Girls with Balls (2018) Movie Script

Now let me tell you the tale
Of a team who played volleyball
A sport a bit like tennis
But the rackets are your hands
The players on this team
Were all kind of hot
Another thing they have in common
Is that they die before the end
Oh, the Falcons, the Falcons
Oh, the Falcons, the Falcons
Oh, the Falcons
Listen to this...
Come on!
Crush those bitches!
Come on, girls! Let's win this cup!
Go, Falcons!
Go, Falcons! Go, Falcons!
We need to change our strategy,
flip 6-3-0.
Morgane, you go into defense.
Jeanne, to the net and hit them hard!
- Wait, what the fuck?
- Shut up! Do as I say. OK?
OK, Jeanne?
- Uh, yeah, sure, I'll try.
- No, buddy, don't try. Do it!
- OK.
- Kick their asses!
Tatiana, Dany, now's the time. OK?
Give it your all!
You, M.A...
I know, Hazuki, I wasn't great.
But, I swear, I'll give it everything!
OK, you do that.
Is that your boyfriend?
Oh, hon, I had no idea. I'm sorry...
Because I gave him a quick hand-job
behind the gym earlier.
So, the whore's name
tattooed on his leg is yours!
OK, now I get it. I wasn't sure
if it was his mom's or his chick's.
- Momo, I thought we said we'd play fair.
- She's the one asking for it.
Got it! Wait, no, no, I don't...
Nice one, M.A.!
This point is ours!
Now I'm bleeding, and it hurts!
Sorry, my little Jeannette.
I just had to do it. No hard feelings...
What were you thinking?
You could've hurt her!
- I'm...
- You could have hurt them.
I'm sorry, I know,
I should've stuck to the plan.
Yeah, you should have!
But, come on. We fucking won, didn't we?
We're the champions! Come on, girls!
- You were great, sweetie.
- Thanks. Stop!
- What?
- No. Not here!
Hey, hey, hey! Is this new?
- As a champion, you're even hotter!
- Stop! It's embarrassing.
- I really want you!
- I know, I can see that!
Why am I always
the last one to know everything?
Sorry, it's my job.
I have to go. I'll call you.
Hope you're OK, Jenny!
- Who was that?
- I don't know.
Hey, girls, time to go. I smell trouble.
- Jeanne...
- Yeah?
We need to go.
- Huh?
- We need to go.
Say bye, girls. Say bye!
Gracias, ma'am!
Oh, oh, oh... Pam, Pam, Padam
Pam, Pam, Padam
Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam, Pam
La, la, la, la, la, la
It's called "Girls With Balls"
Because they've got bigger balls than you
Turn off your cell, you bastard
This is a movie theater
The show's about to begin
The girls are going to get done in
In a match without a prize
Almost everybody dies
Oh, the Falcons, Falcons
The Falcons...
Holy shit!
- It exploded.
- That's not very safe. Seriously.
- Don't worry, I know what I'm doing.
- Easy, Coach.
This road's full of animals!
Hello? Can you hear me?
No, it's because I hardly get
any signal out here.
What? Ah.
Yeah, me too. I love you, too.
Hello? Hello?
Hello? Hello?
Damn it!
Jenny and Serge took the train.
We'll see them tonight.
This RV sucks...
What's it like
now that you and Serge are official?
Are you going to make babies?
Oh, come on. Please!
That made me sick.
Don't be jealous, Morgane.
Me? Jealous?
She doesn't have anything I don't have.
Is that right?
You're playing in the Nationals, too?
She needs to know.
The guy in the suit at the game,
he was a scout for the Nationals!
He talked to Jeanne
and it went really well.
- What the hell are you on about?
- He just gave me his card.
I have to call him. It's not set in stone.
Don't laugh! It's your fault.
If you could pass the ball,
- people would see I'm the best spiker.
- It's not my fault Jenny got injured.
Anyway, maybe he's more interested
in team spirit.
Watch out!
- Fucking hell, Coach!
- Fuck!
Bad news - the water's not working.
I tried to fix it,
but the whole thing is busted.
- No way!
- It stinks in here. Everything stinks.
No water, no shower.
I'm sick of this shit! For fuck's sakes...
Come here, you!
Hey, if you're feeling dirty,
I'd be happy to lick you clean.
Stop! Don't touch me with your tongue!
At least wash your mouth out first!
Enough! Stop pissing me off! Get off me!
- Shut up!
- It's them!
Can you just shut up? Seriously?
Stop thinking of yourself
and start thinking of the team.
- This is great for Jeanne.
- Yeah.
She deserves it. We should support her.
We're fucking sisters!
Don't I deserve it?
Yeah... Yeah.
- But it's alphabetical order.
- Yeah.
See! "J" for Jeanne, is about here.
You, "M" for Morgane, are here.
First Jeanne, then Morgane.
See? It's all very logical.
Anyway, we're the champions, are we not?
Come on! Go, Falcons!
Yeah, Falcons!
Yeah, Falcons!
Go, Falcons! Yeah, yeah, yeah!
Am I the only one
who finds this disgusting?
What the fuck is that, M.A.?
It looks like the floor of a hair salon.
Look! Like a baby!
No, come on! That is sick!
- Coach, that's gross.
- Calm down.
- Check out my pussy.
- Aw, you have a lovely pussy.
Morgane, don't go too far!
OK! Screw you.
- Stop it!
- Look at that, M.A.
That's what blew.
- All fixed!
- How do you know how to do that?
I did a jungle rally once.
Three weeks surviving
in a hostile environment.
- Going to show me?
- Show you what?
Your pussy!
You're disgusting. Stop it!
That's not funny.
It's fixed, Coach,
but easy on the roadkill.
M.A., come here.
- Coach...
- Yes?
- No.
- No, it's...
- It's just...
- No.
- Hold on.
- Hey, Jeanne!
Hold on, I need to load the gear.
Dammit, Morgane!
Yeah! I'm coming! Give me a second!
I'm coming!
Can't I take a dump in peace?
It's nice, then it's not.
Morgane, move your ass! OK?
Yeah, I'm here.
- I'm here!
- About time!
I have no idea where we are.
There are no road signs.
Seriously, what kind of dumb-ass
steals road signs?
A collector!
- What?
- You're an idiot.
Hand me that map.
OK. What road were we on? The D312.
That's here.
That's odd. We should've
crossed the highway an hour ago.
Now we're on the D366. Here.
Hey, did you see that?
It's not on the map.
Well, we're not turning back.
That's for sure.
Sorry, girls,
we won't be going home tonight.
- No!
- It is what it is.
We'll find a hotel
and leave in the morning.
It's OK, Jeanne.
You'll get ravaged tomorrow!
It's not my fault,
so there's no point in shouting!
- Nobody's shouting, Coach.
- True.
There's no one here.
Or they all shot themselves
out of depression.
I don't want to sound like a brat,
but it doesn't look very cozy.
- For once, I agree with the brat.
- Hey!
- Morgane?
- Yeah?
I'm watching you.
Stop it.
Over here. Howdy, sir.
These lovely ladies and I
would like a room for the night, please.
Ah, "completo."
Yes, you're fully booked, I see. It shows.
I can tell it's the busy season.
School vacation, is it?
Right, let's speed things up.
We have to go here.Here. Look.
We're here. OK? And we want to go here.
Thank you.
It's OK. He's being nice.
But that is horrible.
Looks like he's got a problem
with his eyelid, eh?
Sausages aren't her thing.
And they're not mine either.
I like it.
Stop messing around!
Aw, the cutie.
How are you, darling?
What's wrong, Forrest Gump?
Mommy drop you on your head as a baby?
Touch my woman
and I'll cut off your balls!
- Got it?
- OK, nobody move.
Everyone stay calm, OK?
If anyone moves,
my fist will be up your ass. Got it?
Right up your ass like a dummy
and I'll make you talk.
You won't see my lips moving.
I'll talk, but your lips will be moving.
Got it?
Stay back, Tom Sawyer! I'm a nutcase!
Right, girls?
Fuck! Fucking hillbillies!
They're lucky I don't have my digger,
or I'd have smashed their heads in!
So much for no trouble!
Come on, girls!
- Nobody touches my woman.
- The guy licked my cheek.
Proud of yourself?
- Calm down.
- I'm the captain.
- You follow my orders.
- Oh, I don't know.
Maybe I'm just not cut out
to follow your orders.
Maybe you're just not cut out
for this team.
Or maybe you're not cut out to be captain.
Shut the fuck up now! All of you!
You, you, you! All of you, shut up!
Do you hear yourselves?
We are a family. We're a group, a team!
Right? We're one!
God dammit! Do you know
what we looked like back there?
Shall I say?
We looked like a bunch of bitches.
And I am not a bitch!
You might be a bitch.
I don't know, maybe you are.
Maybe you too.
Who's a bitch here?
Come on, hands up! Who's a bitch?
Fucking hell! I'm not a fucking bitch, OK?
You get it?
You get it? So, answer me!
Question, answer. Do you understand?
- Yes!
- Yes, who?
- Yes, Coach!
- Yes, boss!
Now, we're going to calm down
because you're all worked up.
Come on, let's calm down.
You think it's fucking funny!
We'll drive to the next town,
find a hotel to stay in,
and leave first thing tomorrow morning
after a good rest. OK?
And I forgot to say...
The first one of you
to open your fucking mouth
is out of here.
She will be doing 500 push-ups!
Five hundred! With broken glass
under your knees for all I care!
Shit! I didn't want to get angry!
I didn't, honestly.
But I think I am a bit now.
Thank you.
- Touch my lady again and I'll cut...
- I can hear you!
I'm here. I'm not deaf!
I'll cut off your balls...
Turns out knowing how to hunt
comes in handy.
- Everyone eaten enough?
- Yeah.
Last time I was this full was when
I chanced upon a boys' locker room!
- Ew! You're disgusting!
- Gross.
No dessert?
I'm so hungry I could eat anything!
Really? You're hungry? Weird.
Give her a break!
I've got nothing against fatsos!
She's the one who complains
she can't jump.
- Right, chubs?
- I could easily be a spiker.
Come on, give us a break!
You're about as likely to get a boyfriend!
No chance of either!
At the same time,
look on the bright side, it...
It means at least something about you
is balanced!
Morgane, too far!
Oh, come on, I'm only having a laugh.
Without a sense of humor,
there's not much left.
I hate her!
She's always putting me down,
no matter what I do!
Morgane is just a bitch.
We know that. She can't help it.
You're better than her.
You're smarter than her.
No, seriously, no!
I'm sick of being the one
who always puts in the work,
the one who always takes the blame.
That's enough!
I'm done! No more Miss Nice M.A.!
Want to tell me what you're thinking
or is it a secret?
I managed to call the Nationals scout.
And he told me that...
with a few more months of training,
I could be in the Nationals.
- Yeah!
- Go you!
Yeah, but he wants an answer in two days.
So, if I accept...
I have to leave the team.
Don't worry, you won't be gone long.
What will they need?
Five minutes to realize
that you're not Nationals material?
- You don't have it in you, darling...
- And you do?
Oh, there she is!
So, have you calmed down?
Screw you!
Wait. What did you just say?
Say it again, fatso.
- I didn't hear you!
- Drop it, Morgane. Drop it.
- OK, girls, time for bed!
- Yes, Mom.
- Come on, Morgane, help.
- Come on.
In my head, I was going to say "get lost,"
but it came out as "screw you."
It was great. "Screw you" is perfect.
- No, not here.
- I'm a bit scared now.
Oh, my God.
- Who just put their finger in my ass?
- Can we stop talking about sex?
- Good night.
- Good night.
Sleep with clenched fists
Tomorrow, your faces will take the hit
Sleep, but with ears open wide
Tomorrow, your ears will be
A hunter's prize
The end of summer camp is near
Tonight's the last night you'll spend here
Sweet dreams and say a prayer
Tomorrow, you'll wake up in a nightmare
Sleep like a bird
That's no longer flying
Or one that's nearly dying
Go to sleep, little Falcons
For tomorrow, you'll die too
Can you just tell us who the fuck you are?
I should have guessed.
Right, uh...
Now we know who you are,
can you tell us what the costumes are for?
- What do you want? Do you want to rape us?
- Stop it!
There's no risk, we're not related!
He won't be interested.
Great joke.
No, really, what do you want?
Do you want us to apologize?
OK, girls, say sorry.
I'm sorry about your mouth.
- Sorry.
- We're really sorry, honestly.
We're so sorry.
- Come on.
- I'm sorry about your little numbskull.
OK, all good?
Are we done here?
Because we need to get going.
Hold on a minute.
No, guys, seriously?
Inbred hunters are old news.
It doesn't scare anyone anymore, OK?
No, it's true.
You need to find something new,
honestly, there's...
I'm scared!
Fuck me!
Run, girls, run!
Get out of here!
Come back! I'm going to stick
all your arrows in your asses!
In your ass!
Help me!
Stop pushing me!
I'm not!
You're just not moving fast enough!
Oh, my God, they're shooting!
Did they just kill someone?
Morgane, calm down! Calm down!
It could be nothing for all we know.
How can I calm down, dumb-ass?
"It could be nothing."
How do you come up with this shit?
Are you a paid counselor
or just volunteering? Bitch!
Right, stop it!
That's the last time
you're going to speak to me like that!
Yeah? Or you'll what?
Shut the fuck up! Dammit, girls!
Do you really think this is the time?
Yeah, you think this is the time?
- Let's see your hand.
- It's fine.
It's nothing!
Breathe, breathe, breathe...
I'm in my garden. I'm in my garden.
I'm in... This is all your fault!
If you hadn't hit him,
we wouldn't even be here!
You're a fucking psycho!
I'm... I'm sorry. She was hysterical!
Are you OK? Did I hurt you?
We must leave the forest
and find the road.
Listen to me!
I know how to survive in forests.
I know what I'm talking about.
We're all going to get out of here
safe and sound.
I promise, everything will be all right.
I promise.
The first rule...
The most important rule, is to always...
Run! Fucking run!
OK, girls, you stay here.
- And don't make a sound, OK?
- Why?
- You're leaving?
- To scope the place out.
I'll be more discreet on my own.
- OK?
- No way!
No way! I am not a babysitter.
- I don't need you!
- Enough!
Stay here!
Don't make a sound.
I'll have a look and come back.
OK, Captain.
Yeah, OK. We'll be fine!
OK, we need to get out of here.
Let's find the road,
find a car and leave. Go!
- I'll never make it, Jeanne...
- No, no!
Look at me! Lise, you must trust me.
- I won't leave you. We'll be OK, OK?
- I'll go.
- What?
- Dany needs me.
- What?
- She's dead!
I'll find the road, find Dany,
and come back for you.
No, Tatiana. No, no, no!
Come back, Tatiana. Come back! Fuck!
- Take that off! Take it off!
- Why?
Just take it off!
- Run and make noise!
- But if we make noise, they'll follow us!
Shitty idea!Shitty idea!Shitty idea!
Tatiana pisses me off.
If she hadn't flipped out at the bar,
we wouldn't be here!
Hold on, what about the kid
you punched in the face?
Oh, so it's my fault now, is it?
Of course, silly me.
It's always nasty Morgane's fault,
isn't it?
Oh, stop playing the victim for once!
The victim?
Keep it up! You'll be the victim!
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah!
You'd better be careful!
Hold on.
Am I supposed to be scared?
- You're pathetic!
- Stop it right now!
- It's a fake!
- What?
OK, girls, let's go.
- Get off me!
- Let's go!
Why are they doing that?
It's pretty smart.
Because not only does it freak us out,
but it makes us stay in the same area.
What are we going to do now?
She just said it.
We're getting out of here, idiot!
- Stop it!
- Morgane!
What? It's her, too.
Pain in the ass!
You left us, Coach. Why did you leave?
I didn't mean to.
It was... It was a reflex to run away.
I was in front.
When the coach leaves, you follow.
They stayed, they stayed.
That's their problem!
If someone wants to die, they'll die.
It's the same with training.
When I say "girls, get into position,"
they don't always get into position.
And it's the same here -
if you see me leave, you follow!
You don't stay behind,
leaning on the van,
when there are guys with guns.
- What?
- I need to talk to you.
OK, but now's not the time. OK?
But it's important.
Go on, tell me.
Uh, I...
You, you what?
What is it?
I slept with Serge.
- What?
- I can explain.
I'm a moron
Stop that, Morgane.
No, Captain, it's fine. I'm not listening.
- What are you doing?
- That one isn't a fake.
- What is he doing?
- I don't know!
What was that?
A prairie falcon, I think.
Oh, fuck, he's seen us!
I didn't leave them behind.
Think about it - I didn't abandon them.
I wasn't being a coward,
it wasn't cowardly. It's just...
Maybe I'm not that brave...
OK, think... think...
You're the coach, you strategize!
How many of us are there?
OK, there's one of me.
I'm out of ideas, I'm out of ideas...
What if I did leave them behind?
Where are we?
Up your ass!
With any luck, we'll run into Serge.
It was an accident! An accident...
An accident is when you slip
and break a leg!
Did you slip and fall
on my boyfriend's dick?
No, it wasn't like that.
I mean, I was sweating
and I went into the changing rooms...
Shut your fucking mouth!
Spare me the details!
You're something else!
You were my best friend!
I've always wanted to be like you.
It only happened twice.
- OK. Five times max!
- Shut the fuck up!
Morgane's right - you really are a moron!
- I'm sorry. Please, forgive me!
- Screw you.
I hate you!
- I'm sorry!
- Shut up!
- I think they're gone.
- Shut up!
Jeanne, wait for me!
Got any chewing gum?
How's that for an answer?
No, but I think I swallowed some pee.
I'm sorry!
- Stop!
- Mr. Hunter! Please don't kill me.
Do it, now!
What the fuck did you do? We had a plan!
Help me!
Help me!
Did he knock your teeth out?
No. They're not mine.
Sorry, I didn't understand...
You're fired.
Come on, M.A.
- Jeanne!
- What?
I'll go that way.
They can't follow both of us.
OK, on you go.
- I'm going.
- Great! Go on then!
- I am!
- Yeah, off you go.
- Help me! Help!
- No, Lise, wait. Hold on, Lise...
Good luck, then!
Help! Somebody help!
Shit plan, shit plan!
There's nothing better than Jesus
There's nothing better than Him
Please help me!
Excuse me, you're interrupting the song!
Sorry, sir, I'm really sorry but...
I'm being followed by some freaks
who are trying to hunt us down.
They've got hoods on and guns.
They'll kill you all!
You're all going to die!
Yeah, well, we'll all die someday!
And the Lord will welcome us
to His house...
- Yes!
- No, no, not like that. Please!
- Everyone, together.
- No, sir...
And the Lord will welcome us
Listen to me, dammit!
You are really going to die, I swear!
They'll kill all of you!
You're all going to die!
Come with me, kids.
Hey, hey! That's enough.
Stop it!
Fucking hell!
That's enough!
Are you nuts?
- Fuck!
- Hey, come on.
- Fuck!
- Here, Raymond. Catch.
Oh, sorry. Sorry. I forgot...
Are you ready?
The Lord will welcome us
I want to go home, far from here. Please.
No, no, don't kill me.
Please, don't kill me!
I'll do anything you want. Anything!
We can make a deal, OK?
Do you want me to put the head on? OK!
Hey! I'm over here!
Hazuki. I know, I screwed up.
You can't kick me out.
What you did is really serious.
We're a team, we're united.
It's not every person for themselves.
You only think of yourself!
You're not a Falcon anymore.
I'm sorry...
I didn't mean to!
It's not my fault, it's not me!
Are you OK?
What's going on?
Oh, my God. I couldn't do anything.
He killed her, he killed her!
He took the machete and killed her!
He killed her!
I didn't do anything. It was an accident!
Calm down, Morgane. Don't worry!
You're going to be OK. I'm here!
We're going to make it out of here -
both of us!
You were...
the best captain I've ever had.
You never put me down.
She never called me "fat ass."
Hazuki, I will never forget you.
I hope your successor
will be as nice as you were.
Hey, you.
Hey, doggy!
Come here. Come here. Yes.
Do you want to eat a stone?
Come on, there you go...
Are you eating stones?
Yes, you are, little guy!
Get off me! Get off my dick!
Get off me!
Not so smart now, are you?
Jeanne! It's Jeanne!
And the others? Where are they?
She went to get help.
And Lise, I don't know...
We were arguing and she ran off.
She told me...
She told me she slept with Serge.
And you?
Hazuki is dead.
They killed her.
But she put up a good fight.
Hold on.
It's out of gas.
Hey, I think our RV's over there.
My cell is inside. We need to go, guys.
All clear.
Wait! I'll keep a lookout out here, OK?
If they come, imitate the prairie falcon.
Yeah, yeah. Yes! Yes!
Go, go!
- M.A., have you found a weapon?
- No.
No, but I've got chips!
- OK, good, I've got signal!
- Call the police.
Yes, Jeanne, sweetie. Everything OK?
Motherfucker! You motherfucker!
I'm going to cut off your balls.
You lying piece of shit.
You're dead! I swear, you're dead!
I got cut off!
I haven't done anything wrong.
Is she crazy or what?
Here. Leave it to me.
Did you get the cops?
No, my battery died.
Oh, shit!
- Well?
- Battery died.
- Shit!
- Yeah.
- What do we do now?
- I don't know.
- I don't care. I'm out of here.
- No! We need to stick together!
It's over.
We're screwed.
We're not screwed.
We're a team.
We're the Falcons.
I mean... part of them.
Spiker, spiker!
Spiker, spiker!
Spiker, spiker! Yeah!
Jeanne! Jeanne!
Help me! Help me!
Don't leave me!
Don't leave me! Please!
Don't leave me. Don't go.
I'll come back.
- I'll come back, I promise.
- No! No!
I promise, I'll come back. I promise.
I'll come back for you.
Come on.
- Let's get out of here!
- Jeanne!
We can't leave.
We have to go back.
We're Falcons, right?
If there's a chance that our friends
are still alive, we can't leave them.
We can't just give up on them like that.
Let's split up into two groups.
So, you mean two groups of one person?
We'll have a better chance that way.
I'm begging you!
No! I haven't done anything.
Let me go, please.
- Please! Let me go!
- Morgane!
- I want to go home!
- Don't scream. That's what they want.
I haven't done anything.
I won't tell anyone. Please.
Morgane, Morgane!
Calm down. It's going to be OK.
I'm here, I'm here.
They're going to kill us!
I won't give them satisfaction.
They're going to kill us?
I don't want to die!
No! I don't want to die!
I don't want to die!
My Dany...
My darling, she is beautiful.
She's so beautiful.
My love.
I missed you so much!
Her ear.
What did you do to her ear?
No. No!
I'm going to kill you!
I'm going to kill all of you!
I'll rip your heads off
and put them where your asses are!
Get off me!
Untie me!
Untie me!
Untie me! You fuckers!
Untie me!
I don't believe it. No!
I don't believe it!
What is that? What's he doing?
No, no!
No, no. Why me? Why me?
No, no, no. Mister! No, not me!
No. Listen to me, mister. Stop!
No, mister, I don't want to die.
I don't want to die!
Please, no!
- No, no, no, no, no.
- Stop!
Take this one. Her. Yes, yes!
Take her, mister. Yes!
- Her, she's better! That's better.
- Fucking bitch!
Take her!
- Her, she's better. Take her!
- Morgane, stop!
You bitch, look at me!
Look at me!
You're a traitor!
You bitch!
The first one to move
will get his head blown off!
Need a spiker, you fuckers?
Don't mess with the Falcons!
Stay back, or I'll fucking shoot!
I'll shoot!
- Come on.
- M.A.! Help me, dammit!
Yeah! Yeah!
Motherfucker! Get out of here!
Forrest, stop right there!
Stay back, I said!
M.A., get a fucking move on!
What are you doing?
Oh, what was that noise?
I'm coming!
- Coach?
- Sorry, girls, I was stuck in traffic.
Come on! Come on!
Come here, you!
Let's go!
Sorry, girls, I shouldn't have left you.
I'm a piece of shit.
But I did tell you to run.
Dammit, can't you see I'm talking?
When I say no, I mean no!
Watch out!
Are you still here?
Come on! What, are you giving up?
Where are you going?
Fuck, get off me!
Get out of here! Come on, come here!
What's wrong?
So, you care about us, eh?
You care about the team?
There isn't a team left.
No! No!
No! Lise!
I love you.
Me, too. I love you, too.
I'm sorry about Serge.
Who cares?
I don't care about Serge. Who cares?
Fuck her up!
No, no, no! Stay with me!
Please, stay with me. Stay with me.
Again? Come on!
No, no, no, no, no.
Come on!
Your boyfriend also prefers it
when I'm on top.
I fucking love you, girls!
Get out of here! Off you go!
Jeanne! Jeanne! We need to go!
Is that all you have, mate? Come on!
- Where's Coach? Where's the coach?
- He's gone into overtime.
Come here!
Is that it?
Get out of here! Go!
And what about you?
The moral of our tale
You may well have understood
Play volleyball well
And your chances of survival are good
But a second moral says
Never give up hope
If someone cuts your leg off
You'll probably still cope
Now I've finished my storytelling
It's time to return to your dwelling
Try and find yourself some work
Get a shrink or go beserk
One more piece of advice, girls
I hope it's understood
Never tell your life story
To weird guys in the woods
Oh, oh, oh, Falcons, Falcons
Falcons, Falcons
Falcons, Falcons, Falcons, Falcons...
- Sweetheart?
- Something you'd like to tell me?
Yes. I...
Is there something different about you?
Too bad for your balls!