Gladbeck: The Hostage Crisis (2022) Movie Script

The footage you are about to see
was shot in August 1988.
For 54 hours,
the West German TV audience was gripped
by an unfolding hostage situation.
This film is made entirely
from original footage.
AUGUST 16, 1988
In Gladbeck-Rentfort,
two masked men have committed a robbery.
They've taken a woman
and the bank manager hostage.
This hostage drama began
this morning at 7:40 a.m.
51-01 to 40.
Come in.
Another shot fired.
You hear me?
Yes. Let's talk reasonably.
How do you see this going down?
Listen. 300,000 marks,
the key to the safe, and a car.
Yes. That's fine.
What kind of car do you want?
Um, a BMW 735.
A BMW 735. Okay.
An "I." I've got it. Yes.
- Yeah. Hold on.
- Yes. I'll call back. Go on.
I'm telling you,
don't do anything stupid.
I'll shoot the bank employees
and put the gun in my mouth.
Let's not do that.
We'll sort this thing out.
I'll call you back soon.
- All right.
- All right. We'll do that.
The handover can commence.
Attention, everyone! High alert!
I'm watching the entrance.
I don't see a thing.
Absolutely nothing to see.
If possible,
move the packages closer to the door.
Richie, clothes off!
Push them closer to the door,
then get away quickly.
- Go ahead.
- Sounds good.
A person's at the door.
It's the male hostage.
He's lying on the floor.
It looks like he's tied up.
He's opening the door.
He's pulled the first bag in.
The second bag...
the third bag.
He's closing the door.
For nearly 12 hours,
two people in a bank in Gladbeck
have been scared for their lives.
Two heavily armed men have taken
34-year-old bank teller Reinhold Alles
and his 23-year-old
account manager hostage.
The police have met
one of the outlaws' demands.
A police officer in underwear
brought them 300,000 marks
and handcuffs.
This afternoon, just before 5:00,
I spoke to one of the outlaws in the bank.
This is anchorman Hans Meiser, hello.
So who are you?
Who do you think? The bank robber.
- Pardon?
- The bank robber!
You don't wanna release
your hostages once your demands are met?
Later maybe.
We wanna take them with us.
- Where are you going?
- Like I'd tell you that.
they can tail you in helicopters.
We're done here.
The most horrendous hostage drama
in West Germany to date
has gone on for 54 hours.
The media in Germanyhas never reported
so extensively on a hostage crisis.
For the first time,
millions of people witnessed
every minute of every day
of the capital offense.
Throughout the hostage crisis,
the police didn't seem
to have things under control.
A dark chapter
for politicians and the media.
If the perpetrators leave
the bank,
don't grab them!
See that? A... a car's coming.
Looks like an Audi.
- That's them.
- Mm-hmm.
Right now,
in Gladbeck-Rentfort in the Ruhr region,
the hostage crisis
in the Deutsche Bank still isn't over.
For nearly 14 hours now,
two outlaws have been holding
two hostages.
Good evening, this is Heute Journal.
We've just heard that the getaway vehicle
has allegedly been delivered.
In Gladbeck, I hope...
Right now I have a black screen.
...Mario Krisolli who is there for us.
I hear you.
Mario Krisolli, the question is
what is happening right now?
There are the headlights,
as you can see.
Everyone's taken cover behind me.
The vehicle is moving slowly,
at a crawl, towards our camera.
One of the perpetrators
has a gun in his hand.
The gun is pointed at the windshield.
How are the police behaving,
as far as you can tell?
They're mostly staying away.
Now people are moving,
but it's more journalists
than police officers.
Someone,give him the mic.
We have to assume four people.
Have the perpetrators
been IDed?
- They have not been identified. No.
- No leads?
No leads. The investigations are underway
all over.
Doesn't it surprise you
they're showing themselves?
Um, the one who showed himself
was negotiating with us.
- He said he had nothing to lose.
- Okay.
You know
that we'll be live in a moment? Okay.
Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.
The hostage drama in Gladbeck
in the Ruhr region has yet to end.
Mr. Ptz, you're at the scene.
What's the situation?
Good evening, Ms. Christiansen.
I have District Attorney Gutjahr here.
My question is,
how will the police proceed from here?
Well, the pursuit has begun,
and the manhunt is underway.
Thank you, Mr. Gutjahr.
The Gladbeck bank robbers
have been on the run with their hostages
for 67 minutes.
The hostages' family members
fear the worst.
Police could not confirm
that they're still in the Ruhr region.
The Gladbeck bank robbers
have been on the run for two hours now.
They're still holding
two bank employees hostage.
12:40 a.m.
Those heading
the police operation have established
that the hostages have yet to be released.
The outlaws will probably have a new car.
It's supposedly a BMW
that they stole from a passerby.
In the meantime, the hostage drama
has lasted for over 20 hours.
We still know nothing
about the fate
of the two Gladbeck hostages.
Almost 24 hours after they were captured
by two armed and masked bank robbers
in a Deutsche Bank branch in Gladbeck,
they evidently still remain
in the hands of the perpetrators.
Crime scene,
the DeutscheBank branch in Gladbeck.
Since this morning, the police have been
conducting a large-scale search for clues.
Every clue is being meticulously examined.
There is a rumor circulating
that the hostage-takers
are two men in their early thirties
who are well known to law enforcement.
The reason we've asked you here,
and have had asked you here,
is various outlets reported
that something is happening...
in connection with the hostage-taking
in northern Germany.
We know who we are dealing with.
I implore you,
until the hostages have been released
or the hostage-takers
have been apprehended,
do not report on these events.
It is up to you...
not to endanger
the hostages by going public.
Once again, I implore you,
this is a very grave assessment
of the danger.
Nothing is known as of yet
about the outlaw hostage-takers
and their getaway route.
In order not
to endanger the hostages,
the police have stopped the pursuit.
The manhunt was stopped.
the manhunt was abandoned
to achieve the release of the hostages.
Since then,
there have been no signs of life
from the perpetrators or their victims.
The hostages' lives
are the priority.
The one in the leather jacket
is walking with the male hostage,
and the second person, in the red skirt,
is walking towards the city center.
The Gladbeck hostage drama
is by no means over,
especially not for us.
In fact, quite the opposite.
Today, the outlaws came to Bremen.
We sent Christian Berg
to track the hostage-takers.
They got gas, candy, and then vanished.
I noticed he had a gun at his side,
but otherwise...
- Have the police been here?
- No.
What's the latest?
This matter has assumed new dimensions.
Well, first off, let's say yes.
We know, as we just learned,
that they've made things worse in Bremen.
They've apparently hijacked,
or seized, a bus in Bremen
containing more hostages.
The two hostage-takers,
armed with submachine guns,
have seized a bus
with 20 passengers in Bremen.
We received this report a few moments ago.
I cannot tell you any more.
If new reports come in,
we will inform you quickly.
are you needed at the scene?
We're keeping
the journalists back.
I didn't catch that.
We're keeping
the journalists back.
Is it necessary for you
to stay in touch with those people?
At 7 p.m., the outlaws went
into a grocery store in Bremen.
Along with an unidentified woman,
they went to a bus stop and got on a bus.
The unidentified woman with the outlaws
is said to be armed as well.
It seems we have new information.
Somewhat stressful, yes.
We have footage of the events
from where the bus was hijacked.
If you could play it now.
It started during rush hour.
At roughly 20 minutes after 7:00,
we see them negotiating
in the back there, by the door of the bus.
By the open door of the bus.
The man with the T-shirt by the door
on the left is a hostage-taker.
A photographer's on the right.
Photographer, Peter Meyer,
was basically the messenger who delivered
the hostage-takers' new demands.
What do they... what do they want?
Well, now they...
they're demanding a vehicle,
one that isn't bugged,
but that's parked here
by someone from the press.
Then they'd
relinquish the bus, release the people?
Yes. They wanna set them free,
and then it'll calm down.
I just have to find someone
from the police.
- I'm here.
- It isn't easy to find them.
- Yes. Right here.
- Okay. They want a new getaway vehicle.
And they want one that's not bugged,
but one from a fellow reporter
that's parked here.
- They'll stay put until then?
- Yes. They won't do anything.
They demand
that a police officer in his underwear
with hands cuffed behind his back...
gets into the getaway vehicle.
They need another set of handcuffs
for a hostage from the bus.
- That's what they're demanding.
- Yeah. Okay. I'll see to that.
The criminals, apparently,
planned this robbery very thoroughly.
The police think
that they aren't particularly intelligent
but got their ideas from crime movies.
As we speak, the hijacked bus
containing 30 hostages is still parked.
It is unclear
whether their demands will be met.
Hey. What the fuck is this guy doing?
He's a colleague.
He's taking pictures of him. Unreal.
Come a bit closer
so we can catch what's going on too.
Listen, can we do an interview?
- Ask him if we can do an interview.
- Can we do an interview?
- Come on, Hans.
- Shit!
Is he trying to mess with me?
Have your mic ready.
- Hello.
- Hello.
This is Olli.
So how long
do you plan on doing this?
Well, we will make some demands,
and if they're not met, it's bang-bang.
You want
to be responsible for that?
We're done with life.
we've been on the run for over 30 hours,
and the cops won't stop pursuing us.
And the two bank employees
are at the end of their rope.
Especially the woman.
She wants to go home,
and we were prepared to do that today.
And then they got in our way.
We were sure that no one
would follow us, and then we saw them.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
You don't think
it's better to give up?
Definitely not.
This is how it will go down.
Shots will be fired in there,
my buddy is especially dangerous,
and the last thing will be...
That. Yeah.
I was in prison for 11 years.
I was sentenced to 13.
From the start, I was in juvie.
I don't give a shit about my life.
I'm serious.
But what about
the innocent people?
I can't help that.
Would you trade a hostage
for someone else?
But I want a police officer,
and he has to come in with an ID
and hands cuffed behind his back.
What are the chances
you get away with this?
I'm sure I'll get away.
Either that
or I'm gone.
Hmm? Simple as that.
If they think they can come in
with their damn SWAT teams...
Well, I'm not afraid of that. No.
We have however many hostages in there,
and we're heavily armed.
I don't wanna be specific.
Like grenades, or what?
I have a bag with things in it,
and it'll all go off.
- There are three of you?
- Yes.
Aren't you worried
about the woman?
No. She wants this.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
And, um,
I advised her not to.
I said, "Don't do it." She chose to.
- Is she your girlfriend?
- Yes.
She sees things the way I do.
That's why she's here.
So what was it?
Did you just want to get lots of money?
- Or was it...
- No.
I'm... I'm a criminal by nature.
Part of me.
For me, there's no such thing as work
and morals, and silly stuff like that.
I, uh... I want to move forward and live.
It has nothing to do...
...with all that political crap.
Cup your hand.
A few times I have thought
about whether or not to...
to join a terrorist group.
But then I figured
getting big money was better
so you can get by.
Did you
just wanna rob a bank,
or was it a targeted effort
to take hostages?
Well, we had everything
we needed to take hostages.
That was a factor from the start
in case it happened.
- You know?
- Right.
Can... can...
We're all standing around here,
and you're doing that.
Your gun is cocked.
- No. That's why I have my finger here.
- Oh.
That would be
a frightening feeling.
I mean, we all have an uneasy feeling.
The hostages
from the bank are still with you?
- In the bus.
- They're in the bus?
How are they feeling?
What's their point of view?
Well, go on over.
Hmm? Go? Yeah? Okay.
- But only you.
- Yes. Okay.
I'm having the clerk check all the bills
because they can put
small trackers in them.
Then we're sure there's nothing in them
so we can't be followed.
Any special dreams?
- You shouldn't talk about dreams.
- That's true.
A car and a shower. Bath.
I don't have any dreams anymore.
Oh, okay. I... I see.
Events in the Gladbeck
hostage drama are happening quickly.
The two hostage-takers
spoke to journalists from the bus.
An armed woman has joined the two outlaws.
She is supposedly the girlfriend
of one of the criminals.
- Can I just go now?
- Yes. Go on.
I can go.
Now for the latest
from the hostage situation in Bremen.
As we've just learned,
the hostage-takers
have released five hostages.
- I was there. Yes.
- What happened?
They came from the post office over there.
From the post office?
They came over from the post office
with a lady and a... a gentleman.
And then what?
Well, they got on the bus,
and now they're counting money.
Several thousand marks.
- A sack full of money.
- You were in the back, right?
- Yes. I saw it. You didn't.
- I was in the front.
- They let you leave the bus?
- I said I have a heart condition.
That's one way to get out.
The DA's office and Essen
have named the two criminals.
Hans-Jrgen Rsner from Gladbeck,
who escaped from prison
two years ago while on furlough.
His partner
is 32-year-old Dieter Degowski,
also from Gladbeck.
The hostage-takers
let you on the bus first.
What happened then?
Well, they waved me towards them.
I was sitting in the car
taking photographs,
and then they told me to come over.
They were very friendly, you know?
I was very careful at first
with my arms spread out wide.
"No need to put your hands up," he said.
Then, I went there,and he told me,
"Here the situation is crappy.
The cops said they stopped the manhunt
and weren't following us."
"Nothing's working, and now we're here,
and it's full of cops. You know?"
Then they told me
that they had a new demand.
They want a new getaway car,
and one of the hostages should be a cop.
That's their demand,
and it will stay that way for now.
Just now, he said if it wasn't that soon,
they would just take any car.
I said, "You can take mine."
Slow down,
slow down, slow down.
BUNTE, Hans-Henning Schmidt.
Can you talk to him?
- Yes?
- Sure.
Henning? I'll give him to you.
Thanks. Go on.
- Hello?
- Hello?
This is Rsner.
- Who's he speaking to?
No. That's our security.
That's why we're not letting them go.
No. Maybe we'll end up
six feet under, sure,
but not in prison.
I'm from Gladbeck-Rentfort.
I was.
I was in prison for 11 years.
I couldn't learn much there,
and I'm not interested in that.
Uh, for several things.
It started with shoplifting,
break-ins and assault,
and aggravated assault, and then I...
In prison, I stabbed an officer
in the neckwith a knife.
I got two-and-a-half years extra.
Now I'll ask a question.
I've known him for 23 years.
You're not gonna like the answer.
- The car is here.
- What car?
Yours. The car.
Uh, hold on.
- Which car?
- Your car's here, the Opel.
From the police? I don't want it.
- You don't want a police car?
- No. Nothing from the cops.
I don't wanna talk about this anymore.
I don't give a shit
about what anyone thinks.
That's it. Bye.
It's over there.
I'll drive you.
And then we were just waiting
for the response from the police.
I've got Christian Berg
on the phone from Bremen
to ask what news he can give us.
Hello, Christian Berg. What's the latest?
The current situation
is that the police are still negotiating
with a task force
and everything that goes along with it.
The police aren't willing to let
a police officer be taken as a hostage.
The Bremen Police
doesn't wanna let that happen.
As far as the atmosphere
of this hostage crisis,
it is unique in the history
of the Federal Republic of Germany.
It has the feel of a work outing.
The police have hardly closed any roads.
It's a relaxed atmosphere,
yet also cynical and brutal.
The hostage-taker just gave an interview.
A guy standing, waving a gun
while some 30 people, including children,
are being held captive is bizarre.
We'll have to reflect long and hard
on what's happened here.
A guy in a black mask is up there.
I know those tricks.
What is left
for the police to do?
Have the leaders of the task force
hinted that they want to give in?
The situation in Bremen is still tense.
The hostage-takers
are exhausted and on edge.
The police seem nervous as well.
I'm not waiting much longer.
I'll get back on the bus
to talk it over with my buddy
and my girlfriend,
then I'll shoot the first one.
I'm sick of being screwed with.
You piece of shit! Go away,
or I'll put a bullet in you, you bum!
This is my final warning!
The next will be someone on the bus!
Oh, shit!
He's got Karina.
- Who's Karina?
- My colleague.
What's going on?
All right. She looks all right.
I have a new friend for you.
Oh God.
What's wrong with him?
Why is Peter Meyer
getting involved? There's no need.
Why's he getting involved?
I would do it too.
There are 30 people in that bus.
I would run over there buck naked.
They're losing it.
They're drunk as hell.
If no one shows up, I'm shooting her!
What now?
You filthy cops!
You gutless pigs!
Mr. Meyer
is walking towards us now.
Well, they want to take off in the bus.
I tried to talk them out of it.
I said, "Let them go. Get in my car."
"One isn't enough.
They'll shoot at you too," they said.
Roland for 33-08.
I'll take down the number.
I'll drive the car over there
and give him the phone.
3-3-0-8, did you copy?
Yes. Their number, 3-6-2...
We're giving Meyer the number
and telling him to call.
Tell them to call this number.
Meyer's going over.
Meyer has driven his car
to the bus.
The phone is in his hand.
They started the bus.
Why isn't anyone picking up?
Meyer's yelling,
asking why no one is picking up
at the number he called.
Tell him 81, not 80.
81, not 80!
No one is picking up at 6-3-2-8-0!
The bus is driving off.
It's going through a red light ahead.
This can't be happening!
The bus is turning right.
Hans! Hans! Come on!
Live car chase.
A dramatic turn
in the Gladbeck hostage drama,
which is now the Bremen hostage drama.
The latest report
is that the hostage-takers
are heading towards the airport.
We just got word
that the bus passed the Oyten rest stop
on the autobahn, heading towards Hamburg.
No one knows
how this hostage drama will end.
Just how cold-blooded
the hostage-takers are
became clear three hours ago.
One of the kidnappers walked right up
to my colleague Gnter Ollendorf
and spoke bluntly to reporters.
It's a bizarre scene to witness.
And incredibly grim evidence.
The decision to air this interview
was not easy for us.
However, we feel
it documents the situation.
Well, we'll make some demands,
and if they're not met, it's bang-bang.
I'm afraid we have grim evidence
to show you.
Yeah. We're done with life.
I don't give a shit about my life.
No. I'm... I'm a criminal by nature.
For me, there's no such thing as work,
and morals, silly stuff like that.
We asked a fellow journalist
what he experienced.
I did an interview and asked him
if he planned on giving up,
and he said, "No."
That he was...
he was sick of the police
and was gonna shoot someone.
- Were you afraid?
- I was, yes.
He was pressing his gun
against my stomach the whole time,
and that wasn't a nice feeling.
Why did you ask him
to get into your car?
He was standing by it,
and I'm a journalist.
You just try, and it worked.
The bus is coming now with the hostages.
- I don't know if he'll drive it up here.
- They're really coming?
The mayor of Berlin
promoting the emergence...
- Is it really the bus?
- Yeah, it is. There's a guy with a gun.
Why did you drive off
in the bus instead of a journalist's car?
Because they're untrustworthy.
Do you think
the police will try something soon?
Us too. That's why we left.
- Are you prepared to kill people?
- Yes.
How do you feel
with a gun to your throat?
Pretty good, considering...
It's all kinda surreal to me.
Too young.
Do you think
he would pull the trigger?
The younger of the two outlaws
is standing in front of the bus,
holding a loaded gun
under a young woman's chin,
threatening to shoot her if no one talks
to them and meets their demands.
That's the latest
from the Grundbergsee rest area.
Peter Wst for RSH.
It started with the hostage-takers
demanding to speak to an officer
to start a dialogue.
The police said no one was coming out.
Next, they demanded a walkie-talkie
so they could at least
be in touch that way.
The walkie-talkie didn't work.
There was no contact.
The third attempt was using my car phone.
They gave me a number to call.
No one answered.
I don't get what the police are doing,
what they're thinking.
If they fail to meet demands,
even the smallest ones,
then I get the feeling
something's going to happen.
I'm being...
I'm being handed a piece of paper.
Right now,
the bus has stopped at Grundbergsee.
That is a rest area near Bremen.
One of the hostages
from Gladbeck has been released.
However, the hostage-takers
are now demanding
to have a police officer as a hostage,
as they said this afternoon,
and a new getaway car.
I'm sure there are only two options.
Either they meet the criminal's demands,
or something horrible will happen tonight.
This is Officer Aller.
The female perpetrator is
in the restroom with a gun.
In the restroom with a gun?
Whose call is it?
Should I grab her?
Yes. Get her.
72-28 for Roland.
Yes. I copy.
What's the report
on the situation?
Both hostages
from Gladbeck are free.
They're walking to your vehicles.
Also, we were able
to overwhelm the female offender.
According to the released hostages,
the two perpetrators could lose it
at any moment
if the woman doesn't return to them.
What is your decision?
We can't keep the woman
detained if we can't take down the others.
Only all three at once.
Should've thought
about that before!
Have her come out.
Send her out.
I'm gonna lost my shit! Let her out!
If someone harms her
and she doesn't come back soon,
I'll pull the trigger.
Then we'll have a hole in the neck.
But before that,
I'll shoot things up around here.
They shouldn't have done that,
those damn pigs.
- Okay. I'll ask.
- Those damn, filthy pigs!
I'll do that.
They are threatening
to kill a little girl.
So should we release
the woman or not?
Can you tell me
about the perpetrators?
Are they under the influence of alcohol?
Yes. Alcohol and drugs.
They've taken a lot of pills to stay awake
and have drunk a lot of beer.
The woman's coming back.
She's already far away from here.
Okay. I'll let them know.
You're bringing her back? All right.
She's coming here now. Yeah?
Sit down!
I swear I'm gonna...
Where's the mobile task force
with the woman?
She's walking over.
Open up!
Open up! Open it up!
Get him out! Now!
- Call an ambulance!
- Ambulance!
Someone's being taken out.
Get closer!
Get lost, dummies!
- Come on. Follow them.
- Ambulance!
We need an ambulance.
Go, get an ambulance!
Those bastards.
Come on, inside!
In here! In here!
Bring him in. Come on, get him in.
Out with the press!
Call an ambulance. Quick!
Ambulance. Ambulance.
Where was that number?
It's 1-1-2. Come on.
- What?
- We don't know right now.
The bus is pulling away.
- The vehicle, right?
- Right.
You know what happened
with the wounded guy?
- Who is it?
- The police!
Yes. We urgently need an ambulance.
Yes. The hostage situation.
Yes, sure. Yes.
I need another mark.
Stop asking
so many questions.
Send an ambulance
and come and see for yourself.
That's irrelevant.
Listen. I'm telling you
that doesn't matter.
- Is the ambulance on its way or not?
- Are they that stupid?
There are hostages!
They shot someone.
So, Marius, our viewers can hear you now.
Where are you right now?
We're on the autobahn,
the exit ramp,
about 100 meters
past the Grundbergsee rest area.
The city bus from Bremen just drove off.
a shot was fired in the vehicle.
A wounded person
was pushed out of the vehicle.
The perpetrators are very nervous
and, apparently, drunk.
I see they're turning off
and heading back towards Bremen.
And you're in the convoy
following the bus?
The bus is 200 meters ahead of me.
The most dangerous thing right now
is if the perpetrators lose control
due to alcohol.
I'm on the A1 autobahn
heading toward Osnabrck
in a convoy of roughly
80 civilian and police cars.
The autobahn is a mess.
I can't say
how things are in the bus from here.
- 70-21 to Aller.
- Twenty-one, I copy.
- You're at Grundbergsee?
- Correct.
How many injured or fatalities?
One seriously injured person.
Good. No fatalities.
Not yet.
The cops
are forcing us back. Outrageous!
Aller, come in. This is 70-11.
Do you have the latest?
Is there a traffic jam?
Yes, because of the reporters.
They're trying to follow us.
Media scum.
Let's be stubborn.
Don't get out of the way.
Stop it!
I'll get revenge. Believe me.
Axel, hello!
Hey, dude!
The hostage situation
is getting worse.
An hour ago,
the outlaws shot one of their hostages
at a rest area between Bremen and Hamburg.
The kidnappers lost it
after realizing the police
had their accomplice.
They grabbed Emanuele de Giorgi,
a 15-year-old Italian boy.
They brutally executed him
with a shot to the head.
Doctors in Bremen's Central Hospital
were unable to save him.
The outlaws are still holding
20 people hostage in a hijacked city bus.
It is 20 minutes to 3:00.
I'm at the Bad Bentheim border crossing
in the Netherlands.
German and Dutch border police
have closed the border.
It's hard to say
how far the bus is from here.
We're on the phone
with Burkhard Holland.
Good morning, Mr. Holland.
Where exactly is the bus?
The bus is just outside of Oldenzaal,
a town near
the Bad Bentheim border crossing.
Dutch authorities
have reacted very professionally.
It took us an hour and a half
through the woods to get here.
Everything here
has been locked down for several hours.
Perhaps you can tell us
the hostage-takers' most recent demands.
One of them is new,
a getaway car, a BMW 735i.
It's now been provided to them.
I'm hearing from a source
that the hostages have gotten off the bus.
However, I can't tell you
where the hostage-takers are.
We are 500 to 600 meters from the action.
Something is about to happen.
The getaway car is ready,
and we expect it
to be driving towards us atany moment.
I'm staying put.
with the hostage-takers took hours.
Shots were fired into the bus.
The bus driver
and the female hostage-taker were injured.
The hostage-takers drove off hours later
in a new getaway car that they demanded.
Two female hostages are with them.
We know their identities.
After that,
the German police took over again.
Back to
the hostage drama in the Netherlands.
All but two hostages have been released.
The outlaws are on the move.
The head of the police special
investigation force, Manfred Becker
The perpetrators
are behaving so erratically
that I can't say
how things will proceed from here.
It's astounding
they're still standing after 48 hours.
We also find it amazing
that we're seeing no signs of, uh, fatigue
in the perpetrators.
In our estimation, they're... they're still
exhibiting great purpose in their actions,
although 48 hours have passed.
And the psychological strain
on them must be very high.
We have to assume
that they will behave just as violently
as they have up to this point.
A German police helicopter
landed in Enschede.
North Rhine-Westphalian
Interior Minister Schnoor
visited and consoled the victims.
Oh, look. Television's here.
- I got through it all right.
- You certainly did.
- What will you do tonight?
- I don't know yet.
- Have you contacted anyone?
- Yes, this morning.
- Your husband or your kids?
- Yes. My husband.
- How did you make it?
- Well, it's obvious.
How are you?
- Good.
- Yeah?
Have a nice trip.
How do we get out? I'm leaving.
What was your impression?
What was my impression?
Gloomy. Depressing.
Interior Minister Schnoor,
are you happy with the police tactics
during this hostage crisis?
It's horrible to see it on television,
and I had to witness it for myself
how the ringleader gave an interview
on live television,
and all the while
he's holding innocent people captive.
It is horrible to have to watch that.
But we shouldn't pass judgment till
we know all the facts about this case.
On the third day
of the hostage drama,
the criminals' odyssey continues.
They were spotted in Wuppertal,
Hagen, Dortmund, and Hamm.
Hans-Joachim Wies in Cologne,
where are the hostage-takers now?
They're in the middle
of the pedestrian area in Cologne,
in Breite Street, since eleven o'clock.
They're basically trapped
in their BMW 7 Series
with a Dutch plate number.
They're chain-smoking in the car.
They're having coffee brought to them.
There are no police in sight.
Why are you taking pictures?
He's going to pay for this,
but he's not a monkey.
We didn't say that.
Do you not like that we...
We're providing you with protection.
I mean, if there was no one
from the press hanging around...
I didn't drive here because I thought
that's where the press is. I didn't know.
- No, no. You're right.
- I mean, where did they all come from?
Well, you're right on the square.
WDR, the advertiser.
- This is Cologne's media center.
- It's my first time in Cologne.
You came to the right spot.
- What's your first name?
- Hans-Jrgen.
Do you think your hostages
are nervous wrecks, or are they calm?
No. They're... She's tired,
but she seems to be in good shape.
- Yes.
- They're fine.
We won't do anything to them.
We don't wanna do that again.
The mishap that happened yesterday
wouldn't have happened
if the police hadn't, um, you know...
You're not mad
at your husband for that?
- It wasn't him.
- The other one.
- You're not mad, or are you?
- Well, here I am.
Was it
the heat of the moment?
We can't change it.
- Did you get it?
- Yes.
Okay. Other side.
We need one of the hostages.
Go over.
Which door did you lock?
Dieter, put the gun to her head.
There might be pigs lurking in the crowd.
Why lock the door?
Are there police?
Well, we can't rule it out.
Jan, it's okay.
Well, I am... You know,
the three of us are done with life.
Whether I'm killed doesn't matter,
but I'd say it's about these two girls.
I'd tell the pigs not to try anything.
If they do, they're dead.
Like the boy.
What are the police doing?
The police aren't doing
anything, uh, they aren't here.
If you look around,
you won't find a single police officer.
The police are staying out of it entirely.
You have to go 200 meters away from here.
Then you'll see
a few big sedans with plates
that look like Border Patrol plates.
And cars, armored cars.
There are a few snipers
setting up there too,
but in reality,
it all looks very quiet where we're at.
Where are the police?
Uh, somewhere back there, I think.
- So you're a spectator here?
- Yeah. Exactly. Like everyone else.
- Isn't that strange?
- Sure it is.
- What's it like?
- People are curious about it.
- That's why.
- Like the movies?
More or less.
Well, this is a big deal.
I mean, that's not...
I mean that critically,
that so many people can stand around here.
I think it's sad
that so many people can stand around here.
I'm... I'm standing around here too.
Normally, I shouldn't be here.
Where are the police?
They're around here, um, undercover.
And, uh, there are none in uniform.
They're not allowed.
You think it's good
that there's so many bystanders?
No, it isn't. But the press drives it.
Lots of reporters
running around here with cameras.
Can you really blame people?
Do you think it's exciting?
Not really,
but you have to take a look.
There were crowds
like this in Bremen too. And now...
In Bremen there was a big commotion too.
I think it's a disgrace.
I'd be ashamed
to film something like this.
People running around laughing and all...
Well, it's our job,
but there are lots of bystanders who...
Okay, I believe you.
It's your job, fine. It's news.
But these newspaper people
who get 20 or 30 marks a line,
they need to go.
I'm so appalled I could...
And they come here with coffee.
They... they go over there. It's ridiculous.
Yes, fine. That's... that's fine,
but I think it's so terrible.
I think it's ghastly. I'm... I'm stunned.
The cops need to go,
or else I'll shoot.
That's my last word.
- My buddy won't change my mind.
- But he's a colleague of mine.
- You discussed that?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Get your bags.
Hi. We're withRTL Plus.
We've spoken on the phone.
- How are you?
- Fine.
What do you plan on doing?
Yeah, we...
We'll... we'll make sure we shake the cops.
We have a plan for that.
Cologne will play a role.
That's why we're here.
- What about...
- That's why we're here in Cologne at all.
We're just parked here to drink coffee.
How was the coffee?
Do you want to trade
the hostages for new ones?
No. Not really.
- Not for me?
- No.
Why not?
- Because... I don't know.
- Because she's not well.
- Yeah.
- You were saying...
- It's the heat.
- May I ask her how she is?
- Mm-hmm.
- May I?
Okay. How are you?
Not good at the moment. I'm scared.
Well, of course.
With a gun pointed at your neck, it's...
Keep some space!
- They're on edge.
- Clear out of the way.
Come on. Clear out!
Okay. What's your name?
Silke Bischoff.
- How old are you?
- 18.
Move aside!
Hey. Don't get nervous now.
They should clear out.
He's gonna do something stupid.
Get away back there!
Everyone, clear out! In front too.
- Stay calm.
- Keep calm.
- Clear out in front!
- Do you want my phone number?
Do you want my phone number
so you can call me?
- Yes. Write it down.
- Look at her.
- You're making her nervous.
- I need my bag.
- Rdiger.
- What?
Look at her.
Don't cause panic. Put it down
Dieter, Dieter, no. Keep it there.
but don't press it against her.
Stay calm.
I'll give you my card. Okay?
Get away, man. Beat it!
Call if anything comes up.
If you reconsider
trading hostages, call me.
No. No need for that.
Clear out in the back
and the front! Hurry up!
- Okay. Got it.
- Yeah.
- What?
- They shouldn't mess around.
He's on edge. He might pull the trigger.
If you don't get out of the way,
he says he'll drive right through you.
Step back!
I think he'll stop.
He's coming through.
Stop. Get away!
Clear out in the back!
Move! Move!
Away from there!
I'm telling you, move to the side.
Everyone to the side!
Get out of the way.
Move to the side, man!
This is my last warning.
Out of the way now!
Move over there.
No one else come from behind!
How long does it take? Hurry up!
The other side.
We were in Gladbeck together.
You made demands. We're from the police.
Do you still wanna talk to us?
I'm just saying
we had a good conversation.
Should we...
Because you sat there and made demands.
Should we still meet them?
Come on. Think it over.
- What's your name?
- Udo Rbel.
Udo Rbel.
The journalists are following
the car. The car just passed ours.
You could call it
a pack of cars, 20 or 30,
that are rolling out
to follow the hostage-takers' car.
That's it for now.
From Breite Street in Cologne,
Roger Horn, RPR.
I'm out of time. Bye!
Catch up!
Out! Out!
Let me get in!
Go, go, go, go!
Where's the car?
Up ahead! Three cars ahead.
There are new developments
in the hostage crisis.
Uli Leithold, the outlaws' car
is apparently on the move.
Exactly two minutes ago,
Mr. Breuckmann,
the silver BMW drove off from here
after the perpetrators became increasingly
nervous over the previous half an hour.
One thing needs mentioning,
there are now six people
in the getaway car.
The editor-in-chief
of a Cologne tabloid newspaper
voluntarily got into the car with them.
I would've riddled them with bullets
from a machine gun.
But what a shame
I don't have a machine gun.
But 100 police officers?
Can you believe it?
They won't get him with one little pistol.
SWAT team! It's awful! SWAT team!
They have machine guns.
I would have shot them.
Whether it hits the woman or not,
he would've been gone.
Bet on that!
We have laws here. We have to follow them.
- That's embarrassing.
- There are innocent people here.
Innocent people!
Yes. Make sure you shoot him!
He doesn't belong in prison.
He belongs in a cemetery.
He belongs in a cemetery! He does.
Those are cops ahead of us.
Quite a few, but don't worry.
Police on the left.
One moment.
Get out.
Thank you.
They're hindering police work.
Drive to the side!
Move the cars to the side!
Go! Go! Come on!
Mr. Rbel has to...
Yes, yes. I know.
Mr. Rbel, you went along with them. Why?
The hostage-takers wanted someone
with whom they'd had contact
to accompany them
so they could get out of Cologne safely.
That's why they asked me
if I would come along.
What went down
during the drive?
Um, during the drive, things were silent.
I can only repeat
what we observed in Cologne.
The hostage-taker in the back
is on the verge of total exhaustion.
Absolutely unpredictable.
Capable of anything.
He told me I should get out
and tell the press and the police
he had nothing left to lose.
He said he executed a 15-year-old boy,
and he won't go to prison for life.
And if the police don't stay out of it,
completely stay out of it,
there will be a bloodbath with, um...
It'll end with everyone dying.
1:43 P.M.
AUGUST 18, 1988
The crime scene here
in Siebengebirge has been cordoned off
because of the dramatic events
that have just transpired.
There must have been a clash
and an exchange of gunshots.
It's the end
of the hostage drama.
We spoke with Hermann W.
of the Recklinghausen police.
According to our information,
the operation took place
at about 1:45 p.m.
During the operation,
five people were supposedly injured.
The three perpetrators
and the two hostages, presumably gravely.
A rescue operation is underway.
We have to wait for the events to unfold.
Move back! No photos!
Can't we make the circle
a bit bigger?
We on the law enforcement side
have concerns about close-ups
for the simple reason
that this is a police situation
that should not be accessible
to the public.
What does that mean?
I have to...
This was a SWAT team operation.
And the current circumstances
might allow people
to draw conclusions
regarding police procedures.
- Who's under the tarp?
- Pardon?
- Who's under the tarp?
- A hostage.
- The 18-year-old girl?
- I don't want to say.
Was she sitting
on the right or left?
I can't say that either.
Yes, well... We...
Listen, I want to be very clear
that we're still investigating.
You have to give a reason.
This is some kind of silly game. You know?
- What information do you want?
- Is her hair long or short?
I can't tell you that.
I haven't seen her. Hold on.
- What's going on?
- Just stay here.
One question, District Attorney!
Is there any point in us staying here?
- Not much.
- What?
He's not saying anything!
He won't even say who's dead.
The biggest hostage crisis
in the history of
the Federal Republic of Germany has ended.
After 54 hours, the police stopped
the hostage-takers' getaway car
in a wild shoot-out
on Autobahn A3 near Bad Honnef.
Two female hostages
suffered life-threatening injuries.
One woman later succumbed to her injuries.
Both criminals were also wounded.
Their accomplice sustained
minor injuries in the shoot-out.
The crime scene
is still being secured.
The dead hostage is
on the ground with a blanket over her.
18-year-old Silke Bischoff,
was killed with Rsner's gun
in the final minutes of this drama.
Emanuele De Giorgi was 15 years old.
He died while trying to protect
his little sister.
His family left Germany
after the death of their son.
Silke Bischoff was 18 years old.
Her mother still lives in Bremen.
Silke was her only child.
Police sergeant Ingo Hagen died
in a traffic accident while on duty
between Bremen and Grundbergsee.
He was 31 years old.
Hans-Jrgen Rsner and Dieter Degowski
were both sentenced to life in prison.
Dieter Degowski was released
from prison after serving 30 years.
He now lives under a new identity
in an unknown location.
Hans-Jrgen Rsner is
in preventative detention
and is still in prison.
Marion Lblich was sentenced
to nine years in prison.
She was released on good behavior
after six years.
Bremen's senator of the interior
resigned after the events of 1988.
The interior minister
of North Rhine-Westphalian
remained in office.
Since the Gladbeck hostage crisis,
journalists are no longer allowed
to interview perpetrators
while they are committing a crime.
Independent attempts to mediate
are also no longer permitted.