Glisten and the Merry Mission (2023) Movie Script


Good dog, Luula!
You want the gumdrop?
-You want it?
-Go fetch!
-I'll get it.
What's that?
Come on!
Let's check it out.
It's so beautiful.
And shiny.
In a minute, Mom!
What just happened?
Come on, Luula.
Mom! I saw something
amazing in the woods.
It was this...
A sparkle-thingy, huh?
It was so pretty.
It all was like...
What do you
think it was?
I don't know.
Maybe it was
a giant firefly?
Or a really slow meteor,
that was like, "I'm crashing
to Earth, but in my own time."
Well, whatever it was,
why don't you play in
the village today,
just to be safe?
Mom... I'm all grown up.
I'm like two feet tall.
And I'll never,
ever get used to it.
Have a great day,
sugar plum.
We love you too, Luula.
Have fun at work.
You're gonna make a great...
Assistant Workshop Manager
of Elf Operations
and Toy Distribution...
Whatever that is.
Aww. Thanks.
Let's hope
my boss agrees with you.
Walk with me, Cinnameg.
You've gotta keep up, if you're
going to be my new manager.
Got it,
Mr. Starsnaps.
And please,
call me Crumble.
Will do, sir.
I have a lot of exciting ideas
to help improve the workshop.
Improve the workshop?
Why? Everything is
fine just the way it is.
But we haven't
made enough toys,
and Christmas
is only a week away.
I missed that somehow.
Eh, calendar schmalendar!
It always works out in the end.
Morning, Estrellastar.
How's Santa's List
coming along?
We're in
the groove, Crumble.
Are we checking it twice?
Everything's fine.
You wanna play?
Here you go! Come and get it.
Twelve Lords a-Leaping!
Cathedral Cavern!
There's that sparkle again!
-Hey! Hey!
Did you see
that bright light?
Anyone? Anyone?
Am I talking to myself here?
We gotta find out
what it is.
Come on, Luula!
Attention, everyone!
there are only seven
days left before Christmas.
I know.
Time flies, right?
we're a gumdrop
behind schedule.
Hit me!
We're gonna have fun,
eat cookies,
and keep making toys
with heart!
See how I handled that?
There's no low
elf-esteem in my workshop.
You get it?
Oh, I kill me!
Crumble, I love your
confidence - and your jokes -
but those are things
the elves were already doing.
We need to modernize.
You know, like the reindeer did!
Okay, I have that report back on
the status of the sleigh polish.
It's looking
really good right now.
Looks like we've got
a weather alert in Sector 5.
Zoom in.
Roger, Donner.
Optimizing Antler Radar.
CUPID: It's a snowstorm,
and it's headed our way.
Great work, team. High hoof.
Don't leave me hanging.
We don't need any
of that fancy-fangled
modernization around here.
For us elves, Christmas
is about one thing...
Sing it with me, elves!
We work
We got to work, work, work,
we got to work, work, work
We make our
toys with heart
We make
our toys with heart
Each from the very start
We make our toys with heart
Each from the very start,
each from the very start
We paint and sew
and stitch and glue
We pack the box
and wrap it too
We put our heart
in all we do
Just to make
a gift for you
Work, work, work,
work, work, work, work
We make our toys with heart,
we make our toys with heart
Each elf doing their part,
each elf doing their part
We make our toys with heart,
we make our toys with heart
Each elf doing their part,
each elf doing their part
We take pride
in the toys we make
And then we take
a cookie break
We make our toys with heart,
we make our toys with heart
Each from the very
Or nap break
Or dance break
Or stare
at the wall break
With heart, with heart
We make our
toys with heart
With heart, with heart
Each from the very start
We make our toys with heart,
we make our toys with heart
Yeah, yeah,
Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah
We... make...
our toys with
Hi, llamacorns!
You're looking extra
pepperminty this morning!
Hello, Winter Wishes Moose!
Merry almost Christmas!
Hmm. You, too!
Hi, Gingerbread bunnies!
"Grizzly Gap"?
I've never been here before.
Luula, look!
The sparkle is still there!
Let's go!
Hey, Boss, I know you're on a
cookie break, but got a moment?
Sure do.
What's up?
I've been crunching
the numbers on my Elfpad
and this toy shortage
is worse than I thought.
We don't have enough trains,
or dolls, or puzzles,
and don't even get me
started about the robots.
Hey, Edgar,
you want a cookie?
Go long!
Oh! Ah! Oh! Agh!
Nice catch!
Cinnameg, what's this?
And what is every toy in
Santa's workshop made with?
I see where you're
going with this,
and I'm not trying
to get rid of the heart.
I love heart. I'm, like,
the captain of team heart!
I just want to make sure we
have enough toys for Christmas.
I've been doing this
for a 129 years
and we've always
had enough toys.
I even got a pin for it.
What's that say?
"Chief Workshop Manager".
That's right.
So, stop worrying.
You're in the North Pole.
Chill out!
Heart you!
Good talk.
I don't know if I like
this place either, Luula.
Now, I definitely
don't like it!
Oh, thank tinsel.
It's just an owl.
Um, hi, Mr. Owl?
Can you help us?
We're looking for
a mystical sparkly thing.
One more time.
A little slower.
Hoot. Hoot.
Oh. Okay.
I've really gotta
learn how to speak owl.
No, no, no, no, no!
Well, Luula, we should
probably head back.
It's getting late.
What's that?
Is that you, sparkle thingy?
And why do I hear snoring?
-You're not a sparkle!
You're a... bear!
Luula, don't move.
We don't want
to look like prey.
Not that kind of pray.
Although, it couldn't hurt.
It's not working.
Uh... look fierce.
Feel my tickle power,
you giant bear.
Take... Take that, Mr. Bear!
And that!
And here's
under the armpit!
Ooh, yeah,
this should do it.
Tickle, tickle, tickle.
Oh, right under
the foot.
Yeah, it's a weak spot.
What are you doing?
I'm defending myself.
From what?
From you.
You're Grizzly da Bear.
Everyone says
you're really mean.
No offense.
Uh, none taken.
You know, you elves have been
giving me a bad rap for years.
And yes, I admit,
I... have a temper.
I may have pulled
one or two Christmas trees
out of the ground because
they were blocking my view.
That was you?
But I gave all
that up years ago.
Yeah, I'm
a good grizzly now.
Although, I still run
with the wrong pack
of wolves on occasion.
You know, a bear's gotta have
some fun, you know what I mean?
Kind of.
I'm saying there's a lot
more to me than meets the eye,
like right now I'm hibernating,
or at least I'm trying to.
Ah, something's
been stuck in my hide.
Haven't gotten
any sleep in a month.
Want me to look?
No, I got it.
You clearly don't.
Let me help you.
Why would you help me?
Because I'm an elf;
it's what we do.
Now, stand still.
Oh, it's only
a little thorn.
I'll get it.
No! Ow! Ow! Ow!
I... didn't
touch you yet.
Yeah, but-- but
you're gonna.
On a count of three.
One... two...
Ahh! Ow!
You big bear cub.
Whoa. Look at the size
of that thing.
It could have
punctured something.
You're welcome.
Oh, thank you.
Anyway, if you're done
making noise out here,
I, uh...
I gotta get some sleep.
Wait! Mr. da Bear?
You haven't seen a magical
sparkle, have you?
And if I haven't seen
something in the North Pole,
it don't exist, kid.
Good luck, though.
If you need anything,
my friends call me 'Grizz'.
You know where to find me.
Um, I think it's time
we made our way back home.
[SAGE] Okay, Elflings,
snuggle up.
It's time for
your bedtime story.
And tonight,
we're going to read
about how reindeer
learned to fly.
Oh, my elf!
You're never gonna
believe what happened!
Marzipan, there you are.
Sage Evergreen, I saw this
amazing sparkle today,
and it looked
kind of like that.
Well, then you're going to
enjoy this story very much.
Now, where were we?
At the beginning!
Oh, yes.
"A long time ago, in a
village much like this one -
because it was this one -
there's a very
special snow deer
named... Glisten.
She was made
of pure stardust
and could fly as fast
as a shooting star."
That's so fast!
My dad says
that shooting stars
can go like fifty billion
miles an hour.
Sounds scientifically
"One day,
Glisten sprinkled stardust
on the elves' garden.
And when Santa's reindeer
ate the corn on Christmas Eve,
they could fly."
[Elfling 1] What the...?
[Elfling 2] This is different.
"And every year after that,
Glisten led Santa's sleigh,
so they could deliver
toys all around the world.
And when children saw her,
she sparkled with Christmas
Green garland!
That's the sparkle I saw.
I saw Glisten!
Hi, I'm home!
Hi, sugarplum.
Guess what?
I saw Glisten,
the snow deer!
That's impossible.
Glisten vanished years ago.
Uh, you ruined
the end of my story.
-Oh, man!
It's okay.
We'll read another
one tomorrow.
Come on, time for
slumber noggins, everyone.
Let's go.
-Sweet dreams.
-BOTH: Good night.
But why did Glisten
go away?
No one knows
for sure.
But, according
to the story,
Glisten disappeared because
people stopped believing in her.
So, maybe you have to
believe in Glisten
before you can
really see her.
It's certainly possible.
Okay, sugarplum,
off to bed.
-I love you.
-Love you, too.
Good night.
Good night, Sage Evergreen.
Thank you, Sage.
What a day.
You know,
Marzipan has a point.
Maybe, sometimes,
you do have to believe in
something before you can see it.
I know this much:
there's no way we're
going to get
all those toys made in time
for Christmas.
Oh, no.
Not enough toys
for Christmas?
Luula, we've got
to help Mom.
Cinnameg, have faith.
I guess.
Believing is the first step
to making a dream come true.
Do you see anything
between us right now?
Uh, no.
Well, I do. Love.
Remember, just because
you can't see something
doesn't mean it's not there.
I miss you,
now that we're engaged,
I want you to have this:
the double-star amulet.
It sparkles when you believe
in the spirit of Christmas.
I'll always believe,
as long as you're by my side.
Six days until Christmas!
Ah, sir?
Sir, could you
look at this, please?
All right,
let's tighten that up.
Merry morning everyone!
You needed me?
There's a storm headed
to the North Pole.
It's a few days away,
but it looks bad.
How bad?
See for your elf.
Hop for your lives!
Oh, crumpled
wrapping paper!
We've got to launch Santa's
sleigh before that storm hits,
which is impossible because
I don't have enough toys.
What's with Crumble not
taking any of your ideas?
Every time
I make a suggestion,
he starts elf-splaining
to me about having heart.
Well, you know elves,
they love lots of heart...
and lots of dancing.
What's going on?
We're having
a bit of a jig break.
But there's only
six days till Christmas!
Come on, it's fun!
What about the toys?
Can't help it,
When the music gets ya,
ya gotta give in!
This is why
I didn't become a dancer.
But what if
something else goes wrong?
It's Christmas!
Chill out.
-Oh, no!
Holy holly,
that's the alarm.
What's happening?
Oh, no!
The Nice Machine
is being very naughty!
Code Red Suit!
I repeat, emergency!
Code Red Suit!
Don't panic, elf-ybody.
Don't panic...
And that's how
you draw a snow deer.
Now, let's see
your drawings.
-ELF [OVER P.A.:] Emergency!
Code Red Suit!
I repeat, emergency!
Code red suit!
-Oh, no!
Excuse you.
That wasn't me.
What do we do?
What do we do?!
You're the boss.
We gotta shut it down.
But how?
I don't know.
Nothing's ever gone wrong
in the workshop before.
There's a switch!
On the wall!
Come on!
Hurry! I'm about
to get checked twice!
Aah! It's got
me, too!
I'll save you!
Marzipan, stay there.
We've got this.
Don't got this!
Definitely don't got this!
This machine is not nice!
Turn it off!
I'm coming!
Aah! Paper cut!
Paper cut!
So many paper cuts!
Phew. Made it.
But... I can't reach.
I know! Luula!
Phew! Yay!
Marzipan, that was elf-mazing!
But never do it again.
The machine was jammed.
That's why it's been so glitchy.
All these extra names
were stuck inside.
Oh, no!
So, now, we have
to make even more toys?
What? We can't do that.
That's impossible.
Don't panic. We'll...
We'll figure something out.
I'm panicking.
I'm definitely panicking.
Remember what
Albert Elfstein said:
"We can't solve problems
with the same thinking
that we used to create them."
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, you're... You're right.
You're right, it's all good,
as good as a gumdrop,
good as a golden goose.
At least Santa's not here.
Ho-ho-ho, everyone.
Ahh! Calendars?
Toys?! Nice kids?!
I think it's time for you to
be in charge of the workshop.
Oh! Um, okay.
Everyone, Cinnameg
is now the official
Chief Workshop Manager.
Um, what just happened?
I think you just
got promoted... again!
-Congratulations, Cinnameg.
I'll see you in
my office immediately.
I need a cookie.
Well, well, well, Cinnameg.
I don't know what to do.
We don't have enough toys, and
there's this big storm coming.
Hmm, hmm, hmm...
Cinnameg, do you know about
the tradition of the pickle?
There's a pickle
Yes. Very popular
in Germany...
and all the best
sandwich shops.
You see, on Christmas Eve,
a pickle is hidden
on the Christmas tree,
and whoever finds it,
gets an extra present.
So, the pickle isn't just
a pickle; it's a gift.
It is?
The nice machine broke,
and that created a pickle.
But then, you got promoted,
so it's also a gift.
I have faith you'll be able to
get us out of all our pickles.
You really think so?
Because it's going to take
a miracle
for Christmas
to happen this year.
Mom needs help
making toys,
and there's only one bear
big enough for that job.
We need Grizz!
-Come on!
Hello again, llamacorns!
Merry, merry,
almost, almost Christmas!
What's up,
Gingerbread bunnies?
Aww. Love you more.
We made it, Luula:
Grizzly Gap!
Hoot hoot!
Hi, Mr. Owl.
Have you seen Grizz?
I have no idea
what he said.
-We need our map.
This looks familiar.
Grizz? Grizz?
Are you here?
Snore once
if you can hear me!
Hey, please tell me this
is some sort of bad dream.
It's real.
I'm really sorry
to wake you up.
I don't believe you.
It's just...
my mom's in trouble,
and there's this storm coming,
and Glisten is gone!
Are you still
stuck on this thing?
It's, uh, your eyes
playing tricks on you.
You said you'd help me,
and that's why I'm here.
I didn't mean that.
It's... It's like when you say,
uh, "How you doing?"
But you don't really
want to know, you know?
Why would you do that?
Ah, never mind.
What's up, huh? Spill it.
The elves need help
making toys for Christmas.
Christmas, huh?
Yeah, I ain't
never had one.
Tinsel on a tree!
You've never
celebrated Christmas?
Wow, you really
are loud.
As for Christmas, no, okay?
I haven't had one.
First, I'm usually asleep.
But mostly because,
you know, I'm naughty,
or at least
that's what the elves think...
and the bunnies,
llamacorns, of course,
owls, most other birds,
Christmas trees,
if they could talk.
Anyway, you get
the point, right?
There it is:
no Christmas presents
for naughty,
naughty Grizz.
This is not okay.
Now, you have to come
to Santa's workshop.
No thanks.
But, Grizz...
I'm on
the naughty list, kid.
The world sees me as a big,
scary, naughty predator.
But you're not.
I know that, and you know that,
but they don't know that.
But we need
your help. Please?
Forget it.
Not happening.
I'll be
your best friend.
Please? Please?
Please? Please?
Please? Please? Please?
Please? Please? Please? Please?
-No, no, no, no, no.
-Please? Please? Please?
-Please? Please? Please?
-No backsies.
Fine, I'll go.
But you're lucky
I have sensitive ears.
Yay! You're gonna love
Christmas, I promise.
Okay, that's never
happening again.
Now, let's go
before I change my mind.
Attention, everyone!
I found someone
to help make all our toys.
It's my new best friend.
Drumroll, please.
Mm, close enough.
Grizzly da Bear!
Hmm. That went better
than expected.
Say hello, everyone.
Don't be shy.
Grizz has given up his winter
'hy-bear-nation' to help us out!
Yo, what's up?
How you doing?
Don't worry.
I really want to know this time.
So, I, uh, hear you elves
make a mean cup of hot toffee.
I could sure use a pick me up,
and then... badda bang!
That means
I'll be ready to work.
Oh, um, good...
good to know.
Sorry, I, uh,
skipped lunch.
Uh, will someone get
this bear some cookies,
so he doesn't get hungry
for an elf-sized snack?
I'll help.
-On it!
-Me too!
Edgar, you and Grizz
have a lot in common.
-We do?
You already
love Christmas,
and Grizz is going
to love Christmas.
Here's your snack.
Please don't eat me.
Wow, that's a mean cup
of toffee.
Thanks, Pal.
Oh! Sorry!
I'm okay.
So, uh, how can I help?
Um, that one's broken.
Let's find a
different way to help.
How about
video game testing?
Or building
doll houses.
That thing's like
a bear trap with curtains.
Or roller skates.
Why would you make
standing on two legs harder?
Beep. Beep.
Beep. Beep.
I think we
figured it out, Grizz.
-ALL: Wow.
Thanks for
the talk, Santa.
Christmas is about
believing, Cinnameg.
It's about finding our faith
when difficult things happen.
It's about
the pickle.
I'll never
forget it.
And delivering toys
is what helps keep
the Christmas spirit alive.
It's our Merry Mission.
Santa, Marzipan
thinks she saw Glisten.
Is it really possible?
Hmm, hmm, hmm...
That's a good question.
Glisten is made of stardust
and faith, like all of us.
Her magic comes from
the spirit of Christmas.
When our belief is strong,
so are Glisten's powers,
and that's
when we can see her.
And when the spirit of
Christmas is strongest,
the wishing star and the star
of Christmas will align.
My husband gave me an amulet
with those stars on it
a long time ago.
Maybe it's
not a coincidence.
Now, go find
that pickle, Chief.
Will do, sir.
I don't know why
I'm saluting right now.
You're doing great.
Amazing, actually.
Who would
have thought?
We're building toys with
the help of Grizzly da Bear -
the notorious
and scariest bear
in the North Pole,
who is on the naughty list!
What did you just say?
Really, huh?
That's still all
I am to you, just some...
naughty list grizzly bear
from the woods, huh?
Grizz, try
to stay positive.
He's been working
on his anger management.
No, I'm sorry.
I... I didn't mean it!
Wait! Don't go!
I have a temper,
but I'm working on it.
Grizz, it's okay.
Look at me.
We can fix this.
Grizzly da Bear!
What's that?
Zoom in.
What the...?
Code Red Suit!
I repeat, emergency!
Code Red Suit!
Okay, this is gonna
be harder to fix.
Grizz, wait!
Oh no. What now?
Grizz, please!
I thought they would
accept you, like I did.
I'm so sorry.
No crying. And what
did I say about hugs?
Look, it's probably
not your fault.
I'm Grizzly da Bear,
and that means... I'll always
be on the naughty list.
Not to me.
See ya around, kid.
And it felt good to help,
even if it was only
for a little while.
Oh, Luula...
Marzipan! Sugarplum!
Are you okay?
Are you hurt?
Mom, I'm fine.
Thank elfness.
What were you doing bringing
Grizzly da Bear to the workshop?
He's nice!
That naughty stuff
isn't even true.
Honey, you have a big heart,
but, sometimes, there are
things we can't change.
I thought Christmas
was about being kind,
even to mean
old grizzly bears.
Shouldn't that
count for something?
Marzipan, your mom and I know
you were just trying to help,
but how in the glacier
did you meet a bear?
I met him when I was
looking for Glisten.
Do you think
Glisten's real?
As real as the magic
of Christmas.
Remember, you never
know what can happen
when you
truly believe.
Well Jinglestar,
I might be the first
workshop manager in history
to not deliver
toys on Christmas.
Ugh, I don't know why
I'm telling you all this.
Or if you can even
hear me.
Five days until Christmas!
Okay, everyone,
how are we gonna
save Christmas?
Don't look at us.
It's not our fault
there's not enough toys.
Here we go again.
"The elves did this,
the elves did that.
"The elves used my
antlers as a coat hanger."
Uh, it's getting old.
Everyone focus.
We need to solve this
before Santa gets here.
Every Christmas has a story,
but they're all about believing.
So, here I am!
Wow me.
You got it, Santa!
That's what
I'm talking about.
If we're making
all these extra toys,
shouldn't we make
enough for everyone?
Even if
they were naughty?
-That's not tradition!
I know, but just because
someone was naughty once,
doesn't mean
they're not good.
Now, that's wowing me.
So, if everyone gets
a toy, then, let's see...
Uh, maybe we can make enough
toys, if we automate production.
But what?
We can only make
one kind of toy.
One kind of toy?!
For every girl
and boy?
Hear me out.
It could be a gift that
every kid would love.
Like what?
I know! Carrots.
No, no, corn!
They love corn.
Stick to
the weather, flyboy.
Hm, hm, hm.
Yes, Cinnameg may have
just solved the pickle.
In all my Christmases,
there's one toy everyone loves -
boys, girls, young and old,
all over the world!
Are you going to
tell us what it is?
Oh, yes,
of course.
It's... a teddy bear.
Santa's right.
Everyone deserves
a good bear in their life.
Where's the heart?
Elves can't make billions
of bears with no heart.
We'll never make
gifts without heart.
Love is why
we make the toys.
They'll always be filled
with the spirit of Christmas.
It's our
Merry Mission.
That reminds me
of a story.
Long ago, when I decided to
dedicate my life to Christmas,
I told Mrs. Claus
my plans.
And the next morning, she gave
me the most wonderful present:
a tiny heart... her love would
be with me forever.
Wait a minute.
What if we put a heart
like that in each bear?
Then, the elves can make
a holiday wish on the heart,
so children know the teddy bears
were made with love.
Marzipan, you are on fire
today, like a Yule log.
Let's do it!
Okay, you heard the man.
All hands and hooves on deck.
It's teddy bears
with heart for everyone!
-MARZIPAN: Woo-hoo!
-CRUMBLE: Nice job.
Four days until Christmas.
It's almost time
for Christmas
And all the elves are
working at the shop
With determination,
motivation and a lot of heart
All of the reindeer are
ready to give it their all
Every child wants to see
what's under the tree
But love is
the best gift of all
I'm on a mission to
save this Christmastime
I'm on a mission to make
these children smile
One at a time
I'm on a mission to
save this Christmastime
Merry, merry, merry,
merry mission
Holy roasting chestnuts!
That's it!
We've made enough
bears for everyone!
That's what
I'm talking about!
Merry Christmas!
-You did it, Mom!
I knew you'd be
an amazing
Chief Workshop Manager of Toy
Operations and Elf Distribution
or whatever it is.
I did do it!
I mean, we all did.
Wow. Look at
what you did.
I can't say
I'm surprised.
After all, I taught you
everything you know.
You sure
it's gonna work?
It has to work.
One day until Christmas!
Otherwise known
as Christmas Eve!
Ho-ho-hello, everyone!
-And Merry Christmas Eve!
Welcome, Santa.
We're ready for you.
Please take
the seat of honor.
Look at all these
beautiful teddy bears.
Yup, we did it.
Let's check your weight
and get you up in the air.
Edgar, activate
the scale.
One reindeer,
two reindeer, three...
Come on, stop.
Four... five...
Oh, that's a relief.
Okay, we are ready for launch!
-See that?
Never missed
a Christmas.
-ELF: Oh, no!
-ELF 2: Oh, no!
Oh, my mistletoe.
Phew. Glad
I'm not in charge.
-Launch is a no-go.
We're too dang heavy
with all these teddy bears.
I gotta think.
Why can't anything be easy?
Don't suppose you know where to
find another flying reindeer?
But does she even exist?
I have to believe.
Come on, Luula. Hurry!
Hoot! Hoot!
I say, quite a storm
we're having, isn't it?
Now you can talk?
I've been brushing up
on my elfish. Hoot!
My map!
Okay. Fine.
I'll get there myself...
-Come on, team!
-DONNER: Pull.
Put your backs into it!
Harder. Pull.
-Everybody together now.
It's going to make it...
Cinnameg, there's no way to get
this sleigh off the ground
without removing
some teddy bears.
That's not an option.
Those children
are counting on us.
Wait a minute.
Where's Marzipan?
Umm. I haven't
seen her since...
I asked you if you knew
any other flying reindeer.
Oh, no.
She's looking for Glisten.
In this weather?
I gotta find her.
Need a ride?
I'll get you
some snow shoes.
I don't need no
stinkin' snow shoes!
I'm a flying reindeer.
what's happening?
Marzipan's missing.
I'm going to get her.
Remember what
I told you.
Have faith!
You'll need it.
Thank you.
Just keep believing,
I'll try, Santa.
She has
to be here.
This is the end
of the map.
I don't want to judge,
but if I was
a magical snow deer,
I'd hang out in a
much less scary cave.
I don't like what I'm seeing.
Can we get
a read on that?
Let's get the
light strips out there.
I don't like
the look of that storm.
Oh, it's big,
and Donner and Cinnameg are
heading straight for it.
Oh! There it is!
With any luck,
we can beat her there!
But I'm gonna have to fly real
low to get out of these clouds.
We made it!
Oh... So, this
is Cathedral Cavern.
Okay. Now, I get why
Glisten hangs out here.
Are you in here?
There you are!
And... you
have friends.
...who are
growling at me.
This is not good.
The storm's
getting worse.
We gotta pull Donner
and Cinnameg back!
Donner, the storm
has gone from bad to coal.
Return to base.
No can do, Cupid.
Oh, I'm so glad
I'm not a giraffe.
Okay, wolves. Just one question
before I run for my life.
You haven't seen a sparkly
snow deer, have you?
Didn't think so.
Bye! Ah!
Grizz! How did you
know I was here?
You have no idea
how loud you are, do you?
As in
Grizzly da Bear?
What's up, pups?
How ya doing?
Ah, you know, just having
fun and being naughty.
Looks like we might have
a Christmas feast tonight.
Wanna join, Grizz?
Come soon, Glisten.
I believe in you.
She's with me.
Too bad for you,
because it's winter and
we are hangry.
Too bad for you,
because I'm nice now.
but I'm still
all grizzly about it.
How you like that?
-Or that?
That's it,
straight ahead!
On it.
Aw, dang flab it.
We're in a vortex.
Hold on.
Ah! Ah!
Grizz, stop!
It's going
to break!
But this is
the only way out.
What else
are we gonna do?
We let them
get closer.
Just do what I do.
Come on, wolves!
Is that all you got?
-Oh, I get it now.
Run for cover!
No, no, no, no!
Hold on!
Don't worry
about me, kid.
I got this.
Come on,
Believe. I know
you can do it.
I know you can do it.
I know you can...
I'm coming
for you, Grizz!
Believe. I know you can do it.
I know you can do it.
I know you can do it.
I believe.
Okay. I believe.
I believe
I can do this.
Pull up!
Pull up!
On it.
Marzipan, stop!
I'm fine.
Can't do it.
We're going down.
-We're going down.
-COMET: Oh, no.
We lost Donner.
He's gone.
Donner, Donner,
do you read me?
Donner, are you there?
Ah, I can't look.
You can look, Grizz.
You can look.
Glisten saved me!
You're real?
Hey, watch out
for those antlers.
Gentle, gentle.
Close one.
Are you okay, Grizz?
Never better.
Now, don't you
have Christmas to save?
Get out of here, kid.
-Come on, Luula.
Let's go
save Christmas!
Ho, ho, holy star.
She did it.
Marzipan did it!
Now, that's
one good elf.
Come on, Donner.
Work with me here.
My amulet.
It's glowing.
What's that?
My daughter.
Come on!
Hi, Mom!
hang on tight!
Fly, Glisten,
-I got Donner!
He's back!
And there's someone
with him!
We're back.
Is that you?
It sure is,
and Glisten.
Prep the launch pad.
This Merry Mission
is on.
Let's go, everybody.
It's game time.
We have three hours
until Christmas.
Move out!
DASHER: Opening launch
bay doors.
Are you seeing
what I'm seeing?
All the time.
Glisten, it's you.
I always knew
you'd be here
when we needed
you most.
I believe.
It's good
to see you again.
It's good
to be seen, Santa.
Mom! I love you
so much.
I love you,
And this is Glisten.
I see that.
Thank you
so much.
It was Marzipan's faith
that brought me back.
You have the true spirit
of Christmas in your heart.
She gets it
from her father.
And I hope
I get it from her.
We got to go.
Glisten, tonight is all you.
Take the lead.
Goodbye for now,
Thank you
for believing in me.
Thank you
to all of you.
Hold on tight.
I like to fly fast.
Launching in ten, nine--
Uh, uh, blast off?
Merry Christmas!
Did I miss anything?
And why is Edgar
covered in glitter?
You're here!
If I'm allowed
to be.
Of course you are!
From now on, you're always
welcome in Christmas Village.
Aw. Can we get in
on this hug?
Me, too.
Oh, you're so soft.
And musky.
Thanks. Now, I finally get
why they call it a bear hug.
Well, I guess now that
the crisis is over,
you can have this back.
Oh, no. After
all that's happened,
I'm pleased to
announce that you are
the permanent
Chief Workshop Manager...
of everything!
Are you serious?
Do I ever
joke around?
Wait. Forget
I said that.
Mom, you did it!
Thank you, Crumble,
and as my first
official act as chief,
I'd like to make you
our Ambassador of Cookies,
Dancing, and... Heart.
I promise
to do my best.
And, um, don't we have
a little something for Grizz
around here somewhere?
Yes, we do.
GRIZZ: A Christmas
present for me?
Everyone deserves a good
bear in their life.
Grizz, are
you crying?
No, no. Uh, a snowflake
got in my eye.
now, get out of here
and go sing a Christmas
carol or something
and, uh, not a mushy
Christmas, everyone,
and to all
an elf night!
This time of year we
With good tidings
and cheer
Better sleep but over
time our magic disappears
We went
our separate ways
Guess it comes
with age
Why do things
have to change?
But something tells
me you're coming back
To wake up all
the faith I lacked
I just want
you here
I close my eyes
and I'll
Wake up to a merry,
merry Christmas
You are the one thing
I've been missing
You are the magic
of the season
It's you, it's you,
it's you
I'll wake up to
a merry, merry Christmas
You are the one thing
I've been missing
You are the magic
of the season
It's you that makes
a merry, merry Christmas
Merry, merry, merry,
merry Christmas
You're the one, one
thing I've been missing
You're the magic,
magic of the season
It's you, it's you,
it's you
Christmas carols made to sing
and gather 'round the fire
When life was hard
not all was lost
'Cause you were
by my side
We went
our separate ways
And I still
count the days
Why do things
have to change?
But something tells
me you're coming back
To wake up all
the faith I lacked
I just
want you here
I close my eyes
and I'll
Wake up to a merry,
merry Christmas
You are the one thing
I've been missing
You are the magic
of the season
It's you, it's you,
it's you
I'll wake up to
a merry, merry Christmas
You are the one thing
I've been missing
You are the magic
of the season
It's you that makes it
a merry, merry Christmas
Merry, merry, merry,
merry Christmas
You're the one, one
thing I've been missing
You're the magic,
magic of the season
It's you, it's you,
it's you
Merry, merry,
merry, merry Christmas
You're the one, one
thing I've been missing
You're the magic,
magic of the season
It's you, it's you,
it's you
I'll wake up to
a merry, merry Christmas
You are the one thing
I've been missing
You are the magic
of the season
It's you, it's you,
it's you