Go Lala Go! 2 (2015) Movie Script

Step back! People over there, step back!
I am now here
at the downtown commercial district.
A woman dressed in wedding gown
is standing right on the rooftop
of this building.
The situation is uncertain now
and a large crowd of passerby is gathering.
This is the live report on the scene.
Carrie, please calm down.
Come down here and I will help you
with everything.
I dreamed that
I was in this wedding dress
standing in front of a church.
But today,
instead of the church, I am right in front
of the gate of the heaven.
They don't accept a suicide into the heaven!
"You jump, l jump"
only exist in Hollywood movies.
In the reality, if you jump,
he will only laugh at you.
Would you please come down now!
Would you please come down now!
I paid for the house,
I paid for the car,
and I gave him everything
I had including myself.
Why couldn't he just propose to me?
What can I do? He is the one who never say
anything about getting married.
Do you want me to get a ring,
go down on my knees and beg him to marry me?
Every time
when I talked about getting married,
he kept saying he was not ready.
He was not ready to get married.
The truth is "He is not ready
to be married to ME!"
We've been together 5 years already!
We are more like roommates than lovers,
David Wang.
If we continue our relationship like this,
we will never be able to get married!
I put on this gown
and went to his office to give him a surprise.
But then,
I saw him walking out with a woman in his arm.
There are plenty more fish in the sea!
You will soon meet your Mr. Right.
Go away!
I am a fool in an out-of-date wedding gown.
I am almost 30 now.
I am almost 30 now.
How is it possible that
I will be able to get married?
- Carrie.
- Let go of me
When a man turned 30,
he may be granted with maturity and wisdom.
As long as he has a career,
he has no problem finding a wife.
But when a woman turned 30,
no matter how successful her career is,
her marriage is pending on her luck.
I am Lala Du,
I turn 33 this year.
I have a boyfriend,
and then what?
Lala, are you alright?
Lala, don't you remember me?
Are you okay?
Lala, please don't be mad at me.
I don't want to hear an excuse,
you've better managed your business right now.
You've joined the company for
more than 20 years;
and you know like no one else
what's the consequence when you mess this up.
What the...
Hey, Lala, my girl, what happened?
Where's Carrie?
Are you ok?
Yes, we are fine.
Go home and take some rest.
That's not necessary, I am fine.
Last month when I handed
in the acquisition report,
didn't we agree to discuss it
as soon as possible?
But you just jumped off
the building with your friend.
You shouldn't be worry about that now.
But I have been in charged to this research!
Well I'll give you a surprise:
our headquarter just finished
the acquisition of SC,
we've already assigned Maggie Qu
as the new president.
Yes, a perfect woman,
but she has never worked in Chinese mainland,
so she needs a good manager to assist her.
I would like to ask for your permission
to win this chance.
My expertise is in Human Resource.
That's right you should be qualified
for this position,
I will recommend you to company priorities.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity.
My promotion application,
I was wondering if you have received it.
you know I recognize your ability very well,
but I think others need
to see more proof.
- Bye.
- Okay. Goodbye.
You are still here.
By the way, you did a good job today.
David, is it?
My name is Dangdang Sha.
How come I never see you before?
I just got back from overseas.
Today, I came just for fun.
would you like to go get a drink?
I'll pass this time, you guys go ahead.
Do you need to be with your girlfriend?
Thank goodness, you weren't hurt that badly.
You must be new in this business.
Otherwise a fresh meat like you
should be eaten by those hyenas already.
You are here.
I just went to buy your favorite
steam-fried baozi,
but you don't seem hungry yet.
Hi, are you David's girlfriend?
I am Dangdang Sha.
Right, I am Lala Du.
Well, I am going to take off now,
see you tomorrow night.
See you tomorrow.
Let's eat.
Do you know Maggie Qu?
I met her once when I was trained in NY.
She is a very tough lady.
She is a legend in DB headquarters.
She will be my new boss.
DB just finished an acquisition of a company.
She will come and take the lead,
and I'll be assisting her.
You can learn a lot from her.
You two are quite alike.
Be a strong business woman is not my goal.
Let's eat.
(Message content: Ms. Qu has arrived
in the office half hour ago.)
(In about 2 minute,
her patient will be all gone.)
(From: Special Assistant-Yile)
Lala Du.
You are late for 1 minute and 47 seconds.
Assistant Lee.
Just called me Yile.
How do you do Yile.
Your dress,
is this the old fashioned style?
Go straight, turn right at the end.
Your job offer is now pending on
your walking speed.
Report your name first.
They don't allow any door-to-door sales in,
and you happen to dress like one.
Come in.
General Manager Qu.
I am still adjusting my jet lag.
I wanted to take you to dinner
when I first arrived...
Thank you General Manager Qu.
You are too kind.
I just got here,
- No, no,
-and not so familiar with...
I am checking to see
when will be a better time?
I am available at any time
of your convenience.
That is good to hear.
I will be honor with your presence.
Ok. Next Wednesday it is.
General Manager Qu, how do you do.
I am Lala Du from DB.
Dangdang. Wait.
She will be your assistant
and working under your supervision.
How do you do,
Manager Du.
How do you do.
We have a very tight schedule this month.
In the meeting on the day after tomorrow,
we will be presenting the PR and Sales plans
of next year to Stanley Chen.
This company just got emerged with us,
and we need to leave
a very good reputation to this key person.
Strong teamwork is very important here. OK?
You need to memo those?
- No.
- By the way,
I have read the HR plan
and the introduction of Chen's team
you prepared.
That report was too long
and I don't want to read anything
you get from the Internet.
Hand me the revision
when you are done today,
and you can have a report about it
after half an hour.
That's all.
No problem.
Lala, I will be your assistant from now on,
you can call me Dangdang.
Did you just call me by my first name?
What year were you born?
22 years old,
have you graduated from college yet?
I am not that young.
I graduated from Parsons in New York.
I was here for my summer Intern last year.
Also as a part-time model?
That was just for fun with friends.
By the way, Lala,
your boyfriend is so handsome.
Where is my office?
It is me!
Is Stanley Chen on your friend list of WeChat?
OK, let's get started.
Stanley Chen, 33 years old,
a classic born winner.
Graduated from Columbia Business School
in New York,
and had also studied in
Central Saint Martins College in London
and lstituto Marangoni in Italy.
At his 20s,
he has already accumulated
many foreign experiences,
-and created his own...
- I have already known those.
The uniqueness of Chen's brand...
That's kind of given.
He has also won awards for his design...
I don't need information that
can be found on the Internet,
did I not make myself clear before?
Did you come to work without your brain?
There were 3 luxury groups
that wanted to include Stanley Chen
as their in house...
OK, that's enough.
If you don't have any other new information,
don't waste time.
I have some additional information
that I want to report.
I will report that information to you
after making confirmation of it.
Dangdang, if you think your information is
worth reporting, please begin.
Stanley Chen, Capricorn, blood type O,
185 cm, 75 kg.
He just got back from his vacation
at Antarctica last month.
He has been single for 28 months now.
His ex-girlfriend was an underwear model
graduated from Harvard Business.
His ex ex-girlfriend was a hostess
of a financial TV program.
This is not the information...
it's kind of interesting.
Great stuff.
Let's go over a simple analyze
of Stanley Chen's horoscope.
He is a Capricorn, rising in Virgo.
Last month, he just finished
the Mercury retrograde,
and will be in a new round
of volatility this month.
Our meeting with him is right
between his two slumps,
it is the best timing within the six months.
Are you sick?
Did you catch a cold?
We will be meeting with Stanley Chen
the day after tomorrow.
Get well before that.
our outfit shows whom we are.
I don't want to see you looking like
a middle-aged woman.
Dangdang, would you come here for a minute?
What is it, Lala?
Dangdang, what you just did
was very inappropriate.
I am your supervisor;
you need to report directly to me.
You are a talented person;
you don't need to do what you just did
to promote yourself.
As long as you work hard,
you will get what you deserve.
I am here to get what I want and that
doesn't including being your friend.
I want to be at the position
where you are right now in 1 year, not 5.
Next year at this time,
I will own what you have now.
What's wrong with this company?
A normal woman like me
s treated as a weirdo.
That's why I keep telling you
to give up this kind of life
and go traveling around the world with me.
Let's enjoy a real life.
Life is not as easy as you thought.
Don't you need to make money
and pay for the living?
you have been living your life too stressfully.
It is about time to release
those tensions you have.
Think about it,
tomorrow if we can be here
enjoying the best afternoon tea ever,
and adoring
the superb night view here.
"Just the two of us
exploring the world", how nice would that be.
You don't understand.
What I want now is
to fight with those beasts in office
and win the battle.
I used to think office is the field
of battle or execution.
Today I have learned that
I have also needed to watch out
for those subordinates
who want to get my title.
Don't get mad.
I will assure you that
in my heart, you will always have the throne.
I think I have fallen from that throne already.
Falling? Are you?
Which part of your body is falling, let me see!
Don't answer that.
Alright, I got it.
I will be there.
The photographer was in some trouble
and couldn't make it,
so they asked me to go over and save their ass.
What kind of boyfriend are you?
No way, you need to write
an apology report to me.
I am sorry;
can I do a verbal one?
Fine, repeat after me. Cut it off.
I, David Wang,
apologize to Lala Du sincerely.
I, David Wang,
apologize to Lala Du sincerely.
I should not have tricked you into bed
and then put on clothes then ran away.
I should not have tricked you into bed
and then put on clothes then ran away.
My unresponsible behavior
should be cast aside by whole world people.
I understand that my behavior is wrong.
Beautiful Ms. Lala Du
please forgive my ignorance
and give me a chance to make it over.
Tomorrow I will make
a 50-page presentation
to show you how sorry I am.
Now I really have to go.
My girlfriend is on the top of her career now,
I don't want to be said that
I sponge off my girlfriend.
Not everyone can be a sponge off;
you need to have a certain "talent" for that.
Want me to show you my "talent" now?
Fine, go to your work already!
OK, bye.
Don't forget you own me
an "I am sorry" presentation.
You get some sleep.
Lala, you haven't called recently.
Were you fired or dumped by your boyfriend?
Mother, can't you just wish
something good for me?
I am about to be promoted.
That's not important.
Not matter how great your ability is,
you can't fight with aging.
Tell me,
are you and David Wang
ever going to get married?
You cousin said she wants you
to be her maid of honor.
I don't know how to turn her down.
(David Wang's photo exhibition:
7:30 pm tonight.)
I must say I couldn't be more disappointed
at your performance.
As soon as I read the first page
of your report,
I saw serious mistakes.
For the 100 things I asked you to do,
even if you finished the first 99 thing
but miss the last one,
to me, it means you have done "NOTHING".
Lala, I have placed the order
of Qi-Sin stationary,
is there anything else?
Middle to high managerial position
need to be filled,
I have sent out the job description to Liepin
(HR recruiting company),
give me CMO one by one.
You also need to follow up on the International
Management Trainee program.
How beautiful!
Is that for your boyfriend?
Congratulation on your first photo exhibition.
So, David has a show today?
Why are you working late tonight?
Shouldn't you be there to support him now?
With a handsome boyfriend like him,
you need to keep an extra eye on him.
Sorry, I still need to check on
the data of last year.
Does Ms. Qu want to see the report now?
Email me the part you have finished.
You don't need to thank me.
I don't want to revise this report again.
Okay, got it. You take care of yourself.
See you later.
Hey, big guy)'-
Go home and be with your boyfriend.
How did you know that I have a boyfriend?
With your dressing style
and still being single,
that really would be a horrible scenario.
My boyfriend is having a co-exhibition
and I am late for it.
Your boyfriend is a photographer?
Do I look like a door-to-door sales lady?
Ms. Du, I am only going to say this once,
and it won't take too long.
Put on anything and expect to look nice with it
only happen when
you are at your 20s.
With all due respect,
in your condition right now,
if you dress well, you may look good;
but if you don't, then you look like
a cleaning lady.
So, I will send you a link;
you go and study for it, alright.
I've sent it, did you get it?
why is your forehead always twisted?
Can you just relax for a bit?
Ms. Qu did that too.
No matter what I do,
she looks not pleased.
Do you wish that your boss high-five
with you every time you finish a task?
Or give you a parade or throw you a trophy?
At you age,
carry out your task perfectly is
a requirement
not a request.
You are not a twenty-something anymore.
I got it.
My age has everything to be blamed for.
I got it.
Thanks, anyway.
We have a meeting with Stanley Chen
tomorrow. Don't be late.
They look alike, don't you think?
I think so too.
Lala, David's work is really awesome.
You guys have fun; I am going to take off.
Hey, big guy, don't forget
about our photo shooting.
L QOT you.
I thought you were not coming tonight.
What kept you so late?
Because I needed to work overtime, "Big Guy".
What is it with that anger?
What's wrong, are you alright?
I am fine, just drive safely.
Having a hard time with your boss?
I talked to my mother yesterday;
she asked when we are getting married.
I just started the studio.
I want to be fully prepared
and able to give you a better life...
Fully prepared?
You are not ready to get married
or not ready to marry me?
Don't lie to me.
Tell me the truth, I can handle it.
Lala, we have been together so long,
do we really need to go through this scheme?
You know we are...
So you do know that we have been
together so long.
I thought at least we can trust each other.
What is the matter with you?
Why are you being so angry today?
Do you not having any clue why I am angry,
and unsatisfied?
Are you having your period right now?
Stop the car, you stop the car!
Do you thinking I am just making trouble
out of nothing?
I just think that you are acting
really weird today,
unlike what you were used to be.
Used to be? We used to be
work going to work together.
You used to be the sales director of DB.
Everyday we...
Sales Director? Sales Director?
So if I was not the sales director,
I am not David Wang anymore?
Lala, you were not like this before.
Look at you,
you look like one of those middle-aged women
in the supermarket fighting for bargain sells.
Right, I am a middle-aged woman.
You keep saying all these changes are for us,
but actually those are all for you.
I thought you understand me
more than anyone else.
Do you not trust me that I do all these
because I want to have a better life for us?
Ok, let's not do this.
Let's cool down.
Cool down for how long?
HOW long?
It is too stressful to be with you.
You are so bossy. You keep asking me
when the studio will start making profit.
If I can't make a profit out of the studio,
would I go back to be a sales?
Even when I said we need to cool down,
you need to put a time on it.
Do you think you are the only one
that is under pressure?
I am 33,
I don't have my own family,
I am not in a marriage,
and all I have is work.
I need someone who truly understands my needs,
not a boyfriend who walks out on me.
When you first started this studio,
I needed to go behind your back
to ask for job offers.
Finally you were able to
have this co-exhibition.
What about my stress? How should I release it?
You are either with a bunch
of young models every day,
or being day-dreaming about
traveling around the world.
You run such a laid-back life
and now you are telling me that I am bossy?
Do you really know what I want?
I didn't ask you to do all that.
I am the bitch.
Hello, hi. Morning.
Morning, I'm running. It's ok.
CEO, stop. Stop, CEO.
No, I was talking to my dog.
What did I tell you; didn't I say there were
2 or 3 little problems?
Where the hell were you last night?
Never mind, you don't need to answer that.
Ms. Qu's super called me this morning.
Ms. Qu had an accident while exercising,
she is now in the hospital,
and I can't get a hold on her.
I need you to do the presentation for her.
Accident? Where did she get hurt?
Did she hurt badly?
I don't have time to answer your question,
now you listen to what I have to tell you.
Let's go.
First of all, this is the plan
we worked on last night,
we are both familiar with it.
Just present it with confidence
Next, Stanley Chen's group will ask questions,
but you can't answer freely.
When you are uncertain about the answer,
just say "I am sorry.
I will need to get back to you on that
after confirming with Ms. Qu".
Which hospital is Ms. Qu in,
should I go and visit her?
Right here right now is where you need to be,
not the hospital.
Third, as Ms. Qu's subordinate,
DB's representative,
you definitely can't be
looked down by Chen's team.
You need to imitate Ms. Qu's style.
If today's meeting isn't that important,
I will not be doing this.
Would you at least take off the slipper
you are wearing right now?
Welcome to Ms. Qu's sanctuary.
After that, you just need to carry out
the mission perfectly.
General Manager Chen,
it's an honor to meet with you.
- How do you do.
- I am the special assistant of Ms. Qu,
my name is Yile Lee.
Where is Ms. Qu?
Ms. Qu has been unavoidably
detained, therefore...
You are?
I am Lala Du.
Ms. Du is the VP of our company's
Marketing and Sales department.
While Ms. Qu is not with us,
VP Du will be in total charge of
this project with SC.
Mr. Chen,
may we talk about
our cooperation in a bit?
Let me have a tour of this new office.
We can meet in the meeting hall in a bit.
This way please.
Did you just call me
VP Du?
Is there a problem?
Vice President?
Oh my god, we are doomed.
Where is Ms. Qu, I need to find her.
First, Ms. Qu is in the hospital now.
She should be having an operation
not a presentation.
Second, you just told Stanley Chen that
you were the VP of our company,
and now you want to tell him you are not.
Do you think we can play
this kind of game with him?
Third, With Ms. Qu's absence,
Stanley Chen will definitely not discuss about
the serious business
with small potatoes like us.
Our company has just successfully
having him on board,
do you think you can take the responsibility of
offending this VIP?
You sounded like I have no choice but...
You did, you did, you have made the choice.
Company profit or personal moral,
you pick the prior one.
With the risk of losing your job,
you need to insist on completing this mission.
I think you just won
the MVP award of DB.
I really want to hire 10 more
good employees like you.
OK, stop panicking.
Let's go, VP Du.
Now go.
Good morning, thank you all
for joining us today.
I am Lala Du,
the VP of DB.
Brick 'N Mortar business is
what DB does the best.
While Stanley's team's poses
the strength in E-commerce channel.
Regarding the promotion plan,
Also, following by the process of preparation,
the best timing for the big road show
will be in 2 month.
We will also use DB's recruit
the new members for SC.
Recruit the new members for SC.
VP Du.
Yes, please.
Tell me more about you,
what do you have that can attract us?
Me, well my specialty is,
for example, the special arrangement of dessert
for each one of you.
Leon, you like American Rock 'n' Roll
therefore we've prepared cheese
and cracker for you.
Leslie, you came from a new type
of technology company.
You love to try all kinds of new things.
I hope you enjoy
this durian ice cream.
But be careful with the green dazzling candy
on the top of the cake,
they may jump off your mouth.
Stanley, with all due respect,
the Pilot's Watch on your wrist sold you out.
If I remember correctly,
you like sky diving, right?
Without an adventurous spirit,
how can someone dare to try
those Extreme Sports?
Those were just the tip of iceberg
of the preparation we have done.
In DB we understand each one of our clients.
I can assure you that worrying for
the quality control of DB is unnecessary.
But I do need
your acknowledgement of DB.
VP Du,
perfection on both inside and outside.
Thank you.
I am looking forward to working with you.
Very good, would you carry the bride up?
Let's take a 15 minutes break;
we need to change the lighting set.
No problem.
- Look, this Icebreaker.
- This looks amazing,
and that too.
Honey moon?
Yes, we are going to see the polar bears in
North Pole and penguins in South Pole.
North Pole and South Pole at once?
- Yes.
- Cool.
Ever since we started dating,
we have been talking about saving money
and for once in our life time,
we will go traveling in North and South Pole.
Well, we got a wake-up call of life,
so we don't want to wait any longer.
We are going.
I have been diagnosed for cancer
a couple of months ago,
that was our wake-up call of life.
Don't worry for us, we are optimistic.
It turns out,
It turns out, you will never be
fully prepared
for life.
Like us,
I was not planning on getting married
so quickly after dating her.
But then I realized,
I just want to be happily
together with her.
Being with her is all
I've ever wanted.
I will be stationed in this office
starting next week.
I hope that we can still keep in touch
for the following work,
VP Du.
VP Du.
What's going on, why is Lala our VP?
Be cool.
Oh, my goodness.
You had the dare to pretend that you were a VP?
I respect you so much now.
Your willingness to die
for the company, wow!
I am your follower now.
I will be fired by the company anyway.
I just did what I got to do.
I think we succeed.
I can tell Stanley Chen is pretty happy with
the arrangement of the new organization.
Dangdang, Lala's doing needs to be
supported not revealed, so...
I am good with keeping secret.
By the way, Lala,
I think Stanley is interested in you.
He is single, why don't you just go for it.
He is the upgrade version of David-
successful in business, talented,
handsome and confident.
Stop joking around.
If you think he is so perfect, you go ahead.
I am not kidding with you.
If you go with Stanley Chen,
you can leave David for me.
Alright, do you think
I did not have enough for today?
I am sorry, VP Du.
- How's your day at work?
My boss was hurt and couldn't come today.
I pretend to be the VP
and talked to the new big-head
of the new organization.
It looks like you have completed the business
I was not able to do in one night.
I was wondering if you are available
tomorrow night, beautiful VP?
Stop it!
OK, don't be mad.
I will take you some place nice tomorrow
and make it up to you, what do you think?
Hi, VP Du.
You must dial the wrong number.
This is Stanley Chen from SC.
Ah, General Manager Chen.
Hi Stanley.
About the presentation yesterday,
I still have some problems that
I need to discuss with you.
May we have lunch tomorrow?
See you at 12:30 pm.
Base on the tone and manner
and the theme of next season,
maybe we can try to walk out of the studio
and shoot in a nature environment.
So we can stress out
the originality and purity our brand
has been advocating.
I just visited Samui Island
a couple of months ago.
The ocean view there
is pure and beautiful.
I think it is the perfect location
for our shooting.
I would like take the shooting team
to Samui Island.
Does that mean...
Excuse me.
Hello, yes?
What? We will be right back.
- What is it?
- The candidates for SC
Management Trainee Program are all here.
Let's go.
Welcome to the interviewing
of SC Trainee Program.
We will be using the Group Interview today.
Each one of you will have the chances
to interact with interviewers
to interact with
Question #1: If you are asked to exchange
one of your merits with
one of your demerits,
what would they be?
For example this question,
it is easy to twist it
and give the interviewers something
they want to hear.
Like "my good looking is my merit,
but too devoted into things is my demerit
I usually forget my meal
when been too devoted to work.
And that demerit has caused my health.
So I would exchange
my good looking with my unhealthy diet.
After all,
health is more valuable than appearance. Right?
VP Du.
I think Dai-Yu Lin was good.
If you can keep a superpower
within 24 hours,
what super power would you like to have?
Please answer.
I would like to have the superpower
of going back to the past.
I want to inform people
before earthquakes happen,
so they can prevent themselves being harmed.
Yes, he showed his kindness
with that superpower question.
Kindness is not an important
quality in organization.
Also, his English is not
as fluent as other candidates
who are native-English speakers.
I disagree.
I think kindness,
logical sense
and responsibility
are more important than verbal ability,
since verbal ability can be trained.
No everyone has the luckiness
to be in a wealthy family
and able to study in overseas
like you, Stanley.
So to you,
I belong to the group
who were born with privilege
and not willing to work hard?
No, no, no, Stanley,
Ms. Du has respected you,
even before you came to SC.
She has done a lot of research about you.
Isn't that right, VP Du?
Research about me?
Then, do you have find anything
particularly interested in?
Well, since Stanley has no other rejection for
our reasons to choose this candidate,
then this one it is.
BTW, regarding the post shooting,
I want it to be in process ASAP,
however, I am still not satisfied
with the photographers
that my team has recommended.
Is that so?
I know a very talented photographer,
should I bring his portfolio for you?
That sounds good.
What's his name?
Can you get me to be in touched with him?
No problem.
His name is David,
know him very well.
Would you like to meet with him tomorrow?
How will I be able to handle all these?
I am just a HR manager.
But now I have to get involved in
those Brand Marketing stuff
that I have no idea of,
I am so doomed!
Calm down.
Lala~We are going to Samui Island!
Is it confirmed?
Oh, I forget to tell you, Stanley Chen
just made that decision.
I have also reported to Ms. Qu about that.
Reported to her about what?
That I have pretended to be the VP?
Do you think that I am out of my mind?
Of course I told her Stanley Chen has been
impressed by our work
and hope to continue this shooting.
Ms. Qu has emailed you already;
she wanted you to be well prepared.
I will be in charge of
coordinating this shooting.
Let's rock this project!
BTW, snorkeling in Samui Island is awesome!
Since we have gotten this far,
let's just finish the shooting,
it should be done in a week.
Yile, you really are determined
to sacrifice my career, aren't you?
If Ms. Qu knew what's going on right now,
she would ask you to do the same thing.
I have been with her for more
than a decade, I know her.
(David: can't wait to see you tonight!)
Can we continue tonight for what
we've discussed this afternoon?
I am sorry, this is Yile.
VP Du is available this evening.
I will pass the phone to her now.
I will have the driver waiting
for you downstairs.
He will pick you up later.
Even if you don't care about
your future in this company,
nor Ms. Qu's expectation,
please do put DB's future, the company you have
worked for 6 six years, into consideration.
But how can I go to Samui Island?
The shooting is not about you,
why are you been so nervous?
No, this is not going to work;
I need to tell Stanley Chen the truth.
Lala Du, you have wanted to be promoted.
Here comes your chance
but you are backing off from it.
Do you know how many people are
dying for the opportunity like this?
I can do the presentation,
but shooting commercial, holding PR event?
Calm yourself down now.
Do you think if I can find
someone else to do this,
I will be wasting my time here with you?
Even if Stanley Chen does not
acknowledge you as the VP,
you still need to do this.
No matter how Dangdang is presentable,
she is still too young for these.
You do what you have to do,
and I'll handle the rest.
Now, go pack, Okay?
Now, you finally look like a VP.
To women, this logo makes sense of
all their hard work.
If you carry out this shooting
and event perfectly,
Our company will reward you well,
and all these fantasy will come closer to you.
But David...
"Love" is the toy for young girls.
Don't be bothered by those little affairs.
You want men
or work?
Make up your mind.
If you prefer to wear an apron
rather than this designer's dress,
Go ahead and do so. I won't stop you.
But remember,
no matter what decision you make,
you are on your own.
In this world,
only you and your job
won't leave you.
No one else
care about what you want,
except yourself.
But it's not like I have other choices now.
If you never have a chance to see the palace
and dance with a prince,
how can you be so sure
that this is not what you want?
Do you really want to leave all these?
You look like a VP now.
Put these on
and go to prove that
you can make a miracle happen.
I heard a story when I was young.
A little girl got a pair of beautiful shoes,
and everyone said that
she looked good in those.
She was happy to hear that,
so she kept wearing the shoes
and dancing in those.
The shoes seemed to be cursed.
It wouldn't stop dancing.
So the little girl had to keep dancing
and twirling in those shoes.
The outside setting looks romantic;
I wonder what event is going on?
Let's go and see.
Hey, big guy!
What a coincidence.
Are you working right now?
This is gorgeous.
- Don't wait up for me.
- That's okay, I will wait.
Something came up in the office.
- I don't think I can make it tonight.
- That's alright,
I will wait for you.
Don't' wait for me, really.
I will talk to you later, okay?
Your friend?
What a coincidence. GM Chen,
this is
David Wang,
the photographer you have assigned.
This is the General Manger of SC,
Stanley Chen.
Nice to meet you.
You will come and make the presentation
in our office tomorrow, right?
I am looking forward to it.
It is getting cold outside, shall we go in?
if we are going to take the shots
in Samui Island,
I think we should take the advantage of
the local customs and scenery;
otherwise we can just take the shots
in Huangpu River.
Actually, I am more concerned of
that the client doesn't know what he/she wants,
or even worse,
doesn't know who he/she is.
I mean, if the client doesn't know
what the brand's position is,
it might be harmful to the brand.
I really like your ideas.
may I invite you to be the photographer
for this project?
That's great!
May I be the contact window for David?
You will assist David all the way
through the project.
And start the audition for models.
Also, arrange all of our itineraries.
Shouldn't we consider this a little bit more?
That's right.
VP Du has the right to reconsider.
No need to reconsider anything.
David is the best choice.
When I see something I like,
I know that is what I want.
Let's do this according to the schedule.
Well, I am going back to the office,
you guys talk first.
What is it?
Do you really want to accept this job offer?
You have seen the situation yourself;
I have been hanging there hard enough,
and now you want to join in and make things
more complicated than they already were.
Have you ever thought about how I feel?
This is just work.
Just like what you said:
Lying is just for the work to be done.
I have told you, I can't help it.
I can't cause DB any trouble
because of my personal...
Okay, stop stop.
You have your problem
and I have my own concern;
if we can't concentrated on our works
while we are together,
maybe being parted is
the best situation for now.
you might have a chance
to start a new relationship.
Do you think I do all these
because I want to get that man?
You have really looked me down.
It may take me 5 to 10 years
or even more to be a VP;
but now, I own the power,
authority and status of this position.
Why did you have to be such a wet blanket?
Why can't you just support me?
Goodbye, VP Du.
What is your room number?
Our rooms are in the same direction, let's go.
This is my room.
See you later.
This is your room.
Move that reflector closer.
Don't fool around!
Please don't drink while working.
How about the photographer,
why is he not here for dinner?
He didn't say anything to me.
Maybe he is working on the materials
for tomorrow's shooting.
I will go get him.
would you go and get the photographer.
We still have to shoot tomorrow;
he needs to get some rest.
we will go first
That woman,
Lala something,
s really bitchy.
I think that bitch must have
an imbalanced sex life,
that's why she was furious.
I think so too.
What a bitch,
"Shouldn't you guys be doing your work by now?"
Let's finishing drinking
and help her with her imbalanced
sex life later.
Photographer, come and have a drink.
Who is it that you are calling bitch?
What the hell are you doing?
Thank you, thank you so much.
I'd like to invite
one of you come and join us.
Who are the lucky one?
This one?
LS you?
Come on. Come on.
Don't be shy. Come here on the floor,
on the stage.
What do you want to show?
Please clap for him again.
something bad happened.
David Wang is in trouble.
What have you done to yourself?
Why did you put yourself in
this kind of situation?
If this became a crime,
you wouldn't be able to work tomorrow.
This new project
may be ruined by you.
What was it that made you
couldn't even control yourself.
I pretend to blame you
for putting your career before me,
but the truth is
I am afraid to let you find out
that my fear of failure.
The more successful you are,
the worse...
the worse loser I become.
Now I just want to succeed
If I don't succeed this time,
I do not know how to be with you anymore.
What is your definition of being successful?
To me, the courage of be able to throw away
all the glories from the pass
and to work on something you like,
you have already been succeed.
Why did you have to do this to yourself?
Why did you keep denying yourself?
Lala, you are too glamour to understand...
to understand how I feel now.
Maybe from the night
that you rejected to answer my phone
to be with Stanley Chen,
you have understood
what your true desire was.
Finally, it was all done.
Our boss is really powerful.
His negotiation ability
has settled down everything!
All right, everything is fine now.
We still need you tomorrow.
Go and take some good rest tonight.
Bad news!
Because of the fighting last night,
all of the crew members refused to work!
I have been worrying that this may happen...
With the shortage of manpower,
let's go for plan B.
Don't be feared of having problems,
but be feared that you have no creativity
to solve problems.
Now is the time to prove that
we have that ability.
OK, finished.
Lala, come over here.
One, two, three.
You must be exhausted for all the hard works.
I am fine.
You should be the one to get some rest.
I am fine too.
It's getting dark;
I am going back to the hotel.
I will leave you alone.
I think I haven't take photos
for you seriously.
I thought you would never want to do it.
Let me see.
Are you kidding me?
Look at my face
and hair,
you have captured the worst moment of me.
I have never seen you
so beautiful like now.
Say no more.
I know you,
you are David Wang,
and you have your pride.
So do you Lala,
you have your insistence.
I thought you would never understand.
I thought you would never change.
Thank you.
No, thank you.
No, thank you.
This project couldn't work so well
if you weren't here.
there is something I need to tell you.
I have been surrounded by superb ladies
but I have never met a person
made me felt this way.
Now this person
is standing right in front of me.
I won't let go of this chance.
will you be my girlfriend?
We have only known each other
for such a short period of time,
but do you know,
you are the only person
who can makes me keep smiling.
I think
that's because I am happy when I am with you.
I am grateful...
I am grateful that I have met you.
please say yes.
Thank you.
Give it to me.
I thought everybody would be sunburned
in Samui Island,
but you guys look the same.
What is it? Still adjusting
from your new status?
What is it? Still adjusting
from your new status?
ls the venue of the annual show
next week confirmed?
It's all taken care of.
I got the contract both in paper
and via email this morning.
no more sun and beach.
Assemble all the vendors this afternoon
and go over the run down.
Actually we still have plenty of time
to deal with that,
how about we...
I have already made the decision.
Elsa for east area, and James for west area.
Next month we will open new store in Xintiandi.
What is it?
You have completed your mission.
Now you can tell Stanley Chen the truth.
I will tell him everything
right after the celebration party.
You are...
not ready to let it go yet, right?
Or you don't want to let it go at all.
I have
paid and sacrificed
so much for these.
I just need one more night.
Just so you know, "Cinderella's 12 o'clock"
always arrive on time.
Well then, at least let me enjoy
till the last minute.
Now let's welcome the founder of SC Group,
Mr. Chen to make a speech for us.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
thank you all for coming to this party.
In here,
you are all heroes
that help to create SC.
I hope in the future,
SC will always have your support. Thank you.
Now, let's party.
there is something I need to tell you.
this is not me.
this is you.
You have never been so beautiful.
Let's dance.
where have you been?
How do you do. I am Maggie Qu.
General Manager Qu,
it is an honor to finally meet with you.
Have you been feeling better now?
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much
for arranging such an excellent VP
to handle all these.
thank you for accepting all these arrangements.
We are glad that you are happy with these.
Thank you
for all your...
hard work.
I am only an executive manager of HR in DB.
When we met for the first time,
I was afraid that you wouldn't want
to have the meeting with me.
In order to make the cooperation work,
I had to pretend that I was the VP
- Lala,
I knew.
You know what,
From the first we met,
I was too curious about you,
I have your background checked.
When I saw you working so hard
to get your work done,
I seem to see the reflection of myself in you.
Come here.
Try this on,
and see if it fits.
This is?
I am proposing to you.
But we have only known
each other for one month.
I use feeling,
not the length of time,
to make this decision.
But, you don't know me.
I do,
you are just like me.
We are the same kind of people.
we are not.
Our backgrounds are completely different.
Everyone was misled;
I was not born with privilege.
I came from a small village.
I worked really hard
to earn a scholarship to study abroad.
Then I threw away my past
and created a better image for myself.
Everyone thought I came from a rich family
and I was a winner of life,
I don't deny all those.
After all,
in the society we live,
people worship those shallow images.
But Lala,
you are the one that
allows me to be true to myself
It is you
that makes me accepting who I really am.
Will you marry me?
Please say yes.
The one I've met for one month did it,
but the one I've dated
for 5 years never say it.
I used to think,
I had missed my chance to be happy.
I thought it was unfair
because I had been working so hard to it.
But my best friend told me that
"No matter how old we are,
we have to believe that love will come for us".
You may be sad
for losing a boyfriend that you have been
with for a long time
in the next moment,
you may also meet your Mr. Right.
Thank you.
Thank you for making me
believe that love exists.
I want to pass this fortune
to my best friend.
After seeing your good friend's happy wedding,
are you regretting on saying no to my propose?
Someday in the future
I might regret my decision today.
I used to think
marriage was like career-
I would gladly accept it
when I get the best deal I want.
But today,
I have realized that I seem lost.
I seem to have gotten everything I want,
But...why am I
not happy?
I don't want to lie to you anymore.
I don't think you are the one
that I love.
is not as simple as putting a check on
the box of "being married".
You know what,
on the night of celebration party,
Dangdang told me
David had a fight
with those people in Samui Island
because they were saying bad things about me.
But I blamed him for causing all the trouble.
I never put myself in his shoes.
He must felt really bad at that time.
Be brave
and get what you want back.
That is the Lala's spirit I love.
Since that day,
I have lost my Lala Du spirit.
I don't want to go for anything.
Adopting the Lala Du
spirit I had for career,
I ended up
hurting two nice men.
No need to explain,
here is the report of this incident.
So, did anyone participate in
this identity-change-project of yours?
I did it alone.
Thank God you didn't screw up anything.
But you do need to realize
how ridiculous this thing is.
I am sorry.
I will have my resignation ready.
I didn't ask you to quit.
Actually you are quite like me.
Lots of women are confused,
they want to work,
and yet they thought their men
will wait till they finish their work.
I am glad to see that you know what you want.
How can I let you go?
I had no choice at that time.
You keep saying you had no choice,
so who was forcing you to do all these?
Stanley Chen?
Or yourself?
Come on,
You are promoted as
the Executive Director of HR,
starting today.
Thank you, Ms. Qu,
but I have made up my mind.
You don't want to accept the new offer?
Let me remind you that
it is not easy to get this position.
And it is even more difficult to give it up.
It's your life.
I just hope you know what you are doing.
I have never been this cleared before.
Thank you
for busting my lie of "I have no choice".
This is for you.
Go and make your own miracle,
good luck.
Why didn't you want to stay?
Ms. Qu is a really good mentor.
why do you want to leave?
Thank you
for all the support.
Actually I didn't want to admit this,
but I was very jealousy of you.
I used to think that young people nowadays
were born without brains,
and they don't want to work hard;
but you have changed my prejudice.
Young people nowadays:
dare to dream and dare to make it happen.
Stop flattering me!
There are lots of thing
I still want to learn from you.
You are so talented;
were born without brains,
If there is anything I can share with you,
that is "never say-I have no choice"'
Take your right of saying "no" seriously.
you also need to take
your love relationship seriously.
I think
David really loves you.
How many?
All of it.
(After six months)
So I happened to capture that moment.
I was quite satisfied with it.
Please enjoy the rest of the photos.
Come here and let me give you a hug.
You look good.
I am good.
Forget about it.
It's been a long time.
So you two have finished
your South and North Pole tour?
And...That's awesome.
That's right.
Looking good.
What a big exhibition!
You did Well.
I think it's fair to say that "I have made it!"
You did, you have made it.
I think Lala will be happy for you too.
I haven't heard from her since the big show.
I think
she went to the U.S. with Stanley Chen.
You didn't know that she rejected
Chen Feng's propose,
quitted her job
and gave up a big promotion?
I thought you guys were back together.
If I knew you didn't,
I should have gone for you!
Ladies and gentlemen,
welcome to the exhibition of
"The Most Beautiful Scene" of David Wang.
We have also invited the hottest
Internet blogger-LA to join us today.
We have made a special video
for the opening.
What is the most beautiful scene in life?
I keep asking myself that question.
I thought as long as I work hard,
I would get a good result at the end.
On the way of pursuing my goal,
I insisted,
I fell down.
I even started to question that maybe there is
no such thing as "the most beautiful scene".
Until one day, I went to this tea shop
in London
and ordered your favorite Earl Grey milk tea;
while I was enjoying the world
famous night scene,
and I've wished
you were here too.
After traveling all around the world,
I then realized,
it would be great
if you were also in
those beautiful scenes.
Now, let's welcome
David Wang to the stage.
I was really touched
by this video.
It reminded me of someone
that I really miss.
The very first photo I took for her
was the inspiration that
I started this exhibition.
Thank you all for coming today,
I am very haPPY, thank you.
Well, today,
we have invited the
hottest Internet blogger LA to join us.
Let's welcome LA to the stage.
Hello everyone,
I am LA,
and my real name is Lala Du.
For the past half year,
I have used LA as a pen name
to communicate with everyone.
I didn't expect that my blog would be read
by so many people.
One of the reasons that
I accepted this invitation was
that I like the theme of this exhibition,
and most importantly,
Mr. David Wang
was one of my dear friends,
I just want to be here
to give him my support.
Mr. Wang, would you like to share
your appreciation with us?
I still owe you an apology,
Why didn't you ask me for it?
I carry it with me every day,
because I thought maybe I could run into you
in some coffee shops,
some subway stations,
or some coffee shops,
or under some streetlights.
The mighty Ms. Lala Du,
I should not have tricked you into bed
and then put on clothes then ran away.
My behavior was doomed to be repelled
by all people in the world.
I have understood my misbehavior
and I would like to beg the mighty Ms. Lala Du
to give me a chance to make it right.
I can live without traveling around the world,
but I can't live without you.
Because the most beautiful scenery
I want for my life
is you.
Now I've got it
"when true love comes,
we don't need any preparation for it".
Ms. Lala Du,
will you marry me?
Yes, I do.
She does!
Lala Du said "I do"!
Kiss her.