Go Brother! (2018) Movie Script

Extra rewards are coming this intercalary September.
Join the Halao Instant Noodles Grab-All-You-Can Game this month.
Find a rare card inside the pack
or collect all pieces to the puzzle.
You'll get air tickets to Tokyo for your entire family
or an electric motorcycle.
Spread your legs.
Extend your arms.
Don't miss any pack.
Don't come up if you can't grab them!
Grab with all your might!
Grab them. Grab, grab.
Quick, quick.
Shi Fen!
Eh, Shi Fen! Why are we running?
I spent all my sister's pocket money this month on the cloak for Kaixin.
Wait. That's you who took Shi Miao's money, not me.
Why am I running with you?
You need to cover me.
Where's my brother?
Shi Miao.
Miao Miao, thank you for lending me your bike.
You're welcome.
But... the front seat seems a little messed up.
Oh, yeah?
It might have been caused by me.
It can be fixed with a little repair.
But I don't have money for the repair.
Don't worry. I have money.
You bought three identical copies.
Of course, I have to get three copies.
One for me to lick. One for boosting the sale figures.
One for collection.
It's so nice to be an only child.
You can buy whatever you want.
You probably have more pocket money than you can spend.
Look, it's not the same for me.
I often can only get half the love.
And even that is stolen away from me.
Taken away from me! Cheated from me!
You eat all the vegetables.
You're eating all the meat!
Where have all the money in my little piggy bank gone?
Your Xiaoba.
So the money in my little white piggy bank was spent on Xiaoba.
- That's right. It's a limited edition.br - Really?
[Rare Brazilian mini tortoise, $0.5 cents]
It hurts talking about it. It hurts remembering it.
We only hurt those close to us.
That is for you!
Go Brother
Change the dinosaurs today.
Let's swap with the comic books.
It's in my school bag. Get it yourself.
Where's your school bag?
I left it at home.
Waking up the pig.
I've come to see the pig. The pig's in bed.
Morning is here. Waking up the pig.
I've come to see the pig. The pig's in bed.
Morning is here. Waking up...
Shi Fen!
You need support for your diet. No need to thank me.
Dad, take me to school.
I'm late for school
Gone already?
Stop! Eh.
Stop! Eh.
Wan Sui, hand me my phone. It's in the pocket.
My dear Sister, where's your brother's bag?
Dear Sister, my bag is not important at all.
What's important is that you're not late at all. Love you.
- Sir, hurry. I'm going to be late. br - Here, I'm coming!
This is for you, Sir.
Old Uncle. No, I mean...
Uncle, Uncle.
Brother, I mean, handsome Brother.
Handsome Brother.
Shi Miao, quick!
They just rung the first bell.
Quick, bring your brother's bag to him, now.
Shi Miao, calm down.
Shi Miao, calm down.
I have to kill him!
It's just a school bag.
Last time, when you hit your brother in school. You're already on probation for bad conduct.
If you get into a fight again, it'll mess up your record.
It's totally worth it, if that means he dies!
What if the school gives you a disciplinary note?
Your parents will need to sign it. What are you going to do?
First Year, Class Number 3 Student, Shimioa,
report to the Teacher's Office.
The number you're trying to reach is unavailable.
- Shimioa, are your parents really on a business trip?
- Yes. br - If they are, can't they be reached by cellphone?
You can try calling from mine
if you can't trust my brother's.
Hello, the number you're trying to reach is unavailable.
Miss, Shimioa and I were born from the same parents.
Our fathers are naturally the same person.
Stop joking around.
Well, since I can't reach your father, I'm calling your mother.
Miss, I really didn't mean to do it.
I saw this huge fly on the exam papers.
And I thought those papers are important to us, students.
I need to protect those exam papers.
So you cut them up with a pair of scissors.
Miss, I'm sure Shi Fen didn't do it on purpose.
He didn't?
He didn't, so he accidentally cut out all the names on the exam papers?
I was thinking... I must get rid of all those bits contaminated by the fly.
Miss, why don't you forgive Shi Fen, please?
My brother isn't a bad person.
He's just a little silly.
He's just silly?
Does a silly fool know how to auction off nameless exam papers?
[Exam Papers: 99 points]
This paper has been graded with 99 points.
Let's start with 50 yuan this time. br ($ 8.00)
Fifty yuan, anyone?
Fifty-one, fifty-two.
- Fifty-three. br - Fifty-four anyone?
- Fifty-five! br - Fifty-six.
- Fifty-seven. br -Fifty-eight. br ($8.50)
Fifty-eight going once.
Sixty-one, going once!
This fellow here is offering 66 yuan. br ($9.50)
That was pretty good. I see you've learned a lot from yours truly.
I was touched just watching your act.
Wondering if your dad knows he has a heart disease
and our mom suffers from depression.
Eh, we make a good team.
We even use the same service provider for our fake numbers.
Eh, come here. Give me five.
This is for the white piggy!
This is for the schoolbag!
You can't let things go, can you?
This is for Dad!
You said that bit about Dad.
What does that have to do with me?
This is what we've agreed to at the office earlier.
Three grilled sausages, not one less.
Dang, dang. Adding more spice and stuff.
Every perfect lady's favorite.
You're having all three by yourself, isn't it a bit too much?
Not at all.
Why don't you share one with your brother?
You brother is hungry, don't you care?
- Eh, just one?br - Yes, yes.
Huh! You think I'm gonna fall for that again?
There. That's my sister.
Who wants to be your sister?
Somebody should come take you away.
Go to hell!
Bastard! Today, I'm gonna tell everything!
You're skipping classes, lying to the teacher
stealing money from my piggy bank!
I'm going to tell Mom and Dad everything!
There's no way they'll leave you in peace!
Then I'll tell Mom and Dad about your young love affair.
Liars have a rotten mouth!
W-Wait till Mom and Dad sees your diary.
Then they'll know I'm not lying.
You read my diary!
Brother Kai Xin!
- Brother Kai Xin! br - Shut up!
Shi Fen!
Shi Fen, come out!
You're going to die if you don't.
Do you still remember...
the little boy who got lost in the tunnel?
I heard that his family couldn't find him in the end.
But after a few days, someone saw him in this tunnel.
It was said, he was looking for something.
That he had been searching for his puppy this whole time.
Shi Fen!
Come out! Come out!
Okay, I'm not going to rat on you.
You have to keep your word.
Hey, come back!
You said you had a lot of worries growing up
More than the bubblegum you carry in your pockets
I'm looking at your cute face when you're worried
And then secretly buying you a popsicle
I'm a handsome fellow
My hormones stay awake even when I'm asleep
And I make the coolest moves at the baseball court
While you marvel and dance in joy
We've grown up in the blink of an eye, the dream is over
Our problems became so much to handle, how do we face them
Can you quit drinking?!
Mom, I have something to tell you.
Shi Fen has been out of control lately.
He changed my alarm this morning and made me late for school.
He also spent all my pocket money on snacks.
And he also tried to steal more from me.
Hey, Mom! During class today,
he cut all the names from the exam papers.
The teacher summoned him to the office.
It was embarrassing.
He tried to scare me in the dark alley.
Mom, do you need to leave again?
For a few days, Mom needs to go out of town for work.
How many days?
It's going to be a quick trip.
How quick?
You need to be a good girl at home, okay?
You want to play?
I'll play with you.
Overwhelming! Irresistible!
I'm gonna destroy all the evil.
Drop dead like I tell you.
Quiet! All this noise is making me crazy!
Only Seven Days Left Until Winter Vacation br Countdown for Famous Brand Clothing
Miao Miao, do you think my mother will simply not come back?
Don't be silly, she won't do that.
Sigh, it's just not that.
Recently, my parents had been behaving quite strangely.
Mom suddenly had gotten busier and busier at work.
While my dad started talking less and less,
and stays in his den everyday.
On the rare occasion that my mom is home,
they start fighting almost instantly.
These days, they are what I've been worried about.
Parents fight all the time.
And isn't your brother there, too? You can ask him.
I don't even want to talk to him.
None of the things happening at home seem to concern him.
All he cares about is play.
Oh, geez. Those anti-fans are going at it again.
Eh, Shi Miao, I have to go. I need to help with the defense.
Eh, Miao Miao
Shi Fen!
Don't you find Mom and Dad acting strange lately?
They won't be getting a divorce, right?
Oh, yeaaah?
"Oh, yeaaah?" Why aren't you concerned at all?
That's all you have to say?
They had always been like this.
Divorce is actually not a bad idea!
I can get pocket money from each of them!
Why do I have a brother like you?
Can you stop worrying over nothing?
You just love wasting time over stupid things.
Eh, listen. Help your brother and eat a few more packs of puffed products instead.
Get him a rare card, okay?
Collecting cards, huh? I'll let you collect them!
How old are you? You're still acting like a child!
Just one piece away...
from winning the family flight tickets.
Collect all puzzle pieces or rare card to win a motorbike or a family vacation
Do you need to do laundry?
Do you need to blow dry your hair?
What have I done to upset you again?
I think I'm more used to you calling me Shi Fen.
It was all my bad in the past. I was wrong.
Mmm... no, no.
I've put the blame on you in the past. That's a mistake.
Let's work hard together, moving forward.
And complete the puzzle together.
Otherwise, my little piggy would have died in vain.
G-Good. Give me back the puzzle first.
We need to work hard.
Bro, remember to brush your teeth.
Shi Fen, turn the light off.
Mister, give us another box.
That's the last one.
Come on, don't be so petty.
I've lost count of the stores we've visited.
Is your method reliable?
Of course, it is. Just think of the years I've eaten it.
I have figured out all their strategies.
You just have to trust your brother on this one.
I feel like I've been looking at this too simply.
I feel you. It's similar to chasing after celebrities.
It's not as easy as it sounds.
What should we do now?
For Shi Fen to get the last piece of the puzzle,
or get a rare card,
it's as difficult as reaching the sky.
Or you can try my idol Brother Shen's strategy.
Use every means available
to rekindle the love between them.
The fire of love burns again.
Miss Li Lan's flowers.
Is there a Miss Li Lan here?
This way.
Whoah! Your flowers are beautiful Miss Li.
Miss Li.
What is this supposed to mean?
These little gestures achieve nothing. Why won't you just quit drinking instead!
Dad, you wrote "undying" incorrectly.
It wasn't written by me!
Mom, if you've come only because of these flowers, then don't come back next time.
Maybe there will be bracelets, hug pillows and chocolates next time.
Come back, come back. Mom can come back anytime!
Mom, don't listen to Shi Fen.
So what should I do now?
So how come I feel like I'm making it worse.
Is there any special family occasion coming up?
Special occasion?
Wedding Anniversary?
Valentine's Day, Women's Day, White Day,
New Year's Eve, Winter's Solstice, Single's Day...
Just pick some special occasion as an excuse.
My birthday.
But my parent's relationship is so strained these days.
How do I get them all together?
Run away from home.
Isn't that a bit of an overkill?
Do you have any other suggestions?
Is this for real?
- Miao, Miao... br - Huh?
- Miao...br - What?
Brother Kaixin wants to treat me to some ice cream.
He must know today is my birthday.
- Really?br - Yes.
Sister, I was mistaken. No one is asking you out for ice cream.
But since you're already there, why won't you buy some for me?
You really think I'm bringing you ice cream?
No way!
Doesn't anyone remember my birthday?
If you all don't want to come home, then don't!
I'm so disappointed by this family.
I'm leaving. Goodbye.
Shi Fen?
This way.
Shi Fen, this is Uncle Hu.
Hello, Uncle Hu.
Shi Fen.
Hello, Shi Fen.
Isn't my boy handsome?
Yes, he has a pretty face just like you.
Yeah, he looks like me.
Sons tend to look like their mothers.
Excuse me, may I ask when this restaurant closed down?
The owner of the restaurant disappeared one day.
The staff couldn't find him and couldn't get their wages.
So they stopped coming in
and the place fell apart.
Shi Miao. Are you happy, Shi Miao?
Yes, I'm happy. I wan't strawberries.
We are having strawberries in a moment, Shi Miao.
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, happy birthday
Happy birthday to you
Why didn't you respond? You scared me.
I called you so many times. Why didn't you pick up?
What happened to this place?
You got the prize...
Of course.
I heard that even now, no one has come across a rare card.
Fortunately, your brother being his own clever self,
didn't give up looking and found the last missing puzzle piece.
Look at this bike. Isn't this the coolest?
It's the perfect bike to ride to school with.
I was so silly.
I actually thought you wanted to complete the puzzle.
because you wanted to win the family vacation.
I've forgotten how selfish you are,
how impossible for you to think of others.
How am I selfish?
How would I know you are here if I were selfish?
You whine every year to come back here for your birthday.
The 28th of September. I remember the date every year.
Moreover, as a very responsible person, I can tell you
you can't find an outstanding brother like me
anywhere else in the world.
Midnight's coming up. Quick, make a wish.
- You're letting me make a wish, right? br - Yes.
Then I wish you would disappear from this world!
It was you who damaged Mom and Dad's relationship.
Everyday is like hell to me also because of you!
We can't be like a normal family definitely because of you!
You want me to make a wish, right?
Then I wish I've never had a brother like you!
Happy birthday ugly sister
Happy birthday ugly sister
Happy birthday ugly sister
Shi Miao!
Wake up! The competition is about to begin. Quick.
[Victory, Kai Xin]
[The time is now]
How did it go? Which side is leading?
Shi Fen!
[Yang Tian Technical School vs. Lu Dao Middle School]
Go, go, go, Shi Fen!
Nobody was looking for me the entire night.
Did Shi Fen call you last night?
No, why would he call?
Go, go, go!
Shi Fen!
Shi Fen!
Has anyone called the Medic?
Yes, I already did.
You are tired of living, aren't you?
Bro, are you okay? Wake up!
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Number 23, Miao Shi Fen. Switching out.
Don't take my socks off. Keep them on.
- Here, it smells. br - You're disgusting!
Put this on. Put this on.
[Miao Shi Fen, Male, 3rd Year, Class No. 2, Contusion]
[Lu Dao Middle School Infirmary for Students]
What is this? You have a problem with me?
Why did you change your last name?
Changed my last name?
Is there a mistake? Let me see.
- No, it looks fine. br - That's right. My brother is called Miao Shi Fen.
Your brother? Why are you playing along with his shenanigans?
What do you mean?
Honestly, are you really my friend?
Why are you ganging up with him?
I'm confused.
Hey, Shi Miao!
Hey, I want to ask you. Since when did Shi Fen and Miao Miao become brothers and sisters?
- They are a brother and sister to begin with.br - No!
Put Shi Fen's schoolbag on his sister's desk.
So she can bring it home for him after school.
I don't believe...
he can bribe the whole school.
Senior, Third Year, Class Number 2, Miao Shi Fen,
report to the teacher's office after school.
Eating hotpot, playing cards, playing video games.
Miao Shi Fen, don't you dare lie to me again!
Give me your phone. I'll call your parents.
M-Miss, my... my father he...
Miao Miao. Why are you crying? Did I scare you?
Here, wipe your face a little.
Aren't you disgusting?
See you tomorrow, Shi Miao.
Miao Miao!
- Your name is Miao Miao Miao.br - Yes.
- Your name is Miao Shi Fen.br - Yes.
- Brother and sister?br - Yes.
Your name is Shi Fen. Your name is Maio Miao. My name is Shi Miao.
If Miao Miao is your sister,
why isn't Miao Miao called Shi Miao, but I'm called Shi Miao instead?
If you're Miao Miao's brother, why aren't you called Miao Wu or Wang Wang?
Shi Fen, Shi Miao, Shi Fen, Miao Miao.
Which pair rhythm's better?
Which pair sounds more like the names of a brother and sister?
You're trying to come up with a tongue twister aren't you?
Keep pretending! Let's see how long you can keep this up!
Hey, Mom. Where is Shi Fen?
Shi Fen. you don't even know your own son?
No, no. I'm not asking for a brother. I don't want a brother.
Didn't that restaurant close down?
No demarcation line.
It's all mine.
This is so cool.
[Happy Youth]
What are you looking at?
I'm just thinking.
Seeing the two of you sitting together is good.
Mom was busy yesterday and couldn't celebrate your birthday with you.
Let's make it up for you today.
I'm feeling blessed right now.
Shi Miao is now old enough
to feel for her parents.
Let's sing a song.
Mom, please no birthday song.
Oh, Shi Miao has grown up and doesn't want to be embarrassed.
Let's not sing then. Let's dance instead.
Shi Fen, turn off the light.
Shi Fen has become Maio Miao's brother.
Dad, turn off the light.
Roger that.
Why is a big girl like you still afraid of the dark?
What's going to happen if there's no one to shut off the light for you?
Good morning, Shi Miao.
My brother messed up with my alarm.
I'm almost late.
This sort of dirty tricks, I cant tell instantly is the work of that bastard.
Let me tell you. You have to be tough with people like him.
Let me teach you a few tricks next time.
- Let's not wait next time. Are you free tomorrow?br - Tomorrow?
Let's go to this game event at the mall.
My brother said the more people, the more powerful we are.
Are you talking about the Rare Card Event at the mall?
Yes, how did you know?
Don't be dumb.
There's no way you can get a rare card.
I know but my brother told me if we can't get one, he'll kidnap and destroy.
He wants to destroy you?
No, no, no. He will destroy the limited edition poster of my brother Shen.
That's more reason for me not to go.
Shi Miao, please.
Shi Fen!
Don't be afraid Miao Miao. Bro is here.
Miao Miao, open your eyes and your arms as well.
Get ready to grab them.
Isn't this a kids-only game?
That's why you're here.
Don't be afraid, Miao Miao. Fight him.
Big Devil, I'm not afraid of you coming at me.
Miao Miao, go, go, go.
Miao Miao, go, go.
The rare card.
You can do it.
Go, go, go!
- Miao Miao, go, go! br - Miao Miao.
Miao Miao, go, go!
Miao Miao, go, go!
Can't you just order delivery and have it sent there directly?
Of course, not.
Listen. Fan support meal is the manifestation of fan's love
and the popularity of the idol.
If it's done poorly, the crew members won't have energy to take care of my Brother Shen.
You're making three dishes and a soup?
Plus fruit and dessert and beverage. There isn't anything missing.
Don't they provide food over there?
Is you brother Shen going to starve to death with all of you?
Make yourself useful. Help me with the stickers.
Hey, Shi Fen! Quick, help me divide it up. I'm running out of time.
Put an egg into each one.
Shi Miao, don't stop.
Remember, the group members are two each more than the crew.
Don't get it wrong.
There's such a big difference in treatment.
We, fans have limited funds. Okay?
Wait, what are you eating?
Hey! Spit it out!
The portions have all been done precisely.
Spit it out!
Just as I thought.
Shi Fen can turn even a lady into a monster.
It's just an egg, what about it.
Then take one away from each of the crew members.
So, they have one less.
Poor crew members.
Hey, what are you drinking?
Just add a little water and then give it to the crew.
That will fix it.
Shi Fen!
Get back here!
Stop drinking.
Let go of it. Shi Fen!
Mom's call.
Take your father home earlier.
Boss. Grill the sausage a lot more. Add more chili.
Spit it out! Get back here.
You have such good relationship with your sister.
My younger brother and I, when can we be like you two?
Stop thinking about it. You and your brother belong to a second-marriage family.
At the end of the day, you're not from the same family.
How can you ever be like us?
You say nice things to Wanxing, that's called courtesy.
Or to be honest, an estrangement.
We've been living together for over six months.
So what?
Have you drunk from the same bottle?
Have you eaten from the same bowl.? Have you slept on the same bed?
Have you told the same lie? Have you fought each other?
You and him are not even as close as me with Kiaxin.
Wan Sui's
Wan Sui's
Wan Xing's
Hey, are you getting less and less ticket money?
I told you your brother is a scumbag. You just won't believe me.
He said he's going to return the money to me next week.
Miao Miao. Quick, lend me 55 yuan. I need to go to Wan Sui.br ( $8.00)
- What happened to him? br - He was fighting with his brother.
- Fighting?br - Right and now, he's down today.
So he turned in a blank exam paper during class.
The teacher asked him to call his parents to school. And he's being held there right now.
So, I must save him.
- Ah, okay br - Wait.
How could Brother Wan Sui possibly fight with Wan Xing?
Even if it's true, what does that have to do with Miao Miao's money?
Of course, it does.
if I go in like this and try to save him, the teachers will lock me up as well.
That's why I came up with an idea, Spiderman.
But the spiderman suit costs at least 25 yuan. br ( $4.00)
And I need to scale the wall of the school up the water pipes.
And dodge the school security cameras.
And leap in from the blind spot on the right.
And then I need to give Wan Sui an Iron Man suit.
The Iron Man costs about 30 yuan.br ( $4.50)
So that's 55 yuan in total. br ( $8.00)
Given your climbing skills, it'll take you at least 20 minutes to reach the fifth floor.
And there are plenty of people nearby wanting to go to the after-school counseling.
You'll be discovered immediately.
Or you'll be caught within the next 20 minutes.
Even if you didn't get caught and managed to climb the building,
between the camera's blind spot and the back wall of the school, there's no passageway.
Do you plan to fly over there?
Let's say you somehow know how to fly,
do you think the teacher will be stupid enough to let Spiderman and Iron Man
slip away right under his nose? Huh?
So you've been lying all this time.
The money is not for buying the suits.
You use all kinds of tricks to steal Miao Miao's money to satisfy your own wants!
Is this the way a big brother behaves?
Eh, stop rummaging.
This is so weird.
That Shi Miao seems to understand me better than Miao Maio.
You've met your nemesis.
No way!
She must be secretly in-love with me and too shy to admit it.
She must have been secretly looking into my interests.
If that's the case, she should be helping you get the rare card
instead of getting in the way.
Maybe she's already searching for it in secret,
in order to give me a pleasant surprise.
Boss, let's open another box.
No, that's it. If you want to buy, do it now. If not, stop rummaging though my boxes.
How do you know it's not in there?
They all look the same to me.
You're such a rookie.
A rare card is coated with a reflective material.
So a pack of a rare card is heavier than one that only contains a puzzle piece.
That's why when we go though them,
we should pick packs that are heavier that gives a dull sound when shaken.
That's the sound.
[Rare Card]
- Little boy. br - No!
I didn't say I want it.
- I just want to ask. br - Not for sale!
I didn't say I want to buy it either.
No exchange!
Hey, little fatty. Can you let others finish their sentences?
No. Why are your crying? Don't cry, don't cry.
Bro, he wants to take my card.
Who's bullying my brother?
I'm not bullying him. I was only trying to ask...
- He also called me fat! br- What?
I didn't say anything.
I didn't even get to finish my sentences.
Kai Xin, Wan Sui...
You two probably don't get to look up at other people a lot, right?
- So? br - Run!
- Run! br - Run after them!
Isn't that my brother?
- Call the police, quick.br - Okay.
Stop running. Stay where you are.
Kai Xin.
Wan Sui.
I'm exhausted.
What are you waiting for?
Beat them. Quick.
Are you here for some fun, little kid?
Go home and drink some milk.
Three, five six, go.
Joint zone defense.
Wan Sui, defend and deflect.
Kai Xin, cut in.
Game over.
Squat, all of you!
And stop fighting!
Are you still crying?
Behave yourself!
You girl...
come over here.
You squat, too.
Put that stuff down! Down!
- Don't move. br - Don't move.
Stop crying!
Don't move.
Are you still crying?
- Don't move. br - You're squatting and still crying?!
[Impartial Law and Justice is the Right Course]
Not bad indeed.
You pulled some punches and kicks, right?
You think I"m complimenting you?!
What's your name?
I'm Miao Shi Fen.
And you?
Shi Miao.
Brother and sister?
Go ahead, tell us what happened.
They were bullying my sister.
- No, no, no. br - No. We didn't.
- Bullying? br - Yes.
There was no other reason?
Let's give your parents a call and have them come over.
They need to sign you out.
Which one of you wants to call them?
- Him. br - Her.
You call.
No one's picking up. My Mom might be busy.
- Quit lying to yourself.
You know Mom's been lying to you about working overtime.
She's not coming back.
Mom told you she was going on a business trip.
The truth is she moved out.
I'm sorry, Sister.
Actually, Mom and Dad separated a long time ago.
I didn't have the courage to tell you.
Mom and Dad wanted to tell you earlier,
but I stopped them.
Because I was afraid you wouldn't be able to handle it.
Actually, I didn't think it through.
I hadn't figured out how I was going to break it to you.
Tell you...
that we also had to separate.
Here, give me five.
What you just said about your parents...
Aren't you especially grateful to me?
Wasn't my acting great back there?
How about you treat me to some ice-cream to thank me?
Why are you crying? I bought an ice cream for you.
I thought you abandoned me.
Silly. I'm your brother. How could I abandon you?
Why is this ice-cream such a strange shape.
This ice cream looks like a pile of poo.
Let me lick it for you. There, that's much better.
Thank you, Brother.
Stupid. He's been bullying me since I was a kid.
Why are you afraid of the dark?
In the past, someone scared me.
Then, do you know how to stop being afraid of ghosts?
White dragon horse, horseshoes facing west
Carrying Tang Monk and his three disciples
It's not easy to find the Holy Scroll in the West
The journey spans tens of thousands of miles
There are all kinds of monsters
Demons disguised as beautiful women
Mountains of blades adn seas of fire
Seventy-two different strategies to fight the enemy
I have horns on my head
And a tail on my back
Who doesn't know
How many secrets I have
I have a little green dragon, little green dragon, little green dragon
I have many little secrets, little secrets, little secrets
Didn't you tell us to separate and run home?
How come you're just coming back now?
I tried to come back earlier.
But I ran into Zhen Kai Xin and he dragged me off to play video games.
This third wheel was there, too.
Enough of that. Let's go home for dinner.
Eh, Shi Miao, why don't you come, too?
Come back.
It's dinner time.
Dang, da dang, dang
I've made some improvements on that potato stewed beef recipe.
I added some mushrooms and vermicelli.
How about that? There should be enough for the three of us.
Forget it, you eat it yourself.
Shi Miao, let's order take-out.
Eat what take-out?
I promise. Even if it doesn't look good, it'll be delicious.
Besides, I just bought the mushrooms and vermicelli yesterday.
This is your brother's hybrid, leftover recipe.
Let's just eat this.
You can see it goes well with rice.
Do you know why I never brought up divorce with you?
Isn't it because of these two kids?
But now, I've really had enough.
We've reached the end of the line.
Could you finish your fight first and then come home?
What if Miao Miao hears you?
Miao Miao is going to find out sooner or later.
She shouldn't find out like this, though.
And Miao Miao's classmate is still here, too.
Ask Miao Miao to come out.
I want her to know how useless her father is.
Miao Miao. Miao Miao!
Miao Miao!
[I love you, Yin Shen]
What do you think about my brother?
I have no interest in chasing after celebrities.
I'm not talking about Brother Shen.
I'm talking about my brother, Shi Fen.
Shi Fen?
If you like him, I can help you.
Why didn't you go with your mother?
Your refusal to go with her
really hurt her.
It's too much trouble living with a woman.
One is whiny, the other is childish.
I want to live like a man.
Is it because you don't want to abandon me?
You were afraid your dad would be drunk on the streets,
with no one there to take him home, right?
Miao Miao.
- What are you waiting for here? br - Shhh!
My brother wouldn't leave me alone unless I play hide and seek with him!
I couldn't brush him off, so decided to play with him for a bit.
Hide and seek?
How old are you guys?
He must be tricking you again.
[Serve the People]
Why do you trick Miao Miao?
Why are you here, Big Sister?
Let me finish this first, hold on for a second.
Bah! You asked her to play hide and seek, but you aren't looking for her.
What's the point of tricking Miao Miao like this?
How am I tricking her?
I'm going to look for her after I finish this round.
Then I'm going to take Miao Miao home.
My parents are fighting at home.
Give me half an hour more. Half an hour would do.
Boss, give me four as well.
That's right, more chili, my sister loves spicy. Okay.
That's right, grill it a little more.
Make it crispy, my sister loves crispy.
Hello again.
Do you want some?
- Hello, Aunt. br - Hello.
You bought grilled sausages for your sister again?
- Yes, they are good for her brain. br - That's right.
My sister isn't as smart as you. She never questions what I tell her.
My parents have been drifting apart for a long time.
My dad is also an alcoholic.
I don't want my sister to know that my father comes home drunk every day.
I use all kinds of tricks.
I change her alarm so she gets up later.
That way, I have enough time to clean up my dad's empty bottles.
Morning is here. Waking up the pig.
I've come to see the pig. The pig's in bed.
Dad, take me to school. I'm going to be late for school. He's gone already?
You're my sister's best friend.
If you help me cover it up,
since she isn't too bright, she won't discover the truth.
Why don't you tell her the truth?
In my sister's world, everything is good.
I don't want to pop her bubble.
Our parents. Didn't they bring us to this world out of love for each other?
How come they stopped loving each other?
Will they stop loving us, too?
I can easily imagine
the kind of questions that will pop up in her little brain.
I haven't figured out how to explain all of this to her.
Even though I've long realized that,
rather than putting two people who don't love each other together,
where none of them is happy,
it's better to separate, so each person can at least be happy.
But then, if I can save my sister from disappointment for another day,
I'll delay it for another day.
Dang, dang, dang! Adding more spice and stuff!
- Hey Bro.br- Every perfect lady's favorite.
Shi Miao.
Eh, come back!
Bro, come back!
Stay where you are!
Is there any way to bring back somebody you got rid of by accident?
You can try going back to the same time and place and making another wish.
You're saying
it will only work if I make the wish on my birthday.
Doesn't that mean I need to wait for a full year?
- That was your lunar birthday, right? br - Yes.
Yes, my parents celebrate my and my brother's lunar birthdays every year.
Then do you know there are two Septembers this year?
Two Septembers?
Yes, you get an extra month every four years.
But intercalary Septembers are extremely rare.
If you miss the one this year, you need to wait more than ninety years for the next one.
So you should seize this opportunity
to celebrate your lunar birthday a second time.
- I'm however curious about one thing. br - Go ahead.
Based on what you've just told me, when Shi Fen was your brother,
- you two didn't get along? br - Yes.
He let me put it this way. He's the most annoying person I've ever known.
That's why you want to save Miao Miao from him.
Miao Miao is my best friend.
How can I let her bear this burden, right?
Plus, with this whole thing of my brother becoming her brother,
even my parents' problematic relationship seems to have been transmitted to Miao Miao's parents.
I'm guessing
they've already separated at this point.
White Dragon Horse, horseshoes facing west
That's why you think Miao Miao is in a rough spot right now?
Where's your father?
Didn't I ask you to bring your father here?
I thought he came by himself already.
He just loves making everyone worried all the time.
Maybe he doesn't want a divorce,
so he decided not to show up.
Shi Fen.
Do you hate Mom?
I actually don't have an opinion on your divorcing Dad.
And I don't really think any one of you is wrong.
I'm just worried about Miao Miao,
since she doesn't know anything,
Once you two sign the divorce agreement,
how am I supposed to break the news to her?
Which one of you should she live with?
Will she need to transfer to a new school?
If yes, where?
Shi Miao. Do you want to go to a Brother Shen's autograph session with me?
Forget about the autograph session.
Come with me.
Where are we going?
Shi Miao, where are you taking me?
We aren't gonna make it.
What do you mean, "There's no time?" Brother Shen's autograph session is about to begin.
Let's go wherever you're taking me another day.
Your parents are getting a divorce, and all you care about is Brother Shen.
If you go now, you might be able to stop them.
Who told you that?
I saw it with my own eyes today. Shi Fen was there, too.
Sir, please stop.
I'm not going and I don't believe it.
My brother told me that nothing's wrong between my parents. They just fight like other couples.
Your parents are getting a divorce and you aren't even worried about it?
Your brother always hides stuff from you and treats you like a kid.
But I know you don't want to be like this. Right?
You don't want your parents to get divorced; because if they do, you won't have a home anymore.
The four of you won't be able to eat and drink and play together anymore.
They might even make other families. Then what will happen to you and your brother?
What does that matter to you?
O-Of course, it matters.
You're my best friend.
I'm your best friend. That's why you've thrown in my face everything about my life!
Then you act like you're the only person in the world who understands.
Shi Miao, this is my life.
Can you stop poking your nose into my brother and my family affairs?
I don't want to know anything.
quit pestering my brother.
[I love Yin Shen]
What's wrong? You don't like this food.
Don't you love steak and grilled sausages?
Nothing's wrong.
It's delicious.
Oh, right, there's nothing in our refrigerator.
I end up having to eat at Miao Miao's place all the time.
Then, there's that stairway...
The light still isn't fixed. It's been like that as long as I can remember.
I bump into the wall every time I'm on it.
- Shi Miao br - Look at this, every time I bump it,
it hurts from bumping against the wall.
- Shi Miao br - And, oh, right.
Next week, we need to choose between Humanities and Science.
Which one do you think I should pick.
- Shi Miao br - If I choose Arts, my poor memory might become an issue.
But if I choose Science, my poor Math might become a problem. So which should I choose?
Shi Miao. Your Dad and Mom have something to say to you.
Mom and Dad want to
You want to get a divorce?
I told you the kid would figure it out. But you just have to include me in your act.
Shi Miao, since you already know about this, then you choose.
If Mom and Dad get divorced, who do you plan
I don't want to live with either one.
Shi Miao...
I just want to live with my brother.
You two don't like each other and want to get a divorce. There's nothing I can do.
And I can't stop you.
But I don't want to live with either of you.
Has either of you ever been to a parent-teacher meeting?
Does either of you know that I'm afraid of the dark?
Where were you when I got chicken pox?
My brother, he always drags me away to play hide and seek,
because he doesn't want me to find out that you two are at home fighting again.
When he was in third grade, one of his front teeth got broken.
You two said you were busy and couldn't take him to have his tooth fixed.
He spent more than a week in agony,
even though he kept coming with ways to make me laugh and make me happy.
Because he didn't want me to realize that in your world, I don't exist.
So, actually, I'm not that close to either of you.
I don't want to live with either of you. I just want to live with my brother.
Shi Miao.
[School Transfer Application]
I spent all my weekends here when I was a kid.
Me, too.
Then why didn't I see you back then?
Do you have any special memories here, like tripping in the doorway or something?
I do. Back in third grade.
This old tooth here was broken when I tripped and fell here.
Then, can you try and remember who was with you at that time?
My sister.
You have all this limited edition stuff here.
Are you sure you want to sell them?
You're going to sell it?
Are you crazy?
You ate all those packs of puffy snacks just to get the those puzzle pieces.
You're only missing one piece. Why are you selling it?
Are you short of money. I can lend you some.
I have a whole white piggy bank full of money. Seriously.
I started this puzzle thing so I could get an electric bike for my sister.
- A bike? br - Yes.
My sister has always envied you when you ride your bike to school.
So I thought, I'll collect all the puzzle pieces and get her a bike for a birthday present.
But, that one last piece that's missing is making the other 99 pieces worthless.
So, I'll just sell them all at a good price
and give my sister a concert ticket instead.
That piece won't stay missing forever.
You just need to put in some more effort.
I'm running out of time.
I'm sorry about the thing with Miao Miao.
It doesn't matter. If she wants to blame me, then she'll have to blame me.
I thought I could protect her.
I never thought I would cause her greater pain.
You're a good brother.
Miao Miao will surely understand you.
Okay. Enough of that. You should go back.
What are you looking at? Go back.
Wan Xing.
Do you understand your brother?
Did something happen with Brother Shi Fen?
Only now, have I realized
I was once blessed with love.
"Wine and song, life's short."
"Wine and song, life's short."
"Time flies, days pass."
"Time flies, days pass."
"The song may be exciting, but my heart is filled with sadness."
"The song may be exciting, but my heart is filled with sadness."
"All I can do is drown my sorrows with wine."
"All I can do is drown my sorrows with wine."
"Your green collar wraps around my heart."
"Your green collar wraps around my heart."
"Brings with it..."
Brother Shi Fen has just transferred to another school.
Have you been wishing all along that Miao Miao's brother would disappear?
Sir, Sir... Almost there.
Shi Miao, do you want to have a break?
Brother Kai Xin, don't pull me back so soon this time.
That was still too soon?
Yes, it was too soon.
Don't take off your jacket this time. Just wrap the ropes over it.
Sir, you can't do that.
- There are still plenty of people waiting. br - Right away.
- Sir, Sir. br- Just give us a bit more time.
Sir, you can't do this. You're interfering with our work.
I found it!
I got it! I got it!
The sound really is different. I found it!
The rare card!
I want it, too!
Hey, you haven't taken off the protective gear.
I bought it, too.
- You like my brother that much, eh? br - No.
You know very well that the one I like is Brother Kai Xin.
Then, why did you do all this for him?
I'm doing it for you, okay?
- For me? br - Yes.
This card is for your brother to get the electric bike he wants to give to you.
You mean...
My brother has been collecting the cards for me?
What do I need a bike for? I'd rather get plane tickets for my family.
No, no. That can't happen. Even if the four of you manage to go on a vacation together,
your parent's relationship will still fall apart.
I know.
You know?
You were the one who made me realize it?
You made me realize how good my brother treats me.
And how fortunate I am to have him as a brother.
You're wrong, Miao Miao.
You're the one who made me realize how great my brother was
and how fortunate I once was.
I need to thank you for treating my sister so well. Before, I thought it was because you had a crush on me.
And that's why you wanted to help me with the puzzle.
I once had an older brother.
He was just like you.
Just like me?
Was he as handsome as me?
He was extremely selfish, petty, and childish.
He wouldn't buy any firecrackers during New Year.
He took me to watch other people's firecrackers instead.
He would make one meal and eat it over one week.
In the end, even he didn't know what kind of dish it originally was.
He always borrowed money from me, and repaid me with coupons.
He stole my drinks and my grilled sausages.
He was stupid he'd forget his schoolbag at home when he went to school.
That really does sound just like me.
I used to hate him so much.
I really hated him a lot.
But, later, after he was gone, I realized
that I actually missed him a lot.
Where did he go?
He's right in front of me.
I lost him.
You lost your brother here?
Do you remember this place?
Yes. When we were kids, my parents used to bring my sister and I here to celebrate our birthdays.
Whether it was her cake or my cake, my sister always insisted we each get exactly half.
She was always afraid I'd get an advantage.
So every time she cuts the cake, she did it so carefully,
to make sure the pieces were exactly the same size. She really stressed herself out over it.
It makes me laugh even now, just thinking about it.
That was me, not Miao Miao.
You... What's wrong?
I just suddenly remembered that when I was a kid,
my brother and I also always celebrated our birthdays here.
So, that's why I really miss this place.
It sounds like your brother disappeared on your birthday, right?
My lunar birthday, the 28th of September.
28th of September? What day is today?
Today is my birthday.
Hurry, it's not midnight yet. Quick, make a birthday wish. Get your brother back.
Happy Birthday to you br Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you br Happy Birthday to you
If I can make a wish again.
I'd wish...
That my brother was back.
No matter where he is,
let him be the most blessed person in the entire world.
Thank you for celebrating my birthday with me.
Actually, I've been wanting to tell you. You have something in your teeth.
A big piece of something dirty.
Not there. Show me your teeth. Wider.
You should smile this from now on. You look much better that way.
You're so mean!
Uh... I'm going.
Me, too.
Don't forget your schoolbag.
More chiles, more cumin. Every perfect lady's
I bought these... All your favorite foods.
These are what Shi Fen specifically told me about.
Shi Fen?
Yes, Shi Miao. Before he left, Shi Fen and Uncle Hu told us a lot of things about you.
It's the first time I've heard about some of these things.
Your mom was so busy with work. I neglected you. I'm sorry.
I always thought that with Shi Fen taking care of you, everything would be all right.
But your mom promises that from now on, Mom will take care of you with all my heart.
- Shi Miao. br - Shi Miao.
[I took all my favorite things with me.]
[I'm not leaving any of them behind for you.]
[Scaredy cat, you need to rely on yourself from now on.
[You must stop at the red light.] br [Eat less spicy food. Eat more vegetables.]
[Don't believe what boys tell you.] br [Violence is not the solution.]
[Sister, Happy 17th birthday.]
Shi Miao. Hey, Shi Miao.
Shi Fen, Mom and Dad have agreed that you and Shi Miao can stay.
Mom will soon be getting a promotion and a raise. I'll be able take care of you and Shi Miao.
Uncle Hu says he will be treat you well.
Mom, I've made up my mind. I'm going with Dad. Shi Miao can stay with you.
Why? Didn't you want to stay with Shi Miao?
I don't want to be separated from Shi Miao, but if she stays with me, she'll need to transfer to a new school.
You know that Shi Miao has been shy since she was a kid. She's afraid of unfamiliar things and the dark.
She'd surely have a hard time adapting to a new school.
No. Both of you stay can with me. She won't need to transfer.
If both Shi Miao and I stay with you, what will happen to Dad?
Right now, he's incapable of taking care of anyone.
That's why I need to stay with him.
You have Uncle Hu. Shi Miao has you. But who does Dad have?
Shi Fen.
If I don't go with him, no one will take care of him.
Since you're going to live together, there are a few things I want to tell you.
Okay. Then I'll jot them down.
Shi Miao might have a temper, but she's a scaredy cat.
Don't leave her at home alone at night. Remember to leave the bathroom light on for her.
Leave the light on.
Don't treat her like a kid. She wants others to respect her; listen to her opinion.
If she stares at something for more than three seconds before walking away,
that means she actually really likes that thing, even if she denies it. She just doesn't want to spend the money.
Doesn't like spending the money.
She particularly loves grilled sausages made by street vendors. Especially the one at the entrance to school.
Because those sausages are particularly crispy and they put on extra chilis and cumin.
Add chiles and cumin.
She's going to tell you she's dropping out of martial arts class, because none of the boys like her.
But you must not let her give up. She has to keep learning kung fu because kung fu can protect her.
You must also tell her that she will meet a boy who genuinely likes her.
Mom, I want to thank you.
Thank you for letting me be Shi Miao's brother. That's the biggest blessing of my whole life.
Rock... paper... scissors.
- Good bye, Shi Miao. br - Goodbye, Miao Miao.
I want a bike like that, too.
What's so great about it? It's just a kid's bike. Brother will buy you a bigger bike later on.
- Really? br - Really.
As big as that one?
Okay, I'll buy you one that big.
Everyone, a train is arriving.
Please take care of your elders and young children.
Stay back a safe distance to avoid accidents.
Thank you for your cooperation.
You left something.
I didn't. The school bag's here.
You left me.
You left me!
Give me back my brother.
School yard at dusk
Moonlight shines through the trees
I don't dare tell you
The wish I made
If maple leaves...
Had wings
May they send them your way...
Even when rain is pouring...
The money from selling the rare card to the tall guy,
half goes into the red pocket.
I should get half of it.
The wish that's been with me as I grew up
Lend me a wing
So I can fly to the dream place with you
Let's brace the winds and waves together
You're my most precious treasure
The wish that's been with me as I grew up
Hidden deep in my heart
You're the force that gives me courage to deal with life
The light that casts away the dark clouds
The light that casts away the dark clouds
You taught me how to be strong
Look how sweet my smile is
It's because you're by my side
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The schoolyard at dusk
Moonlight shines through the trees
I don't dare tell you the wish I made
If maple leaves had wings
May the wind send them your way
Even when rain is pouring and I have lost my direction
There's always a beam of sunlight
That leads me away from hopelessness
The wish that's been with me as I grew up
Lend me a wing
So I can fly to the dream place with you
Let's brace the wind and waves together
Let's share what's at the bottom of our hearts
You're my most precious treasure
The wish that's been with me as I grew up
Hidden deep in my heart
You're the force that gives me courage wot deal with life
The light that casts away the dark clouds
You taught me how to be strong
Look how sweet my smile is
It's because you're by my side
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