Glass (2015) Movie Script

The house IS cool.
Is it?
It's gonna be okay... but...
Everytime I come by you shit on what I do.
Explaining that it's gonna be...
It's gonna be okay.
But sometimes I've gotta show you...
You know?
Show you what's realistic.
- That's your job?
- What can be accomplished, yeah.
Why the fuck am I paying you 20%
to tell me what's realistic?
Do you want me to just blow smoke up to
your ass? Is that really what you want?
Yes, if that's what you're into...
I don't know!
No! You want me to pay... you're
paying me to... be your friend?
I'm paying you to connect me to studios...
- Which I am.
That are actually gonna
produce my scripts.
- That's exactly what I'm doing!
- Not use my scripts to produce their own whatever the fuck...
Horror what?
You made a lot of money.
I don't get why you're so angry.
That's... true.
That's very true.
You don't get why I'm so angry.
Then... walk out of here. Leave.
Fire me!
Make a change, I don't know...
If you're so upset with me.
If you're so tired of this, maybe
you should quit the business!
If you can't handle this...
If you can't handle this kind of rejection,
maybe you shouldn't be doing it.
- Yeah.
- I think you're a talented writer.
But if you're going to pull this childish shit every time
something like this happens, then I don't have time for you.
So you choose. You choose,
you can walk away!
My God. I can't believe
you bought this thing!
Yeah. That thing is going to come handy
when we get rid of our cell phones.
That's not what I meant, and
besides, I did not agree to that.
Yeah you did! It's not
forever, first of all...
And anyways your cell phone is always dead or dying or
you forget to plug it in or you lost it or whatever.
- Not true.
- What if someone breaks in here?
You can't find your cell phone, you
can use that to call for help.
That old thing would be more useful if I'd
just bash someone in the head with it.
Then I wouldn't need to call for
help, would I? They would be dead.
Why would you want that to be the scenario, where
you have to bash someone in the head with it?
Just use it as a phone, call the police! - I
had such a terrible long day, can you just...
- It's probably gonna be your pillow...
- Can you just take my shoes off? They hurt.
Just saying, don't call something stupid just because you
don't really know the use of them, you know. It's like...
- Maybe there is something going on you know...
- My God, you can't even put words together!
Are you high? Honestly.
Just the fact...
- Smell!
- That's not necessary at all.
I've been walking all day.
- Cute toes though, right?
- Yeah they are not bad.
We'll get this stream of
traffic then we'll go.
I had a 148042 immediate 25 on tech 2.
138061 30A61 drive through to 13 Victor 6.
Shit. Come on...
There. Happy?
So? We gonna do this thing?
- Yeah, shit, Mike.
- Shit?
I just have this one last thing to
finish. - Aha. You got two weeks.
- What the fuck Mike, I'm busy!
- Yeah, I know. We're both really busy.
With all kinds of shit...
That's the whole point. We take some of these
distractions away and we're actually getting...
- I've heard this speech like a hundred times but it's...
- A hundred, really?
- Yeah... This week anyway.
- Wow.
I finished all my online work 2
days ago, that's all I'm saying.
What work, ordering off Amazon?
Just one last thing.
See? All finished.
I would actually die if I'd stay cooped up in
that place. It smells like farts, seriously.
It's so gross!
I can only leave when he's sleeping.
- Are you serious?
- Yeah, he was sleeping when I left today. I just slipped out quietly.
You gotta do that every
time you left the house?
Well pretty much but it's only been like twice
since he stopped coming out with me but...
Yeah! Since I had that outing by
myself, I've had to sneak out.
It's 1 'o clock in the afternoon!
Are you sure he's still sleeping?
Yeah! He likes to sleep until
about 5 or 6 these days. It's awesome!
Is he feeling alright?
Honestly I don't know...
I guess. He's...
We've been having a lot of sex.
I am so horny.
So do something about it.
- You wanna go out?
- No.
What do you mean, no?
I mean: no. No going out, remember?
- What the hell are you talking about?
- We have everything we need here.
Ok, I know we have everything we
need like right now, it's just...
Just what?
- Well I didn't think we barricade ourselves in completely...
- Holy shit, you make it sound like I'm holding you hostage!
It's strange Mike's getting weird about you
living in the apartment and everything.
Yeah but like he says...
We have everything we need there!
Never mind. What's on tv?
Nothing. I cancelled it.
It's all part of the social experiment!
- Seriously?
- Sorry.
- My God. I'm bored, bored, bored, bored...
- You know when you say...
- bored, bored, bored...
- the same word over and over again and it's just kinda starts to sound like...
- Piece of shit, you hit my fucking tit!
- Hey, that rhymed!
Shut up!
What the fuck, Mike, you startled me.
But you're not bored anymore.
See, I can be funny too.
Mike's taking it way too seriously.
I got the key!
Live dangerously, die young!
We're living in the atomic world people
We won't last too long.
You can't stop it.
Look at the world we've built!
The Garden of Eden, people...
Honestly, Mike... Fuck, dammit!
Ok, you know what? I don't wanna be stuck in here,
starving without Facebook. That's just not my...
We could have sex.
- Fuck you're doing?
- Answering the door.
- You're not supposed to be answering the door.
- Excuse me?
Shut the fuck up!
Fuck you.
- What the fuck, Mike?
- Don't answer the fucking door!
This is kind of a bad time, if you
could come back later please?
It's a package for you.
I said fuck off, please!
Is everything's alright in there?
I said fuck off, please!
- Fuck you.
- Yeah. Fuck you too, mate!
If you could just fuck off please,
that would be fucking... so great.
Fucking psycho, I hate you! Fuck!
Fucking psycho, get off of me!
- You're the one who bit me, so...
- I fucking hate you!
I don't know why you so pissed about it!
It was your fucking Amazon order, asshole!
Good luck picking up now!
- You owe the swear jar money...
- Yeah, so do you!
What the fuck, Mike?
We're living in an atomic age!
Shut up!
- Who are you talking to, man?
- Nobody. Never mind.
Bless you.
We're living in an atomic age, people!
Live fast, die young!
- Robbie...
- Hi!
- Hey!
- How are you?
- What are you doing here?
- I'm grabbing a drink with a writer!
- Of course.
- Yeah, they love to drink!
- Do you have a minute, you wanna take a seat?
- Why not?
- He doesn't tell me much.
- It's a hit! They are producing it.
- Really?
- I know, go figure!
Just when you think the zombie apocalypse has
hit the wall, but the studio fucking loved it!
Wait, zombies? I thought he
was doing a gangster movie.
No, that was just a cover. He really
doesn't tell you anything, does he?
- I guess not.
- I am shocked he hasn't call to tell you.
- Why would he call me?
- He does call you, doesn't he?
I'm sorry. I didn't know,
I thought you two...
He's at home...
He was in LA last I checked
which was yesterday!
- I didn't know he had a flight back already.
- Wait, what?
Anyway, the zombie script
was ingenious, you know?
The idea of using deleted expletives in people's speech and then using the
main character's auditory disfunction as the catalyst for the apocalypse...
Hasn't that been done?
But you know I'm sure he was just busy with the script, you know how
studios can really put the pressure on when a project... like this...
Hey, so...
If you see Mike before I do, can you tell him I still
expect that meeting to be is actually 9 for next Monday?
And I'm sure you guys will
be just fine, come here!
You know, it's Mike! Just
call him, talk to him!
Nice to see you too, Mike!
- Fuck!
- It's alright.
- Zarana!
- Shit, what the fuck?!
Shut the fuck up!
Hey, hey! You can help me with this.
- Help.
- Help what?
We gotta get on this work 'cos she's soaking wet,
she's getting it all over the fucking floor, ok?
Come on, let's get her in the fucking tub!
We'll figure out what to do with her.
Come on, get her in!
Under her shoulders.
Under her shoulders! Come
on, come on, come on!
Just like that. We'll get
there next fucking week.
Come on, Zarana.
My God! My God...
What the fuck?
For fuck's sake...
What the fuck are you doing?
Get away from there, sicko.
Please... Please...
Yeah, that's what I'm
talking about, sightseeing!
Hah, that's some glory hole action!
What the fuck is that?
- Glory hole, man!
- Glory hole!
He's messing with you. He's
too old for a glory hole!
What do you mean what is it?
- Yeah. Exactly. What is it?
- Well it's a hole in the wall.
You know? There is a hole. You know what
a hole is, right? It's about that big...
Just big enough to fit your cock in.
So you slip your cock through the hole and then
on the other side of the hole it's like...
And you're in glory! It's a glory hole!
I don't know if that's funny...
But it's fun!
It is a real thing. You
can make one yourself!
- How would you do that?
- Google it.
You have any drinks?
Wait, I give you a raspberry!
Come on!
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Should've pick up the shit!
Hey, do you got anything to drink?
Better to die young! Better to die young.
- Fuck! What the fuck?
- Do you feel like fucking?
What about Lacey?
Wait, wait...
- What about Lacey?
- Who?
- Lacey!
- Who the fuck is Lacey? I'm gonna come inside you...
No, fuck... Mike, don't!
I said...
Wake up!
I said...
Wake up!
I got him.
Got who?
- Before he could get me.
- Before who could get you?
Is everything ok?
- Mike...
- That IS Mike.