Glasshouse (2021) Movie Script

(wind blowing)
Hold your breast
The Shred hollows all
Minds erode like rust
Marrow sucked from bone
Drift apart like dust
Wear away like stone
All it finds, it claims
Of your name
(garden chimes ringing)
(gunshot rings out)
(theme music playing)
[girl 1] You could have let me
take the shot.
[girl 2] You was too close
to take chances.
What if you missed?
[girl 1] I don't miss.
[girl 2]
Have something to enjoy.
[girl 3] I can't hesitate.
They don't.
(music continues playing)
[girl 1] Let me try.
[girl 3] Easy now.
I'm not washing blood
out of your dress.
[girl 2] We need food
for the seedlings.
[girl 1] Liver.
(music swells)
(music crescendo)
(music continues playing)
(sound crescendo)
(music continues playing)
[girl 2] Come Bee.
Our tanks are low.
[girl 1] Gabe is not wearing
his mask.
[girl 2] He always forgets.
Stand back, Gabe.
It's not safe.
Don't let more in.
Come quickly. I'll close up.
[girl 1] I don't wanna have
to teach him again.
[girl 2]
You saw him practicing.
(music continues playing)
Why didn't you take the shot?
I could get
a good look first.
Because he used to be
the same as us.
And what if it's Luca?
[Daisy] But we're the same
on the inside.
Am I that gooey too?
You are even gooier!
Eew! He looked like
beef stew!
(music continues playing)
[Evie] It's okay.
I know you try.
I got one.
He was going for my peas.
But Evie got him good.
[Mother] That's my girl.
You keep the beasts
from our door.
Are beasts the same
as animals?
There are no animals, Daisy.
Just forgetters.
[Evie] Same thing, really.
[Daisy] No, it's not.
Animals aren't boring
like forgetters.
There might be some left,
but Luca comes back,
he can tell us.
Maybe he's seen a sheep.
One, two
Dead man's shoe
Hear there,
It's in the air
March, September
Don't remember
Three, four
Silver door
Five, six,
Mind plays tricks
Write a letter
Or you'll forget us
Seven, eight
It's too late
Nine ten
Who wrote when
All alone,
Now brother bows down
(both laugh)
(cello music playing)
[bell ringing]
[Mother] We gather in thanks
for our sanctuary
from The Shred,
In a world of madness,
we have found order.
[all] We will remember.
[Mother] This was once a man,
but he was washed away
from himself.
He forgot,
and became forgotten.
[all] We will remember.
[Mother] Our memories
stand like a wall of glass
between us
and oblivion.
[all] We will remember.
Our history burns
as a flame in the darkness.
Outside, the lost
wander in the wilderness,
brute impulse reigns.
Here, we are safe.
Vigilance is our strength,
ritual, our shield.
We honor our laws
and our litanies.
Never let a stranger
enter the sanctuary.
The sanctuary and--
The sanctuary and all...
And all...
[Daisy] The sanctuary
and all it holds, is sacred.
Guard the memories
we need to survive.
As long as we remember,
we remain.
[all] For the richness
Of our earth
To which we will return
For the fire in our hearth
We burn thankful
For root and fruit
And flower
Fertile as our daughters
For the rain
That brings clean water
We burn thankful
For the air
Breathe clean by leaf
Behind our masks
We need thy glass
Safe from memories be
We burn thankful
Gabe won't let me
strap him down for bed.
He's still upset.
You shouldn't have
corrected him.
He wasn't going to remember.
Go calm him.
Whatever he needs,
single stroke.
He's too big for a tantrum.
Let me see your mask.
I need to go.
You're no good go me
if your mind is shredded
to bits.
You don't trust me.
A wise mother knows
never to trust her children.
(soft ominous music playing)
[Bee] (whispering) Luca, Luca.
Luca, Luca.
Luca, Luca.
Luca, Luca.
(breathes anxiously)
(sound crescendo)
What are you doing?
Get out of the way.
You're breaking the rules.
So, tell on me, then.
Go on, run to mother.
Perhaps I am the one
with memory shred,
because I thought
I taught you better.
This one might be like us.
Bee, remind me
of our first rule.
Never let a stranger
enter the sanctuary.
You have welcomed a shred
across our threshold.
-He's a forgetter.
-You don't know that.
-He's sacred.
-Be quiet, Daisy.
I won't!
The second rule says
the sanctuary
an all it holds, is sacred.
He's inside now,
so, that means he's sacred.
-I'm right!
He's under our protection.
Please, Mother.
[Bee] What if he's seen Luca?
He needs our help.
Fetch my scissors.
If it gets infected,
he'll die anyway.
And then he'll be compost.
Everything serves its purpose.
(soft instrumental music
Everything serves its purpose.
You're going to learn
how to stitch a wound, girls.
Can I try?
Me next.
[Mother] Once upon a time,
when time still existed,
there was a girl
searching for a home.
She wandered through a land
of bad men and beasties
who wanted her for their own.
But the girl was too clever
to be caught.
At last...
...she came
upon an enchanted castle
made of glass.
Only people
who remembered their names
could enter there.
And the girl knew,
finally, she was safe,
because monsters
have no names.
They have no family
to remember them.
She shut out the forgetting,
and painted her story
so that her children
could see their history
as clear as the lines
of their hands.
That girl...
...was you.
Good boy.
Only one sleeping strap
for you tonight,
What do you think
we'll do with the others?
[Daisy] Will he tell us
about animals?
[Evie] He might not be able
to speak.
I hope he wakes up tomorrow.
The less you heard,
the safer you will be.
(bed creaking)
(Gabe groaning in background)
[Evie] I need your help
with Gabe.
What is it?
He wet the bed.
All right, I'm coming.
Don't move, then.
Have a little patience.
So, he lands up
with we're always there
to clean up his piss for him.
He doesn't like change.
I do.
Where do you think
he came from?
[Daisy] Do you really think
he's like us?
You can help, quick.
It's impossible
to tell anything
with his eyes closed.
I wonder
how many words he has.
Hope he's not as bad as Gabe.
You're late for sentry duty.
Go on, before your eyes
fall out from staring.
-But I want to stay--
We need more water
to wash his wounds.
(soft instrumental music
Don't try anything.
I wouldn't.
May I have some water?
What's the B for?
That's me.
Who are you?
This is my sister, Evie.
What happened to your leg?
[Bee] Can you remember?
What is this place?
It's our home.
His bandages need finishing.
I must be summoned
the moment he wakes.
I'm sure he wouldn't dare
to wake without you present.
I should hope not.
Gabe, look after your sister.
I don't need his help.
[Mother] Oh?
How old are you now?
Old enough.
Come on, then, Gabe.
Daisy is doing sentry duty
alone today.
Stay sharp, my girl.
We're in your hands.
Is this what the world
used to be like?
Don't worry.
We've seen
a man's body before.
There's a fresh one
under the pumpkin seedlings.
He'll try them
if you're not careful.
Mother is back.
Go to your room, Gabe.
What is your name?
I don't think I ever had one.
Where did you come from?
[Stranger] East.
The city.
I passed through.
Is there anything left?
[Stranger] Nothing like this.
How many remain?
The Shred has taken most.
They scavenge, or they starve.
[Mother] Or they hunt.
What happened?
Were you hunter, or prey?
I was attacked.
I'm alive because of her.
Did someone tell you about us?
I don't think so.
You seem to forget
when it suits you.
Doesn't everyone?
It's the only mercy
The Shred gives us.
Are you going to let me go?
You could be dangerous.
I owe you my life.
What if you forget that,
when it suits you?
You'll be put to work.
I don't feed idle mouths.
[Evie] Don't worry.
Mother won't let him stay.
I have a surprise for you.
You made this.
When you were very small.
You used to make
all sorts of things.
You want to try?
Such a clever boy.
(whispers) Gabe!
Do you trust me?
[Bee] Don't move.
Time to be brave.
(cello music playing)
See? He's just like us.
He looks like a funny man
with a tail.
He jumps to get around.
Did you ever see him?
Maybe a sheep.
Sheeps are the fluffy ones...
[Mother] All the friendly
animals are gone, Daisy.
Your kangaroo
would be very hungry.
This is
the only patch of green
in three days' walk.
That's a pretty picture.
It's not a picture,
it's words.
That's a lot of letters
to remember.
I know all of them.
-Who taught you?
-[Mother] Daisy,
your signs
haven't been very effective
in discouraging trespassers.
Take Gabe out with you
to remark the boundary.
Dig up the last trespasser,
and make a special warning
to go with Daisy's signs.
We get to play
with the fresh one.
(cello music continues)
(cello music continues)
(music crescendo)
[cello music continues]
[Bee] I brought you one
of everything we grow,
so you can find
your favorite.
[ominous music playing]
[Bee] When I mend something,
I make it nicer
than it was before.
Like where I sewed you up.
I noticed.
Daisy's book
has some nice pictures.
We all read that
when we were little.
Daisy still believes
it's real.
You can all read?
I can teach you.
Can Gabe read, too?
Not anymore.
The younger it gets you,
the more The Shred takes.
So, you want to...
...tie a knot at the end,
like this,
so it doesn't slip through.
The tomatoes are sad.
Did you feed them?
I did, this morning,
after you forgot.
And Gabe's sheets?
All washed.
Well, then, they need hanging.
(cello music continues)
You don't know this man, Bee.
I feel like I already do.
You can't trust so soon.
It's just...
You don't trust anything
you can't put in your box.
[cello music continues]
What is it made of?
It's just glue,
to keep everything air tight.
We reseal the windows
every season.
And who did these?
We all paint,
but I'm the best.
They look like stories.
Our story.
Chapel is the heart from in.
There's Daisy,
Gabe and Evie, the babies,
and me.
And him?
(cello music playing)
I everything.
Come, you can sit here.
That's Luca's place.
Put him there.
(cello music continues)
Who's Luca?
Our brother.
It's cold tonight.
Thank you.
(someone whispers) Luca!
His leg is going to fall off.
Don't be silly.
I didn't raise you that way.
You are healing nicely.
Considering Bee tried to
turn you into an embroidery.
You'll be moving easily
again soon.
Will I?
When your leg gets better,
I'll show you
my touch of the garden,
and we can do
a relay race,
cause there's enough
of us now.
Hold your horses.
I can hardly even walk yet.
-Horse is a animals.
-That's right.
Do you have a picture of one
in that book of yours?
But I think they're fluffy,
and about this big.
Otherwise, how would you
hold them?
Horses are as tall as I am.
Do they eat people?
Horses are fast, and smart.
Smarter than sheeps.
Horses are my favorite now.
Do your sisters
have any favorites?
Bee likes the bee,
cause it's her.
And Evie?
Evie likes this one.
I'll make you a little horse
of your own, if you'd like.
I'll need to whittle it
out of wood.
Could you bring me
a knife, Daisy?
Never caught in summer
or a farm
To rem the growth
But never own
You'll know the branch
The bud
Seasons slows
With shows on blood
[Evie] It's your first.
We have enough
to start shelling.
Is it bad?
The world beyond?
[Stranger] What you've built
here, doesn't exist out there,
having people, a place.
I've been looking
for a long time.
I feel like something
drew me here.
A memory?
(cello music continues)
Did you play this with Luca?
He and Bee played
everything together,
that's why Mother
called them the mirrors.
Why did he leave?
[Daisy] He wanted to know
how many there are like us.
Someday he'll come back
and tell.
[Stranger] How do you know
he'll come back?
[Daisy] He will.
He'll flash the signal.
I will know it's him.
(cello music continues)
[Mother] Okay,
do you ever stop digging?
Go with Daisy to get water.
It's for Daisy.
(Gabe shouts in background)
(shouting continues)
(glass continues breaking)
Daisy! Remove this!
I can help.
(Gabe panting)
[Mother] Shh.
That's enough.
(instrumental music playing)
his straps back to his bunk.
[Mother] All of it.
(emotional music playing)
(jokingly) What a shame.
Ruined forever.
It's not funny.
(laughs) Stop it, Luca.
I'm not.
I can't be.
Why not?
Because I don't feel
for you...
...the way a brother should.
Then you are Luca.
[Daisy] Follow root
And fruit and flower
Fertile as our daughters
For the rain not brings
Clean water
For it brings sand first
So, we brush the pollen
on like this.
The last bee
left in the woods.
And when we're done,
we're not going
to pollinate it
with a wet brush.
I-- Oh, I--
I left it in the seed shed.
I'll fetch it.
I want to be pollinated, too.
-What is that?
Just an old game.
How do you play?
We'd each put an object
in a box
and then we bury it.
Then the next day
we would dig it up
and see who could remember
what was inside.
[Stranger] And who used to win?
Me and Luca put
the same thing in every time.
Shall we play?
The game ended after he left.
I have a treasure hunt
for you, instead.
I've been sent
to find Red Frit.
Bee is pollinating.
We do that together.
Come join, then.
Daisy is singing the litany.
That's not for you to hear.
I know these rituals are
important to your family.
You use them
to remember who you are.
That's what this is, isn't it?
You don't know anything
about us.
Are you sure?
(cello music playing)
[Stranger] Evie's memory box...
She let me look in it.
She hides it from us.
Can't find it anywhere.
Was it always Evie's?
Reminds me of a game.
What game?
You were too little.
Luca always used to put
my favorite thing inside.
That's why I'd remember.
-I want to play.
-Ask Evie.
She's the one
who never grew out of it.
[Stranger] Do you mind?
Would you mind if I minded?
I'll leave, if you like.
I'll just need
to give this leg a minute.
How is it healing?
Fast, apparently.
Not fast enough
for you, though.
I didn't mean
to offend you earlier.
You all have a part to play.
I feel useless.
You've had a long time to learn.
I'd like to help.
If I was on duty that night,
I would have shot you.
I'm lucky I didn't stumble in
eight hours earlier.
If I had a family,
I'd do anything for them, too.
You can give me
a sentry shift.
I can help watch the border.
Watch yourself, instead.
Everything in this house
is given a purpose.
The seeds are here
to be planted,
the fruit to ripen
and be plucked.
You know what your purpose is?
I think you have one in mind.
I do.
You won't find her up there.
(instrumental music playing)
I want a story,
an adventure one.
Not a boring one,
like Mother's.
You're lucky
I'm too comfortable
to smack you.
You tell one.
Luca used to tell
the most wonderful stories.
[Stranger] I have a fairytale,
if it would please you, Daisy.
It shall.
Once there was a one-eyed king
who lived
in the land of the blind.
He led his people well,
but their praise
soon lost its flavor.
How could he trust
that they truly loved him?
They wouldn't know
if an imposter took his place.
He had been
among the blind so long,
he'd forgotten his own face.
So, he searched the land
for a one-eyed queen,
who could look upon him,
and remind him who he was.
That's silly.
Why didn't he
just look in the mirror?
(instrumental music playing)
He's not Luca, Bee.
Then how did he remember?
you told him.
You know
you can't trust your memories.
You can't trust your heart.
(instrumental music playing)
(gunshot rings out)
(ominous music playing)
(heavy breathing)
[Gabe] Evie, you said
we could go out.
[younger Evie] Not now.
[younger Gabe]
But I want to test
my new sail boat.
[younger Evie] Go away, Gabe.
(heavy breathing continues)
(instrumental music playing)
[Mother] What holds
your bones together?
Meat is what moves you.
[Mother] Yes.
Cartilage and collagen
stick your skeleton together.
Like glue?
That's why those are the bits
we boil down.
Did you like watching?
Nice aim.
You never take your eyes
off me, do you?
Can't take your eyes off
the snake.
Your favorite animal?
Those tricks work on Bee,
but they don't work on me.
She wants Luca back
too badly to see the truth.
But you don't.
Because he chose her
instead of you?
Luca knew I didn't feel
that way for him.
Maybe this time is different.
Don't mess with Bee's mind.
It's fragile enough as it is.
(cello music playing)
(music intensifies)
Where did your necklace
come from?
Mother makes them for us
when we're born.
Do you ever take them off?
-Why would we do that?
-I don't know.
Maybe if you forgot
what it means.
That would be very sad.
(instrumental music playing)
(bell tinkling)
Come, [indistinct].
We gather in--
This ritual is sacred.
The only person
ruining the ritual, is you.
He doesn't belong.
[Daisy] It's Luca's.
He's come home.
That isn't yours!
I've always kept it safe.
I had just forgotten
what it meant.
We're not safe from The Shred,
even here!
Can't you see? He's using
my memories against us.
He's changing you, Bee!
And making me happy.
Gabe doesn't trust him either.
But the amulet
is the same as ours.
How do we know
that you didn't attack Luca
and steal it?
-You've forgotten me, Evie.
I'm the one who remembers.
You think your memories
are the only ones
that can be trusted.
What if you're wrong?
What if you're betraying
-your own brother?
-I'm not!
He's a stranger.
You're spoiling everything!
Why can't you just
let him be Luca?
So we can die?
You all live in a fantasy!
Evie just wants to twist
everyone else's reality
-to be as miserable as hers.
Evie is trying
to protect the family.
It's a duty I had hoped
you would shoulder
as the eldest,
but you've shrugged it,
just as Luca did.
If Evie was so good
at protecting the family...
...then Gabe wouldn't be
like this.
(emotional music playing)
You were supposed
to be watching him,
but instead,
you were spying on us
like the jealous little creep
you are.
(Evie sobs)
Not all changes are good, Bee.
You didn't use to be cruel.
Daisy, you will say
Evie's lines.
The ritual must be completed.
This was once a man,
but he was washed away
from himself.
He forgot,
and became forgotten.
Shall I take it to her?
[Bee] We eat all together,
or not at all.
Right, Mother?
Give her the time she needs.
I'll help.
-[Stranger] Will he be
all right?
-He's on edge.
It's Evie's fault
for being so dramatic.
Everything she does,
affects him.
She should know better.
I don't want to be the cause
of a rift between you two.
It's not your fault.
She's always been jealous.
I wish she could find
her own happiness, but...
...she doesn't seem capable.
Maybe we aren't supposed
to remember everything.
(cello music playing)
[Bee] Why can I see
what no one else can?
Come here.
Am I the only one who thinks
the truth matters?
Let Bee believe
what makes her happy.
Do you trust him?
Trust your mother
to take care of this family.
You know I always have a plan.
As soon as the child comes,
he'll be gone.
Luca always leaves.
(repetitive creaking)
(creaking diminishes)
What's wrong?
(creaking continues)
(creaking continues
in background)
What's that noise?
It's the natural rhythm
of things.
(cello music playing)
If you exercise every day,
you'll get more movement back.
I'd like
to be more useful now.
I could do
sentry duty alone.
[Mother] Stay with Bee
on her shifts.
You haven't bled yet.
Is that a planting calendar?
I was thinking I could sow
another row of oats.
That won't be necessary.
(harp and cello music
How are you feeling,
my bumbling Bee?
No faintness? Nausea?
Why do you always think
I'm being bad?
I don't.
I know you've been wearing
your mask.
But it's important
that you keep being so good.
The toxin can do
a terrible damage...
to a baby.
But-- But I don't know
how to have a baby.
The body remembers
what the mind does not.
Babies are a blessing,
a new life, a new mouth,
and a new pair of lungs.
But such a small pair.
Our sanctuary has its limits.
Our leaves work very hard
to keep us safe.
They can only provide
so many clean breaths.
What-- Well then, plant more!
There's a balance.
Balance requires sacrifice.
No! Go fuck your balance!
-You wanted him.
You had him,
and there are consequences.
No! No, I won't give him up!
I'm not like you!
Then you'll have to choose.
Who will you get rid of?
No, I can't do that! (sobs)
Lucky you have me
to make the right decision.
I will choose.
And you'll be sorry.
(Bee screams)
No, I can't! No, I can't!
Gabe! No, wait!
[Bee] It's not fair!
It's not fair!
Where is Gabe?
(suspenseful music playing)
(tapping continues)
[younger Evie] Gabe?
Not again! Not again!
Not again! Not again!
I'm sorry!
-I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
-Not again!
Don't breathe him in.
-You didn't wear your mask.
-Don't worry about me.
I shouldn't have let him
get out.
You let it happen again.
-It's not your fault.
-It is!
No! You watched him forget,
and when there's nothing left,
you move on.
This is just how things are!
Maybe for you!
Out there, the Shred,
it takes the minds,
no matter what!
But I could've kept him safe!
You didn't know him.
He had
the most beautiful mind,
and he lost it because of me.
(harp music playing)
Have sentry duty.
Unless you want to be exposed.
(harp music continues)
[Stranger] Bee! Wait!
What's going on?
[Bee] Mother says
now that I'm pregnant,
you have to go.
[Stranger] What?
If you're having my baby,
why would she want me gone?
We breathe too much.
The plants,
they can't make enough oxygen,
but I won't have it.
If she makes you go,
I'll go with you.
But I'm her son.
You went last time.
I'm not leaving again.
The one-eyed king
has found his queen.
What do you mean?
I'll tell you another time.
Mother will see.
As long as we're together,
we'll keep the balance.
Yes, we will.
(harp and cello music playing)
(music fades)
(breathing accelerates)
Like this.
(music continues playing)
Not too long ago
you were chained to the stove.
Now you wander
the house at night.
Don't worry. Your mother
will be rid of me soon enough.
Will you put something
in your box to remember me?
Put something back, you mean?
Would you rather forget?
What is there to forget?
I don't know who you are.
I've been forgotten
many times,
but you could know me,
if you wanted to.
And I think
you'd like to be known.
In time to see you go?
Maybe you are Luca.
What makes you say that?
Luca always leaves.
There's no such thing
as always. Things can change.
Some things can't be undone.
You don't have to punish
yourself eternally, Evie.
We're not in hell.
Are you sure?
What you do with Gabe...
You don't have to.
(emotional music playing)
He deserves to be happy.
So do you.
Distracted by the view?
It's hard not to.
Anyone would be lucky
to have her.
Evie loves me.
I suppose pity
is a kind of love.
It's a shame you're not
the man for her, Gabe.
You'll never be
what she needs.
(glass breaking)
Hurry! It's broken!
[Stranger] I can't stop him!
We need to seal it!
-Grab the glue!
Hold your breath!
It's getting in!
What happened?
Gabe broke the glass.
Think what you
could have done, Gabe!
[Daisy] He doesn't think.
It was an accident.
Gabe, is this true?
No real harm done.
Less the night have been done.
I'm only glad I was there
when it happened.
Lucky that you've been
so near
both times
that Gabe lost control.
How much control
do you think he has?
He's a growing boy,
and a growing threat.
You feel something
must be done about it.
I know you'd never mean
to hurt anymore.
Do you think
maybe he would be happier,
less of a risk outside?
We have a child
to think of now.
And I must thank you
for that gift to my family.
Don't do this.
The longer you've been here,
the more unstable
Gabe has become.
You said it yourself.
Something must be done.
You're making
the wrong choice.
Time for you to go.
(instrumental music playing)
You can stay.
We're all family here.
It's my turn on sentry duty.
The girl knew,
finally, she was safe,
because monsters
have no names.
Very good.
But you have a family
who will remember you always.
Some things may change,
but never that.
(emotional music playing)
(breathes deeply)
What is it, boy?
You've never called me
by name.
I don't know it.
No mother forgets
her own child.
(ominous music playing)
You don't have to worry
about your family.
I'll take care of them now.
You actor...
Every act
becomes true with time.
You're so sure...
of your one eye...
Has it seen who...
...else... pretending?
Wake up.
Wake... up!
Wake up!
Mom... No.
What have you done, Gabe?
No, Gabe! No, wait!
-[Bee] Mother?
-I found them like this.
No, Gabe wouldn't.
He wouldn't!
[Stranger] I'm so sorry.
[Bee] I don't understand, Evie.
Gabe would never hurt Mother.
He's never hurt anyone.
[Evie] Gabe can't know
what happened in his sleep.
He has horrible nightmares.
And-- And he's so strong now,
he must have lashed out
at her,
without even knowing
what he was doing.
And by the time
Luca came in,
it was too late.
It could have happened
that way, right, Evie?
I can't give you
the answer you want, Bee.
You see what you want to.
(chains rattling)
-(Stranger exclaims)
(muffled scream)
Don't be scared.
(muffled scream)
It's for the best.
(muffled mumbling)
(muffled mumbling)
I've seen everyone
I've ever loved
disintegrate in front of me.
My parents, my sister...
I watched them forget
the meaning of those words,
so, I took off my mask.
I wanted to forget.
just like Bee.
But the toxin
never touched me.
I remember everything.
I don't know
what makes me different.
I live each day
with what I've lost.
So do you.
I've seen how you struggle,
by what you used to be,
grasping for a past
that will always be
just beyond your reach.
Memory is pain, Gabe.
I'm setting you free.
(cello music playing)
I don't want Mother
to become glue.
Or a pumpkin.
She won't, Daisy.
You would have to do
a ritual.
We can keep her
in her bedroom.
She can stay there!
Daisy, she's going to rot!
Come, Daisy.
Let her rest now.
It's nearly dawn.
Would you like to sleep
in Mother's room?
You can sleep with us.
(emotional music playing)
(music continues playing)
(sound crescendo)
(gunshot rings out)
(ominous music playing)
Luca! (screams)
(breathes deeply)
(screaming in background)
He couldn't signal.
I didn't know it was him,
I didn't know.
I know you didn't.
All those years...
You let me wait for him.
-I was trying to protect you.
I protected myself.
You let me remember!
You choose to forget,
-but I can't.
-Why do you
have to control everything?
You dug him up like a graver,
in you fucking book!
You were never supposed
to find it.
So then, let's erase it.
No, Bee.
As long as you remember,
it will always be real.
I love you...
but I can't.
We'll forget together.
I'm sorry,
but I won't lose myself
for you.
Then you don't love me.
That's not true.
I can't lose you, too!
Stay with me, please!
Are you all right?
Luca always leaves.
-Bee! No! No!
-Let her go!
Oh, my God!
Don't let her do this!
Bea, you can't control it!
The Shred takes what it wants!
You can...
...let yourself
out of your own life!
There's something wrong
with Gabe.
He's not in there anymore.
(guitar music playing)
Something is wrong with Gabe.
What else is new?
Oh, hello.
I'm Bee.
Come, baby.
I think it's time
for a tea party.
(guitar music continues)
The Shred is taking them all.
He is going to wash
us all away,
and I'll be alone
with all the memories.
The truth is a heavy thing.
But someone has to carry it,
otherwise nothing means
anything at all.
You don't have to remember
I won't forget.
You'll live
with what you've done.
Mother's story
was supposed to keep us safe.
We won't tell anyone.
(cello music playing)
(heavy breathing)
Come here now.
(heavy breathing continues)
It looks so ugly.
You don't have to keep
the ugly memories
if you don't want to.
But how would I know
what to keep?
Stop wearing your mask.
You'll worry less.
Evie will tell us
what to remember.
Just like Mother did.
Out there are all things lost.
In here are all things found.
[all] We will remember.
This was once Mother,
keeper of the past.
She protected our stories,
and died peacefully.
The reign of her remembrance
has come to an end.
Her memories
have passed to me.
[all] We will remember.
We tell the story
that reminds us who we are.
I am Evie,
the one-eyed queen.
I am Luca,
the one-eyed king.
I am Bee,
sister of Evie.
I am Daisy,
daughter of Bee.
This is Gabe,
brother of all.
We honor our laws
and all it needs.
Never let a stranger
enter the sanctuary.
The sanctuary
and all it holds, is sacred.
Guard the memories
we need to survive.
We are the ones
who never leave.
As long as we remember,
we remain.
[all] We will remember.
And I do.
Both the history
we're repainted,
and the past
we've scraped away.
[Evie] Some of us do leave
in body,
or in mind.
Bee has chosen oblivion.
[cello music playing]
Soon she will be like Gabe.
If the baby lives,
I hope it will breathe outside
without fear,
as Luca does.
Gabe reminds us
of how much we have to lose.
We play our parts,
until we can not.
Some day I too
will be replaced.
Our faces may change,
but our names do not.
Mother knew.
I can't hold on to everything.
Balance requires sacrifice.
We must let go
of past seasons
to clear space for new seeds.
It's the natural rhythm
of things.
(gunshot rings out)
Hold your breast
The Shred hollows all
Minds erode like rust
Marrow sucked from bone
Drift apart like dust
Wear away like stone
All it finds, it claims
Of your name