Give Seven Days (2014) Movie Script

The famous poet Tagore had said before,
love is the enemy of realization,
but in the current society, the saying no longer stands.
If you don't want to understand or care,
it seems to have become a new enemy of your heart.
More and more people have lost themselves in love.
This time, they need an exit, and I am the person whom they need.
I am Sunny, a love analyst expert.
In all the strange love cases that I have gone through, there is one that really stands out.
I call it "Love Exchange."
[Give Seven Days]
[ Producer: Liang Chuan ]br[ Film Producer: Chi Tong Sheng ]
[Film Organiser: Kang Xuen]
Every night there is a dark gleam.
It is obviously the stubbornness of love.
You keep looking for love but only hopelessness from night to day break.
Repeating the numbing brightness,
red lips are heartbroken because of the cold heart.
Your sharp claws can only pretend without getting appreciation
Tommy makes me feel really uncomfortable.
In what way?
He looks at every other women with this expression besides me.
This way. This way. But when he looks at me,
he has a different expression on his face.
Wendy is too controlling. I actually love her a lot.
Sunny, you know that I am a faithful kind of guy toward love.
Wei Lin, all women are very sensitive towards love.
They are all independent bodies.
They care most about how you care about their feelings.
Okay, enough, Sunny. I have another thing to attend to. I'll leave now.
Love is not just about guarding and supervision.
Love has to change. Maybe a change of environment might help you.
I worry the most
That you give me silence
As my answer.
Let me tell you. Today my boss told me he is giving me days off!
I have decided
from tomorrow onward to give you a month leave.
Have fun on your holiday.
Darling, where should we go for my vacation?
Ai Lin, actually you can feel that
I won't hide anything. All I want is someone who will be a good wife and mother.
No one will like a career woman!
[List of things that I have purchased: jewelry, notebook computer, watch, handbag.]
This too.
Postal address?!
Let me tell you that I am going to curse you for life!
I will never find an unluckier person than you in this world!
I am going to leave first and remember to send all these items to this address here.
Stop, stop, stop. Wait for me to leave here first!
Wait for me! Get right back here!
Why is he so accurate?
So an incomplete love
should be like superhero.
He should be able to exert his power to destroy whatever stands in his way.
Sunny, do you mean this?
- Absolutely not! br- Absolutely yes. She means this for sure!
I am really not saying this!
At most time, I will bring hope to my patients.
I really want to stab him to death with pins! Why did he look for other women?!
Do you know that my boyfriend never writes me letters?
You know that you have always been the most important person to me.
But sometimes there will be exceptional cases...
Enough. Please send this gigolo away from me, as far as possible.
Train station or airport? Up to you, okay?
Let me tell you!
I will send you off tomorrow! I may lose to love, but I won't lose my character!
I am trustworthy!
From tomorrow onward,
I want to change the way I live.
Although I can't go to Italy to see the Adriatic Sea,
I hope that I can exchange my house for a Mediterranean Sea style place.
I really want to experience an exchanged life with another person for a short period of time.
Exchange life.
I have an European-style house.
Very coincidentally, it is near the ocean.
It is as beautiful as the houses around Mediterranean Sea, and I am willing to swap with you.
My home is very warm, too.
It is also close to the ocean and very suitable for a vacation.
Shall we introduce ourselves? I am Wen Di, 30 years old.
CEO in a media company. Single.
Ai Lin, a small accountant in a firm. Single.
Can I go there as soon as possible?
[First Day]
Taxi, taxi! Taxi!
- Thanks! br- No worries.
Welcome. Please come in.
So extravagant!
I have this house to myself, yah!
Wen Di, I love you to death!
Here I come!
Who knows where the lift is?!
Auntie, why did you bring them all in?
No worries.
- Thanks, Auntie. br- You are welcome.
I shall stay here for a night.
Baby, baby, baby, oh!
Who is it?
Who is it? I'm coming. I'm coming.
I already told you Wen Di isn't home!
Hello! The party is about to begin!
Come, let's drink! Wen Di, we're here.
Oh dear, oh dear,
I have never met something so unlucky before...
What should I do? What should I do?
Don't tell me that they're staying overnight here!
Can you drive?
You are the one that can't drive!
Thank you.
That's right. How do you know
that I am locked in the kitchen?
I can see your red face. No worries.
We regularly has a party each week to different villa.
Wen Di probably forgot to tell you about our party tonight. Quickly go and change your clothes now.
Thanks, but I should be fine by myself.
I've rarely seen someone as impolite as you.
This is just the way it is. I never asked you to help me.
Good bye then.
Normally in this situation, this type of guy would try to ask me out.
Is it possible that I'm not pretty enough today?!
I've arranged to meet a friend at a bar tonight. Would you like to join us?
I thought that he was special.
Guys are all the same.
There are many guys who try to date me, so I might not be free.
Good bye.
The car seems familiar...
Turn back, turn back.
Just say another sentence, and I'll go with you. Another sentence...
Actually I am not really keen to go
I'm Lin Hao. This is our first meeting. How are you?
Ah, I'm fine, and I'm Ai Lin.
Just now... Thank you.
If not for you for helping me,
I might have had to sleep in the kitchen tonight.
Your temperament is really good.
That's true. I don't have any good qualities besides my temperament.
Oh, that's right. Where do you live?
Oh my god. I cannot believe
that this is my vacation.
That guy just now could have talked more if he wanted to date.
I'm just like any normal person. If you ask me out, I'd go.
He didn't even ask for my number.
Fool! Stupid! Idiot!
Pray that I never see you again!
Even if I see you, I'll ignore you. You can beg me. Beg me nicely.
Even if you really beg, I'll still ignore you.
Could it be.. that I have superpower?
Oh also, I need to let you know something.
If I sneeze, make sure to keep your distance from me.
That's because, my sneeze is a foreshadowing of unluckiness.
Doesn't that mean you've had many interesting experiences?
That's only if you count crashing into a bridge while on a motorcycle,
having water dumped on you when you walk out the door,
going to the supermarket only to have that market go out of business,
and going to a restaurant for a meal, only to have it close, as interesting experiences;
in that case, I've had a lot.
What a fascinating life.
Hey. Don't you mock me.
I don't mean to mock.
Truthfully, I'm envious of your life.
Hey, how can that be?
I'm telling you the truth. Comparing to yours, mine...
Sir. Your time is up.
I will be going boating tomorrow. If you aren't leaving tomorrow, you should come with me.
Rich people are indeed different.
Go boating?
Did I go back in time?
Wasn't this the guy that helped me park just now?
You pervert! You dare to stalk me?
Are you following me?
My name is Ai Qing! This is my house.
I live here with my younger sister Ai Lin. If you're going to live here, have you at least greeted me? Yes?
-Hello? Wen Di?br-Hello?
Hello? Hello?
What's going on here?
I was fine here, and then some man came in the middle of the night, claiming to be your brother?
He's my brother. Let me tell you. We rent the place together.
He lives downstairs; I live upstairs.
Hey, you're kidding me, right? How can I share a house with a man?
I'm so sorry. He normally never comes home.
I don't know why he suddenly decided to come back today.
What does he look like?
Uh, he's unreliable looking type of guy.
Let go!
What is this?
What? What are you doing? Don't come over here. I know taekwondo!
My brand new pajamas!
You bastard! Bastard!
I'll get my revenge.
Using such a sneaky way to not leave me alone.
I'm still so attractive.
But you are too disgusting. I must teach you a[End of the first day.]
You actually know how to cook? You must be standing on a stool to cook.
I made two portions. Here's yours.
Sorry about last night.
How many days do you plan to stay here?
Shouldn't I be the one asking you that?
I switched places with your sister. I'm taking a vacation here.
Oh. Is that so?
After I clean your clothes, I'll leave. Is that alright?
Of course, that's a given!
I must punish you!
Oh, right.
What were you thinking, switching places with my sister?
Wait. You don't need to tell me. I know. You were dumped, right?
You wanted to switch places to hide for a bit.
Who told you that?
This doesn't need to be said. I could see it with one look.
Although truthfully, I'm also in a similar position.
If it wasn't because of my argument with my girlfriend,
I wouldn't have gotten so drunk when I went to the bar with friends.
You have a girlfriend?
What? Is that so strange?
You have a girlfriend but still won't leave me alone? Is it possible that he's playing cat and mouse with me?
No. It's not strange. It's not strange.
Hey, why did you get dumped? Don't tell. I know why.
Seeing how strong you are,
not many men can handle being with you.
I'm too powerful? Look at how nice I am!
How come the clothes I brought have nothing to do with boating at all?
How could I let you drink the German-imported beer that I brought over from my house?
Hello? What's up?
-Hello? Wen Di?br-Yes.
Um... I'd like to borrow some of your clothes.
Borrow my clothes?
Do I turn left or right now?
Now push aside the curtains, and take a look upwards.
Wow! Wow!
Don't be overly impressed.
These clothes here are for formal occasions.
Such as banquets, award ceremonies, and interviews.
These here are for enjoyment purposes.
You just need to match well, you don't have to think too much. You will definitely be the party queen.
Yes, got it!
That's right. Hearing how excited you sound,
- are you about to go on a date?br- No.
Is your date Lin Hao across the street?
Don't say it like that! He and I just simply met at the party last time.
I don't care what you guys do, but I must remind you
his family has been rich and powerful for generations and is a strict household.
Also, Lin Hao sometimes acts very mysterious.
Where are my clothes?
Your clothes are at the cleaners. They won't be ready until Thursday.
What are you looking at?
Not bad right?
So so. A little better than nothing.
Are you complimenting or insulting me?
Depends on how you interpret it.
How about I have CEO Wen here give me some clues.
Alright. I'll honor you a little.
- So? br- Your wish won't come true.
CEO Wen, if you have nothing else, I'll take my leave.
Oh right, did you see my handmade frame?
- I have not. br- The one hanging upstairs by the door?
Bastard! Bastard!
Bastard! Bastard!
I think I know.
You really are my enemy.
Is that thing really that important?
This is obviously important!
This is my present to my girlfriend. It's her birthday next week.
Just buy a new one. That one looks poorly made anyway.
Buy? Where? You can't buy this.
Miss Wen Di, do you know this is my creation? This is my creation, okay?
- Who is it? br- Hello?
What? Impossible! I'm as busy as a dog. How can I help you?
What? What? I know taekwondo!
You use legs for taekwondo, not your arms.
I don't need to use my legs to take a little guy like you.
Okay, that's enough. Come with me to fix that frame first.
I... I... Go with you to fix the frame?
Miss Wen Di, it's you. It's you who broke it.
You must take responsibility, right?
For a powerful lady like you,
should you not take care of what you've done?
That's quite true.
So this is what a rich family is like.
Hi. Hi. Thank you
Is she crazy?
So embarrassing.
Oh no, what unlucky event is going to happen now?
Right. Starting now, I must be careful.
Rich family likes to kiss hands. Good thing I did my homework.
Good thing that I just washed my hands.
I will definitely not be wrong on this.
Hurry and finish this. Best not to see this.
Hello, this is the Lin Household.
How can I help you?
Hello, how can I help you?
It seems like this step can be skipped.
Oh, I'm here to see Lin Hao.
He asked me out yesterday.
Mr. Lin did not ask anyone out today. I'm sorry.
Did not ask anyone out?
Impossible! You were there yesterday when he asked me out.
I just said,
Mr. Lin does not have an appointment with anyone.
If there's nothing else, I will shut the door.
Lin Hao! What are you doing?
Lin Hao! Lin Hao!
Open the door! Open the door!
Long time no see. You are still as beautiful.
Why did he take me here? Did he also do a background check on me?
Rich people are indeed different. So secretive.
Unexpectedly, Wen Di and my brother attended the same college, didn't they?
Why are you a grown man taking pictures here?
This is the place where I first met my girlfriend.
I need to let her know I won't forget any moment I was with her.
Do you think your girlfriend is prettier or I'm prettier?
That's hard to say.
What's so hard about that? If you don't say it I won't take any more pictures.
Eh... according to aeromechanics and gravitational theory,
as well as the Pythagorean theorem, you are prettier.
What is all that nonsense? I don't understand.
You are goddess. Of course, you are prettier.
Right answer.
You are, of course, strange.
Did your girlfriend also graduate from here?
Yeah. I graduated from here too.
She's my junior. So? Isn't it romantic?
If I told you I also graduated from here,
will you say with open mouth,
"What? That's impossible!"
What? That's impossible!
Sorry about today.
Let's break up. Let us break up.
They hoped we didn't know each other. But...
- What?br- Hello.
How come you are showing up here so suddenly?
Are you rich people also so mysterious?
- And today, how comebr- Let's go boating.
Seeing as you're so handsome, I'll forgive you.
- Okay. br- Come quickly!
It's that green skirt.
That dancer girl.
Stop looking. Go talk to her.
What are you talking about? She looks familiar, doesn't she?
Look at you! Looks familiar?
Your eyeballs are about to drop out. Look familiar...
I wouldn't dare. What if she thinks I'm a bastard.
Bastard? You are the original bastard.
It's not a big deal for her to scold you. You are still a bastard. Go!
I have an idea.
Will it be okay?
Try it.
[My name is Ai Qing from the animation department. I really want to get to know you. Is it possible to have dinner together?]
[A: Pervert, leave me alone.brB: I don't know you. My mom told me to not talk to strangers.]
[C: We can have dinner together, but you must pay.brD: I will go home and change first.]
Classmate I have something to give you.
So lame.
Unless you were in college, how else could guys chase you?
Let me tell you. When I was in college, I was very popular.
To chase me, guys would line up from here to the main entrance.
Such a memorable scene.
I missed out on seeing it. Such a pity.
But timewise, we must have seen each other.
You're so smart that I couldn't have not known you.
For me, I started to be popular around the second year of college.
I was a nobody during my first year. I thought I couldn't do anything and didn't know anything.
One wordlame.
At school, it was an older classmate that changed me.
Then to put it that way, you had a passionate relationship.
It had the most beautiful beginning
but didn't have the most unforgettable experience.
To translate it, I couldn't find him.
I still don't understand.
The saddest thing is that I wasn't even able to see his face before he graduated.
I found it. I found it.
Here, I found it. Take a picture.
Green plum withered. Bamboo horse died. From then on,
everyone I met all resembled you.
Wen Di, why did you not say anything to that guy you had a crush on?
I've only seen my crush once, and it was from behind.
I don't believe it. Let me tell you, when I first met my girlfriend,
I only remembered her dress and hair.
Are you doing this on purpose?
Our first love stories are so similar,
but the ending is so different.
Where are you? Will we meet again?
How is it? What kind of flavor is this?
- You don't like it?br- It's not that I don't like it,
but I don't really drink this kind of alcohol often.
Right. I feel like it's hard for you to be yourself.
Are you talking about Housekeeper Yan? He watched me grow up. he doesn't have any bad intentions.
But I went to find you today. Did you know?
- Of course I knew. br- Then why didn't you come out?
- I Know!
You were always kept captive.
- You've always wanted independence.
You have a brother... You have a biological brother, right?
He is your family's heir,
and you are his biggest opponent.
So a part of you wants to revive your family,
but a part of you is scared of fighting with him.
So all you can do is wait and wait.
Wow. Are you a tiny detective?
Oh, I'm just a tiny accountant.
Then how did you get all that from just my one expression?
Ha. Who hasn't seen a drama?
Then what do you say I should do?
You should be brave enough to be yourself and trust yourself.
I will help you.
Telling the story up to here, I have to add:
When you can't decide if it's the right time
or right person, love may have quietly slipped away.
Do you... have any plans after work?
I'm going home.
What is it?
There's a really good movie...
Do you... want to see it together?
It may be a little late tonight.
Right. Right. Right. It is a little late. It is a little late.
- Let's do it on a different Okay.
- Then I'll go Okay.
Oh! Be careful.
- I'm leaving. I'm Okay.
Next time... Next time, if you're more sincere,
I'll accept it.
Let's eat together tonight. I'll wait for you downstairs.
Will you accept? Definitely accept?
Or might accept?
What do you want to eat? Say it.
Then, that will depend on your sincerity.
I've decided. Whatever you want to eat, I'll go with it.
Fate for love comes and leaves quickly.
Okay, let's continue with the story of Love Exchange.
Eh, Lin Hao, did you run into trouble again?
My secret has already been guessed by you. Do you think there would be any trouble?
Is there a need for this?
Mr. Lin.
I don't think I need to elaborate the importance of this incident further.
You aren't a child anymore!
Then you shouldn't treat me like one!
Lin Hao! Lin Hao!
You are Ai Lin, right?
I can help them regained their inheritance.
Let me tell you. I... I know your plot!
Let's scare him first.
Please don't look for Mr. Lin again.
Mr. Lin often mentioned you at home
these past two days.
I know you two are good friends,
but your short friendship
may affect Mr. Lin for life.
I'm definitely not extravagant.
Hey! Hey!
What the what is he saying? Threatening me...
It was like he was saying
Lin Hao would mention me often?
Hi!! Hi! Hi!
Hi! Hello!
It seems like I will continue to have bad luck.
[I've made you wait for a while.]
Time to change my luck!
Pen! Where is a pen?
Where is paper?
[I've made you wait for a while.]
Wen Di, I know you will understand me, right?
[What's your phone number?]
[Sorry to keep you waiting so long.]
[I've never had a cellphone.]
Wait a moment for me!
[You are such a weirdo.]
[I've never had a cellphone.]
[You are such a weirdo.]
[What does that mean?]
[You are such a weirdo.]
[It just means you are handsome.]
[What does that mean?]
[It just means you are handsome.]
[It just means you are handsome.]
[It's not your fault. Ai Lin will help you!]
[It's not your fault. Ai Lin will help you!]
[It's not your fault. Ai Lin will help you!]
[To revive the family?]
[It's not your fault. Ai Lin will help you!]
[I need to plan!]
[To revive the family?]
[I need to plan!]
[I need to plan!]
[I miss you a little.]
[I need to plan!]
What's wrong?
Nothing. Someone did something sorry to me.
We're here.
Next, let's welcome the last two contestants for the couple dance.
"Tomorrow." Welcome.
What are you thinking about?
Nothing. Aren't I taking a picture for you? Stand over there.
Come a little closer.
Okay. Pose! Pose!
One two...
It's so nice. The whole school has memories of you two.
Of course. To be honest, the first time I did this it was better than this.
- If not for you-br- I'm walking around for a bit.
I have already made it up to you. My time is precious.
Okay. I wouldn't dare. Who would?
Then how about we call it a day and go back?
Let's continue tomorrow.
We're taking more tomorrow?!
We already took so many. It's enough. Really. Very romantic.
- Let's be done with this.
No, it won't do.
If I don't believe in myself, who will?
Don't be stupid. It's just a coincidence.
Hey Goddess, what are you doing?
How can it be him?
- Let's go! br- Okay.
Coming! Let's go.
Wait a minute!
Are you just going to run away like this?
If you give up right now, only ridicule and failure will remain.
A person must believe in herself first before making other people to believe in her.
Come on, continue. Believe in yourself.
Don't worry about anything else.
Remember, you must believe in yourself first so others can believe in you.
Can you smile?br[Day 4]
My smile looks worse than my sad face.
Is that so? Let me help you relax.
- Relax, relax. Relax. br- Don't. Don' Okay, just like this. Smile.
Okay, hold that. Don't move.
[Super Beauty Rescues Handsome Man from Affliction]
[Day 5]
Perfect. Flawless.
Look at this wall,
the carpet, and this light. So dusty.
No. No. Don't be.
This outlet is also broken.
It's because of that unlucky person again. Immediately execute Plan Bretreat.
Hold tight.
I just came for a visit.
I came to use the restroom.
Don't come near.
If you come closer, I'll throw it at you.
My back is sore. Let me rest for a bit.
You are...
Where are they?
You come with me quickly. Hurry and come with me.
Where are we going?
Come this way.
You go to change clothes first. We'll meet at the beach in a moment.
- Hurry, You go first.
Then, you must come right away.
Hold on, hold on.
Climb up?
W Walk up, not climb.
Are you kidding me?
Listen to me. Hang in there. We're almost there.
I can't hang in there. I really can't do it anymore.
I'm tired from just climbing up the stairs at your place. I can't do this.
I really really can't do it anymore.
- No. br- I'll carry you.
Carry me?
It is improper for a woman and a man to touch. What are you thinking, carry me??
What do you think in your brain?
- Stop. Stop. Stop. br- What? br- It's pretty here.
Stop. It's pretty Why? br- Here is good, too.
It's beautiful.
For earlier, thank you.
Why would you thank me? I need to thank you for rescuing me.
Because I can tell from just looking at your reaction at home,
that wasn't actually the situation. You just wanted to make me happy.
Indeed, I'm really happy right now.
No, you didn't guess wrong actually.
Ever since I can remember, I'm like a pet locked up by my family.
My life has been predetermined since the beginning.
What I can do and what I cannot do.
Where can I go and where I cannot go.
But your family is so well off.
You should be able to buy everything you want.
In my eyes, your life is like a fairy tale.
It looks like that.
But what I really want, I cannot have.
What is that?
Freedom. Dreams.
Also love.
Give me your whole day.
Close your eyes.
Believe me. Close your eyes.
Lin Hao, what your heart is like,
is what the world you see is also like.
It doesn't matter what you'll face or encounter in the future,
you must remember this world belongs to you.
This tempo is not right.
After these past few days, your goals have all been reached, but what about mine?
What goals do you have?
What? You'll just forget it after throwing up all over me?
That was my fault. What do you want to do?
Do you have a pen?
Take it out.
What do you want to do?
Don't move,. Come here.
Don't move.
I have setup candles in a heart shape.
If someone proposes to me like this, I will for sure say yes.
Let me take a picture of you. Come.
Hold on, there are two people behind you. Wait for them to pass through, and then take a picture.
Who is this?
You must be Ai Qing.
Who is this?
She already told me.
A poor manga creator. You can't even afford to support your girlfriend.
Don't worry. I'll support her now.
- What are you saying?!br- What do you want?
You don't have the right to ask me.
What do you mean I don't have the right to ask you?
You betrayed me first!
This... Listen to my explanation. Wen Di, please say something for me. Wen Di.
No, listen to me explain. She is my friend's little sister.
Wait. No, she's my little sister's friend. Wen Di, can you help me explain this?
Don't explain. Let's break up.
Stop right there!
Look! Look!
I'm his little sister's friend. I've been taking pictures for him these past few days.
Is it your birthday in two days? This is the surprise he prepared for you.
He's treating you with his whole heart. What are you doing?
How would I know that he's doing this for me?
Maybe he's doing this for you.
Can you see? If you can, look!
Look. Every picture represents a letter. W. I. L. L. Y.
This lame pose is L?
I'm only human. I can't make that many poses. But putting all together, it spells
"Will you marry me."
These are places you guys went to together. Are you still suspicious?
What does this mean? What is this?
What do you mean what? Hurry and leave.
My name is Ai Qing!
Sorry about last night.
Eat this.
This dumb guy.
Do they not care about you anymore?
- Who? br- Your housekeeper and servants.
They no longer worry about me.
Not worry about you? Why?
Because of you.
When you made me see the world, I wanted to tell you,
my world is actually just your heart.
Oh no! What's going to happen now?
Stay away from me. Stay away from me!
Lin Hao! Lin Hao! Lin Hao!
Lin Hao!
Pick up your phone. Pick up your phone.
- Hello br- Hello. What's wrong?
I just wanted to ask you, when you were in college,
were you a judge at a dance competition?
Have you ever said to a girl, "you must believe in yourself
before others can believe in you."
Yes, that person was me.
Remember, you must believe in yourself before others can believe in you.
Do you know
how hard have I looked for you?
Hello? Hello?
I have bad reception here. Hello?
Wen Di, thanks for today.
I plan on proposing to her immediately.
Oh right, what did you need to talk to me about? I will definitely pay for the clothes.
But... You need to let me make some money first.
Hello? Hello?
Oh, hello. Hello.
Oh, nothing.
I just wanted to say
thank you. Thank you!
Thank me for what? Being your driver?
When are leaving? I'll take you.
No, that's okay. That's okay.
We'll meet again next time.
What is wrong with Mr. Lin?
Mr. Lin has a congenital heart disease.
To be honest, that he could survive until now
is because his family take very good care of him.
But these past few days, his condition has become worse.
Because of that...
You get busy now. To Mr. Lin,
all the jealousy, sadness, and happiness are poison.
As for love, it's enough to take his life.
I watched Mr. Lin growing up.
And his parents passed away early.
In this world, there might only be me
as his only family
without blood relations.
[Day 6]
Look, it's so pretty.
Don't worry. Every day hereafter, I'll watch it with you,
until we're old.
I don't care about that.
I only care to see you.
You are the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen.
When did you start?
I said... When did you start...
loving me?
When I first saw you, I started.
I'm a little sleepy.
I'll go back to sleep.
Lin Hao! Lin Hao!
Lin Hao!
Lin Hao! Lin Hao!
Where is Lin Hao?
I asked you where Lin Hao is!?
Dearest love, I've left.
I know I can't hold up anymore.
Although I can't bear to part with you for even a minute, even a second,
I don't want you to see me like this.
Listen to me.
For you, I am just a passenger.
I don't wish for you, because of me, to be sad and in pain.
You still have your love and your life.
In the future, you will have a child, full of smiles, like you.
I hope that you remember me smiling.
You came for a vacation. This is all a dream.
You have to hold your own life, just like what you told me.
I just want to say that
knowing you
is my life's greatest joy. br[Day 7]
Sis Wen Di.
Lin Hao, Lin Hao...
Lin Hao, you have to come back. Lin Hao.
This story of Love Exchange slowly comes to an end,
but our lives all must go on.
Don't you agree?
[I love you!]
[Until you are like this.]
[Or this.]
[I still love you!]
[He never smokes.]br[He's the funniest.]
[You are the best gift in my spring.]
[Sister-in-law, we are siblings.]
When night breeze brings cool air,
and the nightingales sing,
there are only those flowery dreams embracing the tuberose and
kissing that tuberose.
Stop singing!
Singing so poorly.
Then... Then you aren't mad anymore?
Seeing that everyone helped you so much,
forget it. I'm not mad at you anymore.
Perhaps love is like this.
Some people are hesitant. Some people push too hard.
Some people go the wrong direction. Some people take a detour.
Uh, so the plan for this season is like this. Does anyone have any suggestions?
- Nope. br - I knew you guys wouldn't have any.
Okay, hurry up, and get to work.
Work hard.
- Goodbye, Manager Li. br - Goodbye, Manager Li.
Bye, Manager Li.
Hey, Ai Lin. I noticed recently that you don't sneeze anymore.
It might be because my bad luck is over.
- How was your vacation? br- It was okay.
Perfect. Fill in these property forms by yourself.
I'll try my best.
I'll be going first, Manager Li.
Hey, you work hard. I'm watching you.
Hello? Wife, you can go ahead and book the tickets to Europe.
Work? The arrangements for work are okay.
I love you, my dear. Bye-bye.
Manager Li, you trust me too much.
I have always thought of you as one of the best employees.
Now, your goading tactics may not be useful.
If you can't finish it, I'll help you, okay?
You're the boss.
I'm an employee. How can I ask you to help me?
Okay. Then you can finish it yourself.
I can't go back on the promises I made to my wife.
Manager Li, you and your wife have been together for so many years...
Aren't you bored?
Time can change anything,
but not one's commitment to love.
Do you know?
Hey, big sister is back.
I haven't seen you in a while.
Brother? How come you're home?
Look closer. This embarrassing guy broke up.
He wants to jump from the top floor.
What? What happened?
- I'll tell you. br- We broke up.
Hey, I'll tell you.
That day, I had nothing to do, so I looked at their chat history.
I was looking at their chat history,
and it seemed like the man broke up with her.
And they broke up. Hey, I said you were always a spare.
You don't believe me? There's nothing you can do.
You're handsome, but what's the use?
- Is that important? br- Is it not important?
Enough, stop arguing.
Brother, tell me exactly what happened.
I realized that she wasn't the person I thought she was.
When you were in school, that dancer girl
wasn't even her, isn't that right?
How did you know?
Wait a minute.
Sister Wen Di asked me to keep this photo secret,
but I believe that now is the time to give it to you.
You missed out on ten years of your fate together.
It's time to let it shine again.
Please love me one more day.
Keep the tears until tomorrow.
Please accompany me one more night with
You're really my little lucky your remaining body heat.
This is a love song
with a predetermined end.
Am I now a girl who brings luck to others?
I think you have a problem. What exactly are you doing?
Open up.
Wen Di!
There are sweetness and also farewells.
Suddenly, my eyes are
Who is keeping the faith of love?
Wen Di!
Please love me one more day.
Keep holding me tight longer.
I'm so used to you being with me through all the hard times
Two people lost their courage to time.
The pain of remembering is like a thorn spreading in my chest slowly.
Please love me one more day.
Keep the tears until tomorrow.
Please accompany me one more night with your remaining body heat.
This is a love song with a predetermined end.
I want to sing it again
before I leave.
Green plum withered. Bamboo horse died.
From then on, everyone I love all resembled you.
We met the right person at the right time.
But we have no fate to be together.
I give you my blessings. Wen Di.
I missed out on ten years with you.
What's the point of saying these things now?
Everything's late.
It's not too late.
As long as we are still seeking each other, it's not too late.
We missed out on each other's best times.
Only the time I spend together with you qualifies as the best time.
It's my fault. I put my emotions in the wrong place.
Actually, from the first time I met you,
I fell in love with you,
but I only remembered your dress and your long hair.
She made me into a big joke.
She said that the dancer that day was her.
I was too impulsive at that time.
Just because of a single dress, I thought she was you.
Green plum withered. Bamboo horse died.
From then on, everyone I love all resembled you.
Can you give me one more chance?
Goddess, can we start over and meet again?
I have to think about it.
Hello. My name is Ai Qing.
Hello. My name is Wen Di.
Hello, my name is Ai Qing.
Hello, my name is Wen Di.
Dwarf, it's your Judgement Day.
We silently count those details.
There are sweetness and also farewells.
Who is keeping the faith of love?
Hello. Happy wedding day. Congratulations.
That's okay, that's good.
Hey, where's my bridesmaid? Bridesmaid? Where did the bridesmaid go?
Where's my suit?
Over there.
I would like to thank all those friends who came today
to my buddy's, Ai Qing's, wedding.
Everyone, let us witness this newlywed couple's pursuit of happiness.
Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!
I've already given away all my shares of the company.
The rest of my life will be dedicated to helping my husband achieve his dreams.
We will always be happy.
I want to give a present to my sister, Ai Lin.
You will definitely achieve your own happiness. Your brother and I both believe that
you will find the love of your life and be happy forever.
Let's throw the bouquet. Come on.
Let's see who the lucky one is.
- Are you ready? br - We're ready. br - One, two...
Lift your head up, and look at the same blue sky.
Reach out and engrave different destinies.
She still doesn't understand that her dreams are too distant.
Don't look back.
She's still barefoot with a smiling face.
The days after I left you, I was wondering every day
That pair of small hands
if I would ever see tomorrow's sunrise.
I don't know what would happen if I never saw you again.
I will definitely continue treatment
and keep living.
That little flower grows up so lonely
but is able to see the light on the horizon after the cold night.
Can you forgive my selfishness?
Ai Lin, I love you.
Please protect her from the tragic sandstorm.
She just hasn't grown up yet.
This... Is this really not a dream?
Ai Lin, I love you.
Will you marry me?
She will return a beautiful flame to tomorrow.
Even if we just have a moment or a day, I hope that our time together
will be your best memory.
I... I will.
- Did you sneeze? br - No.
Don't you usually sneeze at times like this?
Did you sneeze this time?
If I keep sneezing,
would you still be willing to marry me?
Fool, I love you for your bad luck.
She just hasn't grown up yet.
Give me your hand. When you fall, I'll be there to catch you.
When you're in distress, I'll be there to save you.
She shouldn't just grow up like this
I will always be by your side.
Please lend her a tomorrow. Please protect her from the tragic sandstorm
She just hasn't grown up yet.
She just can't believe destiny has already been written.
Please lend her a tomorrow. Please don't leave a scar in destiny.
She shouldn't just grow up like this.
We wish the newlyweds a lifetime of happiness.
Please lend her a tomorrow. Please protect her from the tragic sandstorm.
She just hasn't grown up yet.
She just can't believe destiny has already been written.
Please lend her a tomorrow. Please don't leave a scar in destiny.
She shouldn't just grow up like this.
She will return a beautiful flame to tomorrow
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