Go Fish (2019) Movie Script

[mocking laughter]
Oh! Watch where you're going.
-[girl] Sorry!
-Ugh. Kids.
Come on, Dad!
-[woman] Yeah, Jeff.
Keep up, slowpoke.
I'm going as fast as I can.
Give me a break. I'm pregnant.
It's true.
It's the seahorse life cycle.
Oh, well,
how does it feel?
Like a superhero.
A really tired,
weak superhero
that has no powers
and wants to eat
all the time.
[both laughing]
Hi, Eelanor.
Oh, what do you want?
Just saying hi. Wow!
-I'm just looking.
Looking at what?
-What you got in there?
-Just my home.
Oh. I thought you might have
something amazing in there.
-You spend so much time
in there.
Well, I like it in here.
It seems very nice.
And dark. And, um, small.
And a little spooky...
[scoffs] What's it to you?
Hmm, I don't know.
I just figured it must be
awfully nice in there
if you never come out, is all.
I come out...
when I have to.
Do you want to come and play?
Or we could go sightseeing.
Or play hide and seek.
I bet you're
super good at hiding.
Eh, I don't know.
Okay, well,
what do you like to do?
Stay in my cave.
[yawning] Sleep.
Watch the fish go by.
Do you want to go watch
the fish in New Coralton?
No thanks. I'm good.
I know you're good, silly.
But why not be great?
There's so much
to see and do out here.
[sighs] I get that.
I'd just rather stay here.
Ooh, you're right.
This is a great spot
for fish watching.
-Do you mind?
-No, I mean--
Where did you swim off to?
Just talking
with my friend,
Well, leave her be.
I can't have you wandering off.
But, Mom!
Don't "But, Mom" me.
I invented "But, Mom."
Now come on.
Bye-bye, Eelanor.
Have a nice day.
See ya.
Don't give me that.
You put off
your cleaning for ages.
Sorry about that.
Yes, well, "sorry"
doesn't fight gingivitis.
Let's take a look.
Uh, Mary?
Can you bring
those remoras in,
Coming, Doctor. Go, go, go!
Please schedule
your next visit
on the way out.
Thank you, Alex.
Not a problem.
I love my job.
Have a happy day!
[Eelanor clears throat]
You're going to come back
in six months for your
next cleaning, aren't you?
-You're not going to
skip again, are you?
Say thank you.
Thank you.
-Hi, Alex.
-Oh, hi, Christine.
-How are you today?
-Oh, fine. Fine.
Christine, you come away
from there. Don't bother
that fish while he's working.
I'm talking to
my friend, Mom.
-Hello, Doris.
-See, Mom?
-We're friends. So, there.
Maybe she didn't hear you?
Oh, it's okay.
People tend to ignore me
most of the time anyway.
Don't worry about it.
You really never get tired
of chewing on the reef?
Keeps my teeth sharp.
And besides,
it's an important job.
-What's that?
-[Alex] Don't know.
Looks like
it could be some sea kelp.
Oh, he should "seek help,"
all right.
[chuckling] Honey.
That's not funny.
Hmm. Definitely sea kelp.
Save that for later.
You're gonna... eat that?
My goodness, no.
But you never know when
a bit of rotting sea kelp
could come in handy.
-[parents] Hmm...
-It could happen.
[giggles] You are so weird.
-I am?
I never thought about it.
It's just me.
That's what I like
about you.
Aww, thanks.
Christine Tabitha Seahorse,
you come over here right now.
What is it, Mom?
How often do I
have to tell you
to keep up.
It's not polite
to bother that fish
while he's working.
I really don't mind.
I can multitask.
And it's really nice
to have the company.
[Christine] Mom, can I
please hang out with Alex
for just a little while?
He said I'm not in the way.
Oh, yeah!
She's totally welcome to hang
with me while I make the rounds.
You, um... You still
have sea kelp on your face.
Oh, I know.
I'm just saving it for later.
Everything all right, dear?
Your daughter was
trying to sneak away
to play with her friend here.
How come whenever
she's in trouble
she's my daughter?
Oh, she's no trouble
at all, ma'am.
I'll be glad
for the company.
And strictly speaking,
it's not playing.
I'm doing my job.
See, Mom?
He's doing his job.
[chewing] See?
We could always use
a little quiet time,
That girl's
always been a fin-ful.
Tell me about it.
If you promise
to behave yourself.
Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad.
[kisses] See you guys later.
You be sure
and have her home
at a reasonable hour.
Will do, Mrs. S.
[gasps] It worked!
Thank you, thank you!
No problem. Come on.
Uh, where are we going?
I've told you.
I've got rounds to make.
I always wanted to ask you.
Why do you eat so much coral?
I mean,
it can't taste very good.
Come here.
Let me show you something.
See that?
[Christine] It's just coral.
[Alex] Yeah, but it's alive.
And stuff grows on it.
Stuff like what?
Oh, a bit of algae,
a bit of bacteria.
Most of it's good,
but some of it's bad.
So, my job
is to keep an eye out
for the bad stuff.
Oh, and make sure the good stuff
doesn't get overgrown too.
-By chewing on it.
But rocks aren't alive.
Yeah, but coral
isn't made of rocks.
It's just very, very hard.
And coral is definitely alive.
Parrotfish like me get to...
[muffled] scrape
it clean with our beaks.
-And that's good?
Yeah, it's good. [spits]
A clean reef is a healthy reef.
Doesn't all that chewing
hurt your mouth?
Not at all.
My teeth keep growing,
just like the coral.
We help each other out.
So, is that all?
-All of what?
-All you do?
You say it like
it's some small thing.
Cleaning the reef
is super important.
How cranky do your parents get
if you don't clean your room?
[laughs] Ooh,
super-duper cranky.
Uh-huh, well,
my job's like that.
The folks in charge
would be super-duper cranky
if fish like me
didn't keep it neat.
You ever wonder
what it would be like
doing something else?
Going off
and having adventures,
like a superhero?
Sure, I do.
What fish doesn't?
I know it's not glamorous.
But keeping the reef clean
is important.
I feel good doing it.
At school,
they asked us what we
want to be when we grow up.
-Oh, yeah?
A lot of fish said
they want to go on adventures
and see the whole ocean
and stuff.
Sounds pretty cool,
if you ask me.
But my job's cool too.
I help the reef grow.
[sighs] I wish
my folks would let me grow.
You think about that
a lot, don't you?
Uh-huh. Mom and Dad
don't let me do anything.
Not by myself.
-That's rough.
-It is.
You know,
they won't even let me
swim to school on my own.
Have you talked to them
about doing stuff
on your own?
I tried.
But my mom still
thinks I'm just a baby.
Maybe you should ask her
if you can help out sometime.
What do you mean?
Well, remember
how I said some of
the stuff growing is good,
-and some of it's bad?
The good bacteria
starts to help the reef
as it gets bigger.
That's how I know
I can let it keep growing.
So, if I show
Mom and Dad I can help out,
maybe they'll start
letting me grow up?
-You know,
I don't think I ever
would have thought of that.
What are friends for?
-[Mary] Help me! Somebody help!
-Breathe, breathe...
-Watch where you're swimming.
[Mary] Sorry.
I can't-- I can't see!
-[gasping] I can't--
I don't know what happened.
I will help you!
Oh, boy,
I get to help someone.
I'm going to be a superhero.
Have no fear,
I'm here to help.
Who's there?
Who is that? I can't see.
My name is Alex.
I'm here to help you.
Breathe with me.
Keep calm and carry on.
[laughs] That's a meme.
How can I be calm?
Something's on my face.
-What is that?
-I don't know.
What are you--
What are you doing?
Please just breathe, okay?
I think--
I think I have something.
Don't go anywhere.
Ah! How could I go anywhere?
Ah! What are you doing?
[muffled] Stay
real still with me, okay?
-Don't move.
That's-- What did you do?
It's a dispersant.
It disperses.
A fancy word
for breaking stuff up.
Some people are quite impressed
when I say, "Dispersant."
What does it do?
Oh, I use
the word dispersant
on tough stains.
-You're the janitor?
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
-You're welcome, uh...
Mary, I'm Alex.
What the heck happened to you?
I'm not sure. I--
-Wait. This might--
-What? What is it?
I have the feeling
we're gonna want
to take this to the king.
All rise.
You are graced with the presence
of King Charles XIV.
He's a busy fish.
So make it snappy.
[clears throat]
Hello, my liege.
[Paul] Speak already.
Oh, Your Majesty.
I'm just a humble servant,
a janitor of the kingdom.
A janitor!
Oh, I can't wait to hear this.
Yes. And this morning,
this wonderful fish named Mary
crashed into the reef.
And just where did she
think she was going? Hmm?
The reef is huge.
With respect,
she was blinded
with some kind of...
Well, maybe you tell him.
Hello. Um, gosh. I've never been
in front of royalty before.
If you keep wasting time,
you won't get to again.
Get to the point.
I'm very sorry for
dirtying up your reef, but I
couldn't see where I was going.
Some black goop got in my eyes
while I was out swimming.
Oh! You soiled our beloved reef?
The nerve! How dare you!
-It was an accident.
-I cleaned it up, though.
Who is that?
I don't recognize him.
Yeah, who are you?
Alex, Your Majesty.
I help clean the reef.
Oh? And where
were you when this fish
got her yuck everywhere?
-I was--
-Ooh, an excellent question,
Your Majesty.
-Answer him!
-I was cleaning the reef.
And what? You were
expecting some kind of special
commendation for doing your job?
Get a load of this fish.
[mocking laughter]
Most unseemly.
Ooh, you hear that?
The king thinks you're unseemly.
No, I'm here because...
I'm here because I'm worried
about the reef.
The goop that got
in Mary's eyes, it's unlike
anything I've ever seen before.
But you just said
you cleaned it up.
That's right.
Which is it, Mr. Smartyfish?
Did you clean it up,
or didn't you?
-Not exactly, no.
-[Paul] Mm-hmm.
How exactly then?
Well, this goop
is thick and sticky.
I was able to break it up,
but not dissolve it.
I don't know
that it can be dissolved.
If you please,
Your Majesty.
What's this? Who's this?
Speak up, tiny seahorse.
My name is Christine.
[gulps] And I was there
when Mary ran into us.
And every word
Alex said is true.
He was able to
break up the goop.
He knew just what to do.
It's still there.
It's still a danger.
Danger! Oh! What danger?
Dangerous, how?
How dangerous?
it took all the dispersant I had
to break up even that small bit.
-If there's more--
-There's more?
Who said there was
more of this stuff? What
makes you think there was more?
What makes you think
there isn't?
How disrespectful!
Oh, you're right again,
Your Majesty.
Get a load of this guy.
Just who do you think
you're talking to?
Forgive me.
I'm sorry, truly.
I just think
we're in a very real
danger here, Your Majesty.
This clumsy fish
stumbled into a tiny drop
of some mysterious substance.
And you wish to declare
a state of emergency?
You'd cause a panic.
-I won't have it.
-But, Your Majesty--
You got a hearing problem, kid?
-He said--
-I won't hear of it.
-You did your job,
little janitor.
And I will do mine.
I am charged
with protecting the people
of New Coralton from danger
and vouchsafing
my citizens.
Oh, I just love it
when you talk shop.
Now hit him where it hurts!
including irrational concerns
that will cause
a reef-wide hysteria.
-I will not have it!
-But your--
You will not mention
this wild fantasy
of yours to anyone.
And if we find out
that you have,
you're gonna be
in some hot water,
let me tell you!
Too much? That was too much.
You're right, that was too much.
Sorry, chief.
Won't happen again.
But what do I do?
You'll go back to work.
Living out the drudgery
of your peasant existence.
That sounds needlessly harsh.
[king] And we will never
bring this up again.
Is that understood?
The king asked you
a question.
[softly] I understand...
Know this,
little fish.
Your impudence today betrays
a fundamental misunderstanding.
You are a parrotfish.
You will always be a parrotfish.
And you will never,
ever amount to more
than a lowly, common,
insignificant parrotfish.
Your audience has ended.
That will be all.
Any seeking the king's attention
will have to come back tomorrow.
Now, move along!
How do you feel, boy?
Ed, how did you--
Long as I've known you,
you always come here to think.
I saw you
with the king today.
That was either really brave
or really dumb.
-I can't decide.
-I don't know.
Why can't fish your age
take a compliment?
Oh, it's not that.
It's just I don't feel
like I did anything.
The king isn't going to
let me go look for the source
of the goop anyway.
No. No, he's not.
[Alex] It's like I want to be
a good subject. I love it here.
We're all safe
and life is good.
-But, I don't know.
I feel like maybe I should be
doing something more.
-Your heart's
in the right place.
-[sighs] Thank you.
It would be nice
to get a little respect,
-My job's important.
Why sure it is.
So why do I get treated
like a second-class fish?
People don't think
about the folks who help
keep them clean.
-It's just a thing.
-A dumb thing.
-You don't need to
worry about the goop.
No, because
I know where it comes from.
-You do?
-Oh, yes.
It's the ink
of the Black Beast.
-Black Beast?
-[Ed and Alex scream]
Blast it, girl.
You almost gave me
a heart attack.
where are your parents?
Oh, don't you start.
I'm big enough
to swim on my own.
Now tell me more
about the Black Beast.
You wanna hear the legend
of the Black Beast of Bargathel?
You sure?
I don't want to hear
your parents complain
that I gave you nightmares.
-[Alex] No!
-I won't be frightened.
Well, then.
The Black Beast of Bargathel.
Out past where
the red smoke spills.
In his crag, dark and deep,
the giant rests a fitful sleep.
-His arms are each a mile long.
His eyes a terror,
his breath a maul.
The Black Beast
heeds no rule, no law.
All fish fear to wake the Beast,
unless they wish to be--
-[all scream]
Ugh. This is why
I never go out.
Saints alive, girl,
you trying to kill me?
[sighs] Hi, Eelanor.
We were just talking.
I heard about your talk
with the king.
Sounds like
it didn't go so well.
Yeah. Yeah... you know.
Anyway, I just
wanted you to know
I get it.
Get it? You get what?
It stinks
when you try to do something
and it doesn't work out.
-I guess so.
-[Eelanor] Don't be the hero.
When you fail,
it hurts.
[sighs] Sorry, kiddo.
[king] You go back to work.
You will not mention
this wild fantasy of yours
to anyone.
[seagulls squawking]
Another beautiful day
on the rig.
[breathing heavily]
[man] At it again, huh, Kelly?
You betcha, Sam. Heart rate up.
Coffee... Let's go.
Right on time.
-Good morning.
This is pretty early
for you.
I haven't actually
gone off my shift yet.
I was supposed to be
relieved at 7:00.
[man] These hours
they got us working
don't bug you?
I knew what I was getting into
when I signed on. Same as you.
-If you didn't like it...
-How's our baby?
-Fine. She's fine.
Pressure's at optimum levels.
We're filling up right now.
With zero-percent spillage,
It's at an acceptable--
-Zero percent
means zero percent, Dennis.
The EPA only
approved this operation because
a representative was going to
-oversee the operation.
-Oversee the operation.
I know,
but do you have to hover?
It's the cost of doing business.
It's why I make the big bucks.
I'm going to finish my run
and be back on the clock
in an hour or so.
I still can't believe you jog
up and down this heap.
Your boss wouldn't spring
for the treadmill.
[seagulls squawking]
[Eelanor gasps]
[breathing heavily]
-Hi, Christine.
-You doing okay?
-Sure, I guess.
Okay, you just seem
kinda down is all.
If someone told you to
ignore something, even if you
thought it was bad, would you?
Oh... I don't know.
What kind of thing
are you talking about?
A mess.
[chuckles] Ooh, boy, no.
My mom hates it when I
don't pick up after myself.
-She does?
-Oh, yes.
What if the king himself
told you to ignore a mess?
I don't know if I could.
My mom would be awful mad
at him. Oh, yes.
Hey, where you going?
Christine? Christine!
-What? Hey!
Where you off to
in such a hurry?
-To find your Beast.
Whoa! The king said to stay put.
This is right where
Mary hit the wall.
If he finds out
you disobeyed him,
he's gonna punish you.
I'm already leaving.
What's he gonna do? Banish me?
Ooh, goodness. Alex!
Christine Tabitha Seahorse,
you get back here this instant.
-What did you say?
-I said no.
I want to help Alex.
-You do?
You can't go swimming off
just because you want to.
I'm not a little kid.
When are you going to stop
treating me like one?
-She's got you there, hon.
-You're not helping.
I'm not about to let you
swim off into the wild
blue yonder all by yourself.
Well, I'm not by myself.
Ed's gonna chaperone.
-Uh, I am?
Now, hang on a tick.
You can't just--
Then I guess
you'd better come along
and look after us, huh?
Blasted kids.
I'll look after them.
Well, as long as
you're not out too late,
I suppose
-you can go
for a short day trip.
Oh, thanks, Mom! [kisses]
Come on!
-Slow down!
There are things out here
that will eat you
if they get the chance.
It's not safe out here
in the open ocean.
Yeah, you didn't
think of that, hmm?
-I'll be careful.
-He'll be careful.
The bright, colorful parrotfish
is going to be careful.
I can be careful too.
You're not much better,
little bean.
-Yeah, so think it through, son.
-I have, okay? I have.
This is something I have to do.
I have to help.
For crying out loud, why?
Because if I don't
and the goop gets worse,
then that's my fault.
I have to know for sure.
I have to help.
Are you sure
you're not just doing this
for the attention?
What? No!
I'm doing it because
it needs to get done.
You see any other volunteers?
Okay. Well... which way?
-This way.
And let's say you find the thing
making this black goop.
You mean, the Black Beast?
Sure. What are you going to do?
That's what I thought.
If Alex says
we should try,
then we should try.
You've got a good heart, kid.
But I don't think
either of you know
the first thing... uh, about...
Oh, no.
Well, well, well.
What have we got here?
But um... [stammers]
A bit late
for you to be this far
from the reef, isn't it?
Uh... hi, there...
Maria. Show some respect.
Maria. Hi, there.
-We're just passing through.
-[Maria chuckles]
-We don't want any trouble.
-He doesn't want any trouble.
-Who is she talking to?
Um, sorry if we... intruded.
We're on a mission.
-Is that so?
-[stammers] Yes. King's orders.
Hmm. You must be very important.
I've never eaten
anyone important before.
I wonder
what important tastes like.
Leaving so soon?
We haven't even had
the appetizers yet.
What's the big idea, Maria?
What's up, Eelanor?
You wanna tell me
why you're bothering
my friends?
[Maria] Friends?
You hang out
with these fish sticks?
Talk about playing
with your own food.
So what if I do?
You wanna make something of it?
[scoffs] Nah, girl.
I just figured
with your place
in the food chain and all,
you might have some taste.
[laughs] So? You can talk,
hanging with that dimwit cousin
of yours.
You've got some nerve.
You're lucky he's not
here right now.
Whatever. It's not worth it.
Catch you shrimps later.
Maria can be a real jerk.
You guys are lucky she was alone
and that I came along.
That was amazing!
Thank you, thank you,
thank you!
What are you even doing
out here this late?
You're going on
the super dangerous quest
of yours, aren't you?
You know,
there's a lot worse out there
than Maria, right?
Fish and things that
wouldn't think twice about
chomping you up in one bite.
Well, I guess it's a good thing
I'm coming with you then.
So, which way?
[Ed] Well, I'll be.
Hey! Wait up!
And that's why dolphins can rest
half their brains at a time.
-[Christine] Wow!
-[Eelanor] There's no way
that's true.
-It is true.
-Where on earth
did you learn that?
Not everybody sticks to the reef
their whole lives, kiddo.
-Some of us have a spirit
of adventure.
Uh-huh, I wanted to
get out there in the deep,
find the Black Beast.
-Oh, here we go again.
-He's real, I tell you!
You've been out in the ocean
all by yourself?
Yup. You're looking
at a regular explorer
of the deep blue sea.
Wow! I don't think
I could ever do that.
Kid, what do you think
we're doing right now?
Ooh, but on my own, I mean.
Because I'm so little...
-Tell me about it.
-I see what you mean, kid.
I used to be scared of going out
in the deep too.
But as it happens, some
of us have natural defenses.
So, bigger fish don't eat us.
-Like what?
-Get a load of this.
You certainly look
less appetizing,
I can tell you that much.
Look, Alex.
Ed's using his super power.
Huh? What's
the squirt talking about?
Oh, we were just talking earlier
about heroes, like you, buddy,
going out in the open sea.
Uh-huh. And blowing up
like that's
your super power.
[chuckles] Yeah,
I guess it is.
What about you, you big noodle?
What's your super power?
Oh, well, I can do this.
-Do what?
-Jeez, kid.
Warn me before you
do something like that.
I did. I said,
"I can do this..."
That's so cool.
-You think so?
-What about you, Alex?
Oh, well,
I showed you my teeth, my beak,
and how I keep the reef clean.
Knew this hagfish
named Magda.
When she got in trouble,
she'd secrete this awful mucous
all over the place.
-Oh yeah, it was awful.
And the smell, too.
But it made her slicker
than anything.
Good luck trying
to catch her after that.
Then there's the fabulous
flying Pesci brothers,
flying fish.
They could fly?
Well, not literally.
But they could, you know,
zoom right out of the water.
Skip, skip, skip.
They looked ridiculous, but
they sure could move in a hurry.
Oh, and then
there's Rod Ostracod.
-Rod Ostracod?
-Rod Ostracod,
-son of Maude.
-Maude Ostracod?
-How odd.
-What could they do?
Nothing too flashy.
They could make you
spit out light.
That is so cool! Wait. How?
When the Ostracods
got in a bind,
like getting eaten for instance,
they'd glow in the dark.
How does that help
if you're already getting eaten?
[Ed] Well, simple.
If the fish eating you
is transparent,
and doesn't want to get spotted
by a fish trying to eat it,
he can't afford
to have a belly full of
glow-in-the-dark fish, can it?
So... [spits]
Out you go.
That is so cool.
Here, kid.
Check this out. Come here.
They have
some pretty neat defenses.
They do? Huh!
-Be quiet now.
Because sea cucumbers
spook easily.
They do!
-[whispers] They do?
How does it work?
Well, that's a good question.
You see they--
[groans] No! Gross!
-Oh, this is the worst.
[Christine] Oh, that poor thing.
[Eelanor] Ah! It'll be fine.
It'll grow back everything
it just blurped up
in a week or two.
-Yes, really.
[all laughing]
Seriously, though,
we should get this stuff off us.
It could be toxic.
-Ah, hello, there.
-Well, good morning to you.
-Are you here for a cleaning?
-Do I look like I need
to be cleaned?
-Well, your highness...
-That's not the point!
[clears throat]
I'm here on royal business.
Have you seen
this Alex character about?
He's a... janitor.
Oh, yes! He does a great job.
I haven't seen him, though.
Not since, hmm, two days go.
Too ashamed to show his face
after talking back to the king.
No. He showed up
late in the night and told me
he'd be gone for a few days.
Real responsible fish, that one.
-Gone? Gone where?
-How should I know?
Fish gotta swim.
And you've gotta do...
What do you do again?
-I am the king's majordomo.
-Listen, I've got customers.
Do you need anything else?
You're kinda taking up
space here.
-How dare you!
-There a problem here, pal?
No! No trouble.
Ugh. Good day.
-Ah, should you be in here?
I could say the same thing
of you, missy. Who are you?
I'm Mary. Alex said
I could stay here and rest
until I was feeling
well enough to leave.
Did he? You know he disobeyed
a direct order from the king?
-Hey! I know you.
-Yes, yes, yes, I--
You're the meanie
that called me an outsider!
I'm just a fish, you know?
I'm no different than you.
Hmph! How dare you!
How dare I, what?
Rest in a friend's hospitality
after I got hurt?
You're so important,
why aren't you
out there helping people?
-What the--
-Why don't you
just get out of here?
At least Alex
was willing to help me
when I needed him.
What are you doing? Hmm?
Just leave me alone.
[sighs] Honestly.
[Christine] Oh, pretty.
[Ed] Don't touch those,
little bean. Those things
can sting like crazy.
-[Eelanor] Don't listen to him.
You'll be fine as long as
you don't get too close.
So, uh, why'd you
come out here anyway?
-[stammers] Me?
I guess I wanted to show
that I could.
Show who? Your folks?
Or me, even.
I've never been
on an adventure before.
I hope I'm doing it right.
Hey, wanna know a secret?
I've never been
adventuring either.
-You haven't?
But why not? You're so big.
And you can do
that jaw thing. Ah!
[laughs] Well, I guess...
I guess I don't
want to go out on my own.
There's a lot of jerks
out there like Maria,
so I stay at home a lot.
I get it.
It's not easy, is it?
Making new friends.
when you look like this.
-I like the way you look.
Uh-huh. And you're nice.
How am I nice?
Well, whenever
I've talked to you, you've
treated me like a person,
not like a baby.
Oh. You're welcome.
I wish my parents
would do that.
But they keep treating me
like a little kid.
That's rough.
But this is my first adventure!
And I want to get it right.
[chuckles] Oh, yeah?
How do you know
if you're doing it right
or not?
I haven't gotten eaten yet,
so that's a good start.
Excellent start.
They only said you could come
because I told them
I'd look after you.
So stay close, little bean.
-How about you?
-Who? Me?
You come out all this way
just to look for
some black goop?
Yeah, pull the other fin.
Well, I did
come out here for that.
So it's got nothing to do
with proving yourself?
No. I mean...
It wouldn't be the worst thing
in the world to get
a little respect.
-Is that so wrong?
No, kid. No.
Am I really safe
if I don't get too close?
[Eelanor] Oh, sure.
Dumb things don't even
have brains.
It's true, kid.
Jellyfish don't have any brains.
-No way!
-Yes way.
[Ed] Plenty of fish get by
without any brains.
-Just look at Paul.
-[gasps] That's not very nice.
Funny, sure.
But not very nice at all.
I won't tell him if you won't.
-Hey, kid.
-What's in the middle
of a jellyfish?
-I don't know.
The jelly button.
That's not true.
Yeah, well, why do
jellyfish envy every other fish?
-I don't know.
-'Cause they're all jelly.
[laughs] Stop it.
One more, one more.
Why do jellyfish
live in saltwater?
I don't know.
Because pepper water
makes them sneeze.
Everybody's a critic.
Are you sure
we're going the right way?
I think so.
Gosh, I've never been
even half this far out before.
You're all right, kid.
You're in safe company.
I'll look out for you,
Christine. Don't you worry.
Plus, I'm an old pro
when it comes to the ocean.
Yes, sir.
I've seen it all, my friends.
Why, I remember this one time--
What the heck is that?
[Alex] Wow! What is that?
I've never seen fins like this
on a fish before.
I don't think it's a fish.
[echoing] Hello? Hello?
I think it's safe
to go in. Come on.
Wow! Would you look at that?
What is this stuff?
-[Alex] What is it, Ed?
-I don't know what it is.
But I think I know
who made this thing.
-It's people. Humans.
People made this.
It's big enough for them
to fit inside.
-[Ed] Yeah, land things.
Tall, two arms, two legs,
no gills.
Soft on the outside, but strong.
And they come in
all sorts of colors.
Is this another tall tale like:
[dramatic voice]
The Black Beast of Bal--
[normal voice] Whatever it was.
And he's real, dagnabbit.
-What's it doing down here?
-[Ed] I don't know.
-I doubt it got out here
on purpose.
-I like it.
It's dark, it's moody,
lots of space to mope around in.
Great for sulking.
[voice quivering] Do you
think it could be haunted?
Oh, no!
Relax, little bean.
There's no such thing as ghosts.
-Pretty sure.
I've never seen
anything like this before.
What do you think this is for?
No idea. Never been in
one before today.
I don't understand
half the things
humans get up to.
Ah! Ugh.
[electronic whir]
-[Kelly] Everything okay?
[teeth chattering]
Great! Keep it up.
[nervous chuckle]
[gasps, screams]
[fish screams]
[Mary] Oh, my God!
You there, parrotfish!
-Explain yourself this instant.
[screaming continues]
-I should hope so.
What do you call this?
I've never seen
anything like it before.
It wasn't there yesterday,
I know that for sure.
-Mm-hmm. I come through here
every day.
Aren't you
gonna clean it up?
[sputters] Yuck. That is awful.
Sorry, sir. I don't know
what to tell you. I don't
know what to do about this.
[sighs] Your colleague,
the other janitor?
We have names.
-Oh, him. Yeah! Yeah, he'd know.
He's the expert
on this stuff.
Wait a minute.
I remember you now.
You work for the king.
-Didn't Alex warn you guys
about this?
I remember him telling us
he was gonna bring it up to you.
Well, that's beside the point.
No, I'm pretty sure
that is the point.
Wow, I'd hate to
be you right now.
What do you mean by that?
I sure don't want to be the one
to tell the king he made
the wrong call.
-It stinks to be you.
The king! He'll be furious!
Come on, guys. Focus!
We've got a job to do.
Hey, we came this far
with you, didn't we?
Oh, I know. I just don't wanna
get bogged down by any more...
Well, well, what have we here?
Looks like lunch to me.
What do you say, Bernardo?
I'd say you're right, Maria.
We don't want
any trouble with you.
Hey! Missy the eel here
doesn't want any trouble.
[sharks laugh]
-I mean it.
-Oh, we know you mean it.
That's what makes it
so funny.
Now, what in the world
are the four of you
doing out here in the deep
all by yourselves, hmm?
We're looking for
the Black Beast
of... of...
-The Black Beast of Bargathel.
Ooh, I'm shaking in my fins.
There's something out here
making a mess.
Kid, zip it.
They don't care.
They're just playing with us.
Now, I've got no beef
with the eel girl.
But I can't say
the same for her friends.
Too bad
they don't have any clownfish
in their little hero party.
No, Maria. Those taste funny.
Speaking of team sports,
water polo.
One shark away from being
the greatest sport ever.
You catch me
at the beach this weekend?
There was a guy
flailing and thrashing around.
"Oh, help. Shark. Help."
Like I was gonna help him.
More like
turn him into helpings.
We haven't been
properly introduced.
I'm Bernardo.
-This is Maria.
-We've... We've met.
You'll have to
go through me first.
You'd really get between me
and those danglers
on the food chain?
[Maria] I don't mind.
I've never eaten eel before.
[Ed] Swim for it!
What are you thinking?
I don't know. But it's better
than getting eaten out here.
Oh boy. What is this?
Santa Maria, this is awful.
Ugh. No fish is worth this.
[Eelanor] I think we're okay.
What? What is it?
You saved my life.
They would have
gotten me for sure.
-Hey, it's okay.
-[Christine] It's not okay.
Nobody's ever done that
for me before.
[clears throat] Yeah, well,
I've never had a friend
like you before.
-You haven't?
-[Eelanor] Alex and Ed
are pretty decent.
But it's nice
having another girl around
I can talk to.
You mean it?
Yeah, well, why wouldn't I?
It's nice to have a friend
who treats me like a grown-up.
Well, yeah,
you're not a little kid anymore.
You're just the best!
[nervous chuckle]
Easy with the mushy stuff.
Your Majesty.
Your Majesty!
I don't recall
summoning you, Majordomo.
And I'm terribly sorry
about that, Your Majesty.
-But what?
But there's a matter
of some urgency that demands--
Demands? Of a king? [laughs]
That-- That would greatly
benefit from your kind
attention, your graciousness.
Hmph. Out with it.
It's just that there's
some signs that the goop
the parrotfish warned us about--
The janitor?
Yes. Yes, Your Majesty.
Signs that he...
Signs he was... right.
Oh, I must have misheard you.
Would you care to repeat that?
The parrotfish was right.
I've seen more
of the black goop
around the reef.
I think
we should reconsider
evacuating the city.
I really must
get my hearing checked.
For a moment, I could swear
that you said that a janitor,
a lowly, common peasant,
was right.
Which would make me,
the king, wrong.
But you couldn't possibly
have said that.
Saying that me, your king,
would be tantamount to treason.
And I know that you,
my faithful majordomo,
would never be so fulsomely
stupid to utter such a thing
to our royal self.
-Of course not!
-Of course not!
There is no problem,
for we have acknowledged
that there is no problem.
We declared it.
The king is never wrong
about these things.
We wouldn't last
very long as king if
we went around being wrong.
there is no problem.
And there will be
no evacuation.
Is that clear?
-Yes, sir.
And since
there is no problem,
we shall take
our royal constitutional.
You are dismissed.
Yes, sir!
-What's wrong, kid?
-[Alex] I've got some of
that muck on me.
It's in my eye.
It's in my eye and it stings.
[steam hisses]
That actually smells familiar.
Alex, get away from there.
Oh! Oh, my goodness!
Come back here.
It's gonna cook you.
-You're okay.
-What happened?
Well, I noticed the smoke
and I realized it smells
a lot like the dispersant
I used on the goop.
I figured
it might do the trick
getting it off me.
I bet if we could find a way to
get this stuff back to the reef,
-we could--
-Are you crazy?
You could have gotten
yourself cooked.
Well, I didn't stay
in it too long. Seemed like
a good idea at the time.
You sure have a weird notion
about good ideas.
-Well, it worked, didn't it?
Okay, okay.
I can't argue with results.
-Oh! Don't you scare me
like that again.
Okay, okay. But seriously,
this is good news, right?
Now all we have to do
is sort out where the
black stuff is coming from and--
[Ed] Out past
where the red smoke spill.
-The Black Beast of Bargathel.
I think we're getting close.
You don't actually think
he's real, do you?
Of course I do.
I've heard the legend
my whole life.
You're the one who said
he might be the one
making that black muck.
It could be his ink.
Well, yeah.
But I just said that--
You just said that-- What?
So you'd come with me.
-You think I'm dumb, don't you?
You think I'm dumb for believing
the Black Beast is out there,
even though I've never seen it.
What, no! I just--
It's dangerous out here
for a fish on his own.
And you thought, what?
"Oh, Ed's nice and gullible.
He'll come along
if I feed him enough hogwash."
[Alex] I never said that.
It's a volcano.
It has nothing to do
with your Beast.
I mean,
if the stories were true,
right past the red smoke,
there would be a deep,
dark crag.
And I don't see a deep,
dark crag anywhere around here.
Oh, look, a deep, dark crag.
[laughs] You see!
You see, I told you!
The Beast is real!
Do you think
he's down there right now?
I have no idea. Ask the expert.
You see? You see, I told you.
[whimpers] You're not
gonna wake him, are you?
I don't think
I would like that very much.
What, you little bean?
A creature as big as that
wouldn't even notice you.
[sighs] Oh. Oh, good.
Now, Eelanor,
on the other hand,
she might just be big enough
to make an appetizer.
-Quit it.
As for Alex,
he might get to stick around
cleaning the big guy's beak.
What is that?
Guys, I think we found it.
Sure we did.
The Beast is right down there.
But the goop, it's trailing
across the crag, not from it.
-So? That doesn't mean--
-Come on!
-[Christine] Alex!
-[Eelanor] Be careful.
[Alex] Guys,
I'm not going down.
Relax. Sheesh.
I think this is it.
[Christine] What are they doing?
I think
they're pulling something up
out of the ground.
-[Eelanor] The black stuff?
You guys, we found it!
We did it! We found
where the muck is coming from.
That's really great.
Fine detective work you did.
-Now what?
You found the problem.
Black stuff
is definitely for sure
coming out of that crack.
-What are you gonna do about it?
-I... don't know.
Are you mad at him?
Me? Oh, no,
everything's just great.
We followed him out
to the middle of nowhere
to solve his great, big mystery,
and the genius doesn't have
the first idea how to fix it.
But I'm sure
we just have to wait
a little bit
and our genius will come up
with another wacky idea
to save the day.
What are you saying?
Oh, look at Alex.
He's so silly.
Can't go a day
without coming up with
more harebrained schemes.
"Look at me!
Look at me! Look at me!"
That's what
this is really about.
Saving the day's great
and all, but what you
really want is to be the hero.
Who cares how dumb you look
with your weird ways,
-as long as they're
looking at you?
-That's not why--
And you two,
it's great you two came along
for moral support and all.
Hey! Don't talk to us like that.
-We've been helpful.
-Oh, yeah?
You never would have made it
out of the reef without me,
you blowfish!
-I can take care of myself.
-Oh, yeah?
-Well, what did you
come along for, huh?
-What do you mean?
I mean, you're not happy
unless you're complaining
about something
or pouring out
your great wisdom
about the ocean
for us empty-headed kids!
That and your weird fixation
on this big, giant,
imaginary Beast of yours.
-He's real!
-Prove it!
-So don't go acting
all high and mighty
with me, Mr. Big Fish.
You came out here
for the same reason we did.
Oh, yeah? What's that?
It's because you don't know
what else to do!
So Alex doesn't know
what to do next, big deal!
At least he found the problem.
-He's got us this far.
Did you want to stay at home,
wait for the problem
to get worse? Huh?
Please stop fighting.
Because that's all
it's gonna do:
get worse.
And your big, fat Beast
of Barga-whatever
isn't gonna fix it.
-[Ed] You--
-Fat, lot of good you were.
-That's enough!
That's what you guys
really think of me?
Just some deluded,
prickly old grouch, huh?
At least we're trying
to think of something,
instead of pointing out
what everybody is doing wrong.
I don't have to stick around
for this.
Come on, squirt.
Let's leave these two geniuses
to their work.
Little bean, you coming?
[all gasp]
It's a human!
He'll notice the crack.
He has to.
Come on! It's right there.
Open your eyes.
Come back, please! Come back!
It's like I told you, kid.
The humans
will never notice you.
You're just not big enough.
Better off
sticking to problems
your own size.
Now, if you'll excuse me,
I wanna go have a word
with the Black Beast,
who is a hundred percent real.
Yes, sir.
Gonna go see him myself.
Come on, Christine.
I'll take you home.
There's nothing
we can do here anyway.
Guys, wait.
I'm sorry, Alex.
I wish there was something
we could do.
Maybe Ed was right after all.
There is nothing we can do.
[Alex] Christine! Eelanor!
Nobody ever listens.
[coughing, groaning]
Oh, no.
Don't, don't--
Down in there, it's dark.
-Where's the king?
-Yeah, where is he?
He's indisposed right now.
What can I do for you,
fine fish?
We wish to lodge
a complaint.
in the strongest possible terms.
What kind of complaint?
-Look at us!
-We're a mess.
We can't get this muck off us.
Oh, my gosh.
I'm sorry, believe me.
I've already tried
to tell His Majesty
about this once already.
Wait, what?
I tried to tell him things
were getting worse.
He wouldn't listen.
-Wouldn't listen?
-That's outrageous!
Now, see here,
the king's gotta do something
about all this, or else.
Or... [gulps]
Or else, what?
Or maybe we won't want him
to be king anymore.
[nervous laughter]
You have to be joking.
Bunch of--
You bunch of kidders.
Do we look like
we're joking?
He's the one in charge,
that makes this his job
to fix this.
What in the
sea do you expect him
to do about it?
Well, where's
that janitor fish
that came to see him?
-We know he came to
see you about this.
So what's the king
going to do about it?
[stammers] The king is in a...
private session!
With his cabinet.
And I will...
I'll make sure he knows
about your awful plight.
I'll tell him personally.
Well, good!
We're gonna wait right here
until you do.
[all] Yeah!
[gasping] Your Majesty!
The peasants are revolting.
What are we gonna do?
They've always
been revolting.
But we've got
bigger problems.
What are you going to do?
Why wasn't this brought
to my attention before?
How could you
let things get so bad?
Wait, what?
I said,
why didn't you bring this
to my attention before, hmm?
Some majordomo
you turned out to be.
We've got a full-blown crisis
on our fins!
-But you knew!
-I beg your pardon.
I was there.
That little janitor, Alex,
stood right in front of you
and told you all about this.
And you said to do nothing.
Oh, really?
I don't think
it happened like that.
Oh, sure!
Nothing's ever the king's fault.
I'm glad you agree.
Now, what are--
I stood up for you!
Defended you
to those poor fish outside,
who look to you for answers!
You-- You big-- You big--
You big phony!
Out of here this instant!
I'm not sticking around here.
Fraud! Sham!
Out this instant!
We just have to wait,
you'll see.
Everything will be fine.
We just have to wait
it out.
[chuckles] Yes. Yes...
What am I going to do?
Come on.
There has to be something.
Wait a minute.
If I'm too small,
maybe I just need
to work my way up
the food chain.
Come on, big guy.
I know you're down here.
You just gotta be.
Forget it, buster.
You don't want any of this.
It's gonna take more
than some bright lights
and long teeth to...
[grunts] scare me.
-[squid growls]
-[Ed] Uh...
Do you think Alex
will be all right?
Yeah, he'll be okay.
I don't feel like
talking about him, though.
You don't?
Nah, I... Well...
-I wanted to talk about you.
-You do?
Yeah, I thought
it was pretty cool that you
wanted to come along, is all.
Oh, yes, very much!
The reef is important to me too.
And just because I'm small
doesn't mean I'm a little kid.
-I wanted to help, somehow.
-I get it.
And we wouldn't
have made it very far
at all without you.
You were terribly brave.
-Eh, I don't know about brave.
-[Maria] Oh, yeah,
tell us about it.
We were just talking
about you two.
[Maria] Yeah,
you left in such a hurry, we
didn't even get to chew the fat.
So rude, we were
just trying to grab a bite.
Well, we don't really
have time right now.
Oh, you're not going anywhere.
-[Maria laughs]
[Bernardo laughs]
-[Alex] Oh, hey. Dumbos.
-Did he just call us "dumbos"?
-I think he did.
Still hungry? Big dummy sharks!
-He called us dummies?
-I take exception to that.
-[stammers] Alex?
-What is that fish thinking?
[Alex] I bet you
won't come in after me.
You're too scared!
-Ugh. His trash talk is abysmal.
I'm eating parrotfish tonight.
Gotta catch me first.
[sharks snarl]
[gasps, shouts]
[Alex panting]
When I get my teeth on you,
you little...
Where'd he--
[sharks shouting]
-Jets of hot water!
-[Maria] I hate jets.
[Bernardo] Stinking jets.
[grunts] Ugh.
What is this stuff?
Get it off me.
-Whoa! What?
-[alarm blaring]
Is something wrong?
It's one of
the sub-sea systems, I think.
I think it's sprung a leak.
So then why isn't it showing up
on the screen?
You know what?
You're absolutely right.
Just a second,
I need to update something.
There would have been
a pressure warning.
I don't have that information.
What's the pressure at now?
-What did you do?
-I didn't--
I'm gonna need you to step away
from your station, Dennis.
That's not necessary.
I can-- Whoa!
[Kelly] What has
gotten into them?
And why does your screen
still show normal pressure
-when there's clearly
a leak down there?
Little bean, Eelanor,
what are you guys doing here?
-We have to help Alex.
-What did he get into now?
[Ed] Hey, jerk faces.
Did he just call us
"jerk faces"?
What is wrong
with fish today?
-[Bernardo laughs]
-Oh, great.
[Bernardo] Let's get him.
-[Ed] What?
[Alex] Did you
find the Black Beast
down there?
[Ed] Yeah,
but he's sleeping,
thank goodness. Why?
Because I just
got a really bad idea.
Ooh, boy.
I'm gonna regret this.
-Which way is it?
-Down. Which way you think?
Well, you don't
have to yell at me.
This feels like
a pretty good time
for yelling.
[gasping, panting]
When I say,
"Pull up," pull up, okay?
-[Bernardo laughs]
-[Alex cries out]
-[Bernardo laughs]
Almost there.
[sharks snarl, laugh]
[Ed] Now!
-What the heck did we run into?
-I don't know.
The Black Beast
of Bargathel.
-Out past where
the red smoke spills.
-Oh, no.
In his crag, dark and deep,
the giant rests a fitful sleep.
His arms are each a mile long.
Grown fish
dread to hear his song.
His eyes a terror,
his beak a maul.
The Black Beast
heeds no rule, no law.
Swim for it, girls!
All fish fear to wake the Beast,
unless they wish
to be his feast.
[Beast growls]
That's right.
Shut them all down.
We're going to have to
do a complete check
on every inch of those pipes
to make sure our colleague here
didn't overlook anything else.
Shut down production
in the meantime. We don't
want to make it any worse.
Thank you.
This right here
is why people hate us,
you get that, right?
Yeah, well,
I didn't come out here
to fill out safety reports.
I came out here to drill.
Do you have any idea
what kind of quotas
we have to fill, huh?
So there's a teensy, tiny crack
in one little pipe, so what?
It's a few drops in the bucket
compared to what we'd lose
shutting the pumps down
like you want to.
I'm just trying to save us all
a lot of time and money.
Well, what you
should be thinking about
is saving your job.
You can't fire me.
I don't even answer to you.
You're a real piece
of work, Dennis.
You know that?
Go ahead and report me.
See if I care.
I'm not the idiot who wants
to shut down the pumps.
No, you're just the idiot
who didn't report the problem,
and it gets worse.
If you would have told me
the second that you saw it,
we could have worked together,
saving money while saving
the environment.
We're lucky we don't
have a complete ecological
disaster on our hands.
Can someone on sonar
tell me what the heck that was?
[sonar tech]
You don't want to know.
-Now what, kid?
-Well, I think we
got their attention.
Why don't we
stick around and make sure?
[all sighing]
-Tag! I'm gonna get you.
There we were,
with bloodthirsty sharks.
And Alex, he's so crafty,
he takes after me that way,
he gets the bright idea
to make the sharks
chase him through the jets.
Because if there's
one thing sharks hate,
it's jets.
The ash from the volcano
is a great dispersant.
It breaks up the goop
into practically nothing.
What if the black goop
breaks out again?
Well, now we know
what to do about it.
And we know
right where the volcano is
if ever we need it.
You're back.
We were so worried
about you.
-My little darling.
-[Jeff] So worried.
Mom, Dad, I'm okay, really.
I'm not just
a little kid anymore.
Oh. I guess...
I guess you're right.
I still missed you guys.
Hey, Eelanor.
Get over here.
There's someone
I want you to meet.
I know she's big,
but don't be scared, okay?
Eelanor, Mom and Dad.
Mom and Dad, Eelanor.
-Um, hi.
-Hello there.
Any friend of Christine's
is a friend of ours.
You too
should be super proud
of your daughter.
She's strong, intelligent.
We really
couldn't have done this
without her.
Thanks, Christine.
I'm proud
to call you my friend.
His Majesty wishes to offer you
his sincerest congratulations
for restoring New Coralton
to its former glory,
for saving the lives
of our citizens,
and for ending the threat
of this black ooze.
It would be
my great pleasure
to thank you
for following
the king's orders
and saving us.
But I can't.
[all gasp]
I confess, I stood by
as the king shamed
this fine parrotfish for
wanting to help us, to save us,
and for what?
Because he's a janitor.
I stood by as the king
ordered him to do nothing,
and just hoped the problem
went away on its own.
I thought
little of this fish.
Because of his job,
I thought he was beneath me.
But the truth is,
I'm not even fit
to clean your scales.
I'm unworthy.
If you had done
what the king said, well,
things would have been
a lot worse around here.
I can't look you fish
in the eye
and keep serving a king
who did nothing
for his subjects
when they needed him most.
Truly I am the jerk face.
I think maybe
you're not the one at fault.
Now, let's calm down here.
I do a lot of good
for you ingrates.
You are a sad,
strange, little fish.
And you have my pity.
You do!
[stammers] No!
Three cheers
for King Alexander!
Thank you.
Now I have to come clean
with you guys.
That's not a joke.
While we were out there,
my friend Ed
called me out on something
I didn't want to admit.
-That's what good friends do.
-Kid, I didn't mean...
It's okay.
I think I really did do it,
at least in part,
in the hopes that you guys
would notice me.
I just love this reef so much.
I just wanted
to feel like I made
a real difference around here.
I don't think you have to worry
about that anymore.
You're a big hero.
You saved the reef.
Not alone. We all helped!
And I couldn't have done it
without you.
I don't know how
comfortable I am
taking the throne.
But if you still
want me to lead you,
well, I'll be honored.
The problem is,
I don't know the first thing
about running a city.
Hey, Paul?
Think you can stick around
and show me the ropes?
[Kate Steinberg's
"Go Fish (Side by Side)" plays]
Deep blue is all I see
No one's swimming next to me
The ocean's wide,
The ocean's deep
To myself, I tried to keep
The current pushing,
The water flowing
I swam as far as I can, though
It's not going to plan, so
I reach outside myself
Not knowing
If anyone would care to
If someone else
Would dare to
Go fish, side by side
Spread my fins
And take that dive
Nowhere else I'd rather be
My friends and I
The deep blue sea
My life was upside down
Head was turning
Round and round
Growing up is taking chances
Being scared
Is not what life is
So we take things
Into our own fins
Swim deeper than we have
And push harder than we can
And keep those friendly faces
Near you
Together you're a tough crew
You'll meet 'em soon
Enough to
Go fish, side by side
Spread my fins
And take that dive
There's nowhere else
I'd rather be
My friends and I
The deep blue sea
Yes, I know I'm small
But I'm sure as shrimp
Ain't dumb
I need a pal like you
To keep me swimming
There's so much out there
For us to see and conquer
And I know that our
Adventure's just beginning
Go fish, side by side
Spread my fins
And take that dive
There's nowhere else
I'd rather be
My friends and I
The deep blue sea
Go fish, side by side
Spread my fins
And take that dive
There's nowhere else
I'd rather be
My friends and I
The deep blue sea