God Bless the Broken Road (2018) Movie Script

I'm tellin' you, man.
The perfect rib
can't just fall off the bone.
It's gotta have
a little chew to it.
Maybe Sarge will let us
take a poke
at one of them mountain goats.
Have a little Afghan barbecue.
Can you guys talk about
something other than food?
- Hang in there, Nelson.
We get home in a couple weeks,
Amber and I will take you
to the church barbecue.
Come on, Sarge.
I don't know nothin'
about that church stuff.
Yeah, well you never had
Pastor Williams' ribs before.
Johnson knows
what I'm talkin' about.
So good!
Till then, lock and load.
I can hear the savior say
Your strength
indeed is small
Child of weakness,
watch and pray
Find in me
you're all in all
I don't wanna go to church.
Come on.
Don't you want to go sing?
I don't feel like it.
You know,
singing God's praises
for the gifts
that we've been given,
that's what we do.
Even when we
don't feel like it?
Especially when
we don't feel like it.
I miss Daddy.
I do, too.
But he's gonna be home soon!
Come on, I made you breakfast.
Jesus paid it all
All to him I owe
Sin had left
a crimson stain
He washed it white as snow
And when before the throne
I stand in him complete
I'll lay my trophies down
All down at Jesus' feet
Jesus paid it all
All to him I owe
Sin had left
a crimson stain
He washed it white as snow
Jesus paid it all
Mrs. Amber Hill?
I regret to inform you...
No, no!
That your husband
was killed in combat...
...on Thursday, May 20th, 2014.
It's my turn to bring
the Sunday school snack.
ANNOUNCER: Hey there, folks!
Welcome back to the program.
And, you know, the race world
is still buzzing
about Cody Jackson's
monstrous crash at the DAV 200.
The video's gone viral,
and it's insane out there.
Eddie, what's happened
to Coach Gibbs' golden boy?
I think, Joe, you'd have
to ask Coach Gibbs that.
I don't know. What I do know is
everyone's coming down on him.
And I don't think it's fair.
I think he's
a tremendous talent.
They don't try to split
three cars and take the leader
on the high side up
in the marbles on the turn.
Hand me a 9/16 box end,
would you?
Heard me comin', right?
The whole neighborhood did.
You must be Cody.
Joe Cartier.
That's a nice ride.
It sure is.
And I'd like
to keep it that way.
Word is, you might have
some trouble with that.
Rubbing is racing, right?
No, it isn't,
and this isn't a box end.
Grab that box.
We don't want to be late.
Late for what?
Bree, did you get your Bible?
Yeah, I have it.
- Whoa, there.
- Can I help you?
- Are you Amber Hill?
- Yeah, I'm Amber.
You've been served.
- Who was that?
- Never mind.
It doesn't matter.
Come on. Let's go.
Let's get in the car.
There you go.
Good morning.
Good morn... morning.
Are you gonna
pick me up after church?
No. You're gonna
stay at Hannah's.
You forgot your treat.
I wish you would stay.
I know, but momma's
got to go to work today.
Hey, Bree!
What'cha got there?
Who's that?
She's out of your league.
- Mmm. What'cha got?
- Crazy Krispies.
Ooh, Crazy Krispies
looks good!
Morning, Joe.
Hey, Karena.
This is Cody Jackson.
He just volunteered
to head up
our youth outreach program.
Oh! Well, nice
to meet you, Cody.
Nice to meet you.
I did what?
Good morning, Miss Bree.
Hi, Hannah.
Is your mom coming?
So glad you could make it in.
- I am so...
- Save it.
Not interested.
Hey, did you have a chance
to think
that shift manager position?
Why don't you try
being on time
for the job you have first?
I have a question for you.
What happens
when the plans you had
for your life don't pan out?
Some people blame God.
They give up on God.
They stop praying.
They stop reading His word,
stop going to His church.
Do you see all those
empty seats around you?
Those are missing
brothers and sisters.
Love calls us
to bring them home.
They need to know that God
is not done with them,
that He has not abandoned them.
God wants them
to come back to Him.
And, if they are willing
to turn to him with just
the tiniest seed of faith...
he will show them
that nothing is impossible.
"Truly, I tell to you
"if you have faith
the size of a mustard seed
"you will say this
to the mountain.
"Move from here to there,
and it will move,
"and nothing will be
impossible for you."
Thank you, David.
Can anyone see what I'm holding?
This is a mustard seed.
It's one of the tiniest seeds
in the world,
but when you plant it a huge,
strong tree can grow from it.
That's a pretty powerful seed,
isn't it?
So what Jesus was saying was
even the tiniest
little bit of faith
can make a difference
in our lives
and in the lives
of our friends and family
because our faith...
can help us lead others to God.
Well, it's really great
to see you, Monica.
It's good to see you, too.
- How are things going?
- Great.
Can't complain.
Super busy.
Just landed a huge client,
got promoted to V.P.
That's fantastic.
Table seven is ready
for coffee refills.
Ten is ready to order,
and your mother-in-law's
at table five.
Well, good luck
with table five.
Morning, Patti.
Would you like coffee?
It's nice to see you, Amber.
Shame I have to come
all the way down here to do it.
How's Bree?
She's good.
What would you like?
I'd like to spend more time
with my granddaughter.
And to eat?
Has she visited
Darren's grave yet?
If she asks, I'll take her.
She's eight.
You have to do these things
for her.
You set the tone.
Where is Bree today?
She's at church.
It just seems to me that Bree
could benefit from
a more consistent home life.
And that is exactly what
I am giving her.
By working seven days a week?
That is something
I have to do right now.
Why? I'm...
I didn't come here
to pick a fight.
I came to make you an offer.
With eye shadow and lip gloss?
Amber, I'd like to help you
set up your own franchise.
You can make good money
as an independent consultant.
You can quit working here
and be home with Bree.
I've got this under control.
We have our differences.
We do.
But I think we can agree
that Bree is
the most important thing
in the world to both of us.
Tell Bree I said hi.
Looks like Joe's
youth outreach program
is going to be a big hit.
What kid wouldn't want to
hang out with a race car driver?
All right, here we go!
Come on.
Closer, closer.
Don't push.
Step a little closer.
Don't push.
Okay, cowboy.
Help me with this.
One, two, three!
How do ya like that, huh?
Okay, who wants to take
this puppy for a spin?
Oh, everybody.
All right.
Here we go!
That's it. You got it.
Doing great!
That's great! Go for it!
Good job.
Get that curve, now.
To the left, to the right.
That's it! Oh, man.
You are a natural!
Good work, Dean. Nice try.
All right, Codebreaker.
You wanna punch in
and coach up our next driver?
Here we go!
Let's do it!
Are you gonna help us
build our own go-carts?
Yeah, it looks like it's gonna
be part of my prison sentence.
Prison? Do you know
David's uncle?
He's doing a stretch
in Jackson.
We pray for him.
Do they cost anything?
Does what cost anything?
- Building the go-carts.
- I don't think so.
It's my first day,
so I'm not really sure.
Is it a manual or automatic?
- How fast will they go?
- Okay, you know what?
You just sit in the car,
hold your foot to the pedal...
and you steer around the cones.
That's all there is to it.
You got it?
Got it.
Hey, Sergeant Price.
- Hi.
- How you holding up?
We're doing okay.
Taking it day by day.
Let me get this for you.
I'm just right over here.
- How's Bree?
- She's doing good.
What grade's she in now?
She's in fourth.
Oh. They do grow up fast.
Yeah, they sure do.
Listen, we got a lot
of great activities
on the base for kids.
You should bring
Bree around sometime.
Sounds fun.
Thank you.
You're family, Amber.
We got your back.
And my friend Allie,
she went really fast,
and David drove
into three cones in a row.
And then when
it was my turn to...
Whoa, watch it!
Come on, Bree.
Watch what you're doing.
Sorry, mom.
What is that, anyway?
That's my mustard seed.
- Your what?
- My mustard seed.
I planted it in Sunday school.
And Jesus says if you just have
a little faith,
then this tiny seed could grow
into the biggest tree
in the world.
And, in science class,
I learned that plants
like to be talked to.
So he needs a name.
- He?
- Yeah.
I can't just call him,
"Hey, seed."
Matt for short.
Where should we keep him?
I don't know, honey.
Some seeds just don't grow
where we live.
This one will.
What makes you think
she's out of my league?
Amber is still recovering
from the loss of her husband.
- How'd he die?
- Afghanistan.
I just don't think you're
what she needs right now.
Anyway, you got other things
to worry about,
like a race to prepare for.
I really don't know
what Coach Gibbs
is hoping to get from this
little trip back to the minors.
Yeah. Me either.
If you were my driver,
I would have just fired you.
So what can I get you tonight?
I'm sorry. Um...
I'm sorry.
I'll just get...
the meatloaf, um...
Anything to drink?
Water's fine. Thank you.
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
I'm good.
I'm good.
Is Amber working tonight?
No, I'm sorry.
Mrs. Hill?
I can pick up extra shifts
at the diner.
I... I'm really doing
everything that I can.
Let me explain
what's about to happen.
You've already been served
your second foreclosure notice.
If you miss one more payment,
there are only two options.
You can short sale
your home, and...
Sell my home?
No, I'm not gonna sell my home.
Then the bank will be forced
to take possession.
Thank you very much
for your time.
- Mom!
- Hmm?
Do you have one of
dad's patches?
What for?
For my go-cart.
For your what?
The go-cart club at church.
Oh, right.
Does that
cost any money?
Yeah, there should be a patch
in that photo album.
- Hey!
- Hey, Amber.
- Is that...
- Ziti!
- Get in here.
- You know it.
Bridge, that was so good.
Plenty for leftovers
this week.
Yes, it was
absolutely amazing.
Thank you. This is such
a nice surprise.
Yeah, we need
to do this more often.
We miss you, Amber.
Hey kiddo, I think it's time
to get ready for bed.
Mom, could you sing
to me tonight?
Not tonight, Bree.
Just one song.
Bed. I'll come tuck you in
in a few minutes, okay?
You never want to sing for me.
- Bed. Now.
- Okay.
Love you.
Night, sweets.
So when do we get to hear
that beautiful voice again?
Seriously, the choir
needs your help.
We're a disaster without you.
I wouldn't even know
where to start.
Start with a prayer.
Amber, we know
you're still hurting,
but it's times like these you...
you really need
to lean on your faith.
I tried putting
my faith in God.
Look where it got me.
But, Amber,
God's still with you,
blessing you every step
of the way.
Even when it doesn't
feel like it sometimes.
You're right.
It doesn't feel like it.
I don't understand why
he would do that to us.
To Bree.
I'm not ready to trust him
with our lives again.
- Amber...
- No, you know what?
I really appreciate all
that you guys have done.
I really do.
But I got this.
If he wants me,
he knows where to find me.
Good night, kiddo.
I love you.
- Did you think of a name yet?
- Yep!
- Cody!
- Hey, Cody!
- Hey!
- The Screaming Eagle.
My dad was the 101st Airborne.
What do you think?
I think he would love it.
What color do you want
to paint it?
I like pink, but I like camo.
Pink camo.
You got it.
Let's get started!
There you go! Let's go!
He was asking about you
again last night.
- Who?
- The wheelchair fella.
Said he needed to talk to you
about something?
But he wouldn't say
what it was.
Thanks, Rosie.
- Grandma!
- Hey!
Grandma, Cody and I are
building a go-cart.
And who's Cody?
Cody Jackson, ma'am.
Pleasure to meet you.
Oh. Yeah.
Patti Hill. Nice to meet you.
How long have you
been workin' for Joe?
Cody is a racecar driver,
I guess mom's working
late... again.
Yeah. She's taking another
shift at Rosie's tonight.
Guess she ran out of options
if she had to call me, huh?
Out on Old 37?
They have great pancakes.
Go grab your things,
- Bye, David.
- Bye, Bree.
Looks like I've got you
all to myself tonight.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Can I help you?
Yeah, um...
I hear you got
great pancakes.
We do.
I'm Cody.
We saw each other at church.
I know your daughter.
Oh, that's right.
You're the go-cart builder.
Actually, I'm...
I'm a race car driver.
I'm just helping Joe
out for a bit.
- Well, it's nice to meet you.
Would you like bacon or sausage
with your pancakes?
Um... bacon.
Anything else?
Look, um, I'm new to town,
and I just thought
it might be nice to...
get to know someone outside
of Joe and a bunch of kids.
Yeah, that sounds...
that sounds really nice.
But it's just
not a good time for me.
I'll put this order in
for you.
Hey, Matt.
Let's see how you're doing.
Oh, you have the perfect amount
of water,
but you feel really cold.
Let me get you a sweater.
That'll warm you up.
Goodnight, Matt.
Hi, God.
Please say hi to my dad
up in heaven...
and make my mom feel better
because I really miss
hearing her sing.
Oh, and please make Matt grow.
Did you brush your teeth?
Good job!
Oh, I love you so much. Oh!
I love you too so much.
- Good night, peanut.
- Good night.
Sweet dreams.
ANNOUNCER: Bad credit,
no credit,
apply now, get paid now.
We can get you
the cash you need...
This much I know is true
That God blessed
the broken road
That led me
straight to you
Yes he did
Sorry I'm late.
Clean-up took forever.
How was she?
- Oh, an angel.
- Oh, good.
Thank you again for coming by.
I know it was last minute.
Oh, anytime.
Who's this Cody?
I don't know.
We just met.
What happened to
the leather couch?
You know, it just felt too big
for the two of us, so...
And the dining room set?
You know what, Patti?
I'm-I'm really tired.
I've had a long day.
Your daughter needs
more food in this house.
Not a bad lap.
Okay, setup for turn four.
Now, Cody, I want you to push
the apex of the turn
as late as possible.
Hold the line high,
and delay your entry point.
Too many words, Joe.
I failed geometry.
Cody, this is not geometry.
This is the ABC's of racing.
Very funny.
Cody, I want you to give me
that sharper turn,
and it will give you more speed
into the straightaway.
All right. I'll set it up
on the next lap.
You're coming in too hot.
What, you want me
to slow down?
But you won't be able to.
Cody, you cannot make
that sharper turn at full speed.
You will spin out every time.
This is stupid, Joe.
This whole idea
of coming down here.
Going slow is not
going to win me a race.
I'd rather crash than lose.
Okay, these two check out,
so let's get 'em
in the safe, okay?
- I'll get right on it.
- All right.
Hello, there.
What can I do for you?
I need to borrow some money.
Um, do you have something
to pawn?
No, I don't.
No? Well, how much
do you need?
I need $800.
All right.
It's 38% interest.
And you pay it in two weeks.
- Yeah.
- Okay?
And I need your signature
right there.
And I'm gonna have to see
a credit card and ID please.
All righty. Perfect.
Will you be able to cover
the next payment in two weeks?
I can do it.
I don't know where you
came up with this,
but there are no shortcuts
in your situation.
You need to consider
selling your house.
That's the only thing
that Darren left me.
I'm not giving up
without a fight.
We're just about
to wrap things up.
I'll go get her.
Wait. Just a sec.
Mom! Come see!
Come see!
Hi, sweetie.
What are you doing?
Painting the Screaming Eagle.
- Wow.
- All right, kids.
Just a couple more minutes,
then we're gonna clean up.
- It's really fantastic, Bree.
Ooh, I have to lock up
the carts.
Okay, that's fine.
I can meet you out front.
Actually, can I
walk home with David?
Sure. Yeah, that's fine.
I have an errand
I have to run anyway.
Just be home for dinner?
- Hey!
- Hey.
So... what do you think?
I'm super-impressed.
I have not seen her that happy
in a really long time.
Well, she's a great kid.
She really is.
There's a...
There's a great band playing
at Harry's tomorrow night.
You wanna go check 'em out?
Yes, I would like that.
Okay, great.
I'll pick you up at 8:00?
That sounds great.
- Okay, great.
- Okay.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
- I'll see you tomorrow.
Okay. Now this is
a very big step for her.
So if anything happens,
you call me first, okay?
Got it.
We're gonna need
a little help.
Okay, okay.
Okay, got it.
Got it, got it, got it.
Coming! Coming!
I was literally two seconds
from calling this off.
Thank you.
It's what I'm here for.
You did the same for me,
You're right. I did.
Winter formal.
Oh my gosh.
Those highlights you gave me?
Come on. Come on. Just...
You went full-on orange.
Oh my gosh. But my hair was
the least of my worries.
- Remember my date?
- Oh my...
Matt Smootech!
No, no, let's not talk about it.
Let's, let's not talk about it.
I'm just not sure I should
be doing this.
It's just coffee. Okay?
I know, but it just somehow
feels like I'm being disloyal.
Amber, look at me.
I know this is
a big step for you.
I know.
It's okay.
It's just coffee.
- Hi, Cody.
- Hey, there.
Mom! Cody's here!
You could come in.
Thank you!
You look incredible.
He must have been
an amazing man.
Yeah, he was.
Can I ask you
what happened to him?
He died while he was
on patrol with his team.
I haven't really asked
beyond that.
Should we go?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Yeah, let's go.
I told mom Matt would grow.
You'll have to show her
when she gets home.
This is really beautiful, Bree.
You should bring him in
and show them to the other kids
at Sunday school.
I will.
One second.
What are you doing?
Matt loves his music.
Come on.
Let's go watch a movie.
Let's go.
I've been a sinner
I've been a saint
A little bit of both
every single day
I've been lost
but somehow...
Wow, and your car was on fire?
And I still managed
to win the race.
So how do you go from that
to building go-carts for church?
That was the last race
that I actually crossed
the finish line.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I'm having trouble in the turns.
So Coach Gibbs sent me here
to hang out with Joe.
I guess he's supposed to be
some sort of...
racing guru.
Yeah, Joe's a great guy.
So how's it going?
So far I've spent more time
building go-carts
than I have turning laps.
an interesting approach.
Is it helping?
We'll find out next week.
What's next week?
It's my next race.
Wow, "car."
Five points.
It's who I am.
So how about you?
I heard that you used to direct
the choir for the church.
Yeah. I did.
I really loved it.
Yeah, and Bridgette said
you were a pretty good singer.
Yeah, well, Bridgette
talks too much.
And where could I run
And never leave behind
Your all consuming
Heart pursuing
Grace extending
Never ending love
Your love
She shouldn't go down there.
We shouldn't be watching this.
What's that?
It's grandma!
What took you so long?
And what are you doing
with that rolling pin?
Hi, Hannah.
- Hi.
- Where's Amber?
- She went to a concert.
- With Cody.
Oh. I see.
Well, who wants some
ice cream sundaes?
Me, me, me! Me!
I do! Me!
Man, I think good songs
just get better with age.
Man, you guys feel free to sing
along to this next one here.
Come, thou fount
of every blessing
Tune my heart
to sing Thy grace
Streams of mercy,
never ceasing
Call for songs
of loudest praise
Teach me some melodious...
You should be up there
on stage.
No way. Nah.
No, no, no.
Anyway, it's your turn.
I'm fixed upon it
Mount of Thy redeeming love
You know...
Sometimes less is more.
Here's my heart
Oh, take and seal it
Seal it for Thy courts above
Hey, thank you so much
for tonight.
This has been really fun.
Well, thank you for
a wonderful evening.
Bye. Goodnight.
How bad is it?
What are you doing here?
Where's Hannah?
I sent her home.
You went through my mail?
How bad?
You should go.
Did you have a nice date
with Cody?
Get out.
Guess I always expected
you to move on.
What's this?
Hot Wheels.
Hot Wheels?
I thought we were
running laps today?
Pick a car.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Take it easy.
There's some classics in there.
All right. A Firebird.
You're goin' down, my friend.
Oh yeah, I'm really scared.
Oh, you should be.
Are you ready, ready?
Oh, I'm ready, ready.
I'm trying to punch it hard
into the turn because...
Cody, everybody knows
how fast you can go.
What you need to work on
is knowing when to go fast
and learning when to go slow.
Going slow has
never won me anything.
Oh, really?
Oh, wow.
Boys and their toys.
- Yeah.
- I brought lunch.
- Oh. Well. That's my cue.
Oh, no, no. Please. Join us.
I brought so much.
Somebody called in a big order
and didn't pick it up.
So, please.
There's lots of food.
Well, I'm sure you got
things to do, right?
No. I can eat.
Don't choke on that.
Rosie's burgers are the best.
Why don't you
go over there, then?
I'm sorry. Is this what
you guys do all day?
Normally, we use
full-sized cars.
Is he any good?
Well, Coach Gibbs
seemed to think he is,
or he wouldn't have
sent him to me.
We got a race this weekend.
It would be an honor
if you and Bree
would come as our guest.
I don't know.
Hey, you ever driven
a race car before?
You're still on the clutch.
- Oh my god.
- More gas.
I've never driven
a stick before.
Shift out of first
into second.
I can't tell.
Is that in gear?
Oh, okay. Okay.
I got this!
- I got this.
- Yeah, you got it all right.
Come on with it.
Give it a little more gas.
Give it a little more gas.
It's all about confidence.
More gas, baby.
More gas.
- A little more clutch.
- Which is the gas?
Wait, the gas is like...
All right, ease up
on the clutch.
- Ease up.
- Okay, okay.
Okay. Give it the gas.
You're doin' great.
Take it slow.
Take her slow.
- Take her slow.
- You got it! Nice.
Foot off the gas!
- Whoo!
You guys okay in there?
You all right?
You okay?
That was great, guys.
That was awesome.
Cody, you're gonna need
some new tires.
What's wrong?
I just miss my dad so much.
And my mom, she...
Have you tried talking
to her about it?
Well, when I try,
it's like she's not even there.
She doesn't even hear me.
Well, try to find a way
to make her listen.
I think that's what your dad
would want you to do.
How's your little baby go-cart
for Sunday school?
Stop it!
It's not funny!
You're just jealous!
- It's okay, Bree.
- No, it's not!
- Sure it is!
- Leave him alone!
Make me!
Oh, Bree!
- Wow!
- So fast.
- Pretty cool, huh?
Fighting, Bree?
But he was making fun
of David.
I'm sorry. That is not
a reason to attack someone.
Honestly, what has gotten
into you, Breeanne Hill?
Dad used to say some things
were worth fighting for.
What was that?
Can I stay at grandma's house
while you work?
No, I'm-I'm sorry.
You have to come
to the diner with me tonight.
First unheard message.
Amber, this is Sergeant Price.
I wanted to follow up with you
about some programs we have
available through the 101st.
- Please give me a call...
- Next message.
Mrs. Hill, This is
Jim Wellington from the bank.
I'm afraid your loan was
sold to a third party.
They are requiring
full payment immediately,
or your house goes up
for auction.
It's urgent that we speak.
So can we go to Cody's race?
Please, give me a call.
I'm sorry, sweetie.
What did you say?
Can we go home now?
You haven't paid
your first loan off yet.
We're gonna have to see
some kind of collateral.
Eh, it's only
a third of a karat.
But flawless.
Who dumped who?
Excuse me?
Well, the way I see it
is that he cared enough
about you to pick
the best diamond
he could afford.
Not some low-quality large stone
to try and impress you.
What's it worth?
He ain't gonna come in here
looking for this ring, is he?
I mean, I don't get involved
with messy break-ups.
He was killed
in Afghanistan,
so I think the chances of him
coming in here
looking for that ring
are pretty low.
Grandma's here!
- Grandma!
- Bree!
Oh. How are you?
What brings you by?
Oh, I just saw you were in.
I'll go add a bowl
for grandma!
Are you losing the house,
Not if I can help it.
I do have an appointment
to discuss it tomorrow.
No grandchild of mine is going
to be out on the streets.
Why don't I take Bree
with me for a while,
so that you can
straighten things out here?
Where's Darren's ring?
Did you take it off for Cody?
No. Patti, please.
This has nothing to do
with Cody.
And it's none of your business.
Oh, you better believe
it's my business.
That was my mother's ring.
You sold it?
You actually sold it.
I had to, Patti.
I've lost everything.
Not everything.
Bree, sweetheart.
I can't stay.
Sorry, peanut.
What did you say to her?
Mom, can you help me?
Bree, no. I can't
help you right now.
Just do the ones
that you know,
and we'll do the rest
when you get home.
Can I get
another chocolate milk?
Chocolate milk is not free,
and table 8's waiting for you.
Okay, thank you.
When I have my break,
I'll get you a little something
to eat and...
Oh my gosh.
I'm so sorry.
- Thank you.
- It's no problem.
I'm Mike.
Mike Nelson.
I know.
Hey, I was wondering
if we could...
Hey, do you...
You want anything to eat?
Well, actually, is there
some place we could,
we could talk or...?
You know, I'm in the middle
of working,
and it's just not a good time.
Hey, you go to our church,
That's right.
That's my dad's patch.
You're a Screaming Eagle, too?
Yes I am.
- I'm Mike.
- I'm Bree.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Right.
- Amber, table's waiting!
- Thank you.
- Bree, please sit down.
- Hey, listen.
Bree, it's a pleasure
to meet you.
Amber, I hope we see
each other soon.
- Maybe at church. All right?
- Yeah. Thanks.
Is she eating?
Come on, Rosie.
I'm running out of options here.
Not my problem.
Paying customers only.
All right.
Then we'll take
two cheeseburgers,
two fries
and two chocolate shakes.
Coming right up.
Thank you.
Joe thought I should
check on you
after your quick exit
from the track.
It's a long story.
She can fill you in.
Yeah, I got in a fight.
Did you start it?
No, not really.
Well, did you win?
Peel it up
We got a little MJ, JT, Jay-Z
on a burnt CD
Can't nothing go wrong
now here we are
Looking like a bunch of
small-town rock stars...
Cody Jackson's monstrous crash
at the DAV 200.
The video's gone viral.
What's happened
to Coach Gibbs...
Hey, Cody.
Hey, Cofflin.
How you doin'?
Good. I didn't expect
to see you here in Berlin.
Yeah, I didn't plan
to be here.
- You saw the crash?
- I did.
Try and keep it
off the wall tonight.
- You got it.
- Good luck, man.
- Good luck.
- Cody!
You made it!
Thank you.
So I've been
doing some research,
and I have some advice for you.
Drive really fast,
and turn left.
All set, Speed Racer?
- You bet.
- All right.
Let's watch
from the top of the trailer.
Best seats in the house.
Sounds good, Joe.
Come on.
Good luck.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
And welcome to race night
here at Berlin.
We have a heck of a main event
for you here this evening.
That's right, John.
Cody Jackson makes
his return to the track
after his spectacular crash
at the DAV 200 just weeks ago.
Spectacular, indeed.
In fact, horrifying.
Many people thought
his career was over.
And we're underway.
What about you, partner?
You see that new paint job?
Sure did.
It looks great.
Well let's try to keep
some of it on the car.
Cody, watch number 15.
He's getting a little loose
out there.
- Yeah, I got him.
- Yeah, Cody!
Cody, you've been coming
into the turns a little hot.
Don't get too aggressive
here at the end.
There's no trophy
for 4th place, Joe.
Cody, back it off
on the turns.
You can't keep making
moves like that.
Settle down.
I know what I'm doing.
If Jackson can keep
this pace,
he might just challenge Cofflin
for the checkered flag.
Stay focused.
Wait for your opportunity.
Use that sharper turn into
the curve to set up your line.
I'm not gonna back off
now, Joe. Not now.
Great. Get your
tools ready, guys.
It's go time.
ANNOUNCER: Cofflin and Jackson
neck and neck,
and he is thinking about...
Oh, no!
He's losing it!
- My god.
- He's in trouble, folks!
Cofflin goes
under the checkered flag
in first place, followed by...
then Crump,
but everybody's eyes
are on the in-field,
and I hope that Jackson
is all right.
- Cody!
- Bree!
Bree! No! No!
You stay here with your mom.
It's gonna be okay.
He'll be okay.
Get him out guys.
Get him out!
Bree, I'm all right.
I'm all right, Bree.
I'm okay.
Come on, Bree.
We're going home.
What are you doing?
- Bree. Come on.
- Mom.
I had a clear line.
Guys, give us a minute,
will ya?
You see that scrap heap?
That's what's gonna
become of your life
if you don't learn to...
Listen, and slow down
on the turn.
I know.
Oh you know,
but you don't get it.
This isn't about the turn.
Did you see
the look on Amber's face?
Racing is dangerous enough
without you adding recklessness
to the mix.
If you care for them, show it.
They've lost enough already.
You got that?
Come on, Bree!
We can't be late for school!
I couldn't find my helmet.
That's okay.
You can leave your helmet.
We're not going
to go-cart club anymore.
- Why not?
- 'Cause I said so.
But my cart's almost done,
and I really want...
- No more racing.
- What?!
- Mom!
- Don't argue with me. Leave it.
- No!
- Now we're gonna be late!
Get in the car.
What is that sign for?
Miss? Miss?
Can I help you?
Why was there an auction sign
in my front lawn this morning?
Mrs. Hill, I'm sorry. I...
It's not the full amount,
but it's everything
that I've got.
- Amber.
- Pay the lender.
Stop the foreclosure, please.
I have fought too hard for this.
This is no way for you
and your daughter to live.
You ready, kiddo?
Is Matt ready?
I think so.
Do you think the new house
will be better for him?
We'll see.
Shall we?
I know it's a bit of
an adjustment Amber, but...
Yeah, with a little
elbow grease,
it'll feel like home
before dinner.
- Can I go inside, now?
- Yeah. Go inside.
This could be a good home.
I mean, maybe not what
you were expecting, but...
I just wish
that I could see it.
Well, you have to have
a little faith to see it.
It's still there, Amber.
Buried but fighting.
Kinda like that little sprout
in Bree's pot.
That plant's not
gonna grow, Bridge.
Well, give it
some time, Amber.
I mean, whether you
believe it or not,
God's got you
in the palm of his hand.
We got you, too.
Thanks, girls.
- Come on.
- Okay.
I'm trying to help them,
I just...
I don't know what to do.
I miss you so much.
Dear heavenly Father Lord,
we come to you now to pray
for our friend, Amber.
We know that where two or more
are gathered you are here,
and we know that
you are here with us.
Please reveal yourself
to her, Lord.
Shine your grace down upon her.
Soften her heart.
Please help grow
that seed of faith
that we know is still there
in her heart, Lord.
Boogedy boogedy.
Make it happen at
Joe's Auto Repair!
That's my girl!
Come on, to the inside.
To the inside.
Yeah, you got it. You got it.
David, come on!
Take the inside line.
Just take the inside line.
Hold him off, Bree.
- Come on, David.
- Yeah, yeah! That's it!
Way to go, Bree!
There you go.
Lead that turn, David!
- All right, guys.
- Five laps to go.
All right!
Bree, what's wrong?
Hey, I've been trying
to call you.
Let's go. I told you you
are done with this.
I don't want to go!
This is not fair.
- Get in the van.
- Amber. Wait a minute.
What's going on?
This doesn't concern you.
- You never let me do anything!
- That's not true!
Then how come the
only time I have fun
is when you're not around?
You know what, Bree?
I'm doing the best I can.
- I really am.
- Dad would want me to do this.
Yeah, well he's gone,
all right?
You're stuck with me!
I hate you!
I wish you died instead of dad!
Bree, open the door, please.
I want to talk to you.
- Bree!
- Bree!
Bree, make a noise if you can,
Breeanne Hill!
Bree, honey!
It's okay.
Please come out.
Please, baby.
I'm not mad at you!
I just want you to come out.
- Bree!
- What have I done, Bridge?
Bree! Bree!
- Listen, Ams...
- Bree!
When we're
in our most hopeless moments...
the Lord is closest to us.
He hears you, okay?
Where are you, Bree?
Okay, everyone.
We're gonna canvas this area.
Stay close together.
Call in if you find anything.
Karena and I will be here
working the phones.
Pray as you search, people.
Work in pairs.
Check in every 30 minutes.
We will find her.
You'll do her more good
searching for Bree.
Hey, can I go with you, Cody?
Yeah, of course.
Yeah. Why don't y'all take
the alley south to 7th Street.
- Let's go.
- Bree, come out, honey!
We're gonna find that
little stinker, okay?
- Bree!
- Heavenly Father...
It's pretty hard to find her
if you're not out looking!
Why is it
that I have
to find out from Facebook
that my own granddaughter
is missing?!
Patti, I can't do this
right now.
- Oh, I...
- Patti, Patti.
I have all of my associates
and every customer
for three counties ready to go.
Where haven't we looked?
Bree, come on, sweetie.
Where are you?
Let's go, guys.
Look everywhere.
We gotta move it.
I heard you were
in Darren's unit.
Yeah. He saved my life.
Does Amber know that?
I don't think so.
Maybe she should.
Unit 65 to Central Dispatch,
making a stop. Copy.
Copy that, Unit 65.
License and registration,
How fast was I going?
Honey, we've been
looking for you all night!
Hi, yeah, yeah, Karena,
she's here.
I just got here.
Yes, thank you! Thank you!
- Oh!
- Bree!
Oh, sweetie.
You all set, Miss Patti?
Thank you Brice.
- Thank you so much.
- My pleasure.
Bree, your cart
will be at Joe's.
- Thanks, Officer Brice.
- You're welcome.
- You all have a good night.
- Goodnight.
Sweetie, you can't ever
do that to me
ever, ever again, okay?
You had me worried sick.
Now come on.
We've had a long night.
- Let's get you home.
- No.
- What?
- I wanna stay here.
Sweetie, we're not gonna stay
at grandma's tonight.
But I wanna live with her.
You what?
You know, we're all
exhausted here.
Maybe it's okay for the night.
Patti, my daughter's gonna
stay with me tonight.
No, I'm not.
Bree, go on up.
How dare you!
I think it's best if everyone
has a little space.
Bree! Bree, I'm not gonna
force you, but...
Amber, she came to me.
Patti, please!
Go home.
We all need
to get some rest.
First you take Darren!
Then you take my home!
And now you turned
my daughter against me!
I believed
in your goodness!
We gave you everything.
Our love, our devotion.
Why would you
take my husband?
Why would you leave my daughter
without her father?
Where's my reward
for my faith, God?!
What are you gonna do to fix it?
Please Lord.
I can't do this.
I can't do this.
I need you.
Where are you?
She's just hurting.
We'll figure this out, Amber.
Mike has something
he's been wanting to tell you.
We'll be right outside
if you need us.
Sergeant Hill, he was...
He was the closest thing
I ever had to a father.
We were on patrol.
Lock and load.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stop! Stop!
There's nothing good
for us here, Sarge.
Let's not borrow trouble.
Eyes and ears, boys.
Full security.
You know the drill.
Allahu akbar!
- Fire!
- Cover the ridge!
- Nelson!
Get those doors open!
Cease fire, now!
- Ah!
- Nelson!
- I'm hit! I'm hit!
- I got you, kid!
- Ah!
Get him outta there!
Ooh! Come on.
You stay with me, kid.
- Sarge!
You saved me.
You saved me.
You're loved...
more than you
could ever imagine.
I am sorry...
he chose to save me...
rather than come home
to you...
and your daughter.
His faith gave him
the courage to...
to do the impossible.
He made this...
from the shrapnel
of our first firefight.
It belongs to you.
See, he saved more...
than just my life.
Can we talk?
Come on.
And it hit me that Darren
was your loss, too.
I mean, I lost my husband,
but you lost your son.
And I'm so sorry.
Thank you for saying that.
I mean,
I'm not gonna pretend
that we don't have our issues,
but I'm...
I'm willing to make
an honest effort if you are.
Darren loved you very much.
This is a family heirloom.
Let's try to protect it...
so it's here for Bree
when she needs it.
Thank you.
Bree, I owe you an apology.
You do?
I do.
And there's something
that I want us to do together.
Bree, sweetie.
We have one more letter
to read from your daddy.
It came a couple days
after the soldiers came
to tell me that
he had passed away.
- I just couldn't open it.
- It's okay, mommy.
We can open it together.
"Dear Amber... and Bree...
"This will be the last letter
"you get before I come home.
"So I guess I'd better
make it a good one.
"If I've learned anything
in the last 14 months apart,
"it's this.
"When you choose Him,
he takes care of your fears.
"It can be hard to do that
every day, especially here,
"but I try because
this road leads to Him
"and back to you.
"See you soon.
"I love you
with all of my heart, Darren."
I've just been hurting so bad.
I lost sight
of the most important blessing
he ever gave me.
- The house?
- No, sweetie.
Thank you.
I'm sorry that
I said that I hate you.
That's okay sweetie.
I know you didn't mean it.
Lord, please give us the courage
to put our love into action,
just like Darren did.
Thank you for leading me
back to my family.
I thought I was gonna
teach you guys
about racing
when I first got here.
But it turns out I actually
learned more from you.
For the longest time,
I thought...
I thought racing was
only about going fast.
But racing, like life, is about
knowing when to go fast
and knowing when to take
your foot
off the pedal
and have faith.
Because, if we go too fast,
we might not notice
the blessings
that are right there
in front of us.
All right? So let's,
let's bring it in, okay?
Okay, drivers.
Start your engines!
- Whoo!
- Whoo-hoo!
- Boom!
- Good luck!
Sounds like you might
be ready to make that turn.
Little hands,
shoeless feet
Lonely eyes
lookin' back at me
Will we leave behind
the innocent to grieve?
- On the road
- Ready!
- On the run...
- Set!
All right, Bree!
Give 'em a run for their money.
There you go,
there you go! Oh!
Go Bree, go!
Way to go, Bree!
Go, Bree, go!
- Hey, hey!
- Hey!
- You were so fast out there!
- You did so good!
- Did you have fun?
- Yeah.
Hey, I got something
I want to show you both.
- Okay.
- All right, follow me.
No way. Don't tell me you
actually fixed that thing.
I built a new one.
It's the Screaming Eagle!
It's for my dad!
You're racing for my dad!
We're gonna dedicate
the rest of the season to him.
Bring your tired
And bring your shame
- Bring your guilt
- Thank you.
And bring your pain
And don't you know
that's not your name
You will always be
much more to me
'Cause I hear a voice
and he calls me redeemed
When others say
I'll never be enough
And greater is the one
living inside of me
Than he who is
living in the world
There'll be days
I lose the battle
Grace says
it doesn't matter
'Cause the cross
already won the war
He's greater
He's greater
'Cause I hear a voice
and He calls me redeemed
When others say
I'll never be enough
And greater is the one
living inside of me
Than he who is
living in the world
There'll be days
I lose the battle
Grace says
it doesn't matter
'Cause the cross
already won the war
He's greater
He's greater
I am learning to run freely
Understanding just how
He sees me
And it makes me love Him
more and more
God is greater than he who
is living in the world
Sometimes God's plan
for our lives
may be different
than we'd hoped.
When traveling a broken road,
it can be easy to let
our fears get in the way.
But when we learn
to let go of that fear...
and put our faith in God...
he will show us the way.
I set out on a narrow way
Many years ago
Hoping I would find
true love
Along the broken road
But I got lost
a time or two
I wipe my brow
Kept pushing through
I couldn't see
how every sign
Pointed straight to you
That every long lost dream
Led me to where you are
Others who broke my heart
They were like
northern stars
Pointing me on my way
Into your loving arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed
the broken road
That led me straight to you
Now I'm rolling home
Into my Father's arms
This much I know is true
That God blessed
the broken road
That led me straight
To you
I knew a man
Called him Sandy Kane
Few folks even knew his name
But a hero yes was he
Left a boy came back a man
Still many
just don't understand
About the reasons
we are free
I can't forget the look
in his eyes
Or the tears he cried
As he said these words to me
All gave some
And some gave all
Some stood through
for the red, white and blue
Some had to fall
And if you ever think of me
Think of all your liberties
and recall
Yeah, recall
Some gave all
Sandy Kane is no longer here
But his words
are oh so clear
As they echo
throughout our land
For all his friends
who gave their all
Who stood the ground
and took the fall
To help their fellow man
Love your country
and live with pride
And don't forget
those who died
America can't you see
Are you telling me
it's almost over
Say to me there's light
at the end of this tunnel
Tell me it's almost over
Say to me there's light
at the end of this tunnel
You could be right
and I could be wrong
We could just fight
Or we could be strong
You could be right
And I could be wrong
We could just fight
Or we could be strong
You could be right
And I could be wrong
We could just fight
Or we could be strong
You could be right
And I could be wrong
We could just fight
Or we could be strong
Go ahead and leave
Don't complain
Find another way
And the man I said
I know I'd be
Grew up
He's here to stay
And you look at me
I know you see
We're breaking all the rules
Well, I ain't that guy
I ain't got time
For another avenue
I said, oh, I been waiting
Holding all that shame
Said, oh, I been waiting
Now we're way off-base
Said, oh, I been waiting
Holding all that shame
Said, oh, I been waiting
Now we're way off-base
Are you telling me
it's almost over
Say to me there's light
at the end of this tunnel
Tell me it's almost over
Say to me there's light
at the end of this tunnel
You could right
And I could be wrong
We could just fight
Or we could be strong
You could be right
And I could be wrong
We could just fight
Or we could be strong
You could be right
And I could be wrong
We could just fight
Or we could be strong
You could be right
And I could be wrong
We could just fight
Or we could be strong
Ain't saying that
I spend my life
Ain't nothing going to waste
But I see the way
you hold your heart
When you're looking
at my face
And I'm full of dirt
from all them rows
And I barely made it blind
If you're holding on
to all your gold
Then you're
leaving me behind
And I said, oh,
I been waiting
Holding all that shame
Said, oh, I been waiting
Now we're way off-base
Said, oh, I been waiting
Holding all that shame
Said, oh, I been waiting
Now we're way off-base
Are you telling me
it's almost over
Say to me there's light
at the end of this tunnel
Tell me it's almost over
Say to me there's light
at the end of this...