Go Trabi Go (1991) Movie Script

- Jacqueline!! -
- Jacqueline, where are you? -
- Jacqueline, where are you? -
You know that Papa doesn't like to wait.
I am coming soon!
Oh no!
Jacqueline, say what are you thinking?
This stays on and comes with us or you can drive alone.
Pff, you will see what the Papa will say to this
The Papa, the papa, the papa.
I don't care what the papa will say about it.
So where is he anyway.
- At granpas' in Leipzig. -
- In Leipzig? -
- Now of all times? -
- Don't stress. That's not your thing. -
- it should be a suprise, he said -
- oh man, Udo and a surprise, eh? -
- Maybe he comes home with Granpas new car. -
- Ha, Udo without "Schorsch" -
That's like a lid without a cookie jar.
- It is about time. -
- Ah look here... -
... Everything goes automatic.
The cover, the time, the film judders automatic
So it goes out, and so it goes in.
World niveau
Ah look there. Udo and his "Schorsch" that old soapbox.
and he says: All my freetime I was with my car.
I laid more under my old car then under my own wife.
- So it goes in and so it goes out. -
- Granpas new Japanese -
Udo, how is your Turbo?
Jacqueline, get out. Get out now.
- Oh Daddy, please not on the first day of holiday. -
- But this stays here -
Get this off! Right now!
Ok, if you think so.
Hey Udo, where will you go, if we can ask?
- Neapel. -
- What? -
Neapel? You don't even get to Leipzig.
All 4 of us will stand on the Vesuv, even if he smokes.
And on the film is the evidence.
See Neapel... and die.
I have to admit, that my journey is actually an escape.
(He recites now something of Goethe.)
Mama, look in the sidepanel and see for yourself.
"The Italian Journey" of Goethe?
That is our compass, better then any street map.
200 years old and still up to date.
- You want one Jacqueline? -
- Oh no! When I just smell it, I have the feeling to puke. -
You think we can get to Neapel with this book?
The Italian Journey of familie Strutz.
8th Stopp - Regensburg
Hehe, Uncle Bernd and Aunt Gerda will be happy.
Shut down that noise.
Mama, say also something.
- The pill is the only thing you like. -
- Yup. -
Mine are lying on the kitchen table.
Ah it doesn't matter. Go on papa,
I don't need them anyway with your stress.
How far is it to Regensburg?
- We need 2 more hours. -
- With tail wind. -
Oh such a convertible is really nice
- How fast are we? -
- Ohh...120! -
Just take care that this Papercarton doesn't
fly all over your head.
120!! "Schorsch" this is your personal best
- Shouldn't push him so hard -
- Ah, no worries. -
I have to switch the fuel petcock.
Look at the street.
Look forward!
Oh no, children.
Don't worry Udo.
We will survive also this oxygen.
Your sister!
I knew it...
that someday they will stand in front of our doors,
those people from Saxony.
And all their club.
He looks like a turkish carevan.
Alphones, clean the table.
(Some weird poem of Saxony.)
Oh, that you still know it.
Come, get in!
Oh look here.
There sit down.
You have a nice wall unit
We didn't get something like this
so easy back then.
9859 Mark incl. Vat
In principe, almost for free.
What can I get you now?
There you go. Eat plenty.
Gerda, that wasn't necessary.
So Udo, you still the successful German teacher
on the path of Goethe?
Yup, and now we are driving after him to Neapel.
Was Goethe also in Regensburg?
Regensburg, 5th of September 1786
(he quotes from the travelbook of Goethe)
The morning was cool and air was fresh.
But the day got nicer
The fruits are not the best.
I look forward to the wife and figs.
And Jacqueline, you are almost
a real woman.
96 - 68 - 96
Oh for real!
Alphones, go and show Jacqueline your Computer.
This is my monitor.
And back there is the printer.
And this is the mouse.
With this one you open the program.
And so.....
You come in a new program.
So easy is that.
and if you wanna know what is written in there
and so you are already in a new programm
Ah look here, I thought about this as an empty living space.
So I got myself some Turkish people to live there.
And after I removed the garlic stench
(some weird accent, I don't understand it myself)
incl. VAT.
in principe for free.
No, per person. You have to take it times 4.
So 200 Mark. Cash on your hand.
And then they say, they have nothing.
So I thought as normal thinking human:
Look how they live there on the nice fresh air.
And look in this poo hole.
All full.
So I think, how can somebody who says has nothing,
shit so much?
So get in.
Get comfy.
Now you can sleep into.
Sit down.
A toilet with a shower on top.
Jacqueline, there I got you some mid night snack for you.
Say HI to your mouse.
Oh I forgot, actually this is "Pppis" house.
Good night Pppi.
Then good night.
Good bye and have a nice trip.
Jacqueline, when you come next time
I may have already a new programme.
- I will show it to you then. -
- Yup, ciao. -
No no, this is the engine.
That's it.
That is the clutch,
I smell that.
- Emergency Munich. -
- Udo Struutz, Bitterfeld. -
Typical Udo, talks and talks your ears full.
- So what car is it? -
- 601 -
- Porsche? -
- No, Trabant -
Hehe, I hope you have scissors and glue with you.
- Mahlzeit. Bitterfeld? -
- Yup. - - Potsdam. -
- Delighted. -
- Take a coffee. -
- The clutch? -
- Much worse. -
The heart?
Yeah, this has been your ignition.
The cable is burned.
Repair or graveyard?
- Surgery. -
- Yeah, we all have to go thru it. -
- What's his name actually? -
- Schorsch. -
The car is also just a human.
What do you want with this toy car?
Better finish the BMW from Mr.Hasslinger.
Yes. Finish Hasslinger.
On such a Trabant you can see why car doesn't drive.
And why not.
- Don't you wanna have a look anyway? -
- No not necessary. -
I can disamble and rebuild you this car with close eyes in 3 hours.
Because I repaired Trabis for 20 years.
Just Trabis
- Ready? -
- Yes! Ready.-
Makes 619,52 Mark.
- 619? -
- Incl. Vat. -
- Cash or with cheque? -
- Cash.
These are original parts from Saxony.
- From the good old times. -
- Good? - -Old.-
- Hasslinger is here. -
- It's around the corner, his 7. -
Nothing on it anyway.
The budget is gone.
Come on Papa, let's go home.
I can go and strip.
That is the idea.
This is just do good.
Like back then. No Ilse? - Yes! -
We had back then a Gogo you know.
- You know when we drove into forest. -
- Yesh. Red was it. - - Yes.-
- And Fritz was his name. -
- Fritz. Yes -
No take it. You will need better.
Who takes care of his car that much,
has to have a good heart.
Not there.
In here.
- It can't be. -
- If he wants to go to Neapel, he has to take it.
- Where are you going Udo? -
- I've had enough. -
- So now is end of the day. -
- Already? -
See there? It is rolling.
In 5 hours you made a 1000 Mark.
I don't earn that much in a week.
Half of it is for the place.
Justice must be.
Pff, I take half of it. We called this market economy.
You can't do this. This can't be.
Get out. This can't be.
Get out there. This is no toy.
This is a Trabant. Get out you.
Mama come.
This can't be.
So now let's go to Rome.
Now we get into the bunk.
- You too Jacki?-
-I will again when we are in Italy. -
- Tell me better, where we gonna crash tonight? -
- Alright then. -
- Pension "Sachsenruh". -
- Pension "Sachsenruh"? -
I think the monkey is delousing me.
You have a light? Also no car lighter?
This is the standard version.
- Oh I have a stiff neck, you know.
- Now I am driving. -
Totally wrenched.
Why do you want to go now to the Mall?
Rita needs a bathing suit.
With the old she can just be part in a silent movie or
how do want your wife to walk in Italy? Naked?
Naked? Not under my watch.
There is a parking spot.
Too late. Go on.
- Now everything is my fault? -
- If you don't look at the street. -
There is another one.
- Thankfully nothing happened. -
- How nothing happened? -
- It is just the bumber. -
- What just the bumper? -
A car without a bumper
is like a human without a nose.
- Where do I get a new one from now? -
- A papernose? From the junkyard. -
Go to the Mall, but I tell at 3 we meet at the hotel.
And you Mama, you won't get behind the wheel until Neapel.
- And? -
- No! -
- It's not possible. Totally crazy. -
- Better crazy then from yesterday. -
Insane. Really nice.
When get with this into the water,
its gonna start cooking.
- Sinfully expensive. -
- A little sin is not bad. -
His Goethe wasn't bargainer after all.
To take a lot and don't buy anything.
Yeah we like this. This is original satin from Paris.
Paris? No this is from us.
From the chemical factory. I know this. I take it.
Cash desk is back there.
I see you later.
I will just look around.
Hello, is this a self service here?
Look there.
Original parts from Zwickau.
How I told you. You can't get more original.
- What do you need today? -
- Original Bumper. -
Let's look around.
No no, let it be.
My car.
Harry, go on.
- This is my car. -
- What? Does it still drive? -
This is a junkyard and no parking space.
Schorsch, it isn't your fault.
you just run and run.
I can also pull on your hair.
This girl is properly from Saxony. I can smell that to here.
I take the scent like a truffle pig.
Hey girl, want to have a banana shake?
- Are you from Munich? -
- No, Bitterfeld. -
Near Leipzig.
Look at that. The saxons walking around here unashamed
like a piggy bank. Watch this.
No hairs on your balls, but
a comb in your pocket.
And did you buy it? - Yes.-
Udo's gonna get big eyes.
Where are you going?
To Neapel.
To Neapel in this plastic tin?
You gonna roll back on the "Brenner" with all this luggage.
You know what? I take you on my back. With all this junk there,
this car won't stand out.
He looks anyway like two times eaten.
It is like a little bit nice here.
- We will save the toll.- That means Spaghetti Bolognese and Pizza. -
Yup if Papa doesn't put the money into Schorsch again.
What keeps him so long already?
He is so tired he probably fell asleep peeing.
Get out of you bed and be ready for the morning sport.
it can't be.
Say, are you crazy?-
Look, the papa.
- Get in. - Come on, Papa.-
Other side.
Do you know the difference between a chewing gum and Trabant?
There is non. If you step on,
both of them glue to your shoe.
-And how do you double the value of a Trabant?-
- Fill it up. -
What is the difference between a Trabant and a condom?
There is non, both prevent the traffic.
Do you know this one. A Trabant lands exactly
next to a cow pat...
Says the cow pat:
What are you?
Says the Trabant:
I am a car.
Says the cow pat:
If you are a car, then I am a Pizza.
Pizza, where?
If we don't see eachother in this world,
then we gonna see us later.
118 jokes about Trabant.
It is good Schorsch, that you don't have ears.
8th of September 1786, Brenner
(quotes from travel book. it is hard to translate,
sorry for the inconvenience.)
You quoted nicely, mama.
Stop that monkey music, right now.
Really cool.
What do they think they are, those idiots.
Lucky guys.
You smell something Rita? -
- No why? -
No coal, no dust, nothing. Absolutly nothing.
Ah, me in Arkadia.
It is like home a bit.
I am checking on Udo. You come too?
No. I will stay a bit more.
Look here Schorsch. We made this far.
The clutch seems to be fine too.
Original Zwickau parts.
A little dirt from home.
Look at the water. Yeah still good.
Jacqueline, switch of this monkey music,
but right now.
- Jacqueline, where is the papa?-
- Psst, he is already in his cloudy bed.-
And those two? -
- There is a party on the beach. To look is for free. Come with us. -
- So? No. -
- Then put a dress on top. -
My clothes are in the car. And Papa needs his sleep.
So now you get this green one on.
Don't act like a fool.
- What is that?-
- This i my best piece. Come on get it.-
Up everything.
It can't be.
It is like on a train station here.
Jacqueline, hold on. I drive a few meters forward.
- What is up here?-
- Papa is looking for a nice, calm place.-
In 2 minutes you can go on sleeping.
Stupid plactic.
What's up?
Maybe somthing poked him.
What are you laughing at?
That's crazy. Real crazy.
Those were professionals.
Stop it right now. Stop it.
So that's it.
The mother a whore and the father a beater.
Nice parents I have.
- You will not see me again. -
- Come on, do something. -
You finally got rid of me, eh?
- Where do you go child? -
- Ah the subborn dog comes back, but not my tires-
- How could you do it? Your own daughter.
- I am sorry for it. -
So, now you can go home to Bitterfeld.
Oh no.
How can you be so stupid to get all 4 tires stolen.
Now you can have both them.
Right now, right here.
Come on Jacqueline, put up your defense.
You know what, I will sit in the back today and
you as a co-pilot on the hotseat next to Papa.
Gardasea, 12th September, 1786.
(Again quotes from this travelbook of Goethe)
Ante Portas. Tonight we camp in front of the "eternity" town.
- Infront? We drive inside, in the middle of the huddle.-
- And where do yu want to sleep? -
Pension "Sachsenruh".
The Porta del Popoto, this is how he (Goethe) got into this town.
- Who? - Who else?
Johann Wolfgang von Struutz.-
Here Goethe lived. Numero Venti
Look there the spanish stairs.
We gonna sit there tomorrow morning at 11.
with espresso and croisant
Make a photoe Jacqueline.
- A photo? Of what? -
- Of Rome, of course.-
- Grandpas new Japanese. -
- Not with me. I'll get this guy. -
Where do you go? Stay here.
- Mama! -
- Somebody has to follow her. -
Mum, all good. Take it easy. All good
Look he lost money.
Where is the Papa.
Mum, this no bank and the cops don't change 1 to 1.
Hello you.
My bag.
I just wanted to give it away.
The dude ripped your shirt open,
so he can also buy you a new one.
You are still under shock. You don't know what you want.
Come on, we will use that money.
What am I doing with this now?
Now we go for a shower.
Shower? yeah sure.
Ohh, where is Papa?
Papa, papa. The Papa has his Schorsch like a turtle has his shield.
And if we don't find him tonight, we will meet
him tomorrow morning at 11. Spanish stairs.
Senor, spanish place with the stairs
And papa?
- You said, you wanted to shower.-
- Yeah, but First Class. -
Pinch me.
In Bitterfeld it is now 10 past 7.
-If just papa would be here.-
- Yu would just here the bad crack.-
What's up?
He is just licensed for 4 persons.
You won't fit.
Now easy, one after the other.
Switch of the music, but right now.
Do we take him for us?
Should I get another friend?
We can have a four some.
I grew up in Berlin. Do the
ladies have another wish?
You think of Udo?
No worries Rita. Tomorrow you have him big,
your Papa
And with Schorsch he can't get lost.
Jacqueline, I think I am pregnant.
A woman feels it.
Ah you are talking nonsense.
To Udo, wherever he is
Where can he be?
Hotel "Sachsenruh".
(quotes from Ghoete again)
Udo Struutz, this is your day.
Did you see that?
Sheet metal.
Looks like a canarian bird.
2nd Februar, 1786.
(quotes again from the book)
This is the first time in 17 years that
you didn't say Mama to me.
The gulf of Neapel.
Family Struutz infornt of the Vesuv.
Stand there.
Take the arms and don't shake now.
Grandpas Japanese.
We made you in Schorsch, Jacqueline.
We drove to the hospital when you were ready.
Schorsch was our Best man.
Listen. -
- I don't hear anything.-
There, really clear.
Man, underneath he looks pretty fine.
The exhaust are still good.
- Careful. -
- Oh crap. -
A cabrio, really cool.
Where do you have your head?
Schorsch our good soul.
Oh god no.
The mirror is still unbroken.
We don't need this anymore, no?
Rita, the Trabant drievers,
are still the thoughest.
9th March, 1787. Neapel
Now thru surprise and crazy things you see that the normality
turns into an adventure.
Let's go with the yellow car.
- Well, the car is more spacy now. -
-Well we gonna need it soon. -
Now move it, or we are still not home in 9 months.