Give Me Your Eyes (2023) Movie Script

Mija, inside, now.
What's going on?
Are you on the phone
or something?
Grab this.
Listen to me.
I'll be gone for a few days.
I'm gonna call you
on this, okay?
No, what do you mean? I don't...
Shh. Stay safe.
I love you.
- I love you too, but...
- Lock the door.
Juan, you can't just
leave like that.
Today will decide
your destiny.
It all comes down to you and me.
But be warned,
I rule a kingdom
of chaos and despair.
But it is still my kingdom.
And while it is true that
I have hung up my weapons,
I will defend my kingdom
to the death.
So if you truly believe
that you can topple me
from this lonely throne,
then draw your sword.
Because as of today...
the two of us,
our destinies will be forever intertwined.
So, uh, did we get it?
That was great, Lady Mace.
Let's just get one more
for safety.
One more for safety, okay.
You know,
we don't really require props
for voice sessions.
Yeah, I know.
It just, you know,
helps me get into character
for your dumb video game.
Yeah, okay. Cosplay.
It's a real mace, by the way.
Like a heavy-duty
killing machine.
Okay, whatever.
Block 56.
Okay, hey,
if you're not nice to me,
I could bash your brains
right out of your head
with this thing.
I mean, you would have to leave
your house first, so...
Um, okay, uh, you're not...
you're not really supposed to
joke about that kind of thing.
What? I'm just saying
you would have to
actually leave your house
to bash anyone's head in, right?
All right, you two.
That's enough.
- Ready?
- Mm-hmm. Yep.
Lady Mace 4, Block 56.
Today, will decide
your destiny.
It all comes down to you and me.
But be warned,
you hail from a land of peace.
See? This is great.
Yeah, I can still
look out the window,
see all the clouds,
and mountain,
and that super creepy
eyeball tower.
Yeah, it's almost like
I'm back out there.
Okay, what...
what is that look, Sushi?
Hey, we got a call.
Hello? Hello? Hello? Hello?
- Hi, uh, how can I help?
- Am I... am I doing this right?
Can... can... can...
can you see me?
Hi! How can I help you?
I've actually been talking
to someone for a while now.
Ooh, getting ready for a date.
Okay, no problem.
That looks perfect with pants.
I really like it.
Yeah, of course.
I'm happy to help. Okay, bye.
Inside my stronghold,
I am untouchable.
Goodnight, Nugget.
Goodnight, Sushi.
Night suck.
Hello, is... is...
is anybody there?
Um, hello?
Hi, um, I need your help.
Okay, um, yeah,
what's going on?
Are you hurt? Are you okay?
No, it's just um,
I live by myself and...
there is someone in my house.
Um, I'm gonna call the police.
- What... what's your address?
- No, no, no, no, please.
No, please,
do not call the police.
Don't call anyone.
Just stay on with me.
Hey, no, if you are in danger,
I need to call the police, okay?
No, no, no, no, no,
don't call them.
It already took me like five
minutes to get on this call.
Like right now, more than
anything, I need your eyes.
So just please
stay on with me.
Oh my God.
No, you need the police.
No, no, no, no.
By the time they
get all the way out here,
it's gonna be too...
All the way out where?
I just live really alone, okay?
Really alone.
My closest neighbor
is like miles away
and the police is a lot further.
Can you just stay with me?
Look, um,
I was in bed
a little while ago
and I thought I heard
something downstairs.
So I... I snuck out into
the hallway to hear better.
And as I got closer,
that's when I didn't
hear anything.
Like, no bottles, no footsteps,
no breathing.
Nothing, just silence.
Okay, so you didn't hear anyone?
No, no, look, I was...
I was there in the hallway
and as I'm standing there,
I felt something.
Like a hand, like fingertips
brushing my hair.
- Somebody touched you?
- Yeah, somebody touched me.
Like I felt... it was light,
like almost nothing,
but I felt it.
Somebody touched me and that's
when I came to this room,
because it's the only room
with an actual lock.
Okay, okay, okay.
Um, well, are you sure
that you actually felt
somebody touch you?
Because sometimes
I feel things that really...
No, it was real. I felt it.
I know it was real.
I need your help.
Okay, okay, okay.
Um, yes,
you did the right thing,
so just stay in that room
right now
- and just stay safe, okay?
- No, you don't get it.
I'm already not safe,
I'm not safe.
I need you to guide me
out of here.
Guide you... guide you out where?
- Where do you want to go?
- Anywhere.
Just guide me out of here, away.
And then we can call the cops,
but until then, I need you.
Will you help me?
Okay, I can't be alone.
I need you.
Will you help me?
Yes, yes, I...
- Yes, I will help you.
- Okay. Thank you.
Um, I'm going to turn
the camera around.
Can you see?
Um, no, it's...
it's really dark right now.
Oh, hang on. I think you can...
... Flashlight.
It... is it on? The light?
Well, here we go.
We need to go down the hall,
down the stairs,
through the kitchen, and out.
Back door is the closest.
Are you ready?
- Okay.
- Okay,
I'm ready.
You feel the bolt?
Okay, if bad things
ever happen, you hide in here,
you lock the door,
you yell my name,
and I'll save the day, okay?
Three steps, mija.
Hey, shh.
I'm always going to be
here for you.
Do you see anything?
Um, no, it looks clear.
It's clear.
You're good.
Anyone there?
No, it looks clear.
Okay, you're good.
You're good, you're good.
Okay, wait, what...
what happened?
- Are you okay?
- I drop you.
I... I hit something.
- This wasn't here before.
- Are... are you sure?
- You know, sometimes I...
- Of course, I'm sure.
Everything stay
in its place, always.
Ah, I found you.
Where's the door?
Okay, uh, it's to your left.
It's to your left.
Okay, well, the door's closed.
That's good.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- What... what's wrong?
It's unlocked. I always lock
the door before bed.
- Always.
- Unlocked?
Okay, can you show me...
show me outside?
Can you see something out there?
No, it's on you. Can you um,
just like flip the...
flip the phone around?
Close it, close it!
What, what?
- What's out there?
- There's a man in the yard.
He's locked out now, right?
Just let me call the cops.
You have time.
Front door, the...
the front door.
No, no, no, please.
Please, okay, just tell me
what your address is.
I... I cannot help you like this.
You're going to need somebody
really to help you...
- Are you there?
- Stop.
No, but I need someone
to try...
Stop moving!
Please, just do not do anything.
Just listen to me, okay?
Okay, that room
that you were in before,
you said that it had
a really strong lock, right?
Can you get there
really, really fast?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Just don't say that out,
I need you to just go.
Go now, go fast!
He's... he's coming.
Lock it, lock it.
I know.
There's two of them?
And what do they look like?
Okay, hold on.
Well, they're both men.
And there's a big one
and a small one,
and they both have hoods
- and some kind of masks on.
- Masks.
Fuck, the reapers.
The police are on their way!
- What did he say?
- Shh!
I have a shocker pointed
right at you.
Please, please God, please,
just be with me.
Just help... help me to help her.
Please, God, okay?
Okay, I don't...
I don't speak Spanish.
- I don't know.
- Shh.
Wait. Wait, wait, wait,
what's happening?
Is he... is he leaving?
Do you know what's happening?
I don't know.
Oh my God, what's happening?
He's going to kick his way in.
Where? It's just one room.
Okay, okay, just show me...
show me the lock.
The lock.
- Oh my God.
- No, that is not going to hold.
I know, shit, I know.
Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God.
Listen, listen!
Imagine you're in here with me.
Look around.
How would you keep him out?
I... I don't... I don't know.
I don't know.
I can't, I can't,
I can't even think.
- Oh my God.
- Come on, please help me out.
- Come on.
- Okay, show me...
show me your door again.
Okay, that dresser...
that dresser to your right,
can you move that?
- What?
- Trust me.
I need you to try to move it, okay?
All right. Grab the end.
And I need you to move it
towards the door.
No, but why are we doing this?
It won't keep him out.
It's not that heavy.
It doesn't need to be heavy.
Okay, just do it. Trust me.
All right, I'm listening to you.
Okay, now pull it...
pull it back.
A little bit more.
Okay, okay, stop, stop, perfect.
- Now flip it.
- What?
Just flip it.
What's that gonna do?
I don't...
Just stop! Just flip it now.
Holy crap. Oh my God.
Yeah, we jammed the door.
Okay, you're me, right?
What should we do?
How do I get out of here?
Oh, the... the window.
- The window.
- No, I'm on the second floor.
I can't just fucking jump.
What was that?
I don't know. One of them
just threw something
through your window.
Oh my God, it's rocks.
He's throwing rocks
through your window.
I'm... I'm surrounded.
Oh my God, get... get back.
What is that? What is it?
I don't know.
It's a... it's a can
with smoke coming out.
- Any fire?
- I don't know.
No, no, no, wait.
There's a lot of smoke.
Okay, we can handle this.
You gotta tell me where it is.
It was at the bottom
of the bed.
So, you gotta get it and you got
to throw it back out.
Hey, are you okay?
Just talk to me.
Say something, please.
Can you find the smoke bomb?
Can you find it?
I can't breathe.
Where are you going?
Okay, the... the thing.
You need to get
that smokey thing.
No, back.
No. What are you doing?
Let me think.
Shh, I got this.
Okay, the thing, you know.
The... you need to get that
smokey thing out.
No, no. Flashlight off.
We're gonna try something else.
No, no, no,
I can't see anything now.
It's all smokey.
I have no idea where you are.
Perfect, perfect, listen.
Whatever happens next,
do not make a sound
until I say so, okay?
- I need to hear everything.
- Wait, what are you gonna do?
- I don't want...
- Shh.
Not a sound.
Okay, okay, okay.
Is he coming?
I... I don't know, I can't...
I can't see him.
Is he coming?
I don't know. Just keep going.
Wait, where's the little freak?
I don't know.
He was under your window,
but he could literally be
anywhere by now.
We gotta get out of here.
Do you see anything out there?
No, no, no.
But come on, what if he's just
around the corner or something?
You don't know where he is.
We need to get out of here.
No, no, no, no, no.
Where... where are you going?
The woods.
- Wait, watch my back.
- Watch your back?
No, no, can we please
just call the police now?
If it really happens,
the reapers come for you.
Rule number one,
do not call police.
- But like why?
- What is it?
Because she has very bad
people all over the place.
Spies and eyes.
Even here in the United States.
So, if you call the police,
maybe the policeman
is a good guy.
And he wants to help.
But maybe the policeman
is not a good guy.
And he wants money.
So he makes a phone call.
"Hello reapers, guess what?
I have your blind girl
here sitting in my car.
Where should I drive her,
so you can chop off her head?"
Juan, you can't joke about that.
That's not fun.
- That's scary.
- Okay, mija.
Never trust anyone.
Never tell anyone
who you really are.
No computer chat friends.
No strangers.
Especially no police.
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
Repeat with me.
No police.
No police.
No police, no time.
Okay, but what about your house
and all of your things?
None of it matters.
I have everything I need
with me.
You just need to get me away
from here before morning.
What does that even mean?
Okay, who are these people?
Why are they trying to kill you?
Look, look, I'm sorry.
I know I was short before.
And this is a crazy situation
to just be thrown into.
But I don't even know your name.
It's Jael.
Jael, I'm Alejandra.
And without you,
I would have died back there.
So I owe you my life.
What is this?
Um, your car?
I don't have a car.
Right, a car. Right.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What if that's their car?
Okay, just please
get the hell out of there.
I'm going to check something.
Okay, I need to go
into the woods, okay?
So get me there.
I'm going the right way?
I can feel the trees.
Am I in the right way?
I need the tree line, Jael.
Jael, are you there?
What was that noise?
Is it clear?
Do you see anything? Hey?
No. No, no, no, it's not clear.
Get down. They're coming.
They're coming right now.
Where are they?
They're at the car.
Are they leaving?
Well, uh, yeah,
I don't think so.
What are they doing?
No, they're...
they're grabbing flashlights
and... and some kind of baton,
I think.
And a machete.
A machete.
A mache... holy shit,
they're grabbing
a literal machete right now.
Okay, a machete.
We can still handle that.
Oh my God, they're walking
towards you right now.
Okay, go, go, go, go, go.
Go where? I need direction.
I don't know, I don't know,
I don't know, I don't know.
Where do I go?
Okay, okay, um,
there's a tree to your left.
Just move... move around it.
Hit the ground,
hit the ground.
What's that noise?
Oh, it's a taser.
I feel like they're moving
past you. Can you show me?
Just be really, really careful.
Okay, one went to your left,
and one went to your right.
Okay, so then, go straight, right?
Yeah, go straight.
Throughout night,
your strength will come.
Okay, keep moving.
And stay alive.
Catch my breath
and we'll keep going.
No, no, no.
There's no keep going here.
Okay, I'm sorry, but it is time
to call the police,
so just tell me
where you are, okay?
I can't.
Oh my God.
No, I knew it.
I knew it. This is not some
random home invasion.
This is something else,
isn't it?
And you're not going to
go to the police?
No, I can't.
And you're not going to tell me
where you are in the world?
United States.
Oh my God,
come on, come on.
- You want me to help you, right?
- I'm sorry, I will.
But you're not telling me
literally anything.
I will, I promise you.
Jael, I promise you.
But just... just help me
get out of here, please.
- What?
- You're right.
I want your help,
and I really need your help.
So I'm going to trust you
with secrets
I've protected my entire life.
When I'm finished,
you can decide
if you can handle this,
and if you can't,
then I'll end the call
and I'll face the night
by myself.
There's three things you need
to know about me.
I was born in Mexico.
I'm all that's left
of my family.
They were all killed.
And I've been marked for death
since I was 10 years old.
My mother died
giving birth to me.
My father threw himself
into his work.
He built a global empire
and a legacy that he could
one day pass
onto his children.
A rival family wanted
to destroy my father,
take everything he built
for their own.
A war broke out,
but in the middle of this war,
my father met a woman, Carmen,
born into the family
of his enemy.
And then he fell
in love with her.
Oh, so like Romeo and Juliet?
Yeah, if Juliet was
a fucking rattle snake.
I remember my father
and brothers
calling me from the car,
and that was the last thing
I ever saw.
In an instant,
Carmen destroyed my family,
stole our empire,
but she knew that
all of this stolen power
could be torn
from her hands by me.
Because a true heir
to my father's empire
was still alive
and knew all her dirty secrets.
So step bitch sent an assassin.
To gun down a helpless
little blind girl
with no one left
to care for her.
Or so the little girl thought.
My assassin saved me.
And brought me
to the United States,
along with a ledger of deals
and alliances
taken from step bitch.
He even stole back
a chunk of my inheritance
from right under her claws.
And my cold-hearted killer?
He became my savior
and my only friend.
But seven days ago, he went out
and never came back.
And now that they found me,
they won't stop until they take
my head back to step bitch.
So I can't trust the police,
and I can't tell you
where I am in case
you panic and call the police.
The only thing I can really do
is beg for your help
and keep moving.
If they find me during daylight,
I'm dead.
All right, what's our plan?
I don't have a plan.
Survival, that's it.
Create some distance
between them and me.
And I can't do that alone
So please stay with me.
Because without you,
I won't survive the night.
Oh, come on, man.
I did not sign up for this.
I used to pretty much
live in these woods.
But the older I get,
the less time I spend outside,
you know?
I haven't gone outside
in a really long time either.
How long is a long time?
Oh, I don't know.
A couple years.
Yeah. Uh, it's a...
it's a long story.
My family died,
so I just can't.
I get this like really stupid,
a stupid oppressive feeling that
if I go outside
something really bad
is gonna happen to me.
So, yeah,
I just stopped going...
Stay inside, and the world
can't get you, right?
Yeah, you know that doesn't
really make sense, right?
I mean, it's a... the phobias.
They're not really rational.
I'm sorry.
I mean, hey, I'm inside,
so I'm... I'm safe. I'm okay.
Yeah, but what
kind of life is that?
I could ask you the same thing.
Mine isn't much better either.
Juan was my only friend,
he's gone.
Everybody's gone.
Well, at least you've
got me now, right?
I guess you're right.
We have a lot more
in common than I thought.
I'm sorry about
your family, Jael.
Really. But you said it.
We have each other now.
What could possibly stop us, right?
Yeah, right.
Okay, we should really
keep you moving, okay?
See anything back there?
No, it's all dark, so no.
Anything ahead?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What? What, what? You see them?
No, no, no. No, it's a...
it's a... it's a house.
Maybe these people can help you.
I'm not going to tell them
there's two maniacs
following me.
They're gonna call the cops.
No, I get it. I get it.
Okay, okay, let me...
let me think.
Okay, okay,
don't tell them that
there are maniacs following you.
Just say that... that you are
a poor little blind girl
who got lost wandering
around in the woods.
And... and you tripped
and you twisted your ankle.
Yes, no, this is perfect.
Okay, that way there is...
there's no need for cops.
They can drive you
to the emergency room.
And once you're there,
you can... you can...
I can what?
I don't know. I don't know,
okay? But come on.
Anything is better than being
alone in the woods, right?
The hospital is a public place.
People are going to be there.
These creeps can't do anything
to you there, right?
- Yeah.
- Right.
Okay, so which way?
Okay, just go straight.
Good, the cabin is just
straight ahead, okay? Wait.
Still clear back there?
Aim... aim your phone up higher.
Hang on.
Okay, can you see?
Oh, God, yeah.
It's smaller, it's smaller,
so he's moving away from you.
Yeah, straight.
Is my flashlight off?
Yeah, yeah, it's off.
Oh, there's...
there's stairs coming. Great.
- What was that?
- Motion detector lights.
Shit, how bright?
Super fucking bright,
it's everywhere.
Just get to the house, okay?
I can't now.
What's this?
Is this a deck like mine?
Yes, but what...
Is it dark under there?
Yes, but what are you doing?
You are literally at the house.
Just knock on the door, please.
Look, if they see these lights,
they're gonna find me,
they're gonna find the house,
and they will kill
everyone inside.
Wait, are the lights off?
Yeah, it's... it's dark.
Oh, who's that?
Someone's coming
out of the house.
Who is it?
I know you're out here.
No, lights?
Come on. I'm not doing this.
Look, just tell him
what's happening, please.
I see you,
I see you under there.
Oh my God, okay,
he has a gun.
So just tell him
before he shoots you.
Oh, oh. Hey, wait a minute.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
You're that little blind girl.
- What's happening?
- False alarm!
Whoa, jeepers creepers,
you got me there.
We're all good though.
Wooh, I was not ready for that.
It's like I just jogged
a mile or two.
I'm fine, just please leave me
here and go back inside.
You know, I've seen you
hiking around and stuff
with your little sticky thingy,
you know?
- Yeah.
- Do you know him?
Did you wander off or something?
- No, I can hear you. Shh.
- Are you... are you hurt?
I'm not, I'm fine.
Just please go back inside.
No, okay. No look,
this is mi casa, mi casa, yes?
Su... mi casa su casa.
All right, look, I just...
I... I heard your voice
and I came out,
because the lights were tripped.
All right, I get jumpy,
you know?
Oh no, see, look?
You're lost.
- Look, there's...
- I know you've got bat radar
- or something, you like live in
- The reapers have followed me.
the night, but I really can't.
So I've got to go
turn this thing back on.
No, no, no, no, no,
please not... not the lights.
Hey, don't worry.
I'm not going anywhere
or anything, okay?
I'm going to be right here.
Listen, that's me.
That's me, the dunking.
No, no, not the lights.
All right, I just got to
wave my arm and turn the...
No, don't turn on the lights
now please.
- Listen to the tapping.
- You don't understand,
- just don't do it.
- I've got to get this light on
by waving my... Oh, fuck.
Oh, what the fuck, man?
What's happening?
What's happening?
Oh my God,
the small one is here.
What the fuck, man?
Why'd you do that, man?
- What the fuck man?
- What is going on?
I... I don't know,
they're fighting.
Jael, get me out of here,
get me out of here now.
Oh, he sees you, he sees you.
Oh, oh my God.
There, hit him, hit him.
Hey, you stay away from her.
She's just a little blind girl,
you fucker!
Yeah, you like that?
It's a little worse
than a hammer,
isn't it, you bitch?
Oh, fuck. Oh, shit.
Hey, don't you touch my gnome.
Don't you touch my gnome,
my ex-wife gave me that.
You put that gnome down.
Don't... don't come near me.
I thought I killed you,
you centipede bitch!
Go, go, go.
So, he... is he coming?
I don't see a light back there,
but I mean,
he got shot, right?
That doesn't mean anything.
What do you mean
it doesn't mean anything?
He got shot.
What about the other guy?
He's definitely dead.
Anything ahead?
I... I don't know.
I don't know, I don't know.
It's so dark, okay?
- I don't know where you should
- No, no, calm down.
- Calm down, Jael.
- you should go, okay?
- I don't know what to do.
- We can do this, okay?
- I... I just...
- We've been doing this
all night, so you got this.
We can do it.
No, no, no, no.
I cannot do this, okay?
I literally can't see
anything anymore.
I might as well just be you.
I don't...
Wow, nice one.
Okay, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Just listen to me, okay?
Listen, I really...
I wanna help you,
I really do,
but it is almost morning,
and I am just some
regular person, okay?
I am a regular person
who is literally scared
of everything in the world.
I cannot just suddenly become
some kind of ninja overnight.
Fuck. Too much for you?
And you really can't do this,
I just need your fucking eyes.
- People are... are dying, okay?
- Fuck!
You need someone
who knows what to do.
I'm just some regular person,
who can't even...
I can't... I can't do this.
I cannot do this anymore.
I can't, I can't.
I can't.
When all this started tonight,
when I felt those fingers
touching my hair...
before I did anything else,
before I even touched my phone,
I said a silent prayer.
I asked for God's protection,
and of all the people
in the world,
God sent me you, Jael,
a real, live heroine.
I prayed for an answer
and you are that answer.
No, no, no, no, no.
I am not a heroine,
I am not the answer.
Okay, I'm a freaking mess,
I can't even leave my house.
I believe we were
connected for a reason.
I believe you're capable
of so much more than you know.
You have to believe,
you are the answer.
No, I don't want to be
the answer, please.
But you are the answer.
Feel that rope?
Let it be your guide.
Wait, wait, wait, what happened?
Are you okay?
This thing's still here.
This rope...
Now, let's see
where this takes us.
I thought it was long gone.
We're here.
Where's here?
What are you doing?
What's in there?
Remember when I said
I didn't have a plan?
Well, now I do.
What is this place?
You're getting older, mija.
You'll want your own space sometimes.
You can listen to birds,
drink beer.
At a time.
This is a special little place
where you can be you.
Look, there's only one way
in here.
We stay up all night.
You watch the door.
No, but what about
your phone battery?
Oh, charging case.
So we're gonna stay here
all night.
You're gonna watch the door.
And two things could happen.
One, they never find us.
And we'll go from there.
Two, one of them track us down.
And I'll be waiting for him
with this.
Okay, and then what?
And then...
I'll slay the motherfucker.
What, you're really gonna ambush
a professional hitman?
They're not hitmen.
Okay, then what are they?
Pure evil.
- They're called...
- Grim reapers.
Or just reapers.
You'll disappear
without a trace.
Before you die,
they show their face.
Yeah. Because fear might
keep you alive one day.
See, reapers is not just
another scary story.
Reapers are your
stepmother's hand-picked army
of the cruelest,
most heartless evil killers.
Real-life monsters.
See, reapers,
they don't use guns.
Because guns...
Guns are too fast.
Reapers love to hurt,
to maim, and torture.
They love to strike terror,
and they like to take
their time.
Reapers, mija,
feed on your fear.
Cheers, mija.
That's how I knew they
weren't random criminals.
They were in my house,
creeping around,
stalking me.
Not robbing me,
not attacking me,
not killing me in my sleep.
Toying with you.
They love to make
the most of a job.
What better way to savor
their victim's fear than to...
Start slow.
It's the big one.
Oh my God, it's the big one.
Where did he come from?
Right, okay,
where is the baton now?
- Wait, wait, did you find it?
- Yeah.
Now! No, no, wrong side.
That's the flashlight.
The other side.
Wait, Alejandra,
what are you doing?
You're... you're a reaper, right?
You disappear without a trace.
Before you die,
they show their face.
Yeah, I understand.
And if this is
my last night on Earth...
please don't do this.
No, what are you doing?
Please, God.
Is this really the end?
Am I really gonna die?
When I was younger,
I used to ask for stories.
So scary,
and mysterious,
and cool.
But now it's all real.
The last face I'll get to see
before I die.
Alejandra, please don't.
Is that the face...
of the Grim Reaper...
would be really fucking odd.
Okay, come on, go.
Yes, okay, you got him.
Let's just get you
out of there, come on.
Wait, stop!
No, he can't see you.
Okay, do you know
what this means?
It means
he's in your world now.
He's right in front of you.
Okay, okay, just be sure
to stun him this time, okay?
Okay, run, just run.
My ankle!
Okay, oh my God.
Okay, oh my God,
he's standing up.
He's in front of you.
Just stay still, stay still.
Just stay still.
Don't move.
He's listening for you.
Don't move.
Turn around!
Okay, now go straight
and just go fast.
Go fast.
How long till sunrise?
Oh, it's already morning.
Are you okay?
What are you stopping for?
Listen. Shh.
Okay, that's a car, okay?
Somebody is close.
So do the whole twisted ankle,
I'm lost,
get a ride to
the ER story, okay?
Hey, stop, stop,
that's their car.
Okay, it looks empty.
This might be a good thing.
Back in my house
you said they got weapons
from this car, right?
- No, don't.
- I'm... I'm empty-handed.
I'm completely defenseless
out here.
Oh, good.
- Help me out.
- For God's sake, really?
Yeah, let's go.
It's locked, so no luck.
Can you just get out
of there now, please?
I will.
The door has to be opened
with strength.
It's open, I knew it.
Do you see anything?
No, they got their weapons
from the back.
- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- Oh my God, what is happening?
This isn't right, no.
Okay, okay.
Show... show me the dash,
show me the dash.
I dropped you.
I dropped you somewhere.
Okay, point to the dash.
- He's coming!
- Where, where, where?
He's directly ahead of you
right now.
Okay, can he see me?
I don't know!
Racers, start your engines.
Okay, okay.
This is going to seem
really crazy.
I need you to put it in drive.
Park, reverse, neutral,
and drive.
- Okay, that's it, easy.
- Drive.
You feel that pedal
to the right?
So, where do you see him?
I don't see him anymore,
just go.
Drive. Hit it, go.
Keep it straight.
Fuck yeah, I'm driving.
What was that crash?
Fuck, what's going on?
Slow down,
you're going to crash.
...What do you mean?
Fuck, get off me!
Keep going, going.
Okay, okay. Good, good, good.
Okay, just slow down,
slow down.
Okay, keep it straight.
Good. Okay, get as far away
as possible.
Wait, are you stopping?
I'm turning around,
help me out.
No, no, no,
you've got to keep going.
No, come on,
you've got to help me out.
He won't stop, they never stop.
Let's finish this.
Okay, well the road
is too narrow,
So you're just going to
have to do a three-point turn.
and you're actually doing it.
Okay, stop, stop.
Throw it in reverse.
Okay, slow, slow.
How are you so good at this?
Beautiful. Next lesson.
This one's a bit
more challenging.
Three-point turn.
- Ready?
- I got this one.
Okay, you're facing him now.
Go, go.
Oh my God, are you okay?
Did we get him?
Yeah, I mean
he must have felt that.
Can you see, is he down?
There is no way that he could...
- He's getting up.
- Oh, I fucking knew it.
Is he still behind me?
Yeah, no, he's up.
And he's going down again.
Okay, that's good.
Okay, let's do this.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Oh my God.
That was for you, Juan.
Can you see him?
Is he moving?
He's down.
Forever and...
his head is off.
It's roadkill.
Oh my God. Oh my God, we just...
Oh no, no, no, no.
I... I just did that.
It was my decision.
Life or death, right?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,
and yeah, you're right.
But I mean to actually see it.
Oh, that I wish that
I could have seen it.
Okay, okay.
Well, they're both down now.
what now?
Alejandra, what do we do?
Hey, can you hear me?
Okay, so what do we do?
Jael, he is here.
I'm calling the cops now.
No, no, no.
Alejandra, just tell me
where you are, okay?
I need a town.
A name.
Is anything to the street?
Get away from her!
No, no, no, no. Don't, don't.
911, what's your emergency?
Oh my God. Hi, hi, no, no,
it's... it's not me.
It's a... it's a girl.
She's being attacked
right now.
What's her location, ma'am?
I... I don't know.
I'm... I'm on a video call
with her.
And I can't...
I can't hear anything.
Ma'am, I need a location.
Can you just... can you trace
my phone or something?
I don't know. He's just...
he's a small little fucker.
- I don't know.
- Give me your ring.
Oh my God.
Oh my God, Alejandra.
I'll need more information
in order to help you.
Oh, shut up!
Just shut up! Shut up!
Just... just show me what the...
Can you hear me?
Just switch to speaker.
God, just shut up, 911!
Come on, Jael.
Oh my God.
Oh my God, she can't hear me.
She can't hear me.
Oh my God.
Just switch to speaker.
And why wouldn't you
switch to speaker?
Okay, okay, okay.
Call ended. Thank you.
Thanks for lending your eyes.
Oh my God.
There's no call log.
There's no redial.
Why don't they have
any way that I can call?
Oh my God.
Oh my God, oh my God.
She's all alone out there.
Oh my God.
Oh my God. Okay, okay.
Maybe, maybe there's
something in here.
Okay, there's a...
Just a street sign
or something, please.
If there's anything, please.
No way.
No way.
No, no, no, no, no.
I am not the answer.
No, no.
I am the answer.
I am the answer.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
I really can't do that.
I can not do this.
No, I can't do this.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
I can't, I can't.
I can't not do this.
I can do this.
Okay, that's better.
I can do this, I can do this.
It's so cold.
Hey, how can I help you?
I'm... I'm lost.
I'm in the middle of the woods
and somebody is following me,
so I need your eyes.
I need you to
guide me somewhere.
Someone is following you?
- Yes.
- O kay, no,
just hang up and call 911.
End call. Hello.
I need your help.
Okay, what's going on?
I'm in the middle of the woods
and there's...
there's somebody
that wants to kill me,
so I need your help.
I need your eyes, I need to...
Someone is trying to kill you.
What do you mean?
What are you talking about?
Hi, I need your help.
Somebody is uh, want to kill me,
so I need your eyes.
I need you to help me get
out of here.
I'm in the middle of the woods.
Someone's trying to kill you?
- Yes.
- Wait,
- is this a prank?
- Ugh, end call.
Oh, I am definitely going
to shit my pants.
This sucks.
- Hello?
- Hi.
End call. Hello?
Hi, how can I help you?
End call. Hello?
Come on, please. He... hello?
Jael, come on, please be there.
Please be there.
Please, Jael, please.
Jael, please. Come on.
Please be Jael. Hello?
- Hello?
- Fuck. End call.
Oh God.
I hate this.
I hate this.
Oh God.
Oh my God. Okay.
Oh my God.
Okay. You are never
going to believe this.
Okay, I got your pin.
I can see your location
and I'm headed there right now.
You're really that close?
Yes, this whole night We've...
we've only been
a few miles apart.
I told you. You are the answer.
How far away are you?
How long till you get here?
I'm trying. These trails
are just really tough.
My hand's really bad.
I wrapped my scarf around it,
but I'm still bleeding.
No, I have bandages for you,
okay? Just be strong.
Now, I'm gonna be there
in 10 minutes,
so just stay hidden.
We're gonna get you
out of there. Just be strong,
Alejandra, please.
Hey, in 10 minutes.
Just 10 minutes.
This will all be over,
I promise.
No, no!
Shut up, shut up!
Ten more minutes
and this will all be over, okay?
Hey, you know the one good thing
about this whole 10-minute wait
is that the little reaper
creeper actually fell for it.
Suck it!
No, no, I can't.
No, my phone, my phone.
I can't see, I can't focus.
No, I can't.
I can do this.
Suck it?
Yeah, it's pretty good, right?
Hey, hey,
thank you so much.
- Oh my God.
- Um, sh...
should we like
kill him already?
Uh, no.
No, no, no, no.
I don't think I'm ready
to kill anybody yet,
but thank you though.
Um, just
I'm gonna duct-tape him,
so cov... cover me?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, okay.
Okay, it's...
it's in here somewhere.
You okay?
Yeah, okay.
No, no, no, no, no!
Just try to get him!
You hear me?
I can't try,
so just don't talk!
Cut my finger off!
This is what happens
when you fuck with me.
Or my friend.
Yeah, no,
I... I think he's dead.
You got a little blood on you.
Do you feel anything now?
No, I don't feel anything.
You don't feel anything?
No. I mean, it doesn't hurt.
I just feel like... like another
piece attached if...
if that makes sense.
- Really?
- I'm still amazed that you
- managed to find it out there.
- Oh, I know.
And by the way,
it was really gross.
Um, answer.
Oh my God, Juan,
you're alive!
Hi, I thought you were dead.
It's been a whole nightmare.
You're not gonna believe.
I've been deep undercover.
For you, by the way.
Hey, listen.
This is an emergency.
Your stepmother has
finally found you.
She's sending two reapers.
One big, one small.
- So you better run.
- No, no, no, no.
- They... they were already here.
- Wait, what?
Yes, I killed them both.
Juan, both of them.
- Hey, shh, shh.
- Oh no, I'm so sorry.
I mean, me and my new friend
killed both of them.
Right? Oh, she's Jael,
by the way.
- Say hi, Jael. It's Juan.
- Um, hi, hi.
Hey. New friend?
So you two killed two reapers.
Yes, and you're not
gonna believe this.
We even decapitated
the big one.
Oh, shh. Be quiet, be quiet.
Hey, mija.
I'm gonna finish this,
once and for all.
- No, no, no.
- No.
I have to make her pay.
Soon. Very soon.
Stay safe.
Hey, mija.
I love you.
I love you, too.
End call.
You're gonna pay, bitch.
Oh, going to be real honest.
Not really how I imagined
my re-entry to society.
One second. Okay.
Let's put this here.
And just go.