings, earrings.
This fake
We have 98 left. How do we use it?
Are you sure the clothes on the other side are the most expensive?
When Obama came, he also bought things there.
what happened?
Are you wrong?
Is it bad to buy a bullion?
You see we have ten minutes
Only to the mall
How to do?
Walk it
How is the church?
No time to read
The church encourages people to sacrifice
We go in and donate gold bars to them
Lets go, come...
Great here
Also sightseeing
Find a donation box
- There is yeah - fast...
Take it all...
- Can't go in - too narrow
- How can you not plug in? -so close
It's ok
We put there
Where is relatively large
Really big
one two Three
I am sorry
No, Hallelujah...
Close it...
Close it...
Did the former emperor have tribute when he was not dead?
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
What's going on, what's going on?
my friend
my friend
I will miss you
Who is she?
How are you crying so sad?
See her so thin
Should be suffering from a terminal illness
It may be that all three have the same disease
Dear friends
You don't have to be sad
This brother has already...
Back to heaven
Yes, heaven
We sent him a gift to heaven
Don't, don't present
I am his best friend
This brethren before his death
He only hopes one thing
Is to make every one of his friends
Give him...
a kiss
a kiss
good very good
bring it on
Come here and give your friend a kiss
I'll help you, don't be shy
Are you ready yet?
it's here
Third, here
it's here
it's here
Take away your box...
I dont know that there are so many shops in Vietnam
- Come and see - Where can I buy it?
You are really stinking
Am I stinking?
Hurry up, we'll buy you a dress
what happened?
Why am I doing what are you doing?
Even wear a skirt to learn me
Annoying you?
It's ok
Why? What are you doing?
Have it?
Is there a pad?
I do not want to touch your chest
I dont want to touch your nose
Because I'm scared
When my nose was small, it was so high. See it clearly.
You touch...
I think your friends have something
Do you want to see her?
what happened?
what are you doing?
Don't catch it anymore. You've got it red
What are you doing?
Don't take it anymore
Are you broken?
You lie to me!
You say that only a small one is printed
Are so big one
And still a man's face
What should I do?
We can go back and wash it with that laser.
Qiao Li will not know
We can't say
I'm sorry, Xivin. We shouldn't come to Vietnam.
but you
But you have to know
You are not intentional
This is unexpected
Can you forgive us? It's just an accident
You forgive me
You said, Joey loves me so much.
It's so good for me. I couldn't...
Can really be with him
I but... how am I fucking up
You...are you still on the phone?
You call me by phone
What are you doing?
I want to call Joey
I want to tell him...
We don't want to get married
you listen to me
You are really in love with Joe
This is only a small thing
No one knows, we won't say
But I'm right now... What about tattoos?
I see it and I feel like I'm dirty
You are not dirty at all
Fool, you are not dirty
I have a way...
What are you doing?
Did you do nothing?
I do not know
What are you doing?
Since then
You see that tattoo
You will only remember...
We two
With you
Our three are all one...
Eat goods
It's so ugly. You used to...
Can you paint?
Like it?
I don't like it anymore
thank you
very beautiful
There are leftovers that you can leave for yourself
Sorry, we only accept cash or credit cards
Not enough for us
Get it all...
Sorry, this is the company's rules
I beg you
We must put the gold bars in 24 hours
Otherwise we will all die
Okay, then please tell me
Where can I use gold bars in Vietnam?
Can I ask you for help?
Everyone you know asks
Trouble you
Silly, not even gold!
Do you want to spend gold bars?
I know there is a boat that can trade with gold
You can go and see
- Can we use this to buy this? -Yes
thank you!
Buy a boat!
I hope this can help you and I wish you good luck
-Bye bye
- You... do you want one? -no need
Go away...
Buy a boat to go!
So beautiful boat!
As far as we are concerned, we must be the owner of the ship.
- Yes, the owner!
Now, the boat is called Elisa.
After I bought it, it would be called Kimmy
So special ship
Is Kimmy too common?
Then it's called "Kim Karwen".
It's good here, but...
Decoration is not my style
It's ok
I changed it after I bought it
It's not yours
I used to want to say I can buy a car to buy a house
I never thought that one day we can buy a boat
You see so big ship
How can we bring it back?
I waited for you for a long time
How is she?
what happened? what happened?
We will not be fooled?
I am in time
If you guys now put a ruby ring
Hand over gold bars
I will make you die a bit faster
We must never give gold bars to her
Do not give
Let her go
Lost this soon
Beat you
go! Go!
Jiahe careful!
Are you OK?
This side
Chase her!
Where to go?
Come, let's go!
What are you doing?
I learned to survive in the wild.
To survive in the wild, remember?
But I didn't learn it
- Xiwon - Take the box away
Kick us past
Push me back!
I will save you!
Hold me tight
How to do?
kick him!
Be careful
Go, go
No way
How to do?
Survival in the wild
Jump to the sea!
Faster! Grab her!
Don't move, police!
do not move!
Come down!
Police, come down!
Come in
Sit here
It's terrible
How to do?
Will we go to jail?
No way
It's ok
Your boyfriend has money
You call him to save us
Are you stupid?
I told him how his mother would let me marry him
what should I do?
Cant marry
That one
Not right?
Do I have an eyebrow?
That eye is so big
No one in the world will have the same eyes as you
We will not be wanted, right?
We arrived yesterday...
Is it illegal?
Lets go first
- Go first - good...
what is this?
Hello, I'm the Sheriff of this.
Thank you very much for helping the police yesterday
Arrested the most wanted criminal
This wanted criminal, we have been looking for a long time
Thanks to you guys
We can bring him to justice
Today is just want to thank you
We assisted in arresting the most wanted criminals?
Yes, yes
Yesterday you put the wanted criminal behind it
I hurriedly left
We also did not have the opportunity to thank
what happened?
you can tell me
Where did we go yesterday?
of course can
So fun place
You must go again
Yesterday we came to the duck shop
Not right?
You must have brought us
It should be
You guys think...
Behind my tattoo
Will it be one of them?
That's not bad
At least they are strong
Give me a choice...
I'm just going in with Kimmy
You are here waiting for us
I want to go in
I went to see him, what the hell looks like
stand up!
They are back! Hurry up!
hurry up!
They are back! Hurry up!
The police beat them too bad.
Who said it was the police?
It is you, that is you!
No way?
I go up and come!
All are not allowed to move!
Do not move, I will shoot again!
do not move!
Is this toy gun so real?
You come with me
The police are coming! You are going!
Can this tape be given to us?
No matter how much money we can pay
It's so hard... It's no wonder that youre hurt so many
I'm really sorry, I'm sorry...
You guys are here to play the most crazy
Most expensive guests
welcome again
However, give us a little time to heal
It's really a pity
It turned out that I came here
But I don't remember anything
Sorry, but please...
This tattoo
Do you have an impression?
is it you?
It's you?
It's you?
It's ok
it's me!
I seemed to be too hard yesterday
You keep on stopping
Are you hurt today?
look at me
It turned out to be you bigheaded
In the end I...
Drink too much drunk?
My goodness!
Oh my God!
This time is very congested
The hospital is just two streets away
Stand a little
I took her to!
Hold this!
Take it!
I want to ask you...
You scared me to death
You scared me
what happened?
what did the doctor say?
what did the doctor say?
I dont know, hes not out yet
Wait a minute
Is your hand right?
- It's okay. - What's wrong?
Just now I...
After I stitched thirty stitches
The doctor told me
The future will be so long
Not right?
-sorry it's okay
I do not know
It's ok
Because I lied to you
Still it hurts, miss, miss
be careful
The doctor said it was a skin injury
Don't worry about me
Thank you
You're welcome
You also saved me, that counts...
How do you talk like this?
I'm not used to it
I also feel myself...
I am not afraid
I am not afraid
Who holds me so tight
what happened?
I have a stomach ache
Do you want to go to the toilet?
I want to
I will accompany you
Why are you quicker?
What are you doing?
Do you want to go with me?
No more
We are not tied together yet
Don't be afraid
I will wait here for you
right here
Then you have been chatting with me.
You also have to talk
You have to answer me and keep saying
- Keep saying... - Always say...
How are you?
Got it
Why don't you talk?
It's hard to think in the toilet
Or do you think
Are you out of the question with your boyfriend?
what did you say?
You didn't ask me all day
Peace by phone
Then at the Cowboy shop
You whip the men so viciously
That is not a Jiahe at all.
I just feel a little weird
- Do I have it? -Have
in fact
I really envy you, there is a man who loves you so much
Do you envy me?
You can do what you like every day
No need to work, you can also try shopping
Is this not good for you?
I can not only be shopping every day
I can also, often go to live...
The best, five-star hotel abroad
Or presidential suite
I only get up every morning
Sleep in that big bed
Because of my boyfriend...
Will go to open the room with other girls
Why didn't you break up with him?
In fact, I really see a lot of men
Is it not important to have money?
In fact, the most important thing is to find one...
The man who really loves you
In fact, you are already very perfect
For example, if I was a hundred percent
You have at least 99
Where am I worse than you?
There is not much difference, so it's 99.5.
what happened to you?
Call me by phone
Hey? it's me
I can't stand it anymore
I want to break up with you
Can I borrow your phone again?
Okay, what's wrong?
I miss Dragon
so fast?
The woman has become too fast
-Civin. -Are you okay?
what happened? what happened?
What happened to Shivan?
Three months...
Three... three months
Terminally ill?
No way
I... I'm pregnant for three months!
That's great!
Great, don't cry
Very happy!
I'm sorry, Qiao Li.
I'm sorry baby
I am not qualified to be his mother at all
- I just... - It's okay.
Qiao Li
I want to confess with him
Tell him
Annoying you?
Dont confess with him
It's better to lie to him
Lie him to say we are doing...
How long did it take to answer the phone?
We are doing massage, so comfortable
what? Is there only three of you?
What about Jingjing? - Ah!
Open video let me see her
it is good
Let's let the technician go out first
Wait a minute, baby.
Hi, baby
Hey, have fun?
It's so happy, so happy
What about Jingjing?
Jingjing ah?
Qiao Li, long time no see
What happened to Jingjing?
Jingjing, she is applying a mask
Fell asleep
- Do not quarrel with her - Hey...
Did she still eat in Vietnam in these two days?
She does not like to eat Vietnamese food
I already helped you punish her, I said...
Jingjing is not eating without food
Jingjing, don't worry...
She did not care about me
She seems to be tan
Have you ever been to Vietnam?
Yeah, we're tanned, OK?
Wow, you see
So pretty
Then ask what she wants to eat
When you come back, I cook for you to eat
it is good
What's wrong with baby?
Baby, are you okay?
We will meet soon
How do you enjoy your last single trip?
I miss you...
Fool, we will meet soon.
Technicians are here
We're going to have a quick massage, so expensive
Well, you yourself pay attention to safety
- Bye! - worship
I have never been so sad
You are so sad
It proves that you really love Qiao Li
We both love to love you too.
Must not give up
If only one person can leave Vietnam today
It will be you, rest assured
Xiaomei called
Little beauty!
Hello, what did you do with Baoshan last night?
He just sent someone to ask me
Do you know where you are?
Xiaomei, we have a problem
You come to save us
It's not clear on the phone
I'm still filming in the casino
You come to join me right away
I will wait for the address to be sent to you
- That's it. - OK, thanks...
We are saved!
Did you forget it? what are you?
Every gambling will lose!
We took her to go
She will quickly lose all the gold
Lose money...
I am still very confident
I'm going to call Uber
It surprised me that
The sound of your little beauty will look so much like
Wait for them now
I've already arranged a skyrocket here
This will not let them run away again
want again
I'm really down
I love to gamble
Do not zero...
Blackjack, Miss You Win Again
How can it be?
I'm hell fucking
How does the critical moment work?
Is pregnant women's luck especially good?
Miss, we would like to invite you to play a game in the VIP room.
what are you saying? I do not understand
what does it mean?
Why did you catch me?
Is a gambler?
Is it a Vietnamese gambler?
I have seen many of your movies
Can I take a photo with you?
Do not take pictures
We are now rivals
May be pregnant and easy to be hungry
Can I eat it too?
Is it... just a piece?
Now we play Stud
Stud? How to play?
It is...
All show it?
My card is three. How about you?
Do you think I will believe you?
All... All bets
All bets
My bottom card is three, and the maximum is only eight.
you win!
nailed it!
Don't go
I have a pair of Ace, you have three three
you win
Boss, I'm sorry
I let you down
Sivin... are you okay?
Are you alright?
I'm fine. How are you here?
Who are they?
- Are you okay? - Are you caught by them?
I am not ah
I'm losing money
Lose money?
What is it?
You kind of
I dare to steal my ruby ring and gold bars
Is it really not known how to write a dead word?
Your ring was lost to me
But I did not steal your gold bar
There was a woman calling
She forced us to put your gold bars in one day
Or else she will not let our friends go
Such a ridiculous reason
Do you think I will believe it?
I have evidence
My phone can record
Recorded our conversation
-what's up? -I do not know
Listen to yourself
As long as you guys are within 24 hours
Things in the light box
No one will chase you again
It really is you
Even darts are so fat
Not be someone else
That's right, it must be you!
Do not hide again
come out faster
let me go
let me go!
Under the net
Don't hurt her
Can't think of you really
I miss you
I won't let you leave me again!
very strange
Maria is the ex-wife of the boss
Although they are separated for many years
But the boss never forgets her
So long time no see
You're really skinny
Did you say that you are not
You're not a ghost, I'm not saying you
You usually give me a chance to play
You now, sing our songs with her.
Also gave us her tokens of love
Want to mad at me?
Should not
I sing with others
Because I want to find a Chinese woman to miss you
And her hands are like you, as slim
I can't help it
How can it be like?
Face more like it
It is because
Will you steal my gold bars and blame them?
I'm mad at me, I'm dead fast
I just want you to kill them personally. I tell you
So I just stole all your gold bars
Put it on their hands
I want them to spend all your gold bars
So that you are sad
I used to be wrong
You don't have to hide for so many years
Let me not find you
I really miss you
We will sing a song again
It was once said to you that this is a silent ending
As the years faded
I once said that if one day I will leave you
There will be no teardrops on the face
it is good
So nauseating
We should go
Well, Jingjing is in my car
Can go home
Jingjing, my baby
If you don't see it for a minute, you miss Mommy?
It is Jingjing?
Yeah, it's crystal
It is Jingjing?
What about our Jingjing?
Do you also keep dogs? Your dog is also called Jingjing?
Is it too clever?
Did not wake up, not enough hard
Try harder, Shivan!
rest assured
Must be found
Even if she can't find her
It must be able to find her body
Dead body?
Is she dead?
No no
She will be all right...nothing...
She must be alive
Take the power of my family's baby
As long as she is still in Vietnam, she will definitely find it.
Get it, it's okay
She was sold to the Middle East by a trafficker.
Maria, we really thank you
Can you change the topic?
This tattoo is very nice, where is the tattoo?
Why did you call me?
What is "Joe"?
Is it the meaning of Chinese "Qiao Li"?
Joe Li?
Joe Li?
This is Qiao Li?
So not that...
Is the name of a big head boy?
Big head is very famous tattoo artist in Vietnam
That is to say...
You with the big head boy
Is it innocent?
Definitely innocent
Big head in Vietnam, it's notoriously...
very good, thank you
It's okay, your dad only has one
You see, nothing...
-what happened? - Why?
Can't you be pregnant too?
I am not pregnant
I have a stomach ache
I want to pull
... I love Qiao Li
I try again one more time
one more time
I finally found you!
I found it!
I found, where are you?
I'm going to starve to death!
Welcome back
Jingjing, so you
All night long in the basement?
We are worried about dying you, really
Was there a magic show that night?
I haven't called your brother yet.
I'll make a call. It's too noisy here.
Then I went to get a glass of juice and I was shocked.
Dear viewers, welcome to the magic show tonight
The first performance I need an audience as volunteers
It's better... than the woman with the juice
Sorry, miss
Ladies and gentlemen, applause encouragement
Yeah, let me have juice for you
Don't worry, it's okay.
I just use this for you
do not worry
Can you be inside?
Can you?
Ladies and gentlemen, she's fine
just now
We are coming
What is this place?
How do you open? Help!
Come on
Jingjing, it has already returned
Then I told Baoshan...
It has also been compounded
the most important is
My ruby ring also found
Really lucky day, right?
If I were you, I would not give them back the ruby
If you know that ruby...
Where did you find it?
I am sure you will also return their
Hey, that's wrong.
The pile of things nobody received...
Your daughter hasn't come to Jesus yet. What's going on?
Haven't come yet?
Call her soon
This kid...
Really, this kid...
I'll check it for you
You don't finish drinking, you give me
-Hey? -Hey?
What is your place in Timor-Leste?
- Why haven't you come yet? - Dad
You first wait for me in the pool. I will immediately
ready or Not?
Not ready
Do not be afraid
Come on!
Unexpectedly, my single trip will be so thrilling
Even more unexpected is that
This is a big, sloppy Kimmy
And this noble and arrogant Jiahe
I would smile and hate
Instantly turn into girlfriends
This is also a trip to Vietnam.
Draw a perfect stop
At the moment, we are crazy together and call together
There is nothing we can't do together
Until seventy and eighty
I also want to paint nail polish together with you.
Continue to experience marriage and birth with you
There are many unpredictable futures
As long as we hold onto each other's hands
It will never be alone
Let's keep going with time
Until the end of the rainbow is not separated
This fickle world has you
Forever we are each other
The most true agreement
What are you guys doing?
Are you crazy? Too dangerous!
It's so fun to get married
Both of you are also accompanied by her crazy
Don't be angry
We all have security measures
Yes, it's safe
And we promised your daughter
Let her marry her before reaching her wish
By the way, don't let Qiao Li know
Otherwise he will kill me
Did Joe come?
Already on the road
The wedding is about to begin
Go and tidy it up
Lets go to...
- Go... - Go...
wait for me a while
Hi, how are you?
I'm very good
- God, it's nice to see you - I am too
I want to see you are about to break my heart
I miss you too
really? Where are you now?
My wedding party in Shivain
-really? -Ok
Look at your left
... whether rich or poor
Regardless of disease or health
Whether it is good or not
Qiao Li
Will you please
Is Lin Xiwen your legal wife?
I am willing
Lin Xiwen
Would you... marry... Qiao Li...
Wait... I'm ready... can...
I am willing
You can now exchange rings
Didn't you say that you lost it to me?
Didn't you say that you lost it to me?
Whenever I have some loneliness
You will give me a hug
Whenever I'm going crazy
You are my dependence
I think I want to thank you
Thank you for all that you gave me
I am willing to stay with you until the end of the world
Hey, Maria
That's it...
You can lock us together
Why are you so perverted
Take us all light?
Oh, okay?
Please, this lady
Who is going to take you off?
Are you forcing me to be naked?
After I took you to the beach
You are going to say what clothes you want to take off
What to pre-marriage skinny
I kept calling me...
You, you kissed me
Call you Xiaomei?
Where are you like Xiaomei?
So you did not accompany us in the end...
Naked swimming?
I have got
This fickle world has you
Forever we are each other
The most true agreement
Don't you recognize me?
You also took me to duck shop that day
We have fun together
Go, go faster
It turned out that we had the wrong person on the train that day.
Are you okay?
Done yet?
The same clothes?
Your next time...
Don't buy clothes on the Internet
- I don't know, right.
Let us laugh shoulder to shoulder
Don't get lost in love crying for a tree
And give up the sisters gentle embrace of the forest
Let's keep going with time
Until the end of the rainbow is not separated
This fickle world has you
Forever we are each other
The most true agreement
Forever we are each other
The most true agreement
Go together
Where are you guys?
miss you guys