Give Me a Sailor (1938) Movie Script

The life I live
I would gladly give
For the U.S.A. and you
But I'd be sore
if a doggone war;
Ever came between us two
I hope I stay in the U.S.A.
But if there comes a day
when I must go away
I'll still be true
To the U.S.A. and you
I'd wash my neck I would
even take a job by heck
For the U.S.A. and you
and you and you
I'd never, never, never, never
glance at a low-down dance
- From the day you say I do
- I don't.
I don't like kids.
You don't?
That's the way I am.
- But I'd raise nine or ten-
- Must to help our Uncle Sam
Then I'll be true
To the U.S.A. and you
The life I live
I would gladly give
For the U.S.A. and you
But I'd be sore
if a doggone war;
Ever came between us two
I hope I stay in the U.S.A.
But if there comes a day
when I must go away;
I'll still be true
To the U.S.A. and you
Wheres my brother? Lieutenant Brewster'll
be right back, sir, Mr. Brewster.
I'll wait.
Hiya, sweetheart.
You Jezebel, you.
Ah! What are you doing here?
The magnificent obsession.
I've been wanting to see you.
Have a cigar. Thanks.
Wait, that's one of mine!
You don't think I'd give you a good one?
All right, Ensign, on your way.
Oh, brother, can you keep a secret?
Yeah, what is it?
I need fifty bucks. Okay,
I won't tell a soul.
Aw, but this is my shore leave. I
want to paint San Francisco red.
Why bother me?
I need a brush.
All right.
Here's five dollars.
Five? Well, I'll
find a smaller town.
Uh, Walter.
About Nancy.
Is it going to be
orange blossoms this trip?
Yeah, I hope so.
Huh? Why?
Because Nancy's dynamite,
and she's got to be handled.
The way you are, you couldn't
handle a firecracker.
Will you go- Now, me, that's different.
I'm dynamite too.
You haven't seen
as many ports as I have.
Now, if ever I married
Nancy, she'd be right there.
Where? Well, there.
I- someplace-
Look, j I m. Will you
please- Take that face.
Oh, boy. Yeah. She's taken you.
She's beautiful.
But tricky.
And those eyes.
Stop and go signals
if ever I saw any.
And don't kid yourself,
Admiral, that's no dimple.
That's from leaning against
those Navy buttons.
All right, come on. I'm
not talking for myself!
But why don't you switch to Letty?
Aw, she's always been crazy about you.
And can she cook!
That'd make two women happy. Letty'd
get you, and Nancy'd get me.
Come on. You know,
kind of romantic.
Brewster brothers, Larkin sisters?
That doesn't hurt.
That does!
Oh, well- Listen.
Honest, Walter.
Every time I think of Nancy,
I get a pain right here.
Yeah? Well, things are
changing all over.
But wait a minute!
You can't kick me.
I can't, eh?
Captain's compliments,
compliments, sir!
He'd like to see
Lt. Brewster.
I'll be right along. Yeah,
he'll be right along.
Yes, sir.
lust one more thing.
Get this through your thick head.
Oh, yeah?
I'm going ashore, and I'm
gonna propose to Nancy. Oh!
If she accepts me, we'll be married before
the eet sails, so none of your tricks!
Tricks! Yes. No more monkey
business from you and Letty.
From me and Letty? Why- Wh-What are you talking
about? You know what I'm talking about.
Ever since I bought Nancy her first lollipop,
you and Letty have been snooping...
and plotting and writing
each other notes.
Tryin' to gum us up!
Why, that's ridiculous!
I don't know
how you do it,
but I have a feeling I'm
being double-crossed.
Why, Walter!
That hurts!
You think I'd do a thing like that to you?
You're darn right I do.
Not me!
Not to my own blood brother.
For ten years, Brewster, I've been promising
myself a crack at your California trout.
If it wasn't your home territory,
I wouldn't impose on you.
Do you mind?
No imposition at all, sir.
I'll drive up to Lake Paradise and
make any arrangements you wish.
I don't know much about the accommodations-
Never mind the accommodations.
How's the fishing?
It used to be terrific, sir.
Fine. For a mess of rainbow trout,
I'd sleep in a rain barrel!
Yes, sir.
You sure it's no trouble, chief?
No trouble, Mr. Brewster.
I'll telephone the message the minute
I get ashore. Well, thanks a lot.
Miss Letty Larkin. Don't forget.
The phone number's on it.
Nancy's out.
Yeah, out.
No. No.
No. All right.
All right, all right.
Aww. Ice!
The icebox's plumb full. I
couldn't get this in nowhere.
Nancy is having a picnic.
Hey, do you know anything about cameras?
No, do you? Here.
Hey! You can't leave this here!
I did!
Why, you big old-
Oh. Pa!
Somebody! I'm freezing!
She's out!
Yeah, Nancy's out!
All right, all right,
all right.
Come on, Ethel May.
Oh, Letty's so busy. Do you mind
if I leave Ethel May with you?
The little Angel has been pestering
me all morning. Haven't either, see?
Oh! Lookit!
Hey'. Oh, naughty, naughty.
To Walter from Letty!
Mrs. Brewster, I wonder
if you'd take my picture.
Good gracious, dear!
If I stop, I'll never get back
in time for the picnic! Wait-
Too much filling,
dear. Good-bye.
A toboggan! Ethel May!
Now, stop!
Ethel May!
Give me my ice!
Letty loves Uncle Walter!
Letty loves Uncle Walter!
There's the front door!
And there's the back door!
My mother said I could stay!
Good-bye! I don't care
what your mother said!
Oh! Oh! Hello?
No. it's the front door!
Oh, it's you. And I had my key
all the time! Isn't that funny!
Yeah, I'm dying laughing.
Ha-ha. Good-bye!
Letty! Oh, It's hot in here.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, look, dear. Let me help you.
There's a catch in there someplace.
Oh, no! I was just wondering if
you'd lend me your owered dress.
My dress? Yes. You see, it's
just my shade of blue, and-
Well, I thought it'd be
so nice for the picnic.
Sure. That's why
I'm wearing it.
Oh, but it's too small!
You simply bulge in it.
Well... you're not
gonna bulge in it.
Oh, please.
Letty, look.
Look. You can have
my New Jersey knit.
And look like a bag
full of eggs? Huh-uh.
Darn you, Nancy. You've been trying to
get that dress ever since I made it.
Oh, all right!
What's this?
Oh! it's a cake.
To Walter from Letty. Well,
isn't that just too sweet.
Well, I would have put Jim's name
on it too, but I ran out of icing.
- Oh, of course. - Sure. Walter
doesn't mean anything in my life.
It's... just that... Walter's
name happened to come first.
Ha-ha, said the duchess,
Letty loves Uncle Walter!
Letty loves Uncle Walter!
Scat! Now go out and dig yourself
a nice big hole, Ethel May.
And fa 'm it'.!
Oh, Letty, dear. Call
the drugstore. I'm all out of-
Now, see here, my love. All I've got
to get through before 5:00 is...
a couple of hundred sandwiches, four dozen
stuffed eggs and a nervous breakdown!
And if you think- Oh, that reminds me!
You better plan on three more.
Iran into Bill Slawson and the Myers twins,
and, well, they heard about your picnic, and-
My picnic? I wonder how many I'd have
to make if you called it your picnic!
That's for you. The
phone's been hot all morning.
Miss Larkin?
I got a message for you.
Little Boy Blue
has blown his horn.
I can't hear.
Speak louder.
Has blown his horn.
Moo. Horn! Like on a cow.
And will ask
Miss Muffet to-
To sit on his tuffet.
Get outta here!
Must be for you.
We've got to boil
the cabbage fast.
- Uh-huh.
- Signed-
Prince Charming.
Prince charming. Isn't that sweet?
Oh, Meryl! Leave my
sandwiches alone.
Oh, shame on you.
Well, I gotta eat.
Why aren't you down at the store?
Mmm. Been fired.
That's swell.
Four jobs in three months!
Huh-uh. Five, counting that
time I run over that speed cop.
Hey, how's about loaning your
cousin a couple of smackeroos?
Oh, beat it, Meryl. You got
five the last time. Okay.
Hello, Ethel May.
Hey, Meryl. You think you
could take a picture of me?
For a couple of bucks.
All right. But could you?
Sure. it's a cinch.
Is there enough light in here? Sure.
Walter says it's a special lens.
Put it down here.
Hey, how do you
work this gadget?
You focus through here, and then
you push this little button.
Just get it from the waist up, and
be sure and get the cake in. Okay.
No, no. Further back. Yeah.
Wait a minute.
I'm gonna count.
One. Two. Three.
- I got it. - Oh. Look, look!
The thing-
Don't worry. I'll get it.
Look out now!
The camera! Oh.
Get the-
Take him out of here!
Oh! Look what you've
done now!
Anyway, we got the picture.
I hope so.
But what we got ain't nothing to what we're
gonna get when Walter sees his camera.
Hey, Letty.
What was that crash?
Meryl just took my picture...
for the cooking contest.
I'm entering the recipe for my
yum yum special. Oh!
Well, I guess the film's all right.
Take it down to the drugstore and wait.
Then send it off, 'cause
it's the last day. Okay.
Wait a minute. Here's the whole
works: address and everything.
Here. Now go on.
Now, hurry. Hurry, Meryl!
You goin' fishin' again,
Yeah. Got a new rod. Well,
what are you lookin' for?
I lost my worms. Wor- Oh, I left
them on the hall table in a tin.
I dug them this morning.
The last ones had no wiggle.
I like them fresh.
I forgot something else too.
Yeah. How about a nice
long, cool beer with it?
Well. Well. You go put your
feet up, and I'll get a tray.
Letty, dear, you're a solace
to my graying hairs.
Both of them.
Oh, oh.
Little Boy Blue means Walter.
She said to hurry. I gotta mail it.
Yours is comin' up.
Just about... now.
I'll just put
this one in.
Yeah, I'm right.
Here it comes.
Well! it looks like
a good one. I-
Hey! I thought you said this
was a picture of Letty!
She's hopin' to win
a prize.
It's really a picture
of her yum yums.
I'll say it is. Oh, my.
Dear mask, please make me
beautiful for Walter's sake.
Hi, luscious!
Well,your number-one man has returned.
Really? Bring him in!
All right. Hey, wait a minute. I am in!
How about a welcome?
Boy, right on the nose. Do I
need practice! Now, look.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Go away!
Well, where's Walter?
Hey, that's gratitude.
Me at sea for months.
Not sleeping, thinking of you, breaking
my neck to get here. For what?
Where's Walter? That's for what.
Come here.
Now, listen. I've gotta talk fast because what
I have to say is important to both of us.
Walter's coming here, and he's
going to ask you to marry him.
And you're gonna tell him no.
I'll tell him no such thing.
Oh, yes, you will! Three months
with Walter, and you'd blow up.
I won't listen to another word.
Oh, now, don't get me wrong.
Walter's a great guy, has ambition.
Be an admiral someday.
Ha-ha. But if you marry
him, instead of a kiss,
he'll want a salute. Fine
brotherly talk, I must say.
Yes, very.
Oh, I guess you're right.
After all, he is my brother.
I shouldn't say anything
about his bad temper.
I ought to even keep quiet about the
time he tried to use an ice pick on me.
Ice pick? Why? I knocked his
teeth out of a glass of water.
Are you quite finished?
You see what I mean?
Wait a minute!
Think Letty'd like to have
Walter take her to the picnic?
Now you're talkin'. If Walter took
Letty, then you and I could-
What do you mean, Walter take Letty?
You crazy or something?
He will if I ask him.
Yeah, if.
Well, I'm going to.
Will you, Nancy?
Say, that'll be wonderful!
Then you-
Now, don't forget what I told you.
Give him plenty of ice.
Hi! What do you mean
by taking all the gas-
Sh, sh, sh.
She's waiting.
Well, here I am.
Oh, Walter!
'Ello? 'Ello?
'Is is 'etty 'Arkin.
'Etty 'Arkin.
Lady, uh, let's start over.
And this time, slowly.
An' I 'ant 'et it off.
Lady, you're drunk.
- Uh, you'd better go and sleep it off.
- Aw, 'uts!
Ethel 'ay! it's 'etty!
It's only 'e! It's 'e!
Letty. I was-
Oh! GO 'ayl
GO 'ay!.
Hey, Letty!
There are no such
things as ghosts.
Come here!
Letty! Come on, let me in. I
want to tell you something.
Come on, snap into it. Walter's gonna
take you to the picnic. Wha'!
You picked a fine time to celebrate
Halloween! Get that mud pie off your face.
I 'ant 'et it off. I 'ant 'et it off.
What? That's cooperation for you.
For ten years I've been working
my brain to the bone,
scheming how to fix you up with
Walter, and what have you done?
Your big moment, and here you
are, looking like a bad job of embalming.
How did you ever get into that facial
straitjacket anyway?
And there you are, huh? You got a hammer?
A chisel? Uh-uh.
I got an idea.
Don't worry.
Nothing serious.
Nothing drastic. You won't feel a thing.
All 'ight.
You'll never know what hi-
just stand still. All 'ight.
One, two, three!
That didn't hurt, did it?
You feel all right?
Here, let me help you.
Now you're all right.
Now you're okay. There.
Wait. Here.
Here, hold that.
I'll just give it a little
tap, right there. No!
The next time you use one
of those, put a zipper on it.
There. Now hurry
up and get dressed.
And in the name of a beautiful
romance, try and look like something!
I'll be outside, waiting.
Oh, Walter. Don't be a stuffed shirt. I made
the date before I had any idea you'd be home.
What's his name?
Weatherwax. Rodney Weatherwax.
No. Fertilizer.
And very important socially.
Mr. Weatherwax, I mean.
I still don't like it.
Aw, let's not quarrel,
Look at me.
That's better.
Now smile.
Let's be grown up, huh?
Just because I have social obligations, it
doesn't mean that I don't love you, does it?
Mmm. Well. Look, sweet. I'll tell
you what we'll do. You take Letty.
Now, wait.
And the minute you get there, you can
ditch her, and I'!I ditch Rodney.
And it'll be just
as if we'd gone together.
I a sailor's bride would be
yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum
Oh, I a sailor's bride
would be;
A yo-ho-ho
and a bottle of rum
I a sailor's bride would be
yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum
I a sailor's bride would be
a yo-ho-ho and-
Oh, Letty?
- Hiya, cookie!
- Hello, Walter.
I'm taking you to the picnic.
Me? You are taking me?
I- I-I mean, are you?
Better get dressed,
and I'll be back later.
All right.
Oh. I'm not nervous.
Hey,Jim. Fix my lashes for me, will you?
I got the shakes.
Did he ask you?
That gets it.
No, I'll get some water.
It's all right.
Here, just sit
right down here.
I'll hang it three layers thick. Plenty
of charm. Don't get it in my eye.
It's all right. Haven't
missed an eye for years.
Boy, that's marvelous. With those
lashes, you could clean the windows.
If you get a chance, just
wiggle at him, like this.
Give him the roll.
I'll fan him with them.
That's got it!
Thanks Jim. Okay.
Hey, Letty. Give me a dime,
and I'll tell you something.
Oh, I got troubles;
I don't have to buy them.
But it's about Uncle Walter.
About Walter?
Nancy said to Uncle Walter,
You take Letty to the picnic...
and ditch her, and I'll
ditch Rodney. And then-
- Go away. - 'just as
if they went together
Whats the matter?
Will you please go away?
Well, all right.
But you still owe me my dime.
Oh! Uh"
Nancy snitched your blue dress,
and she's gonna wear it too.
Hello, Rodney.
Hello, Nancy!
My, you look grand.
Do you like it?
Letty, Letty!
Come on. Walter's yelling for you.
He's downstairs.
I'm not going.
That's fine, only hurry.
I'm not going.
Great Caesar's ghost!
She's not going.
Ten years of scheming kicked in the pants.
Our agreement, a mere nothing.
Oh, Letty. Won't you
please open the door?
No. A w, come on. Remember
your oath, darling.7
Letty. Letty?
Letty. Letty!
Let me in, or I'll drag you
through the keyhole!
Open the door!
Aw, you- Aww.
Oh! Walter. Why aren't you dancing?
Whats the matter?
Got on a stiff shirt?
Oh, Walter's all right. Hes just got
funny ideas. Old-fashioned ones.
What goes on here
In my heart
All this bumpin' and thumpin'
and jumpin'
When I see you
What goes on here
When we part
It keeps bumpin' and thumpin'
and jumpin'
The whole night through
It will stop a while;
So quiet, and then
If you happen to smile
There's a riot again
What goes on here
In my heart, dear;
Could this bumpin' and
thumpin' and jumpin'
Be love;
What goes on here
In my heart
I wish I knew.
All this bumpin' and thumpin'
and jumpin'
When I see you How many
fellows do you say that to?
What goes on here
When we part
It keeps bumpin' and thumpin'
and jumpin'
The whole night through
Maybe it's indigestion.
It will stop a while;
So quiet, and then
If you happen to smile
There's a riot again
What goes on here
In my heart, dear;
Could this bumpin'
and thumpin' and jumpin'
Be love
Look, honey, let's go someplace.
I want to talk to you.
In a minute, Rodney. What do you
mean, In a minute, Rodney?
Now, really, I must say- Uh-uh-uh.
Mustn't scowl.
Come on, honey.
Let's have fun, huh?
It's fun having fun. And if I don't
hit the deck every time you whistle,
it doesn't mean that I
don't love you, does it?
Mmm. We, no.
Come on. If you want to
have fun, let's have fun!
All right. I'll get them.
I'll get them!
Quiet, everybody!
Quiet? Quiet?
We're going to eat now!
There's enough for everybody. Who'll
get Letty's good food out of my car?
Nancy, there's something I want to say.
Yes, dear?
Uh, I mean, uh- With the pay I'm
getting now, don't you think-
HEY! IFS gone!
It's gone!
There isn't any! It isn't anyplace!
It isn't in the car!
- What's gone? - The food! Our supper!
This is all there was.
Hey, you shouldn't have stolen all
the food. Why not? We were gypped.
Puppets of passion. That's what we are.
Ah, this thing called love.
Yeah. It don't make sense Jim.
Me, for instance.
Ever since I first saw Walter,
all I've had is a pain. Here.
Yeah, I know. Sort of
like a blown-up feeling.
No, sir, Letty. It just
don't make sense. Ah, me.
Just don't add up. I'm tired of
counting on that handsome lug.
- Yes, but you're not going to quit now.
- I have quit.
But you can't! Not after ten years.
Weve just begun to fight.
Well, you fight.
A girl's gotta have her pride.
Walter just can't see me through
Nancy's dust. Quiet. Let me think.
You know something?
About food, I mean.
You feed a fellow right, and it
sort of makes him home-conscious.
Gets him to thinkin' about a
little woman all his own,
itting about in a cute little kitchen.
What's cute about a kitchen?
I've got it.
Well, take it easy.
there was a ood.
A ood? And you and
Walter were marooned,
just the pair of you,
the two of you, alone.
And you cooked for him.
Cook for Walter?
And you kept on cooking and loading
him up with chow like this.
You know what'd happen? Yeah,
he'd run for the bicarbonate.
No, no. The minute the ood went
down, he'd be saying I do.
Hey, that ood's an idea.
Sure it is I
And alone with Walter?
That's right.
Why, that's terrific!
I could- Yeah, but-
But what? Who's gonna
dynamite the dam?
Aw, give me my pickle back. Oh.
I don't see
why you have to go now.
The sooner I go,
the sooner I'll get back.
I think Captain Tallant's an old meany.
Couldn't you phone Paradise Valley?
You could arrange his silly
old fishing trip that way.
There aren't any phones. That's
why they call it Paradise Valley.
Aw, can't I go with you? No, absolutely
not. The country's primitive.
Let's see, I don't want
to take Aunt Minnie's car.
I'll borrow Jims roadster. I
ought to be back tomorrow night.
Well, all right, then.
Hey, Dad! I-
Oh, there you are! If I went off
someplace, I mean with a man-
Eh? A nice man! And there
were just the two of us,
and I cooked for him, and I kept
on feeding him and feeding him,
do you think he'd sort of like me?
Do you?
You mean, after he
had enough to eat?
Sure. That's the way
your mother won me.
But how did you win her?
Well, I'll tell you.
The first time I kissed her,
she said, That's it.
Then what did she do?
She fainted.
Oh, gee, Pop. I bet you were dynamite!
Um, what did she feed you
to make you kiss like that?
Flapjacks. Oh. That's all I wanted to know.
Good night, cutie.
Oh. Darn it.
He loves me; he loves me not.
He loves me-
Hello,Jim? This is Nancy.
Uh, Walter has a terrible chill.
Oh, he has? That's fine,
I'll be right over!
No, don't be silly.
I was just wondering if you'd drive
up to Paradise Valley in his place?
Paradise Valley.
That's 90 miles! Not me.
Aw. You would if I asked
you, wouldn't you?
I promise you
I'll, uh, appreciate it.
Well, I can't, Nancy.
Ninety miles is quite-
No! I-
I'll be right over.
It's all settled. Jims going.
He's coming right over.
Did he squawk?
He did not.
Hey, hello.
Hello, ducks.
What is this?
Hello? Hey.
Hey, hey!
Pardon me, madam.
Oh, Walter. Sugar?
Do you like sugar
on your grapefruit? Hmm?
Do you like music
with your meals, dear?
A little kiss
;At twilight
In a great big cozy chair;
In a homemade heaven
we share
A little kiss
;At twilight
When the long
blue shadows fall
Round a small, white cottage
we call
Our own
It's a dream
I know
But I know too
Dreams like this
Often come true
A little kiss at twilight
I'd be waiting
all day through
For that one sweet moment
at home
With you
Oh, Walter? Would you like bacon
with your pancakes, or...
You! And singing!
Great Caesar's ghost! What
have you got to sing about?
Well, I, uh- Quiet!
How did you get here?
In the back.
How did you get here?
In the front.
Well, where's Walter?
I'll tell
you where Walter is.
He's home with Nancy, and she's
probably wrapped around his neck.
I'd never have come if I hadn't figured on
you being there to keep an eye on them.
It was all your idea about me
getting Walter off alone. My idea?
Was that rain?
No, it wasn't rain, and don't
change the subject. It was too.
Residents and
tourists in the High Sierras.
A storm with freak cloudbursts is
ooding roads and streams in that area.
Motorists should avoid back roads near
the temporary dam at Paradise Lake.
Say, we better get out of here.
We're just below the dam.
You back the car up closer.
I'll get these things together.
Hey, hey! Get out! Hey, Letty, help me.
Come on!
Stop hollering at me,Jim!
- Come on, Letty! Hey, kids.
- Oh, gee!
Hey, hey, hey!
Come on.
Hey, somethings burning!
Yeah, I know. That's me.
Don't tell me.
Hey, m '.
It's raining.
Well, maybe it will
put the fire out.
Now what?
Carry me over.
Will you, please?
Carry you over!
Look you... you...
you golliwog!
I'm tired. I'm hungry. I'm lost.
I got pneumonia.
My feet hurt.
I'll probably die.
And it's
all your fault!
You balled up everything.
You burnt my car.
Now, now you
want me to carry you!
No, sir. You walk the same as
I do, and I hope you drown!
That's all!
I tell you-
Whats new? Well, what do you want?
You got a cigarette?
No, but I got a cold I'd gladly give ya.
Thanks, I have one of my own.
Move over, will ya?
A little heat. Ah-choo!
Now, look.
When Walter comes-
- When who comes? - Walter.
Walter, my brother. I wired him.
I won't let Walter see me like this!
He's not going to.
I'll make a touch, give you some
money; you can slip out the back way.
But, Why?
Why! Why?
Because Walter's
got old-fashioned ideas.
If he ever finds us here
like this, we're cooked.
Oh, don't be silly- Look, will
you quit arguing and go on home?
But how am I gonna
get home? Jim?
Miss Larkin, you may take a bus, borrow roller
skates, hire a bicycle or just skid along on-
Well,just skid along!
You're not gonna push me
out in the night. Shh!
Look, if I'm gonna drown, a little
scandal, more or less, won't hurt.
All right. All right.
Stay then, only don't-
Scandal! You got it.
It's in the bag.
Yeah, and I'll be holding it.
Look, when Walter comes, I'll
have them send him to your room.
But Walter
wasn't supposed to see me.
That was now.
I mean, this is then.
The minute he gets
into your room, you do this:
you look at him and talk to him. You
walk over to the door like this.
When you get over here, you back
up and lock the door, like this.
And you take out the key, you see?
Then, keep the key well concealed, and
you move nonchalantly to the window,
looking at Walter.
But what am I saying?
What does a lady say when a
gentleman busts into her room?
I don't know.
No gentleman ever tried.
All right. You lean out,
and you do like I'm doing.
And you say,
Ah, it's raining.
I wouldnt lean out
if it was raining.
I mean, it is raining,
of course, but I-
Do you want to marry Walter?
Yes, of course, but I-
All right.
Now, you lean out, and you say-
What I told you
to say before.
You drop the key. I'm waiting down below. I
pick it up and bust in at the crucial moment.
When's that?
When you cry out, My own beloved,
nothing can ever part us now.
My own- Oh, no. Well, anyway, you
throw yourself into Walter's arms.
Yeah? Yeah. Let's rehearse it.
Come on! Get the door.
Oh, all right.
Let's get into it.
I locked the door.
- Yeah. Now I'll be Walter.
- Hello, Walter.
My, Walter,
how you have changed.
Yes, I have.
Well, come on. Do you
want to do this, or not?
Oh, all right!
We are having weather,
I mean, aren't we?
Is that what I said?
Ah, it's raining.
Come on, come on! It might work.
All right.
Ah, the rain.
Little tears of crystal,
dropping, dropping... dropping.
Oh, stick to the act,
will ya? We're not-
Oh, no!
Oh, no!
It couldn't.
You couldn't have dropped it.
I got carried away. Oh, don't!
Why, I'll take you-
You can, uh-
Jim, it's Walter.
Open the door.
No! Don't! Ah-ah-
I'll be there
in a minute, Walter.
Ah-ah- I-I'm just
slipping into something.
Hide! Go. Take it there.
Hide, yeah!
Hey, wait. Wait!
There. That way.
Just a minute,
Shh! I can't get under there.
Ow! it's too low!
Open the door".
I can't, it's too low.
I mean- I-I can't.
What do you mean, you can
'z'.7 Open the door".
I sorta
lost the key.
Wait a minute!
How do you like that?
Oh, maid, have you a passkey?
Yes, sir. Would you mind, please?
It's my brother.
Walter, if you'll send up the proprietor,
I'll join you in a couple of minutes.
Uh, hello, everybody.
What's the idea of locking
the door and losing the key?
Oh, I dropped
it out the window.
You mean, you deliberately dropped it?
just dropped it?
Oh, don't be silly.
I didn't drop-
Yes, yes. It's a sort of a game.
A game?
Yeah, a game!
Drop the key,
they call it.
You were playing it all alone?
Yeah, to pass away the time.
And to play it,
you drop the key.
I guess.
I know it sounds like I'm
kidding, but I dropped it.
I have a cold.
That was me.
Uh, hello.
Why you cute things you!
Of course! Dad said he had
an idea you two would elope,
but we just laughed at him.
Ha-ha. Bet you
laughed your heads off.
Oh, but,
we're not married!
Not married?
Jim, I'm
ashamed of you!
Oh, now, Walter, wait a minute!
Letty Larkin, of all people!
Listen, Aunt Minnie, we- Hey, wait
a minute! You've got us all wrong.
I can explain everything.
Honest, I can.
You can? Fine. Yeah.
Then maybe you can tell
us why Letty was hiding.
Well, uh, Letty- We, uh-
I was, uh-
The thing, uh-
And we... we-
Uh- I-
Navy to take another bride.
The happy couple.
Gee, ain't that
Letty? Romantic?
That's a funny one.
Walter? Oh.
Oh, isn't it just
too marvelous?
Jim and dear Letty are going
to be married on a battleship.
Yeah, I know.
Walter arranged it.
Did you see this?
I was thinking.
Maybe if I spoke to that nice Captain
Tallant, he might fire off a big gun.
No, on second thought, I guess
we better keep guns out of it.
People might get wrong ideas.
Well, for a nicely-rounded-out, hand-tooled,
sandblasted job of gumming things up,
dropping that key
will stand on its own merits.
Here. Well, there
must be some way out.
You could leave me waiting at the church;
then everybody'd feel sorry for me.
Yeah, then Nancy'd think I was a cad.
I'd rather marry you.
Well, if you had any chivalry,
you'd commit suicide.
Say that's an idea. And
I could knock you off first.
It would be a service
to humanity.
They'd name a destroyer
after me.
You got something.
I think that's- What?
Hey, my berries!
Oh, you!
Here we are facing a fate worse than
death, and you squawking about berries.
What do you
want berries for?
Listen, Sea Biscuit, those berries
were for our nuptial feast.
Hey, Letty. She's out there.
Now what?
I don't know.
Telegram for Miss Letty Larkin.
That's me.
Sign here, please. Probably
another message of condolence.
A jolly little wedding we're gonna have.
Oh! Oh, it's it!
I mean, I won!
It's my yum yums.
Fine time
for baby talk.
Requested you be at room 310,
Fidelity Building, San Francisco.
Today, 3:00 P.M., for final decision
in contest. Prizes amounting to thousands.
There must be a mistake.
The first prize
was a fireless cooker.
Let's get going.
But I can't go now.
You read the wire.
Let's nail this money.
I can't, now. Walter invited Captain
Tallant to dinner, and Nancy can't cook.
If I run out now-
Oh, don't be silly!
You want to marry me?
I'd rather die!
Come on then! Whats
this got to do with-
just win, make headlines, get this
money, and you won't have to marry me.
But what about my reputation? The way you'll
be sitting, you won't need a reputation.
Nancy, look, it's getting- All
right, I know dinner's an hour late.
I know your Captain Tallant is hungry,
but how do you cook these filthy things?
And, why?
Listen, darling-
Why does a grown man make such a fuss
about wanting to eat silly looking fish?
Look, darling.
Captain Tallant walked 85 miles,
slept out two nights and broke
a $65 rod to catch these.
Roughly speaking, they cost him,
um, about eight bucks apiece.
Naturally, he wants to eat them.
Well, I-
Mr. Larkin. Personally, there's only one
way to cook a nice, fresh mountain trout.
Sure. You whip 'em out, gut
'em, roll 'em in cornmeal-
Oh, sacrilege,
First, you take your
trout, you clean them,
then you rub them thoroughly
with good olive oil.
Then your cornmeal. You see?
Wait, dear.
I'm hungry-
Why, Nancy,
how did you cook these?
With a blow torch?
Animal? Vegetable?
Or mineral?
Maybe they're
just a little bit too-
How are the dogs?
They're okay?
How fast are we going? Sixty.
Well, will you drive into a tree?
Yeah. What?
What for? I just want
to see if I'm dreaming.
You're awake all right. Keep your furs
on, and we'll be home in a minute.
You gotta do your stuff with Walter. We've
never had a chance like this before.
That's what scares me. I promised
Walter I'd cook Captain Tallant's fish.
Instead, I'm coming home with...
with- with the bacon.
You don't have to apologize
to Walter for anything.
But how am I gonna act?
just keep him guessing.
Don't tell him a thing. Put him on ice.
You look like a duchess.
Do I? Yes, so don't be a dope.
Act like one.
If you can't cook, which you obviously
can't, why didn't you get a woman in?
Why should I? Letty knew it was tonight.
It's her job to be here.
Entertaining your future husband's officer
is your responsibility, not Letty's.
And I must say,
you've let me down!
That's right,
Oh, my tray!
Why don't you look
where you're going?
Oh, dear!
Well, now
what happened? Letty!
Hello, everybody!
Hello! Come on, bloodhound.
Cheerio, everybody. Cheerio! Quiet, Nancy.
Uh, greetings.
Have you finished dinner?
Ah, good evening, sir.
How are you, Captain?
Nancy, come here, Nancy. I, uh, call
her Nancy because she's a female.
- It's our Letty. - Where
did you get those clothes?
It isn't possible! What
have you two been up to?
Quiet! Letty, may I
present Captain Tallant.
Captain Tallant, Miss Letty Larkin.
Charmed, I'm sure.
Honored, definitely. Permit me.
I'm very good with dogs.
Well, come, come, babies. Don't you
know an old sea dog when you meet one?
Dog. Sea dog. Ha-ha-ha.
Not half bad!
No, indeed.
Letty, what's happened?
You're 50- I beg your pardon?
- Don't you two know each other? - Walter!
Yes, of course. Jims brother.
I've known Walter ever since
he was a dirty little boy.
You haven't changed a bit. Still
have that wave in your hair.
Here, child. Pardon me.
I'll take care of the dogs.
Oh, Captain.
Here's a stowaway for you.
Put this somewhere? And be careful
with it, it's worth $2,000.
Two thou- it's real!
That's right.
Of course, it's real. Lock this up, Dad.
It's got checks in it.
And put these contracts with it.
Oh, dear. Oh, dear.
Oh, will somebody please
take care of my new car?
New car.
New car!
Oh, it's a big car.
Must be a super.
Letty, what did you have
to do to deserve all this?
Miss Larkin. I'm sorry. I'm
Bixbee of the cosmetic company.
Fidelity Publication
wants a 3,000-word exclusive.
Sun-tan Hosieries, Inc.
authorizes me-
Well, wait a minute!
- What is all this?
- Take it easy, wolves!
You'll have to
wait your turn.
Miss Larkin is accepting all contracts in
alphabetical order. just wait outside.
Wait outside.
Everything will be all right.
Jim, what is all this?
Letty and I beat
it for the cookery contest.
Take it easy. Everything all
right, Captain Tallant?
The trouble is they're hungry.
Confidentially, so am I.
Oh, Captain.
I beg your pardon.
You think it'd be possible?
I'll see what I can do, sir.
Oh, Letty.
Yes, Walter.
Why it's no trouble at all.
Swell, Letty.
That's all right.
I'll whip up a batch of-
Come on, Captain.
I'll fix you up.
Dad,you stay here, and
Jim will tell you all about it.
Oh, yes, you were too! Whispering
and plotting. You and Letty.
Trying to make me ridiculous.
I hope you're satisfied!
And I think Letty's perfectly beastly-
She was willing to help me out.
Of course, she's crazy about you.
Always has been.
If you could see an inch beyond
that nose of yours. I resent that!
All right, if you want to
marry a cook, marry Letty!
Go on, marry her!
Marry her!
Oh, fiddle!
But, boy,
I sure was scared though.
Permit me.
I'm very good with eggs.
Aren't you going to have some?
Not just now, but thank you.
You know, Captain, ever since I was
old enough to turn on the gas,
I bet I've cooked for over
half a million hungry men.
And you're about the only one that didn't
open his mouth and expect me to toss 'em in.
Come on.
You sit over here.
Letty, listen. I'm all mixed-up
about- Oh, excuse me, sir.
Don't you owe us an explanation-
Can't you control yourself?
My mouth is tired
talking about it.
It will be on the air in a moment.
All the sordid details. On the air?
But I want to know what started
all- Now don't fuss at her.
Yes, sir.
I s'pose you haven't got enough for two.
Have you, Letty?
- Compliments of the Steinwell Piano
Company. - She's nervous.
Let's get the lights.
Put this thing together.
Ah! Flowers. Compliments of the
Kaplan Florist Company. Fine.
Is there a man there?
Oh, right this way.
A radio.
Tubes and everything.
Best wishes. The Oakland
Washing Machine Company.
From the Golden Gate Dog Houses. Okay,
pile it right on top. Anywhere.
- Is Walter in there?
- It's a movie!
Brewster, you're a nincompoop.
I beg your pardon, sir?
I'd always given your
intelligence a top rating,
but you got no oomph,
no up-and-at-'em.
What he means is
your ears don't stick out.
Really, sir,
I don't understand.
Romantically, Brewster,
you're a lug.
Without so much
as firing a broadside,
you permit your brother,
a mere ensign,
to snatch this charming young lady
right from under your nose...
and fly his flag
from her main truck.
- Fly his which from my who? - Figure
of speech, my dear. Marry you.
Oh! Well, Jim and I aren't
gonna get married now.
No? No? No.
See, the way I'm fixed,
we don't have to. Oh.
And, Captain,
I'm a notorious woman.
This is Norval Goodlode bringing
you a summary of world events.
The allied sponsors of the worldwide Legs
Beautiful Contest announce the winner.
Prizes amounting
to thousands of dollars...
go to Miss Letty Larkin
of San Francisco.
Congratulations, L etty. And congratulations
to your very clever cousin...
who shot a picture of your yum yum
legs instead of your yum yum cake...
and sent it to the legs contest
instead of the cookery contest.
From among 100,000 competitors
representing 18 countries,
yours have been selected
as the most beautiful legs.
Oh, same old legs
I always had.
Well, they are.
We're now
outside the Larkin home.
The newsreel men
are setting up their cameras.
Under the great arc lamps we see
neighbors, friends, well-wishers,
all gathered here
to say hello to our Cinderella.
She was a little homebody this
morning, but through a lucky snapshot,
entered by mistake, she has become,
tonight, Legs Larkin, America's girlfriend.
Hey, come on! The
newsreel men are here.
You have to
do that song.
You signed a contract.
They're gonna make a record.
Come on! You have to do that song.
Oh, go away!
I can't. Not in front of all those people.
I got goose pimples!
Don't be silly. This is no time to talk!
Let me talk to her.
A little kiss at twilight
In a great big cozy chair;
In a homemade heaven
we share
dote-dee-do, do-do-do
A little kiss at twilight
When the long
blue shadows fall
Round a small white cottage
we call
Our own
it's a dream, I know
And I know too
That dreams like this
Often come true
do-daddy, dah-dah-dah
A little kiss at twilight
I'd be waiting
all day through
For that one sweet moment
at home
With you
For that one sweet moment
with you
My Letty y
Get a couple pictures
of the family.
Are you the Brewster that's marryin'
Legs Larkin? No, no. That's all-
Wait a minute.
Don't spread this, but it's my brother
Walter over there. Oh, yeah?
How 'bout one of you two together?
That's fine.
Go away.
I hate you.
I'm so unhappy-
that's all right.
That'll be
all right.
I'll say.
Is that you,
Letty. 7 Uh-huh.
What's left of me.
Hiya, cookie, where have you been?
Oh, the Firemen's Ball.
Really, who brought you home?
The hook and ladder boys.
Hi, Nancy.
Good night, Nancy.
Oh. More fun.
Oh, your feet hurt?
They've been under everything
but a fire truck.
Well, have a little
drink of this sherry.
What? Me hold that
great big, heavy glass?
Put your head back.
Open your mouth.
There you are.
Was that me?
Say, remember the old days when you used to
wear stockings, before you were a glamour girl?
This glamour girl stuffs
got me all worn out.
My feet don't point the way
I'm going anymore.
Um, but you gotta stick it out.
Walter hasn't proposed yet.
I got a feeling he's sorta
working himself up to it.
Yeah. He's a sucker
for this glamour stuff.
Well, what do you care?
You got Nancy.
Yeah, I've been
making a little progress.
But I'm afraid if Walter ever
waggled a brass button at her,
she'd be back around his neck
like a tight collar.
Okay, sailor.
I'll stick it out for you.
Gee, you're
a great kid, Letty.
Ever notice Nancy's hair
in the sun?
All shiny like a halo.
Yeah, and Walter's eyes?
All sort of blue.
And her divine
little snooty nose.
I'd follow him to the ends of
the earth, even on these feet.
Little Nancy.
I'll get it.
There you are.
Thank you,Jim.
it's Walter.
Oh, really?
Yes, Walter?
Well, I just got in.
Yes, Walter.
of course, I do.
Oh, Walter!
What does he want?
Oh, Walter!
Oh, Walter!
Oh, Walter! Yeah.
Oh, yeah!
All right.
What was that
all about?
He asked me
to marry him.
Oh, yeah?
Oh. And, uh,
what did you say?
Why, I said yeah.
That's wonderful. Sure.
It's wonderful.
Just what you wanted. Of course.
just what I wanted.
Well, for Pete's sakes!
Act like it, then.
The way you act,
you'd think somebody died.
Well, I guess it's just because
I'm so tired,Jim. I- I guess.
Oh, yeah.
It has been along drag.
Ten years it's taken ya. Oh,
it's taken us ten years.
Yeah. I never could have
done it without you,Jim.
Oh, that dear Captain Tallant,
lending us his battleship.
Oh, I do hope
they have a place for ladies,
some place Letty and I
can change for the wedding.
They will. And where's Nancy
gotten to, I'll never know.
I told her to meet us at the hotel.
Whew! It's hot.
Ethel May, take the lid off the
bridal bouquet and give it some air.
And how does the bride feel? Like
I've been shot out of a gun.
No way
for a bride to feel.
Hey, Smitty!
Where ya leaving the wagon? Right here.
After the parade, I've got a date-
Oh, no, you haven't! You're whipping the
little woman and me over to Berkeley.
Nancy and I are going to be married.
What is this, a quickie?
Yeah. just us and the judge,
and you to do the driving.
Holy cow!
Hi, Brewster.
You look nervous.
Oh, no, sir. No, no. I want to thank
you, sir. I mean, I- I appreciate, uh,
I mean, you're
excusing me from duty, sir.
For heaven's sake, Brewster.
Take a reef in your sails.
You look like someone opened
your bilge cocks.
You're not being court-martialed.
You're being married.
Yes. I know, sir.
Look, man.
I'm a bachelor, and I'm not supposed
to know anything about these things,
but if I were in your spot-
which I'm not-
I'd take aboard about
four straight brandies...
with a good strong stinger for a chaser.
If that didn't work, I'd take
an anesthetic.
Meet you aboard.
Very good, sir.
With a firing party.
here it is, over here.
Come on, darling.
Hello, Walter.
You look beautiful!
Thank you.
I mean, thanks a lot.
I didn't know. I mean, you are beautiful!
Well, uh,
you look beautiful too.
Oh, were you gonna have a
couple of- Who're you with?
Oh, no, no.
Nervous? I mean,
about presently?
Yeah, I feel like I swallowed
a couple of feathers.
The chaplain says the ceremony's
practically painless.
Yeah, that's what
they say about drowning.
Um, Walter?
Yes, darling?
Do you know something?
Do you know you've never even kissed me?
Oh, yes, I have, in a way.
Last night over the phone
when I- Kiss me, Walter.
Do that again.
And I'm not tired either.
And... my feet don't hurt.
What 7.
My goodness, me. Couldn't you
two wait a couple of hours?
Well, uh, uh- just dropped into
wish you the best and all that.
Thanks, Nancy.
Oh, while I'm at it, I'd like
to have your joint blessings,
very extra special ones.
Jim and I are being married.
- What?
- Why, that's fine, Nancy.
That's- What?
Oh,just a plain, simple,
little hit-and-run wedding.
No battleships,
of course.
Well, I'll be seeing you.
Listen, Nancy. You can't just
plop into marriage like that.
Why not? The eet sails tonight.
I know, but you can't marry Jim.
And why? Because Jim's dynamite,
and he's got to be handled.
You couldn't even
handle a firecracker!
I could too! One month of Jim,
and you'd blow up in his face!
What do you care who I marry?
You've got Letty, haven't you?
Yes, but, uh, I-lm thinking of you.
And besides-
There goes your bride! Go after her.
You wanted her. Go get her!
And don't you worry about me.
I'm happy. Very happy!
Oh, yes.
Yes, but-
Hey, wait a minute!
Bill! Why, it's our Letty!
What are you doing?
Oh, Bill.
I'm lookin' for a sailor.
I've been all over this place down here.
Come on. Get in.
We'll find him. All right, Joe.
Go ahead.
Hey, all set?
I will be, as soon as Nancy gets here.
Hey,Jim! Jim!
Jim! Listen! Listen.
I just kissed Walter.
Well, nothing happened!
Nothing happened!
Oh, come here!
Kiss me,Jim.
Look, Letty- Jim, you can't marry Nancy.
You mustn't!
It'd be the same way with you as it was
with me. I mean, when you kiss her.
Well, it's just like- Oh, I
can't explain it, Jim, but-
Kiss me.
You'll find out.
Oh, all right.
How was that?
Well, I-
Again. Again.
Now here. And here.
And here. And here.
You see what I mean?
Yeah, yeah! But do you suppose you
and I could be in love? I mean, us?
Say, why didn't you
tell me that before?