God of War (2017) Movie Script

During the reign of
Ming Emperor Jiajing (1522-1567),
Japanese pirates raided the coastlines
of China because of the sea ban.
The chief of these Japanese pirates
was actually a Han Chinese man called Wang Zhi.
In 1557,
The Zhejiang commander led Wang
to turn against the pirates.
But Wang was subsequently imprisoned
by the Governor of Hangzhou.
So the pirates continued to raid
the coastal areas of Zhejiang.
Wang's godson Mao Haifeng
and over 1,000 pirates
occupied Cengang
with the loot pillaged from the coast.
The army under Commander Yu Dayou
besieged them for 5 months.
"Yu Dayou
Garrison Commander of Zhejiang"
Are you alright?
We can't hold them off!
We should fall back.
Like fools,
they launch their attacks
at the same hour each time.
Guns Unit dismissed!
They eat on time,
attack and retreat on time.
The Ming troops have such discipline!
The ronins get all the credit.
Won't the soldiers feel snubbed?
Thank you.
The ronins are sufficient
to take on the Ming troops.
If these troops are so pathetic,
why didn't you invade the inland
and force the Ming Court to release my godfather?
have you forgotten what Lord Matsura said?
no need to remind me.
We're aware of Master Wufeng's (Wang Zhi)
contribution to the Matsura clan.
But Lord Matsura made it clear
we're not acting on his behalf.
We're wokou.
We are pirates,
under the command of Master Wufeng.
If 60 ronins
can reach Nanjing
and defeat the Ming troops,
we have a regiment of 1,000 men,
why can't we take the offensive?
According to the Art of War,
encircle when we outnumber the enemy 10 to 1
and attack when it's 5 to 1.
We only managed to hold them off
because we have the benefit of a natural barrier.
Without that edge,
we will lose just the same.
We will end up like those 60 ronins.
You have overestimated the Ming troops.
They have 200,000 men stationed in the south
under the command of Yu Dayou.
Ming troops are cowards
and Court officials are corrupted.
A few more like Yu Dayou means nothing.
a general named Qi Jiguang showed up
and led the Ming troops
in winning several battles.
Qi Jiguang?
What are they doing?
Leave them alone.
why should samurais fight alongside ronins
and put up with their atrocious behavior?
To each his own.
We came from across the ocean
to help the Daimyo build his fortune
and to buy firearms to make him powerful.
They came here
for women and money.
Their behavior is unworthy of a samurai.
But we must keep them happy
so they will risk their lives for us.
You must remember
we're here to make money and buy weapons
in order Japan can rule the world.
Nothing else matters.
To defeat the Ming Court,
benevolence is not enough. We also need strategy.
When you become the Daimyo, Master Yamagawa,
you can be more benevolent.
If the Ming Court found out
we're from the Matsura Army,
it will endanger the Matsura clan.
We're pirates,
savage pirates.
Do you understand?
General Yu!
Commander Hu!
You're injured!
It's nothing.
I intend to launch another attack before dark.
"Hu Zongxian
Supreme Commander of Zhejiang"
What's the use?
General Yu!
I'm Assistant Regional Military
Commissioner Qi Jiguang.
So you're Qi Jiguang.
If you think my plan doesn't work,
you have a better idea?
Not yet.
You've been doing this
for several months, right?
General Yu,
the Imperial Court is getting impatient.
You have 20 days left of your one-month deadline.
That's why
I intend to let Jiguang give it a try
with his New Army.
They have wiped out pirates
in western Zhejiang in 3 successive battles.
General Yu,
you have been fighting for months.
You must be exhausted.
Besides, most of your men are trained at sea...
I will follow your orders.
There's no need to explain.
"Lu Tong
Second Commander of Zhejiang"
Commander Hu only wants you to rest up.
Let's go, General Lu!
Let's go for a drink.
Sure! After you...
I'm making you the vanguard.
I'll do my best.
"A few months ago"
"Longshang, Cixi"
Who asked you to open fire?
Who's running away? Stop!
Bring me their heads.
Don't back off!
Watch out! Fall back!
"Hu Zongxian Residence"
Count them carefully!
come here
You deploy the troops,
I deploy the money.
Zhejiang is short of supplies right now.
Have a seat.
At the battle of Yanmen Ridge,
we outnumbered the pirates,
but we only managed a tie.
We dared not report a victory.
Never violate the rules of life to suit the time.
Never commit treachery to attain fame.
It is easier said than done.
I, for one, cannot do it.
Do you know
all eyes are on us right now?
We can't afford to lose.
A defeat will shake
the Imperial Court to its core.
This is a battle
you must win.
The three arrows you shot
became a legend in the Army.
Everyone hopes to fight under your command.
They feel safe.
But this is also our handicap.
soldiers should not expect to be safe.
Please allow me to set up a new army.
I need your approval.
Fighting the pirates is your top priority.
You have no time to train soldiers.
Concentrate on taking out the enemies.
The sight of pirates make them flee.
The battle is lost before it began.
How can we fight like that?
They can change with you in command.
This is why I brought you from Shandong.
I need you to wipe out the pirates.
I can kill pirates
and train soldiers at the same time.
Train soldiers...
Zhejiang soldiers are scared of pirates.
That's a fact. What more can you do?
you can find someone faithful
even in a town with 10 houses.
There must be someone courageous in Zhejiang.
If I'm in charge of the training,
you can save the money on hiring Guest Troops.
Very well!
Very well!
Very well, Jiguang.
If you take the trouble to train a new army,
I must show my support.
About the battle of Yanmen Ridge,
we must report this extraordinary feat
of wiping out the pirates.
We have been doing this for days.
When are we going to fight?
You have a better plan?
What plan? Just charge ahead!
The General comes here every day
trying to think of a plan.
We don't attack or fight,
because we want the enemy to let their guard down.
Lou Nan, you can always read my mind.
That's too scary!
Let's go back.
The Ming Army did not launch an attack.
Are they afraid to fight?
He made a name for himself before he turned 30.
Don't lower your guard.
This man is a genius.
Let's return to camp and take down the banners.
It's raining!
everything is ready.
Shouldn't we
launch the attack in the rain?
In the rain?
If you can think of it,
so can the pirates.
Go get some rest.
You should
return to camp.
Alright... I'll get some rest.
Your brother is known to take
his enemies by surprise.
Let's wait!
Listen up...
get some rest!
Beware of an attack in the rain at night.
Be vigilant!
Did you hear me?
What a pain!
Very well!
What are you afraid of?
Relax! I didn't lay a hand on her!
I'm a samurai,
unlike the lot of you.
Drink up, Kohata!
They're asleep.
Tell General Yu to meet me in the mountain
when he hears the cannon.
Wake up the troops, we're moving out.
Keep it down!
What's going on?
A raid! We've been attacked!
We're in trouble!
Follow me!
I'm not going!
After them!
Unit 1, charge!
Let's move out!
The Ming Army broke through our line of defense.
That general is formidable indeed.
let's go give them a hand.
They're at the front gate.
We can't hold them back.
We won't let them beat us.
The Ming Dynasty is like an elephant;
you can't take it head on.
I want a win, not a tie.
But not a win at the expense of casualties.
We should retreat.
Are you sure?
Who's willing to bring up the rear?
Me, of course!
Thank you!
Let's pack up and go!
Come on!
Master Yamagawa,
can you give me a hand?
My pleasure.
This way!
You must leave.
We must go even if you don't want to.
General Yu!
Please come in.
I'm impressed!
Lou Nan!
What is it?
The pirates are gone.
They left behind scraps of silver.
The soldiers are busy picking them up.
Jiguang, this villager wants to see you.
Please get UP!
Other villagers are still locked up.
Please rescue them quickly, General.
Take me there!
Over here!
General Qi is hereto save us.
Come out, all of you!
General Qi is hereto save us.
Come out!
Thank you, General Qi!
Please get UP!
Grab Qi!
Get down!
Get them out! Hurry!
Help them...
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
Help them...
Help them...
Among the pirates,
majority of them were Han Chinese
dispossessed by the sea ban
and sought refuge with Wang Zhi.
You're saying they are not Japanese?
They include Japanese ronins.
But those with genuine combat prowess
are well equipped Japanese soldiers.
Japanese soldiers?
That's who we're dealing with.
They're rare.
General, Commander Hu is here.
Commander Hu brought the best yellow wine
to celebrate with you.
Why did you bring the
Imperial Secret Service with you?
Luo Jiabin and his lot intend to impeach you
for letting the pirates get away.
They said you colluded with them.
I did not!
I know.
I already reported your victory.
But before my report reaches the Court,
you are to stay home
pending your sentence.
General Yu,
I'm sorry!
No problem!
I will do my best to intercede.
Don't just arrest General Yu.
Put me under arrest as well.
I have my orders.
General Yu failed his expedition
and allowed the pirates to flee to the South.
The Imperial Secret Service
will take him into custody.
Pardon us, General! This way.
I understand.
General Yu...
I'll be fine.
It wasn't my decision to make.
This is so unfair.
You should quit.
Tiny house, small salary...
Who cares?
Hu Zongxian is notorious.
Working for him,
win or lose, you're doomed.
This is just my humble opinion.
Whether or not you want to listen,
it's up to you.
You make perfect sense.
But the enemy is at the gate,
I can't just walk away.
It's a state matter;
you can't do this alone.
I thought you're depressed.
Why this disorderly behavior?
What do you mean?
Sexual intercourse between husband and wife
is the most natural and proper thing to do.
Don't throw the book in my face again.
I wouldn't dare.
Of course you would.
You're invincible.
You're the invincible one.
Our shields are not tough enough.
We'll think of something.
This is Mao Haifeng's sword.
You can use this.
Absolutely not!
A Ming general using a Japanese sword
is bad for morale.
No doubt this is a good sword.
I'm surprised it's such a trenchant sword.
I think it's made differently from ours.
Study it carefully,
and find out how it's forged.
General Qi!
Commander Hu just received Court documents
about your victory at Cengang.
You have been reinstated.
What about General Yu?
There has been no word.
General Yu!
General Yu!
General Qi! General Lu!
I'm glad you're here.
This is General Qi Jiguang,
who commanded the decisive victory at Cengang.
We have heard so much about you.
You have been reinstated.
What are you worried about?
I didn't expect
you'd be so relaxed in jail.
Over the years,
have you any idea
how many men were lost in battle?
I'm just waiting for my sentence.
I can still practice with my men.
What's there to complain about?
You have fought the pirates for years
and earned great merit.
Don't you feel aggrieved?
Yes, I fought pirates for years.
Have they been wiped out?
I feel ashamed.
I have no right to feel aggrieved.
We shed our blood on the frontline
while those fatuous officials badmouth us
behind our backs,
and try to pin the blame on you.
You don't find that unsettling?
You mean Commander Hu?
It hasn't been easy for him.
Commander Hu and Xu Wei
did their best to cover up for me.
Or else I would have been
beheaded like Zhang Jing.
Hu Zongxian colluded
with Yan Song's godson Zhao Wenhua
and did their bidding.
He replaced Commander Zhang Jing
and had him executed.
None of that is true?
If Commander Hu didn't kiss up to Zhao Wenhua,
you and I are probably dead by now.
Where do you think the army provisions came from?
We'd never get the chance to fight pirates.
He bargained for a thankless job
that could have him beheaded even if he had won.
Why should he bother?
Commander Hu saved my life.
I have no complaints.
As a martial artist,
I'm satisfied as long as
I have a clear conscience.
I'm also pleased
that you will now take over this burden.
Here... have a drink with me.
Commander Hu will get me out.
Brother Yu,
can I ask you something?
I was told your skill with the staff
is outstanding in Shaolin
and unmatched in the world.
I had a glimpse of it
last time in Cengang,
I'd like to take another look.
Very well!
An inch longer, an inch stronger.
An inch shorter, an inch deadlier.
General Qi! General Lu!
General Qi!
General Lu! General Qi!
Stay where you are.
I heard you were going on an inspection tour.
Commander Hu sent me to assist you.
I have so much to learn from you.
So much indeed.
Learn from us? You're here to spy on us.
Because I can read and write,
Commander Hu wanted me to assist General Qi.
Thank you.
Sit tight, General.
We can go now.
Wait up...
Wait up!
What's wrong?
What's wrong?
You'll be gone for several days.
Naturally you don't want to bring me along.
Says who?
Who says I'm not bringing you?
Then where's my horse?
We're getting it ready.
Getting it ready?
What's your hurry?
Why would I leave you behind?
You think I'd want that?
The horse is ready.
Morning, Madam Qi!
Morning, General Lu!
General Qi told me just now
we're waiting for you.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
Allow me...
Hey pretty lady!
You guys, stop acting like this...
You're drunk!
Let's see...
No, watch me.
You're drunk, pal.
Listen up...
We are Qi Jiguang's troops.
We specialize in killing pirates.
I think you're a pirate.
take them into custody!
That's him. He beat us up.
Shut up! Are you blind?
they're your troops.
They can't be.
Come on...
Thank you...
Impressive, General!
Thank you...
Anyone else?
Let me do it again.
Forget it!
Madam Qi?
Come on...
Go for it, Madam Qi...
What is that?
Excuse me...
what is this for?
Put your feet inside,
and hold the handle like this.
What is it called?
A mud horse.
You can walk in the mud.
Mud horse?
Very interesting.
Give it a try. It's a lot fun.
Why are these people fighting?
The magistrate is over there.
You're such a coward...
Why doesn't he stop them?
Generals, I'm Zhao Dahe,
the county magistrate of Yiwu.
Why are these people fighting?
You don't understand.
Yiwu has always been poor and barren.
But the folks have discovered a gold mine lately
along with other metal ores.
People started calling this area Treasure Hill.
Villagers from Yongkang came to mine the ores
and the parties started to fight.
They came several days ago
and the villagers from Yiwu fought them off.
But they keep coming back.
I found men in Yiwu I can train.
Just the man I want.
Take a look at this.
It says here I kiss up to Zhao Wenhua,
replaced Zhang Jing through political trickery
and eventually devised a ploy to murder him.
Did you say that?
If I didn't pay off the Imperial Secret Service
and they managed to report this to Zhen Wenhua,
you'd suffer the same fate as Zhang Jing.
No doubt I was after his position,
but killing Zhang Jing
was not my idea.
They say I was treacherous
and convinced Wang Zhi to surrender.
That was not my idea either.
Don't you think I want to be
a man of his word?
If only the situation was under my control,
the pirates problem
would be resolved without going to war.
the walls have ears.
With regards to the Imperial Court,
it's best you keep your opinions to yourself.
You're a genius in commanding
and training your troops,
but when it comes to politics,
you have so much to learn.
You want a new army?
This money
was supposed to buy you a promotion.
But I guess you'd rather use it
to train soldiers in Yiwu.
Very well!
I'll leave the Army
in your capable hands.
Thank you, sir!
Listen to me, folks.
We're recruiting soldiers to fight pirates.
I don't know.
You go, I go.
Let me read this for you.
With strong arms...
Zhao Dahe,
how much did Yongkang village pay you
to con us into joining the army
so they can steal our mines?
Watch your mouth!
Whoever leaves Yiwu to join the Army
is my enemy.
Hear that?
No one is leaving.
Listen to me...
We came to see Dacheng.
This way...
General Qi wants a word with you.
Go away!
Leave me alone!
Going to war is your business.
Fighting pirates is everyone's business.
no one wants to go to war.
In the face of an invasion,
we must fight to protect our homes.
You must know that.
When they came to rob us,
where were you?
Don't butt in, this is man talk.
More water.
She's right.
Where were you when they robbed us?
As a soldier,
why didn't you protect us?
We were busy fighting pirates.
Or else villagers from Yongkang
won't be robbing you.
It would be the pirates.
Can you fight them off?
If you follow me,
I'll send the Army to protect your mines.
You're funny!
You already have an Army.
What do you want with us?
Because you are good men.
You're such a smooth talker.
Are you even a man?
You're being unreasonable.
You must not be a man.
what will it take for you to say yes?
Your fists.
That's all I know.
I'm happy to oblige.
How do you like my fists?
How is your hand?
Thank you, I won.
Says who?
I have not yet lost!
Keep running!
Give me a hand!
No need to walk us out.
I'll bring them to you in a few days.
You must keep your word.
Of course!
If anyone tries to steal your mines,
I'll be the first to protect them.
Don't worry, Dacheng.
General Qi is a man of his word.
General Qi,
you're so brilliant.
This is a win-win solution.
You should come with us.
We're going onto the battlefield;
you shouldn't be here doing a cushy job.
That's right. You must come with us.
I'm a scholar.
I have no business
fighting in the battlefield.
Fighting pirates is everyone's business.
You said that yourself.
Are you coming or not?
nobody knows Yiwu better than you.
You're best suited
to be the Army prefect.
If you're willing to follow General Qi,
I, Zhao Dahe,
am willing to risk my life
and go wherever you go!
Let me explain the map to you.
I came to see your new Army.
This is your home, Yiwu.
We're in Xinhe.
Why is Yiwu so small?
It's only a map.
Be careful...
This bamboo spear is called Wolf Brush.
You don't understand?
Pass me that...
When you use this,
insert the branches and leaves.
Look again.
Looks weird, right?
Let's wait!
Take a break on the spot.
Why do we have to run?
You need strength.
How else can you fight?
I have never been this tired before.
General Lou!
I've been practicing with you.
Can I have an army uniform?
Don't forget
you work for Commander Hu.
We wouldn't dare give it to you.
Can you manage?
Carry on!
If you won't give up,
we won't give up on you.
Carry on!
Carry on!
If we stand united,
we can bring down the mountains.
If we are loyal and patriotic,
we can ward off all obstacles.
The General cares about us
like our parents.
If we break the rules,
we shall be punished.
If we obey direct orders,
reward and punishment shall be fair.
We go through fire and water
without hesitation.
We serve His Majesty
and save the people.
Kill pirates
and seek titles.
Raise your sabers!
If we stand united,
we can bring down the mountains.
If we are loyal and patriotic,
we can ward off all obstacles.
The General cares about us
like our parents
If we break the rules,
we shall be punished
I'm home!
I'm so sorry.
I was visiting with Minister Tang Shunzhi.
We had a nice visit and forgot the time.
This is a gift from him.
let's eat.
You've been waiting for me?
It's quite alright.
We don't mind waiting.
I'm sorry.
Let's eat.
I'll take that.
Come on, let's eat.
My dear,
these books are Minister Tang's life's work.
Come on...
My dear...
The food is cold.
Xiao Mou,
clear the table.
I'm sorry, gentlemen.
Please eat out.
My dear...
I'm just a little late for dinner.
There's no need to make such a fuss.
Did I?
General Qi is entertaining at home.
We must not be rude.
Are you picking a fight?
Stop it!
We should go.
It's his fault.
I better leave.
Listen to me,
from now on, General Qi's business
is our business.
You must put her in her place.
Let her know who's in charge.
You must tell her.
Be tough.
Don't take it anymore.
Even a tiger
will fall asleep.
When she's asleep,
put a knife to her neck.
Wake her up and tell her
if she refuses to obey,
you'll kill her.
You must subjugate her.
Hear, hear! Dacheng is right!
That's what we should do.
My dear...
What are you doing with the sword?
I want to kill a chicken for you as a tonic.
Your sword should not be used to kill a chicken.
who invited my wife?
We know you couldn't do it.
We decided to do it for you.
Drop the cup as our signal,
we'll hold her at knife point.
You don't need to say anything.
We'll do the talking for you.
Don't worry. Everything will be fine.
Here she comes...
what's so urgent
that I must come over right away?
Madam Qi.
Serve tea.
What's wrong?
You're all acting weird.
General Qi!
Your tea...
What's going on?
My dear,
I want you to watch our training
and give us some advice.
I don't know anything about that.
Just review the troops.
Review the troops.
Good idea!
I'll go get ready.
You heard him.
Review the troops.
Let's go.
Let's go.
General Qi set a good example.
Don't write that down!
It's part of history.
What history? Tear that up!
Kohata's ronins already set out for Ninghai.
They have 3,134 men.
Regardless of how effective Qi's troops are,
there's no need for you to worry.
I heard he set strict criteria for his recruits.
No one from the big city or has been in office.
No one with fair complexion, no cowards.
Nobody too daring either.
Just imagine,
what kind of people would he end up with?
He'll end up commanding fools.
At the battle of Cengang,
we have the ability to defeat them.
But Sensei won't let us engage them.
Had we done that back then,
we wouldn't have to worry about Qi today.
Are you criticizing me?
I don't understand.
We have 20,000 men.
If we attack Taizhou directly,
Qi will have to engage us
and we can defeat him.
Why split the Army three ways?
What's the use of attacking Ninghai
and Taizhou simultaneously?
To ensure a sure win.
Sending the ronins to Ninghai
will make Qi's troops travel one day to fight.
We take Taizhou
while they're engaged with the ronins.
What about Xinhe?
What's the point of attacking an empty barrack?
Qi and his troops' families are in Xinhe.
Between defending the land
and protecting their families,
how would they choose?
Whatever they choose to do,
it'll be a very interesting situation.
We'll wait for them to take the bait.
Pirates never brought more than 3,000 men.
But this time,
20,000 pirates
landed near Fenghua.
your new Army only has 3,000 men.
How can you fight them?
you are sending sheep to a tiger.
General Lu,
we're not sheep.
Don't get in over your head.
How much longer must we wait?
The longer we wait,
the longer our people will suffer.
We must stop the pirates' threat.
Does anyone else
have any counter measures?
Japanese soldiers congregated in Ninghai
but made no moves
because they want you to take the bait.
I'm willing to take the bait.
If I don't, they won't make a move.
The battle of Cengang tells us
they have military strategists among them.
It's probably the same group.
I suggest
troops in Taizhou and Xiangshan should lay low
to ensure the pirates can't take advantage
of our weak defense.
I'll take the lead with the new Army.
When we find out their real motive,
we'll let Commander Hu make a ruling.
This time,
we won't let them get away again.
set out for Ninghai right away.
General Lu,
we'll take command of Taizhou.
The rest of the troops
will stay put and beef up defense
pending our new order.
Good idea, Commander!
Good idea!
Because you're not doing the fighting.
So be it.
I heard
the enemy has 20,000 men.
Don't worry!
Thank you.
20,000 men.
20,000 pirates.
Can we beat them?
Last time we outnumbered them 20,000 to 1,000
and the war dragged on for 6 months.
Just wait.
Don't they know they're on a suicide mission?
And they look so confident.
What did you say?
I'd like to see you take their place.
You're a bunch of cowards hanging out here.
Why don't you go to the frontline?
You have no right to criticize.
Slow down...
We have to leave.
Are they sending us on a suicide mission?
Are you afraid to die?
How is this possible?
How formidable is the Ming Army?
We're their biggest threat.
I'm more worried
when they get a glimpse of us,
they'll run with their tails between their legs.
I need women.
The thought of them makes me excited.
The Ming Army is coming!
Finish them off and I'll get a woman in Ninghai.
If you want women and money,
go to Taizhou.
They have things that can satisfy us.
I need money.
Ask for our reward after this.
I want to go home.
The Ming Army is up ahead.
They came here to die.
Come on, Chief...
act like a general.
This is great!
Didn't they say 20,000 men?
Never mind that.
Tell the others to split up.
Watch out for ambush.
Listen up!
Split up the formation.
Drag them away!
Three-eyed hand cannons!
Get down!
What's going on?
Fall back!
Back up...
"Over 300 pirates died
while only a few Ming soldiers were injured."
A message from Commander Hu.
Japanese soldiers in Xinhe!
Japanese soldiers attacked our homes.
What did you say?
Japanese soldiers attacked our homes.
What should we do?
General Qi,
the pirates went after Xinhe.
Let's hurry back.
That's right! Let's go!
Let's go back!
Don't let them fool you.
You think they came all this way
to take Xinhe?
is where our families are.
Yes, our families are there.
Come over here...
Take a look,
To cover up their real target.
Taizhou is the provincial capital.
To the pirates,
it's worth a lot more.
your wife is there.
She's precisely the reason I'm not worried.
Only 200 men are stationed in Xinhe.
That's not enough.
That's quite enough.
Don't forget,
my wife is invincible.
How about...
Lou Nan!
Take half the troops with you back to Xinhe.
Then meet us in Taizhou.
we should protect our homes and defend our state.
But without a home, who cares about the state?
Shut up!
If General Qi is not worried,
why should you be?
Get ready to leave.
Come on...
we only have 3,000 men.
If we split the troops in half,
can we take on
20,000 Japanese soldiers?
We'll have to.
We can't lose Taizhou.
Our families are in your good hands.
we can still make Taizhou in time after Xinhe.
Shut up!
Another word out of you,
I'll have you beheaded.
Very well.
rest assured
if anything happens to Xinhe,
Lou Nan
will not come back alive.
Thank you.
Pack up everything.
Take whatever we can.
On the double...
Madam Qi,
why can't you understand?
Over 10,000 Japanese soldiers
will be in Xinhe soon.
I already sent a message to General Qi.
Listen to me and pack your things.
I'll escort you out of town.
Then what will happen to Xinhe?
Village soldiers are
fighting outside the city right now.
We have less than
200 soldiers in Xinhe,
- how can...
- Madam Qi!
They say the pirates are coming.
What should we do?
Sound the bell and summon everyone in town.
Xiao Mou, bring my armor.
What are you doing?
Hurry up...
You think this is a game?
We're going to war. People may die.
Have you seen a pirate? I have.
I killed some of them.
Time is running out.
lam General Qi's wife.
I cannot run away and abandon the people of Xinhe.
If you want to leave,
go ahead.
Why can't I reason with her?
Let's go.
Don't go!
What's the use of running?
Might as well stay and fight.
Come on...
Madam Qi came to get weapons.
Didn't we agree someone will guard the city?
They were knocked out cold.
Wait up, Madam!
Step aside!
Step aside!
Auntie, drink some water.
Be careful!
Here, drink some water.
will General Qi be back in time?
Yes, he will.
That's good.
Don't worry, folks.
General Qi will be back.
Very well.
We'll guard the city with our lives.
Brother Yang,
what are you doing here?
You're not afraid to die?
But if you're staying,
how can we leave
and become the laughing stock?
Teach them how to use the hand cannons.
Come on...
it's my duty to guard the city.
Leave that to me.
Keep UP-
Keep it UP-
We shall prevail! Hurry!
Wait till midnight to make our move.
Run! Hurry up!
Chief, they seem quite energetic.
Let Qi live a few more hours.
He doesn't know he's walking into a trap.
When he takes on the sly old fox,
we'll ambush them from behind.
the Japanese soldiers encamped in Huajie,
4 miles outside the city.
Commander Hu and 3,000 men
have already set up defense in the city.
They're after Taizhou after all.
How many men do they have?
Between 8,000 to 10,000.
Jimei! Banner!
Give this to Commander Hu.
Ask him to hoist it.
Tell him I'll be back for it.
If ronins defeated him in Ninghai.
I'll let the ronins attack Taizhou
and our troops won't suffer any casualties.
That is so discouraging.
Once we get rid of Qi,
Ming won't be so determined to build a strong army
and we'll have a chance to win.
Qi's troops showed up on Hua Street.
Someone is about to fall into a trap.
This is the new Army?
What kind of formation is this?
Look at those weapons.
I have never seen that before.
You haven't either?
Tell Oda and his troops
to encircle the Ming troops.
find long bamboo poles to tackle their shields.
Three-eyed hand cannons! Fire!
Fall back!
Fall back!
Fall back!
After them!
Dacheng, follow them.
Move it! Keep up!
Bring up the rear!
Back up...
Bring the shields forward!
Wolf Brushes!
They're not long enough!
Hold them off!
Hold them off!
Fall back!
They fell for it.
They're trapped.
Chief, what do we do now?
Let's go find the old fox.
Watch out!
Their commander is at the northeast corner.
Split up
and go through the alleys.
I'll meet you at the northeast corner.
Whoever finds the commander
should fire the signal arrow.
You come with me.
Follow me. Split up.
Hurry...cover up for us!
Qi's troops are
moving towards us through the alleys.
Let's give him a warm welcome.
Drive them back to the main street
so we can encircle them and take them out.
Poor Qi.
our Guns Unit
should not remain in the rear.
Guard the back of our camp
with Kohata and the ronins.
Don't underestimate your task.
Just do it.
Come on.
Dacheng, how is your leg?
I'm fine.
Go back
and bring the Crouching Tiger Cannon.
You must keep up. Go!
Take care!
This way.
Ming troops were discovered near Xiyi Lane.
Kinoshita's men are fighting Ming troops
on the streets of the market.
We also found Ming troops near the shrine.
Try your best to cut them off
and take them out completely.
The Ming troops are approaching.
We found their commander, get ready!
Bamboo pole formation!
Others are contributing,
while we're here shooting the breeze.
Master Yamagawa,
maybe I don't understand,
but I thought you were the commander.
Why aren't we spearheading this campaign?
If we send in the Guns Unit,
we can stop Qi's advances.
The old fox is worried
if anything should happen to you,
your father may blame him.
But it's different for you.
Anyone can topple him in an instant.
If your Guns Unit join forces with me,
no matter who it is,
we can instantly take them out.
I want revenge,
while you want a reputation.
I want to be a genuine samurai.
To be a samurai,
you must stop your plundering and rape.
Of course I know that.
I like your straight talk.
Let's do it.
Bring us wine!
Come on!
They're guarding more than they are fighting.
He invented this passive attack?
They're humans after all.
Waiting too long will wear them out.
They can't wait much longer.
Be patient and carry on with the attack.
Make headway if you can find a breach.
We're exhausted. We can't break through.
Where are the Crouching Tiger Cannons?
They can't keep up.
Hold them off!
Don't back off.
Charge forward!
We can't get through.
The road ahead is blocked.
We can't get through.
Come this way. Hurry!
Can you aim better?
We're at war!
This is the right direction.
Go back!
Your broken compass is useless.
Watch out!
Three-eyed hand cannons!
What's wrong with you, kid?
Wake up, kid!
This is not funny, kid!
Wake up, kid!
Wake up!
Wake up, kid! I'll give you a uniform.
What the hell is this?
He wants to help you wrap this up quickly.
Can you guard the back in his place?
No problem!
Follow me!
Guns Unit!
Make Way!
Make Way!
Break it up!
- Make way!
- Break it up!
Damn it! Dodge!
Master Yamagawa!
Defeating 20,000 pirates with only 1,000 men
has not been easy.
A high price to pay.
Where is General Qi?
He went after the pirates.
They are the leaders of the pirates.
We can't let them get away.
you abandoned your family in Xinhe.
General Lu!
Send back up to Xinhe.
Let's hope
Xinhe is still defensible.
Follow me.
Bring the Three-eyed hand cannons
when they're ready.
Keep them off the city gate!
A pretty lady!
You're dead!
Are you alright, Madam?
Xiao Mou!
Come on!
Break down the city gate!
Xiao Mou!
Go block the city gate.
You two give Xiao Mou a hand. Hurry!
Hurry, load the gunpowder.
Keep them off the city gate!
Keep them off the city gate!
Fall back!
Help carry this...
Hurry, block the city gate!
Team 2!
Seize the commander!
Blow up the gate!
Brother Yang!
Brother Yang!
The city is safe!
We did it.
General Qi is back!
The city is safe!
I did not embarrass General Qi.
Brother Yang!
Brother Yang!
Brother Yang!
Brother Yang!
The others can't keep up.
Shall we wait?
The Ming troops are catching up.
Don't worry, get on board.
They couldn't get across the mudflats.
Look! What is that?
Let's go...
Fall back... hurry!
Hurry! Get on board!
Get on board!
Close the door.
Get on board!
Hurry! They're catching up!
Hurry, we have to set sail.
We can't make it to the vessel.
Board the small ship.
One... two... pull!
One... two... pull!
One... two... pull!
Get ready to board!
Let's go together.
Master Yamagawa!
This is my final order to you.
Get on board.
Let's go together.
I was wrong.
I finally understand why you have been prudent.
From now on,
I won't be arrogant anymore.
Come with us.
I'm glad you learned your lesson.
We only have several hundred men
left from 20,000.
I can't go home like this.
Tell my Lord
The Matsura clan
should stop dreaming.
Get on board!
Master Yamagawa!
We must go.
- Sensei!
- Get on board!
Master Yamagawa!
Master Yamagawa!
Go home safely.
Master Yamagawa!
The Ming Army is reborn under Qi's command.
That's what I want to know.
They became stronger.
That's the amazing thing about Qi.
He made them believe they could become stronger.
The strength of an Army will change
just like water will change its form.
He who can prevail in chaos is regarded as a god.
General Qi said prisoners of war must be spared.
Leave me alone.
This is an order!
You're a fast runner.
We accept your surrender.
May I know your name?
The name is not important.
lam a pirate.
Come on!
Qi Jiguang!