Glass House, The (2001) Movie Script

Scared the living crap out of me.
Meryl Streep she wasn't.
Who's Meryl Streep?
Zoe, she's like Katie Holmes
to our parents.
So, what's next, ladies?
-I have to go home.
I can't have another fight with
my parents. They think I'm in bed.
Were you kids in bed early?
-I stayed up till 10.
-After 9, Rhett was asleep.
-Who's driving them?
-I will.
Nicki's selling coffee at school,
I'm helping her.
It sucks.
Do not say "sucks," say "disappoints. "
I don't need a lunch.
I'll go with Tash.
Eat pizza three days in a row?
I think not.
That's really good.
The proportions are perfect...
...but do you draw
what you really see?
The simplest is the hardest.
Seeing what's in front of you.
What's on for tonight?
I am so grounded. I got busted
sneaking back inside last night.
-Damn, how'd you manage that?
-My dad set the motion detector.
Our parents are getting
paranoid in their old age.
Mine still trust me.
It's beautiful.
Not a bad couple of decades.
Better than the first two
without you.
To 20 years of you and me.
And to our children, safe at home.
Hey, cool, you lost them!
Macho Mustang boys, to boot!
-We struck a blow for sisterhood!
-The only "blow" you know.
-Any raves?
-Full Moon Underground.
San Bernardino.
Probably Saturday.
I'll tell Mom I'm staying with you.
I can't believe you
still work that scam.
What can I say?
My 'rents are clueless.
I'll bring glowsticks if you buy gas.
-That's such a good idea!
-Nice try, Beams.
Rest, it'll be one hell of a weekend.
-Bye, Tasha.
-Don't let the bedbugs bite!
Now they call the cops on me.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Ruby Baker?
Yeah, I'm Ruby.
Whatever they said, I'm not missing.
I just went out.
Your parents were in a car accident.
Are they okay?
-Ruby, why don't you have a seat, hon?
-Are they okay?
My partner will help you have a seat.
-I can sit down myself.
-I know.
Are they okay?
-We're here to help you.
You'll be okay.
Relax. Ruby?
You'll be okay.
-Get her pulse.
-Can you hear me, Ruby?
"They are as asleep.
In the morning, they're like grass
which groweth up.
In the morning, it flourisheth
and groweth up.
In the evening, it is cut down
and withereth...
...for we're consumed by thine anger
and by thy wrath we're troubled.
Thou has set our iniquities
before thee, our secret sins... the light of thy countenance.
For all our days are
passed away in thy wrath.
We spend our years as
a tale that is told... teach us to number our days...
...that we may apply
our hearts unto wisdom. "
I think Rhett Baker wants to
say something. Rhett?
I just-
I just wanna say...
I just...
It's okay.
I didn't work with Dave and Grace
or see them every day...
...but I knew them for 10 years...
...and I'm sure if they
could hear this...
Well, Grace...
...would do her dismissive
little giggle.
You know the one.
And Dave would mutter
an "expletive deleted. "
They'd hate to be remembered
as anything but...
Which is exactly what they were:
Anything but ordinary.
But they will live on...
...through their children
and in all our hearts.
Do you remember me?
I'm Uncle Jack,
your mom's brother.
I'll go wait by the car, okay?
If there's anything that you need...
...anything I can do...
...I don't mean in the next few weeks
or months, I mean anytime.
How come I haven't seen you
in, like, 10 years?
Have you even met my brother Rhett?
Well, of course I have.
I haven't seen either of you in years.
First of all, I live pretty far away.
Then how will you help us?
I don't know.
There's the phone, e-mail.
-You and my mom never wrote.
-That's true.
As siblings get older,
they go separate ways.
-You and Rhett are close now-
-We're not.
We have nothing in common.
Used to feel that way about your mom.
It's not true.
I used to think I'd take a month off
and come out here...
...and get to know you,
your brother and Grace again.
Nice to see you.
Sorry things didn't work out.
-I'll call you later, okay?
Ruby? Hi.
-I'm Alvin Begleiter.
I'm so sorry.
I'm your-
I was your parents' estate lawyer.
I planned their wills...
...what they wanted to do
with their money and-
The most important issue right now
is who'll take care of you.
You and Rhett.
I'm assuming you know the Glasses?
I've known them my whole life.
Good. I know that your parents...
...chose them after a great deal
of consideration.
And there's something else.
Your parents were extremely thrifty...
...and with your mom's share,
your dad's life insurance...
...there's enough for you
and Rhett for the rest of your lives.
Obviously you don't know Rhett.
That's good.
I'll give you one of my cards.
I don't expect trouble.
But if you have any concerns,
any problems...
I'm an estate lawyer
and also a trust lawyer.
I want to be someone you can trust.
-You call me, okay?
Mr. Glass.
-Thank you.
My mom and dad would've
loved that speech.
-They would've loved it.
-Come here.
That's good.
We're gonna get through this.
We'll get through it together, okay?
Oh, Ruby.
You're in good hands.
-You guys ready for Malibu?
-It'll be a change, we won't lie.
It's not the worst place.
-Is this your car?
-My company's, on loan for today.
This place is huge!
Hey, Rubes, check out this view.
Yeah, it's pretty amazing.
-Cool, a meteorite!
-It's art, Rhett.
Give them the tour.
Stall them, I'll order dinner.
Let's get the lay of the land.
Master suite.
Home gym.
-Home theater.
-You never have to leave home.
-If only.
Vicki comes in most days.
-Hola, ninos.
This is your room.
It's temporary quarters, of course.
Unpack, get settled,
and I'll meet you in the kitchen.
We're sharing a room?
Glance at me when I'm changing
and you're busted.
We have a little calamari,
a little risotto with mushrooms...
...and green salad with
some Swiss chard.
-Do you have any Garfield?
-What is that?
-It's crap in a can.
-If it's crap, how come you eat it?
-Come on, kids. Try the calamari.
-Isn't that squid?
-Honey, tonight...
-I'll call Domino's.
Thank you.
Can you turn and face the wall?
Who are you, the Blair Witch?
I'm worse. Just face the wall.
Turn that stupid thing off!
There's public school,
then there's public school.
Trust me, there won't be any
Bloods or Crips.
I'm not scared of getting gunned down.
-You're a great kid-
-It's not about being great.
-It's about being...
Middle-of-the-year new.
There's a saying we teach
the Pain Ward patients.
"This too shall pass. "
This too shall pass.
This too shall pass.
Why don't you take
a seat in the back?
We have a new addition.
Would you introduce yourself,
Miss Baker?
You just did.
I'm Ruby Baker.
I used to go to Shady Lane.
That's in the Valley.
Not my choice,
just an accident of birth.
How come you moved here?
It was another accident.
Let's make Ruby feel welcome.
Thanks for the lift.
I can't believe it!
Like one of those isn't noisy enough?
No, Rubes. You can't play
"Pokmon Snap" on PlayStation.
You can play "Ape Escape,"
but not on N-64.
Mom and Dad would freak out.
Don't talk about them.
I haven't seen one girl
with blue-black hair.
The guys surf and swim all day.
That sun-worshiping culture.
That sounds hot.
I checked my pager all day.
I figured you'd call and you didn't.
Cell phones are banned at school.
The kids don't care.
They can't see they
lost their liberties.
They have so much sunstroke,
they're wasted.
I got us an assortment
of different things.
Some cold pastas, some salads.
Ruby, I think that you'd be
well-served by a better attitude.
It's okay. I don't mind take-out.
You're busy.
It's not from Wendy's.
I meant your attitude
toward your new school.
-My attitude?
-I overheard your conversation.
You were listening in?
No, I was trying to get a line out,
but that's beside the point.
The point is, you need those
kids to like you.
Otherwise, you'll isolate,
sabotage yourself.
-You'll have a miserable time.
-Okay, I get it.
I learned something.
-Wake up.
-I'm awake.
-Wake up.
You scared the crap out of me.
I heard noises. I thought
it was a burglar or coyote.
I'm not used to kids here.
Come here.
Thank you.
You must be freezing.
No more 3 a. m. swims. With all
the glass, you hear everything.
I'll set the alarm at night.
Are you coming?
Drunk driving among teens has...
...steadily decreased,
but we can do better.
As these images starkly attest...
...alcohol remains the No. 1
problem among teens.
This year, 20 percent
of teenage drivers...
How was your first day
of Driver's Ed?
-Fine, I guess.
-They still show gruesome movies?
Those were the Dark Ages.
They have better ways
of teaching kids today.
May I be excused?
Stupid, kid-proof piece of crap.
Was it awful?
I mean, the driving class?
-I can just imagine.
-No, it's...
I have my period.
Come with me.
Thank you.
Four doctors recommend...
This cramp, too, shall pass.
I'll turn it off
when I get to a save point.
It's cool. I don't care.
It's kind of relaxing.
Erin, get out of there!
What were you doing in there?
Tell me the truth!
-What are you implying?
-Tell me!
No, I won't answer you!
Good night!
-What the hell are you doing?
-Getting ready for bed.
-Watch your language.
-Don't play games with me.
You know what I'm talking about.
I'm too tired to guess.
I'm sick of your accusations.
Is that what you call it now?
-How many-
-I've done every-
You told me you-
-Hi, I'm Hannah.
There's this rumor you were
on academic probation.
Cut to the chase, huh?
I was. I had sex with the dean
and he took it off my record.
Oh, not really.
I was supposed to be at
my friend Tasha's...
...doing an essay,
and went to this rave.
Sunday I was fried and
downloaded this thing off the net.
-Tuesday, I was busted.
-Hey, Hannah!
-Hey! I gotta go.
Hey, Ruby.
My company's driving people
to a premiere.
I gotta make sure everything
runs smooth. Wanna come?
I have homework, three more hours.
Pretty heavy, so...
That's perfect.
Can we catch the end of the movie
or go to the party?
Actually, the hell with Westwood.
-My drivers can handle a premiere.
-Evening, sir.
Mud pie for the lady.
Ketel One, rocks, for me.
Thank you.
That party'd be a mob scene.
I really want to talk to you.
-Here you are.
-Thank you.
I remember when you guys moved
down the block 11 years ago.
It was funny. I noticed the furniture
as they brought it in.
Erin noticed a little girl.
But you were upset.
I guess about moving cross-country.
You wouldn't say a word.
Just hugged this plastic doll
against your chest.
Malibu Barbie, I think it was.
Prophetic, huh?
Think you mean "pathetic. "
No, no.
-I guess you moved on years ago.
-From what?
From hugging plastic dolls.
I should hope so.
Last night, when you fought... wasn't about us, right?
No. Married people sometimes
like to...
...push each other's buttons.
It's a form of intimacy,
a lower form, nothing serious.
One thing I haven't said about Erin:
It can be lonely living with her.
But that's my cross to bear,
not yours.
I think it's past my bedtime, Terry.
Of course it is.
Let's get you to bed.
You're not wearing
your shoulder belt.
Try not to make too much noise.
Rhett and Erin are asleep.
Hamlet senses something's wrong...
...that he alone can set right.
I want two pages next Friday...
...about what he means
and whether he succeeds.
Mr. Begleiter, before my parents-
They ever speak about
guardians for Rhett and me?
Different from the Glasses? No.
-I think they wanted to.
-They discussed it with you?
No, but my parents weren't
friendly with them after they moved.
Ruby, the Glasses aren't your parents.
They'll never be your parents.
-If Erin or Terry has done anything-
-We sleep in one room.
That's not ideal.
The other night we were alone
in Terry's car. He-
What? What did he do?
He just put my seat belt on.
The way he leaned across me wasn't-
It just- And I felt...
I know it sounds stupid.
And then...
...Erin was shooting up.
I saw her holding a needle.
Anyway, she looked really baked.
Try and understand this.
The accident, in effect...
...orphaned you and your brother.
So if this doesn't work out
with the Glasses...'ve no place to go.
You'll become wards of the state.
I'm not trying to scare you.
I'm just telling you the facts of life.
I drove halfway here
with the housekeeper...
...and then hitchhiked
and I was scared.
But I told myself once I made it,
you'd help me and Rhett.
When we met, you said
I could trust you.
All right.
I believe you. And I know
who to get in touch with.
It's not gonna be easy.
I can't promise you results.
But I promise you that I'll look
into this. You have my word on that.
Thank you.
When we spoke after the funeral... had said that...
...we had more than enough.
How much would that be exactly?
That's a question for the
trust officer at the bank.
But between us,
four million dollars.
So you can see,
you're financially very secure.
Now why don't you go home.
And do me one more favor?
No hitchhiking.
-This is out, okay?
-Yes, sir.
Alvin Begleiter calling.
I just had a disturbing visit
from Ruby Baker.
Rhett, why don't you leave that now?
Go and do some homework.
I have a lot of homework too.
Stay a minute, would you?
What you saw last night
isn't what you think.
Erin suffers from diabetes.
I hid it.
I don't want you or Rhett to worry.
The disease is under control.
You saw Erin giving herself
her nightly insulin injection.
Must've been a shock to walk in on.
One more thing.
Terry tells me that you got a
little skittish with him last night.
That makes us feel sad.
We want you to trust us, Ruby.
We need your trust.
I overreacted, I'm sorry.
There're still things
I need to get used to.
We all do.
We're all under stress.
I'm gonna begin my Hamlet paper.
If you need help, let me know.
That'd be great.
That's fine. Put it in park
and step out.
And Ruby? You'll get behind
the wheel next.
You can apply a bit more gas.
Sorry, I'm a bad driver.
There aren't any bad,
just inexperienced.
Take a breath, start driving back.
He's not in now.
I'll have him call you back.
-I'm Ruby Baker. Terry's-
-I know who you are.
Okay. Cool.
I came to catch a ride from Terry.
He's having a powwow with
some people now.
-If you wanna wait, there's a lounge.
-Okay, thanks.
-Glass Transit, may I help you?
-Any service technician to the office.
-What's going on, Terry?
-The usual.
Not to worry.
Nothing that can't be handled.
-We had a payment plan.
-The dates arrive, the money doesn't.
About that payment plan.
Nicole had a day...
...I'd call it unrealistic.
-You proposed that plan.
-I know.
-It's not dishonesty. We gotta-
-What is it?
Na"i"ve optimism.
But I'm an optimist by nature.
I'm betting on myself.
I'll be right there.
-Where's the money?
-You're not listening. The money-
-Say is, as in, "the money is. "
Can I help you?
-Whose car is this?
-Hell if I know. Showed up one day.
-One day, when?
-I don't know. Few months ago?
-We had a car like this.
-You really shouldn't be back here.
What happened was nothing.
Just a business glitch.
Hope you didn't get freaked.
People get weird about money.
I didn't mean to just show up.
I waited for Vicki and she never came.
We had to let her go.
Erin got held up at the hospital.
-Back up. You had to let Vicki go?
-We had to.
She drove you without permission.
Just to Santa Monica,
to the Promenade.
How did you know that she drove me?
How did we know? It's our job to know.
-Did you have a hard day at work?
-It was fine, thanks.
Don't you hate how he can't
make up his mind?
To be, not be, not not be,
be, be not.
My father drove a Saab.
Thank you.
For finishing my paper.
That would be wrong.
Come with me.
Ruby Baker? I'm Nancy Ryan.
I'm an inspector with Social Services.
Your lawyer said you
have problems with your guardians.
Please relax and be open.
Everything said here stays private.
Okay? So...'re 16...
...and your brother is 11,
and you share a bedroom?
Yeah, for now.
And you saw Erin Glass
injecting herself?
-They said she has diabetes.
-Diabetes? I'm gonna check that.
Now it's gonna be in writing twice.
My word still won't count
next to the Glasses.
Which is why I'll phone the Glasses
and ask them to meet me... I can verify everything.
-But... can I live with them?
-Do you wanna live with them?
-Sometimes things are fine.
Last night, Terry helped me
with something...
...but maybe that was
to keep me happy.
I know this is scary for you,
but don't worry.
We tell the guardians that we
perform a routine inspection.
If it's still in progress... just act like we've
never met or spoken.
You have no idea why I'm there. Okay?
This is my husband, Terry Glass.
Is this necessary in the middle
of the day?
We'll get this done
as quickly as possible.
It's intrusive.
Let's get it over with.
-May I...?
-Of course.
Only one child sleeps here?
Yes, Rhett.
And the girl, Ruby,
she has her own room?
-Of course.
-She's 16.
Nice accommodations.
The kids are home.
Do you want to meet them?
Yes, I would. Just to say hi.
But first, Dr. Glass,
may I look upstairs?
This is awkward,
but it's also important.
It's a matter of safety,
so there's nothing...
...dangerous in easy reach.
-"Humulin L and U."
-Diabetes. I'm insulin-dependent.
We have it totally under control.
It would appear that you do.
Here's the two best kids in the world.
Hi, you must be Rhett. I'm Nancy Ryan.
Nice to meet you.
So Rhett, how do you spend
your evenings?
When I finish my homework, I read.
And you must be Ruby.
You have a very nice room.
You've made a wonderful home
for these children.
-Thank you, Dr. Glass.
-Thank you.
We'll see you out.
You read? You lie.
Guess who I learned from?
Bye now.
Why don't we order some dinner, hon?
How do you like your new room?
Couldn't have come at a better time.
Come on, Mr. Begleiter.
-Sorry to disturb you this late.
But I found myself wondering,
"Where's the money?"
You might as well know.
Six months ago I took on a partner.
A silent partner and...
...I recently found out
he was skimming cash.
You've lost me. What does
this have to do with our loan?
I'm waiting, Mr. Glass.
-Mr. Glass, you still there?
He charged personal
expenses to the company.
When I want a heartbreaking
human interest story...
...I'll watch the news.
Meanwhile, your payment's due
tomorrow, close of business.
Do you fully understand me?
Mr. Glass?
I'm here.
I'm seeking full restitution
from my partner.
Plus I found a whole new
source of equity.
My big, new, personal piggy bank.
So you can expect another $30,000.
That barely covers interest.
You need to pay off the principal.
But I need some more time.
Not a lot more time.
A week at the most.
We'll give you two days,
because we like you.
We'd hate for you to find
your beautiful house burnt down...
...with your wife inside.
"I unfold a tale whose
word would harrow up thy soul...
...freeze thy young blood...
...make thy two eyes
start from their spheres...
...and each hair to stand an end.
If thou didst thy father love...
...revenge his foul and unnatural
murder. Murder most foul...
But this most foul,
strange, and unnatural... "
Begleiter and Brice.
-This is Ruby Baker for Mr. Begleiter.
-One moment.
-Did you get my e-mail?
-No, Terry trashed my account.
Or maybe the bill didn't get paid.
Did you find out about the BMW?
Right, the BMW.
It was registered
to a business: G.T.I.
Glass Transit Incorporated.
-Terry's company.
-Now don't you get it?
Ruby, please come with me.
I have to call you back later.
This is Miss Bassett,
our vice principal.
The paper you turned in to Mr. Kim,
that was your work, nobody helped?
-Not even Harold Bloom?
"Dance of contraries,"
didn't sound like a student.
I found it and other phrases
in Mr. Bloom's book:
The Invention of the Human.
We were told there's a case of
plagiarism on your school record.
You understand why we have to
take decisive action-
You were told?
-By who?
-That is hardly the issue here.
This sort of cheating
has to have real consequences.
We've spoken to your guardians.
Of course you have.
Frankly, we're not sure whether
you can continue at this school.
Why don't you ask Terry?
Or maybe it's time you took
some responsibility.
Maybe it's time.
This is Jack Avery.
I'm out of the country...
...but I'm checking my messages.
Wake up.
Don't make a sound.
Get dressed. We're gonna go.
-Where? With who?
-Away with me.
-Quit it! You're looking!
-Like there's something to see.
It's raining. I was sleeping.
I don't wanna go.
It'll be really fun.
They're giving away
Dragon Ball Z at Blockbuster.
We can go and avoid the rush.
Close the door.
What if they find out?
I'll take the blame.
Get in the car.
You don't know what you're doing.
Wanna slow down a little?
One thing I learned from Terry:
Buckle up.
-Terry's gonna kill you!
-Maybe so.
Turn that off.
Turn that shit off!
Look out!
You almost creamed that guy!
Right. Turn it off!
-I wanna go back.
-We're not.
-What do you mean?
-Figure it out.
We have to! You tricked me
and now I'm in trouble.
-The Glasses tricked you.
Did not. They're sleeping.
They were gonna send me away
and you'd stay home with them.
I like Terry. I like Erin.
You like the shit they buy you.
You couldn't see it.
They made you lie
to that social worker.
I didn't know she was
a social worker.
You didn't wanna lose
your Nintendo.
They bought you off.
-Where are you taking us?
-The point was to get away.
Don't say anything stupid.
The highway is closed.
There's a mudslide.
You need to use Malibu Canyon...
-Can I see your driver's license?
-My license?
-And your registration too.
It's over there in all my stuff.
I think I saw it over here.
Pull onto the shoulder and step out.
These are my kids.
Terry Glass, Glass Transit.
-We loaned you limos for the parade.
-How are you?
Rhett, poor baby! Come with me.
We have a behavior problem
back at home.
Your sister's going through
a hard time right now.
-You know, teenage-girl stuff.
-Got you.
Good luck.
Move over.
-You can turn around here.
Don't you have anything to say to me?
You killed my parents.
That's insane and hurtful.
You're threatened by your
business associates. I saw it.
Like Erin said to me,
"We need your trust. "
You need my trust,
$4 million worth.
I got a business.
My wife's a successful doctor.
-I got a big, new-
-"Piggy bank. "
That's just words out of context.
-What about the BMW my dad drove?
-What about it?!
For their anniversary,
I lent them a Beemer... Dave wouldn't drive her
in that Saab...
...which I repainted.
No good deed goes unpunished.
In your trashy mind,
you twisted that into-
What do you think? Cut the steering,
stripped the brakes?
It's understandable,
basic psychology.
You don't wanna blame your dad.
That he had too much booze
that night.
Then you'd
ask why your mom and dad...
...hit the bottle.
Whose behavior drove them to drink?
Get this straight.
You and Rhett are mine.
I suggest you forget your lurid,
adolescent fantasies and start-
-Let me go, bastard!
-Calm down, little girl!
What's happening out there?
Your sister is having a tantrum.
Come on. Come back to bed.
Let me go! Get off!
Let go!
Listen hard, Ruby.
Anything happens to you,
we got Rhett...
...and all we need is one child.
Erin! Stop him, please!
Please come help me, please!
He's not gonna hurt you!
Erin, please don't! Erin, don't! No!
Thank you for listening.
You'll feel better now, Ruby.
Rest, relax.
-Where to, ladies?
-The mall.
Has anyone heard from Ruby?
-Me? Not for a month.
-Same. Won't even answer my e-mails.
What up with Little Miss Malibu?
Too busy bodysurfing?
Then we are too busy for her.
-Where's the rest of our money?
The bank sent me a check
with the wrong zip code.
Some incompetent jerk at the bank
inverted the last digits!
So I'll need another-
We gotta expand the house,
a wing for the kids.
Our little boy gets bigger every day,
and the girl is a teen.
I don't know if you have kids...
Anyway, construction costs
in Malibu are off the charts.
I'm estimating a quarter million.
We'll need to see blueprints.
There's an approval process.
You can't get them
without an architect.
Mine wants a cash down payment.
He's in demand.
I believe we advanced you...
...$30,000 for that purpose
just last month.
But that was for a room,
before I realized I needed a wing.
Isn't a guardian supposed to
keep the kids comfortable?
Here's the trust.
It authorizes me to use money
to enlarge the house.
And guardians aren't supposed
to suffer economically... fulfilling their obligations?
I'm paying two tuitions.
I employ a nanny. The kids see
therapists to deal with the tragedy.
I plan trips to broaden
their horizons...
...and it's like a root canal
when I need reimbursement.
-Where'd you get it?
-You faxed it to us last week.
I'm surprised to hear you have
both children at Westcott.
Did I say Westcott? We changed our
minds about it. It's too glitzy.
-We gotta do what's best for them.
-Isn't that the truth?
Thank you for waiting.
I'll take your order.
I need five dozen
...and I need two dozen
We sent up 60 of fentanyl on Monday.
I doubled the PCA infusion
rate of Demerol in six patients.
Dr. Glass?
I'm on the phone with the pharmacy.
Dr. Wise wants to see you.
The Medical Director.
Wake up, Ruby.
Sleeping Beauty.
All you do is sleep. It scares me.
So you're losing your medical license.
That's wonderful.
-I have a sickness.
-Yeah, it's called self-pity.
Complicated by being born
without a freaking backbone.
So I'm weak, am I?
Maybe I am.
At least I'm not greedy
and reckless...
...borrowing a million
from loan sharks-
Which should've been paid off!
We had a good thing going...
...till you put your hand in.
A good thing? You son of a bitch!
-I was a doctor!
-Yeah, but you became a junkie.
Not until you did what you did.
Where were you when I did it?
Right. I saw an opportunity, Erin.
I saw an opportunity and grabbed it.
I had what you didn't.
I had the nerve, the will.
Since nobody gave me
a chance, I took it.
I'm not doing this anymore.
It's already done.
This is about containing the damage.
You know we have to
get rid of the girl.
Speaking of which, we're dry?
There's nothing to take care of her,
so I'll get something.
If I can't find drugs in L.A...
Wave at the camera, Ruby.
Wave at the camera!
They can't catch me!
-Come in the water, Erin!
-Wait! I'm coming too!
Spin me, Erin! Faster!
-Good girl.
Rhett. Rhett, move away.
Erin! It took some doing...
...but I found some
pharmaceutical morphine.
God, not now.
I thought you'd wanna know.
Terry needs to talk to you kids.
You kids are a handful,
you know that?
Where's your sister?
Where's your damn sister?
I should've put you here from day one.
What's happening?
He got the Jag.
-He walked back in the house.
-Keep working.
He's sleeping.
He fell asleep.
There's gonna be a change of plans.
Why would he do that?
He's bombed!
He finished a bottle of vodka.
It's right there.
I see what's weird.
Begleiter! What's going on?
You ought to have your
wife take a look at that.
-She's not home.
-Your office said you were home.
I kept calling but nobody answered,
so here I am.
The bank blocked your
guardianship account.
The officer believes
there's malfeasance.
The sons of bitches!
I went out on a limb for you.
I warned you about the girl's claims...
...about her accusations, because I
trusted you, as did the Bakers.
But if you've lied,
the courts will step in.
If they take these children,
they have no place to go.
He thought he was helping us.
Mr. Glass, where are the children?
At their music lessons.
Their piano lessons.
Next, I'll have to buy
them a Steinway...
...and the bank will say,
"Can't they play the kazoo?"
That's my Testarossa.
No, that's our Testarossa.
Until we get our money back.
You planned to skip town today?
Where'd you get that idea?
-Your wife called us this morning.
-My wife?
Before you leave, how about repaying
the loan in one lump cash sum?
He doesn't have our money.
-What's going on, Terry?
-Ask him.
-Your partner?
-Bastard robbed me blind.
-Oh, my God. I'm leaving.
-No, no, no.
-You're not.
-We need an explanation.
-From me?
I have nothing to do with this!
-Nobody listens anymore.
-Are you happy, Terry?
Feel good about that?
Terry, you're a troublemaker.
-That took care of the problem.
-No. We'll discuss this in the car.
There's nothing to discuss!
Just walk like a man out to the Jag.
That was the problem. You solved it.
The rest is pure profit.
Not the Jag. The Volvo.
Wait here for a minute, okay?
-Nice little drive in our car.
-No! Not in there!
Not in there! No! Not in there!
I don't even have the key!
We got all the keys to all the cars.
Take the Volvo, not the Jag!
-Let's go!
-Okay, you win!
-You win.
-It's over.
Just please take the Volvo, okay?
You're making this difficult.
-Take the Volvo.
Brand loyalty. I like that.
That little bitch!
You're some kind of joker.
We'll take the Jaguar.
You haven't been
to our Tarzana office.
We got a handball court and a sauna...
...and way in the back we have
this special room.
Totally soundproof.
What the-?
What the-?
What'd you do to this car?!
What'd you do to this car?!
Hi, you guys need some help?
-Everything under control?
-We got it covered.
You two kids stay in the car.
I have a possible T.C.
Southbound, Malibu Canyon.
-I'll be investigating.
-Copy that.
I have a rollover T.C...
...with one fatality.
I'll need two backup units.
It's okay.
Ruby, go! Drive!
-Where's the stupid key?!
-It's okay!
We're gonna die here! Let's go!
Come on, find them!
I need your help.
-He's getting closer!
-I got them!
He's getting closer!
Drive! Drive! Drive!
Why are you stopping?!
It's okay, honey.
-Buckle up.
-What're you doing?!
-All's forgiven.
-What're you doing?
You kids okay?
Go back and wait by my car.
Things will get easier from here on.
They already have.
Let's go home.