Glass Jaw (2018) Movie Script

Fuentes and Robinson
swinging outta the gates tonight
early in round number one.
Robinson, known obviously
for his...
When you get, like-
when you get good like this...
These are the... These guys
are the top of their game.
These are both of the best
you can possibly be.
I mean, this is
a championship fight,
and when you... know...
That's what I'm saying'.
You know,
you have to have control.
You gotta be able
to move around.
That's what these guys
are doin'.
That's what...
You know, I was told
to always watch their feet.
Oh, oh, oh!
Hold up! Whoa!
No, no, no!
Hey! Oh, God!
God dang!
Fuckin' bums!
Man! You just gotta stand
for a fuckin' round!
Took all my goddamn money.
So, whatcha
got on your test?
- I got an F.
- Let's go.
I think I'm gonna tell Mom.
No, you're not!
Yes, I will!
Just watch me.
What are you lookin' at?
I said,
what are you lookin' at?!
Your ugly face!
Hit 'im, Travis!
Get off my brother!
Get off my brother!
Do what Daddy taught ya!
I said, get off my brother!
No! Leave him alone!
You're such a wuss, Ronnie!
Stop it!
Give him a few hits!
He ain't goin' anywhere!
You okay?
Come on, Travis.
Let's go home.
I got you!
Aw, man!
All mine, sucker!
It wasn't for keeps!
Yeah, it was.
You always win!
I don't wanna play Pogs
with you anymore.
Yeah, well,
enough of this Japanese crap.
Come on.
Let's go.
In the house.
Go on.
Your fuckin' bookie friends!
Get out! Get out!
Go on!
How dare you?
Okay, come on.
Bring it on.
Your gambling it all away!
I'm not afraid of you!
What happened to you?
I hope you won.
He did.
Were you the referee?
Good boy.
Good boy.
Eh, eh, eh, eh.
Stay with me.
Hey, Sam.
Hey. Here. Sit right here.
No smokin' in here, Sam.
Come on.
It's a brand new cigarette.
It's one o'clock
in the afternoon.
So what?
What are you?
Father Time?
Give the kid a Squirt.
I'd like a Jack and Coke.
All right?
I'm gonna go to the pisser.
You stay right here. Okay?
I'll be right back.
Keep him company.
I got a hot tip
on this one.
This is a sure thing.
I'm gonna go big
on the Raiders.
Sure you wanna do this?
It's a sucker bet.
No. It's a sucker bet
if you lose.
Here you go, buddy.
How you doin'?
When have you ever won?
Well, we have streaks,
you know?
We're turnin' around
on this one.
I thought I told you
to stay at the bar.
This your kid, Sam?
Travis, meet Happy.
Happy, meet Travis.
Careful, Travis.
You know what they say.
Monkey see, monkey do.
That means don't give
him your money. Let's go.
I'll be by later to clear it.
Let's get a drink.
You're all set.
I brought him.
We're here.
Hey, look.
That's for you.
Don't lose it.
Here, put it in your pocket.
Don't want you
to lose it.
You're gonna meet
some real pricks.
Don't be a weak-ass bitch.
All right?
Never let 'em know
how scared you are.
And... anybody upsets you...
...hit 'em first...
...and hit 'em hard.
Like we do.
All right.
You be good.
Listen to me,
you little fucker!
You stay right here.
All right.
Okay, go ahead.
Hit me. You wanna hit me?
Go ahead. Hit me.
Go on, punch me, then.
Come on.
Go ahead.
Hit me. Hit me.
Punch me.
Come on, come on!
No. You missed.
You missed.
Come on. Punch me.
Stay here.
Stay here!
Enjoy this moment, Travis.
It's been a long road, huh?
We've come a long way when you
think about all the small fights,
the small gyms,
All of it was to get you here
for this moment.
This fight.
You know, Travis,
I gotta tell you, man.
I ain't never been more
proud of anyone in my life.
You worked your tail off, son,
and now you're here.
You deserve this.
I love you, brother.
I love you, too.
Let me see your hands.
How's that feel?
Feels good.
Go get 'em.
Let's do it.
It's only the beginning.
It's the big one.
You got this.
- We got this.
- Just stay focused.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the future of the light
heavyweight championship
on the line tonight.
Travis Austin and Willie Roman.
He's gotta get inside
to the body
if he's got a chance to win this fight.
Keep your breath goin', baby.
Keep your breath goin', baby.
Keep it goin'.
Keep focused! Keep focused!
This what you want?
You want the belt?
Come on, baby!
Hands up! There you go!
Hands up!
No regret, baby!
That's it!
Ah, he's got
Roman on the backpedal.
Roman gettin' the ropes and the
ref steps in to break it up.
Get that pin up, Trav.
You can hit it!
Oh, God!
Hey, Travis!
Straight right.
Oh! And Austin is down!
Two! Three! Four!
Get up! Up! Up! Up!
Hit 'em first,
and hit 'em hard.
Okay. Go ahead.
Hit me.
You wanna hit me?
Go ahead, hit me.
Five! Six!
Come on, come on. No. You missed me.
You missed me.
Come on, buddy!
You okay?
Come on.
There goes Austin.
A series of blows.
Right, left.
He's fired away!
Come on! Come on!
Oh! There's the uppercut!
Roman's down!
Ladies and gentlemen,
this could be it.
Roman hasn't moved.
Ref is on the count of five!
That's it!
It's over!
Travis Austin is your new champ!
There he is. The champ.
Hey, it was a hell
of a fight, man.
I'm still seein'
your vulnerabilities.
We're gonna get back in the gym and
work on that upper-body strength,
'cause I'm tellin' you
right now, man,
we got lucky that Roman was
slightly off his game tonight.
Dad, relax.
He won.
Stop training for, like,
two seconds.
He's right.
We got lucky.
No, it was more
than just luck, honey.
That guy didn't stand a chance.
He had none.
Hey, can I see it?
Ashley, of course.
Honey, be careful with that.
All right?
He worked really hard
for that belt.
- It's so heavy!
- Yeah!
You seem like you're interested.
In Mia? Naw.
You a'ight?
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
What? No. I haven't touched
that shit in, like, two months.
So, what's up?
Look, uh...
I just wanna tell you why
I had to miss the fight.
Hey, don't worry about it.
No, man, no.
It's not cool.
It's just...
My dad got in trouble again,
and, uh...
had to take care
of a few things.
Save his ass from getting
thrown in jail.
It got messy.
I end up getting thrown in jail.
Hold up.
You went to jail, man?
Yeah, it's fine.
I didn't say anything
'cause I was embarrassed.
Feel me?
It's just...
It's a shit situation.
For now, for me,
I gotta stay
on the straight and narrow.
No drugs, no Dad drama,
Just focused.
Look. I-I-I don't mean to get
all serious on you
during your celebration.
All right?
I just wanna let you know
I might not've been there...
but I was thinkin' about you.
I'm always thinkin' of you.
I love you.
Thank you so much...
for everything.
Now that you're the champ,
I'll have to step up my game.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- You feel me? You feel me?
You feel me?
You haven't faced me
in the ring yet, motherfucker.
All right.
There he is.
Travis Austin... champ!
- Travis!
- Dennis!
- Ah!
- Wow.
- How you doin', man?
- Fuckin' good.
- How are you?
- It's good to see you, man.
I wouldn't've missed this for the world.
Congratulations, bro.
The fact that my big bro
is a boxin' champ...
No other kid in the program
can say that, I'll bet, man.
Come on.
Yeah, but how's the new job?
It's good.
It's a big firm, but...
It's good, man.
Real good.
Dennis, hey, how are you?
Good to see you.
You look great.
Did you ask your dad if we can go
shopping for prom dresses yet?
No. He's been worrying
about the fight.
You have to ask him.
He's so strict.
He's not gonna let us go
if you don't ask him.
Okay, okay. I'm really startin'
to feel like the old man here,
the creepy chaperone,
so I'm gonna go ahead
and get Ashley and I home now.
- Come on, babe.
- But Dad, I really wanna stay!
Oh, no, honey.
No, no, no, no.
Eddy, let her stay.
Yeah, easier said, this guy.
Eddy, let her stay.
All right, listen.
If I let you stay,
you promise to be a lady.
Be here tomorrow mornin',
10 am, to pick you up.
All right.
All right.
Hey, high school parties
are way worse than this.
Ha! Is that supposed
to make me feel better, man?
I don't let her go to those, either, so...
keep an eye on her.
All right.
I promise. Trust me.
All right.
- Rico, this is Travis.
- Travis Austin, man.
Hell of a fight, man.
Hell of a fight.
Nice to meet you, Rico.
Rico runs
this underground boxing thing.
Brutal, but very profitable.
I made a lot of bags
off you tonight, man.
You made me a lot of money, man.
And I wanna
show my gratitude, man.
I brought you a gift, man.
It's for you, from Rico, man.
Man, this is beautiful,
but I can't.
Travis, take the gift.
Don't insult the guy.
It's hot, though, man.
Naw, man!
I'm just playin' with you.
Y'all play too much, man!
Tell him
I'm just playin' with him.
Here's my number.
Just take the number, man.
If you need anything,
you call me. Anything.
It's Rico. I got you.
Appreciate that.
Any time.
And I like the watch.
It's gonna look good
on you, man.
What are you guys doing?
Hey, young lady.
You are cute.
Ashley, this is Rico.
This is Mallo.
Friends of mine.
Could I have some?
No, you can't have any.
What the fuck?
Why not?
Because you can't.
Well, I have
to get some pajamas.
No, you don't.
Get 'em later.
Why is everyone so uptight?
Because we're all assholes.
You look really nice,
by the way.
Now, go!
I'll see you downstairs.
She's hot.
Party's still goin', huh.
Yeah. It's getting stupid late,
so I'm about
to kick everyone out.
You have a good time?
Oh, my God, the best time.
Thanks for talking my dad
into letting me stay.
Of course.
I used to be your age once,
so I know what it's like.
Sneakin' out
of my foster parents' house,
drinkin' under the bleachers.
I did it.
You act like you're so much
older than me.
What are you?
Like, 27?
You okay?
I was just wonderin'...
...have you ever played Pogs?
What's that?
Just some game I
used to play as a kid.
Anyway, I better get back
to the party.
And you better
get to sleep,
or your dad's gonna kill me.
Wake up.
Wake up.
- What?
- Eddy's gonna be here soon.
Mmh, come here.
Come on! Sun's up!
Get up!
Too loud, too loud.
Yeah, I'm gonna go
check on Ashley.
All right, babe.
I need some water.
Ashley, wake up.
Your dad's here.
Travis, come here!
Travis, come here! Oh, my God,
she's not breathing, babe!
She's not breathing!
Oh, my God.
Ashley, wake up, baby!
Come on!
Ashley, please!
Oh, my God, Ashley, come on!
Joe, call 9-1-1!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
Oh, my God.
No! Please!
Come on, baby.
Oh, God! Eddy!
- What's goin' on?
- Your baby.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
No, no!
My baby! No, no!
Oh, God.
Ashley, for real.
Open your eyes? Huh?
Open your eyes, baby!
What did you do?!
I left her with you!
I left her with you!
You gotta eat somethin'.
I'm not hungry.
- Eddy.
- Hey.
Did you know
that when I married Marie,
my mom hated her?
She used to say,
"She's not Mexican, mijo."
I knew right away I wanted
to have kids with her.
And we tried, but nothing.
But finally, there's Marie...
...with my Ashley.
But Marie had the heart thing
that none of us knew about.
Her body just gave up
in childbirth.
You know, it just kills me,
'cause I wake up every day
just wishin' that my mom knew
that Marie died
giving birth
to her granddaughter.
She would've thought
of her differently.
Don't you think so?
I mean, she would've thought
she was a saint.
I just tell myself Marie died...
...passing her heart on
to Ashley.
How can you sit there
and say nothin' to me?
Nothing, after everything
we've been through, Travis.
I trusted you.
She was supposed to be safe...
...with you, man... this is on you.
This is on you.
I will always put this on you!
You're dead to me.
You're dead.
Eddy! Eddy!
The press are still here?
Yeah, I know.
Eddy's on the fuckin' warpath.
As he should be.
I spent the last two hours being
interrogated by him at the gym.
He asked me
all kinds of questions.
Cops were here yesterday
asking for names
of people at the party.
The police found molly
in Ashley's system.
Of course they want
to know everything.
Where the fuck
did she get that?
This is a big fuckin'
This is a massive,
massive shit-storm.
This is gonna come back to me.
I can't go back to jail.
You hear me?
I can't go back to jail.
I'll fucking kill myself.
All right, Joe, man,
just calm down.
It's my fault.
It's my fault.
I just wish I kept
an eye on her.
I looked him in the eye and
I told him she'd be okay.
I gave him my word.
Travis, it's not your fault,
my man.
Tell Eddy that.
Sorry I'm late.
I want you to know that I'm
focused on what's happening today
and the gravity
of the situation.
This isn't fair.
Again, I want to state
that I advise you
against doing this.
They charges they brought
have no evidence to support
a conviction.
They are fueled
by Eddy's persistence.
They're linking this to you because
they found drugs in your house.
But they cannot link the drugs
they found in her system
to you in any way.
They don't have a case.
I'm doin' this, Erik.
You have up until
you sign this document... change your mind.
...change your mind.
I can fight this for you.
Baby, don't...
You can't sign that.
I know what I'm doin'.
Today is only an arraignment.
We're pleading.
Sentencing will come
at a later date.
But the minimum sentence
for involuntary manslaughter
is two years.
Two years?
I'm already in
conversations with the ADA
to get you a reduced sentence.
She is a big boxing fan,
like myself.
But the judge... a real stickler.
So, my educated guess
is that it'll be a...
two-year sentence.
Travis... your friend,
I implore you...
...not to do this.
This could end
your boxing career.
Listen to him.
Don't sign it.
It's done, then.
The judge has agreed to work out
the formalities in her chambers.
I really hope this relieves
some of your pain.
You need some sun Travis.
Come out and let's go
a few rounds.
Booger, he'll kick your ass.
Shut the fuck up, Roach.
Come on, man.
Don't be a pussy.
Screw off, Booger.
You're a fuckin' asshole.
You look so beautiful.
I just wish
I could hold you.
I miss you.
I miss you, too.
I can't do this without you.
We're losing the house.
The lawyers want to use it
to settle the civil suit.
Stay strong for me.
I love you, Dana.
I love you, too.
Don't lose faith.
We got this.
We're gonna be okay.
Fuck off.
Fuck off!
Yo... I get that you're
a non-talker.
But all I wanna do
is go a few friendly rounds.
Things happen here, Travis.
You gotta go
with the flow.
Now, I know that you,
you like to do things
your own way, and all that,
but I just wanna
go a few rounds.
Fuck him up, boss!
Fuck him up!
Hey, what the hell
are you doin'?
Stay out of it,
or I'll break your boney little
ass in half too, you fuck!
And you...
You can crack a smile in the
morning, you fucking mope!
Eight! Nine! Ten!
And the new champ
is Bobby the Booger!
And the crowd goes wild.
Austin, you got a visitor.
Maybe it's that same
hot bitch from last time, huh?
Watch your mouth, Roach.
Relax, champ.
Can I get your roll?
I guess you never figured you'd
see your old man, did ya?
God damn.
Look at you.
Is it okay
if I smoke in here?
I'm assuming
that's a yes.
No smoking.
Well, tell me you won.
Well, see, it's 'cause you
didn't listen to your old man.
Remember, I used to tell ya,
hit 'em fast
and hit 'em hard.
Why are you here?
Tried to call you
when you were on the outside,
never heard back.
Figured I'd take a shot
on the inside.
I never got your calls.
That's why I'm here.
I could run a whole bunch of
clichs by you, bunch of bullshit,
but, fact is,
we were fucked up, and...
...broke and we just didn't...
...we didn't have the capacity
to take care of no kids.
figured I should tell you
your mom died about...
...five years ago.
She had liver failure.
We were done not long
after we gave you up.
What about Kelly?
I mean, do you have any idea where she is?
Does she know about me?
Last I heard, she was...
...livin' in
northern California,
married, with two kids,
and that's all I know.
Where is she?
How should I know?
I look like Columbo to you?
I'm not doin' this.
Well, hold on a second.
It's just you and me now.
You and me.
You abandoned me.
Look, I can go through
the whys and the wherefore's
and the whatnots
and the fuck-nots...
...but at the end of the day...'d never be enough
for you.
So fuck it.
The answer is
there is no answer.
Fuck it.
I got somethin'
I wanna do for you.
I got this partnership.
This business deal.
This is rock-solid.
It's gonna make a lot of money.
And I wanna get you
in on it.
- And?
- And?
Just requires a little bit
of seed money
from everybody involved,
and, look,
you were the champion,
I know you got some
socked away.
Well, put somethin' in,
but I promise you...
- Wow...
- This'll take care of you.
What do you mean wow?
- Come on, I'm takin' care of you.
- You gotta be kidding me.
You have some balls.
Never... me again.
Just remember one thing...
Your friends
when you were comin' in
ain't gonna be your friends
when you're goin' out!
How was your visit?
Nothing good, huh?
Moby Dick.
Pretty long-ass book, man.
You actually read this?
You wanna be my friend?
You wanna fight the champ?
Guess not.
I have a collect call from...
Travis Austin.
I accept.
Uh, hold on a second.
Uh, where is this going?
Uh, downstairs in the bedroom.
Who's that?
It's Joe.
I'm moving today,
He's helping me out.
It's small, but it's cozy.
I miss you.
Listen, Dana.
I-I just...
I can't do this anymore.
I got in trouble.
They gave me
two more years.
Just, shit's not going well,
...I can't hold you back.
What do you mean
two more years?
What are you
talking about, babe?
Dana, I just want
you to live your life.
Don't wait for me.
You don't mean that.
No matter what,
I'll be there.
I'll be there when you get out.
I love you.
They're callin' us in.
I gotta go.
Bye, Dana.
All right.
What's next?
Hey, what's wrong?
It was Travis.
He got two more years.
What happened?
Roll your stuff up.
You're on the outgoin',
seven a.m.
Hey, Officer,
could you get me a razor?
Yeah, I'll get you one.
Don't let me catch your
white ass in here no more.
Surprised you made it.
I told you I would.
It's good to see you.
You, too.
You came.
What? You think I wouldn't?
I wasn't sure.
You know me better than that.
Well, this is it.
It's much different
from the house.
But the rent's reasonable,
and, I mean,
we've still got a view.
Um, make yourself at home.
I have some
of your clothes downstairs.
And I got your belt.
All right.
Come here.
Come here.
I missed you.
I missed you, too.
Are you hungry?
I'm starving.
I hope you like it.
You know I will.
I took a cooking class.
- Did you?
- Yeah.
Yeah, you learn a lot
at the diner, you know?
So, I'm gonna make some calls,
see about some work.
Figured I'd reach out
to Joe.
Yeah, you know,
it'll be good to see him.
He went from sparring partner
to the light heavyweight champ.
He's doin' great.
He never visited you once
when you were in prison.
I'm not worried about that.
With his past and all,
I get it.
I don't think
it's a good idea.
I just think it's messed up.
He showed no effort.
It's like he didn't
even care.
It's all right.
This is nice.
You okay?
I'm just happy
to have you back.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Travis, Travis, my man!
In the flesh!
Yo man, you look great!
Yeah, man.
I never thought I'd see
your ass again.
It's been a long time.
- Yeah.
- I still don't know why you did what you did.
Water under the bridge, right?
You're a good egg.
So, tell me,
what's this surprise?
This is it.
It's my place!
- It's my gym!
- Damn!
I'm proud of you, man!
Yeah, I learned a lot from you.
Breakin' all my bad habits.
I invest my money.
Bought a condo.
I just don't wanna lose
my shit like you did.
Listen, Joe, man...
I need a job.
- Okay.
- Your sparring partner, or something, man.
I need to get back
on my feet.
What's funny?
Wouldn't that be
a fucking table-turner?
You sparring for me?
...Travis, I can't.
I don't know if you've heard,
but Eddy's trainin' me.
And you know he'd...
Travis, he'd lose his mind.
- My Eddy?
- Yeah, you didn't know?
Fuck, I mean, it took
some serious convincing
on my part, I mean... his face day and night.
You know me.
I can be pretty charming.
All right.
You know what they say.
Eddy Abundez
knows how to pick 'em.
Travis, come on.
Don't be that way.
It's business!
You know what, Joe?
You don't understand loyalty.
You don't understand friendship.
You're stealing everything.
You gave it all away, bro!
Do you fuckin' realize that?
Dana was right about you.
Why do you bring Dana
into this?
What? You don't think
I talk to Dana?
It was really hard on her
when you went away.
Really fucked with her head.
I helped her out.
You know, gave her some cash.
Kept her company.
Fucking fucker!
The fuck!
Everything okay, boys?
Nah, just a little disagreement.
We're all right.
Okay, well, let's keep
the fight in the ring.
You got it.
You gotta relax, Travis.
Travis, come on!
You're too fuckin' sensitive!
Take a vacation!
You just got out!
You know...
...when my dad came to see me...
...he said a whole
bunch of bullshit.
But he never apologized.
Not a single regret
or sorry.
Not that I need it, but...'s still pretty low.
I don't know why
you didn't tell me.
Did something happen?
Did you sleep with him?
Dana, did you sleep with Joe?!
I couldn't tell you.
It happened one time.
I regretted it
the moment it happened.
I was-
I was missing you.
We hadn't talked.
You know?
I was...
...I was scared, and...
My life was
turned upside down, too.
And you didn't think
I would find out?
How could you?!
I waited for you
for four years!
I'm done.
I am done being heartbroken
about you.
I'm done waiting for you.
I'm done with this.
You changed.
You broke my heart.
Get out.
How could you do this to me?
Get out!
Hey, are you finished?
You're done drinkin', boss.
You on a power trip, boss?
This is my place,
and I'm not in the mood.
I like this seat.
I'm not movin'.
I belong here.
- I belong here.
- Yeah.
You're done.
Let's go.
Come on.
Get outta here!
Stay the fuck out!
What's going on, man?
Hey, man.
Come on in.
Nice spot, man.
Looks great.
Thank you.
Wish I could say it was all me,
but it was my mom.
She wanted to make sure
I had a good spot
while I was in grad school.
So, what's goin' on, man?
Sit down, yeah!
How you doin'?
You good?
What's goin' on, man?
It's been a long time.
Missed you, bro.
Man, just...
It feels...
It feels really weird
bein' out.
Just give it some time, bro.
You know.
I need to ask you something.
I need a place to stay.
Yeah, bro. I got a extra
bedroom back there.
You're good, man.
You know, I need work,
so I might need a ride later.
Yeah, I-I got you.
Don't worry about that, man.
You're here now,
come on.
Thanks for doin' this.
Sure thing, bro.
Stay safe.
What up, champ!
I'm gonna invite you
to my world.
How long you been doin' this?
I been doin' this a long time.
It's what I do.
This what feeds my family.
With this joint
we basically paid off
the high-ends
to keep some stability.
You know. You know Joe used
to fight for us, right?
I didn't know that.
Yeah, Joe made a lot
of money here,
tax free, man.
Yo, Leroy!
Look who I brought!
Take a walk.
Travis? You're out!
Yeah, been out a few days.
So, what are you doing here?
I need to relieve my stress
somehow, no?
I met up with this boxer
who wants to sue the joint
because his nose is broken,
and I'm like,
"You can't sue
a criminal enterprise
when you're a part of that criminal
enterprise yourself, right?"
So... my curiosity
get the best of me
and here I am.
And I admit...
...I like it.
These guys are amateurs
compared to you.
Let's go, man.
You up.
Get this money.
Yeah, man.
This is a whole new ballgame.
Are you fighting?
Of course,
he's fucking fighting, man!
Good luck.
I know you.
Get up!
You know me?!
Come on!
Everybody fuckin' pay me!
How'd it go?
What the...
Travis, what the hell happened?
Easiest 400 bucks
I ever made.
400 bucks?
I gotta get you a job.
This is it, man.
Old school.
Yeah, but you gonna become
champ in here.
Wait, is this
Frank Maloney's place?
Yeah, he's one of
my mom's clients.
Matter of fact,
I'm about to go get him.
- Wait right here.
- All right.
How's it goin', man?
Hey, champ.
How are you?
Good. Yourself?
- Yeah.
- Champ!
Hey, man.
Oh! What happened
to your face?
Looks like you stepped
into Donny's world.
Hey, my little sister
runs a free boxing clinic
over the weekend.
- Let me know.
- This guy.
Frank, this is Travis.
Hi, Frank.
This is who you got?
Yes, this is Travis.
I know exactly
who you are.
Wait a minute, Frank.
I don't have any time
for pieces of shit like him.
In fact,
I don't want that guy
anywhere near my gym!
- Frank, come on!
- I said no!
Can you use a mop?
A mop!
Can you fuckin' mop?!
- Yes.
- Well then, be here tomorrow morning at six a.m.
You're late, you're fired.
Now get out of my face.
That means welcome.
What you say to him, man?
Man, I just told him I'd give him
some free legal advice or somethin'.
Yeah, you're bad, bro.
All right. Thank you, Frank!
Have you ever cleaned
anything before?
This place is filthy!
I just started.
Why are you such a dick?
Because I was born that way.
Get used to it.
Come on, Mikel!
Light on your feet.
Come on.
Come on, Frank.
That's Travis Austin.
I'm well aware
who the fuck that is.
Now, move your feet.
Come on, we got a title belt
comin' up!
Now, you move your feet.
Act like you know
what you're doin'.
Come on.
You know, Frank...
...I love boxing, too.
Oh, yeah?
That's good to know.
That's for calling me a dick.
Come on, Mikel!
Come on, give me somethin'!
You doin' okay?
Are you guys all done?
- Yeah.
- Thank you so much.
Thank you.
Hey, Dana.
Can I get a burger?
Aren't you training
for a fight?
Burger's not gonna
make me lose a fight.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Jan, can you cover for me?
It's been a while.
You cut me off like I was an
infected toe, or something.
I saw Travis.
I know.
What'd you tell him?
Didn't say anything.
We broke up.
Hate to break it
to you, Dana,
but he broke up with you when
he decided to go to prison.
You just been clingin'
to a sinkin' ship.
Yeah, well, you know what?
I broke up with him this time.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
You guys had something,
it's over...
It's for the best.
...I'm glad that he knows.
It's a weight off my shoulders,
you know.
Prison really...
...messed with his head.
Got all bent outta shape 'cause
I wouldn't give him a job.
You didn't give him
a job?
That's really shitty of you.
I have struggles.
I gotta go.
Hey. Hey, hey, hey.
Is it so hard to believe...
...that I want what he had?
Why are you here?
Dana, just...
- What is this?
- Take it.
- Look, I know it's been hard.
- Are you out of your mind?
I don't want your money.
You need to leave.
I can take care of myself.
You got him in the corner!
Now, put him there!
Keep him there!
That's it!
That's it, Mikel!
You do that, you're gonna
destroy Najarian!
Hey Mikel, you
gotta apply pressure.
Travis, you go
do your job!
Just saying, Frank,
I know him.
Listen here,
you little piss head,
this is my gym,
my house!
You contribute here
by cleaning,
you got it?!
Frank, that's good advice!
Hey, Mikel, you keep
it to yourself, all right?
Go do what you do.
Clean Harry's desk or something.
I'm lookin' at the books
right now, man.
How much the fuck
can rubber cost?
What? The last time
you saw me,
did I appear to be blind?
Oh hey, Trav.
You good?
Yeah, I'm good.
You need somethin'?
Frank sent me
to clean your desk.
You must've pissed
him off royally.
I'm likin' you more and more
every day, you know that?
I mean, I love people
who can piss Frank off.
Uh, listen, why don't you
start with the chairs, okay?
I-I-You can get the desk
when I'm done with it.
- Hey, Harry.
- Yeah?
You think Mikel is ready
for Najarian?
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, it's gonna be
a very good fight.
Gonna be good
for the gym, too.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Najarian used to be your
sparring partner, didn't he?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
I was trying
to give Mikel advice, but... know Frank.
His leg has him
off balance.
Naw, his leg ain't
got him off balance.
Frank is a cunt.
Great trainer,
but Frank is a cunt.
Well, I hope Mikel crushes him.
Yeah, me too.
You miss it, Trav?
Every day.
Listen, um...
Frank has therapy
every Friday, right.
He goes to physical therapy.
Well, his fuckin' version
of physical therapy.
And then he goes to visit
his son's grave.
Like clockwork.
You know what I'm sayin'?
So, what I'm sayin' is,
if, uh...
...if you want to... could come in early
on Friday mornin's, and...
...I could train you.
- You will?
- Yeah!
I mean, what's the worst
that could happen, huh?
Frank finds out,
he goes ballistic.
Pissed-off accomplished.
Thank you Harry, man.
Thank you.
Hey, Dana. It's me.
I'm just callin' to talk.
It's been a while.
And, um...
I just wanted
to hear your voice.
That was some fight
we had, huh?
I just wanted
to say that...
...I know I said that
being in jail was rock bottom,
but being without you
is really the worst.
I love you
and I miss you.
Call me whenever you get this.
Come on. Let's go, let's go!
Jab, jab!
Move your feet!
Come on!
Step it up, step it up!
Come on you can get that.
One, two!
One, two!
Yeah, yeah!
One, two, duck!
Come on. One, two.
One, two, three!
Move your feet!
Move your feet.
You can do this.
Travis Austin.
Always been a fan.
You look good
out there, man.
You wanna go a couple rounds?
I can't.
Not with Frank around.
How do you feel
about facin' Najarian?
I feel real good.
Remember, you gotta get inside.
That's good advice.
What else you got me?
Well, Joe is quick,
and he likes to dance,
but if you can get inside
and lay a power hook,
you'll lay him out.
Hey Mikel,
when you get...
What the hell
are you doin' in here?
Travis, go help Harry!
Frank, we were just talkin'.
Why do you always
treat me like shit?
Because you
gave away everything
this sport ever gave to you.
- You don't know anything.
- Oh, no.
I'm sure there's a lot
about this story
that I don't know,
but that's neither
here nor there.
The one thing
I do know
is that you
hurt a good man
in the process,
and I know...
...what it means
to lose a child.
Well, if you're trying
to make me quit...'s not gonna work.
You don't walk away
from me.
Don't you dare
walk away from me!
Travis, goddamnit!
Turn the fuck around!
- What?
- Oh, come on, guys! Jesus!
Can't we have just one
peaceful morning around here?
Just zip it, Harry.
Go wrap your hands.
I'm gonna have you spar
with Williams.
Go wrap your hands!
- You know...
- Shut up, Harry.
This kid annoys me,
but I ain't stupid.
He knows both Eddy
and Najarian.
He'll be useful.
What do you think?
I think you display a wisdom
I thought you
had long forgotten.
Don't hurt him too bad, baby.
Don't hurt him too bad.
All right.
Let's do this.
Let's go.
Start boxin'.
What you doin'?
Mikel, stop, stop, stop.
Travis, get over here!
What are you doing?!
- Sorry.
- The hell you are!
You're not in a fight!
You are here for Mikel!
Now get back in there,
start throwin' some punches,
and move for Christ's sake!
Najarian dances
all over the place!
But I'm not him!
Well, you better
fight like him
or you're out of a job.
You got me?!
Let's go!
Now, fight like Najarian!
Move and dance.
Now, that's it.
Hey, boy.
That damn dog
don't like nobody.
Look at you.
Come on.
Step into my office.
You want some?
- All right. You sure?
- Yeah.
More for me.
Stop breathin' on me.
You want the tour?
I came all the way out here
to ask you something.
Oh, shit.
Oh yeah, well,
go ahead, shoot.
I need to know
how you feel
about your giving me up.
Any regrets? Any remorse?
Boy, I dunno.
You here to ask me a question
or break my balls?
I just need to know so I
can let it go and move on.
It-it's a good idea...
Let it go.
It's in the past.
It happened.
It's over.
Just tell me.
I can't-I can't tell you
because I don't think
about it.
I don't wanna think
about it.
All right?
Because what's the point?
Do you wanna know
if it screwed up my life?
I have something for you.
Stay right here.
Your mom used to...
...send me stuff every once in
a while, no return address.
I been savin' it for you.
Little Kelly sure grew up,
didn't she?
Did you miss us?
Come on, champ!
Nice work, fellas.
I always wanted
to ask you.
How come you're such
a shitty big brother?
Aw, man.
Ah, you know, my mom
was more annoyed than me,
but still, a lot of problems.
You know I had
all good intentions
when I joined
the Big Brother program.
I wanted to be
a good role model, but...
...I was just messed up.
You know, thinking about
the boxing,
the business side of it...
Just thinking about myself.
I'm sorry, man.
Also a shitty chess player, too.
Naw, you did good.
This guy.
What is it?
How you doin'?
Finally get my dream car
and I get jacked.
I feel like shit.
You'll be back
in no time.
Well, Mikel,
I hate to say it, but...
...I gotta cancel the fight.
I'm sorry, Frank.
It is what it is.
We still got this, Frank.
What are you talkin' about?
Let me fight Joe.
- No fuckin' way.
- Come on, Frank!
Just give me a shot.
You're out of your fuckin' mind.
I said no.
You're not ready.
Frank, you know, we
could get the kid ready.
Harry, did I just say no,
or what?
I said no.
I'm not training you.
There is absolutely
no smoking in here.
- Relax, relax.
- Let's go.
- It's not even lit.
- Let's go.
- you want this?
- I want it.
Are you ready
to get ready?
- Yes!
- Can you take it?
- Yes!
- Fine!
All right, here, buddy?
I was watching you work in the ring today.
You're gettin' better.
Keep at it.
All right.
Night, Frank.
Good night.
Can I sit?
Suit yourself.
You can't hate me that much.
Why do you really
want this, Travis?
- You say you want this.
- I do.
Wanna be back on top?
Beat the crap outta Joe? Prove
something to Eddy? What?
All those reasons.
You can't have your cake, kid.
Not now.
You'll just
throw it away again.
You threw it all away
before you went to jail.
The parties, the cars,
all the attention...
I heard all about it.
That's not a fighter, Travis.
My boy... he was a boxer.
He would be in the gym
every day,
every morning before classes
and then right after classes.
He'd do his college work
every evening
from nine p.m.
to one in the morning.
I used to say to him,
"Go out, have fun, get a
girlfriend, for Christ's sake."
He would he would look at me
right in the eye and say,
"Dad, I am having
the time of my life."
And then some drunken asshole
kills him.
How many lives altered
and dreams shattered, Travis?
So, you see, he embraced...
...being a fighter.
You're fighting the fighter
within yourself.
I'm sorry to hear that, Frank.
But you can't compare me
to him.
Why not?
You're nothing like my son.
You both had incredible lives
in front of you...
...and you threw yours away
and his was taken away.
That's the...
...big fucking difference staring
at me in the face, if you ask me.
You know nothin'
about me, Frank.
You think I threw it away
all one night?
The truth of the matter is...
...everything was taken
away from me
because of one stupid night.
One stupid night
that I wake up every day...
...wondering how
I can take it back.
But I can't.
So I'm paying the price
for it.
I need your help.
I'd have to do an awful lot
of wheelin' and dealin'
with the commission
to change fighters
this close to a fight.
...I am a royal
pain in the ass
that doesn't give up.
I really want this, Frank.
I need this.
I really want it too, kid.
My last shot at...
some sort of title.
Don't screw it up
for us.
I won't.
See you back here
in the morning.
Don't stand in front of him.
You're standin' in front of him.
Keep movin'.
There you go.
Be first, be first.
Good hands.
Good hands.
Whoa! Whoa!
Hey, what's up, man?
Hey, hey, hey, come here, Joe.
What's up, man?
Yeah, I know, I know.
My bad, man.
Hey, take it easy.
Naw, he's fine!
All we're doin' is warmin' up.
That's all you're doin'.
Put your hands up there. You're
not tryin' to hurt yourself.
All right?
All right.
Oh, Mr. Harry Stern.
Eddy, Eddy.
Good seein' you, man.
Lookin' awfully sharp, man.
Thank you, my brother.
If I didn't know any better,
it'd look like you were here
for a job interview,
but I hate to break it to you,
we are not hiring.
Very funny, my man.
Very funny.
How's Mikel?
I sent some flowers.
Yeah, I know.
Daisies... very cute.
I just... feel bad.
You know, I was really looking
forward to beating his ass.
I guess now
I'll take a vacation.
Right? Go to Miami,
grab some ass.
Yeah, about that, uh...
I'd hold off on that Miami trip
if I was you, Joe.
We found a replacement fighter.
Commission's good with it,
we were just tryin'
to make sure
that you guys were good with it.
It's last minute.
We're good.
Who you got?
Uh, nobody special.
Guy named... Travis Austin.
The former champ.
I believe you're
familiar with him.
You're putting Travis back?
You tell Travis...
...I can't fuckin' wait
to get his ass in that ring.
And fuck you, Harry.
Looks like we got ourselves
a fight, huh, Joe?
I just got off the phone
with Eddy
and boy, is he pissed.
So, no fight?
Oh, no.
There's a fight.
There's a fight.
Keep working.
This ain't about Joe. This
ain't just about you anymore!
You got my spot!
That's my hopes!
My dreams!
What I worked
my whole life for!
This is you now!
Don't you let Joe
taker this from us!
That's it! That's it!
Do it!
Do it for me!
Your sister's class
has sure paid off.
Travis, goddamnit!
You got it.
Thank you.
These are...
...tough days.
No shit.
You know I didn't mean
for things to roll out
the way they did.
Of course, you did, Frank.
Come on, it's in our blood.
It's what you taught me,
You saw a opening,
and you took it,
and for the record,
I'm here to tell you, pal,
I am fuckin' pissed.
But I don't blame you.
I would've done
the same thing.
Here's to two...
...broken-down pugilists, who...
...can't let go of shit.
It's weird
to be back training.
But we're gonna be back.
I'll take care of it.
You know this.
Yeah, I know.
Hey... stay here.
What do you want, Joe?
Try to get in my head?
Naw, man.
I'm already in
your fuckin' head.
Just came to see Dana,
you know?
You guys back together,
What's going on between me and
Dana is none of your business.
So get the hell outta here.
Why are you doing this,
'Cause I got money...
...Eddy training me?
Why do you feel the need
to take all that away?
Man, you're a big joke.
You know that?
'Cause I don't give a shit
about what you have.
You enjoy it now
because I'm comin' for you.
'Cause whether I win or lose,
the respect and power
will dwindle,
and Eddy will eventually
leave you.
You were my best fuckin'
friend, man.
I fuckin' loved you, man.
You know...
Ashley came to me that night...
She looked at me like I
was the fucking champion.
Why not me?
She wanted
to try something new,
so I gave her some molly.
We got so fuckin' high.
It was like
we were connected.
She flew before she died,
She flew fuckin' high.
You piece of shit!
She's our family!
She's our sister!
Some fuckin' family.
The next time
I see your face...
...I'm gonna be poundin' it
in the ring.
Come on!
You want that?
You wanna give
that belt away?
Kill it! Kill it!
Kill him right here!
This is it!
Kill him!
Hey, what time is it?
It's one o'clock.
Why are you stoppin'?
I gotta go.
What?! Now?!
I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
No way!
What?! Come on!
Come on, Frank, Frank.
Let the kid go.
It's pretty here,
isn't it?
Can't believe she would've
been 21 today.
Eddy must've been here.
Hey, Alex, um... Eddy around?
Nah. He's not here.
Should try him
on his cell.
Okay. Thank you.
It's Dana.
I need to talk to you.
Joe and Travis just talked,
...there's something
that you need to know.
Come on, kid.
Keep focused.
Keep yourself in the zone.
All right?
- Hey, relax, Frank.
- Harry!
We got this, all right?
Hey, you mind if I get a word
in with Travis real quick, huh?
You can't be in here
with my fighter!
I know, all right?
Under the normal circumstances,
I get it.
Five minutes, Frank.
You know me.
Five, that's it.
All right.
Come on.
All right.
Everybody out.
Give the man five minutes.
Let's go.
Shit, it has been a long time.
You know that when
I hear your name
or see your face, I just...
...can't help but think
of Ashley.
I know the truth.
I know the truth.
Ladies and gentlemen,
we are live
in Las Vegas, Nevada,
and this is our main event,
for the light heavyweight
championship of the world!
And now, making his way
into the ring,
Travis Austin!
And his opponent!
He is the reigning light
heavyweight champion
of the world,
making his way to the ring,
Joe Najarian!
This fight is scheduled
for 12 rounds of action,
sanctioned buy the Nevada
State Athletic Commission!
Travis Austin has his
work cut out for him tonight.
I mean, he's took this fight
on last-minute notice,
he was in prison
for four years,
he's given up five pounds.
Combination's what I wanna
see from you.
Are you ready?
out of the red corner,
wearing black trunks
trimmed with red,
weighing in at an official
173 pounds,
he is the former light
heavyweight champion
of the world.
From Bakersfield, California,
ladies and gentlemen,
Travis Austin!
And his opponent,
fighting out
of the blue corner,
wearing gold
trimmed with black,
weighing in at official
175 pounds,
he is the current light
heavyweight champion
of the world!
From Los Angeles,
Joe Najarian!
All right, you two,
I want a clean fight.
We already went over the rules
in your dressing room.
Protect yourself
at all times,
obey my commands,
and when I say break, I want
a clean break. You got me?
You got me?
Okay. Touch gloves,
and good luck.
I don't think I've seen Travis
Austin this laser-focused
in a very long time,
if ever.
Don't let him get to you.
Keep your focus.
You got it?
Are you ready?!
Ladies and gentlemen,
here we go.
Certainly a big fight feel
in Las Vegas, Nevada,
These two men
out the gates hot.
His old
sparring partner buddy,
they got something to prove!
And there's the pound
of the left hook
from Joe Najarian!
Oh, right hook to the body
by Najarian.
Come on!
What a
left hook by Najarian!
Back into his old habits.
Yeah, Travis reduced
to just defending himself.
Come on!
Travis is stunned!
I don't think he knows
where he is.
And Austin stumbles back.
Looking around, trying to
gain his balance,
to stay on his feet.
Taking blow after blow,
the right, left.
Whoa, I don't even know
if Austin saw that one coming.
Break, break!
Austin, he just
seems uncomfortable tonight.
Out of his element,
maybe a little bit nervous.
Austin needs
to establish the jab,
he needs to get
into the inside...
What are you doing?
Come on!
Take his left side.
Set him up with combinations
like I told you, all right?
How you feelin'?
You got it, baby. That is the
prettiest shit I seen in a long time.
He can't find you.
What are you doin'?!
He's quick.
That's your belt!
Get that belt!
Both of these
gentlemen know each other so well.
Eddy Abundez now in the corner
of Joe Najarian.
You gotta wonder
what that does
to the state of mind
of Travis Austin.
Najarian's biggest weakness
is his arrogance.
Oh, another left hook
and Austin is down!
Come on, kid,
get up!
Did I waste
my training on you?
Did I waste my training
on you?
Come on, kid!
Come on, get up!
There you go! There you go!
Austin's corner
has a lot of work to do.
Stay focused,
stay focused!
Joe Najarian
clearly in complete control.
Yeah, I'm wonderin' what Travis'
corner is gonna tell him
in between rounds here.
He's gotta get off the ropes.
He cannot stay on the ropes.
Najarian is using
his jab precisely.
He's doubling it up,
he's tripling it up,
he's putting Austin
back on his heels.
Just what he needs to do.
What Austin needs to do is get his
head to the chest of Najarian
and come up
with that uppercut.
Joe Najarian clearly
in complete control.
Fighting's tough. It's like
walking out to your own funeral.
And Travis Austin
certainly questioning
his decision right now.
We're in round three,
and he continues
to take a beating.
Hey, hey, hey, hey!
That is a cheap shot
and you know it!
I know that's a penalty
and you know it!
I'm gonna take care of it!
Do your job!
Frank Maloney
has his work cut out for him
at the end of this round.
What is he gonna
tell his fighter?
How is he gonna get
in his head?
He's got to get through
to him.
He is losing these rounds.
Frank Maloney acting
as more of a psychologist
tonight to Travis Austin
rather than a fight trainer.
Come on, Trav!
How do you like
doing my time, asshole?
What are you doin'?
Joe Najarian said somethin'
to piss off-
to piss off Austin.
He's a different man!
He's fired up!
And Najarian calls for more!
He took out Austin!
Travis conjuring up his
best Rocky Marciano this round.
It's pretty much right now
an equal fight.
This is the most life
we've seen outta Austin,
battling back, fighting,
into the body,
and now
an overhand right hook.
It's okay.
I know you, Joe.
I know it was you.
I know what you did.
You gotta live
with that shit.
Look in my eyes,
look in my eyes!
Come 'round.
I got you.
Come on, kid.
I'm proud of you,
all right?
Fuckin' give it your all.
This is it.
It's a battle
of chess, and again, Austin
just trying to survive,
but looking good.
Coming up with some momentum,
and he's got some life late in the fight.
I'll tell ya, he's down
on the scorecard,
he's got to do
something now.
And here we go,
the body, the body!
Austin showing the most
life that he has tonight!
Go, baby!
Folks, tell me the last time
you've seen a brawl like this.
I can tell you
I've never seen one
in my career in broadcasting.
Austin and Najarian
firing back and forth.
Here goes Austin
and Najarian is stunned!
He's up against the ropes!
Austin's got a right!
And there's the shot!
Joe Najarian has been
thrown to the floor!
I truly can tell you, I've
never seen anything like this!
Joe Najarian went flying
through the ropes.
He's down on the floor.
I can't even see him
- from where I'm sitting.
- The fight's over!
There it is!
New champion tonight
in Las Vegas, Nevada!
It's Travis Austin
winning the battle
you have just witnessed!
Ladies and gentlemen,
Steve Perry puts an end
to the fight
at 2 minutes and 10 seconds
of round ten.
And your winner,
by knockout,
and a new light
heavyweight champion
of the world,
Travis Austin!
You did it.
I'm so proud of you.
You ready?