Goalie (2019) Movie Script

There is
an old, oblique scar...
three-quarter inches...
at the mid third
of the upper lip.
- The scar ends at the
anterior of the hairline.
There is a flattening of the
prominence at the junction
of the bony portion
of the nasal bone
and the cartilaginous septum.
Extending across the upper
lip to the left nostril
is an odd, irregular scar
seven-eighths by one-eighths
that ends at the
mucocutaneous border.
- Uh!
No goal!
- Suture cross
scars are present.
Scar ends at the
lower right lip.
A vertical linear scar
on the right upper lip
looks to have
come from youth.
Come on, guys!
Winter white
light like a sword in the sun.
Terry, keep your
fingers off the screen!
Warm nights under quilts;
whispers back and forth;
saves and misses.
How'd you know
he was gonna shoot it high?
'Cause it looked like he
was going to shoot it--
- Terry, you got to know.
The goalie's the punching bag if
you lose. And hero if you win.
I'd tell Mitch he was mental
playing goal.
- Anybody's girl would
rather be with you.
- Hey, wait. Wait, which girls?
- Uh!
- Terry!
You all right?
- Buffalo's getting
a team next season.
Spent a month
there one night.
He's in there.
Game's gone now.
I hardly ever
watch it anymore.
Kids who train
in a boxing ring.
What's that got to
do with a puck and a net?
It's his first in nine.
And the game's all
tied up one-one.
- What was it I was
going on about?
Oh. You know, an athlete
used to live in the moment.
It's in my memories that I live.
Oh. Terry Sawchuk.
I remember Terry Sawchuk.
Ah, how could you get
a handle on a guy like him?
Even his name,
it means hockey to me.
And, uh, when I'm
picking my team in
the afterlife? Hm.
He'll be backstopping
us for sure.
Would he know that?
Are we on yet?
Hello, Canada!
And hockey fans in the
United States and Newfoundland.
Why don't you ask me
something a little easier?
You gotta stay
low, stay forward;
see the shot before
it leaves the stick.
Nah. Don't let
that dog in this house!
She's not having
puppies in here.
- But...
I'm taking Mitch
with me to the plant.
- Louis, Bob say he has
scouts coming to look at him
any day now.
- Yeah and this winter
we'll burn the floorboards
to stay alive.
- Take Terry.
- Boys'll crucify Terry.
- Why? What do you mean?
- I mean I need Mitch.
- Who's going to take care
of that cord of wood, huh?
- Lady?
Come on, girl. What's wrong?
You're okay. You're just frozen.
You're gonna wake up.
Come on!
Just frozen. Please, come on.
Breathe, breathe.
Come on. Come on.
- Terry?
- Come on.
- What are you doing?
- They're okay.
They're just frozen.
They're gonna wake up!
- They're dead and
a good thing, too.
We would'a had to drown 'em.
- Huh.
- Now, get 'em out of here
before your mother sees 'em.
Think God
lets dogs in heaven?
If heaven doesn't
have pups running around,
I don't wanna go there.
- In heaven, I'll be
as good a goalie as you.
- You think too much, Terry.
All you have to do
is stop the puck.
Stay low and stay forward.
Like last night.
Jimmy Day's coming
at me at full speed
and lets fly a shot
and it's a 100 miles an hour,
definitely close to
that, and I'm thinking
stay low, stay forward
and I see it before
he lets the shot fly.
And it's a bullet.
It's in the glove.
No rebound.
You should've seen his
face! He thought he had me
and that'll teach him
to bring his girl to a game.
I feel bad for him.
Who wants a soda?
- Hey.
Aw, get in the swing.
- Kettleman says the body's
gonna stay in storage
until the ground thaws.
Stop it.
something like a question
in the air
that will linger from now on.
"Take Terry.
I need Mitch."
Dad! Dad!
- All those nights
- I'd hear him in his sleep.
- Ah!
Stay low.
Stay forward.
Forget the names they sing
at you through the screen.
- Ah!
Such preparedness.
I'd lie awake and think.
- Ah!
And so
I got accustomed to the view
from here.
You watch them come
at you in waves.
You watch 'em fly away.
Go, go, go!
A brief
flicker of relief
but they'll be back.
To knock on the gate
one more time.
I could leave.
But where would I go?
This is my only home.
- Bob! Jack Adams.
Listen, about that goalie
you're hiding up there
in the frozen north,
I'm hearing good things.
Suit him up with the
Spitfires, will ya'?
Time to see what young
Mr. Sawchuk can do.
- Okay. Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Well, I'll certainly
get onto that.
- Lil!
Is there no way to make
this water a bit hotter?
All aboard!
- We'll be doing without
'cause I'm giving that to you.
Think about that before
you piss it all away.
- I'm gonna turn this
into bags of money, Mom.
I'm going to send it all
back home on this very train.
- Don't be proud.
Go on.
You'd miss your train standing
a foot away from it, you would.
For my money,
Jack Adams
wanted to bring Terry
down to Windsor to get
a glimpse across the river
at the Detroit skyline.
Because he was known
to do things like that.
They say he did the
same thing to Harry Lumley
a few years earlier.
At the time,
teams had only one goalie
One sweater per team.
Detroit had Lumley and he'd
just won them the Stanley Cup.
- Hey, Burnsie, Burnsie!
- No one shuts the
door like this man!
No one shuts
the door like Lumley!
- Mr. Adams! You had a lot of
skeptics questioning how you
put the team together this year.
Bet you felt the pressure.
Bet ya' feel like
a clever dog now!
- I'm not the one
out there on the ice.
Sometimes the sports desk
gets it right.
I am the clever dog.
Harry Lumley
has traded his goalie stick
for a pair of crutches
tonight. He'll be okay.
The question is
will Detroit be okay?
We're hearing good things
about this kid from Winnipeg,
Terry Sawchuk.
Hey, Lumley!
His head's too
big for your sweater.
- Hope you figure that out
before you get in front
of the net, kid.
- Lumley, you're like his mom.
- You get that first shot,
kid, you'll be fine.
Yep, there he is.
Who's game you
gonna play today, son?
- Yours.
- Yours.
- Mine.
At our level,
right off the top.
We're gonna grind these
sons of bitches down, boys!
Let's go, Red Wings. Let's go!
- Open the door!
There we go.
Goalie goes first!
Up, up, up!
It seems Mr. Sawchuk
has a style all his own.
Boston scores!
- You paid three large for him?
- I got it down to
two in the end. Yes.
- Well, I don't see
what all the fuss is about.
- I promise not to tell anyone
you said that.
Don't trade
Lumley yet!
The whiz
kid misses the first shot.
He's really got to look at
his stance in the net there.
- Okay, now listen, kid:
this is no different
from the minors. All right?
Just bigger pay cheques
and better women.
You like women, don't ya'?
- Yeah.
- It's like if
we were brothers.
Yup, yup.
Boston's got the puck.
They're on the attack again.
Ferguson shoots.
Sawchuk stops the puck!
- Yeah, they had a few, uh,
a few chances in the third.
Uh, but we kept in it.
The players up here, they
don't try the same trick twice.
I learned that much.
But, uh, mistakes like that,
they cost me a
couple goals tonight
and I won't let the same
thing happen on Wednesday.
Oh, uh, either one
of you have a nickel
so I could call
my mom?
Shinola, Louis.
You better listen to this!
In hockey news,
Detroit Red Wings goalie
Harry Lumley has been traded
to the Chicago Blackhawks.
Yeah, I'm shocked.
Uh, I had no idea.
We just won the Cup.
But, as they say,
who buys a house in Detroit with
Adams running the show, right?
Trader Jack is showing his hand.
It'll be his farm team
phenom, Terry Sawchuk,
leading the team
come training camp time.
So I'm telling me
to pack my bags
It's time for moving on
I'm bound to
do some reveling
It's time to travel on.
- Can I help you, Sir?
No. Sorry.
- Wait a minute.
You're Detroit's new goalie.
- And so he is.
Mr. Terry Sawchuk.
We got royalty in here.
- Can I get an
autograph for my son?
- Uh... Sure.
- Saw something you
liked in the window?
- No. I, uh...
I can't afford 'em.
- Now, they pay
you, don't they?
- What? Uh, yeah.
But then I pay my landlord
and then the rest
goes to my parents.
- Good man.
But you're going to
have to look sharp
now that you're
representing Detroit.
I'll let you pay two dollars
a week, no interest.
You'll have 'em
paid off by January.
- Janu-? Well,
they won't do me much good
in the dead of winter.
- Nonsense. You wear
them out today.
- You'd let me do that?
- If you stiff me, I know
where to find you, don't I?
- Stopping those
dirty French pucks!
- Yeah. I, uh...
Yeah. I sure hope so.
- Now, son:
in Detroit we expect you to
bring more than just hope.
- I'll try 'em on.
- All right, all right.
- Thank you.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, Terry.
Fancy shoes.
Making me work
for my tips today.
- I gotta break in
these shoes, I guess.
- Hm.
- Stew, huh?
Is that going to be
as good as my mother's
Ukrainian dumplings?
- I don't think I can
serve you in here.
- Well, why not?
- You look like
a hockey player.
- I am.
- Well, if you played
for Detroit,
I'd have noticed you before.
- I'm Detroit's new goalie.
- Hm.
Then I guess I'll serve you.
I just won't
get too attached.
As for the dumplings,
I've never tried 'em.
But I bring 'em home to Bobby
some nights and he's a big fan.
Stew like his Mama's.
The Montreal-Detroit rivalry
is as heated as ever.
That one goes all the way up
to the front offices of the
Detroit General Manager,
Jack Adams
and Montreal's Frank Selke.
The score is tied three to three
with seconds left on the clock.
It's in! The ref calls it a goal
and Montreal ekes out a win
with Detroit
nipping at their heels.
Montreal still
holds the better record
and no one hates losing
more than Jack Adams.
Take 'er easy, Jack!
A ways to go before spring.
- Lil! The radio's fallen.
What are you so
happy about? We lost.
- I know, but I have
a special friend
supposed to visit me tonight.
- Oh, yeah? What's his name?
That's his name.
- Hey! Uncle.
Hey, don't mind Boiter.
He's gotta touch
every player after a game.
- Whoa-whoa-whoa!
Gordie says if you want to touch
him, it's gotta be his balls.
- Get off me!
- Come on, come on!
- Get off me!
- Cool down.
- Hey, uh, snappy shoes!
- Oh, yeah.
- You must've
shelled out for 'em.
- Oop. Maybe pull it?
- Come on; little pull.
Yeah, pull it,
pull hard. Harder.
Come on. There you go.
That's it. That's it.
- Whoever did this
is paying for it!
- C'mon, Terry. It's just fun.
- So, how are you
settling in with the boys?
There you go, son.
- Thank you.
- There won't be
anything in your life
after like belonging to a team.
Take it from a
land of experience.
No. Where does this sort
of sacrifice
and loyalty
exist anymore, right?
Nah. It's an ancient game
with ancient laws.
But, God, I love it.
Mm. Going to have to get you
some new shoes, I see.
The fellas got a bit
of a sense of humour there.
- Oh, no. Mr. Adams, I--
- Mr. Sawchuk, if there's
one thing I know in this world
to be true:
you are worth the investment.
- Thank you.
- Please.
Oh, that really
is nice on the toes.
- Yeah?
Pronovost, tough
as a bag of batteries.
He gets the puck to me,
I see Delvecchio open...
- You get a chance,
you gotta make the best of it.
- Of course.
- And then Sawchuk.
Yeah. Then
Terry with the save.
- Mm.
tonight, it was like...
Great game.
- Yeah.
- Speech, speech!
I thought it was a
team effort. Um...
I thought we really took
it to 'em tonight,
we played a full 60 minutes
and, uh,
I'm really looking forward to
the playoffs, that's for sure.
- Mr. Sawchuk, everyone's
saying you got the skills
to become one of the
greatest goalies in history.
- Thank you.
- In my experience...
- That's it.
Good game.
- Get a load
of all that, huh?
Everybody loves a winner.
I need eight more
of them to get the cup.
Can you get me eight wins?
- Okay.
- All right.
- Ah!
- Jesus! Oi!
Amazing save by Sawchuk!
Detroit is one period
away from sweeping Toronto
out of the playoffs.
A date with Montreal
within reach!
Jesus! Holy cow.
- How's he doing?
We need this one.
- No, Jack. It's
his elbow again.
The doc says he needs surgery.
- Surgery? Get off him.
- Yeah.
How you feelin', son?
Look at that face.
Tough as nails.
I knew it the first
time I set eyes on him.
You need this one, Jack.
Toughness! Heart!
This is your man, I said.
- If he goes out there,
it's not gonna heal proper.
- You know they popped
out his eye one time
when he played in the minors?
Took a stick blade
right to the eye.
They just patched it up
and popped it back in.
No. Someone plays
with that kind of heart
and that kind of
sacrifice for his team?
That's someone that you
do not send to the hospital
unless he says he needs to go!
Huh? You ready to play.
- Yeah, I'm good. I'm good.
- You ready to
win this game?
- I can go back in. I'm good.
Let's go. Let's go!
Let's go! All right!
- Ha. Hoo.
Upsy-doodle. Yeah.
You wish you had
this kind of heart!
Out on the ice,
with the game on the line,
that's where I was alive.
When you saw those words
up over the arena doors
"Hockey tonight",
man, they picked up your step.
They told you life was good,
the woman with you
was just the right woman,
whichever joint you were heading
for was just the place to be
before the game.
Detroit leaves Montreal
after taking the first two games
of the Stanley Cup finals!
- That's three games
in the books, boys.
We got Montreal
on their heels.
But I'll tell ya': the game
that ends a team's season
is the hardest
one to win. Yeah.
They're against the
ropes. Gettin' desperate.
- Yeah.
- Where's Terry?
- Mmm. I-I think-
I think he left.
- It's not a joke.
Where is he?
- Didn't he, uh, didn't he
mention getting a haircut?
- No, no. I think he
talked about, like,
an ingrown toenail or something.
- Ingrown toenail.
- Yeah. I think...
- It's not funny, you guys!
Fuck you guys!
You know, it's on you too!
I have a shit game,
we all have a shit game.
- Yeah.
- Right?
- Right.
- Can you read?
- Yeah, yeah.
- He better be in
the trainer's room.
- Is he gone? Let's
get the fuck outta here.
- Just be quiet, okay?
- Yeah.
Come on. Go-go-go-go!
Terry. Quit it.
You're gonna burn a
hole right through her.
- What? You like her?
- No.
- Which one?
- No. Marcel.
- Right there?
- No, no, no, no. She has a
boyfriend, Bobby, or something.
- Hey! Excuse me.
Yeah. Please.
- Hay is for horses.
- Oh.
- Oh. Okay, uh...
Pardonnez moi, Mademoiselle.
But, um, may I bother
you for a second?
Do you know who this is?
You're looking at our
ticket to the top right there.
- I'm working.
- Okay, pardon me.
We were just wondering if, um...
Bobby's still
in the picture?
- Bobby's still
in the picture.
Only has three legs now
since the tractor ran over him.
Thank you so
much for asking.
Bobby's my dog.
Okay. You're in!
- I'm so sorry.
I don't know...
So, he lives at...
- No, Marcel. No, I...
- Yes.
He lives at
67 Military Road.
- I-I...
I do live there, though.
Not with parents, or anything.
- Wh-?
No, no! Wait, wait, wait.
She's not even gonna...
It's game over.
You're gonna have to jerk it.
- You're a fuckin' idiot.
That was smooth.
- Yeah.
- Really smooth.
- Good job.
- Yeah? Yeah?
Very smooth.
- Let's go out there
and take it, boys.
- It's our game tonight.
- Full energy right
off the hop, boys.
Gonna get to
our game: speed.
You are going to
dump those pucks in deep.
You will own
the neutral zone.
No mercy.
No mercy.
We will finish them off tonight.
Who's ready?
Yeah. Yeah.
- Yeah?
you stand on your head all
season. Tonight any different?
- No different.
- No different.
Pronovost! Ready to make
their lives miserable?
Yes. Yeah.
- How are you feeling, son?
- Good, sir. Good.
- Gordie,
you ready to take another
walk around this block?
- Yes, sir.
- Yeah, yeah.
- No matter what happens
in this building,
you and I know,
we know the game is played
between those
blood red posts.
All right, this is it.
Here we go.
Nothin' else matters but
tonight, boys. Montreal?
Montreal's got
nothin' on you!
Go, go!
- Open the door.
Goalie goes first.
You got the greatest goaltender
in the league at one end.
The kid. Sawchuk.
Bearing down on him,
the greatest goal scorer
in hockey history:
Rocket Richard.
This is one for the
history books, ladies and gents.
Hold your families close.
Take the phone off the hook!
Detroit could
win it all tonight.
Welcome to the first elimination
game of the Stanley Cup finals!
Out on the ice,
with the game on the line
everyone depending on me.
Half into an
animal crouch,
like some poor bugger
getting drilled
before a firing squad.
Too late for last words.
- Dick, you gotta take it easy.
- We've got three
times the shots on goal
but it's three-nothing for them.
How do you beat Sawchuk?
He knows what you're
gonna do before you do it.
I lie awake at night.
I think my wife's
gonna leave me.
- Coach, you in mid-stroke?
- Harvey, what
the fuck was that?
- Uh, that's an octopus.
- A what?
Am I losing my damn mind?
Eight legs.
Eight wins.
We wanted it bad, yeah.
But, uh, you know,
Terry was possessed.
we tried to stay up, but...
we knew crawling back
from a three-nil deficit
with him in the
net was impossible.
Skate, skate, skate!
- What are you, nuts?
- I hate nuts.
- Terry, I got it.
Are you nuts? Huh?
Are you nuts?
- Hey, Ref, you seen a
goddamn referee tonight?
- All right, all right.
- Get back, Terry.
- Good job, Marcel. Miss it.
...nine, eight,
seven, six, five,
four, three, two, one!
Detroit wins the cup!
Here we go!
Oh! Oh-ho-ho-ho!
Pretty intense for your first
NHL game, hey there, call-up?
No. We're always
ready in Edmonton
for when we
get our chance.
- Who's good
up there, anyway?
- Gotta see this goalie,
Glenn Hall.
Spreads like a butterfly.
- Oh, hear that, Uke?
You better
watch your back;
got a butterfly in the wings.
- Okay. Here's the deal:
you're going to put chicken
bones in Boiter's hockey bag.
See if he washes
it over the summer
or if it's covered
in maggots next fall.
- Hey, hey, hey!
You and I are going to be
doing this a lot more, Terry.
- Proud of you boys! Enjoy!
- Want some?
Wake up in a pool
of your own vomit.
- Yeah, it's
good to be home.
But I'll be ready to get back
once fall hits, that's for sure.
- Yeah, speakin' of
getting back, I should.
- What? No. See you at the
plant, boys. What are you do--?
No. I'm buying.
Stick around.
- Lucky for you,
your dad got you on.
They're cutting jobs.
- You been up to see Mitch yet?
- No, not yet.
I'm gonna get up there.
Just want to unwind, you know?
There's a lot of
pressure down there.
But, hey, if things
keep going like this,
I could get a good
salary real soon,
maybe I could get you
and mom a nicer house.
- Nicer?
- Not nicer. Just, I--
I could send more money home.
- Yeah. We should get going.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- Your mother'll want
to see you in the morning.
- Yeah. I think I might
stick around for one more.
- Suit yourself.
- Hey! Can I get one
more before I head home?
Yeah, just one more.
It's nice to be home.
Nice to be home.
- Hello?
- Pronovost!
Hey! It's Uke.
How you doing?
- Jeez, Terry?
- Yeah.
- You all right?
It's two in the morning.
- Yeah, what,
what are you doing?
I just, uh,
you know, I was wondering
if you remember
what game it was
we pulled that
prank on Boiter?
'Cause I gotta-I gotta-I
gotta group of people here
and they were, uh...
they-they were
wondering and I said,
I know who has the memory
of a fucking elephant.
Yeah. Okay. All right.
Well, I'll ju-I'll let you go.
I was-- Hey, wait!
Have you heard
anything about, um...
Jack is happy, right?
He-he's happy with the way
the team as it is, right?
- Uh, I don't know, Terry.
Why don't you call him at
two in the morning and ask him?
- Okay.
Okay. Okay.
I'm going.
Ah! Ahhh!
Think God
lets dogs in heaven?
Sure he does.
In heaven they're allowed inside
and they're even
allowed to drink Cokes.
Where the
hell is my kettle?!
Hey! Hey!
- Ah-ha! Mr. Norris:
there's your team.
This bunch here?
They play like they could read
each other's minds. Magical!
- For what I shell out,
they better
be damn genies.
Yeah, I got it.
Yes, indeed.
Go back for that.
Come on, I'll pass you one.
- Terry Sawchuk.
- In the flesh.
- Flesh is right. He got fat.
Good job, ladies.
- I'll make damn sure
he burns it off, sir.
- Yeah.
All right.
Let's go.
- Hey, Ter. Come on in.
- Mr. Norris.
Nice to see you again.
- How are you, Terry?
- Good. Good.
- Uh, let's get you
on the scale, huh, son?
Let's see
what we got here.
All right. Up.
Oh, boy.
All right. Let's try this.
- You know what?
Let me try it again without
the cigarette in my hand.
Yeah, sure.
You spend the off-season
eating Ukrainian dumplings
out of the Calder Trophy?
Game time. You're going
to drop the weight.
The fans, they're fickle.
They love you one night
and hate you the next.
Let's not give them a reason.
- I'll get the weight down.
- All right.
- Okay.
Hit that door on your way out,
if you wouldn't mind.
- Okay.
- The football player.
- Hockey.
- I don't care
much for either.
My Dad owns this
place so I fake it.
Hockey's good for business.
- Well, I'm a goalie.
And the job of the goalie
is to stop the puck
from going in
the net.
And when you do...
you're the hero.
When you don't,
you come to the bar alone.
- Looks like it
gets pretty rough.
Oh, oh, oh!
- Try that again, Merle,
and I'll dig it into
the back of your skull!
Jesus! What
are you, part lion?
- Maybe I should have a goalie
to stand right there between me
- and all of them.
- You mean a defenseman.
- I think I'd
rather a goalie.
You hungry?
Tonight's gravy's so
thick you could walk on it.
- I'll just take a whiskey.
What's going on in Detroit?
The Wings are not the same
team they were last year.
Come on!
- Which team you
playing for, Marcel?
- Detroit.
- You're hanging me out to dry!
Hanging me out to dry.
- Huh.
Feeling the need for
a drink after that one.
- Naw, I, uh...
- Yeah.
- Fucker.
Get out of here.
with his foot in a cast.
That came off
and Pulford skated
over three of his fingers.
Besides starving himself,
cuts, bruises, disc
ruptures from that crouch,
he was only sleeping
three hours a night.
But he would've remembered what
happened when Lumley was out
with a broken ankle.
- Great. You're not
gonna believe this:
Glenn Hall is in town
doing a hockey camp.
Just left his hotel for the
airport. We're going to...
- No, No, No.
- Catch him at the airport
- Forget the freeze.
Forget the freeze.
Just stitch me up and
get me back out there.
- Have you seen your face?
- Let him go.
We're good here.
We're good here.
- All right, forget it.
I guess we're good here.
Stitch him up!
- It's only a couple years
since they tossed him
Lumley's sweater.
Six goalies in the league.
One sweater per team.
With general managers
short on cotton and patience,
we goalies were constantly
looking over our shoulders.
Sawchuk, Sawchuk,
Sawchuk, Sawchuk.
- You love me tonight, do ya'?
Go fuck yourselves.
- Hey. Hey, Terry.
Come on, darlin'.
Hey, let's go.
- My jacket.
- Yeah.
- My jacket.
- I got it. I got it.
- Okay.
Go to bed, honey.
- Mm-hm.
- I'm not drunk.
I just, I didn't have dinner.
- All right.
Detroit loses a fourth straight
despite Sawchuk turning away an
unbelievable 48 shots on goal.
- Terry, what
were you thinking
when you let that
easy one by in the third?
- I don't know.
- Is the pressure
to repeat the season you
had last year getting to you?
- Why don't you get out there
and take 50 shots to the face?
I'll ask how you
feel about it, okay?
- Hey. Out.
Where are we?
Where are we!?
- Detroit.
- No, you invalid.
Rock bottom!
That's where we are!
And you sorry sons of bitches
better figure out a way
to climb out.
Unless you wanna be playing
for Coal Mine Workers of America
next season
which is all
you'll be fit to do!
And you:
not enjoying the
pucks coming at ya'?
Maybe you're not fit
for the job anymore.
- We're out of
the playoffs anyway.
- What did you say?
- I said we're out of
the playoffs anyway.
We got five games left.
And they don't mean anything
and I got these press jerkoffs
rubbing my face in shit.
- Yeah, yeah.
No. You don't want that.
You don't want
shit in the face.
Get down
and shit on the floor.
Shit on the floor!!
You can't even
fucking do that right?
I got no room
on my hockey club
for anyone who
can't take the heat.
- Jack.
Jack's a dumb name. Jack.
It sounds like
a cat throwing up.
- You wouldn't name a kid Jack?
- Not on your life.
Maybe... Penelope?
- I like Anthony.
- Mm.
I had a regular
named Anthony.
He always took his pants off
when he drank Canadian whiskey.
- I bet when you name your
kid Anthony, you forget about
all the Anthony's that
you didn't like before.
- I didn't say
I didn't like him.
You know, I always
liked the name Charles.
- Chuck? Chuck?
Chuck Sawchuk?
- Who says my babies
are gonna be Sawchuks?
- Well, I'm not sittin' here
coming up with baby names
for you and
some other fella.
- Mm. Wow. You
don't waste any time.
- Take your
shot when you, uh...
when you get the chance.
But if Jack trades me, I'm
going to have to start all over
with some Catholic girl
from Boston
or a French girl
from Montreal.
Oh, I hear they're spicy.
- What kind of dad
would you be, anyway?
Always on the
road. Never home.
- No, no way. No way.
I'd flood the yard,
make a rink.
I'd teach 'em
all to play hockey.
Have my own little
team of midgets.
Bet on 'em. Retire.
- Okay.
- Okay?
Okay? O-okay what?
Okay. Okay, okay, what?
Okay, you'd marry me?
- If-if that's
what you're asking?
- Well, yeah. It is now!
- Well, then yeah!
- What if I got hurt
and I couldn't play?
- That's easy. I'd just
leave you for
Merle the drunk.
He's going to inherit a fortune
when his mother dies.
I would live in a railway car
and beg for a living
if it meant that I got to
do it with Mr. Terry Sawchuk.
You just have to
promise me one thing:
that every now and then you'll
take your mind off hockey.
My mind's not on hockey now.
- Terry.
- Hey.
I, um...
I'm sick about how
we went out this year.
I let the pressure get to me.
- Two years in a row
you win the Vezina trophy
and all you think about
are the pucks that got in?
- I'm getting married.
- Well, congratulations.
- Yeah, I know you said to
stay away from the girls,
so I-I figured I'd
do it in the off season.
- Oh, that's smart.
- Yeah. But come fall,
I'll be focused on my game.
- Good. Not worried about it.
- Yeah. Just, uh, just
thinking about the future,
you know?
Maybe buy a house. Just...
Just not sure.
- Hm.
You and me, huh? Always in
the balance if we don't perform.
I think of you
as a son, Terry.
I expect to be
invited to that wedding.
A shot from the point...
Sawchuk bats at it. Wait!
He's down. He's hit.
Sawchuk is down and
the puck is in the net!
- You all right?
- You maybe see some,
ah, teeth around here,
- would you, buddy?
- You got it.
That goal light's
gonna give you a sunburn.
- What son of a
bitch said that?
That stuff
doesn't bother these guys.
Terry is a professional.
They just tune that stuff out.
- Right there.
- Sawchuk. Sawchuk!
- Oh, no, no.
- Yeah?
sure that's the case this time!
- Tabernac! Oh, no, no!
Wait, wait, wait!
Do you want to
get in there, huh? Huh?
Do you want to get
in the fuckin' net?
- No! No!
- Get the fuck out! You
better run! You better run, boy!
- Damn it!
- I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
- Fan hit a nerve
there, huh, Terry?
- Okay, fellas, I could use...
Give me a minute.
I'm in a little pain, here.
- How do you think
kids who look up to you
will feel about you
going after a fan?
- Okay. Please, guys,
he asked for a minute.
Just give him some space,
okay? Please, please.
- Do you know
how many people
would want to be
in your position?
- Okay, come on.
That's enough!
- I think this is
the first time in hockey
we've seen someone crack
under pressure like--
- That's enough! I said--
What the fuck
are you doing?
- It's okay. Calm down.
- All right. Let's go, fellas.
You got enough, huh? Thanks.
You! What the hell?
It's not bad enough
that in the supermarket
they're asking my wife,
"What the goddamn is the
matter with Terry Sawchuk?"
Now, what are these guys
gonna write?
How's it gonna look, huh?
That the inmates are
running the ship!
- I'm the one standin'
on my head out there!
- Maybe you need to rest?
- No.
- Yeah. I'm calling
Glenn Hall up from Edmonton.
- You know what?
That pond hockey hick
won't last a fucking game!
Belliveau gets it up the ice
to Geoffrion who shoots.
Kicked away by Hall!
This kid's coverage
is something else.
- Terry, you hungry?
- What?
- The Canadiens
are testing him tonight.
- Steak, salad, Jello.
All your favorites.
- Goddammit, Pat!
I don't want any food
next to the chesterfield. Shh!
It's fine!
- Sawchuk's injury
seemed a real blow
to the Wings fighting
for a playoff spot.
But Hall's
proving himself nicely.
Jack Adams must be
feeling relieved at that.
- He's gonna replace me.
- Hey.
- He's going to replace me.
- No.
- He's done with me.
One day he's calling me
"son" and then the next day
I'm out in the fucking cold!
- You don't need him.
- Jesus Christ, Pat!
I can't eat this fattening shit!
Another shot gloved by Hall--
- I, uh...
I'm sorry.
It's not you.
You're the only good thing.
- It's okay.
I know this has been tough.
- Six goalies in the league.
One sweater per team.
You're working paycheque
to paycheque.
You're barely scraping by.
Yeah. The good old
hockey game.
It'll ask for everything you got
and, in the end, it'll kill ya'.
Goalies first.
- Hey! Hey, can I get in there?
Read a catcher
in baseball once said:
"There must be some reason
we're the only ones
facing the other way."
- Hey.
It's like I'm holding God.
- He would have thrown
himself in front of a bus
for that team in
the first five years.
That's the kind
of goalie he was.
That's right, Mr.
Terry Sawchuk has been traded
from the Detroit Red Wings
to the Boston Bruins.
- Hello.
- It's a boy.
It's a boy.
Well, I-I...
Wonder how he's gonna
like living in Boston?
- Boston?
- Just heard
it on the radio.
They traded
you to the Bruins.
- Hey, pal.
- My wife had a baby.
- Yeah. I know that.
- Good.
- But know what?
I think we
should go see her.
Come on.
I'll drive ya'. Hm?
- I think Jack
should meet him.
- Okay, listen, man:
it's two in the morning.
Jack is not even
in the building.
Come on. Let's go home.
I'll drive you.
Please. Get in the car.
- No! Fuck the car!
- Please?
- He never even came
to the wedding.
- Yeah, I know.
Well, I did.
I came to the wedding.
Come on. Hm?
Let's go home.
- You had a name card, Jack!
- Sh, sh, sh. Terry, listen:
gonna be okay. Hm?
- I'm going to
miss you, brother.
- I'll miss you, too.
Right now,
time to go to bed.
- Mm. Okay.
- That's it.
Okay. Follow me.
Go take a shower,
ya' bunch a fuckin' bums!
Ya' need it!
- So, who gets
to kill that guy?
Pathetic pouters.
Pull your heads out of your
asses and compete out there!
You're an embarrassment.
We got Terry Sawchuk in goal!
We finally have a chance
to make the playoffs so just
pull it together.
This is our barn.
We let them walk
into our barn and piss
all over our barn.
Shit's spraying all over
our barn, boys, let me tell you.
Who's going to
clean up that shit, huh?
Our barn stinks like shit!
And so do you!
See, guys?
This is the team
bonding we need! We're--
We're brothers! This
is how it's supposed to be!
Come on, man.
Look, we're a team!
Who's doing that?
Schmidt's right!
We could make the playoffs with
Terry backstopping us but we...
We gotta bond.
Cal's never been
on a roller coaster.
Who's never been
on a roller coaster?
Well, let's go to a bar!
Hey? You guys
want to go to a bar?
All right. Well,
let's hit the showers,
and then we'll hit the town!
- You want to come
for a drink, Terry?
- Uh, maybe some other time.
- All right.
We let Sawchuk go
because we found ourselves
with two top goalies.
Hall is more advanced now than
Sawchuk was when he joined us.
- Boston's not
so bad, Terry.
Unless we get
those funny accents.
You don't think
little Jerry and Jr.
are going to speak with
those accents do you? Bowston.
- I'm serious.
I'm serious.
Call the school and complain
if the kids talk like that.
It's not right.
You were all so
close in Detroit and
then to hear about
it from your parents--
Clean that up before
your kid crawls in it.
- He doesn't even
know how to crawl.
- Jack's not your family.
We're your family.
He used you.
- He needed me.
- Jack is a guy who got
you to shatter your bones
to line his pocket.
- You don't know what
you're talking about.
- You didn't get paid
as much as Gordie.
Colleen let that slip.
- Old elbow's acting up again.
My friend, Audrey,
she's a nurse,
she says when a
bone doesn't set right,
it'll hurt forever.
- Well, can't blame
this one on Jack.
It happened
when I was a kid.
I never had it set.
- You're parents didn't?
- Uh, they didn't know.
They didn't like weakness.
Especially in kids.
What, your father'd whup you
if you broke your arm?
- My mother was worse.
- Well, I believe that.
I'm going to put you down.
- Hey, buddy.
- He's sleepy.
- I ever tell you
about Lady's puppies?
When I tried to
bring 'em back to life?
- Magic?
- Woodstove.
Our dog had, um,
her puppies
under the porch.
50 below winter.
And she wanted in but
fat chance of that
in the Sawchuk household,
they barely let us in.
I remember those puppies.
Raw little chicken things,
frozen to the--
to the wood beam.
I tried to-I tried to
not tear their little legs.
Mom wouldn't have a three-legged
dog, not like you, Pat.
I got taught a
lesson that day, boy.
That dog just wandered
in circles for days.
For days.
You could--
You could trace
its path in the snow
in blood.
I never saw grief in my
mother's eyes like I did--
Like I did in that dog's.
Not even when Mitch--
Not even when Mitch, uh...
- When Mitch died.
- I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
I'm gonna wake the baby.
- He's used to your
temper tantrums,
he'll sleep
right through.
- My temper tantrums?
- I was just making light.
- You're always
saying that to me.
- I'm sorry, Terry.
- Why would you
say that to me?
Don't try and make me stay
when you know I gotta go
'cause I'm going
to regret something
if you try and
make me fucking stay!
- Please don't go.
- Another one.
- I wonder if you haven't
had enough there, sir?
Why, Davy, this
is Mr. Terry Sawchuk,
Boston's very famous goalie.
What if downing a bottle
the night before a game
is what makes him so good.
Maybe bourbon is
his little secret.
- Now I have to kill you.
- That's a great pick-up line.
Don't worry,
I'll get him home.
And that one?
- Henri Richard.
And that one?
- Nesterenko.
Game four of
the '52 series.
- How about the bruises?
- Practice.
- And the shiner?
- Practice.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
I, uh...
- Oh.
- I'll see ya'.
- Yeah.
Look for me
on the ice, sweetheart!
I'll be the one
wearing number 25.
- Fucker.
- You're out, Cal!
- Fuck you.
Who says I'm out?
- It's "don't touch
the floor", man!
The rules are in the title.
- He's still got it.
Richard! Richard!
- You dropped him, Ross!
That's a fucking disgrace.
Do you like my belt?
- Oh, Jesus.
Get that away from me!
Hey! Gardner! Gardner!
Do you like my-- Ow!!
- Willie, I just need
my hair, man. Aw, fuck!
- End of the fucking world.
In hockey news,
Terry Sawchuk takes on
his old team tonight
as Boston heads to Detroit.
Sawchuk! Sawchuk!
Sawchuk! Sawchuk!
- There he is.
Hey, there.
Come have a seat, son.
- I, um...
That's for the shoes.
- What?
- I never paid you back.
I don't like owing people.
- Come on, now.
Sit down, please.
- Oh, uh...
- Okay, I traded you.
It's a team, not a family.
- I never thought
it was a family.
- You weren't the only one
worried about his job.
It's a shit part
of mine too, you know.
If I were a cattle farmer,
feeding and looking
after calves and cows every day
and one of them
stands out, a great one,
that I care about,
maybe more than the others,
that doesn't mean he still
won't end up on the barbeque.
My job is to make sure the best
team is on the ice every day.
- And I don't belong
on the best team?
- You played half
the season injured.
- And why was that?
- Lumley's day came too.
- I'll leave you
to the slaughter.
- Here it comes.
Here it comes.
And the pitch...
He scores!
- Danny!
That son of a bitch
is drunk again.
- Oh, my God.
Are you crazy?
Get in here.
Do you know what these folks do
for me when you're out of town?
They take our garbage
to the curb.
- I don't want
those busy-noses
going through our garbage,
looking for autographs.
Why you got
diapers here for!?
- Terry! What are you doing?
- I'm using the bathroom.
- For heaven's sakes.
I've had it!
- Oh, now, now,
you woke up the baby.
- Jerry? Jerry.
- You found us!
- Yeah. You're such
a big boy. Here,
pass me your sister.
- Yeah, Pat, you should
have married the banker.
He wouldn't be drinking
and yelling so much!!
- Can you pass
me that suitcase?
Good job.
We are going to tell Santa
to come visit us at
Nanny and Poppy's this year.
- When it all-when it-
when it comes to an end
and the big one comes?
When the big one comes, Pat,
those fucking pussies
will be crawling in their holes
and I'll be out
howlin' at the fuckin' moon.
Tree inside the house?
- Wanna help Momma pack?
- Yeah.
- Hey, hey!
- Okay, honey, no,
let's stop that.
What are you doin'?
- We're going to Detroit.
- Detroit is a shit-hole.
What are you doing?
- We are going to the house
until you can get
a hold of yourself.
Come on, Jerry, let's go.
- The house in Detroit?
- Yes.
- I sold the fuckin' house, Pat.
- You what?
- What do you think,
I'm made of money?
How are you gonna get
to Detroit anyway, huh?
Did you take money
from my drawer, Pat?
Did you take fuckin'
money from my drawer?
Did you fuckin' take money
from my drawer, huh!? Did you?
- Stop it!
Jerry, go, go.
- I'm sorry.
- Go downstairs.
- I'm sorry. Hey, hey, Pat.
Oh, fuck...
I'm sorry. It's the pressure.
I'll be better once
we make the playoffs.
- We love your dad
but we're not allowed to
let him treat us like this.
- What are you doing?
- I need the keys.
- What, are you going to take
the kids out in the cold?
- I need the goddamn keys!
- There's the fucking keys.
- Oh, Terry!
- I told you I'll be better
once we make the playoffs.
- Jerry, let's go.
Come on, honey. Come on.
Boston is out of the playoffs!
Their loss is Newfoundland's
gain as India beer presents
the boys from Boston
from the brewers of India Beer.
Nobody can get a thing
past Hall tonight
as Detroit dominates
the Leafs in round one.
Everyone thought Adams
was crazy to trade Sawchuk.
Maybe he knew
what he had in Hall
more than he knew what Sawchuk's
battered body could give.
- Come on, guys.
Let's get in the spirit.
We're making 25
bucks a game here.
It's not playoff money but
it'll get us through
to next season.
So let's have some fun!
Well, it looks like
we're playing in the great
outdoors tonight.
- Let's make the
playoffs next year.
Goalie goes first.
Going to show
us them there fancy moves, boys,
or what?
Terry, keep your
fingers off the screen.
- You gotta look
after your goalie.
Who comes out to
see a game like this?
You heard
anything from Pat?
Well, good game.
Good, leave
it there, leave it there.
Come on, here, here, here!
Hey, hey!
You want your fucking shot?
Hold it,
hang on, hang on.
- You want your fucking shot?
Hang on, hang on.
Terry, Terry.
Look, that guy got 11
older brothers, all right?
He gets a bit competitive.
Boys, it's an
exhibition, all right.
It's supposed
to be a bit of fun.
Keep the shots
down, for Christ's sake.
Good game, Terry.
Thanks for that.
- Wolves out there?
- Nah.
Moose, bear. N'ar wolf.
- Seems like a
place for wolves.
- You should
come see my ice.
All right, Terry,
you gotta tell me:
Wings, Habs.
Is it true if they're
on the same train
they gotta put a
dining car in between 'em?
- You wouldn't let
them hunt together.
- That's madness.
- Thanks.
- Yeah, my youngster did that.
It's actually of my father.
He taught me everything
I know about fishing.
Lost him at sea.
- Boat sunk or...?
- Well, he was a
swiler, a sealer
and, uh,
they would take the boats out
and when the pack
ice was thick enough,
they would just walk
miles and miles and miles.
Back in those times,
maybe for days.
And this one time,
they were out pretty far
and a blizzard came in
and 120 of 'em got trapped,
couldn't make a
move for two days,
and they didn't have
the right gear on,
they didn't have
anything to make a fire with.
Just out in the
blizzard, waiting, right.
- Jesus.
- The ones who survived were the
ones who kept moving, you know.
They said that they, uh,
that they would
chew icicles off each
other's faces just to
just to keep from
being overtaken by the ice.
I was in the crowd
when the boat came in.
And they brought
the corpses off and
they were still frozen in
the positions that they were in
when they perished,
right, how they found them.
Many of them
hunched over in prayer.
Pop was one of them.
- Yeah, there's hard ways
to make a living in this world.
- Yeah, but that said,
he was the finest kind of man.
Good to his family,
quick with a joke.
Enjoyed his time
on earth, I think.
I suppose there's not
much more you can ask than that.
- What size are your,
uh, your feet, Phil?
- What?
- I'm going to
leave these with you.
- Your skates.
- Yeah.
- I don't like
the Habs that much.
- Oh, fuck hockey.
I mean, nothing hinges
on hockey, does it?
It's hardly life or death.
I'm sick as a dog,
I'm exhausted all the time.
So do you want the skates 'cause
I'll throw 'em down the hole?
- Well, there's no need
to startle the fish.
- I quit.
I'm out.
- I heard on the radio.
- I was wondering
if you'd still like to live
in a railway car with me?
- You're lucky I'm a Catholic,
Terry, I swear to God.
- Good one. Come here.
They're expensive.
Be careful. I'm coming around.
- Jesus.
- Okay, okay. Come here,
come here, Jerry.
- You gonna send
that one to your dad?
- Yeah. "Look, Anne,
Terry raised a pussy."
- Where's his hat, Terry?
- Oh, it's in
the car. He's fine.
- Okay.
- How's she doing?
- Good.
- Good.
- All right, here we go.
- Get her in there.
- Ahh.
- She's cold.
- That's much better, right?
- All right, here we go.
- Ooh.
- Up you go.
Why don't we
get outta here?
- Huh?
- I don't know.
Let's go to California.
We can do whatever
we want, can't we?
No one's telling me
where I gotta live anymore.
- That's true.
- But how would Santa's
sleigh ever get to us?
- That's a good point, son.
That's a very good point.
We're going to talk about
that at home, okay? Okay.
Ah, warmer? Yeah.
- Over my dead body. Oh,
that back-stabbing Ted Lindsay
is behind this union crap.
And one of those fucks
thought it'd be hilarious
to put a dead cat
on my car engine.
Didn't see it
for three days.
- Jack Adams wasn't fond
of the Player's Union,
but when he unloaded
all the offending players,
he was left with
quite a deficit.
- I want to find
out every one of them's
behind this union bullshit.
I'll trade
'em all to Siberia.
- He was out.
And it would have
been a good career.
But Jack was in trouble
and he knew that he could get
anything he wanted out of him.
- My father said you didn't
show up for work today.
- Hello.
Catchers in
baseball, closest to cousins.
The safeguarding of home,
healing of bones,
the hatred that
comes with defeat
and only one of you.
Denied the leap
and dash up the ice.
What goalies know
is side to side.
They scrape. Sweep.
Like saints they
pray for nothing.
Off days what
they want is space.
They sit apart at bars.
They know the length
of streets in 20 cities.
And try to make you happy
when you're blue.
It's right, it's right
to feel the way I do
Because, because
I love you
Sawchuk's broken
George Hainsworth's
shutout record
with an unbelievable
95th shutout!
'Cause when you
say these things
You know it makes me blue.
Give me one kiss
and I'll
be happy
just to be with you.
- What the hell are
you doing in my office?
Give me, give me
A chance to be near you
- You let them unionize
right under your nose.
- Bower, you're in the cage
tomorrow night.
- Yes, sir.
- Terry, you got a second?
By the time I'd met him
he'd tried to quit
two or three times,
get his wife back,
spend an October
with his family.
You liking the city?
Good. I just want to
give you a little intro,
let you know how I coach
in case it's different
than what you're used to.
Some fellas run their teams
like dog teams.
I don't.
We're goin' with
two goalies this year,
not to, uh, set you
against each other
but to take the
pressure off.
Get the best
out of both of ya'.
Johnny gets that.
He's a good guy.
- Hey, Bower.
Nice shoes.
- Thanks, man.
- Can I see that one?
Just the one closest to me.
- This one?
- Yeah, just pass it to me.
- Come on, guys.
- Hey, Johnny, Johnny.
Why'd you do
that to your shoes?
- Ooh!
- You okay?
You're next.
Toronto's a team of old bones.
You got to wonder
if they can square up
against the youthful Canadiens?
- Stop-stop-stop-stop.
Ah, that's good,
that's good.
No-no-no. Johnny's
playin' way better.
- Yeah, right. You just
want another night off,
you lazy bugger.
Big game.
C'mon, coach.
Elbow's shot. Vertebrae's
ruptured-- You saw me last game.
- Have you read what the
press is saying about you?
You're playing like the
Sawchuk of old. A man possessed.
I'm not worried.
This is what we live for.
- Thanks for the
pep talk, Coach.
- Yeah.
What the fuck?
Grow up. I got a team
of geriatrics here
and it's still a
damn nursery school.
Now, listen up:
it might be game six but
for us it's game seven, boys.
This is our home.
We go back to Montreal
tomorrow, all bets are off.
We can win it tonight.
Let the goalie go first.
Unbelievable save.
Sawchuk is making up
the game as he goes
and it's electrifying
here at Maple Leaf Gardens
at the moment.
Here we go for the face-off.
50 seconds on the clock,
Stanley talking to Kelly
and we're ready to go.
The puck is dropped,
Kelly gets it to Pulford
who puts it on the tape
for Armstrong who fires.
And into the empty net.
It's a goal!
And a wild finish!
The players are jumping
out onto the ice.
The Leafs have won the Cup!!
The Leafs have won the Cup!!
Sawchuk! Sawchuk!
Sawchuk! Sawchuk!
- 36 years you gave them.
What they did is
damned disrespectful.
- What do you mean?
You're making it sound
like they let me go?
- Oh. No, I just--
- Sons of bitches.
- You want another one?
- No, thanks.
I don't know if I ever
told you this but, uh,
I grew up working in
rat-infested grain elevators
for 22 cents a day
saving for skates.
No-one should be that poor.
All you mind is money.
You'd chew someone's arm off to
climb out of the hole you're in.
- Glad you did.
You changed the game.
- When I got to Detroit,
they were bankrupt.
I couldn't have
fucked it up any more.
Picking players
out of training camp,
watching them grow...
That was the stuff.
- You were like
a father to us.
I kept that job 36
years off your backs.
Some father.
If I were your
father, I'd say this:
you can leave the game now,
in fine style.
You're not
getting any younger.
Track those kids of
yours down, enjoy 'em.
- I tried that.
- Terry, you don't want
to be some old soldier
searching for a
new war. Trust me.
- That's not what you said when
you pulled me back to Detroit.
Ice is thicker
than blood, you said.
- You fell for that
one too.
- I never goddamn did
any of this for you.
I never did a fucking
ounce of this for you.
Or anybody else.
- Yeah.
Why don't you give Pat a call?
See if she'll
take you back home.
- Home?
- Yeah.
- You saw me out there.
I can play this game forever.
Folks, get ready
for six new hockey teams
as the league
approves expansion.
Oakland and LA
round out the new six.
Strange to think of playing
hockey in the heat, isn't it?
That's gotta be on Mr. Terry
Sawchuk's mind as the Leafs,
only allowed to
protect one goaltender,
choose Johnny Bower over him.
- I'm excited to be part of
the Los Angeles organization
and look forward to playing
the best hockey of my career
with the LA Kings.
I sure am excited to
be back with the Wings
and look forward to playing
the best hockey of my career
right back here in Detroit.
Certainly am looking
forward to being in New York
playing the best hockey of
my career as a New York Ranger.
Terry Sawchuk is celebrating
his 103rd shutout!
- I gave the kids
some money for cokes.
- Some Christmas they're having.
- She's their grandmother.
Is she lucid?
- She keeps calling me Mitch.
- Terry.
- Why don't we
go to Disneyland.
Take the kids.
- Maybe.
- How could you
live with yourself
knowing that you missed
their faces the first time
they saw Mickey Mouse?
- Your mother's gone.
I'm sorry.
- What do I do?
Giacomin's tired.
You wanna give him a minute?
- The last time he was on ice
was to give the
real goalie a rest.
- You ready?
- Yeah, just give me
another minute there, Ref.
- All right, all right,
wrap it up.
- Okay.
- In like a lion, they say.
- No-no-no-no-no. I paid
that bill two months ago!
That was the bill
for two months ago!
The bill comes
every month, man.
- I want to see these. I'm
getting fucking fleeced here.
- What do you mean by that?
- You think I got money?
What, it's 'cause you'll never
make as much money as me, huh?
Now, don't walk away!
Hey, hey, don't walk away.
And so
I got accustomed
to the view from here.
Stay low. Stay forward.
- What were you thinking when
you let that easy one by
in the third?
Boys, who do you
think you're talking to here,
a poet, a fucking philosopher?
What was I thinkin'?
Sawchuk himself insists
that fellow Ranger, Ron Stewart
is not at fault for
his critical condition.
- We were fighting...
But all his life Terry took
way worse knocks than that
and he always bounced
right back.
It's all just
like a bad dream.
One can only pray
that the Red Wings'
famous goalie will not succumb
to a ruptured gall bladder
sustained in the fight.
...repeat the
season you had last year
to you?
- That's all I have
to say about him,
I guess.
Get me another.
And how about
one for my friend?
We should get
some food into you, Red.
- It was something when, uh,
above that door in the forum
when you saw that sign
that said
"Hockey Tonight."
Boy, when that organist
began to hit
those notes,
just like a charge
went through the crowd and...
Everybody felt it,
I felt it, I felt it.
It was magic.
In this tunnel,
at this river,
in the absence of time,
it was here I could've
been everything
I dreamed of being.
What was
going through your mind, Terry?
- What was going
through my mind?
Stop the fuckin' puck! Jesus.
What would you want
going through my mind?
And the thought hits:
at one time or another
I might've been
all I hoped to be,
the guy you
want behind you
when the game
was on the line,
the guy you'd leave
behind to guard your--
your ice-cold home.
That cuts a bit.
Cuts and comforts.
Maybe I was the guy.
Maybe I was him.
- No goal!
- And, uh,
joke's on you.
I don't have any friends.
The winners
want the clock to run out.
The losers need more time.
- So, Mr. Goalie,
word has it you're
leaving town again.
Let the goalie go first.
Open the door to
the roaring lights
and let the
goalie go first.
Fear what's on the way?
What could there be about fear
that I don't already know?
Open the door.
Just another
fucking number.
When the colour of the night
And all the
smoke for one life
Gives way to
shaky movements
Improvisational skills
A forest of
whispering speakers
Let's swear that we will
Get with the times,
In a current
health to stay
Let's get friendship right
Get life day-to-day
In the
forget-yer-skates dream
Full of
countervailing woes
In diverse-as-ever scenes
Proceeding on
a need-to-know
In a face so full of meaning
As to almost
make it glow
For a good life we
just might have to weaken
And find somewhere to go
Go somewhere
we're needed
Find somewhere to grow
Grow somewhere
were needed.
When the colour of the night
And all the
smoke in one life
Gives way to
shaky movements,
Improvisational skills
In the forest of
whispering speakers
Let's swear that we will
Get with the times,
In a current
health to stay
And let's get
friendship right
Get life day-to-day
In the
forget-yer-skates dream
Full of
countervailing woes
In diverse-as-ever scenes
on a need-to-know
In a face so
full of meaning
As to almost make it glow
For a good life,
we just might have to weaken
Find somewhere to go
Go somewhere we're needed
Find somewhere
to grow
Grow somewhere
were needed.
Find somewhere to grow
Grow somewhere
were needed.
Find somewhere to grow
Go where we
are needed.
In the
forget-yer-skates dream
You can hang your head low
As diverse as
ever seen
Know which way to go.