Go West (2005) Movie Script

Once, the most open socialist
disintegrates in the early 90's
in bloody interethnic conflicts.
The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina,
the central Yugoslav republic,
broke in the summer of 1992.
Following the Serbian aggression the
nations of Bosnia started a war to destruction.
Ethnicity was at the same time
a guarantee for life
and a shortcut to death.
Two homosexuals,
a Muslim and a Serb,
are trying to save their lives
and their love.
This is a story about them.
My name is Kenan Dizdar.
I was born in Bosnia. Muslim.
As such i was circumcised
after birth.
Excuse me.
There's a war going on in my country.
The Serbs who are of Orthodox religion,
hate Muslims.
The Muslims of faith,
don't like the Serbs.
The Croats also live there,
they're Catholic,
sometimes they like the Muslims,
mostly they don't.
I think they presently don't
like each other.
But this will stop one day.
They will lay down the guns and
forget about the massacres.
But they will continue to hate homosexuals
as before.
On the Balkans it's easier
to bear
if someone in the family is a murderer
rather then a faggot.
Go West
Dedicated to my father
and the great Sergio Leone
Sarajevo, summer of 1992
Comrades and colleagues,
good evening.
We are witnessing unpleasant events
in our country.
Yugoslavia, our country isn't
the one,
that we fought for.
We shouldn't allow the demon of war
to capture our beloved Bosnia.
We shouldn't allow
the shed of blood here.
We have been living together in Bosnia
for centuries,
Serbs, Muslims, Croats
and other nations and nationalities.
I have a gun for you.
-What the fuck will i do with a gun?
So the house won't be empty.
-I don't have a house, dude.
Just fool around!
When they come to slaughter you ...
We have gathered today, so that music as a
universal language
would become a universal prayer
for sense and peace.
The string quartet from our Academy of Music
will be performing.
So you don't want a gun?
Fuck you, the gun and the war.
Stop it! -Ok, fine, it wasn't
intentional. Leave me alone.
A Serb doesn't attack another Serb.
Beware of others, Milan.
A musical prayer for peace
Milan, wait. What's wrong with you?
Nothing. I though it would be maybe
if they didn't see you with me.
-You're talking rubbish. -Seriously.
Maybe you prefer that blond girl.
-This has no sense.
What happened to you?
-No biggie, I hurt myself while training.
I am mad at you because you didn't
come to listen to me play.
I know how you play.
I've heard you for a hundred times.
I love your playing.
-There was something else tonight.
Something important.
-For who? -For all of us.
For me, for you. Do you think that all
those people came just for the fun of it?
Come here, let me tell you something.
Stop here.
First promise me that
you won't get angry.
Nod with your head.
You won't get angry?
Let Milan tell you. I find your playing
but you played for the dick.
What prayer for peace, you fool,
when everybody is preparing for war!
You should run. -That's the easiest thing to do.
Do i have to stay? -That's the easiest.
-Are you fucking with me? -You're cheeky.
No you're nervous as a
peasant bride. -Fuck ...
You should have trusted Milan when
he suggested that we should have escaped.
And i was persuading him that he was
talking rubbish,
until the war started and in my home town
to begin with.
They killed all the circumcised
ones on the streets like dogs.
They had enough time
and hatred in them,
that they checked everyone in their pants
before shooting.
Turn it off.
I saw my house.
Mother's linen rope
and the sweater drying off.
What's with my parents?
Keno, we'll destroy our lives
We must go west.
You can talk,
since you're not circumcised.
You're really exaggerating.
-I'm exaggerating?
You don't care about the slaughtering
and killing!
Because your dick is according to the official
policy, you're not circumcised and Muslim.
Go fuck the Serbs and the Muslims!
Once in your life you have to obey me.
We have to go away.
Quick, quick!
Faster, get inside!
They'll kill me for sure.
-Shut up, calm down.
You, out!
You too.
Where are you taking them?
-Get back! Silence!
What is it, you Turk?!
Please, don't!
Salam Aleykum, Turks.
What, no answer?
There will be.
They will take down his pants too.
Mom, I'm afraid.
What are you doing?
Will you give me a kerchief please?
What are you doing?
Tie it up at the back.
-Hold the child, I'll do it.
People are afraid of flying,
darkness, closed spaces,
ozone holes,
all kinds of stupidities,
which they all forget once they
really scare themselves.
In peace time i was afraid they would
discover that I'm gay,
in war time I'm afraid that they'll
take of my pants.
Where are you going? Are you a Serb?
-Of course you are!
Fuck the papers. -Look,
we're the same! What else do you need?
Milan got an idea in all the panic.
Instead of the Chetniks taking my clothes off,
he put me in a skirt.
I just have to put my wife in some safe place,
then I'll get myself armed as well.
Is the wife ours too?
She's mine, brother, mine.
Thank you.
Muslims used to live here before.
I hope some survived.
We have to go west, Kena.
There is no future here.
Don't fear, Ljubo will take care of everything.
You don't know him, he's law itself.
Look at him! -Hello.
-Hi Milan. -How's it going?
What's it like in the city?
We're on fire aren't we?
What are you doing? -Working.
How are you? How is Ljubo?
-We're fine. Ljubo's fine as well, thank God.
You're always like that.
He'll die of happiness when he sees
Did you bring the bride?
-She's beautiful, isn't she?
Beautiful and quite,
but shy.
See you.
Let's go surprise Ljubo.
Did you lose a bit of weight? See you.
-Say hello to Ljubo.
Stop! God help and hands up!
Hi, Alan. You've grown up.
Don't play with this or someone
will shoot you.
Password! -Get lost.
It's Sunday, everyone is in church.
My son!
Thank god you've managed to break through
the city. -Alive and healthy.
Hello, uncle Jovo.
Dad, this is Milena.
We've come together from Sarajevo.
Well done, Milena.
Let's go in the house children.
Milena, love, come.
Ranka, tell Ljubo to send more
As long as you've come son!
Give me the plate.
If there wasn't a war going on,
this would be the most happy day in
my life. -I know.
Take this to Milena, she's hungry.
I will.
She'll like it better. -Oh?
This is from Ljubo.
Did he come? -He's in the house.
Is it you, you little Lunjara?!
Is it ringing? -It's ringing.
-How are you brother?
A good thing that the war started.
-Why? I wouldn't see you otherwise.
Shut up. Go. -Wait.
First the bride.
Lunjo must see the bride.
Lunjo, my best friend.
We're like brothers.
I was your friend.
-What are you saying? -You've been away for ages.
Then you come with your bride
and think that i will forgive you.
Kids, i see everything.
I see and say nothing.
Times are hard.
Lunjo, provide the papers at once,
so they get out of here as soon as possible.
I would, but not even a bird
can't get out.
A bird doesn't have D-Marks and Dollars,
I have.
If so, there shouldn't be any problems.
They're good.
Milan I'm off to the coffeehouse.
Don't stay too long.
Lunjo, come with me.
Sit down.
Kenan Dizdar, my friend.
I need papers for him,
some clothes and a wig.
Papers are no problem.
But where should I find a wig?
Are you in logistics or not?
One more thing. When they released me,
they wrote down all the information about me .
I have to drop in the nearest
commander's office tomorrow.
You've scared me, damn it!
I thought it was something serious.
On week on the battlefield,
one week at home.
When it starts firing,
you bend and bye bye.
I'll get you the papers,
you'll desert and everything will be fine.
Thank you brother.
-You're welcome, brother!
Ljubo worked for all of his life in a Texas mine
in the USA.
After Milan's' mother passed away,
when there was nobody else left,
to wait for the postman with
a fistful of dollars
and take care of Milan,
Ljubo returned home.
He opened a coffeehouse
and brought home a piece of America with him.
Don't cut all of my hair.
-Stop it, it's fine.
Well done!
I don't know who's more beautiful.
Why are you scaring me?
Listen. I though how young,
beautiful and busty she was.
It turns out she has a dick.
-Shut up! -I'm sorry, bride.
You've cut your hair. Well done!
What is it? Did you lose all your
sense for humour? -Stop it.
Listen, bride.
Try out the wig.
If it suits you, I'll make some
photos of you
and you'll get the papers first thing tomorrow.
That's it, honey.
Lick your lips.
Tits out. Good.
-Come on, Lunjo!
You've fucked up my frame.
Be quiet when I make photos.
It's good. Finished.
How's it going bride?
I pee while standing. I'm not used to
these kinds of toilets.
I see. You city girls aren't used to
our rural circumstances.
I'm prone to infections so I have
take care of myself.
I know dear. We women
have to protect ourselves,
cause men won't do it.
They don't care!
I've slaughtered a pig.
Ljubo told me to do so.
I'll wash myself then I'll fetch some
water. Come with me.
Come, you've nothing else to do anyway.
Milan is good. Fine.
You won't be alone in
the long nights.
My god, how good it is to have a man
in bed,
if only sleeping! -Mother!
If nothing else,
he warms you up a bit.
Let's rest. Come, sit down.
I live here. Come chat with me if you ever
feel bored.
Loneliness is killing me.
Howdy, Milena.
-Howdy, Milena.
Bitches! -Stop!
Hands up! Password?
-Get lost you crazy bastard!
You could have raised your bastard
You could have shown who the father is!
What will you do then?
Look at them bitches, running.
Why is there no water in your village?
He who destroys Godly creations,
will have his well dried-up, they say.
When our people burned down the village
and the mosque
our well dried up.
And what else can they do?
They have to go to their village to fetch water.
Nobody hangs out there.
They get the water and hurry back.
I don't care.
I've got water from them even
before the war.
It's easier to walk on a straight road then
uphill. -What's with the villagers?
In war people are like beasts,
like a herd.
The larger herd eats the smaller one.
The Muslims were good
They didn't manage to realise what
came upon them.
It quickly passed by,
for them it ended quickly.
Let's go, it's getting dark .
Sit, woman.
We're in no hurry.
Even if we were in hurry, we would
have nowhere to go.
What do those shoes mean?
So that the traces are not lost.
Did anyone survive?
For those that survived and for those
that didn't, it's all the same.
What is Milan like?
What are you saying?
Are you shy?
Do you feel awkward because of me?
Come on, you can tell me.
What is he like?
Is he good? Such a stalwart must
be good.
Pour water on my back.
If you intend to take down your tits,
you better lock the door first.
What did they tell you in the army?
They wrote down everything, got the information.
They will send Lunjo to inform me.
No, no! -Get lost!
We consider all non-Muslim women
as enemy.
We will deal with quickly.
For women, non-Muslim ...
Stop, men over here! -Prove it!
I'm male! Muslim!
Get up you lovebirds!
-Get dressed quickly.
Hurry up children,
the wedding guests are waiting.
Whose wedding guests?
-I'm afraid our wedding guests.
What is this, Ljubomir?
-A sweet toast.
And good luck!
Good lucky, newlyweds!
Who says I will get married?
-I do, son. I don't want to wait anymore.
I want to keep nice memories when
you two leave.
You can see how the times are.
Good luck! Uncle Ljubo,
I have brought the dress and the present.
Did you know about this? -I didn't just know!
I organised it all.
I promised Ljubo I wouldn't,
tell anyone about it.
Let Mecca and Medina know,
let NATO and Pristina know,
that nobody shall beat the Serbs.
Are you crazy? -Look at the dress
you got from the marriage witness!
I have one for you as well my bride.
Only I know. You have to look at this
from the positive perspective.
Firstly, after the marriage no one will
suspect, that Kenan isn't Milena.
Secondly, the military will give the
groom a day off.
you will fulfil father's wish.
Fourthly, we'll get the papers so
you two can leave.
We you get to the west, you divorce.
Milan, Milena,
hurry up, children!
My daughter-in-law
will get the same present,
that my late mother gave to my
departed Gospava.
The bride is more beautiful then the groom.
A woman is in command in Rankovic's house
once again.
May she be alive and well.
And may she get pregnant as soon as possible.
Let it be known, that Ljubo is giving away
his son to be married!
Christ united you in one body
and in one soul.
Let the seed of your body
step onto the bastion of Serbianhood
and may Serbia stretch from
New York to Tokyo. Amen.
Slow down, master Ljubo.
We won't have glasses tomorrow.
I'll never do it again, Ranka.
I'm enjoying myself when people are happy.
Then take a photo, witness to the marriage.
When I say birdie,
press on the button. Do you understand?
When I go there
and say birdie from there,
peep through the hole.
When you see us all in it,
press the button.
You'll see, Batman
will fuck up again.
Why was this necessary?
-I don't know.
Ljubo couldn't wait to have his
son married.
I also didn't know anything.
-Fuck that.
I mean everything around us.
Everybody hates.
Do you hear me?
As though they only hated each other since
old times.
Fuck them! Listen to this.
The Netherlands.
Parliamentary monarchy.
41.526 square kilometres.
15.919.000 inhabitants.
Plus two, you and me.
In one day 4 seasons change
the mood never does.
Are you listening to me?
The number of bicycles is approximately
the same as the number of inhabitants.
The manufacture of weapons is minimum.
The production of flowers maximum.
With tulips they supply
65 % of the world market.
The highest peak is 321 meters.
Fertility is 13%,
mortality is 9%.
Thank God I have lived to see that my
daughter-in-law cooks me lunch.
Good appetite.
You've made an excellent lunch daughter-in-law.
I don't know if I can endure.
You will. We must.
I'm afraid Ranka will see through me.
She's been inspecting me too much.
-Don't fear. She doesn't understand a thing.
Like hell she doesn't understand.
-Seriously. She's an unlucky woman.
You're the only woman of sort,
that actually speaks to her.
Women avoid her,
men want to fuck her.
It's been like that for years.
-Whose is Alen then?
Nobody knows, they're all afraid
to ask. He surely isn't mine.
I'd like to know what happened
to my parents.
I don't know how to find out such information.
I've asked Lunjo.
If it's possible to get to them,
he'll do it.
Just as long as I know if they're alive.
-Everything will be fine, you'll see.
In the Netherlands it will be easier for
us to find out about it and help.
The negotiations for the end of the
conflicts in Bosnia have ended unsuccessfully.
The representatives of the belligerent
sides and international negotiators
haven't found a common solution for the
end of the bloodshed.
According to independent observers,
the failure of peace negotiations
will lead to more bloodshed
and the number of victims will increase.
Shout yourself in the leg,
through the muscle.
What's wrong with you? -I don't know.
Don't go to the battlefield,
stay alive.
Everything will be fine. We'll laugh
at all of this, believe me.
The war is a crossing phase
from a man to a soldier.
If you don't wear a skirt, you carry a gun.
I got the first, Milan got the second.
Take care of yourself. -I will. You too.
-Shoot through your muscle. It doesn't hurt.
Be sensible, my bride.
Nobody has asked me nor him, what
we want.
He got a call-up from the army before the papers
for the west arrived.
I'll never know for sure,
if I was more afraid ,
of him going, or because I stayed.
Fuck it, man.
Watch your head.
Squad, attention!
A bit faster.
Civilians, withdraw..
Brothers, for 500 years we have been stamped
down by the Turkish boot.
All things come to he who waits.
-What is this noise?
The time for revenge has come!
Time for us to settle the account
with Muslims.
Off with you, god damn it!
Get lost!
Enough of smirking!
The whole world is against Serbs.
The Vatican, Mecca, Washington,
Berlin, Constantinople.
Our Saint Sava put it nicely:
Only Unity Saves the Serbs.
Go with god's help.
Forward, march!
Let's go, daughter.
Mister, is there anything to eat?
-We'll find something. -Some spoon food.
May God give.
Daughter-in-law go get Ranka.
These men have come ...
What else can I do?
If there's nobody else,
I have to help myself.
Where did you come from?
-Ljubo sends me.
Some guests have arrived,
he needs help.
Everybody hated Ranka, except
Ljubo. They were afraid of her.
There was something shuddering about this
village witch.
Yet when I looked at her,
when she was piling up those shoes ...
I become tender after smoking marihuana.
In this barrenness of poverty and stones
this was the only grass,
that wasn't missing.
Let's go, Milena.
After every new joint I almost
grew fond of Ranka.
Me and her were the only women
with a secret.
Bring the water, women.
When I say water, I mean the horse.
Don't give water to Muslims you
Please sir, I beg you.
Sir! -. Like hell, Sir!
Let's go!
What is it, dear?
Why are you crying? Don't.
I'm used to being beaten.
I'll endure.
This will be over once.
One day, God will take a look at Ranka too.
What are you saying?
Mum, what happened?
-Nothing. What should have happened?
Pick up the bucket.
Do something, be useful.
Let's go home.
This war! No school, nothing.
Children are wasting their time.
All they hear is war and hatred.
Nobody mentions school.
What kind of people will
they become?
Put two balls of wool
between your breasts
and carry them for like a week.
Then knit socks out of them for him.
It helps.
This is a spell for a big love.
Let me foretell you from coffee.
No, it's not good! I see tears.
and blood.
But you'll save yourself,
don't fear.
I also see a path.
Look how long it is.
Press with your finger
and make a wish.
That's it.
The path again, look.
You'll go alone on this journey.
Look at the spectacle man!
He'll make the nation mourn.
What a shitty hairdo.
-Fuck the war!
Resting? You've worked too
much and are tired out.
Take care so you don't get blisters
on your ass. -Can you see them?
Milena, I hear you're playing.
if that's true, we're colleagues.
Look at this Milena.
You fools!
Why does God punish me this way,
so I have to come across these
two every time?
Mother, help!
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
Leave me alone,
I'll show them!
Milena, you almost burned down.
Didn't you, darling?
This one will suit you.
Change your clothes. Take your skirt off.
I'll do it over there.
Darling, I'm happy that you're not a woman.
Ranka can keep secrets.
You didn't tell me where they injured you, hero.
In the cunt!
The string on the guitar broke.
Poor me! Stevo my darling,
why have you left me?
Why have you left me,
so I have to raise the children alone?
Priest! This is a requiem
for the deceased,
not for your
political speeches!
You bug us in the coffeehouse
at least leave us alone in church.
Leave it, I'll do it.
-No, it's not hard.
When will Milan come?
We'll soon get the papers
from Belgrade,
then go your way.
Milena, daughter. Sit down, so we can
have a drink.
Sit down if I tell you so.
I've bribed
Milan's commander,
so he will let him off on leave .
When you won't return any more,
let the bastard
come and enlist me.
My child, you can buy everything here
with money except happiness.
There is no happiness here.
Maybe there would be, if we drove
away all the Muslims.
And that handful of Croats
and in the end us Serbs too.
They should exile us all into
Then they should populate Bosnia
with normal people,
that will be able to enjoy
its beauty.
Listen daughter-in-law.
You haven't played for me on that
wonder of yours.
Here they only play on one chord for me.
You know Vladimir,
who Lev Trocki was?
He was a commander, general, God.
You know what he said?
That politics can interfere in everything
except art.
It shouldn't interfere in art.
You haven't told me who came up
with this idea. -What?
That you play a woman's role.
Milan figured it all out.
-What do you intend to do now?
What do you mean?
-Will you run away? -Who?
You and Milan or just you?
-As soon as we can.
Don't leave without me.
Take me with you. -How?
You mustn't leave without me.
-Listen, Ranka.
It would be better if this didn't happen
at all.
But it did happen!
You're mine now. Mine!
Stop! Password!
-You're too old for these games.
-You rather prosecute girls.
Milan! -Ranka.
-How is it on the battlefield?
How should it be?
-You have a beautiful bride.
Thank you. Are they ok?
-You know Ljubo.
He always worries about you.
Milena takes good care of him.
And you? You miss the bride,
is that why you're hurrying home? -A little bit.
I don't know if she misses you.
-What would like to say?
That what you do is great.
What am I doing?
-Saving a friend!
Saving what can be saved.
Don't worry, it will be our secret.
-What secret?
What you know, Ranka now knows as well.
Are you crazy? -What's wrong with you?
-They'll kill us all, you fool!
What's with you?
-Who will kill us?
Do you know who Ranka is?!
You'll fuck everything up. Us,
departure to the Netherlands.
They will kill us, because your dick
can't stay still in your pants.
What do you want from me?
Should I knit socks for
Serb fighters?
You don't know anything. You get high on
marihuana and you don't give a damn about anything.
You don't know Ranka!
Don't put me and Ljubo in danger.
You know how much I risk because of you.
Listen to me, Kenan.
You have no one left.
I didn't want to tell you this until we're in the Netherlands.
Your parents are dead.
You only have me left.
Make a decision.
I have no one left.
I'm Kenan Dizdar, a Muslim.
And I am not a faggot, Milan.
I'm not a faggot. Go away!
Away from me!
Get lost!
Will you kill me now?
-You'll get us all killed.
Where are you going? -To the battlefield.
-Aren't you free this week?
It's better in the trenches,
then watching this.
A Serb likes to join the army.
I'll be back,
when we get the papers.
I love you, Kenan.
Milan ...
He who foreign happiness takes,
let his own be flushed with blood.
If there was no war,
if they weren't Serbs
and we weren't Muslims,
my parents would still be alive.
I would never wear a skirt.
Ranka would continue to poison this
village with fear,
Ljubo would be destroying himself with brandy.
Me and Milan would be just two
gays, that know how to hide
and learn to love.
Ljubo, a telegram has arrived.
My condolences.
Let them die, enemies!
Heroic blood has ennobled
your fireside too.
Whose blood, priest?
Whose blood, god damn it?!
Whose blood,
you agitating swine?!
Whose, priest?
My blood!
Look what he's doing to us.
He doesn't allow anyone near.
Not even me.
I married Milan
and gave him a blessing,
when he went to war.
And Ljubo does this!
Let's pray for Milan's soul.
Keep on working, uncle Ljubo.
The password isn't important.
What are you doing? They'll hear you.
Stop playing!
Get dressed so they don't see you.
Let's go home.
Please, let's go home.
I don't belong here..
I don't belong here.
I'm a Muslim.
You're not the only one.
Alen's dad was a Muslim.
From the village where we go to
fetch water.
Milan's gone. -What are you talking about?
I am here, you have me.
My word killed him.
-No. -I killed him.
I killed him. -You didn't.
Calm down, it's not your fault.
It was his destiny.
He's dead,
but I'm alive.
What about me? -What?
Are you listening to me, Ranka?
I love Milan!
I love him.
I never loved a woman as much
as him. Do you understand?
That's not true.
I love him. -It's not true.
You're mine.
Leave me alone! -You're mine!
Leave me alone! Get away from me!
You're disgusting, I'm sickened by you!
They deceived us, Ljubo!
Milena is not Milena.
Your daughter-in-law is a man.
They deceived us.
Your Milan is a faggot.
You hear me? He's a faggot!
Don't talk about Milan in that way.
God damn!
You shouldn't insult Milan!
He's represents everything that is holy to me.
This is from Milan's
late mother.
There's enough money in here.
I don't need it anymore.
The papers have also arrived.
Take it and go.
Go and find your happiness.
For your and Milan's soul.
Go now.
Go west.
I curse on their mothers, all of them.
You're going west.
Lunjo promises you.
Don't fear.
Lunjo is with you.
I will desert as well.
War is a big pile of shit.
You know how much the industry
has progressed,
since we're fighting?
We must catch up with it, brother.
Like hell we'll catch up!
What can we catch up?
Fuck it, we're slaughtering each other
like in the Middle Ages,
abroad they're making computer chips.
You know, how much data can a computer chip a
size of a fingernail contain?
A million! And where are we?!
Persecuting each other on hills and in
like we didn't have anything
more intelligent to do.
You must go west,
if Lunjo tells you so.
Go west!
Western Europe, 1993
This is all.
I don't have a home no more,
nor a violoncello, nor a homeland.
My parents are gone.
I lost Milan.
I understand you, Kenan.
We're all shattered, horrified.
Every day we listen to the news
and we know,
what kind of horror you go through in your
I've only got the music left.
You want to hear it?
Yes, with delight.
But how?
You don't have your instrument anymore.
I'm sorry ...
I don't want to disappoint you,
but I didn't hear anything.
You should have told me to
play louder.