Go Away Mr. Tumor (2015) Movie Script

My name is Xiong Dun.
Xiong, like a bear.
Dun, like Newton.
I'll be turning 29.
Alexander Bell
invented the telephone when he was 29.
started writing novels when he was 29.
directed "Jaws" when he was 29.
and at 29, Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh.
I believe,
the next 29-year-old to influence the world,
has to be me!
the butterfly effect does exist.
Then I think,
I must be the butterfly,
that could flap its wings,
and change the world.
Hey you!
Do you have a death wish?
Hurry up!
you got me.
In this city,
I'm no butterfly.
Maybe a moth at best.
for most girls,
success means having the perfect wedding.
that's not me.
We gather here today,
to join together this man
and this woman, in holy matrimony.
If anyone
has any objections,
please speak now, or forever hold your peace.
If no one objects,
Excuse me. I had to work late last night.
Mr. Jiang.
I didn't miss anything,right?
I already said you didn't have to come.
This is way too important to miss.
Through good times and bad,
in sickness or health...
To be honest,
if it wasn't for leaving a good impression
on the boyfriend's parents,
I'd be home sleeping, right about now.
Look over here.
Smile. OK.
Cousin and cousin-in-law,
I'm Xiong Dun.
You are Chuan's girlfriend right?
That's me!
You are really pretty!
You got a loose thread
I pulled too hard.
It's a loose thread.
It really is a loose thread.
If you are tired,
you can go home and sleep.
No one would mind.
No, I'm okay.
Why would I be tired?
I'm doing this for you.
That poop-haired lady,
is that the groom's mom?
That's my mom.
I'm sorry.
I should go say hello.
That's okay.
More eating.
Less talking.
Here, this is for you.
It will guarantee
a happy marriage in the near future.
There are two types of bosses in the world,
There are only two kinds of men in this world,
dumb ones and dumber ones.
cowards and cheaters.
Which one would you choose?
And a Virgo on top of all that,
now that's one of a kind.
That's what my boss is like.
Right on her chin,
there's a huge mole.
She spends all day covering it up,
again and again, and again.
The harder she tries, the more obvious it is.
Stop trying to hide it.
I mean what's the point?
Where are my applause?
I just love champagne.
Damn it.
She is so freaking heavy!
Lao Zheng
is a woman.
She's a small business owner,
and amateur boxing enthusiast.
Her punches are
steady, accurate, and fierce.
And as a person, not one bit less.
Your typical Beijing chic.
When she's around girls,
she's manly.
And when she's around guys...
even manlier.
She loves plaid shirts,
dislikes pretty dresses.
Wherever she goes,
a trail of screams follow.
Let me go.
I can walk by myself.
Stop messing around.
My BFF and roommate.
Born smack in the middle of
the Yantze river delta area.
She likes astrology...
loves Tarot cards!
Likes Koreans dramas...
loves American shows!
She loves selfies...
but no peace signs, please.
Loves working...
hates overtime.
Even though she always has to...
You got it now?
She is an actuary working for
a Japanese company,
with an insanely unreasonable boss.
That's why she's always exhausted.
Push! Just a little more! Push!
Well, okay.
I made up that last part.
But it really, really is that bad.
Holy crap!
Damn that's exhausting.
You always mess with me
at the most important parts.
That's my man!
I'm here to protect you.
Step back.
Me and my love are going zombie killing!
back away!
I'm really sorry.
Gotta go.
Lao Zheng.
There are people inside.
Let's hide for a while.
I would rather be killed.
It's not safe outside.
Oh my god.
When did you come in?
Xiao Xia asked you if
you remember what day today is?
Deadline date!
How many did I tell you to finish last time?
There's something wrong with you right?
Nothing's wrong with me.
What's the matter with you?
What are you saying?
Are you out of your mind?
That wasn't a question.
Last time you said to finish five,
so I put in more hours and finished it.
It's all done.
More hours? Doing what, goofing around?
Last time I said seven!
You said five!
I'm sure of it.
If you'd said seven,
there's no way I would finish that,
so I wouldn't have agreed in the first place.
Are you saying that it was my mistake?
Are you?
Sounds to me like you
don't want your job anymore,
If that's the case, you can get out.
There are a lot of people waiting for your spot.
What, you think I wanna be...
let's continue.
say something.
Guess you're still in that meeting.
Message me back when you're done okay?
Miss you.
This is good.
Waitress. Clean it up.
What are you doing?
There are a lot of people here.
You're so bad.
Quiet for a second,
she just called me.
I didn't even answer.
Let me call her back.
What are you doing, sweetheart?
Answer the phone.
What are you doing, sweetheart?
Xiong Dun!
Xiong Dun!
Xiong Dun!
Xiong Dun!
Happy birthday!
As expected,
I gotta work overtime.
Sorry I can't come.
We'll celebrate another day.
Stupid manager is dragging
everyone to dinner,
you're lucky you got away,
Gotta go.
We'll talk tomorrow
Xiong, I've got a game tomorrow,
you guys have fun.
I'll head over after the match.
[Your mom]
Happy birthday!
Thanks mom.
You guys finished decorating?
Yes, just finished.
We're letting it ventilate a little bit.
Next time you're back,
you could stay at our new house.
ls dad there?
Yeah, he's here.
Papa Xiong,
Come here. Our daughter is on the phone.
Your dad is messing with his plants again.
Hurry up.
Dun, honey,
Happy birthday!
I asked around,
there are plenty of good jobs for you here.
You should come back.
It's better here.
The air is fresh.
It's her birthday today.
Stop with your blabbering.
Your dad,
he's always so chatty.
How are you celebrating today?
I'll be with...
Lao Zheng,
Xiao Xia,
and Emmy.
They bought a huge cake for me.
Don't eat too much cake.
Sugar is not good for you.
I know, I know.
We're gonna go now.
Talk soon.
Okay, okay, okay.
[See you there]
May your fortune rise as high as the sky!
We wish you a happy birthday!
Come on. Picture time!
You guys suck.
If you guys showed up a little later,
I probably would've killed myself.
It's just a job.
I didn't see you stand up for me today.
Let this one go,
He did a good job preparing your party.
Very dependable.
Take these.
How's this gift for you?
How did you guys find out?
The jerk was showing off on his profile.
Said something like,
his dreams are finally coming true.
What an ass.
We never liked that jerk actually.
Really don't know what you see in him.
Now you tell me...
how about the jerk you're dating,
let's make him a target too.
That's right, Emmy.
How could I forget you?
If we put all the boyfriends together
and had a competition,
You'd win, for sure.
Let me tell you,
if it were up to me,
I'd pretend to be single.
When she found out about it,
he'd say stuff like he's got marriage problems.
I'd slap the crap out of him.
Alright, okay,
today is a day for celebration.
We should talk about something more cheerful.
for you.
Hey, listen,
I wrote this song.
Love it.
You should quit your stupid job, like I did.
Let's start fresh, together.
I don't think that was quitting.
You were fired!
- Say it again, I dare you!
-Stop, stop.
you can kiss your present goodbye.
That's more like it.
Why is it so light?
Did you write me a check?
Xiao Xia,
thanks a lot.
Man, you are generous.
Let me tell you,
I've been saving those numbers for a long time.
You know how much the jackpot is now?
Over 200 million!
This would have worked usually,
but today is the worst day of my life.
Silly girl.
All this means your luck's
about to turn around.
I think so too.
I really hope my bad luck ends right now.
When life sucks,
most of the time,
you could only share
so little.
As for the rest,
just tell them to go away.
That's right!
Let them all just go away!
Go away!
Go away!
Go away!
Go away!
Go away!
You don't have to start over
after every breakup.
Save it for the next guy.
It works just the same.
This is your...
third time taking it apart right?
You ain't cool enough.
you seriously lack culture, dude.
Do I really need to explain myself?
Let the past be the past.
I bought a blouse online.
It's gorgeous!
I gotta show it to you guys.
Hold on a second.
Xiong Dun!
Xiong Dun!
Xiong Dun!
[Peking University International Hospital]
Show this to the chief please.
Judging from his big eyes and long eyelashes,
there's an 80% chance he's hot.
You are awake.
What are you looking at?
Don't pretend to be innocent,
after that punch...
Did I do that?
Some punch.
Almost sent me flying.
Oops, sorry.
Does this hurt?
Do I need to take off my bra?
This is fine.
Doctor. Test results.
Boxing champ is awake.
Let's do a biopsy too.
Before we have a diagnosis, I suggest
you stay here for monitoring.
Stay...here at the hospital?
And you're responsible for me?
What's your name?
My name is Dr. Liang.
A spot just opened up.
I'm going to get you an inpatient
form to fill out.
Rest up.
Did you see him?
Did you see him?
So damn hot!
You guys see his fingers?
Long and sexy.
help me figure out,
what sign do you think he is?
Is he married?
You are thinking too much!
You are in the hospital Xiong.
Everything is gonna be okay with you, right?
Maybe not.
You're serious?
Of course not, I'm kidding.
Go to my place,
and bring me my best mascara.
And in my closet,
the first one on the left.
The red dress,
the one that shows my goodies.
Get these for me,
and I'll be just fine.
who's gonna do my check up?
Is it gonna hurt?
Should be boss Liang.
It's usually him.
You mean Dr. Liang?
He's the boss?
He's not,
but because he's always so serious,
we got used to it.
Calling him the boss.
Maybe it's because he grew up abroad,
none of us seem to have things to say with him.
Do I need to undress for this?
Of course.
You don't have to do it now.
Wait till he gets here.
Young lady,
it's your lucky day.
Our chief is going to do your checkup today.
You're awake?
Who are you?
Get down!
Get down!
Little brat!
I'm gonna...
Mao Dou,
Come here.
Who told you to get off your bed?
You're bed 23?
Mao Dou,
say hi to this nice lady.
Oh no, that's alright.
Your name is Mao Dou?
You're so adorable.
What's your name?
My last name is Xiong.
Xiong, like a bear.
Stop it.
Okay, go play with big sister.
I'm going to pay the bill.
What does your dad do?
My daddy does big business!
Big... business?
You little brat.
Aren't you full of energy.
Isn't that right.
Come here, let's fight.
Xiong Dun, right?
Are you okay here?
Are you sleeping well?
Everything is fine.
How do you feel?
My chest feels a little tight.
And sometimes,
I want to cough.
If you could come
and visit me more often,
then I'd feel a lot better.
If you come visit me more often,
I'd feel a lot better.
Little brat!
Mao Dou, stop copying what adults say.
- Got it?
- Bear,
stop copying what adults say.
Got it?
Dr. Liang.
Get some rest.
Boy. You are a boy.
You don't have boobs, so you are a boy.
See, they're right here.
If my daddy squeezed hard enough,
he'd have them too.
Boys have them too, so we know
what's front and what's back.
Are yours for the same reason?
how can you stand this kid?
Now you feel my pain...
It's time for my examination,
you guys can take off anytime you want.
Bring me some yummy food tonight.
Sure thing.
What are you looking at? Go away.
Mao Dou, I'll play with you.
Let's sword fight.
What, am I wrong for telling you
not to smoke in the room?
This is a hospital.
What's your problem?
I was smoking in the bathroom.
That's still in the hospital.
The smoke goes everywhere.
I don't care what you do.
If you don't care if you die, that's your
problem. We don't want to die.
No manners.
No morals.
What is your problem?
Forget it. There're
a lot of people watching.
- Let's go.
- I don't want that.
- Let me tell you...
- Mom...
Try not to move,
no matter how painful it is.
Otherwise we have to do it over again,
and it'll hurt even more.
First time is always the worst.
You'll get use to it.
Let me help you.
I can distract you from the pain.
Bear, tell me a story.
That's a crappy solution.
I'm hurting my butt off,
and you want me to tell you a story?
You got no sympathy kid.
No, I don't...
What's sympathy?
C'mon, tell me a story.
I'm bleeding.
The doctor told me not to bleed.
Lie down.
What happened?
This is exactly what we were worrying about.
I tripped and fell.
Okay. Lie still.
Stop talking.
Stay on your bed,
and don't move around so much.
Don't worry,
I won't tell my dad.
Mao Dou,
do you know what you have?
I don't know.
But after I got shots,
all my hair fell off.
Acute myeloid leukemia.
Lymphocytic leukemia.
Chronic granulocytic leukemia.
[Miss you forever]
No way...
I won't let you die.
Don't ever leave me.
You are a heartless girl!
I have one last wish.
I'd fulfill not one,
but a hundred,
a thousand,
or even a million of your wishes.
Tell me!
I'm sorry.
What do you think of my cleavage?
Sexy enough?
You think I should pull it down more?
Any further and I'd see your belly button.
Although I must say, your persistence
really is quite moving.
But this is a hospital.
Come on, nowadays,
love has no boundaries.
Why would time or place stand in my way?
Remember, a woman needs to
always, always,
stay beautiful, both inside and out.
If you were to get hit by a car,
they would always rescue
the pretty ones first.
Never mind,
you wouldn't understand it anyways.
Are you still coughing?
That's him right there.
Liang Junbo.
Let's go find this Liang guy.
Yeah, that's right.
Take a picture.
Zoom in more.
Don't look back!
Don't ask why. Just come with me.
Why are you dressed like this?
Don't say anything.
Hurry! Hurry up!
Oh my God!
That was really close.
There are these scary guys looking for you.
Looking... for me?
But I've always been good to my patients.
Yeah, but misunderstandings do happen.
It's not always up to you.
Are you wearing perfume?
You like it?
You are...
not thinking about
leaving the hospital right?
Look at my eyes,
I've got fake lashes on too.
Putting on makeup
would affect my judgments of your condition.
For example,
looking at a patient's eyes,
and nails,
to determine the state of a patient's illness.
Initial observations are very important
for a doctor's diagnosis.
I understand.
Even without makeup,
you're still pretty.
So, you like the makeup-free me huh?
I think a lot of women
are actually prettier
when they don't wear makeup.
Dr. Liang.
Your heart is racing.
Are you alright?
A lack of oxygen will
cause an increase in heart rate.
Is it me, or is it a little stuffy in here?
They should be gone by now, right?
Wait! Hold on a second.
Let me listen.
Just a minute.
It's so hot in here.
The biggest tragedy in life is...
when you should have held it in,
but you didn't.
This is... not what it looks like.
C'mon, let's go.
Didn't see anything.
We didn't see anything.
Even in a place like that.
It really isn't... what you are thinking.
Let me go sort this out.
Will you please go back and lie down?
Liang Junbo.
What do you want?
I've been watching you three for a while now.
This is a civilized society.
You wanna play rough?
It's a misunderstanding.
You are...
Dr. Liang,
Mao Dou's oncologist?
What's the matter?
We are Cui's friends.
We heard that
Mao Dou is going to have an operation.
So, we collected some money for Cui.
We were afraid that he wouldn't accept it,
so it's better to
just give it to you directly.
Mao Dou's cross-matching
was unsuccessful.
He can go home for the time being.
I don't want to grow up,
that way,
you will never get old.
Silly boy,
did you forget?
Dad knows magic.
When you grow up,
I'll use magic
to make myself as young as you.
Then why can't you cure me?
Promise me you'll sleep well tonight.
Comes tomorrow morning,
I will use my powers
to get you out of here,
and bring you home.
- I can go home now!
- Yes.
Yep, let's go home.
I can leave and go home now!
Bear! I can leave now!
I have never met Mao Dou's mother,
nor have I heard about Cui's story.
But there's one thing I know for sure,
he is a wonderful father.
you must be mad,
because I get to get better before you do.
Oh it's the worst.
Without you here
messing with me all the time,
I'd feel lonely.
Xiong, are you going to die?
Do you know what dying is?
Of course I do.
Dying is just sleeping for a long, long time.
It's what my grandma told me.
Then, are you afraid of sleeping
for a really, really long lime?
I like sleeping, it's comfortable.
And I wouldn't have to get shots.
I'd wake up eventually.
Right. You will wakeup one day, for sure.
Xiong, can you tell me a story?
I promise I will never bully with you again.
Let's see... what story should I tell?
A long,
long time ago,
there was a little boy who knew magic.
His name was Mao Dou.
Hey, he has the same name as me.
Yep, that's right.
One day,
Mao Dou
had awoken from a beautiful, sweet dream,
and realized the world around
him was perfectly tranquil.
The sky,
was unbelievably blue.
Mao Dou
was wearing the coolest,
newest clothing.
He ran through the streets,
he ran,
and ran,
until he came to a garden.
Inside that garden,
there were beautiful,
colorful flowers everywhere.
There were few different kinds...
A monster appeared,
Mao Dou struck back.
Do you like it?
Here, for you.
This is awesome. Thank you Xiong!
Let me tell you a secret.
Dr. Liang's girlfriend died from a disease!
It's true.
I heard it from the head nurse.
She's so scary,
I don't think she tells lies.
I can only help you so much,
the rest is up to you.
Mao Dou.
Let's go home.
Let's go.
Time to go home!
Let's go.
Sometimes, living in your own imagination
is a rather wonderful thing.
You wouldn't have a worry in the world.
No fears.
No grief.
Not even death.
It's you.
Why are you out so late?
I couldn't sleep.
I came out for some moon-bathing.
No way...
The nurse tells me that
out of all the patients,
you are the one who eats the most,
and sleeps the best.
Who told you that?
Bad mouthing me on purpose.
She's obviously jealous of my stunning looks.
Do I have the same disease as Mao Dou?
must avoid
thinking too much.
It's like this.
It's my responsibility to treat you,
and it's your responsibility to believe in me.
Let's wait for the results to come in.
So, I'm really gonna believe you now.
My life
is in your hands now.
Pinkie swear.
You don't know pinkie swear?
Even a 3 years old would know.
Here, like this,
then, stamp.
This way, if you don't keep your promise,
I will curse you
to remain single for the rest of your life.
That's harsh.
How long have you been a doctor?
Seven years now.
What about you?
What do you do?
Right now,
I draw to make a living.
That's good.
Better than us.
It's tough being a doctor.
There's always so much risk involved,
but rarely a sense of accomplishment.
That's easy.
Treat me!
I'm the best at making people
feel accomplished.
How can you do it?
I feel like anything
and everything can make you happy.
I'm silly.
When I was in college,
no one took me seriously.
Happy or not,
we still got to live on, one day at a time.
So just live life to its fullest,
without a care in the world.
That makes sense.
If it makes sense,
then why are you still so serious?
That's right!
You have no idea how important
a doctor's smile can be
for us patients.
So take it from me,
learn to smile and grin
at yourself in the mirror.
Because when you smile,
you're so handsome,
you make me wanna take off...
I really want to slap myself a few limes.
Watch your mouth!
Take off my old identity and be reborn again.
You wanted to say,
take off your clothes?
OK. I'll be right there.
It's been fun talking to you.
I gotta go work.
Get some sleep.
You guys should contact
Xiong Dun's parents soon.
It's better if they are here.
What does she have?
Her condition
is very complicated.
So it's best if her parents are here,
so we could talk about it together.
Please tell us how she's doing,
so we'll have an idea of what to prepare for.
I know you care about her a lot.
Dr. Liang please don't move.
Don't move at all.
Here is the thing,
this is for your own good.
She was once the biggest badass
of our neighborhood.
They used to call her Miss Tyson.
[Diagnosis: Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma)
I don't think
we should tell her
unless it's absolutely necessary.
What if she couldn't handle it,
and just... gives up hope altogether.
Xiao Xia,
if you were the one who's sick,
would you rather find out now,
or later,
or be kept in the dark the whole time?
If it was me,
I would rather know it
Never mind.
I don't think you should ask me anymore.
Okay, that's enough.
You can never decide on anything,
it's useless asking you.
How about we vote on it?
Raise your hand if you agree to tell her now.
Xiao Xia, are you going to
raise your hand or not?
Why are you here?
I am starving.
Excuse me.
Hello. Can I help you?
This one.
This too.
OK. It'll be right out.
Are you crazy?
Can you eat all that?
I mean you only live once right,
one meal eaten
is one meal less.
I want to
tell you guys something.
I really
hit the jackpot this time.
200 million?
Dude, where is the context?
Pay attention please.
So you know?
It was cleverness that
killed the cat, not curiosity.
we've asked around.
It's not that big of a deal.
On a tumor scale,
this only ranks number 10 on the chart.
What tumor?
I thought you already knew?
I have a tumor?
It's not leukemia?
Oh thank god!
I thought I had leukemia!
Thank God!
And Buddha!
Why do you look so worried?
It's a tumor...
Just cut it off!
From now on,
I'm gonna be healthy!
No more laziness.
No more junk food.
When I'm all better,
I'm going to workout everyday,
for two hours.
No, for three hours!
I am still in the middle of getting
an IV injection,
you guys eat this junk food.
You totally know her.
Look at her.
"It's a tumor."
"Just cut it off."
Come on dude!
Have you forgotten all your bio classes?
It's lymphoma.
Lymph nodes are all over the body.
Cut it off?
How about I cut you off!
What are you looking for?
Xiong Dun wants to watch "The Walking Dead'.
I made a DVD for her last time.
Why can't I find it?
And her comic books too.
Come get something to eat first.
You didn't eat much for lunch.
you too, come eat something.
I'm not hungry.
What's the matter?
Are you ok?
How can I be ok?
My best friend is lying in the hospital.
Lao Zheng,
Shut Up!
Eat your noodles.
Can you be any louder eating
those damn noodles!
[Go away Mr. Tumor]
What do you mean?
You've already done it!
Why are you calling me now
and pretend to be a good guy?
You jerk!
Answer the phone!
Her name, is Xia Meng.
She was kicked out of her old room,
and has become my bed mate.
Whenever the sound of
a retro Vespa is heard,
she would show up
a few minutes later.
She rarely smiles.
When she's not on the phone,
she barely speaks.
And when she's on the phone,
the cursing almost never ends.
She would always receive
flowers and fruit baskets,
but no one has ever visited.
So the flowers,
goes in the trash.
And the fruits,
are left there to rot.
Go ahead.
I don't know why.
But it doesn't matter what Meng says,
I always feel an impulse to say, "yes ma'am."
What is it?
I have bestowed these upon thee,
how dare you not accept.
Thank you, thank you for
your kindness, your highness.
Can you please tell me,
You see,
I'm looking for...
Uh oh...
I knew this day would come.
But I didn't expect it to come so soon.
[Unknown call]
Hi Mr. Xiong,
I'm your daughter's friend.
She is sick.
She's in the hosp...
Bamboo eight.
Mr, Xiong, please don't hang up.
Xiong Dun shaved her head when she was six.
When she was seven,
she tried to shave like you,
and cut her lips.
And one summer,
your brought her to a farm to watch
an irrigation plane,
but almost lost her.
And also, before she turned 16,
she weight the heaviest at 180 pounds.
Who is this?
Let my daughter go!
This is
a systemic disease.
It's very hard to treat.
Within 5 years,
the survival rate
is no more than 20 percent.
What we can do now is
sessions of systematic chemotherapy
to prolong life.
hair loss.
These are side effects of the chemo.
don't be too nervous.
Our goal for late stage cancer patients is
to improve their quality of life
and prolong the time they have left.
Go be with her.
I'm going...
buy some stuff.
It's not a big problem.
You'll get better.
You are always too rebellious
Do you remember?
What I tell you every time I call you.
You have to eat well,
and wrap yourself up when it's cold.
You always wear so little.
You never listen...
You always sleep so late,
and wake up even later.
You'd draw for hours and hours,
without eating or drinking.
Nobody could take that.
What happened to your mouth?
Give it to me!
Give it to me!
How many times have I told you?
Your father's side has a history of diabetes,
you can't eat too many sweets.
Maybe you got sick from
all this carelessness.
Please stop nagging me.
I'm already like this.
It's only a piece of chocolate.
I'm sorry.
I won't eat it again.
You have to change.
Listen to me,
to get well,
you should come back home.
Stop messing around in this city.
I'm not going back.
I've just started my career here.
What career?
It's been how many years
since you've graduated?
You're still living like this.
If you don't go back,
your dad and I will sell the new apartment
and move here to live with you.
That would drive me crazy, mom.
You taking care of yourself drives us crazy.
Who's up?
Do not look at the records.
Through two mediastinal biopsies,
the pathology shows
non Hodgkin's lymphoma
and mediastinal large B cell lymphoma.
PET-CT shows a high metabolite of
the anterior mediastinal
has infected parts of the lung
and pericardium.
We are starting two cycles of MA chemotherapy.
After two cycles,
the evaluation is...
The evaluation is PR.
It's important to be familiar
with a patient's conditions.
This is fundamental.
Especially with the patient's specificity,
you have to remember it all the time.
From now on, no one is allowed to
read from the records when visiting patients.
Xiong Dun,
how do you feel?
I'm fine.
Are your urination and defecation normal?
Why are you ask a girl such question
this early in the morning?
Stop fooling around.
The doctor is talking to you, be serious.
I thought no one could control you.
Why do I need to be controlled?
I'm a really well-behaved girl.
I think you're really imposing today,
kind of like the mob boss.
Are they all afraid of you?
Why would they be afraid of me?
I don't bite.
Are you guys afraid of me?
Why are you laughing?
Don't just laugh because
someone else is laughing.
Laughter, should come from the heart.
Right? Xiong Dun.
This is Xia Meng.
Who's turn is it?
I'll do it.
Xia Meng's immunophenotype is
Her peripheral leukocytes are
more than hundred thousand.
The bone marrow is diffused
by naive lymphocytes.
They are also present in other organs.
We've been using the CHOP plan,
once every three weeks.
And CTX,
for one day.
with a maximum no more than 2 mg.
Also, she's been taking PDN separately,
60 mg each day.
- You can't leave.
- Let go.
What do you mean?
You've already pissed off all my friends.
And I'm the one who has to clean
your mess every time.
Come on, what do you want from me?
How can you just leave my stuff?
Don't leave me like this!
You know I'm sick,
how can you just abandon me like this?
Let go of me.
Wu Xiaoliang!
You jerk!
What are you going?
What the hell?
Listen to me,
there are three things in life
you should never touch.
And jumping off buildings!
From this height?
I'll probably die faster if I don't jump.
You want some?
You got enough?
First, I lost my job.
Then, I lost my relationship.
And now, even health has abandoned me.
I still haven't told my parents
about that son of a bitch ex-boyfriend yet.
You are afraid to tell them.
Me? I've got no one to tell it to.
I don't even remember
what my parents looked like.
Are you afraid?
Afraid of what?
Afraid of...
that everyone around us
have just started living life,
but ours are already coming to an end.
You have to believe that
each time god presents us with a challenge,
he does it for a purpose.
If you've never even had a chance
to come face to face with Death,
then you've never really lived.
It's not that I'm afraid of dying.
It's just...for the past 30 years, I feel like
I haven't really done anything meaningful.
And if I were to die today,
I'd be forgotten,
leaving no traces or impact on this world.
You're missing the point.
Why do you think god planned
for us to get sick?
He's reminding us that,
you only have one life to live.
Nobody knows when they'll...
So it's up to us to cherish everyday,
and make the best use
of our time...to live the way you want to.
Sometimes, taking a leap and being impulsive,
would make us regret it for maybe a day or two.
But being a coward...
that's when you'll regret it for
the rest of your life.
Good point!
Here. Cheers!
I was 28 years-old,
living the best days of my youth,
when my master decided shave my hair.
Alright, stop acting dear.
It's time to test just how beautiful you are.
How can you still be gorgeous
when you're bald?
I'd probably look like a nun...
Not fair.
Okay, okay. Stop looking.
The more you look, the harder it's gonna be.
Just close your eyes.
Open them only when I tell you to.
Okay, You can open them now.
What did you guys do?
Come on,
let's remember this historical moment!
Come on,
Picture time!
Five hard boiled eggs!
Rock, paper, scissors!
Rock, paper, scissors!
Rock, paper, scissors!
your dessert.
There's more?
Here, give it here.
I grant to you, an oyster
It's an aphrodisiac.
Hey, hm...
You guys keep eating,
I gotta use the bathroom.
- Where are you going?
- Escape.
I gotta go liberate myself too.
Here. Forget about them.
Let's drink.
Bottoms up.
Xiong is still not back yet?
I saw her asshole ex-boyfriend!
What a small world!
Both of them are here?
From the looks of it I'd say,
let's assemble some Avengers tonight.
I'm full.
The show is on.
Follow me.
- Go ahead.
- You handle the girl.
Let's dish out our "usual".
I'm going.
- Alright.
- Trust me.
Go ahead.
Go ahead.
Where are you going?
Do you know why I'm here?
To tell you the truth,
when we were together,
he would always bring me here too.
Who are you?
Who I am is not important.
Give me five minutes,
I'll make it unforgettable for you.
Stop it.
Are you sure this is okay?
I didn't plan on telling you this,
but he said,
that I wasn't his cup of tea.
He says he likes them buff,
What are you guys doing?
...and that I couldn't fulfill him.
What the f...
That bitch.
Did you know,
when we were together,
he wasn't just cheating on me with one person.
He'd have three or even four
at the same time.
Xia deserves an Oscar.
He really likes one of the waiters here.
Tall, strong, and handsome.
The reason I broke up with him was because
I caught them in the bathroom.
Is he?
In the bathroom again?
It's up to you now.
What are you doing?
Ladies is this way.
Naughty boy!
Honey your ass.
And the Best Actor goes to... Xia!
We are a group of crazy women.
I don't remember who it was that said,
true friendships are like health,
you'll only appreciate them,
when you're about to lose them.
I can't imagine
what I'd be
without them.
Dun Dun!
Dun Dun!
Family members, please wait outside.
Let's go.
Where's Dr. Liang?
Heart rate increased.
Loss of consciousness.
BP is not reading.
ECG shows ventricular fibrillation.
It should be the ontological syndrome.
Pulse has disappeared.
I can't find a heartbeat.
Prepare for defibrillation.
Two pads, at 200 joules.
Alright, step back.
Prepare a shot of epinephrine.
1 mg. IV.
1 mg of epinephrine.
- Go?
- Go.
240 joules.
Good, okay now. It's alright now.
Pulse and BP back to normal.
Give her fluids.
Check on her every half hour.
Let me know immediately
if there is a problem.
Dr. Liang.
Sign here, please.
Here's your pen.
Dr. Liang...
Give me one!
Are you alright Dr. Liang?
You didn't feel anything?
You didn't even know about the... zapping?
Do you know how scary it was?
The nurse said,
Dr. Liang's hands were shaking
like he was a first time intern.
Did they take off my clothes?
Who was it that did it?
That means Dr. Liang saw me naked.
Honey, what are you thinking?
You almost died.
I heard that,
when you were trying to save me,
you lost it a little bit.
Why are you smiling?
Do I have something on my teeth?
Your wig is crooked.
Is it good now?
You don't think it's a hassle?
No one minds what you look like here.
It keeps me warm.
Do you have time now?
It probably has fleas.
So what, I have tumors.
Have you ever had any pets?
I don't even have enough time
to take care of myself,
how would I have time to take care of pets?
When I was 3 years old,
my dad brought a puppy home.
I called him Huan.
He grew up with me.
He walked me to school every day.
And when school got out,
he'd be right there,
waiting for me at the gate.
One day, my dad and I
brought him out for a walk,
we were walking in the front,
Huan followed us.
We had just crossed an intersection when,
I heard a screeching sound from a car's breaks.
Right when I was about to turn my head,
my dad took my head into his arms.
He covered my eyes.
I never had a chance
to see what had happened to Huan.
[Dr. Liang please come to
conference room 5 immediately.]
I've got a meeting.
Here, sanitizer for your hands.
Let me give you some hand lotion.
No, it's okay.
You wash your hands so many times every day.
You need to protect them.
Take it. It's yours.
I have more.
Well, okay.
Am I
particularly resilient?
Like an unbeatable little cockroach?
I need to go.
By looking at his eyes,
I think...
I can start knitting again!
OK. Go and get the paperwork ready,
and let me know if anything else happens.
Who were you talking with?
Your grandma tripped and fell.
Was it bad?
Yeah, she broke her leg.
She's in the hospital now.
You guys should go see her.
It's okay. I've got Lao Zheng
and Emmy here with me.
Are you sure?
I do feel like we should go back to see her.
Because of your grandma's situation,
and her age.
And her heart isn't so well either.
I'm afraid whether she can handle the surgery.
I feel like I'm just dead weight.
Absolutely worthless.
Dr. Liang,
there you are.
Let's go.
Your office.
There has always been a delicate
relationship between doctors
and their patients.
Patients depend on their doctors.
when you care for your patients
on every aspect.
It's often easy to develop feelings.
They're just rumors.
It's all exaggerated.
I don't think we should worry about it.
I understand,
and I trust your
I just wanted to remind you that's all.
on the other hand,
it's about time you start thinking
about your life.
You can't be single forever.
Xiong Dun,
that girl is pretty sweet.
If she wasn't sick,
maybe there's a chance...
You guys seem like you'd suit each other.
Please director, stop joking around.
She's my patient, nothing more.
OK. l got it!
The report for patient in bed 6 is out.
- Let's go.
- OK.
Let's go!
That's enough, come on...
How many have you eaten already?
Take it easy with the dumplings.
Why didn't you bring some vinegar?
Don't be so picky.
Just enjoy it.
What took you so long?
Let me tell you, my mom's dumplings
are ridiculously good.
Come on.
Professor Liang,
clinically speaking,
when leukocytes are lower then 3.0,
or neutrophils are lower then 1.5,
what should we do?
That's not hard actually.
After the leukocyte injection,
the majority of patients' leukocytes
will return to the normal on the second day.
The answers for those questions
are in the textbook.
I suggest everyone to ask some questions about
patients' psychological problems.
I have a non Hodgkin's lymphoma patient.
Her name, is Xiong Dun.
I have never treated anyone
who was so positive,
and so upbeat about her situation.
During our contact,
I've noticed a few really
interesting personality traits...
first of all...
All right, stop taking it apart.
Time to go home.
Give it to me. Give it.
Congrats, Xiong Dun!
Even though,
your evaluation has cleared you for release,
you should take the medicine on time
and come back for examinations regularly.
Are you here as a friend saying goodbye,
or as a doctor checking on his patient?
Dr. Liang,
please sign for the prescription.
Take care.
Don't ever come back.
And don't come back to visit me either!
Yes, your highness.
You must pay attention to these.
Emmy's company is going to send her
to Japan for a while.
She is leaving tomorrow morning.
But she has to work tonight.
She said not to wait up for her.
Tomorrow morning,
she'll go to your room to say goodbye.
Let's go to Emmy's company.
What is everybody doing?
How many times must
you make the same mistakes?
You really can't go in there.
If it happens again, you're all fired!
Got it?
A little.
You asshole!
One of your employees, Emmy, is my roommate.
Out of all the months this year,
I have not seen her
for at least 3 months of that time.
When she's off work, I'm already asleep.
And when I wake up in the morning,
she's already gone.
Forget about relationship, marriage, and kids.
She even has to pick what dates
she's allowed to get sick.
She's moving to Japan tomorrow,
and you're still keeping her here tonight,
for overtime?
Does this company have
any compassion for human beings?
Stop using your Japanese
workaholic spirit and crap to fool us.
We've only got one life to life,
even if she were to work her ass off,
it shouldn't be for someone
as shameful and horrible as you.
You don't deserve her!
What you think you're
all better now that you're out?
Why did you come here?
That little stunt you pulled in there...
sure it was fun for you,
but what will happen to me after this?
Why are you not saying anything?
You being better now doesn't mean
you're better than everyone!
Lao Zheng, let's go!
Xiong Dun!
If you're made because I didn't tell you
about going to Japan...
Stop saying what you think I feel.
Then tell me.
I've got nothing to say.
I'm a bitch.
I shouldn't have interfered with your life.
Just how meaningless do you think my life is?
I don't need you to run out from the hospital
the second you're better
so you can come and save me!
I'm allowed to choose how I live.
What's wrong with that?
What did you choose?
Relationship wise, you're someone's mistress.
And work wise, you're nothing but a slave.
You think you're the only one
that understands love?
You think only your love is the real deal?
Seducing your doctor in a hospital,
how's that any more noble?
If you asked me, I think you're just laughable.
Go way!
Good for your recovery,
now get the hell out!
All of you, get out!
I want to go home.
[29 years old]
[Welcome home, Xiong!]
What the heck?
The warmest welcome!
[Inbox - Xiong Dun]
[I'd rather be dumped ten times
but not by you once.]
[Your life is mine, don't screw it.]
It's you again.
Am I dreaming?
I wanted to say the same thing too.
It's you again.
You know if you wanted to see me,
you could've just called.
You didn't have to come all this way.
Are you happy
to see me again?
I knew it.
But I'm happy to see you.
Let us be
like before,
like I told you.
I'm responsible for treating you,
and you are responsible for believing in me,
Looks like it's my only option.
All right.
Get some rest.
Have you been here long?
Does it still hurt?
The injections make me nauseous.
But after I took the antiemetic
pills for the nausea,
then I get constipated.
Then, if I took the pills for constipation,
then my head starts hurting.
So, do you think I should
lake the pills for my headache?
That's bad...
and you're still being silly and telling jokes.
I think it's better to
die happy than sad right?
Can you hand me that?
The blue one.
- This?
- Yep.
It's for you.
What is it?
not asking me to knit you a scarf are you?
It's for your future girlfriend.
Ask her to knit something for you.
If she knows how to, that is.
It's okay if she doesn't,
just don't throw it away.
It was pretty expensive.
It's very warm.
Then why don't you
keep it for yourself?
I've been knitting for a long time now,
but nothing ever came out of it.
I don't want to knit anymore.
I won't take no for answer!
Thank you.
I've always wanted to ask you a question.
If I was your girlfriend,
would you feel embarrassed?
Let me put it this way.
You are a surprise,
one that I'd only see once
in a lifetime.
Just like
an angel
sent from the heavens.
You have left
a seed of happiness
in my heart.
And now,
it has begun to sprout.
Am I that powerful?
You must be saying all this,
because I'm about to die.
You are not me.
So you wouldn't understand
what you mean to me.
Do you still remember the story of Huan?
Of course.
He was your dog.
I didn't finish the story.
I thought... he died.
And after Huan died.
I was sad for a really long time.
A year after,
my dad found another dog for me.
In the beginning, I was really happy.
But after I had him for a week,
I told my dad
that I didn't want to keep him anymore.
Because when I thought that
he'd die one day too,
that I have to experience
the pain all over again.
I was scared.
But my father told me,
we shouldn't be scared to live
just because
we're going to die some day.
is only a result.
How we live,
is the most important part...
To have experienced life,
fought through difficulties,
and overcame ourselves.
It's only when we have experienced all these,
can we really know what life means.
we can't give up
just because we are afraid of losing.
As for me,
it's simply too late.
You know?
What do I know?
Stop it,
don't make me say it.
I know,
I know.
This victory,
is for my friend Xiong Dun.
I want to thank her.
If it wasn't for her,
I wouldn't be standing here today.
She is the one who told me,
we must have dreams,
what if they came true one day?
Xiong Dun.
That's when I realized,
I may be great at consoling other people,
but there are a lot of things
that I wanted to do...
that had only been thoughts so far.
When it comes time to really
check things off my life,
I've found out that it's never too late.
Standing in front of all my dreams,
everything can be excuses.
Is this what you want to do?
This is only the beginning.
Go to a rock concert,
and rock out alongside your ears!
Drink a round of shots,
and scare alcoholics out of their shirts!
Host a cosplay party!
Hooray for the two dimensional world!
Pet a big reptile.
And become one courageous bear.
Eat 5 pounds of rice cakes.
Roll, stomach, roll!
Fly down the road on a motorcycle,
and feel the speed racing through my veins!
Meet a Weibo star,
and experience Prince Ma Boyong's kindness.
Learn to play an instrument,
and play it for a crush.
Plant an epiphyllum,
and wait for it to bloom.
Cook a delicious meal for my parents,
even if it doesn't look delicious,
or taste... delicious.
Go on a night fishing trip,
absorb the moon's serene energy.
Stare up at the Kanas sky,
and find my constellation.
Bath under the Mohe's aurora,
and feel its magical mysteriousness.
Watch the sun rise at the top of the world,
and shout:
I've always liked touching your lips,
ever since I was little.
Otherwise I couldn't fall asleep.
You were so dependent when you were a child.
I have been thinking a lot
about your childhood these days.
I still feel like
you were a kid just yesterday.
And a day later,
you have already grown up.
I remember one time I had
a fever and felt miserable.
But whenever I laid down next to you,
everything would feel better.
It was so weird.
It still is.
Tell me if you don't feel well.
Don't keep it to yourself.
do you know my bank password?
I don't want to know.
It's your birthday.
It's the same for all of my cards.
I'm afraid I might forget.
Let Lao Zheng deal with the rest.
I know how hard this must be for you.
It's pretty tough for me too.
Mom, I'm sorry.
In the next life...
Let's still be family in the next life.
It won't ever hurt again.
[Xiong, we miss you]
Hi everyone.
Even though I'm standing up here,
I will not be hosting this funeral today.
According to Xiong Dun's will,
she will be
hosting her own.
Hello everybody!
Isn't it a huge surprise
to see me here?
Unfortunately, I can't see your expressions.
It feels a little strange.
For my funeral,
I don't want sad music,
no paper flowers.
I want fresh flowers.
No tears.
Forget it.
This is the fifth time already.
Because I really don't know how to start.
Whenever I think
that all of you will see me again
at my funeral...
it just feels a little spooky.
It really makes me wanna laugh.
Sorry! Everyone.
I couldn't make it.
But when I think about it...
From now on, until... forever,
I'll always be 30 in your hearts.
When we finally get to meet in heaven,
I would look the youngest!
That makes me
quite satisfied.
There's a proverb that describes
the voice and expression
of the deceased... I think I fit that
pretty well right about now.
Thank you, Mom and Dad.
Thank you,
Lao Zheng, Ai Mi, Xiao Xia,
and all of my friends,
who have accompanied me
through my final days.
l am the only one,
amongst all of you,
that's had experiences dealing with Mr. Death.
So from now on,
I have the authority to direct your lives now.
My train has arrived at its terminal station.
But yours have not.
You must live happily,
and spectacularly,
and live out the rest of your days.
to love and to be loved,
are the most important
and wonderful things in the world.
So, don't ever give up.
I've never really left you guys.
This is just another, a different way
to continue living in
your lives and your hearts.
whenever you encounter difficulties
you can't overcome,
repeat my name
in your hearts,
for three times!
And I will bestow power to you from up above.
My name is Xiong Dun.
Xiong, like a bear.
and Dun, like Newton.
Based on the original comics series
Go Away Mr. Tumor"
and representations by Xiong Dun.
Part of the events, characters and
incidents depicted in this film are fictional.
I wish to sweep away your sorrows
with my smile. Love you forever, Xiong Dun
I was just thinking,
which picture
I should use for my funeral.
One more time.
[Resignation letter]